Photo-Age Deep-Action Exfoliating Cleanser

Immediately breaks apart surface discolorations and stimulates cells to restore fresh, even-toned skin. Creamy, exfoliating cleanser with gently rounded scrub grains.


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Vitamin C
Known for its affinity with skin and its powerful ability to improve the appearance of skin aging. See more products with Vitamin C

Plum Extract is obtained from the fruit pulp; helps slow down appearance of excess melanin of skin.

Sakura Leaf Extract helps diminish brown spots

Amazonian White Clay

Light Reflecting Minerals produce an instant effect of visible radiance.

Photo-Age Deep-Action Exfoliating Cleanser
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Kiehl's Since 1851 Store asked: Why did you choose this?
julie m: I love the exfoliation that this product provides. Once I started using it daily, I found that my breakouts decreased dramatically.
I read about it in a magazine and do think it does everything it claims to do.
Sep 1, 2014
MARY P: It is a great exfoliator. I was sorry to see that you no longer carry it-I was unable to find it on your website. Mar 24, 2014
Tristram O: Love this product - hope it will come back. Mar 18, 2014
Ellen J: It was suggested in the Kiehl's store. I have enjoyed using it and found that my skin has improved. Mar 14, 2014
jill n: Love it and very disappointed that it is no longer available! Jan 14, 2014
Terri N: Love it Nov 15, 2013
Betsy S: i love this product and have been using it for several years. My skin has never looked better; I get compliments all of the time. Oct 7, 2013
Joanne F: My favorite cleanser. Hopefully keeping my skin younger looking. Sep 30, 2013
Maggie T: Great reviews on this cleanser Sep 27, 2013
Jennifer H: I LOVE this cleanser and use it every morning. It cleans and gently exfoliates without drying out my skin. Sep 23, 2013
Constance L: I have used for years, is a great product! Sep 18, 2013
Justin B: One of the best products Kiehl's makes - even for those who don't really like multi-step processes. This products brightens and cleanses at the same. Great for use 1 to 2 times a week. Brilliant. Sep 13, 2013
Gabriele G: I have age/sun spots that, while I'm middle aged, make me look middle aged. :) It looks like an effective product which I'd like to find rather than getting "chemical" type peels or treatments to even out my skin tone. Sep 6, 2013
Jacquelyn K: LOVE IT!!!! Nothing else works the same! Sep 2, 2013
Robin W: I have used before and happy with the product Sep 1, 2013
KELI S: Amazing deep clean prior to using my other cleansing products and skin care products. It seems to make my skin more receptive to other products' effectiveness. Sep 1, 2013
batzy P: best face wash in the world! Aug 14, 2013
Allyfon D: I'm totally addicted to it! Even though its a deep cleanser my skin remains soft and doesn't try out (even with daily use). It is truly "a force to be reckoned with"! Aug 12, 2013
Taliesin G: one of the best exfoliates I've ever tried. It brightens my skin and helps with acne/acne scars. I'm hoping my sister likes it! Aug 12, 2013
Jennifer F: Love it Aug 9, 2013
Suzanne W: I have used this cleanser forever. I love it. non greasy, really cleans your face and leaves it feeling amazing. i use it with an oil of olay rotating face brush and it's like using a sonicare on your teeth for the first time. Your face will feel incredible. I have definately also noticed an improvement of skin tone as well, this definately keeps the spots at bay. Jul 31, 2013
Jessica B: I've used it before and like the product Jul 23, 2013
LISA S: Takes care of my summer breakouts. Jul 17, 2013
Caroline S: I have used this product and turned my Mother and Mother-in-law onto it! It is FABULOUS! My skin tone is even and super bright afterwards - feel like I am 16 again! Jul 9, 2013
Rose M: Best cleaner around. Jul 5, 2013
Allyson S: This is the BEST cleanser on the market! It's not harsh even though it exfoliates and it rinses completely clean with no effort, leaving no residue. I use it everyday and refuse to use anything else!! Jun 29, 2013
Carole D P: have used before and is effective Jun 27, 2013
