Rare Earth Pore Cleansing Masque

A cleansing masque that helps to purify skin and visibly minimize pores
  • Formulated with Amazonian White Clay to gently draw out oil, dirt and toxins that clog pores
  • The addition of Oatmeal and Aloe Vera helps to soothe
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"This masque has helped to soften my skin and minimize the appearance of pores."

Rokiah, Kiehl’s Insider

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How to Apply:
-Apply a thin layer to damp, clean skin, avoiding the immediate eye area and allow to dry (approximately ten minutes)
-When dry, gently remove using a warm, wet towel and gently pat dry
-Recommended for use once or twice a week




Found in Canada and the Midwest, this is a colloidal aluminum silicate clay used as a suspending agent in a variety of skin care formulas including lotions and makeup. Because it absorbs oil, it is often used as a facial mask to reduce shine. Also helps to stabilize formulas.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera

Derived from the aloe vera plant this ingredient has been known to soften, soothe and comfort skin.
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Amazonian White Clay

Amazonian White Clay

Helps purify and detoxify skin. This clay is known to remove bacteria, toxins, excess oil and dead cells that can clog skin and result in enlarged pores.
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Rare Earth Pore Cleansing Masque
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Kiehl's Since 1851 Store asked: Why did you choose this?
wei s: like it Sep 16, 2014
John T: Just try Sep 16, 2014
Jingrong X: good quality Sep 15, 2014
shannon h: good rating Sep 15, 2014
Elaine A: My husband has pore issues so wanted to try for him. Sep 14, 2014
Jiyang L: Great reviews online, wanna try out Sep 14, 2014
Jing Y: friends recommend Sep 14, 2014
Jackie W: A great weekly treatment for sensitive skin. Sep 13, 2014
Weili Z: Just try it Sep 13, 2014
Xiang S: GOOD Sep 13, 2014
chin yu h: heraf that it really works Sep 13, 2014
Chen Z: ddd Sep 13, 2014
Jia S: Order for my cousin Sep 12, 2014
Marti T: Wanted to try a new mask. Sep 12, 2014
Gerald G: I love it!!! Giving it as a gift to my Mother Sep 12, 2014
Yuno K: Best pore masque I ever used. Soft and refreshing all at once. Sep 12, 2014
Maida G: Have read lots of great reviews. Can not wait to try!!! Sep 12, 2014
Kelly E: Want to try it. Sep 12, 2014
Huanhuan S: friends recommendation Sep 11, 2014
ying z: I want to try Sep 11, 2014
Yu Y: this is the third one i bought. Sep 11, 2014
Jessica R: Read reviews about this product for oily skin Sep 11, 2014
Elizabeth F: softer skin Sep 11, 2014
Antonio O: WORKS QUICKLY!! I LOVE IT!! Sep 11, 2014
Yaling L: Tryp Sep 10, 2014
Bryan T: Like Sep 10, 2014
Chang Z: For cleansing Sep 10, 2014
Peng P: Super star product of Kiehl's. I found this recommend from others blog Sep 10, 2014
Qian L: like Sep 9, 2014
richard h: good Sep 9, 2014
LU L: Deep clean Sep 9, 2014
Yuanmeng W: friends recommend Sep 8, 2014
Yeonkyung B: Similar to the product that i used to use in my home country Sep 8, 2014
Muzi Z: everybody recommends this to me Sep 8, 2014
Tianyu W: its good Sep 8, 2014
Rui L: good products Sep 8, 2014
Dante R: I ran out a while ago, love this. Sep 8, 2014
jingyu z: GOOD Sep 8, 2014
yifei w: super great! Sep 8, 2014
Yanqiong C: it's good for me Sep 7, 2014
Yuan Z: FRIENDS Sep 6, 2014
DAIXUN W: I heard from others saying it is good for pore problems Sep 4, 2014
John R: no Sep 4, 2014
Shuai R: for my boyfriend use Sep 4, 2014
Peixin G: Heard of it Sep 4, 2014
June C: I heard from my friend that it is very good Sep 3, 2014
Zheng Y: Try it Sep 3, 2014
Pengxi C: clean the pores Sep 3, 2014
Han C: Good reputation Sep 2, 2014
Yanlin L: want to try it Sep 2, 2014
Wei S: No Sep 2, 2014
Hui Z: good quality Sep 2, 2014
GINA H: hoping it will clear my spray tan out of my pores Sep 1, 2014
Jacqueline N: good reviews as a cleansing mask Sep 1, 2014
deena l: received this as a gift and love it. really cleans deep dirt in pores Sep 1, 2014
yijia z: Several friends have recommended this masque, I will try it soon! Sep 1, 2014
jinyu s: ok Aug 31, 2014
anchie c: used before Aug 31, 2014
yechi c: it is very good for my blackhead problem! Aug 31, 2014
yanbing x: RECOMMENDED BY FRIENDS. Aug 31, 2014
Yue Y: a wonderful masque. Aug 31, 2014
ruan q: nice Aug 31, 2014
Jiaying L: friend tell me Aug 31, 2014
ruina d: i want to try Aug 30, 2014
Manqing Y: recommended by friends Aug 30, 2014
Debbie K: Need a really good mask from the reviews this was one of the bestsellers excited to try this one I looooove a great mask Aug 29, 2014
Synthia W: Pulls all impurities from your skin Aug 29, 2014
seonghoi k: my friend recommends it Aug 29, 2014
qiaoyun Z: GOOD Aug 28, 2014
Haoda L: from recommendation Aug 28, 2014
Sebastian P: My wife wanted it Aug 28, 2014
Laura S: Love this mask! Only takes a small amount for full coverage. Aug 28, 2014
Bo P: Friend recommendation Aug 28, 2014
Laurie H: really diminishes pores well and smooths skin. Aug 27, 2014
Mary D: trying based on reviews, looking for shine control Aug 27, 2014
Joel Y: Its real nice!! Try it!! Aug 27, 2014
xinyue c: friend recommendation Aug 27, 2014
LISA K: trying this for the first time but i trust kiehl's Aug 26, 2014
qinyi g: it works Aug 26, 2014
Kayla K: i have been looking for a new masque Aug 26, 2014
Perry G: daughter in China wanted this. Aug 25, 2014
Feina C: heard it's good Aug 25, 2014
Kathryn B: Wanted to see if I could decrease the visibility of my pores with a masque. Aug 25, 2014
YAN X: I want to minimize the pores Aug 25, 2014
Yi-Ting H: many friends recommend it. Aug 24, 2014
Alison M: This is so refreshing and has helped my skin look better. Aug 24, 2014
Xiwen Z: my face is oil Aug 24, 2014
Boming W: I've uesd before and the effects is good. Aug 24, 2014
Yunjie L: I tried it at my friend's home and the effect is amazing Aug 23, 2014
ling c: heard from family Aug 23, 2014
Danielle D: I love making my own spa day! Aug 22, 2014
Ying Y: My nephew wanted me to buy for her Aug 22, 2014
YOUWEN W: it is helpful. Aug 22, 2014
YINCHUAN B: good Aug 22, 2014
Gregory B: Want to have a mask to help with cleaning my pores. Aug 21, 2014
Kelly H: For my 16yr old daughter Aug 21, 2014
Tracey G: makes my pores smaller and my face extra clean.
clean ,well maintained skin is the best makeup
Aug 21, 2014
susie S: recommended Aug 20, 2014
Tiffani J: Excellent for deep cleaning Aug 19, 2014
Chenge L: Many of my friends suggest it. It is a good deep classing product. Aug 19, 2014
Treva E: Wanted a pampering routine and this is certainly doing the trick! Aug 19, 2014
Courtney L: Want to reduce oil and appearance of pores Aug 19, 2014
Sandy M: I have blackheads on my nose and want to try this. Reviews were very positive. Aug 19, 2014
Christine O: Great Masque!! Skin feels so clean after one use. Aug 18, 2014
Shaundelle D: Reviews Aug 18, 2014
Ming Y: anti wrinkle Aug 18, 2014
Yan L: It cleans the pore really good but leave the non-oily area a little bit dry. I will only apply it to the nose. Aug 17, 2014
Shih-Chun C: useful Aug 17, 2014
Peter P: I would love to see my face deep clean, Aug 17, 2014
JJ J: Need deep periodic cleanser. I work in a harsh environment. Aug 16, 2014
Emily Z: My friend like it Aug 16, 2014
karen s: i wanted to try a simple masque Aug 16, 2014
Debbie R: Have used this product before. Really gives my face a deep cleaning. Aug 15, 2014
Xiao P: friend suggests Aug 15, 2014
Jennifer O: Wanted to try it. Did not like it. Aug 15, 2014
Lin L: For a friend Aug 14, 2014
wei w: "i like it " Aug 14, 2014
Ying W: reduce pore Aug 13, 2014
NANCY D: I'm 47, so I have the skin of a perimenopausal teenager. Yes, it makes as much sense as it seems to!?! Aug 13, 2014
zhang y: GOOD Aug 12, 2014
Mengying W: friend recommendation Aug 11, 2014
Cherry L: it can clean skin very well and warmly. Aug 10, 2014
Yue W: WANT TO TRY Aug 10, 2014
J S: I love the daily cleanser; want to try the mask Aug 10, 2014
Xi L: heard about it. It has a good reputation Aug 10, 2014
C J: We have tried dozens of products some from a Dermatologist and prescriptions and some not. My daughters use this product every night with their Clarisonic and it has reduced their acne by 75%. We have used this product for 4 years now. It is AMAZING!!! Aug 10, 2014
Aining L: I like it Aug 10, 2014
Lourdes E F: BASE ON REVIEW Aug 10, 2014
Kwan Y: order for my friend, she uses it regularly Aug 10, 2014
Christina P: First-time use. Hoping to shrink pores. Aug 10, 2014
Jun Y: I like masque and wanna to try this one. Aug 10, 2014
yaling w: my friend told me this is good. Aug 10, 2014
Steve G: Leaves my skin fresh and helps to control pores and blackhead formation on my face. I recommend using this coupled with a facial scrub such as the Facial Fuel Energizing Scrub, then a moisturizer, all done before bedtime. Aug 10, 2014
Lihua H: friends recommended it. Aug 10, 2014
Guanrui L: good Aug 10, 2014
Liyun Z: Everyone said it's pretty good! Aug 10, 2014
Mignon D: love this cleansing masque, skin feels smooth and clean Aug 10, 2014
Molly Y: Blackhead strips can only remove blackhead but unable to prevent it. I hope this product can gradually clean the pore and prevent further blackhead formation. Aug 10, 2014
qianji l: good Aug 10, 2014
Nanase I: I have been using this for years. Good for both men and women. It clears the pores well, which clears the skin! i have recommended to my friends. All of them love this product and keep using it. Aug 10, 2014
Jia D: good Aug 10, 2014
MIAOCHAN L: I love it! It is the best cleaning mask I've used. Aug 10, 2014
JEN PEN H: Never use it. Just try it Aug 10, 2014
Xiaomei W: Recommend Aug 10, 2014
Yuan Z: good clean mask Aug 10, 2014
Rachel L: FRIENDS RECOMMEND Aug 10, 2014
Wenjing W: TRY Aug 10, 2014
JANE-ELSPETH J: I have acne. Aug 10, 2014
lingxiao d: 98 Aug 10, 2014
Guoxuan H: regular use Aug 10, 2014
Qinshu L: another people recommend it Aug 10, 2014
yuhua g: friends recommended Aug 10, 2014
Jisi C: need deeper clean. Aug 10, 2014
FENFEN Y: 22 Aug 10, 2014
beisi g: good comments wants to try Aug 10, 2014
Yating Z: I used it before and think it is very good. Aug 10, 2014
Jie Z: My skin is oily, so I think this product can help my skin more clean Aug 10, 2014
OLIVIA W: less pore Aug 10, 2014
chengcong s: LIKE IT Aug 10, 2014
Longxiang C: someone suggest Aug 10, 2014
Liyue Y: friend recommended Aug 9, 2014
yiwei c: i heard it works well and want to have a try Aug 9, 2014
xuecheng l: before i have used it and love this time buy some for myself and give my friend as gift Aug 9, 2014
xiaofang G: Good Aug 9, 2014
xiaoqian q: no obviously improved Aug 9, 2014
Zhi L: This mask is amazing! It clears out the dead skin(yeah it exfoliate a little bit) and give you a brighter look without the feel of drying. I will stick to this as my cleaning mask. Aug 9, 2014
Si L: famous product Aug 9, 2014
yuting l: it's useful for Combination skin, also useful for man skin. Aug 9, 2014
BEIBEI Y: well Aug 9, 2014
Jimmy X: hear advice from my friends that the product is high-valued Aug 9, 2014
Wei G: Try Aug 9, 2014
Xiaowen Z: We had facial mask party one time. And my friend recommended this to me. My face super clean and no oil afterwards. Aug 9, 2014
WENHUI L: great product Aug 9, 2014
Jihui S: third one love it Aug 9, 2014
Kai C: I have been using this product for three years. It is the best. Aug 9, 2014
Jingwei H: I like it Aug 9, 2014
Shaofeng W: I like this product, this want to try it Aug 9, 2014
Longmei H: I have problem with large pores and hope this one can fix it. Aug 9, 2014
yuanjie m: Its good for my enlarged poles. Aug 9, 2014
Jia L: good review online Aug 9, 2014
XIAOYU MA Z: very clean Aug 9, 2014
Shuqi L: wang to try Aug 9, 2014
Song y: just try it out Aug 9, 2014
rui c: just take a try Aug 9, 2014
LIJUAN Z: My friend recommended it to me. Aug 9, 2014
HTW L: good Aug 9, 2014
Chunlai C: I want to try. Aug 9, 2014
Fei W: goof Aug 9, 2014
YU L: good cleansing masque Aug 9, 2014
ANDREA W: it really cleans my blackheads Aug 8, 2014
Chao L: minimize pore Aug 8, 2014
Yangmu L: great reviews Aug 8, 2014
rene g: good Aug 8, 2014
Kelsey S: Because it looked like it would be a quality product that would remove pimples Aug 8, 2014
nelda c: I have some blackheads and occasionally pimples that I want to get rid of. Aug 8, 2014
Fan Y: try Aug 8, 2014
Nazila A: My friends like it Aug 7, 2014
Janet S: I love to use different masques every other night. Have not used this before. New customer of Kiehl's. Aug 7, 2014
Joanne W: Love the cleanser. Needed a new masque. Aug 7, 2014
Chu C: recommended by friends Aug 6, 2014
li w: for friend Aug 6, 2014
Miao L: I choose this product is because my friend recommend strongly, she said it is quite good. Aug 6, 2014
Ying W: best seller Aug 6, 2014
Aleksandra S: Extremely happy with this product, didn't find anything better in past 10 years. The mask extracts oily residue from my pores. My skin is looking younger and refreshed, pores minimized. Aug 6, 2014
Yuhan D: someone recommends Aug 4, 2014
JIACAI H: It is good. Aug 4, 2014
Kylie C: Good reviews Aug 3, 2014
Susan D: Love how this makes my skin feel as it dries- tingles and leaves my face feel so bright and clean Aug 3, 2014
Nancy C: I remember years ago, using a clay masque called Rare Earth and it helped my pores look smaller, so decided to try again. Aug 2, 2014
Jay J: hope it help to clean my black heads :) Aug 2, 2014
John P: nc Aug 1, 2014
Kathleen A: to clear up my pores Jul 31, 2014
Heidi B: LOVE this mask. Always makes my skin look and feel better instantaneously and sometimes I feel younger! Jul 31, 2014
Yun Jing L: My friends recommend this! Jul 30, 2014
Stephanie R: A friend recommended! Jul 30, 2014
FEI Z: FRIENDS Jul 30, 2014
Leona Z: deep cleaning. I have used in past. Jul 27, 2014
Jia G: it,s good Jul 27, 2014
Minshi W: heard good things about it. wanna give it a try Jul 26, 2014
Ye W: have tried many times. like it very much! Jul 26, 2014
Liyun L: My friend recommended this product to me Jul 26, 2014
Kathleen L: enjoy the product and ran out of supply Jul 24, 2014
Shuyun L: I used up one jar, and felt it did help clean pores and pore minimizing. I decided to buy one more jar. Jul 24, 2014
Carolyn B: Based on a review in the Fort worth Star Telegram newspaper Jul 24, 2014
Ying Z: my sister loves it Jul 23, 2014
Amy R: I need something to clean my pores and shrink them Jul 23, 2014
Nancy K: BEEN WANTING TO TRY IT. Jul 22, 2014
Linda C: I have read good reviews about this product and will see if it works on my pores Jul 22, 2014
Ashley D: I really wanted to try a Kiehls mask and this was raved about! Jul 21, 2014
Cathy C: would like to reduce pore size Jul 21, 2014
shuo c: 123 Jul 21, 2014
Teresa T: I have used it before Jul 21, 2014
Rafael D: achieve occasional deep cleaning Jul 20, 2014
Mengyue W: Best mask I have ever used! My skin starts to turn bright! Jul 20, 2014
Wanbin W: I just recently purchased this amazing cleansing masque. It is soothing and surely does a fantastic cleaning job! I would definitely recommend it to others.
