BB Cream Sample - Fair

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Vitamin C
Known for its affinity with skin and its powerful ability to improve the appearance of skin aging. See more products with Vitamin C

UV Filters: Homoslate (UVB Filter), Octisalate (UVB Filter), Octocrylene (UVB Filter), Oxybenzone (UVA/UVB Filter).

BB Cream Sample - Fair
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Kiehl's Since 1851 Store asked: Why did you choose this?
sarah w: coverage Sep 14, 2014
Christie H: If the lighter color doesn't work, this one should. Sep 14, 2014
Sarah C: I love BB Creams and thought I should try this one! Sep 14, 2014
kristine c: Like how it feels on my skin. Sep 14, 2014
Ying L: try it first Sep 13, 2014
nai l: i tried few different brand and like this better than other brand. Sep 13, 2014
kathy p: it has sun screen Sep 13, 2014
MIHEE H: want to try color Sep 13, 2014
Michael E: wife chose this and she has other bb products, she must have ordered to compare Sep 13, 2014
jiang l: I'm your big fan of Kiehls,so don't need a reason to choose it. Sep 13, 2014
belinda e: To try Sep 12, 2014
Huanhuan S: friends recommendation Sep 11, 2014
Jennifer L: i liked it Sep 11, 2014
Jocelyn A: Effective Sep 11, 2014
rocky m: wanted to try Sep 11, 2014
Yu Y: wanna give it a try. Sep 11, 2014
Mariko T: During the day, I want to try BB Cream. Sep 11, 2014
Victoria S: I want to see if I like this better than the untinted Sep 11, 2014
Tamers P: for my daughter Sep 11, 2014
Kathleen C: wanted to try Sep 11, 2014
PeterK: free Sep 11, 2014
Valda D: Have no clue what this is but thought I would give it a try. Sep 11, 2014
Lapchi W: The lack of BB cream Sep 11, 2014
Diana C: first try Sep 11, 2014
Ian R: is this for men or women? other BB creams are womens... Sep 10, 2014
Hsiu-Hua C: want to give a try. Sep 10, 2014
linda t: same as above Sep 10, 2014
Jeanne B: Made my skin look flawless Sep 10, 2014
YATI T: W Sep 10, 2014
Anna H: travel size Sep 9, 2014
Johanna M: Interested in trying it out on my girls Sep 9, 2014
Tricia J: This product is truly better than foundation. My skin tends to not accept foundation and always looks heavy. However since I started using Kiehl's BB Cream my complextion has never looked better. It goes on super smooth and blends to perfection. Sep 9, 2014
Wen L: Want to try. Sep 9, 2014
Claire R: Wanted to try and see what Kiehls BB cream was like Sep 8, 2014
Helen R: Just to try another color, I am using medium now. Sep 8, 2014
Jackie J: I love BB creams and want to see if I like Kiehl's formula. Sep 8, 2014
Yingying C: recommend by my friend Sep 7, 2014
Nicole C: I still haven't found a BB cream I like so I wanted to try this Sep 7, 2014
Joy R: It sounded interesting Sep 7, 2014
Yuliya K: There were no other interesting options Sep 7, 2014
JIA X: GOOD TO USE Sep 7, 2014
Paulette O: I don't like heavy makeup and have found I can eliminate a base by using a bb cream. Sep 7, 2014
Julia C: Just want to try Sep 7, 2014
michael m: wanted to try this product Sep 5, 2014
Mingyue D: Just try Sep 3, 2014
ilana p: no reason Sep 3, 2014
Margaret R: I want to try it. Sep 3, 2014
zhuowen N: good Sep 2, 2014
Shuqi Z: just try it Sep 1, 2014
haehyun H: Trial Sep 1, 2014
Yunzhen H: GOOD Sep 1, 2014
XIAOQING X: GOOD Sep 1, 2014
marie n: just want to try it Sep 1, 2014
Judith M: Because it was given as a choice. Sep 1, 2014
Rebeca B: Something new! Sep 1, 2014
Vivian F: Curious to try it. Aug 31, 2014
Patricia S: had to pick something Aug 31, 2014
Yuanyuan G: Friends recommend it Aug 30, 2014
Ana R: trying it for the first time Aug 30, 2014
