Rosa Arctica Lightweight Cream Deluxe Sample

Lightweight Anti-Aging Moisturizer

A textural alternative to the classic Rosa Arctica, for customers with dehydrated skin who are concerned about the signs of skin aging over time, including lines, wrinkles and loss of elasticity, firmness and density. With rare resurrection flower to jolt cellular vitality by stimulating skin’s collagen and elastin production and lavender oil, known for it’s relaxing and soothing properties.


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A signature Kiehl’s ingredient, Squalane is a botanical lipid that is similar in molecular structure to natural skin lipids. It has an exceptional affinity to skin, and because it’s easily absorbed, Squalane helps restore skin’s natural moisture balance to keep it extra soft and supple.

Vitamin E

Naturally occurring in plant leaves and skin, Vitamin E helps neutralize skin-damaging free radicals and has soothing moisturizing properties.

Rosa Arctica (Haberlea rhodopensis)

Known as a regeneration flower, it is able to survive up to 31 months in a dry-out cycle, by falling into anabiosis. When proper moisture conditions are restored, it returns to life within hours. On skin, it works to jolt cellular vitality, stimulating skin's own collagen and elastin production.


This formula also contains cocoa and shea butters and essential fatty acids such as oleic, stearic and palmatic acid to help replenish skin's barrier.

