Clearly Corrective™ White Deep Moisture Clarifying Cream Sample

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Clearly Corrective™ White Deep Moisture Clarifying Cream Sample
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Kiehl's Since 1851 Store asked: Why did you choose this?
Yina C: recommended by friends Sep 21, 2014
Binchong A: i want to have a try. Sep 17, 2014
jadine l: to try Sep 16, 2014
Garley L: I've been using the same moisturizer for years. I want to know if it's worth switching. Sep 16, 2014
C P P: haven't tried it sounds good Sep 15, 2014
nancy m: I hope it can help brightening as well Sep 15, 2014
Piyatat T: Want to try this one! Sep 14, 2014
Anne K: I would like to try this product Sep 13, 2014
question: i have dark spots on my cheek, see if it works before purchase Sep 13, 2014
Ishin L: love it Sep 12, 2014
MICHELLE S: I like the other products in this line. Sep 10, 2014
Jiwan K: Im interesting kiehls items alot.
I want to try.
Sep 10, 2014
YATI T: W Sep 10, 2014
Jinchao D: want to try Sep 9, 2014
YINGYI X: LIKE Sep 9, 2014
Yanhong C: for a good try. Sep 8, 2014
Shaoshu P: want to try Aug 29, 2014
Dora O: To give away Aug 28, 2014
Achamaporn P: heard from other reviews that it's effective Aug 27, 2014
Elizabeth L: I wanted to try this before I committed to buying it. Aug 26, 2014
Amy Z: just wanted to try it Aug 21, 2014
susie S: recommended Aug 20, 2014
Yan L: Just try. Aug 17, 2014
Shimin H: try Aug 13, 2014
julie S: free sample! Aug 11, 2014
ELLICA C: I like to try this. Aug 10, 2014
rosalie g: I use the toner and hope I will like the cream. Aug 10, 2014
Jisi C: I want my skin to be whiter. Aug 10, 2014
Almera M: I want to try this. I have a large for and currently using Rare Earth. However, my skin tone is uneven which I would like to correct. I would like to try this product to see if it is effective and will work with my skin needs. Aug 10, 2014
Shusheng H: SOMEONE TOLD ME IT IS GOOD Aug 9, 2014
Margaret B: Fade hyper pigmentation Aug 9, 2014
Xiuwen L: i have some dark sport Aug 9, 2014
Laura M: I have acne scars Aug 4, 2014
Hui Y: try Jul 26, 2014
WANG Q: want to try.. Jul 18, 2014
Taylor I: Just to try it Jul 14, 2014
yan y: i love it. Jul 13, 2014
JOON HAE L: GOOD Jul 13, 2014
Linda H: never used this product. I would like to try it out and see if my face clears up a bit Jul 11, 2014
Amy P: to see how it works with the other products I bought. Jul 9, 2014
Jeoffrey C: SuperB for elder person Jul 4, 2014
Rahjee B: I wanted to see if this would be the best product line for me to try. Jul 2, 2014
Lisa F: I've had great luck with the Clearly Corrective line, and am looking to see if their other products work as well. Jul 1, 2014
Emily K: I haven't tried it and want to try something new. Jul 1, 2014
Xiaoming W: just want to try Jun 29, 2014
Kimberly M: Ive heard of it before from browsing Khiels website but have never tried it. Kind of forget what it does, but name makes it sound like it could be good. Jun 27, 2014
JING Z: want to try Jun 26, 2014
Suzanne F: love this line and wanted to the moisture cream Jun 24, 2014
yi z: Friend introduce to me Jun 24, 2014
Huey Ning T: Wanted to try it for lighting my age spots and for moisturizing Jun 17, 2014
LE C: Online description Jun 16, 2014
Han J: It's good for me. Jun 16, 2014
Yiyang H: try out Jun 8, 2014
maggie f: maybe good for me Jun 7, 2014
Jessica A: haven't tried it yet Jun 1, 2014
Yang-Eun K: I love cleaning product for warmer weather season. May 23, 2014
Emily B: To see if I want to buy the full size May 21, 2014
Idalia C: I have sun damage want to try to see the results and then buy it. May 18, 2014
Lisa B: Trying for the first time. May 17, 2014
Danny C: My sister recommended May 16, 2014
Martina G: Wanted to try the moisture in this line. May 16, 2014
Hui T: White May 15, 2014
Xin F: Friend's recommendation. May 15, 2014
morgan d: I want to become white May 14, 2014
Shuhui W: love the serum from same series, want to try May 14, 2014
Porter L: want to try May 6, 2014
Rebecca D: Love this too! May 1, 2014
linda t: wanted to try it Apr 27, 2014
Susanne H: I want to try it. Apr 20, 2014
