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Vitamin C
Known for its affinity with skin and its powerful ability to improve the appearance of skin aging. See more products with Vitamin C

UV Filters: Homoslate (UVB Filter), Octisalate (UVB Filter), Octocrylene (UVB Filter), Oxybenzone (UVA/UVB Filter).

BB Cream Sample - Medium
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Kiehl's Since 1851 Store asked: Why did you choose this?
fang f: I want to try it Sep 21, 2014
jingzhi Y: Friends recommended Sep 20, 2014
Yiming Z: never tried before Sep 20, 2014
YiNing C: Just want to try Sep 19, 2014
Kathleen N: Haven't tried this before. Looked interesting! Sep 19, 2014
Claudia G: I don't always like to wear foundation Sep 19, 2014
Xia H: never used before but looks good Sep 18, 2014
Yingjie Z: by choice Sep 18, 2014
Katie C: Was looking for a new foundation - this didn;t work out for me because I didn't like that it transferred to everything. Sep 18, 2014
Aaron B: It was free also. Sep 18, 2014
eva h: wanted to try it Sep 17, 2014
Lori m: Like BB cream - thought I'd try yours. Sep 17, 2014
Megan F: never used bb cream wanted to try Sep 17, 2014
jadine l: to try Sep 16, 2014
Laura O: want to try it Sep 16, 2014
Judy H: I never use this BBcream. Sep 15, 2014
Yvonne R: looking for a foundation with sun protection Sep 15, 2014
Mel W: Curious about all the BB hype. Want to see for myself. Sep 15, 2014
Sara O: Ratings Sep 15, 2014
So Youn K: Wanted to try Sep 15, 2014
Yanrong L: Good Sep 14, 2014
Don C: Wanted to try Sep 14, 2014
Jingjing L: Want to find a new BB cream Sep 14, 2014
Sachiko O: Try Sep 13, 2014
Weili Z: Just try it Sep 13, 2014
Jennifer H: Would like to try a new facial base Sep 13, 2014
Meyunn D: this will be my first time Sep 12, 2014
Ana A: Would like to try Sep 12, 2014
Jan D: I like BB cream products Sep 12, 2014
Jair R: great reviews Sep 11, 2014
Todd N: My wife likes this product. Sep 11, 2014
Diana C: first try. will let you know Sep 11, 2014
Bin X: good Sep 10, 2014
Xiaoxuan Y: perfect Sep 9, 2014
Johanna M: It works wonders with my makeup Sep 9, 2014
Qian L: Try Sep 9, 2014
Angela G: I don't know what it is, but I've heard the term "BB." Want to see what it is. Sep 8, 2014
Ena H: I thought it sounded good Sep 8, 2014
wasana c: I used it Sep 8, 2014
de c: my friend need it Sep 7, 2014
Marion C: Want to try. Sep 7, 2014
Aubrey R: Wanted to retry this to see if works better than current cream Sep 7, 2014
James Y: Curious about it Sep 7, 2014
Denise C: I just wanted to try a BB cream. Sep 6, 2014
Jocelyn A: I've been using this for a years already and I like it. Sep 6, 2014
Ally K: I've never tried it before. Sep 6, 2014
Tiffany B: Need a good BB cream Sep 4, 2014
XUEQING C: TRY Sep 4, 2014
Sarah C: Concerned about not choosing the correct color. Sep 3, 2014
Margaret R: I want to try it. Sep 3, 2014
Zheng Y: Try Sep 3, 2014
Carlton R: Thinking of changing product. Sep 2, 2014
Anaise D: I have cysts acne and want to see if this product will help my skin. Sep 2, 2014
John E: Because of the customer recommendations Sep 2, 2014
Denise E: Try it. Sep 2, 2014
Shuqi Z: just try it Sep 1, 2014
Irene H: try Sep 1, 2014
Tahesin A: I'm still searching for the perfect BB Cream for my skin tone and texture. Sep 1, 2014
Rebeca B: Something new! Sep 1, 2014
Nicole S: Never tried it before so I wanted to try to see if I like it. Aug 31, 2014
Carol L: wanted to try it Aug 31, 2014
Shearee G: read good things about BB creams. It however did not remotely match my skin Aug 30, 2014
Deborah S: To give to a friend Aug 30, 2014
Ruili Z: it is good Aug 29, 2014
Alicia S: something new to try Aug 29, 2014
yusupha j: "first time buyer" Aug 28, 2014
Joan B: trying for the 1st time Aug 28, 2014
Yan H: JUST WANT TO TRY. Aug 28, 2014
ralph h: Interest Aug 28, 2014
Jennifer M: want to try new BB cream Aug 27, 2014
Miki L: Just to try Aug 27, 2014
Qinshu X: what to see the effect of BB cream Aug 27, 2014
Lori F: Looking for that perfect bb cream, so I can stop searching. Aug 27, 2014
ETHAN C: LIKE IT Aug 25, 2014
Debra B: Why not, it's the best Aug 24, 2014
Xiao F: BB cream with SPF is nice Aug 24, 2014
Sue M: just curious Aug 24, 2014
Amy Z: I need a new BB and thought I would try it Aug 21, 2014
Caroline H: yes Aug 20, 2014
sandra s: Trying something new Aug 20, 2014
Jessica M: Skin tone is not balanced. Aug 20, 2014
Michael W: never used a bb cream before Aug 20, 2014
Shaundelle D: Reviews Aug 18, 2014
Melissa D: I wanted to try the BB cream. Aug 18, 2014
Pat H: Wanted to try I have never used your BB cream Aug 18, 2014
Yan S: Not sure, just to give a try Aug 18, 2014
syed a: free Aug 18, 2014
wei w: "i like it " Aug 14, 2014
Anett N: looking for a natural foundation with spf 50 Aug 14, 2014
fengyi l: i love it Aug 12, 2014
Zhiya Y: try a new product Aug 10, 2014
ying z: good Aug 10, 2014
Jessica Q: Love BB creams, always looking for a good one. Aug 10, 2014
Arlene H: Never used BB cream Aug 10, 2014
Sara G: I read a review saying it was great and i want to try it too Aug 10, 2014
Tara B: I haven't used BB cream and am curious Aug 10, 2014
Rong L: always looking for a good bb cream for my skin tone Aug 10, 2014
Kenneth K: for wife Aug 9, 2014
YEANJIN C: I need that now Aug 9, 2014
Shaofeng W: I like this product, this want to try it Aug 9, 2014
Nazila A: My friends like it Aug 7, 2014
Karyn E: always looking for something better Aug 7, 2014
Carolyn E: To try Aug 5, 2014
Nan L: Good Aug 5, 2014
Anne S: compare it to other BB creams Jul 31, 2014
Younghee S: Never used this product. Just want to try it Jul 30, 2014
Taunya N: It's nice to have sun protection in a product that really evens out my skin tone. Jul 28, 2014
Wen W: My friends tell me that this is perfect Jul 27, 2014
Beatriz G: I love how my skin looked after only one use. Jul 25, 2014
Jenny L: Always looking for a foundation that will become "the one". Jul 25, 2014
Rebecca W: I use a different BB cream, love your products thought I'd give it a try Jul 25, 2014
Kathryn G: I use BB cream and wanted to see how Kiehls does it Jul 24, 2014
Vicki W: n/a Jul 24, 2014
Julie M: Wanted to try the shade Jul 23, 2014
Carmen S: tried many bb creams before, and no luck.
