Creme de Corps Sample

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Creme de Corps Sample
Already Asked: 1 Question, 1915 Answers
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Kiehl's Since 1851 Store asked: Why did you choose this?
Christena B: because Sep 16, 2014
Judy H: I never try this iteam. I want try.. Sep 15, 2014
Katherine D: Creme de Corps is the best moisturizer I've ever used Sep 15, 2014
Kathryn H: Wanted to try the body lotion Sep 14, 2014
Mary H: I love this product too Sep 14, 2014
NICOLE B: It was an offer. Sep 13, 2014
belinda e: To try Sep 12, 2014
Meg H: love the product Sep 12, 2014
Marita b: I was curious, wanted to give it a try. Sep 12, 2014
lisa d: I like these for on the go Sep 11, 2014
Virginia B: This is a great product! Sep 9, 2014
Amy L: favorite Sep 9, 2014
Jane T: Best cream on the planet, everybody knows that!!! Sep 9, 2014
Ying Ling E: Good for travel Sep 8, 2014
Ena H: I like to try new body lotions Sep 8, 2014
Julia H: use daily Sep 7, 2014
Chunyanuch T: Try Sep 7, 2014
Sarah B: Interesting to try out Sep 6, 2014
Yu M: I thought I have to try this one. Sep 6, 2014
Margaret R: I want to try it. Sep 3, 2014
Tamara D: It works great. Sep 2, 2014
Timporn K: because of its high rate Sep 2, 2014
John E: Because of the customer recommendations Sep 2, 2014
Christopher F: gifting this. Sep 2, 2014
Denise E: Good stuff. Sep 2, 2014
John O: m Sep 1, 2014
Jing L: want to try Sep 1, 2014
Yunzhen H: GOOD Sep 1, 2014
Irene H: try Sep 1, 2014
Judith M: Ditto. Plus, I really like it :) Sep 1, 2014
Joanne C: I use them Sep 1, 2014
Barbara M: Curious Sep 1, 2014
Rebeca B: Have used it in the past Sep 1, 2014
Vivian F: Want to try it. Aug 31, 2014
Susan C: Want to try it. Aug 31, 2014
Patricia S: I love this lotion and have used it and purchased it as a gift for many years Aug 31, 2014
Lauren G: wanted to try Aug 31, 2014
Peggy B: never tried before Aug 30, 2014
Yuanyuan G: Friends recommend it Aug 30, 2014
Deborah S: For stocking stuffer Aug 30, 2014
Colette B: The product works! Aug 30, 2014
Yunping Z: it's a favourite to many Aug 29, 2014
Christine M: . Aug 29, 2014
Debbie K: This product had 5 stars from all the reviews, mad raves, heard nothing but great things can't wait to try it. Aug 29, 2014
Jiali C: help friends to buy these Aug 29, 2014
Synthia W: very hydrating Aug 29, 2014
Carolyn F S: friend asked for it Aug 29, 2014
Patricia D: To try another product Aug 29, 2014
Lila P: Excellent body lotion with no greasy residue. Keeps my skin soft and moisturized. Aug 29, 2014
Audrene E: travel size Aug 28, 2014
Debra G: to try it out Aug 28, 2014
Wanda A: I want to try it. Aug 28, 2014
ralph h: interest Aug 28, 2014
Suzanne H: love creme de corps Aug 27, 2014
Scott O: i like Aug 27, 2014
Jennifer O: The best I have ever found. My daughter loves it and and waits to use mine when she comes over. So I bought one for her and the travell size to take on my vacation. Aug 27, 2014
Audrey C: Just to try. Aug 27, 2014
terri m: I have used the lotion for years - it is wonderful! Aug 26, 2014
Adam E: New product trial Aug 26, 2014
Kiyoko K: dry Aug 26, 2014
Perry G: no reason Aug 25, 2014
Zhishan L: TRY . Aug 25, 2014
orisia h: love the way it moisturizes my skin. Aug 25, 2014
christopher d: not sure Aug 25, 2014
Carol B: It is very good for very dry skin and does not feel greasy or sticky. I do, however, think the prices for these products is way too high! Aug 24, 2014
Chunyuan Q: OK Aug 24, 2014
Lisa L: no reason Aug 24, 2014
MONA S: Because it is so popular. Aug 23, 2014
Barbara M: curious Aug 23, 2014
WEI H: 111 Aug 23, 2014
Nancy R: No special reason Aug 22, 2014
Kimberly D: curious to see what it will do. Aug 22, 2014
Cynthia S: not sure Aug 21, 2014
diane c: never tried it Aug 21, 2014
David K: Want to try. Aug 21, 2014
Jennifer C: I have read endlessly about this product from actresses and magazines. I want to see what it's all about. Aug 21, 2014
Christine Z: wanted to try Aug 20, 2014
Sandy M: Heard great things about the lotion and want to try it before I spend that kind f money. Aug 19, 2014
Shaundelle D: REVIEWS Aug 18, 2014
Yan S: Just to give a try Aug 18, 2014
syed a: i have dry skin Aug 18, 2014
Robert S: for travel Aug 18, 2014
Kim C: dont know Aug 17, 2014
John D: d Aug 17, 2014
Elnora B: This is a wonderful addition to my skin treatment. I can't believe the difference after use. Aug 17, 2014
JIAQI L: free Aug 17, 2014
yuhong Y: try Aug 17, 2014
Patricia M: To give to a friend to try Aug 17, 2014
Delores S: wanted to try it Aug 16, 2014
Emily Z: Try Aug 16, 2014
karen s: wanted to give it a try Aug 16, 2014
Debbie R: A sameple I wanted to try Aug 15, 2014
Dashiell D: Sounded nice Aug 15, 2014
christy r: Well pleased. Aug 15, 2014
Marybeth C: used it and like it Aug 15, 2014
Lin L: To Try Aug 14, 2014
Jessica R: like it Aug 14, 2014
Kathleen P: wanted to try Aug 14, 2014
Judith N: Love it Aug 14, 2014
Linda B G: I want to try it Aug 14, 2014
Kitt M: trying different body lotions. Aug 13, 2014
RONNIE S: want to try iy out Aug 12, 2014
GLA H: Simply went by product name. Am a first time Kiehl's customer. Aug 12, 2014
Willie M: free Aug 12, 2014
joann d: Want to find out if I like it. Aug 11, 2014
Mary Ellen S: It's a great moisturizer for the whole body. Aug 11, 2014
bowen s: . Aug 11, 2014
Janice O: It was free. Aug 11, 2014
Patricia S: I use this product daily. Aug 11, 2014
Ying W: It is convenient Aug 11, 2014
NING J: GOOD Aug 10, 2014
Chunxiang Z: For silk concentration Aug 10, 2014
audra l: LOVE THIS LOTION. great Aug 10, 2014
lucy A: for travel Aug 10, 2014
Rong H: radom Aug 10, 2014
Sarah W: I have heard this is a great hand cream and wanted to try it Aug 10, 2014
Yuhan Z: I want to try it. Aug 10, 2014
Ying Z: I want to try it. Aug 10, 2014
Phyllis L: This is the best overall body cream Aug 10, 2014
Linda M: like to carry in purse Aug 10, 2014
Yanxia S: good Aug 10, 2014
ZIQIAN W: GOOD Aug 10, 2014
Virginia A: want to try it Aug 10, 2014
Ursel E: like Aug 10, 2014
fanxing s: for my best friend Aug 10, 2014
L O: Cause of the name. Aug 10, 2014
Barbara S: Wanted to try something new to me! Aug 10, 2014
lingxiao d: 98 Aug 10, 2014
yisha F: new Aug 10, 2014
anne b: Want to try product Aug 10, 2014
Roberta H: T Aug 9, 2014
Lynn M: Love the lotion! Aug 9, 2014
Beth P: My go-to body cream! Aug 9, 2014
Kenneth K: never tried yet Aug 9, 2014
Jane C: There is no better body lotion anywhere. I usually go with products from a health store, and I was afraid that this would be greasy, I bought it and just can't get enough. There are no products better than this! Aug 9, 2014
Brandon G: Trying for first time! Aug 9, 2014
David L: Because there were no Men's samples. Aug 9, 2014
Judy M: Want to try it! Aug 9, 2014
Andrea L: I love this and use the samples for overnight trips or for my carry on Aug 8, 2014
annabelle h: just wanted to try it out Aug 8, 2014
Rosary M: to see if it works and then I will purchase it Aug 8, 2014
Zeyu Y: by heart Aug 8, 2014
Melissa T: never tried Aug 7, 2014
Sylvie D: I swim and it makes my skin dry Aug 7, 2014
Mark R: wanted to try it Aug 7, 2014
Robin B: free Aug 7, 2014
Douglas D: Dry skin. Other moisturizers leave my skin feeling oily, and then I feel like I need to wash it off which defeats the purpose. Kiehl's products seem to actually heal the skin, or at least leave lasting effects. It does not feel oily after it soaks into your skin, and even after washing my hands they sill feel moisturized. Aug 7, 2014
Jason M: I wanted to try it. Aug 6, 2014
Chris L: Never tried Aug 6, 2014
Peggy H: Like it Aug 6, 2014
wedzell e: TRY IT Aug 4, 2014
Lisa H: Size great for weekend trips. Aug 3, 2014
cathy m: To try Aug 3, 2014
Nancy B: Recommended by friend. Aug 2, 2014
Leona Q: great lotion Aug 1, 2014
marian t Z: something new for me Aug 1, 2014
Barb H: For travel Aug 1, 2014
Angelyne C: I love moisturizers and wanted to try it. Jul 31, 2014
Juri H: Great for travel Jul 29, 2014
Michael H: it's an all-around good moisturizer Jul 28, 2014
Craig A: to supplement other Keihl's wrinkle cream Jul 28, 2014
Jaminia C: Might like to see the quality of this body lotion Jul 28, 2014
Miriam C: Want to try it. Jul 28, 2014
Susan F: Because it is the best lotion I have ever used. Cannot live without it. Jul 28, 2014
Janine G: My sister had it and I tried it and loved it! Jul 27, 2014
ELLEN S: Sounded moisturizing Jul 27, 2014
Yunyi J: good Jul 27, 2014
Michael S: Mom loves it Jul 25, 2014
kathryn w: reputation Jul 25, 2014
Genevieve G: try something new Jul 25, 2014
Scott G: looked nice Jul 25, 2014
Francisco A: I want to try it Jul 24, 2014
jing m: want to try Jul 24, 2014
Vicki W: n/a Jul 24, 2014
Kathleen Dee S: Thank you, want to try Jul 23, 2014
Joshua S: need a good body lotion Jul 23, 2014
Patricia W: to take on holiday with me Jul 22, 2014
Saeyoung V: gift Jul 22, 2014
Joan D: This is the very best lotion. It keeps my hands so soft. Jul 22, 2014
pedro p: to try it Jul 21, 2014
Angelica D: just trying something new Jul 21, 2014
Barbara D: to try Jul 21, 2014
Carole C: Use it all the time. Jul 21, 2014
Ashley D: I love this lotion. Using for traveling Jul 21, 2014
Debra E: Love this will use in travel makeup bag Jul 21, 2014
Sarah N: I'd like my daughter to try this product Jul 21, 2014
Estrella P: Want to try the lotion Jul 21, 2014
Xiaohua F: N/A Jul 20, 2014
Shearee G: currently use this product. Jul 20, 2014
monica m: I love the product and like having samples to travel with or in the car Jul 19, 2014
Judith B: I use this. Samples are good for travel. Jul 18, 2014
layna b: want to try it Jul 18, 2014
Steve A: Just trying for future use. Jul 18, 2014
Tiffany S: love all Kiehl products Jul 18, 2014
Christopher F: will give to a friend Jul 18, 2014
Betti Jane E: Please let me get off this page. I have to pack to go away. Jul 17, 2014
Rosemary G: I love the thickness and how it continues to keep my skin moisturized Jul 17, 2014
Dianne K: To try it. Jul 16, 2014
Constance F: I haven't tried it yet. Jul 16, 2014
XIAOYE L: hope it good Jul 16, 2014
Michele M: Product works well and this size is handy for travel. Jul 15, 2014
Gloria G: like Jul 15, 2014
Judith D: This was only choice Jul 15, 2014
Valerie L: Have used for years and love it -- will use this to travel Jul 15, 2014
Alexis V: Samples for trips! Jul 15, 2014
MaryClare F: sounded good Jul 14, 2014
Jingxian H: I would like to have a try. Jul 14, 2014
Anthony N: Apply after shaving, smooths skin Jul 13, 2014
Waltraud A: ordered for my wife Jul 12, 2014
Deepa S: sounds great, so many reviews Jul 12, 2014
Teresa D: Trial Jul 12, 2014
Jing G: great Jul 11, 2014
Yuechen W: just want to try it Jul 11, 2014
Deirdre R: Another simple and pleasant product to give as a gift (it will be in the same box as the large gift). Jul 10, 2014
Lisa G: To compare with Fresh Seaberry Cream Jul 10, 2014
Barbara O: seemed like something worth trying Jul 9, 2014
dijia w: just for friend Jul 9, 2014
Paolo L: just picked one Jul 8, 2014
wendy w: recommended Jul 8, 2014
Debra S: Just wanted to try it. Jul 8, 2014
Luchy E: i love body lotions Jul 7, 2014
Melanie B: Best lotion out there Jul 7, 2014
Eric P: I am not sure why except that I wanted to give it a try. Free. I would not mind stepping outside of the box. Jul 6, 2014
Frankie H: to try Jul 5, 2014
Penny L: Try Jul 5, 2014
Jeoffrey C: FOR THE OLD MAN Jul 4, 2014
Juanita C: I have used this before, and I like it very much Jul 3, 2014
Carole S: Thought I would try it Jul 2, 2014
Karen C: plain and simply good Jul 1, 2014
Ivan R G: I want to try it Jul 1, 2014
Heather B: I love this lotion! Jul 1, 2014
Lea W: Because it works Jun 30, 2014
Pat T: just to try Jun 30, 2014
Barbara G: Favorite Kiehl's Product Jun 30, 2014
zhiyun c: first time try Jun 30, 2014
Carolyn S: Friend Jun 30, 2014
Cynthia R: love it love it love it Jun 29, 2014
Jennifer Q: to try it Jun 29, 2014
Cynthia D: Like it for traveling Jun 29, 2014
Jud S: No idea what it is Jun 28, 2014
Janet W: looking for body creams Jun 28, 2014
Margaret A: I love this lotion.