Veralyn N: A friend with flawless skin- highly recommended this product. Jun 26, 2013
Tricia R: I currently use it and really like it Jun 18, 2013
Teresa C: acne and this looked like a good product? Jun 17, 2013
Pamela M: Is gentle on skin, foams and only uses a small amount. A tube lasts for a couple of months. The best face wash ever. Jun 17, 2013
Kylie F: I have been using this for a while and love the combination of this amazing cleanser with a gentle exfoliator. May 16, 2013
Becky K: Reviews of this were great. I have sun damage and was not very impressed with the sun spot corrective gel. Hope this works! May 14, 2013
LaTonya M: Replacing product May 3, 2013
Dio N: Left my face really clean Apr 23, 2013
pauline v: I love this stuff. The best cleanser exfoliator I ahve ever used! Apr 8, 2013
Heather M: Love the way this product smells on my face. I even use it for my back. After using it my face feels smooth and my pores are small. Apr 3, 2013
Sharon T: This cleanser proves results! Mar 25, 2013
Angelica R: I tried it while on a trip to NYC, i forgot to bring my usual face cleanser and my sister in-law uses this products and has for many years and I loved the results so much from just using it over the weekend, that I decided to buy and try them out at home. Mar 22, 2013
Darlene J: Great product - works well for men and women Feb 18, 2013
Eileen T: Have been searching for an exfoliating cleanser. This one had good reviews. Feb 12, 2013
Ruthie D: uneven skin tone and sun spots Feb 7, 2013
Katie P: exfoliation needs Jan 25, 2013
cassandra w: Great cleanser that isn't over drying Jan 15, 2013
Kelley P: i have sun spots Dec 30, 2012
Margie R: Recommended by a skin therapist for my skin conditions Dec 27, 2012
Jacqueline M: I've tried many exfoliators over the years and I just like this one better. Some exfoliators can leave your face dry, but this one moisturizes your skin as well. Dec 26, 2012
Ollie G: Used before and really like it! Giving as gifts. Dec 12, 2012
JoAnn F: Reviews sounded like it would be effective Dec 2, 2012
Mary L: Why isn't this available anymore? Dec 1, 2012
Eric M: This is good for an occasional scrub since its action is very strong. I use it once a wek or so. Nov 19, 2012
Karen F: Love this! I have used this before and have seen positive results. Nov 17, 2012
ivonne l: used it before and really like it Nov 5, 2012
Lori B: love the foaminess of the cleanser and it exfoliates my face without being too harsh. Love love this product. Oct 24, 2012
Kay B: Love what it does to my face. Not drying. Oct 24, 2012
Brian M: Used it before and like it a lot Oct 23, 2012
srujana k: want to make my skin glow by exfloiting. this is first time i am trying any product from outside. Let me see how tht helps my skin. Oct 23, 2012
Shawna S: This is my morning wake-up scrub! It makes my skin feel clean without stripping it and the smell is delicious. It doesn't scratch my face the way other scrubs can do. I've been using it for a couple of years now and it has become one of my favorites. Oct 19, 2012
Cindy G: Saw on Pinterest and then read reviews on the site. Oct 12, 2012
Akuura K: good reviews Oct 11, 2012
Lynda N: My skin type Oct 11, 2012
Annie L: Need a good exfoliating cleanser. Oct 10, 2012
sandra h: no idea...think i was intrigued by the name Oct 8, 2012
Cindy R: I have been using this product for about 7 months after trying every cleanser from Arbonne, Mary Kay, L'Bri & more....this has surpassed them all, my skin has never looked better! Oct 7, 2012
shohei n: i Like it Oct 1, 2012
Sean E: Like to tone evening exfoliate action Sep 30, 2012
Lisa R: Fast results. I won't use any other cleanser. A small dot of this cleanser goes a long way. Sep 25, 2012
Patricia B: I have been using this product since it came out. Sep 24, 2012
Mary Ellen K: currently using this product and like the clean feeling of skin with no stripping. Sep 24, 2012
elizabeth l: i loved this product. helps to clean my face on the dayly basis Sep 24, 2012
Lindsay C: this is my absolute favorite of all Kiehl's cleansers. I have tried almost of of them. I like the exfoliating and my skin feels smooth and clean. Sep 24, 2012
