Midnight Recovery Concentrate Sample

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Midnight Recovery Concentrate Sample
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Kiehl's Since 1851 Store asked: Why did you choose this?
anthony m: travel use Sep 19, 2014
Lorraine J: Helps me sleep and I wake up looking rested ! Sep 19, 2014
Ying Y: try it Sep 19, 2014
Michael F: I wanted to try this Sep 19, 2014
Ricca A: For Travel Sep 19, 2014
Lori G: for travel Sep 19, 2014
Yingjie Z: by choice Sep 18, 2014
Beth B: Great product Sep 18, 2014
Katie C: Curious Sep 18, 2014
jose s: want to try Sep 18, 2014
Susana S: to try it out Sep 18, 2014
Ruoyuan Z: MY FRIENDS SAID IT IS NICE Sep 18, 2014
Cathy N: will come in handy in the winter months Sep 18, 2014
Qiang L: very good quality Sep 17, 2014
Ellen T: What can i say, I am trying to help my skin and face look younger. Sep 17, 2014
Sheryl T: tried and TRUE Sep 17, 2014
Jan L G: Excellent skin care from past experience. Sep 16, 2014
qian h: very useful Sep 16, 2014
Catherine F: This is the first product I've ever used that has made a visible difference to my skin. Sep 16, 2014
jadine l: to try Sep 16, 2014
claudia p: I love this oil. Both myself and my husband use it. I have already purchased the biggest bottle available and been using it for a month now and my skin looks and feels amazing. Sep 16, 2014
Garley L: Never used anything specifically for night before. Sep 16, 2014
karen t: checking out other products Sep 16, 2014
lynn s: This is the best product I have ever put on my face at night! Sep 15, 2014
Mimi C: love this item, its smooth and it Works. Sep 15, 2014
Kristin G: great for traveling Sep 15, 2014
So Youn K: Recommended Sep 15, 2014
Parnlaka S: I want to try this product Sep 15, 2014
Yanrong L: Good Sep 14, 2014
Sean D: I have heard excellent reviews of this product. Sep 14, 2014
Carol B: want to see if it works Sep 14, 2014
frances r: love this product. like the small size for traveling. Sep 14, 2014
Nancy K: I wanted to try it. Sep 14, 2014
Lavonne C D: Same reason as above. Sep 14, 2014
Maria M A: Like it Sep 14, 2014
Fawnda B: Love this serum, very rich Sep 14, 2014
Piyatat T: Great effect for my dry skin Sep 14, 2014
Pamela P: Its the best Serum I've ever used! Love it! Sep 13, 2014
Xin W: good Sep 13, 2014
Michelle M: Due to great reviews Sep 13, 2014
Rowena Y: never try this product Sep 13, 2014
Sachiko O: This is for my mother. Sep 13, 2014
Denise L: heard a lot about this product. I am purchasing a normal size and figured this would be my travel size. Sep 13, 2014
Cheryl L: As a fan of Kiehls I have been wanting to try this product. Sep 13, 2014
Michelle M: Travel friendly size Sep 13, 2014
Kathryn B: smells awesome and feels great on my face - soft and fresh. Sep 13, 2014
Larissa B: Perfect for traveling; the Midnight Recovery oil helps keep my skin looking healthy and radiant Sep 13, 2014
Marcia D: facial skin very dry Sep 13, 2014
Jia H: heard so much about this Sep 13, 2014
kolleen s: Because I'm 57...........need I say more? Wonderful to use at night while you sleep, no mess in the morning layering products under moisturizers and etc. Nice, clean efficient and it works! Sep 13, 2014
Jo Ann T: i like this product Sep 13, 2014
jiang l: I'm your big fan of Kiehls,so don't need a reason to choose it. Sep 13, 2014
Yirong X: try Sep 13, 2014
Ruthie H: I figured it is worth a try. Sep 12, 2014
Jessica Y: Used before Sep 12, 2014
Miki L: I love this. Sep 12, 2014
Ralph A: Try new product Sep 12, 2014
Andrea M: Like to have extra around. Use it every night and my face feels refreshed. Sep 12, 2014
jookyung k: I chose multi collective cream and ultra fatial lotion with spf30. Sep 12, 2014
Jennifer M: Same thing--new product (to me) that I wanted to check out. Sep 12, 2014
Sabrina E C: Love this concentrate. Every time I put it on, I feel like I am at a spa for a couple minutes, the smell is amazing. In the morning my skin still feels super hydrated Sep 12, 2014
Jair R: great reviews Sep 11, 2014
doreen h: Was rated good Sep 11, 2014
Todd N: My wife likes this product. Sep 11, 2014
Stuart M: good for travel Sep 11, 2014
Samantha B: wonderful!! Sep 11, 2014
Dean R: I love this in the cold, dry winter months. And it smells great! Sep 11, 2014
dona m: sampled this once and it feels marvelous on the skin Sep 10, 2014
Bryan T: Like Sep 10, 2014
Paul T: the best night product ever Sep 10, 2014
Yibing L: have a try Sep 10, 2014
Joy B: Just want to try it Sep 10, 2014
Hsiu-Hua C: Want to give a try. Sep 10, 2014
Bin X: good Sep 10, 2014
YATI T: W Sep 10, 2014
Michael F: My favorite Kiehl's product! Sep 10, 2014
Beth A: good reviews and wanted to try Sep 9, 2014
Peggy H: for travel Sep 9, 2014
LISA V: So I don't have to pack the full size bottle when I travel Sep 9, 2014
Jillian T: #1 must have in my nightly routine. The lavender scent is calming, but the overall effects it has on your skin leaves you glowing the next morning! Sep 8, 2014
Stacey B: I love this product! I use at night and it doesn't feel oily, just beautiful smooth skin. Sep 8, 2014
eunjung w: Love Love Love Sep 8, 2014
saijie l: good Sep 8, 2014
Christy B: I chose this based on the number of awards it has received. Sep 8, 2014
yifei w: friends say it is worth to try Sep 8, 2014
Nicole S: It's one of the bestseller Sep 7, 2014
Margret N: love this stuff. i use it faithfully year-round Sep 7, 2014
Linda C: I wanted to try this :) Sep 7, 2014
QINGCHI J: i want try this product~ Sep 7, 2014
Kathryn G: travel Sep 7, 2014
Catherine K: I LOVE it and want the small bottle to use for travel! The regular samples can't be closed again so they're useless for that purpose. Sep 7, 2014
kelli l: best. product. ever. ...noticeable difference in skin clarity and radiance!! Sep 7, 2014
Emily B: Try Sep 7, 2014
Yunyun M: The bottom is beautiful! Sep 3, 2014
Christine R: it has alot of good reviews. i want to try them for myself Sep 2, 2014
Alicia B: v Sep 1, 2014
mo c: i like it Aug 31, 2014
Surbjit C: Heard great reviews never tried Aug 27, 2014
YAN X: I have not used it before and want to have a try Aug 25, 2014
Shannon G: It works! Softens, heals and provides moisture without oiliness. Aug 24, 2014
Queen P: I hear the products are really good so I thought I would try this one. Aug 22, 2014
Amanda W: This is a popular product, so naturally I'd like to try it! Aug 21, 2014
Jennifer C: I had read rave reviews about this, but I never saw any kind of results from it. Aug 21, 2014
Yan Z: I need and want to try it Aug 20, 2014
Tiffani J: Have used this before Aug 19, 2014
Susan G: I need recovery. Aug 19, 2014
Yan L: Just try. Aug 17, 2014
Delores S: wanted to try it Aug 16, 2014
Geri Jo M: Couldn't live without this! Aug 16, 2014
June L: Great stuff! I use it every day. Aug 15, 2014
Taeh W: I purchased this product to help with fine lines around my eyes. I found it so drying that it actually made my fine lines appear more prominent. I would say that this is not a good product if you have dry skin. Aug 15, 2014
Lana C: I love this and use it every night. It will be nice to have a travel size that I can refill! Aug 14, 2014
Anett N: trying out if the product description has visible effects Aug 14, 2014
Janey H: the best night time product - ever! Aug 14, 2014
Maria R: Because I love the full size Aug 13, 2014
Qing W: I WANT TO TRY Aug 12, 2014
Pamela M: Love this product. Use with line-reducing concentrate. Kiehl's products seem to work well with my skin. Aug 10, 2014
Mengpin G: like the small bottle Aug 9, 2014
Linda N: love it and great for travel. Aug 9, 2014
erin l: thought I would try it. I have not used it yet awaiting delivery. But I have tight deep pores and I thought it might help. Aug 8, 2014
Chu C: recommended by friends Aug 6, 2014
Kylie C: Good reviews on beauty blogs Aug 3, 2014
Stephanie C: I bought the original size and find this to be convenient to travel with. Aug 2, 2014
Jay J: for my 45 year old mama Aug 2, 2014
Erin T: looking for a good night moisture product Jul 31, 2014
Debra H: good for travel. Jul 30, 2014
Hui Y: try Jul 26, 2014
Lloyd E: This works great for my wife. Ordered this for a travel size. Jul 25, 2014
Lina M: Curious Jul 20, 2014
Raquel C: I saw many good reviews of this product on youtube. Jul 20, 2014
Tao W: my friend asked me to buy this for his girl friend, so, you know Jul 20, 2014
Pam B: recommended by friend Jul 19, 2014
WANG Q: so cute.. Jul 18, 2014
Tiffany S: love all Kiehl products Jul 18, 2014
Christopher F: i watched the George Michael "Freedom '90" video and all the supermodels made me feel old. Jul 18, 2014
i hui t: FRIENDS SAY IT GOOD Jul 17, 2014