Great to keep in my purse
Jun 28, 2014
Melissa R: I don't know Jun 28, 2014
Melanie A: Looked interesting because of the name Jun 28, 2014
mingxian m: GOOD Jun 27, 2014
Richard K: Wife wants to try Jun 27, 2014
Teresa J: I wanted to try it. Jun 27, 2014
James M: recommended by others as a light absorbing skin cream Jun 27, 2014
Vida C: curious & sounded good Jun 26, 2014
Joseph B: looking for a good body moisturizer to treat dry, itchy skin Jun 26, 2014
Barbara W: It is nice Jun 26, 2014
Thomas S: free Jun 26, 2014
Karen G: Same reason as above Jun 26, 2014
Ramona H: No reason Jun 26, 2014
Joan W: Leaves skin soft; love it. Jun 25, 2014
Antoine P: just trying out my first time can not really explain . Jun 25, 2014
Kimberly S: is sounds like a good cream to use. Jun 25, 2014
Geneva B: want to try it hear its good Jun 24, 2014
Diane H: My FAV! great for overnight bag! Jun 24, 2014
Monserrate G: Most popular Jun 23, 2014
Nick R: New to me. Jun 23, 2014
lei s: gift Jun 23, 2014
Kathleen C: I love this product Jun 23, 2014
james k: don't know Jun 23, 2014
Wanda W: Very smooth and makes your skin look 10 years younger. Jun 23, 2014
DONNA B: ? Jun 23, 2014
Rebeccah F: Good for traveling! Jun 23, 2014
john m: I like it Jun 23, 2014
Nancy M: great product, tinted moisturizer is great in the hot weather Jun 23, 2014
Julia B: just trying Jun 23, 2014
Jordan M: Heard it was good Jun 22, 2014
Sumi F: I use this body cream. Jun 21, 2014
Toni W: Great body lotion for the whole family Jun 20, 2014
Marjorie C P: Curious about the scent. Jun 20, 2014
Che T: Wanted to try it Jun 19, 2014
Steve C: Rich lotion. Good for dry winter days. Jun 19, 2014
Caren F: would like to try it Jun 18, 2014
Mandi L: didn't want to choose amongst the others. Jun 18, 2014
Anthony L: I love this cream and want a friend to try it. Jun 17, 2014
Pam Q: like trying new products! and I can take this when I am traveling! Jun 16, 2014
miyoung p: want try Jun 15, 2014
Stephanie M: A household must have. Jun 15, 2014
Douglas E: smells great Jun 15, 2014
Pamela W: It was free Jun 14, 2014
Marilene B: I want try if it works Jun 13, 2014
eric j: like Jun 11, 2014
Kathleen D: New Jun 11, 2014
Jenessa W: Trying something new. Jun 10, 2014
Chiling W: try Jun 10, 2014
Cedric B: best lotion on the market regardless of price Jun 9, 2014
Sarah P: father's day Jun 9, 2014
Melissa L: It is simply the best - nothing else even comes close. It is light and silky but extremely effective, Jun 9, 2014
ML B: wanted to try Jun 9, 2014
Beverly S: na Jun 9, 2014
Jason A: The name piqued my interest. Jun 9, 2014
Bryan K: Girlfriend wanted it for her birthday! Jun 9, 2014
Rhonda S: To include in my travel bag. Jun 8, 2014
Thomas A: a friend suggested it as a light-weight lotion a man can wear Jun 7, 2014
Cheryl T: used before Jun 7, 2014
Linda O: A light cream I use under make-up. Jun 7, 2014
Marcia V: I want to try a new moisturizer. Jun 7, 2014
Sue M: Used before & like Jun 7, 2014
Anthony L: Wanted to try this. Jun 6, 2014
Edward S: Curiosity Jun 6, 2014
Helen M: It is great stuff! Jun 6, 2014
Kaitlynn C: Why not? Jun 6, 2014
Joanne H: love this product Jun 6, 2014
Deborah V: Love this product Jun 5, 2014
weikko w: Its a new product to me. Jun 4, 2014
Adele N: to check it out Jun 4, 2014
gregory s: popular Jun 3, 2014
Angela M B: Honestly because it was one of the only products I have not tried. Jun 3, 2014
Brenda P: travel Jun 3, 2014
Donna N: just to try it. Jun 2, 2014
Ayman D: Want to try Jun 1, 2014
Stephanie H: I am looking for a new body cream. Jun 1, 2014
Kaylene G: I like this product. May 31, 2014
sharon y: free gift May 31, 2014
James L: Never tried this before May 31, 2014
Debbie H: free May 30, 2014
Ann S: Like the product May 30, 2014
lucia k: try May 29, 2014
Linda W: Excellent product! May 28, 2014
Christine G: Lovely product May 28, 2014
Ilene S: good for traveling May 28, 2014
Suzanne B: because i never use anything on my body to moisturize so want to see if this works May 28, 2014
Joanna A: Always need body lotion and love your brand. May 28, 2014
nancy j: love it May 27, 2014
LONGCHEN Z: My sister tolde me to buy that May 27, 2014
marcia h: reputation as good produce May 26, 2014
Irving M A: No particular reason. May 26, 2014
Laurel S: I've used this before and I love how it soaks into my skin and keeps hydrating for a long time. Better than any I've used. May 26, 2014
Hui C: good May 25, 2014
Katherine K: have used it before. love it May 25, 2014
Lucinda S: my 29 year old son loves it for his dry, sensitive skin May 24, 2014
heather h: have not tried it yet May 24, 2014
Connie P: My step sister likes this May 23, 2014
Wesley K: need a body skin moistuizee May 23, 2014
hong j: i want try May 21, 2014
Nan S: To try May 21, 2014
phyllis a: really like the way it feels on my skin May 21, 2014
Kathleen F: may want product May 20, 2014
Abbe A: Best hand and foot cream ever! Absorbs into skin easily and keeps my hands soft and feet not cracked. Never feels greasy. May 20, 2014
danhong s: people said May 19, 2014
Apryl S: I wanted to feel how smooth the cream makes your skin feel. May 19, 2014
Dionne C: The Smell May 19, 2014
Patricia B: gift for my daughter May 19, 2014
Susan G: Love, use for travel May 19, 2014
Heidi G: To try May 19, 2014
Pathamawadee K: I think that is going to help my hydration problem May 19, 2014
Helen B: Wanted to try May 19, 2014
Richard A: love this stuff May 19, 2014
YUEYI Z: TRY NEW May 19, 2014
erin v: Have always wanted to try it. May 19, 2014
Jia L: ... May 19, 2014
Ashley P: trademark product, know many people who love this May 19, 2014
Carol R: I love Creme de Corps! The most wonderful moisturizer I've ever used for the body. LIke Ultra facial, it's rich and effective, absorbs well and leaves no residue. It produces a glowing effect (for me) and feels great. A little bit goes a long way. May 19, 2014
Christine K: liked in previous uses May 19, 2014
Kathryn A: travel needs- use it now May 19, 2014
Thomas R: Would love to try this product. May 19, 2014
Mamiko K: I have used this item before and I loved it. May 19, 2014
Allyson C: like this for travel size May 19, 2014
Marta L: used it before May 19, 2014
Gloria K: Love it. May 19, 2014
yanhang C: good result May 19, 2014
Amit D: saw it was popular May 19, 2014
Garry S: One of the best,, May 19, 2014
Lori L: I am interested in trying this body lotion. I have been very happy with Kiehl's products and would like to find a good lotion. May 19, 2014
Stephanie T: great product, moisturizes without feeling greasy May 19, 2014
yuling l: like May 19, 2014
YAO Y: USE IT. May 19, 2014
Moira M: I have used this product and like it May 18, 2014
xiaodan s: try May 18, 2014
Laurette U: Supposed to be good but want to make sure it's not too heavy May 18, 2014
Janet H: Have used before and it's a great cream May 18, 2014
Geraldine M: Reputation May 18, 2014
Prasong O: Keep it handy May 18, 2014
ting n: Dry skin May 18, 2014
Mary V: Fantastic product. May 18, 2014
Susan K: My sister recommends this product and I'd like to try it. May 18, 2014
patricia c: same as previous May 18, 2014
Whitney M: I like to have a small hand cream when I travel and this seemed like a good option to try May 18, 2014
Nadia M: I am a long time fan of this lotion. May 18, 2014
Nancy M: Love the product. Absorbs quickly, smells great. May 18, 2014
Ruth Z: For travel May 18, 2014
J Suzette W: I wanted to try your products as well. May 18, 2014
Janis K: Just wanted to try it! May 17, 2014
Jenelle V: It's the best! May 17, 2014
john b: I like cremes, not lotions. We'll see what it's like. May 17, 2014
L Y: Love the scent and moisturizes my skin for hours after use. May 17, 2014
Kathleen K: Love this! May 17, 2014
Qinxin L: Heard good things about it. Worth a try. May 17, 2014
Sarah S: Love this. May 17, 2014
Laure M: Love it. May 17, 2014
Taca C: Want to try the product. May 17, 2014
Xin D: gift, why not May 17, 2014
markina e: I wanted to try, if I like it I may purchase again. May 17, 2014
Marilyn J: Looks interesting. May 17, 2014
Charles U: used before, like it May 17, 2014
Jean M: just curious May 17, 2014
Ronald B: Goes on nicely and does not feel greasy. May 17, 2014
Electra R: a classic May 16, 2014
Cheryl A: I use this product and love the way it makes my skin look blowy and also love how moisturizing it is. May 16, 2014
Yu Z: Wanna try May 16, 2014
Cate A: No idea May 16, 2014
Kimberly S: i want to try this lotion to see if i like it May 16, 2014
Carol M: wanted to try it May 16, 2014
Yue G: My boyfriend needs May 16, 2014
yigao q: i like it ! May 15, 2014
xin j: it's very good! May 15, 2014
Joshua T: trying it May 15, 2014
Conni-Anne H: use it; love it, this is for my travel bag May 15, 2014
Janine L: Natural May 15, 2014
Tara S: had great reviews May 15, 2014
Maureen F: I've never tried it before and I thought I would check it out. May 15, 2014
Ying L: very good May 15, 2014
Jean B: just trying for frst time May 15, 2014
Hui L: GOOD May 15, 2014
Mike P: don't know what it is May 15, 2014
Sushu Z: good May 15, 2014
Younghyun K: just for new try May 15, 2014
Pat I: good for my dry skin May 15, 2014
diana b: good product May 15, 2014
Carola B: want to try it May 15, 2014
Jessica G: Used before and like it May 15, 2014
yang t: just try May 15, 2014
Carole C: Travel May 14, 2014
Jacqueline S: Wanted to try May 14, 2014
Helen S: purse size relief May 14, 2014
Jenita P: I have been using Creme de Corps for many, many years. Its the best body moisturizer by far. I love it, May 14, 2014
Nan Z: Just want to give a try. May 14, 2014
Yu D: Recommended by friends May 14, 2014
Judith B: my favorite moisturizer for very dry skin May 14, 2014
Virginia G: Never tried it.
Would prefer three samples of this rather than one each of other things.
