Clearly Corrective™ Skin Brightening Exfoliator

High-performance exfoliating cleanser
  • Effectively cleans and exfoliates pores to minimize skin irregularities & dullness for a noticeably brighter complexion
  • Helps boost skin's moisture level and maintain moisture balance
  • Leaves the skin refreshed, soft, smooth and clean
  • Use daily at night, after Clearly Corrective™ Purifying Foaming Cleanser and before toning
  • Paraben-free, fragrance-free, colorant-free, dermatologist-tested
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"My pores look smaller, my skin looks brighter, and my dark spots have faded."

Alison, Kiehl’s Insider

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How to Apply:
-Dispense a nickel-sized amount of the exfoliating cream into the palm of the hand
-Utilizing fingertips, gently apply to clean, damp skin in an upward and outward circular motion, avoiding the eye area
-Continue treatment for approximately 30 seconds, but no more than two minutes, to achieve desired effect
-Monitoring skin sensitivity closely, you may increase pressure slightly to enhance treatment results
-With eyes closed, rinse with cool water and gently pat dry

Kiehl’s Insider Tip:

For optimal results, use with the other formulas in the Clearly Corrective collection.

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White Birch Extract

A sugar derived ingredient known for its ability to restore hydration and nutrients to the dermis and epidermis layers of skin . This potent active increases skin elasticity levels and collagen production resulting in restored skin density, volume and thickness.

Peony Extract

Works synergistically with Activated C to facilitate the reversal of discoloration for skin clarity.


15% Plant-based Glycerin: A renowned skincare ingredient that works as a moisture magnet and pulls essential moisture into skin. It is highly compatible with skin and also creates a “reservoir effect”, enhancing the water-holding capacity of the skin and ultimately helping to provide skin elasticity and plumpness and facilitates epidermal barrier function. The glycerin used in this formula is plant-based and can be derived from sources including palm fruit, rapeseed and coconut. .

Clearly Corrective™ Skin Brightening Exfoliator
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Kiehl's Since 1851 Store asked: Why did you choose this?
Jennifer B: so many positive reviews, had to try it. Sep 27, 2014
Vonetta P: Listening to a reality tv star Chrissy Lampkin, said she uses this product and I love her skin. Sep 25, 2014
Michele G: Looking for a good exfoliator and wanted to try it. Sep 22, 2014
Lynn F: Adult acne Sep 21, 2014
Rosemary K H: I have used this before as's terrific! Sep 20, 2014
SUSAN S: I really like the feel of my skin and my skin has a glow. Sep 18, 2014
celia l: my skin needs brightening Sep 16, 2014
jadine l: love this product Sep 16, 2014
Holly B: melasma Sep 16, 2014
Kathryn L: trying it out Sep 15, 2014
JOO L: The exfoliation is just right (not too harsh, not too soft) and it really does brighten my skin! Sep 15, 2014
Kimberly S: trying it for my first time Sep 15, 2014
nancy m: It works Sep 15, 2014
Paul W: to try Sep 13, 2014
Amanda H: Exfoliators frequently feel harsh on my delicate facial skin. This one exfoliates gently, and leaves my face feeling smooth and refreshed, rather than feeling rubbed raw. Sep 13, 2014
Hannah D: This is absolutely the best cleanser. It smells great, lathers up great and most importantly works great. Sep 11, 2014
Rahmat B: would like to try the exfoliator Sep 10, 2014
Jackie J: The description sounded like what I am looking for in a scrub. Sep 8, 2014
Brigitte L: best scrub ever... only a tiny drop needed to lather up the whole face Sep 7, 2014
Debbie K: I heard great things about this product brand new to Kiel's but I'm excited to try this product the most for my oily acne probe skin Aug 29, 2014
Achamaporn P: heard from other reviews that it's effective Aug 27, 2014
