BB Cream Sample - Fair/Light

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Vitamin C
Known for its affinity with skin and its powerful ability to improve the appearance of skin aging. See more products with Vitamin C

UV Filters: Homoslate (UVB Filter), Octisalate (UVB Filter), Octocrylene (UVB Filter), Oxybenzone (UVA/UVB Filter).

BB Cream Sample - Fair/Light
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Kiehl's Since 1851 Store asked: Why did you choose this?
Tina O: Wanted to give it a try Sep 22, 2014
Brenda C: This is a new product for me. I am anxious to try it to see if it will become a staple. Sep 22, 2014
antonia c: need Sep 22, 2014
Annette M: Need a tinted BB cream Sep 22, 2014
xiaobin d: sb Sep 21, 2014
Shari Z: Just wanted to try it. Sep 21, 2014
UAPING X: good Sep 21, 2014
Yina C: recommended by friends Sep 21, 2014
Nelly R: To try it Sep 21, 2014
Lawnie O: Wanted to try their BB cream. Sep 21, 2014
Michael X: first try Sep 20, 2014
Nancy L F: Will see Sep 20, 2014
nancy h: already use this product Sep 19, 2014
Lori G: want to try Sep 19, 2014
Danielle L: loved the BB cream when it was applied as a facial in store. Sep 19, 2014
Shirla H: Want to try Sep 18, 2014
Maria C: Curiosity Sep 18, 2014
Wanyu H: no idea Sep 16, 2014
Virginia R: curious if this color is better for me in winter Sep 16, 2014
Yushuang L: Try to figure out which color is best for me. Sep 15, 2014
Zeb H: wanted to try it Sep 15, 2014
Ann P: Try it Sep 14, 2014
kristine c: Like how it feels on my skin. Sep 14, 2014
Shih-Ting M: because i want to know what is my skin tone is. Sep 14, 2014
Xin W: good Sep 13, 2014
MIHEE H: want to try color Sep 13, 2014
Joy B: Just want to try it Sep 10, 2014
linda t: Have tried others, want to see if I like it, not certain which color is best for me Sep 10, 2014
Anna H: travel size Sep 9, 2014
LISA V: I tried the BB Cream in medium, liked the product, but the color was too dark. Sep 9, 2014
Lihui S: gift for family Sep 8, 2014
Tenzin Z: Trying Sep 8, 2014
Yingying C: recommend by my friend Sep 7, 2014
ruben t: To try it Sep 7, 2014
Chunyanuch T: Try Sep 7, 2014
Ellen K: For my granddaughter with acne, Sep 4, 2014
Pamela E: I have tried others that irritated quite a bit Sep 2, 2014
Mengying X: to make face look natural Sep 1, 2014
Irene H: try Sep 1, 2014
jean j: First try Sep 1, 2014
Vivian F: Curious to try it. Aug 31, 2014
yanbing x: WANT TO TRY. Aug 31, 2014
Minjae A: to check color Aug 31, 2014
Laura F: Want to try Aug 31, 2014
RONGBIN Y: ME Aug 30, 2014
Christine C: Haven't used this product before but it sounds great and I'd like to give it a try Aug 30, 2014
Neida C: same Aug 30, 2014
Alicia S: something new to try. Aug 29, 2014
Yan H: JUST WANT TO TRY. Aug 28, 2014
Hilda W: try it Aug 28, 2014
Debra G: want to try it Aug 28, 2014
Wanda A: I want to try it. Aug 28, 2014
Karina I: I'm looking for a tinted moisturizer that actually works Aug 27, 2014
Stacey I: Just thought I would try to see what all the fuss is over BB creams. Aug 27, 2014