May 14, 2014
Sandra B: love this product May 14, 2014
Barbara K: summer skin May 14, 2014
Jennie F: never tried before May 14, 2014
Flo M: try out May 13, 2014
Melissa V: Just a guess. May 13, 2014
R Joyce C: Just like to try new face creams May 13, 2014
Jan V: I like little pkg for tracel May 12, 2014
lorrie c: curious May 11, 2014
debra c: love it May 10, 2014
Ewa R: for travel May 9, 2014
Alyssa M: Love this product! So moisturizing! May 9, 2014
Mary Jo B: try something new May 8, 2014
claudia s: Curious for now May 8, 2014
Sharon C: Need a great body lotion May 7, 2014
kelli c: TRIAL May 7, 2014
Matthew C: something to try May 5, 2014
Sheila W: Moisture May 4, 2014
Bo H: friends recommend May 4, 2014
Cherisse L: i live in the desert and need moisture. heard about creme de corps and want to try before commiting May 4, 2014
Ying X: Ok May 3, 2014
Tina E: the website says this is a popular product May 2, 2014
Genice A: Curiosity May 1, 2014
Lori D: Creme de Corps is amazing. The smell is wonderful and it leaves my skin soft. I have used this now for 15 years. Apr 30, 2014
EDMUND T: No particular reason. Apr 30, 2014
Marilyn B: At 86, I will try anything! Apr 30, 2014
Kathryn L: I never have used it. Apr 29, 2014
Brandy S: This is a nice second to the above. Hope all her samples give her relief. Apr 28, 2014
Kevin W: My wife is pregnant, I thought that she might like it as a lotion to prevent stretch marks. Apr 28, 2014
Irene B: just curious Apr 28, 2014
Sandra B: just wanted to try Apr 27, 2014
Pat S: love it Apr 26, 2014
Robert H: think I would like to try it. Apr 26, 2014
Linda C: This is a product I love too and I will keep this in my purse :) Apr 26, 2014
Sue F: Because I have used this product before and think it is awesome. Apr 25, 2014
Janet M: I chose this to give to a friend to try Apr 24, 2014
Nancy S: go to moisturizer Apr 23, 2014
Lisa E: no real reason Apr 23, 2014
Judith B: tried this cream at Nordstrom's and liked it Apr 23, 2014
Darlene S: I wanted to try the product Apr 23, 2014
Pamela S: good reviews Apr 22, 2014
Denis N: Just a guess. Apr 21, 2014
Mike C: I want to try before I buy it. Apr 21, 2014
Donald M: currently using Apr 21, 2014
Benita P: smooth and creamy Apr 20, 2014
Sandy L: For travel Apr 20, 2014
eunhee k: Try out Apr 20, 2014
Mary K: Used previously Apr 20, 2014
Jacob H: It is simply amazing. Apr 20, 2014
Editha L: to keep my dry spots moist Apr 20, 2014
Maren J: My daughter likes this. Apr 20, 2014
Rosana G: I have dry skin in my arms and legs Apr 19, 2014
ralph b w: like Apr 19, 2014
elisa h: trying for the first time Apr 18, 2014
Dustin M: It was free Apr 18, 2014
margit h: Smells heavenly and keeps skin moisturized Apr 17, 2014
Amy S: Need an effective everyday body lotion Apr 17, 2014
Linda B: free sample! Apr 17, 2014
katherine v: ?? Apr 17, 2014
Michele D: Sounds like something I would like Apr 15, 2014
Leslie K: Good reviews Apr 11, 2014
Hope G: Just curious. Apr 11, 2014
Didier M: just to try it on..... Apr 11, 2014
Marianne B: Good product Apr 10, 2014
John K: Sounds like a "Kiel's Classic." Also my skin is very dry and the cream I have has a strong fragrance. I am assuming that the Kiel's product is either unscented or mildly so. Apr 10, 2014
Yifa B: Sounds like something I'd need Apr 8, 2014
Caroline V B: used this for years Apr 8, 2014
Lynne B: trying it out Apr 8, 2014
Mariana P: I want to try it Apr 8, 2014
John K: Heard good things, ordered for sister to try. Apr 7, 2014
Robert F: Free sample, wanted to try it. Apr 7, 2014
Laura F: something different Apr 6, 2014
janet e: going to start using this Apr 6, 2014
Michaelynn L: The product detail inteested me. I have love any body cream that works. Apr 5, 2014
Lynn A: ITS REPUTATION Apr 5, 2014
Christhian R: curiosity Apr 4, 2014
Sherri M: I love this skin cream. Apr 4, 2014
Rieko T: I heard so many good things about this, so I want to try this and compare with light weight version to see which one I like. Apr 3, 2014
Isabelle D: Because it's one of the most popular products Apr 3, 2014
Gloria G: Tried before and liked it Apr 2, 2014
Tom Y: because I am sexy and I know it! Mar 31, 2014
mackenzie b: amazing skin wonders for dry skin Mar 31, 2014
Corretta c: my favorite Mar 31, 2014
sally s: Love Creme de Corps, good for travel size Mar 31, 2014
Bethany R: Want to try Mar 31, 2014
Pamela R: Love this. Gave as a gift. Mar 27, 2014
Mary A: Have used this for years. Wonderful product. Mar 27, 2014
Cheryl P: Wanted to try it Mar 27, 2014
Lauri J: like the product and great size for travel Mar 27, 2014
Pamela S: recommended from a friend Mar 26, 2014
dai-li y: my hand always dry Mar 26, 2014
Wendy N: I like it allot but just havent bought any yet. Maybe once my other body creams run out. Mar 26, 2014
Yan H: easy carry on Mar 25, 2014
deborah c: want to try it Mar 25, 2014
baoyu x: i want to try Mar 24, 2014
Shannon R: This creme is the smoothest and slimiest. At almost 40 years old I have tried a lot of different lotions and they either irritate my skin or dry it out so I need more. This seems to replenish what my skin needs leaving it soft and supple. Mar 24, 2014
Julia T: Want to try it. Mar 24, 2014
Shatee C: HIGHLY RECOMMENDED Mar 24, 2014
Ying-Hui Y: I want to try before I purchase it Mar 24, 2014
Nancy R: love this rich cream! Mar 23, 2014
Bonnie J: currently use Mar 23, 2014
Patricia L: Absolutely love it Mar 23, 2014
Debroah N: curious Mar 23, 2014
Maria K: Rich yet not greasy. Melts into your skin and provides lasting moisture especially during the cold dry months of winter. Ultimate skin soothing lotion and the Creme de Corps butter has such a wonderful light scent that lasts all day! Mar 23, 2014
jill g: used it Mar 22, 2014
Alison M: Interested Mar 22, 2014
Katherine K: I am interested in purchasing a lotion from Kiehl's and want to try out various types. Mar 21, 2014
marcie z: This is nice to travel with. Mar 21, 2014
Lingqian L: I need one Mar 21, 2014
Karen H: Best moisturizer EVER! Mar 20, 2014
Kristie H: It is my favorite lotion of all time. It absorbs with no greasy feel. Mar 20, 2014
Mary R: I need this, too! Mar 19, 2014
Lynn K: A review said to mix it with the self-tanner. Mar 19, 2014
dore b: my husband and I both really like this cream. Mar 19, 2014
Samantha U: I'm curious about the lotions you offer. Mar 18, 2014
Miqiu K: want to try Mar 18, 2014
Abraham W: Heard about it through a beauty guru on youtube. Mar 18, 2014
Erica S: Like to use samples when I travel Mar 18, 2014
Gaige Z: Just try, if it's good, in the future, we will buy as normal. Mar 18, 2014
Michael S: My Daughter Mar 16, 2014
Donald P: Best all over body protection for dry skin. Mar 16, 2014
judith g: I would like to try the body lotion as I'm always in he market for a new one. Mar 15, 2014
Christine v: Always looking for something new. Mar 14, 2014
Karen M: Dry skin Mar 14, 2014
pat g: customer reviews Mar 14, 2014
Priya D: I choose these products because of its ingredients. Mar 14, 2014
Yuba S: Wanted to try it. Mar 13, 2014
Cathy U: The best body lotion ever. Mar 13, 2014
guangjun y: I want to try it. Mar 13, 2014
Seth M: I'm old Mar 13, 2014
James B: Long time go-to... excellant quality, smoothness great body lotion. I even share it with my girlfriend she loves it. Mar 12, 2014
SIXIAO W: TRY Mar 12, 2014
Roseann S: Love all the creme de corps products. Mar 11, 2014
AI WEI W: I want to try this product Mar 11, 2014
Debbie M: Wanted to try. Mar 10, 2014
Cynthia P: want to try for dry skin Mar 10, 2014
Alexandra C: I use this moisturizer regardless, but I wanted one to bring in my purse when I travel overnight Mar 10, 2014
Kristina K: Used previously and liked Mar 9, 2014
Derek D: I have dry skin and looking for a good body lotion. Can't wait to try it. Mar 9, 2014
Adrienne C: I use this product Mar 9, 2014
Heather M: I didn't Mar 8, 2014
Charis J: Wanted to try Mar 8, 2014
Joy P: Nice scent. Mar 7, 2014
Kristy V: I love your lotion, the scent and smoothness of the lotion. Mar 6, 2014
Amanda H: I wanted to try a new lotion Mar 5, 2014
Margaux w: You no longer make the imperial body balm!! I cannot believe this. I LOVED it and need a replacement. Mar 5, 2014
Olivia C: winter hands need help Mar 5, 2014
Pamela E: Love this product! Mar 5, 2014
W Robert R: use when travel Mar 5, 2014
Natalia Z: try Mar 4, 2014
Deborah T: I had already tried all the other samples. Mar 4, 2014
Salisa Y: Never use this before Mar 4, 2014
kelli B: Love this cream. Super rich. Mar 4, 2014
Elaine S: Same as above, substitute body lotion. Mar 4, 2014
thuan h: best product for body keep skin moisture all day long. Especially for the winter with dried skin. Nothing out there can compared to this product. Can't live with out my Creme de Crops. Mar 3, 2014
Elizabeth W: I wanted to try it to help with dry skin. Mar 3, 2014
Brenda R: wanted to try this product Mar 2, 2014
jacqueline D: I've heard it is nice and creamy very moisturizing for the skin Mar 2, 2014
Robert B: No ideal what it is Mar 2, 2014
Danya Li C: thinking about buying Mar 1, 2014
Robin M: Maybe I'll like it. Mar 1, 2014
Nancy R: No reason, just one of the choices. Mar 1, 2014
karen p: use this product all the time Feb 27, 2014
Mary H: Just to try it. I swim a lot, so need a good body cream. Feb 27, 2014
Teresa F: Looked like a nice lotion to try. Feb 27, 2014
kimberly s: Love it, quenches thirsty skin. Feb 26, 2014
Dina O: I want to try this one because my son uses it and he swears by it so, I would like to try it. Feb 25, 2014
Donovan W: free Feb 24, 2014
Anna R: would like to try Feb 24, 2014
Ziyuan P: feels soft, good for moisture Feb 23, 2014
Minda G: great lotion Feb 23, 2014
Ann M: Not familiar with this so will try it Feb 22, 2014
Kelly S: This is by far the best body lotion I've tried! Feb 20, 2014
renee h: I wanted to see what the body product is lke... use one daily. Feb 20, 2014
Gregory S: Due to the high reviews. Feb 20, 2014
Kathleen G: Creme de Corps has transformed my skin from dry and bumpy arms and itchy legs to completely smooth and creamy. I use this religiously every morning after my bath or shower and could not think of starting the day without it. My skin never itches on the driest winter or hottest summer days. I'm completely and utterly addicted! Feb 19, 2014
Scott C: Great product keeping skin hydrated especially during cold dry season Feb 18, 2014
Kenia E: always looking for new creams Feb 18, 2014
Susan Y: This is a great part of our skin care regimen. It's not too sticky, goes on nice and keeps the moisture just right. Feb 17, 2014
cindy m: i want to know if it works as it says Feb 17, 2014
Judith K: purse size Feb 17, 2014
Jessica Y: Super hydrating without being greasy. Feb 17, 2014
Vic Z: friend's recommendation Feb 17, 2014
Cheryl P: Wanted to try this Feb 16, 2014
Adele T: Since I loved the Pore Cleansing Mask so much I wanted to try this also. Feb 15, 2014
ying x: want to try Feb 15, 2014
Debi T: Read reviews and wanted to try it. Feb 15, 2014
Patricia B: Looking for a good body cream that goes on easily and does the job. Feb 15, 2014
Linda C: Travel size ! Feb 15, 2014
Tracy O: Wanted to try it. Feb 14, 2014
Morgan W: to try Feb 14, 2014
Nathalie E: dry skin Feb 14, 2014
Nicole N: Sounds good Feb 13, 2014
Roger V: An avid tennis player and golfer; use after playing to thoroughly cleanse and moisturize my skin for a smooth, soft feel! Feb 13, 2014
Marcelyn J: i liked it before Feb 13, 2014
Lon V: No particular reason Feb 12, 2014
LINDA B: New to me Feb 12, 2014
Consuelo M: I would like to try your products for body. Feb 11, 2014
Susan W: Sounds nice Feb 11, 2014
Cynthia A: love the smell of this lotion Feb 11, 2014
Rachel H: read reviews. wanted to try Feb 11, 2014
Valerie S: Love Creme de Corps! Feb 10, 2014
Pamela C: to share with a friend. Another product I love for my dry and delicate skin. Feb 10, 2014
Robert M: best lotion I've ever used. Feb 9, 2014
Leanne J: wanted to try Feb 5, 2014
m lyn s: dry skin Feb 5, 2014
Mary R: I want to see what it smells like Feb 5, 2014
James G: want to try Feb 4, 2014
Trisha D: I love the product. Feb 4, 2014
Mary H: A standby. Feb 4, 2014
Donna P: seems like a product I would like Feb 4, 2014
Norma B: Looking for product to help me correct current skin problem.

Recently noticed major change in skin. Breaking out with moles and skin has become verysensitive.
