Rare Earth Pore Minimizing Lotion

A face lotion that helps to minimize the appearance of pores and soften skin
  • Lightweight, oil-free formula
  • Contains Amazonian White Clay to help absorb excess oil to create a matte appearance throughout the day
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"This lotion works wonders! My pores look smaller, and my skin has a matte look and feel."

Travis K., Kiehl’s Insider

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How to Apply:
-Apply face lotion to clean skin in the morning and/or night

Rare Earth Pore Minimizing Lotion
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Kiehl's Since 1851 Store asked: Why did you choose this?
zhiwen j: 11 Sep 26, 2014
Nicole G: I have been using this after cleansing lotion for almost 1 year and it is the best oil controlling lotion that I have ever used. It gives my skin a nice matte look and helps control the oil all day, I love it! Sep 26, 2014
Julie A K: love it Sep 24, 2014
YiNing C: Just want to try Sep 19, 2014
Lindsey H: Perfect for my incredibly oily skin. I have some dry areas so I use the ultra facial cream for that but this is my everywhere mattifier/moisturizer! I am so oily that I used to be a greasy mess within two hours after applying my makeup, now I use this with the matching cleanser, with BB cream and a powder foundation. Perfect! Sep 19, 2014
Yingjie Z: by choice Sep 18, 2014
Amy H: I've never tried this and as I age see that my pores are enlarging. I hope to notice a change. Sep 16, 2014
Michelle K: I really like the Rare Earth masque and wanted to give the lotion a try. Sep 15, 2014
NICOLE B: I chose this product because of all of the positive customer reviews. I would like to try it to see if it will minimize my pores. Sep 13, 2014
Peng P: Super star product of Kiehl's. I found this recommend from others blog Sep 10, 2014
TAYLOR B: Reduce pore size. Sep 8, 2014
debra m: would like to minimize the appearance of pores. Sep 8, 2014
Kaori S: The best product series to keep the shine under control. Sep 8, 2014
Lucia B: It works!! Sep 1, 2014
Christina M: Can't live without it. It's the only product that keeps my skin looking matt throughout the day. I love it! Aug 31, 2014
Diane B: this is a product i have purchased a few times. I like the way it goes on and doesn't feel greasy. Aug 29, 2014
qiaoyun Z: GOOD Aug 28, 2014
J O: Part of my nightly face routine. Aug 27, 2014
Mary D: looking for shine control Aug 27, 2014
Jingwei H: I like it Aug 9, 2014
Jia L: I have pores Aug 9, 2014
rui c: just take a try Aug 9, 2014
Matthew R: Great facial moisturizer for reducing oil and minimizing pores Aug 5, 2014
Shannon G: This is a great lotion to use under makeup as it is light and not at all oily. It works well in warm weather. Aug 3, 2014
Lucy X: WANNA TRY Aug 2, 2014
Pamela G: sounds good for keeping skin sheer & matt Jul 31, 2014
Patriciaa L: this goes with the cleanser for my husband Jul 24, 2014
Chenyang J: have enlarged pores beside my nose Jul 22, 2014
Estrella P: Need something for my oily skin and large pores. Jul 21, 2014
Jiaxin H: just want to try. this is my first time to use kiehls' products. Jul 19, 2014
Amanda M: It works! My pores are noticeable smaller after using this lotion. Jul 18, 2014
Peggy B: Works great! Jul 18, 2014
WANG Q: want to try.. Jul 18, 2014
zhao w: good Jun 29, 2014
Feng W: use as a set with rare earth cleaner Jun 27, 2014
William Brent H: my wife's request Jun 25, 2014
Joseph K: It works GREAT!!!! LOVE IT!! For me its a MUST HAVE!!! Jun 20, 2014
XIAO T: i always like and use it Jun 17, 2014
sandy w: good items May 30, 2014
Lunan J: My friend recommend this. May 26, 2014
Kathleen H: I like it, it seems to work May 19, 2014
Weifu J: ? May 18, 2014
Kristin H: I've been using the rare earth line for years - love it. May 17, 2014
Celeste C: Love it! May 17, 2014
Meiriyanti W: I USED THIS PRODUCT, LOVE IT11 May 17, 2014
Rachel R: I love this lotion! I can wear it on my bear skin and feel safe to go out in public without looking like a shiny mess. May 16, 2014
LILIAN T: I LIKE May 16, 2014
Hui T: Try it ,first time May 15, 2014
