Facial Fuel Eye De-Puffer

A lightweight, cooling eye stick that minimizes puffiness.
  • Convenient and portable packaging
  • Glides on easily for an instant cooling effect
  • A customer favorite
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"I love the immediate cooling sensation. This product instantly de-puffs my tired eyes."

Alex, Kiehl’s Insider

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How to Apply:
-Apply around eye de-puffer under eye area avoiding the lash line
-Gently pat with fingertips to smooth excess

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An odorless, slightly bitter alkaloid, Caffeine has been shown to help reduce the appearance of puffiness when used in skincare products.

Facial Fuel Eye De-Puffer
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Kiehl's Since 1851 Store asked: Why did you choose this?
Chenrui S: Very good Sep 30, 2014
Justin B: Online reviews are glowing -- we'll see! :) Sep 25, 2014
Mary M: Best thing for my eyes Sep 23, 2014
Karen E: Sometimes my eyes are puffy after a night of poor sleep. Sep 21, 2014
john h: Love it ! Sep 21, 2014
Brian D: The best I have ever used Sep 21, 2014
meredith d: to rid myself of puffy eye bags Sep 17, 2014
Cyrus E: my boys girlfriend gave to me when i was hungover it worked wonders Sep 16, 2014
Darden R: trying something new Sep 16, 2014
Luce C: quick depuffing to have on hand in my pro makeup kit Sep 15, 2014
Susan C: Nothing seems to work for my puffy eyes. Giving this a try..... Sep 14, 2014
Liana P: This is a product that works instantly to de puff around the eyes and makes the skin so soft the wrinkles just disappear Sep 14, 2014
Leonard M: Feels good. Works! Sep 13, 2014
Christopher S: I LOVE THIS PRODUCT Sep 10, 2014
joanne s: best eye de puffer ever! Sep 10, 2014
Anita M: I have a problem with puffs under my eyes especially when I eat anything with salt. This works great for me. Sep 8, 2014
Marion C: Need to try because of the puffiness occurring beneath my eyes. Sep 7, 2014
Gina J: It works great!! Sep 6, 2014
Zhe C: eye Sep 3, 2014
Irene H: try Sep 1, 2014
J.C. T: because eyes are puffy due to allergies Aug 21, 2014
Hannady M: Have not been able to find a product for the puffiness under my eyes Aug 18, 2014
Chrissy B: REALLY works to de-puff. Haven't found anything that works better. Aug 17, 2014
Sherry P: It really works. Aug 16, 2014
Janey H: Have never used this product from Kiehl's before - wanted to try it out for occasional mornings with puffy eyes! Aug 14, 2014
David T: Great cooling sensation in the morning. I feel it reduces puffiness and dark circles. Have used it before. Aug 10, 2014
Cynthia H: Simply, It works! Aug 10, 2014
Mildred M: Really works! Aug 10, 2014
kathleen b: because it really works, reduces my puffy eyes Aug 9, 2014
Lincoln B: Badger swears by this Aug 9, 2014
JOANN S: husband likes it Aug 9, 2014
Avi B: "Try to fight anti agign" Aug 8, 2014
paul a: hoping to reduce under eye puffiness Aug 8, 2014
lisa l: Really works wonders! I use before bed and in the morning after I wash my face. Aug 7, 2014
Jeffrey B: Love this stuff!! It works. Reduces puffiness and makes tired eyes feel alive. I even use it on the eyelids to the same effect. Aug 5, 2014
Reed H: For my husband. Aug 3, 2014
Susan F: Never tried it but sounds beneficial Jul 28, 2014
Jack W: hopefully to get rid of puffiness under my eyes. Jul 24, 2014
Jeffrey K: Not sure... was given to me as part of a set with the anti-wrinkle cream... used it ever since. Jul 23, 2014
mike b: this works better than anything else I've tried Jul 22, 2014
Daniela A: vanishes my puffy eyes in a few minutes! love it! Jul 17, 2014
Ivan O: i always have tired eyes and i need this to have a sense of awake-ness, I've tried khi els products before and they worked wonders so I'm sure this will do Jul 17, 2014
COURTNEY T: Wanted to buy after trying at store. Jul 16, 2014
Sandra E: Never tried it! Jul 16, 2014
Hollie G: It's the best for the eyes if you haven't had a lot of sleep. Refreshing!!! Love this!! Jul 12, 2014
JILL C: mmmm Jul 11, 2014
Ben C: Wanted to try Jul 9, 2014
Lynda P: Like the cool feeling under the eye Jul 9, 2014
michael T: See if it works Jul 8, 2014
Connie A: Liked the reviews, wanted to try it myself Jul 8, 2014
Walter S: I sometimes get bags under my eyes Jul 6, 2014
Jan H: First time to purchase. Trying it based on the previous customers reviews. Jul 3, 2014
Samer H: trying again but not convinced it works at all. Jul 3, 2014
Hugo M: I work the night shift and long hours. I was looking for something to help out with the puffiness. Jul 2, 2014
Ronald V: I have used before. Jun 30, 2014
Scott L: reviews were good Jun 24, 2014
Ann s: love the eye cream and hope this works trooo! Jun 23, 2014
Johanna K: i have puffy eyes Jun 22, 2014
Kenneth N: use all the time Jun 22, 2014
Omario K: THE go-to product. Awesome on the eyes - I'm two months shy of 40 years old and nobody believes me. It's all about the eyes. Jun 19, 2014
Joshua V: i need it Jun 18, 2014
Jay R: Convenient, on-the-spot treatment for eyes...especially good after working out or before after work dinners and events. Jun 11, 2014
Cedric B: my wife says it really works Jun 9, 2014
Holly H: Still looking for a product that will actually reduce puffiness. Jun 8, 2014
Scott P: A refreshing reboot for the eye Jun 8, 2014
scott s: I already use this Jun 4, 2014
Christian M: Man, This is my morning best friend! It's like coffee for my eyes! Makes my eyes look alive and rested. Jun 4, 2014
Brent C: The instant cooling affect calms the tired puffiness of the under eye; rejuvinating and uplifting it is a great start to my regimen and day. Jun 3, 2014
Sirui Y: gift for fathers and also its easy to use. Jun 1, 2014
Meredith D: Never tried this before but I'm such a fan of all Kiehls' eye products that I'm excited to try a new one. May 24, 2014
Cyle B: My dad has puffy eyes and we are hoping this will help. May 19, 2014
Chenwei Z: My dad loves it! May 19, 2014
Mark L: Works for me. I am now using it everyday to start the day looking fresh and alert. May 19, 2014
Marian A: It was strongly recommended by my niece, and she has very puffy eyes from allergies, and I have puffy eyes in the morning. May 19, 2014
Mark A: I'm starting to need something to address puffy eyes, which I never had before. May 18, 2014
Andrew G: It works! May 18, 2014
Melanie G: My husband received it as a free gift- I liked it. May 17, 2014
Armstrong G: Bags under eyes May 17, 2014
Jennifer M: i use this before eye cream and it works like a charm :) May 17, 2014
Kristine V: Recommended by a friend. Ease of use. May 17, 2014
Richard C A: works!! May 17, 2014
Esther Y: My husband works late hours and always has puffy eyes in the morning. Thought this would make a good addition to his morning routine. May 17, 2014
brigitte p: to try it May 16, 2014
ricky c: read a review May 16, 2014
Lynette D: wanted to try. May 15, 2014
Lucille R: This item really works! Used daily, it eliminates puffing under eyes. Great product. May 15, 2014
