Ultra Facial Oil-Free Gel-Cream Sample

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Ultra Facial Oil-Free Gel-Cream Sample
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Kiehl's Since 1851 Store asked: Why did you choose this?
Jinchao D: want to try Sep 9, 2014
Sun K: This is the only facial moisturizing product that works on my oily skin Aug 9, 2014
S T: trying Jul 8, 2014
Brittany S: Travel. Jun 25, 2014
Laurie F: to see if it was better than the regular cream Jun 23, 2014
Joy R: ordered this as a sample, but never received May 19, 2014
Ting W: Love Apr 20, 2014
MINXIA L: i want to try it! Apr 6, 2014
Dianne G: To see if I like it and it doesn't cause acne. Apr 4, 2014
Micah D: I am looking for an oil-free cream Apr 3, 2014
Ye Ji L: I just want to try it for later Mar 31, 2014
Victoria C: I have combo oily skin and want to try it Mar 30, 2014
Nicole D: I use the Ultra Facial Cream, and while I like it, I would prefer something that left my skin a little more matte. So I am trying the Oil-Free to see if it will moisturize my skin enough, but not leave it oily by mid-day. Mar 24, 2014
Zuyi L: Just want to have a try. I have dry skin. Mar 22, 2014
Peihui W: remove oil and minimize pores Mar 15, 2014
yawei w: FRIEND Mar 13, 2014
Di H: is Mar 12, 2014
linda w: New, wanted to try Mar 8, 2014
yujjung j: I like to try Mar 7, 2014
Jisu H: very good for moisturizing your face!! Mar 5, 2014
Angela D: never tried before Mar 4, 2014
TANG X: what a try Mar 1, 2014
jerry t: Never tried it before. Feb 27, 2014
Luer C: I wanna try this one. If good, I'll buy it. Feb 24, 2014
Junui H: No particular reason. Just wanted to try Feb 21, 2014
Joanne L: control acne Feb 20, 2014
Danielle M: New to me Feb 18, 2014
jiyan W: used before Feb 17, 2014
yu z: friend recommendation Feb 17, 2014
YUN Y: OIL-FREE. I am oil skin. Feb 13, 2014
Lin M: I like oil-free cream, so wanna give it a try. Feb 1, 2014
Lin X: try new moisturizer Feb 1, 2014
Nicola Y: I like the idea of a gel cream but am not sure I would be keen to use it daily - will give it a try! Jan 31, 2014
Tylesha B: I have combination/sentitive acne skin!I need a good water gel base cream Jan 30, 2014
Ian M: Truly a light and oil free experience Jan 28, 2014
Victoria K: Recommendation Jan 26, 2014
Sangmin K: Considering between 'ultra facial cream'. Since my face is oily, I might need 'oil-free' products. Jan 25, 2014
Chia-Ying C: Recommended by friends Jan 7, 2014
BOLATITO B: I am trying the Ultra facial oil free lotion and am getting these samples to see if they are compatible with my oily skin. I currently use the Ultra facial cleanser and toner. Dec 28, 2013
Annie L: I have oily t zone Dec 27, 2013
Jiaxin L: Just try Dec 7, 2013
Laura H: haven't tried this and i like lighter weight moisturizers! Dec 6, 2013
JIAQUN L: New product for me and I want to try it. Dec 6, 2013
Heidi H: gift Dec 5, 2013
Pamela S: Again, like the no shine hydrator, I am trying to control oil and acne, with aging skin. Dec 5, 2013
Scott N: oil Dec 5, 2013
Georgette B: Need oil free products Dec 5, 2013
Jennifer B: This cream has many good reviews for under makeup in humid climates and my daughter in Houston may like this. Dec 4, 2013
SHAOLING L: want to try Dec 4, 2013
Chelsea C: I want to try Dec 4, 2013
Adele T: wanted to give it a try Dec 4, 2013
HUAHUA Z: oily skin Dec 4, 2013
Kathleen W: Looking for an oil-free moisterizer Dec 4, 2013
Jose P: Willing to try it. Dec 4, 2013
Annicia C: to try it out Dec 4, 2013
jae o: i want to try Dec 3, 2013
Sumeng B: For friend Dec 3, 2013
Chloe M: for myself Dec 2, 2013
Yiqing C: wanna try Dec 2, 2013
HYE-RI K: i wanna try it. Dec 2, 2013
