Clearly Corrective™ Purifying Foaming Cleanser Sample

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Clearly Corrective™ Purifying Foaming Cleanser Sample
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Kiehl's Since 1851 Store asked: Why did you choose this?
Allison P: Want to try, was one of my options for cleanser. Sep 29, 2014
Susanne C: f Sep 28, 2014
Eileen H: Like the feel of the cleanser. Sep 28, 2014
Brenda E: Currently using Obagi cleanser but would like to start using Kiehl cleanser and moisturizer if satisfied. Sep 28, 2014
Carolyn B: to try Sep 26, 2014
David R: Oil reduction Sep 26, 2014
Elizabeth F: The video for the Clearly Corrective line makes me want to give it a try! Sep 25, 2014
Yunyan W: wash face cleaner Sep 25, 2014
Haijia W: I can bring it to the airplane Sep 24, 2014
Xiao ling Y: I want to try this product Sep 23, 2014
Yina C: recommended Sep 23, 2014
Qihong L: I am exploring new product!! Sep 22, 2014
Steven L: Want to try a new cleanser first before purchasing Sep 22, 2014
Michele G: want to try it Sep 22, 2014
Kip D: Wanna try it. Sep 20, 2014
Yiming Z: never tried before Sep 20, 2014
wei s: try out Sep 16, 2014
Letitia C: I read reviews and was interested in trying this product Sep 16, 2014
John T: Just try Sep 16, 2014
Yvonne R: Want to try. Sep 15, 2014
So Youn K: Wanted to try Sep 15, 2014
Piyatat T: Want to try this one. Sep 14, 2014
question: Never tried this before so wanna see if it os worth buying full sized Sep 13, 2014
Michelle M: I use this product and am very happy with it. Sep 13, 2014
Deborah T: Want to try this line. Sep 12, 2014
bao c: want to try Sep 12, 2014
Dongjing S: i think this is good to me Sep 10, 2014
Jinchao D: want to try Sep 9, 2014
Kiara M: I am just looking to try cleansers that work the best for my skin Sep 9, 2014
Xiaoli G: I have been using this cleanser for a year now. I like the smell and the texture. it makes my skin clean and fresh. Sep 9, 2014
eunjung w: This is my fave cleaner Sep 8, 2014
Andre D: To try Sep 7, 2014
Elizabeth L: I wanted to try this before I committed to buying it. Aug 26, 2014
Sharon K: just Aug 25, 2014
Xiao F: I might want to try this cleanser Aug 24, 2014
Jennifer B: Always up for trying a new cleanser Aug 22, 2014
GreenThumbSD: Reduces red & brown spots Aug 20, 2014
SARAH N: Want to try as I love the toner and emulsion. Need good travel packet for flight overseas. Aug 17, 2014
Judith P: Have very sensitive skin. Aug 16, 2014
Tong W: good Aug 10, 2014
Almera M: I want to try this. I have a large for and currently using Rare Earth. However, my skin tone is uneven which I would like to correct. I would like to try this product to see if it is effective and will work with my skin needs. Aug 10, 2014
Xiao B: Give it a try since it's kind like a phenomenal product. Aug 9, 2014
Jane B: Always looking for new facial cleansers Aug 9, 2014
yvonne Y: I love this product always, but I am using the blue herbal right now, I consider buying this when the other uses up Aug 9, 2014
SUN HEE K: for travel Aug 8, 2014
Sharla S: Still on the hunt for a good working cleanser for my skin needs Aug 4, 2014
Donna R: Experimenting with different cleansers offered. appreciate and welcome the variety Kiehl's offers. Aug 2, 2014
Una N: Wanted to try it. Jul 18, 2014
Harriet C: Trying the foaming feature. Jul 16, 2014
Deborah O: I love a good cleanser that is also gentle. Jul 15, 2014
Diana P: more tone correcting product Jul 11, 2014
Kimberlee S: looking for a new gentle daily cleanser Jun 30, 2014
Melissa G: wanted to see if it was good for me and if it was effective on my acne and skin tone Jun 25, 2014
Jennifer C: Love the way my skin looks and feels. Deep cleans without stripping the skin which results in a softer, brighter appearance. Jun 24, 2014
Barry F: want to try it Jun 12, 2014
xue w: try Jun 11, 2014
Yu L: I am looking for a good cleanser Jun 11, 2014
Keith M: wanted to try a foaming cleanser Jun 2, 2014
Denise F: I want to try to fade some dark spots on my cheeks. May 19, 2014
Cheryl M: Great for brown spots and to help with pigmentation May 19, 2014
Wendy G: i'm always looking for a good cleanser May 19, 2014
Tammy P: wanted to try May 19, 2014
Delphine K: Never tried May 17, 2014
Alison S: I've got some upcoming travel, and samples are good to carry with me May 15, 2014
april l: need help in this area May 15, 2014
Renee B: Description matched skin type May 15, 2014
Qi R: Have a try. May 14, 2014
Shuhui W: want to try the cleaner from kiehl's, never use before May 14, 2014
naharai c: Want to try it! May 14, 2014
ann l w: Just wanted to try it. May 13, 2014
