Creme de Corps Soy Milk & Honey Whipped Body Butter Sample

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Creme de Corps Soy Milk & Honey Whipped Body Butter Sample
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Kiehl's Since 1851 Store asked: Why did you choose this?
Jinchao D: want to try Sep 9, 2014
Carol L: LOVE this!! Aug 31, 2014
Angela L: good for travel Aug 27, 2014
Claudia R: FIRST TIME Aug 24, 2014
Jamie G: just to try it Aug 21, 2014
Tiffani J: Makes the skin soft Aug 19, 2014
Treva E: Just a treat I am excited to try. Aug 19, 2014
SHANNON P: What can be said about Creme de Corps family that hasn't been said? This whipped body butter is lighter but offers the same degree of moisturizing power Creme de Corps. It has a wonderful clean light fragrance, easy to rub into the skin. Aug 10, 2014
Sabina G: I need the best moisturizers I can find! Aug 10, 2014
JANE-ELSPETH J: Love this product. Aug 10, 2014
Yi-Ju C: i had polish one, and want to try this as well Aug 10, 2014
Angeline A: Have dry skin Aug 9, 2014
Olufunke O: It was recommended Aug 8, 2014
Angie B: Always looking for effective body creme Aug 7, 2014
Chu C: recommended by friends Aug 6, 2014
Robert G: see how well it works,,,, Aug 6, 2014
leonard j: Interested in seeing how this product performs. I will comment at another time, once I have sufficiently used this product. Aug 5, 2014
win c: new item like to try Aug 4, 2014
Jessica M: It does Wonders for the Psoriasis on my body. I could see the improvement within 2 days of use. Aug 4, 2014
adam z: for trying Aug 2, 2014
Leslie C: it is delightfully creamy. Aug 1, 2014
Bernadette J: i like milk and honey products Jul 30, 2014
Lisa M: Just to try a luxe sounding alternative to my daily body lotion. Jul 28, 2014
Elizabeth H: i like to try new lotions Jul 28, 2014
Carol G: want to try this Jul 22, 2014
Lina M: Very moisturizing! Jul 20, 2014
Paul M: wanted to try Jul 19, 2014
Mary C: Like this product Jul 17, 2014
Deborah S: like to try Jul 16, 2014
Terri K: for travel Jul 15, 2014
Maricela R: New item Jul 15, 2014
Lisa M: So richly hydrating and the smell is heaven.. Jul 13, 2014
mark t: heard it was good Jul 5, 2014
Jeoffrey C: For elder person very good Jul 4, 2014
Kuangyu L: Compare with Creme de Corps Jun 17, 2014
Jiang T: like it Jun 17, 2014
H K: Have used before - great. Jun 17, 2014
Beth R: LOVE this body the best moisturizer ever Jun 17, 2014
rebecca s: the smell of this is obsessive. Jun 16, 2014
Michelle L: Have tried and love it. Good in travel bag. Jun 16, 2014
Colette N: Hands down my favorite Kiehl's product. Love the smell, and is super moisturizing. Jun 16, 2014
Dana C: It's a favorite. Jun 16, 2014
Aaron L: Current user and love it Jun 13, 2014
Gail H: have used before great on dry skin especially after being in sun Jun 8, 2014
Kristina F: I like a nice body butter. samples are great to take on short vacations May 22, 2014
Yanira B: Lighter version of Creme de Corps smells good. May 19, 2014
Christen A: This is my favorite kiehls product-- wanted an extra little one for my clutch. May 19, 2014
Ewa R: looking for variation on creme de corps May 9, 2014
Dorothy L: I love soy milk and honey, so I'm looking forward to try this product May 9, 2014
kelli c: TRIAL May 7, 2014
Princess S: Wanted to try it. May 6, 2014
Pam P: wanted to try it Apr 20, 2014
PATTY R: my favorite keihls lotion. need a purse size Apr 20, 2014
Yang Z: creamy and moisturizing Apr 20, 2014
Rui Z: want to try it Apr 18, 2014
janet e: wanted to try Apr 6, 2014
Dipa P: Want to try it out Mar 21, 2014
