Essence Oils with Roller Ball Applicator

A collection of rich essences formulated in the original “Kiehl Pharmacy"
  • A concentrated fragrant experience is beautifully combined with ease of portability
  • In honor of our long essence history, each essence oil displays the date of their first known introduction, recalling a unique period in Kiehl's history
  • Packaged in an elegant amber glass cylinder with a roller ball applicator
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"Easy to use and perfectly portable! I love these essence oils."

Frances, Kiehl’s Insider

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How to Apply:
-Roll onto insides of wrists and the sides of your neck for immediate absorption

WARNINGS:Our essences are generally recommended for everyone. Please note the following with regard to the usage of pure essences and essence blends and their possible effects on the skin: the susceptibility of persons to pure essences and essence blends varies from individual to individual. Occasionally, susceptible individuals can experience a rash, desensitization or a temporary discoloration of the skin in the areas where the pure concentrated essences have been applied. Sun exposure greatly increases the sensitivity of the skin towards certain essences; therefore, we recommend that the use of essences should be limited to those occasions when sun exposure is minimal.

Cool Kiehl’s Fact:

There were at one time 122 unique essences offered to patrons of the original “Kiehl Pharmacy,” located at Thirteenth and Third in New York City’s Lower East Side community.

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