Cross-Terrain "Dry Run" Foot Cream

A unique, slip-resistant foot treatment that primes active feet
  • Promotes relief from minor skin irritations and discomforts due to perspiration and the stresses and abuses incurred by active feet
  • Formulated with sweat-absorbing volcanic extracts and soothing Aloe Vera
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"Immediate results! I've seen a huge difference in my feet."

Zack, Kiehl’s Insider

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How to Apply:
-Apply to dry feet prior to activity
-Allow to dry

Cross-Terrain "Dry Run" Foot Cream
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Kiehl's Since 1851 Store asked: Why did you choose this?
Jose Nelson R: If you run, give it a try. I let my son use it for the San Francisco Marathon 2014 and he couldn't find words to thank me. I use it every day for my workouts. Simply excellent! Aug 16, 2014
tomas c: A recommendation for a good friend and now I am hook too, my feet are looking younger everyday more Aug 3, 2014
Merrie B: Great Jul 23, 2014
Hugo M: I work in a cooler and walk around quite a bit. Decided to try this to help out with the moisture problem. Jul 2, 2014
Joyce K: This is fabulous for dry achy feet. My Yoga instructor told us to rub cream on our feet each night. This is a great foot cream. Jul 1, 2014
Margaret D: I surprised my daughter when I ordered this for her then-fiance as a gift! He's an avid runner and I took a chance he'd like it. He was that he's officially a part of the family, I'm glad to have a go-to-gift idea already in place! Jun 17, 2014
Daniel M: Flip-flop season. Jun 4, 2014
James B: Applied it dries powdery; never leaves the feet moist, damp or swampy. Stops ankle itch from dirt collecting on socks. May 30, 2014
Estelle M: Excellent product keeps skin supple and smooth May 29, 2014
William G: Sane as hands. May 28, 2014
Cyle B: I sometimes wear (as in always) Sperrys and would love for my feet to stay dry, so I'm trying it. May 19, 2014
Michael D: This is a great product and I use it every day. My feet feel wonderful and don't smell nearly as much as they used to after a long day on them. May 19, 2014
aubrey marie h: reviews looked good - my feet go through a lot May 19, 2014
Gail T: interested to see if it works! May 18, 2014
Kathy V: My husband loves this foot cream May 18, 2014
cynthia c: try it out May 17, 2014
Randy S: Who needs sweaty feet ? May 15, 2014
Takatsugu K: I am using this products May 15, 2014
lijuan y: my foot are very dry May 14, 2014
Michael H: Why else, foot rubs May 14, 2014
david b: just to give it a try May 14, 2014
Randall R: Done with Peppermint from Body Shop, hemp cream, triple-mix cream, and gosh knows what else. Kiehl's is expensive, but in the long run I've always appreciated the quality when I can afford it. I'm now able to again after some time and I wanted to try the foot cream. May 12, 2014
Michael S: This stuff is amazing - the only problem is it doesn't come in a larger size! May 12, 2014
Tina K: Mother's Day gift for my 90+ year old mother May 6, 2014
Amy N: feels great May 5, 2014
Marilyn M: Need a good foot cream and thought I'd give it a try Mar 17, 2014
Clay D: Perfect for long hikes or snowy weather Mar 16, 2014
Evelyn R: I'll try for my feet. Mar 2, 2014
Jacob M: Wife and I have dry feet Feb 26, 2014
Ayhan W: A GIFT. Feb 15, 2014
Valerie K: looking for something to help control sweaty feet Feb 13, 2014
taft b: need a foot cream as good as a hand cream Feb 10, 2014
Joel N: I work out and my feet take a lot of punishment. Feb 9, 2014
Frances M: gift to my sweaty footed son Feb 3, 2014
Kathleen E: My feet are very chafed and hurt to walk on. A runner reviewed this so this is my first order. Hope it helps Jan 31, 2014
jean c: Trying it for first time. hope it works as well as the hand salve. Jan 31, 2014