just trying another, lets hope for the best.
Jul 23, 2014
Sandy S: See what shade I should use Jul 22, 2014
Shirla H: Because I usually use BB Cream Jul 22, 2014
jeanne v: curious never tried a BB cream Jul 21, 2014
Angelica D: something new Jul 21, 2014
Nana F: Blemishes Jul 21, 2014
Sandra S: wanted to try Jul 21, 2014
TIna F: for purse Jul 21, 2014
Shangfeng Z: I WANT TO HAVE A TRY Jul 21, 2014
Ronny M: I have used this before and look like a movie star! Jul 21, 2014
P E: Trying something new Jul 19, 2014
samiya n: randomly chosen Jul 19, 2014
Glenn M: because i like it! Jul 18, 2014
Judith B: Curious Jul 18, 2014
john g: lovely Jul 18, 2014
Sandra E: I use this daily and it's a great size for short trips. Jul 18, 2014
Ting Y: just a try Jul 18, 2014
Luanne M: ...Thought I would try makeup quality Jul 17, 2014
Rosemary G: To try Jul 17, 2014
Jill B: Awesome product Jul 17, 2014
Constance F: I haven't tried it yet. Jul 16, 2014
L J: Wanted to try product Jul 16, 2014
MEIFANG W: i want to try Jul 15, 2014
Janice F: Trying to find good skin tone match to BB cream Jul 15, 2014
Michele M: Trying this for the first time. Jul 15, 2014
Deborah O: Always wanted to try BB cream. Jul 15, 2014
Minnah A: ratings Jul 15, 2014
Patricia B: would like to buy -- need to get color right Jul 15, 2014
Anna W: use daily to even out skin tone. love this product too Jul 15, 2014
Taylor I: Just to try it! Jul 14, 2014
Yoonjung L: I want to try it! Jul 14, 2014
Jimmie M: I have tried a couple of other brands and wanted to see how I like kiehl's BB cream Jul 12, 2014
Nan J: i need it Jul 11, 2014
Eduardo O: Rating. Jul 10, 2014
Hao S: like Jul 10, 2014
Tania A: never tried a bb cream from kiehls before Jul 9, 2014
april p: I use BB cream instead of any foundation just to even out skin tone in the mornings. Would like to try this color. Jul 9, 2014
Dana H: I want to try it and see if it is good. Jul 8, 2014
Lin D: I hear from my friend Jul 8, 2014
Mariann T: Ratings Jul 7, 2014
Jerri D: I love the BB cream it's very light and covers my uneven areas, I didn't think it would blend well but it did, I am buying the full bottle. Jul 7, 2014
kongpeng l: Try Kielh's BB cream. compare with other brand. Jul 7, 2014
Judith B: Wanted to try Jul 6, 2014
Kayoko O: I just wanted to try this. Jul 6, 2014
Jeoffrey C: SuperB for elder person Jul 4, 2014
Linda A: curious Jul 2, 2014
DONNA D: Hoping to find something light to wear during summertime. Jul 1, 2014
mariam k: i like to be on the lighter and healthier side of makeup. Jun 30, 2014
Curtis Y: Want to try it out. Jun 30, 2014
Carol R: I wanted to try this new product Jun 30, 2014
Kelsey R: wanting to try BB cream Jun 29, 2014
Dawn H: Love it Jun 27, 2014
christina d: try it Jun 26, 2014
Lauren K: I'm interested in finding a good BB cream for the summer. Jun 26, 2014
Kathleen S: to compare to BB cream I'm currently using Jun 25, 2014
Brenda V: Just thought I would give this a try Jun 24, 2014
kaiyu l: need one Jun 24, 2014
Mia A: Interested in BB cream, and trust Kiehl's products! Jun 23, 2014
Lisa D: never tried a BB cream Jun 23, 2014
Jordan M: Works well Jun 22, 2014
Nikki C: Interested in trying Jun 21, 2014
Karma G: Not sure what this is , but so far all products have been great Jun 19, 2014
Tabitha T: Simply wanted to try it out because I love Kiehls skincare. Jun 19, 2014
Anita F: Wanted to try your BB cream. Jun 17, 2014
Amy B: I use this product daily and this is the perfect size to take for an overnight without taking my saleable size. Jun 16, 2014
Judy P: I have used a BB cream for a long time but wanted to check out this brand Jun 16, 2014
Tawny N: I love BB cream and hoping this would work great! Jun 15, 2014
Katie S: Curious Jun 14, 2014
Lesley C: Trying for first time Jun 14, 2014
Kathy T: Just to try. Always looking for new products. I have acne prone skin, and sensitive skin. Jun 12, 2014
Lara L: I love BB cream, but want to try before I purchase to make sure color is correct. Jun 10, 2014
Beth B: I love to try different products. Not familiar with Kiehl's BB cream so why not? It's free! Jun 9, 2014
Rufina c: what to see how it works Jun 6, 2014
Joanne H: wanted to try it Jun 6, 2014
Karin P: I'd like to try this new BB cream! Jun 3, 2014
Lorna J: to try Jun 3, 2014
Caroline B: Wanted to try something new. Jun 2, 2014
Xiaolin L: Friends recommend Jun 1, 2014
Sheila H: Trial. May 28, 2014
zhaoxia l: good service, May 27, 2014
Mary W: To try May 23, 2014
Georgia C: In search of the perfect BB Cream. May 23, 2014
Jisoo M: I have heard about BB creams. May 22, 2014
natsue n: I like bb cream, so i want to try your bb cream May 19, 2014
myoungja s: I liked a bb cream. May 19, 2014
Susan K: I would love it if this works out for me. I have yet to meet a BB Cream that is moisturizing enough that I can truly only use it and nothing else. This is for those crazy hectic mornings when I am in a gigantic rush and don't have time for my normal layers -- moisturizer, sunscreen, primer, THEN the foundation. May 19, 2014