Allyson B: wanted to try out - seems like it could be good for early mornings and work May 15, 2014
Cheryl C: I love the way my under eye are feels and looks when I use this product. May 13, 2014
Dawn K: My eyes are very puffy and when I put make up on you can really see how puffy they are. Seen it on a video and decided to try it. May 12, 2014
Davide M: Have read this can help with under eye bags. I hope it does! May 12, 2014
Randall R: Watched the video, convinced me. May 12, 2014
Annette B: I am 56. Depuffing is part of life. I need a product that works. I haven't found one as of yet. fingers are crossed! May 2, 2014
Donnalynne F: Its the best serum for puffy morning eyes! Apr 30, 2014
Rachel H: LOVE this stuff. NEED it. Apr 29, 2014
craig c: my secret weapon after a night out Apr 28, 2014
Thelma W: Puffy eyes Apr 26, 2014
Hans S: Menthol tingly feeling that i can really use in the morning Apr 26, 2014
Susan J: I thought I would try it Apr 21, 2014
Tina Z: Saw in Marie Claire and wanted to try. Apr 19, 2014
christopher m: Fan of the brand, and wanted an eye de-puffer Apr 17, 2014
Donna L: recommended by family member Apr 11, 2014
Cutler S: Deeply hoping it works. Apr 10, 2014
Sonia K: works like magic, especially when travelling, small and easy and effective Apr 8, 2014
Margarita P: It Works! Apr 7, 2014
Leah L: I have very puffy eyes in the morning, no matter my sleep schedule -- in the genes! Apr 7, 2014
Apr 6, 2014
Sarah T: I have been using this for the past year and have been very happy with how it decreases inflamation, especially around my eyelids. Apr 3, 2014
Scott L: It was recommended in mens journal. Mar 25, 2014
Michael L: Liked the reviews and want to give it a try. Mar 24, 2014
Elizabeth K: eyes are puffy Mar 23, 2014
Robbin S: I love it!!! I have been using it for about 1 year and cannot live without it! It works awesome and wakes my eyes up!!!! Mar 22, 2014
Karen H: Removes the puffiness under my eyes like no other product! Mar 20, 2014
Cindy L: This product really works. It is the only eye creme that I have used that actually reduces puffiness. Mar 13, 2014
Jeanne K: Wanted to try Mar 11, 2014
Jenna D: Already use. Mar 11, 2014
Edward L: Recommended by "Men's Fitness." Affordable. Mar 8, 2014
Robert B: Read reviews Mar 2, 2014
dave d: IT WORKS Mar 1, 2014
Anna R: Puffy eyes Feb 28, 2014
Tim T: Its new to me. Feb 27, 2014
Scott A: Great for a quick eye energy boost! Usually use it mid-day or right before going out to a business dinner or just out for the night. perfect to keep in your work or gym bag. Feb 26, 2014
douglas b: saw it in mens fitness magazine Feb 24, 2014
kathleen p: AGING SKIN Feb 24, 2014
Neil C: Highly rated and good value Feb 23, 2014
Melissa S: My sister said it works miracles Feb 23, 2014
carlos f: not sure! Feb 23, 2014
loverico p: another eye resuce item - thought i'd give it a try. Feb 18, 2014
CARRIE D: Curious. Good reviews. Feb 17, 2014
Michael S: Read reviews in Men's magazine that this product was very good. Feb 15, 2014
Sarah M: I have allergies that give me puffy eyes. Feb 15, 2014
manolita h: Works great! Feb 14, 2014
Frank T: Read reviews. They were all positive. Feb 13, 2014
Leslie F: Puffy under eyes Feb 7, 2014
daniel u: i work nights and irregular hours. this has helped to make me look a little more refreshed and awake. Feb 6, 2014
Shaun W: Works great Feb 5, 2014
Andrew H: Busy schedule. Need a pick me up for my eyes and heard this works great from a Kiehl's counter employee. Feb 5, 2014
Margaret C: I have puffy eyes! Feb 4, 2014
Doris M: Easy to use. I feel it does what it says. Feb 3, 2014
rose marie a: i saw t on tv Feb 2, 2014
natalie n: I like this product. Wish it comes in a bigger size. Jan 26, 2014
Emily L: I read about it in a magazine. Jan 25, 2014
Melissa F: Already use Jan 24, 2014
Susan B: Love this really works! Jan 23, 2014
Evan B: It works great! Jan 22, 2014
Lacie D: for my friend as birthday gift Jan 21, 2014
bruce k: Love the cooling, soothing effect of this product. It just makes my skin feel so much better! Jan 19, 2014
Diane C: it actually does work to reduce swollen eyes either from allergies or dry eye irritation Jan 18, 2014
Jeff J: Cause i puffy eyes Jan 18, 2014
Merna A: to reduce puffiness under eyes Jan 14, 2014
Ilandus H: Great for my puffy eyes Jan 9, 2014
Luke C: If this is anywhere near as effective as the face wash, then I am looking forward to using this. Jan 9, 2014
Lloyd E: Reduce eye puffiness. Works pretty well. Jan 5, 2014
Mark M: I just really like the word puff, puffer, puffin and all variants. Dec 31, 2013
Matthew C: Love this stuff Dec 31, 2013
Tammt B: This works very well. I use this Dailey. Dec 30, 2013
Sofia R: to try Dec 30, 2013
Erika R: many good reviews and recommendations from friends Dec 30, 2013
Shelley M: It works! Dec 30, 2013
Milton P: Needed a eye de puffer Dec 30, 2013
Abe K: Takes care of puffy eyes Dec 29, 2013
Mark J: Have been using and like product Dec 29, 2013
john s: Really works with de puffing up under eyes Dec 27, 2013
Jeff B: Love this product Dec 27, 2013
Joyce P: LOVE IT Dec 27, 2013
Lingyao M: i have puffy eyes.... willing to give it a try Dec 27, 2013
derrick s: for days when I'm lacking sleep and proper rest Dec 25, 2013
Robert C: good all day got really aggy puffy under eyes Dec 24, 2013
Jeanne M: Really seems to help with puffiness! Dec 24, 2013
Ann S: this product is amazing! puffy eyes are long gone! Dec 20, 2013
sumeet c: looked interesting. wanted to see if it works Dec 19, 2013
Carol B: I use this every's a life saver for my sometimes puffy eyes. Love love love cause it works!! Dec 17, 2013
Carolyn W: new product to me, wanted to try Dec 16, 2013
kati p: my boyfriend has puffy eyes in the morning so trying to help him out with a new product Dec 15, 2013
Lonnie S: I love using this 1st thing in the morning, depuffs eyes quickly. Dec 15, 2013
Joseph N: used it previously and like it Dec 15, 2013
Jill G: I wanted to give my husband something for his puffy eyes. Dec 14, 2013
cynthia g: It works. Love it! Dec 13, 2013
J. Neal G: It was in the box Dec 13, 2013
Phyllis P: My son and daughter use this product. Dec 12, 2013
Sandra K: My son wants this for Christmas. Dec 12, 2013
marilyn l: requested gift Dec 12, 2013
Aric S: Hangovers Dec 12, 2013
Andreina C: Ive tried it and its nice Dec 10, 2013
Carl G: I like it Dec 9, 2013
Curtis S: Makes my eyes feel great on a Monday morning. Also, it's not greasy and feels cool and refreshing. Dec 9, 2013
William A: It works! Dec 9, 2013
Kara M: I have purchased this previously for my husband who absolutely loves how it makes his eyes feel in the morning!! Dec 9, 2013
Susan G: for my friend, she needs it Dec 7, 2013
Cherry C: Good reviews about the product. Dec 7, 2013
Regina W: Product sounds like it will reduce puffiness, thought I'd give it a try Dec 7, 2013
Guyla F: Stocking stuffers for my family Dec 6, 2013
Susan H: gift for my dad who has the worst puffy eyes Dec 6, 2013
