Clearly Corrective™ Dark Spot Solution

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Clearly Corrective? Dark Spot Solution
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Kiehl's Since 1851 Store asked: Why did you choose this?
Julianna G: to try Apr 24, 2014
Patricia O: I need this Apr 24, 2014
Gladys M: For myself. I have dark spots on my face. Apr 24, 2014
Alvaro L: I've never tried. I'm curious. Apr 23, 2014
Judith B: wanted to try something new Apr 23, 2014
LeAnne C: free, wanted to try it Apr 23, 2014
laureva s: want to see how it works Apr 23, 2014
Danning D: Because I have dark spot. Apr 23, 2014
Kris P: To see if it will make an impact on my dark spots and melasma. Apr 22, 2014
Emily S: I have noticed more dark spots now that I am in my 30s. Apr 22, 2014
Judy T: Would like to try a new product for this type of problem. Apr 22, 2014
Deborah H: To try Apr 22, 2014
Kristi C N: I have dark spots from tanning. I didn't see results using Skinceuticals for the past month so I want to see how this works. Apr 22, 2014
geri j: READ ABOUT IT AND DYING TO TRY Apr 21, 2014
Benita P: To try Apr 20, 2014
eunhee k: Something I think about to use in the future Apr 20, 2014
Vicki W: i have dark spots from sun damage Apr 20, 2014
JIN Z: I WANT TO TRY Apr 20, 2014
ZAIRA H: For hyperpigmentation. Apr 20, 2014
april l: Hoping it will help a few problem areas Apr 20, 2014
Tracy R T: would like to try product before I purchase Apr 20, 2014
Editha L: to try it out Apr 20, 2014
panli w: I have spots,so I need it . I hope it can work . Apr 19, 2014
xiuhua H: want to try to reduce my dark of acne Apr 19, 2014
Xi Y: new product to me, right to my skin problem Apr 19, 2014
Janet H: never have try it and I have spots Apr 19, 2014
Xiaoya H: I want to lighten sun spot on my face Apr 19, 2014
Conrad G: Dark marks under my neck. Apr 18, 2014
HYEJIN G: I heard this is good Apr 18, 2014
Betty J: trying it Apr 18, 2014
James W: wanted to try Apr 18, 2014
Daniel M: want to try it out for my sun spots. Apr 18, 2014
Sandra W: Am an older woman and have dark spots, so would like to try this product to see if it helps. Apr 17, 2014
Kimberly d: I have dark spots Apr 17, 2014
ernie h: My husband is a few years older than me and hasn't taken the best care of his skin. Let's see if this will do the trick. Apr 16, 2014
Stephanie S: works. Apr 16, 2014
Jay W: Curious about it. Apr 16, 2014
Loretta T: I wanted to try this before I order it. Apr 16, 2014
Yan H: Travel size needed Apr 15, 2014
Jingwen H: works for acne Apr 15, 2014
Michele D: Curious Apr 15, 2014
Renee B: Would like to try before purchasing. Apr 15, 2014
Jennifer N: Intrigued Apr 15, 2014
Timothy L: THE SAME AS ABOVE Apr 14, 2014
Catherine H: curiosity Apr 14, 2014
Bo W: LOVE Apr 14, 2014
margaret m: curious about how effective it is Apr 14, 2014
Dominique R: Saw the recommendations on Steve Harvey TV show the ones Mr. Harvey used and wanted to try out the different products. Apr 14, 2014
Suzette E: have dark spots Apr 14, 2014
Steven C: Wanted to see if it really works. Apr 13, 2014
Linjun Z: I want to see if works for the dark spots left by acne. Apr 13, 2014
Nicholas V: Just cause Apr 13, 2014
Jennifer W: would like to lighten dark spots Apr 13, 2014
Yi Y: want to correct dark spot Apr 12, 2014
Greer V C: I have problems with hyperpigmentation. Apr 12, 2014
Vivian A: I have a high level of dark spots on my face. I have tried several poducts and none have worked for years. So I am giving this poduct a try. Apr 11, 2014
Juan T: It was recommened for one of your Kielh's experts in the South Miami store. Apr 11, 2014
Lara H: I've been wanting to try it...a recommendation from a friend. Apr 11, 2014
Donna L: want to give it a try Apr 11, 2014
darcy b: just to try it out--have used proactive but it didn't work Apr 10, 2014
zhengqi l: want to try Apr 10, 2014
pamela r: try it out on sun's little reminders Apr 10, 2014
Mayu S: I have a lot of hyperpigmentation from acne. Apr 9, 2014
tiancong s: New items for me, I would like to try this one. Apr 8, 2014
Allison B: for dark spots Apr 8, 2014
lixin l: TRY IT. Apr 7, 2014
Leah L: Have a couple of old dark spots I'd like to see if this has any effect on. Apr 7, 2014
Tianyu W: its good! Apr 6, 2014
QiuYing C: Want to try Apr 6, 2014
Mr. Walter W: I had dark spots and my wife told me I can correct them. She taught me skin care in my 40's Apr 5, 2014
Natasha G: didn't notice a difference Apr 5, 2014
Maxine L: To get rid of my raccoon eyes Apr 4, 2014
Christine R: Curious Apr 3, 2014
Rieko T: I have dark spot, so looking for a good serum for dark spot. Apr 3, 2014
caitlyn c: I put this on acne dark acne spots/scars and within days it fades significantly. Excellent stuff! Apr 3, 2014
Irina M: promotion Apr 3, 2014
Liyang H: I want to try Apr 3, 2014
Boqun M: JUST WANNA TRY Apr 3, 2014
Linda A: Dark spots! Apr 2, 2014
Judi O: I have dark spots I would like to "solve." Apr 2, 2014
Kimberly S: I have dark spots and have been looking for a good solution! :) Apr 2, 2014
Lily C: Hope it would clear up some scars on my body. Apr 1, 2014
Bernadette J S: Wanted to try it. Apr 1, 2014
Gillian W: i have dark spots around my nose from acne scaring. Mar 31, 2014
WENJING L: not very useful... Mar 24, 2014
lori t: looking for results Mar 24, 2014
siqi c: try the "star product" out. check whether it works or not Mar 17, 2014
Alex T: my mom said it will help recover my dark spot Mar 17, 2014
kok-wah c: Great product. Mar 16, 2014
Amanda V: recommended by parents Mar 16, 2014
Onuma B: I were use with some products of kiehl's. And I like it! Then I need to try all of kiehl's. Mar 15, 2014
kr h: dark spots on face and hands from sun damage Mar 15, 2014
Paige P: I'm young, but I know I have dark spots from the sun (prior tanning bed usage) as well as acne scarring. People tell me that they can't see them, but they are there and have actually become more visible recently. I am constantly looking for the best facial products, so I decided, 'why not?!'. :) Mar 14, 2014
Matthew B: I have a dark spot Mar 14, 2014
Tokunbo T: Have dark spots from acne Mar 13, 2014
Linda N: I have a couple of dark spots and thought this might be a good solution. Mar 13, 2014
pablo p: due to history of irritated skin Mar 13, 2014
Victoria S: To see if I find another favorite! Mar 12, 2014
Cathy D: Want to try it and see if it works for my dark spots that I have on my face. Mar 12, 2014
Sandra T: wanted to try it Mar 12, 2014
kiju d: trying out new product Mar 11, 2014
Nicole C: have some dark spots I want to lighten up Mar 11, 2014
Jing H: Haven't used it before. Want to try it Mar 10, 2014
Cynthia P: see if it works on my dark spots Mar 10, 2014
Tammy K: I've got major hyperpigmentation on my cheekbones. Mar 10, 2014
Susan R: want to try for myself Mar 10, 2014
Patrice W: I want to try it since I have begun to see these on my cheeks. Fingers crossed! Mar 9, 2014
Kirsten P: I was just curious what this was. Can I make, like, a reverse tattoo with it? Mar 8, 2014
Liza S T: Just want to try Mar 8, 2014
Mei Lin H: I would like to try it. Mar 7, 2014
Bai Y: try it Mar 7, 2014
Carolina C: have some dark spots Mar 6, 2014
Eun Sun Y: it was too expensive to buy so i wanted to try it out Mar 6, 2014
Diana H: Need to clear my dark spot and I thought I should give it a try Mar 6, 2014
Frances N: Want to try if it can correct some acne scar before buying it. Mar 6, 2014
Sha L: I haven't use this yet. My friend reconmmands it, so I would like to try Mar 6, 2014
S. J: trying it Mar 5, 2014
Tanya I: Want to try the product to see how it works for me. Mar 5, 2014
Ho-Kyung K: I wanted to compare the effectiveness with clinique turnaround serum Mar 5, 2014
Emily C: wanted to try before committing to price Mar 5, 2014
mandy c: like it a lot Mar 3, 2014
Cynthia H: Hoping this will erase a dark spot that nothing else so far has removed. Mar 3, 2014
Samia P: I have dark spots Mar 3, 2014
Ting C: It can make the freckles on my face to be thin! I like it! Mar 2, 2014
JIEMEI W: have a try Mar 2, 2014
demitra c: it works! like the travel size Mar 2, 2014
T. B: Need corrective help Mar 2, 2014
Michelle C: I have several age spots. I want to see how this product works compared to others I have used in the past Mar 1, 2014
Mariela T: I have a dark sun spot on my face that I want to go away! Mar 1, 2014
Dionne H: i currently have dark spots Mar 1, 2014
Susie C: Have dark spots. Know the Kiehl quality. Have never used this before. Feb 28, 2014
Christina M: I was recommended to try it. Feb 27, 2014
Thinh H: Besides big pores, dark spots are also one of my big problems. However, I hesitate to buy because the customers say ít is not really effective. Feb 26, 2014
annmarie M: like to try Feb 26, 2014
Meili j: Got lot of spot c if works for me Feb 25, 2014