Ziming J: Just want to try May 19, 2014
claudia m: for me to try May 19, 2014
Sherrie C: want to try this May 19, 2014
Khatsara S: I want to try this one. May 19, 2014
Allison B: to try a new bb cream May 19, 2014
Linda H: Wanted to try this because I have heard good things, but did not want to invest in a large quantity. May 19, 2014
pei h: try for the first time May 19, 2014
Gail R: wanted to try BB cream May 18, 2014
Xiaoming L: just try. May 18, 2014
Carolyn B: took a chance May 18, 2014
ruyi z: just try? May 17, 2014
Chunmei M: just because of the good review and want to try it May 17, 2014
Kimberly T: wanted to try May 17, 2014
yujia f: wanna try this May 17, 2014
Shan P: I have been recommended by my friends. May 17, 2014
Sayumi T: always on look-out for good bb cream May 17, 2014
Huang T: I like it May 16, 2014
Feifei T: want to try May 16, 2014
Alan L: want to try it May 16, 2014
Christy P: Going on Jamaica vacation trip and was already ordering the baby cream for my kids. May 16, 2014
lihua z: want to try May 16, 2014
yigao q: i like it ! May 15, 2014
Xuhong C: The amount of star May 15, 2014
Huijuan W: good May 15, 2014
Remedios R: great product and I love it. May 15, 2014
Myung S: to try it May 15, 2014
judith g m: I am starting to us BB Creams and this gives me a chance to try Kiehl's product. If I like it then I can order the large size. May 15, 2014
Dima K: Currently using Laura Mercier but wanted to try something with vitamin C May 15, 2014
Sushu Z: good May 15, 2014
Yun C: I want to try the new BB cream. May 15, 2014
Josabeth P: I was not sure which color I need May 14, 2014
Lori N: I love this product and have been using it for years, very natural, clean, and non-makeup-like. May 14, 2014
Barbara I: Looking for a good cream May 12, 2014
Erin G: Looking for a BB cream that doesn't break out my acne prone skin. May 12, 2014
YARAN Z: first time to try May 11, 2014
Nathalia R: Checked reviews online heard great things May 7, 2014
Felicia J: I dont like my current makeup and I like the high spf. May 7, 2014
Cheryl D: Wanted to try May 6, 2014
Porter L: want to try May 6, 2014
Sheila W: Makeup May 4, 2014
Raj P: Trial May 4, 2014
Deborah E: Thought that I would like it, but found it was too dark for my winter skin. May 4, 2014
RM B: to determine its effect on my skin May 3, 2014
Annette B: I wanted to try it May 2, 2014
Lourdes D: wanted to try it. May 2, 2014
peng z: more people like it May 2, 2014
Barbara M: Wantg to experiment with the different shades of BB cream. Apr 29, 2014
Wendy N: try Apr 27, 2014
Kathleen C: same as above Apr 26, 2014
Loan D: to try out product Apr 24, 2014
Kimberly N: Currently using another brand of BB cream. just want to try. Apr 23, 2014
Emily S: I'm always looking for a good cover up with SPF. Apr 22, 2014
Kristi C N: I'd like to have a new BB cream that feels light weight but has coverage and SPF. Apr 22, 2014
Lan R: wanna have a try Apr 21, 2014
Robert C: My wife likes BB cream Apr 21, 2014
april l: can't wait to try this! Apr 20, 2014
Yuqiao Y: just want to try Apr 20, 2014
Shannon C: wanted to try Apr 16, 2014
lily z: its good to use Apr 14, 2014
Sofia R: To try it out. Apr 11, 2014
Lynette M: great for travel Apr 10, 2014
Ardianty N: I will buy the product if it is good on my face Apr 9, 2014
Ashley W: I need to light base for my powder make up. going to try this one Apr 8, 2014
sherry g: I love the samples. It gives me a chance to try products to try like this one that comes in different shades. Apr 8, 2014
Beatrice C: Wanted to try it Apr 7, 2014
Rita M: I would like to use a BB cream versus foundation. Apr 7, 2014
janet e: i don't remember Apr 6, 2014
JoAnn T: want to try this Apr 5, 2014
Mengya X: like to use BB Cream everyday Apr 2, 2014
preston s: It has a popular rating. Apr 1, 2014
DANIELLE S: want to try samples for florida when I wake up to work out after I wash my fash but still have some color and coverage with out adding makeup Mar 31, 2014
Wipawee D: like Mar 31, 2014
Bethany R: Want to try Mar 31, 2014
Jing W: I don't use it, so I want to try it. Mar 29, 2014
Kathi D: like kiehl products and wanted to try Mar 28, 2014
Jialing P: wanted to get this on this order, but didn't know what shade to get. This is perfect to see if this color would work on me or not. Mar 28, 2014
Steven A: Good reviews. Mar 27, 2014
Kathy D: I currently use a BB cream and want to see how Kiel's compares. Mar 25, 2014
Zeru L: just want to try Mar 25, 2014
Cindy M: I want to try it. Mar 24, 2014
Maryann M: I've heard many good things about BB cream. Mar 24, 2014
Hexun M: Have a try Mar 24, 2014
vassana h: Curious Mar 24, 2014
Meagan G: I love BB creams. Mar 23, 2014
Darcy R: Love this, recommending to a friend Mar 23, 2014
Karen P: Haven't ever tried it. Mar 23, 2014
Catherine G: Potential new concealer/primer Mar 21, 2014
Dipa P: Want to try it out Mar 21, 2014
Mary O: no reason Mar 20, 2014