Mark H: I've used this and like it! Dec 5, 2013
Robert R: This is great for under the eye. Dec 5, 2013
Masahiro T: Just love it. Dec 4, 2013
Karen S: Everyone needs this! Dec 4, 2013
John H: Like lots Dec 4, 2013
Maria S: I am hopeful. I am a face sleeper and so something has to work to get rid of the puffiness under my eyes. Dec 4, 2013
Dawn B: The men in my family love this product. It is revitalizing and feels cool to the touch. They say it works! Dec 4, 2013
Gillian F: Excited to try this! Dec 4, 2013
Michael S: received as a gift and really liked this product! Dec 4, 2013
Kevin L: Heard some positive reviews. We shall see. Dec 4, 2013
Leigh M: My husband swears by it! Dec 4, 2013
Sharon D: At 67, puffy eyes in am or when tired are detracting. Dec 4, 2013
DANNY B: Gift for daughter. What she asked for. Dec 4, 2013
Tiffani R: Want to try Dec 4, 2013
Paul V: This a new MUST for my husband's medicine cabinet! Dec 4, 2013
Ann B: Great product, easy to use, bought for my sisters! Dec 4, 2013
Christine B: Have a constant problem with under-eye puffiness... this is a trial run. Dec 4, 2013
Jessica V: Bought this as a stocking stuffer for my boyfriend. I always catch him using mine Dec 3, 2013
Charles E: I've used this product for a year and have been happy with the results. My face feels more awake and the bags under my eyes disappear. Dec 3, 2013
Lu c: easy and good to use Dec 3, 2013
Veronica G: something new for my husband to try Dec 2, 2013
Suzan H: Recommended by my son Dec 2, 2013
Chris B: need a good eye treatment Dec 2, 2013
Judith M: My husband has chronic dark puffy eyes and he uses this product every morning. It does a wonderful job of reducing puffy eyes!! Dec 2, 2013
Sarah H: looking for an eye puffiness reducer - love your products - hope this works Dec 2, 2013
Jo Ann C: Soothing and cooling. Also gentle. Dec 2, 2013
Gayla G: My Husband really likes the eye de-puffer. Dec 1, 2013
Sean E: im getting old Dec 1, 2013
Li D: interested Dec 1, 2013
James G: to see if it works Dec 1, 2013
Rob R: Under the eye is noticeably less puffy Dec 1, 2013
Troy M: Husband likes this Dec 1, 2013
Marc R: this is my favorite item you sell Nov 30, 2013
Sarah E: This is for me (female). I don't like my current de-puffing product, and it sounded effective. Nov 30, 2013
Raffaele R: success with other products so I am confident this one will work as well Nov 28, 2013
Qunfen L: for my husband Nov 28, 2013
varinnia c: Big fan of this product. Nov 28, 2013
Liping L: try Nov 27, 2013
Rahul N: "google this was one of the top recommended product, need to reduce eye puffiness" Nov 27, 2013
YANG X: To de-puff my eyes. Nov 27, 2013
tim w: I was on a hunting trip in CO and my eye were swollen due to lack of sleep
the product works great i
Nov 27, 2013
Cory S: Can't go without it. Use it twice per day. Goes on smoothly and absorbs easily. Nov 26, 2013
Lisa J: tired puffy eyes bringing me down Nov 26, 2013
Frank P: Used before and a great cooling sensation Nov 26, 2013
chen s: want to try. Nov 26, 2013
Jeanette G: Trying new product. Nov 25, 2013
William E: I had puffy eyes this morning! Nov 25, 2013
Monica G: This is my dad's favorite eye treatment and it really works for him! Nov 24, 2013
Robert M: Trying something new Nov 23, 2013
Dale R: I didn't really think this did does feel cool and refreshing though when applied. Nov 22, 2013
Tanya L: Love this product- husband and wife parents of 8 mos old Nov 22, 2013
Jared L: Wanted to see if it will reduce my bags when i felt I looked tired. Nov 21, 2013
Shellie P: Cool, refreshing balm for eyes. Nov 20, 2013
Joo P: gift Nov 20, 2013
Martin W: I travel internationally - this product works well to reducing puffing and helps me look fresh for meetings. Nov 20, 2013
Caleb Q: Love this product! Nov 19, 2013
jun y: Good Nov 19, 2013
JEROME L: I ran out, so it was time to buy more. Nov 19, 2013
Catherine F: My husband loves this product. It really does eliminate the puffiness around his eyes. Nov 19, 2013
albert l: used it before, its great Nov 19, 2013
Laura V: it is my favorite go to 'wake up' solution for tired eyes Nov 19, 2013
Sean K: it works well Nov 19, 2013
Peter S: Read great reviews. Nov 18, 2013
Lin Lin Y: anti puffiness Nov 18, 2013
Vivian S: I love it!! I give it to my girlfriends as one of "my favorite things!" Nov 17, 2013
beiwen z: good feeling Nov 17, 2013
kok-wah c: Have been using for several years. Love it. Nov 17, 2013
Brannon B: Helps to reduce under eye puffiness. Super convenient size. Nov 17, 2013
Maryann H: best product I've every used to improve wrinkles and puffiness around the eyes. Nov 17, 2013
Francois V: replenish stock Nov 17, 2013
ismail O: cool around my eyes with out making my eye red like other creams. Nov 16, 2013
Scott L: Easy application Nov 16, 2013
Victoria W: my husbands favorite product. quick, not shiney or sticky and makes him look like he got a full 8hrs Nov 16, 2013
Mark H: New to me! LOVED your under eye creams in the past! They work! Nov 15, 2013
Erica B: Industrial strength depuffer for those of us who work the night shift. Strong enough for a man, but also useful for the ladies! Nov 13, 2013
Donald J: It seems to work better than competing products. Nov 13, 2013
TAM B: looking for something that will really depuff eyes. Nov 11, 2013
Michael D: It works Nov 10, 2013
Carol V: Wanted to try Nov 10, 2013
Nelson B: Read on men journal mag. Nov 9, 2013
Jan R: buyed it and loved it Nov 7, 2013
Andrew B: To de-puff eyes. Nov 5, 2013
Jody S: I love this product and have been using it for years. It definitely depuffs. Nov 4, 2013
Joshua K: Eyes feel tired Nov 3, 2013
Elizabeth W: Have used and it helps Oct 30, 2013
Anastasia D: Husband has puffy eyes and trying to help him out :-) Oct 29, 2013
John K T: Try it Oct 27, 2013
Patrick S: I work hard and can't always get enough sleep - this helps me look more refreshed Oct 27, 2013
Zhongran N: I always work late, hope this one can wake me up. Oct 25, 2013
Abraham L: Men's Health Magazine recommended this product Oct 21, 2013
Renee R: it was suggested to try Oct 20, 2013
David K: Desperately need something for dark circles and puffy bagginess that I've had since I was in my 20's. Nothing has seemed to help, so now I'm trying Kiehl's as a last chance. Oct 20, 2013
Christian D: to try Oct 19, 2013
Cristine T: I have used this product for about a year now. Works great. Can definitely tell the difference when I do not use it. Have my husband using it now too. Oct 19, 2013
Damian E: I have puffy eyes. Oct 16, 2013
Efrain J c: Would like to try it Oct 10, 2013
Francisca W: works great for morning puffy eyes; i apply after morning face wash; light to use under my make up Oct 8, 2013
Mark B: Love how it works during the day after a workout. Oct 8, 2013
jeni l: LOVE IT. second refill. Oct 7, 2013
Lori M: Need want to try Oct 4, 2013
Leila W: Needed something that really works on-the-go and according to the reviews; this does. Oct 3, 2013