Kathryn B: Wanted to smooth and cleanse my skin every few days. Aug 25, 2014
Chien-Ju C: I want to try this kind of product to make my skin look brighter Aug 21, 2014
rosanna s: one of your employee who I chat with recommend this Aug 19, 2014
Anett N: need an exfoliator for sensitive skin Aug 14, 2014
Jennifer S: My daughter left hers when she came to visit. I started using it and loved the results. Aug 12, 2014
Janet L: To try and close pores and brighten skin. Aug 11, 2014
Malin M: Trying it for the first time. Aug 10, 2014
Linda L: need exfoliator, and this one looks like will work to dark spots on my face. Let's see if it really does the job. Aug 10, 2014
Tasleem R: I have been using this for a year now. I love the way my skin feels afterwards. It makes your skin more even. A little goes a long way. One tube will last me over a year. Aug 10, 2014
florence S: like the way my face feels clean Aug 10, 2014
Jose M: I needed a scrub Aug 10, 2014
Lavonne C D: I'm trying different thigs on my face and now that I have it, I really like it. Aug 10, 2014
Carol L: Sales person recommended this line the last time I was in the store. Aug 9, 2014
Brandi V: Use it daily Aug 9, 2014
Mitsuko S: This truly does brighten your skin! Aug 9, 2014
Todd H: How come I can' t leave this screen without writing a review. Aug 9, 2014
patricia k: my brother said it does wonders for his facial skin problems, so I'm going to try it for myself and my son who also breaks out, like my brother, in inflamed splotches on his face. Aug 8, 2014
Nadja W: Love this scrub, ordering more. Aug 7, 2014
Stephanie C: Thought it will exfoliate the skin but after using, I find the face too drying, although it smells good. Aug 2, 2014
Kathleen K: This is my favorite facial cleanser and I needed to replenish it. Jul 31, 2014
R A: Had a sample, worked great on my sensitive skin! Jul 27, 2014
Elaine B: To get rid of those spots from the rare occasions I was in the sun as a child. I know better now. Jul 27, 2014
Vicki W: n/a Jul 24, 2014
Mary G: I love the Clearly Corrective product line. It has made a HUGE difference in the appearance of my skin. Jul 18, 2014
Anissa H: Good reviews Jul 18, 2014
Shannon M: I read the customers reviews and would like a great exfoliators. Jul 16, 2014
Minnah A: recommendations Jul 15, 2014
Deepa S: to try Jul 12, 2014
Shan Q: YOLO Jul 10, 2014
Amy P: A girl with very clear skin said she used this. Jul 9, 2014
Anne M: Needed a gentle, yet effective exfoliator Jul 5, 2014
Jacqueline B: Leaves my skin bright, even and fresh!! Jul 1, 2014
Lisa C: Looking for a daily exfoliator that is not overly gentle Jul 1, 2014
Debaorah W: First time trying this -- so can't say whether or not I like it, but I am excited to try. Jun 30, 2014
Lucas E: DULL SKIN. Jun 25, 2014
Angela E: Have used this for years... love the foamy clean feeling when I wash. Jun 24, 2014
Mia A: Fell. In. Love. Makes my skin feel fantastic, and has cleared it up tremendously! Jun 23, 2014
Maria M: Because it works Jun 22, 2014
Christina B: Ran out of exfoliator. I only exfoliate 1-2x per week. Jun 20, 2014
Laura J: I have dullness and photo damage. has good reviews Jun 16, 2014
Maya S: used before Jun 15, 2014
maria s: i try the examples and it had made a great difference on my face and acne Jun 13, 2014
NaTosha P: Great product. Jun 10, 2014
Francislaine C: I have been using this product for almost a year and it is great. Jun 9, 2014
Soo Kyung R: Had good reviews and when I tried it at a local store, the texture felt nice (not too fine but not too coarse either) Jun 5, 2014
Eileen S: never tried it before and ive heard it really works. Jun 1, 2014
Theresa C: Complements the cleanser well. Worth the price, awesome! May 30, 2014
Dani B: This is an amazing product. My mom uses this and she let me try it...I love it. Great results. May 30, 2014
mary l: I have used this for several years now, I am 60 and also my 18 yr old daughter loves it. It is ultra fine and just polished the skin leaving the skin smooth and refreshed! People always comment on my glowing beautiful skin. I also believe in smiling! May 29, 2014