But I would not use it more than twice a week on my face though.
Jul 19, 2014
Yuqing L: I like the feeling of the product, but it does not really work for me. I think maybe my usage method was wrong Jul 19, 2014
ZHOU D: I had a lot of black pore on my nose, want to try this Jul 19, 2014
Xiang P: i like it. Jul 18, 2014
Karen E: I've been wanting a good masque and know the Kiehl's name. The reviews were very good. Jul 18, 2014
barbara s: I like this product and ran out of it Jul 18, 2014
Lai W: control oil Jul 18, 2014
Mary C: Sounds like a good product. Jul 17, 2014
MA Y: it's good Jul 17, 2014
Minnah A: recommendations Jul 15, 2014
I-An C: Good reviews Jul 15, 2014
daniel v: Since cleanser works so well, wanted to try masque. Jul 15, 2014
Zexin L: skin good Jul 15, 2014
Jia G: It's really helpful, to sooth my skin and decrease my pores, and it's really useful to fight the acne!!! Jul 14, 2014
Josephine S: I read multiple reviews about it and heard nothing but great stuff about this marsque, especially, because I have blackheads and I read it's great for it! Jul 14, 2014
Jennifer H: This will be my first time trying this product. I selected based on reviews. I'm looking for a product to help with blackheads on my nose. Jul 14, 2014
Cherisse L: absolute best Jul 13, 2014
Allen E: It works Jul 13, 2014
Zheng T: 1st time use it. Jul 12, 2014
Mai Z: My niece loves this product and she wants me to buy for her. Jul 10, 2014
Leandro A: Just used from my friends and liked it Jul 9, 2014
Nou N: Had great reviews and my sister highly recommended the product Jul 8, 2014
Jeremy k: deep clean my skin Jul 8, 2014
Elaine F: I love this masque and feel that it does have a positive affect of the appearance of my face. Jul 7, 2014
Meo L: a gift for my sister Jul 6, 2014
Melissa P: first time to try Jul 5, 2014
Katie G: love the daily cleanser, wanted to see if we would enjoy this product from the same line Jul 4, 2014
Carole S: Saw it on The Talk and thought I would try it Jul 2, 2014
Jacqueline B: loved it! Jul 1, 2014
Tamara M: It is my favorite Mask EVER! Jul 1, 2014
Sarah R: Non-irritating for sensitive skin
Appears to clean/minimize pores
I like the betonite clay because it is used for detoxification
Jun 30, 2014
Rebecca D: It will help to remove the dirts that clog the pores, which is really what I need now... Jun 30, 2014
Joseph W: needed a mask and this had high reviews Jun 29, 2014
Xiaoming W: i love it Jun 29, 2014
Maner W: good one Jun 27, 2014
Robyn B: need a masque badly and love your products so gave it a try! Jun 27, 2014
JING Z: want to try for my blackhead on my nose Jun 26, 2014
Sisi W: I like this, recommending to a friend Jun 26, 2014
GMJL X: GOOD Jun 26, 2014
Adam J: gift for 22 yo niece Jun 25, 2014
Yaqin W: Also hear from my ffriend!!!! have black heads on my nose:( Jun 25, 2014
Misty P: Best masque Jun 25, 2014
Wenjie S: friend recommend Jun 25, 2014
Hui Y: friend recommend Jun 24, 2014
Wei-Ting L: i want to remove the blackheads Jun 24, 2014
yi z: Friend introduce to me Jun 24, 2014
cathy t: i want to try it. Jun 24, 2014
Jhonny C: for pore cleansing Jun 23, 2014
Shun Kwan Phoebe C: Absolutely love this product. My skin feels amazingly clean every time I use it, and a little goes a long way. Jun 23, 2014
PENNY G: Wanted a deeper cleanse Jun 23, 2014
An P: pore, acne break out, blackhead and oily face. Jun 23, 2014
Meghan A: I have been looking for a mask to use weekly to enhance my skin and thought I would give this a try. It works well and I'm pleased with this product. It's a great addition to a weekly skin regimen. Jun 20, 2014
Laura S: Acne Jun 18, 2014
Xin X: positive reviews on the website Jun 18, 2014
Min Z: It's comments make me want to try. Jun 17, 2014
XIAO T: very good Jun 17, 2014
Heather G: want to try Jun 16, 2014
Marisa C: Greatest facial product I've ever had in my life! Jun 16, 2014
Ya C: just a try based on good reviews. Jun 16, 2014
Jasmine S: pore cleanser Jun 16, 2014
Rui Z: Recommended Jun 16, 2014
Beatriz S: Excellent mask! Love it Jun 14, 2014
Yihan L: it's good Jun 12, 2014
Amanda T: Need my nose pores to be less obvious Jun 10, 2014
Kathleen B: I love the way it makes my skin feels so clean and fresh Jun 9, 2014
Debbie D: It got great reviews and I love a mask Jun 6, 2014
Oliva C: Alway love it Jun 6, 2014
Karen S: Read a raving review of it in the newspaper (Ft Worth TX) Jun 6, 2014
qi l: want to try Jun 6, 2014
denise n: I am in need of a deep cleansing mask and this one sounds wonderful and gentl. Jun 6, 2014
Shangdong L: my friend told me that was good. Jun 6, 2014
Carl S: love the rare earth facial wash, so trying the masque Jun 5, 2014
Christopher T: Needed a new mud mask, this was highly recommended to me. Jun 4, 2014
yigao q: nice Jun 3, 2014
Linda W: i try first time because of natural ingredient. Jun 1, 2014
Jessica A: very gentle and effective. skin feels smooth, fresh, clear and clean afterwards and i can see how small my pores have gotten instantaneously! Jun 1, 2014
Shiqi L: for friend May 31, 2014
Mary G: positive customer reviews May 29, 2014
Kun Z: Wanna try this out. Hope it's good May 29, 2014
Tiffany B: Reduce pores on my nose. May 29, 2014
Anita S: I heard it's good. May 28, 2014
Becky M: Read about it May 27, 2014
xia j: friend recommended May 26, 2014
Theresa M: I want to try a product that would help get rid of the acne on my face. May 26, 2014
Jennifer E: I love the cleansing masque! Really gets a good cleansing! May 26, 2014
Hana Y: because famous on websites and magazines May 26, 2014
Yu L: I had before , I love it May 26, 2014
Dennis Y: Friend recommends it. May 26, 2014
huizhong F: Good one. May 25, 2014
Liz K: I chose this as one of my free samples on my first order and loved it. I was surprised to see a difference the first time I used it. I came back to buy more along with the cleanser. I wish they had samples of the rare earth toner and lotion because I am interested in buying them but am hesitant to buy in case they don't work out for me. May 25, 2014
Frank S: a friend say gonna make my pore smaller May 25, 2014
Joey R: Makes my skin feel bright & fresh. May 25, 2014
Marcia K: Read an excellent review May 25, 2014
Mary W: Interested May 23, 2014
Shine T: Because my friends recommended me to try it. May 23, 2014
Nazarena A: I have never tried a milky facial so I thought "it's about time I do!" May 23, 2014
Xiaocheng H: many of my friends recommend this, so i wanna try May 22, 2014
xiaoling s: it's good for me May 22, 2014
Sisi C: wanna try May 22, 2014
Inga B: Recommend by a reviewer in the Star Telegram Fort Worth May 21, 2014
lu j: it's perfect to cleaning the skin deeply! May 20, 2014
jia jing w: i heard it really helps control pores! May 20, 2014
Giso A: Have acne Prone skin and large pores, want to see if this will help May 19, 2014
alex t: She ask me to help her to buy because she love your brand May 19, 2014
Craig H: I currently use the product. May 19, 2014
Kelly L: Helps to pull the toxins to the surface to reveal a healthier looking skin! May 19, 2014
Tuo-Yen T: this is a gift May 19, 2014
Hazel Z: my skin is dry and sensitive. May 19, 2014
Julie D: recommendation from my sister May 19, 2014
Kathryn G: I love a good mud mask to balance and purify my oily skin. May 19, 2014
Wanqi T: great recommendation from my friends May 19, 2014
Tingchen L: It's useful May 19, 2014
Abigail V: great masque! May 19, 2014
Qiming C: I am using this product now. It works great! May 19, 2014
zilong c: friend recommended. May 19, 2014
Ziming J: Heard from friends May 19, 2014
Nancy G: Friends say it good. May 19, 2014
Linda W: Need a good cleansing drawing masque, decided to try it. May 19, 2014
Maria P: Hoping to tighten pores May 19, 2014
Yanira B: Clears up my skin and shrinks the pores May 19, 2014
ying l: my friend say this is good May 19, 2014
Jinglan C: recommended by my friend, it is very good. May 19, 2014
Lily S: Na May 19, 2014
Weifu J: good May 18, 2014
min qing c: can clear the deep pore May 18, 2014
Jeannine W: I need a really good masque and I liked what I read about Rare Earth Pore Cleansing Masque. May 18, 2014
Jan W: It's so good to control oily skin, especially T zone. May 18, 2014
Chelsea Y: try to improve my acne skin:( May 17, 2014
Shuangjie W: my friends recommend it to me. May 17, 2014
xiaorui z: effective May 17, 2014
Fei T: just want to try May 17, 2014
jingyu w: top product May 17, 2014
Qinxin L: Heard millions of compliments on it. May 17, 2014
Lisandra C: It claims to remove blackheads, I hope it does May 17, 2014
Jun W: GOOD May 17, 2014
Xin D: I have pores,hope it helpful May 17, 2014
Chengtao Z: Friends told me to try May 17, 2014
YUEMIN C: I want to try this May 17, 2014
Chang L: Famous one, try it. May 17, 2014
Ying Z: I want my pore to become small. So I think this product is my best first try May 16, 2014
Yuanyuan C: Friends suggestions May 16, 2014
Charlotte G: Great reviews. May 16, 2014
Cecilia C: I heard that this could help minimize my pore May 16, 2014
yumi z: its was great May 16, 2014
Wen L: someone recommend me to have a try May 16, 2014
Ying W: LIKE May 16, 2014
JIE w: pore size May 16, 2014
Yu Z: Introduced by friend. May 16, 2014
yixuan G: it has great reputation ..so i just gave it a try May 16, 2014
Samantha L: I bought this because of the ratings and need of a mask for my normal skin May 16, 2014
YUE T: good to use May 16, 2014
Xin L: Effective at cleaning pores. May 16, 2014
Hsiao M C: my skin becomes smooth, shinning, etc. May 16, 2014
Diya W: "it is popular to use" May 16, 2014
Lu H: To fight against my blackhead. May 16, 2014
Yajuan J: I'll try it! May 16, 2014
jinglin w: Best product to get those blackheads out of your pores May 16, 2014
wen l: i want to try it and see how it works May 15, 2014
xiujuan y: nice to use May 15, 2014
Hui L: For my wife. She always uses this one. May 15, 2014
Yu D: suggested May 15, 2014
zhou q: good May 15, 2014
Zhe F: friend refer May 15, 2014
Mengpin G: second one May 15, 2014
Anthony Y: I have blackheads, I like masques, and good reviews! May 15, 2014
Xiaolu Z: I was really impressed when the first time I used this masque. After 1 min of applying on face, I felt intensive refresh to my skin. 10 min later I washed by water and left only very clean, poreless, and revitalized skin. I applied calendula toner afterwards and my skin color was even more brighter. I love this product ! I will definitely keep it as my must-have items. May 15, 2014
xiuming z: good product May 15, 2014
Chu Z: it is suitable for my skin and can make your face feel very clean. May 15, 2014
Jessica L: it is excellent that i heard from the internet May 15, 2014
Xiaoke X: Everyone says it's good May 15, 2014
Xi Z: Friends recommended May 15, 2014
Tara S: want to see if it helps to eliminate blackheads May 15, 2014
yuzhu y: best cleansing masque ever used! May 15, 2014
XiaoYan W: try May 15, 2014
Shumiao W: For deep cleaning May 15, 2014
Kathleen S: Due to the favorable reviews. I am not a masque user but at 62 wanted to use a product that was gentle. May 15, 2014
Xianming W: need to clean the black head May 15, 2014
yanshan h: good May 15, 2014
Wen L: Been used it for a while, pretty good product May 15, 2014
Emily D: I need an intense pore cleanser masque May 15, 2014
Renee B: Description matched skin type. May 15, 2014
Amar W: Heard good things about mask May 15, 2014
Xiaolei F: other people recommend May 15, 2014
Xiao Qing H: My sister recommends it May 15, 2014
Wendy G: I like a deep cleansing mask. May 15, 2014
weiwei z: It is a good product. I am its fan. May 15, 2014
Margaret W: We never try this item, but is best seller, so try! May 15, 2014
Zuoguang L: need a masque for my oil/combination skin, so want to try this one based on the high review May 15, 2014
Xiaoyue Z: GOOD TO DEAL WITH BLACK NOSE May 15, 2014
Mu Y: have heard a lot but never get, every time when I checked it's out of stock, makes me really want to try May 15, 2014
Jing W: My friend recommended this to me. May 15, 2014
Loretta J: Trying something new for softer skin May 15, 2014
yuanyuan L: try May 15, 2014
Qingli Z: cauz it is one of the best sellers May 15, 2014
Kelly T: I've tried it before and loved it! Much better priced than similar products from other brands. May 15, 2014
rebecca w: My boyfriend has large pores and black heads. this product really makes a differences with cleaning his skin and the appearance. May 15, 2014
Sara G: I saw the rave reviews and knew I had to try it. I have large pores and very oily skin, many other reviewers did as well. May 15, 2014
shan l: high review May 15, 2014
Lei P: watch the comments a lot May 15, 2014
Xu W: It's very helpful May 15, 2014
Shengnan Z: Good May 15, 2014
Xiang T: I was told this product is good. So I wanna try. May 15, 2014
jiajiao j: the same May 15, 2014
yang t: it have a good reputation,so just try May 15, 2014
xiaoxiao s: This is the best mask I have used,like it May 14, 2014
Qiushi J: I've heard it's really good! May 14, 2014
mei c: The first time I used this product I just felt so so, when I compared this with other brand product, it cheaper but high quality May 14, 2014
Natalie S: Saw the video May 14, 2014
Yueqiao Z: Friend recommended May 14, 2014
Dan L: Many people recommended May 14, 2014
Yingting K: good reviews May 14, 2014
WING T: its really good item to deep clean your skin May 14, 2014
Phorntida K: I'd like to try. May 14, 2014
Kellie L: good reviews May 14, 2014
Lisa L: Love how it makes my pores shrink and feels so clean after each application. It feels so natural with the mud on my face. May 14, 2014
Jin x: Like it. May 14, 2014
qian c: I had buy it once, very good product May 14, 2014
Seelui N: Recommend by other users May 14, 2014
Shuhui W: try May 14, 2014
Bingjie C: I had this before. it's perfect for me.i buy it again . May 14, 2014
WAROAT S: I love that May 13, 2014
yifan h: I really love using it. My face looks very clean and shine after using this masque. May 11, 2014
Yi L: I like how my skin feels after I rinsed off the mask from my skin. So glowing! May 10, 2014
Kira M: I have large pores and oily skin May 10, 2014
Minghui L: gift for my friend May 9, 2014