Judith W: Don't know what it is but I'm fair to light! Aug 26, 2014
ETHAN C: LIKE IT Aug 25, 2014
Stephanie Z: I wanted to compare vs my current bb cream Aug 25, 2014
yi z: try Aug 25, 2014
anelise w: I like BB cream and would like to see what the Kiehls cream is like. Aug 25, 2014
Olga P: I'm looking for light make up that has the both moisturizing lifting cream and provides high level sun protection. But I don't know what tone will suit for my skin' so I chose 3 different samples Aug 25, 2014
Zhou Y: Just wanna try Aug 24, 2014
WEI H: 111 Aug 23, 2014
Karen C: something different Aug 21, 2014
Jamie G: curiosity Aug 21, 2014
Jane B: to try Aug 21, 2014
regina j s: need lots of help for my aging face Aug 21, 2014
Charles N: want to try Aug 20, 2014
ROBERTA C: try Aug 20, 2014
Jonathan C: wanted to try Aug 18, 2014
Lyn G: d Aug 17, 2014
JIAQI L: free Aug 17, 2014
Kelly S: I use a BB cream but since I'm buying all Kiehl's products, I thought I'd try this one. Aug 16, 2014
christy r: Not familiar with this product. Aug 15, 2014
Dena S: have not liked most bb creams and wanted to try this one Aug 14, 2014
Jessica R: like it Aug 14, 2014
Leoona L: Kiehl's bb cream has good quality. Aug 14, 2014
Linda B G: Try it Aug 14, 2014
Kyle W: something I might buy Aug 14, 2014
Anett N: not sure about my skin tone Aug 14, 2014
shilin z: good Aug 12, 2014
Lilla R: since kiehls saved my skin, i barely wear any foundation, i really want to give the bb cream a try. Aug 11, 2014
bowen s: . Aug 11, 2014
Joy Z: Have heard good things/ wanted to try Aug 10, 2014
lucy A: going to try this product Aug 10, 2014
Rong H: radom Aug 10, 2014
Diana L: BB cream helps to get out of the door quickly Aug 10, 2014
Sarah W: I like BB creams and wanted to try this one Aug 10, 2014
Abbie A: Wanted to try Aug 10, 2014
Denise G: Beauty Aug 10, 2014
J Anne K: interested in sampling Aug 10, 2014
Amy A: I want to try it Aug 10, 2014
Lianhua M: interested Aug 10, 2014
Alette P: whim Aug 9, 2014
erin l: just to give it a try Aug 8, 2014
Catherine D: I've always wanted to try out a BB cream but never have. Aug 8, 2014
Lulu W: It is great Aug 6, 2014
Elizabeth M: always looking for extremely natural coverage and can never find it Aug 6, 2014
Amy B: It's a nice lighter alternative to foundation. It also has SPF, making it the perfect summer package! Aug 4, 2014
Erin T: haven't tried it before Jul 31, 2014
Weixiao H: GOOD Jul 28, 2014
Anthony O: used before good product Jul 27, 2014
Patricia M: want to try it Jul 26, 2014
Sarah S: under eye darkness Jul 24, 2014
Julie M: Wanted to try the shade Jul 23, 2014
Merrie B: consistency is not good, it's too dry. Jul 23, 2014
Meijia J: I don't know, I just wanna try. Jul 22, 2014
Margo H: New Jul 20, 2014
chen J: Want to try the new product Jul 20, 2014
Jackie M: didn't know if I needed darker color Jul 19, 2014
Nicole I: Trying out Jul 19, 2014
Peggy B: Want to try it out Jul 18, 2014
Shannon M: It was free. Jul 16, 2014
Melodye S: I use BB creams during the summer and
sometimes as a primer and have not
tried yours.