Margaret W: Wanted to see if foot cream was as wonderful as hand cream. It is not Jan 23, 2014
Molly B: Needed something for hiking. Jan 19, 2014
William C: I live a stressful life and need recovery Jan 13, 2014
Robert M: It leaves my feet feeling and smelling good and not sweaty at the end of the day. Jan 11, 2014
Robert M: I am looking for a really great foot cream to help with my dry feet problem. Jan 10, 2014
Alison I: I am an active person Jan 6, 2014
Robert B: Great for runners! Jan 6, 2014
Elizabeth J: The reviews sounded great. I play squash and am looking for foot help! Dec 31, 2013
Cynthia V: Gift Dec 31, 2013
Ann H: best foot cream EVER Dec 28, 2013
Susan L: Very dry feet. Wanted to try it. Dec 24, 2013
Helen C: Will try new product with spouse. Dec 21, 2013
Sakol S: It helps soften my feet. Dec 19, 2013
HANH N: I read the review and they all good. Dec 19, 2013
George A: Want to try it. Dec 18, 2013
Joyce Y: For my feet Dec 14, 2013
XINNI L: TRY Dec 14, 2013
Nancy T: Present Dec 13, 2013
hina a: I need this for my painful bunions. Dec 12, 2013
Jill J: gift for a friend Dec 11, 2013
Wade S: want to try Dec 10, 2013
Gale D: For a niece who plays soccer and runs marathons. Dec 9, 2013
Alejandra L: My feet get sweaty Dec 9, 2013
Sachs A: We have runners in the family and podiatrists!! Feet are important! Dec 9, 2013
Mary O: Gifts Dec 8, 2013
Karen S: Because I'm hoping to find a replacement for Cryste Marine Ultra Riche which I've been using for yours and disappointed, that you are no longer offering this product Dec 7, 2013
Renee Y: My husband has problems with cracking skin on toes Dec 6, 2013
TINA G: want to try the product Dec 6, 2013
Linda G: Never used before. Trying to soften callouses Dec 6, 2013
Amy K: For my daughter who runs Dec 4, 2013
Linda R: I looking for something that will deal with dry feet, especially with winter coming! Dec 4, 2013
Patricia C: gift for my sister who is a runner Dec 4, 2013
Al S: My husband wears work boots all day and will try to see if it helps his eczema Dec 4, 2013
Tabitha H: Marathon training Dec 4, 2013
Christine B: Live in Arizona and golf ALOT. Hoping this will help with dry-foot problems... Dec 4, 2013
Jessie H: Hoping it will help my feet not be so dry and itchy. Dec 3, 2013
Francis M: previous experience with Kiehls product Dec 3, 2013
Heather A: To try to give my feet a little boost since I run about 5 days a week. I want to do something to help pamper my feet and it's great! Dec 2, 2013
Lupe H: My son is a runner and really likes the way it helps his feet feel. Dec 2, 2013
Jamie G: I'm a runner and keep getting black toes and blisters Dec 2, 2013
Wanyun Y: sweaty feet and want to give this a try for the good reviews Dec 1, 2013
yvette h: The hand salve works great, I imagine that this will be great for my feet. Dec 1, 2013
Patricia A S: gifts, for soccer players Dec 1, 2013
Claudia R: My son in law would like to try this. Dec 1, 2013
Robert P: Wanted to try it. Nov 30, 2013
Catherine P: . Nov 29, 2013
David H: Im active and needed something good for my feet Nov 29, 2013
Jeff J: My feet seem to go from one extreme to the other - either dry and cracking or too moist and susceptible to athlete's foot. I work in a harsh environment, so I thought I'd give this a try. Nov 28, 2013
Lindsey P: I have sweaty feet and the reviews seemed like this will help with that Nov 27, 2013
Alvaro L: I use it every day. It's fantastic. Nov 25, 2013
Mary Ann R: Because of the reviews Nov 24, 2013
Elaine T: winter time very dry feet from wearing sox and boots all the time Nov 24, 2013
Xiaoping X: just want to try Nov 23, 2013
Shirley S: I have really dry skin on my heels. I'm hoping this helps! Nov 22, 2013
Michael L: Repeat purchase. Best foot cream ever used
Bring it back!!!!