Kelly N: Wanted to try Feb 24, 2014
KUEI-CHEN C: My friends recommended this product to me. Feb 24, 2014
Chia Ti C: curious Feb 24, 2014
Elisabeth Y: i'm noticing more dark spots on my cheeks. hoping this will diminish those. Feb 22, 2014
Evelyn N: I have one tiny spot on mmy face that could use correcting. Feb 21, 2014
Rebeca C: have spots that need lighten Feb 21, 2014
cristina b: i love how it gets rid of my acne scars! ever drop counts!! even the free samples! Feb 20, 2014
Angela H: I've never had problems with Kiehl's products so far, so I'm hoping this will work for my dark spots. I've tried Clinique's dark spot treatment, but it didn't do much for me. Feb 20, 2014
Ruiwen S: Want to get rid of the scare on my face Feb 20, 2014
JIE J: good for whitening Feb 18, 2014
Virginia H: To have a travel size of something I use that works! Feb 18, 2014
Julie J: want to try Feb 18, 2014
Jacob Z: Good press Feb 18, 2014
Linda H: Want to see how it works Feb 17, 2014
Xiaoxian T: Have some dark spots on cheeks, want to try see how it works. Feb 17, 2014
Yongfang L: Looks wonderful Feb 17, 2014
Libby L G: Wanted easy travel size. Feb 17, 2014
Kristine Q: I have acne scars and wanted to try to see if this helps lighten them up. Feb 17, 2014
Shuk Ying C: for travelling Feb 17, 2014
Leisa H: Wanted to see if this is helpful. Feb 17, 2014
Zhao G: NEW AND STAR PRODUCT Feb 17, 2014
LU Y: Because I have some problems about it. And I want to try this product. Feb 17, 2014
Karen S: I have tried other dark spot solutions that did not delivered what they promised. Feb 17, 2014
heidi c: I have been searching for a dark spot solution Feb 17, 2014
Qiongqiong W: spot problem Feb 16, 2014
Taylor W: I've got dark spots left over from acne. Feb 16, 2014
Ruth H: Would love to see a couple of dark spots disappear Feb 16, 2014
Paul H: no reason Feb 14, 2014
Colleen J: Repeat purchase - love this product Feb 13, 2014
Song W: want to try if this is working Feb 13, 2014
Ayaji N: Want to be whiter skin.. Feb 13, 2014
Marianne M: Would like to try this product Feb 13, 2014
Nakia M: Definitely need help with treating old acne scars and marks. Feb 12, 2014
Audrey L S: have spots Feb 12, 2014
Pedro A: Just curious Feb 12, 2014
Sunny H: I have using now... Very good.. Feb 11, 2014
Denghui X: redo Feb 10, 2014
Margaret M: Have used before and want more for free! Feb 10, 2014
Rehana K: I wanted to see how well this will go with my daytime skincare regimen before thinking of buying the fullsize. Feb 10, 2014
ying w: doesn't work on me very well Feb 10, 2014
Julianna D: want to see if it will help my dark spots Feb 10, 2014
Howard W: try it out. Feb 10, 2014
Alan B: I'm old. Feb 10, 2014
Yukiko I: One of my friends use this and she said that it works Feb 9, 2014
K M: i want to see how it works for my skin Feb 9, 2014
Wayne R: I've used this before, but I wanted to see it again. I'm thinking of purchasing it. Feb 9, 2014
Yusun H: I used this before and liked the result Feb 8, 2014
Minjie W: never use it. just want try, if its good, I will purchase it next time. Feb 8, 2014
Lucas B: Got dark spot under left eye. Feb 7, 2014
David C: Interested in a dark spot treatment. Feb 6, 2014
Frances M: can't gt enough of this Feb 6, 2014
Lauren L: I would like to have an even skin tone Feb 5, 2014
Warangkana S: i wanna try this product Feb 3, 2014
Gladys B: I have a middle aged sister and have dark spots around her eyes. She uses a cream but does not seem to cover or get rid of it, so i will let her try this hopefully it will work for her. Feb 3, 2014
Jiyoung P: For my wrinkle Feb 3, 2014
Lee Rhea J: I have some freckles and age spots I want to fade Feb 3, 2014
Joseph S: Expensive Feb 2, 2014
Deborah S: I have a few sun spots on my face. I'd like to get rid of them Feb 2, 2014
Julia M: some dark spots on skin need repair Feb 2, 2014
Ellen G: I'm wondering what BB cream is all about. Jan 31, 2014
stefanie c: have some dark spots here and there Jan 31, 2014
Gloria K: want to try Jan 31, 2014
xinda k: try Jan 30, 2014
Tylesha B: To try it Jan 30, 2014
Zhenxing G: just to try Jan 29, 2014
Lumeng S: want to try Jan 29, 2014
Mallory Z: I have dark marks from previous acne spots Jan 29, 2014
Jessica S: Curious to determine effectiveness of this product Jan 29, 2014
Jane N: I'm interested in cruelty free skin care and decided to try Kiehl's basic skin care products. Jan 26, 2014
Michael P: I got dark spots. Jan 26, 2014
JIALIE Y: Because I have acne blemish, and over several years, it appears like dark spot. I hope this will be helpful in recovery. Jan 26, 2014
Blakeley W: In hopes to get fade dark spots Jan 26, 2014
Ashlee D: I have an age spot on my cheek. I wanted to see if this product reduced the darkness. Jan 26, 2014
Keena C: It's this older skin-thing again�?�. Jan 25, 2014
kay b: Love other Kiel's products hope this one works Jan 24, 2014
Frances K: Clear the dark spots Jan 23, 2014
Leah C: to try Jan 22, 2014
Feinan Z: have a try Jan 21, 2014
Jennifer B: I have dark spots and thought it might help! Jan 20, 2014
Brett S: try this out Jan 20, 2014
Whitney R: Because I have dark spots and I wanted to try it. Jan 19, 2014
Jin K: I was looking and interested Jan 19, 2014
Curtis J: becoz I want to get it if it is good on me Jan 19, 2014
Joy c: works great for getting rid of dark spots Jan 18, 2014
Logan G: I have dark spots I would like to try it on. Jan 17, 2014
Elizabeth S: Dark areas on face Jan 16, 2014
Alene B: Give it a try Jan 16, 2014
Cecillia L: want to try out to even my skin tone Jan 15, 2014
Qiutong S: to have a try Jan 15, 2014
Merna A: for travel Jan 14, 2014
zijia x: I want to give it a try. Jan 14, 2014
Amanda T: sounds interesting Jan 13, 2014
constance h: I have a dark spot. Jan 13, 2014
Kathryn P: Just to give it a try. Jan 13, 2014
Danielle N: I have a few acne scars i want to fade and I've been trying out products. Jan 12, 2014
Hongqing Y: Try Jan 7, 2014
Mea N: I hope it corrects a problem I have. Jan 6, 2014
Viktoriya D: I have a few dark spots, I wanted to see if this works. Jan 5, 2014
LeeAnna P: I liked the clearly corrective line Jan 5, 2014
fadwa a: I have one or 2 dark spots will try it Jan 5, 2014
Lloyd E: For my wife, she has dark spots near her eyes Jan 5, 2014
Dong H: want to have a try Jan 5, 2014
Monique R: Need to even skin tone. Jan 4, 2014
Jonathan A: Spouse has dark spots Jan 4, 2014
Melanie G: Want to reduce dark spots under my eyes Jan 4, 2014
M A: I need to check if this works. I've tried a lot of dark spot correctors already Jan 4, 2014
Fei D: I wanna try this. If this one is good, I will buy more Jan 4, 2014
Josephine A: Recommended by a friend Jan 4, 2014
Yu X: because I have some dark spots, I would like to see if it can really help my problems. Jan 4, 2014
Barbara W: Want to reduce age spots Jan 2, 2014
Melinda B: Perfect for weekend getaways. Jan 1, 2014
Andrea P: To try something new Jan 1, 2014
MARYJANE w: try it for the first time Jan 1, 2014
Tammy K: i have dark spot on face Jan 1, 2014
Tianhui F: nice Jan 1, 2014
Trish G: I have a few dark spots and wanted to try it to see if it will work on them. Dec 31, 2013
Jo-Ann M: Curious to see if it helps dark spots Dec 31, 2013
Ta-Wei L: My wife wants this product. Dec 31, 2013
Juquetta C Murray M: Trying something new Dec 31, 2013
joyce c: want to try it Dec 31, 2013
Kipps Z: to sample, recommended as alternative Dec 31, 2013
FRANCES T: to try it out Dec 31, 2013
Xiaohua H: This can help dark spot solution Dec 31, 2013
Sherry G: To Try Dec 31, 2013
David B: Experimenting with this product. Dec 31, 2013
Carol Z: I have a rather large brown spot near my temple that I try to cover up when I apply foundation and eye makeup. However, when I don't use makeup, I'm looking for a simple solution to cover just that spot. Hope this works. Dec 31, 2013
li y: I like it. Dec 31, 2013
Leesing P: want to see if it really works Dec 31, 2013
Marlene L: gift Dec 31, 2013
rasita t: Try Dec 31, 2013
Prudence L: interested in if it is effective Dec 31, 2013
Mary Ann G: To Hopefully Get Rid Of Some Dark Spots I Have. Dec 31, 2013
Stacey S: travel Dec 31, 2013
Laquisha P: It works Dec 31, 2013
Olivia M: acne scars Dec 31, 2013
Alice M: want to see how effective it is before purchasing Dec 31, 2013
Fanny T: didn't know this product Dec 31, 2013
Tsuiwen Y: Have been using it for 6 months now,. Have seen good results Dec 31, 2013
jing w: try it Dec 31, 2013
Sharon B: With acne comes acne scars. I assumed position and decided to try it. Dec 31, 2013
shane b: to try to rid age spots Dec 31, 2013
Bing F: See if it works Dec 31, 2013
Rose P: Dark spot on side of face. Dec 30, 2013
Patty S: Have a few dark sun spots - hope this will help Dec 30, 2013
Tina L: try on my dark spot Dec 30, 2013
Linda S: Need it to work! Dec 30, 2013
kyungyoon Y: for travel Dec 30, 2013
