Superbly Smoothing Argan Shampoo

Long-lasting shine with a frizz-free finish
  • Shampoo formulated with fairly-traded Argan Oil for intensive smoothing
  • Cleanses hair gently without stripping essential moisture, oils or color
  • Enriched with essential fatty acids, emollients and antioxidants to help reveal hair’s natural radiance
  • Silicone, Sulfate and Paraben-Free Formula

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Superbly Smoothing Argan Shampoo
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Kiehl's Since 1851 Store asked: Why did you choose this?
Weijing L: Makes my hair smooth Sep 15, 2014
Jill T: Sulfate free and leaves my hair super smooth. Low lather. Sep 13, 2014
Barbara W: used before and like results Sep 13, 2014
betty b: works for me Sep 10, 2014
Bonnie M: to control frizz Sep 9, 2014
Anna H: curious to try Sep 9, 2014
Jean K: This shampoo is awesome. I have very thick, coarse, color treated hair that tends to frizz in humidity. This shampoo leaves my hair silky smooth, shiny and less likely to frizz -- especially when combined with the Amino Acid Conditioner! Sep 8, 2014
Alice M: This is my favorite shampoo and helps with the frizz. Sep 7, 2014
GINA t: moved from the midwest to the south. trying to control my hair in daily humidity Sep 4, 2014
Lyoung Hee K: I used it before, and it was good. Aug 26, 2014
Allison H: Frizz elimination Aug 23, 2014
misko b: want to see if it helps with summer frizz Aug 15, 2014
Erica G: I like how it makes my hair feel. Aug 10, 2014
Amy P: Absolutely best shampoo for very fine AND thin hair. Although not marketed as such, it makes my hair look better than its ever looked in my 46 years. Aug 10, 2014
anne b: Want to try this product. Aug 10, 2014
Susan S: Wanted to try, heard good reviews Aug 8, 2014
Chandra M: I really like Kiehl's skin care products and wanted to try hair products. Aug 7, 2014
Sebastien C: Wavy/curly and stubborn hair. Aug 2, 2014
Patricia M: Again, have frizzy hair, it's naturally curly and in summer mostly it just looks like a ball of frizz, want to try and see if this at least helps it. Jul 26, 2014
Joshua S: been using daily for long time - manages my frizzy hair and smells great Jul 23, 2014
Evangeline G: With all the new Argan oil products on the market this is the true one. I'm traveling and I can't go without it. Jul 15, 2014
Cindy S: Read the reviews and this product seems to be what my hair needs. Jul 14, 2014
Staci T: This shampoo works great with my fine curly hair in a humid climate! It really does work for me unlike any other shampoo I have tried. Jul 14, 2014
Beatriz G: Want to try it with the heat protective silk straightening cream Jul 5, 2014
DEELLA B: sounds good Jul 4, 2014
Patty B: Loved the way it cut down on frizz Jul 3, 2014
deborah r: like the way it works Jul 1, 2014
Ramona S: for gift basket in my guest bathroom Jun 30, 2014
duncan m: use it before Jun 29, 2014
Marcia P: Best shampoo I have EVER used. At at the age of 60 I've used more than I can count! Jun 29, 2014
Lisa K: nice change of pace Jun 28, 2014
Maria D: LOVE this shampoo. Just a little bit goes a long way and my hair looks and feels great. Jun 26, 2014
Craig G: silky clean Jun 26, 2014
Robert M: I'm not the best judge for this product as I have a badly reduced hairline but i did purchase this based on the Argan Oil to keep my scalp moisturized and I have to say I am happy with it and it smells wonderful. Jun 21, 2014
Julie G: trying all items for 1st time, ill let you know Jun 21, 2014
Yu L: I never used it. Just want to try it. Jun 11, 2014
gregory s: ive used before Jun 3, 2014
Denise D: I really like this shampoo. It makes my hair soft and manageable. It eliminates some of my frizz. Jun 1, 2014
Drea D: I'm a regular user and love this shampoo. May 30, 2014
Reyna H: Best smoothng effect on my hair which is wavy May 28, 2014
Jacque R: Need a repair shampoo May 27, 2014
Karina n: birthday gift May 23, 2014
Nada B: My sister told me about it and recommended it. I love it! May 23, 2014
Josephine C: wanted to try it May 23, 2014
Linda W: Sounds like a product I would like and my hair needs smoothing and soothing. May 19, 2014
Holly C: my hair is dry May 19, 2014
Elizabeth W: Am trying for the first time May 19, 2014
Cynthia C: i have used for many years May 19, 2014