John S: Its very refreshing to put on after a long day of work but before a night out. You may feel tired but at least you don't look tired. Oct 2, 2013
Jeffrey R: I work for Ulta and have tried everything and this is the best! I do tell my customers about your product also. Sep 30, 2013
Terilynn B: Lost mine and I really like using it at the end of the day. Sep 30, 2013
trevor k: I have dark, puffy eyes Sep 29, 2013
Chris A: This product is a life saver while travelling. Sep 29, 2013
Caroline B: this is truly amazing. Using it makes me feel instantly more alert. Sep 28, 2013
Debbie B: gift for my daughter Sep 27, 2013
Amanda A: A make-up artist used this on me and I loooved it! Sep 26, 2013
James M: Ran out need more Sep 24, 2013
Susana B: When I DON'T wear it? That's when people tell me I look tired... So, now, even if I'm wearing zero makeup I always put this on! Sep 24, 2013
Annette S: Love this product. Have used it for a long time. Sep 23, 2013
dan l: from the name "De-puffer"
for my husband
Sep 23, 2013
Virginia S: Good eye product. Sep 23, 2013
Todd H: Works! Sep 21, 2013
Andrew L: Keeps under eye puffiness to a minimum. It also helps with dark circles. I use this product along with Eye Alert under eye cream....great combo! Sep 21, 2013
Devin G: Great for those days when you look like you haven't slept enough. Sep 21, 2013
lois p: Have used it before and really liked it. Sep 21, 2013
dennis o: It really works and makes my eyes less puffy Sep 20, 2013
Angela P: It's for my husband who has puffy eyes! Sep 17, 2013
Robert L: Gets rid of bags and dark circles almost instantly. Sep 12, 2013
Irene D: Love this product!! Sep 12, 2013
Joo L: I used this and it work great on dark circle. No acohol, clean, great product and a great price. Sep 6, 2013
Virginia B: Hubby has puffy under eye bags Sep 2, 2013
Laura R: This helps my eyes feel and look better even when I'm tired Sep 2, 2013
Anna S: I was told I had puffy eyes so I need to get rid of that! Aug 29, 2013
Mabel A: Tried this product because of the puffiness around my eyes and it really helps plus it feels refreshing. My husband tried it and he really likes it as well Aug 26, 2013
Steven L: Heard great things about it! Aug 26, 2013
Jacob B: It works to clear puffy eyes every time Aug 24, 2013
Emil D: To hopefully reduce puffiness throughout the day. Aug 17, 2013
Christine S: Magic. Can't live without it! I order 2 at a time. Aug 14, 2013
Betty C: This is my husband's fav. Aug 13, 2013
John B: Great product. Especially when I"m out in the sun all day. Aug 2, 2013
Christina H: Husband uses this regularly...travels a lot for work...swears by it Jul 27, 2013
Steve G: Trying this based on other user inputs. Jul 27, 2013
Cliff S: always get tired while driving Jul 25, 2013
Jose T: IMMEDIATE RESULTS Jul 24, 2013
Nannette K: Helps for allergy puffed eyes! Jul 21, 2013
Jeanne S: I have purchased it in the past and like the results. Jul 19, 2013
Gabrielle M: It works! Jul 17, 2013
Diane N: My son-in-law loves this product, and with two small children, he has good use for it. Jul 16, 2013
Mary W: Recommend by family Jul 15, 2013
Lynda T: I was having a puffy eye problem due to a product I had tried, not a Kiehl's product. Went to the Woodfield Kiehl's store at the recommendation of an Aveda representative (can you believe it?) and purchase this product at the Kieh's representative's recommendation. It worked and feels so good on my eye area. My husband also uses it! Jul 8, 2013
Jessica B: I'm going to be crying a lot in the next few days, and I know this will help me look more human than just a red puffy blob who can't keep her emotions in check. Thanks, Kiehls! Jul 2, 2013
Sam W: It was recommended in Men's Health magazine. Jun 27, 2013
David M: My eyes are puffy Jun 21, 2013
Katherine C: LOVE this product, while for men it is awesome for de-puffing eyes for women too! Jun 17, 2013
Frank W: seems working for me Jun 17, 2013
ANN D: help eye puffiness Jun 16, 2013
Susan A: Tried it at the store in San Francisco. Loved the way it made my eyes feel so good. Jun 14, 2013
Kelly D: Rough night? This will make you feel and look refreshed! The cool tingly sensation is an instant eye opener, literally. Great buy, can't live without it. Jun 14, 2013
Kevin C: Give product a try to fix my puffy eyes Jun 13, 2013
lindsay d: want to try this for those early morning wake up alarms, can't go to work with puffy eyes Jun 13, 2013
Kristen K: Purchased this again for my father for Fathers' Day! He absolutely loves it and says it is a great product for underneath the eyes! Jun 10, 2013
Stephanie H: It does exactly what it says and nothing handles my day-after-a-salty-dinner eyes like it. Jun 9, 2013
Charles O: have used for a year and can tell the difference Jun 8, 2013
Roderick M: Wanted to try it out. May 20, 2013
Stephen P: love it. May 19, 2013
Mark P L: Use and like. May 19, 2013
simin m: I chose this one for my husband. He has sometimes puff eyes. I hope it will help. May 19, 2013
lee r: for my sister May 16, 2013
Jared H: never used it. May 13, 2013
anna c: need an eye de-puffer May 12, 2013
GINA H: going to give it a try May 9, 2013
Ramesh R: to clear puffy eyes May 3, 2013
joyce l: needed help Apr 29, 2013
Naama M: I want to try it to see if reall work on my puffines eyes and dark circles Apr 26, 2013
Penny C: This is my favorite product. ... With the opportunity for free shipping - I decided to stock up :D Apr 26, 2013
Daniel G: I get puffy eyes, and wanted to see if this would help. Apr 22, 2013
Chris W: Trying for the first time. Apr 21, 2013
Brenda H: Sounded interesting wanted to try it! Apr 20, 2013
carole g: best eye de-puffer! works on contact and isn't greasy Apr 20, 2013
Harvey F: I chose it because it works. Apr 20, 2013
Jeffrey P: Really works and energizes tired eyes after a long flight. Apr 11, 2013
Aldwin D: I've been using this and I seem to think that it works:) Apr 7, 2013
Robert G: Goodbye puffy eyes. Mar 27, 2013
Peter T L: heard about this product from several friends Mar 24, 2013
Eugene P: This makes my eyes feel awake in the morning. I am a teacher and my days start VERY early... A little bit goes a LONG way :-) Mar 21, 2013
David N: because i like it Mar 21, 2013
Davin G: Already use it and enjoy it. Mar 20, 2013
Lynn T: My husband has trouble with puffiness under his eyes in the morning. Mar 19, 2013
Kaitlyn F: Puffy eyes Mar 19, 2013
Louis P: It has worked in the past Mar 15, 2013
Dayna P: best product i have used so far for morning puffy eyes bought this when i was traveling and cannot do without Mar 15, 2013
Halmar R: had a lot of late nights when I was younger and while I've been told I don't look my age (44) I can see the change in my face and the eyes are one of the things I would like to bring back some youth to. Mar 15, 2013
Diana M: interested in product Feb 21, 2013
ANTHONY P: I have puffy eyes Feb 18, 2013
ning W: refreshing Feb 8, 2013
Michelle J: This product has a nice cooling feel and acts as a nice moisturizer around the eye area. Feb 7, 2013