Elizabeth J: I would like to try it. May 10, 2014
Rachel F: I need a new facial cleanser and thought I would try this one. May 9, 2014
JUN S: To compare with Ultra cleanser Apr 26, 2014
HYEJIN G: I wanna try whitening producks. Apr 18, 2014
Brandi A: need cleanser small enough for airline travel Apr 17, 2014
Jingwen H: works for acne Apr 15, 2014
Brandi S: getting the serum - wanted to try other products in the line Apr 7, 2014
Louise D: looking for a new cleanser Apr 2, 2014
Cheryl K: Want to see how it feels on my skin before deciding on one cleanser. Currently using the Washable Cleansing Milk and just ordered the Ultra Facial Cleanser but want to try this one out also. Apr 1, 2014
Dipa P: want to try it Mar 21, 2014
dingying z: I want try some new cleanser Mar 20, 2014
MICHELLE S: I like this whole product line. Mar 19, 2014
Susanna C: I like the ultra facial cleanser, but wanted to try a cleanser that might not dry out my skin as much. Mar 16, 2014
Jennifer S: Not settled on a cleanser yet...thought this could be another to try. Mar 13, 2014
Perrin W: I like to change-up cleansers, so seeing if this is a nice intermittent cleanser Mar 12, 2014
Hope H: wanted to try it Mar 9, 2014
Lijun D: Purchased before and like it Mar 8, 2014
Emily C: just want to try it out Mar 5, 2014
TANG X: want to have a try Mar 1, 2014
allion l: love how it smells and it cleans well Feb 27, 2014
Christina M: I was recommended to try it. Feb 27, 2014
annmarie M: Like to try Feb 26, 2014
Patricia A S: used before, really like, good for traveling Feb 23, 2014
Johnny D: I use facial fuel cleanser normally, but I would like to use something else for my night time routine. Feb 21, 2014
Virginia H: Use the other products in this line -- the moisturizer and the dark spot solution and they work! Feb 18, 2014
kelly e: Wanted to try it Feb 18, 2014
erica l: I have acne Feb 18, 2014
Christine M: I can't use most soaps or cleansers on my face because it's so fragile and will slough off, so I'm always on a quest for a cleanser that's effective but very gentle -- I'd like to try this cleanser to see if it works for me. Feb 16, 2014
Jane C: good reviews and need a cleanser soon, but would actually want to try the deep pore cleanser instead. Feb 16, 2014
Carolyn M P: Trying to clear up my scarring blemishes. If it works I will be back buying this. Feb 16, 2014
Breanne M: try a new cleanser Feb 13, 2014
Bill E: wanted to try it Feb 12, 2014
Julie W: I like to try new products and this one sounds promising. Hope it works out. Feb 9, 2014
emily t: sounds like a good product line Feb 5, 2014
Angelica C: want to try it may buy it in the future Feb 1, 2014
Ellen G: Acai is no longer available and I'm looking for a replacement Jan 31, 2014
stefanie c: i have yet to find a decent cleanser that doesnt dry out my skin Jan 31, 2014
Jessica M: Was interested in this product as an alternative to the Ultra Facial Cleanser, could not really get a feel from the reviews how effective it was on skin that is prone to breakouts, wanted to give it a try for myself. Jan 24, 2014
Jiyan L: Want to have a try Jan 20, 2014
Rachel R: always looking for a good cleanser Jan 17, 2014
Jia L: good Jan 9, 2014
Shuying L: It's my first time to use this one, its really work for my skin and I wish it's work you guys too, Dec 16, 2013
Julie M: Try it out. Loved it enough to buy it. Dec 4, 2013
Junbai Y: wanna try Dec 3, 2013
Melissa D: e Dec 2, 2013
Wenhao G: try new things. Dec 2, 2013
Maryann C: I am looking for an alternative facial cleanser and I am trying this one before I purchase it. Dec 2, 2013
Christine Y: heard it's a good product, want to try Dec 2, 2013
Christy M: for my hyperpigmentation Dec 2, 2013
Katherine S: Wanted to give it a try. Dec 2, 2013
Yuna P: new product which i haven't tried Dec 2, 2013
Zhan S: Used this one once. I like it Dec 2, 2013
worata k: again dark spot alleviation Dec 2, 2013
Francisca G: I would like to try! Dec 2, 2013
Yuxian Y: to try Dec 2, 2013
Juan L: try Dec 2, 2013
Jamie G: adult acne Dec 2, 2013
Chai C: good Dec 2, 2013
Lori D: Use samples when traveling Dec 1, 2013
Tiffani L: i want to try Dec 1, 2013
ANH L: I wanted to try something to clear up my complexion. Dec 1, 2013
Laura M: Wanted to try it Dec 1, 2013
Sandy L: interested in changing cleansers, so I thought I'd try this one. Nov 30, 2013
Qing Z: i like it Nov 30, 2013
MaryEllen R: Gentle on sensitive skin. Nov 30, 2013
Jennifer F: Skin is prone to redness. Nov 29, 2013
Lisha Z: want to try Nov 28, 2013
varinnia c: I'd like a traveling size edition of this cleanser. Nov 28, 2013