wan-hsuan w: have it, and like it May 8, 2014
Anna Y: Love it! May 8, 2014
Sylvia S: I will try this one, because I used the deep pore daily cleanser and I love it. May 8, 2014
Rachel P: Tried it at a friends and liked it for pore reduction. May 6, 2014
Sandy Y: I want improve my pore issue. May 6, 2014
Kayla W: The cleanser is a staple in my routine, and my facialist recommended a clay mask for my skin. May 6, 2014
Sarah N: I thought I'd give this a try. Reviews were helpful. May 4, 2014
zhengning g: I find other people recommend that it really make skin looks younger May 3, 2014
Janine C: Repeat user! LOVE THIS MASK!!!! May 2, 2014
Nancy M: I have visible pores and would like to reduce them Apr 29, 2014
Simona E: I have deep pores that need good cleaning every day to avoid pimples and black heads Apr 29, 2014
Suza B: I wanted to use a masque product so I decided to try Kiehl's. I've tried others, want to find one just right for my skin. Apr 29, 2014
china t: it very good Apr 28, 2014
Joslyn L: i needed a cleansing masque and this looked wonderful! Apr 27, 2014
Hanan S: My mother said it's fantastic Apr 26, 2014
Barbara M: Best product ever. My son has sensitive skin and uses it after he shaves, razor irritation has virtually become a thing of the past for him! Apr 26, 2014
Shaomei Z: Good product Apr 24, 2014
Xuyue T: lots of the feedback of it was good! Apr 20, 2014
Cheuk W: have been using this for months. life-saver for my skin!! Apr 20, 2014
Ruiying X: popular Apr 19, 2014
Haomei Y: everybody said it is great Apr 19, 2014
Shuang L: I wanna minimize pores Apr 19, 2014
Janet H: hope it will help my little girl Apr 19, 2014
Mark M: Wife recommended Apr 18, 2014
Karen B: New product, sounded interesting Apr 15, 2014
Jingwen H: nice cleansing product Apr 15, 2014
Kelan Z: web recommendation Apr 14, 2014
Bo W: LOVE Apr 14, 2014
Janet O: I use facial masks regularly and wanted to try a new one Apr 14, 2014
Nan Z: I like this masque. It really helps to minimize pores on my face. Apr 11, 2014
lijuan z: I like it Apr 10, 2014
Erica S: Like this product. Used it years ago. Apr 10, 2014
xuean l: just like Apr 10, 2014
Ardianty N: Recommend by a friend Apr 9, 2014
Siwei L: I heard that this mask can really help to clearing up the pore. Apr 8, 2014
kimberly s: Pores are becoming more noticeable Apr 8, 2014
SuYun W: Because of the customer reviews. Apr 8, 2014
Tingting L: friend likes it Apr 6, 2014
Jung Eun K: As getting older my pore gets bigger Apr 5, 2014
Cynthia C: It was requested - I am giving as a gift Apr 5, 2014
Susan T: My son loves this product. It really helps his acne. Apr 4, 2014
Dianne G: For cleaning pores Apr 4, 2014
Gabriel S: My sister in law gave me some to try, haven't stopped using it since. Apr 3, 2014
Liyang H: Friend recommended Apr 3, 2014
Judi O: I love this stuff! Apr 2, 2014
Katherine F: to try it our Apr 2, 2014
Kellie K: This is for my mom,she wanted a clay mask. Apr 2, 2014
Zhizhi C: Heard from some friends that this is super good for minimizing pore. Apr 2, 2014
Kaman W: good reference/comments Apr 1, 2014
Sohail W: Because of the pore cleansing and reducing properties- something that my girlfriend and I can share. Apr 1, 2014
Demi P: My friend use it and give highly recommendation for this product. It can vanish the pore of face. Mar 30, 2014
Eve D: It just works for me, the product makes me look and feel more attractive. Mar 28, 2014
Elizabeth F: read the recommendation on blog Cup of Jo Mar 28, 2014
Muxin Z: This masque will make your skin very clean and do not dry. Mar 27, 2014
QUAN Z: it's is very popular, most my friend like it. it often out of stock Mar 27, 2014
Yan H: My best friend suggested me. Mar 25, 2014
Shuo Q: I used it for several times. Mar 25, 2014
Ashten K: For smaller pores (fingers crossed)! Mar 24, 2014
WENJING L: very wonderful! make skin clean and smooth. Mar 24, 2014
Suki W: I want my pore can be looks not like that much Mar 24, 2014
Christian P: good reviews Mar 24, 2014
weiling w: A friend recommended Mar 23, 2014
Sucen C: i want to try. my friends told me, it's good Mar 23, 2014
Bonnie Michelle B: I love this masque! My face feels smooth and soft after using it. Mar 23, 2014
zhengqi l: want to try Mar 22, 2014
Kristen Q: Better than any masque I've ever tried- zaps new zits very quickly. Mar 22, 2014
Tiehai L: just have a try! Mar 22, 2014
Yue O: I have heard this is so cool Mar 22, 2014
jie l: based on the review Mar 21, 2014
Zhu J: have a try Mar 21, 2014
Rebecca K: Clears skin immediately. Immediate effects. Mar 21, 2014
Coco G: I LOVE IT Mar 19, 2014
Fang Yu L: Ive been using it, and i love it! Mar 19, 2014
Patricia W: Clogged pores. Mar 19, 2014
Junqing W: I like it. Mar 19, 2014
Xueyi L: great product Mar 18, 2014
Sinae Y: This is never missing from my house. My most favorite masque in the market. Mar 18, 2014
W J: From other reviewer's comments. I am looking for another masque, so I hope this product fits the bill. Mar 17, 2014
yurong w: I hear it good, so I want to try Mar 16, 2014
miu hing c: my friends suggest me Mar 16, 2014
Chunfang G: MY FRIENDS ASK ME TO BUY Mar 16, 2014
Zixiao L: My friend told me it is good Mar 16, 2014
FANGXI D: FAMOUS Mar 15, 2014
Jingjiao L: Good for clear skin Mar 15, 2014
Onuma B: I were use with some products of kiehl's. And I like it! Then I need to try all of kiehl's. Mar 15, 2014
xianshu l: Blackhead Mar 15, 2014
Xu Y: MAKE ME BRIGHT Mar 14, 2014
Lorely G: Need improvements to pores Mar 14, 2014
debra d: recommended by friend Mar 14, 2014
Tokunbo T: trial Mar 13, 2014
Kevin W: best mask Mar 13, 2014
guangjun y: I want to try it. Mar 13, 2014
Yi Z: good product Mar 13, 2014
Sophia N: Heard a lot about it Mar 11, 2014
sharon r: The best masque ever! Mar 10, 2014
Molly W: want to reduce pore size Mar 10, 2014
Michel S: Because I have big pores and wanted to try this. Mar 10, 2014
Maria D: My friend purchased this and loves her results so far, said her skin is super soft and feels great. Mar 10, 2014
Heather S: to see how it works Mar 10, 2014
Tammy K: Needed a new mask. Mar 10, 2014
chenhao d: I used it when I was in China and I like it Mar 10, 2014
susan v: works really well without completely drying your face. Have always liked this mask. Mar 10, 2014
Ya G: Just try a new product Mar 9, 2014
qinghua c: I LOVE KIEHLS Mar 9, 2014
Zoja B: Trying something new... Mar 9, 2014
Tara W: Friend recommended it. Mar 8, 2014
Sean M: Need masque Mar 7, 2014
Mei Lin H: I love to try it! Mar 7, 2014
Adrienne C: heard many good things about it and i have oily skin Mar 7, 2014
xinying c: introduced Mar 6, 2014
Janet v: I have not used this yet. Mar 6, 2014
Yen Chun C: yes Mar 5, 2014
Christina S: I read up on reviews and heard this was a solid product, so I figured, what the hell, I'll try it. Mar 5, 2014
su w: reduce and eliminate pore on my T-Zone Mar 4, 2014
Hee I: I love this product. It really works well with my pores. Mar 3, 2014
MEIQI Z: I heard my friend said it works. Mar 3, 2014
Karla H: I was looking for a masque and this has great reviews. Mar 3, 2014
xinyu c: my sister wants it Mar 3, 2014
Mingjue L: requested by my family Mar 3, 2014
Jianhui L: gift to my friend Mar 3, 2014
Mar 3, 2014
suelene c: i just finished my drug store clay mask (St. Ives) and I wanted to try a higher end clay mask to see if there truly is a difference. Mar 2, 2014
Wendy B: I wanted to try it. I am hoping it will help reduce the appearance of my pores Mar 2, 2014
topel l: I love this because it closes the pores and leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean Mar 2, 2014
Shannon N: I like how my skin feels when I use this masque. Mar 2, 2014
Gloria Arden: to clean my skin. some blog recommend this Mar 1, 2014
Brian M: used before. always liked Mar 1, 2014
Mariela T: Want to give it a try. After reading the reviews, it sounds like a great product. Mar 1, 2014
Michel W: So my daughter can try your product and it was recommended Feb 28, 2014
shuyu l: friend recommendation Feb 28, 2014
yuxin w: try Feb 28, 2014
Miaoling S: Want to try it Feb 28, 2014
Patrick B: Thought I'd try this to see if it has any effect on the size of my pores. Feb 27, 2014
William D: It' a repeat. What's happened to the joint pain cream? Feb 27, 2014
Thinh H: Because I have big pores and the reviews say this product is amazing. Feb 26, 2014
yanxia g: It's very good for skin cleaning Feb 26, 2014
Jon P: Because I love it. Feb 26, 2014
Dee O: This is a wonderful clay like mask that collects all the skin's impurities. Does a wonderful job, your skin will smooth but not tight. Really recommend this product. This is my second purchase. Feb 26, 2014
Molly D: Friends recommended to me. Feb 26, 2014
becca w: magical Feb 26, 2014
Scott A: Trying something new! Read the reviews and figured I would try this since I have problems with enlarged pores. Feb 26, 2014
Cora S: Want to see if this will reduce my pores. Feb 25, 2014
Carolyn C: Have been wanting to try this but it was out of stock around the holidays. Hope it minimizes my pores a bit. Feb 25, 2014
Jariya W: I'd like to try it because I have pores all over my chin and I've read customer reviews then I decided to taste it. Feb 25, 2014
Jia X: used this before. amazing. I never found any replacement for such an amazing mask! Feb 24, 2014
Anthea R: looked good Feb 24, 2014
Donovan W: Not sure, looking for product to offer fresh clean restorative appearance to my face. Feb 24, 2014
Marc P: The BEST travel-related product in Kiehl's solutions. Feb 24, 2014
Yu X: great product Feb 23, 2014
Yue P: Awesome feedback from my friend. Feb 22, 2014
Jeannine B: This is my favorite mask ever! Feb 21, 2014
Yuehua F: Because I want some clean masque. Feb 18, 2014
Xiaoqiang S: my friend recommend it Feb 17, 2014
Kimberly Q: Love this mask Feb 17, 2014
JIAYI Y: it is useful Feb 17, 2014
Yichen J: Recommended by friend Feb 16, 2014
Yanki W: my sister recommended this to me. and i have tried to find it for a few times, however they are all out of stock. and now i can order. so i order one for her and the other one for me. this one is also very popular in Hong Kong. Feb 16, 2014
Jin Saem O: My brother who has really oily skin frequently use this product. I decided to use this too Feb 16, 2014
Li W: It's powerful in clean my face and make it more white Feb 15, 2014
Connie T: description Feb 15, 2014
Kari O: I use this weekly. My favorite Kiehl's product! Feb 14, 2014
TIANYAO C: A lot of people recommend it, and it often out of sold, so I want to have a try. Feb 14, 2014
Yu D: I head of using clay is the best way to clean the blackhead, much better than squeeze. Feb 14, 2014
Lois V: Great results in only 6 wks Feb 13, 2014
Arlene H: Trying out product. Feb 12, 2014
HANBING H: famous Feb 12, 2014
Kristen H: Love this product Feb 12, 2014
Pedro A: I am hoping that by using this at least once a week my oily prone/acne skin will improve! Feb 12, 2014
KYEONGHWA K: I use it regularly Feb 12, 2014
YAO X: heard of it. wanna try Feb 11, 2014
Nisette G: Relaxing, visible results immediately Feb 11, 2014
Michelle M: to clean out my poors and blackheads Feb 10, 2014
Jiaqian C: My friend told me it's really great Feb 10, 2014
Chengrui L: I think it is a goof mask to clean our face Feb 10, 2014
You W: I just want to try something that can clean and minimize my pores Feb 10, 2014
Frederick I: minimize the pore size, and calm down my red skin. Love it. The best! Feb 9, 2014
Deketa W: Another favorite of frequent shoppers Feb 8, 2014
Li-Fen C: recommended by friends and family Feb 6, 2014
rebecca z: A lot of people recommend this product, so I wanna try it Feb 6, 2014
S S: best Feb 5, 2014
Ekua S: for deeply cleansing my face Feb 4, 2014
YIFAN S: try Feb 4, 2014
Vanessa Y: Good recommendation Feb 4, 2014
Linda C: this is my favorite product Feb 3, 2014
Yaohua Z: I just want to try it. Feb 3, 2014
Richard O: My usual regime product Feb 2, 2014
tong l: GOOD FOR SKIN Feb 2, 2014
Jianghong H: Want try it Feb 2, 2014
Celina T: I am using the rare earth cleanser and I love it. I will purchase in this collection gradually. Feb 1, 2014
Katharine M: looking forward to trying it! Feb 1, 2014
xuele m: I need a pore cleansing treatment and this one is of a good name Feb 1, 2014
Lin X: good fame on diminishing large pore which sounds great and I'd like to have a try. Feb 1, 2014
Deborah E: It makes skin pores appear very tiny and your skin looks smooth. Feb 1, 2014
Qiuyun L: It is very good product to help you clean the face. Feb 1, 2014
derrick m: I used it before and liked it Jan 31, 2014
xinda k: i want to try Jan 30, 2014
Taylor D: Want to reduce pore size and this is marketed for that and reviewers confirmed their results. Jan 29, 2014
yoanna l: Hard to find on the shelves and I seem to always need to order this online. I wish it came in larger sizes for longer use. I love how soft and clean my skin looks afterwards and how my pores get much smaller to the point that I do not see them. I feel like the clay masque is very natural and the tingling sensation is because it works with your skin. Not a chemical feeling like some brands Jan 28, 2014
Wenchen T: Hight rate. Jan 28, 2014
Anna B: I love clay masks. This one was okay Jan 28, 2014
Norma L: Request from friend for her bday present Jan 27, 2014
Boya Y: good Jan 27, 2014
Lianna C: I absolutely love this mask. I use it once or twice a week and it makes my skin feel refreshed and hydrated. I follow it with the Rosa Artica heavy moisturizer and the combination is truly restoring. Jan 27, 2014
Sherry D: Great masque I have ever used so far! Jan 27, 2014
Kay T: My cousin bought this and loved it! Jan 26, 2014
Jie F: my friend recommend this to me Jan 26, 2014
Drusilla W: Have not used previously but need a new masque Jan 26, 2014
Bianca M: I've had the most success with clay masks in the past for my oily skin. That said, clay masks also have the potential to be harsh and drying on the skin. I was drawn to the additional ingredients of aloe and oatmeal to bring a balance to my skin. Jan 25, 2014
Threse M: Started using the Rare Earth Deep Pore Daily Cleanser about 4 months ago and it's amazing. Looking for a masque and figured I would try this out. Jan 21, 2014