Feb 3, 2014
Cheraye L: Want to try it Feb 3, 2014
Doris W: Small size for overnight travel. Feb 3, 2014
kellea s: best moisturizer carpet ready! Feb 2, 2014
Debi J: To try it Feb 2, 2014
shari s: curious Feb 1, 2014
Hazel W: friend recommended it Feb 1, 2014
barbara f: I would like to try it Jan 31, 2014
Deirdre G: FREE AND GOOD Jan 30, 2014
Dianne R: i've used this product in the past. works well. Jan 30, 2014
Tanya C: Great for travel Jan 29, 2014
Deanne M: Forever looking for the perfect body lotion Jan 29, 2014
Arlene K: So far all of your products are good and I love to use them on my face and eyes; they really makes a different in my appearance. Jan 29, 2014
stephen l: I wanted to try a new lotion. Jan 28, 2014
William W: Facial Lines Jan 28, 2014
Eileen F: good moisturizer Jan 27, 2014
Vivian R: Great reviews but I am concerned with the Parabens! I will try but probably not buy until they are removed. :( Please, work on that! I love your products but don't want to use any more parabens than absolutely necessary! Jan 27, 2014
Donna M S: travel size of product I use Jan 27, 2014
Theresa B: to get better skin tone Jan 27, 2014
Yu K: This is really good Jan 27, 2014
ALLEN D: looks interesting Jan 26, 2014
Jaeyoung J: I heard good things about this so I wanted to try before make purchase Jan 26, 2014
Christy S: saw in numerous magazines it was good Jan 25, 2014
Terry T: Love this Jan 25, 2014
Sue Ann W: used before and liked it Jan 25, 2014
Jessica S: None of the others looked appealing. Jan 24, 2014
Rodney C: just tried it out. a little too oily feeling for my taste Jan 22, 2014
Pam B: like the product Jan 22, 2014
Gloria O: to try the product Jan 22, 2014
Sandra B: To try it Jan 22, 2014
Deborah B: See above. I want to share this with a friend. Jan 21, 2014
Molly Z: Fantastic all purpose cream! Jan 19, 2014
Katherine N: need to find a good body lotion Jan 18, 2014
Joanne T: just want to try it Jan 17, 2014
Debi S: Dry skin, cold weather.. Jan 16, 2014
laura g: i love it Jan 16, 2014
YSIDRO G: I love this lotion, especially on scaly elbows and knees. Jan 16, 2014
Lourens W: good moisturizer Jan 16, 2014
Elizabeth M: don't know it Jan 16, 2014
Lisa P: Can't get enough of this - great for travel Jan 15, 2014
Tammy L: Honestly I do not know this product but liked the name. Jan 14, 2014
cindy t: trying to see if I like Jan 14, 2014
Hiawatha R: Just to try Jan 13, 2014
Pam H: want to try it Jan 12, 2014
Jean S: easy for travel Jan 12, 2014
Shari S: wanted to try it Jan 11, 2014
Eva N: My daily go-to for soft, delicious skin. Always good to have a backup! Jan 11, 2014
Mark L: curious - never tried - first time ordering Jan 10, 2014
patricia K: used it many times - is great - i live in wyoming where it is cold and dry and this does the trick! Jan 10, 2014
nancy m: Want to try this product. Jan 10, 2014
ann g: love the softness it brings Jan 8, 2014
Margaret P: super-dry hands Jan 5, 2014
Carolyn T: This is for my daughter in law and I liked the name. Jan 5, 2014
Chujun C: want to give it a try based on good reviews Jan 3, 2014
xiaoyang w: good Jan 2, 2014
Makia W: nice body cream to take on vacations Jan 2, 2014
Helene C: Want to try product. Jan 2, 2014
DANA L F: i bought this a few months ago & love how my hand feel after using this product!!! Jan 2, 2014
Vincent O: Dry winter skin Jan 1, 2014
Mary G: Love these small packets for travel. Jan 1, 2014
Audrey M: Denver's dry climate. Dec 31, 2013
loraine l: Just to see if I wold like it. Dec 31, 2013
Mary B: curious Dec 31, 2013
Sherry G: To try Dec 31, 2013
Jamie F: I would like to try this. Dec 31, 2013
Alice E: My go to body moisturizer in the winter. Dec 31, 2013
bernice s: Just to try something new Dec 31, 2013
JOSEPH F: gift Dec 31, 2013
Susan D: I love this, and now I will have a travel size when I travel. Dec 31, 2013
Catherine G: I use this every day!!! Dec 31, 2013
SHERI G: It's the best hand cream out there! Dec 31, 2013
Marlene L: need a new body cream Dec 31, 2013
Robert M N: Spouse has used this and likes it very much. Dec 31, 2013
Angela B: Terrific product. Dec 31, 2013
Cynthia V: Good travel size Dec 31, 2013
Tracy L: I am a traveler. You should sell these packets In multiples Dec 31, 2013
liz p: love this on my hands Dec 31, 2013
Suzanne S: It's a very good moisturizing cream with staying power. Dec 31, 2013
JUDY L: Best Crème on the market. Dec 31, 2013
Madelene T: Good for travel. Dec 31, 2013
Cynthia M: My standard. I use every single day. Dec 31, 2013
Heidi I: Try Dec 31, 2013
thomas s: Never hurts to have some around Dec 30, 2013
Conny F: used in past Dec 30, 2013
anthony a: To compare with Ultra Facial Mositurizer Dec 30, 2013
Mary J: It's legendary! Dec 30, 2013
Dolores P: It's a great body lotion Dec 30, 2013
Princess S: Love how moisturizing this is. I need this for traveling. Dec 30, 2013
Leslyn W: Great body lotion with skin lots of nourishing ingredients. Dec 30, 2013
VERNICE G: very good on hands. Dec 30, 2013
sasiphand b: want to try very well known product Dec 30, 2013
Kerri S: need a good moisturizer for the winter and wanted to try it Dec 30, 2013
Karen W: Have read many good reviews on this product and wanted to see for myself! Dec 30, 2013
Barbara C: A moisturizer that will never let you down! Dec 29, 2013
Margaret E: to carry in my purse Dec 29, 2013
Victoria A: The best body lotion for winter. Dec 29, 2013
LIZ C: LOVE IT ! Dec 29, 2013
Phyllis D: Like this Dec 29, 2013
George F: Severe dry hands Dec 29, 2013
Mark J: Wanted to try Dec 29, 2013
MAry D: I want to try this procuct Dec 29, 2013
Shelley P: This is a thick, rich lotion that soothes in the winter. Dec 29, 2013
SooJung H: looking for a good moisture lotion to my dried skin Dec 29, 2013
C gray S: Right size to use when traveling Dec 28, 2013
Raelene H: I can't use most Kiehl's products - so thought I'd try this as a general purpose cream and leave it in my desk at work Dec 28, 2013
Jon D: Wanted to try it Dec 27, 2013
Mai H: To try out Dec 27, 2013
Alexandra L: My Uncle likes it. Dec 27, 2013
Tania M: t Dec 27, 2013
Lauren A: I just wondered if it was a good lotion or not. Dec 27, 2013
Sherry L: great product Dec 27, 2013
Ying H: It's also a star product Dec 26, 2013
Cathleen Z: looking for good body lotion Dec 26, 2013
Priti B: it works Dec 26, 2013
Catherine C: I wanted to try it Dec 25, 2013
Michel W: I want to see if this is a good body cream Dec 25, 2013
Billy Q: Used before and love it. Dec 25, 2013
Xiaobu L: My relative selected this. Dec 24, 2013
Liling H: First try Dec 24, 2013
Brenda P: . Dec 23, 2013
Wenyu S: love it Dec 22, 2013
Bessy P: Love the lip product so I will try the hand one. Dec 22, 2013
pall w: want to try it Dec 22, 2013
Marcia D: new to me Dec 22, 2013
Steven L: my wife told me Dec 22, 2013
Eva S: just want to try Dec 22, 2013
Dena W: I like it Dec 22, 2013
Cheryl M: Had high ratings. Dec 22, 2013
Keith A: Excellent product especially during dry winter months Dec 22, 2013
Cheryl S: I need a good body lotion Dec 22, 2013
Vickey D: Husband loves it. Dec 21, 2013
Christine C: Random choice Dec 21, 2013
Yvrose P: I wanted to try other products. Dec 20, 2013
carey k: cc Dec 20, 2013
Heather H: It has been featured in numerous magazines and I have even had a pregnant friend thank it for not giving her stretch marks. I need to try this. Dec 20, 2013
CAN F: I think it's good. Dec 19, 2013
Guywn E: i Dec 19, 2013
Justin L: Dry hands Dec 19, 2013
Mona Y: I have good experience with Kiehl's products, so want to try out more. Dec 19, 2013
jody k: need a good body moisturizers Dec 19, 2013
Sandra C: To try it out Dec 19, 2013
Susan S: It was recommended to me, so I wanted to try it. Dec 19, 2013
Suzanne C: Love it Dec 18, 2013
Kristina F: to see if it works well Dec 18, 2013
Mary Lynn I: for my daughter Dec 18, 2013
lolita w: I chose this for my fiancé to try. Dec 17, 2013
Debra F: Like most all Kiehls products I've tried. Want to see if this may be replacing my Aveeno body lotion Dec 17, 2013
Subhajit G: Just want to try as it seems to be top selling Dec 17, 2013
Meng-Shan T: Rave review. Dec 17, 2013
Marisol R: good ratings Dec 17, 2013
Christopher H: my girlfriend swears this is the secret to her silky smooth skin. :) Dec 16, 2013
Tom R: Told to. Dec 16, 2013
Cheng W: Want to try on my skin Dec 16, 2013
Rosemary M: To try Dec 16, 2013
Linda S: To try Dec 16, 2013
Joyce Y: It very moisture Dec 14, 2013
Susanne C: Need something for dry and itchy skin Dec 14, 2013
scott e: great product Dec 14, 2013
Claudia K: Want to try Dec 14, 2013
Mary K: I love this stuff. Dec 14, 2013
Amy D: Love the stuff Dec 14, 2013
Mark C: Practical. Dec 13, 2013
Bonnie C: random Dec 13, 2013
Christine D: You know how your knuckles get itchy and super dry during the cold weather?? Creme de Corps SOLVES that problem! This is the product that got me hooked on the Kiehl's line! Dec 12, 2013
Paul S: Free Dec 12, 2013
Cathrine D: great product Dec 12, 2013
Susan A: Dissatisfied by my current body lotion. Dec 12, 2013
Thomas V: My girlfriend wanted to try it. Dec 12, 2013
Chris C: Your good! Dec 11, 2013
Judy M: good for travel Dec 6, 2013
Laurice K: For purse Dec 3, 2013
LIng-Mei W: Can't go wrong! Dec 3, 2013
Yanling H: never use it before Dec 2, 2013
Elissa K: Used prior Dec 2, 2013
Stephanie B: I am getting older and need to start concerning myself with wrinkles and serious skin care. Dec 2, 2013
Marina G: winter is coming... my skin gets dry and I get addicted to lotion so just feeding my addiction and trying new lotions - yours never smell too strongly and absorb well - I love that! :) Dec 2, 2013
NICOLE M: easy travel size Dec 2, 2013
JIAJIA C: Very good Dec 2, 2013
Feng W: never use Dec 2, 2013
Jonathan T: Creme de Corps is favorite product Dec 2, 2013
Deborah C: best body lotion I've ever used Dec 2, 2013
minling z: try Dec 2, 2013
Cheng-Lung W: For travel use Dec 2, 2013
D. S. C: To sample, after swimming Dec 2, 2013
Yajing Z: try Dec 2, 2013
Phuong T: My favorite lotion of all time. Best lotion out there. So worth the cost. Dec 2, 2013
jin z: Try Dec 2, 2013
Heidi B: Fabulous product Dec 1, 2013
lindsay k: "because i want it. why am i required to answer this?" Dec 1, 2013
katy g: good for travel Dec 1, 2013
shih-erh T: SAME AS ABOVE Dec 1, 2013
Yuchuan S: want to try Dec 1, 2013
Kelly B: I've sampled this before and liked it. Dec 1, 2013
Lucretia P: Trying this before making purchase Dec 1, 2013
Ann S: i already use this and like it - thought it would be great for travel Dec 1, 2013
Charlotte R: I like this product Dec 1, 2013
susan h: good for travel Dec 1, 2013
YENLING L: 5 stars. Dec 1, 2013
leigh b: STOCKING STUFFER Dec 1, 2013
Patricia W: used before Dec 1, 2013
alexa s: want to try Dec 1, 2013
annette c: I have dry hands from winter weather and frequent hand washing, that regular skin moisture creams do not alleviate. Dec 1, 2013
Yulia P: Famous cream.. Dec 1, 2013
Wenjue D: dry skin Nov 30, 2013
Erin B: Interested to try it Nov 30, 2013
Brittany S: Good for travel. Nov 30, 2013
Nancy P: I love this product Nov 30, 2013
Jia F: it's classic Nov 30, 2013
Christine G: THE Kiehl's product! Nov 29, 2013
Changhwi H: de Nov 29, 2013
Charisse R: My skin has never felt so soft. Meeks it feel like silk. Nov 29, 2013
WINA A: Amazing ! A must try ! Great texture and feels amazing ! Nov 29, 2013
Aleksandra K: Heard so many good things from customers on Facebook page, would like to try it. Nov 29, 2013
Nan N: just try Nov 29, 2013
Sijia L: try Nov 28, 2013
Kexin H: popular, i wanna try it Nov 28, 2013
Raymond S: THE BEST Nov 28, 2013
Zheying J: CUSTOMER BELOVED Nov 28, 2013
Joanne D: Best body creme around - especially in the winter. Rich but not greasy - wonderful! Nov 28, 2013
Merrill K: Don't remember Nov 28, 2013
Dianna S: Lux and smooth - I love this product Nov 28, 2013
Thitiya B: remarkable Nov 27, 2013
Kristin H: it's the best lotion ever. Nov 27, 2013
Kathleen R: to have something lovely to slather on when I travel Nov 27, 2013
Jen M: n/a Nov 27, 2013
Barbara S: I love Crème de Corps and especially on airplane like small samples to take with me to help keep my hands from drying out.. Nov 26, 2013
Susan D: Just the best lotion without competing with my perfume. Nov 26, 2013
Qian H: TOP 10 Nov 25, 2013
Chenchen W: wanna have a try Nov 25, 2013
Allison L: want to try this Nov 25, 2013
Christina B: Something new to try Nov 25, 2013
Eunie L: wanted to try it Nov 25, 2013
Bridget Q: Dry skin in winter--I want to try out your moisturizers again to see if I find one I like. Nov 25, 2013
kim w: love this product! so rich and moisturizing Wish it wasn"t so expensive. Nov 23, 2013
Susan K: Dry hands Nov 23, 2013
wendy g: did not like Nov 23, 2013
Hovey L: I love how Creme de Corps makes my skin very soft and smooth! Nov 22, 2013
Susan R: Wanted a packet for my purse Nov 22, 2013
Suzanne B: I love this cream and wanted to get a small size for an overnight trip. Nov 22, 2013
Lauren B: to try Nov 22, 2013
Mengjun T: nice Nov 20, 2013
Aiman B: A little greasy but one of the best lotions on the market. Worth the price. Nov 19, 2013
Jennifer B: wrinkled hands, let's see if it's better than palmer's! Nov 19, 2013
Susan Y: Travel bag Nov 18, 2013
Jindan Y: I heard it is good. Never try it Nov 18, 2013
Chiung-Wen C: no reason Nov 18, 2013
Stephen C: Used it my gym - was curious about it for home Nov 17, 2013
peggy m: want to try this again Nov 17, 2013
christine l: when i travel i want to have my lotion and tsa makes it hard to bring Nov 16, 2013
Di Wen H: Try something new Nov 16, 2013
ching h: Want to try it Nov 16, 2013
Christina C: It's a wonderful moisturizer! Nov 15, 2013
Joanne S: I can use it for travel Nov 15, 2013
Nancy R: Great to have handy in cold weather - an excellent body moisturizer! Nov 15, 2013
Jae Hee K: wanted to try but it too thick for me Nov 15, 2013
Regina N: lightweight and hydrating - love it in the summer Nov 15, 2013
Susan G: Just to try, now I use it every day. Nov 15, 2013
Ronna M: love it Nov 15, 2013
Ranata W: Great moisturizer!! Nov 14, 2013
HUAIMIN S: high recommend online Nov 14, 2013
jacqueline c: good Nov 14, 2013
chen l: ITS POPULAR Nov 14, 2013
Yiqing C: winter is coming wanna have a try Nov 13, 2013
Lai L: Just try Nov 13, 2013
Steve B: something to try Nov 13, 2013
Jody L: heard about creme de corps long time but never have a chance to try it out yet Nov 11, 2013
Brian B: curious Nov 11, 2013
linda m: Love it! Nov 10, 2013
Diane A: EXCELLENT for skin dryness...arms, legs, knees, elbows- even stubbornly dry feet areas! Nov 8, 2013
JENNIPER T: perfect for my skin- I like that it has no scent Nov 5, 2013
Nicole S: my favorite! Nov 5, 2013
Lei S: All in all, I'm very satisfied with all the products I purchased. They are comfortable and effective. Nov 5, 2013
Jennifer H: If would sell this by the gallon would go that route. Nov 3, 2013
YUCHEN G: want to try Nov 3, 2013
Patricia B: never tried it Nov 2, 2013