Sarah G: Because I am hoping it works as great as the cleanser and it had great reviews. May 15, 2014
Alice L: Have used it and like it very much May 7, 2014
Amanda S: Trying this out for the first time. Hoping it works! May 7, 2014
Yang Y: looks good, so I wanna try Apr 24, 2014
Ricardo V: My pores are very large, and I've been looking for something for a while to help minimize. Thought I'd give this a try. Apr 20, 2014
Stephanie S: To see if it really works. Apr 16, 2014
Alem L: Recommended by a friend Apr 9, 2014
Bonnie O: I love all the other Rare Earth products and want a lotion that doesn't leave my face shiny. Apr 8, 2014
yan s: want to try Mar 31, 2014
Pamela R: Didn't like the matte finish. Mar 27, 2014
Jennifer C: I use the other Rare Earth products so wanted to try this. Mar 19, 2014
charlie t: I have large pores and purchased it based on reviews. Mar 17, 2014
Peihui W: remove oil and minimize pores Mar 15, 2014
Sophia N: Used before Mar 11, 2014
chenhao d: try something new Mar 10, 2014
Thinh H: Because I have big pores. Feb 26, 2014
Hyojin L: i want to try this. Feb 18, 2014
Alan C: Great everyday moisturizer. Leaves a matte finish on the skin and really does minimize pore appearance. Feb 17, 2014
Rose P: Aug 3, 2014
matte finish look Really minimizes pores. have not used any makeup in over 20 years but have drawers full of skin care products. this is really good. this will be my 11th.
UPDATE Sep 16, 2014
Ordered 2x bottles today. Use this everyday. Best product ever. Please do not stop making this.
Feb 5, 2014
Threse M: Been using it for 4 months now and love it. Jan 21, 2014
Ray P: Used it previously Jan 21, 2014
Fan F: friend recommends Jan 7, 2014
Rachel K: Feel like my pores are more noticeable lately and wanted to solve that. Jan 5, 2014
Zhantong M: good for oily skin Dec 31, 2013
junni c: want to try Dec 30, 2013
Carolyn L: My skin feels great and my pores are minimized! Dec 30, 2013
Masuko G: Almost finish using the 1st bottle, repeating order. Dec 27, 2013
Bin H: good Dec 27, 2013
XiuXiu L: Good Dec 23, 2013
PEIRAN Z: good Dec 20, 2013
Daniella A: haven't tried this yet but love others in this line so figured I'd give it a shot. Dec 19, 2013
denise d: just to see if I liked its effects. Its a bit dry so I add argan oil to it. Dec 18, 2013
Matthew J: Wife chose Dec 16, 2013
Samuel D: My friend wants to control the oil in her skin. And it seems to work for her. Dec 16, 2013
Mandy Z: Ok Dec 16, 2013
Monica H: This is my "go to" facial mositurizer. Dec 14, 2013
michelle b: I love love love the rare earth cleanser so I wanted to try the lotion. I can't wait. Dec 13, 2013
Kathie S: Addressed concerns Dec 12, 2013
David S: Gift for my wife. She loves it, Dec 12, 2013
Yue H: I like rare earth collection Dec 9, 2013
Yu C: try it Dec 7, 2013
Susan D: Amazing at reducing the size of pores in oily zones. Cleared up my skin after 2 days of use. Dec 6, 2013
mark r: gift for my daughter Dec 6, 2013
Blanca V: Never used it tried the cleanser and loved it; though I would try the lotion and tonic. Dec 6, 2013
anna c: Have pore issues Dec 6, 2013
Joana A: It really makes my skin look better because pores are smaller and the skin is more uniform looking Dec 4, 2013
Huan S: I bought the cleaner and mask, want to try the same series cream Dec 2, 2013
Juexiao Z: for minimizing pores Dec 2, 2013
Maria H: To reduce pores to look younger.. Dec 2, 2013
David C F: I love it Dec 1, 2013
Thaweejit W: great Nov 29, 2013
shirden c: useful for my face Nov 29, 2013
Zhaoyu C: USEFUL Nov 27, 2013
Sherli M: I love the feel & it does minimize the pore some Nov 26, 2013
Melanie M: I have large pores in my T zone and along my cheeks I'm always searching for something to help with that. Nov 24, 2013
Shuting Q: I love it Nov 24, 2013
Emmelise C: large, clogged pores Nov 23, 2013
Yanjun W: I have used 2 of this products, and I feel good when use it in summer. Nov 21, 2013
luo y: good Nov 21, 2013
Eric C: I have oily skin with big pores Nov 20, 2013
Iris V: Trying for the first time. Nov 20, 2013
jun y: Good Nov 19, 2013
OKYOUNG K: My friend recommended it Nov 17, 2013
Ning W: to control the oil and minimize the pore on my face Nov 17, 2013