Mary C: Want to try this product. Jul 17, 2014
Michele E: if you want younger, fresher glowing skin, this is your go-to. I use this summertime when I've had too much sun, and wintertime when my face is totally dried out. Never fails to make me look radiant. Great paired with moisturizer for even more dewy glow. This is the one thing I'd take to desert island Jul 17, 2014
Sarah L: good product. handy size for travel Jul 16, 2014
Dianne K: Great reviews. Jul 16, 2014
Mara M: love Jul 15, 2014
Yanping Z: try Jul 15, 2014
Charlotte S: I like the smell and the texture Jul 14, 2014
Mary H: A true classic in skin care. Will make you look 5 yrs younger, I swear! Jul 13, 2014
JUAN W: I never use it. I wanna try itï¼? Jul 13, 2014
jen b: winter therapy Jul 13, 2014
Shaorong L: It is a wonderful product. I use it in fall and winter to protect my skin. Jul 13, 2014
Jinglin G: friends suggested Jul 13, 2014
hu y: I want to try Jul 12, 2014
Nina M: Heard it was good! Jul 12, 2014
Linda H: I head it works I wanted to try it out Jul 11, 2014
ping z: good Jul 10, 2014
Joseph B: wow! it is so good ! Jul 10, 2014
Lisa G: To compare with Fresh seaberry oil Jul 10, 2014
Jacky W: ok Jul 9, 2014
Fanghua L: try Jul 9, 2014
Ben C: Wanted to try Jul 9, 2014
Yu Z: from friend Jul 9, 2014
Tania A: I can't find my regular size bottle, LOL Jul 9, 2014
Lynda P: Needed a serum Jul 9, 2014
Bing L: Never use this item,want to try it. Jul 9, 2014
april p: have always wanted to try this product Jul 9, 2014
Heidi Z: pretty bottle Jul 8, 2014
Debra S: Hopefully to reduce fine lines. Jul 8, 2014
Nancy E: Need recovery of middle aged skin. Jul 7, 2014
Jolanta C: to try Jul 7, 2014
Shou Ling L: I like to try it. Jul 7, 2014
Lu H: like it Jul 7, 2014
rong x: love it Jul 7, 2014
Noreen G: Understand that it happens to be a popular item.....can't wait to try it...... Jul 3, 2014
Chenhao Z: Never try before. Jul 2, 2014
I H: To have a travel-friendly size of this product. Jul 2, 2014
XUEZHU L: Highly recommended review Jun 29, 2014
michelle L: love it Jun 27, 2014
JING Z: love it so much, not oily at all Jun 26, 2014
Xiaohua H: Random selection Jun 26, 2014
Viktoriya D: I also wanted to try this b/c it sounds good. Jun 26, 2014
PHILIPPE T: Bought it before, liked it. Jun 24, 2014
Evelina Y: Notorious as one of the best 'serums'. Jun 24, 2014
Joseph A: This stuff is AMAZING! If you stick the regime, you will see a change in your skin within 2 weeks. Never go to bed without putting this on first. Jun 20, 2014
Christina B: I like evening serums- my skin is always so nice and soft in the morning. Jun 20, 2014
GreenThumbSD: Perfect for traveling Jun 20, 2014
Tawny N: I'd like to try it out because I've heard good things. Jun 15, 2014
Yuliia R: I just order more of this solution. Jun 15, 2014
Ashley Z: First time user Jun 12, 2014
Jayne Y: needed it Jun 12, 2014
Rong C: Just wanna know how is feeling with it Jun 9, 2014
Mario M: sampling this product - will see how it works Jun 9, 2014
Sara B: Love this product Jun 9, 2014
Yiyang H: try out Jun 8, 2014
Kimberly T: I have never tried this product before but the idea of waking up not as old looking sounded very appealing. Jun 8, 2014
Robyn R: Really nice product, does not break me out. I have combination skin. Jun 7, 2014
belinda e: To try Jun 7, 2014
Scott C: The recovery concentrate is great product and I wanted a smaller bottle for travel purposes. Jun 7, 2014
Jean M: Use regularly--good travel size! Jun 6, 2014
Claire S: As Midnight Recovery Concentrate is essential to my daily routine, this mini size will be perfect for when I travel. Jun 6, 2014
elizabeth o: I hear it is good Jun 6, 2014
Janie R: love the way it smells not sure if it works but smells great Jun 6, 2014
marche s: Love this stuff. It works wonders. Jun 5, 2014
Allison B: I have very sensitive skin, and I usually can't use products with fragrance. This product has such an awesome, soothing scent that soothes my skin rather than irritates it. I use it during the day too as an alternative to moisturizer. One of my favorite Kiehls products! Jun 4, 2014
Keith M: I like midnight repair stuff Jun 2, 2014
haiping x: i like this May 29, 2014
Patricia A: Want to know if it really works. May 28, 2014
Yang-Eun K: Compare with my Estee Lauder skin care product. May 23, 2014
Nazarena A: Again, I've heard wonderful things about this product and even though I bought one of the full sizes I will be soon be traveling and I thought this was perfect for on the go May 23, 2014
Zhang Y: love it May 22, 2014
Angela Y: best! May 19, 2014
Bingxin Y: want to get rid of dark circles May 18, 2014
Shan P: I have been recommended by my friends. May 17, 2014
Kelly D: Because of reviews and I have not been happy with my skin's look for a few years. May 16, 2014
Kathleen C: amazing May 15, 2014
Lee N: Although it is an oil base product, it is not oily at all.
It gets absorbed by the skin immediately.
Absolutely helped my complexion.
I highly recommend it!
May 15, 2014
Amy A: I want an oil that I could use on all the problem areas of the face. I saw instant results after using it for 2-3 consecutive nights and have just purchased a full- sized bottle. Kiehls samples are a great way to try out all the wonderful products before making the commitment. May 15, 2014
marta v: love it May 14, 2014
Huanliang X: It's a really good product. I like it. May 14, 2014
fangfang n: tried before, and i like it May 13, 2014
Karen C: Try it May 13, 2014
Bethany R: Wanted to try May 11, 2014
ken a: Always my go to sample, great stuff May 11, 2014
Amy P: Love the cream, wanted to try the serum May 9, 2014
Lori C: I wanted to try. May 9, 2014
Stephen B: this product is magical and helps me fall asleep May 9, 2014
elisa d: lavender is always good... thought I would try this out May 8, 2014
Nathalia R: Saw it mentioned in a YouTube gurus favorites and she has amazing skin she says it's her holy grail so I had to try it! May 7, 2014
shanna k: to try will update May 7, 2014
Yunxia Z: try it May 7, 2014
kelli c: TRAIL May 7, 2014
Cindy E: friend recommended May 7, 2014
Ryan W: Hoping this will help with my skin's overall healthy appearance if used a couple times a week. May 6, 2014
Helen O H: Need it. May 6, 2014
Daphne Y: I really liked it. The nourishing effects was immediately felt. For me, it was an excellent product May 6, 2014
Kayce M: i love facial oils and currently use tarte's maracuja oil every night. wanted to see how this compares. May 6, 2014
WAI LING C: I would like to try May 6, 2014
Sherry K: for sometimes pampering my face May 5, 2014
gael c: travel

love it
May 5, 2014
nancy s: love the productâ?¦again, a great size for travel! May 5, 2014
Katelin H: My favorite product made. By kiehls May 4, 2014
Jeanne L: This is great because it is so light May 4, 2014
Skadi T: To try it before I buy it. May 2, 2014
Rongrong S: this one works well for me Apr 29, 2014
ginger w: As I'm getting older a night cream is well worth the extra effort! Apr 24, 2014
lynne c: This stuff works wonders on aging skin. Recommended. Apr 23, 2014
Kelley C: additional supply or to share if I truly love this product Apr 22, 2014
Everardo G: Wanted to try it Apr 20, 2014
Pam P: wanted to try it Apr 20, 2014
JIN Z: I like it Apr 20, 2014
Carol V: noticeable improvement in a week and I love the travel size Apr 20, 2014
MICHELE P: it was suggested by my facialist Apr 20, 2014
Haomei Y: very like it Apr 19, 2014
chenshu z: I like it! Apr 19, 2014
Sandra B: Use it; love it. Apr 19, 2014
Zhou S: heard its good never tried Apr 19, 2014
Cynthia S: Love it! Apr 18, 2014
Gail B: Excellent product Apr 18, 2014
Monique v: Great Stuff! Apr 18, 2014
tiancong s: New items for me, I would like to try this one. Apr 8, 2014
Soyeon Y: I love it Apr 6, 2014
Jane A: to see if this is something I would like to buy. Apr 2, 2014
Jiang T: try it Mar 31, 2014
Georgia S: In hopes that it works. The products come highly recommended. Mar 30, 2014
Xiaowei Y: Want to try Mar 29, 2014
Carsandra K: To correct environmental damage Mar 27, 2014
Tariq A: try it out Mar 26, 2014
Erika P: I LOVE this product and never want to run out! Mar 24, 2014
baoyu x: i want to try Mar 24, 2014
jamie d: never have tried this product Mar 24, 2014
WENJING L: I had used it , wonderful Mar 24, 2014
HaeRa S: After using it, especially I can feel my skin is very smooth. Mar 24, 2014
Chunfang G: moisture the skin Mar 24, 2014
Michael L: Give it a try. Mar 24, 2014
Tricia S: Travel size of a great product I use every day at home. Mar 24, 2014
vassana h: Brighten face by morning Mar 24, 2014
Suki W: Best for my face after i was long time to work Mar 24, 2014
Wendy T: Literally peels skin off overnight Mar 23, 2014