Jul 16, 2014
Patricia B: would like to buy -- need to get color right Jul 15, 2014
George C: curiosity Jul 15, 2014
elise m: goes on very smooth and light, love it Jul 14, 2014
AMRAPALI B: I love bb creams and am always on the lookout for good ones Jul 13, 2014
Marion C: Want to try. Jul 13, 2014
Ayako H: I'm interested in BB cream, but would like to try multiple color to find the best one for my skin color. Jul 13, 2014
Jenny B: I currently use a natural BB Cream and would like to try Kiehl's. Jul 8, 2014
Nga Ling K: wanna try Jul 8, 2014
Jaii F: Curious Jul 7, 2014
Kathy M: Lots of chatter about BB cream, so trying it out Jul 4, 2014
Jeoffrey C: elder use good Jul 4, 2014
Alice D: Looking for a moisturizing cream that would also have a low sunscreen feature embedded in it Jul 3, 2014
denise t: trying Jul 3, 2014
Megan B: Just want to try it out. Jul 3, 2014
Sarah R: I like bb creams. wanted to try something besides tarte brand Jun 30, 2014
sammi l: last time i try the light one,it feels good,so now i wanna try this. Jun 30, 2014
Joseph W: wanted to try Jun 29, 2014
ZIYAN X: just want to try. Jun 29, 2014
JING Z: want to try Jun 26, 2014
Melissa G: i've been wondering about wearing foundation and thought i'd give this a try Jun 25, 2014
Wenjuan T: I want to have a try on this. Jun 23, 2014
kelly m: Wanted to try it Jun 21, 2014
martha l: interested in trying new bb cream Jun 17, 2014
Elizabeth A: works for me. I've used it since I got the sample, and I've replenished it twice. I use it every day. Jun 17, 2014
Axelle F: nice to get a free one to check the color Jun 16, 2014
Neil H: What to try Jun 14, 2014
Xuan L: I rarely use make up but some times when I go out, I would like to put on BB cream instead of using normal sunscreen just to make my skin look brighter and healthier!! I want to try this one for free too .. lolz Jun 14, 2014
Barbara D: Wanted to try. Jun 13, 2014
Amy S: Wanted to see how the BB cream works Jun 8, 2014
Leslie H: to try Jun 8, 2014
Yiyang H: try out Jun 8, 2014
Gail H: have not tried, but have great things about product Jun 8, 2014
Jen B: I want to check out what all the bb cream fuss is about! Jun 6, 2014
Elizabeth W: i don't wear makeup but occasionally need to even things out, curious about this Jun 4, 2014
Susan M: Never tried BB cream before but have read about it. Jun 2, 2014
wenyan W: Try some new May 30, 2014
sandy w: good items May 30, 2014
Griffiths K: I'm getting older and I need products for my face that will soothe, fix, and make me look as young as I feel. May 23, 2014
Lisa R: Looking for a sunscreen with extra benefits May 19, 2014
Maria P: See how it works and if it's the right color...kind of hard to be sure of when ordering online. May 19, 2014
Olga S: Wanted to try it May 19, 2014
Miho H: just want to try ! I like BB cream other company's May 19, 2014
Kashimi A: I love BB cream, I love to try BB cream from different ccosmetic company! I hope I like it too! May 19, 2014
pei h: like it May 19, 2014
Metsye R: I used various brands and I don't love any of them. I'm intriguing about the Kiehls version. May 18, 2014
Lydia H: I use a BB cream by a different brand so I thought I'd give it a try. May 18, 2014
Marge P: just to try May 18, 2014
Miao Y: try the color ! May 18, 2014
xiaowen l: good May 18, 2014
Shuhui W: Try another color May 18, 2014
SHULU W: need a BB May 16, 2014