Stephanie B: Love that it absorbs oil throughout the day. Nov 16, 2013
Yongqing T: For friend Nov 15, 2013
Rebecca R: My first time buying. I read the reviews-I have large pores and feel like this could be a winner for me. Will soon tell! Nov 15, 2013
Sharon C: I was noticing that my pores were looking really enlarged so I thought I'd give this a try. Wow, it works. I put it on before my makeup and let it set for a few minutes while I get dressed. It helps my makeup stay put all day! Nov 15, 2013
Yuping H: Recommended by a friend. Nov 15, 2013
staci r: interested in a matte finish when I dont wear makeup Nov 14, 2013
xinting s: this is my second one,It is great Nov 13, 2013
ANNE MARGARET C: Problems with pores Nov 13, 2013
kein j: I have ENLARGED PORES Nov 12, 2013
Troy W: I have large pores and slightly oily skin in a humid climate. I'm hoping this with even out my skin and help reduce or eliminate my occasional acne. Nov 10, 2013
Yuelei X: i used it more than one year. i love it. Nov 4, 2013
Becky L: The notion of a lotion that could keep my skin from getting too oily sounded quite appealing. Nov 3, 2013
Patricia C: Because is cheaper than Ultra Facial Oil free Gel and I think it's going to work well with my skin. Oct 31, 2013
Jinying L: my friend recommends this to me Oct 30, 2013
Stacey S: I've never tried this, but since I've had such great results with the cleanser I want to give this a shot Oct 28, 2013
Kwanta C: Not only tighten the pores it will also brighten your skin. LOVE Oct 20, 2013
Pasquale I: I am searching for a pore mimimizer Oct 9, 2013
Hannah H: I have combination skin and I tried the oil free products (Cream and lotion) and throughout the day I still felt like my face was getting too greasy in my Tzone so I opted for this one. It has a nice matte feel to it - dries super quick and doesn't make my face as greasy through the day. Oct 5, 2013
Todd T: This is awesome. Light weight and gives a great matte finish to the skin. Oct 1, 2013
Rondah S: I use this every morning and night. It works great. Sep 30, 2013
Glenn R: It's an excellent pore minimizer. Sep 30, 2013
Ziteng S: "I dont know what to use.. any suggestion? I have oily skin around t area and dry skin on the rest of my face:( many blackhead on my nose. huge pore on forehead and nose area.:(" Sep 30, 2013
Yaying X: GOOD Sep 29, 2013
Yuebo H: A new collection, wish it would work for my pores and redness Sep 28, 2013
Barbara C: I spend a lot of time in Florida and a looking to try something to help with the oiliness of my skin. Sep 28, 2013
Yi-Ju L: "This is my first time to purchase this Brand and this friends recommend me this product." Sep 28, 2013
Kyra C: I am looking to minimize my pores. Sep 23, 2013
Joaquin P: This is my 2nd order since I have been very pleased with the results. Sep 19, 2013
Robert F: This actually reduces pores on selected areas. Sep 15, 2013
Kelly G: I use it daily and love it! Sep 14, 2013
Marit C: I wanted to try it out Sep 13, 2013
Wenbing X: I have large pore on my nose Sep 4, 2013
Christina S: Super light and non oily Aug 31, 2013
juyung k: first time user. From reviews Aug 29, 2013
Yolanda G: The best of the best. I have large pores and super greasy shiny face....but not with this. Aug 26, 2013
Terri R: no longer want to keep my spare change in my HUGE pores Aug 2, 2013
shuxin l: large pores. Jul 23, 2013
Nova S: i really love what the mask does so i wanted to give this a try. Jul 21, 2013
Anand P: works greatly to hide pores and minimizes blackheads, if any. Jul 18, 2013
Joseph Z: Been using for two years after MANY years of failed products. Can not say enough about this product and how well it keeps my skin. Jul 17, 2013
Susan C: This lotion actually does minimize pores and controls my oily skin! LOVE the Rare Earth lotion, toner and cleanser!!! Jun 30, 2013
RATHA K: good reviews like the masque Jun 29, 2013
james a: good for me Jun 25, 2013
Walter R: Large pores, oily skin, wanted to try. Jun 20, 2013
soo s: My friend recommended this because it works! Jun 18, 2013
Bina M: Helps with oil control for a while Jun 18, 2013