Leslie E: want it to share with mom Mar 23, 2014
XIAOQIAN Z: one of my favorate in Kiehls Mar 23, 2014
qian w: good Mar 23, 2014
Sucen C: i want to try Mar 23, 2014
Gregory P: use it nightly Mar 23, 2014
Meagan G: I've heard great things about this product. Mar 23, 2014
Bonnie J: new Mar 23, 2014
Frankie O: Buy this midnight recovery! There's a reason why it's a CUSTOMER FAVORITE! Love it!! Mar 23, 2014
Ayako H: I'd like to use it more before decide to purchase retail size. Mar 23, 2014
Jane W: I've used this and like it a lot. Mar 23, 2014
Sheri T: i use this now and would like a small emergency packet in my makeup bag Mar 23, 2014
Valerie S: Travel size Mar 23, 2014
shuangyi m: just want to try it Mar 22, 2014
zhengqi l: want to try Mar 22, 2014
Lili W: Someone recommend it. Mar 22, 2014
Tiehai L: just have a try! Mar 22, 2014
Geran Z: I was recommended to try this Mar 22, 2014
Michele L: Good reviews, looking for help with fine lines. Mar 22, 2014
peimi z: I want to try this Mar 22, 2014
Diana U: One of my FAVORITE products. This will be handy for travel. Mar 22, 2014
Cheryl M: Awesome product! Awakens your skin in the am. Mar 22, 2014
Kathleen B: A staple in my life. Mar 22, 2014
Leigh K: wanted to try Mar 22, 2014
Jing L: Like Mar 22, 2014
Xuechun Z: My friend said it is very good. Mar 21, 2014
chris k: I have been using for long time and it is very good for night time Mar 21, 2014
Lisandra C: It is a product that everyone seems to love. The reviews claim that the best part about it is seeing the results immediately. I am looking forward to trying this product and seeing if the hype is real. Mar 21, 2014
Hamra S: good for travel and emergency back up if I run out:) Mar 21, 2014
Mike D: My girlfriend tried it at a kiehls store and loved it Mar 21, 2014
Debbie F: Never use this before. Just like to give a try.. Mar 21, 2014
marcie z: This is nice to travel with. Mar 21, 2014
Rebecca K: Softens, corrects, and moisturizes Mar 21, 2014
sanghee k: This was good for my skin. Mar 21, 2014
Allison M: Midnight Recovery can be used for any number of things. I use it year round, although I find that I apply additional moisture during the winter months. It is great for sunburn or irritated skin as well. Mar 20, 2014
Sallie A: I'm a believer in serums and I wanted to try this. Mar 20, 2014
Ginny C: My skin looks wonderful when I wake up!! Mar 20, 2014
Boram K: I love this, my dry skin drinks it up at night and my face feels so smooth in the mornings! I also add a few drops to a less night cream. Mar 20, 2014
MICHELLE S: I love this product! I've been using it since Kiehl's first introduced it, and I can't live without it. Mar 19, 2014
Rochelle S: used it before and v happy with it! Mar 19, 2014
Mary R: Ratings were good! Mar 19, 2014
Rachel P: Weightloss related sagging - I need a quick lift Mar 19, 2014
YAEL S: It's very easy to carry for traveling Mar 19, 2014
Stafanie C: I do not use before and want to try it . Mar 18, 2014
Jing Y: heard of good review Mar 18, 2014
Yuyang Z: want to try Mar 18, 2014
Carol M: Fabulous Mar 18, 2014
Liz S: need it for my carry on bag for business trips Mar 18, 2014
Mijeng Y: I like it. Mar 18, 2014
Alison Z: I love this product! Mar 18, 2014
qiming l: it was recommended by someone on the website, so want to try Mar 18, 2014
Gaige Z: N/A Mar 18, 2014
ANTHONY P: With the right routine this works wonders. Mar 17, 2014
Alice M: to keep in my travel bag Mar 17, 2014
Carolyn S: Wanted to try & for travel Mar 17, 2014
Kathleen H: Travel Mar 17, 2014
yurong w: I hear it good, so I want to try Mar 16, 2014
tina t: I had this before
Which is I like and I feel it good for trip
Mar 16, 2014
Jennifer D: I wanted to try something new. Mar 16, 2014
Qi Z: It is a star product,I really want to have a try Mar 16, 2014
kok-wah c: Love this. Mar 16, 2014
feng z: JUST TRY Mar 16, 2014
R Mason L: Portability - it's a terrific product Mar 16, 2014
FANGXI D: WANT TO TYR Mar 15, 2014
Ann B: Hoping this serum does everything it claims to. Mar 15, 2014
Han Na J: I would like to use this product and see if it works for my skin type Mar 15, 2014
Rosemary C: Excellent product. Bottle lasts a long, long time. Mar 15, 2014
Brenda A: I love this product! Mar 15, 2014
Onuma B: I were use with some products of kiehl's. And I like it! Then I need to try all of kiehl's. Mar 15, 2014
Diane M N: travel size! Mar 15, 2014
kr h: great reviews Mar 15, 2014
MK R: I am hooked on this serum, and I wouldn't skip a night! I have oily skin and tend to have at least one blemish at all times, but strangely enough this product does not exacerbate the greasiness. As a nursing student, I tend to hurt my body with study sessions long past the midnight hour, and my face always shows it the next day with redness and dark eyes. Midnight Recovery Concentrate gives the impression that I got a full night's sleep and drank plenty of water instead of the caffeine tank! Mar 14, 2014
megan c: I have dark spots that I would like to disappear. I am going to give this a shot and if it works I will purchase it. Mar 14, 2014
Maria K: Just bought the big bottle, use this size for travelling Mar 14, 2014
Jennifer S: This has become part of my daily routine...will use this size for travel! Mar 13, 2014
Michelle L: Wanted to try befor purchasing. Mar 13, 2014
Gail J: Great product. I wake up with smooth and soft skin every morning. Mar 13, 2014
constance b: no clue Mar 13, 2014
Huimin Y: give it a try Mar 13, 2014
Jeanne M: have used before and like Mar 13, 2014
Victoria S: FAVORITE THING. Mar 12, 2014
Aisha B: Love it Mar 12, 2014
Eunsin M: Want to try to make sure it works for me. Mar 12, 2014
Jennifer B: I use it and this one can stay in my travel bag. Mar 12, 2014
Xiaoying Z: I want to try Mar 12, 2014
SIXIAO W: TRY Mar 12, 2014
Terri P: want to try Mar 11, 2014
ANQI S: REAL GOOD Mar 11, 2014
Qianqian Z: It's famous. I wanna try it. Mar 11, 2014
kiju d: i tried before and liked. Mar 11, 2014
YI S: best seller Mar 11, 2014
Steven P: this is great stuff. really works Mar 11, 2014
Liting K: make my skin get fully recovered Mar 11, 2014
FENG Z: Give me a chance to have a try Mar 11, 2014
YINGHUI H: i like it very much Mar 11, 2014
Kirsten S: For a travel size of my favorite Kielhl's product. Mar 10, 2014
Sara M: Such a convenient little bottle for travel. Mar 10, 2014
Amber W: for travel Mar 10, 2014
sara g: Use regularly and appreciate having this smaller size for weekend getaways...the full and jumbo size is a bit heavy for vacays Mar 10, 2014
Jingchen Y: feel good on skin, easy to use. Mar 6, 2014
Lu Ann Z: Love it Mar 4, 2014
JIE L: friends recommended Feb 28, 2014
Miaoling S: Want to try it Feb 28, 2014
Scott A: This concentrate soothes my skin so well overnight. I'll be buying this regularly! Feb 26, 2014
Jinny Jungwon Y: I've heard from my friend it is really good. Feb 24, 2014
Laura S: I really like the packaging and it sounds effective Feb 21, 2014
Kathleen C: store recommendation Feb 18, 2014
yu z: friend recommendation Feb 17, 2014
Joanna S: it works well and fast. Feb 16, 2014
JACQUI A: Need all the help I can get Feb 15, 2014
Katelyn O: "Read such wonderful reviews about this product and I want to see for myself how amazing this product is!" Feb 13, 2014
Hwee Young J: reputation worked Feb 9, 2014
Yusun H: Had good reviews Feb 8, 2014
Li-Fen C: based on review Feb 6, 2014
Laurie F: I like it Feb 1, 2014
Nicole V: Seen the ad, decided to try and now I love it. It's been added to my night time skin regimen. Leaves my skin feeling soft and glowing. Jan 31, 2014
Shuang G: Want to try it. Jan 27, 2014
winston e: no idea Jan 26, 2014
Veronica M: I love this product in the winter Jan 26, 2014
Monica F: Wanted to try it Jan 26, 2014
Saho Y: It shows higher recommendation marks. (There are 4 or 5 hearts mark.) Jan 25, 2014
Frances K: Something new to try Jan 23, 2014
stephanie c: love it Jan 23, 2014
Janet G: I got this as part of a gift set from my vendor and love it! I want my mom who is in her 70s to try this and see if she likes it too. Jan 21, 2014
Feinan Z: good for use but i don't need it daily Jan 21, 2014
Jennifer B: Cause I LOVE it! Jan 20, 2014
Laura H: love this product, for travel Jan 20, 2014
JacOB R: Looking forward to seeing if this product is all that it's supposed to be. Jan 20, 2014
KE M: I knew I'd like this. It will be my next purchase. Jan 14, 2014
Linda v: Would like to try it Jan 14, 2014
Christine Z: Seeing if the product will work. Jan 11, 2014
Xiaotian S: try Jan 8, 2014
Linda D: Good time to start recovery. Jan 5, 2014
edna s: to help moisturize my skin at night and during the night Jan 3, 2014
Luis L: I dunno Jan 3, 2014