Katie H: Wanted to Try it May 16, 2014
Jan T: to try May 15, 2014
Youn Kyung S: Just exploring May 15, 2014
Jeannette Q: never tried it and looked good May 15, 2014
Debra M: WANT TO TRY THIS PRODUCT May 15, 2014
Mu H: I try the sample, It is perfect!!!! May 14, 2014
Katie S: i have never tried BB creams. am anxious to see the difference with other foundations May 14, 2014
Linda H: To check this color May 11, 2014
Joonho P: Using fair now. Want to try fair/light May 11, 2014
Heather B: Wanted to try before buying. May 8, 2014
Wendy B: I couldn't recall which shade worked best with my skin. May 4, 2014
Rebekah M: I love BB creams, but find that usually cause my skin to break out. I think it's because most contain mineral oil. I like that this company uses high quality natural ingredients. I can't wait to try this! May 2, 2014
Ifen H: wanna try it Apr 30, 2014
Audrey M: I use a different brand of a tinted moisturize and wanted to try yours Apr 28, 2014
Patricia O: Curious about BB cream which is in the news a lot right now Apr 24, 2014
Edith S: Curiosity Apr 18, 2014
Sun K: I wanted to give it a try. Unfortunately, I need more coverage. However, I like how moisturizing it is. Apr 16, 2014
Christa S: I have very fair skin Apr 8, 2014
Nery P: Would like to try it first to see if it matches my skin Apr 8, 2014
Jennifer S: My husband. Apr 2, 2014
Gloria A: Want to try Mar 30, 2014
Joun L: wanted to try before buying a full bottle Mar 26, 2014
Sophie B: I've never tried a BB cream before! Mar 24, 2014
Elizabeth R: looking for a light cream that does not mat and leave my face dry Mar 24, 2014
Cathy M: Want to try Mar 24, 2014
liwen f: just want to try another one Mar 22, 2014
Duong N: perfect sunscreen. Mar 21, 2014
Dawn S: Just thought I'd try a one of these with a little color Mar 21, 2014
Linli Z: just want to try it Mar 19, 2014
Esther S: want to try Mar 19, 2014
Samantha U: I'm curious about how well it works. Mar 18, 2014
Shelly Fought S: To see if this will work on my skin. Mar 14, 2014
Jennie L: try it Mar 13, 2014
rosemary f: like bb creams and have never had the opportunity to try yours. usually these are better than other types of moisture aides and foundations. Mar 12, 2014
Jennifer C: Saw it in the store Mar 12, 2014
philip m: I choose this to convince my wife to become interested in the Kiehl's brand Mar 11, 2014
Qianqian Z: I wanna try it. I wanna find a good and suitable BB cream for me. Mar 11, 2014
Faye O: Because I tried the BB cream and liked it. Mar 10, 2014
Xiaoting L: i don't like to use foundation. BB cream is much more natural. Mar 10, 2014
chenhao d: try the new product Mar 10, 2014
Patrice W: Always o have a little more on hand! Mar 9, 2014
Lynda F: To try product Mar 5, 2014
Amanda G: Always looking for a good BB cream. Mar 5, 2014
Fei S: good Mar 4, 2014
Carole C: I am really FAIR! Mar 4, 2014
Jingzhi w: try out bb cream Mar 3, 2014
Delores S: wanted to try it Mar 2, 2014
JIE L: friends recommended Feb 28, 2014
Natalie T: I love BB creams and I'd like to find one that I want to stick with. Feb 28, 2014
Ganchong Z: I never use it before Feb 28, 2014
Lori T: interested to try...if from Kiehl's, assuming it's good Feb 21, 2014
Julie J: couldn't decide between fair and light, did not know this combo was available, may order this next time Feb 18, 2014