Jennifer S: This product worked to minimize my pores. Very impressed because I feel like products usually don't work on my oily blemish prone skin Jun 17, 2013
Cory S: Oily skin is no longer an issue for me when I used this lotion (twice daily) along with the Rare Earth Pore Refining Tonic. This one-two punch is the best thing I've ever done for my face. Jun 16, 2013
gae w: Lightweight for summer Jun 15, 2013
andrea b: a friend has been using this for about 2 weeks and noticed a major improvement in the size of her pores. i thought i would try it and see! Jun 14, 2013
SARAH B: bought it, LOVE IT! Jun 14, 2013
Nynikka P: It's my usual, got to product. Jun 13, 2013
Mengmeng Z: give it a try Jun 13, 2013
William T: works well with acne prone skin for 20+ year olds. Jun 13, 2013
Summer D: Because I love it!! Jun 10, 2013
Yoojin C: have visible pore issues May 19, 2013
Lauren J: my skin is extremely oily and i need a moisturizer that will help with that. i currently use the ultra facial oil free lotion, but i need something "extra" in the summertime May 5, 2013
Valerie D: The Rare Earth line was recommended to me by a friend and your on-line rep. May 1, 2013
Chloe H: it makes my skin look flawless Apr 29, 2013
Maggie D: My niece requests this as her birthday gift Apr 24, 2013
Patricia H: have used before - was very pleased Apr 9, 2013
Lu Ping Z: just try it Apr 8, 2013
Patricia C: wanted to try it Apr 7, 2013
Ji Hyeon H: it fits for my skin. Apr 4, 2013
Patricia O: Enlarge pores Mar 25, 2013
Wanbin W: try a lotion for summer Mar 22, 2013
Siqiao Y: I have big pores, and want to give this a try. Mar 17, 2013
Janet R: Daughter's favorite Feb 20, 2013
Na L: I JUST WANT TO TRY Feb 12, 2013
Chen L: want to try this product, as i was told it is good. Feb 7, 2013
Solomon B: I have really oily skin, and occasional acne, and this is the only moisturizer I can use. It keeps my skin soft and matte. I never get oily using this. Even oil free moisturizers I've used in the past, I still get oily. Love this stuff. If you have oily skin too, give this a try! Feb 6, 2013
Michelle B: This works great for my combination and acne prone skin. It feels really good and light. Feb 4, 2013
Tiffany C: after cleansing my face i always need to put something back on it as it feels dry. since im going to try the Deep poor Cleanser then i figure i will need to have the lotion to go on after. Feb 3, 2013
Krupali P: Trying it for the first time. I've tried many brands to control oil in the T-Zone. Hopefully this works it's magic. Jan 31, 2013
Barbara M: I have large pores and it seemed to work well for many users, so I thought I'd give it a try. Jan 27, 2013
Elizabeth G: It's my favorite lotion! Jan 24, 2013
Kelvin C: good for my skin. Jan 21, 2013
Belle T: Good reviews Jan 15, 2013
Yeon C: Want to try to minimize pores. Jan 14, 2013
James D: Because my friend with flawless skin recommended it. Jan 11, 2013
yuli k: my pores has been enlarged so much lately Jan 9, 2013
Myonghui L: i need a new daytime moisturizer for my combination skin. I want to try this product in it will help reducing the enlarged pores. Jan 6, 2013
Ellen R: Hopefully it will minimize pores Dec 31, 2012
n k: Trying this for the first time, excited to see the results! Dec 30, 2012
Kristina B: to decrease oiliness on my forehead and pores on my cheeks Dec 30, 2012
Hiu Mei M: want to minimize my pores Dec 30, 2012
Yecenia M: i have large pores and would like them to be reduced in size Dec 28, 2012
zhang l: The product evaluation is very good Dec 27, 2012
Emily R: My friend likes the rare earth cleanser so I bought her the whole set Dec 27, 2012
Winnie L: pore issue Dec 27, 2012
sandy f: love it! Dec 26, 2012
Lauren W: The reviews said this really worked and I'm hoping it does! Dec 26, 2012
Carrie C: used before and it's pretty good Dec 26, 2012
Janet L: I've heard good things about this and wanted to try it out for myself. Dec 26, 2012
Chun-Shan Y: Looking for a good moisturizer. Dec 26, 2012
Chun-Shan Y: I just finished a bottle of it, great for combination skin, moisturizing well even in winter in Chicago. Dec 26, 2012
Yu L: I have big pore. Dec 25, 2012