Lauren W: Want my skin to look younger, more refreshed Dec 31, 2013
Wendy R: Great for travel Dec 31, 2013
kyung wuk k: need Dec 31, 2013
rebecca A: the best serum in the world! Dec 31, 2013
junni c: want to try Dec 30, 2013
Yvonne W: My mom wanted to try Dec 28, 2013
Shengyue C: I want to see if it help me recover my dark circle Dec 27, 2013
Ting C: I like it! Dec 27, 2013
Carter M: I use this at night to combat drying. Love it. Dec 24, 2013
Die H: Seems good and feels good after applying to my skin Dec 24, 2013
Xiaorong S: Very useful and I love it. Dec 23, 2013
Melissa L: One drop, and any blemish is gone. Miraculous! Dec 21, 2013
Makiko K: I had breakouts but the product helped my skin to calm down. I'm really liking this. Dec 20, 2013
Mary Ellen P: cause it's good! Dec 13, 2013
Jennifer M: I thought I might like this Dec 12, 2013
Nicole D: wonderful Dec 8, 2013
Scott N: need recovery Dec 5, 2013
Angel L: i like it , and its your gift for me for free Dec 4, 2013
Bo Y: I love it Dec 4, 2013
Lourdes G: Love this product. Dec 4, 2013
Hannah S: Trying as a sample: acne scars. Dec 4, 2013
Alice S: Great product that moisturizes at night. It is not greasy and the results are almost instantly. Dec 4, 2013
Delia O: Heard good things. Dec 4, 2013
Brian C: good reviews Dec 4, 2013
kim duyen h: I WANT TO TRY Dec 4, 2013
Marjorie F: also wanted to try knowing its expense in full size. Dec 3, 2013
Denise B: My skin actually looks refreshed when I wake up. Dec 3, 2013
Jenny H: Want to try it! Dec 3, 2013
mina k: I will travel on winter break, and I want to bring it. Dec 3, 2013
Pimchan T: love it Dec 3, 2013
John L: don't know Dec 3, 2013
Jing M: I like pure essential oil which is more gentle and natural to skin Dec 3, 2013
LU J: I WANT TO TRY THIS Dec 3, 2013
HEIDI G: IT'S AMAZING! Dec 3, 2013
Catherine S: need this while i sleep Dec 3, 2013
Susaan J: Love it Dec 3, 2013
Junbai Y: wanna try Dec 3, 2013
Bingxin Y: it's good Dec 3, 2013
Sheryl C: for travel Dec 2, 2013
Kendell S: want to see if it works Dec 2, 2013
Lezlie M: It is a wonderful product, works great, leaving my skin velvety...Also the smell is addictive. Dec 2, 2013
KE W: Good night recovery serum. Dec 2, 2013
Xiaosong C: GOOD Dec 2, 2013
E N: Great product which I use every evening Dec 2, 2013
Ming Y: just for try Dec 2, 2013
Yue Q: love it Dec 2, 2013
Dorothy H: don't know Dec 2, 2013
Wenhao G: because i need this. Dec 2, 2013
Yanling H: never use it before Dec 2, 2013
Ling L: HAD ONE BEFORE, LIKE IT. Dec 2, 2013
B L: getting older Dec 2, 2013
Nicholas H: Read great customer reviews. Dec 2, 2013
Sihan W: gift Dec 2, 2013
Kelly R: I use an oil cleansing routine and this works well as an extra moisturizer. Dec 2, 2013
Jennifer C: just try it. Looking something for daily use Dec 2, 2013
Andrew K: Just curious. Dec 2, 2013
Elizabeth P: use it already Dec 2, 2013
Qingqing H: I WANT TO TRY IT Dec 2, 2013
HYE-RI K: wanna try Dec 2, 2013
Stephanie B: I am getting older and need to start concerning myself with wrinkles and serious skin care. Dec 2, 2013
jingjing W: a try to see if it's good. Dec 2, 2013
Nicholas U: Wanted to try it Dec 2, 2013
liejie w: i like it Dec 2, 2013
shen w: GOOD Dec 2, 2013
Pauline W: this product feels wonderful on the skin... Dec 2, 2013
Judy E: Wanted a purse-sized version of the larger bottle. Dec 2, 2013
wendy n: Awesome! Love it! Noticeable difference after just one use! Dec 2, 2013
Dale C: Curiosity. Dec 2, 2013
Hui Z: recommended by sellers Dec 2, 2013
Signe M: Because I really wanted to order 4 of the Ultimate Strength Hand Salve samples, but it was not an option! Dec 2, 2013
Victoria H: Name appeals to me Dec 2, 2013
winnie l: I like it Dec 2, 2013
Alex F: wanted to try Dec 2, 2013
Yiqing C: For gift Dec 2, 2013
Marla N: I would like to try this product before I purchase it. Dec 2, 2013
Yuanming L: I used this before Dec 2, 2013
Fengpeng Y: it's great Dec 2, 2013
victoria r: can hope to look younger huh.. Dec 2, 2013
Yan Xing G: I did not use it before, want to try them, if it benefit my skin, I will support Kiehl`s produce Dec 2, 2013
JIA YING X: want my mother to try this recovery product Dec 2, 2013
YUNHUA H: I like it Dec 2, 2013
Sheri A: I have some dry spots Dec 2, 2013
Brooke J: I love this serum. I could tell a difference the next day. My skin is sad when I miss a day using my serum. Dec 2, 2013
jeffrey b: because i love it Dec 2, 2013
Jessica B: I'm already in love with the MRC so this will be indispensable for travel during the holidays. Dec 2, 2013
qing l: good review Dec 2, 2013
Yueqi W: may wanna buy Dec 2, 2013
Cherlynn L: Curious to see how good it is Dec 2, 2013
Carolyn B: my skin feels soft, refreshed and brighter in the morning! just a little goes a long way! love this! Dec 2, 2013
Charlie H: wanted to try it Dec 2, 2013
Tina L: Good Dec 2, 2013
Katie D: I use this and the samples are great for travel! Can't live without this stuff! Dec 2, 2013
Frances L: Heard it was good Dec 2, 2013
justin s: i have tried this product several times and feel in love. helps me preserve my sexy..ha Dec 2, 2013
alison d: age Dec 2, 2013
Roberta A O: want to try Dec 2, 2013
Lin X: I have got recommendation for this from friends. Dec 2, 2013
Jialu Y: good reputation Dec 2, 2013
Yunchao X: wonderful. Dec 2, 2013
weihong w: it is good Dec 2, 2013
Yuri X: just want a try Dec 2, 2013
Alfredo V: to try it Dec 2, 2013
Peggy R: Wanted to try Dec 2, 2013
Tammy C: I have this and this would be a great travel size. This product has done wonders for my face.. Dec 2, 2013
Feng W: best one Dec 2, 2013
Zaiyu W: For my girlfriend. Dec 2, 2013
judy n: I would like to try it Dec 2, 2013
wei z: Hope to see the difference when I wake up. Dec 2, 2013
Kimberly B: I love how soft and smooth my skin feels in the morning after I use this. Dec 2, 2013
Xiongnan W: Interested in trying... Dec 2, 2013
LISA S: need a new night time product Dec 2, 2013
Shelia J: I started using this at night, & it has cleared some problems & I want to see what else it can do. Dec 2, 2013
CHANDRA S: To try something new Dec 2, 2013
Zhen R: heard about it on weibo. Dec 2, 2013
wei z: I read customers' review, I want to try. Dec 2, 2013
Zhaoli L: I heard it for a long time. Dec 2, 2013
rieko s: I wanna care my skin. Dec 2, 2013
Tang X: My friends want try Dec 2, 2013
Qi C: it's good Dec 2, 2013
QING C: so amazing Dec 2, 2013
alleyne h: Hoping it will help skin concerns. Dec 2, 2013
Naomi B: gift Dec 2, 2013
Karen S: To try another Kiehl's product. Dec 2, 2013
Vaughn B: I have received multiple samples of this and I love it! I'm running out so this is a good chance to re-stock. Dec 2, 2013
Rachel L: hoping this will help my very dry skin Dec 2, 2013
GUANGYA L: work with Midnight Recovery Eye Dec 2, 2013
Daniella C: Always looking for these type of products. Dec 2, 2013
Eva T: Travel a lot need something for my skin to recover from the airplane air and different climates Dec 2, 2013
Edgar M: Curious Dec 2, 2013
JENNIFER D: This item was highly recommended by a Kiehl associate. I used it and I love it!!!! Will definitely purchase again Dec 2, 2013
Shannon S: Love the product and like the ease of a dropper. Dec 2, 2013
penelope j g: want to try this Dec 2, 2013
SHIHUI H: sounds good Dec 2, 2013
GE Z: need Dec 2, 2013
coral h: this one is for mom Dec 2, 2013
Susan K: Want to try it Dec 2, 2013
Jackie K: Because I purchased the under eye midnight recovery Dec 2, 2013
Francisca G: It is amazing! Love it! Dec 2, 2013
yoon l: I really want to it! Dec 2, 2013
Rita G: It smells good, feels good on your skin and improves your skin overnight! Dec 2, 2013
Tamara H: Simply one of the best products ever made! Dec 2, 2013
Lisa B: This an amazing potion! Granddaughter will love this! Dec 2, 2013
Chris N: I have Super Dry Skin! Dec 2, 2013
Kym F: To help my skin with overnight protection Dec 2, 2013
Duo X: I have one Dec 2, 2013
Chih Ching L: Sounds like something might work for me at night. Dec 2, 2013
Amelia H: Awesome product! Dec 2, 2013
ling c: good Dec 2, 2013
QiLi H: Try Dec 2, 2013
SHUZHAN R: It does help skin recover overnight! Dec 2, 2013
Yuliya L: It is an amazing moisturizer for my dry winter skin. I use it day and night to help my skin stay hydrated. Dec 2, 2013
Yuli W: expensive item and based on multiple good reviews Dec 2, 2013
Carol F: dark spot Dec 2, 2013
HUANQING T: sounds great! Dec 2, 2013
Sherry E: This is great when my skin is really dry! Smells wonderful as well. Dec 2, 2013
Ning X: I want to try it Dec 2, 2013
Devin M: keeps face hydrated and makes sure my face feels fresh in the morning Dec 1, 2013
Bo Z: super great Dec 1, 2013
Daniel K: cause this works well,not greasy and you can feel it calms your skin Dec 1, 2013