Kim D: I hae some spots now and then, so trying to see if it works Dec 30, 2013
jieyu j: nice Dec 30, 2013
Nikol W: I have an age spot on my face that I'm somewhat selfconcious of, and other dark spot correctors I've tried have made me break out. Thought I'd give this one a shot. Dec 30, 2013
Dong CXY X: i like it so much Dec 30, 2013
Yafeng J: i have dark spot Dec 30, 2013
NANCY H: 'Cuz I got dark spots to correct! Dec 29, 2013
Dong CXY X: VERY USEFUL Dec 29, 2013
Sohyun p: There are many people for this either it works or not. I would like to try it out if it works! And then I will consider to purchase it. Dec 29, 2013
Jill Pride A: Never tried it before; I like skin care stuff Dec 29, 2013
Ellen R: trying it out Dec 29, 2013
YAN Z: try Dec 29, 2013
Monica P: wanted to try Dec 29, 2013
Barbara V: Try before buying Dec 29, 2013
Raina R: i have one or two tiny dark spots that i want to try this out on Dec 29, 2013
Vimaris G: To see if it helps with some age spots that have appeared :0( Dec 29, 2013
Dorothy W: spot on left cheek Dec 29, 2013
Grace W: Simply want to try! Dec 29, 2013
Eonyoung P: I want to try it Dec 28, 2013
Jeanne K: Wanted to try Dec 28, 2013
Charlene Y: I've got dark spots on my face and would like to find a product that will help reduce the color. Dec 28, 2013
BARBARA G: IT WAS FREE. Dec 28, 2013
Julie C: want to try Dec 28, 2013
Annie L: I have dark spot so I want to see if this one works Dec 27, 2013
Min Y: It's effective. Dec 27, 2013
Anne Marie B: i have a few dark spots and would like to see if this could help Dec 27, 2013
Ruth C: I am 70 yr. old and beginning to see some dark spots. Dec 27, 2013
heather b: haven't tried it before, thought I'd give it a chance Dec 27, 2013
JoAnn M: Wanted to try Dec 27, 2013
Kristen R: For my mom, she has some dark spots that other brands swear they can fix, but haven't. Let's go Kiehl's! Dec 27, 2013
James H: love it Dec 27, 2013
Lauren A: I have hyper pigmentation and wanted to see how this product would work on black skin. Dec 27, 2013
Jane L: I have a little dark spot near my eye that I'd like to fade. Thought I would give this product a try. Dec 27, 2013
JESSICA R: dark spot reduction Dec 27, 2013
Albert W: pimple blemishes Dec 27, 2013
Helen C: want to see if it works Dec 27, 2013
Shengyue C: I want to see if it can make my skin more brighten Dec 27, 2013
Arini S: I have dark spot on my face, so I want to give it a try Dec 27, 2013
Stephanie W: I scar badly and need some help. Dec 26, 2013
Katherine P: . Dec 26, 2013
kathleen h: I am hoping it will lighten the dark spots on my face Dec 26, 2013
Marco A D: I'm starting to see age relating issues and I'm trying out new products for the skin around my eyes. Dec 26, 2013
Bocong Z: I wanna try Dec 26, 2013
Catherine C: I have dark spots on both cheeks Dec 25, 2013
Norma H: I'd like to try this on my sun spots Dec 25, 2013
Eugenie T: This is my biggest aging issue Dec 25, 2013
Shuh Fang H: Trying for the first time Dec 25, 2013
Hyang A A: I love it Dec 25, 2013
ying j: I have this type of skin problem Dec 25, 2013
Zhimao L: LIKE IT Dec 25, 2013
xiaorong h: try to Dec 25, 2013
Christopher W: Down to remove dark spots Dec 24, 2013
Robert C: for my wife to try Dec 24, 2013
Xiaorong S: Very useful and I love it. Dec 23, 2013
Genery G: Very curious Dec 23, 2013
Elizabeth P: It works. Dec 23, 2013
Attiya Z: Am using it Dec 23, 2013
Yangjie F: so good Dec 23, 2013
Surekha S: To Try It Dec 23, 2013
Lei L: friend's recommendation Dec 23, 2013
Jennifer G: Heard it may help my skin concerns Dec 22, 2013
Nan D: i want to try it! Dec 22, 2013
Gayle G: would like to try Dec 22, 2013
Gyseon B: For future purchase possibility Dec 22, 2013
Elizabeth S: Person has dark spots Dec 21, 2013
Chui T: to try out Dec 21, 2013
Christine C: Curious about product Dec 21, 2013
jennifer h: for sun damage Dec 21, 2013
Ming Yoke L: Good product Dec 21, 2013
Shaocong W: Just want to try it. Dec 21, 2013
Linsu C: I like it. Dec 21, 2013
Ainiwa f: need this Dec 21, 2013
Zhixuan Z: I heard from my friend that this product is very useful. Dec 20, 2013
Sakol S: Just want to try. Dec 19, 2013
Ann P: Have dark spots that I need to get rid of but the reviews seem to vary thus thought it would be better to try it out for myself Dec 19, 2013
Carrie L: this was referred by a friend that this was a good product Dec 19, 2013
YINGHUA J: Try Dec 19, 2013
Yuexin L: I have dark spots and I wish to try this one Dec 19, 2013
Daniella A: really works! after just a few uses. gentle too. Dec 19, 2013
Eriko S: I love it! Dec 19, 2013
Christine D: seem self explanatory. Dec 18, 2013
Yonghong Z: f Dec 18, 2013
Elyse G: for traveling - LOVE this stuff! Dec 18, 2013
denise d: I had vitiligo set in on my face when I was 21, I began managing my stress and really taking care of my skin and I reversed the progression of 3 quarter sized white spots on my cheeks. I brought the pigmentation back but did such a good job that i ended up with a few tiny dark spots. Just like to get rid of those. Dec 18, 2013
feng l: try to get rid of your frackle Dec 18, 2013
Lanxiang H: Good Dec 17, 2013
Debra F: Want to see how it compares to Midnight recovery oil that I currently use. Dec 17, 2013
Subhajit G: Have some dark spots so checking if it helps Dec 17, 2013
Pamela A: Just trying Dec 17, 2013
Angelie M: I am on the market for a serum that will even some sun spots on my cheeks and nose Dec 17, 2013
Carol J: I have a few light spots starting to get darker. I am hoping this product will help keep them from getting any darker. Dec 17, 2013
SHARON L: sounds like something that would work pretty well on my old acne scars. Dec 17, 2013
chenfang x: good Dec 17, 2013
Amanda D: Because I have small acne scars Dec 16, 2013
giryeong k: I heard this one is really good. Dec 16, 2013
Jina L: I have dark spot. Dec 16, 2013
Clyde D: Never received this product. Ordered it because I wanted to try it, but of course if you don't include it, I can't try it. Dec 16, 2013
joanne c: wanna try Dec 16, 2013
Le D: I want to try Dec 15, 2013
David W: want to see if it works on some dark spots on my face before buying a bit bottle Dec 15, 2013
brian m: cause my wife told me to Dec 15, 2013
Connie C: to try Dec 15, 2013
Bian H L: I want to try Dec 14, 2013
Kathy M: Want to try it Dec 14, 2013
Marie M: wanted to see if it works Dec 14, 2013
Iverson W: Want to try Dec 13, 2013
Meg S: Always trying to fight those scary dark skin spots! Dec 13, 2013
Jan L: To try and see if I like it Dec 13, 2013
Aysha C: Been wanting to try it, but it's too expensive to buy without trying Dec 12, 2013
joan y: trying it Dec 12, 2013
Patrick H: to remove dark spots Dec 12, 2013
SHARRONDA B: I have some dark blemishes on my face and want to find a product that will help to clear them up. Dec 12, 2013
Claire B: new Dec 11, 2013
Miguel H: I have dark circles under my eyes Dec 11, 2013
Nancy K: age Dec 11, 2013
Kelly O: i have dark spots, would like to try out this product Dec 11, 2013
Michele C: Wanted to try something for a couple dark spots on my face. Dec 10, 2013
Kristin D: I would like to purchase this item so I'm excited to try it first. Dec 10, 2013
brandy m: want to see if it works on acne scars Dec 10, 2013
Ila S: spots Dec 10, 2013
Mai H: I am starting to notice some dark spots on my face and would like to give this product a try before purchasing a regular size. Dec 10, 2013
Wade S: too many spots Dec 10, 2013
Jacqueline H: Wanted to try it Dec 8, 2013
Lisa T: have not used it yet Dec 5, 2013
Michael H: I always get the samples for my Mom. Dec 3, 2013
bob w: just try Dec 3, 2013
Belle D: dark spots Dec 3, 2013
Donna C: brown spots on face Dec 3, 2013
Shiela C: Very good product! It works for me. Dec 3, 2013
Pauline W: sharing this with my daughter in law Dec 2, 2013
Steven J: Wanted to try it out. Dec 2, 2013
Yayue I: This item helps me to clear the dark spots on my face and correct the color Dec 2, 2013
Stacey K: love it Dec 2, 2013
JIAJIA C: I heart about it is very good Dec 2, 2013
Rachel W: just want to try it Dec 2, 2013
Xiongnan W: Interested in trying... Dec 2, 2013
Xinying H: It's helpful for my spots. Dec 2, 2013
Veronica T: hadn't tried Dec 1, 2013
Phuong N: Want to try it to see if it works or not. Nov 30, 2013
Yi W: be brighter as an asian Nov 30, 2013
Zhimin Z: GOOD Nov 30, 2013
Qing Z: good Nov 30, 2013
Carla P: Would like to try. Nov 29, 2013
LU J: LOVE Nov 28, 2013
ruiwen w: it's good Nov 28, 2013
E L: Want to try out this product, if this is better than clinique. Nov 28, 2013
CHUN H: Try Nov 28, 2013
Dong Y: just to try it Nov 28, 2013
Siyao L: Want to try Nov 27, 2013
Haining Y: This is a wonderful serum, it is very useful for the dark spot. Nov 27, 2013
JINU Z: want to compare with ANA...i am using ANA. Nov 27, 2013
Chang L: try Nov 27, 2013