Joanna N: Only use sulfate-free shampoo. Have been using this for several how shiny and smooth (but not weighed down) it makes my hair feel and look! May 17, 2014
Lillian L: I've used the Argan Hair Treatment and love it. I'd like to try this product to see if it works just as well on my hair. May 16, 2014
Lexi R: My fiance likes this. May 15, 2014
Wendy M: Sulfate-free and all natural. May 15, 2014
Masumi M: For me for stocking up. My hair is frizz often and not shiny so I wanted something healthy and good for my hair. May 15, 2014
Thomas L: I use the argan shampoo and conditioner because I spent a year in the part of Morocco where argan oil is produced, and where it is used as a hair-dressing and also on the skin after henna treatments. Very high in Vit. E, it also smells nice in a non-intrusive way. Like most other Kiehl's products, these do not use paragons. May 13, 2014
Diane N: Brings out the natural wave in my hair, with no frizzies. Love it! May 13, 2014
Billie M: I have wiry, frizzy hair. May 7, 2014
Michelle W: Because it smells delicious and leaves my hair super soft. May 5, 2014
Nilda J: I like Argan. Perhaps next time. May 2, 2014
P T: Wanted to try it. I have very coarse and curly, dry hair Apr 30, 2014
Lisa E: liked experience with product Apr 23, 2014
Maren J: Smell Apr 20, 2014
elisa h: I love this shampoo. make my hair so smooth... Apr 18, 2014
Georgie B: AMAZING for dry hair Apr 17, 2014
susan m: I moved to an area with drier climate and harder water. I tried several shampoos and conditioners and this shampoo is the one that does the trick. It feels almost like a shampoo and conditioner in one (although I also use conditioner). I love this shampoo and only wish it were sold in larger quantities. Apr 12, 2014
Umiah F: I bought this products since it is made from Argan which I have seen in Morocco. Also, the ingredients don't include known harmful substances. Apr 7, 2014
janet e: dry hair Apr 6, 2014
Rene P: I like trying out new shampoos. I use hair products with Argan oil so I wanted to try a shampoo with Argan oil to see if my hair feels softer. Apr 4, 2014
aleth D: It keeps my coarse hair under control Mar 31, 2014
laurie p: Just to try it, hair has been doing crazy things lately. I am in the South, so know it is only going to get worse! Mar 31, 2014
Elizabeth P: I have curly, frizzy hair and I do not use products with sulfates. Mar 30, 2014
Mengxi Z: liked the amino acid shampoo Mar 28, 2014
Leslie W: Because I am trying to move away from using a lot of chemicals in my beauty and hair products and this one fits the bill. I like it because one does not need to use conditioner and it smoothes hair nicely. Mar 25, 2014
NICHOLAS S: makes hair very silky Mar 24, 2014
Anne M: it really works to smooth my hair. I'm hooked. Mar 24, 2014
Stacey M: Works great! Mar 23, 2014
Andrea J: Love the scent Mar 23, 2014
Amelia S: I like the Argon oil for I thought I'd give the shampoo a trial since the sunflower shampoo is not available in the larger size Mar 17, 2014
Terissa E: Because it is wonderful and works. Mar 16, 2014
Rhoda W: want to try to see if it improves flyaway hairs Mar 16, 2014
JOSEFINA F: this is the in the market Mar 15, 2014
Eileen H: Have used before and love it. Mar 15, 2014
Fanglin W: I want my curly hair become more smoothly. Mar 12, 2014
Mercy D: I have frizzy hair Mar 11, 2014
Elissa H: I love the patchouli smell and how it made my hair feel. Mar 8, 2014
Michael H: Bought a small bottle at the store in ATL...used it for a week and love it...keeps my frizzy hair under control Mar 4, 2014
William D: I'm guessing. I miss all sport everyday shampoo Feb 27, 2014
Summer C: This works great along with the conditioner. I love this stuff! Feb 27, 2014
Justin M: Best shampoo I've used yet. Nothing else compares. Feb 23, 2014
Sarah Z: Works great on my frizzy locks! Feb 18, 2014
erica l: I have natural hair Feb 18, 2014
Kathleen C: amazing reviews Feb 18, 2014
shana j: need moisture Feb 15, 2014
Yusra K: I heard it is GREAT for the hair. Feb 15, 2014
J. D: We were using this product at the Lenox Hotel in Boston. It was wonderful ! Feb 14, 2014
Karen I: I have frizzy hair that is also colored and need something better than what I got Feb 14, 2014
Dana M: Based on description I think it will work well for me. Will let you know . . .

Have used 1 bottle and love the results. Now ordering 2 bottles so I will not run out, ever.