Susanne H: I use this 3 times a week. I like the results May 26, 2014
Ellen G: Want to try it. May 25, 2014
Kaveri Devi R: Uneven Skin tone May 20, 2014
eunjung w: replace May 19, 2014
Jacque E: Reviews May 19, 2014
Lizandra G: Uneven skin, red spots around nose. May 19, 2014
Curtis S: love it May 19, 2014
Carol T: My face feels clean and soft after using this. May 19, 2014
Claudia A: I use this regularly with the cleanser. I have used it for over a year and get compliments on my skin all the time. May 19, 2014
Vilma D: I like using a light exfoliator that isn't too harsh for my skin. May 19, 2014
Maria T: This is an amazing product that cleans deeply (squeaky clean) without drying and with just a small dab of product! Love it. May 19, 2014
lishan L: TRY May 19, 2014
Brittany H: My face felt amazing after using this product. Left my skin feeling smooth and brighter May 19, 2014
Brandy S: Loving this product. Gentle and a little goes a long way May 18, 2014
Bernadette H: It feels like it moistens and exfoliates in the skin in shower since it is not harsh on the skin. May 18, 2014
Patricia B: Thought I would try as a new product May 18, 2014
Michele K: Want to try product May 18, 2014
jaime m: need something to make my skin look better. description clear. reviews good. May 17, 2014
Julie T: I have been using it and I love it. It exfoliates and is also very creamy and sudsy. Also like the brightening effect. May 17, 2014
Mercedes J: My daughters and love this product , it's cleanses the skin to a beautiful squeaky fresh clean feeling!!! May 17, 2014
Carol C: Friend's suggestion May 16, 2014
Bibi K: Great May 15, 2014
April H: Looks like a great product based on the reviews. May 15, 2014
Alisha J: I love this exfoliator. My skin is definitely smoother. May 15, 2014
Loretta J: Dark spots from pimple scars May 15, 2014
Mary S R: To try! May 15, 2014
jung r: brightening your skin May 14, 2014
Michelle P: Time to replenish May 14, 2014
Caroline F: I love this face wash! A little goes a long way and it leaves your skin feeling clean and fresh. May 14, 2014
Marva W: I have been impressed with the results of other products in the collection. I want to see how effective the use of additional products in the collection may make. May 14, 2014
Cheryl C: My skin glows after using this produce and feels great for days. May 13, 2014
Samantha S: I am looking for a good exfoliator. May 11, 2014
Marion D: The best exfoliator I've tried. Skin feels clean without feeling scrubbed - the grains are there but without feeling harsh. May 6, 2014
Patricia P: Loved the way it made my skin feel, really soft and clean May 4, 2014
Barbara M: Best exfoliator EVER. Smells wonderful. Luxurious materials. The pinnacle of refined luxury and skincare. Apr 26, 2014
Holly M: I have a few sun spots on my face I would like to fade. Hope this works! Apr 20, 2014
Betty J: I need a scrub and wanted to try it Apr 19, 2014
karon h: wanted to get free shipping and decided to try it. Apr 19, 2014
Dyan C: Hoping that it will help brighten up my complexion Apr 18, 2014
Stephanie S: wanted to try Apr 16, 2014
Serena L: like products I have used so far from your line and like this type of product to keep skin smooth Apr 9, 2014
Jennifer S: My sister Lindsay Bussoli gave this to me for a Christmas gift and I LOVE IT! Apr 8, 2014
Mitzi I: I use it as a daily cleanser and it works great on my combination skin Apr 8, 2014
Polly P: Gives my skin a wonderful glow! Apr 8, 2014
Michele L: This is the perfect combination of a scrub and moisturizer in one. My face feels so clean and soft after using this product. Apr 1, 2014
Patti D: I love Kiehls products and I needed a new exfoliator. I will most likely use the product once a week. Apr 1, 2014
Martha M: Recommended by skin care expert that exfoliator should be used daily, so trying this Mar 28, 2014
Cindy L: want to try it Mar 23, 2014
PATRICIA T: to try. Mar 23, 2014