Feinan Z: have a try Jan 21, 2014
Vanessa D: saw on a magazine Jan 21, 2014
Michele H: Nothing makes my skin feel softer, tighter and more refreshed than this mask. I use it twice per week when I am good! Jan 20, 2014
Jingwen Z: recommend from a friend Jan 19, 2014
yue d: my friend recommend it Jan 19, 2014
Kim S: used before Jan 19, 2014
Jing C: Among the highest customer's review Jan 19, 2014
Katherine N: My pores are huge and filthy Jan 18, 2014
Xiao L: Good reputation Jan 18, 2014
Lawrence H. W: I have used this cleansing masque for many years. It is very good for deep cleaning. Jan 18, 2014
Lanchen W: Heard it is great Jan 18, 2014
Ryan S: a gift for the girlfriend. she likes masques. Jan 17, 2014
Elizabeth S: wanted a good cleansing mask. Haven't been disappointed with anything I have gotten from Kiehl's yet! Jan 17, 2014
Shantel W: I need to reduce my pore size, and my friend recommended this. Jan 16, 2014
Christine B: curious Jan 16, 2014
hui s: A Jan 15, 2014
Cheryl H: Was a gift for my daughter Jan 15, 2014
Xiaoxiao M: shrink pores essence repair potholes Jan 13, 2014
Yunzhe Y: see the product from a magazine on the flight and want to try. Jan 13, 2014
Jia F: want to try. i have big pores...i want to reduce the size of my pore, especially on my nose Jan 12, 2014
Chen S: recommended by friend as a pore minimizing mask Jan 12, 2014
Shaocong W: Friend's recommendation. Jan 12, 2014
Rosemary R: Love this! Jan 11, 2014
shuchen g: I used it before and it works. Jan 11, 2014
Shiya D: friend's recommend Jan 9, 2014
haitao l: its really a good product,it help me to imporve my skin more healthy. Jan 9, 2014
al c: For my 15 year old daughter that wears more makeup than a corpse! She could use this at the end of the day. Jan 9, 2014
Chen D: high recommended mask, willing to try. Jan 9, 2014
FEI N: it helps my skin clean I love it somuch!! I suggest it to almost everyone I know, and they all love it!! that is why I buy it again and again. Jan 8, 2014
wanyun c: good Jan 8, 2014
valeria c: I've always needed a pore cleansing "something" and the mask just sounds so soothing so I'd love to try this one. Jan 8, 2014
jiewen l: Good Jan 8, 2014
Shiyun Z: I bought it before. Jan 8, 2014
SHIYU Z: good Jan 7, 2014
Fan F: popular product Jan 7, 2014
Carolina V: Facial treatments are very expensive so I decided to try this mascara because kiehl's products always help me having a facial treatment feeling! Jan 6, 2014
Alessa R: I needed a good clay mask and I heard this one was great. Jan 6, 2014
Amy B: I love, love, love this product.... I was beside myself when it was on back order. I actually use this in conjunction with the facial scrub (rare earth deep pore cleanser) for my adult acne! Best product! Tell everyone! Jan 5, 2014
Dong H: want to have a try Jan 5, 2014
Xiaoxuan C: Friends recommend this one Jan 5, 2014
Limeng L: deep clean my face Jan 4, 2014
Fei D: My friends said it's good. Jan 4, 2014
edna s: to help reduce pores Jan 3, 2014
maria m: Love the mask!! Jan 2, 2014
Tianhui F: nice Jan 1, 2014
Megan O: Needed a deep cleansing Masque Dec 29, 2013
Qing L: There is a good comment on this product online. Dec 29, 2013
Tina P: need it Dec 29, 2013
Ling W: A friend recommend it Dec 29, 2013
Chuan A: Friend comments Dec 29, 2013
Janice L: Best facial mask ever, keep skin smoother, must cleaner after used Dec 29, 2013
KATHRYN B: Best masque I have ever used Dec 28, 2013
Ginette G: Used it in the past and love it Dec 28, 2013
Beth K: Magazine article on effectiveness Dec 28, 2013
Bernadette S: based on the reviews. It really works Dec 28, 2013
Xiaojie G: very good for clean Dec 28, 2013
Christopher W: Because it works. It cleanses and reduces the size of facial pores. Dec 28, 2013
Kimmy A: My friends recommended this product! Dec 28, 2013
Lumeng S: online review Dec 28, 2013
Julie C: very nice Dec 28, 2013
Sherry S: Good Dec 28, 2013
Roger G: This is the first product I tried from Kiehl's and immediately loved it. I say this product is the reason my skin looks and feels great. I have recommended it and even purchased a few jars for family and friends. Dec 27, 2013
Ting C: I like it! Dec 27, 2013
Rakesh D: excellent product tried once and decided must have it Dec 26, 2013
Yuying Z: review is good Dec 26, 2013
Wen L: heard it is good and want to try Dec 25, 2013
ying j: A lot of people recommend it. Dec 25, 2013
SHIZHEN TAO T: my favorite Dec 24, 2013
Xiaobu L: My relative selected this. Dec 24, 2013
Tien L: Want to try cos it's always out of stock. Dec 23, 2013
Yangjie F: so good Dec 23, 2013
Bien L: Best mask I have ever used. I use it about 3x per month and it really helps with redness reduction from my occasional breakouts. Dec 10, 2013
Linghua Z: AD Dec 9, 2013
Yuqing X: like the product Dec 9, 2013
evelyn w: My skin really likes this product. Dec 9, 2013
YIjia X: It is so good to clean the pore Dec 9, 2013
Lauren S: it works better than any mask I've ever used. Dec 7, 2013
Zhaohong H: My friend strongly recommended it to me! Dec 7, 2013
Yu C: try it Dec 7, 2013
GUANGYA L: It's gone for such a long time!!! Dec 7, 2013
xiaoying j: Is good! Dec 7, 2013
Yanling H: saw the comment online its good Dec 2, 2013
Xiongnan W: Interested in trying... Dec 2, 2013
penelope j g: I use this when I do a mask Dec 2, 2013
LIHUA Z: great for deep cleaning Nov 29, 2013
CHUYI B: Not too bad, I won't purchase it again. Nov 29, 2013
Xiwen Z: My friend recommended. Nov 28, 2013
Shoulin A: it's always high rate on the websiteï¼? and it's out of stock for a long time. I would like to have a try. And hope it's a good product Nov 28, 2013
Xiao L: Such a great product to clean pores Nov 27, 2013
Xiwei L: Friends recommended it. Nov 27, 2013
Jian Y: Recommended by a friend Nov 27, 2013
Xiaoyiyang C: Very useful Nov 27, 2013
JINU Z: it is a very heat product...really want to try it... Nov 27, 2013
yuan h: my friend recommended it to me Nov 27, 2013
wenyi r: friend recommend Nov 27, 2013
CHEN-HAN L: excellent Nov 27, 2013
QI L: GOOD Nov 26, 2013
yang x: useful to my skin Nov 26, 2013
Yuansheng M: recommended by friends Nov 26, 2013
Cathy B: This product cleans my pores and refreshes my skin giving it a dewy look. My makeup goes on much easier and looks better. This is the best masque I have ever used and would highly recommend it to anyone looking to get a clean and fresh look on their face. Nov 26, 2013
Yinghua Q: My friends recommend this to me. Nov 26, 2013
Swati K: Oily skin. Also it was very difficult to find this product in stock. Nov 26, 2013
liu l: I like it Nov 26, 2013
Shengnan M: great cleaning masque Nov 26, 2013
Nan L: WANNA TRY THIS OUT Nov 26, 2013
Shuo L: it's good for me Nov 26, 2013
Wen W: This is the star product Nov 26, 2013
Keda X: friends recommend Nov 26, 2013
minshui h: good one Nov 26, 2013
Lixing Z: skin clean Nov 26, 2013
Xiaohong C: good customer reviews and holiday fave Nov 26, 2013
Dian Y: LIKE Nov 26, 2013
Ya Ling L: A customer FAVOURITE Nov 26, 2013
Jiayi F: heard of good review in cleaning the pore Nov 26, 2013
xiaohan d: friends recommended Nov 26, 2013
Mengmeng Z: I heard this is very helpful to clean your pore. And after I use it I felt it is really clean Nov 26, 2013
Qian H: recommendation Nov 25, 2013
Huiyun W: recommended Nov 25, 2013
yiwen w: It is prefect. Nov 25, 2013
Ming D: my friends recommand Nov 25, 2013
Genfa L: GOOD Nov 25, 2013
Jing Y: This is the best cleaning mask that I have ever used Nov 25, 2013
zoeyingyi z: i love it make my face very clean Nov 25, 2013
chunzi z: want to try Nov 25, 2013
ella w: good choice Nov 25, 2013
Yang B: Very famous! Nov 25, 2013
Jing J: Many people recommended this and I would like to try Nov 25, 2013
Hang W: Best mask to make skin softer Nov 25, 2013
Chenchen W: good stuff Nov 25, 2013
Quanyue J: many people said that it is good so i want to try it. Nov 25, 2013
Xinzeng W: like it Nov 25, 2013
Ashley Z: It is a o great mask for cleaning. Nov 25, 2013
Allison L: saw good review on line Nov 25, 2013
Kai L: clearly pore Nov 25, 2013
Qi R: It's famous! Nov 25, 2013
diane o: Have used this before and my pores are much smaller afterwards. Nov 25, 2013
Yinsui Z: good Nov 25, 2013
Chenlu S: My friend recommended this. Nov 25, 2013
HANYAN L: Friends recommend Nov 25, 2013
Dongning S: It's works well on my face, I want to repurchase it , however, it's out of stock for a long time. So, I reordered it when I found it's in stock without hesitate Nov 25, 2013
Wanlu H: many people recommend Nov 25, 2013
ting y: It's great! Nov 25, 2013
Jingru F: Friend recommended Nov 25, 2013
Yao X: It worked really well. Nov 25, 2013
Shaojun L: Good for skin Nov 25, 2013
shuyan z: recommended by a friend Nov 25, 2013
Shuai L: sounds very god Nov 25, 2013
Siqi L: LIKE Nov 25, 2013
SHUQI Y: wonderful Nov 25, 2013
Lu J: Want to have a try Nov 25, 2013
Victoria C: Love that product Nov 25, 2013
meixin k: my friend said " it is very good." Nov 25, 2013
Xinlu L: Recommended by friends Nov 25, 2013
Peilian L: Best mask Nov 25, 2013
Yi Q: sounds good Nov 25, 2013
Zhen D: high review Nov 25, 2013
Lan L: Very good products, use it before Nov 25, 2013
Li Z: like it Nov 25, 2013
Jiayun S: I heard about it from lots of friends. They told me that product is really good. So I decide to try it. Nov 25, 2013
Xiangyu S: just try Nov 25, 2013
QI X: Try it Nov 25, 2013
Eun C: i've used this, and i like it. Nov 25, 2013
HAOZHE W: good Nov 25, 2013
Kelly C: i heard it is good product .want to try it Nov 25, 2013
Mengshuo L: I like it so much, this item have been sold out recently, I ordered as soon as possible when it's available. Nov 25, 2013
Qing R: Just love it! Nov 25, 2013
Yuanyuan L: waiting for a long long time Nov 25, 2013
Jing W: good for cleaning Nov 25, 2013
Yaqiong Y: It's useful to help clean the black holes. Also, mild enough not to hurt your skin. Nov 25, 2013
Bin G: I want to try this because somebody recommended it to me. Nov 25, 2013
Carol S: Amazing product. I have normal to dry skin and I use this to close up my pores. It works instantly. I absolutely love it. I use it maybe four-seven times a month. Nov 25, 2013
Stephanie G: I haven't found a pore reducing product yet that works - I'm hoping this may be the one Nov 25, 2013
Qi L: friend recommended this to me Nov 23, 2013
Emmelise C: Large, clogged pores Nov 23, 2013
Kellie S: I use this weekly for deep cleaning, minimizes my pores and makes my skin feel soft and my skin has a glow about it afterwards. Nov 21, 2013
SUSAN C: "I just love this toner, I have been using it for a long time and it makes my face really smooth, healthy and younger looking" Nov 21, 2013
wai ting y: very effective,i feel clean after using it Nov 19, 2013
Jindan Y: Second one. It help to clean the face. Once a week. Nov 18, 2013
lihua h: very nice Nov 17, 2013
Ning W: to deeply clean my face Nov 17, 2013
Wenting S: wanna try something new! Nov 15, 2013
ZHAO W: like Nov 14, 2013
Yidan G: NOT AS GOOD AS I THINK Nov 14, 2013
Bing R: It clean my skin Nov 13, 2013
Danielle S: needed a mask to add to my skincare routine, this works great, makes my skin soft and smooth Nov 10, 2013
Elsie Z: Works great, I have large pores and this masque does not dry out my skin Nov 10, 2013
Chen J: GOOD Nov 9, 2013
Qiming D: good for every week use Nov 8, 2013
Nancy M: Friend recommended Nov 5, 2013
Mengmei T: I heard it is really good. Nov 2, 2013
Zimo S: want to buy Oct 29, 2013
YING X: i need a mask Oct 28, 2013
Crystal D: it is very useful, i love it Oct 28, 2013
Jiewen W: I like it Oct 27, 2013
Junping W: My friend highly recommended this to me repeatly. Oct 27, 2013
fandi k: deep clean Oct 27, 2013
Lauren H: Have never tried. Heard it was great. Oct 27, 2013
Yung-Ju H: because it is popular. Oct 27, 2013
Leslie A: For wife. Oct 26, 2013
Lang L: Good Oct 25, 2013
Robyn B: Read reviews so I thought I would try it out Oct 25, 2013
Lunan X: I like it Oct 24, 2013
Zhihong L: EXTREMELY GOOD Oct 24, 2013
Bowen H: star recommend Oct 24, 2013
Jingrong T: Other people recommend Oct 24, 2013
Yiyang M: heard about it and do have large pores on nose Oct 24, 2013
ChunlinMou m: my wife said Oct 24, 2013
Sam M: I use this masque regularly a few times a week Oct 20, 2013
Wanmeng L: deep clean Oct 20, 2013
Yimeng G: works very well Oct 20, 2013
Cherry Y: Popularity and friend's recommendation Oct 20, 2013
Kwanta C: This is the best masque ever! Try it yourself! Oct 20, 2013
tmmys: the best pore cleansing product ever. finished one a month ago and had been waiting for it come back in stock! Oct 19, 2013
Zoe L: My friend recommended Oct 19, 2013
Austin C: This has been my faithful masque for over 5 years... Makes my skin look years younger every time I use it. Oct 19, 2013
Xiaowen Z: tried it feels great Oct 19, 2013
Agata T: I used to use this product and it made my skin feel incredible, even and smooth. Oct 19, 2013
Teresa R: read reviews - they were all good. my son has several blackheads - many people have had excellent results with this product, hoping to have excellent results as well Oct 19, 2013
Zhongai L: My friend told me that this product is excellent. Oct 18, 2013
Yiwen S: Recommended by friend. Oct 18, 2013
Kathryn T: Heard great things about it. Want something to deep clean my pores. Oct 18, 2013
Ching Yu W: Best deep cleaning mask ever used. Oct 18, 2013
nhut t: good Oct 11, 2013
MDaphne K: This is the closest I have found to a spa masque I love. Sep 30, 2013
Jie F: Well known Sep 29, 2013
baoying w: GOOD FOR SENSITIVE SKIN USE Sep 29, 2013
yingzhen x: NICE MASK Sep 22, 2013
Yuanqing L: It's really good and I love it so much Sep 20, 2013
Yijun H: Recommand by others Sep 18, 2013
Marit C: It makes my face feel clean Sep 13, 2013
Yingying C: I saw the reviews Sep 13, 2013
Weijing Z: A friend recommend it to me. Sep 12, 2013
ZHENGJIE L: recommended by friend Sep 12, 2013
Susan S: I've been using this for years and love the results Sep 12, 2013
Meilan P: GOOD Sep 12, 2013
minping w: clean Sep 12, 2013
Phillip C: I live by this mask. This is by far the best mask that kiehl's offers for my skin. Sep 10, 2013
Qiao W: clean Sep 9, 2013
Zhanna K: I read many good review about this product. Sep 9, 2013