Katherine C: Seems like I need it Dec 1, 2013
Matthew C: A friend said it would be good for me Dec 1, 2013
Guomin J: good Dec 1, 2013
Sharon L: for travel Dec 1, 2013
I-Ting C: I want to try Dec 1, 2013
bo w: Try it Dec 1, 2013
Wenting Q: Want to see how it is. Dec 1, 2013
Zhongshi Y: it really works Dec 1, 2013
Andrea C: I dont believe in magic things but I do like to try good products based in people common as me whom is worry for keep healthy and beautiful between our possibilities. Dec 1, 2013
Xiao M: want to try Dec 1, 2013
Lori D: For traveling Dec 1, 2013
Kathleen H: I love this nighttime serum. It makes my skin feel great and has a nice relaxing scent. Dec 1, 2013
Kelly B: I've used this before and liked it. Dec 1, 2013
Shuyang Z: gd Dec 1, 2013
Janet S: for travel Dec 1, 2013
Huiyuan L: friend recommendation Dec 1, 2013
Lara P: It's an amazing product. Any opportunity to get a bit more is a great one. Dec 1, 2013
Li D: interested Dec 1, 2013
Jessica M: Like it Dec 1, 2013
Virginia B: Curious. Dec 1, 2013
Ralph F: Don't know. Sounds intriguing. Dec 1, 2013
Tiffani L: i have heard about this and was interested in trying Dec 1, 2013
Andrea G: Hoping for some midnight magical recovery to wake up more beautiful! :-) Dec 1, 2013
Jericha V: I've heard a lot of good reviews so I wanted to try for myself! Dec 1, 2013
Hong ye O: Try Dec 1, 2013
Jingyi C: nice to carry Dec 1, 2013
Josiane D: any woman would like to give this a try Dec 1, 2013
Juexuan L: want to try Dec 1, 2013
Nancy P: Love this product. Sometimes enough moisture to wear alone at night. Great fragrance--very soothing for bedtime Dec 1, 2013
Patricia F: i love this product- Dec 1, 2013
Laura M: Love this and need a travel size Dec 1, 2013
Eileen H: Ease of travel size Dec 1, 2013
Anne S: Love this stuff! makes my face so soft in the morning yet it only takes two little drops to cover my entire face. Dec 1, 2013
yuting h: I love it but too expensive full price Dec 1, 2013
MAYUKA A: wanted to try Dec 1, 2013
Mary R: like to have for travel Dec 1, 2013
Roslyn S: I thought my daughter would like it. Dec 1, 2013
Erika A: Really does make your skin look better over night. Dec 1, 2013
Chunmei S: skin recovery Dec 1, 2013
Hanyuan Z: i need my skin recovery. Dec 1, 2013
Bowen D: I still use it. Dec 1, 2013
Rachel S: I wanted to see if the rave reviews were true! Dec 1, 2013
Carolyn R: I've used this and I like it. Nov 30, 2013
Nandini K: Use this, good for travel Nov 30, 2013
Eunice J: Wanted to find the right corrective concentrate for my skin type Nov 30, 2013
Yuru Z: like Nov 30, 2013
Marie V: It's a great product. Nov 30, 2013
Mingjing T: love the smell about it when i use it on my face before i go to bed. Nov 30, 2013
Daniel H: Wanted to try this for a long time. Nov 30, 2013
Sandy L: interested in trying Nov 30, 2013
Marc R: Great product! Nov 30, 2013
Janice C: never tried it Nov 30, 2013
Elizabeth W: To try something new. Nov 30, 2013
Jolene B: I've always wanted to try this. Nov 30, 2013
Qing Z: best seller Nov 30, 2013
Ying L: one of my favorite Nov 30, 2013
Meijing W: Never tried Nov 30, 2013
SANGEETA D: on a skin care mission Nov 30, 2013
Carly B: I use this and love it! Nov 30, 2013
Yuanjin Z: i want try Nov 30, 2013
Sara R: Tried before and liked it; smells great Nov 30, 2013
Souji T: I've heard good things about this serum Nov 30, 2013
Angie W: Great product--Have used it before Nov 30, 2013
Kai C: Great for traveling. Nov 30, 2013
Anne W: love the midnight recovery Nov 30, 2013
Rebecca K: IT'S AMAZING Nov 30, 2013
Emily K: Never tried it Nov 30, 2013
Ruth S: I've wanted to try this product. Nov 30, 2013
Lynne S: wanted to try it Nov 30, 2013
Alison A: need a great night cream Nov 30, 2013
Barbara L: Wanted to try before buying. Nov 30, 2013
Karen A: great reviews Nov 30, 2013
Christine L: love this Nov 30, 2013
Siyan P: I WANT TO TRY THIS. Nov 30, 2013
Corinne H: smart ingredients Nov 30, 2013
MANYUN Y: love it Nov 30, 2013
Nanxun Z: Highly evaluated from customer comments. Nov 30, 2013
zhuoyun z: good Nov 29, 2013
Glen C: curious Nov 29, 2013
Hong S: Star product Nov 29, 2013
Christine G: Great reviews Nov 29, 2013
Monzeta P: Good reviews. Nov 29, 2013
Jueyin L: I saw this on the website with good reviews. Nov 29, 2013
Sandra W: personal choice Nov 29, 2013
Nancy G: i saw good reviews for this product Nov 29, 2013
Victoria S: Love it! Nov 29, 2013
Ron C: Love it so much...... Nov 29, 2013
Victor S: Start to see wrinkles Nov 29, 2013
Qian W: need to stay up late Nov 29, 2013
Alisa A: Have received other samples of this and like it but don't use it enough to purchase a full bottle. My skin is too sensitive for regular use Nov 29, 2013
Ninna X: LIKE THIS ONE Nov 29, 2013
Ellen M: To try it. Nov 29, 2013
wipapat r: good for my skin Nov 29, 2013
Ning J: want to try Nov 29, 2013
Nan N: just try Nov 29, 2013
Shaocong L: Never tried before. Trying for the 1st time. Nov 29, 2013
Jessica H: Love this product. Very effective. Nov 29, 2013
JINHONG Z: my skin too dry. Nov 28, 2013
Kimberley N: Want to try Nov 28, 2013
JUSTIN W: Crows bit my mom Nov 28, 2013
Ho-Kyung K: hear about good reviews Nov 28, 2013
joan f: just makes my skin feel so good i eaven use it in the morning if I've had a rough night and I just shine Nov 28, 2013
Rui Y: wanna try Nov 28, 2013
Xue H: great concentrate! Nov 28, 2013
Emily S: I want to try before I start using it Nov 28, 2013
Miaomiao G: my friends recommend it Nov 28, 2013
Marion M: To see what it is. Nov 28, 2013
MIN Z: want to have a try Nov 28, 2013
Suzannah F: Wanted to try it Nov 28, 2013
Alesia S: I love using this when I travel. This is wonderful product! Nov 28, 2013
Harmony W: I've always wanted to try this. Thank you for the deluxe sample! Nov 28, 2013
DAVID A: Never tried. Nov 28, 2013
Wan Yung L: Love this so much! Nov 28, 2013
Sijia L: trial Nov 28, 2013
Susan Y: wanted to try this long time Nov 28, 2013
YURUI W: tried once, good product Nov 28, 2013
Lisha Z: te see if it fits me Nov 28, 2013
Kexin H: popular, i wanna try it Nov 28, 2013
Regina N: i Nov 28, 2013
ZIQIAO L: famous Nov 28, 2013
Tianming Z: love it Nov 28, 2013
Shiquan Y: the web command it is a star product Nov 28, 2013
jo b: would like to try it! Nov 28, 2013
JUDITH HYDE K: have used this for many years, can't be without it. Nov 28, 2013
Melissa M: I've heard about it on t.v. Nov 28, 2013
JIAMIN W: na Nov 28, 2013
Zheying J: HIGH RATED Nov 28, 2013
Yaou R: try it Nov 28, 2013
Nancy F: Excellent product! Nov 28, 2013
Melanie S: Love the results from this wonderfully scented oil which goes on smoothly and non-oily. My face feels hydrated and soft in the morning. Nov 28, 2013
janie m: love this product Nov 28, 2013
Huilan z: good product Nov 28, 2013
Barbara C: Love the scent, the way my skin looks and feels. Brighter and calmer looking! Nov 28, 2013
juan h: fun Nov 28, 2013
SIJING L: want to try Nov 28, 2013
ruiwen w: it's good Nov 28, 2013
Ze L: This one is definitely my favorite from Kiehl's. Always make me look good after sleep. Nov 28, 2013
minshui h: want to try Nov 28, 2013
E L: Want to try out this product. Nov 28, 2013
Meei-jyh S: Like it. Nov 28, 2013
Chia Ling Wu C: New for me Nov 28, 2013
xiaofei q: I LIKE IT! Nov 28, 2013
THANH THAO P: My skin feels soft and supple in the morning! Nov 28, 2013
Ying Z: Never use this before, give it a try. Nov 28, 2013
Susana G: Love it Nov 28, 2013
Huiyuan L: great thing Nov 28, 2013
silin c: good Nov 28, 2013
Yiteng X: recommended Nov 27, 2013
QI L: GOOD Nov 26, 2013
Sean O: I am concerned about aging and would like to try this before purchasing. Nov 24, 2013
Xiaoping X: very good, I like it Nov 23, 2013
Nan J: Convenient to take on travel Nov 18, 2013
Ling T: like it Nov 18, 2013
Sijing C: Give a try! Nov 17, 2013
Yuk Lin C: the bottle so cute Nov 17, 2013
Ning W: would like to have a try Nov 17, 2013
Jie M: anti-aging Nov 15, 2013
Julie K: evening hydration for face before bed Nov 15, 2013
Yesenia L: I Love this stuff! Nov 15, 2013
Melanie V: travel Nov 15, 2013
Liping m: I like it, it can reduce the fine line and make my skin looks healthier. Nov 14, 2013
Pannee C: I totally depend on the reviews. Nov 12, 2013
Michael B: Interested in how this will work against my skins natural wrinkles Nov 11, 2013
Sandy T: Good Customer Reviews Nov 10, 2013
Marie P: I have combination skin and when I apply the Midnight Recovery at night it gently moisturizes my skin leaving it smooth and soft, with no dry areas. Nov 9, 2013
Mary A R: This is a great product; good size for a weekend trip!
This is my "night-time" skin treatment. Keeps my skin soft, no break-outs and no wrinkles!