zhengqi l: want to try Mar 22, 2014
Erica V: Excellent exfoliator. Leaves skin feeling smooth and hydrated. A must have! Mar 21, 2014
Margaret L: Looks like a product that will benefit my skin after reading some reviews. Mar 20, 2014
Alexandra M: I tried this as recommended but ultimately was unhappy with the results. Mar 20, 2014
Megan K: I used this exfoliator in several samples and it is amazing. Mar 18, 2014
Teri W: Love how my skin feels when I use this, smooth and squeaky clean without drying out. Mar 18, 2014
weiyang x: I heard from my friend about this product, AND I did tried, it really worked!!! Mar 17, 2014
Jacqueline W: acne adult skin looking to brighten Mar 14, 2014
Jennie L: want to try it Mar 13, 2014
Frances N: Use it before. It really cleans the skin, leaves skin fresh and no more shine. Mar 6, 2014
Carlene C: First time user Mar 3, 2014
Xiuwen L: i need a face scrub that whiten and brighten my skin Mar 3, 2014
Sharon E: Already use this product Feb 28, 2014
Virginia H: Want a new cleanser/exfoliator in this line. Feb 18, 2014
Kathleen C: use the cleanser and like Feb 18, 2014
Sharon H: Like it Feb 17, 2014
Mary H: Totally great product. Been using it for over a year. Feb 17, 2014
Julie H: First time trying it. Feb 16, 2014
pat m: try it out Feb 16, 2014
Blase M: I used this for months and my skin never got that dry feeling after washing my face. Feb 15, 2014
Isabella T: Want to use it with the clearly-corrective dark spot solution to strengthen the effect. Feb 15, 2014
wendi m: never used before,trying something new Feb 12, 2014
Erin H: love this product! Feb 11, 2014
Juana M: love this product! definitely saw a difference in the complexion of my face. Feb 6, 2014
Nicole Z: Brightens my face and love the outcome. Lasts for a long time! Feb 4, 2014
maria m: I need an exfoliator and want to use on Keihl's products. Feb 1, 2014
Zhenxing G: good reviews Jan 29, 2014
suzanne s: love the product! Jan 27, 2014
Drusilla W: Have not used previously. Hoping this will improve my complexion Jan 26, 2014
Lisa B: Because you stop making my favorite cleanser and I have to try something different. Ugh! Jan 11, 2014
Linda C: It makes my skin feel so clean and has helped with acne problems. Jan 11, 2014
Kai Li C: I needed a new exfoliator Jan 6, 2014
Rachel K: My friend told me she loves this product. Jan 5, 2014
Cherie K: I tried the samples and liked the results. My husband bought me Kiehl products for Christmas and he uses them also. We love Kiehl! Jan 2, 2014
Lesa J: I like the feel of my skin after using this product. Dec 31, 2013
Trace N: love it! Dec 31, 2013
Jacob S: recommended by customer care as a replacement for photo age exfoliating cleanser Dec 30, 2013
Sarah R: Does help my skin look brighter. Dec 30, 2013
stephanie b: I am looking for a new exfoliator and I love your products. Dec 29, 2013
Janice L: love it !!! best cleansing product Dec 29, 2013
Christopher W: I want to try it. Dec 28, 2013
Enrique J: uneven tone! Dec 27, 2013
Mai H: To try out Dec 27, 2013
SOO HYUN L: my friend's recommendation Dec 26, 2013
paris h: ANTI AGING AND SKIN LIGHTING Dec 25, 2013
Oliver D: recommended by coworker. Dec 25, 2013
Chi-Chi E: I need to even out my skintone and I just finished my last exfoliator. Dec 23, 2013
Attiya Z: First time using it Dec 23, 2013
Susan S: love the foaminess and it still exfoliates Dec 17, 2013
shelley f: my daughter uses this product and this is for her Dec 14, 2013
Christine C: New to me Dec 13, 2013
Eva D: This is my daughter-in-law's Christmas list. Dec 11, 2013
Joseph G: great Dec 11, 2013
Kristin L: This product is AMAZING!! I will never be without it! Dec 11, 2013
panayota c: currently use and like Dec 11, 2013
Michele C: I would like to reduce dark spots on my face, keep my oily nose clean, and mkae my pores look smaller. Dec 10, 2013
Lisa S: I like it! Dec 9, 2013
Aimee L: Troubled skin wanted to see if this would help Dec 9, 2013
pamela e: I love this product.
My face feels so clean and fresh after applying this cleanser.