Wei D: "want to have a try Nov 27, 2013
AILI W: WANT TO TRY IT Nov 27, 2013
Somi H: want to try Nov 26, 2013
Leon M: try Nov 26, 2013
Ruochen W: I want to try Nov 26, 2013
Tian T: i don't know what else to choose, this one seems good for my friends Nov 26, 2013
Harriet Z: to see if this color would be better than the light I am using Nov 26, 2013
Karissa J: Trying something new Nov 26, 2013
HONG T: gift for spouse Nov 26, 2013
di l: love it Nov 26, 2013
XUEHUA X: I like it. Nov 26, 2013
chunzi z: want to try Nov 25, 2013
Xingyue Y: I wan to try Nov 25, 2013
Chenlu S: Want to try it out together with the masque. Nov 25, 2013
Wanlu H: others say it works for the redness Nov 25, 2013
Jingru F: just try out Nov 25, 2013
Sheng-Chu L: want to try Nov 25, 2013
Xiangyu S: just try Nov 25, 2013
Jeanette G: It works! Nov 25, 2013
QI X: Try it Nov 25, 2013
Jing W: get a try Nov 25, 2013
Dannese M: NEVER TRIED Nov 25, 2013
Kaisha E: curious how it works Nov 25, 2013
KAREN Z: GOOD Nov 25, 2013
Thomas C: I have dark spots I want to see if I can reduce; I'm 47 Nov 25, 2013
Anni C: want to try Nov 25, 2013
Mary P: Wanted to try it. Nov 25, 2013
Ivan C: I helps me remove my spot on the face Nov 25, 2013
Qiaoye H: willing to try Nov 25, 2013
catherine x: i want to try Nov 24, 2013
Susan M: I wanted to see if it would work on some dark spots Nov 24, 2013
Tsaitung C: Looks very useful to me Nov 24, 2013
Brady N: Haven't used it yet. Nov 24, 2013
Sigazie B: have dark marks Nov 24, 2013
Elayne H: I have dark circles under my eyes though I would try Nov 24, 2013
Susan K: I have dark spots that I would like corrected Nov 23, 2013
Alison L: I have sunspots on my face Nov 23, 2013
Marian R: i like it Nov 23, 2013
Peixin G: Like it Nov 23, 2013
kate a: Tried it and works fab! Nov 22, 2013
Douglas R: Wanted to see what this was all about. Nov 22, 2013
xiaoyun w: Just try to see if it actually works for dark spot. Have tried other brands, nothing really works. Nov 22, 2013
Melissa W: nice to try Nov 22, 2013
Ruochen W: i want to try Nov 21, 2013
QIU HUAN C: Good Nov 21, 2013
Phi N: Wanted to see if this will reduce my age spots. Nov 21, 2013
xiu c: try Nov 21, 2013
Joyce L: Never try it before. Nov 21, 2013
PEI LIN L: I just want to try it. Nov 21, 2013
Jin x: Just try to see if it works Nov 21, 2013
Howard Y: Dark spots are increasing on my nose and harder to remove. Nov 21, 2013
Emily F: have some spot problem and if it's fit me will buy. Nov 21, 2013
Weichun C: looks great Nov 21, 2013
Zhen L: New Nov 20, 2013
shuang z: as the product's name says Nov 20, 2013
Rose B: I'm looking for a product to remove the sun spots on my cheeks and hands. Nov 20, 2013
Bai X: I want to try this Nov 20, 2013
lijun s: I have dark spot . Nov 20, 2013
Jielin Z: just want to give it a try Nov 19, 2013
huidi z: I HAERD THAT ITS AWESOME. Nov 19, 2013
Marilyn M: want to try Nov 19, 2013
Micaela R: Acne spots Nov 19, 2013
Angela M S: I want to give it to a friend so she can try it. Nov 19, 2013
Laura V: I would like to try this product for dark spot reduction before purchasing Nov 19, 2013
liang h: good Nov 19, 2013
Yi-Ping F: I had order this before. It works! Nov 18, 2013
Ryan C: want to try for my some dark spots on my face Nov 18, 2013
Candace M: Want to try it. Nov 18, 2013
Bobbi E: I have tons of dark spots Nov 18, 2013
Kristen A: I use this product every day. Since I've started using it, I really notice a beautiful difference in my skin tone and dark spots. It's excellent! Nov 18, 2013
Liangjin G: have spot on face Nov 18, 2013
LI X: give a try Nov 18, 2013
Lin Lin Y: skin whitening Nov 18, 2013
Jennifer S: Good Reviews. Nov 18, 2013
lily s: take a try Nov 17, 2013
jing c: want to try Nov 17, 2013
Diana M: Very goog Nov 17, 2013
xiu fen p: i want to try it Nov 17, 2013
YA-TING P: travel Nov 17, 2013
Mandi L: wanna try Nov 17, 2013
Mark B: trying it Nov 17, 2013
Theresa R: Never used wanted to try. Nov 17, 2013
Yuting X: perfect product for me Nov 17, 2013
Leora G: I'm curious to see if this will help with my acne scars. Nov 17, 2013
Alexa S: Want to try it for us damage spots. Nov 17, 2013
Rosanne L: Have never tried this product and would like to see if it will work for me so I can start using it as part of my daily facial regimen! Nov 17, 2013
Xu S: my friend recommends this to me for reducing small dark spot on checks. I wanna give a try first Nov 17, 2013
Hui Hui A: try it new Nov 17, 2013
Kun Z: good reviews from other clients Nov 16, 2013
SHUO Z: i am using this one. Nov 16, 2013
Eun sun C: I had dark spots underneath my eyes. Nov 16, 2013
Liz Y: getting dark spots Nov 16, 2013
sandra s: wanted to try Nov 16, 2013
Lori A: can't find a product that works and am hopeful this will Nov 16, 2013
Torie L: I have a few dark spots and wanted to try this out. Nov 16, 2013
Wenyao M: looking the treatment on dark spot Nov 16, 2013
Kalynn W: To try it out and see if it works. It it did, I would purchase it. Nov 16, 2013
Di Wen H: Try something new Nov 16, 2013
Hyunjin N: dark spots on my skin worries me. Nov 16, 2013
Ze J: people like it Nov 16, 2013
Amei H: long time user. travel use Nov 16, 2013
Hee I: like to try it. Nov 16, 2013
Qiao Y: nice package Nov 16, 2013
Fei J: can be white Nov 16, 2013
Yuzhi L: Y Nov 16, 2013
Beanie Z: none Nov 16, 2013
fei y: GOOD Nov 15, 2013
Janet M: For my daughter Nov 15, 2013
Sunmi K: Good Nov 15, 2013
Anjali A: I have dark spots Nov 15, 2013
shurui g: for dark spot Nov 15, 2013
cindy m: wanted to try this product Nov 15, 2013
Ming C: I have acne scars Nov 15, 2013
Meggan H: gets rid of skin marks in a week Nov 15, 2013
Jeff A: Time to get rid of these spots! Nov 15, 2013
Jewel H: I have lots of age spots and hope to reduce its visibility. Nov 15, 2013
Szupu K: I want to try this. Nov 15, 2013
Patricia L: Because I just got my first dark spot! Nov 15, 2013
Yang X: I have dark spots Nov 15, 2013
Yan L: HAVE BEEN USING IT Nov 15, 2013
Sunyoung P: It is famous! Nov 14, 2013
Nan J: I have dark points in my face Nov 14, 2013
ying c: Try Nov 14, 2013
Meng L: good to use Nov 14, 2013
Jessica L: i just want to try Nov 14, 2013
Bingzi H: for dark spot Nov 14, 2013
Guigui W: black spot remained because of acne Nov 14, 2013
Joyce L: to try it Nov 14, 2013
Cong S: Try to see if it is effective Nov 14, 2013
WEI X: It's very good Nov 14, 2013
Yixian L: LIKE IT Nov 14, 2013
LING HUI Z: good Nov 14, 2013
SHUJIN C: I like try new thing. Nov 14, 2013
LIHUA Y: Need Nov 14, 2013
yufeng l: want yo try Nov 13, 2013
Olivia Y: To be better Nov 13, 2013
covia w: wanna try Nov 13, 2013
Junli Z: just want to try Nov 13, 2013
Juqun X: It is a good product. Nov 13, 2013
Yantong C: GOOD Nov 13, 2013
Xin L: This really brightens your skin, but because I haven't used it regularly yet, I don't know if it'll help with spots or acne scars. Nov 13, 2013
Desmond Y: my friend recommends this Nov 13, 2013
yunxiao Z: I want to try it before I buy Nov 13, 2013
Lu S: Never use it before. I'd like to see if it may work. Nov 13, 2013
Fan M: It seems my mom can use it Nov 13, 2013
Ying Y: refer to the review Nov 13, 2013
Suwisa A: Try it out Nov 13, 2013
jia z: this is my first time Nov 13, 2013
SONYA S: Want to try this Nov 13, 2013
patricia m: Wanted to try this and see how it works/ Nov 13, 2013
Yi-Fang W: heard that it works well Nov 12, 2013
Sarah L: want to try if it works for dark spot Nov 12, 2013
Allan I: For future problems Nov 12, 2013
Elaine P: to try Nov 12, 2013
MINJEONG L: I have lot of dark spot Nov 12, 2013
Benjamin G: c Nov 12, 2013
Chao N: Love it. Nov 12, 2013
Jung K: I have dark spots on my cheeks from sun damage and wanted to try out product Nov 12, 2013
Rong X: I want to have a try. Nov 12, 2013
Karina G: Would like to try on some freckles Nov 11, 2013
Pat P: It was free and what damage could it do.:) Nov 11, 2013
Barbara S: for daughter Nov 11, 2013
Madelyn C: I want to try this product. Nov 11, 2013
Penny D: To try Nov 11, 2013
Susan O: I am still trying to find a dark spot remover that lives up to my standards. Nov 11, 2013
feilong p: it is good for spot Nov 10, 2013
Corey C: works quickly on age spots, even on hands Nov 10, 2013
Judy M: Need it Nov 10, 2013
Susan S: I just want to try this Nov 10, 2013
Margaret M: To try. Nov 10, 2013
Alice L: i have some spots caused by sun Nov 10, 2013
Gayle S: Want to try Nov 10, 2013
Theresa A: Heard it was good Nov 9, 2013
Irene k: to get my dark spots whiter. Nov 9, 2013
Danning S: like Nov 9, 2013
Patricia P: Have some sun damage Nov 9, 2013
Nina G: To give it a try. Nov 9, 2013
Alissa K: to try it. Nov 9, 2013
MOHAMED Z: gift Nov 9, 2013
Chen J: GOOD Nov 9, 2013
haesung k: I tried this before as a sample, but didn't see any results, so wanted to try it a little longer to see if i see any results Nov 8, 2013
CORINNE w: no good reason Nov 8, 2013
Carol Z: To fix acne marks Nov 8, 2013