Nov 4, 2013
lucy b: I want to keep trying something to apply in my lines. Nov 4, 2013
Zimo S: want to buy Oct 29, 2013
Jady Y: Love this especially during arid winter time. It really helps to glow up my skin next morning! Oct 26, 2013
Farah C: Part of my nighttime routine. Apply before moisturizer. Skin is refreshed and hydrated when I wake up. Oct 26, 2013
Shayla R: I LOVE the midnight recovery cream! Oct 21, 2013
jeanette f: its brilliant Oct 20, 2013
Sandi W: thought it looked interesting, my skin is getting older as I am. Oct 20, 2013
Robin H: Want to try. Oct 20, 2013
Sam M: Again I've been using the line reducing concentrate & was told this goes well with it so I'd like to try it Oct 20, 2013
Maria D: heard its a great product Oct 20, 2013
Renee R: it works Oct 20, 2013
maggie m: Excellent ! Oct 20, 2013
Diane K: To try it out. Oct 20, 2013
Wanmeng L: redness Oct 20, 2013
Stacia B: Experimenting Oct 20, 2013
nadine g: I hit 40 a couple of years ago and realize I need to start using something!!! Oct 20, 2013
Cherry Y: Good reviews and curious to see the effect Oct 20, 2013
lois f: wonderful product Oct 20, 2013
Miao W: good previous experience Oct 19, 2013
tmmys: i'd like to try for a couple of days- a week n see any difference on my skin before i purchse for the regular size. Oct 19, 2013
Yangping D: star product Oct 19, 2013
Janene A: Top rated item and do not currently have a night time treatment Oct 19, 2013
Zoe L: Want to try this out to see if it works. Most reviews are positive. Oct 19, 2013
Kathryn E. B: Although I am over 50, I am a novice at using eye creams. I am confused at to which one to choose after reading all the information and reviews on Keihl's web site. The one thing all had in common was using this line at bedtime. Oct 19, 2013
Deann T: It smells amazing and makes my skin so soft and a little goes a long way! I am so glad I tried it! Oct 19, 2013
Sujie W: To see if can save my rough skin. Oct 19, 2013
Pamela F: Wanted to try to see if it will help my skin. Oct 19, 2013
Amy B: Good reviews Oct 19, 2013
Susan M: wanted to try it before purchasing Oct 19, 2013
HongLi W: Want to have a try of this product Oct 19, 2013
Yan L: Saw the review is good, curious to have a try. Oct 13, 2013
Kim M: Want to try it Oct 11, 2013
Caroline G: I've heard great things about this product and want to see if I like it. Oct 7, 2013
luke w: Long nights staying out too late--need to at least look the part the next morning. Oct 5, 2013
Karen G: I am 59 years old and have seen an increase signs of aging over the past year due to stress Oct 4, 2013
Leah K: Use this product and love the size for traveling. Oct 4, 2013
Teng F: top selling Oct 4, 2013
Lisa J: LOVE this product!! Oct 3, 2013
Nikhat F: I want to try this Oct 3, 2013
Gustavo M: ratings Oct 3, 2013
elizabeth p: I love this product. love. it. a few drops is all it takes and the results are truly visable. Oct 3, 2013
Anne W: This has to be my FAVORITE so far! My skin is so soft and silky. I don't even wear foundation anymore because my skin tone is amazing! Oct 3, 2013
Ann H: to try Oct 3, 2013
Kun W: Try it Oct 2, 2013
Janet B: travel size Sep 27, 2013
Yilian C: i tried this before, like it~ Sep 23, 2013
Meenal D: Great product Sep 22, 2013
Ying H: works for me Sep 22, 2013
Janet W: good for travel Sep 18, 2013
Elizabeth L: Favorite night time treat Sep 18, 2013
Sarah Y: I read a good review and I had chosen. Sep 18, 2013
Marybeth Z: Used before Sep 18, 2013
Lee T: Not sure - curious. Sep 16, 2013
Paige P: This is a wonderful product. I can't live with out it. Sep 15, 2013
Kimberly J: Read Great Reviews Sep 14, 2013
Karla C: Free sample, so giving it a try Sep 14, 2013
Susan S: Like have ing small samples of my favorite products so I can have them when I travel. Sep 14, 2013
Julie M: Love it! Sep 14, 2013
Amanda L: Another one with great reviews... I would like to see the results of this along with the Midnight Recovery Eye. Sep 13, 2013
Brandon C: The reviews say it's awesome! Sep 13, 2013
sandy f: don't know what it is Sep 12, 2013
Aubrey R: Wanted to try it. Sep 12, 2013
ALICIA S: Reduces puffiness and dark under-eye circles Sep 11, 2013
Wendy W: Customers rave about it so I want to try it. Sep 10, 2013
devin l: i do some of my best work around that time Sep 9, 2013
JIAJUN H: This is one of the customers' favorite. I want to have a try. Sep 9, 2013
Anne Michelle L: want my sister to try it Sep 9, 2013
xiangiqing h: I use this sample, it is amazing Sep 7, 2013
Shiyun Z: famous Sep 7, 2013
Jiwan D: I already use this product and will use for travel Sep 7, 2013
Vahan A: never tried it Sep 6, 2013
Gabriele G: It was mentioned a number of times in different products as something others used. I thought I'd give it a try. Sep 6, 2013
Xia S: want to try Sep 6, 2013
Ming H: It's definitely a star product worth trying! Sep 6, 2013
Audrey S: love the product Sep 5, 2013
Pamela N: Love product, great travel size. Sep 5, 2013
Maris C: So i could have a travel size. Have used this for several years. Sep 5, 2013
yulan z: good for me Sep 2, 2013
Xiaoli L: I just wanna try Sep 1, 2013
Jeinette S: I wanted yo prove the reviews were right Aug 31, 2013
Bonnie T: good reviews Aug 31, 2013
Marcia D: Never used it before. Aug 30, 2013
Adelita H: trial Aug 29, 2013
Marc P: Global travel on a weekly basis, and an attempt to counteract the rigors of such travel. Aug 29, 2013
Joseph L: wanted to try Aug 28, 2013
Wade I: Looks to perform miracles Aug 27, 2013
Yih Wen G: Would love to see the amazing results. Aug 26, 2013
Ricky H: To prevent aging...! Aug 23, 2013
Kathy T: I have used this before - it is a great product! Aug 16, 2013
Stephanie K: wanted to try Aug 15, 2013
Ruth J: After all the years and all the products I've tried, this is the only one I can actually say I saw overnight results with after the first use. Love, love, love this stuff!! Aug 15, 2013
MaryAnn G: Use it daily. Want travel size for my travel bag. Aug 13, 2013
claudia m: want to try it Jul 30, 2013
Camilo S: I want to try, and see how this works Jul 16, 2013
Erica G: I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!! Jul 12, 2013
Bertha M: review Jul 7, 2013
Raul O: TEH BEST! Jul 3, 2013
Nastassia H: I read that it was a good product. Jun 29, 2013
Diane C: because it was the favorite per your site Jun 28, 2013
suzanne b: just to try Jun 26, 2013
Yuko I: I need this for my travel use Jun 26, 2013
james a: for try Jun 25, 2013
Blerina K: It's what I have used for a while and love it smells amazing and does its work great I wake up with beautiful feeling and looking skin :) Jun 25, 2013
Suwen Y: want to try it Jun 25, 2013
Suzanne L: heard good things about product Jun 24, 2013
Juanita C: Again, I use this product day and night. I like the results as well as the consistency of the product. And the ease of getting the product out of the bottle is also a plus. Jun 24, 2013
Dawn S: i travel a lot and this is a great size for travel Jun 24, 2013
chunnuan h: already used and i want to have this travel size Jun 17, 2013
Ramon S: Excellent Product Jun 17, 2013
Meng C: it really helps hydrating during the night and skin looks better! Jun 15, 2013
Amanda D: try Jun 14, 2013
Zhengzheng L: good try, will purchase the normal size. Jun 13, 2013
Ying W. Z: want to try Jun 12, 2013
question: expensive, try first Jun 9, 2013
SARAH B: Came with purchase Jun 9, 2013
JACKIE M: Woud like something for my dry skin ove night. Jun 2, 2013
Camille W: smells wonderful, moisturizes and freshens skin May 27, 2013
Cely E: to see the results May 22, 2013
Deborah W: trying to find a good serum that I like better than La Mer May 20, 2013
Yoojin C: need better care May 19, 2013
wei s: try May 19, 2013
Angie W: aging skin May 15, 2013
Marissa B: I like the name and the idea of a nighttime aide May 14, 2013
ana s: my skin needs it May 13, 2013
shaobo h: same reason as the first one May 13, 2013
Jessica T: It's a customer favorite and I need a nighttime routine. May 11, 2013
Aihua L: good May 7, 2013
Maria Renee A: Curious about results, try to evaluate if lavander is good for breakouts Apr 30, 2013
MariAna Z: The jewel of skin plumping and recovery Apr 30, 2013
Kayre P: traveling, it will be easier to travel with. Apr 28, 2013
Xinyi H: FROM WEB Apr 28, 2013
Ying S: would like to try it Apr 28, 2013
Jing D: want to try more products Apr 27, 2013
jan m: I wanted to try it Apr 26, 2013
mengjie z: i like it Apr 26, 2013
Rebecca S: always good to have a backup Apr 26, 2013
Rhonda J: This is a most wonderful product also and I love to layer my cream over serums. Serums are the best because the penetrate deeply and immediately and at age 60, I need that;) Apr 23, 2013
elsie u: try-out Apr 23, 2013
Ying Chun L: want to try it Apr 10, 2013
Kristine M: For travel. Apr 10, 2013
QINYI Q: I like it. Apr 7, 2013
Qian L: A friend recommended it to me and said it was quite effective to reduce wrinkles on his neck Apr 3, 2013
Xinyue Z: I like the scent. It is very oily so I only apply it on cheek area at night. I am not sure if it reduces the wrinkles, but it has no effect on pimple or pimple marks. Apr 3, 2013
Carmen H: I ordered the Midnight Recovery Eye cream and it got rave reviews so I thought I would try this as well. Mar 31, 2013
Seth M: I'd like to improve my complexion Mar 30, 2013
Bok-lan L: It's very good to me Mar 29, 2013
james m: try it Mar 21, 2013
Nicholas M: wanted to see how this worked Mar 17, 2013
zhoutong w: INTERESTED Mar 16, 2013
Linda M: Was a gift with code Feb 19, 2013
Chang B: to have a try Feb 18, 2013
Lingjia L: Kiehl's is famous for eye products. Feb 15, 2013
Carolyn W: Love this product and will continue to use Feb 14, 2013
Yixuan X: Friend's recommendation Feb 11, 2013
Heather D: i had an offer code for it, and i use it already, so this size is good for travel Feb 7, 2013
Jiantao Z: friend suggest Feb 6, 2013
david a: i wanted to try this product Feb 5, 2013
Becky T: I've read good reviews and I want to try it. Feb 5, 2013
Margareta C: It was an "exclusive offer" from you so I am willing to give it a try. Feb 3, 2013
Linda K: I read the reviews and it sounds like it works so will give it a try. Feb 3, 2013
Linda G: I use this daily and love it! Feb 2, 2013
Tress E: Need to try a new product Jan 30, 2013
Nathaniel L: skins looks refreshed and younger after samples used. Jan 28, 2013
evelyn l: want to try this type of overnight cream Jan 27, 2013
Lee V: one of the BEST products I have ever used - my skin has never looked this good. Jan 26, 2013
Nancy R: I've been using this product and love it!!!! Jan 26, 2013
Micki L M: promotion Jan 26, 2013
Adriana M: It is great for the winter time. Makes my face softer Jan 25, 2013
Xuyin L: gift Jan 25, 2013
Hyunjoo L: My friend suggested this product Jan 25, 2013
Dolores M: possible future purchase Jan 24, 2013
ASHLEY H: I love the way this makes my skin feel at night and I love to mix it with the powerful-strength line-reducing concentrate or my moisturizer. Jan 24, 2013
Kelly J: Sooooooo great to use with Rosa Arctica at night. This feels so wonderful on my skin. I also rub 3 or 4 drops on before I run in the morning if the weather is dry and cold. Jan 24, 2013
Jack C: Use this every night and it really works to make your skin look fresh and radiant the next day Jan 24, 2013
Carol F: Dry climate and occational dry skin Jan 23, 2013
Will K: love this! Jan 23, 2013
Kris B: free Jan 22, 2013
Phoebe J: I'm addicted to this formula as it is.. and this would be a great travel size bottle to refill! Jan 13, 2013
Martha P: I use this item everyday, along with the powerful strength line reducing concentrate and the abyssine cream. I like to carry these samples with me, when I am making overnight and weekend business trips. Jan 13, 2013
Susan C: works wonders! Jan 12, 2013
Joani M: wanted to try it...good travel size Jan 12, 2013
Kathy A H: Read reviews online and wanted to try it. Jan 8, 2013
Anna L: good quality Jan 8, 2013
Whitney F: Love this item Jan 8, 2013
sandra m: free Jan 8, 2013
Jian L: TRY IT Jan 8, 2013
DEBORAH T: Your products are very good, just a look for possible future purchase Jan 6, 2013
Gloria G: I heard this was a great serum, if I like it I will definitely buy the full size Jan 5, 2013
Sarah B: It sounds like a good product. Jan 4, 2013
jessica v: Just wanted to try it. Dec 31, 2012
Kristen R: love Dec 29, 2012
dongmei w: i love this! Dec 27, 2012
hong z: It's good. Dec 26, 2012
Chun-Shan Y: Looking for a gift for mom and auntie. Dec 26, 2012
Alison S: I haven't tried a serum yet that I've liked...so figured I might as well try a Kiehl's one Dec 21, 2012
Alexandria G: improve skin texture Dec 20, 2012
Uzoma K: It's received alot of rave reviews so I wanted to try it for myself. Dec 20, 2012
Toni R: Wanted to try it before purchasing. Dec 20, 2012
Gary H: This is good stuff Dec 20, 2012
Tashan A: Love this product, use it every night. Absorbs easily and no greasy feel. Dec 19, 2012
Sallie C: want to try this product Dec 19, 2012
Wendy L: to put in office - it is great pick me up for super dry super stressed skin Dec 19, 2012
nan j: looking for skincare which better for over 40 years old Dec 18, 2012
michelle j: I don't know if I'm too young for this right now Dec 18, 2012
Teresa H: I love this product -- my aesthetician recommended it to me. I always take advantage of the deluxe samples of this product, as it's expensive! But a little bit goes a long way. Dec 18, 2012
Cheryl W: Sounds awesome Dec 18, 2012
Suzanna T: intriguing Dec 17, 2012
Patricia S: Have used it before and like how it works Dec 17, 2012
brie j: recommended by store staff at King of Prussia, PA Dec 15, 2012
Cindy H: In my 40's.. looking for things to improve skin texture. Dec 15, 2012
Christina Aline N: I love this! Dec 15, 2012
Kristi W: friend's recommendation Dec 15, 2012
Marilyn P: Still hoping for help with lip lines Dec 14, 2012
Ann C: Love and use this product and the size is perfect for my travel bag Dec 14, 2012
Savannah H: I wanted to try before I bought the larger size Dec 14, 2012
Jill F: Great reviews. Dec 14, 2012
Jean M: Doesn't everyone over the age of 50 need this product? Dec 13, 2012
Marisha G: This is my favorite 'pampering' treatment. When I first tried it I thought it would be oily but was surprised when it on and dried quickly. It left my skin smooth and cleared my complexion in a matter of days. Dec 10, 2012
Angelina W: like the size of this bottle Dec 10, 2012
Patricia S: For overnight care Dec 10, 2012
Marley Q: never tried this Dec 10, 2012
Ya-Wen C: getting older Dec 10, 2012
Lillian A: to try Dec 10, 2012
Karen M: right size for travelling Dec 9, 2012
Audrey A: Random pick since I had to pick something. Dec 9, 2012
Heather G: Just am starting to think about products to keep my skin looking young, wanted to see if I could tell a difference. Dec 9, 2012
Judy F: I wanted to try this product
as I have been told it is wonderful and shows results.