Yan Xing G: I want to buy this, but they out of store Dec 2, 2013
Sheri A: My face breaks out from oil in moisturizers Dec 2, 2013
Xiongnan W: Interested in trying... Dec 2, 2013
Nicholas P: z Dec 2, 2013
Zhen R: heard about it on weibo. Dec 2, 2013
YIN D: DON'T LIKE OILY Dec 2, 2013
Francisca G: I would like to try! Dec 2, 2013
Chris N: I have Super Dry Skin! Dec 2, 2013
yuchen l: want to have a try Dec 2, 2013
Patricia T: to try Dec 2, 2013
Ying W: It is oil free which might work for me. Dec 1, 2013
Guomin J: good Dec 1, 2013
Dawn H: Have oily skin Dec 1, 2013
Kang L: haven't use it before Dec 1, 2013
Linda C: Oil free Dec 1, 2013
Julia J: wanted to see how it worked before I got it Dec 1, 2013
xiuhua H: want to try, compare it with the lotion Dec 1, 2013
Hanyuan Z: i want to try this. Dec 1, 2013
Mengxi D: I want to have a try. Dec 1, 2013
Yani Z: try Nov 30, 2013
edward z: have a try. Nov 30, 2013
Quji x: it is great Nov 30, 2013
Ye Y: Very good product, I like it so much. Nov 30, 2013
Siyan P: I WANT TO TRY THIS. Nov 30, 2013
Haixin S: wanna try Nov 29, 2013
sarah v: looking for a replacement for the Crystal Marine cream that is sadly gone! Nov 29, 2013
LIHUA Z: light n no oil Nov 29, 2013
Shuang J: want to compare this with other oil free moisturizers. Nov 29, 2013
Wan Yung L: want to try it! like this in summer. Nov 28, 2013
Sha L: I'm oil combination skin, this produce is oil-free gel cream, but unfortunately it makes my skin breakout. Nov 28, 2013
Yin D: I have no use thisï¼?but i want to try Nov 27, 2013
Wei D: want to have a try Nov 27, 2013
Comfort M: Quick clean for my son after athletics! Nov 26, 2013
zoeyingyi z: just want to try it Nov 25, 2013
SHUQI Y: great Nov 25, 2013
Lucas S: I like so much Nov 24, 2013
Wei Y: want to try for summer Nov 24, 2013
tan y: I want to try Nov 23, 2013
Ninna X: try for oil skin Nov 21, 2013
Kellie T: No Nov 17, 2013
haiyan w: high rate Nov 17, 2013
Jessica F: want to try Nov 17, 2013
Jieqi Y: Try on it to see the difference from Ultra Facial Moistturizer Nov 17, 2013
Ning W: would like to have a try Nov 17, 2013
Rui S: try it Nov 16, 2013
Donna E: I travel a lot. I use samples mostly for that or stocking stuffers. Nov 16, 2013
YING J: try Nov 16, 2013
Yongqing T: Friend recommend it Nov 15, 2013
Guangfang L: want to have a try Nov 15, 2013
Mengjiao Z: want to have try Nov 15, 2013
deqiang C: LIKE Nov 15, 2013
XINGRUI L: GOOD Nov 14, 2013
Shuxiao L: good Nov 14, 2013
Caixin W: good Nov 13, 2013
yunxiao Z: Good product Nov 13, 2013
patricia m: wanted to try it Nov 13, 2013
Yueming T: this is great, used for a long time Nov 11, 2013
Minjung K: I'm thinking of this for my summer buddy instead of the normal Ultra Facial Cream Nov 4, 2013
Elissa K: Try it Nov 3, 2013
Giselle G: i have acne Oct 31, 2013
Patricia C: Because I've used the gel and would like to try the cream Oct 31, 2013
Allison N: Wanted to try Oct 29, 2013
Jingyan T: LOOKS GOOD Oct 27, 2013
Siqin B: like Oct 26, 2013
zeus f: to try it out Oct 25, 2013
Jamie C: Curious about oil free. Oct 24, 2013
Chulakorn A: Try it Oct 22, 2013
Samantha G: Curiosity Oct 21, 2013
Yangping D: try Oct 19, 2013
Justin G: Why not? Oct 14, 2013
Nicolette A N: Wanted to try an oil free cream Oct 13, 2013
Laura M: Want to try a new oil free moisturizer. Oct 7, 2013
Amrita C: I am considering purchasing this if it leaves my skin moisturized but not oily. Sep 30, 2013
Lei G: Wanted to try the oil free version of the Ultra Facial Cream. Sep 30, 2013
Bin W: Want to try it whether suitable for me Sep 30, 2013
Lizzy B: I wanna try some facial oil-free gel-cream. Sep 30, 2013
Jin W: I want to try Sep 29, 2013