MARIA C: I've tried everything else! Jan 30, 2013
Dennis J: Great product for traveling professionals! Jan 27, 2013
Robin B: I tried my brother-in-laws and loved the results Jan 26, 2013
Carmen B: Has a tried a friend's previously. Will be new to product. Jan 25, 2013
Jo Anne B: I received it in my stocking for Christmas, and feel in love with it Jan 22, 2013
Sandra S: Highly recommended -
would like to see its effect on undereye issues
Jan 22, 2013
Scott D: Eye Alert was out of stock and has shown little benefit for me. Wanted to try something else. Jan 21, 2013
Connie C: It works and feels refreshing. Jan 21, 2013
Soojung C: For my eye dehydration Jan 15, 2013
Karon H: I have bags, not dark circles or wrinkles, under my eyes and this seems to help. Jan 13, 2013
James D: Because my friend with flawless skin recommended it. Jan 11, 2013
Aaron W: Hopefully it will help with dark circles and puffiness. Jan 2, 2013
Stephanie W: looks interesting and men's eye treatments are less expensive than women's. Dec 31, 2012
Lori S: Husband was looking for a men's product for his eyes Dec 31, 2012
John V: Minimizes puffiness. Dec 31, 2012
William D: Looking for a product to help with dark circles under my eyes Dec 30, 2012
Gina B: Looks like a good product to de-puff the eye area. Dec 29, 2012
Heidi O: The eye alert I usually buy was not available, so I'll try this. Dec 29, 2012
Alex G: I have puffy eye lids Dec 28, 2012
Troy S: My eyes look puffy and dark in the morning. Dec 28, 2012
Lauren H: Not just for men! Great to use in the morning to quickly reduce puffiness or anytime during the day for a pick-me-up! Dec 27, 2012
Corey H: I have bags under my eyes Dec 26, 2012
Patricia W: Because I have a problem with water collecting under my eyes and causing shadows--If this product is as good as the other Kiels products I've tried, I am looking forward to receiving it. Dec 26, 2012
Danielle B: Going to try it since I love all the other Kiehl's face products I use! Dec 21, 2012
Adam S: my partner loves this product Dec 20, 2012
Janine T: need relief of puffiness Dec 20, 2012
ROME A: It works! Dec 19, 2012
Hayley L: It is fantastic, but I lost mine. Dec 18, 2012
Chester W: Refreshes morning bags below eyes Dec 17, 2012
kethia h: I'm looking for a product that helps with my puffy eyes...hope it works. Dec 17, 2012
Lisa S: Saw recommendation on NBC's "The Today Show" (Kathie Lee & Hoda?). My husband recently had his Passport updated. They now require you to remove eyeglasses for the pic and WOW..... 10 years has really aged him around the eye area. Thought this product might be a great "stocking stuffer" on Dec. 25th!!! Dec 16, 2012
Zoe Ann L: heat and stress Dec 13, 2012
Debbie S: My son loves these products and I ordered them for Christmas. Dec 13, 2012
Jisoo S: I have always wanted to try an eye-balm!
Not many brands have this..
I am excited to see how much ill love this!
Dec 11, 2012
MARY ANN H: trying something new Dec 11, 2012
J.R. G: To use with line reducing cream. Dec 10, 2012
Barb R: based on the description Dec 9, 2012
David M: Works like a champ after long nights. Dec 7, 2012
Lynn F: I bought this product when i was in Charleston SC, love it. Dec 7, 2012
cheryl s: for boyfriend Dec 7, 2012
Joyce Ying H: want to try Dec 6, 2012
Donna S: I've bought it before and it works well to de-puff morning eyes Dec 6, 2012
Robin G: Love it - cools my eyelids and under eyes when they are swollen. Dec 5, 2012
Nicholas P: Helps bags under eyes! It is like coffee for the eye!!! Dec 5, 2012
Patricia G: First time I have purchased this. I wanted to try it. Dec 4, 2012
Glenda P: reviews in a magazine wanted to try Dec 3, 2012
Huijuan S: eye is important, i want to make my eyes more beautiful and fresh Dec 1, 2012
Seung-Hoon B: It's fast abd effective Nov 25, 2012
Fred C: I've heard this really works to "erase" those dark bags nder the eyes, so we will see. Nov 25, 2012
Mengya Z: refresh Nov 25, 2012
Chelsea R: I LOVE THIS PRODUCT! It feels so cooling and refreshing on my eyes. I use it whenever I need a quick "pick me up" Nov 25, 2012
Rocco G: love it Nov 24, 2012
Tricia C: Easy to use! Nov 24, 2012
Belinda H: I have been using this in the morning for about a year. I'm not a morning person at all, but this wakes me up and makes my eyes look brighter automatically! Nov 23, 2012
Linda H: GUESS Nov 22, 2012
Kim M: I love this product! It gets rid of morning puffiness and moisturizes the delicate eye area. Nov 21, 2012
Margaret A: Lack of sleep Nov 20, 2012
Wilma G B: My son really likes it Nov 19, 2012
Eric M: I carry this with me and apply to relieve eye fatigue in the afternoon or evening. I find this to be superior to competing products. Nov 19, 2012
Xiaoming Y: When I use it that much more moisten other product on my skin. Nov 18, 2012
Catherine G: Recommended by a co-worker Nov 16, 2012
Toby G: Used before Nov 16, 2012
Kelly W: Great product. I carry it ALWAYS when I travel. Nov 14, 2012
frank a: Reviewed as one of the best male products for puffy eyes area Nov 13, 2012
Jinyun Y: puffy eyes Nov 13, 2012
michael g: seen it on the today show Nov 13, 2012
Rob H: My sister let me try hers and I loved it. Oct 30, 2012
Scott N: puffy eyes Oct 30, 2012
Ryan M: See how good it reduces eye puffiness from all my late nights at work so i can look my best the next day for presenatations Oct 24, 2012
Earl A: Been looking for puffy eye solution. read article in paper and decided to try. Oct 24, 2012
Kim M: I love this product! It really moisturizes and de-puffs my under eye area. Oct 23, 2012
Ellen M: This is a first time purchase for my husband. He swims regularly, and his swim goggles leave his eyes looking puffy, He's going to give it a try! Oct 21, 2012
Roisin D: Tried a friends. Convenient to carry. Oct 15, 2012
Daniel G: Kielhl's products are great! This product actually does what it says it is going to do. Even the first time I used it I saw a difference. It's also packaged well for quick and easy usage. Oct 5, 2012
Theo C: Love this product!!!! Have tried numerous products for de-puffing eye and this is by far the BEST!!!! Never want to be without it! Oct 5, 2012
Kate P: I tried this product a few months ago, and love having it in my purse. Really feels good when my eyes are tired. Oct 5, 2012
william i: Have used other Kiehl products and they are great. Need help around the eyes. Oct 4, 2012
Linda G: This was reccomended by your staff. I have puffy eyes, and needed something for that reason. Oct 4, 2012
Mary Frances F: This feels very cooling and soothing for my eyes which watch a computer screen daily. Oct 3, 2012
Michael B: I read excellent reviews on several websites and in GQ Oct 1, 2012
Marcia W: Need a good product for occasional puffy under eye. This one was advised from a site I researched. Hope it works! Sep 30, 2012
Michele V: This product works okay. The Recovery Eye product works best so far. Sep 27, 2012
paul h: read in magazine decided to try it Sep 27, 2012
John H: This works well before I go into late meetings.