Andria Z: Love BB Creams and hope to love this one Aug 30, 2014
Neida C: first time trying Aug 30, 2014
Patricia D: To try another product. Aug 29, 2014
Kathy T: checking out color Aug 29, 2014
Fred J: see above Aug 29, 2014
Xiao H: want to have a try of SPF staff Aug 28, 2014
yusupha j: "first time buyer" Aug 28, 2014
Scott O: i like Aug 27, 2014
Stacey I: Never used a BB cream so giving it a try. Aug 27, 2014
ETHAN C: LIKE IT Aug 25, 2014
Perry G: no reason Aug 25, 2014
Jeoffrey C: elder Aug 25, 2014
JUDY L: not sure which will fit my complexion Aug 25, 2014
Zhishan L: Try first time . Aug 25, 2014
orisia h: to try it. Aug 25, 2014
christopher d: not sure Aug 25, 2014
Barbara S: Something new to try Aug 25, 2014
Anita R: new for me Aug 25, 2014
Barbara M: Curious Aug 23, 2014
Reem E: Like Aug 21, 2014
Michael G: Trying to find a hypo-allergenic skin moisturizer Aug 21, 2014
regina j s: need lots of help for my aging face Aug 21, 2014
Charles N: want to try it Aug 20, 2014
ROBERTA C: try Aug 20, 2014
Yushan H: random Aug 20, 2014
Yan Z: I need a BB cream. want to try it Aug 20, 2014
Libby K: I wanted my daughter to try this product. Aug 19, 2014
Yan S: Just to give a try. Aug 18, 2014
JIAQI L: free Aug 17, 2014
Daphne C: Trying it out Aug 17, 2014
Elise A: I want to try it Aug 17, 2014
Fabiola V: To know it Aug 17, 2014
Delores S: wanted to try it Aug 16, 2014
karen s: BB creams hold multiple promises and i wanted to give yours a try Aug 16, 2014
christy r: New product for me. Aug 15, 2014
Leoona L: Same reason like below. Aug 14, 2014
shilin z: good Aug 12, 2014
betty c: Wanted my daughter to try. she is very fair. Aug 12, 2014
Janice O: It was free. Aug 11, 2014
Rong H: radom Aug 10, 2014
Yuhan Z: I want to try it. Aug 10, 2014
Carol T: I want to try the BB cream to eliminate need for heavier makeup Aug 10, 2014
Yanxia S: good Aug 10, 2014
qianji l: i wanna try it Aug 10, 2014
Kimberly T: I use this type of product with another company Aug 10, 2014
holly l: mmmm Aug 10, 2014
Alina G: Have never tried Kiehls BB creams and wanted to see if i like it. Aug 10, 2014
Quynh Nhu N: just try Aug 9, 2014
Roberta H: For dtr Aug 9, 2014
Yalin L: Lots of friends recommend this to me. Aug 9, 2014
WENHUI L: want to try it Aug 9, 2014
Lingjun X: wanna try Aug 9, 2014
Wan chun L: want to try out Aug 7, 2014
Haiyang L: by random Aug 5, 2014
Tara T: Been dying to try this product. headed to Panama so perfect timing. Aug 4, 2014
Karen C: Wanted to try Aug 1, 2014
Donna D: Seemed like a nice alternative to foundation Jul 29, 2014
sharon w: wanted to try Jul 28, 2014
Wen W: My friends tell me that this is perfect Jul 27, 2014
Kimberly K: Want to try it. Jul 27, 2014
Elaine B: Haven't tried yet. Couldn't order doubles of my favorites. Don't really now what these are for. Jul 27, 2014
Laura N: I'm searching for a good BB cream Jul 26, 2014
Jia Z: good Jul 26, 2014
Jane C: curious Jul 22, 2014
Xiaohua F: N/A Jul 20, 2014
Margo H: New Jul 20, 2014
Paula H: I have fair skin Jul 20, 2014
Jennifer K: Want to try their BB cream Jul 19, 2014
Erica C: I use a tinted moisturizer currently but I would prefer something more natural and this seems like a good option. Jul 18, 2014
Terra B: been using body shop BB cream but would like to try yours Jul 16, 2014
Patricia B: would like to buy -- need to get color right. Jul 15, 2014
Judith D: Mot enough choices given Jul 15, 2014
Ming R: try out new make up, need to pick up new bb cream Jul 14, 2014
shennie w: Using Estee Lauder`s right now. Would try how this works. Jul 13, 2014
Catherine P: Always wanted to try BB Cremes Jul 13, 2014
Sharyn G: to try it Jul 13, 2014