Xuan Q: To give it a try Nov 1, 2013
Susan D: want to try Oct 29, 2013
Laura D: Love it. Oct 29, 2013
Charline F: Everyone brags about how good this is Oct 25, 2013
Tyler H: have been hearing a lot about this and wanted to try Oct 20, 2013
Victoria E: j Oct 20, 2013
John M: Wanted to try it Oct 19, 2013
Xiaoying Y: refill Oct 18, 2013
Linda M: Love this cream...wish I could afford tubs of it! Oct 16, 2013
vickie m: Love this! Oct 16, 2013
Elizabeth H: It is the best! Oct 14, 2013
Brenda V: I am looking for a body lotion. Oct 13, 2013
Paul H: x Oct 13, 2013
Kyle M: Silky Smooth stuff, love it! Oct 10, 2013
Scott M: popular and wanted to try it. Oct 8, 2013
naydien g: moisture is good for skin Oct 5, 2013
Kelly B: Love thick, luxurious lotions and body crimes. Always wanted to try this! Oct 4, 2013
AMY B: I am excited to try this cream. I have dry skin and i think this highly acclaimed cream will work wonders. Oct 3, 2013
Jennifer B: I've heard and read about it in magazines. Oct 3, 2013
Yin-Tzu L: My friend told me is really good so I want to give a try Sep 30, 2013
Tina Y: Try to see how the result is Sep 30, 2013
Andre B: Free gift. Sep 29, 2013
Ashley C: Customer favorite. Sep 29, 2013
Judy M: A miracle cream! Sep 29, 2013
Krystal K: i am a flight attendant and constantly have dry hands Sep 28, 2013
Monica C: love this product. sachets are great for travel. Sep 28, 2013
Lara J: nice to have a small one in my gym bag Sep 27, 2013
Liyan H: try Sep 26, 2013
Kelly F: this should be a great all over body moisturizer Sep 26, 2013
Alicia z: good,I like it Sep 25, 2013
don b: great lotion Sep 23, 2013
susan d: I like to keep these in my purse for quick moisturizing on the go Sep 22, 2013
Alex T: Because i love it! Sep 22, 2013
Amy P: Interested in seeing how this feels and works as my friend was telling me about it. Sep 21, 2013
Yijun H: Many free gift has this, so I want to know what's this Sep 18, 2013
Nina G: Hope it lives up to its hype! Sep 17, 2013
Donna C: For travel, overnight Sep 15, 2013
Amanda L: Who doesn't want to find a great body lotion! Sep 13, 2013
Shan Y: Try famous products Sep 7, 2013
Jocelyn P: heard it from other users Sep 3, 2013
Joseph L: wanted to try Aug 28, 2013
Desiree Z: saw it on your website several times as a popular item Aug 28, 2013
Bernice R: I have sensitive skin and I wanted to try it before buying it Aug 25, 2013
Sheila M: Heard great things about it! Aug 17, 2013
Qiuli C: just to try out Aug 16, 2013
Ruby H: recommended Aug 16, 2013
Linda W: wanted to try heavy duty lotion. Aug 15, 2013
Lindsay P: It was rated one of your best products Aug 13, 2013
John B: Wife's request Aug 2, 2013
Pam D: I am looking for a good body lotion that I can also find in small sizes for airline travel. Aug 2, 2013
Katya K: I would like to try it - never used it before. Jul 28, 2013
Amy L: looking for nice body lotion Jul 22, 2013
Brooks W: highly recommended by reviews Jul 19, 2013
Ashley D: I never tried the creme de corps and am interested to see if I like it! Jul 17, 2013
Beth R: My sister loves this Jul 17, 2013
Volker H: travel size Jul 17, 2013
Carrie G: always love cream de corpe Jul 17, 2013
Brian L: Wanted to try it Jul 16, 2013
Kerri B: An amazing hydrator Jul 16, 2013
Diane N: A very fine product, especially for the summer. Jul 16, 2013
Felicity M: Want to try it Jul 16, 2013
Carlisle T: It's the only creme that I've tried that really hydrates...and I've tried many from expensive brands to inexpensive brands! Jul 15, 2013
Linda G: Wanted to try it! Jul 8, 2013
C O: I am dissatisfied with the body cream I'm using now. So based on the reviews I have read, I wanted to try this cream. Jun 26, 2013
james a: try it Jun 25, 2013
Antoinette G: Another opportunity to rub this product on my stretch marks? Yes, please!! Jun 25, 2013
J C T: my favorite lotion Jun 25, 2013
Catherine B: I wanted to try it because I like the whipped body butter. Jun 24, 2013
garrett m: hard to open in the shower Jun 20, 2013
Jeanette R: try out product for possible future usage Jun 18, 2013
Kathleen H: the best lotion Jun 17, 2013
Jon V: wanted to try it Jun 16, 2013
Robin M: like it Jun 16, 2013
Jason B: never tried before Jun 15, 2013
Rumman C: Love this stuff - it's just too expensive to buy. Jun 15, 2013
Laura J. B: Want to try it again. Jun 14, 2013
Lorna H: For my son to have Jun 14, 2013
Jamie S: love it for travel Jun 14, 2013
Erin S: have been meaning to try the basic lotion Jun 14, 2013
Mindy N: my partners favorite product Jun 14, 2013
MiYun C: The silky texture and emollient result. Jun 14, 2013
Priya B: I have seen great reviews about this on YouTube and wanted to try it. Jun 14, 2013
Diana U: Such a popular product - better try it! Jun 13, 2013
Susan W: Wonderful body and hand lotion Jun 13, 2013
Stephanie W: I like having samples of lotions, so I can easily pack and bring it with me on trips that require flying Jun 13, 2013
Hui L: GOOD Jun 13, 2013
QIMIN Y: free Jun 13, 2013
sherry m: I normally use the Kiehls argan oil lotion & wanted to compare these 2. Jun 13, 2013
soeun p: i want to try this product Jun 13, 2013
Renee D: review says its a customer favorite. I like it but won't order. I have a body lotion I prefer. Jun 13, 2013
Catherine M. K: best Jun 13, 2013
Karla S: This leaves your body as soft as a baby duck! Jun 13, 2013
Jennifer A: travel Jun 13, 2013
Susan S: I have purchased the Creme De Corps in the past and LOVE it. I've never had a body cream that felt as good without being greasy. Jun 13, 2013
Soramon U: For travel Jun 13, 2013
Yao P: wanna have a try Jun 13, 2013
maureen b: never used before Jun 13, 2013
Marijana V: have been using this one and love it. wanted to have more of it when i travel Jun 9, 2013
Jennifer T: everyone talks about it Jun 7, 2013
Fonda P: This is my ultimate favorite product made by Kiehl's. I absolutely love it. Jun 5, 2013
Janet M: This is the BEST body cream!! Jun 5, 2013
Dorothy M: Just checking... Jun 2, 2013
Anna M: Thought it would be nice to try. May 28, 2013
Amanda L: like it May 28, 2013
Yan L: want to try May 28, 2013
dawn r: travel with May 27, 2013
Kay T: nice for one day travel May 27, 2013
Kathie C: like it May 26, 2013
Martha R: creme de corps was on the main page. May 24, 2013
Karen S: Best Stuff on the planet May 21, 2013
Colette N: Love the body butter! May 20, 2013
Pedro C: great for travelling to dry places May 20, 2013
Patricia T: Use it for travel May 20, 2013
CHERYL D: My skin is dry and I need a lotion that will correct this May 19, 2013
Patricia B: It sounds like something different, I always love trying something different. May 17, 2013
Judith W: reviews, popularity May 17, 2013
Michelle B: Not sure what it is, want to try it also May 16, 2013
Brandy P: i use these to travel with May 15, 2013
Debbie S: Best body cream out there May 13, 2013
anna c: love the smell. May 12, 2013
Dora M: to take with me for emergency May 12, 2013
Loralyn K: want to try May 10, 2013
Heather P: I love this May 7, 2013
matthew m: to try May 5, 2013
Patricia M: used in past May 2, 2013
Jennifer S: I have dry skin and want to give this product a try. May 1, 2013
barbara C: wanted to try Apr 30, 2013
Maria C: Have tried it before and its awesome! Apr 30, 2013
Jenna D: I'd like to try this product and see if I'd purchase the full size version. Apr 30, 2013
Krystyn P: This is the best body moisturizer - especially in the winter months. Its a tad thick for summer time. Apr 29, 2013
Janet G: don't know what it is surprise! Apr 29, 2013
Susan H: Gave to a friend. Apr 29, 2013
Xinyi H: FROM INTERNET Apr 28, 2013
Melissa S: Best body moisturizer! Absorbs quickly and makes skin feel like silk. Apr 27, 2013
Laura B: I love samples for traveling Apr 26, 2013
Beth M: For travel Apr 26, 2013
Anna K: Creme de corps is my go to body cream, and this little pack is great for travel! Apr 26, 2013
geana r: wanted to try Apr 25, 2013
Elizabeth Helgeson H: Wanted to try it out...have never used before. Apr 25, 2013
Ashley D: The best hand moisturizer in the world!! Apr 24, 2013
Wendell P: I want to try it. Apr 24, 2013
Vickie E: Have used this previously and loved it!! Gonna compare with the aromatic blends! Apr 22, 2013
Terry F: Wanted to try Apr 22, 2013
JIXIANG Z: just trying. Apr 21, 2013
Jennifer S: To see if it works for me. Apr 20, 2013
Lisa Marie S: Perfect for travel needs. Creme de Corps is the ultimate body cream. Apr 18, 2013
Harriet M: Because I like it - it's good to have a little bit more. Apr 16, 2013
Andrew B: First time use for my wife Apr 16, 2013
Randal M: I have heard good reviews Apr 15, 2013
veta m: the very best Apr 14, 2013
Jane L: never have but want to try it Apr 9, 2013
Jennifer G: Wanted to try Apr 7, 2013
Lee W: nice for travel. a favorite. Apr 7, 2013
Vilma M: it's the best for your skin. Apr 7, 2013
Alan W: I'm not sure what this is and I would like for my son to try it out and see if he likes it. Apr 7, 2013
Elizabeth B: Curious about this. Apr 7, 2013
wendy h: to try Apr 7, 2013
Clare G: I am not familiar with the product and wanted to give it a try. Apr 7, 2013
Lisa L: I have never heard of this before so I thought I would give it a try! Apr 7, 2013
Jeff K: Looks like another great Kiehl's product. Apr 6, 2013
Janet H: to try this product Apr 6, 2013
xinyu l: i do not have use this Apr 6, 2013
Pauline R: curious to see if it works for my dry skin, not much has so far except Weleda Apr 5, 2013
Tara S: I like argan oil. Apr 5, 2013
Kim F: To try it. Apr 5, 2013
Joanne V: I love this product! Apr 5, 2013
NANCY H: very soft feel. Apr 4, 2013
Christine N: want to try it out prior to purchasing it. Apr 4, 2013
terri m: just wanted to try some other kiehls products Apr 4, 2013
Yiyi L: It was recommended by the Kiehl's newsletter once. Apr 4, 2013
susan b: love it Apr 3, 2013
Daniel C: interest Apr 2, 2013
Pamela S: Have very problematic skin from neck down. Want to see if it helps. Apr 2, 2013
Barbara B: don't know Apr 1, 2013
Jan T: to try Apr 1, 2013
Laurie F: FOR TRAVEL Apr 1, 2013
Carmen H: Liked the reviews Mar 31, 2013
Seth M: Sounded Interesting Mar 30, 2013
Debra C: Always looking for a great moisturizer, so hopefully i will be pleased with this one.... Mar 29, 2013
Bok-lan L: thank you! Mar 29, 2013
David M: Becuse its one of the best skin creams Ive ever used! Mar 29, 2013
Gloria r: to try Mar 28, 2013
Paul S: Gift Mar 28, 2013
Charles P: Like product Mar 27, 2013
AMY S: you never have enough of this stuff Mar 26, 2013
Se Mi L: travel reasons Mar 26, 2013
Judith A B: Would love to try it. Mar 26, 2013
Michael M: It looks interesting. Mar 26, 2013
Ann C: love it, need travel size Mar 26, 2013
Aurora V: something new i wanted to try Mar 26, 2013
YANFEI C: WANT TO TRY Mar 26, 2013
Connie B: I want to try it Mar 26, 2013
Yizheng Y: friends recommended Mar 25, 2013
Qin Y: Famous Product Mar 25, 2013
Eric S: Wanted to try it Mar 25, 2013
Evann Sue M: Convenient travel size of old favorite unscented, effective, sulfate-free soother. Mar 24, 2013
Dessa O: Recipient loves this product. Mar 24, 2013
sheila k: not sure Mar 24, 2013
Meiling H: just try it Mar 24, 2013
Susan B: Love the product! Mar 24, 2013
Nancy D: because I am on a quest to find the perfect skin treatment for me Mar 23, 2013
Sarah W: Love this! Mar 22, 2013
Eliza K: Hoping to find another great Kiehl's product. Mar 22, 2013
Andrea K: feels like silk when you put it on. Mar 22, 2013
Darren W: Love the lotion. Mar 21, 2013
Susan O: it works Mar 21, 2013
Gena H: For on-the-go moisturizing! Mar 20, 2013
merrell s: fantastic lotion, like dipping your hands
in cream.
Mar 20, 2013
ANNA T: Want to try the facial product from Kiehl's - lots of good reviews on you web site. Mar 19, 2013
Kathy A: Best moisturizer for my skin! Mar 18, 2013
Becky C: I have no idea. Mar 18, 2013
Anne V: It's my son's favorite. Mar 18, 2013
zhiwen z: try sth. new Mar 17, 2013
zhoutong w: INTERESTED Mar 16, 2013
debora s: new to me Mar 16, 2013
joanne l: great - not too grasy Mar 16, 2013
Sheri E: Wanted to try a new body lotion. Mar 15, 2013
Jie C: Like it Mar 15, 2013
Halmar R: who doesn't love a great lotion? Mar 15, 2013
sue c: to try it Mar 14, 2013
Sophia P: I heard from friends that this a great product. Feb 18, 2013
Susan D: Never tried it before and I believe is your signature product. Might as well try it. Feb 18, 2013
Lauri B: I live in New Mexico and am always looking for a body lotion that has staying power. Feb 16, 2013
Sergio C: i want to try how is the products Feb 15, 2013
Akiko B: I have tried Creme de Corps samples in the past and I really like the feel of this lotion. I will buy a full size one eventually. Feb 15, 2013
Mary W: Dry skin Feb 14, 2013
Carol O: Just to try another product for hands. Feb 14, 2013
Karen B: recommended Feb 13, 2013
Michael J E: Body Lotion Feb 12, 2013
Sara D: great product Feb 12, 2013
Ronald P: Sounded intriguing. Feb 12, 2013
Conni W: Hoped it would decrease wrinkles! But havenâ??t tried it yet! Feb 11, 2013
Anna P: see if I like it Feb 10, 2013
Veronica N A: heard it's amazing Feb 10, 2013
susan f: want to try Feb 10, 2013
JOANN G: I saw this in the Manhatten store and want to try again. Feb 9, 2013
Sally C: want to try this Feb 8, 2013
Evelyn K: I've loved this product for years, these are great to keep in your purse for a quick hand touch up Feb 8, 2013
Linda P: sounds lovely Feb 8, 2013
Barbara K: This will be something new to try. Feb 7, 2013
Sunny M: i like try something new, and Creme de Corps is worth to try Feb 7, 2013
charles r: first time try. Feb 7, 2013
Gladys L: Sounds good Feb 6, 2013
Julia M: I am hoping it will be paraben free. I am looking for a good lotion. Feb 6, 2013
Lavone T: Wanted to try it or share with a friend. Feb 5, 2013
Debbie W: i have not tried this yet Feb 5, 2013
Katherine D: want to try this. Feb 5, 2013
Robert M: trying it out Feb 5, 2013
Marion W: refreshing smell Feb 5, 2013
hillary c: you can go wrong with this extra rich body cream. it's not greasy though so in a pinch i put it on my face in the winter. Feb 4, 2013
Lu H: customer favorite Feb 2, 2013
Hyeri G: PERFECT!! Feb 1, 2013
Melissa H: I've heard good things about this and I wanted to try it. Jan 31, 2013
Deborah Z: dry skin Jan 30, 2013
Jason J: It looks like a new product so wanted to try it. Jan 30, 2013
irina t: just try it Jan 29, 2013
James N: To see if it is a good moisturizer for the whole body Jan 29, 2013
sharon m: want to try it Jan 28, 2013
tyna l k: better for me than other choices Jan 27, 2013
Cristina I: wanted to try body moisturizer Jan 27, 2013
Lorraine B: Have been using this product for years,and there is no comparison. Jan 27, 2013
Kimberly A: it's the best lotion on planet earth! Jan 27, 2013
Pamela S: want to try body line Jan 27, 2013
Jacqueline W: To share with others. If I had several I'd take them to the chemo center where so many others need the kind of help I do. Jan 26, 2013
Debbie C: Vermont it's cold outside !