Nov 17, 2013
Amy C: To try Nov 17, 2013
Jane R: I'm always looking for something to help these poor, dry feet. Nov 17, 2013
DIANE F: I'm new to this product. Wanted to try Nov 17, 2013
Deborah E: Thought it would make a good gift for an athlete. Nov 17, 2013
TERRY C: Wanted to try this to address my issues foot conditions. Nov 17, 2013
kristal b: gift Nov 15, 2013
Valerie L: I have an issue with foot odor. Nov 14, 2013
Raymond V: I need a good foot cream and nothing works better than Kiehls. Nov 11, 2013
Heidi K: Perfect foot lotion to use in the summer when wearing sandals. This lotion keeps your foot from "slipping" in the sandal or high heel because your foot isn't "greasy" or slick like it gets when using other foot lotions. This is also moisturizing and great to use if you're going to be on your feet all day. Nov 9, 2013
Brian Z: need a foot cream Nov 5, 2013
Katherine B: Wanted to try something new. Nov 3, 2013
Gail S: A whim. Nov 2, 2013
Kim K: I just started running & it is very hard on my feet Oct 27, 2013
Justine B: liked the comments about this Oct 23, 2013
richard c: husband has foot issues.
Thought this might be good to try
Oct 17, 2013
carlos f: Repeat user. I am an athlete and like the product Sep 29, 2013
Lourdes D: Based on reviews, I would like to try it. I have sweaty feet and don't like the feeling of products that make my feet slippery. I also do not like to wait for the moisturizer to dry before I can put on socks or shoes. Sep 28, 2013
cynthia f: it is for a runner / gift Sep 27, 2013
Youky K: Keeps feet dry when on foot for long days. I like using it during traveling, which I evidently end up walking a lot. Also has a tingly feeling when applying, which give a good wake up for tired feet. Sep 23, 2013
Loretta P: I thought it was for dry feet, but mostly for men's use. Wish I hadn't chosen it Sep 16, 2013
Melissa B: My bf loves it, he's on his feet all day long. Sep 15, 2013
Angela F: I think it would be great for my athletic daughter. Sep 2, 2013
Marcia D: Great product. Aug 30, 2013
Lori L: My sons feet get destroyed playing soccer. Trying to be proactive in order to prevent foot issues as he gets older. Aug 22, 2013
Kenneth P: Interested in trying a new product. Aug 15, 2013
Ellen L: I like the claims made that the foot cream will help with moisture and odor. Aug 14, 2013
Ruth B: Works great and perfect for summer. Aug 12, 2013
Robert P: I read a review that recommended this product, and based on how much I like the other Kiehl's products I use, I thought it was worth a try. Jul 25, 2013
Donald R: New item Jul 16, 2013
James M: this stuff is awesome Jun 27, 2013
Matthew D: GQ Jun 19, 2013
amelia k: for my husband who runs Jun 17, 2013
Bob T: Used it before, and like it very much. Jun 17, 2013
David S: hoping to find some cream that will moisturize my feet Jun 16, 2013
Judith B: The reviews are favorable and I wanted to try this foot cream. Jun 16, 2013
Jamie S: first time trying this product Jun 14, 2013
Steven P: Summer is tough on feet, want to try this to soften them up. Jun 14, 2013
michael H: working at a camp and thought it would be good May 29, 2013
Yihsin L: liked the description of the product and wanted to try it for before running May 26, 2013
Leslie H: trying for the first time May 22, 2013
Manuel G: Saw this in Outside Magazine. May 21, 2013
Jenny B: I have hyperhidrosis and wanted to give this a try to see if it would help during the summer months. May 20, 2013
Janalyn L: I have heard that this is a great foot cream. May 16, 2013
Wendy T: Great reviews, taking a walking tour in London this month,sounded like a product that would help my feet while schlepping thru the sites. May 6, 2013
Renae P: This has really helped my feet stay dry when running. I apply it before my run, and my feet feel amazing. Apr 28, 2013
Harold S: previous use helped my feet alot Apr 17, 2013
pamela a: wanted to try Mar 15, 2013
