Blue Astringent Herbal Lotion Sample

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Blue Astringent Herbal Lotion Sample
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Kiehl's Since 1851 Store asked: Why did you choose this?
Suzanne L: Because I read that it's good for pore reduction Sep 19, 2014
Susan H: Trying something new. Sep 19, 2014
Shirla H: Want to try Sep 18, 2014
Christine A: Try new product. Sep 18, 2014
qin p: My skin is pretty dry,and i guess this would help Sep 17, 2014
Mary F: I chose this item due to good reviews from others Sep 17, 2014
Wenqing Z: good Sep 16, 2014
Vanessa B: Want to see how this works in comparison with the rare earth toner. Sep 14, 2014
Shuang W: nice thing Sep 13, 2014
J W: I don't like lotions as a rule. Maybe this one will be different. Sep 13, 2014
zeng qiu xiang z: I'd like to try Sep 9, 2014
joan b: i love all of your products, but never used your astringent. so, i thought i would try it. Sep 8, 2014
Julia V: Trying it Sep 8, 2014
Jackie J: The word "astringent" and "herbal" sounded fun Sep 8, 2014
Paulette O: I live in the Northeast and my hands get really dry in the winter from constant washing. Sep 7, 2014
Connie H: Friend recommended Sep 6, 2014
Peilu L: recommended by others Sep 5, 2014
Mary B: love lotion, and this seems nice. Sep 5, 2014
Emily C: curious what "Astringent lotion" means Sep 4, 2014
XIAOQING X: GOOD Sep 1, 2014
Jonathan N: ? Sep 1, 2014
Mengsi D: I hope it can help my acne Aug 25, 2014
Xiaoyu C: I just want to know how it works. Aug 23, 2014
Yan L: Have a try Aug 17, 2014
Jingsi L: I never use it before, I want to try Aug 10, 2014
Chad D: Because I got the Toner that's like it. Aug 4, 2014
Hui Y: try Jul 26, 2014
Celestine H: always looking for new lotions. love good smells. Jul 24, 2014
nobuko p: I like to try it. Jul 22, 2014
Diana U: I like the Blue gel cleanser. Curious to see how the lotion works out for me. Jul 13, 2014
Annie H: For the occasional breakouts I get, this astringent does the job without being harsh. Jun 10, 2014
Amy S: great reviews Jun 5, 2014
Kathy W: want to try May 17, 2014
Dianne G: To see if I like it and it doesn't cause acne Apr 4, 2014
colleen h: LOVE this for post work out to remove sweat Mar 31, 2014
Melissa S: I am hoping this will help my husbands acne back. Mar 17, 2014
siqi c: try the "star product" out Mar 17, 2014
Cody S: Blue is an awesome colour Feb 13, 2014
Lin X: try new moisturizer Feb 1, 2014
Elizabeth S: Since I like the wash I thought I'd try the lotion Jan 7, 2014
Tina P: try Dec 29, 2013
Yayu M: try Dec 24, 2013
Surekha S: To try it Dec 23, 2013
sumeet c: just wanted to try an astringent on my acne prone skin Dec 19, 2013
Colleen D: Never used it before. Wanted to see what its like. Dec 17, 2013
Limeng L: I like it Dec 12, 2013
sharon r: gift Dec 9, 2013
Dong hyun K: d Dec 9, 2013
WEILIN Y: TRY Dec 8, 2013
Renee Y: My husband needs to try some facial products Dec 6, 2013
Jiang T: for self use Dec 6, 2013
Pinkie F: herbal sound refreshing Dec 6, 2013
claire w: i have a rash around nose and on chin would like something natural to take the red away Dec 5, 2013
Wei W: just want to try Dec 5, 2013
Jingxuan Y: Try Dec 4, 2013
Karen S: Great for razor burn Dec 4, 2013
Sharon D: Need a new astringent Dec 4, 2013
Elizabeth H: Wanted to try. Dec 4, 2013
Jenifer W: want to try it. Dec 4, 2013
Harold D: use for travel Dec 4, 2013
Kathryn E: free Dec 4, 2013
Pamela R: wanted to try for self Dec 4, 2013
Julie W: Love this lotion! Have used it for many years now - it's lightweight and smells so good. Dec 3, 2013
Meizhi L: I like it. Dec 3, 2013
yuanli l: try Dec 3, 2013
Laurice K: Future consideration Dec 3, 2013
weiling w: want to try Dec 2, 2013
Nicholas H: Love using this after shaving. Dec 2, 2013
weiya x: friends recommend Dec 2, 2013
Akane I: I just want to try. Nov 30, 2013
Joseph G: Wanted to try this Nov 30, 2013
Hanna P: I have acne-prone skin and wanted to try this. Nov 18, 2013
ANDREA S: Blue Herbal doesn't overdry your skin. Nov 18, 2013
Carissa P: I sometimes have problems with blemishes Nov 15, 2013
chenyue c: GOOD Nov 13, 2013
Douglas H: experiment Nov 8, 2013
kelly g: new to kiehls, wanted to try it. i have very dry skin and live in the desert. Nov 3, 2013