(and dry inside)
Jan 26, 2013
ronda s: like it Jan 26, 2013
ronda s: like it Jan 26, 2013
Xuyin L: optionally Jan 25, 2013
Valerie P: LOVE this product for both its moisturizing properties and its aromatic scent Jan 25, 2013
marsha w: i've used this in the past and it's especially effective in dry, cold weather. Jan 24, 2013
M B: I wanted to try this for myself. Jan 24, 2013
Glenda J: Great size for overnight trips. Jan 23, 2013
Diane B: Wanted to try this body lotion Jan 23, 2013
Karen H: interested Jan 22, 2013
Marlene W: daughter swears by it Jan 22, 2013
Anna T: I'm a religious user of the CdC family. This is just handy to have in your purse for when your skin needs some extra hydration. Jan 22, 2013
karen K: need moisturizer!! Jan 22, 2013
Saunda W: Have loved this for years, wanted one for in my purse. Jan 22, 2013
Ferdinand S: Would love to try it and see if I like it Jan 21, 2013
Marie S: Travel Jan 21, 2013
Julene M: To try! Jan 21, 2013
Jennifer N: interested in trying out Jan 20, 2013
Prof. Denise Jeanne T: Have used for 15 or so years. Jan 19, 2013
Paula C: Again, help. Jan 17, 2013
Barbara A: curious..couldn't tell what it is Jan 16, 2013
Anna M: Because there was no way to order more hand cream Jan 16, 2013
Nancy M: Too difficult to order anything else! Took 30 minutes to place an order for 1 item. Jan 16, 2013
gail c: hopeful Jan 15, 2013
stephanie h: just want to see how good the product is Jan 15, 2013
Elizabeth H: Always have loved this creme! Jan 15, 2013
Monica G: The best cream ever! Jan 13, 2013
dave h: good for travel Jan 13, 2013
Louise P: I want to find a good body creme or lotion Jan 13, 2013
Susan E: dry skin Jan 12, 2013
Janice C: I have you the hand cream before and was very happy with it Jan 12, 2013
Dana B: Wanted to try product Jan 12, 2013
Nina K: It's a classic and nice for travel Jan 12, 2013
Rosemary T: looks like it is worth trying Jan 10, 2013
Nayoung Y: recommended Jan 9, 2013
Lynne A: Just to try it Jan 9, 2013
LaVerne H: Just trying. Jan 9, 2013
Alex G: It was free Jan 7, 2013
Peter R: whim Jan 6, 2013
Leslie K: wanted to try Jan 3, 2013
Mark A: The only choice that popped up during checkout for some reason. Jan 2, 2013
Julie Ann C: Love this lotion for its hydrating properties Jan 2, 2013
Marria C: friend told me to use it Jan 2, 2013
Scott S: Only option available. It said I could choose 2 more, why did that happen? I would have liked more samples like advertised. But things happen it's all good. Jan 2, 2013
Martha H: It was free! Jan 2, 2013
rachel b: only option Jan 2, 2013
Lisa H: didn't have other options. would rather had abyssine cream Jan 2, 2013
CHRIS S: Was part of the promotion. Jan 2, 2013
Anna H: to try Jan 2, 2013
justen w: It was recommended in a video i saw on youtube. Jan 2, 2013
michael a t: My husband likes the keihls products that we have tried and wanted to try this Jan 2, 2013
Cynthia G: As far as I could tell, it was the only option. Jan 2, 2013
Alyssa A: Luxurious moisturizer!! Love it! Dec 31, 2012
Huan Z: my friends introduce it to me Dec 31, 2012
Alice P: It's free. Dec 31, 2012
ke g: only option Dec 31, 2012
Lila E: I've used it in the past.

Wasn't I supposed to get three samples...I'm showing only one.
Dec 31, 2012
yawen l: USEFUL Dec 31, 2012
rebecca g: would like more samples, but you didn't offer others...maybe you could find sunscreen that I could try? Dec 31, 2012
yan c: the only one left Dec 31, 2012
CAN W: This is no other choice. Dec 31, 2012
Qi S: only one choice Dec 31, 2012
Qi S: only this one choice Dec 31, 2012
YUQIN L: GOOD Dec 31, 2012
Steve M: I had no other choice, I couldn't even select three samples because there weren't 3 available. This happened the last time I ordered too. Dec 31, 2012
Jingwei M: because there is no other samples available. and i am very much not happy about having to choose the last one available online........:((((( Dec 31, 2012
linda g: you didn't have any other samples available... would be great if you could give me some other stuff to try this time! But love this moisturizer, so creamy and luxurious Dec 31, 2012
Qingmei G: It's free... Dec 31, 2012
Wei Q: only option left Dec 31, 2012
Jill A: you suggested it!
but I didn't get to choose a 3rd sample- as promised- why not????
Dec 31, 2012
Bridget A: there were no other choices offered. Dec 31, 2012
ping z: only the item is left Dec 31, 2012
Yuko I: No idea Dec 31, 2012
Susan C: just to try Dec 31, 2012
Soogi O: I have no choice. Dec 31, 2012
barbara r: this looks like it has a lot of potenial Dec 31, 2012
Lori S: This was the only one offered. Not happy that I am not getting three samples as promised Dec 31, 2012
Jonelle C: It's free! Dec 31, 2012
Liwei L: It is free. Dec 31, 2012
Lu H: Though it is said three free samples, actually, just this left for choosing. And just one can be added to the basket. If you have more other samples. Will you please send some for me also? Thank you very much!:) Dec 31, 2012
martha r: no other samples to choose from Dec 31, 2012
Ann Y: no choose Dec 31, 2012
Jin C: free Dec 31, 2012
Srinivasan I: only option available Dec 31, 2012
christine k: no other samples to choose from - everything out of stock Dec 31, 2012
Evy L: I didn't. The computer defaulted to it. And, it won't allow me to have 3 of the samples, just one. Dec 31, 2012
melissa hope a: only choice i saw. Dec 31, 2012
Zhiling Z: only choice for me Dec 31, 2012
Autumn L: only thing left Dec 31, 2012
Holly M: trying something new Dec 31, 2012
Judith C: I like this product Dec 31, 2012
Chetna S: I Wnat to try it Dec 31, 2012
AnnMarie Z: Have had excellent recommendations Dec 31, 2012
CHING YEE T: All other samples are out of stock! This is the only one left... >_< Dec 31, 2012
Sandra A: Only promo offered. Thought I would try it. Dec 31, 2012
michele p: not many other choices Dec 31, 2012
Clara K: no option Dec 31, 2012
Katherine S: Have always wanted to try this product. Dec 31, 2012
KARI R: This was the only 3 samples I could choose this time...not sure why?? Dec 31, 2012
Sang l: no option. only this one left. so disappinted Dec 31, 2012
Xiaoyu Y: my friends recommend to me to use. Dec 31, 2012
margaret t: no choices for samples Dec 31, 2012
EUNSUN L: no choice but it Dec 31, 2012
krista d: nice travel size Dec 31, 2012
joe s: other samples out of stock Dec 31, 2012
Tena S: I wanted to try it. Dec 31, 2012
margaret h: because there were no choices other than this and the others I picked. Dec 31, 2012
kimberly p: The samples I really wanted were sold out. I have used this produce and really like it. Dec 31, 2012
Barbara B: free Dec 31, 2012
Melanie R: like to have these little packets for travel Dec 31, 2012
Carolina L: Heard good things about it so I wanted to try it out. Dec 31, 2012
Mihee P: There is no choice, just for my son and my husband. Dec 31, 2012
Helen R: wanted to try body lotion Dec 31, 2012
Laurylyn S: Love it and great for travel (trial size) Dec 31, 2012
Aileen K: good product Dec 31, 2012
Ning L: 1 Dec 31, 2012
Peter G: Curious to try the product. Dec 31, 2012
Haixiao Q: no more options Dec 31, 2012
Donna R: wanted to try it Dec 31, 2012
Marilyn S: Never used it Dec 31, 2012
Susan K: I always moisturize after showering. Wanted to try this. Dec 31, 2012
Jiashen T: gym Dec 31, 2012
Debra P: just wanted to try. Dec 31, 2012
Xiaoshan W: I want try Dec 31, 2012
Brian D: to try it Dec 31, 2012
STEPHANIE V: love this! Dec 31, 2012
Milton J: Good reputation. Dec 31, 2012
Joy S: Like this product, very moisturizing Dec 31, 2012
Eunsook G: Don't know what is it. I want to know what it is. Dec 31, 2012
Tammie b: i love creme de corps! Dec 31, 2012
QI W: GOOD Dec 31, 2012
n k: Who doesn't LOVE creme de corps??? Dec 30, 2012
Linnea M: I like it Dec 30, 2012
Bomi B: favorite item for long time. need travel size. Dec 30, 2012
wenge w: just try it Dec 30, 2012
Diana A: wanted to try this product since it is a best seller Dec 30, 2012
Marian R: I like it Dec 30, 2012
Andrea D: I have always wanted to try this lotion due to its outstanding reputation. Dec 30, 2012
KATHLEEN P: Haven't a clue. Sounds intriguing? Dec 30, 2012
Jack B: This is a good product; I tried my wife's Dec 30, 2012
JOANN G: Want to try this lotion. Dec 30, 2012
Mary M: For overnight visits Dec 30, 2012
Diane O: been useing forever and its great product Dec 30, 2012
Nancy C: It moisturizes your skin! Wonderful product! Dec 30, 2012
Ying Z: I heard it is good, so I wanna try. Dec 30, 2012
Bozena T: I want try something new. Dec 30, 2012
Lili D: heard it before, want to try it Dec 30, 2012
Rachelle H: Not many samples left to choose from. Everytime I picked something it would tell me it was no longer available when I tried to check out. Dec 30, 2012
Marie B: I want so see if it's as good as the superbly restorative argan body lotion, Dec 30, 2012
Rebecca A: I would like my husband to try to this product (as he already uses the SPF 15...which he has used and loved for years) to see if the redness may diminish on his forehead. Dec 30, 2012
Mingxia Z: I like it Dec 30, 2012
Ngan Sze n: Love the creme de corps, always smell good and hydrate my skin Dec 30, 2012
Yunxi G: would like to try Dec 30, 2012
Muzi L: because the ones i like ran out of stock, sigh Dec 30, 2012
kathleen s: wanted to see how it works before buying a big one, my skin is extremely dry and many items are not emollient enough Dec 30, 2012
Kristina B: dry skin patches on arms Dec 30, 2012
Alexis D: Not too much choice Dec 30, 2012
janet e: samples I wanted not available Dec 30, 2012
Anthony C: I use it at my gym, Equinox, and love it. Dec 30, 2012
Nathan S: wanna try it. Dec 30, 2012
gina o: The best!! Dec 30, 2012
Sheree H: wanted to try Dec 30, 2012
Anamae D: To give to another daughter to see if she like it. Dec 30, 2012
Timothy C: no idea Dec 30, 2012
Chulakorn A: Try it Dec 30, 2012
JINGXIN L: first try Dec 30, 2012
Jie L: I have dry body skin and would like to try it Dec 30, 2012
Judy R: Will provide to a friend so she can learn about the wonder of Creme de Corps! Dec 29, 2012
Garvin L: My wife really likes this lotion Dec 29, 2012
Nancy Z: there are not many choices Dec 29, 2012
Marta O: Love this product! Dec 29, 2012
Alice C: My daughter likes this hand lotion. Dec 29, 2012
Marie B: for travel Dec 29, 2012
zhaofen y: first time use , hope the result Dec 29, 2012
Sharp W: i would like to try it. Dec 29, 2012
Inna P: I use Creme de Corps every day. It does a great job at moisturizing and has hardly any smell. My skin is also sensitive and I have no issues using this Creme. Samples are great for when I travel :) Dec 29, 2012
joy h: very little to choose from Dec 29, 2012
Edwinna P B: gift Dec 29, 2012
Erica W: Friend's recommendation Dec 29, 2012
Teresa G: because they are free Dec 29, 2012
Simone A: Because I love this one! Dec 29, 2012
pamela l: I have never tried this Dec 29, 2012
Linda S: Limited samples available Dec 29, 2012
Gretchen B: looked good Dec 29, 2012
gregory b: try it Dec 29, 2012
Patricia M: love it Dec 29, 2012
Andrea P: Looking for a good hand cream. Dec 29, 2012
Tszman L: wondering how it works to my skin Dec 29, 2012
janet k: I am curious about this product and want to try before I buy. This has many great reviews. Dec 29, 2012
Jie R: good Dec 29, 2012
KATHLEEN M W: like this hand creme for Arizona dry weather Dec 28, 2012
Chen-Rui C: I want to know the scent Dec 28, 2012
Melissa D: Rave reviews and I have not tried this cream yet. I am curious Dec 28, 2012
Debbie G: Wanted to try Dec 28, 2012
Yecenia M: i have dry body skin and need a good body lotion. Dec 28, 2012
Karen B: I am a new customer to Kiehls & would like to try this favorite. Dec 28, 2012
Tamisha D: I love this product. It's great for beating the dry skin of winters in NY. Applied once a day and my skin is moisterized for 24 hours. Dec 28, 2012
jade o: One can never have too much of this product. Dec 28, 2012
Elizabeth J: great size for travel Dec 28, 2012
Diana K: new Dec 28, 2012
DORA C: try Dec 28, 2012
Christine R: it's new to me. Thought I try it out! Dec 28, 2012
Sharon C: Will give to a friend to try. Dec 28, 2012
HAO F: TRY Dec 28, 2012
huiyu y: I want to try. Dec 28, 2012
Mary S: Purse supply so I'll always have somewith me. Dec 27, 2012
HAIHONG L: TRY Dec 27, 2012
Nan J: Interested Dec 27, 2012
Stacy H: n/a Dec 27, 2012
Renee L: I am looking for a deep hydrating body creme. Dec 27, 2012
Marianne H: better skin Dec 27, 2012
Mary Ann M: love the scent and texture Dec 27, 2012
Selina L: try Dec 27, 2012
Winnie L: try Dec 27, 2012
Eloise L: No particular reason Dec 27, 2012
Eloise L: Had not tried it Dec 27, 2012
Erica K: looked fun! Dec 27, 2012
Lu Z: as up Dec 26, 2012
Michael W: There were only 6 samples to choose. Not much to choose. Dec 26, 2012
Dong W: I need cream Dec 26, 2012
jian s: just try Dec 26, 2012
sandy f: to try it Dec 26, 2012
Jinlan D: I want to try a new product. Dec 26, 2012
Chunhui Z: It is moisture. Dec 26, 2012
William N: JUST TO TRY Dec 26, 2012
Justo D: Only thing that works on my daughter's skin. She has eczema. Dec 26, 2012
TinMay L: for travel Dec 26, 2012
Nancy R: interested Dec 26, 2012
justine m: first time Dec 26, 2012
Patricia L: i have dry skin in winter Dec 25, 2012
sandra l: never tried it before Dec 25, 2012
Marlene C: Wanted to see how it compares to the musk lotion, which I love. Dec 25, 2012
Jean W: Want to try it out. Dec 25, 2012
Isabell V: from its name. Dec 25, 2012
Valencia W: Great for dry skin! Dec 24, 2012
Karen H: Like samples. Looking forward to using this one. Dec 24, 2012
Yan Y: want to try it. Dec 24, 2012
P U: first try Dec 24, 2012
Deborah N: skin needs Dec 24, 2012
jiao g: want try it Dec 23, 2012
