Ultimate Thickening Shampoo

An antioxidant-enriched shampoo that fortifies thinning hair
  • Helps reinforce hair strands for a noticeably thicker, healthy-looking appearance and improved scalp coverage
  • Fortified with a blend of nurturing Vitamin E and Rosemary, Peppermint, and Cedarwood essential oils
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"The thickening works! I love the healthy texture and feel of my hair after using this shampoo."

Shu, Kiehl’s Insider

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How to Apply:
-Apply shampoo to wet hair and massage uniformly with fingertips over entire scalp
-May use daily - or as often as needed - to help thicken hair and maintain a healthy scalp
-In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with water

Steam distilled from various types of cedarwood, this balsamic oil is known for its gentle astringent properties on oily skin and hair. Soothes and calms skin and is especially beneficial for sensitive skin.

Ultimate Thickening Shampoo
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Kiehl's Since 1851 Store asked: Why did you choose this?
heather m: because my hair is very thin and I need a new product Sep 19, 2014
Priti K: Great Sep 18, 2014
BETTY K: it works Sep 15, 2014
Min X: I've run out of shampoo. I always use this kind. Sep 15, 2014
Alain A: I read an article on this product on gq magazine. Sep 14, 2014
James F: Have used it for years, very satisfied. Sep 13, 2014
Stephen S: Hoping it works better than the rice & wheat shampoo for my fine, limp hair Sep 12, 2014
roberta s: really works Sep 12, 2014
Carol S: Wanted to try something new hopefully to help thinning hair. Sep 11, 2014
Diana C: first try. will let you know Sep 11, 2014
Tania M: Recommended by friend Sep 8, 2014
Margret N: give stick-straight thair a little body even on humid days Sep 7, 2014
Susan S: I have very fine hair and have been looking for a good thickening shampoo and decided to try your product because I am happy with other products. Sep 7, 2014
judy h: This is a wonderful shampoo that mother loves at 87. Made her hair soft and smooth and thickened. Sep 6, 2014
Angelina M: My husband likes it a lot Sep 5, 2014
Pamela E: I have fine hair Sep 2, 2014
Morton N: help thinning hair Sep 1, 2014
Judy R: Trial Sep 1, 2014
Sherilyn J: Sounded good. Aug 31, 2014
Brian W: i need thicker hair Aug 31, 2014
Angela H: Nice change up once a week. Aug 31, 2014
Sue G: My hair after chemo & radiation has thinned and my sister is using these products and said her hair is greatly improved. Aug 30, 2014
Giselle Y: Very effective! Thicker hair within months of use! Aug 29, 2014
J O: Great product. Aug 27, 2014
Barbara F: I have fine hair. Aug 25, 2014
Gerald W: Researched on the web. Trying for the first time Aug 25, 2014
Gary B: I have tried many thickening shampoos and this one is the best Aug 25, 2014
Thomas S: Thin and weak hair Aug 23, 2014
jeffrey s: great Aug 23, 2014
Cynthia W: Hope this works! Aug 21, 2014
Linda S: Want to see if it works Aug 21, 2014
Carolyn W: Use this now--works well Aug 20, 2014
Nancy S: It was recommended by Chat for my type of hair.Very disappointed that it is not carried by local retail Kiehl distributors, as the s&h almost doubles the cost Aug 18, 2014
syed a: thinning on back Aug 18, 2014
Maaike C: i have such thin hair and in dire need of a product to bring back volume and thickness to my hair. Aug 16, 2014
Pam M: Use it regularly and it helps Aug 15, 2014
yan c: hair is thin, want to try this product Aug 11, 2014
Inhwa K: protect my hair Aug 10, 2014
Joey C: I really like the smell Aug 9, 2014
Dawn S: thinning hair Aug 7, 2014
Nancey C: I have been using this for about 2 months and I love it! my hair is thicker and fuller Aug 7, 2014
andrew s: I want to try iy Aug 3, 2014
lilyan d: I have thin hair & after my first shampoo my hair looked thicker & stayed in shape for a week. I ordered another bottle. Aug 1, 2014
Barbara K: excellent shampoo. Ive used many but this gives the best volume while clean and ready to blow dry. Jul 28, 2014
Sandy C: hair thinning Jul 23, 2014
Jonathan M: As a man losing my hair, I always feel a little bit better when using a shampoo designed for my issue. The question is, will this one make a real difference? Jul 22, 2014
Casey L: This is my favorite shampoo and I can no longer buy it at Neiman Marcus. Jul 21, 2014
bill h: works well on thinning hair Jul 14, 2014
MEGAN E: Gives my hair great body and thickens nicely. Jul 13, 2014