Dec 8, 2013
Donna L. C: Daughter loves it Dec 8, 2013
Michael M: This exfoliator is the perfect consistancy, especially for those of us using our Clarisonic face scrubbers. The clarisonic used with the wash cleans the face pretty well. However, when I dont follow up with the exfoliator there are stubborn dead skin patches that remain. Dec 7, 2013
Karen S: I need an exfoliator and wanted to try this one. Dec 6, 2013
ivy e: excellent brightening results Dec 5, 2013
Michael J: I have other products in this line Dec 5, 2013
Katelyn M: I need a new exfoliator and decided to try Kiehl's. Dec 5, 2013
Lisa J: I'm looking for a good exfoliator, thought I'd give Kiehl's a try. Dec 4, 2013
Jane S: acne Dec 4, 2013
Celeste D: Wanted to try a new product Dec 3, 2013
Barbara B: i like this product and running low and had coupon Dec 3, 2013
Sharon E: I like the way it makes my skin feel-very clean Dec 3, 2013
Patricia S: Trying something new. Liked reviews. Dec 3, 2013
Shengjiao Y: I want to try Dec 2, 2013
Caitlin P: Because I was on the site purchasing Facial Fuel Energizing Scrub for my boyfriend for christmas and wanted to get something for myself. Dec 2, 2013
Claudia B: Have been looking for an exfoliator for a while and loved the reviews! wanted to giv it a try. Dec 1, 2013
Alyssa C: gentle yet effective. my face also feels squeaky clean afterwards yet not dry. Dec 1, 2013
Laura M: Reviews were very positive and I am looking for an exfoliator that will not flare my acne or my sensitive skin Dec 1, 2013
Qing Z: best seller Nov 30, 2013
Sindy K: Like it Nov 29, 2013
NAYEOUN K: I always use this . really good . Nov 29, 2013
Moiken E: Great and mild to exfoliate more often Nov 28, 2013
Bhavya S: dd Nov 28, 2013
Lilliane K: New product to try Nov 28, 2013
Charmaine Regina A: This is a great product Nov 28, 2013
lisa c: leaves my skin clean and refreshed without dryness Nov 27, 2013
Leon M: try it Nov 26, 2013
Patty S: Use the toner, want to see if this is good too Nov 26, 2013
Mary C: Good reviews Nov 26, 2013
Eun C: i like the clearly corrective skin brightening cleanser, so i wanted to try this. Nov 25, 2013
Allen G: It provides the right about of exfoliation with no residue. Nov 24, 2013
YunChieh H: whitening Nov 24, 2013
Sara C: love this. use it all the time Nov 23, 2013
Andrea O: Excellent product. I am in my 40's and this product has made my pores smaller and absolutely blemish free. I also recommend Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution. Your skin will love it!! Nov 23, 2013
Jeane B: think it worth a try Nov 23, 2013
Regina B: Great cleanser It is gentle enough for sensitive skin. Nov 22, 2013
Jo-Tzu H: never tried this before. I was going to buy rare earth pore cleansing masque (for the third time) but it was out of why not give this a try. Nov 21, 2013
Joan M: It works well. Nov 21, 2013
Stacie K: Photo age is no longer available. Heard this is a great line Nov 21, 2013
Ping L: friend recommand. Nov 20, 2013
Jessica D: Reviews Nov 17, 2013
Cindy B: This is the only cleanser my husband and I use in the shower Cleans your skin and leaves your face feeling baby smooth. Nov 17, 2013
Karen C: Works great on my dark spots Nov 17, 2013
XIANGYI R: good Nov 17, 2013
Torie L: I am looking for a gentle exfoliator and am hoping this product does a great job. Nov 16, 2013
Barbara S: I love all of the Clearly Corrective products--as I get older I need all the help I can get! Nov 16, 2013
Preyanoot M: My daughter gave me Kiehl's Photo-
Age Corrector, Deep-Action Exfoliating Cleanser awhile ago and I love it. I have a few dark sport on my face and hope that this product will help.