jiayou z: I used over 5 bottles. Sep 8, 2013
xuan z: I want to reduce pores and remove oil. Sep 7, 2013
Peter W: Used this before and it's great for reducing inflammation around pimples, etc. Sep 7, 2013
Wenjing C: It cleans skin and also is mild. Sep 6, 2013
Li Z: I heard it is a good product Sep 6, 2013
Wenyao Y: It's good for cleansing pores and it's a very strong masque. I like it:) Sep 6, 2013
Neely R: a favorite product. Sep 6, 2013
janice p: excited to try this Sep 6, 2013
Thomasa C: Heard great for black heads and pores. Sep 6, 2013
Gabriele G: I need a good pore minimizing skin care product, and the reviews were good. If it's not effective for my skin, I'll terminate the autosend. It will be my first time using this product as well as Kiehl products. Sep 6, 2013
Ming H: Pores have been always my top concern for the skin problem. I would like to try this out, please impress me! Sep 6, 2013
Miyoun S: to minimize and clean pores Sep 5, 2013
Shaojin Q: my friends told me about this Sep 4, 2013
Tiantian W: my friend recommended this one. Sep 4, 2013
Stephanie B: Best ever, cleanser, refresher, pore texture,...!! Sep 3, 2013
yulan z: very good Sep 2, 2013
Xiaoli L: best clean mask Sep 1, 2013
KELI S: I also use the rare earth pore refining toner and the rare earth deep pore daily cleanser. This line has eliminated/reduced breakouts without over drying. Wonderful products, especially in humid Louisiana. Sep 1, 2013
Mu L: used before, and love this product Aug 31, 2013
Bonnie T: excellent online reviews Aug 31, 2013
Qin Z: it's nice Aug 28, 2013
IWEN W: gift Aug 28, 2013
Lin M: friend's recommend Aug 27, 2013
Yawen F: friends recommend Aug 26, 2013
Frances N: A pore minimizer, I use this clay after my skin fusing the Clearly Correcting Skin Brighting Exfoiliator. Use the shower head to wash off the clay and feel cleanse. Aug 25, 2013
Chunrui P: Have been using it for a few years Aug 23, 2013
Jiahan L: DEEP CLEAN Aug 21, 2013
janos k: Felt so clean every time after using it. Very mild to my skin. My friends and I all love it. Aug 21, 2013
Cindy P: Need a gentle deep cleaning mask. Trusting the reviews Aug 21, 2013
jingchao s: good function Aug 20, 2013
Yang Y: I like this product, keep using it. Aug 20, 2013
rainie q: blackheads Aug 18, 2013
QINSHI L: I have used this for one year. And it worked well! One of my favorite mask! Aug 16, 2013
Ann V: I have a problem with pores I hoep it help Aug 16, 2013
ying y: just try it Aug 16, 2013
Doreth I: Hear great reviews. Aug 15, 2013
Katie D: Use this myself and it is wonderful. Bought it for my sister-in-law after she commented on the noticable difference in my skin. Aug 15, 2013
Zhuochan L: I would like to try this mask for cleaning. Aug 14, 2013
Shahira H: I have tried it before and it does clean the pores...So, it is a fact and not an Ad. This is my 3rd time to buy it. Aug 14, 2013
Hazel G: i love masks. Aug 13, 2013
SEMI P: My skin is too oilly ,so I want to control my skin and clean. Aug 12, 2013
Allison C: This is the most effective mask I have ever used! It clears your pores out without making you breakout. It makes my skin incredibly soft and smooth, moisturized, and my posed completely invisible! Aug 12, 2013
Alely F: Since the first thing I tried out was great why not try this one! Aug 11, 2013
Xiaoying W: I used the sample, and it worked well Aug 10, 2013
siming c: I have been using it for two years and I like it. Aug 8, 2013
Yebing F: Review online Aug 7, 2013
wendy b: My daughter love's this prodcut Aug 4, 2013
Brianne T: I love the way my skin feels after using this product! Jul 31, 2013
Ching Annie W: I love the powerful cleansing result of this masque Jul 29, 2013
Darin G: Used it before and it's great Jul 29, 2013
Tiffany W: I read the reviews on it and they all described me perfectly. I need something to get out the dirt and make my pores smaller. Jul 28, 2013
Ines P: just love it Jul 26, 2013
MARIA B: I like the reviews. And, the ingredients are natural. Jul 26, 2013
Erin S: Love how it makes my face look and feel Jul 26, 2013
shuxin l: nice reviews. Jul 23, 2013
Anthony H: Wanted to try it Jul 21, 2013
Geetha N: I have enlarged pores. Hoping that this mask will help Jul 18, 2013
Charmain S: I have enlarged pores and need a product to minimize them Jul 17, 2013
Jiacen L: Friend's recommend Jul 17, 2013
Pan L: my friends told me it is good Jul 17, 2013
Jiayi S: Deep cleaning, minimize pores...What else you need? Jul 16, 2013
fuqiang t: awesome product Jul 15, 2013
Pauline C: saw reviews on different blogs and really wanted to try Jul 15, 2013
Carly S: I have blackheads and large pores. Jul 15, 2013
Marina L: heard good reviews. want to try Jul 14, 2013
Sabrina S: I love this mask I tried an example in Dubai when I purchased the rare earth cleansing cream--love it, it smells great and the results were a tightened lifted face. Jul 14, 2013
Marie B: I saw this product on MSN and thought I would try it. Jul 10, 2013
Mabel P: Saw piece on In Style endorsing this product Jul 10, 2013
Heather D: Recommended Jul 9, 2013
Linda D: I like to mask my face every few weeks. I have used other products, but I like Kiehls other products so I thought I would try out the mask...my fingers are crossed I won't be disappointed Jul 7, 2013
Christopher B: Because I want to clean out my pores and then make them smaller and good reviews on Amazon. Jul 5, 2013
Judy S: Need to find a good mask Jul 5, 2013
Eileen G: good reviews Jul 5, 2013
Chen S: It is great. I used it in bath and after that, skin feels good. Jul 1, 2013
james a: good for me Jun 25, 2013
Lauren O: Need a good pore cleansing mask Jun 24, 2013
Steve S: Love feel of masks. Jun 18, 2013
Jessica H: ingredients. Jun 17, 2013
Laura J: I just started using Kiehl's skin products. I started with the Rare Earth Deep Pore Daily Cleanser and was satisfied with the product. My pores started to become smaller and my skin felt firmer. However, I felt like the pores on my nose and cheeks could use some additional assistance. After reading the awesome reviews and the Kiehl's video of the product I decided to go all in and purchase the mask. I'm sure I won't regret it. Jun 17, 2013
Chieh-Lun S: heard great things bout this! Jun 17, 2013
ling z: it is nice for me Jun 17, 2013
Sandra P: It minimizes my pores and gives my face a fresh look--it really works/ a small amount goes a long way. It does not dry out my skin and keeps my face looking so healthy. Jun 17, 2013
Erika C: I've been using this masque for years, just whenever my face feels sort of "heavy" or un-fresh...it actually makes a noticeable difference in my skin texture and tone. A little goes a long way., Jun 17, 2013
Blanca R: to try it out Jun 17, 2013
Jin Q: Friend's recommend Jun 17, 2013
Xiuling N: need a mask Jun 17, 2013
hong s: GOOD Jun 17, 2013
jennifer f: My cousin recommended it to me, so I'm willing to give it a try since I'm already a fan of Kiehl's. Jun 16, 2013
Nan M: Recommended on bbs Jun 16, 2013
XUE L: want to try Jun 16, 2013
ruonan f: it works for black spots Jun 16, 2013
Timothy O: Highly Rated Jun 16, 2013
Li C: friend asked for it Jun 16, 2013
Ming Y: Got good ratings from other customers. And I am in need of a scrub/mask for the summer weather Jun 16, 2013
Yan L: I almost finish my first one, so I am ordering another one. I love this mask! Jun 16, 2013
mufei g: good Jun 16, 2013
Kit L: I've using this one for awhile, buying it cause i'm out of it Jun 15, 2013
Xiaoming Z: recommended by others Jun 15, 2013
Rubing S: best mask I purchased ever. I've used for 2 years and will continue to use this product. Jun 15, 2013
Stanley T: For Wife Jun 15, 2013
YUNFEI W: Everybody says it's great Jun 15, 2013
Ni Y: like Jun 15, 2013
huixin s: All my friends who have use it feel gread! Jun 14, 2013
yuanyuan z: i like it Jun 14, 2013
Amanda D: try Jun 14, 2013
Jamie S: love it Jun 14, 2013
yun l: looks good Jun 14, 2013
Diana U: I have noticed several enlarged and clogged pores on my face lately. Hoping this helps! Jun 13, 2013
Wenjing L: my friend recommend me Jun 13, 2013
Zhengzheng L: better and cheaper than Borghese mud. Jun 13, 2013
rosalyn g: feels wonderful Jun 13, 2013
JIEQIONG D: base on good review Jun 13, 2013
Yindong X: Have acne and pore problem need to product that clean up the skin Jun 13, 2013
JINGYI L: try Jun 13, 2013
Renee D: needed a mask and liked the scrub already from this line Jun 13, 2013
Jing N: New to me, want to try Jun 13, 2013
YU L: clean face Jun 13, 2013
Janet K: I've tried the toner in this collection but never the masque. There were quite a number of positive reviews pertaining to this product and because enlarged pores is one of my main concerns I wanted to try it and see if it helps with decreasing the size of my pores. Jun 13, 2013
Yiwu J: New to me Jun 13, 2013
Sumei W: i like it Jun 13, 2013
Yunong X: great product Jun 13, 2013
Guanling F: advertisement Jun 13, 2013
Jessica C: My pores are big, and ALL my friends told me that this might work for my skin. Jun 13, 2013
Difan C: I heard it's very useful to reduce the blackheads. Jun 13, 2013
jun l: good product Jun 13, 2013
kelly c: looking for a cooling mask at a reasonable price. something akin to Fresh Black Tea Face Mask. Jun 13, 2013
Cindy A: I have large pores on my forehead. Jun 11, 2013
Martha L: great reviews Jun 10, 2013
Katherine P: Have used before, liked Jun 9, 2013
Jing Y: Friends told this kind of product is good, i need to try Jun 8, 2013
Arina T: Great solution for summer! Jun 7, 2013
WENQIAN J: good Jun 5, 2013
Huixuan L: This masque works so well to remove dead cells and replenish the skin. Jun 5, 2013
Tim B: All started with Creme de corps, got addicted to it. They tried Facial Fuel moisturizer and Ultra Cleanser, wanted to branch out and try more products. Jun 5, 2013
yanyi z: Reduce the acne which i had before Jun 4, 2013
Wenyan D: Friends asked for as gifts Jun 4, 2013
Yan M: I am obsessed with exfoliators and masks and have tried many. I have been using this one for a few month about once or twice a week, although the result doesn't amaze me to a point that I can say I cannot live without it, I am still pleased with it. I think it does achieve what it is claimed to do and I am loving the scent of it, very soothing! Jun 2, 2013
Diane M: The Reviews help me to deceide to try this product.Hopefully is will work May 31, 2013
Jessica F: to detoxify and minimize the the appearance of pores May 28, 2013
Zuleicka L: I'm reading good reviews online about the product. I have had a problem with enlarged pores for years and haven't really found a product I can truly say has helped much. I'm giving this one a try. May 28, 2013
Yiwei X: it gets so many good reviews over the internet. May 27, 2013
YINGQIAN S: recommended by friends May 25, 2013
WEIJIA W: My friends said it is good May 22, 2013
Yijing L: Pore minimizing May 22, 2013
Jin Y: My friend recommend it to me May 22, 2013
Xuan C: creamy,nice May 22, 2013
lanting Z: I used it before and I highly recommand this product to my rommie. It's really good! May 21, 2013
ellie k: good reviews May 21, 2013
JESSICA S: I needed a masque, and I do not trust anyone with my skin care but Kiehl's. Looking forward to pampering myself upon my orders arrival! :-) May 21, 2013
Faith W: Just try May 20, 2013
Jingxi S: I NEED A CLEANING MASK May 20, 2013
Lizette P: I heard great things from friends about it clearing up clogged pores. May 15, 2013
Xuan J: It's really good. It's the best of this type I've ever used. May 13, 2013
Sherry S: I love the other poor cleansing products that I purchased and would like to try the masque now too. May 9, 2013
Bao H: This is very good deep cleaning mask!! I bought it because of the good review, and it turned out really an amazing deep cleaning mask. Effective and skin is smooth and brighter after using it. May 8, 2013
DIA O: love this product- it makes my skin feel refreshed and pores are diminished. this is my second time purchasing! May 8, 2013
jamie f: it was recommended by my sister-she said it is awesome! May 7, 2013
Siying H: deep clean May 7, 2013
Daniel C: recommend by my girlfriend May 6, 2013
Colleen C: I haven't used a masque in along time and I wanted to see how this one makes my skin feel and look May 6, 2013
Brittany C: Looking for product to reduce pores May 6, 2013
Lauren J: summer is coming and i have really oily skin. this looks like it will clear and detoxify my skin. May 5, 2013
Feifei X: Wanna clean my face and refine the pore. May 3, 2013
Valerie E: This was a recommendation from my friend. I told her I was looking for a mask product and she recommended Kiehls. She said it works wonders for her so I can't wait to try it. May 2, 2013
Amy D: Keihl's consultant recommended and reading customer reviews. I have oily/combo skin with large pores. I don't want to use this line daily for fear of too much drying, so twice a week mask sounded like the right amount of use. We'll see how it goes.... May 2, 2013
Valerie D: This was recommended to be by a friend. May 1, 2013
Chengxin G: I like it Apr 28, 2013
Emma(Shiyao) Z: GOOD FOR CLEANING THE PORES Apr 28, 2013
xinzi c: for my oily skin Apr 27, 2013
melissa d: based it on customer reviews Apr 26, 2013
Jacqueline K: First time trying Apr 26, 2013
Robert M: keep face beautiful Apr 25, 2013
Keva C: I chose this product because I have very oily skin and this product is said to control the oil. Apr 25, 2013
Le Z: try Apr 23, 2013
Sara B: Have bought 3 jars previously & love how it helps my skin. Apr 22, 2013
Renee S: I need a good masque. Apr 21, 2013
Siqi L: It's five stars Apr 20, 2013
Nicole D: I have sensitive, blemish prone skin. Apr 20, 2013
Anna K: to try Apr 20, 2013
Yiyu C: Good value Apr 16, 2013
Tsai-Lin C: I like this product so much! My face was oil type before use this product, but now, it became normal type. Love it !!! Apr 13, 2013
ngan t: I have oily/combination skin and searching for good mask to help my pores better. Hope this product is good for me. Apr 12, 2013
janey m: This is the only masque I've found that is gentle but extremely effective. My skin feels super clean and rejuvenated after this mask. I usually steam a bit in the bath, lather it on, remove with warm water and a washcloth, slather on my night cream and will wake up with all my skin ailments gone. .. Apr 11, 2013