James M: looking for replacement bb cream Mar 19, 2014
Yuanfan Y: I use bb cream everyday, but never used this one, so wanna give a try. Mar 18, 2014
Liki S: Trying to find right shade for my skin. Mar 17, 2014
Joana A: I want to see what this product is. Unclear from website description Mar 16, 2014
Sumi P: never used bb cream before. like to try it Mar 14, 2014
sabrina g: I really love the BB cream it is the best ever for my skin,i have very dry and sensitive skin, and that work perfect for me. Mar 14, 2014
Ian A: to try Mar 14, 2014
Huimin Y: give it a try Mar 13, 2014
angela g: I wanna take a try. Mar 13, 2014
Eunsin M: I want to try so I can buy later. Mar 12, 2014
nanguo y: try Mar 12, 2014
amanda w: want to try to color Mar 11, 2014
Terri P: want to try Mar 11, 2014
Andrew D: Honestly, I have no idea what it is. I did not even read the description. Being daring here haha. Mar 11, 2014
chunmei l: Good Mar 11, 2014
Maria D: My mom bought this and my sisters and I borrowed it over Christmas...found out a month later all of us separately went and bought it for ourselves. Amazing coverage, blends perfectly to skin tone, and the SPF 50 is amazing. Mar 10, 2014
Loreen E: want to compare it to the product I currently use Mar 9, 2014
Donna R: Love this product. Walk every day and apply before going outside for skin protection Mar 9, 2014
Yiyang L: wanna try before buy Mar 9, 2014
Kim L: my wife like it Mar 9, 2014
Charis J: Wanted to try Mar 8, 2014
Yae sol L: want to try Mar 6, 2014
BO L: only use bb cream on special occation Mar 6, 2014
Nancy C: Trying it out. Mar 5, 2014
Xiaoran W: I want to try the BB cream. Mar 4, 2014
Mingjue L: have a high rating Mar 3, 2014
Yi Y: just for interests Mar 2, 2014
Seo Young M: I want to try on BB cream to see if it suits me Feb 28, 2014
Sharon E: for purse Feb 28, 2014
Cheri L: Trying to find the perfect BB cream and this may just be the one! Feb 27, 2014
Paula T: I use BB cream as opposed to foundation makeup, and thought that if your eye products work so well, that the bb cream is probably also worth trying. I hope it will be a good match for my skin tone. Feb 26, 2014
YUNXIA H: TRY Feb 24, 2014
Deborah H: To see what color I need Feb 22, 2014
Daiyinmei Z: I have too much spots. Feb 22, 2014
rixi c: i am very new to bb cream and i want to explore more. Feb 21, 2014
Laura S: I've heard of BB cream but never tried it so now I have the chance without commitment to purchase a large size Feb 21, 2014
Meg C: to try this particular BB cream. Feb 21, 2014
Allison L: I love new makeup Feb 19, 2014
Lei W: I would use it Feb 18, 2014
Jenedith R: To try it. Feb 18, 2014
Nongnuch P: Want to try Feb 18, 2014
Mary H: would like to try product. I don't use makeup... Feb 17, 2014
Christine T: I wanted to see if the BB cream from Kiehl's is as good as others I have tried. I selected both the Medium and Fair/Light to see which color matches the best to my skin tone. Feb 17, 2014
Dayni A: Trying it out. Feb 17, 2014
Deneca D: its free Feb 17, 2014
adriana d: to try a different that I use Feb 16, 2014
Hongmin F: I want to try it. Feb 13, 2014
Lon V: No particular reason Feb 12, 2014
Holland B: Would like to try it. Feb 12, 2014
Kimberly C: best bb cream ever Feb 10, 2014
Antonette S: want to see if it works Feb 10, 2014
irene p: too try Feb 9, 2014
David C: I was interested in the tone correcting aspect Feb 6, 2014
Deborah S: First time trying it! Will let you know! Feb 3, 2014
Tracey P: Exploring BB creams and since I love everything else Kiehl's...figured I would give this a whirl. Feb 3, 2014
Yaohua Z: I just want to try it. Feb 3, 2014
joyce a: Would like 2 try Feb 2, 2014
Julia M: trying it Feb 2, 2014
hui z: good Feb 1, 2014
Lin M: Tried it, love it. Feb 1, 2014
xuele m: I was impressed by my friend who was wearing your BB cream, I would like to try out the colors Feb 1, 2014
Nicola Y: I love BB cream and love Kiehls so excited to see if this would work. Not sure what color I am though! Jan 31, 2014
yoanna l: Best BB cream out there. Makes my skin look flawless Jan 28, 2014
Patricia N: Wanted to try it. Jan 28, 2014
Danese M: Want to try Jan 28, 2014
yanfeng d: I LIKE Jan 26, 2014
adrienne w: sounds good Jan 25, 2014
Laura H: wanted to try a BB cream Jan 20, 2014
sarah c: currently use Dr. Jarts BB cream, would like to compare Jan 20, 2014
Pamela M: I have wanted to try a BB cream. What better one to try than a natural one from Kiehl's Jan 19, 2014
Cheryl A: I like a tinted moisturizer, and have not tried a BB cream yet Jan 18, 2014
Elizabeth S: Saw on Dr Oz Jan 16, 2014
Dalina S: I wanted to try it out. Jan 16, 2014
Dr. Nancy S: I do not wear face makeup, but 8'd like a little more skin protection in cold weather Jan 9, 2014
Parichat L: I'd like to try this one. Jan 7, 2014
Rachel K: I love BB Creams and wanted to compare theirs to others. Jan 5, 2014
Luis L: check it out Jan 3, 2014
Judy C: I like BB cream and would like to try this one. Jan 1, 2014