Dec 9, 2012
KerryAnn A: Hoping this will help with the overall appearance and texture of my face. Dec 9, 2012
Lingxi G: good after using mask and like this little bottle Dec 9, 2012
Terri G: This is fabulous, makes your face feel refreshed in the morning! Dec 9, 2012
Patricia S: Plan to give to a friend to try also Dec 9, 2012
Elizabeth M: Something for me to try out. Dec 8, 2012
jacqueline b: think tried before and liked so just rececking Dec 8, 2012
M. c: have heard great things about this. Dec 7, 2012
Janet B: This is awesome - it leaves my face smooth & soft. Dec 7, 2012
jennifer c: works well on my skin Dec 7, 2012
Deanna L: I would like to try this product. Dec 7, 2012
Michelle M: My favorite product! Dec 7, 2012
Eun O: wanted to try this product Dec 7, 2012
Rachael J: My roommate has it and loves it. Dec 6, 2012
Yujia C: Next time. I can talk about it.
I just try it for my next purchases.
Thank Kiehl's gave me great gift.
Dec 3, 2012
Yujia C: Next time. I can talk about it.
I just try it for my next purchases.
Thank Kiehl's gave me great gift.
Dec 3, 2012
Yujia C: Next time. I can talk about it.
I just try it for my next purchases.
Thank Kiehl's gave me great gift.
Dec 3, 2012
Kimberly P: I have used the product and it is a great oil - will use it for travel. Nov 30, 2012
yingzhen x: NICE ONE! Nov 29, 2012
Yaqiong C: seems work Nov 25, 2012
lin c: love it Nov 25, 2012
Tiantian H: Never tried serum before. Nov 25, 2012
Joe C: Always wanted to try this. Nov 25, 2012
Zhi L: never tried it before Nov 25, 2012
Rena S: It was on the top ten products so I figured I needed to try this first. I'm new to kiehls. Nov 25, 2012
Jingyi Z: repair my damaged skin Nov 25, 2012
Annie S: Tried at the kiehls store in northpark mall in dallas. wanted to try it more Nov 25, 2012
Yulei X: Because it is one of top holiday picks Nov 25, 2012
Stephen F: Love this product, feels amazing Nov 25, 2012
YINGYI L: FOR MY MOM Nov 25, 2012
Jing X: try Nov 25, 2012
Mengya Z: used before Nov 25, 2012
PATTARAJIT M: I want to try if I am allergy to this product or not before I invest in the real size Nov 25, 2012
Melissa B: Absolutely the best product for dry skin in the Winter! Nov 25, 2012
XU Z: recommended by friends Nov 25, 2012
Betsy D: Wanted to compare to Lauder Night Repair. Nov 25, 2012
Bianca C: I wanted to try it Nov 25, 2012
Iris R: See earlier post. Although they're aren't enough words. Miracle in a bottle? Nov 25, 2012
Xia L: just wanna try sth new. Nov 25, 2012
keri m: wrinkles Nov 24, 2012
Yi Y: I saw from a recommondation. Nov 24, 2012
Annabelle T: Love this product, keeps my face soft & fresh. Nov 24, 2012
Janet C: friend had it and recommended and i would like to try! Nov 24, 2012
Janelle W: i like the little bottle Nov 24, 2012
Angela H: As I'm getting older, I am looking for serums with anti-aging properties. Nov 24, 2012
XIAO F: suggested by friends Nov 24, 2012
KIM S: good Nov 24, 2012
Michael R: Comes highly recommended Nov 24, 2012
nancy w: want to wake up to younger looking skin Nov 24, 2012
boyu z: the star product Nov 24, 2012
Huanming X: new product I would like to try!!! Nov 24, 2012
geni m: seems good Nov 23, 2012
Yi H: I heard it's a good concentrate. Nov 23, 2012
Xiaofeng C: Great product! I use it every night. Nov 23, 2012
Melanie O: wanted to try it Nov 23, 2012
Renee F: looking for a good night serum Nov 23, 2012
Sheila B: Previous user's comments on your website Nov 23, 2012
Kui C: try Nov 23, 2012
Kyounghee W: love it Nov 23, 2012
Adam R: Could tell the difference almost overnight Nov 23, 2012
Alison S: As I said about the Midnight Recovery Eye, the Midnight Recovery products are amazing. The beautiful, calming aroma plus the softening, complexion improving effects on my skin have me obsessed with these products. Nov 23, 2012
siyu g: recommended by a friend Nov 23, 2012
Daiwei C: wanna try Nov 23, 2012
Daiwei C: mom told me it's good Nov 23, 2012
Hui Z: heard from friends Nov 23, 2012
Youyou Y: recommended by others. Nov 23, 2012
JUNGMI H: I'd like to try on... Nov 23, 2012
Jenny S: This is one of my favorite things in the entire Kiehl's line-up of facial products! It makes me look forward to doing my bedtime routine! The light lavender scent is calming and relaxing and the concentrate has a nice consistency without being too heavy or greasy. I also have seen results with this product which is the best part! It truly does work it's recovery magic overnight! Nov 23, 2012
Liping X: NICE Nov 23, 2012
lydia w: first time to have a try Nov 23, 2012
Zheng Y: like to try Nov 22, 2012
VORALUCK P: It's the best item in here Nov 22, 2012
jianan D: want to try because of the good reviews. Nov 22, 2012
tian y: it helps me to stay late Nov 22, 2012
Tao Q: want to try Nov 22, 2012
Jacqueline K: Great for traveling Nov 22, 2012
Jane M: Love this product Nov 22, 2012
LU E: this is great producet,l like it. Nov 22, 2012
Lu J: nice Nov 22, 2012
Longteng T: I heard from my friends that this product is very good. I want to try it. Nov 22, 2012
Yaxian H: I have never used kiel's, but I heard it's great. Nov 22, 2012
Zhuojun H: Want to have a try Nov 22, 2012
Pan Y: haven't use it before, so try Nov 22, 2012
Rebecca R: i love this. Nov 22, 2012
lena l: my friend told me it's really good, I'd like to try it Nov 22, 2012
Jing W: it s good size for trabel Nov 22, 2012
LESLIE P: Amazing! Nov 18, 2012
Jiwon L: love Nov 18, 2012
Tina O: Have not used this yet Nov 4, 2012
Matthew A: idem Oct 31, 2012
Stephanie S: For my sister's bday present. Perfect for winter. Oct 30, 2012
Won Sue L: my friend's recommendation Oct 24, 2012
JIEYING C: TRY Oct 23, 2012
Elizabeth W: For my overnight bag-already love the product Oct 22, 2012
Beatrice T: wanted to try it, sounds good Oct 14, 2012
Paula D: Love this product Oct 14, 2012
Rachel B: I want my mom to try it, She needs help with reversing damage and smoothing wrinkles on the area around her eyes Oct 14, 2012
judy a: I love this product, and this is a nice travel size. Oct 14, 2012
Richard K: Trial Oct 14, 2012
Lynette D: Love It, works well. Skin looks great. Oct 14, 2012
Junko S: Need help on my dry skin Oct 13, 2012
Liang S: for better skin Oct 13, 2012
Angel L: Because my friend asked me to do so. Oct 12, 2012
Stephanie S: For my mother who has sensitive skin. Oct 11, 2012
linda t: free gift Oct 10, 2012
JILL B: travel Oct 9, 2012
Mary F: came with coupon code. I already use it and thought this would make a good travel size. Oct 9, 2012
Laurie Z: Just trying Oct 8, 2012
Diane D: Have used this product for over a year & love it. Oct 8, 2012
Gwenn W: Anti Aging Oct 8, 2012
Susanne N: Curious and desperate to repair dark lines and tanning bed damage. Oct 8, 2012
Shengjie Z: this one is awesome! Oct 5, 2012
Stephanie S: The reviews were incredible and I want to see if it works better than Burt's Bees Serum. Oct 5, 2012
Noriko K: because of the great reviews Oct 3, 2012
Zhuo G: just to try Oct 2, 2012
Haoting F: seems good. i wanna try it Oct 1, 2012
Mi Ji A: Need to change aging lines n wrinkles Sep 30, 2012
Makida C: Wasn't given a choice. Sep 29, 2012
Janna B: to have a small one to take on trips Sep 28, 2012
Tadeja G: tried it, as above. Sep 27, 2012
tony f: sounded interesting Sep 24, 2012
Lindsay C: I love traveling with this product esp because my skin feels dry from being on the airplane. I wish Kiehl's offered travel size products! Sep 24, 2012
DanYang S: It is great. I had it before. Sep 23, 2012
Jianfeng G: help my friend to buy Sep 23, 2012
bin t: so nice Sep 21, 2012
Ailin L: need something at night time Sep 21, 2012
Hung Hsuan C: .... Sep 20, 2012
AMY L: coupon Sep 20, 2012
melissa b: starting to show fine lines, want to see if this improves the situation Sep 17, 2012
Lee W: curious. plus it was part of offer. Sep 17, 2012
Kat W: I love this product - I saw the difference in my skin immediately Sep 16, 2012
Judie B: I already use this wonderful product so having a travel size for me is just perfect. Can't beat it Sep 16, 2012
ANGELA R: This is the quintessential long flight cure. Plain and simple! Sep 12, 2012
Elizabeth G: had coupon Sep 12, 2012
cheryl d: like it Sep 11, 2012
Marc O: This is great stuff! Sep 11, 2012