Wei D: I got dark sopt, i wanna try if it works on me Nov 8, 2013
Jian Z: Haven't tried it yet Nov 7, 2013
Elise D: I have dark spots that i want to get rid of Nov 6, 2013
Hoi Ling Madelena K: gd Nov 6, 2013
Meg H: To try, before I buy. Nov 6, 2013
Darlene S: I wanted to try your products Nov 6, 2013
Cathie C: I have loved all of the Kiehl's products I have tried so far�?� I wanted to try this new product. Nov 6, 2013
hui g: Famous product Nov 5, 2013
Ari H: trying new product. Nov 5, 2013
Susanne T: boyfriend Nov 5, 2013
gali s: have some dark spots and want to see what this does Nov 5, 2013
Nicole S: wanted to try it on some sun spots that popped up Nov 5, 2013
Haijuan W: Y Nov 5, 2013
Sarah L: tried this in the past, liked how it felt on the skin Nov 4, 2013
Judith C: try it out Nov 4, 2013
Paula S: I have a few dark spots Nov 4, 2013
luz t: try Nov 4, 2013
lucy b: I'm just trying this out. I have never used it before. Nov 4, 2013
Maggie L: wanna try. Nov 3, 2013
Shirley G: For trial Nov 3, 2013
Holly W: I want to try this line eventually! Nov 3, 2013
Sharon L: As I grow older, I am finding some brown spots I am hoping this product will tackle. Nov 3, 2013
Meghan N: I'm curious Nov 3, 2013
muyu l: Try something new Nov 3, 2013
Linda P: Me! Nov 3, 2013
Patricia L: Curious Nov 3, 2013
Robyn O: Hoping to find help for my dark circles. Nov 3, 2013
Ruyu Y: I like Nov 3, 2013
Lori K: never tried Nov 2, 2013
Jane N: Wanted to see if it would help fade my dark spots Nov 2, 2013
Deborah G: want to try for sunspots on hands Nov 2, 2013
Jeff D: wife said Nov 1, 2013
Joanne L: I have some dark spot Nov 1, 2013
Jieying G: like it Nov 1, 2013
Pat B: To see how it would work with dark spots Nov 1, 2013
Mary B: Have dark spots Oct 31, 2013
Alvin G: To try it Oct 31, 2013
Patricia C: because I have very dark spots on my skin and want to try a new product (I use other brand for that issue) Oct 31, 2013
Vivian Z: want to try it Oct 30, 2013
Babette Z: I have a lot of freckles when I was growing up. Now that I am old, I additional spots are appearing and I call it dark spots or old spots. I'm hoping this product will take out the old spots away and I'll be happy! Oct 29, 2013
beiqiu q: "i like it " Oct 29, 2013
young k: love this Oct 29, 2013
Alice F: to try myself Oct 29, 2013
Youngju L: I am using these products right now, and I wanted to bring samples for my trip for convenience. Oct 29, 2013
Lynn C: hoping it works Oct 28, 2013
Alice S: See if I like it Oct 28, 2013
Kim R: I have a few dark spots that drive me crazy Oct 28, 2013
Donna N: If this works, I will order Oct 28, 2013
Seo Young M: Want to clear my skin Oct 28, 2013
Bianca D: Want to try before purchasing to see it it works Oct 27, 2013
dawn t: want to improve sun damage Oct 27, 2013
Lauren H: Have never tried. Heard it was great. Oct 27, 2013
Diane W: One age spot on my face....let's give this a's Kiehl's it must work! Oct 27, 2013
Xian L: Good Oct 27, 2013
Yuchih C: want to try it out Oct 27, 2013
Travis J: I like clear skin Oct 27, 2013
YUZE S: Good to try Oct 27, 2013
Dianne G: hand and face dark spots. Oct 26, 2013
J. Tracy A: I have some sun damaged areas on my forehead and I look forward to seeing if this will diminish them. Fingers and toes crossed!! Oct 26, 2013
Siqin B: like Oct 26, 2013
Wenjuan L: my skin is dark Oct 26, 2013
SHU MING C: I have some spots on my face. I wants to try. Oct 25, 2013
Hiroko M: I am looking for ways to reduce black sponts Oct 25, 2013
Josephine H: First try. Oct 25, 2013
Robyn B: To Try it out Oct 25, 2013
YU W: try something new Oct 24, 2013
Jessie Y: want to lighten my dark spot Oct 24, 2013
Rhonda C: I haven't tried this so wanted to see if it helps the darker spots. Oct 24, 2013
min l: dark circle Oct 24, 2013
KATHLEEN M: i get dark spots an my face Oct 24, 2013
Sherri H: I have dark spots. Oct 24, 2013
Amy B: To clear up old acne scars Oct 24, 2013
Michelle H: Some sun and minor age spotting Oct 24, 2013
Nagalakshmi G: For evening out the skin tone Oct 24, 2013
Theresa A: age spots Oct 24, 2013
Jingjun L: want to try Oct 23, 2013
ANGELA P: I've been using this product for about 10 months and I've seen a noticeable, very positive difference in my skin's appearance. I can't say enough good things about it! Oct 23, 2013
Barbara C: something to try - it was free Oct 23, 2013
Barbara M: Have some spots would like to decrease or eliminate altogether. Oct 22, 2013
Woojeong S: never used this before. Want to try. Oct 22, 2013
Qian H: want to try it before buy it Oct 21, 2013
QI S: . Oct 21, 2013
Ruilu M: GOOD Oct 21, 2013
Mildred W: I have dark spot from aging Oct 21, 2013
Tina V: Have tried a few different dark spot treatments. and still have them, faded but they remain. would like to see if this aides in the removal/lightening Oct 20, 2013
Sandi W: I have some dark spots that I thought i'd try it. Oct 20, 2013
Robin H: Need a skin tone balancer. Oct 20, 2013
terri m: I am starting to get spots. Will try this Oct 20, 2013
Juan C: Try it out! Oct 20, 2013
Maria D: acne scars Oct 20, 2013
Renee R: to redue dark spots Oct 20, 2013
Diane K: To see if I liked it and it helped dark spots Oct 20, 2013
David K: As a sun child, I have more than my share of dark spots on face and body. Need to try something to help. Kiehl's is a line my daughters swear by, so I'm taking a chance. Oct 20, 2013
Helen J: Wanted to try it. Oct 19, 2013
tmmys: just interested in the product Oct 19, 2013
Yangping D: try for my acne scar Oct 19, 2013
Fernanda R: I have some dark spots and want to see if this will work Oct 19, 2013
Sujie W: To see if can save my rough skin. Oct 19, 2013
Cristine T: Excited to see if this helps. Oct 19, 2013
Anna C: would like to try this on so spots on my arms and chest that are age spots caused by too much sun. Oct 19, 2013
reggie p: dark spots under eyes Oct 19, 2013
Amanda N: I have spots Oct 18, 2013
Olivia B: curious Oct 17, 2013
Lisa D: Have dark spots. Seems like a good bet Oct 17, 2013
Lynda L: Really look forward to using this on my age spots! Oct 17, 2013
Kate H: want to try Oct 17, 2013
donna l: face Oct 17, 2013
Debbie T: Want to try this Oct 16, 2013
EMILY J: I will try anything that addresses my dark spots! Oct 16, 2013
Taylor M: To reduce dark spots Oct 16, 2013
Alys S: I work outside and my skin is starting to get sun damage spots. Oct 16, 2013
Jiahui Y: Didn't use before, just want to try. Oct 16, 2013
Nicole B: I do have a few dark spots I'd like to try this on. Oct 16, 2013
richard k: wife Oct 15, 2013
Susan G: I have found the product helpful in reducing a dark spot near my eye. Oct 15, 2013
Barbara E: I didn't, You just sent it. Oct 15, 2013
Christina C: My mom has age spots and would like her to see if this may work for her. Oct 15, 2013
Una G: I want to see if it can help some dark spots on my face ? Oct 15, 2013
Daisy K: Because I need it. Oct 15, 2013
Cathy L: good for traveling Oct 15, 2013
Shannon M: Wanted to try this product. Oct 14, 2013
Diane L: Because I have a large dark place on my face as a result of a dermatologic procedure and I want to see if this product makes it lighter. Oct 14, 2013
Denise W: I've always wanted to try it. Oct 14, 2013
elizabeth l: I want to see if it works Oct 14, 2013
Sydney M E: I have a dark spot Oct 14, 2013
Cindy B: Trying it out. Oct 14, 2013
David N: Wanna try it Oct 14, 2013
Cynthia V: want to try it Oct 14, 2013
Sue C: to correct dark spots Oct 14, 2013
Giselle A: I have a couple of dark spots I want to diminish Oct 13, 2013
Lisa C: As I have gotten older I have noticed more brown spots due to sun damage and past pregnancies. This will be my first use of this product. I will write a review after I have had the opportunity to use it. Oct 12, 2013
Clayton C: wife Oct 12, 2013
Diana C: acne scars Oct 12, 2013
Debbie B: Want to try Oct 12, 2013
Mei nin L: Want to try Oct 12, 2013
Claudia F: want to try it out Oct 11, 2013
nhut t: good Oct 11, 2013
Whitney S: I have old acne scars Oct 11, 2013
Vilma S: Wanted to try for my hyperpigmentation Oct 11, 2013
Nancy L: GOOD Oct 10, 2013
Deborah D: i have dark spots Oct 10, 2013
Halina M: Want to try if it really works Oct 10, 2013
Sarinee T: Just to try Oct 10, 2013
Gwen j: haven't tried it Oct 9, 2013
Sarah M: would like to try Oct 9, 2013
Jiwoong K: recommendation from my friend Oct 9, 2013
Donalda M: I have dark spots and I hope it corrects my skin. Oct 8, 2013
Yiyang L: I have dark spot left by acnes Oct 8, 2013
Ann C: Would love to lighten dark spots on my face! Oct 8, 2013
Angellee L H: I have used many dark spot corrective lotions and nothing has worked. I've done perception lotion from the Dr office. Which bleaches my pillow cases and sheets. I stopped using the lotion due to the bleaching and I've read that the perception lotion isn't good for my face.