megan f: hugely reduces my painful chin cysts and oil production on my t-zone Dec 20, 2012
sherile p: i want to try this product coz i have a pore problem and as i read to some customer reviews this is effective. just wanna try Dec 15, 2012
Kristy O: My hubby loves it Dec 15, 2012
Nancy L: I have deep pores Dec 14, 2012
Shuyun L: Friend recommendation Dec 12, 2012
Lucille G: really helps to clean out pores Dec 9, 2012
Eric P: I have oily skin and nothing has worked to dry it up. A skin care specialist on Reddit told me this would help. Dec 8, 2012
Michelle M: I have large pores and want to give this item a try. Dec 7, 2012
Ruihan G: for try Dec 5, 2012
Renae P: I absolutely love this lotion! It does not leave my face feeling greasy, and I have noticed a visible reduction in my pores...especially the nose! I use it everyday and I am in love. Dec 4, 2012
Leslie K: because of the reviews Dec 2, 2012
Jennifer H: To help minimize my pores Dec 1, 2012
Chelsea R: The reviews looked really great so I wanted to try this out! Nov 25, 2012
Chiu-Ju H: My brother needs it ! Nov 22, 2012
Dezryelle A: I have larger pores on and around nose. I hope this product will alleviate them. I have used the Rare Eart mask for years, and I do like it, but only used it once a week, which isn't really enough. Hopefully, this is gentle enough to use everyday and effective at minimizing pores. Nov 20, 2012
amy t: i have huge pores and oily skin Nov 19, 2012
lindsay k: wanted a product with white clay Nov 15, 2012
Ziyi L: try clean my face Nov 5, 2012
Victoria H: For the pore minimizing part. Nov 4, 2012
Clarisse B: My mom has large pores and I want her to try this out. Oct 31, 2012
Michelle L: Refine pores Oct 13, 2012
Angel L: Because my friend asked me to do so. Oct 12, 2012
Jessica O: Works great with the cleanser! Oct 11, 2012
Thanh T: I have large pores Oct 3, 2012
Mary F: Saw the review and wanted to try it to see if it helps my enlarged facial pores. Oct 1, 2012
Cynthia H: This moisturizer worked wonders for me. Sep 24, 2012
Chee Seng G: due to Oily skin and enlarged pores Sep 24, 2012
Mia L: oil-control Sep 23, 2012
Jing W: I have problems with my pores. Although I have not used this before, I can have a try. Sep 22, 2012
Rui Z: my skin problem. hope it will give me some help Sep 22, 2012
Hanghang Z: good quality Sep 21, 2012
Haoyu Z: I have also purchased the rare earth mask before. I think the mask did a great job on minimizing the pores, and it would be better to be used together with this lotion. Sep 21, 2012
Xi L: Acne concern and Feedback in the reviews Sep 20, 2012
James M: keeps you matte longer into the day Sep 20, 2012
Elizabeth G: this is my favorite lotion of all time. One bottle lasts me 3-4 months. love the non-greasy texture. Sep 19, 2012
Meng G: This product is efficient minimize pore on my face. Recommend! Sep 18, 2012
Jorie C: will try this- read about this helping large pores Sep 18, 2012
xin z: 1st time try out Sep 18, 2012
Cayleigh N: Love it Sep 18, 2012
Eun Jew K: becuase I liked the container with tip? ( i mean top part) Sep 18, 2012
Jargalan P: for big pore just trying if it is good I will keep use it Sep 10, 2012
Alyson R: To minimize pore size Aug 30, 2012
minne x: i used before, and it is really good. Aug 24, 2012
CHIOMA A: My Friend Recommended Aug 14, 2012
Patricia C: have large pores Aug 10, 2012
xin w: like it Aug 10, 2012
Sue C: All of your products I have tried I have liked so this is one I want to try. Aug 6, 2012
Amber F: Hoping it will refine my pores. Jul 19, 2012
Eduardo M: Wife may like this item also. Jul 18, 2012
Rachel G: Used a sample on vacation and it was awesome! Kept my face matte in summer heat. Jul 17, 2012
Joong O: pore cleaning Jul 16, 2012
Ya-Lan C: would like to minimizing my pore Jul 16, 2012
Meaghan P: I have very oily skin and it has been a more than frustrating search to find a facial lotion for the summers. This little bottle has been a godsend, not to mention needing only a little at a time makes the product last! Really worth the price! Jul 15, 2012
Sujun J: Friend recommended Jul 14, 2012
Leslie C: I heard it's good for summer! Jul 7, 2012