marcie z: This is nice to travel with. Mar 21, 2014
LAURA V R: love the way it feels on my skin Mar 10, 2014
James S: i like it Mar 7, 2014
demitra c: makes skin feel great. love the smell Mar 2, 2014
Dwuena W: Produce is A-mazing! Feb 28, 2014
Laura H: Love the way it feels on my skin and smells. Feb 23, 2014
Becca K: it's the best lotion in the world Feb 23, 2014
Sarah Z: Sounds lovely! Feb 18, 2014
Danielle M: Gave it as a gift and want to try myself Feb 18, 2014
Susan M: I love body butters. Feb 18, 2014
Rebecca S: I love honey! Feb 18, 2014
Stacy G: Was a fan of the creme de corps lotion and wanted to try the body butter Feb 18, 2014
Kenia E: sounded like a good cream I want to try Feb 18, 2014
Beth K: Great for travel Feb 18, 2014
Huei C: I WOULD LIKE TO TRY. Feb 18, 2014
Xiaoxian T: Looks good for short trips. Feb 17, 2014
Shoshana Z: Because it's WONDERFUL, esp. in a dry climate, and having bought the full-size multiple times I wanted a travel size to carry with me; I live in the desert and NEVER want to be without a bottle of water and Creme de corps. Feb 17, 2014
Annamarie B: i cannot live without this product. best creme. light buttery smell. my skin feels amazing whenever i put it on Feb 17, 2014
Stacey G: I tried this cream at my sisters and loved it but her climate is much different than mine so I wanted to try it again in my home climate. Feb 17, 2014
BichLien L: i used this before and liked it Feb 17, 2014
Jill E: Wonderful for travel Feb 17, 2014
Karen b: it's heaven to use, melts into skin Feb 17, 2014
Mary H: tried it in the store and was totally blown away Feb 17, 2014
Karen S: The ingredients sounds interesting and I like products with natural ingredients. Feb 17, 2014
Cathi C: no idea Feb 17, 2014
Dayni A: Trying it out. Feb 17, 2014
Tejal P: To try out. Feb 17, 2014
Angela A: Love it for Everyday! Great small travel size! Feb 17, 2014
yu z: friend recommendation Feb 17, 2014
PATRICIA T: Love it! Feb 2, 2014
Yu K: This is really good Jan 27, 2014
Feihsiang Y: I LIKE IT . Jan 19, 2014
Krystale L: Really liked the lotion and want to try the butter. Jan 19, 2014
Francine K: I want to try it Jan 19, 2014
Cynthia L: I know this is a great product Jan 18, 2014
Alene B: Give it a try Jan 16, 2014
phyllis a: its the only thing my body responds to as far as body cremes. gets rid of dry skin for hours. Jan 15, 2014
B Jenny C: Recommended Jan 14, 2014
Irma R: i'm a big fan of creme de corps and want to try this variation Jan 14, 2014
Lihua Z: try Jan 13, 2014
Sara K: This smells and feels wonderful! Jan 13, 2014
Patricia R: I love this! And this would make a great size travel container. Jan 13, 2014
xiaoyang w: good Jan 2, 2014
ZIWEI L: just wanna try out Dec 31, 2013
Bernadette S: to try it Dec 28, 2013
Jackie D: Because I LOVE it! It is the best lotion I have ever used!! Dec 23, 2013
Ming Yoke L: Good products Dec 21, 2013
donna r: SMELLS GREAT Dec 20, 2013
Patricia P: sounded good Dec 20, 2013
Guywn E: d Dec 19, 2013
Ronald S: Thought my wife would like this Dec 19, 2013
Dory S: Stocking stuffer! Dec 19, 2013
Elizabeth S: It smells beautiful! Dec 18, 2013
Pamela A: Just trying Dec 17, 2013
Lorry A: stocking stuffer - I love this stuff!! Dec 17, 2013
Paulette P: Just sounds so yummy for my winter dry skin Dec 17, 2013
Amanda D: Because my skin gets dry and itchy in the winter Dec 16, 2013
Anthony M: Great for the Skin Dec 16, 2013
Yunjie C: good Dec 16, 2013
Ila S: thought I'd try it Dec 10, 2013
Mary Frances S: love this product Dec 8, 2013
Elaine B: I don't use scented products, but, my niece loves it!