Feb 10, 2014
Kathy T: The fragrance is unbelievable! Plus, the shampoo is great, I just love, love, love the smell! Feb 8, 2014
Donna P: I wanted to try a shampoo with argan oil. Feb 4, 2014
Claire H: Friend recommends Jan 27, 2014
winston e: because this is my favorite shampoo with my favorite fragrance of all time. y'all should make this fragrance available by itself. Jan 26, 2014
Lisa F: LOVE this shampoo. I only use a little bit on my ends. Between this and the Moroccan light oil my hair is smooth and silky. Love the scent too, Jan 20, 2014
Grace D: I chose this because I want healthier hair and I believe a shampoo without sulfates could help me achieve this. Jan 19, 2014
Nermarie V: I'm on the hunt for a good sulfate-free shampoo so I thought I'd give this one a try. It's a good price and from a brand I trust. Jan 16, 2014
Theresa L: I just love all things Argan. I use the superbly restorative oil, the hair conditioner and am now trying this, I expect great results! Jan 14, 2014
William C: same as above Jan 13, 2014
Lynn R: Loving it so much that I am giving it to my daughter! Jan 12, 2014
Allyson C: I live in a dry climate and have wavy hair- this keeps my hair happy. Jan 6, 2014
Tyler A: Like the lotion, so I wanted to try the Shampoo. Jan 6, 2014
Tiamet W: Hands down, this is THE BEST shampoo I have ever used. I always use conditioner, but after one use, I swear, you'll be tempted to skip it. My entire family is hooked. We are a multi-racial family and we all have better, stronger, healthier hair because of this product. BUY IT! Jan 5, 2014
Adela H: Used once. Did not like the fragrance! will not use again. Jan 1, 2014
Becky H: Husband uses this shampoo and loves it Dec 31, 2013
Elma D: Damaged hair Dec 31, 2013
Katherine S: Perfection! Dec 31, 2013
Cristina M: I have dry hair and want to see if this product helps. Dec 27, 2013
Maralyn B: sulfate free Dec 27, 2013
Raj P: I am currently using this shampoo. It has been the best shampoo I have found for my thin hair. Dec 26, 2013
Jessica B: It is the best hair product I have ever used. I will never switch shampoos. Dec 21, 2013
Shira R: Works really well to tame my thick hair and no product build up Dec 18, 2013
Betty L: Recommended by friend Dec 17, 2013
TRACEY D: my business Dec 17, 2013
Michael M: same reason i chose the conditioner - its awesome. Dec 16, 2013
Mary L: Dry hair that needs shine Dec 16, 2013
W Howard R: Recommended Dec 16, 2013
Rose J: Wanted to try it. My son likes it. Dec 15, 2013
Imogen H: It works really well. Dec 15, 2013
Anne D: Really moisturizing for my curly hair. Dec 14, 2013
Tuwanna R: It works! Reduces the frizz on my fine curly hair. Little goes a long way, can even add a few drops in with other shampoos to extend. Dec 14, 2013
Stacia S: no sulfates Dec 14, 2013
Theresa R: Referred to Argan from a co-workers. Thought I would try a small bottle. Dec 10, 2013
Katie C: Ideally wanted the Amino Acid Shampoo -- had read reviews.. it wasn't available, so I choose this after finding a listing for it on Amazon. Dec 9, 2013
Jana B: I love this shampoo! I'm on my 4th bottle and have noticed a huge difference in my hair. It feels thicker and is noticeably shinier. Dec 8, 2013
Susan K: like this product Dec 8, 2013
Ryan R: This seemed like a good choice for an all-natural shampoo. Dec 7, 2013
Theresa B: I'm a big fan of Aragon oil and I wanted to see how it would work with my hair. I've had great results with your Aragon oil and lotion. Dec 7, 2013
Mimi B: Tried my daughter's shampoo and was thrilled with how good my hair felt! Dec 6, 2013
Yaqin Y: Just try Dec 4, 2013
Sharmin R: It great for my hair. I live in hot humid climate and this tames my hair Dec 3, 2013
Daren S: Works great on my frizzy hair Dec 2, 2013
Natasha A: I am a licensed Cosmetologist and I find that this specific collection is... Extra Specially Great for Super-curly, Permanently Relaxed, Ethnic, and/or dry Hair! Dec 2, 2013
Hanyuan Z: the other shoppers think it is good. Dec 1, 2013
Emily A: trying for first time - have used the conditioner. Nov 30, 2013
Kai C: I love it. Nov 30, 2013
Don S: Wanted to try the Argan product and felt this was most affordable size Nov 29, 2013
Susan Y: wanted to try this long time Nov 28, 2013
Anqi T: Want to try Nov 28, 2013
Stacy S: Amazing shampoo for my swimmer kids hair! Nov 27, 2013
Kim S: hope it smells good and reduces fly aways Nov 27, 2013
Chiang L: i asked the online chat assistant for advise. Nov 26, 2013
Zanelle D: Heard great things about Kiehls. Decided to give it a try Nov 22, 2013
Carolyn H: My only shampoo! Love it! Nov 20, 2013
Sharful I: Recommended. Nov 20, 2013
Beth P: Love this product! Controls frizz & smells earthy and awesome! Nov 18, 2013
Ling T: like it Nov 18, 2013