Scott A: The the feeling on my feet. Keeps them smooth and never tired. Also love the smell while Applying. MMM mmm mmm Feb 20, 2013
Scott A: Love the smell not to mention the fact that it make my feet feel fresh and ready for anything the day may bring. Feb 13, 2013
Betty L: This will be a good product for my mom to use. Feb 11, 2013
Patryk P: to add to feet when running in minimalist shoes Feb 9, 2013
Sandra P: My kids live in their cleats. I am hoping this will combat their stinky feet. Feb 6, 2013
Adam H: trying something new and useful. Feb 5, 2013
barbara S: problems with cracked skin on heel. Jan 28, 2013
Craig D: something new Jan 27, 2013
Renetta W: Because the hand salve is so good Jan 5, 2013
Nicole B: i got dry feet Jan 4, 2013
rebecca g: need this for the winter Dec 31, 2012
Jiashen T: something special for foot Dec 31, 2012
James G: I stand on my feet all day at work, so I wanted to try this product to see if it would moisturize and smooth the rough patches on my feet. Dec 31, 2012
Heather W: LOVE Dec 30, 2012
Kathy B: Not sure, but I'm not fond of the product, and haven't used it since. I thought it was moisturizing foot cream Dec 30, 2012
Edwinna P B: Highly recommended Dec 29, 2012
Jackie A: Need a good foot cream, reviews are good and I have never tried anything I did not like from Kiehls Dec 28, 2012
Renee Z: Since their Creme de Corps is so good on my skin, I had to try their foot care Dec 28, 2012
Eileen E: Trying this for the first time as my boyfriend's feet are dry and achy. Dec 28, 2012
nickolin s: kiehls hit another out of the ballpark. wife uses on a daily basis, saved our marraige Dec 26, 2012
Marlene C: I bought it for my son to try. He plays basketball and his feet get very sweaty. Dec 25, 2012
Vanessa L: I want to give my male friend an alternative to foot powder. Dec 15, 2012
Marianne S: problem feet due to men in family being golfers and postal workers Dec 15, 2012
Lynn H: husband has neuropathy. Maybe it will help with his dry feet Dec 14, 2012
valri c: My son's feet tend to sweat. Dec 14, 2012
Teresa O: This is the first time I've ordered this product. Thought we'd try something new and different. Love every Kiehl's product I've ever tried... Dec 14, 2012
Thao L: Have used this product in the past and love it. This is a repeat order. Dec 12, 2012
Camille S: gift for my mom with dry feet Dec 10, 2012
Qun Hui C: Read all the reviews and I need this if this really works. Dec 10, 2012
Dee V: Because I have a son in law who could use it. Dec 10, 2012
amy l: giving it a shot Dec 9, 2012
Glen H: curious to try. Dec 8, 2012
Jay C: Want to try it. Dec 8, 2012
Jennifer H: My boyfriends feet are the worst I have ever encountered. If this product helps with the smell then I'm will be forever in debt. Dec 7, 2012
Bradley M: Big runner Dec 7, 2012
Cheyenne S: I have very dry skin Dec 3, 2012
Dawn H: I love Kiehls products and really need a good foot cream. Nov 25, 2012
Jian S: like it! it makes my feet so comfortable Nov 24, 2012
Jing W: winter needs it Nov 22, 2012
Jae B: Makes my feet feel amazing. I use it whenever I am going on a long run/walk! Nov 19, 2012
TONYA M: I have just moved back to Texas from Germany and am looking for a new skin regimen as I adjust to a new climate. Nov 18, 2012
Carol L: Have very dry feet in the winter and going to give this a try, if it is as good as the Hand Salve, then I will be very happy. Oct 31, 2012
Nancy T: I needed something for my feet. Oct 29, 2012
Amy S: I use this foot cream everyday with all of my shoes. It keeps my feet cool. Oct 29, 2012
Viayola M: I am looking for a good foot cream. Hopefully, it works for me! Oct 26, 2012
Rosemary H: Stumbled across the description for this and I have super sweaty feet so I thought this would be worth a try. Oct 21, 2012
Wook Jin C: Sweat frequently
This gives me discomfort
I will use this so that make me more comfortable with foot
Oct 21, 2012
JESSICA C: because i have dry feet and look forward to trying it! Oct 14, 2012