Bingxin F: try out the BB cream for the right shade Feb 18, 2014
Christine T: I wanted to see if the BB cream from Kiehl's is as good as others I have tried. I selected both the Medium and Fair/Light to see which color matches the best to my skin tone. Feb 17, 2014
Brina S: Trying out the BB cream. Feb 13, 2014
Marcela A: Great product, just trying a new shade. Feb 13, 2014
Barbara S: Unhappy with current BB cream Feb 12, 2014
Yaqian S: I want to try it. Feb 7, 2014
Chalisara C: Want to try Feb 4, 2014
Jessica C: I use another brand of BB cream and I'm hoping Kiehls will be better for my skin and have better results. Feb 3, 2014
Heather S: want to try it Feb 3, 2014
Yanzhe M: I NEVER USED THIS BEFORE. Feb 1, 2014
xuele m: I was impressed by my friend who was wearing your BB cream, I would like to try out the colors Feb 1, 2014
Mihye K: If I can find one brand would gives me perfect solution for skin and color product! I am hoping Kiehl would do! Feb 1, 2014
Cara M: not sure which color but looking to replace current mineral product Jan 31, 2014
Samantha M: I am looking for a good BB cream. Jan 29, 2014
SUSAN R: trying (2) shades before I purchase Jan 26, 2014
schuyler t: im pale so Jan 22, 2014
Christine M: Have heard a lot about BB creams -- not sure what they are, what they're supposed to do -- so this is a great opportunity to try it out Jan 19, 2014
T I: I currently am using the light shade and want to see if this shade works for me too. We are going to a warm location in a few weeks so the sunscreen in this will be great. Jan 7, 2014
Sarah R: Curious about BB Cream. Jan 5, 2014
Lynn G: Curious. Jan 4, 2014
Melanie G: Always looking for a good quality bb cream Jan 4, 2014
Debbie S: to try Jan 1, 2014
Melinda B: Wanted to see how it compares to my usual BB Cream. Jan 1, 2014
Mimi M: Curious to try this BB cream. Dec 31, 2013
Courtney C: I use Dr. Dennis Gross' CC cream and I want to try your BB cream to compare Dec 31, 2013
Nina Y: Try it ! Dec 31, 2013
Diane B: To try the foundation Dec 31, 2013
Vivica Y: Try. Dec 31, 2013
Lesa J: I'm going to give it a try. Dec 31, 2013
chengning y: try it. Dec 30, 2013
Qinjuan W: CURIOUS Dec 30, 2013
YIYI L: Try color Dec 30, 2013
Erica M: wanted to compare it to lesser priced bb creams Dec 30, 2013
Marisa M: can't wait to try Kiehl's version! Dec 29, 2013
lei z: want to have a try Dec 29, 2013
Megan l: teen sister might like it Dec 29, 2013
Lumeng S: want to try out Dec 28, 2013
Annie L: I ordered the same one but in light, I want to compare fair/light and light Dec 27, 2013
bryant l: I want to try it Dec 27, 2013
Jen M: have not used a BB cream and thought i'd give this a try Dec 27, 2013
Rui Xian L: Give it a try Dec 25, 2013
SHARON B: wanted to try Dec 24, 2013
Cheng L: I like it Dec 21, 2013
Jennifer F: I want to try your BB cream. Dec 21, 2013
Tianfang Z: ho Dec 21, 2013
Betsy T: I have light skin and always looking for a better product. Dec 20, 2013
Xueqing S: randomly, haven't tried yet Dec 19, 2013
sumeet c: wanted to try it on my skin and see if its not too oily Dec 19, 2013
rayleine f: Am using Dr.Jart BB cream & I like it a lot.I would like to compare it. Dec 18, 2013
HUEITING L: TRY Dec 4, 2013
Lin X: I have got recommendation for this from friends. Dec 2, 2013
Tara H: to try it out. Pretty happy with it. Dec 2, 2013
rieko s: I love it !
my skin became perfect !