Worked out well! Just purchased the large size for her :)

Highly recommend! It's one of her first moisturizer purchases.
Dec 2, 2013
Ning J: want to try Nov 29, 2013
Monique F: I wish I were not allergic to soy. :( Luckily my sister-in-law isn't allergic and loves Kiehl's so this is for her stocking. Nov 28, 2013
Barbara F: I like it Nov 24, 2013
B A: Sounds like it would be a nice product. Nov 21, 2013
Michele M: Travel size Nov 18, 2013
Chao N: Take a try. Nov 18, 2013
V A: Excellent skin cream. Soaks right in. Nov 15, 2013
Lisa B: Love the texture! Nov 11, 2013
Kirsten R: I've always loved this product, and I am happy to receive the sample! Nov 10, 2013
Lynn H: With the promotion code, there weren't any other options I had interest in :( Nov 9, 2013
luz t: for travel Nov 4, 2013
myungsoo k: want to try Nov 3, 2013
Jennifer H: See if it compares to regular Creme de Corps. Nov 3, 2013
Jane S: have not tried this productt Nov 3, 2013
Deanne B: To try Nov 3, 2013
Sharon L: This. Is. Amazing. I so love it! Nov 3, 2013
Jin W: I want try Nov 3, 2013
Jennifer V: I love this product Nov 3, 2013
Ke W: nothing Nov 3, 2013
YUCHEN G: want to try Nov 3, 2013
Cagla P: I believe in the benefits of soy milk and honey Nov 3, 2013
Collette G: SOUNDED LUXURIOUS Nov 3, 2013
Roee R: I have no idea what I'm doing here. Just shooting in the dark. Nov 3, 2013
darcy t: to try all your products. Nov 3, 2013
Ruby N: Tried it from a friend, smells good :) Nov 3, 2013
Steven F: I've never tried it before Nov 2, 2013
wenzhou l: becoze there is no any other good choice.. Nov 2, 2013
Lori K: never tried Nov 2, 2013
Mandy S: Wanted to try this. Sounds like it smells good. Nov 2, 2013
Linda K: big fan of this product Nov 2, 2013
Sarah H: Wanted to give it a try Nov 2, 2013
Elizabeth M: It sounds very soothing. Nov 2, 2013
ran l: want to try Nov 2, 2013
Mengmei T: I needed body butter. Nov 2, 2013
Edward G: Never tried before Nov 1, 2013
Deborah G: I have dry skin and heard a lot about this Nov 1, 2013
Xuan Q: To give it a try Nov 1, 2013
Karin L: there was no better choice. Nov 1, 2013
M L J: same Nov 1, 2013
Xiaohui W: I have heard about that. Kiehl's body product is good. Oct 31, 2013
Michelle F: I need a rich body cream, and haven't tried this yet, so a great opportunity! Oct 31, 2013
Aaron Z: try to use Oct 30, 2013
Wei W: Want to try Oct 30, 2013
Dora M: To carry with me Oct 30, 2013
Jinying L: I want to try it Oct 30, 2013
Stewart E: Travel size Oct 29, 2013
Allison N: I love this product, and this will be a convenient size for travel. Oct 29, 2013
Susan D: want to try Oct 29, 2013
Debora S: I love the way it feel on my skin. its smooth and smells good, and Oprah recommended this. Oct 29, 2013
Anastasia D: want to try it. can never have a good enough moisturizer for my very dry hands. Oct 29, 2013
Ke J: good Oct 29, 2013
QUOC H: Wife wanted it Oct 29, 2013
Alice F: sounds good Oct 29, 2013
Hao-wei T: because i need Oct 29, 2013
Louise H: sound yummy Oct 28, 2013
Lynn C: Interested in trying it myself Oct 28, 2013
Janet N: Use this all the time Oct 28, 2013
Alice S: See if I like it Oct 28, 2013
Erin K: Heard good things about this Oct 28, 2013
Julie Z: Just to try Oct 28, 2013
Susan S: Love this moisturizer & this is the perfect little package to throw in my purse for use away from home. Oct 28, 2013
Arik L: For travel Oct 28, 2013
Aurora V: seems yummy on the body and wanted to try. if i like it, will order some more to keep at my health club locker. Oct 28, 2013
Nadine W: wanted to try Oct 28, 2013
Malia M: I love this product and would love to have a small size for my purse. Oct 28, 2013
