Clearly Corrective™ Clarity-Activating Toner Sample

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Clearly Corrective™ Clarity-Activating Toner Sample
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Kiehl's Since 1851 Store asked: Why did you choose this?
nancy m: I hope it can brightening as well Sep 15, 2014
Kathryn H: Looking for a favorite toner and wanted to try a new one Sep 14, 2014
Tracy X: want to try it Sep 13, 2014
Deborah T: Want to try this line. Sep 12, 2014
Jinchao D: want to try Sep 9, 2014
YINGYI X: TRY Sep 9, 2014
Margret N: leaves skin smooth but not red or veiny-looking. very nice product for aging skin Sep 7, 2014
Vernon F: No Sep 6, 2014
vicki c: something new Sep 6, 2014
Chiling W: i want to try it. Sep 3, 2014
Pamela E: Need a good toner Sep 2, 2014
xi w: i have never used it before Sep 1, 2014
Ann S: The exfoliator wash and cream that accompany this line are the absolute bestâ?¦my skin has never looked so good. Aug 30, 2014
Jane C: curious whether it's good for my skin. Aug 30, 2014
Yan L: try Aug 19, 2014
Margaret B: Fade hyper pigmentation Aug 9, 2014
Shani H: Looking for a good toner Aug 5, 2014
Yeo J K: Ha Jul 27, 2014
Hui Y: try Jul 26, 2014
Elva G: I have wrinkles. Jul 25, 2014
catherine w: i do not have kiehls toner Jul 23, 2014
Paula R: Looking forward to trying this Jul 23, 2014
Karen R: recommended by friend Jul 23, 2014
nobuko p: I want to it as a first timer. Jul 22, 2014
fengjuan w: i just want try Jul 21, 2014
Jennifer K: want to try the toner because of how much I like the cleanser Jul 19, 2014
Jennifer M: I need a toner Jul 18, 2014
JOON HAE L: GOOD Jul 13, 2014
Annette E: Want to try toner Jul 6, 2014
Li ting H: like to try out. Jul 2, 2014
Emily K: I haven't tried it and want to try something new. Jul 1, 2014
Cheryl M: Great product Jun 29, 2014
Antoine P: just trying out my first time can not really explain . Jun 25, 2014
martha l: needed a new toner thought i would give this a try Jun 17, 2014
Mindy S: has great reviews - to try it out Jun 13, 2014
Renee S: Want to try it. Jun 8, 2014
Akiko N: I'm looking for a good toner. May 27, 2014
Emily B: To see if I want to buy the full size May 21, 2014
Kaveri Devi R: Uneven Skin tone May 20, 2014
Chi-Wen S: Heard about it and want to try out May 19, 2014
Tomoko P: i love this item and wanted to use more May 2, 2014
Ziyue Y: Hmm, I want brighter skin. Apr 19, 2014
Joshua H: I wanted to try something different. Apr 2, 2014
Denise W: something new Apr 2, 2014
Linda A: A no-brainer. Apr 2, 2014
kathryn h: uneven skin tone Mar 28, 2014
Beverly J L: trying something new Mar 24, 2014
WENJING L: Just want to try Mar 24, 2014
Djan S: I am happy with the result that I got from Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution, so I need to try all clearly corrective line.... Mar 23, 2014
Margaret L: I want to try it before I order it. Mar 20, 2014
MICHELLE S: I use this every day and every night. My dark spots are noticeably lighter. Mar 19, 2014
Judith P: Same as above Mar 2, 2014
kelly e: Love the toner Feb 18, 2014
Tylesha B: To just try it Jan 30, 2014
Victoria K: RECOMMENDATION Jan 26, 2014
B Jenny C: Recommended Jan 14, 2014
Cindy R: Want to determine if this product can be helpful for sun damaged skin Dec 26, 2013
Moon C: i like it Dec 26, 2013
Dwight H: I would like to try it Dec 24, 2013
xiaotong l: good Dec 22, 2013
Stefanie C: I bought the Clearly Corrective face wash and wanted to see if the toner was worth adding to my routine. Dec 22, 2013
Pamela S: I am not sure what I will do with a toner, but if it helps my skin, I'll try it. Dec 5, 2013
jintana p: wanna try new thing Dec 4, 2013
lixian R: new Dec 3, 2013
Sharon E: To see if it reduces pore size Dec 3, 2013
Melanie S: curiosity Dec 3, 2013
Lili Y: I want to try it. Dec 3, 2013
Chun H: Try it out Dec 3, 2013
Sue R: Use the cucumber, wanted to see difference between the two Dec 3, 2013
Junbai Y: wanna try Dec 3, 2013
Shan H: free Dec 2, 2013
Lin Z: Have used the treatment of this collection. want to try toner Dec 2, 2013
Yuan Yuan Y: Good Dec 2, 2013
Cherlynn L: Curious to see if it works Dec 2, 2013
Yee Ping L: Looks it would be worked, try next time, after the acnes all gone. Dec 1, 2013
ANH L: I wanted to try something to clear up my complexion. Dec 1, 2013
Bowen D: I want to try it. Dec 1, 2013
Jordan S: I want to try Nov 30, 2013
Qing Z: good Nov 30, 2013
Sindy K: Like it Nov 29, 2013
Emily S: I used this product once and it worked really really good! Nov 28, 2013
ZICHEN Z: LIKE Nov 27, 2013
zisheng w: just try, if that great i can buy it. Nov 25, 2013
Geetha N: To help minimize pores Nov 24, 2013
Phi N: To see if this will help reduce the age spots Nov 21, 2013
tess t: just to try Nov 21, 2013
Sandra E: Want to try a new toner. Nov 19, 2013
carol c: Again, wanted to try somethwing new. Nov 15, 2013
ALICIA S: Restores hydration levels. Nov 14, 2013
Boyuan H: i was using it Nov 12, 2013
Wei D: I got dark sopt, i wanna try if it works on me Nov 8, 2013
Karin L: looking for new toner, experiment. Nov 1, 2013
Travis J: I like clear skin Oct 27, 2013
Michelle H: Recent menopausal acne problems Oct 24, 2013
Kelly L: My dry skin feels so nourished and tone is bright after use. Oct 13, 2013
Kyungmi K: I wanted to try this whitening product Oct 3, 2013
Amrita C: I am considering purchasing this after a trial. Sep 30, 2013
Kelley D: Looking for a corrective toner Sep 27, 2013
Emily W: I'm using the serum and cream and cleanser. Really like those products! So wanted to try its toner. Sep 25, 2013
paula a: My skin is uneven from acne scar and sunspot, so I want try product that can help with these issues. Sep 24, 2013
Lourdes E: This toner leaves my skin feeling clean and refreshed. Leaves no residue. Perfect and ready for applying my moisturizer. Sep 23, 2013
xiu fen p: i want to find good iterms for me Sep 23, 2013
Ye Cheng Y: want to try Sep 21, 2013
Elizabeth L: Checking it out Sep 18, 2013
Constance L: Want to see if it will work! Sep 18, 2013
Meredith P: wanted to try it and see if it helps by acne Sep 5, 2013
Lauren T: I love the Clearly Corrective Skin Brightening Exfoliator so I want to give this a try as well. Sep 3, 2013
ALINA D: Uneven skin tone.. Aug 26, 2013
DOROTHY S: as above Aug 22, 2013
Satomi K: want to know the difference between Ultra facial toner and this Aug 20, 2013
Suzette A: same as above Aug 9, 2013
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