Barbara O: thinning hair Jul 9, 2014
Rachada C: to replenish Jul 7, 2014
Karen Z: My hair is very thin and I still haven't found a good thickening shampoo. Hope this one works! Jul 4, 2014
Josephine J: it gives my fine hair body, have used it for years Jul 3, 2014
Steven M: reviews Jul 2, 2014
Jelena E: I read good reviews. I hope it will help strengthen my hair. Jul 2, 2014
Rick W: Used it before Jul 2, 2014
mariam k: because i want to try something that has natural goodness. Jun 30, 2014
Krupa P: I chose this because I need a solution for thinning hair. Jun 30, 2014
Mengjie S: because my hair is thin and less so I want to try it Jun 30, 2014
Phil S: To try it. Jun 27, 2014
Angela M: Hair is thinning Jun 26, 2014
Richard G: Wanted to try it Jun 25, 2014
Diane H: LOVE THIS PRODUCT! Jun 24, 2014
Olga S: I have thin hair and this shampoo gives a lot of volume, one of my favorites! Jun 23, 2014
Margaret W: This is my favorite shampoo. It definitely makes my hair seem thicker Jun 23, 2014
WENYI Y: It helps thin hair and also put a smooth touch after wash. Jun 23, 2014
Charlene J: My hair is thinning as I age. I have tried other thickening shampoos and since I love Kiehl's products, I thought I would try your brand. Jun 19, 2014
Esther G: Husband likes this product Jun 16, 2014
Deborah S: LOVE this product! Jun 16, 2014
Alejandro P: I feel curius to try it Jun 15, 2014
Colton T: I always use this Jun 15, 2014
Janet S: I have thin hair Jun 15, 2014
Paul Y: Works well. Jun 15, 2014
Molly H: As I get older my hair is thinning and is so fine. I want to see if this will enhance my hair. Jun 12, 2014
Cathleen P: Have used Kiehl's products in the past and was given samples of the product and was satisfied with the results. Jun 11, 2014
C. Paul J: used before Jun 11, 2014
Carolina M: I have very thinning hair Jun 10, 2014
Tarun P: Have used it before and I am happy with it. Jun 5, 2014
Marsha M: great product, a unique shampoo for sensitive scalps and thinning hair Jun 3, 2014
Margaret G: I saw a difference is my hairs texture after the first time using this shampoo along with the rice and wheat conditioner. Now I'm hooked! May 30, 2014
olivia s: hair is getting thinner May 27, 2014
Brenda D: Just a try out. May 25, 2014
Teri S: My husband loves this shampoo May 25, 2014
Brigitte C: Kiehl's has a good reputation May 25, 2014
Michael M: GQ Magazine Article May 24, 2014
Dh T: wanted to try it May 22, 2014
Emily B: I use the Amino Acid Shampoo, so I enjoy yalls products. Since my hair feels thinner, I wanted to try this product. May 21, 2014
zinaida n: to try May 21, 2014
Terence G: My buddy has thinning hair. May 19, 2014
haihong Z: Good! May 19, 2014
Lynn R: Want to try it! May 19, 2014
Carl A: Love how manageable my hair is after I use this product May 18, 2014
charles t: My all time favorite shampoo. May 18, 2014
Jeffrey B: Refill. May 18, 2014
Kathy C: This is the best shampoo I have ever used to thicken my hair. My hairdresser told me not to stop what I was doing to my hair. She could not believe the results. May 18, 2014
Yunan J: have a try May 18, 2014
Tiefeng S: Famous product. May 18, 2014
Fei T: i did not use this one before May 17, 2014
Catherine W: I'm interested in trying it to see if it works to thicken hair May 17, 2014
joseph m: does what it says I highly recommend it May 17, 2014
james f: I used it once before and it works! May 16, 2014
Lauren F: My husband starting using my bottle in the shower. May 16, 2014
Susan C: Trying it for the first time May 16, 2014
allen k: used in the past May 16, 2014
Tiffany C: My hair is breaking from damage. I want my normal thickness and health of my hair to return . May 15, 2014
Yingting K: tried it before, repurchasing May 14, 2014
Andrew Y: I'd like to think that I'm not losing my hair (yet?) but I've always had thin, blond hair. this stuff does as promised and adds body and texture. May 14, 2014
Miryam A: my hair type May 9, 2014
audrey h: works very well on thinning hair May 8, 2014
Qikang Z: Was told it can heal bold people. May 6, 2014
Patricia C: Gives my hair more body. Have had many compliments lately. May 6, 2014
Janet M: My sister recommended it. May 4, 2014
Regina G: New product. May 1, 2014
Joan S: I've purchased this many times and like it. Apr 27, 2014
Hao G: My hair is thin and fragile. I hope to find something to improve the hair quality. Hope it works. Apr 26, 2014
Ginnie M: thin fine hair Apr 24, 2014
Gladys M: This is the second bottle for my daughter.