Dr Peter E S: girlfriend likes it Nov 17, 2013
Adam T: This is the only shampoo I've found that leaves my hair so smooth I rarely need to use conditioner. Nov 16, 2013
Michelle C: My favorite shampoo ever! Stocking up! Nov 15, 2013
Melanie V: try Nov 15, 2013
Qisi Y: just want to try it out Nov 14, 2013
Jing S: This is a great product, I have been using it for several years, best argan shampoo I tried Nov 14, 2013
Chen D: weird smell Nov 13, 2013
Steve B: Again having issues with dry scalp and this is what your site recommended Nov 13, 2013
Kevin S: Dry hair recommendation by your website Nov 9, 2013
Gayle S: gift for my son for xmas Nov 9, 2013
Susan F: Have not tried this shampoo but have tried other ones by Kiehl and love their shampoo. Nov 5, 2013
Michelle K: Hoping it will help with my dull hair. Nov 5, 2013
Karen C: I'm trying Argan products to soothe my frizzy hair. Nov 5, 2013
Ronald W: Leaves my hair shiny and with no fly-away hair. Nov 4, 2013
Shari S: Husband loves this sulfate free shampoo . Inuse the Kiehl's Sunflower shampoo which is also great Nov 4, 2013
YONG JUN G: This is my favorite shampoo. I have been using this product about a year, and i really like it. It is sulfate free and it gives a smooth hair. Oct 28, 2013
Michelle H: I like argon oil and this sounded promising Oct 24, 2013
Justine B: love argan oil, so thought i'd try this Oct 23, 2013
Michele B: Purchased at The Breakers palm Bch Fl and loved it! Oct 21, 2013
nadine g: Since I have such success with the pak I am trying the shampoo Oct 20, 2013
Fredy M: I would like to see if it works Oct 17, 2013
Yiwen T: to smooth frizzy hair Oct 16, 2013
Mukta k: trying it out for my daughter Sep 24, 2013
Li B: just want to try everything new here. Sep 23, 2013
Aracely N: because I have a lot of thick and curly hair that needs to be controlled. Sep 21, 2013
Byron C T: I'll let you know after I try it, Sep 17, 2013
Stacey M: Works great! Aug 25, 2013
Ruth M: I have not tried any Kiehl hair product...this one intrigued me. Aug 23, 2013
David S: Prior use Aug 18, 2013
Leonor P: I need sulfate free shampoo and I have used the sunflower one and it is great so I wanted to try this alternative. Aug 18, 2013
Barbara F: Because I already use and love the conditioner. Aug 17, 2013
Fredrick W: It works! Makes my post-chemotherapy hair smooth and straight. Aug 17, 2013
Julia L: Love Argan oil and even though I haven't tried this, it will work great for my boyfriend Aug 14, 2013
Joan M: Gives my hair body and does not weight it down. I've used it for years and love it, especially coupled with the Argan Conditioner. Aug 12, 2013
Diana R: Love Argan Oil products on my hair! Aug 11, 2013
Kathy S: Love it Aug 6, 2013
Caiyu Y: same reason Jul 25, 2013
Beatriz N: Anti frizz Jul 24, 2013
Allison N: Excellent for controlling my frizz prone hair Jul 21, 2013
Lisa S: I love this shampoo and my hair does as well. I don't have frizzy hair but wanted to use something safe for those days I wash every day. My hair loves this shampoo, it's healthy and feels so clean after using it. Jul 17, 2013
Tanya A: I have naturally curly, frizzy hair and I'm looking for something that will bring out the curly and resist the humidity. I'd like to accentuate the positive aspects of my curly mane. I have yet to find a shampoo & conditioner that works perfectly for my hair without weighing it down and leaving it greasy. Jul 8, 2013
Olivia T: Olive Fruit Oil collection is nice, but has been weighing my hair down since the weather became more humid. Jul 4, 2013
Young L: I wanted to try a different shampoo, the olive oil one was nice but I want something a little less oily Jun 18, 2013
Kendra y: Really good to use every 4 or 5th hair wash! Jun 17, 2013
Therese H: Great shampoo - especially for someone who does a lot of traveling. It helps offset hard water. I really like it. Jun 16, 2013
marisa s: I want to try new thing that I have never use before Jun 16, 2013
Diane T: Very moisturizing for my dry brittle hair, love it! Jun 15, 2013
Lisa H: a little goes a long way. lasts for a long time. makes my curly hair shiny, no frizz and stay curly. Jun 14, 2013
sandra s: my hair is shiny and feels wonderful after using Jun 13, 2013
Mercedes E: I wanted a sulfate, silicone and parabens free shampoo Jun 12, 2013
amber a: My hair can get dry and a bit course and I would like more shine. Jun 12, 2013
Bernadette D: Recommended by a friend Jun 11, 2013
Cristina R: The best shampoo i have ever tried and you do not need to use a lot. The bottle last for along time and i shampoo my hair every day. Less hair falling and my hair is smooth and healthy. Jun 9, 2013
Stephen L: Tried it before and liked it. May 31, 2013
Marian C: Made my thick, coarse hair more tame and soft. The scent is a bit medicinal but I didn't mind. I liked that my hair felt manageable. May 31, 2013