Theresa C: Something different Apr 14, 2014
Elisa C: Need travel size Apr 6, 2014
Anthony A: Just trying Mar 31, 2014
Jenedith R: I chose this to try it. Mar 31, 2014
Beverly J L: trying something new Mar 24, 2014
Djan S: I am happy with the result that I got from Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution, so I need to try all clearly corrective line.... Mar 23, 2014
Ayako H: I'd like to use it one more time to consider purchasing this cream. Mar 23, 2014
safras m: 91% saw smoother skin texture
86% saw a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles
91% saw an improvement in radiance
94% felt more supple skin
Mar 23, 2014
Hyojin L: want to try Mar 23, 2014
zhengqi l: want to try Mar 22, 2014
Yue O: I want to try Mar 22, 2014
Min J: have a try Mar 3, 2014
Judith P: Have used other Clearly Corrective products, want to try Mar 2, 2014
erica l: I have combination skin Feb 18, 2014
YI S: recommend Feb 17, 2014
Dr. Nancy S: For spots on hands Feb 17, 2014
Lauren P: I've liked other samples from the Clearly Corrective and I'm excited to try this one. Feb 10, 2014
Hayeon P: I wanted to try the new moisturizer from Kiehl. Feb 10, 2014
Nicole Z: Love the cleanser so I thought I would try the moisturizer Feb 4, 2014
Nancy F: Looking for more. Moisture Feb 4, 2014
Warangkana S: i wanna try this product Feb 3, 2014
Diane H: dry skin Feb 2, 2014
Yueyi W: I am not young any more, I want to treat myself better. Kiehl's is a good choice. Feb 1, 2014
JIALU C: NEVER USE IT Jan 31, 2014
stefanie c: i would like to even out my tone- red splotches, etc Jan 31, 2014
Anna G: No joke, the first time I used this, my father in law said to me, "you look great--what have you been doing?" Jan 29, 2014
natalie n: This helps with blotchy complexion. Jan 26, 2014
Hee-Seung L: I want to try Jan 19, 2014
Curtis J: I m interested in luminate products! Jan 19, 2014
Shanty T: Just trying it out Jan 15, 2014
Lihua Z: want to try Jan 13, 2014
hye K: I just try this. Jan 11, 2014
Cynthia V: Wanted to try new product Dec 31, 2013
Jennifer M: I need deep moisture. Dec 12, 2013
Miriam N: Wanted to try more items in the Clearly Corrective line of products. Dec 3, 2013
worata k: I have dark spot all over my face and my friend recommends me to try this line of corrective. Dec 2, 2013
Yuxian Y: to try Dec 2, 2013
XINYU Z: I wanna try it Dec 2, 2013
Xinying H: Wanna give it a try Dec 2, 2013
Sharon L: to try it Dec 1, 2013
daniel l: i want try this Dec 1, 2013
Zhongshi Y: i want to try some new moisturizer Dec 1, 2013
Tiffani L: i have heard good things about it Dec 1, 2013
Hong ye O: Try Dec 1, 2013
ANH L: I wanted to try something to clear up my complexion. I also love to try new products. Dec 1, 2013
David C F: I want to try it! Dec 1, 2013
WANPENG Z: My wife wants to check it out. She is too dark. Dec 1, 2013
Eunice J: Wanted to find a new moisturizer because the one I have makes me breakout now Nov 30, 2013
Sumin H: I want to try this product for the future. Nov 30, 2013
Nicole C: Want to try Nov 30, 2013
Shiyi D: some one told me Nov 30, 2013
Nanxun Z: Not sure, so need try Nov 30, 2013
Aleksandra K: Always in need of deep moisture. I am currently using Ultra Facial Moisturizer, I would like to check other options out as well. Nov 29, 2013
LU J: LOVE Nov 28, 2013
E L: Want to try out this product. Nov 28, 2013
PHOEBE S: never try this before Nov 28, 2013
Rongbin H: g Nov 28, 2013
Xingci H: Brightening? Nov 27, 2013
Jackie L: GOOD REVIEW Nov 26, 2013
Mary C: To try Nov 26, 2013
Yufeng L: sounds good Nov 24, 2013
I-Ping H: to get rid of sun damaged dark spots on my face Nov 23, 2013
Melissa B: Because I use and love the Clearly Corrective Purifying Foaming Cleanser, I wanted to try other products from the same line. Nov 16, 2013
Fei J: can be white Nov 16, 2013
Sunyoung P: It is good! Nov 14, 2013
Yidan G: REALLY WORKS Nov 14, 2013
Esther K: wanted to try the other parts of the collection Nov 11, 2013
Barbara S: Wanted to try something new Nov 10, 2013
Elsie Z: trying it out Nov 10, 2013
Meaghan F: want to try Nov 8, 2013
Daniel W: just trying this Nov 5, 2013