Mengjia X: wanna try it Nov 2, 2013
Kirsten A: This always saves my skin when I have a breakout! Nov 1, 2013
zhongmei c: first time try Oct 31, 2013
Katie F: Breakouts Oct 30, 2013
Alicia P: I want to try. Oct 24, 2013
Louise P: Trying it out. Oct 24, 2013
Chandler F: The astringent toner is great. Oct 13, 2013
Yu Q: I WANT TO TRY IT Oct 4, 2013
Jun F: Trying. Oct 3, 2013
steven t: large pores Oct 3, 2013
jennifer b: like product and need for travel Sep 29, 2013
Daniel B: travel Sep 23, 2013
Shuai Y: like it Sep 21, 2013
Rachel K: Works AWESOME for drying up blemishes before they happen! Sep 19, 2013
Richard H: also helps with acne during a breakout Sep 3, 2013
Michelle G: Did not really care for this product. Aug 29, 2013
Valerie R: Cleanser was recommended by your staff and I liked it very much, wanted to try more products in the line. Aug 19, 2013
ying y: just try it Aug 16, 2013
Stephanie W: Something new, wanted to try it Jun 13, 2013
Yunong X: want to try this one Jun 13, 2013
Junghoon P: Good Rating Jun 8, 2013
JINGYI L: good May 26, 2013
Shuangyan H: interested. May 21, 2013
Victoria R: A friend requested it May 20, 2013
Sam K: great after shave May 12, 2013
Kathe F: It was free May 11, 2013
Beverly T: never tried before May 8, 2013
Isobel O: Other Reviews Apr 19, 2013
Andrew K: Great astringent, love the degreasing properties Apr 9, 2013
Sarah H: Based on the feedback and iconic status of this product - I was interested to see what all the fuss was about. Apr 3, 2013
Jillian R: acne problems Feb 11, 2013
Michael E: Previously used Feb 10, 2013
Barbara B: Want to try it for occasional acne Feb 2, 2013
Haoyu Z: try Feb 1, 2013
Kerrie D: wanted to try the acne line Jan 20, 2013
Joida M: did not like Dec 18, 2012
xiaolei s: I like it very much Dec 9, 2012
Gina S: Other people seem to like it. Dec 6, 2012
CHIU C: AS GOOD AS IT described Dec 6, 2012
Louis H: Have used it for a long time.
Like it, feels great after shaving.
Dec 6, 2012
Corinne C: because its blue! Dec 4, 2012
Roxana H: I am currently using Rose Water something and it has a high alcohol content. Dec 3, 2012
Tianqi Z: Just try Nov 24, 2012
Ruixian L: Just want to try Nov 21, 2012
HOng L: want to give a try. Nov 15, 2012
Martin M: I use it quite often, and it is great for travel. Oct 26, 2012
Jim S: we are never out of this stuff - can't say enough about how clean it make the face feel Oct 16, 2012
Katherine L: We use this as an on the spot acne treatment and always keep some around. I miss the days when Kiehl's gave out a teeny bottle instead of the packet! Oct 12, 2012
Noriko K: Need a new toner Oct 3, 2012
Younhee S: I want to try this. Oct 1, 2012
Haoting F: seems good. i wanna try it Oct 1, 2012
Maria D: To compare it to Ultra Facial Oil-free toner. Sep 30, 2012
Sonja L: Just something else to try with the Blue Herbal line Sep 24, 2012
Mia L: trying the "original" kiehl's product, hoping it will help with acne Sep 23, 2012
Jaclyn R: Want to try Sep 23, 2012
Haoyu Z: Just a try. Sep 21, 2012
Robin B: This product is great to use after shaving--It makes my skin smooth when used in combo with Creme de Corps Soy Milk and Honey Body Polish! Sep 21, 2012
alicia p: i was looking for a good lotion so i wanted to try this might work. Sep 18, 2012
Dandan P: My skin breaks out sometime. It's for oily and acne skin. I would like to know whether it could help me. Sep 17, 2012
Lindsey B: Would like to see if this helps control my blemishes, but want to be sure it's not too harsh for my sensitive skin. Sep 16, 2012
ann r: Intrigued by this product. I have teenage kids and I don't like the harsh chemicals in other acne treatments. Sep 16, 2012
Minjia L: I try to use it Aug 30, 2012
yasumi r: ideal for upcoming travel by airplane. i don't want to take a bottle for few day supply. Aug 28, 2012
Floyd W: Want to try before I buy. Aug 21, 2012
Alexandra M: For my brother to try. If he likes it, i will order as a gift Aug 19, 2012
Diana W: Trying it out Aug 15, 2012
Aric C: the fast and the best lotion for blemish prone skin I ever tried. Aug 13, 2012
Kristina L E: My niece visited me last week (she is 12) and I think she needs to find the right mix of products. So I am sending her some samples. Aug 8, 2012
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