It makes my eyes look not as tried as they might
Sep 24, 2012
Justin P: Looking for something to refresh my puffy eyes in the morning. I bet this will do the trick! Sep 24, 2012
DAVID ANDREWS R: I use it regularly and love it. Sep 24, 2012
Phillip H: Very soothing for tired eyes. Sep 24, 2012
raina l: it really work for my puffer eyes when I didn't get enghou sleep! Sep 24, 2012
Amy P: I keep trying different de-puffers and am looking for one that REALLY works. Sep 24, 2012
Mingqing C: Need some product to wake me up in some occasion. Sep 23, 2012
Pamela M: love this product, but the packaging needs to be revviewed as it does not last long. Or else I would you it continuously. Sep 23, 2012
Jennifer J: I love the way this Eye De-Puffer works. I apply it every morning to reduce puffiness under my eyes from allergies. Feels wonderfully cooling, too. Sep 23, 2012
jimmy l: it works Sep 21, 2012
Enjoli J: I just ordered this and I'm awaiting it in the mail. Some mornings I wake up and my eyes are soo puffy, its terrible!! I'm a model, and it never ceases to fail that my eyes are at their puffiest when I have auditions. So hopefully this helps me! Sep 20, 2012
xuesha z: for my father Sep 19, 2012
GRISSELLE P: I have never tried it and was curious Sep 19, 2012
Maggie M: My boyfriend and I both use this product and love how refreshing it feels. I dont know if it makes us look more awake but its a great pick me up after a long meeting or hours sitting infront of a report. Sep 19, 2012
Annie P: about to embark on a month long hectic travel schedule and want to have these on hand to refresh and repair. Sep 19, 2012
Theresa V: I have suffered from puffy eyes all of my life and have found this product to work remarkably well. Sep 18, 2012
Timothy S: It was recommended by a colleague. I used it once and I was hooked. It works great to reduce the puffiness under my eyes. Sep 16, 2012
Amber L: I LOVE this product!!! Feels so great in the morning, smooth and cool. A great way to de-puff Sep 14, 2012
cassandra d: I saw online reviews that it was terrific for puffy eyes Sep 8, 2012
xiaofang w: i choose this for my boyfriend Sep 4, 2012
Linda R: Allergies combined with frequent air travel create wanted to try. Aug 31, 2012
jose alberto t: I guess this is a good product that I would like to try . Aug 31, 2012
Oliver W: used before Aug 30, 2012
Adam K: details magazine Aug 28, 2012
Kaye W: need for puffiness Aug 23, 2012
Martha W: Repeat purchase - I love this stuff! Aug 22, 2012
Jack S: Eye puffiness Aug 22, 2012
Stephanie N: I love to include this product in my morning routine. Regardless of the amount of sleep I get, I always wake up with puffiness under my eyes. Facial Fuel De-Puffer is my best defense ~ my eyes are noticeably less puffy in an instant. Aug 22, 2012
Kate P: Ran out of Bliss baggage gel and wanted to try something new. Aug 22, 2012
Robert M: I chose this because it feels good and relieves puffiness. Aug 21, 2012
Lisa B: I need it! puffy eyes always! Aug 21, 2012
Carole M: I have used this for a long time, and it REALLY helps control the puffiness under my eyes Aug 21, 2012
Karen K: I have puffy eyes in the morning Aug 19, 2012
Soledad Q: Because I like it Aug 17, 2012
Vincent P: It wipes away any sign of puffiness or the night before! Aug 15, 2012
Betty K: bags under eyes want to see if it works Aug 14, 2012
Beth Y: I want to see how well this works to reduce eye puffiness caused by age and allergies Aug 13, 2012
Ezabeth S: I have puffy eyes and the reviews on this product sound promising. Aug 11, 2012
michael g: It Works ... Aug 7, 2012
bobbie d: very soothing Aug 6, 2012
Web S: Buying this for the 2nd time. Didn't notice a huge difference after using this product for the past few weeks, but figured I'd give it a few more weeks to see if it would kick in. Aug 5, 2012
Xiaoyu W: like it Aug 5, 2012
dolores r: If the creme de corps works so good.....(when NOTHING else did) I am up to try this. I have bought over the counter cremes & serums for puffiness....still puffy eyes. I will let you know how this works! Aug 5, 2012
Janet W: read about it in a magazine and so many positive reviews. Aug 5, 2012
Kwabena S: A wake up call for your eyes. Aug 5, 2012
Peter D: Raccoon eyes run in my family. This really helps. Jul 29, 2012
mark s: Just wanted to try something new Jul 29, 2012
Carmen D: Looks like something I need from time to time!!! Jul 29, 2012
kristy b: WANTED TO TRY IT Jul 26, 2012
cornel i: my puffy eyes Jul 25, 2012
chrissy L: I am a frequent flier and have heard a couple people tell me this de-puffer works well Jul 25, 2012
Kim M: It really gets rid of that early morning eye puffiness. Jul 21, 2012
jana n: want to try an effective anti puffy eye remedy Jul 21, 2012
Gale L: I have been using Facial Fuel Eye De-Puffer for about a year, and it works great! Definately reduces/eliminates the puffiness around the eyes in moments. Jul 21, 2012
michele h: for my husband to try Jul 20, 2012
Kathy C: Used before and loved it. Jul 16, 2012
Glen C: This is my second purchase of this. It is very easy to use and it looks and feels worth it. Jul 15, 2012
Connie C: Refreshing and really works! Jul 15, 2012
Fandi C: reduce puffy eyes Jul 13, 2012
Mark P L: Great product though how do you use it when you get to the last 15% -- any tips? Jul 12, 2012
Sam W: Best eye product for men that I've found. Jul 11, 2012
Marilyn H: If I actually get to sleep well, my eyes are puffy in the morning and don't clear up until later afternoon! Jul 11, 2012
Molly B: I never travel anywhere without this little travel sized eye refreshner, love it. Jul 8, 2012
Michele H: i have puffy eyes Jul 4, 2012
Rich L: Feels so good, especially when you store it in the fridge. Makes sleepy eyes comes alive. Jul 2, 2012
karen M: puffiness under my eyes. Jul 1, 2012
DELORES S: I work 12 hour shifts, comes in handy. Jun 28, 2012
Carl B: I have some wrinkles around the eyes, not much, but enough to try a product with good reviews. Jun 25, 2012
Xandra M: To try because I wake up with puffy spots under my eyes many mornings. Jun 25, 2012
Carmen Yvette P: I need something for my puffy eyes. Jun 21, 2012
Sarah O: Saw the write-up in Redbook mag, and could definitely use this product to decease my eye puffiness after a short night's sleep. Jun 21, 2012
Luke H: tried it, liked the results.... Jun 20, 2012
Michhel R: I often get puffy eyes after late nights of partying. I used a Zirh product before which i liked but ran out. Figured I would give Kiehl's a try. Jun 19, 2012