Patricia C: Need something extra moisturizing - hope this does the trick. Nov 5, 2013
Joyce L: I have tried other products in Clearly Corrective series which are good. Nov 4, 2013
Jacob Z: Like Oct 30, 2013
Youngju L: I am using these products right now, and I wanted to bring samples for my trip for convenience. Oct 29, 2013
Jie X: New product, trying it out Oct 24, 2013
Nagalakshmi G: For evening out the skin tone Oct 24, 2013
Surinder M: I need more moisturizing products the name seems like this is what this product does Oct 20, 2013
Tin Yeuk T: Couldn't resist anything that claims to help with correcting skin tone... Oct 20, 2013
Andres C: "Kiehls representative in The Mall at Millenia recommended it for my wife." Oct 4, 2013
Kyungmi K: I wanted to try this whitening product Oct 3, 2013
shi chyn l: just give it a try. Sep 30, 2013
Rebecca A: I am 26 years old and wanting to preserve my skin and fight against early aging. Sep 30, 2013
Xiangchen L: try it Sep 29, 2013
Jocelyn H: Looking for an alternative to Abyssine Cream Sep 19, 2013
Ye Cheng Y: want to give it a try Sep 13, 2013
Drahomira K: want to see how it works Sep 12, 2013
Yu C: friend introduced to me Aug 26, 2013
Alyse E: happy with this line so far wanted to try it Aug 15, 2013
Siawhwa S: always on the lookout for different moisturizers Jul 29, 2013
Brett M: it was free Jul 25, 2013
Jessica G: Wanted to try a different moisturizer. Jul 25, 2013
JINGYI L: tyr May 26, 2013
Weiwei L: Just want to try May 24, 2013
Cely E: I like moisturizers. May 22, 2013
Nidia D: Want to try it. May 22, 2013
german h: i wanna try May 21, 2013
Faith W: Just try May 20, 2013
christine m: Free Gift! May 20, 2013
Ada W: would like to try it. May 19, 2013
wei s: have a try May 19, 2013
Peggy R: The store is giving it to me. May 18, 2013
Samantha B: I am interested in exploring "corrective" products. May 18, 2013
Bonnie D: it was automatically added to my cart May 16, 2013
Nadine N: I need deep moisturizing. Thought I'd try it. May 16, 2013
robyn j: didn't May 16, 2013
Kym V: Came with purchase May 15, 2013
allison G: want to compare to regular moisturizer May 15, 2013
Angie W: "I have sun damage. " May 15, 2013
Kimberly V: Already using the full clearly corrective solution. May 12, 2013
Emilee W: I selected this to go along with the other Clearly Corrective samples. We shall see how I like it. May 8, 2013
jamie f: deep moisturizers are great for night cream, but sometimes break me out. this sounds like it won't, so i'll give it a try May 7, 2013
Linda E: Did not chose this. It was in my cart when I began checking out I was not allowed to add anything additional. May 7, 2013
Celia D: wanted to try product before giving consideration to buying May 7, 2013
Aihua L: good May 7, 2013
Kayla M: I didn' was chosen for me. May 6, 2013
Leslie S: "I had 10 cancers removed from my face and my niece dose make up for mac and she suggested it." May 6, 2013
Eugenia d: Because I am trying all the other from this line and want to find a moisturizer that clarifyes my skin, this may be it! May 6, 2013
E-Ling H: new product May 6, 2013
Su Hyun L: I want to try out the Clearly Corrective skin care series May 5, 2013
Ania S asked: I have never tried Kiehl's before but was recommended to try your products and am struggling to find a good moisturizer. I think I have narrowed it down to three. What is the difference between Clearly Corrective™ Deep Moisture Clarifying Cream and Clearly Corrective™ Hydrating Moisture Emulsion? I was also looking at Rosa Arctica Lightweight Cream. I have oily skin and lots of sun spots and usually prone to breakouts. I wanted to find a good moisturizer to wear under my BB cream which contains SPF 30. Please advise or please point me in the right direction. Thanks!

Jul 17, 2014
Clearly Corrective™ White Deep Moisture Clarifying Cream Sample
Clearly Corrective™ White Deep Moisture Clarifying Cream Sample
Rosa Arctica Lightweight Cream
Rosa Arctica Lightweight Cream
Clearly Corrective™ Hydrating Moisture Emulsion
Clearly Corrective™ Hydrating Moisture Emulsion
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