Priscilla C: it works Apr 9, 2013
Lu Ping Z: N/A Apr 8, 2013
zhengrong h: good Apr 7, 2013
Patricia C: Love this product Apr 7, 2013
QINYI Q: I like it. Apr 7, 2013
Yingjun L: Used it for nearly two years. Best cleansing mask ever! Apr 6, 2013
Bingqi L: I feel my skin becomes smoother after using this product. Apr 6, 2013
Catherine C: trial Apr 6, 2013
Breanne M: loved using it before Apr 5, 2013
Fengying G: LIKE IT, NEED IT Apr 4, 2013
Ran C: Friend recommended. Apr 3, 2013
Qian L: I searched some Chinese cosmetic rating websites and people talk highly of it. Apr 3, 2013
Shelisa D: Something that actually works on my acne prone skin. The moment I wash this off my face, my skin is less red and irritated and my pores seem less noticeable. Once I find something that works (its hard), I stick with it. I am sticking with this. Apr 2, 2013
Adrienne A: Feel positive about Kiehl's products Apr 1, 2013
Shayna D: Excited to try this masque since I have sensitive skin Mar 27, 2013
Yiwen Z: recommended by friends Mar 26, 2013
Xinping S: It is popular and is helpful in clean my face. Mar 26, 2013
Jenny H: so many people recommend Mar 26, 2013
Irena Z: Even at 57 I still have an oily blemish prone complexion. I like to use a good cleansing mask once a week to feel like I'm really getting my pores deep cleaned and fresh Mar 26, 2013
wendy D: I want to minimize my pores permanently Mar 26, 2013
DAN W: buy this product regularly, good product Mar 25, 2013
Ingrid O: trying this to see if it will help with my acne issues. Nothing else seems to work. Mar 25, 2013
Chi Kwan I: After using this product, it made me feel clean. Mar 25, 2013
Meiling H: heard it before Mar 24, 2013
Yuqi W: have tried and it works Mar 20, 2013
chaohong s: Just try it Mar 20, 2013
Scott W: reviews! and experience with other Kiehl's products Mar 19, 2013
Michael M: friend recommendation Mar 19, 2013
li s: hope it works for me and reduce my pores Mar 19, 2013
Shadya S: Eye moisture Mar 19, 2013
Yushi T: Friend's recommendation Mar 18, 2013
Emily D: Saw a review in a magazine. Mar 18, 2013
Siqiao Y: It cleans my skin thoroughly. I love it. Mar 17, 2013
Youn Jae L: for pore Mar 15, 2013
Doris B: I need a good masque. Feb 20, 2013
ni l: since everybody said good ,,i want to try Feb 20, 2013
Lisa S: Great for absorbing oil and reducing the appearance of large pores Feb 20, 2013
Keala B: recommended during a facial analysis and facial Feb 19, 2013
Michelle M: Wanted a high quality masque Feb 18, 2013
Betty Jo R: Thought I would give it a try. Feb 17, 2013
Lydia D: ran out of the mask I used to use & the company no longer makes it available Feb 17, 2013
Lara J: Friend recommended Feb 17, 2013
Terry M: to try the mask - looking for a new mask Feb 15, 2013
Terry L: like it Feb 15, 2013
Howard R: I have used this product for more than 20 years; it is great after shaving. Feb 15, 2013
Carol M: I needed a cleansing masque and I liked the reviews Feb 12, 2013
Yongmi C: I know clay is good for skin and I am attracted to 'Amazonian white clay.' Feb 11, 2013
JING H: I'd like to try on this section,Hope there will be I want to effect Feb 11, 2013
Carl B: A great masque! Tightens without over drying. My skin looks and feels refreshed and younger. Will continue buying. Feb 10, 2013
Xiaxian H: I have trouble skin and I heard from my friend this mask helps out Feb 10, 2013
Anna P: see if I like it Feb 10, 2013
MIAOMIAO Z: just try Feb 10, 2013
Jack Y: friend loved it Feb 9, 2013
Susan M: Like it! Feb 8, 2013
Aysem D: Reviews on Keihl's site lead me to this product. Will try it weekly. Feb 7, 2013
Chen L: want to try this product, as i was told it is good. Feb 7, 2013
Mi C: Good! Feb 6, 2013
Tiffany C: i love clay masks. i feel that they work the best to help pull impurities from deep within the skins pores. Feb 3, 2013
David K: The reviews were very good. Never tried it. Feb 2, 2013
martha a: from an article Feb 1, 2013
Kathleen A: I need a good facial. Liked the gal on the video clip Feb 1, 2013
Zhejun S: friend recommend Jan 31, 2013
Katie S: For a treat for my face! Jan 30, 2013
Gretchen B: I am looking for a good mask and was impressed wiuth the reviews. Jan 30, 2013
Lydia W: I always use them everyday and they are great! Jan 28, 2013
Jing L: it's really popular in my friends Jan 27, 2013
Lynn H: I use to use a mask product and had gotten away from it, I am looking forward to using this product. Jan 27, 2013
Mia C: This masque is awesome!!! My skin feels soft, clean and looks good. It helps to control my monthly acne breakouts too! Please don't take this away! Jan 26, 2013
Peter G: To try out. Jan 26, 2013
Isabela C: I've heard good reviews not just about the Label but this particular product as well. Have been looking for a facial masque that people have actually used and recommended and Khiel's, Ive known to be a great label for a long time. Jan 25, 2013
Sue T: This is the best cleansing masque I've ever used. It left my skin soft and smooth, and blemish free. Also, I used it once or twice a week, and it lasted nearly a year! Jan 25, 2013
Xuyin L: My sister says it is good Jan 25, 2013
Roxana C: Great masque, I use this every week. Jan 24, 2013
Yuqing L: I have larger pores on my T-zone because my oily skin type. I hope this product can help me smaller my pores. Jan 23, 2013
YAN JIUN L: "Never try it." Jan 22, 2013
DOLORES W: Works well. Use it once a month. Jan 22, 2013
tonia p: I have had masque work well in the past to cut down on pimples. Jan 21, 2013
Susan M: want to try Jan 19, 2013
JoAnne D: It works! It firms my face. I use it everyday. It is like a face lift. I just turned 65 and not many people know it. Jan 15, 2013
Kathy F: I had used the Soothing Gel Masque for the last several years, but you do not carry it any more. The reviews for this product were good, so I am going to try it. Jan 14, 2013
Lindsay D: Highly recommended by a close friend Jan 13, 2013
Teresa M: This masque gives me a bright complexion, smooth, like as if I had a good sleep. love this masque. Jan 12, 2013
Wei F: I get stubborn black heads and white heads on my nose. I am hoping this will help get rid of them and shrink my pores. Jan 10, 2013
Kellie H: I enjoy a mask occassionally. Thought I'd try it Jan 7, 2013
Linda B: Have it and it really cleanses my face. Jan 6, 2013
JR J: great job of deep cleaning skin and clearing pores Jan 6, 2013
Yuan C: Magazine recommend Jan 5, 2013
Charmain J: liked reviews, so wanted to try it out Jan 3, 2013
Xue D: saw great review so decided to try Jan 3, 2013
Nancy R: Looking forward to trying Jan 3, 2013
Leslie K: Best face mask ever! Jan 2, 2013
Josh S: tried a friends, really seemed to pull out black heads after only a few uses! Jan 2, 2013
justen w: It was recommended in a video i saw on youtube. Jan 2, 2013
chauncey s: i used to use this masque, and have not in years. i recently recalled what was missing in my life---and reconnected with it. a great start to a new year!-- blessings!!!- sassy w. Jan 1, 2013
Huan Z: my friends introduce it to me Dec 31, 2012
Lan W: bst of the product Dec 31, 2012
Erin B: Hoping to use this weekly to refine and smooth Dec 31, 2012
Yujing C: has used Dec 31, 2012
CAN W: To make my pore smaller. Dec 31, 2012
Hong C: my face is not so clean Dec 31, 2012
Chuchu H: want to try it Dec 31, 2012
Jeffery A: Looking for a pore cleansing masque. Dec 31, 2012
Xiaoyu Y: my friends recommend to me to use. Dec 31, 2012
Diane C: Looking for a product to visibly reduce pore size. Dec 31, 2012
joe s: my cousin needs this one Dec 31, 2012
STEPHANIE V: try something new Dec 31, 2012
Jingmeng G: It is said to be effective on improving prone areas Dec 31, 2012
JIA QI L: to reduce pore size Dec 31, 2012
Yubing B: the high rate Dec 31, 2012
Jianing Z: Wanna minimize my pore Dec 31, 2012
Shuang C: good Dec 31, 2012
n k: I have very sensitive and acne prone skin. This takes care of the acne and is kind to my skin! Dec 30, 2012
Xiaofei G: friend recommend! Dec 30, 2012
wenge w: It did work! I like it,thank you! Dec 30, 2012
Adriane G: cleans pores Dec 30, 2012
Jessica Y: this is for my cousin, she asked me to buy it for her. Dec 30, 2012
Ngan Sze n: this is my 3rd bottle, Love it Dec 30, 2012
Kristina B: clean out pores, minimize pores Dec 30, 2012
Jiao Ji L: recommended by a friend Dec 30, 2012
RONG Z: I have large pore on the nose, I wish it may work for me Dec 30, 2012
Liqiao L: I need a masque Dec 29, 2012
Xing Y: I used it before Dec 29, 2012
Hanying G: i want to clean my skin. Dec 29, 2012
changjun X: friends said it is good to make the pores smaller , I want to try Dec 29, 2012
Jie R: good Dec 29, 2012
Wei J: Heard some one said this. Just wanna try it. Dec 28, 2012
xiaofan c: to get ride of big pores and black heads Dec 28, 2012
Jie L: I used this before. Dec 28, 2012
QIMIN Y: friends told me Dec 28, 2012
Sevasty D: Great mask love this stuff Dec 27, 2012
vivian l: friends recommended it to me ,everyone told me this is a great masque! Dec 27, 2012
Su Z: Just want to try Dec 27, 2012
zhang l: The product evaluation is very good. Dec 27, 2012
xuan L: need a masque Dec 27, 2012
Christen d: Read the reviews on this facial mask and I'm hoping it will work for me as well. Dec 27, 2012
Sierra S: i have no masques and wanted to try it Dec 27, 2012
Jiefei Y: it helps cleans the pores Dec 27, 2012
xin o: USE IT FOR A LONG TIME Dec 27, 2012
Chuang X: Help to soften skin Dec 27, 2012
Mengyue Z: Deep clean Dec 26, 2012
Huijun L: I saw the reviews from other people. I just want to try it out. Dec 26, 2012
Jian l: it is very good product, easy to use, comfortable and very clean Dec 26, 2012
JUPING L: curious Dec 26, 2012
weiping n: by friend Dec 26, 2012
Wei Z: I need masque regularly and I want to try this one try see if it is good on me. Dec 26, 2012
Chunhui Z: The review is impressive. Dec 26, 2012
Junke Y: helps to clean skin Dec 26, 2012
Zayneb M: Wanted something to help with my skin, since the moisturizer was so amazing I am assuming this is also great. Dec 25, 2012
Yolanda P: had great reviews so wanted to try it. Dec 23, 2012
Karina R: This will be the first time that I use this mask but I want to give it a shot being that other Keihls products have worked on my skin. Dec 22, 2012
Hui Wen Y: I used twice and felt good on my face. Dec 21, 2012
Norma C: Daughter wanted it for Xmas. Dec 20, 2012
WEI X: I LOVE IT Dec 19, 2012
James H E: Gift for a friend Dec 18, 2012
Liya L: My friend tells me that it is very helpful for pore enlargement.
After using this for a few months, I have to say it is very helpful!!!!!! My pores getting smaller and smaller!
Dec 17, 2012
Suzanna T: love masques. wanted to try Dec 17, 2012
kyungah N: I am interested in pore products Dec 16, 2012
Michelle L: wanted to try it Dec 16, 2012
Dina C: wanted to try it Dec 15, 2012
Natalia B: I hope its going to help to minimize my pores Dec 14, 2012
Anne K: First time purchase - I have large pores, and the descriptions and reviews of this product sound promising. Dec 14, 2012
Meredith F: This was suggested to be my a customer service representative for my extremely sensitive by clogged skin. I spend a lot of time in the gym, so I am hoping this will help to get all of the dirt out of my pores. Dec 14, 2012
Wenjing L: Good product, i introduced it to my friend, and they love it. gift for them. Dec 13, 2012
Wen L: Tried once from a friend, it is good. Dec 13, 2012
Liping X: NICE Dec 13, 2012
Daniel P: Poor Cleansing, it seems a little drastic. Dec 12, 2012
qingling z: GOOD Dec 12, 2012
Karen N: Been using it for a few years and love it! Dec 12, 2012
Tia T: I like masques, and there's great reviews on it. Dec 12, 2012
JIEMIN Y: soft,clean Dec 11, 2012
Debra O: I use to use Rachel Perry's Ginseng Facial Mask. Sadly, this product is no longer available so I have been looking a long time for a mask as effective. I am excited to try this mask based on the ingredients and the many positive reviews. Dec 11, 2012
Huizhong H: To get rid of blackheads Dec 11, 2012
Yingying F: friend recommended Dec 8, 2012
Mikal M: I love this mask. It is awesome. Dec 8, 2012
Deanna L: I've been using it and I love it! Dec 7, 2012
XU S: it is a good mask and it can minize the skinstone if you use it often Dec 7, 2012
Grace D: Love the Cleanser so wanted to try the Masque of this line. Dec 7, 2012
Guifei F: Friend's recommendation. Dec 6, 2012
Joyce Ying H: want to try Dec 6, 2012
Laura W: Love the facial products...first time trying this Dec 6, 2012
Jan C: Gift Dec 6, 2012
Jennifer U: Needing a new masque Dec 6, 2012
Mary Hanna F: My daughter likes to use facial masks and i thought this would really be a treat for her. Dec 6, 2012
Latanya H: thought I should try with the rare earth cleanser Dec 4, 2012
Jing Z: heard so much about it Dec 3, 2012
susan e: sounds like something I might like . want to try it Dec 3, 2012
Lu R: to reduce pore size Dec 3, 2012
Ana P: Based on the reviews it seems like it is worth trying it. Dec 2, 2012
Maureen H: I have very clogged pores and I love a good mud masque. I hope it works! Dec 2, 2012
Therese W: Best masque ever - gentle but very effective. Dec 2, 2012
Victoria V: Best mask for my oily skin. No breakouts! Dec 1, 2012
Mengge P: I want to try some cleaners that help my black pores Dec 1, 2012
NANXUAN Z: just like it Nov 30, 2012
Li Y: iI want to clean my face deeply. Nov 25, 2012
huan z: good Nov 25, 2012
Meghan D: My face feels great after using this masque. I have super sensitive skin and it does not irritate my skin. Nov 25, 2012
XIN Y: have a try Nov 25, 2012
YINGYI L: USEFUL Nov 25, 2012
Xiaochen G: try to be clean. Nov 25, 2012
Ning L: want to try Nov 24, 2012
Nancy D: Good reviews and wanted to give it a try. I need a new mask. Nov 24, 2012
xu y: good replies Nov 23, 2012
Karen T: Best Mask I've ever used! Nov 23, 2012
Liping X: nice Nov 23, 2012
Rui L: famous Nov 22, 2012
Liang S: have a try Nov 22, 2012
Fanglei Z: WANT TO HAVE A TRY Nov 22, 2012
Bingqing Y: great, and useful, clean skin very well Nov 22, 2012
yun y: my pore is very big!!!. anyway
this prodact is very good.