her hair is thinning out
Apr 24, 2014
Allen H: First purchase but will buy again. Good results Apr 21, 2014
Shuang L: thicken hairs Apr 19, 2014
William C: love it; have used it quite a while Apr 19, 2014
Marnett R: Kiehl's is a name I trust, and I couldn't get my favored shampoo anymore. Apr 17, 2014
Renee B: Would like to try before purchasing. Apr 15, 2014
Nancy G: I am trying this shampoo for the first time Apr 12, 2014
Ximena T: My hair dresser recommended it . Apr 10, 2014
kevin z: I have fine middle age male hair. Apr 9, 2014
Louise S: I have been using this product for several months, and it works. Apr 8, 2014
Lynn A: PAST USE Apr 5, 2014
Natalya T: reviews were great Mar 30, 2014
Amy F: it works Mar 29, 2014
Pamela R: Good for thin hair. Mar 27, 2014
Patricia J: Second order. Have thinning fine hair. This added volume while keeping hair shine and not limp. Did not need conditioner. Mar 23, 2014
Debroah N: Heard it was good Mar 23, 2014
william o: it is recommended by my daughter. Mar 20, 2014
lani w: love it Mar 20, 2014
Elizabeth G: recommended for thinning hair Mar 19, 2014
Seth M: My five head needs to turn back into a forehead. Mar 13, 2014
Marian K: recommended by friend Mar 12, 2014
Mirek S: It works. Period. Mar 8, 2014
Sarah N: Ordered for my adult children to try. Mar 7, 2014
Brian M: my new favorite shampoo! Mar 1, 2014
Robin M: I've used it before, and I like it. Mar 1, 2014
Joan D: i have thinning hair and i noticed less hair on my drain since i started using it Feb 28, 2014
Cindy J: I'm hoping the reviews are accurate Feb 27, 2014
kevin l: I was interested in your products and I had plans on thickening my hair Feb 25, 2014
Annie Mae S: Have been using this for two years and I have twice as much hair now. Great stuff!! Feb 25, 2014
Javier R: Product seems interesting. Feb 25, 2014
Lisa F: Naturally thin and thinning hair, getting worse with Cancer. Hoping for improvement. Feb 23, 2014
Minda G: really great for thin hair a must have Feb 23, 2014
Anne Marie A: Have used it once before found it helped thicken my fine hair Feb 22, 2014
Gary M: Read the reviews and wanted to try this product Feb 18, 2014
Tami K: love this shampoo and almost out Feb 18, 2014
Eileen C: borrowed someone's this weekend and loved it! Feb 17, 2014
Mather L: review stating it works. Friend also recommended Kiehls. Been around since 1800s. Natural ingredients when possible. Feb 17, 2014
Jake K: Best thickening shampoo I've ever used. Feb 14, 2014
Marielena F: For my husband's ever thinning, but LOVELY white hair Feb 14, 2014
India J: To hopefully thicken my hair Feb 12, 2014
Serena J: i have used it for more than one year.. It got the peppermint as one of ingredients..It makes me feel refreshing.. Feb 11, 2014
Candace C A: My hair is definitely thinning as I age, and the reviews on the Ultimate Thickening Shampoo were wonderful. So I'm anxious to try it to see if I get the same good results. Feb 10, 2014
Judy C: 1st time try. Wanted it for my husband who has very thin hair Feb 10, 2014
Howard W: Very happy with the clean and dry feeling left behind after using this shampoo - also, appears to increase the volume of my hair somewhat. Feb 10, 2014
Alan B: good product Feb 10, 2014
Debraca G: Based on reviews Feb 8, 2014