YING X: I have not use body products before, Oct 28, 2013
Fang L: good Oct 28, 2013
Patrick Y: Never tried this Oct 23, 2013
Diane K: Great feel and coverage. Oct 20, 2013
Yan L: Other than the most favorite lotion, I want to try this one as well to see if it is a better fit. Oct 13, 2013
beulah w: never used, but seems to have the same qualities as the creme de corps, therefore trying for the first time Aug 27, 2013
Ivonne P: Like Aug 20, 2013
Cindy C: rich and nourishing skin Jun 29, 2013
C O: This size is very convenient for travelling. Jun 26, 2013
Beverly C: Love it. Jun 26, 2013
J C T: never tried Jun 25, 2013
Tan P: Wanted to try something new. Jun 24, 2013
Catherine B: I love it!! Jun 24, 2013
Rebecca M: I love lotion! Jun 24, 2013
Kelly W: Love this original, but want to try this scent. Jun 13, 2013
sandra b: I saw this on the Good Morning America television show with Oprah and she convinced me it was a marvelous purchase and it was!! May 15, 2013
Lucia E: The smell is delicious and it's whipped texture does wonders for my dry skin. Apr 26, 2013
Michelle H: Just because. Apr 17, 2013
Linda C: it softens my legs and does wonders for the heels on my feet. Apr 14, 2013
Xinyue Z: I love the scent a lot! Popcorn scent~~~ Moisture and a bit oily. Apr 3, 2013
Andrea L: I never finish creams- but with this cream I used every drop. It is a perfected balance lotion- not too heavy but not too light... an absolute must in my everyday Apr 2, 2013
Carmen H: Sounds wonderful Mar 31, 2013
JIAJIA G: wanna try Mar 26, 2013
Xiangyu G: smell good Mar 26, 2013
Anthony K: Something new to try. Mar 26, 2013
Se Mi L: the body butter is very moisturizing and light Mar 26, 2013
JOUNG K: WANT TO TRY Mar 26, 2013
Ann C: Love the product Mar 26, 2013
Yizheng Y: love the sell Mar 25, 2013
Gale L: I will carry this in my purse. Mar 25, 2013
Patricia R: fabulous product Mar 25, 2013
Cynthia Faye H: Have wanted to try it. Looking forward to using it Mar 25, 2013
Catherine W: It heals my son's really dry works well to be mixed with the argan dry oil. Plus, it smells so sweet. Feb 12, 2013
hangli h: want have a try Feb 10, 2013
LULU Q: I really like the smell.. Jan 30, 2013
Peter R: worth a try and great after gardening Jan 6, 2013
Kristina B: for my mom to try Dec 30, 2012
Kristen R: yum Dec 29, 2012
Gahl B: Looking for a lotion for my dry, cracked skin for the winter. Dec 28, 2012
Uzoma K: To see if it had any scent and to see if it was moisturizing but not greasy. Dec 20, 2012
karen r: Have tried Creme de Corps lotion and was curious about this product. Dec 19, 2012
Joida M: wanted to try something new Dec 18, 2012
Betty C: I wanted to try this product Dec 17, 2012
Ann C: Love this product and the size is perfect for my travel bag Dec 14, 2012
Lissa P: wanted to try before ordering Dec 12, 2012
Marley Q: never tried this Dec 10, 2012
Jake C: My gf will probably like this. Dec 10, 2012
Robert S: Never tried it Dec 10, 2012
Barb R: I may be interested in purchasing but would not purchase a full size without first trying. Dec 9, 2012
KerryAnn A: Just trying something new... Dec 9, 2012
Jennifer Y: I love the scent and the added shea butter which makes it more moisturizing for my hands. It's an enhanced Creme de Corps for my hands! Dec 9, 2012
Frank S: I use this product and really like it Dec 9, 2012
Deanna L: I would like to try this product. Dec 7, 2012
christy c: I thought Body Shop's body butters were the best ever until I tried this creme de corp whipped lotion. It is amazing! Nov 25, 2012
huier m: to try Nov 25, 2012
Erica N: Love the smell, wish it came in larger sizes. Nov 25, 2012