Qianqian S: To have a try! Sep 27, 2013
Matt R: Wanted to try Sep 26, 2013
Yuelei X: FOR TRAVELLING Sep 24, 2013
Xiaobo H: give it a try Sep 22, 2013
Shuai Y: very dry skin wanna try Sep 21, 2013
Elizabeth F: Love your moisturizers and liked the oil free gel Sep 19, 2013
ronald s: try Sep 8, 2013
ethelinda r: curious Aug 26, 2013
xiaoying j: i wanna try this Aug 20, 2013
yingdong l: interested Aug 9, 2013
SzuYu L: Many people recommend! Jul 16, 2013
Mark I: Gift for wife. Jun 18, 2013
Jessica H: would like to give it a try. Jun 17, 2013
Karen H: considered buying it (chose the skin rescuer instead) Jun 17, 2013
Marina T: Oil free Jun 17, 2013
Qian L: I'd like to try some different moisture. Jun 17, 2013
Jing Y: to know what the gel-cream feel like Jun 17, 2013
SANDRA J: Worth a try. Jun 17, 2013
Yingzi Y: I want to try Jun 17, 2013
TING Z: good reputation Jun 17, 2013
Yue P: I wanted to try a facial cream for summer. May 28, 2013
Xuexin J: I have oil skin, I have been trying so hard to find a product can help. May 21, 2013
jia l: good item for oily skin May 20, 2013
Dereus S: Oil Free May 13, 2013
Michelle E: To see if I like it prior to purchasing a larger amount. I have a lot of allergies. May 7, 2013
xiaoxing c: try May 5, 2013
Marie T: Dry skin May 1, 2013
Yadira K: Like to try it out. Apr 23, 2013
Susan C: wanted to try it Apr 22, 2013
Yanxi X: that seems good Apr 18, 2013
Dyan B: Want to try before I buy since I love the oil-free line's other products. Apr 18, 2013
Michelle H: I use the Ultra Facial oil and want to check out the gel. Apr 10, 2013
Liu L: want to try facial products and decide which one to buy Apr 7, 2013
Breanne M: try the line Apr 5, 2013
Andrew C: I suffer from oily skin and large pores Apr 1, 2013
santosh r: I'd like to see if this works too Apr 1, 2013
Javier C: oily skin Mar 28, 2013
zhoutong w: INTERESTED Mar 16, 2013
Deana G: I trought about buying this product for hydration and skin correction, but I wanted to try it first because some of the reviews have me skeptical. Mar 15, 2013
Lynne J: It's new Feb 16, 2013
Stephanie A: trying to find a better skin care for my sensitive skin Feb 4, 2013
Susanne H: I use the lotion and wanted to try the gel Feb 3, 2013
SeongHee L: I wanted to compare this product with Ultra Facial Cream Jan 31, 2013
Jin Y: It's famous Jan 25, 2013
Elizabeth G: I use this in the summer when its hot & humid here in the south Jan 24, 2013
xilin D: id like to try it before but a full bootle Jan 16, 2013
Cheryl B: Curious Jan 12, 2013
Joo Young H: I have oily skin Jan 11, 2013
yuli k: my friend is using it Jan 9, 2013
Muzi L: wanted to try out a type of great moisturizer for my extremely acne-prone skin Dec 30, 2012
Hanh N: b/c it was all you had left :( Dec 29, 2012
Zujun Y: Heard about it from a friend. Dec 29, 2012
Jie R: good Dec 29, 2012
Liming Z: try Dec 28, 2012
Chenxin Z: try it Dec 28, 2012
trinette j: gels seem to work better on oily skin. Dec 28, 2012
Karen W: Just wanna try! Dec 28, 2012
Jiashen Z: it is great for my skin Dec 28, 2012
Jiefei Y: give it a try Dec 27, 2012
Debbie C: always looking for new products for my face to try. Dec 27, 2012
Baona H: I want to choose this one because it is a oil-free. Dec 26, 2012
Susan B: Wanted to try something new. It is wonderful and light. Definitely purchasing the full size. Dec 26, 2012
Xiang C: I have oily skin, want to try this out. Dec 26, 2012
jing c: just try it in order to choose a cream fit for me Dec 26, 2012
meta c: something new Dec 26, 2012
Shuwen L: Just try and see what is good enough. Dec 23, 2012
SONGTAO L: oil skin Dec 21, 2012
Mary F: I don't know why Dec 21, 2012