Carol S: It really works! I have tried various products for under eye puffiness and Kiehl's Facial Fuel is definitely the BEST. Jun 19, 2012
Jennifer H: I have used it for a couple of years. Love it. Jun 18, 2012
Mia W: This product wakes my eyes up in the morning. Jun 18, 2012
Amanda I: Perfect for long plane rides, and itchy eye lids that are irritated from makeup Jun 17, 2012
Ron W: works as stated. Great for getting rid of puffed eyes. Jun 17, 2012
Shannon C: I chose this product because recently my eyes have been puffy even when I'm fully rested. I saw this product in Vibe magazine and thought I should give it a try. Jun 15, 2012
Samantha T: Haven't been getting much sleep lately, don't want that to show with dark circles! Jun 14, 2012
judith f: have always had very puffy eye in am. hope this is the item i heard about from the new caster on channel 9 in the morning jason mathason. He swears this is the best product ever. Jun 13, 2012
Adam M: requested by person it is for. Jun 13, 2012
Edgar C: I've been using this item for over a year and it really works. Jun 12, 2012
Nancy B: Read good reviews and wanted to try it Jun 9, 2012
Max D: recommended by a friend Jun 9, 2012
Richard V: I've used it for several years. Jun 4, 2012
Gary R: I really like it. The bags uner my eyes ar gone when I use it. Jun 4, 2012
Cory J: It's for my husband who has been looking for something to take down the puffiness around his eyes. Jun 1, 2012
Johannus s: Repeat buy; excellent for eye area May 29, 2012
Laura B: recommended by a friend May 28, 2012
michael g: it works May 25, 2012
xin l: as gift May 23, 2012
William D: I already use this and like it! May 19, 2012
rosemary s: I read the reviews and want to give it a try. I am concerned about the ingredients though and want to read up. May 19, 2012
Erica S: I've used it before and I love the results!!! It's a great product. May 18, 2012
Tana H: Because I heard it being praised as really working on a radio program in Minneapolis, MN. May 18, 2012
Carolyn S: this takes down the puffiness under eyes quickly. May 18, 2012
Jeffrey L: Read a recommendation in Mens Health magazine for this product May 17, 2012
Autumn Z: Because I hav puffiness under my eyes May 16, 2012
Norma A: has been recommended for my puffy eyes May 15, 2012
william k: Mens Health Magazine rated it as number one for eye puff reduction May 15, 2012
Melissa N: I use this product every day and it helps with my tired looking eyes May 14, 2012
Alana W: Looking to replace the old Depuffing Eye Cream. I love and miss it! May 14, 2012
Alton W: Great product! May 13, 2012
Jonathan T: This product is a gift from God...don't know what I would do without it. I have serious eye puffiness every morning and every morning I use this as soon as my feet hit the floor. By the time I walk out the door I'm looking good as new! Don't ever stop making it...please. May 13, 2012
Felicia J: I heard Jason Matheson on Mytalk 107.1 raving about the product so I decided to give it a try. May 9, 2012
WILFREDO M: Great product. It feels cool on contact and makes my eye bags smaller. May 9, 2012
Michael M: Because it works! May 6, 2012
Taylor S: noticeably lifts my eyes through my tired days. May 4, 2012
Karen S: Read about it in a magazine article May 2, 2012
Alison S: I use this facial fuel product first thing when I get up in the morning. It feels great on my skin, and gets rid of puffy eyes. May 1, 2012
Cody B: Recommended on Men'sHealth May 1, 2012
Carole M: AWESOME product. Have used for a long time!! Apr 30, 2012
CATHRYN C: puffy eye Apr 29, 2012
Toy W: Greatest "wake.up" eye cream and takes away late nite puffiness in the morning! Apr 28, 2012
cheryl l: read about it on a blog. Apr 28, 2012
Norma W: LOVE IT!! Apr 27, 2012
Jason V: I love this in the morning. It really makes a difference on how I look- not so tired. Apr 24, 2012
Margaret M: to reduce eye puffiness Apr 23, 2012
Kathi D: Cooling, refreshing and it actually works! Apr 21, 2012
Cheryl G: i love this product.. i have always had puffy eyes i can apply it in morning leave the bathroom and come back in and see a difference wooohooo Apr 21, 2012
Jeanne M: I have tried many products to de-puff my under eyes, only this product has succeeded in doing so....Very happy with this product Apr 20, 2012
Kelly Riser L: Gives incredible relief from sinus pressure and pain around my eyes and forehead where puffiness happens. I rub it vigorously on those puffy/inflamed areas, including directly on my eyelids because it is non-irritating, and the cool sensation just feels so good. I even buy it as a gift for friends who get headaches & have sinus problems. It's amazing! Apr 19, 2012
Eugene S: Really helps with puffing under the eyes. And it feels good too! Apr 15, 2012
Loena J: wanted a portable eye de-puffer also rated good Apr 15, 2012
Victoria G: I have puffiness under my eyes and would like to try different products and solutions to the problem. Apr 15, 2012
Michael M: I have used this product in the past and am pleased with it. Apr 15, 2012
Stella F: Cannot wake up in the morning without putting this all around my eyes! Reduces puffiness and brightens my eyes immediately. Very addictive! Apr 15, 2012
Nisa C: I have trouble sleeping and don't want anybody to notice Apr 12, 2012
Kevin J E: It works - Apr 11, 2012
Mary R: I travel extensively for my job. A little of this cooling roller under my eyes relieves the puffiness under my eyes before I start teaching each morning. Apr 10, 2012
Tania H: I have tried hundreds of de-peffer products and this the ONLY one that actually works! Apr 10, 2012
priscilla a: I got this as a Birthday gift in Feb. I love it . I need more.I can see a big difference and improvement. . Apr 10, 2012
Michael K: Article in Delta Airlines Magazine Apr 10, 2012
Andrew F: So I can have extras on hand. Apr 10, 2012
Carolynne M: my husband has puffy eyes and wanted to try it Apr 9, 2012
alex c: it sounded good Apr 9, 2012
August M: tried the sample. Product works. Apr 9, 2012
Gingerly M: It really works! Apr 9, 2012
Mark K: Recommended by several other guys. Apr 8, 2012
Richard A: no more dark circles Apr 8, 2012
karen f: was given to me as a gift, however, one quarter of the cream is stuck in the top of the lid & separate from the actual applicator. Apr 6, 2012
Karen G: heard it was a great product Apr 5, 2012
Mark R: Why did you choose this?