Ying Z: I am using the clearly corrective dark spot solution and want to give this a try to see whether they can do better. Nov 28, 2013
Anna S: I want to try different face washes Nov 27, 2013
Lu J: Just want to have a try Nov 25, 2013
Stephanie G: I wanted to see how my face would feel after using, compared to my current facial wash product Nov 25, 2013
geri g: clean those pores! Nov 22, 2013
Jingyan W: . Nov 21, 2013
Emily F: have some spot problem and if it's fit me will buy. Nov 21, 2013
sandra s: wanted to try Nov 16, 2013
Mengyao C: wanna try Nov 15, 2013
carol c: Wanted to try something new Nov 15, 2013
Maria C: I never used your products, it will be the first time. My sister Lucia Bruce loves your products and that's what made me give them a go. Nov 15, 2013
ALICIA S: Improves skin clarity Nov 14, 2013
Barbara G: Daughter has blackheads. Want to see if this product is effective. Nov 11, 2013
Deanne B: Just to try Nov 3, 2013
Lacie D: WANT TO TRY Nov 1, 2013
Zimo S: want to buy Oct 29, 2013
Travis J: I like clear skin Oct 27, 2013
Wenyu L: Used this before, good to stock some for traveling. Oct 24, 2013
Leo L: Never tried it before Oct 21, 2013
jeanette f: because i havent usedit before Oct 20, 2013
Debra F: I currently use Ultra Facial Cleanser but want to see how Clearly Corrective Cleanser compares to that. Depending on how well I like this cleanser, I may switch. Oct 16, 2013
Xue P: Wanted to try it. Oct 16, 2013
Melissa S: I'm looking for a new face wash so I thought I'd give this one a try. Sep 30, 2013
Hongyan Z: random chose Sep 30, 2013
Rebecca A: I am 26 years old and wanting to preserve my skin and fight against early aging. Sep 30, 2013
Joanne L: Kiehls desperately needs new cleansers - so many don't work for me so I'm very curious to try this one - that is not available in the UK but is sold in the US Sep 30, 2013
Ao Z: try new things Sep 29, 2013
Qianming C: best cleanser Sep 29, 2013
haoyuan f: give a try! Sep 29, 2013
junying z: try what is different Sep 25, 2013
Chris P: i love it Sep 22, 2013
Elizabeth L: Checking it out. Sep 18, 2013
Ye Cheng Y: want to try Sep 13, 2013
ALINA D: Basically bought the whole collection, so wanting to try this cleanser. Aug 26, 2013
Ellen K: Looking for a new cleanser Aug 18, 2013
Susan K: I am looking for a better cleanser Aug 18, 2013
Dana A: I have acne and acne scaring maybe this will help Aug 15, 2013
jenny j: Looking for a good face wash Aug 15, 2013
charla d: I like using different cleansing products Aug 14, 2013
Jocelyn H: Want to try a new cleanser Aug 6, 2013
Novita G: trying new cleanser Aug 2, 2013
YUE Z: Also try. Jul 22, 2013
Jennifer S: I'm in the market for a new cleanser. Jun 9, 2013
James A: wanted to try Jun 8, 2013
Martha R: wanted to ''clearly corrective' series May 24, 2013
Weiwei L: Just want to try May 24, 2013
Cely E: wanted to try it May 22, 2013
Nidia D: Want to try it. May 22, 2013
german h: my skin is normal-oily and i think this products is good for my face. May 21, 2013
ellie k: I want to try a new cleanser that works for me May 21, 2013
Heidi K: interested in a new cleanser and like the foaming type May 21, 2013
Danielle K: Want to try it May 20, 2013
christine m: Free gift! May 20, 2013
SEUNGJIN Y: want to try new line. May 19, 2013
Ada W: Never try this before May 19, 2013
Peggy R: The store is giving it to me as a gift May 18, 2013
Bonnie D: it was automatically added to my cart May 16, 2013
Nadine N: I wanted to try it since I've never found a good foaming cleanser. May 16, 2013
robyn j: didn't May 16, 2013
Kym V: Came with purchase May 15, 2013
Emilee W: Purifying...need I say more? May 8, 2013
Linda E: Did not chose his - was in my basket and I was not allowed to choose any additiona selections. May 7, 2013
Helena O: To try out. May 7, 2013
Kayla M: I didn' was chosen for me. May 6, 2013
Leslie S: "I had 10 cancers removed from my face and my niece dose make up for mac and she suggested it." May 6, 2013
Eugenia d: Because I want to try another cleanser, I already use another from Kiehl s and I love it. May 6, 2013
PUI YEE L: just want to try May 4, 2013
LaTonya M: I want to try something new May 3, 2013
Patricia M: wanted to try May 2, 2013
sydney b: Interested in the Clearly Corrective line May 1, 2013
Rupinder K: want her to try this May 1, 2013
Evette K: Needed a cleanser. Want to try out before buying it. Apr 30, 2013
JOANN G: travel size for overnight Apr 28, 2013
Xiaoyu M: just want try. Apr 27, 2013
Megan G: I wanted to try this cleanser and see how it works and reacts with my skin. Apr 25, 2013
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