Amelia S: Trying this for the first time. Oct 12, 2012
Cheryl B: Advertised on a TV show Oct 12, 2012
Cassandra I: Helps keep feet dry with its unique texture. Oct 9, 2012
Sue C: For dry feet...especially for use in the winter. Oct 9, 2012
Terry M: son is runner. gift for Christmas Oct 8, 2012
Vicki W: Saw this on The Today Show. Our son is a Cross Country runner and also runs in marathons. This will be a great stocking stuffer! Oct 5, 2012
Lisa V: It got a fantastic review on the Today Show, especially for runners! Oct 4, 2012
darlene t: I heard about this product on TV. My husband and I are both avid runners and hikers. I am looking forward to useing this product and to see if it keeps the friction down and to help elmenate some blisters!!! Oct 3, 2012
dorothy r: i saw it on the today show and i am running a marathon Oct 2, 2012
christina t: the today show Sep 30, 2012
allison t: I heard this recommended on one of the weekly morning shows. I get very sweaty feet when I exercise and need help. I am hoping it works. Sep 30, 2012
Rick T: Saw it advertised on the "Today Show". Sep 30, 2012
Linda P: my daughter runs track in college and is hard on her feet, and they are sore a lot. I saw this product recommended on the today show and thought I would get it for her to try. Sure hope it works as recommended. Sep 29, 2012
Helen B: My son is very athletic and he is diabetic. I thought it would be good for his feet. Sep 29, 2012
Dorrit F: saw info on the TOday Show and my sister-in-law is a runner...entered in the NYC Maraton! Sep 29, 2012
Barbara D: My son-in-law is a runner and my daughter is constantly complaining about his "smelly sneaker". I'm hoping this will keep his feet dry and eliminate the odor. Sep 28, 2012
Karen S: I saw it on the Today Show Sep 28, 2012
James P K: Sampling Sep 27, 2012
James S: Saw on Today Show Sep 27, 2012
Joan C: Saw it on the Today Show and thought it might help with my sweaty feet while I am out on a long walk Sep 27, 2012
Jacque R: Saw it on the Today Show Sep 26, 2012
Maria A: Saw a spot on the Today Show about women using men's products Sep 26, 2012
Peyton B: My son is a big-time squash player. Saw product on the Today show. I thought he might like it. Sep 26, 2012
Angela G: Saw on the Today Show Sep 26, 2012
Laura J: My 12 year old daughter is a dancer i have try several products they didn"t. So we going to try this one. Sep 26, 2012
alex m: feet sweat Sep 26, 2012
Scarlett K: I have sweaty feet and it makes my shoes rub- saw it on Today show Sep 26, 2012
Danette K: Read about it in Self magazine Sep 25, 2012
YI N: dry foot Sep 24, 2012
Chris K: Keeps my heels from drying out, especially in summer. Sep 24, 2012
Margery C: WANT TO TRY Sep 23, 2012
Lisa B: This will also be my first time to try this base on the reviews on your website. I run alot and decides to try it out. Sep 23, 2012
Michael Z: My feet are extremely dry and cracking Sep 23, 2012
Randy C: I wanted to try it. Sep 23, 2012
Tami M: Read about it in a magazine. My daughter and I are both active and experience blisters and other foot ailments caused by running. Sep 23, 2012
Erin P: my feet get dry really easily, especially in the winter so I decided to give this a try since I like other products Sep 22, 2012
Rita M: Love to pamper my feet while I am watching a movie. Sep 21, 2012
M S: I have terribly dry skin, and Kiehl's has a great hand salve, so it stands to reason that the foot cream will be a hit too! Sep 21, 2012
Benjamin Z: I like to give my wife foot rubs. We have used Aveda foot cream for so long. But I think the hand salve is better than the Aveda hand cream, so I thought the foot might be better too. Sep 20, 2012
leonard c: something new have dry feet Sep 18, 2012
michele r: wanted to try
also for my husband
Sep 18, 2012
Ronald Q: Brought it and it works. Sep 6, 2012
Chris K: My wife saw it in a running magazine and thought it would be good for me. Sep 6, 2012
Susan R: Live in the tropics and stand all day at work.