Nov 16, 2013
judy r: ? Nov 15, 2013
Yesenia L: I love it bcs it's not too rough on my skin, so I use it once or twice a month! Nov 15, 2013
Sache K: I love how this makes my skin feel after every wash! Clean feeling throughout the whole day. Nov 14, 2013
Ledan W: Good Nov 12, 2013
Amy B: Christmas gift Nov 11, 2013
Karen M: wish to try Nov 10, 2013
Andrew D: Wanted to try a new exfoliator rather than just facial fuel Nov 8, 2013
Kimberly B: Needed a good exfoliator. This one is AMAZING! Nov 8, 2013
Meaghan F: Have been looking for a new exfoliator Nov 8, 2013
Ashley H: This product makes my skin glow! Even after working very intense long hours over the grape harvest my friends said I looked visibly refreshed and glowing. I have fair skin so I only use twice a week. Nov 4, 2013
Maria H: Used photo aged exfoliator, no more in stock. I am going to try this one and see how good it is. Oct 30, 2013
Chryssa K: Love the way this deep cleans and how my skin feels. I use this scrub when I need an extra deep clean feeling and bright appearance. Oct 28, 2013
Seo Young M: Want to brighten my skin Oct 28, 2013
Haoyuan P: That is very good for skin~ Oct 26, 2013
Ming W: Try Oct 16, 2013
Rachel C: Gentle but effective for sensitive skin. Oct 13, 2013
Zoe J: Review Oct 9, 2013
Yiyang L: I have dark spot left by acnes Oct 8, 2013
Cathy J: I really have been enjoying the various products in this line, so I am giving this one a shot. Oct 8, 2013
Yu Sum Tammy Y: I have a lot of dark spots on my face and I hope this product would help to reduct the darkness! Oct 2, 2013
Charla R: I need a better face wash and my sister raves about the products. Oct 1, 2013
Karen P: I haven't tried it before, so I want to see if I like it. Sep 29, 2013
p l: read the reviews, would like to try this. Sep 29, 2013
haoyuan f: smells and works like sisley's face scrub but much cheaper. powerful as well. Sep 29, 2013
Keri L: Hyperpigmentation/age spots Sep 29, 2013
Hee I: Based on the reviews in the website, I would like to try this product. Sep 27, 2013
Kristie L: I use to use Clinique's exfoliator but would notice it drying out my skin. I've used this for a year and have had no problems. This makes my face feel fresh. Sep 25, 2013
mindy r: the best for my post pregnancy skin spots and sun damage Sep 23, 2013
Susan B: To get rid of dark spots Sep 23, 2013
Eddie C: sounded good Sep 23, 2013
Jennifer B: I love the Pineapple and Papaya exfoliator from Kiehls, but wanted to try this one also as part of the Clearly Corrective line to see if it can help with redness and splotchiness in my skin. Sep 21, 2013
Alexandria W: I bought this item because my skin has always benefits from a good exfoliator. The item description seemed to fit my needs. Hope it'sa good one! Sep 19, 2013
Rhonda H: I purchased this product a few months ago and love it, best thing I've ever used on areas with enlarged pores. It's made such a difference. Sep 18, 2013
Elizabeth L: Every girl needs to exfoliate 4 times a week. Sep 18, 2013
Catherine D: I love the clearly corrective cleanser Sep 16, 2013
Monica A: Great cleanser. gentle enough for daily use. Sep 11, 2013
ALICIA S: Pores to minimize skin irregularities Sep 11, 2013
Angela H: I need a new exfoliator, and I am happy with Kiehl's cleanser, so I thought I would try this. Sep 4, 2013
Kellie H: have pore issues, so hoping this might work Sep 3, 2013
Lauren T: Second purchase of this product. I have very sensitive skin and this gives me just enough exfoliation and brightening without irritating my skin. I am very happy with this product. Sep 3, 2013
Saio W: I pick this product because someone recommend it to everyone on a post on Facebook ... It effectiveness. It also have great review on this site. Aug 30, 2013
Vivian S: clear up acne Aug 29, 2013
Melissa S: I currently use and love this product. It makes my skin feel clean, fresh, and soft. I wanted my sister to try it, so i shipped it to her. i recommend it to everyone! Aug 24, 2013
Marcella B: I have some sun spots Aug 18, 2013
Alyse E: to control break outs Aug 15, 2013
Peter R: Travel size Aug 11, 2013
Teresa R: improve skin appearance Aug 1, 2013
fatima g: i wiil try a new product Jul 26, 2013
Carrie R: Haven't tried but need an exfoliator so I thought this would be the way to go. Jul 16, 2013
Hayoung K: I was looking for a good-formulated exfliator that doesn't cost me too much money. I read the review and wanted to try this for this year to see how my skin changes Jul 14, 2013
Rosetta H: Was recommended by a friend Jun 19, 2013
Sandra P: Clarity and keeps acne abey/ a small amount goes a long way--its an excellent buy Jun 17, 2013
cheryl m: Using this product with my Clarisonic my skin glows. Jun 17, 2013
Lorraine V: WORKS AMAZING! Jun 17, 2013
tao r: good Jun 16, 2013
Melissa G: I constantly have congested skin. This has great reviews and, hopefully, will be a great supplement to the cleanser. Jun 16, 2013
Stephanie W: I'm running out of my current bottle. Need to stock up again. Jun 13, 2013
Kristopher B: I chose this product to compliment the facial cleanser that I have, also in this same line of products. Jun 10, 2013
Leslie C: Wanted a reasonably priced cleaner-exfoliator. Jun 5, 2013
Keiko J: I am looking for a produce which reduces my dark spots. May 5, 2013
Maria B: This is to start the brightening and removal of age spots on my face. Apr 26, 2013
Jae-Hee K: GOOD FOR SKIN Apr 18, 2013
Qin Y: Wanna try new product Mar 25, 2013