Jingyi Y: Works well for my damaged hair. May 28, 2013
Clint D: I use a shower gel with Argan oil and I wanted to see how this works. May 21, 2013
Becky K: Great product for dry hair. If you don't want a shampoo to completely srip your hair, this is a good product. My hair is nice and clean, but it is still mild. May 14, 2013
susan f: I like Morroccan oil products May 7, 2013
Don W: Best Shampoo I've tried May 1, 2013
Rhea K: wanted to try an argan shampoo Apr 30, 2013
Constance O: Really like this shampoo for my fine hair although it is recommended for coarse hair it works for me. Second order. Apr 29, 2013
MARITZA c: this products works so well my family even noticed when i tried something else, i will never change again Apr 29, 2013
Karen W: using with the Argan conditioner for my color treated hair and my daughter's curly hair Apr 28, 2013
Steven J: Great scent, definitely does smooth my hair. Apr 25, 2013
Robert M: use it love it Apr 25, 2013
Barbara J: Great Shampoo for keeping the frizz under control and it does not have SLS in it! I prefer all natural ingredients. Apr 21, 2013
Linda C: Good reviews Apr 21, 2013
Brenda H: Found this product in the airport while traveling. LOVE IT! Needed more! Apr 20, 2013
Renee G: I have coarse frizzy hair that needs to get under control. The Argan shampoo/ conditioner combo works better for me and smells better than Moroccan Oil. Frizz be-gone! Apr 10, 2013
Ruth G: Tried it because I like the argan oil moisturiser, but doubt I'll use it again. Mar 31, 2013
Kimberly R: I love it ! very smoothing Mar 25, 2013
Jeanette H: This is the best shampoo I've ever used on my fine, curly, old-lady hair! It's sulfate free which is why I first tried it. It's the least-drying shampoo I've ever used. Also use and love the other products in this line. Mar 21, 2013
Bonnie D: This product is simply amazing! I am just waiting for you to sell it in the big bottles. Mar 19, 2013
Joe J: Liked it. Mar 18, 2013
Sara D: I am a loyal fan - it works well with my curly hair and does not contain sulfates. Feb 20, 2013
Esther S: I like it Feb 18, 2013
Susan D: Read on web that it had very high customer satisfaction and was looking for Ph balanced shampoo for dry hair; thought I'd give it a try Feb 18, 2013
Solomon B: I am half black and Latin and my hair has always been an issue. I've never been the type who can wash my hair and let it air dry. I immediately have to towel dry it and apply product, otherwise my hair will frizz. But this stuff, it lets me air dry my hair and there is no frizz, no fly aways and leaves my hair very smooth. Love it! Feb 6, 2013
Marcia E: smooth hair Feb 4, 2013
Myriam W: Good reviews Feb 2, 2013
Ann W: I have used it before and love it. Feb 2, 2013
Barb B: because it is the only thing that works on my hair. Jan 28, 2013
Pam D: I have very thick wavy hair, and this does an outstanding job of helping to keep it smooth. Jan 28, 2013
DOLORES W: Took a chance and love the product. Hair is much easier to handle Jan 22, 2013
DIANE W: Looking for something without sulfates, which I feel I'm allergic to. Jan 13, 2013
Joseph C: My girlfriend wanted it. I was rather disappointed with the health scores of your shampoos on SkinDeep (EWG database), but this wasn't on it so I couldn't tell if it's safe :/ Jan 11, 2013
Deborah V: looking for good dry hair product Jan 1, 2013
Maria D: I have frizzy hair, and this really helps. Dec 31, 2012
Alice J: The conditioner is amazing, shampoo must be too. Dec 31, 2012
Connie C: Hoping it does something for my dry kinky curly hair. Dec 31, 2012
Sandra W: like the product Dec 31, 2012
Evelyn J: I have used Argon products before and liked the result Dec 28, 2012
Carrie J: I've never used it before but I love Argan oil. Dec 28, 2012
howard f: I have curly frizzy hair Dec 28, 2012
Maria Ethel V: This is a great shampoo. The years of coloring and highlighting has made my hair dry and coarse. After washing with the Argan Shampoo, it leaves my hair feeling healthy, soft and shiny. I've been using this product now for about 9 months and I've seen a drastic improvement. I don't care for the smell but this shampoo works wonders so it's a small sacrifice for a terrific product. Dec 23, 2012
Elizabeth D: Didn't notice a big difference with my hair with this. Would not buy again. Unpleasant smell. Dec 23, 2012
Anthony I: Wife says scalp feels great using this. Dec 22, 2012
Elvira A: because of the positive reviews Dec 15, 2012
Juan H: only product i need without the need of other products to make my hair feel clean and smooth Dec 10, 2012
Susan M: Trying it Dec 8, 2012
Pamela C: always lookiing for a shampoo that will soften my hair and is healthy Dec 7, 2012