Keeps my feet a fighting chance between the heat and the standing
Sep 4, 2012
Louise P: recommended in self magazine and wanted to try it Aug 25, 2012
Jennifer A: I purchased this for my son who plays hockey in order to keep his feet dry and odor free. Aug 25, 2012
Lisa G: I needed a good foot cream and I read the reviews!! Aug 18, 2012
christel d: have very dry skin like to see if it helps Aug 1, 2012
john g: didnt like it. Jul 30, 2012
Pavel M: wanted to try feet product to prevent them from sweat Jul 26, 2012
Geneva L: after being told I had "hyperhydrosis" (aka sweaty feet) by my podiatrist, I was repulsed by a major brand of de-sweating wipes. This lotion naturally fits the bill and is perfect pre- and post-workout! Jul 16, 2012
Dave S: I run and am looking for a good product Jun 28, 2012
Alan S: I am diabetic with neuropathy in my feet and I want to try this product to see how it can impact the care of my feet. Jun 24, 2012
mary jean p: See how it works on sweaty feet Jun 11, 2012
Frederick R: Have not tried before , but if works as well as hand salve it is worth the money Jun 8, 2012
Pamela P R: Need to try a new foot cream for summer Jun 7, 2012
gale a: feet get dry in summer from wearing sandals and from swimming in chlorinated water. May 30, 2012
Justin C: I go to the gym every day and wearing vibram shoes creates foot odor. May 19, 2012
Zac Z: It was by mistake, I meant to order the body wash, but instead of returning I will give it a test this summer while traveling in warm areas. May 9, 2012
Lynn M: This product sounded promising. I always use a foot cream and usually apply at night. This I think I can use during the day especially in warm weather to help with perspiration. May 6, 2012
brenda v: need a new foot cream May 3, 2012
Tara B: Trying this because I LOVE the ultimate hand salve May 3, 2012
Rosanne S: foot issues May 1, 2012
Megan H: Husband's running feet - a friend recommended. Apr 30, 2012
Christopher Z: Athletic job (firefighter/CrossFit trainer) is hard on feet! Apr 26, 2012
Jason V: I wanted to see how this new product works on my dry feet. Apr 24, 2012
Scott L: Never tried this. I have foot issues and you guys make great products. Apr 21, 2012
Debra S: I'm not a runner, but do have very dry feet. This was recommended to me by the lady that does my bi-monthly pedicures. Apr 18, 2012
Corrine R: Was given to me as a gift at Christmas and really feel it effectively treated my dry, calloused feet. Apr 17, 2012
Lillian H asked: DO you make products for sweaty palms? Jul 26, 2012
Answer this · Send to friends Good question? Yes (3) No (0)
Lillian H asked: Can you use this product for your hands? Jul 26, 2012
Answer this · Send to friends Good question? Yes (0) No (0)
Jennifer G: I don't see why not, since you have to put it on your hands to apply it to your feet. I personally wouldn't, however, because my hands are extremely dry. Jul 26, 2012
Reply to Jennifer Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Rob M: Short answer is "yes". I apply it to my feet with my hands and it does a good job moisturizing my hands in the process. Jul 27, 2012
Reply to Rob Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Porawon N: no, I don't think so. Jul 26, 2012
Reply to Porawon Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
A shopper asked: Would this product be good for skiing? Feb 18, 2014
Answer this · Send to friends Good question? Yes (0) No (0)
Steven S: The good thing about this stuff is it is not greasy like most foot stuff. To have it really work well you have to use it every day for a couple weeks. So if the question is just the couple days around skiing I am not sure it will be better or worse than anything else. If your feet take a beating in the winter and you get in the habit you will notice a nice difference. Feb 18, 2014
Reply to Steven Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Buddy M: It certainly won't hurt. However, the purpose of this creme is to stop foot odor Feb 18, 2014
Reply to Buddy Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Ashley N asked: Will this cream prevent your feet from being ashy as well? Apr 22, 2014
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