Benjamin C: Coupon Code Sep 10, 2012
Beverly G: want a travel size. Sep 9, 2012
RuiFang L: Received coupon in email, have been in need of a night treatment and wanting to try this. Sep 9, 2012
Maggie D: I have a full size jar which works really well under my eyes and lined areas. I travel a lot and want to carry a travel size. Sep 7, 2012
mary jo c: It was on a reward card. Sep 6, 2012
Kathryn S: This feels great and works well. Sep 4, 2012
Denise J: Was a special offer with the purchase of Rosa Arctica. Sep 4, 2012
rachel m: love love love this...feels so nice on my skin Sep 4, 2012
Jennifer M: The best thing I've found to take care of my skin during the winter months. Apply it before bed, cover with Rosa Artica and wake up moisturized. Sep 3, 2012
Peng G: it's perfect! I have dry skin, and this product made me feel moisture all day long~ I love it Sep 2, 2012
WEI C: want to try it and see how the result will be Aug 31, 2012
Lu W: what could go wrong with recovery concentrate? Aug 28, 2012
JOO HYEUNG P: my age Aug 28, 2012
Michelle A: love serums Aug 28, 2012
Xiaoxiao L: Love this ! Makes my skin very smooth and soft!!! Aug 26, 2012
Angela B: it was a bonus item, but I've heard it's amazing Aug 12, 2012
Peiyun Z: want to try Aug 11, 2012
Junping W: i want to try! Aug 9, 2012
Stephanie S: For my mom to try Aug 4, 2012
Weili H: just want to give it a try Jul 30, 2012
SUYEON K: Wanted a small travel size version of this product, I also ordered a regular-size version for at-home use. Jul 23, 2012
ANN C: Want to try before buying full size Jul 13, 2012
YI C: For recover my skin tone Jul 13, 2012
Stephanie S: has good review, trying to replace my brown bottle that doesn't do much Jul 11, 2012
Evelyn W: This is a regular part of my sking regimen. I absolutely love it! Jul 11, 2012
Stacie S: For a friend. Jun 25, 2012
Sandra N: Love this product and will enjoy having a small travel size. Jun 25, 2012
Lisa J: Works wonders on blackheads and is excellent keeping skin fresh and glowing. Jun 25, 2012
wanwan s: very good Jun 25, 2012
Franchon M: never tried it. Jun 25, 2012
Roqueza S: my friends recommended and they said it works and it does not feel oily at all Jun 25, 2012
Michelle S: gift Jun 25, 2012
Jared C: My mom is looking for new Facial Creams Jun 25, 2012
Patricia A: I want to try the product. Jun 25, 2012
Humaira T: Love this product...more of it in a delux sample is wonderful. Jun 24, 2012
LORI DAWN K: Wanted to try it. Jun 24, 2012
Brad B: sounded like a good product to try out Jun 24, 2012
Michiko T: So much difference after I use it! Jun 24, 2012
Nicole M: My skin always looks good in the morning Jun 23, 2012
jin z: give to my friend Jun 23, 2012
jin z: try new one Jun 23, 2012
CONNIE C: This is brighten my skin! Jun 23, 2012
yeun l: i really like the smell of this concentration and i feel that it does help my face with dryness. Jun 22, 2012
Ting L: wish it improve my skin Jun 22, 2012
Angel Z: AGE Jun 22, 2012
Xiao W: Never used any of Kiehls products and want to try it. Jun 21, 2012
SoYoung G: I use this already but this sample size is perfect for my vacation. Didn't want to bring my big regular size bottle. Jun 21, 2012
Eileen I: These are great sizes for travel and stay safely packed when kept inside the folding card they are packed in Jun 21, 2012
gaiping x: i have some problems maybe it will help me Jun 20, 2012
Celeste N: Good reviews. Jun 20, 2012
gloria y: it makes my skin feels very smooth in the morning Jun 20, 2012
Ran H: wanna try Jun 20, 2012
Xiaomeng C: Used it before, very impressive Jun 20, 2012
Diane E: Use the eye cream; wanted to try the other product in the line. Jun 20, 2012
Emily H: To try it. Aged and damaged skin. Looking to perk up my skin (and skin under my chin). Jun 20, 2012
Miriam U: Used it before, like the travel size for trips. Jun 20, 2012
LAN Z: want to try Jun 20, 2012
Jennifer Y: I have used this before and loved! Jun 20, 2012
reyhan b: Someone at the Kiehl's counter introduced this product to me. It sounded good, so I wanted to try to see if I will like it. Jun 20, 2012
reyhan b: Have used it before, I liked it. So I want to have more in stock. Jun 20, 2012
Katie S: Smells great, makes me look great Jun 20, 2012
Kasha W: Thought we would try it Jun 20, 2012
Michele C: It's awesome and it works and since I started using it I look 5 to 8 years younger! Jun 19, 2012
Gloria S: My daughter highly recommended this product Jun 18, 2012
Lori F: I wanted to try Jun 15, 2012
eun kyeong l: good review May 31, 2012
Tracy H: scent, and i used it before May 28, 2012
Sheryl C: Great reviews May 25, 2012
Allison O: Great reviews May 21, 2012
sofie k: Great customer review! May 21, 2012
Jennifer M: Wanted to try a sample to see if it is worth adding to my nightly routine. May 14, 2012
ding j: good May 6, 2012
Ziyuan X: good May 6, 2012
panchanut c: good May 6, 2012
Paula S: will try new product May 6, 2012
Judith S: Awesome stuff! Tried it in a sample. May 6, 2012
Jemetha C: It works! May 6, 2012
Lorraine B: 1st try May 6, 2012
Carol N: A good moisturizer, especially in winter. May 6, 2012
Stefania C: I'm 42 and always looking for a good skin product May 6, 2012
XI C: I like serum May 5, 2012
Catherine G: hands down the best night cream/serum/oil on the market. combats fine lines, skin discoloration, pimple scars & even helps to renew scabbed and pockmarked skin! This stuff is amazing. I always get the samples if I can for travel and I use it religiously nightly. May 4, 2012
Karen H: Want to try it May 3, 2012
Tina Maria P: I heard this is wonderful product, I would like to try it. May 3, 2012
Sara S: I love this stuff and think it works to restore skin. May 3, 2012
Marie Renee F: use every night May 3, 2012
Shan D: Just love it. Feel comfortable using it at night. May 2, 2012
varinnia c: great product May 2, 2012
Holly H: Read about it...thought I would try it. May 2, 2012
cathy n: this product makes my skin glow. it lasts a long time because you just use a couple of drops. also smells lovely. May 2, 2012
Pei Kai C: I like concentrate serum May 2, 2012
Shannon B: I use this daily and think it's a miracle potion May 1, 2012
Elizabeth H: makes my skin feel so healthy and i love the smell i also use it on my hands at night May 1, 2012
Lynne O: this is my favorite product ever...makes my skin feel soft, and I love the smell. Apr 30, 2012
Lisa L: This on top of the line reducing concentrate leaves my skin so soft! Apr 30, 2012
Junchen D: too oily for me, besides I do not see good effect after using it for some days. Apr 29, 2012
Ruth E: Airline friendly size. Apr 28, 2012
Andy M: No other choice. Apr 28, 2012
Diane C: Want to try this product. Apr 28, 2012
Paula z: always use it so it's good for travel Apr 28, 2012
Barbara L: It absolutely, positively works! Apr 27, 2012
PIXIE O: I have used this product and like the effects Apr 27, 2012
NANCY F: Never used it, good opportunity to try it as a free gift. Apr 26, 2012
Janet M: I like this product. I am 65 and really try to take care of my skin. I find it works best alternating with other creams. Also it seems to work best for me when I do not apply moisturizer over it. Apr 26, 2012
Charlene D: works great Apr 24, 2012
Kathy C: want to see if I like Apr 22, 2012
amy s: heared this is good product Apr 21, 2012
Susan M: This product has gotten such good reviews that I decided to give it a try. Apr 19, 2012
Patricia R: Trying for first time Apr 17, 2012
Juanita H: To try it. Apr 9, 2012
Elizabeth M: also sounded like something that would be great for my skin and since I love your products I decided to try it. Thank you so much. I love love love samples especially when Im unsure to buy the regular sized items Apr 7, 2012
Maria Fernanda D: want to try Apr 4, 2012
Laura M: I really like the way my skin looks in the morning after wearing this while I sleep. It feels great going on as well Apr 3, 2012
Kathy S: Was given a sample at your store Apr 3, 2012
Nataliya K: I tried it before and I saw a good result. Mar 28, 2012
yolanda r: same, I read a review about this product and I want to try a sample before I order the full product Mar 27, 2012
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