Phyllis K: A plastic surgeon who gave a lecture at our library emphasized the importance of exfoliating. He felt this was more important than moisturizing! I needed an exfoliator. Mar 22, 2013
cheryl c: hoping to brighten and reduce lines Mar 19, 2013
Stefanie W: Since I have liked the other items purchased from Kiehls thought I would try this. A little goes a long way. Results were fantastic. Mar 18, 2013
Pamela S: Need a gentle exfoliater. Wanted to try this. Mar 17, 2013
A shopper asked: What is the difference between the Clearly Corrective Exfoliator and the Photo-Age Exfoliator? Is one more effective on acne scars and dark spots, or on people with brown skin tones? Dec 15, 2013
Answer this · Send to friends Good question? Yes (1) No (0)
Joanne C. D: I don't have any acne scars but I do have dark spots. And I haven't used the Photo-Age Exfoliator so I can't compare. I use the Clearly Corrective when I have had to layer on sunscreen or my skin feels as if there is a build up of products on it. And it does help with both those situations. Since my skin is now on the dry side I don't use it too often, so I can't speak to whether it lightens dark spots. Dec 15, 2013
Reply to Joanne C. Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Barb f: I have been using the clearly corrective exfoliater for a few years. I can not say much for dark spots since I did not have any to begin with but I do like the way it makes my skin feel and look. One of my favorite is the photo age correcting moisturizer, it is light and does not leave me feeling oily. Dec 15, 2013
Reply to Barb Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Mildred G: I purchased Skin Brightening Exfoliator to exfoliate dead skin cells and I have never used Photo-Age Exfoliator so I can't really answer this question. Dec 16, 2013
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Rafael G asked: Can this product help with dark spots or be able to lighten them? Aug 31, 2014
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Kelly D: I'm not sure, however, my neighbor recently remarked that a dark spot that I have on my face looks lighter. I only use this at night. Sep 19, 2014
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A shopper asked: can teen use this product or is it to HARSH? Feb 23, 2013
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A shopper asked: is this product for daily use or weekly use? Jul 26, 2013
Answer this · Send to friends Good question? Yes (0) No (0)
Rhonda H: I use it daily, just once, either morning or evening. Honestly, this is the best exfoliator I have ever purchased. I think I've tried every brand out there. I have large pores on my nose and chin and it's work keeping those areas clean and oil free so blackheads don't form. This product actually works, and has since day one! I love it. It's also gentle, feels wonderful and creamy on the skin, along with the exfoliating ingredients. I started out using it twice a day, then realized I really didn't need too. It doesn't dry my skin or cause it to chafe like other brands. If you don't have specific problem areas you could use it as your comfortable, but it does make my skin look and feel great. Hope this helps! Jul 26, 2013
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Bonnie A: I think it depends in your skin. I use it 3 days of the week. I think that it enough. I do like the product, my skin feels clean after I use it and the exfoliating beads are small and not too harsh on the skin. More importantly you only need a dime size amount. That instruction is given on certain products but this one is true; really need a small amount. Jul 28, 2013
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Elska T: The cleansers in this exfoliator are gentle enough for daily use but it does contain a good amount of scrubbing beads. I have used this exfoliatior once a night for 3 days before and it did not irritate my skin. I think it would be suitable for every other day at most due to how well it exfoliates. Jul 26, 2013
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Brianna H: It is gentle enough to be used daily; best to use before bed or when there will be no direct sun exposure afterwards. Jul 27, 2013
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Kavitha M: I use it daily in the shower after I cleanse my face! Jul 26, 2013
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Shannon M: 2-3 times per week does the trick for me. Jul 26, 2013
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CHI-HUA W: Its gentle enough that you can use daily Jul 26, 2013
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Hanna G: I use this 2x a day, love it! Jul 27, 2013
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Kimberly H: I use it weekly. I love it. Jul 27, 2013
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Kim S asked: Do I wash my face after exfoliating, or is it also a cleanser? Jun 20, 2013
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Lisa A K: While the product is described as 'use before cleanser', I treat it as a multi-purpose product and I love it, especially as we get into summer and the chances of having oilier skin increase. I use this every couple of days, and use the Clearly Corrective Purifying Foam Cleanser on a daily basis. I am over 50, I live in the desert, and my skin is somewhat dry. However, it does get oily when I am in the US. This line from Kiehl's feels very gentle to my skin, and I have noticed a real improvement in texture over the past month. Jun 20, 2013