I just wanted to try something new
Oct 8, 2013
Dr. Nancy S: I have a few spots on my hands that are fading, and I want to find the best product to finish the process Oct 6, 2013
naydien g: i want to see results Oct 5, 2013
Jia G: try Oct 4, 2013
Joan H: Just wanted to try it out. Oct 4, 2013
Andres C: "Kiehls representative in The Mall at Millenia recommended it for my wife." Oct 4, 2013
aaron c: to combat dark spots Oct 3, 2013
Jun F: just trying. Oct 3, 2013
FAN Z: i really need to reduce the dark spots!!!! Oct 3, 2013
Daiwei C: want to try Oct 1, 2013
junda z: want to try Sep 30, 2013
AiC G: I have some freckles along my cheekbones and trying to get rid of it. Hope this works! If I see changes, this will be on my next online order! Sep 30, 2013
Meiqing H: like it Sep 30, 2013
Debbie J: This is a fantastic product. It did not take long for the clarity of my skin to improve and for dark spots to fade. Sep 30, 2013
Xiaoning D: for dark spot Sep 30, 2013
Yanting L: I heard my friend use this products to reduce the acne spot, and it woks well so I would like to try. Sep 30, 2013
Tara S: Never tried it. Sep 30, 2013
shirley s: try Sep 30, 2013
yao w: kill my acne red spot Sep 30, 2013
Tamara G: X Sep 29, 2013
Yihsin L: to see if it works on the dark spot on my face Sep 29, 2013
Burinrutt T: to refill my current bottle Sep 29, 2013
Buffi R: Because I have a couple dark spots developing on my face. Sep 29, 2013
Grace W: I want to try again. It didn't seem to work before but I was using different products. Let's see if this time will work better. Sep 29, 2013
Johaina K: have dark spots Sep 29, 2013
Vicky H: Hope it really works. Sep 29, 2013
Ivana B. F: try to correct my spots on my hands Sep 29, 2013
Linda S: I,m 72 yrs old and its worth a try. Sep 29, 2013
Stephanie T: Having difficulty undoing damage done by much sun exposure in 20s and 30s. Hoping this will help. Sep 29, 2013
Li Z: wanner try Sep 29, 2013
Candy L: Friend recommend Sep 27, 2013
YOHAYRA G: to see how it works Sep 27, 2013
Arviana W: i have dark spot on my face, i wish this one work on me Sep 27, 2013
Mark M: A couple dark spots on my face... to try this out. Sep 27, 2013
Lara J: want to see how this works before i buy. Sep 27, 2013
Mio M: my friends told me that this product is good! Sep 27, 2013
Kristin D: Been looking to try something like this. Sep 26, 2013
Stacy T: Other spot reducers have caused acne. Hoping this one works. Sep 26, 2013
Laura L: I want to try this but am not sure if it will make a difference. Sep 26, 2013
Catalina T: I have never tried a corrective spot solution, I trust Kiehls Sep 26, 2013
HAOWEI W: For dark spot, want to try it Sep 26, 2013
Chang P: have some dark spot after acne so wanna try it out. Sep 25, 2013
Maren F: i have some dark spots. Have never used a corrector but would like to see if it will make a difference to benefit my skin Sep 25, 2013
Katherine M: I want to find a good color correction cream. Sep 25, 2013
ling d: try to see if it can lighten the spot on my face Sep 24, 2013
Hsinying l: want to give it a try Sep 24, 2013
Lynn T: i have some age spots Sep 23, 2013
Demi H: Like to try it because I have dark spots on face. Sep 23, 2013
Beth B: Love Kiehls and wanted to try their version of a " dark spot corrector". Sep 23, 2013
Meng M: For acne marks Sep 23, 2013
xiuming z: new, want to try on my face Sep 23, 2013
zhuo t: Recommendations by friends Sep 22, 2013
wangjue y: try Sep 22, 2013
jiacheng j: want to try Sep 22, 2013
Chanlan C: I want to try it and compare with other brands Sep 22, 2013
Simone S: I have spots and I haven't tried any treatments yet. Sep 21, 2013
caitlyn c: This got rid of dark spots that I've struggled with along side my jaw line in a matter of a week or so. Even my dermatologist asked me what I was using because it helped so quickly Sep 21, 2013
Na L: I picked this product because I have blemishes from pimples. I wanted to see if this product will fade the blemishes. Sep 21, 2013
Donna L: I have dark spots and need them clearly corrected! Sep 21, 2013
Caren K: I wanted to see if it works. Sep 21, 2013
wenjing p: i have dark spot that's why -0- Sep 20, 2013
Olivia L: I want to try it Sep 20, 2013
Xuan L: New product. Want a try! Sep 20, 2013
James J: Have dark spot Sep 20, 2013
Meng C: have dark spots :P Sep 20, 2013
Donna D: Have been curious about this product. Sep 18, 2013
Lisa T: wish to try Sep 17, 2013
Amy W: To try on some dark spots. Sep 16, 2013
Lee T: Need this too. Sep 16, 2013
John B: Worth a try. Sep 15, 2013
Helen X: Recommended by friend. Sep 13, 2013
Sally R: dark spots on face Sep 13, 2013
Helen z: i would like to buy one ,so i choose to use it Sep 12, 2013
Drahomira K: want to see how it works Sep 12, 2013
Kevin C: Well, unfortunately I think that name of the product tells the tale...? Sep 11, 2013
Jessica S: To try it Sep 10, 2013
Alana I: sun spots Sep 10, 2013
Jen L: Have dark spots! Sep 10, 2013
Vahan A: i would like to try it. Sep 6, 2013
Laurie D: I've had samples of these items and they worked very well on my skin. Sep 5, 2013
Gina W: I have some blemishes that I'd like to use this on. Sep 4, 2013
mark e: want to try it and see if it works Sep 3, 2013
Frank C: I want to see how it works......... Sep 3, 2013
Lauren K: To see if it helps reduce post acne marks/redness Aug 30, 2013
John D: Wanted to try Aug 29, 2013
Darci F: I have a few dark spots I would like to lighten Aug 27, 2013
AMY L: acne scars Aug 26, 2013
Ying D: i have dark spot. Aug 26, 2013
Yih Wen G: I have a few dark spots that I would like to get rid of. Will see if this works! Aug 26, 2013
Yolanda G: I have acne scarring and this is awesome. I use it day and night, not greasy and super light. Aug 26, 2013
Noami D: I am getting dark spots where the sun hits the sides of my face when I am in a car. Aug 26, 2013
Marilyn R: Like to try Aug 25, 2013
jiayu h: I have a lot of dark spot Aug 25, 2013
Yue Y: saw positive reviews Aug 24, 2013
Li ting H: I have dark spots and love to see how this works for me. Aug 24, 2013
Huong V: Wanna try out Aug 23, 2013
jingchao s: just have a try Aug 20, 2013
Maggie M: Recommend Aug 19, 2013
Susan S: I have sun spots on the right side of my face, and I need to get rid of them, nothing else works, I am going to give this a try! Aug 19, 2013
Valerie R: area of concern, would like to try your product Aug 19, 2013
FELICIA E: problem with dark spots Aug 19, 2013
alexander v: I want to be purtty. Aug 18, 2013
Kimberly O: I tried it last time I ordered and it reduced my dark spots. I didn't tell my husband I was trying it and he even commented on how my dark spots were lighter. Aug 17, 2013
Sheila M: Have some dark spots I'd like to clear up Aug 17, 2013
Huizhong G: Want to see to what degree it will solve my dark spots. Aug 17, 2013
Ann V: it very work very good I love it Aug 16, 2013
Raymundo M: i'm looking for a product that can give me a bright complexion. Aug 16, 2013
Linda W: I have dark spots and want to try this and see what it feels like Aug 15, 2013
Alyse E: not sure if its woking..want to keep trying it Aug 15, 2013
sidonie s: to try Aug 15, 2013
Pamela B: Even skin tones areas. Aug 14, 2013
Amanda B: I have dark circles and I'm looking for a way to reduce their appearance. Aug 14, 2013
charla d: just trying to find a dark spot remover that actually works Aug 14, 2013
Hazel G: My dad has spots and i want him to try. Aug 13, 2013
Patricia E: I have some dark spots, but i am going to use the powerful Strength line reducer instead. VIT C reduces spots as well and I want to keep my skin routine simple. Aug 13, 2013
Elizabeth T: Need to correct many spots on face. Decided to give it a try Aug 13, 2013
Tatjana L: I got few dark spots so just want to try something and see will it work at all. Aug 12, 2013
Cynthia A: Want to see if it works for me. Aug 12, 2013
Peter R: Convenient for travel Aug 11, 2013
Fatima C: Hoping it works! Aug 10, 2013
Kristin W: I am increasingly spotted with every year. Aug 10, 2013
Russell B: I'm hoping it will even out my skin tone. Aug 9, 2013
lisa t: to see if it works Aug 9, 2013
Jaymi H: for the future reference Aug 9, 2013
Marcilia L: I have dark spots from previous acne marks and I decided to try this out. Aug 8, 2013
Feiyi G: I will see if it can reduce my acne scar. If it feels great I will consider purchase it Aug 6, 2013
Blanche P. B: Same as above Aug 5, 2013
Arturo P: Dark spot blemishes and acne scars. Aug 5, 2013
Theodora Y: Like Aug 3, 2013
Jessie W: works well- will start applying again after baby comes. hope it still works for me. Aug 3, 2013
Ukonnaya B: Create even skin tone Aug 1, 2013
Jennifer A: Have a few sun spots. Jul 31, 2013
Deborah W: I've never used a dark spot corrector and would like to try this one. Jul 31, 2013
Katya K: I would like to try it - never used it before. Jul 28, 2013
Kaoru F: trying it out Jul 28, 2013
Kaitlyn H: I have porcelain white skin, so blemish marks tend to linger on my face, so I thought I'd give this a shot. Jul 26, 2013
Caiyu Y: want to remove my dark spot Jul 25, 2013
Beth F: I have a dark spot on my hand I want to try it on. Jul 25, 2013
Tom B: See if it works. Got some spots. Jul 24, 2013
Sharon M: Have tried spot corrector from other companies with no luck. Hope this works. Jul 24, 2013
Kathy S: Really love it. Jul 22, 2013
Nannette K: Have some spots that have not disappeared with other expensive product...Hope this one works. Jul 21, 2013
Theresa H: To see if it worked on sun spots Jul 21, 2013
Jeanne S: I have some dark spots on my jawline and neck, hope this works! Jul 19, 2013
angie m: always looking for something to help with melasma Jul 19, 2013
Karen L: thought I'd try it Jul 18, 2013
Vernice T: Try Jul 17, 2013
JOANNE N: TRIAL Jul 15, 2013
Deborah M: great for travel, have 2 bottles at home Jul 15, 2013
Sabrina S: It might help some zealous sunning from the past :) Jul 14, 2013
marilyn m: old Jul 11, 2013
Mabel P: I have spots I need to correct Jul 10, 2013
Evelynn S: Because it is new and I have some dark spots. Jul 10, 2013
Daniel H: I have dark lines under my eyes Jul 8, 2013
Hu Zu Na F: I have acne scars; I wanted to see if it will help. Jul 8, 2013