Jia L: just a try Dec 18, 2012
Koma C: never use Dec 16, 2012
bowei l: try Dec 16, 2012
Shannon F: Something new to try. Dec 15, 2012
Karen T: I have oily skin Dec 14, 2012
Jelena G: Wish to trial Dec 13, 2012
Liping X: NICE Dec 13, 2012
Donna B: try it out! Dec 12, 2012
Deanna L: I would like to try this product. Dec 7, 2012
Jinhan H: want to try the whole set Dec 7, 2012
jeen hya k: never been used gel-type before Dec 6, 2012
Yanmin Z: wanna see if it's lighter Dec 5, 2012
Yuesi H: try one more time Dec 3, 2012
Lu R: want to give it a try Dec 3, 2012
David M: Curious. Dec 3, 2012
Yali L: give a try Dec 3, 2012
XUE L: want to try Nov 25, 2012
Hui L: Oil-Free Nov 25, 2012
xiaoyi l: this cream is good to use during summer. Nov 25, 2012
Tengyi Z: HAVE A TRY. Nov 24, 2012
si l: always want to try it Nov 23, 2012
Peiyin H: i want to try the oil-free one... i have oily skin Nov 22, 2012
Chiang L: sounded interesting, wanted to try it Nov 22, 2012
Myungyeon C: I wanna try oil-free type. Nov 19, 2012
Qiwei Y: Want to try something new for my oily skin Nov 14, 2012
Wenqin L: Oily skin Nov 13, 2012
FANG Y: try it Nov 13, 2012
Ziyi L: just try Nov 5, 2012
Connie M: don't like oily face Nov 1, 2012
Heejine S: new try Oct 30, 2012
BITNA C: I want to try cause I am oily type Oct 30, 2012
Theresa M: Trial Oct 29, 2012
Kei M: Because I bought the toner, and I want to try the cream. Oct 2, 2012
James F: Need help for dryness. Do I get a discount now? Sep 29, 2012
JI YEON L: i love it Sep 24, 2012
LIHUA L: Wanted to try out this product for future reference. Sep 23, 2012
Mozhu G: I have oily skin. Sep 23, 2012
YUE ZHEN C: i am just interesting in it Sep 22, 2012
Haoyu Z: Just a try. Sep 21, 2012
letao z: Not very good.. Sep 20, 2012
chanjoo s: I love the ultra facial cream, but I found that it is a little heavy for me during the summer time. so I want to check if it would be great for me to use during the spring, summer and autumn. Sep 20, 2012
Elizabeth G: interested in the oil-free feel Sep 12, 2012
jose alberto t: I wan't to try . Sep 10, 2012
Jia H: Never used Sep 3, 2012
Michelle R: curious what gel-cream feels like. Sep 2, 2012
laudy t: friend recommended Sep 1, 2012
Ryan W: Curious Aug 26, 2012
Pauline K: I prefer using gel-cream in Summer to give my facial skin a cool feeling. The most important is I trust Kiehls products. Aug 18, 2012
celeste t: looking to replace my ultra facial lotion spf 15. I want something more matte, hopefully this is it. Aug 15, 2012
crystal h: have yet to give it a try so like to see if it works for my skin Aug 15, 2012
Shannon L: sounds like it would feel nice and light Aug 10, 2012
Ningning W: It is oil-free Aug 7, 2012
Elaine B: Would like to try it. In Summer, I don't need extra oil. Aug 5, 2012
Jianyun S: I used to use it,very good. Aug 4, 2012
WANG W: oily free Aug 3, 2012
Shuzuan L: nice Aug 3, 2012
julie w: I live in Arizona and I need something light and oil free for hot days. Aug 2, 2012
Christine G: Always looking for some new face goodies as I am in my early 40s Aug 2, 2012
James G: always wanted to try and face is oily Jul 24, 2012
Yan L: I tried oil-free toner before and like it very much, so just want to try other oil-free products! Jul 18, 2012
Hsiu-Ling C: oil-free Jul 16, 2012
Joong O: good mobile solution Jul 16, 2012
SHU-LIN S: oil skin during summer time, wanna try if this works Jul 16, 2012
Bo F: new product Jul 16, 2012
lan c: want to try new product Jul 15, 2012
Monique F: I have oily skin and have been looking for a replacement for my favorite yet sadly now discontinued moisturizer. Jul 15, 2012
Xiangchen L: just try Jul 13, 2012
YI C: Gel is good for summer Jul 13, 2012