Danielle K: was out of the product and needed more of it. Sep 24, 2012
Lisa B: i love the tiny grains with this cleanser which it exfoliates gently and it does not leave my skin dry after washing. You could almost feel an immediate difference in your skin. I love it. Sep 23, 2012
Abbey W: It's a great product that makes my skin squeaky clean. Sep 23, 2012
Elahe P: Absolutely LOVE this product - previously used the Rare Earth cleanser and then changed to this (it is incredible and you only need a tiny amount). When I changed back to Rare Earth my skin started breaking out again so decided this works better for me! Sep 23, 2012
ADRIENNE G: The fragrance is tangerine or orange.It's a really nice exfoliater.My skin is so smooth afterward Sep 21, 2012
Steven M: Looking to try it out Sep 21, 2012
michelle l: I love washing my face in morning with it. It is not harsh on my skin and my skin feels clean, refreshed and clear after I use it. Sep 21, 2012
Alexa S: I am in the sun a lot and this will help with any discoloration. Sep 20, 2012
Mike G: This product works miracles for me. I love my skin when I use this. Sep 20, 2012
Susanne F: super for after gym or horsebacking riding for gentle but deep cleansings Sep 19, 2012
Louis B: Have used before - I really like it... Sep 19, 2012
Susann R: I needed something that would help with dark patches on my face and that was mildly exfoliating and foaming. Sep 19, 2012
Lorraine V: After reading all of the great reviews on this line changing people's skin, I just couldnt pass up the opportunity. I purchased the whole line since the reviews did say it works it's best that way. I am so excited to give it a try for my uneven skin! Sep 18, 2012
Jorie C: will try this- read about this helping large pores Sep 18, 2012
Gretchen A: Recommended by MAC representative as close to their Microfine Refinisher Sep 13, 2012
Sara B: It does a great job of removing dead skin cells and making my skin look brighter and healthier. Sep 12, 2012
deborah s: You only have to use a small amount and it your face feels clean after you use it. Sep 8, 2012
Brenda S: Just trying new product Sep 7, 2012
Cathy O: I love this product! Sep 4, 2012
Hollie C: Love this product! Sep 4, 2012
michelle p: Just to try it. Sep 2, 2012
mary g: saw it in good housekeeping Sep 1, 2012
Kathleen C M: I accidentally purchased the cleanser for men last year. And it is GREAT! But I figure this will be even better for me. Aug 29, 2012
NINA D: provides an awesome light scrub and leaves your face smooth and clean. Good for my mature skin. Aug 27, 2012
allison s: the vitamin C is essential for freckly/sun damaged faces! Love it for evening skintone Aug 27, 2012
Margarita C: great product. Aug 27, 2012
Sharon O: doesn't dry out your skin and it feels so clean and soft after every wash! Aug 26, 2012
Jayne F: This is a great product. It completely cleans face without leaving it feeling dry! Aug 26, 2012
Kristen W: Recommended by your site Aug 20, 2012
Mindy C: The Photo-Age Scrub is the only product from the Photo-Age line that I use with regularity. The scrub is rich as well as gentle. I use this on a more regular basis and then add the microdermabrasion scrub once a week. Perfect! Aug 12, 2012
AGNES P: this one is for my husband. Aug 9, 2012
Constance L: Loved this product after using the sample. Aug 7, 2012
Kayla M: I read the reviews and thought it would be a good product for my skin. Aug 5, 2012
Laura N: I tried everything to help get rid of acne and uneven skin tone. This cleanser cleared up all of my problems. I'd buy it by the case if I could do so. Aug 3, 2012
JUDITH HYDE K: Recommended by my daughter and now I love it too. Jul 31, 2012
Katalin M: I use this product every day. Love it. My face is picky. Jul 31, 2012
robyn c: use all the time and love it Jul 30, 2012
Edna I: I love the way it makes my skin look Jul 25, 2012
Dawn B: Looking for a gentle exfoliator that will make my skin glow and not turn red and more oily. Jul 25, 2012
E B: Wanted to try this Jul 22, 2012
sunah l: i like the ingredients of vitamin in it. Jul 18, 2012
Jessica Z: need a cleanser that can exfoliate Jul 18, 2012
Trina M: Looking for a gentle scrub, decided to give this one a try.