Nov 21, 2012
Lauren J: I have large pores which makes me look older and worn out. I want to srink the size of my pores. Nov 21, 2012
Michael E: gift for female companion Nov 21, 2012
hong l: the website says this good is good Nov 20, 2012
Zhigang Y: this is gift for my Mon Nov 20, 2012
vivien h: it really helps to minimize pores and my friend want to try, and i order for her. Nov 20, 2012
Panpan X: RECOMMEND Nov 20, 2012
Rebecca M: same as for cleanser Nov 19, 2012
Qiurui W: pore clean Nov 19, 2012
Shangxian X: My friend suggest this to me Nov 19, 2012
luis f: I've used this mask before I really liked how it makes my skin look Nov 18, 2012
RUNQING D: Others recommended Nov 18, 2012
Qian Z: I USE IT ONCE A WEEK :) Nov 18, 2012
Fang L: I want to clean my face one to two times a week with it. Nov 18, 2012
Ting L: See Ads Nov 18, 2012
Chao J: really works well on me Nov 17, 2012
chen x: friend suggested Nov 17, 2012
Nan J: good Nov 16, 2012
Nan L: wanna try it Nov 16, 2012
QIANQIAN C: It is very good.It can make my face very moisture. Nov 16, 2012
JIEYING C: GOOD Nov 16, 2012
Yang G: like it Nov 16, 2012
Alicia M: Second time purchasing because it has been amazing! Nov 15, 2012
Laurie B: It's a great mask for cleaning out your pores and it's really gently on my sensitive skin. It's kind of messy but totally worth it. Nov 15, 2012
Xiaodan Y: someone else recommends this for me Nov 15, 2012
veronique l: needed a masque, thought i'd try this one. Nov 14, 2012
Chenyu X: want to try Nov 14, 2012
Bei W: people told me it is good Nov 14, 2012
Melanie O: Trying to replace another product. Ingredient seems similar Nov 14, 2012
Shuna W: pore cleaning Nov 14, 2012
Jingyi C: I use it for a long time. Nov 14, 2012
Feiqiong L: I have a pore problem. Nov 14, 2012
Alice Y: heard this is good Nov 14, 2012
yisong h: good for pore minimizing Nov 14, 2012
Barbara K: Love how this mask is so gentle but really works well...a must have! Nov 13, 2012
FANG Y: It works Nov 13, 2012
Xinyang L: good Nov 13, 2012
patrica t: I needed a good masque so I thought i would try this Nov 6, 2012
shirley z: it really works to my pore Nov 6, 2012
Ziyi L: try clean my face Nov 5, 2012
Jancyn B: I have been looking for a masque that will help keep my skin plump. Nov 2, 2012
Sonia H: Very refreshing Nov 1, 2012
Rong J: I heard that it helps clean the pore. Nov 1, 2012
Wendy K: My friend recommend me this product. This is what i concern for. Oct 30, 2012
Trisha P: Help with skin tone and prevent acne. Oct 28, 2012
Vincent G: I have developed large pores on my nose and an over production of sebum that causes constant white and black heads on my nose. I have to extract daily! I am trying this to help. Oct 24, 2012
Arthur W: its really good for clean face Oct 23, 2012
Andrew D: I have used it before and it is very effective. I have noticed less black heads and less breakouts. Oct 23, 2012
Jiabei S: GOOD TO USE Oct 20, 2012
Gabriel T: This mask is great for when you need to deep clean those clogged pores. I use this maybe once or twice a month. Oct 20, 2012
Jesus O: blackheads and enlarged pores Oct 19, 2012
Yanxia S: My friend recommended this production to me. Oct 18, 2012
Beatrice R: to help make my pores smaller looking and face fresh looking Oct 16, 2012
Pamela S: Trying it for the first time. Oct 15, 2012
Kristen W: A friend sent me this as a gift, it turned out to be very good! Oct 15, 2012
Brandon D: I'm looking for an effective pore minimizer. I'm giving this a try. Oct 14, 2012
Lynette D: Works great. Oct 14, 2012
Minkyu C: it is good product Oct 10, 2012
Jingyu S: My friend recommend Oct 9, 2012
DENISE C: I can see the visible change in my skin after using this product. It last a long time too! I am such a fan of this product and my face looks so youthful. Oct 7, 2012
Michelle S: I suffer from enlarged pores due to oily skin. Oct 7, 2012
QIN C: I have used it,and I like it. Oct 6, 2012
HONG Q: Just want to become prettier. Oct 6, 2012
Yiming T: I love it. Oct 6, 2012
Chen C: Seems like good Oct 3, 2012
Noriko K: have clogged pores Oct 3, 2012
Michael A: I cannot live without this, i apply and wear a clay masque at about twice a week to keep my face in check, as it can get really oily. Definitely recommend this. Oct 2, 2012
Yefei S: my masque is big. I want to try it Oct 2, 2012
Younhee S: I want to try this. Oct 1, 2012
xin y: large pore Sep 29, 2012
HSUAN Y: very effective Sep 28, 2012
Cara W: I've heard that this was amazing, and wanted to try it. Sep 24, 2012
Mary Ellen K: read reviews and it sounds like just what i need for deep cleaning. Sep 24, 2012
Linda L: i hope it work Sep 24, 2012
Elizabeth F: Wanted to try a new product and thought this would be good. Sep 24, 2012
kanjanaporn k: try it Sep 24, 2012
Christopher L: Its a great product that I have used before and had great results. You dont need to use it everyday, so it lasts a long time. Sep 24, 2012
Trina M: Goes on smooth, doesn't crack when it dries...best masque I've ever used!! Sep 24, 2012
Ryan H: heard good things about it. Sep 24, 2012
Melissa P: Trying something new - motivated to take a chance because of the discount being offered. Sep 24, 2012
Milka S: read about it in an article Sep 24, 2012
lan j: My skin feels really soft and comfortable after using it. Best mask I have been used. Sep 24, 2012
Derick F: You tube video recommended it. Sep 24, 2012
Jessica A: read about it in a magazine Sep 23, 2012
Mingqing C: A deep clean of skin is quite essential for me. Sep 23, 2012
Jill B: Have large pores! Sep 23, 2012
PO-KUEI H: Because i want to clear my face Sep 23, 2012
Jan H: To try it. Sep 23, 2012
Shaina N: To clear up my blackheads, acne and excess oil production. Sep 23, 2012
Karim B: Interested in cleansing my pores. Sep 23, 2012
Michelle S: it seems to work on my oily skin. Never found a better facial mask. Sep 23, 2012
daniel M: Used before and like its result Sep 23, 2012
Qizhao W: helps a lot with my pores around my nose.. great product Sep 23, 2012
Janet T: My teenage daughter wants it Sep 23, 2012
Minhee K: Friend recommended me. Sep 23, 2012
Diane G: It's a gift. Sep 22, 2012
Jiying Z: Helps with my acne. Sep 22, 2012
Elyse A: to try it Sep 22, 2012
Cherryl D: Need a good exfoliating mask. Based on the reviews, looks like this one does the trick. Sep 22, 2012
DI H: A friend introduces it to me. Sep 22, 2012
Xiangying M: just want to try Sep 21, 2012
RONG L: i like it. Sep 21, 2012
Beth W: I have large pores between my eyes and around my nose- hoping this will help! Sep 21, 2012
letao z: Brighten your skin!! Sep 20, 2012
carolyn s: Am in need of a good masque Sep 20, 2012
YINSHAN L: Popular & friend's recommendation Sep 20, 2012
Jim F: LOVE RARE EARTH Sep 20, 2012
Hyewon S: good review Sep 20, 2012
QINGYUAN Y: good Sep 19, 2012
Hanbing S: I always use this Sep 19, 2012
zhouxiaohan f: it is very good Sep 19, 2012
Valery R: I have used that, mild but has a good cleaning effect Sep 19, 2012
xuesha z: I LOVE IT Sep 19, 2012
Fanglu C: want to give a try for the pores on my nose. Hope it works Sep 19, 2012
patricia s: white clay Sep 19, 2012
hae k: same as above Sep 19, 2012
Christine H: Used it before and love it. Sep 19, 2012
Quinn F: I used this before, it is a really good masque. Sep 18, 2012
Maria L: Need a good cleaning mask Sep 18, 2012
Lei Y: have a try Sep 18, 2012
Chiahung H: my friend recommend to me Sep 18, 2012
Ruoban H: used it. love it Sep 18, 2012
Nina R: I have huge pores and trust you make great masques, as everything you make is amazing! Sep 18, 2012
yihe W: heard it is great for pore. Sep 18, 2012
zhiyan z: this so far is my fav in terms of cleaning mask! Sep 18, 2012
leeanna g: It works-pores look smaller and doesn't dry my skin Sep 18, 2012
Lan H: like it Sep 18, 2012
MITAT D: gift Sep 18, 2012
Zhengyi L: I need a mask with clay and strong cleansing capacity. Sep 16, 2012
Rufeng L: to treat enlarge pore Sep 15, 2012
Yanan X: Many Acnes and Blackheads on my skin. Disturbing Sep 13, 2012
Megan F: I use this once a week, or whenever my skin looks stressed. As soon as I wash it off, my skin looks healthier and happier. Sep 10, 2012
Brooke D: Read a recommendation. Sep 10, 2012
Yin K: Read reviews online, mainly for minimizing pores on my nose~ Sep 9, 2012
Jia S: this helps with the acnes. Sep 8, 2012
Melissa T: I love this mask! Best mask ever! Sep 5, 2012
Susan R: Because I love this product, mild enough for sensitive skin. Sep 4, 2012
Heather W: I wanted something to help with large pores and exfoliation. Sep 3, 2012
Andrea W: looking to reduce blackheads on nose Sep 3, 2012
Bing C: great cleansing masque Sep 2, 2012
laudy t: friend recommended Sep 1, 2012
Jesa D: this masque leaves my skin feeling great, and you can really tell that you did something! Aug 31, 2012
Rui W: Try new Aug 31, 2012
Rui M: FANTASTIC Aug 30, 2012
loriann m: It's the best Clay Pore Mask! Aug 27, 2012
Donna B: because at the moment I'm experiencing some breakouts on my chin (even though I'm almost 50!). I had a hard time choosing between this and the blue stuff Aug 26, 2012
Timothy N: Wanted to try a pore reducing product that fiance and I could both use. Aug 26, 2012
minne x: i used before, and it is really good. Aug 24, 2012
Nancy T: I wanted to try this masque. Aug 23, 2012
Nicole B: It was recommended by my wedding make up artist to get my skin glowing for the big day! Aug 23, 2012
Jennifer T: Saw in a magazine as LHJ best picks. Aug 23, 2012
Catherine E: In addition to sensitive skin, I tend to have large pores around the nose area. I rarely use masques because my skin tends to remain very red several hours after using masques. I have read that both oatmeal and aloe vera are quite soothing to the skin, so I thought I would give it a try! Aug 22, 2012
Simeng W: For cleansing. Aug 21, 2012
erin j: I read a review in a fashion magazine and thought it would be the best option for a deep clensing masque as I am already a big fan of Kiels products. Aug 21, 2012
yingjun q: see from recommendations on magzines Aug 20, 2012
haining l: i just want to try. Aug 19, 2012
pauline m: refered by skin care s Aug 19, 2012
Jennifer M: Part of my regular skin care regime. I've run out. Aug 18, 2012
susan r: Your excellent reputation Aug 16, 2012
leigh b: hope it cleans and smoothes facial skin Aug 15, 2012
Randa W: to decrease pore size Aug 15, 2012
Nicholas G: Used before and it's a great product! Aug 15, 2012
Crystal S: I have really oily acne prone skin I want to try something that will help with the oily skin. Aug 15, 2012
Ann Y: Recommended by a family member Aug 14, 2012
Galena Z: I have enlarged pores. Aug 13, 2012
lisha m: first buy it Aug 13, 2012
Xiaohui T: friends said it's good. Aug 13, 2012
Dianna W: I have never tried this before and have been looking for a good quality mask so am trying this one to see if it will meet my expectations. Aug 11, 2012
Raina L: I used it from my cousin's. After 3 days, my skin felt great! So now I'm getting one for myself. Aug 7, 2012
Yuan G: New product and I expect it can do what is promised. Aug 3, 2012
SHUHUA L: my friend told me this is great. Aug 3, 2012
faria n: i seen it in a magazine so i wanna try it to see if it works (: Aug 1, 2012
I Peng W: lots of friends suggest that Aug 1, 2012
Denise R: need masque Aug 1, 2012
Lois H: Read about it in O magazine. I have been looking for a cleansing mask for my oily skin. Read some of the reviews, sounded promising. Jul 31, 2012
Guoguo L: Have used one jar and good effect~ Jul 28, 2012
Miaohua C: Because somebody says, this one is good . Jul 27, 2012
Debbie B: saw the product in Journal magazine "This Stuff Works" Jul 25, 2012
shannon d: have used in the past and want to have some in NY while visiting Jul 22, 2012
Christina B: I have very large pores and I am hoping that this product will fix that! Jul 20, 2012
deborah b: Estee Lauder used to make a good clay masque and they don't carry it anymore. I have oily skin and large pores. Jul 19, 2012
Amber F: Hoping it will refine my pores. Jul 19, 2012
Ryanne C: cleans pores Jul 17, 2012
Yuan Ting L: I have been using this product. Jul 16, 2012
Christina J: I remember trying a sample a liking it. Jul 16, 2012
KE W: I've used this before and it is good for cleaning the pore. Jul 16, 2012
Joong O: pore cleaning Jul 16, 2012
Wenyi H: friend recommend Jul 16, 2012
Christine H: Loooooove this product of Kiehl's. Please don't stop making it. Jul 15, 2012
Huabo Q: heard of it, but never used Jul 15, 2012
Maycky T: good recommendations about this product Jul 15, 2012
MinYi C: Some people give very good reviews, and I have pore problems so definitely want to try it Jul 15, 2012
Meaghan P: Easy to put on and the feeling of refreshment you get after is positively wonderful. I highly recommend! Jul 15, 2012
Yicun W: It can clean my skin. Jul 15, 2012
Yushan L: Really love, I use it twice a week to keep my skin clean Jul 15, 2012
Cherie C: Real Simple magazine profiled this, sounds great! Jul 14, 2012
Sujun J: Friend recommended Jul 14, 2012
Fandi C: reduce pores on face. Jul 13, 2012
Louis H: I needed this according to the reviews Jul 12, 2012
Stephanie S: has good review, want to get rid of my blackheads Jul 11, 2012
Dr. Dean V: Excellent compound and works fast Jul 11, 2012
JOAN T: Clay is suppose to be a great ingredient for a mask Jul 10, 2012
Teresa O: I wanted to try this masque. The reviews said it made pores seem smaller. Jul 10, 2012
an l: i heard this product helps with pores! i have gigantic pore that i was to reduce Jul 10, 2012
Xiulan Y: it is good Jul 8, 2012
Dawn Y: Looked great, I am into beauty and all kinds of face products, and this one seemed very interesting... Jul 7, 2012
Ning G: clean skin Jul 7, 2012
Chunjiang L: bought 1 Jul 7, 2012
yingjiang y: Hear Kiehl's from friends, it's my first try. Jul 7, 2012
Margot P: I am currently using another similar product and I thought I would compare
this masque with my own . I know
Kiehl's products and I trust them.