Rosa Arctica Lightweight Cream Deluxe Sample
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Kiehl's Since 1851 Store asked: Why did you choose this?
Carrie M: I've used this in the past and like to keep samples on hand for travel. Sep 22, 2014
Deborah Y: I use already and wanted one for travel. I love it! Sep 22, 2014
WILLIAM O: Light-weight and doesn't feel oily after applying Sep 22, 2014
Tracy T: Wanted to try! Sep 21, 2014
Deborah J: Lighter weight version of my go-to night cream. I like this formulation for summer time when something a bit lighter will do. Sep 21, 2014
RONALD M: I ordered this for my wife to brighten her skin Sep 21, 2014
EAVVY H: I have used it and think it's pretty good Sep 21, 2014
Jiayu Z: Great moisturizer Sep 20, 2014
patrick m: GOOD Sep 20, 2014
Yiming Z: never tried before Sep 20, 2014
Wang Suk S: like it Sep 20, 2014
Xiaojing W: want to try Sep 19, 2014
Yingjie Z: by choice Sep 18, 2014
Ida C: will see if light weight is better. Sep 18, 2014
Iwona C: Want to try it Sep 17, 2014
Yvonne R: travel Sep 15, 2014
So Youn K: Wanted to try Sep 15, 2014
KUEI LING P: "Wanna give it a try" Sep 14, 2014
Amy B: I'm looking for a new every day cream and thought I would try this. Sep 14, 2014
Julie C: interesting in lightweight cream texture product Sep 14, 2014
Ann R: looks promising :) Sep 14, 2014
Christie H: I use this product everyday and wanted the travel size! Sep 14, 2014
Nancy K: I have used the product before and I liked it. Sep 14, 2014
Erin W: to try Sep 14, 2014
Kris C: Great lightweight cream! Sep 14, 2014
Fran F: Curious Sep 14, 2014
Pamela P: Its light and effective Sep 13, 2014
CINDY H: Keep me skin moisture all night. Sep 13, 2014
Lara P: Running low on acai moisturizer so this is a good time to try another type Sep 10, 2014
Debbie W: Na Sep 10, 2014
YATI T: W Sep 10, 2014
Lin Z: GOOD Sep 10, 2014
Jingwen L: used before Sep 9, 2014
Kelly J: Love this product Sep 9, 2014
geoff g: Looks interesting Sep 9, 2014
Anne T: wanted to compare the lightweight to the regular version Sep 9, 2014
Jing Z: want to try Sep 9, 2014
Susan P: LOVE this cream Sep 9, 2014
Stacey B: Use this product regularly and wanted a smaller travel size. Sep 8, 2014
Tenzin Z: Giving it a try Sep 8, 2014
Kathryn G: travel Sep 7, 2014
Julia C: Like it Sep 7, 2014
Tao L: Just want to have a try. Sep 5, 2014
Yan Z: I need and want to try it Aug 20, 2014
Howard S: new to me; want to try it to see what it is like Aug 19, 2014
Yan L: Just try. Aug 17, 2014
Pablo R: just want to try it out. Aug 17, 2014
Delores S: wanted to try it, had used the original formula but it broke me out so i thought i'd try this version Aug 16, 2014
Kelly S: I would like to start a light anti-aging routine Aug 16, 2014
Jeffrey W: to try Aug 14, 2014
Anett N: looking for light age rejuvenation Aug 14, 2014
XIAOYE L: hope it's good Aug 12, 2014
Mengpin G: travel Aug 9, 2014
XIAOMEI L: Try to use it. Aug 9, 2014
Davina L: NICE Jul 25, 2014
Mary C: Want to try this product. Jul 17, 2014
Grace H: try Jul 10, 2014
Mandy H: try it Jul 9, 2014
Katie G: need a new face cream, thought this sounded nice for the summer Jul 4, 2014
Viktoriya D: I would like to sue this as my every day moisturizer, so I wanted to try it. Jun 26, 2014
Christina B: My skin doesn't need a heavy moisturizer in the summer. Jun 20, 2014
Catalina B: i want to try rosa arctica Jun 8, 2014
Jessica A: rose artica does wonders on my skin! Jun 1, 2014
Nazarena A: I love anything rose scented or that contains rose particles so I thought this was perfect to try May 23, 2014
sonuka s: Wanted to try this product May 11, 2014
wan-hsuan w: want to try May 8, 2014
kelli c: TRIAL May 7, 2014
Rhonda S: I would like to try this on my face and neck to see if it helps with firming. May 6, 2014
Robin K: Trying for the first time. May 6, 2014
Julie S: same as for other. Please offer one useful tiny jar instead of three messy catsup-style packets! May 4, 2014
Susanne H: I want to try it. Apr 20, 2014
Sally L: Good reviews Apr 20, 2014
amy x: wants to try lightweight moisturizer Mar 18, 2014
Maureen P: Interested in trying a new face lotion. The branding is a little exotic, glad I get to try a little first. Mar 17, 2014