Update: You will love this cleanser. It's light & fresh smelling. A very little goes a long way so this tube will last you forever. Add this to my list of favorites!
Jul 16, 2012
Juliane P: i have tried everything to get rid of my spots but this. maybe it finally will help to solve my problem. Jul 16, 2012
Ernestine P: I love it! It works great and your face feels very soft and alive. Jul 16, 2012
Meaghan P: Honestly I starting swearing by this by a funny compliment from a friend. Having just used the free sample that morning, my friend exclaims, "What did you do to your face? You look radiant!" To which I replied, "I washed it." It was all the input I needed and I have been using it ever since! Jul 15, 2012
Evelyn W: My girlfriend swears by this exfoliating cleanser. We will see. Jul 11, 2012
an l: i wanted to get rid of dark spots/sun spots and acne scaring Jul 10, 2012
Rita H: Results are amazing! Love this cleanser!!! Jul 8, 2012
Jane K: A little goes a long way! Now my favorite cleanser of all time!! Jul 8, 2012
Donna W: It's the best there is Jul 5, 2012
Peg A: wonderful stuuf with the lovely smell of oranges! Smooooth! Jul 4, 2012
Lilie C: just want to try Jul 3, 2012
Morgan B: I tried a sample and it was amazing, made my face feel so clean! Jul 2, 2012
Lucky S: It works Jun 27, 2012
Melissa J: Feels wonderful and clean! Jun 27, 2012
Andrea D: cause you discontinued the ultra mousturizing buffing cream with scrub particles!! needed some gently exfoliating and the reviews were good Jun 26, 2012
kim u: I have been using it and like it. A salesperson in one of your stores recommended it to me a few weeks agao. Jun 26, 2012
Loretta M: I have uneven skin tone on my forehead and trust Kiehls products and am confident that this product will alleviate my skin condition. Jun 25, 2012
Laura B: To try to lighten dark and uneven spots on my face and improve skin texture. Jun 25, 2012
Susan D: Exfoliating factor is needed at times, and your Photo-Age Line is so good!!! Jun 24, 2012
Brandon T: I have an unevened skin tone and after trying proactive solution for months, I want better results Jun 24, 2012
Lisa F: i tried a sample. was impressed with results Jun 23, 2012
Roberta K: Used it before, liked it. Jun 22, 2012
Carolyn M: Have been using for the past four weeks to great results. Skin is smoother, clearer and less oily. Jun 20, 2012
johanna p: my mom has developed quite a few "liver spots" or "sun spots" in her age and was trying out different skin bleaching creams that didnt seem to do anything. I had never tried this particular cream but i like Kiehls products, so for christmas i got her the whole line. She fell in love with just how it made her skin feel. Then multiple of her friends pointed out her skin looking beautiful and radient, so the proof is in the pudding and now she's hooked! Jun 19, 2012
Eileen S: i tried a sample and loved it Jun 17, 2012
Deborah C: One of the best exfoliators I've ever used!
Gentle too.