Jul 7, 2012
Robbie J: Love how it makes my skin look! Jul 7, 2012
Zhenzhen Z: very clean face after applying Jul 4, 2012
Anu P: It really cleanses deeply! Jul 2, 2012
Darcy C: have been trying to find a great masque to soothe and moisturize my skin...can't wait to try it! Jun 30, 2012
Rebecca D: I'd heard that Kiels has very good products, I was in the market for a good mask, and I believe it was listed on the Real Simple web site as a good product. Jun 29, 2012
Karen C: I read this product in Women's Health Magazine (Aug. Issue) as a "best" cleanser. Jun 28, 2012
Christina P: Love it. Use it twice a week and it is the extra little bit that I need to keep little pimples away. Jun 27, 2012
Naiwen Z: Bought a jar of this mask last year and liked it. will keep using it on my sensitive skin. mild enough for me. Jun 25, 2012
William H: Reviews looked good. Wanted a masque. Jun 25, 2012
Patricia A: It has received excellent reviews. Jun 25, 2012
pui yee c: My friend is using this and she recommended this mask for me! Jun 24, 2012
Yan G: I love it! Jun 22, 2012
amber s: I have large pores that get clogged easily Jun 22, 2012
Lili S: have enlarged pores and I read all the reviews on this product. The reviews were so good I just had to try it! Jun 21, 2012
Penny W: I chose this to see if it would help clean out my pores. I seem to be getting really clogged pores, deep down and wanted to try this to see if it would help. Jun 21, 2012
Carmen Yvette P: I believe that this will minimize my large pores. Jun 21, 2012
Sydney F: i have oily skin and it was recommended for use in real simple magazine Jun 21, 2012
QIN Q: VERY GOOD Jun 20, 2012
Yaqiong C: want to have a try Jun 20, 2012
Lara G: it is awesome! I have used it for 25 years to clean my oily skin. Jun 19, 2012
Gabriel G: I choose this product to help get rid of my oily skin. Jun 19, 2012
Jazary O: I wanted to take better care of my skin Jun 19, 2012
Thomas G: i picked this item because it said it was the best on the market Jun 18, 2012
Jisoo J: One of my skin concerns is enlarged pores around nose and cheeks so I wanted to try this product out. Jun 18, 2012
Diana H: LOVE LOVE LOVE this product! Bought it at a store on an "impulse" and have never regretted it! Jun 16, 2012
Jennifer R: I like the way it makes my face feels. Jun 15, 2012
Eunhae B: Heard from my friend that this product is good. Jun 13, 2012
Amy P: I am interested in a product that helps reduce enlarged pores. Jun 13, 2012
andrea g: foound it online and was willing to try something new Jun 10, 2012
Debra K: I chose this because of the great reviews Jun 10, 2012
Maureen H: Reviews were compelling... I have larger pores and really no product that does anything about them. Jun 10, 2012
Shu Q: Pore problem... Jun 10, 2012
Jacqueline C: I am trying the Masque for the first time. I want to minimize pores. Jun 9, 2012
E Oranna M: Too much frizz Jun 9, 2012
Susan M: Read great reviews online. Jun 9, 2012
Paula W: I want to try something for big pores. Jun 7, 2012
Sheridan S: Great for cleaning and tightening pores. Jun 6, 2012
Christine C: I want to try to reduce the size of my pores. Jun 6, 2012
Peter N: Oi! Been looking for something like this for years. If it's even a tenth as good as some of the reviews, it'll still be worth it. Really can't wait to try it. Why can't I download this right to my desktop? Someone getto work on that and make it snappy, papi! Jun 6, 2012
Tracy M: I chose this masque based on my need to minimize pore appearance and for the deep cleaning. The reviews were very helpful in making my choice. May 31, 2012
Jennifer J: need deep cleansing May 28, 2012
frankie n: real simple May 25, 2012
Qian W: good May 25, 2012
BRIANNA B: I had tried a sample last time I made a purchase and loved this! May 23, 2012
Suzanne C: one of the women who commented said it got rid of her blackheads on her nose & she has dry sensitive skin same as me. I am hoping this product works well as I am expecting. May 21, 2012
Carol M: Need a good masque and thought I'd try yours. May 20, 2012
Justin C: Want to reduce the size of my pores and give my skin a smoother look. May 19, 2012
supawinee j: need to be try May 19, 2012
karen h: I choose this because of what others had said May 18, 2012
Michelle L: GOOD May 18, 2012
Kelly G: I use the rare earth cleansing cream and noticed a big difference in my skin, so figured i would give this a try since i'm sure it's just as great as the cleanser. May 17, 2012
lisa s: I had read about how goood it was in Glamour magazine. Then I also read the reviews on the Kiehls website. There are limited "drugstore" type masks available, let alone effective. So when I read the reviews, I thought it would be worth the effort and cost to order. May 16, 2012
Emily F: I have been looking for a clay masque and saw this featured in O magazine. May 16, 2012
yesha o: A friend of mine uses the same product,
she advise me to try out the mask. Hope this works !
May 16, 2012
Leigh S: I needed a treatment mask to help with breakouts and clogged pores with my sensitive skin. May 15, 2012
Wei W: friends' suggestions May 15, 2012
Sharon S: I used to use a clay masque & it really helped
with my oily skin. We moved to Louisiana &
it is very humid & now my face is very oily once again. Hope your product helps.
May 15, 2012
Margaret P: want to deep clean my pores May 13, 2012
Minnie L: sounds like what i need. May 12, 2012
Alma B: I read about it in Oprah Magazine. May 11, 2012
Nancy B: Trial May 9, 2012
Lauren S: to shrink pores May 7, 2012
Candice R: to help make my pores smaller. May 6, 2012
Cindy W: perfect I like it! May 4, 2012
donna s: I read the reviews May 4, 2012
Jennifer B: Online reviews May 2, 2012
Jing G: MIN PORE May 1, 2012
IRIS H: wanna purify my skin, clean those toxins in my skin. and attracted by the "warm feeling". May 1, 2012
Winnie B: Oatmeal in a skin mask has always enhanced the appearance of my skin. Apr 30, 2012
Melinda K: need new masque Apr 30, 2012
Sai M: I have read the review, it said you can have a baby skin so i wanna try Apr 29, 2012
Sharon P: refine pores Apr 28, 2012
Debra H: work great Apr 28, 2012
Tandrianna C: I am really enjoying the purity of Kiehl's products and I needed a good masque. This is the first time I will be trying this and I have a feeling it is going to be very effective, but also gentle. Apr 27, 2012
Natalia G: It was recommended on MSN.... Read the reviews and decided to try it!! :) Apr 26, 2012
Karen F: wanted to try, had read of good results Apr 26, 2012
Patricia W: Heard about it in a magazine Apr 26, 2012
D. B: I love to observe and have great skin. Thought I'd try this. Apr 26, 2012
GULNUR A: friend recommended it Apr 25, 2012
Ay-Chyi C: Saw it in people and decided to try it because I have large pores and being able to afford microdermabrasion treatments and facials are limited. Apr 24, 2012
Joanne C: I chose this because I've been hearing amazing things about this product and since I do have problems with enlarged pores, this seemed to be a possible solution. Apr 23, 2012
Kerri R: I was looking for something to reduce the size of my pores and that was affordable. I went online and saw ONLY positive reviews for this product and the one word that seemed to be in every review was "results." You will get results! Had to try it. Apr 22, 2012
Kathleen P: read about product in Oprah magazine Apr 22, 2012
Sheena G: I'm in my late 20s and I have acne. I use sulfur based products mostly reduce inflammation on my face but I was also looking for something to keep my pores clean without causing over drying and this seemed like an interesting product to try. Apr 20, 2012
MARIA G: a recommendation from a friend Apr 19, 2012
gerardo r: saw on people's magazine Apr 18, 2012
alicia c: i,m hoping it will help with my under skin because he want something to help his skin come back to life again. Apr 18, 2012
Maryann a: Received a good review in a magazine I saw. Apr 18, 2012
Cathy B: ad in LHJ Apr 15, 2012
CAROLYN S: I have oily skin with enlarged pores on my nose, and I wanted to give it a try. Apr 15, 2012
Ying C: My friend told me it is a good product. Apr 14, 2012
Lorrie S: Hoping it lives up to hype and really shrinks pores and needed deep cleansing. Apr 13, 2012
Kelly D: reviews were great Apr 13, 2012
Belia B: I need help with my enlarged pores, have tried other products, but I want something that will really work. I hope that it will. Apr 12, 2012
Emma c: Years ago I purchased a clay masque that really cleaned and brighten my skin. They stopped making it. I wanted to try another one ,This product sounds good, just what I`m looking for. Apr 12, 2012
Cynthia F: I've used it before and loved it. Apr 11, 2012
Gail F: Skin needs a deep cleansing Apr 9, 2012
Kathryn F: reviews Apr 9, 2012
fran b: saw this in "this stuff works" in ladies home journal Apr 8, 2012
Daniel O: this product was recommended by a friend Apr 8, 2012
rosemarie s: good cleaning mask for blackheads Apr 3, 2012
Ting Y: good comments on the Internet Apr 3, 2012
Tijuana R: because i have alot of acne and i never had acne as a child and i have tried a few other products and nothing is heping it, i thought that something natural may be the answer Apr 2, 2012
Ganesa W: I read all comments and decided to try it out." Apr 2, 2012
Simon L: I received this as a gift and it was especially useful when I wanted to look my best right after the application and the following day. The masque shrinks my pores and smooths out my skin for an even, clean appearance. Apr 1, 2012
judy g: i tried samples, and it is good! Mar 30, 2012
patricia J: to decrease large open pores Mar 30, 2012
Youngju D: Because I have big pores. and I heard this facial mask is really good. Mar 29, 2012
Yingman Y: my friend told me Mar 28, 2012
linda t: Afriend recommended this product. I was not familar with your company and thought I would try your products. Mar 28, 2012
Sherlyn D: i was looking for somthing with natural ingrediants, as well as ingrediants that are known to work well with oily skin. Mar 27, 2012
Christine M: I'm not sure Mar 26, 2012
Hugh H: The reviews indicate the product is effective. Mar 25, 2012
carolyn a: To try to improve skin. Great reviews Mar 25, 2012
A shopper asked: It is out of stock now. When will it be back? Sep 24, 2013
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C J asked: When will this be back in stock? Oct 2, 2013
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Chris H asked: Hi:

This product is out of stock, Could you tell me are this no longer being produced?

Thank you!
Oct 14, 2013
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A shopper asked: Can this product effectively remove blackheads and whiteheads? thanks. Apr 2, 2012
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Tia T asked: A lot of the reviewers state they have oily skin. Is there a benefit for using this on dry skin or is it not suggested on dry skin? Mar 31, 2012
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Juliette D: You can use this on dry skin with no problem. I would not use it as often as those who have oily skin. I would use it once a week. If that's too much then use less. Apr 20, 2013
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A shopper asked: How often should I use this product? May 10, 2012
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John F: Once a week. May 10, 2012
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Ana H: I have really sensitive skin so I try to limit use to once a week for ten minutes. May 13, 2012
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Kiehl's AStaff: Hello! This is recommended for use once or twice a week, or as often as necessary depending on your skin. May 17, 2012
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A shopper asked: How do I use it ? Sep 22, 2012
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Michael A: i recommend scooping out with a plastic spoon, placing the clay on the back of your hand, and applying just enough to cover your face, so you dont get the actual clay dirty if you use your fingers. You apply it all over your face or just on the spot you wanna take care of. Now it says leave it on for 15 min, but i leave it on for about 30 min, just when the maque gets super dry. Then, you go in the sink, and clean your hands, use warm water to take it off. Ive heard that its pretty much alright to leave it on specific spots all night, as its just clay, it should hopefully dry out any problem zits and stuff. Oct 2, 2012
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Ana H: You apply a generous amount with your finger tips. There's a great you tube video that demonstrates this online. Sep 25, 2012
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A shopper asked: Is this product suitable for people who have oily skin and are prone to breakouts? Is it fragrance free? Thank you! Nov 21, 2012
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Angela J: It is good for oily skin and it is fragrance free. Great product! Nov 23, 2012
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Aisha V asked: Is this good for dry/combination skin? Some areas on my face are super dry, while others are not (where I have the large pore issue). Sep 15, 2012
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Janine C: I have that same combo and it works great -- very gentle. If you're still concerned, maybe just try using it on the areas you're needing it most and skip those super dry areas.

Cheers to your beautiful skin!
Sep 16, 2012
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A shopper asked: can this use around eyes? Sep 4, 2012
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Sharon O: I always use around eyes, never had any issues! Sep 4, 2012
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Bonnie_Cao B asked: What type of skin is this Masque good for? Aug 7, 2012
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Anjali C: oily, clogged skin Aug 7, 2012
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yan q asked: Why is this product always out of stoke? I had waited 2 months. T-T Dec 9, 2013
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bingqian s asked: plz give more white clay, why it always out of stock? Nov 26, 2013
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A shopper asked: When will it back? I have been waiting for weeks. Nov 14, 2013
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A shopper asked: How long will this be out of stock? I've been waiting to try this for months now! Nov 13, 2013
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A shopper asked: Is this mask friendly to a face that has Rosacea? Jun 5, 2012
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qinqin g asked: is this for women only or for men only, or both? Sep 1, 2014
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SADIA A: this mask helped me clear my skin as well soften. and my pores were minimized after the application. but i did notice if i use it back to back like once a week it makes my skin little bit sensitive. so i only use it once a month. Sep 2, 2014
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Betsy L: This masque would work well for both men and women. My husband has used it and liked the way his skin felt after he tried it. This particular product is one of my favorites from Kiehl's. Sep 1, 2014
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Jenny S: It should be for both! I don't know why a cleansing masque would be gender specific Sep 1, 2014
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Brooke D: Both Sep 1, 2014
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A shopper asked: How long may I keep it? I doubt that I could finish it quickly. Apr 16, 2013
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Tsai-Lin C: I usually keep it about 15 to 20 minutes, depends on how dry it is. Before it dry out, wash it off. It would be hard to wash and would make the skin too dry when it become complete dry. Apr 28, 2013
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Michael A: One container of these usually lasts like literally 4-5 months. It says to leave it on for 10 minutes, i leave it on for 20-30, and just relax, watch some tv and drink water until then Apr 20, 2013
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