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Linda C: I don't know about others but I use this product both to cleanse and exfoliate. And I use it daily, followed by toner and moisturizer. It has definitely made a difference in the texture and tone of my skin. I love this product. Jun 21, 2013
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Chaney J: It is also a cleanser. My face feels very clean after I use it. Jun 24, 2013
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Keiko J: It is alao a cleanser, so I don't wash. Jul 3, 2013
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Fairyal D: It's also a cleanser Jun 20, 2013
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A shopper asked: Do you wash it off? Jun 13, 2013
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Heather A: Yes you wash it off. It's used like any cleanser, you would wash your face and rinse it off. I use mine in the morning in the shower. Jun 13, 2013
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Melanie P: Yes I wash it off after scrubbing my face Jun 13, 2013
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Shawn W: Yes, it is an exfoliating scrub. Jun 14, 2013
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Dolores B: Yes, you wash it off. Jun 13, 2013
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Joanna C: Yes Jun 18, 2013
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A shopper asked: Can we use this in the morning or day time? Because on the description it says to only use it at night ? May 27, 2013
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Angela W: I have used it once or twice in the morning but, I usually use C.C. Skin Brightening Exfoliator at night. Re: Because 1) I'd prefer not walking out into the Sun after exfoliating, and 2) the human body regenerates at night while we sleep so I try to assist the benefits of exfoliating while my body is at "rest". My preference: use it at night. Jun 21, 2013
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Tyler L: I actually only use it during my morning shower. Haven't noticed any reason not to and I feel like my skin is brighter during the day that way. May 27, 2013
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LeeOr M: I only like to use it at night and I use something milder in the morning. May 27, 2013
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Kimberly H: I use it in the morning. It wakes me up! May 27, 2013
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Lisamarie H asked: Can I use my blue gel cleanser before using this product? Aug 31, 2014
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Stephen K: I would go the other way around. The blue gel would smooth after the exfoliator me thinks. Be careful of overdrying your skin by using both often, otherwise, I say go for it. Sep 6, 2014
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Shawn W: I would use the blue gel cleanser after the exfoliator. Aug 31, 2014
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sangeeta s asked: It says I am allowed 3 samples your website will only allow one sample when click for the second it takes me to the normal size. Is it a scam that you fool the customers? May 7, 2013
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Eric B: Think about what you're asking. Khiels is one of the more reputable brands out there. They sell hi-end cosmetics to wealthy people, they're not likely to try a bait and switch with the lure of some free samples. Chalk it up to operator error. Jul 13, 2013
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sangeeta s: Eric,
Kiehl might be one of the best brand then what are you doing there because you obviously are not the best person to respond to costomer's concerns. Thanks for your response anyway, kindly check your tone. I use the best brand that is out there but have never come across an impertinent sales representative like you ever.
Please try to be more respectful, trust me it helps.
Sangeeta Jul 14, 2013
Heidi H: I get 3 samples or more depending on purchase. And Eric above is another customer. Not a sales rep Apr 19, 2014
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kris j asked: I am severely allergic to all forms of preservatives, fragrances and especially almonds, whether it be food or almond oil, or the other name used for almonds which happened to slip my mind. Could you please tell me if this product has any form of almond in it? Oct 19, 2013
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Joanne C. D: I can't speak to the question of almonds or almond derivatives being in the ingredients of this product. However, to me there is a very slight aroma, probably from the lavender oil, when you first use it; this does disappear quickly in my experience and, as I said, it is very slight. I am pleased with the the results of using this product, especially in the summer when I seem to be constantly applying sunscreen. It does seem to brighten my skin. Hope this helps you. Oct 19, 2013
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A shopper asked: Can this be used to lighten underarms? Sep 3, 2014
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Maggie A asked: Does this product contain plastic microbeads? Jun 26, 2014
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