Justine L: trying to find daytime moisturizer with some tint to help cover redness Jan 1, 2014
Brian W: I use BB cream Dec 31, 2013
Lola R: Something new, I wonder if it will work for African American skin? Dec 31, 2013
Charlotte H: Wanted to try. Dec 31, 2013
jun h: for my son Dec 31, 2013
rebecca a: I haven't tried this BB cream yet. I hope it works well with my skin. Dec 31, 2013
Nina Y: Just want to try Dec 31, 2013
Patty M: WANTED TO TRY Dec 31, 2013
Marlene L: don't wear make up & would like to try Dec 31, 2013
Prudence L: looking for a BB cream Dec 31, 2013
Flora F: To try it out although it seems a bit light there were no darker choses. Dec 31, 2013
Stacey S: travel size Dec 31, 2013
Blythe F: Thought it would be good to try for daily use Dec 31, 2013
Pamela W: want to try Dec 31, 2013
YIYI L: Try color Dec 30, 2013
Johanna F: Would like to try Dec 30, 2013
Patty S: Just want to try it Dec 30, 2013
Lin M: wanna try it Dec 30, 2013
Norma O: Just wanted to try. Dec 30, 2013
Karen W: I'm always looking for a great bb cream and would love to try the Kiehl's brand. Dec 30, 2013
Nikol W: Have never used a BB cream before - just thought I'd give it a try. Dec 30, 2013
Megan O: I want to try a foundation Dec 29, 2013
stephanie b: I've never tried a bb cream. Dec 29, 2013
Carolyn R: Wanted to try the item. Dec 29, 2013
Ellen R: trying it out Dec 29, 2013
valerie s: interested in product Dec 29, 2013
Vivian P: try Dec 29, 2013
George F: Very interested in bb cream Dec 29, 2013
Lee G: I have no idea what BB cream is! Dec 29, 2013
Bernadette S: I want to try the shade Dec 28, 2013
Charon K: Looking for a great BB Cream...we'll see... Dec 28, 2013
Hyejeong C: looks new Dec 27, 2013
Kristen R: I purchased the light BB cream but believe my skin might be closer to the medium. If it matches better then I'll know which color is right for me without having to order a full size. Dec 27, 2013
Jennifer G: try for eyes Dec 26, 2013
Julie B: curious Dec 26, 2013
CUI Z: I have used this many times. And it really works. I like it very much. Dec 26, 2013
Dan X: "just want to try BB Cream of this brand" Dec 25, 2013
XiuXiu L: Good Dec 23, 2013
Suzanne S: tried other brands of similar cream; may like this one Dec 23, 2013
Carol A: Already use this and love it Dec 23, 2013
charlotte s: Just wanted to try Dec 23, 2013
Monica M: want to try it Dec 23, 2013
Pamela B: I'm looking for a second makeup line to try. Dec 22, 2013
lin d: JUST WANT TO HAVE A TRY Dec 21, 2013
Connie B: Would like to find a BB cream that gives me a little more coverage than the one I am currently using. Dec 21, 2013
Judy B: wanted to try before purchasing Dec 21, 2013
Bettina G: i am looking for a bb-cream and want to try this one Dec 20, 2013
Annabel A: curious about bb creams Dec 20, 2013
Bing W: LIKE Dec 19, 2013
Sue P: i need some evening out on complexition Dec 18, 2013
Dana P: just to see what it is like Dec 18, 2013
Yae L: Because I want try the product. First Time Customer Dec 18, 2013
Lorry A: wanted to try it Dec 17, 2013
Angelie M: Want to see if the Medium color is a good match. Dec 17, 2013
Somdangchit K: i would to try bb cream this brand. Dec 17, 2013
shirley h: try it to be buy Dec 17, 2013
Jing Y: Try Dec 15, 2013
Elizabeth D: want to try Dec 14, 2013
jocelyn c: I like Kiehl's products so as this was offered as sample, thought to try it out. If I like it, will purchase in the future. Dec 13, 2013
eileen m: recommended by a friend Dec 12, 2013
Thomas V: My girlfriend wanted to try it Dec 12, 2013
Kelly J: Trying it Dec 11, 2013
Cyndi M: would like to find a moisturizer with tint Dec 11, 2013
L V: Was curious to try Kiehl's BB cream Dec 10, 2013
Kristine W: l Dec 10, 2013
Liz P: never tried a BB cream, but want to and Kiels would be a good one I assume based on friends advice Dec 9, 2013
HUEITING L: TRY Dec 4, 2013
Miriam N: Heard about how BB creams are so good Dec 3, 2013
Xiaoyan W: Friends refer it to me. Dec 3, 2013
Bingxin Y: I wanna buy a BB cream so just try it. Dec 2, 2013
JINFANG W: BB Cream is my favorite. Dec 2, 2013
Wenhao G: easy to carry on for a short trip. Dec 2, 2013
Yanling H: I use BB cream for make up, want to try Kiehl's BB cream Dec 2, 2013
shen w: GOOD Dec 2, 2013
jingjing W: first try. Dec 2, 2013
Xiaping Z: try new product I never used before Dec 2, 2013
Mary Nelle G: have not tried this product before Dec 2, 2013
Sheri A: Please make this in darker skin tones!!!!! Dec 2, 2013
Jessica B: I've never tried a BB cream so I'm curious to see how it works out. Dec 2, 2013
Yueqi W: need one. Dec 2, 2013
Stacey K: Wanted to try a BB cream for the first time Dec 2, 2013
Jen D: I'm looking for something for winter. Dec 2, 2013
Lisa P: wanted to try Dec 2, 2013
Katie D: Never tried before. Dec 2, 2013
Yuna P: new product which i haven't tried Dec 2, 2013
Cheryl M: Wanted to try these, formula is irritating
to my skin, but it goes on nicely and looks good. Do not care for the smell, however.