Jun 14, 2012
Whitney B: Love this. Addicted to it. Jun 14, 2012
Sandra M: I wanted to try an exfoliator from a reliable company. Jun 9, 2012
Barbara W: Needed this product! Jun 7, 2012
Sarah G: Needed a gentle exfoliating cleanser. Jun 5, 2012
Alise M: I wanted to try it. Jun 4, 2012
Janis M: Trying to improve skin discoloration. Hoping this will help. Jun 3, 2012
Holland M: Awesome for getting rid of dead skin cells and leaving skin feeling clean. May 27, 2012
Carol M: Like the way this really cleans my face each night. Really works.. May 26, 2012
Paula B: looking for daily cleanser that can help smooth skin May 26, 2012
Karen J: This product is amazing! Makes your face feel soft, clean and younger looking. May 25, 2012
Kelly B: I want better even skin tone May 25, 2012
Laura N: Tried a sample and loved it. Really helped my uneven skin tone after one use. May 25, 2012
Beverly B: Have used before and does reduce spots and evens skin tone. May 21, 2012
Leslie K: This product has dramatically reduced the appearance of age spots on my face! May 17, 2012
Monay J: Looking for help with exfoliation, that will help combat uneven skintone May 16, 2012
Kristin H: Been looking for a new scrub. Reviews for this were all's to hoping it works well on my sensitive skin! May 15, 2012
Zorah B: I was excited by the excellent reviews! May 13, 2012
Jason S: This is a great exfoliator. Not too rough, and leaves your skin feeling clean and fresh. May 13, 2012
mikhail m: Really liked how the sample worked May 13, 2012
Helena M: cleanses and smooths my skin when I tried the sample. May 12, 2012
Robin V: Received a sample at Atlanta Hartford this cleanser...effective yet gentle!! Great staff there May 11, 2012
Rebecca K: rinses clean, and the salicylic acid gently removes dead cells and promotes healing. May 9, 2012
Monique M: My makeup artist suggested this and I decided to try it. May 8, 2012
Erin B: something new May 8, 2012
Elizabeth H: i need a serious cleanser for once a week May 1, 2012
Amy J: This is the best cleanser EVER! And I feel like I have tried a number of systems. I started using the Photo Age system a few days ago and absolutely love it. I was so surprised that you barely need to use any and it goes such a long way. Makes my face feel very clean but does not over dry. Apr 30, 2012
Eleanor Z: Clears up dark spots in a flash! This is my all time fav! Apr 30, 2012
Julie R: I use it 2-3 times weekly to remove dry dead skin caused by our extremely dry climate. Apr 29, 2012
Sai M: Cause I went to do my face, the person there told me to buy some product that can help you minimize your pore. Apr 29, 2012
Leslie M: Already using it and love it! Apr 29, 2012
Eun C: I've used this sample, and I loved it. Apr 28, 2012
Tandrianna C: Love what this says it will do for my skin. I have never used this product, but want to give it a try. I have acne scars and my skin can be very uneven, if this does what it says it will do - this will work wonders for the overall tone and suppleness of my skin. Apr 27, 2012
Donna T: I have been using this cleanser for a few months now and I absolutely love how it makes my skin feel. And my friends tell me they can see a difference in my skin tone. Apr 20, 2012
Susan M: I needed to purchase a cleanser and based my decision on the good reviews. Apr 19, 2012
Amy W: Exfoliates! I tried a sample of this that I received with my last order and really liked it! Apr 17, 2012
Debbie S: Wanted to try it. It works great-really makes your face feel good! Apr 15, 2012
Amber U: I'd like to exfoliate periodically but need something super gentle. I don't have skin issues, but want to minimize pores and make my tone more even. I also want to avoid sun damage and this sounds like a great product. Apr 11, 2012
catherine k: See what I wrote on the dble strength deep wrinkle filler Apr 11, 2012
William B: It works well for me! Apr 11, 2012
Carol G: smells great, lathers nicely, exfoliates gently Apr 9, 2012
Sarah Z: After reading about the product, I think this will help reduce my acne problems. Apr 7, 2012
Deborah C: Need a good cleanser with exfoliatition. I tend to get patchy dry skin on my face. Apr 1, 2012
FEI W: summer preparation Mar 31, 2012
Donna W: I read several positive reviews of this product, and I can't wait to try it! Mar 30, 2012
Lisa K: This is my favorite scrub - have bought it as gifts for female family members too! Mar 30, 2012
TERISA P: Used sample and really liked it Mar 29, 2012
Kelli H: acne Mar 28, 2012
Tracy W: I absolutely love the Photo-Age Deep Action Exfoliating Cleanser. It helps with my overall skin tone and acne. Mar 24, 2012
katie c asked: Why isn't this available anymore?? Dec 7, 2012
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Jenn J: I wish Kiehl's would listen to us and keep this product. Rename it, repackage it, whatever. Just please keep selling it!! Feb 20, 2013
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Kiehl's AStaff: Hello! This product is now discontinued, but we have limited quantities available, so stock up now before it's gone for good! Dec 26, 2012
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A shopper asked: Does this product have any fragrance in it? Jul 29, 2012
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Jan G: If it does, it's so light that I haven't noticed. What I do notice is how clean and vibrant my skin looks after I've used this product. I love the fact that my skin feels so clean and yet not at all dry. Love, love this cleanser. Jul 29, 2012