Lihua X: I want try Jul 13, 2014
marcela c: to see if I like it Jul 13, 2014
Ayako H: I'm interested in BB cream, but would like to try multiple color to find the best one for my skin color. Jul 13, 2014
Deirdre R: Makeup has to be tried before a commitment is made. This is a good way to see what is and isnt going to work on her skin. Jul 10, 2014
Nancy M: Try it Jul 8, 2014
julie S: use bb cream daily - wanted to try kiehls. Jul 8, 2014
Carol W: I wanted to try it. Jul 7, 2014
Irene D: I am curious about its Jul 7, 2014
Karla A: Would like to try. Jul 5, 2014
Zedi Y: want to try Jun 30, 2014
Deborah G: wanted to try Jun 30, 2014
Joseph W: wanted to try Jun 29, 2014
Kelsey R: wanted to try your BB cream! Jun 29, 2014
Lizzy B: try it Jun 29, 2014
Janet C: since it was a sunscreen I could put it over my other sunscreen and it covers beautifully. I have redness since I am so fair, this covers it and I don/t feel like I an wearing anything. I highly recommend it Jun 29, 2014
michelle L: try it Jun 27, 2014
Brittany S: Travel. Jun 25, 2014
Kerry H: I love BB creams and have not tried this one. Jun 22, 2014
Laura S: I wanted to try it to possibly purchase in the future. Jun 18, 2014
ximei s: I don't know which color I should pick... Jun 17, 2014
Michelle L: Want to try befor I order Jun 16, 2014
Katie S: Curious Jun 14, 2014
Amy S: love bb cream Jun 5, 2014
Martha G: I like BB creams. May 30, 2014
Hyesu S: Make-up purpose May 25, 2014
Griffiths K: I'm getting older and I need products for my face that will soothe, fix, and make me look as young as I feel. May 23, 2014
Zhang Y: try it May 22, 2014
Dana J: I've tried light & medium, but they didn't match my skin tone well. I wish there was a better description on what these terms mean. I don't know much about the product since I haven't found the right color match. May 19, 2014
alex t: my friend wanna try May 19, 2014
samantha l: I've been curious about Kiehls BB cream, so here goes:) May 19, 2014
Ying T: New to me. Want to try. May 19, 2014
Nancy G: I would like to try it. May 19, 2014
LI JUNG C: BB cream user wanting to try some new May 19, 2014
Veronica R: interested in exploring more BB creams May 19, 2014
Linglong L: to see how it turns out May 19, 2014
Dana K: Wanted to try it May 18, 2014
Miao Y: try the color May 18, 2014
Jamie L: trial run May 17, 2014
nora m: using another brand and wanted to compair May 17, 2014
Pathanatporn N: I would like to try.. May 16, 2014
Jenna P: Trying to find the perfect BB; tried a few other brands... May 16, 2014
Alison S: I've been wanting to try a BB cream May 15, 2014
Pat J: Curious to try it. May 15, 2014
Hannah D: Goes on very smoothly on the face and has great coverage! and plus, SPF 50?! must get! May 15, 2014
Emily P: because I wear it daily and love these packets for easy traveling May 12, 2014
Linda H: To try this color May 11, 2014
Jennifer B: I love this product! Great coverage and very little product needed.This is just a back-up in case I run out before I re-order! May 7, 2014
jungsuk B: I want to use May 5, 2014
Gabriella W: because im pale and ive always heard of BB creme working really well and never had a chance to try it. Apr 25, 2014
Xujin G: to try the shade Apr 20, 2014
Elizabeth K: Will try any BB cream! Apr 19, 2014
Tingting L: want to have a try Apr 6, 2014
Ula M: Just to see what it is Apr 6, 2014
Andrea J: with summer coming soon, I wanted to see if this was a nice way to add just a bit of coverage instead of full blown makeup Mar 31, 2014
Gloria A: Want to try Mar 30, 2014
Anran L: trying new BB cream Mar 29, 2014