Dulce T: I have mixed skin so I rarely/never used moisturizer, but maybe this one could be it. Jul 12, 2012
Mary M: oily skin Jul 11, 2012
Huijun Z: have a try Jul 7, 2012
Christopher H: i picked this product because I have been using Kiehl's products since I was 22 and now at 34 people think I'm only 25. I am looking for new products to contiue to fight off father time Jul 5, 2012
Vicky S: Light, non greasy Jul 4, 2012
Laura B: Looking for an oil free light moisturizer that doesn't block my pore or cause irritation to my sensitive, blemish prone, oily skin. Jun 25, 2012
Mary G: I'm always looking for effective products that are oil free. This sounded perfect. Jun 25, 2012
Jill M: Interested in trying due to extremely oily skin, but needing a moisturizer due to aging (46 years old). Jun 25, 2012
lexi m: Need a lightweight cream for the summer months. Jun 25, 2012
Qing R: I want to try Jun 25, 2012
Laura F: I've used the cleanser and lotion and wanted to try the rest of the collection. Jun 23, 2012
yan z: It said oil free. That is the point that attracts me! Jun 22, 2012
Sims J: Just to try it. Jun 21, 2012
min c: I have oily skin type, I want compare btw lotion and gel-cream ^^ Jun 20, 2012
Chien Che H: Wanna try out. Jun 18, 2012
Whitney B: Want my son to try it. He's an adolescent but swims and needs a cream in the winter that doesn't get his skin greasy. Jun 14, 2012
Rosa V: "Live in an extremely humid area and my oily skin needs something that will keep it under control." Jun 8, 2012
Weixin H: recommend by friend Jun 4, 2012
Linda V: Same Jun 3, 2012
Ashley C: I wanted to try the gel version since I bought the cream one May 25, 2012
April D: want to try oil free moisture May 25, 2012
Alecia R: Just wanted to try it! May 24, 2012
Chenliang X: my GF wants May 23, 2012
Miranda J: been in the market for some but didnt want to spend the money on a whole jar i wouldnt use May 20, 2012
Vivian W: This was new and wanted to try it. May 16, 2012
Tami W: looking for a good cleansing system for my 15 yr old with oily skin May 16, 2012
Sungryul K: Wanted to try sample May 14, 2012
Doris L: oil skin tone May 14, 2012
Sophie B: I'm always looking for a moisturizer that won't make me break out. Could this be the one?! May 7, 2012
Ji-young K: i wanted to try oil free cream for summer May 3, 2012
Jiashen T: Summer choice.. Apr 26, 2012
Connie L: I use the lotion and like to compare Apr 25, 2012
Taylor W: want to try it during the summer to see if it fits for my skin Apr 22, 2012
Kelly Riser L: I recently tried a gel-cream from Clinique and loved the cooling sensation as my dry, sensitive skin drank it in, so I wanted to see if the Kiehls would be similar. Apr 19, 2012
Daphne F: for fiance to try Apr 15, 2012
Yuchen P: Just try something new Apr 15, 2012
Sarah B: I love the ultra facial cleanser and wanted to try other products in this line. Apr 13, 2012
Lulu C: just want to have a try Apr 11, 2012
Marlene W: A lighter summer moisturizer. Apr 10, 2012
Brett S: My favorite product and the sample size is perfect for travel Apr 9, 2012
Sara E F: same as above Apr 8, 2012
Samantha T: To try as a moisturizer Apr 5, 2012
Annie P: Im curious to try different skin creams to find the one that works best for my skin before purchasing a full-sized product. Apr 5, 2012
Ying Y: may be good for my skin type Mar 31, 2012
Gary L: trying this sample for the first time Mar 29, 2012
Jung Hwan S: To try out different facial cream Mar 29, 2012
Judith P: I have the Ultra Facial Cream and wanted to see if this is any better since I have combination skin. Mar 26, 2012
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