Wen B H: my friends said its good, i want to try it too Dec 6, 2012
Lillien W: I love this shampoo. It takes several washings to see the benefits, but it's worth the wait. I tried something else and now regret it. I'll never go back. Dec 6, 2012
Bethany R: have used this product before. disappointed you no longer have large size with pump. Dec 6, 2012
Merrie B: to try it Dec 6, 2012
PATTARAJIT M: Just wanna try new thing Nov 25, 2012
Xiaochu H: Have frizzy hair. Nov 25, 2012
April D: This makes my hair smooth! Nov 24, 2012
Nikki B: I like the fact it is sulfate and paraben free and I have frizzy curly hair. Nov 24, 2012
LINDA K: It works well on course hair and also color treated Nov 24, 2012
Robbie M: I have frizzy hair Nov 23, 2012
Sandra W: To help smooth out my unruly hair. Nov 22, 2012
Janelle C: I have used it before and loved it. Nov 18, 2012
Brianna G: I like the smell of argan, figured I'd try it. Nov 18, 2012
tong w: want to try it Nov 16, 2012
Sara S: tried it at a friend's house and liked it Nov 13, 2012
Gerald G: THE best shampoo ever made, hands down. Oct 20, 2012
Marla U: sampled, not for my type of hair which is natural wave, dry and porous, color treated. I need a smoothing shampoo Oct 11, 2012
Virginia T: Wonderful for my husband's hair. Got it as Christmas gift. Will buy regularly.

Only thing we ever ever found that really works.
Oct 8, 2012
Dave B: been using for years Oct 5, 2012
Maralyn B: allergy to sulfates Oct 5, 2012
barbara g: silicone free Oct 1, 2012
Maria D: Solution to frizzy hair. Sep 30, 2012
Kimberly R: Great ingredients. Sep 28, 2012
Patricia K: A clerk suggested it for my thick, coarse hair. It does a great job taming without drying. Many thanks. Sep 27, 2012
Cheryl D: Heard that it is good for unruly/humidity hair. Sep 27, 2012
AO Z: my hair is dry and they lose dramatically Sep 25, 2012
Ellen S: Was visiting my sister this weekend, forgot my shampoo and conditioner. I have thick wavy hair that needs lots of taming. Borrowed the shampoo and Superbly Smoothing Argan Conditioner along with Silk Groom (after towel drying), resulting in silky managable hair. Sep 24, 2012
Julie S: already use Sep 24, 2012
Alex F: wanted to try it Sep 23, 2012
Anne-Marie R: My hair tends to frizz in humid weather, and this shampoo is smoothing Sep 23, 2012
Joyce K: it helps smooth my coarse and frizzy hair Sep 22, 2012
marcia l: trying it Sep 20, 2012
Patricia G: fragrance and softness Sep 20, 2012
Erin M: I'm curious to try this and compare it to the Moroccan Oil brand shampoo that I have. Sep 19, 2012
jiejun L: MAKE MY HAIR SO SMOOTHY Sep 19, 2012
Sejin S: Helps my fuzzy hair. Sep 18, 2012
Safa M: I love this shampoo. I wish you would make a body wash with this. Sep 18, 2012
Robyn M: I am allergic to every shampoo I have tried. I am hoping this one will work for me. Sep 14, 2012
Benjamin C: Makes hair healthy & smells good Sep 10, 2012
Shiva L: Great conditioning shampoo with no parabens! Sep 10, 2012
Natasha T: My husband loves it now, too, so we will be buying it forever Sep 8, 2012
Kathleen C: makes hair shine and smooths frizzy, dry hair Sep 4, 2012
Sarah W: Wanted to see if it really does defrizz. Sep 3, 2012
MARYANN N: want to try Aug 27, 2012
Katherine S: frizzy hair-hope it helps! Aug 27, 2012
Jeff K: Wife likes it, cleans well Aug 26, 2012
Noriko H: Because it was described as a shampoo that controls frizzy hair. Aug 23, 2012
Lourdes M: My favorite shampoo! My hair is super curly and dry. This shampoo helps tame my curls and moisterizes my hair. Aug 22, 2012
soontaree j: my hair is dry and unmanageable Aug 21, 2012
Elizabeth B: I have a problem with frizzing hair because of humidity. Aug 19, 2012
Donald C: To try it Aug 15, 2012
Maureen H: I have coarse, colored, wavy hair that is very difficult to 'contain', especially in the summer humidity. I've tried all sorts of products, including Aveda and No Frizz (Living Proof) and this was the only product that tamed my mane. Bottle line, it controlled the frizz while still giving my hair some bounce and lightness. Aug 14, 2012
Maria M: I have been looking and wasting money on hair care. I stumbled upon your site and decided to try it. And hoping I and done wasting money on stuff that say they work and don't. I read some of the reviews which I liked, so went for it. Aug 11, 2012
Patricia C: to try Aug 10, 2012
Terry g: I have curly hair that has a straightner on it. I need Sulfate free shampoo and thought I'd try this. Aug 5, 2012
SARA S: i have too much frizz in my hair Jul 30, 2012
Deborah F: Good for dry hair! Jul 29, 2012
Holly M: I have crazy curls that tend towards frizz. I am getting married in an outdoor August ceremony and am hoping for smooth hair! Jul 26, 2012
Jessica N: I love the dry oil, wanted to use it on my hair too Jul 22, 2012