Rhonda G: i've been wanting to try a bb cream to have a light coverage for daily use Mar 29, 2014
caryn f: trying new stuff.... Mar 28, 2014
Christine W: Want a make up with high spf Mar 27, 2014
Garry S: Curiosity. Mar 26, 2014
Jin Ying Y: have a try to decide whether i should change my BB cream to this ! Mar 26, 2014
baoyu x: i want to try Mar 24, 2014
Beverly J L: trying something new Mar 24, 2014
Hai P: just want to try out this product. Hope it wont break out my sensitive skin Mar 24, 2014
Debra V: I have been curious about BB creams. Mar 19, 2014
susan r: I like BB cream from other venders and wanted to try Kiels Mar 18, 2014
amy x: wants to try different BB cream Mar 18, 2014
Liki S: trying to find right shades. Mar 17, 2014
Melissa S: I currently use garner bb cream. I'm hoping this will be less oily feeling on my face. Mar 17, 2014
Kaitlin Y: Wanted to try. Mar 13, 2014
Ya-yu T: Heard that it is good and I wanna try this in summer. But donna my color. Mar 10, 2014
Marianne K: I'm looking for a good tinted moisturizer and want to check on color match. Mar 10, 2014
Patrice W: Want to share this great product with my dermatologist who is always telling me to use more sunscreen! Mar 9, 2014
Hope H: nice to have for travel Mar 9, 2014
Erin G: Wanted to try new BB cream. Mar 3, 2014
Yajuan J: make me bright ,i like it~ Mar 3, 2014
yanxia g: good to try Feb 26, 2014
Nedra S: Just curious. Feb 25, 2014
anna z: just to try your products to my skin Feb 21, 2014
brenda q: never tried a bb cream Feb 18, 2014
Connie T: comments Feb 15, 2014
Barbara S: Deciding which tone to use Feb 12, 2014
Aaron T: Wanted to try bb cream for the first time Feb 12, 2014
Roberta L: Want to try another sun screen product. Feb 12, 2014
Lela J: would like to use as a make up since I enjoy a very natural look and do not like the regular powders or foundation currently on the market Feb 11, 2014
Margaret M: Wanted to try Feb 10, 2014
Yaqian S: I want to try it. Feb 7, 2014
Polly F: Heard a lot of buzz about BB cream and want to try Kiehl's brand. Feb 4, 2014
Betty S: To take on a trip Feb 3, 2014
Jessica C: I use another brand of BB Cream and wanted to try this because I feel it would be better for my skin. Feb 3, 2014
Linda H: To help even out my skin tone. Feb 3, 2014
Tanyamon B: I want to try it. Feb 1, 2014
xuele m: I was impressed by my friend who was wearing your BB cream, I would like to try out the colors Feb 1, 2014
Lianna C: Heard great things about BB cream! Jan 27, 2014
SUSAN R: trying (2) shades before I purchase Jan 26, 2014
Lu Y: i need a new bb cream. wanna try it Jan 20, 2014
Linda D: Have tried other BB creams. Just so so on the like/dislike. Thought I'd try Kiehls since they are outstanding for all else in skin care. Jan 5, 2014
Sarah R: Curious about BB Cream. Jan 5, 2014
Zhiyue Y: good Jan 2, 2014
Jhanina D: I'm looking for something that gives me sun protection and flawless skin. Dec 31, 2013
Jade W: just trying Dec 30, 2013
Kim D: Looking for a all over cream for mid 20 girl Dec 30, 2013
Angela R: want to compare w/another BB cream Dec 27, 2013
Moon C: i need it Dec 26, 2013
Julian A: I would like to try it on and see if it's the right color for my skin Dec 26, 2013
Dan X: "just want to try BB Cream of this brand" Dec 25, 2013
Guichen L: Just want to try it Dec 23, 2013
Christy B: I hear BB creams are really great products so I thought it would be fun to try one. Dec 22, 2013
Cheng L: I like it Dec 21, 2013
Tianfang Z: i want it Dec 21, 2013
shani k: would like a paraben free bb cream Dec 19, 2013
Jie H: NEW, I would like to try Dec 18, 2013
Elizabeth D: Color Dec 17, 2013
Betty W: i have never used it before Dec 13, 2013