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Lauren M: Very very little fragrance. It's a refreshing smell more than a generic fragrance. Also, a little goes a long way when washing your face. Jul 29, 2012
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Jesa D: Very little. I haven't noticed any overt smell; I think the light fragrance is just the smell of the components. Jul 29, 2012
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Michelle H: The product appears to be fragrance free. I have sensitive skin though, and can not use this cleanser everyday. Jul 29, 2012
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JIA W: no fragrance in it! but you'd better not to buy this if u r female, it's too strong and sour. Jul 29, 2012
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ISELA R: It does have a slight clean almost citrus like smell. It is a very delicate and fresh smell. Jul 29, 2012
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TRacy S: In my opinion, there is a mild nondescript fragrance but nothing strong or "perfumey" Jul 29, 2012
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Carolyn M: The cleanser has a subtle orange fragrance that I enjoy. Jul 29, 2012
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Nicole A: Gentle cleanser. Don't notice any fragrance. Jul 31, 2012
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Michael C: This product has a mild fragrance Jul 29, 2012
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Glenda P asked: What are you thinking? This is the best cleanser and you have taken it off the market! Please bring it back! Feb 15, 2014
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James A: Because I could no longer find it on-line, I went to the local store and said the same thing. I was told that the key ingredient that was imported from Japan was no longer available to them and Kiehl's had to sadly stop making this product. But still!!!! Can you make this again? I live this product. I bought as many as I could afford that day... I have only one left. Feb 16, 2014
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Brittany R: Bring this back!! I loved this! Feb 17, 2014
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trisha w asked: Is it ok to use with older, dryer skin? Jul 2, 2012
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Howard A: I'm in my early 40's, but play tennis EVERY day in the hot Florida sun so my skin gets dehydrated a lot, but I use this cleanser everyday and it hasn't dried my skin out at all. I do use the Kiehl's Powerful Strength line reducing concentrate and a good moisturizer afterwards though. It's an incredible cleanser, my face feels so clean and bright! I love it. Jul 2, 2012
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Danette M: It is safe to use on all skin types because will not dry out skin at all. It will however, leave your skin feeling thourghly clean and fresh . Jul 2, 2012
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Elizabeth M asked: Since this is exfoliating, is it safe to use with a clarisonic? What are the exfoliating particles made of? Are they rounded particles or jagged? Mar 30, 2012
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susan l: I don't know what a clarisonic is so I can't answer this. Not sure why Kiehl's asked me to answer. All I know is that I love this exfoliating cleanser. It is not harsh or drying like many I have tried. I can't really feel the particles in it-just a little scrubbing action. My face feels really smooth and soft after I use it. I think if you try it you will really like it. Mar 30, 2012
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Ashleigh R: The exfoliating particles are small and gritty - like sand, almost, but sand that dissolves after some friction is applied. If that makes sense? I think you could use it with a clarisonic, because it's pretty gentle - but double exfoliating action might be redundant/unnecessary. Mar 30, 2012
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Jeremy D asked: Hello. I'd just like to ask if you're selling this in the Philippines? Based on the reviews, I feel convinced that the product is effective. I'd like to give it a try, but I would prefer buying it here in my home country. Mar 12, 2013
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Kiehl's AStaff: We regret that we do not ship outside the U.S. at this time for orders placed at Please use our Retail Locator to find the Kiehl's location nearest you.

If you are not near an Official Kiehl's Dispensary, we invite you to use our Kiehl's by Mail Service by telephoning 1-800-KIEHLS-2 (1-800-543-4572) or 1-732-951-4545.
Mar 14, 2013
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A shopper asked: Is this particular cleanser targeted towards a specific age group? In other words, is this cleanser targeted towards older people? Mid-age? Oct 24, 2012
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Sharon O: I'm not sure if it's age specific but I'm 41 and have been using this for a year now. I will never use anything else. It makes your skin look and feel wonderful. It cleanses and exfoliates without drying you out. Hope this helps! Oct 24, 2012
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R T asked: Can you use this product once a week and get the same results? Aug 9, 2012
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