Lynda T: Just curious and want to try it. Jul 8, 2013
Jean D: Wanted to try for uneven skin tone Jul 6, 2013
Wenjuan L: My sister has some dark spot at her face after having baby, just for her trying. Jul 4, 2013
marcia p: dark spots Jul 3, 2013
Julie D: Because I am nursing, I tend to get more dark spots on my face. I'm hoping this product will correct this issue. Jul 2, 2013
Penny D: I want to see if this will diminish a dark spot on my husband's face Jul 2, 2013
Natalia B: I have lots of dark spots on my face, and had been experimenting with different dark spot correctors. Most don't work. I found one by Ponds that works, but wanted to try Kiehl's. Jun 30, 2013
Sandra B: Wanted to try to see if it worked as well as the Photo-Age High-Potency Spot Treatment. Jun 30, 2013
C O: I have noticed more dark spots on my face and wanted to see if this would help at all. Jun 26, 2013
Xiao W: i just help somebody order Jun 25, 2013
Cathy D: wanted a trial Jun 25, 2013
edward m: Like Jun 24, 2013
Kowoon J: Want to try it out Jun 23, 2013
James M: Looked interesting Jun 22, 2013
SANDRA D: I want to see if it actually works before I buy it. I have a small dark spot I want to correct. Jun 22, 2013
Christina R: I am desperate to get rid of dark spots and some acne scars Jun 22, 2013
Esther Kyung Ah C: Havent tried yet Jun 18, 2013
Angela D: wanted to see if this truly works as I have a sunspot on the bridge of my nose. Jun 18, 2013
Michael h: Have dark sun spots -wish to lighten. Jun 18, 2013
jeffery s: free Jun 18, 2013
soo s: I have sun damage on my face and hope this helps. If it does I intend on buying the full size. Jun 18, 2013
Allison B: Not only reduces scarring, but keeps my skin clear. Jun 17, 2013
Stephanie H: to see if it will treat hyperpigmentation. Jun 15, 2013
LAN J: LIKE IT Jun 14, 2013
Lauren C: age spots are a concern to me now Jun 13, 2013
Fan Z: Never used it before, want to try it. Jun 13, 2013
xue l: i want to try Jun 13, 2013
JIEQIONG D: to try Jun 13, 2013
Li J: want to try Jun 13, 2013
soeun p: i want to try this product Jun 13, 2013
Dandan P: I would like to try whether it could reduce the dark spot on my face. Jun 13, 2013
Zichun X: I wanna remove my acne spots and other dark spots Jun 13, 2013
Julian A: try on dark spots due to acne Jun 13, 2013
YU F: I want to try on the dark spots on my face Jun 13, 2013
Karla S: I've never used this, but hope it works! Jun 13, 2013
wenzhen q: like it Jun 13, 2013
Yunong X: want to try this one Jun 13, 2013
Yao P: i had spot Jun 13, 2013
Eun O: to try out Jun 13, 2013
Mary E: I've been noticing some darkening near one of my eyes and wanted to give this a try. Jun 13, 2013
Hiroaki Y: Friend's recommendation Jun 13, 2013
YUN M: I want to try this new item Jun 13, 2013
boshu w: m a big fun of Kiehl's. Jun 13, 2013
Inhwa K: Nowaday I had a dark spot, so I want to try it. Jun 13, 2013
Jennifer L: have sun spots on cheek Jun 12, 2013
Sara D: I have dark circles under my eys. Jun 11, 2013
Brenda T: Would like to try item. Jun 11, 2013
SARAH B: see if it works. Jun 9, 2013
Kay T: would like to try on a new spot on my face May 27, 2013
Won Joo A: I am using this product, and chose for trip. May 27, 2013
Rose H: Great way to try a new product May 27, 2013
An Z: i have dark spot May 27, 2013
Li Z: I just want to try May 26, 2013
Dongli W: just try May 26, 2013
JINGYI L: good May 26, 2013
YIJUN H: WANT TO TRY. May 26, 2013
xiaolu h: best May 25, 2013
Bryan I: see if it helps with dark circles eyes May 25, 2013
Weiwei L: Just want to try May 24, 2013
Francis L: Due to acne i have a lot of dark spots. With helps give me a preview of its work and if i see a positive review i will purchase soon! May 23, 2013
Chuchu Y: FRIENDS RECOMMEND May 23, 2013
Michele C: Just started to get age spots on my face - hoping this works. May 23, 2013
xin y: just want to try . May 23, 2013
Catherine S: I have some spots and the reviews were good. May 22, 2013
Qiao Z: I have dark spots under my eyes, and just wanted to try it out. May 22, 2013
Dara P: I have a few dark spots on my face and am trying to find a product that works well, without being too harsh on my skin. May 21, 2013
Robin C: Want to see how quickly it works on my husband! May 21, 2013
Clint D: I have a few that I want to try this on. May 21, 2013
Nancy W: To try on dark spots. May 20, 2013
Lifan C: I have dark spots. May 20, 2013
jia l: want to try this item May 20, 2013
Dan M: have dark spot May 20, 2013
Jenny B: Wanted to try this on a age spot I have under my eye. May 20, 2013
HUI Q: my sister wants to try before purchase a big bottle May 20, 2013
Yu K: I have such issues May 17, 2013
Brandy P: see if it works May 15, 2013
Tara G: I have dark spots on my cheeks May 13, 2013
Carol L: Wanted to try other Keihl's products May 13, 2013
Dora M: To see how it works on sone spots I have May 12, 2013
Susan A: I have a dark spot I would like to get rid of. May 11, 2013
Melissa B: To see if it may be a good purchase later. May 10, 2013
yoko o: excited to try it.. May 9, 2013
Monica M: I have dark spots on my face from being in the sun as triathlete. May 9, 2013
Robin G: looking for a dark spot remover May 9, 2013
Jung Hyun H: Wanted to try May 9, 2013
Guang Y: wanna have a try before buy a regular one May 8, 2013
Lee Ann S: I have dark spots on my face and would like to try this product. May 7, 2013
Eugenia d: To try a formula for my spots May 6, 2013
Karyn L: I have acne scars and want to try it out May 6, 2013
E-Ling H: new product May 6, 2013
Angela C: for dark spots and read positive reviews May 5, 2013
Feifei X: Give to my friend. May 3, 2013
LaTonya M: I want to try something new May 3, 2013
Rich M: free stuff May 3, 2013
Rachel G: free May 2, 2013
Zheyu Z: Helps correct the uneven skin area May 2, 2013
anna(Hea J) k: i wanna try May 2, 2013
Kenneth N: Just wanted to give it a try. Too see if it actually worked. Apr 30, 2013
Chris K: I have a lot of hyperpigmentation from too much sun exposure and am on a quest to find a product or products that help fade them. Apr 30, 2013
Evette K: I have some dark spot on my face. Want to try out. Apr 30, 2013
Sandy V: Hope to diminish sun damage Apr 30, 2013
BRYCE R: I have hyper pigmentation and I am always looking for a product that isn't going to cause more harm than good. Apr 29, 2013
MoonY K: there is nothing else i could choose:) Apr 29, 2013
Susan H: I have recently acquired age spots - 54 and in menopause. I'm looking for something that works. Apr 29, 2013
Annabel D: scars Apr 29, 2013
MARITZA c: first product to truly work on my acne scars Apr 29, 2013
Kayre P: I want to try this on a spot on my nose to see if it fades. Apr 28, 2013
Jennifer T: Not for myself, but parent. Read great reviews Apr 28, 2013
Ying S: whiten skin Apr 28, 2013
Feifei L: Try to see if it can help acne marks. Apr 27, 2013
Sylvia S: ease of use in the travel pack Apr 27, 2013
Jing D: feel want try more your products Apr 27, 2013
Lam C: Just want to try Apr 26, 2013
mengjie z: i like it Apr 26, 2013
Laura B: have dark spots and want to try this Apr 26, 2013
geana r: wanted to try Apr 25, 2013
Megan G: I want to see if this helps with some of my dark spots. Apr 25, 2013
Eva N: I've developed a few small dark spots on my cheek, and want to make them go away! Apr 23, 2013
isa H: I like it Apr 23, 2013
Masayo M: I have acne scars Apr 21, 2013
Susan H: Need to erase the last of spots from chemo treatments. Apr 17, 2013
H S: I have Melasma. Apr 14, 2013
LINAT W: want to try Apr 14, 2013
Gedra S: to reduce signs of aging Apr 13, 2013
huizi l: for my acne mark skin Apr 13, 2013
yoonmi l: i have freckles that i want to get rid of, and i've tried other brands. - for comparison Apr 12, 2013
Anne W: wondering if it will help my sun damage Apr 12, 2013
Yannan C: good Apr 11, 2013
patty g: dark spots on face Apr 10, 2013
Helen Z: I would like to compare with other products with similar description. Apr 9, 2013
Lynn F: Never tried, have one spot that needs blasting Apr 9, 2013
Rebecca T: Haven't tried this but I am hoping Apr 9, 2013
Anne T: Wanted to try a new product. Apr 8, 2013
Esther F: I would like to see if this will help reduce acne scarring. Apr 8, 2013
ANDREA C: Picked this for my mom since she has a couple dark spots from sun exposure and age. Will try it out and hopefully give a positive review in the near future. Apr 7, 2013
Lia J: I'm currently using the serum and it's very effective. Apr 7, 2013
xu h: I have dark spot and I want to see this produt is good for me or not. Apr 7, 2013
Edwin C: Looking for something that works. Wanted to try your brand. Apr 7, 2013
Marcia F: Try for first time Apr 7, 2013
QINYI Q: I like it. Apr 7, 2013
Rachel N: I have acne scars that I would like to lighten. Apr 7, 2013
cui y: want to try Apr 6, 2013
Shixiao Y: I wanna try this one to remove spot Apr 5, 2013
Adam P: looks useful Apr 5, 2013
Ji Hyeon H: I have a lot of spots to correct so that want to try this. Apr 4, 2013
Daiwei C: try Apr 4, 2013
Lixi K: I have some dark spots caused by sun Apr 4, 2013
Lihua W: Friend helped me Apr 4, 2013
BONNIE L: want to try it Apr 3, 2013
Ian G: I have age spots Apr 3, 2013
Borami P: I just want to try. Apr 3, 2013
Mary G. D: anotehr guess- use to be freckles, no longer. Apr 2, 2013
Chris R: used it before and liked it Apr 1, 2013
santosh r: I would like to see if this works Apr 1, 2013
Eun-Young M: wanted to see if this would work Apr 1, 2013
John D: I have a lot of dark spots Mar 31, 2013
Yun L: Dark spot the acne left behind in my back and try to see if it can help me to lighten it Mar 31, 2013
Erin S: Works Mar 29, 2013
Yao L: want to try before I buy Mar 29, 2013
Jose J P: I have old acne scars. Mar 28, 2013
Chun-Shan Y: curious about it Mar 28, 2013
Donna V: random Mar 27, 2013
JIAJIA G: wanna try Mar 26, 2013
Annikka J: see if it wks Mar 26, 2013
Xiangyu G: using it right now Mar 26, 2013
Se Mi L: trying to get rid of old acne scars. Mar 26, 2013
Judith A B: I'm 59...could use the "Dark Spot Solution!" Mar 26, 2013
Tonya R: This is for my husband to try. Mar 26, 2013
Peggy S: It works! Mar 25, 2013