Anne S: to try it! Dec 13, 2013
Sharen T: Love bb cream so I'm looking forward to trying this. Dec 12, 2013
Jia G: I heard it is good Dec 5, 2013
Euna P: Just I want to try Dec 5, 2013
Sharon E: to try it out. Dec 3, 2013
HYE-RI K: i wanna try it Dec 2, 2013
shen w: GOOD Dec 2, 2013
Stephanie Q: Has a nice texture and creaminess. Dec 2, 2013
Xuji Z: I want to try Dec 2, 2013
rosaly s: want to try it Dec 2, 2013
Heidi G: wanted to try it Dec 2, 2013
Sue O: To have when I travel Dec 2, 2013
Jennifer J: want to try Dec 2, 2013
Zhenyi L: try to find my bb Dec 2, 2013
Linda J: Want to try a BB cream. Dec 2, 2013
kristi p: i've never used a bb cream and since i love kiehl's, thought this should be the one i try first. Dec 2, 2013
Jennifer B: I have heard about BB cream and want to try it Dec 2, 2013
ann x: Want to try if the tone fits well Dec 2, 2013
Chai C: it good Dec 2, 2013
Cassandra C: Light on your skin and doesn't even look like you're wearing makeup. Also doesn't clog pores like normal makeup. Dec 1, 2013
Virginia B: I am totally inept at makeup. I am hoping this is as simple as the BB creams are cracked up to be. You know ... makeup "for dummies," goof proof, etc. Dec 1, 2013
Ruth R: Want to try Dec 1, 2013
chiao hung t: Want to try Nov 30, 2013
Yinghua C: good Nov 30, 2013
Yinghua C: good Nov 30, 2013
Chunyang L: don't know Kiehl's has BB cream, why not try Nov 29, 2013
Kristi S: try it Nov 29, 2013
Yaping G: I want to try it. Nov 29, 2013
Emily S: I've never used this product but i'd like to try Nov 28, 2013
Qingmei X: i have not use it yet Nov 28, 2013
Shaokang Z: I want to buy new BB cream Nov 28, 2013
Michelle V: for my mom to try Nov 28, 2013
Monique F: I have a bb cream I like but don't love so I am still in search of my holy grail bb cream. I am hoping this is the right color and might be the one. Nov 28, 2013
sophia h: new products for me, just try it. Nov 27, 2013
Kathleen B: Want to try color, me see if it would work for me. Nov 27, 2013
wenyi r: want to try Nov 27, 2013
Janet E C: i like to try a product before i purchase it... i do not like wasting money..... Nov 25, 2013
yinya z: want to have a BB cream Nov 24, 2013
Xiao Z: Try Nov 24, 2013
YUE Z: WANT TO TRY Nov 23, 2013
Kerri B: To try Nov 22, 2013
Hang Z: Never use this before. Nov 21, 2013
Deborah P: I want to see how it works. Nov 20, 2013
Reyes V: I just want to try Nov 20, 2013
Alaina R: Trying to find something that will cover my acne marks without looking dry Nov 19, 2013
Kristen A: I heard this is a great product through word of mouth so I thought I'd try it out. Nov 18, 2013
Qi R: looking for such a product. want to have a try. Nov 18, 2013
Deb S: Checking color Nov 16, 2013
Feifei X: just wanna have a try Nov 13, 2013
Shengmei M: new product Nov 13, 2013
jia l: just to try Nov 13, 2013
Meghan N: I'm curious Nov 3, 2013
Amy S: Love other products and thought I would try Nov 2, 2013
Lacie D: WANT TO TRY Nov 1, 2013
Yiyang M: I want to see if the BB cream is better than other brands Oct 24, 2013
Jingjun L: want to try Oct 23, 2013
Sandi W: heard of BB cream, thought I'd try it. Oct 20, 2013
melita l: wanted to try out a BB cream Oct 16, 2013
xiaqing y: i want try BB cream and l like fair Oct 11, 2013
Donghui W: friends recommendation Oct 11, 2013
Laura M: Been wanting to try out a BB cream Oct 7, 2013
Kim K: I am interested in trying Kiehl's version of BB cream. Oct 2, 2013
Yin-Tzu L: My friend told me is really good so I want to give a try Sep 30, 2013
Jennifer E: Wanted to try new product Sep 29, 2013
Buffi R: I want to see if this is the right tint for me before I buy. Sep 29, 2013