Dec 2, 2013
qi z: I need a BB cream, so I want to try with Kiehl's. Dec 2, 2013
Xinyu Z: I wanna try it Dec 2, 2013
fuchang z: trail Dec 2, 2013
Yajing Z: need some BB cream Dec 2, 2013
Ying B: need something like that Dec 1, 2013
YANLING H: Try it Dec 1, 2013
Shuying L: a Dec 1, 2013
Fei C: for makeup Dec 1, 2013
Melissa N: want to try - like BB Cream from another vendor Dec 1, 2013
xiao h: want try Dec 1, 2013
Jihye Y: I want to try it Dec 1, 2013
wang x: i want to try bb cream of a new brand Nov 30, 2013
Karen A: want to try, not sure what shade Nov 30, 2013
ZHUYI J: i heard it is good Nov 30, 2013
Sindy K: Like it Nov 29, 2013
Jingliang B: give it a try Nov 28, 2013
feng x: Looking for BB cream ,thought of give it a try. Nov 28, 2013
Chris Y: cover freckles Nov 28, 2013
Shiquan Y: try if is lasting and bright Nov 28, 2013
Elizabeth W: to try it! Nov 28, 2013
Monique F: If the fair color is too pink or too light for me, this is the other option that might work. Nov 28, 2013
Lee L: Want to see how this works for me Nov 27, 2013
AILI W: WANT TO TRY IT Nov 27, 2013
Chenchen W: wanna have a try Nov 25, 2013
Yi Q: "have a try" Nov 25, 2013
Yixian L: want to have a try Nov 24, 2013
Yuting Z: Try Nov 24, 2013
Dan W: suit my need and try to figure out which tone satisfies me Nov 23, 2013
wendy z: ty it on and i will find whether it fit my color Nov 21, 2013
Christine B: never tried BB cream before. Nov 20, 2013
Jinzhao Z: In need for finding a new BB cream for day-to-day usage Nov 20, 2013
Jin H: heard it is good Nov 19, 2013
wai ting y: wanna try it to see if it fits my skin type Nov 19, 2013
Lori G: just to try Nov 19, 2013
Eileen C: I have the light wanted to try fair/light Nov 18, 2013
Jennifer S: I want to try it out. Nov 18, 2013
Carrie S: curious Nov 17, 2013
Jingping S: Friend Recommendation Nov 16, 2013
Yi D: want to try Nov 16, 2013
Yiyun Y: My friend told me this BB cream was good. Nov 15, 2013
Yu Q: just try it Nov 15, 2013
Jing W: wanna try Nov 15, 2013
mindy s: I love the light coverage that a bb cream can provide. Good for times when you just have to run to the grocery store for a few items, but don't feel like a full makeup situation. If you do happen to run into someone you know, then your skin will look radiant with a touch of foundation appearance. Nov 15, 2013
Feifei X: Just wanna have a try. Nov 13, 2013
Boyuan H: i'm using it now Nov 12, 2013
somcanae (andy) y: Wanna try Nov 11, 2013
Joyce R: too heavy Nov 7, 2013
YASEOK K: want to try Nov 4, 2013
Difan C: I rarely use BB cream or other make-ups. It feels good and correct my skin tone. But doesn't do much of concealing. Nov 4, 2013
yanqin X: very good. Nov 4, 2013
Jin W: I want try Nov 3, 2013
Janet L: Want to know how good it is! Nov 3, 2013
Patricia B: never tried it Nov 2, 2013
Mary C: Been wanting to try it. Oct 29, 2013
Laura D: Something different. Oct 29, 2013
FANGYING C: interested in trying Oct 28, 2013
XIAOHUAN Y: i have no BB cream hh Oct 27, 2013
Chai C: I never try before. Oct 26, 2013
Paula P: I tried the Light and Medium and they are too dark, so I'm hoping the Fair/Light does the trick. This stuff is also great for covering burn scars that are healing and need mega sun protection. Oct 26, 2013
Wenyu L: My friend wanna try this color. Oct 24, 2013
Jie X: New product, trying it out Oct 24, 2013
Yiyang M: dont know the difference between this and the fair one, gonna try Oct 24, 2013
Barbara C: wanted to try BB in other colors so this will be great!! Oct 23, 2013
Amy C: curiosity Oct 22, 2013
shan x: i want to try this new product Oct 21, 2013
Sylvia L: I've been wanting it try the BB creams for a while, but have not pinpointed the best color for me. So this is the perfect opportunity. Oct 20, 2013
chang l: good Oct 20, 2013