Dec 2, 2013
Dawid A: great reviews from the internet Dec 2, 2013
Rachel W: looks interesting Dec 2, 2013
wei z: I use BB cream everyday. I would love to try better and cheaper ones. Dec 2, 2013
Hannah S: I've been hunting for ages for a perfect BB Cream. Maybe this'll be the one. Dec 2, 2013
Teresa H: This is new to me but I now use a tinted moisturizer so I want to compare it. Dec 2, 2013
Pashia R: curious about bb creams Dec 2, 2013
Rita G: first time trying it Dec 2, 2013
Vanessa F: LOVE this BB Cream! It moisturizes and evens out my skin tone without looking like I have anything on! Dec 2, 2013
Junee L: I haven't it before and wanna have a try. Dec 1, 2013
siew yee m: try Dec 1, 2013
Cheryl H: I have never tried it and wanted to Dec 1, 2013
Fei C: for makeup Dec 1, 2013
Sharon R: I need a foundation that does not irritate my rosacea so thought that I would try this. Dec 1, 2013
Hiuling C: Someone said this bb cream is awesome. Dec 1, 2013
Ruoyu C: want to try Dec 1, 2013
Shuang F: i want to try this product Nov 30, 2013
Meng L: it is good Nov 30, 2013
Joseph B: Tried it before, liked it Nov 29, 2013
Francisca G: I want to try! Nov 29, 2013
sophie k: try Nov 29, 2013
Miaoru Y: suitable for me Nov 28, 2013
Jing C: try Nov 28, 2013
Dan W: Just try Nov 28, 2013
Karen E: so many choices for bb cream, giving it a go Nov 28, 2013
THANH THAO P: I saw great reviews of this on Youtube. Nov 28, 2013
GONGZHUO L: I need one BB cream Nov 28, 2013
Leon M: try Nov 26, 2013
Huiyun W: curious Nov 25, 2013
lorraine s: Loved the old tinted moisturizer (wish you still carried it) and hope this is similar. Nov 25, 2013
Yufeng L: want to try before buy Nov 24, 2013
Wendy H: Just want to try it Nov 24, 2013
xia q: . Nov 24, 2013
Bo W: Wanna try Kiehl's BB cream Nov 23, 2013
HUI Z: nice Nov 23, 2013
Dan W: suit my need and try to figure out which tone satisfies me Nov 23, 2013
Jane Z: just want to compare Kiehl's BB cream with the similar product from other company Nov 22, 2013
helen s: color choice for bb cream Nov 22, 2013
Camelia S: I love BB creams. I'm sampling this one. Let's see how it compares to ones I've used. Nov 22, 2013
priscilla m: I hear a lot of positive good things about the bb cremes Nov 21, 2013
PEI LIN L: I just want to try it." Nov 21, 2013
june c: free Nov 20, 2013
Jinzhao Z: In need for finding a new BB cream for day-to-day usage Nov 20, 2013
CHRISTY F: Wanted to try a BB product. Nov 19, 2013
Roberta Z: wanted to try Nov 19, 2013
Michele M: Stocking stuffer Nov 18, 2013
anne w: Wanted to try product Nov 18, 2013
Crystal W: Wanted to try Nov 18, 2013
Jia P: want to try Nov 18, 2013
Mandi L: want to try Nov 17, 2013
Wubitu W: First time trying. Nov 17, 2013
Ji J: wanted to try Nov 17, 2013
teresa h: want to try Nov 17, 2013
Lisa R: Always wanted to try a bb cream. Nov 17, 2013
Irene H: like Nov 17, 2013
SHUO Z: just try Nov 16, 2013
Bev O: No reason Nov 16, 2013
Rachel H: Searching for lightweight coverage Nov 16, 2013
Carleen K: Have used other BB creams ~ want to try Kiehl's. Nov 15, 2013
Vivian R: For everyday use... loved it and ordered! Very nice! Nov 15, 2013
Fran M: nice product however I am really a cross between medium and light Nov 15, 2013
Kelli W: Instead of wearing foundations, which are rather heavy, I have been looking at using a BB cream instead. I have tried others and they haven't worked out for me; either greasy or not enough coverage. Nov 15, 2013
yuying n: it is free, just give it a try Nov 14, 2013
Wen Z: glad kiehls has bb cream now, definitely try it Nov 14, 2013
dong x: ok Nov 13, 2013
Xiaona W: my BB cream is not working as I expected Nov 13, 2013
Rowena T: I have uneven skin tones. Nov 10, 2013
Michelle K: I enjoy using BB creams more than foundations. Nov 5, 2013
luz t: trial Nov 4, 2013
Jane N: Looking for a new BB cream Nov 2, 2013
Deborah G: want to see if I can use this in place of foundation Nov 2, 2013
Zimo S: want to buy Oct 29, 2013
Aurora V: just wanted to try your bb cream Oct 28, 2013
Colleen G: looks good Oct 28, 2013
lan xiao l: My friends say this is good, I want to try. Oct 28, 2013
terry t: I'm fan of Kiehls. Want to try its new BB cream Oct 27, 2013
Loretta C: Want to try BB Cream Oct 27, 2013
Rachela F: Have used other BB Cream and wanted to try your brand. Oct 24, 2013
Colleen C: I've heard so much about the benefits of BB cream, and I likr Kiehls products, so I thought I'd give it a try. Oct 23, 2013
Samantha G: Curiosity Oct 21, 2013
Sylvia L: I've been wanting to try the BB creams for a while, but have not pinpointed the best color for me. So this is the perfect opportunity. Oct 20, 2013
terri m: Like to try a product before I make a purchase Oct 20, 2013
lois f: heard this was good Oct 20, 2013
Christina C: Seen it advertised and would like to try it. Oct 15, 2013
Valentina K: I use this and love it, and wanted to give it as a gift. Oct 14, 2013
Giselle A: Love the idea of color correcting primer Oct 13, 2013
Jennifer M: I love other brands of BB cream and wanted to try yours...I just wish there was one with out such a high SPF available Oct 10, 2013
Helena O: For trial Oct 9, 2013
JAE GEUN K: want to try Oct 4, 2013
Yunan J: want to try bb cream of kiehl's. Sep 30, 2013
J V: I've tried a drug-store brand BB cream and want to compare to Kiehl's better brand. Sep 30, 2013
Susan F: I have been interested in trying this for some time. Sep 30, 2013