Corliss S: hopefullt this works to reduce pore appearance Jul 4, 2012
xiaoqiao x: used it for years. smooth my skin and balance my skin tone. also absorb fast and never give me any pore clot problems. good lotion Jul 3, 2012
Gaye M: Works great, my skin is much clearer. Jun 11, 2012
Hilary C: hope it helps my large pores look smaller. Jun 4, 2012
Amanda F: add to reduction of pore regimen Jun 2, 2012
Lynette D: If i'm cleansing pores, I should minimize them as well! Jun 2, 2012
Rebecca M: trying to minimize pores...always a problem Jun 1, 2012
Ruth T: I have a large pore that I have to deal with May 30, 2012
Winnie Wai Lam W: Have tried this sample and liked it!!! May 30, 2012
Kathy R: Replacing item that is almost empty May 25, 2012
Alecia R: Recommendation from someone else. May 24, 2012
sofie k: I have a combination skin with oliy T-zone. A customer service rep recommended me to try this lotion among others. May 21, 2012
Lisa C: With this lotion, I can go without makeup and still feel pretty. Does exactly what it says, is lightweight, goes on smoothly, and isn't greasy. Great product. May 19, 2012
Ashley M: minimize pores and to get a matte finish May 18, 2012
Chooi Ying S: Saw review about this lotion, Bought the toner with it. Will use other Kiehl's product for the moisturizer part May 17, 2012
Erika L: The best moisturizer I've ever used! May 10, 2012
JESSICA K: anti-aging with oil-free, matte properties May 7, 2012
Emily W: My nose will thank me. May 5, 2012
Luisa L: to try May 4, 2012
Joo Yeon L: I have some pore problems... May 3, 2012
Holly H: trying as have tendency to have enlarged pores. May 2, 2012
katie c: never tried before and have wanted to May 2, 2012
Bianca L: have pore problems. Want to try. Apr 18, 2012
Coco T: Keeps my large pores looking small. Just wish it had SPF added to it. Apr 16, 2012
Tina C: Want to minimize pores. Used other products in this line such as the pore cleansing mask. Thought this would be a good choice! we'll see how it goes. :D Apr 15, 2012
Diana L: I chose this item because my skin is aging and wanted a lotion to use after the pore cleanser. Apr 12, 2012
JIAXIN X: my friend recommends Apr 3, 2012
Ganesa W: I read all comments and decided to try it out." Apr 2, 2012
Audrey A: I use other rare earth products. decided to try this. Mar 28, 2012
A shopper asked: Would like to know about the fragrance...would it bother fragrance-sensitive individuals? What is the fragrance ? Jun 26, 2012
Answer this · Send to friends Good question? Yes (1) No (0)
Kimberly B: There isn't much of a smell. A very faint clay-like scent. Jun 27, 2012
Reply to Kimberly Good answer? Yes (1) No (0)
Rachel D: It has a very mineral-y / clay-like "fragrance.". Although it is not a true fragrance, the scent just comes from the ingredients. It's a great product for eliminating oils and reducing the appearance of pores, but my guess is that if you're sensitive to scents, it will bother you. It is not unlike the scent of mineral make-ups. I got used to the scent fairly quickly... I notice it when I first apply it, but it doesn't stick with me all day (I would not consider myself sensitive). I'd suggest going into a store and getting a sample first. Jun 26, 2012
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A shopper asked: I was wondering how well this works under makeup and does it replace your moisturizer? Mar 25, 2012
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Elizabeth C: It does work under makeup, but I wouldn't replace my moisturizer with (and not sure if I'd get it again, actually) because I don't feel like it really moisturizes. It's kind of thin and does make your skin matte for a bit but doesn't last and doesn't relieve your face of dryness if you have any at the time. Mar 26, 2012
Reply to Elizabeth Good answer? Yes (3) No (0)
Debra T: This is the best moisturizer I have found for extremely oily skin. And I have tried all brands. I also use the cleansing masque twice a week, & my pores are not as noticeable. I just started using the toner also , & am very pleased. The best products I have found for very oily skin. Mar 31, 2012