Koeun L: because it's new Dec 23, 2012
Seungyeon C: I was curious to try this one. Dec 23, 2012
Nehemiah M: Good stuff! Dec 23, 2012
Mary B: Just to try it out Dec 23, 2012
yollie w: will try Dec 23, 2012
Brian E: This product is amazing! Dec 22, 2012
Irina L: I heard a lot about this product and wanted to try it. Dec 22, 2012
bettye h: Moisture is a problem in our area so thought this would be good. Dec 22, 2012
Patricia W: It looks like a creamy moisturizer Dec 22, 2012
KAREN M: For travel Dec 21, 2012
Judy C: i heard it's a good lotion Dec 21, 2012
Kathleen H: Popular Dec 20, 2012
Homero A: more Corps Dec 20, 2012
CAROLYN C: wanting to try different products Dec 20, 2012
Luci B H: Looking forword to trying this product and the other 2 samples Dec 20, 2012
Jean H: I have not tried this product before. I am always looking for the best products I can afford. Dec 20, 2012
Sandra P: purse size Dec 20, 2012
Waimum K: To try it out Dec 20, 2012
James A B: My Wife suggestion Dec 20, 2012
Donna H: I wanted to try this product as I enjoy the results of the other facial products. Dec 20, 2012
Janine T: wanted to try Dec 20, 2012
Susan L: want to try Dec 20, 2012
Daniel W: No idea.. I don't know what creme is for but I want it because it is free! Dec 19, 2012
Sally M: Great product--always! Dec 19, 2012
karen r: I used this in the past and wanted to see if the product was still as good as I remember. Dec 19, 2012
nan j: for one day business travl Dec 18, 2012
Mikkel P: same as above Dec 18, 2012
Eric S: For trial Dec 18, 2012
Julie L: had been told it is a good product Dec 18, 2012
Courtney E: Nice to have a small amount to throw in my bag Dec 18, 2012
Susan R: Never tried it Dec 18, 2012
kristine m: Sounds like it would help my skin. Dec 18, 2012
Laura A: To put in a Christmas stocking Dec 17, 2012
Kerrianne M: Sounds like a good moisturizer for the winter Dec 17, 2012
Patricia A: It was available - not very many choices of samples were offered. Dec 17, 2012
Billie M: I love these skin products. Dec 17, 2012
Andrea L: It would be convenient for travel. Dec 17, 2012
Richard H: I might like this Dec 17, 2012
SUNGTAI C: Wanted to see how well this works for my dry skin in the winter. Dec 17, 2012
Kathy M: I love it Dec 16, 2012
Lisa S: Hubby's dry skin Dec 16, 2012
John M: curious about the product. Dec 15, 2012
Kristina C: sounds interesting Dec 15, 2012
Steven S: For the wife Dec 15, 2012
Maxine J: Sounds like something I would like Dec 15, 2012
Helena M: to try this out myself Dec 15, 2012
Nancy C: to try! Dec 15, 2012
Christina T H: My favorite body lotion Dec 15, 2012
Michelle R: To try out the product. Dec 15, 2012
Caryl T: thought that my sisiter-in-law would like it. Dec 15, 2012
Marianne S: aware of it...have used it before Dec 15, 2012
Lori R: I love this lotion Dec 14, 2012
Lisa F: To use as a travel size. Dec 14, 2012
Teera C: want to try it myself Dec 14, 2012
Nikki M: I haven't tried it. Something different. Dec 14, 2012
brandi p: good reviews Dec 14, 2012
Philip G: same for all items selected: thought my wife might life this - a shift from her current use of philosophy. Dec 14, 2012
Theresa M: It was free Dec 14, 2012
Sarah C: Wanted to try it out Dec 14, 2012
Joy M: looking to try new things Dec 14, 2012
Amber H: to put in a stocking of a person with very dry skin Dec 13, 2012
Sandy M: I like this. Dec 13, 2012
ELAINE F: Something new to try! Dec 13, 2012
Susan E: to try and see Dec 13, 2012
Courtney C: did not really know what it was. simply curious. Dec 13, 2012
Marty H: My grandma told me this stuff is incredible. Dec 13, 2012
Jennifer S: I love to have one on hand for overnights Dec 13, 2012
Sicong Z: Just want to try Dec 13, 2012
April B: Wanted to try. Dec 13, 2012
CHAO-YU L: try to use Dec 13, 2012
Lina B: nice for pocketbook or purse Dec 13, 2012
Remedios M: will travel soon and would take it with me Dec 13, 2012
Julie F C: have used it before and it is wonderful Dec 13, 2012
Elaine C: Wanted to try body lotion Dec 13, 2012
Margarita C: try it Dec 12, 2012
Tian J: wanna try Dec 12, 2012
Dina R: what i am ordering Dec 12, 2012
Stella E: Want to try it. Dec 12, 2012
Mike S: Easy to carry Dec 12, 2012
John L: SAME AS ONE ABOVE Dec 12, 2012
Karen N: SOMETHING NEW TO TRY Dec 12, 2012
TERESA S: Have heard excellent comments, just want to try it. Dec 12, 2012
Barbara M: Our family uses this and love it! Dec 12, 2012
Tonjes B: Just to try Dec 12, 2012
Sheyla K: sampling, never used it. Dec 12, 2012
Claudia S: Want to compare to current daily lotion from another company. Dec 12, 2012
Remedios M: I will try this. Dec 11, 2012
janette s: gift Dec 11, 2012
Janey H: I love this lotion - it penetrates the skin to moisturize, unlike a lot of lotions on the market. Dec 11, 2012
Jaime K: I use body lotion for travel Dec 11, 2012
Sandra C: Know it's a good! Dec 11, 2012
Erin C: already love this product - Dec 11, 2012
Corey H: Interested in how it will work Dec 11, 2012
Susan N: dry hands Dec 10, 2012
Yining W: popular Dec 10, 2012
Peggy H: same as above Dec 10, 2012
Peggy H: Same as above. Dec 10, 2012
Michele C: dry skin Dec 10, 2012
holly h: "rich deep moisture for body, plus, it's UNSCENTED!!!" Dec 10, 2012
Jamie C: It was on the top 10 picks page Dec 10, 2012
Katie S: trial Dec 10, 2012
Elizabeth T: Just to try it Dec 10, 2012
Sally R: Great product! Dec 10, 2012
K U: something new to try Dec 10, 2012
Karen M: right size for travelling Dec 9, 2012
Virginia H: want to try Dec 9, 2012
Lingxi G: would like to try Dec 9, 2012
Staci M: would like to try Dec 9, 2012
Elaine T: Sounds great Dec 9, 2012
Dawn M: I use this product everyday and it is my favorite lotion ever! Dec 9, 2012
anne m: just to try Dec 9, 2012
Leslie S: love creme de corps Dec 9, 2012
Deanna B: me Dec 9, 2012
Elaine G: one for my purse Dec 9, 2012
Dina C: limited selection Dec 9, 2012
pamela w: i've heard it's fantastic cream Dec 8, 2012
Jennifer F: for me Dec 8, 2012
zuchun s: i want to try Dec 8, 2012
Dana F: Used it before and its great. I like to have samples in my purse Dec 8, 2012
Janine P: I like the name Dec 7, 2012
jennifer c: First time using them Dec 7, 2012
william f: no reason Dec 7, 2012
ka c: for traveling Dec 7, 2012
Jo G: just to try Dec 7, 2012
Sherry R: New to Kiehl's Products; this was recommended to me by a friend. Dec 7, 2012
MARIA E L: I use before , is excellent Dec 6, 2012
Kathy R: my skin is oily Dec 6, 2012
Thomas W: use it Dec 6, 2012
Suzanne N: I was tempted to order this, but I still have a body lotion to finish. This might be next. Dec 6, 2012
XINYUE Y: wanna try Dec 6, 2012
Phoebe P: try out the skin moisterizer Dec 6, 2012
Meredith D: This lotion is very effective in controling the dry skin, especially on my lower legs. Dec 6, 2012
Rose S: wonderful! Dec 6, 2012
Jane D: this is a great lotion !! Dec 6, 2012
Joshua M: better skin Dec 6, 2012
jim k: just checking it out Dec 6, 2012
Louis S: One of the best products on the market--I buy it in the 1 liter size and it sit on my counter and I keep one at work also Dec 6, 2012
Jennifer U: Have heard it is the best Dec 6, 2012
KarSSmit: For hand cream Dec 6, 2012
xiang f: good Dec 6, 2012
Drenda H: want to try/great reviews Dec 5, 2012
Yuna E: I saw few ads about this product so I decided I might give it a try Dec 5, 2012
Martha H: to try Dec 5, 2012
Susan C: no particular reason Dec 5, 2012
Adah L: Just love your whipped lotion Dec 5, 2012
Bonnie W: I love this product so I'll take any samples I can get. Dec 5, 2012
minwen w: i looooooove it. it keeps skin moisture all day long Dec 4, 2012
Raegan M: free Dec 4, 2012
Heike F: seems interesting. Dec 4, 2012
Sally L: I have used this products for years. When I visited my brother and sister-in-law in Kansas she could not get over how my skin still glowed at 65 Dec 4, 2012
Pamela F: my favorite cream Dec 3, 2012
Cheyenne S: I have very dry skin Dec 3, 2012
Audrey F: only choice given for samples and then not 7 Dec 3, 2012
Anna M: Love this lotion. Perfect amount for an overnight getaway. Dec 3, 2012
Christine B: leaves my dry hands feeling smooth and not greasy Dec 2, 2012
Beverly S: I have very dry skin and have been using a product that that works but has many toxins. Want to find something that works as well but without those toxins. I'm hoping! Dec 2, 2012
Carol H: Love this creme! Dec 1, 2012
Joyce N: great stuff Dec 1, 2012
elizabeth k: have no idea - just experimenting Dec 1, 2012
Margaret S: try for me Nov 30, 2012
Eunhea P: curious Nov 30, 2012
LIANG Z: I LIKE IT Nov 30, 2012
shengtzu h: want to try it Nov 30, 2012
alice v: free Nov 30, 2012
Rae U: Seemed popular Nov 30, 2012
jodie o: positive reviews Nov 30, 2012
Qun Hui C: I may get these next order. Nov 30, 2012
Shiliang J: Very nice. Nov 25, 2012
lin c: wanna try it Nov 25, 2012
Barbara W: I have never used this product and I want to try. Nov 25, 2012
Sharon E: I just wanted to try it. Nov 25, 2012
Xiangming Z: Good for skin Nov 25, 2012
Mingjia M: good Nov 25, 2012
Peter W: Wanted to try it Nov 25, 2012
Yuanyuan H: I just want to try this one. Nov 25, 2012
katy d: sounds like a great product.. Nov 25, 2012
Jason R: Wife Nov 25, 2012
miyoung j: dry skin Nov 25, 2012
Yulei X: Because it is one of top holiday picks Nov 25, 2012
Tanya W: It's the only cream that soothes my dad's psoriasis!!!! Nov 25, 2012
Wangping Y: It's recommed by my friends. Nov 25, 2012
Jill K: Take to work Nov 25, 2012
XU Z: recommended by friends Nov 25, 2012
Betsy D: just curious Nov 25, 2012
traci r: For dad to give to a friend to try. Nov 25, 2012
Helene P: have used this product and like it Nov 25, 2012
Hsiu-Ju T: May try and buy it Nov 24, 2012
Yaowalak P: good Nov 24, 2012
david b: great product Nov 24, 2012
Michelle E: to have a travel size Nov 24, 2012
Terrie T: have heard great things about it Nov 24, 2012
Jennifer H: absolute favorite moisturizer in the world! need samples for traveling Nov 24, 2012
Yi H: Just try it, never use it before. Nov 23, 2012
Mary V C: Texas is very dry in the winter. I hope this will help with my skin. Nov 23, 2012
Sheila B: I live in a cold climate Nov 23, 2012
maxine s: I love this product Nov 23, 2012
Matthew R: Curiosity Nov 23, 2012
Anna R: I want to try it. Nov 23, 2012
Jingyang C: Have a try. Nov 23, 2012
Akosua T: I order this cream when Oprah introduced it on GMA and is a good skin product i have ever bought because i have been trying a lot of body cream but none of them works on my body as this one does. I love this cream very much and it worth the money if you have the money to buy it Nov 22, 2012
Xiangnan X: I heard favorable comments on it Nov 22, 2012
Karl K: Great moisturizer; can't have enough creme de corps Nov 22, 2012
Yaxian H: I have never used kiel's, but I heard it's great. Nov 22, 2012
Yaxian H: I heard it's great. Nov 22, 2012
Yuan Z: try Nov 22, 2012
Xin B: want yo try Nov 22, 2012
judy h: Future possible gifting. Nov 22, 2012
dorothy m: nice for traveling Nov 21, 2012
Barbara H: great for my gym bag Nov 20, 2012
Barbara H: Great product--size is great for gym bag Nov 20, 2012
laura L: useful, easy to travel with. Nov 20, 2012
Joyce S: want this for travel... rich and creamy and smells so good Nov 20, 2012
michele t: It is a top choice for shoppers so before I buy would like to try. Nov 20, 2012
Donna I: Not Greasy Nov 19, 2012
joseph r: Because I love this stuff. Nov 19, 2012
Stacie S: great moisturizer Nov 19, 2012
hugh h: was simply curious Nov 19, 2012
Janis T: Great to have this wonderful lotion in my purse. Nov 19, 2012
Kimberly S: Love this product, going to give to my sister to see if she's into it. Nov 19, 2012
Deborah F: Try on dry hands Nov 19, 2012
Starletta D: love this product have been using this for years Nov 19, 2012
Fran S: As per Miss Oprah's recommendation I have ordered the larger version previously and thought this would be nice to have in my handbag! Nov 19, 2012
Theresa T: Love this formula! Perfect for cooler months. Nov 18, 2012
Robert M: My wife wanted this. Nov 18, 2012
Frieda H: want to try lotion; looking for scent-free body lotion Nov 18, 2012
Ting L: See Ads Nov 18, 2012
Adele T: was a complimentary gift with my first order Nov 17, 2012
Olivia C: good reviews on internet Nov 17, 2012
Julie J: Good basic. Nov 17, 2012
Chunfang Q: godd for the dry skin in winter, especially applied after bath Nov 16, 2012
Yupeng w: good for skin Nov 16, 2012
Sally S: I like to have samples for travel. I have very dry skin and I do like this product. Nov 15, 2012
Christopher F: Advertised email Nov 15, 2012
John W: Ditto above. Nov 15, 2012
Sarah F: Love the scent, trying to decide if I want to splurge on a full size Nov 15, 2012
Sara S: sounds interesting Nov 13, 2012
shelley b: wanted to try it Nov 13, 2012
patrica t: I want to try it out Nov 6, 2012
Harry J: Trying it Nov 5, 2012
adrienne b: recommended by friend Nov 4, 2012
Courtney C: I have heard good things about this product. Nov 4, 2012
April S: Love trying different hand lotions. Haven't found one I like the best." Nov 4, 2012
Nan M: just to try it Nov 3, 2012
Ione H: Gift for my daughter to try. Will use as a stocking gift. Nov 2, 2012
Andrea L: Tried and liked. Oct 31, 2012
Carol L: Want to try it Oct 31, 2012
Roseann K: Random hit Oct 29, 2012
fredia r: na Oct 28, 2012
S. H: You wouldn't allow me to choose 2 face wash samples. Oct 28, 2012
virginia n: to try Oct 28, 2012
Pamela E: I wanted to try this product as well! Oct 28, 2012
Leola M: free Oct 28, 2012
Margaret H: Already know I like this product. Oct 27, 2012
Anita S: wanted to try Oct 26, 2012
Judy S: want to try Oct 26, 2012
Donna H: I felt I might like this product. Oct 26, 2012
Anne C: wanted to try it Oct 25, 2012
Megan R: I could only select 2 samples.