michelle h: smells great and makes my hair soft Jul 3, 2012
John R: like Jun 30, 2012
John R: like Jun 30, 2012
Andrea D: love the argan hair pak, decided to try the shampoo Jun 26, 2012
Helaine B: Use it and love it Jun 25, 2012
David A: Tried a sample from shop at SFO and it worked well
Bought some and it leaked in my little plastic bag and needed more
Jun 20, 2012
Mary B: Using this now and love how it hydrates my fine, thin hair without weighing it down. Jun 13, 2012
Shelby C: it helps control my curls and keep them smooth, tangle-free, and frizz-free Jun 12, 2012
jannet f: never used it before, will like to see how it works on my hair. Jun 12, 2012
Leonard W: Works well with dry, unruly hair. Jun 11, 2012
FLABIA G: i need some good moisture for my hair Jun 8, 2012
jing x: It is really good product. Highly recommended. Jun 4, 2012
Sarah D: sulfate free Jun 3, 2012
Christine G: I chose this shampoo because I had previously purchased the conditioner and it worked very well for my hair, which is often a bit dry and frizzy. I thought the shampoo would probably be a good match, too. May 27, 2012
Kym P: I like the way it makes my hair feel and smell. May 20, 2012
Ashley M: de-frizz May 18, 2012
Elizabeth C: My husband likes it. May 18, 2012
Rebecca H: As I have aged, my hair has gone from thick, wavy and smooth to a little thinner, curlier and frizzy. I live in Houston where the humidity is high. I also have extremely sensitive skin. I'm desperate for something that works. I'm going to give this a try. May 14, 2012
Mary B: Tried a sample and like it May 10, 2012
yuanyu h: INtroduced by my friends May 7, 2012
Tammi K: I received a sample of the Argan shampoo & conditioner when I was in the Kiehl's store in Vancouver - I used it once & my hair was shiny, light & bouncy. I have naturally curly hair & it tends to get weighted down - but not with this product. May 6, 2012
Carol H: I saw a demonstration of the product on You Tube. I am a Subbie of "Louloumatou", the person who did a review. of the product. She absolutely sang praises about it. May 6, 2012
James P: The absolute best shampoo! Keeps hair very healthy and smooth. Smells amazing. May 6, 2012
denise t: JUST TRYING SOMETHING NEW May 5, 2012
Kim H: Wanted to try it. May 1, 2012
ingrid f: Tried as a sample; fell in love with the results; hair felt soft & smooth and after styling hair was shiny. I have thick curly hair so to find a product that works wonders...I'm sold! Apr 27, 2012
rosemary o: no parabens or sodium chloride! Apr 26, 2012
Monica G: I love the smell of this shampoo. It lasts for days after I shampoo, which tells me it penetrates the hair. Apr 25, 2012
Jeannette P: Heard it was great Apr 23, 2012
JoAnn M: love it Apr 20, 2012
Antonina O: Absolutely the best smoother for my think, dry and kinky hair. Plus I love the smell! Apr 19, 2012
David R: loved the sample Apr 15, 2012
Laura R: love it Apr 14, 2012
Kahala B: I have tried Argan oil for my face and body so wanted to try it in a shampoo. Apr 13, 2012
Alexandra S: Absolutely LOVE the conditioner for my wavy/curly hair, it feels like silk after using the conditioner, so I can't wait to try the shampoo! Apr 13, 2012
Katie B: My hair has never been softer! Normally, shampoo leaves my hair rough and dry, but this shampoo makes my hair feel healthy and clean. I don't think I'll ever stop using this shampoo. Apr 11, 2012
Janis H P: I picked this small size to try and also to take to the gym Apr 10, 2012
christie s: i use it on my hair and have great looking hair that shines and is in great shape Apr 9, 2012
Monika D: Nice and smoothing for thick and frizzy hair. Apr 9, 2012
Hannah C: Leaves my hair smooth without weighing it down too much. Apr 6, 2012
Marie D: Purchased it before and liked it Apr 5, 2012
Ron C: Love it. Mar 30, 2012
Carol S: Have colored hair Mar 29, 2012
A shopper asked: I am Chinese with an oily scalp and thick shoulder length long hair. This become an issue when my scalp is getting too oily; dandruff become a problem with itchy scalp and hair loss increases. Living in Montana with dry air doesn't help much for this winter. Any suggestions? Mar 12, 2013
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A shopper asked: Does this shampoo have added fragarance? Dec 14, 2013
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ingrid f: It's a light fragrance but not overwhelming. You feel the results on your hair immediately. My hair felt soft and smooth after washing and rinsing. Dec 17, 2013
Reply to ingrid Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Patty D: No. I don't like highly fragranced products. Very nice product, like conditioner as well. Enjoy! Dec 14, 2013
Reply to Patty Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Jeff S: Only minimal. No floral or citrus. Does not stand out. Dec 15, 2013