Tara S: Never tried it. Sep 30, 2013
Vivica Y: I want to choose a bb cream Sep 29, 2013
Grace W: I am getting this for my daughter to try. Sep 29, 2013
Jalea S: Want to try it, see what it has to offer. And since I'm brown skinned I want to see how the color will fit with my skin. Sep 29, 2013
Michelle G: Wanted to give it a try. Sep 27, 2013
R. K: Ihave other bb cream so i wanted to compare them to this one. Sep 27, 2013
Lisa G: Kiehls stop making their tinted moisturizer which I loved so I am trying this to see if I've found another. Sep 26, 2013
Judy A: want to try it Sep 26, 2013
MARIUS ANDREI C: I wanna try how it works for me. Sep 26, 2013
Gabrielle G: Love the old tinted moisturizer. Hope this one is as good. Sep 25, 2013
Renee S: wanted to see if medium is the right color for my complexion Sep 24, 2013
Lourdes E: I have never used this BB cream before so I wanted to try it. Use BB cream every day and with all the other great products Kiels makes, thought this would be a good one to try. Sep 23, 2013
Harsha J: New In the Market Sep 22, 2013
Robin O: Wondering if medium is a better color for me.. Sep 22, 2013
Nuria K: Never tried before Sep 22, 2013
Elizabeth T: My sister says this is the best bb cream she's ever used! Sep 22, 2013
Qian M: love bb Sep 20, 2013
Susan D: Want to try Sep 20, 2013
Donna D: Have been curious about this product. Sep 18, 2013
Laura M: Looked like an interesting new product. I wish Kiehls made foundation or other make-up basics (like powder and cover up). You guys make such great skin care products and I am always searching for make up that is also good for my skin. Sep 18, 2013
JASON A: I have never tried this before. Sep 16, 2013
Gary S: Good customer reviews Sep 16, 2013
Melissa B: Didn't know which color was right. Sep 15, 2013
Miyoun S: just wanna try Sep 5, 2013
Susan M: Daughter in law had my try some of hers & I liked it but wanted to try again before committing to full size Sep 3, 2013
Tara L: The best BB cream; tinted moisturizer on the market for the price. I adore L'Ancombe's L'ecalt but save for nights out; this is my daily product. Sep 2, 2013
Angie M: SPF 50? great for summer time.. even tho its slightly over. Aug 30, 2013
Melisa W: AD Aug 27, 2013
Nancy K: I'm using Garnier BB & love it. I wanted to try yours. Aug 26, 2013
Noami D: I am looking for a BB cream to wear under my face powder. Aug 26, 2013
Marianna K: I have tried a few different brands, still looking for a better BB cream. Aug 25, 2013
Robin E: Your skin is flawless with this stuff! Aug 23, 2013
Charlotte B: Never tried BB cream. Aug 23, 2013
nina g: curious Aug 21, 2013
Satomi K: need to know which color fits to my skin Aug 20, 2013
Jie S: Heard about BB cream and would like to try. Aug 19, 2013
Margaret G: hope I like the BB cream so I can use this for travel. Aug 18, 2013
Marsha R: trying the fine right color Aug 18, 2013
Grace J: Promotional information made it something to consider, but do not usually like tinted stuffl. So trying this. Aug 16, 2013
robin s: Its new to me! Aug 15, 2013
Halima R: Looking for a good quality bb cream and would like to give this one a try Aug 14, 2013
Regina K: I like using a cream that includes everything in one moisturizer Aug 13, 2013
Linda D: There is a lot of hype around bb cream and I wanted to finally try it Aug 12, 2013
Allyfon D: Wanted to try a BB Cream. Since I really love & trust Kiehl's, i decided, "Why not try theirs"? Aug 12, 2013
Judi C: I love BB Cream and want to try Kiehl's! Aug 12, 2013
lisa t: something I haven't tried yet Aug 9, 2013
Edwin C: Using a different brand - wanted to try it Aug 8, 2013
Blanche P. B: Same as above Aug 5, 2013
Kimberlee A: I wanted to try this also....have been reading about BB creams and wanted to see how it worked. Jul 31, 2013
Olivia W: want to try different bb creams Jul 30, 2013
Monique M: I keep hearing the hype about BB cream, so seams like a good way to give it a shot. Jul 29, 2013
Renee E B: Just to try it Jul 28, 2013
Jessica M: Saw mixed reviews and would like to see for myself Jul 28, 2013
Fatima L: I wanted to try and see if I did not break out like I do with all other products that involve color. Jul 27, 2013
Nyda S: Just to try out Different color Jul 26, 2013
Marie D: Wanted to try a bb cream Jul 24, 2013
Gretchen B: want to check the color, before I purchase the big one Jul 23, 2013
Kathryn W: I use this product and really like it. Wanted a travel size. Jul 23, 2013
Mary F: I wanted to try it - and see if the shade matches my skin color Jul 23, 2013
Kathy S: To Try it Jul 22, 2013
Linda A: Wanted a darker color to get me through the summer! Jul 21, 2013
Nannette K: The product description sounds like a good product to try...looking for the best youth serum...:-) Jul 21, 2013
Donna A: I am using the fair to light and I wanted to see how much darker the medium is. Jul 21, 2013
angie m: tried several bb creams but not happy with any of them totally wanted to give this a try Jul 19, 2013
F. Grant W: To try Jul 18, 2013
Darlene S: To try this product. Jul 18, 2013
Kathleen C: Love this cream - I like to keep samples in my gym bag when I'm on the go Jul 18, 2013
Rachel C: I wanted my friend to try it. Jul 12, 2013
Qi Na W: want to try new things Jun 26, 2013
Mary F: Like the BB cream Jun 17, 2013
Mary S: Haven't tried this reviews sounds good. Jun 17, 2013
xijuan j: want a bb cream if it's good Jun 17, 2013