Rena S: I love milk & Honey products and a whipped body butter sounds divine. Hope it smells great too and feels smooth without lumps or anything. Nov 25, 2012
Hui L: wanna try it Nov 25, 2012
Libby N: Luxurious! Needed travel size. Nov 25, 2012
Frances D: It melts into your skin like butter. A beautiful body cream Nov 24, 2012
Suzanne J: "I love the way my skin feels -soft and not sticky or oily." Nov 24, 2012
Angela H: I've used the Creme de Corps in the past and am curious to try the whipped body butter. Nov 24, 2012
Jennifer H: love the facial version, i'll give the body butter a try Nov 24, 2012
Renee F: wanted to try a something new Nov 23, 2012
Sheila B: Sounds soothing Nov 23, 2012
Susan S: to try Nov 23, 2012
Linda R: I like the Creme de corps lotion and wanted to try the body butter. Nov 23, 2012
Sarah M: I have yet to find the perfect body butter Nov 23, 2012
siyu g: looking for new body lotion Nov 23, 2012
Jenny S: I already know I love this product as I have bought it in the full size tub. It has a lovely light, whipped consistency and the scent is amazing! I thought this would make a great size for travel. Nov 23, 2012
Misako M: I've used creme de corps lotion, so I wanted to try butter version. Nov 22, 2012
Yang W: friends recommend Nov 22, 2012
Bernie M: good item Oct 29, 2012
You Z: Just have a try Oct 1, 2012
Helene H: Love it, want to give to friend to try. Sep 29, 2012
Shelly B: This is my favorite product from Kiehl's but I'm glad I don't have to pick just one. I use this after shaving and I feel like I'm at a spa. My skin looks better than it did 10 years ago because of this body cream. Sep 21, 2012
Renee K: LOVE this but soooo expensive! Sep 2, 2012
Cheryl R: Like every Creme de Corps product, but haven't tried this. Sep 2, 2012
Denise W: Just have been wanting to try this for a long time. Aug 31, 2012
Eva K R: my skin is very dry been a swim coach, I hope to find help from this body butter Aug 30, 2012
Natasha T: It sounds decadent. Aug 12, 2012
qing y: I LIKE IT Aug 9, 2012
Artem M: for travel purpose Aug 7, 2012
Libby C: I love the scent and thickness of the body butter. Aug 6, 2012
Poled V: i just wanted to try different things thanks to myglam for bringing me here yay Jul 31, 2012
Carol W: It's fabulous! I was afraid it would be too heavy as most 'whipped' butter lotion is. but this was heavenly. My skin was so soft. Jul 31, 2012
Virginia D. G: I am new to these products but have tried a sample from a neighbor and was very pleased that the sunscreen did not cause breakouts on my face. Jul 26, 2012
Matthew V: Because it's awesome Jul 14, 2012
Laura B: Want to try this lovely sounding body butter. Jun 25, 2012
Roni S: Love this. It keeps my feet, heels, arms and elbows soft. Easy to apply and is not geasy afterwards.Having a little one to travel is great. Jun 25, 2012
Becky B: need some lotion- wanted to try Jun 25, 2012
LORI DAWN K: Great treatment for wintertime. Jun 24, 2012
L. L: smell is yummy Jun 24, 2012
Laura V: I love the moisturizing properties - love love love the almond scent Jun 24, 2012
Lisa F: honey- i love products with honey Jun 23, 2012
lynda b: summer - dry skin Jun 22, 2012
Alice F: rich body cream indulgence Jun 22, 2012
Jing S: really great product Jun 21, 2012
Sheryl C: I like good-smelling body products and wanted to try this! May 25, 2012
Janice R: wanted to try new body lotion May 12, 2012
Keri A: Sister in law gift Apr 8, 2012
Christine K: Wanted to try out.
Very creamy and moisturizing.
Love the sweet smell as well.
Mar 29, 2012
Jee G: I have the Creme de Corps body polish and wanted to line that up with this product. Mar 23, 2012
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