Reply to Jeff Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Kim P: Yes- a musky pleasant smell. Dec 17, 2013
Reply to Kim Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Stanley K: No. Dec 14, 2013
Reply to Stanley Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Lauren C asked: Is this shampoo good for curly perm hair? Nov 24, 2013
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David B: I would not recommend this shampoo if you dye your hair or have a perm. However, if you have naturally curly hair this shampoo is wonderful as it doesn't weight your hair down. Nov 25, 2013
Reply to David Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Lauren C: Thank you. Then which one you would recommend? I just perm my hair and trying to find a suitable one. Nov 25, 2013
Jennifer G: My hair is not permed, just a little naturally wavy and stiff. The Argan shampoo is very high quality and left my hair softer. I like it. Nov 24, 2013
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Eileen A: I am not sure about permed hair, but it is wonderful on naturally curly hair. Nov 26, 2013
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A shopper asked: is this shampoo safe for color-treated hair? Nov 30, 2012
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karen f: I would say so because it is gentle and not loaded with color stripping chemicals. if you try it and it doesn't work for you I like the aveeno color care. Dec 30, 2012
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marcia l: I have color treated hair and it has been fine. Dec 3, 2012
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Nadine C: Definitely safe for color-treated hair. Dec 1, 2012
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A shopper asked: I like to feel my hair SUPER SOFT, SILKY. Is this my product?. If not, can anybody recommend me one to give me that extra softness without using a conditoner afterwards. Mar 24, 2013
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Renee G: This shampoo is very conditioning, so if your hair is normal and not like mine, you could likely get away with just the shampoo.

I have super coarse, highlighted and frizzy hair and I use both the Argan shampoo and conditioner. They make my hair into the hair that SHOULD be growing out of my head, straight, shiny and beautiful looking.

Smells wonderful too. Highly recommend!
Mar 24, 2013
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paulette e: Hi. Yes it does make hair super soft and silky. The other product I use for soft and silky hair is magic elixir. Not sure how it works but its awesome. Mar 24, 2013
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A shopper asked: My thick hair has become dry as I age. I want a shampoo and conditioner that will moisturize my hair without losing its natural curl? Dec 30, 2012
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Renee G: The Argan shampoo and conditioner are both very nice products that will smooth out coarse hair some but not weigh it down. I purchased the shamppo and conditioner for my mom, and just last week got the conditioner for myself. It smells fantastic and helps keep our coarse thick hair under control. Dec 30, 2012
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karen f: I have straight thick fine hair - sometimes the shampoo acts well as a moisturizer and sometimes it weighs my hair down - so you may wish to try a sample to see if it's a good fit. It does have a nice smell kind of hippy dippy but not quite patchouli. Dec 30, 2012
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lilly p asked: Is this shampoo salt free? Jun 14, 2012
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Neil G: It is not salt-free. It contains sodium chloride, better known as table salt. Most soaps, cleansers, and shampoos contain a sodium-based surfactants in some form or another. They tend to be the primary "active" ingredients. It's what gets you clean. This product certainly contains salt. -nrg Jun 14, 2012
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lilly p: Yeah, I know. Tks a lot. Jun 15, 2012
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A shopper asked: Does anyone know if this is considered an "oil free" shampoo? My daughter tends to break out on her forehead and I am trying to find the best hair product for her, sticking with Kiehl's .Thanks for your time :) Dec 11, 2013
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Lara Y asked: is there fragrance in your shampoo and conditioners? Nov 26, 2013
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A shopper asked: Is it silicone free? Aug 30, 2012
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