Yingchao W: good Jun 15, 2013
Annemarie C: because BB creams are new - I've tried a few but haven't found one that I like yet.... still searching Jun 15, 2013
Huan R: Wanna try. Jun 15, 2013
Rachel K: trying it Jun 15, 2013
Gloria W: New product Jun 15, 2013
Ruochen H: look good Jun 15, 2013
Marisol A: I wanted to try a new bb cream apart from Tarte Jun 15, 2013
Suzanne K: Tried something new. Jun 15, 2013
Spencer G: Always looking to try facial creams, this is my first time trying this. Jun 15, 2013
Rhodes S: Trying Jun 15, 2013
Nancy S: Heard about BB creams and just wanted to try it. Jun 15, 2013
yiran m: try Jun 15, 2013
jiang c: looking for lotion Jun 15, 2013
Ying Z: want to try it Jun 14, 2013
Alexandra I: see above Jun 14, 2013
Susan A: Want to try it Jun 14, 2013
susan f: want to try Jun 14, 2013
Lulu L: Thought I would try this. Jun 14, 2013
Victoria B: wanted to try it Jun 14, 2013
Amanda D: trt Jun 14, 2013
ANISSA S: i have uneven skin tone, wanted to try this out. Jun 14, 2013
Shirley A: Just wanted to try it. Heard good things about bb creams. Jun 14, 2013
Gabriela M: I wanted to check the color to see if it matched me... simple curiosity Jun 14, 2013
Nancy B: I'm curious about BB cream. I've never tried it before. Jun 14, 2013
Mark M: not sure Jun 14, 2013
lek s: Like to try out. Jun 14, 2013
John A: Wanted to try it Jun 14, 2013
Dyanne H: Never tried it before. Jun 14, 2013
Kathleen N: I'd like to give it a try. Jun 14, 2013
kathleen s: try for possible purchase Jun 13, 2013
INA B: Looking for new products so thought I would try. Jun 13, 2013
janet w: Looks interesting Jun 13, 2013
Renee D: new item and want to try it before purchasing Jun 13, 2013
Donna M: i want to try this "bb" cream stuff i've heard so much about. Jun 13, 2013
Kristina G: I love BB Cream as a primer, so wanted to try this brand. Jun 13, 2013
Cari-Ann R: wanted to try it. Jun 13, 2013
Debbie C: never tried Jun 13, 2013
Daisy G: Its a BB cream always on the look for a better BB cream. Jun 12, 2013
Bernadette D: Want to try this item Jun 11, 2013
Patricia D: no specific reason Jun 11, 2013
question: want to try, to see what color match before purchase and see if the consistency is what i am looking for Jun 9, 2013
SARAH B: Didn't know what to pick so trying it Jun 9, 2013
Dianne M: wanted to try Jun 9, 2013
Ade A: Always good to try a new lotion. Jun 8, 2013
shunika t: need to even skin tone Jun 7, 2013
Fonda P: I read about it and I can't wait to try it! Jun 5, 2013
yanyi z: want to try its effect Jun 4, 2013
Charlene B: I wanted to try it to see what all the hype was about. Jun 4, 2013
JACKIE M: Have not tried BB cream from Keihls. Jun 2, 2013
Simone S: Toss-up Jun 2, 2013
Annie G: Just curious to see how it works. May 31, 2013
sharlotte g: never tried before.. May 28, 2013
Anna P: Just to try it. May 27, 2013
Sandra S: Wanted to see the difference in shades. May 26, 2013
YIJUN H: WANT TO TRY IT. May 26, 2013
xiaolu h: very good May 25, 2013
Crystal T: My niece said it was good stuff May 25, 2013
Gladys M: To try it May 24, 2013
Pam L: Want to give it a try May 24, 2013
Maria S: always looking for the next best thing and I like everything I have tried from keils. May 23, 2013
Xiaoyang C: just wanna try this May 23, 2013
GABRIELA M: TO TRY May 21, 2013
Beth M: Trying something new May 21, 2013
Susan M: just read about it. May 21, 2013
BENQING X: new product May 20, 2013
Audrey R: I wanted to try it for the first time. I really don't understand what a BB cream is all about. May 20, 2013
Irene K: I have never tried this before. May 20, 2013
Patricia T: Never tried it before May 20, 2013
Kristina L E: New product wanted to try it out. May 20, 2013
Michael M: Not sure what this is so wanted to try. May 19, 2013
Kathy S: new product -I;ve used other brands and thought I would try this one. May 19, 2013
Yoojin C: need new BB cream. hard to find good match for my skin May 19, 2013
Yin D: I am not sure which color will fit me, so I also want to try the medium. May 18, 2013
Estelle P: coverage May 18, 2013
roy c: no idea May 16, 2013
sandra b: i have never tried this before May 15, 2013
Dr Joan M: see if it's better than my current bb cream May 15, 2013
Sharmaine B: My daughter is 17 and likes bb products. I know that your products are more natural. May 14, 2013
JUDY L: WANT TO TRY IT May 14, 2013
Carol P: Never used a BB cream. Curious. May 14, 2013
Phyllis N: Wanted to try this. May 14, 2013
Shiva R: Never tried BB cream and want to see how it looks on me May 13, 2013
denise d: Keep hearing about BB creams so I thought I'd try it out. May 13, 2013
victoria h: looking for low maintenance day wear May 13, 2013
Jessica T: Curious to say how it will help even out my skin! May 11, 2013
Trudy S: LIke another brand of BB cream - thought I would try yours May 10, 2013
Claudia C: curious as to how it works on me May 10, 2013
Sherry S: I have been using another product for many years and would like to switch to your products since I love the products I purchased so far. Not sure of the color so am trying both light and medium shades. May 9, 2013
Yanna L: I never try it i woild love to give it a gry.. May 8, 2013
Connie K: wanted to try this product, I had heard good things about it. May 8, 2013
Andrea M: I wanted to try something with a little tint. May 8, 2013
Hilda W: to try May 7, 2013
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