Dawn B: I want to try this and am not sure what color to buy Oct 16, 2013
Suchen Z: try the new product Oct 15, 2013
Hanyang P: Just wanna have a try Oct 13, 2013
Shari D: Wanted to try a BB cream; never purchased one. Oct 6, 2013
Yu Q: I WANT TO TRY IT Oct 4, 2013
Jennifer B: I've heard and read about it in magazines. Oct 3, 2013
junda z: want to try Sep 30, 2013
Danmai X: wanna try new things Sep 30, 2013
Ishuan H: Trying it out Sep 30, 2013
Stephanie W: Trying out different BB creams Sep 30, 2013
Polly L: As a loyalty fan, I've been waiting for foundation products from Kiehl's. Sep 30, 2013
Ashley C: I love BB cream! Sep 29, 2013
Dawn C: Wanted to try this with out committing to a full size Sep 29, 2013
Xiangchen L: didn't use kiehl's BB cream before, try it Sep 29, 2013
Maria C: i want to try this product out Sep 29, 2013
Carol A: See if color is a match with mine Sep 28, 2013
Patricia M: I am curious about BB Sep 28, 2013
Kelley D: Looking for a bb cream Sep 27, 2013
Xiaojing C: I need one. Just want to give a try Sep 27, 2013
Xinyi W: try it out Sep 27, 2013
Lisa I: Curious Sep 26, 2013
Laura L: Because I have heard so much about BB creams and was excited to try it. The first time I used it I wasn't impressed but then after that I noticed that I really liked it. I may order a full size container sometime. Sep 26, 2013
Valerie C: Curiosity. Sep 26, 2013
Jennifer J: I have been reading about BB creams and have never tried one before. Sep 25, 2013
pamela f: Tried medium this summer... It is great! I have some of my friends using it too. Easy great looking facial finish... Sep 25, 2013
Sidney C: I wanted to try a bb cream Sep 24, 2013
Rebecca S: Curiosity Sep 24, 2013
Lavone T: To give to a friend. Sep 24, 2013
Qiao R: just want to try it. never used a bb cream Sep 24, 2013
Nga C: i use bb cream, and i want to try something new. Sep 24, 2013
Jisu S: I want to try.. Sep 23, 2013
Maria V: Never tried it before, but seems like it might be a good alternative to foundation. Sep 23, 2013
Lynn T: i have fair skin. Sep 23, 2013
Ziwei W: I need BB cream Sep 23, 2013
Lauren M: I've been hearing a lot about BB cream so thought I'd try it. Sep 22, 2013
Rebecca Z: I've tried lots of brands' BB creams; want to see how Kiehl's stacks up. Sep 22, 2013
Joanne B: Want to try it out. Sep 22, 2013
karen a: I've tried BB creams and wondered how Kiehls measured up. Sep 22, 2013
Emily C: Wanted to try a makeup product from kiehls Sep 22, 2013
Ye Cheng Y: want to try Sep 21, 2013
Miana D: Interested in potentially purchasing - not sure if I will like it! Sep 21, 2013
Jiaofeng W: I want to try it Sep 21, 2013
Jie G: just want to try Sep 20, 2013
Dominic O: Wanted to try out Kiehl's BB Cream Line. Sep 20, 2013
Donna V: I haven't found a BB Cream that I like. Most feel too heavy to me. Maybe this will be the right one. Sep 20, 2013
Belinda B: Try out Sep 19, 2013
shuwei g: have a try Sep 19, 2013
Elizabeth L: See what the rage is all about! Sep 18, 2013
Judith B: just wanted to try, not sure of shade Sep 9, 2013
Shiyun Z: new product, just try Sep 7, 2013
Ling Y: I've been using korean and japanese bb creams so far and wanted to try sth new. Sep 6, 2013
Jihyun L: JUST WANT TO TRY Sep 6, 2013
Yimao C: I WANT TO HAVE A TRY Sep 5, 2013
chelsey m: want to see if its better than other, cheaper bb lotions. Sep 4, 2013
Heidi K: I would like to try this to see if I like it and if the color is right for me Sep 3, 2013
D E: I use bb cream Aug 27, 2013
Yih Wen G: I'm looking for a new BB cream to replace my maybeline. Aug 26, 2013
nicole c: BB cream I need to see what suits me Aug 20, 2013
Taylor O: Have this in med but its too dark. Want to experiment to find right tone for my skin Aug 17, 2013