Xiaoqing H: famous Mar 17, 2014
yurong w: I hear it good, so I want to try Mar 16, 2014
FANGXI D: WANT TO TYR Mar 15, 2014
Caryl S: I like this when I need a lighter weight creme than the Rosa Arctica Creme when I am to travel to very warm humid places which is often -It lives up to it's claims and more. Mar 15, 2014
Brenda A: Wanted to try. Mar 15, 2014
Christine v: Looking for a light cream. Mar 14, 2014
E N: This will come in handy for bringing it along during my travels Mar 14, 2014
Xiaoxiao Z: lightweight catch my eye Mar 13, 2014
Terri P: sounds like what I need Mar 11, 2014
Jordan T: need light moisturizer Mar 11, 2014
Jayo B: I want to make sure is this rosa smell ok first. Mar 11, 2014
Heather M: Started using the Rosa Arctica line this winter. Love it. Mar 11, 2014
Trinh L: I love the regular cream, so I thought the lightweight cream would be good for summer. Mar 10, 2014
chenhao d: try it Mar 10, 2014
JIE L: friends recommended Feb 28, 2014
Miaoling S: What to try it Feb 27, 2014
Jinny Jungwon Y: I feel my skin is too dry these days. It is likely it works for it as well. Feb 24, 2014
Mary Ellen P: the lightweight got me - it was excellent for summer coverage Dec 13, 2013
Louisa cabot M: User Dec 8, 2013
Princess S: For my mom to try out. She's new to Kiehl's and I'm exposing her to as much product as possible. Dec 2, 2013
Dan W: just try Nov 28, 2013
Marion M: To see what it is. Nov 28, 2013
Anna P: see how it works Nov 28, 2013
Janice S: Heard it was very good. Nov 28, 2013
Junrui C: The bottle looks beautiful. Nov 28, 2013
Wan Yung L: I hope this won't too heavy to my face, ant to try it! Nov 28, 2013
Ring I L: Good Nov 28, 2013
Regina N: i Nov 28, 2013
Raymond S: THE BEST Nov 28, 2013
Melissa M: Reviews sounded good for my skin type Nov 28, 2013
Kai S: Want to try Nov 28, 2013
SIJING L: want to try Nov 28, 2013
minshui h: want to try Nov 28, 2013
Meei-jyh S: Like it. Nov 28, 2013
Chia Ling Wu C: Never use it before. I would like to try it. Nov 28, 2013
Tae Yun K: dry skin Nov 28, 2013
Yuxi S: s Nov 28, 2013
Frances K: Wanted to try it Nov 28, 2013
Fengjun L: very light, comfortable to use Nov 21, 2013
Yesenia L: Good Stuff! Nice and LIGHT! Nov 15, 2013
Barbara G: I need a new day cream.
Wanted to try this product.
Nov 11, 2013
Mary A R: I like this product and this is good to have for traveling! Nov 4, 2013
luz t: try Nov 4, 2013
Denise W: I've always wanted to try the lighter version since the original was somewhat heavy for my skin. Oct 14, 2013
Jia G: try Oct 4, 2013
Patty K: Customer service rep in store used on me during mini facial and want to try again before buying full bottle Oct 3, 2013
Marrae F: Wanted to try product before diving into the line purchased. Oct 3, 2013
Elizabeth W: Travel Oct 3, 2013
Kun W: Just wanna try Oct 2, 2013
Shan W: Very good winter moisturizer Sep 23, 2013
Aijun L: Love it. Sep 19, 2013
Soo Hyun H: one of the trials for my skin getting old (late 20s). Trying to pick one for my night cream. Sep 16, 2013
Janet S: To try Sep 15, 2013
Didi L: Want to try. Sep 12, 2013
Jes E: I love to use this around my eyes before my makeup. I apply it and let it absorb for a few minutes. It gives that delicate area a little boost of protection and moisturizing support.
(I like the non-Lightweight version to use at night. I think it might be a little too heavy for use under my makeup.)
Sep 12, 2013
Chang J: My wife's choice Sep 12, 2013
Ben L: Great product -- wanted this for traveling Sep 12, 2013
Laura H: Trying to find a replacement for abyssine cream:( Sep 9, 2013
Shiyun Z: look good Sep 7, 2013
Ivonne P: Is good Aug 20, 2013
Jocelyn H: I miss Abyssine lotion. Looking for a replacement. Aug 6, 2013
John B: My wife asked me to get it. Aug 2, 2013
Cindy C: using rRosa Arctica cream (very good), and want to try light weight version. Jun 29, 2013
Tiffany K: I want to try it. Jun 28, 2013
Qi Na W: good reviews Jun 26, 2013
Yuko I: I am interest in this item Jun 26, 2013
james a: i like Jun 25, 2013
Young L: New product; curious. Jun 24, 2013
Stacie J: Erin Baker, a customer, told me that this is amazing Jun 24, 2013
Zhengzheng L: good for dry skin but may cause break out for oily or combination skin. Jun 13, 2013