domini p: sun spots Mar 25, 2013
Woong Ki M: To remove blemishes Mar 25, 2013
GREGORY A M: first time use---testing product Mar 25, 2013
nellie t: for problem areas Mar 25, 2013
Yetao W: just try Mar 25, 2013
Quenta G: I chose this product as I have some dark spots that I would like to no longer have and I hope that this product will for me. Mar 25, 2013
Dayna M: I am curious if it works Mar 25, 2013
Anja C K: wanted desparately to try it Mar 25, 2013
Justin P: Could be good for dark spots! Mar 25, 2013
Melissa M: Never used it before, thought I'd try it. Mar 25, 2013
Stephanie K: wanted to try it Mar 25, 2013
Katherine W: For my mother to try Mar 24, 2013
LESIA C: I'd love to find somethin g to truly help w dark spots. Mar 24, 2013
Marlo W: I have several dark spots and am wanting them to disappear! Mar 24, 2013
lucia b: want to try it Mar 24, 2013
sheila k: age spots Mar 24, 2013
Cherie F: try it Mar 24, 2013
Marilyn u: i want to try it Mar 24, 2013
Susan B: I have wanted to try it. Mar 24, 2013
Michele S: I love the way the spots on my hands are fading. Mar 24, 2013
Nancy D: same Mar 23, 2013
Ruth G: Wanted to try it. Mar 23, 2013
lilia s: I want to try this one to see if works for me Mar 23, 2013
Jen D: I'm getting old. Mar 23, 2013
Sarah W: I have dark spots and wanted to try this product. Mar 22, 2013
Tara H: I have some age spots Mar 22, 2013
Joan L: want to trial this product Mar 22, 2013
Virginia B: I'm anxious to try this - if it works - I'll order Mar 22, 2013
Guilaine M: see visible results in a couple weeks Mar 22, 2013
Nancy M: never have tried it Mar 22, 2013
Susan L: need it Mar 22, 2013
Darren W: Because my wife has a spot on her cheek. Mar 21, 2013
Sami V: I've had success with past Kiehls products and I have noticed some spots that I would like to see if this works on them. Mar 21, 2013
james m: good product Mar 21, 2013
Stacy B: Wanted to try it. Mar 20, 2013
chaohong s: Just try it Mar 20, 2013
merrell s: obviously to blot out dark sun spots Mar 20, 2013
Chibuzo O: Currently use one from a different brand and wanted to try it out. Mar 20, 2013
Angie L: I want to try something new. Mar 19, 2013
Anne B: to remove dark spots - larger bottle too expensive. Mar 19, 2013
Kim Chi T: Want to see if it works before I buy it. Mar 19, 2013
BERNARD D: I have a dark spot I want to see if it works on. Mar 19, 2013
cheryl c: I would like to try Mar 19, 2013
Herminia T: trial Mar 19, 2013
James W. C: Just to try it. Mar 19, 2013
Brenda B: I have developed a few dark spots over the last few years, time to tackle them! Mar 18, 2013
Sharon W: Need some help with new dark spots Mar 18, 2013
Esther G: I have a dark spot that needs removal. Mar 18, 2013
Grantley S: Never used it before. Would like try the product. Mar 18, 2013
Kirsten S: to help reduce age/sun spots Mar 18, 2013
Altamese A: I chose to try this product because as an African American our skin tends to get dark spots after a blemish. I'm always looking for good solutions for this problem. Mar 18, 2013
Shaharzade E: I've got sun spots on my face I'm hoping to lighten. Mar 18, 2013
Pamela S: I have a few dark spots and thought I'd give it a try. Mar 17, 2013
Siqiao Y: I've got some dark spots that i want to get rid of. Hopefully this product will help me to reduce the dark spots. Mar 17, 2013
Suzanne S: I have acne scars. Mar 17, 2013
zhiwen z: try sth new Mar 17, 2013
zhoutong w: INTERESTED Mar 16, 2013
debora s: use twice a day Mar 16, 2013
jie h: poster Mar 16, 2013
Dolores M: Want to try Mar 16, 2013
William S: have some, want to check it out Mar 16, 2013
Janet M: To see if this helps with new spots appearing Mar 16, 2013
Noelle B: Curious Mar 15, 2013
Patricia G: curious about effectiveness Mar 15, 2013
pamela a: have dark spots, want to see if it works Mar 15, 2013
Suzanne D: Just wanted to try it. Mar 15, 2013
Halmar R: acne has a young man and adult has come and gone and comes and goes but sometimes they leave me something to remember them by. ; ( Mar 15, 2013
Sophy W: I wish to see the texture of this product. Mar 14, 2013
Andrea W: Have a few dark spots Mar 14, 2013
Sheila l: i have melasma, i would like to see if will help Feb 21, 2013
Funmike L: Just want to try it to see if it will remove the dark spot on my face. Feb 20, 2013
Donita B: Wanted to see if this works any better than my current concealer. Feb 20, 2013
Peggy V: JUST WANTED TO TRY! Feb 20, 2013
Beth J: What girls doesn't need some Feb 20, 2013
Judy K: I can only say after I try it. This question is ridiculous now. Feb 20, 2013
Rhoda M: I have a few dark spots and I want to see if this will diminish them. Feb 20, 2013
Bobbi C: For a friend Feb 19, 2013
Rie H: I have dark spots and curious if it is effective. Feb 19, 2013
Robert P: To let me wife try this product Feb 19, 2013
Christine W: Will let you know later, I love all the products so cant go wrong. Feb 19, 2013
Burlene R: Dark spots on face! Feb 19, 2013
Linda M: What to try it Feb 19, 2013
ANTHONY P: I want to see if it will get rid of my dark spots. Feb 18, 2013
Kathleen R: i have a sun spot on my face Feb 18, 2013
Sophia P: Lots of talk about dark spot correction. I want to see if it works. Feb 18, 2013
Dawn E: want to try it on some of my dark spots Feb 18, 2013
Elizabeth C: want to try on my dark spots Feb 18, 2013
Cecelia D: Want to try it. I am always extremely pleased with Kiehl's products. Feb 18, 2013
James D: I have a dark spot next to one eye. Feb 17, 2013
Wendy N: I have a lot of dark spots from years of sun damage. Feb 17, 2013
Carl W: I have a few dark spots on my face (mostly acne scars). Figured I'd give this a try. Feb 17, 2013
Rickey J: I have slight darkness around my eyes. Reviews show that this products is great. I intend on ordering it soon. Feb 17, 2013
Charlotte P: Want to try it. Feb 17, 2013
margaret k: my age Feb 17, 2013
Lisa M: I have spots on my forearms and hands Feb 17, 2013
matt s: thought i might try it Feb 17, 2013
Lydia D: to try and see if it works Feb 17, 2013
liping z: reduce dark spot Feb 16, 2013
Kristen M: Looking for something better than Clinique Dark Spot Corrector Feb 15, 2013
Kena O: I have freckle in my face. Feb 15, 2013
Patricia H: I want to try it out. Feb 15, 2013
Terry L: like it Feb 15, 2013
Jinlin Y: good. Feb 15, 2013
Maureen D: I have some dark spots Feb 14, 2013
Judy S: I have lots of brown spots on my face Feb 13, 2013
Karen B: acne scars Feb 13, 2013
CAROLYN C: new to me Feb 13, 2013
Xuqing W: never use it Feb 13, 2013
Debra S: I have dark spots from the sun. This product works great on them. Feb 13, 2013
Kreg A: Gift for Girlfriend Feb 13, 2013
Sandy S: I have a red spot I can not get rid of Feb 12, 2013
Brenna F: I want to see if it works. Feb 12, 2013
Cynthia Faye H: Try something NEW good sales tips here Feb 12, 2013
Kathy L: Wanted to try it Feb 12, 2013
Catherine W: Heard this product works like miracle...want to give it a try. Feb 12, 2013
Patricia H: Wanted to try before purchase Feb 12, 2013
Kelly P: I love the other Kiehl's prodcuts so I thought I'd give this a whirl also. Feb 12, 2013
Savanah S: I have fair skin, some scars from moderate acne, and a very light streak of a birth mark that I'm hoping may fade with use of this product. I have struggled with skin problems since I hit puberty that only went away with birth control. I have been off birth control for a year, and my acne really came back. I hope this helps, because I would totally splurge on a bottle. Feb 12, 2013
Shan C: want to try Feb 12, 2013
Justine K: my younger son asked for it Feb 11, 2013
Yixuan X: Want my mom to try to reduce dark spot. Feb 11, 2013
Meg S: love it! Feb 11, 2013
Conni W: Hoped it would decrease wrinkles! But haven�??t tried it yet! Feb 11, 2013
Ryan M: I've got a couple of acne scars I'd like to try to fade, well, and safely. Feb 10, 2013
Holland B: Wanted to try it Feb 10, 2013
Diane H: trial Feb 10, 2013
Xiaxian H: i have acne scars have been using it for reducing it Feb 10, 2013
Anna P: see if I like it Feb 10, 2013
Yang G: for travel Feb 10, 2013
Veronica N A: I have acne scars Feb 10, 2013
susan f: have a few dark spots Feb 10, 2013
Elizabeth B: Want to see if it can really help my mom with the dark spots Feb 10, 2013
Paula W: Want to try as I have some dark spots Feb 10, 2013
Lijun L: really work , love it Feb 10, 2013
Barbara E: The reviews on the rest of your products were great so I thought I'd try it. Feb 9, 2013
May C: Have post acne scars ( I am over 40) so thought I would try this to see if it helps reduce some of the hyperpigmentation as well. Feb 9, 2013
Huiting M: Want to try it! Feb 9, 2013
Beth M: With all my sun-damage, I'm curious if this product works, I've never tried it. Feb 8, 2013
patty r: free Feb 8, 2013
Zhen Z: I always wanna try. If it is good. I'll buy it in the furture. Feb 8, 2013
shan y: want try it first Feb 8, 2013
Linda D: Online recommendations by users. Feb 8, 2013
Ruthie D: sun spots Feb 7, 2013
JEANETTE F: nothing seems to lighten my age spots Feb 6, 2013
Panghoua V: I have sensitive skin that will have very visible sun spots in the summer.i hope it will reduce it as well as improve it. and to help even out my skin tone. Feb 6, 2013
Rosemary J: Choosing for someone over 80. Got 5 hearts? Feb 6, 2013
Chih C: try on my dark spots Feb 6, 2013
Eloisa H: I havent tried it yet, but looking forward to it. hopefully it will help with some spots on my cheeks. Feb 5, 2013
leigh W: Feel like I've got age spots - and I'm too young for them! Feb 5, 2013
Robert M: trying it out Feb 5, 2013
Cheryl H: reviews Feb 5, 2013
Marion W: for any dark spots Feb 5, 2013
florence b: i have several dark spots, i would like to lighten... Feb 5, 2013
Nancy h: it works! Feb 4, 2013
Sheila K: to see if the product works Feb 4, 2013
Garland K: I have a few facial dark spots which I think this product may help with. Feb 4, 2013
Melody C: curious to see if a few brown sun spots on my face and hands can be minimized. Feb 4, 2013
Marcia E: dark circles under my eyes Feb 4, 2013
judith g m: I have some dark spot issues. A good chance to try before buying. Feb 4, 2013
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