J G L: To see how it compares to Philosophy and Tarte versions. Aug 12, 2013
Johanna T: I've never tried this type of cream and I'm curious to see how it feels and what it does. Aug 7, 2013
Anne D: Wanted to figure out which color would work on my skin. Aug 6, 2013
Anne S: want to try it Aug 2, 2013
Deborah H: Reviews, like other kiehls products and like BB creams Jul 31, 2013
larry w: to figure out if this is a good color for me for future reference Jul 30, 2013
Fatima L: Mom wants to try. Jul 27, 2013
shuxin l: nice reviews. Jul 23, 2013
Laima E: I was looking for tinted sun block. But, before I buy the whole bottle I want to try the color so it matches my skin. Jul 23, 2013
Jessica J: Want to see if I like it w/o committing to a full product because the price is too high for me to just try something out I know I won't use until gone unless I love it. Jul 21, 2013
Mary Lu B: I want to see how light (texture not color) this cream is. I currently use a different brand. Jul 17, 2013
Jiayi S: I am a huge BB fan! Have to try it from Kiehl's. Jul 16, 2013
Maria R: Interested in new product/color Jul 15, 2013
Annabel R: anti-aging effects Jul 11, 2013
Karen S: want to try this shade Jul 4, 2013
Hiromi S: I just want to try BB cream for first time. Jun 28, 2013
I. Jeanne R: Anxious to try it. Jun 14, 2013
VIVIEN C: There are not many choices left for the free samples. Jun 14, 2013
Rong L: have heard about this product, wanna try it on my face Jun 14, 2013
Robin T: have been wanting to try a bb cream but not sure of my color Jun 14, 2013
Jamie S: Want to try Jun 14, 2013
Xiaomeng X: I am exploring different BB creams. Jun 14, 2013
Frances B: I heard it was very good and I wanted to try it Jun 14, 2013
Chad F: I have other BB products so I wanted to compare. I currently have Men's Science and Lab Series BB creams. I'll let you know what I think next month. Jun 14, 2013
Xi Y: I heard this is good, so I want to try Jun 14, 2013
elizabeth p: wanted to try it out Jun 14, 2013
Elizabeth W: curious if it will match my skin tone Jun 13, 2013
EUNA P: It ran out. Jun 13, 2013
Yangjing L: try new product Jun 13, 2013
Xuemei Z: I want try it. Jun 13, 2013
xue l: I want to try Jun 13, 2013
Liesl C: I've never tried a BB cream before. Jun 13, 2013
Linda S: try it Jun 9, 2013
Jennifer S: Not sure. Jun 9, 2013
Dandan L: moisturizing Jun 6, 2013
Cait R: Wanted to try it out. Jun 4, 2013
Gayle V: Wanted to compare the Fair/Light to the Light. Jun 4, 2013
Michele C: Curious to try yours since I love BB cream products. Jun 1, 2013
Anne J: use Bobby Brown now want to try your version May 30, 2013
Juewen S: just try the color first May 29, 2013
Mei Sheng L: Interested in May 29, 2013
Yan L: want to try May 28, 2013
michele h: Trying for the first time - for my daughter May 27, 2013
Anna P: Just to try it. May 27, 2013
Ivy G: to try May 27, 2013
sarah s: I havent found a nice quality BB cream yet. If Kiehls isn't awesome, I guess BB creams arent' made for me! May 27, 2013
Deborah S: never saw a fair light choice before May 27, 2013
Sandra S: Wanted to try the different shades. May 26, 2013
YIJUN H: I WANT TO TRY IT. May 26, 2013
Chunlan S: try out May 24, 2013
Chen D: try the color May 23, 2013
xin y: just want to try . May 23, 2013
Yvette F: Would like to see how it works, as oppose to using foundation. May 22, 2013
aricia h: just to try it May 21, 2013
Nancy W: New product May 20, 2013
Jessica W: I'm on the look out for a good BB cream May 20, 2013
Deborah W: currently use different brand bb cream May 20, 2013
Colette N: New product! May 20, 2013
wang o: summer May 20, 2013
Laura C: I have a drugstore brand right now, but was excited to see Kiehl's has one. I wanted to compare. May 18, 2013
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