Anna M: I've read about this cream in many beauty blogs. May 28, 2013
Melinda M: friend purchased this, she likes it and I thought I would add to my beauty regiment May 28, 2013
Carol N: The regular Rosa Arctica is too heavy for me, and I'm looking forward to trying a lighter-weight version of it. May 28, 2013
Young G: Skin trouble May 28, 2013
Carolyn S: I am looking for a night cream for my dry skin. this may be it. May 28, 2013
sharlotte g: never tried before May 28, 2013
Jingya Z: Rosa Arctica is too creamy and strong. Since summer's coming, I want to try some light one. May 27, 2013
FAMAH H: Out of Abyssine+ do I am trying others. May 27, 2013
jingjing h: give it a try May 27, 2013
Pao P: Like the pack. May 27, 2013
Karen E C: I love Rosa Arctica, but the original is too heavy for daytime use. I think this will be just right. May 27, 2013
Gracy L: wanted to try it. May 27, 2013
Eileen F: I use this product, and wanted a small container for travel. May 27, 2013
Deborah S: wanted to try May 27, 2013
Dan A: Try new nighttime moisturizer. May 27, 2013
Jessica T: i love the crystal marine cream for night, and want to see if the lightweight cream will be better for daytime. May 11, 2013
Jennifer S: I use the original, but i find it difficult to rub into my skin completely. looking firward to trying the lightweight. Apr 26, 2013
Anna K: I love the regular rosa artica, but I think the light version might be good for the balmy summer months. Apr 26, 2013
Xiaowei Y: To see lightweight cream works for the summer or not Apr 13, 2013
yue p: by accident Apr 10, 2013
Jiajing L: want to try some anti age product for 20s Apr 8, 2013
Hee-Seung L: I've tried this long time ago and I remember it was really good. I would like to double check before I buy a full size. Mar 20, 2013
Chulakorn A: Anti aging Dec 30, 2012
Jing Z: expensive moisturizer, give it a try Dec 3, 2012
huier m: try Nov 25, 2012
lin c: wanna try it Nov 25, 2012
Jen L: make me look younger Nov 25, 2012
linda g: good reviews Nov 25, 2012
Andrea G: New product - wanted to try. Nov 25, 2012
Hui L: wanna try it Nov 25, 2012
Shauna O: New product, curious to see how light this cream is Nov 25, 2012
PATTARAJIT M: I want to try if I am allergy to this product or not before I invest in the real size Nov 25, 2012
Cheryl H: They had no samples to give in the store but I've heard great things about this! Can't wait to try it! Nov 25, 2012
Sehee L: the best cream ever!!! My skin became totally different !! Nov 25, 2012
Xia L: I saw the ad that looks good, so just want to try it. Nov 25, 2012
April D: I heard it was great to use on dry facial skin. Nov 24, 2012
Lisa C: looked like and excellent moisturizer with antioxidant benefits Nov 24, 2012
Verity V: I'm interested in trying the new lightweight version. Nov 24, 2012
Lori D: try Nov 24, 2012
YANJING F: new product, wanna try Nov 24, 2012
Xiaoping W: My friend had asked me to buy one for her in China. I thought it should be good Nov 23, 2012
Betsy C: To try it out. Nov 23, 2012
Teresa W: I wanted to try something for my 45 year-old eye area, and the reviews looked good. Nov 23, 2012
Susan S: to try Nov 23, 2012
ellen z: just try it since many friends recommend it Nov 23, 2012
maxine s: Want to try a new product. Nov 23, 2012
Qing X: I want to try the new product Nov 23, 2012
Larissa F: I wanted to try the lightweight version as I felt that the regular version was too heavy for my combination skin. Nov 23, 2012
Daiwei C: wanna try Nov 23, 2012
myung s: I really like Rosa Arctica cream. It's great. My face is so much firmer after using a month. I'd like to try lightweight cream too. Nov 23, 2012
Chia-Ling P: curious Nov 23, 2012
Zheng Y: never use it, like to try Nov 22, 2012
Yafei W: It seems light so that it will not let me feel heavy. Nov 22, 2012
Li Z: want to try the new item Nov 22, 2012
Fei Z: Prefer lightweight cream Nov 22, 2012
Shuowei L: i want to try new product Nov 22, 2012
Jing W: want to try Nov 22, 2012
Xueqi C: friend's recommendation Nov 22, 2012
clara J: i need a light cream.. gonna try this product...
Nov 21, 2012
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