Monica C: trying something new Sep 28, 2013
Guanxiong L: also new thing for me, want try it. Sep 28, 2013
Yafeng Z: Just want to try different bb cream Sep 25, 2013
Michiko S: want to know if it matched my skin color Sep 23, 2013
BONNIE L: New product, want to try Sep 23, 2013
Jia T: Try it out Sep 20, 2013
Zhe W: Friend recommends. Sep 19, 2013
Belinda B: Try out Sep 19, 2013
Lisa T: wish to try Sep 17, 2013
Stacey L: love BB creams, looking forward to seeing how this works. Sep 15, 2013
Aubrey R: For the winter months. Sep 12, 2013
Lance S: I clean my car with it removes scratches and paint well Sep 2, 2013
Tiffany F: Wanted to try it, heard great things about it. Aug 29, 2013
Ying D: correct some acne scars Aug 26, 2013
Stacy G: wanted to try bb cream...wasn't sure what color to get Aug 24, 2013
nicole c: Random selection Aug 20, 2013
Marsha R: trying the colors Aug 18, 2013
Chrystal F: Never tried BB cream before Aug 14, 2013
FAMAH H: I want to try before I buy Aug 13, 2013
Kellie G: Like bb cream and wanted to try kiehls version Aug 12, 2013
Edith Stanley V: Wanted to try! Jul 24, 2013
Kathryn W: Wanted to try this shade. I use currently use the medium. Jul 23, 2013
Mary F: I wanted to try this and see if the shade matches my skin color Jul 23, 2013
Catherine P: email ads effective :) Jul 22, 2013
Victoria O: Wanted to try it Jul 21, 2013
Maria R: Interested in new product/color Jul 15, 2013
Bertha M: friend recommended Jul 7, 2013
Armand G: curiosity Jun 30, 2013
Zoe L: Trying the make up from kiehls Jun 25, 2013
J C T: tinted sun block for face Jun 25, 2013
Susan C: Never tried a BB Cream Jun 14, 2013
Mo L: New product. want to try Jun 14, 2013
luping z: never tried BB cream, want to give a shot Jun 14, 2013
Robin T: have been wanting to try bb cream but not sure of the color Jun 14, 2013
SARAH B: wanted to try Kiehl's BB cream - looking for a good one! Jun 14, 2013
Xiaomeng X: I am exploring different BB creams. Jun 14, 2013
Patricia B: Thought I'd try it Jun 14, 2013
Diana U: I've been wanting to try a BB cream; this will be my first. Jun 13, 2013
Mary S: I need a BB cream I would like to try Kiehls Jun 13, 2013
julie c: Curiosity - I liked the tinted moisturizer so always on look out for this type of product Jun 13, 2013
SunJu P: I like to use bb cream. I want to try it Jun 13, 2013
Patricia C: Would like to determine correct color for me so I ordered samples of two colors. Jun 13, 2013
Mary M: I've been wanting to try a BB cream. Jun 11, 2013
question: want to try, to see what color match before purchase and see if the consistency is what i am looking for Jun 9, 2013
Dandan L: moisturizing Jun 6, 2013
Allison T: Interested in trying it out. May 29, 2013
Mei Sheng L: Interested in May 29, 2013
Yue P: I want to try BB cream. May 28, 2013
Hungmin T: new product May 28, 2013
michele h: Trying for the first time - for my daughter - was not sure what shade to orde her - so ordered 2 samples May 27, 2013
Deborah S: wanted to try a BB cream May 27, 2013
paula r: want to try it ... May 26, 2013
YIJUN H: WANT TO TRY IT. May 26, 2013
judith z: looking for a bb cream that actually helps with skin issues May 24, 2013
Thipapan T: trying for a right product May 22, 2013
SuJung K: i wanted to try a bb cream May 21, 2013
Stephanie B: Wanted to try this new product. Like bb creams, love kiehls May 20, 2013
Dan M: interested to see the effect cause I am a bb cream freak May 20, 2013
wang o: summer May 20, 2013
Patricia B: Wanted to try this in the store but they didn't have "fair" May 18, 2013
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