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A shopper asked: Does anyone have an issue with lotion separating into white part and clear oil? Did I just get an old bottle (got mine at Nordstrom)? Jun 26, 2013
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Judith P: I always shake this product before I use it. I like to use it on days that I don't wear foundation. I use the minimizing lotion on and around my nose, after my moisturizer, then dust with sheer powder (from Aveda) all over my face. Add some lipstick and you're good to go. Jun 27, 2013
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jiawa z: I just met the same problem. The bottle was almost done, like 1/10 left, and white lotion and oil became seperate, making me so uncomfortable. Anybody know why? Jun 26, 2013
Reply to jiawa Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Jonathan B: I've gone through a couple of bottles and have not had this issue. If shaking or stirring doesn't work, I'd take it back. Jun 26, 2013
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A shopper asked: Is this product for young skin only? I am 49 and have large pores. Mar 25, 2013
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JoAnn M: I am 39, have large pores on my nose and forehead and love this product!
I put it on in the morning and evening and even mid day if I feel I have been a bit to oily. I highly recommend this product for minimizing your pores!
Love this product!
Mar 26, 2013
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stacy s: hi! my name is stacy...i am 42 and LOVE this product...i am always a little oily and this is a really nice light product that doesnt clog my pores...i use a lot of products so im not sure that this is THE one that makes my pores seem smaller but it definitely helps!
hope that helps
Mar 25, 2013
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Sandra v: Hello there,
I am 43 and have large pores. I am using this product for several years now and I love it.
so my answer is NO it is not only for young skin.
Apr 12, 2013
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Hector C asked: What's the difference between this product and the micro blur? Both promise tightening your pores and mattyfing skin Aug 15, 2014
Rare Earth Pore Minimizing Lotion
Rare Earth Pore Minimizing Lotion
Micro-Blur Skin Perfector
Micro-Blur Skin Perfector
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Irene K: Sorry but I haven't used the Rare Earth lotion. Aug 15, 2014
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A shopper asked: Does this product contain SPF and if so , how much? Jul 26, 2013
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Stacey S: No SPF. Just pore minimizing to mattify and absorb facial oil. Works great. Jul 26, 2013
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A shopper asked: I have combination sensitive skin and want to know if any of your products are hypo allegenic or fragrance free that I can purchase? Mar 26, 2013
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Xi R: I probably do not recommend you this product. I have the same skin type as yours. This product makes me a little bit allergy. Mar 26, 2013
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A shopper asked: I want to ask how much for the shipping to Shanghai,China? Oct 16, 2012
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pan w: Not sure... But if you want I can help you. Oct 16, 2012
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Elizabeth C: I don't think it would. I also don't feel like it minimized my pores at all, though perhaps my pores aren't as large as I imagine them to be. Oct 3, 2012
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A shopper asked: asked?If the gravida can use this? May 27, 2014
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tina85 asked: is the 2.5oz bottle the biggest size u have? Aug 2, 2013
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Lynn N asked: Hi Kiehl's,

Please advise at which stage should I use for this if I am using essence/serum?
May 22, 2012
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