(412 characters left)
It helpd my tired puffy eyes in the morning and when I need to look fresh for a meeting,
"It helpd my tired puffy eyes in the morning and when I need to look fresh for a meeting
Apr 4, 2012
jennifer f: 1st time trying this. To help puffiness around eyes. Apr 3, 2012
Gina J: I read a recommendation by Bob Harper in a magazine and tried the product. I love it. I traveled this weekend and left it at the place I visited so I am replacing it. Apr 3, 2012
Laura M: Love this product, definitely helps with those unsitely under eye bags!! Apr 1, 2012
James G: to get rid of dark cirlces under eyes Mar 31, 2012
Chi N: I did research and learned that Kiehl was in the top of the best products for men. So, I want to try once. Mar 31, 2012
Debra K: Got my husband this and now wants to reorder likes how it makes his eyes feel - Mar 30, 2012
Kathy T: Great for under eye puffiness...nothing better!! Mar 29, 2012
Marianne M: Who couldn't use a good eye de-puffer? Even the most well behaved folks look like they're not as well behaved in the morning.... Mar 29, 2012
Shirley G: Jason on Fox 9 News The Buzz) Channel 9 in Minneapolis, MN highly recommended it. Mar 28, 2012
Sarah L: Saw a comment on television Mar 28, 2012
Kathryn J: Recommended by a T.V host Mar 28, 2012
Jason G: I occasionally get comments that my eye(s) look really puffy. So I thought I'd give this a try. I heard a lot of good things in the comments about it too. Mar 28, 2012
John L: want to try this Mar 27, 2012
Barbara S: dark circles under eyes make me look older Mar 27, 2012
Adam N: Recommended by store employee top reduce puffiness in the AM. Mar 27, 2012
Laura B: A local news man said he loves this product, I also looked at he reviews and they all where good. I am 42yr old female and have under eye bags-my mother has them as well Mar 27, 2012
Clint C: Already use it! LOVE IT! Mar 26, 2012
A shopper asked: If you apply the Eye DePuffer in mornig, how long does it keep the eyes from becoming puffing again.? Wanting hour numbers, if possible. Thank You. Judy Aug 25, 2012
Answer this · Send to friends Good question? Yes (12) No (1)
Kathryn T asked: Does Kiehl's eye depuffer get rid of dark circles ? Jun 22, 2012
Answer this · Send to friends Good question? Yes (9) No (0)
Julie-Ellen B asked: How does the formula compare with the Eye Alert?
I'm looking for some product to reduce under eye puffiness from everyday life!!!
Aug 23, 2012
Answer this · Send to friends Good question? Yes (5) No (1)
A shopper asked: I have very puffy eyes , I have tried everything ,is your product going to work in me? May 20, 2013
Answer this · Send to friends Good question? Yes (2) No (0)
Deborah D: It doesn't seem to do anything for me. I certainly was hoping it would! May 20, 2013
Reply to Deborah Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Gary R: It owrked for me. I sue it in the morning and it does a great job. May 20, 2013
Reply to Gary Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
julie m: I also have very puffy undereyes caused by allergies, and sometime lack of sleep. This product did work, and also had the additional benefit of feeling great from the moment you put it on. It had a cooling effect. I always took it with me on trips as I could put it on throughout the day to help with undereye puffiness that I get when traveling. May 20, 2013
Reply to julie Good answer? Yes (0) No (1)
michael g: It works Very Well..I have been using this product for a few years now & am enjoying my results !!! May 20, 2013
Reply to michael Good answer? Yes (0) No (1)
Debra G asked: can this be used on eye lids as well as under eyes? Jan 20, 2014
Answer this · Send to friends Good question? Yes (1) No (0)
Joel F: No, use the product only underneath the eyes. Just pat in on. It is very nice and has a cool feeling Jan 20, 2014
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A shopper asked: does this also address dark circling due to stress/lack-of-rest more than aging type of drk circling? Sep 24, 2012
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Rebecca S: I wouldn't say it does anything for dark circles. I put it on my lid and the cool effect of it gets rid of puffy eyelids. From too much salt/lack of water. Sep 24, 2012
Reply to Rebecca Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
jennifer m asked: Hi! I will be travelling to Africa from Ireland, but every time I go on a long haul flight, my eyes are puffy and tired looking when I arrive, what can I use on the plane and would drinking lots of water on the journey help or have you any other advice, as I will be meeting friends that I have not seen for 40 years, so naturally I do not want puffy tired eyes on arrival. Can you please help? May 1, 2012
Answer this · Send to friends Good question? Yes (0) No (0)
Jenny N: Hi Jennifer! You absolutely need LOTS of water before you fly and during the flight. It's crucial to stay hydrated, as that will keep your skin and body refreshed. *This is not relevant to your question, but important: make sure you take precaution and get any necessary shots a few weeks before your trip so they have time to do their magic. You don't want to get to Africa and get sick. You also don't want to contract something on the plane. Planes are flying Petri dishes! Talk to your physician and ask what to do for your health prior to, and during your trip. Now, back to the eyes. I definitely recommend the Kiehl's Eye De-Puffer. It feels cool and tingly when you apply it, and it really does seem to refresh my eyes. Make sure you get plenty of sleep before you fly and on the flight when you can. Sleeping with your head elevated can help reduce puffiness. While you're flying, ask the flight attendant for a cold, wet washcloth. It may not be available, but it's worth asking. You could take a cloth in your carry-on bag and ask for a cup of ice or some water. A cold compress seems to help my eyes. If that won't work you can always try going to the sink in the bathroom on the plane and in the airport and splash a few rounds of cold water on your face. Eye puffiness is the result of excess fluid around the eyes, so one thing you can do is gently massage around your eyes. In the area that is your eye socket, both under the brow and below the eyes where the "bags" are, if you press on them, you can feel little tiny grooves in the bone around your eyes. If you rub very gently, all the way around the eyes, you can work some of that fluid back in through the grooves. Cut back on salt and high-sodium foods. Snack on bananas, which help alleviate puffiness. Eat cabbage or drink cranberry juice, which helps get rid of some of the excess fluid. You can also put refrigerated tea bags on your eyes, as they are astringent. I hope some of these help you. Have a fantastic trip! May 3, 2012
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James H: I love this product. It's light and I always see a decrease in puffiness around my eyes. Since I do a lot of computer work I even re apply a few times throughout the day to sort of wake my eyes up and feel refreshed. I travel 3 out of every 4 weeks each month and I can tell you that you should stay hydrated. On long flights try to get up occasionally and walk around he cabin. May 20, 2012
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Joel N: Definitely stay hydrated and take a bottle of Evian Mineral Water Spray to spritz your face periodically during the flight. The Facial Fuel Eye De-Puffer works well, as does the Facial Fuel Energizing Tonic for Men (I know but buy it works). May 2, 2012
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Jason S: My eyes are puffy all the time and have been for years. Will this product work for me? Dec 20, 2012
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Victoria E asked: How often should I use the product during the day? Dec 11, 2012
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michael g: I use it every morning but, if i'm going out at night ,,,once again ! Dec 11, 2012
Reply to michael Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Shirlee M: Hi. I only have to use it in morning and at night... It's great! Dec 11, 2012
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