Have not used any of the products
Oct 25, 2012
Anita W: want it for my purse for emergencies Oct 25, 2012
Bonnie R: always wanted to try it, it's famous. Oct 24, 2012
Stella G: because it is a new product to me and I'd like to try it. Oct 24, 2012
susan s: should like it dry skin Oct 21, 2012
cary w: chose all products for the first time.heard they all are excellentfrom my friends Oct 19, 2012
Jeff B: Great for all around moisturizing. Oct 19, 2012
Lisa T: Interested in trying it Oct 19, 2012
Kent T: Never tried it. Oct 17, 2012
Michael P: Its simpley the best use it everyday after shower good for the joints and i have the softest skin in the world over 20 years or more lost track when really started Oct 15, 2012
Nicole S: I'm always interested in trying new moisturizers. Oct 15, 2012
Janice K: Always interested in good body lotions. Oct 11, 2012
Susan D: This is the best stuff ever! Oct 7, 2012
isidora P: i like my body to smell good and be soft to the touch. Oct 7, 2012
Theresa L: I like it Oct 5, 2012
Ciel L: just to try Oct 3, 2012
barbara r: so she could try this also Oct 3, 2012
Brian M: I have heard this product is awesome Oct 3, 2012
Noriko K: great reviews Oct 3, 2012
Mark W: Dry hands. Oct 1, 2012
You Z: I really like it. Very hydrating. Make my skin smooth. Oct 1, 2012
Bianca C: Heard it was good. Sep 29, 2012
mindy w: wants moisturizer for skin Sep 28, 2012
Kimberly R: Dry skin. Sep 28, 2012
Gwen M: like to try Sep 24, 2012
Afsaneh A: I've heard this is a nice lotion and wanted to give it a try. Sep 24, 2012
Pamela T: Just want to try it. Sep 24, 2012
Karen P: my daughter LOVES this product so I want to try it Sep 24, 2012
Mei I: Like it Sep 24, 2012
robert v: I used it once before and I like the way it made my skin feel. Sep 24, 2012
Carrie R: My hair doesn't seem to hold moisture. Thought I'd see if this product would work. Very thin hair, so difficult to find something that provides "weightless moisture". Now just trying anything Sep 24, 2012
Huimin T: This is good for sensitive skin Sep 24, 2012
CINDY H: I just want to try it. Sep 24, 2012
Jing Y: I heard about this body lotion, so I'm curious Sep 23, 2012
Michelle S: interested in seeing on how it works. heard a lot about it and keihls never sends samples or coupons for it. Sep 23, 2012
Patricia H: Family purchase, everyone loves this lotion. Sep 23, 2012
Stephanie C: The Best! Sep 23, 2012
janis e: interested in trying this product Sep 22, 2012
hong s: "because this have five stars" Sep 22, 2012
Michelle E: Giving this a try based on the reviews Sep 21, 2012
Jun Y: try Sep 21, 2012
binglong l: Friends recommand this. i want to try ! Sep 20, 2012
cynthia r: wanted to try this product looks good Sep 20, 2012
Stefania C: I don't know the product and I would like to try it to see how my skin likes it, and eventually buy it. Sep 20, 2012
christopher h: because dead people need lotion too! Sep 19, 2012
yao w: friends recommend Sep 18, 2012
Randy R: I love this product, but it is too expensive to buy, so I order the samples whenever I can. Sep 18, 2012
Amy G: Wanted to try the moisturizer that everyone talks about! Sep 18, 2012
Diane J: I like the product, and this size is great to take on an overnight trip. Sep 18, 2012
Diana L: Heard great things about this but would like to try it out first Sep 18, 2012
lisa b: wanted to try Sep 18, 2012
Xinfan Z: Try out Sep 18, 2012
Karen W: Because I have very dry skin and I'm always looking for a new moisturizer Sep 17, 2012
Camille B: tried at a friends' home Sep 17, 2012
Prithivee F: will try never use before Sep 16, 2012
ann r: I wanted to try the lotion version of my favorite creme. I'm sure I"ll love it - and if that's the case I'm going to buy the 1 liter size and place it for auto-shipment Sep 16, 2012
Marianne T: Best moisturizer on the market. Husband LOVES this. Naturally scented, completely absorbent. Sep 15, 2012
Monika F: It wsa recommeded to me by a friend. She absolutely loves it. Sep 12, 2012
Lena D: Nice & light feel, not greasy. Best for the Summer months Sep 10, 2012
Barbara O: my hair is very dry and I am over 55. I thought this might be good for my hair Sep 9, 2012
Terry Ann B: Read about it in a magazine recommended by Kelly Ripa Sep 8, 2012
Brenda S: most popular Sep 7, 2012
Chris K: I wanted to see why it was the most popular Sep 6, 2012
Rui M: NICE Aug 30, 2012
Shannon B: Would Like to try Aug 29, 2012
Jiaqi W: always love this Aug 28, 2012
carolyn j s: experienced user Aug 27, 2012
Donna B: I love thick, luxurious body creams and I hope this is one Aug 26, 2012
Matt W: Curious to try Aug 22, 2012
Mercedes D: I also love this creme! Living in AZ in the hot sun requires a good all over body creme. Aug 20, 2012
Judy L: want to try it Aug 8, 2012
Ningning W: It is in deep nourishment Aug 7, 2012
bernice b: good stuff Aug 7, 2012
Pamela F: nice to have an extra small package for traveling! Aug 5, 2012
Colleen W: would love to try it Aug 4, 2012
Shuzuan L: nice Aug 3, 2012
Deborah K: I want to see if it works for me. Aug 3, 2012
Valerie O: I'm always looking for products that work better than what I'm currently using & love Kiehl's products. Aug 2, 2012
Gahl B: I've heard lots of good things about this lotion and wanted to give it a try. Aug 2, 2012
Amber S: it's the BEST EVER Jul 31, 2012
Lindsey G: Have heard how amazing it is so decided to finally try it out. Jul 31, 2012
Deborah F: Sounds like a nice product for dry skin. Jul 29, 2012
sandy j: It is suppose to be Fergies favorite body cream Jul 25, 2012
darlene s: live in a very dry area, need moisture. Jul 25, 2012
carmen b: Tried a sample and loved it! All day softness with no heavy perfumes. Just right for someone like me who is very sensitive to overpowering scents and scents in general. Jul 22, 2012
Sharon P: Best body lotion. Jul 22, 2012
Terra B: Such an amazing lotion. My body feels like satin. Jul 21, 2012
bridget w: Best skin care cream Jul 19, 2012
Henry C: Always trying to perfect a sudtle blend Jul 19, 2012
Joan T: not sure Jul 18, 2012
Tina R: Looking for a good body lotion, but I have to say, the comments on the fragrance of this product makes me want a sample of it before I spend the money on a larger size. Jul 16, 2012
monique m: wanted to try, its free way not Jul 16, 2012
Amy S: I love to take this with me when I travel Jul 16, 2012
Casey M: wanted moisturizer for travel Jul 16, 2012
Anne D: Wanted to try a moisturizer. Jul 15, 2012
KAREN M: For travel Jul 15, 2012
I. Jeanne R: Want to try it. Jul 15, 2012
Carmen B: I like the skincare I've tried so far and wanted to give the bodycare a try. Jul 15, 2012
xiaofei p: gift Jul 15, 2012
linda d: I saw it in Star magazine Jul 14, 2012
Dottie B: Need a good body lotion. Jul 14, 2012
Wendy G: Family of swimmers...always looking for a luxurious, effective mositurizer! Jul 13, 2012
Donna S: I used to like this for roughness. Thought I would try it again. Jul 13, 2012
Leila S: To give to a friend... Jul 12, 2012
Angela D: Saw it advertised in many magazines for many years Jul 11, 2012
Celeste H: Kelly Ripa said it's the best moisturizer on Earth. I respect her. Jul 10, 2012
ricky k: Have not tried it yet, going to sample it. Jul 9, 2012
regina l: wanted to try it Jul 7, 2012
ANNA H: Like to us body lotions and since I am using other products I wanted to try it Jul 5, 2012
Anita D: sample Jul 3, 2012
William C: It may make her skin nice and smooth all over... Jul 2, 2012
Ellen Z: like to use this in the winter Jul 1, 2012
John R: wanted to try Jun 30, 2012
Rita F: Have used in the past. Jun 29, 2012
Anne E: I had to choose something. Jun 29, 2012
Judith P: I like the samples for travel. Jun 28, 2012
Peggy L: I love the way this lotion is described. I can just picture myself with beautiful soft skin. Jun 25, 2012
Carol D: The best lotion for dry skin that we have found! Jun 25, 2012
Sandra W: Just wanted my son to try it. Jun 25, 2012
LORI DAWN K: I've used it before. It's perfect for my purse. Jun 24, 2012
Alan S: Because this is absolutely the most amazing body cream that I have ever tried. We are addicted to it! Jun 24, 2012
Lina M: looking for revitalization in every way possible! Jun 22, 2012
Jann B: I am looking for a body cream that will last for the day. Jun 22, 2012
Lili S: I've never this and my goal is to try as many of you products as I can so I know which ones work for me Jun 21, 2012
Christine M: want to try Jun 21, 2012
Sims J: I like it Jun 21, 2012
Sims J: Just to try it. Jun 21, 2012
KATHLEEN M W: liked product Jun 19, 2012
Jennifer H: want to try Jun 18, 2012
David S: want to try it Jun 17, 2012
Jung L: want to try Jun 16, 2012
Cheng J: like it Jun 16, 2012
Sara N: I am looking for a new body lotion and wanted to try Jun 16, 2012
Yingjie Z: Friend's introduction Jun 14, 2012
Joy N: Limited choices for samples and have this and like it. Jun 11, 2012
Anita J: I've used it before and like it. Jun 8, 2012
Pamela M: I would like to have a small sample in my purse. Jun 8, 2012
Barbara W: For purse...or travel use. Jun 7, 2012
Barbara W: Using in purse for emergency. Jun 7, 2012
Linda V: it looks like a good product for a 35 year old man. Jun 3, 2012
LINDA J: Great overall moisturizer. Jun 2, 2012
Kay W: This product is awesome !! May 31, 2012
Roberta M: Wanted to try it. May 31, 2012
Janet B: Just want to try it out. May 31, 2012
Tracy M: I chose this product because I have heard and read that it is a favorite in moisturizing skin. May 31, 2012
Wanda K: It works very well for me. May 29, 2012
Christine T: Wonderful body moisture! May 29, 2012
Margaret P: travel May 26, 2012
Kelly B: I have dry skin...wanted to try - heard it was really good. May 25, 2012
Lisa M: for travel May 24, 2012
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jo c: wanted to try May 21, 2012
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jan n: wanted to try May 20, 2012
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Julie S: Want to try May 18, 2012
Mark A: Just trying it out. Dry in the desert. May 18, 2012
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Jeanne S: I chose this item because I'd