Elizabeth B: I need to have a thickening shampoo and ordering it on the basis of the reviews Feb 7, 2014
Emmylou F: High online ratings Feb 6, 2014
Hillary H: Need thickening shampoo Feb 2, 2014
Nancy M: I have thinning hair on one side. I am hoping that it will help it appear thicker. Jan 31, 2014
Kathleen P: To try and thicken my hair Jan 31, 2014
Lloyd S: quality Jan 26, 2014
taylor h: i really need to thicken my hair, i hope this works, also i need my hair to be very healthy and it has a lot of natural ingrediants that normal shampoos do not have Jan 26, 2014
Cathy L: Son Jan 20, 2014
Herb T: it works Jan 20, 2014
robert l: according to saks 5th avenue this is a great product. Jan 19, 2014
Darrell H: good reviews so I'm gonna give it a try Jan 18, 2014
Peggy C: Have thin hair, need protein boost. Jan 18, 2014
Teresa J: Gives my hair lift and bounce. Jan 17, 2014
Dalina S: It's the greatest shampoo I have ever used for strengthening my baby fine hair. Jan 16, 2014
Donna C: I have always had thin hair Jan 12, 2014
Shaocong W: My hair is thin. Jan 12, 2014
Megan B: This is a great product. I've just finished using my first bottle and have seen a noticeable difference in new hair growth. I would highly recommend it. Jan 9, 2014
Janelle L: I have thinning hair Jan 8, 2014
Kim R: I have thinning hair so I figured I would try this Jan 7, 2014
Joan M M: works well Jan 7, 2014
Elaine R: Trying to replace my All Sports shampoo Dec 31, 2013
Miryam S: makes my hair appear thicker Dec 30, 2013
Sakol S: Want to try the product. Dec 30, 2013
Darren T: great for men with thinning hair Dec 28, 2013
Ken S: seems to help Dec 27, 2013
ralph b w: need extra for travel bag Dec 23, 2013
Surekha S: It really works on me it smells great. Dec 23, 2013
Nancy D: used in the past and really liked it Dec 17, 2013
Anthony M: Great for the Hair Dec 16, 2013
Camille N: first time, just trying it Dec 16, 2013
Sevag S: Works great on my thin hair, oily scalp and has kept my hair from thinning futher. Dec 16, 2013
Patrick R: will try Dec 14, 2013
Nancy C: For my son Dec 11, 2013
Shuang G: Hair is dry and thin. Dec 10, 2013
james e: thinning hair Dec 10, 2013
Susan L: Adds volume to thinning hair Dec 9, 2013
xiaoxin l: i have thin hair and want to have a try to make my hair thick Dec 9, 2013
david t: have used it for years. Excellent product Dec 9, 2013
GAVIN Y: want to try Dec 9, 2013
Prabh K: used to use Aveda. This makes a big difference in my hair.. it's thinning and this makes it thick. Dec 8, 2013
Virginia H: Looking for a thickening option for my boyfriend and the reviews looked good so I'm giving it a shot. Dec 8, 2013
Diane T: Helps to thicken hair Dec 8, 2013
WEILIN Y: TRY TO USE Dec 8, 2013
Lily W: Like Product Dec 8, 2013
Johanna F: x Dec 8, 2013
Jane S: damaged hair Dec 4, 2013
Mary L: Like it Dec 4, 2013
JULIE H: because my hair very thin and less Dec 4, 2013
Yingzi Y: It works well. Dec 4, 2013
Carol G: because my husband felt like his hair is thinning Dec 3, 2013
ahuvah t: love it Dec 3, 2013
LISA K: my husband's favorite Dec 3, 2013
Terri F: gift Dec 2, 2013
Marcia M: For thinning hair. Dec 2, 2013
Marina G: stress has thinned out my hair this shampoo has made a difference! and it makes my hair baby soft Dec 2, 2013
Wendy W: Husband with...ok...thinnish hair loves it and he is a tad persnickety... Dec 2, 2013
Tracy B: For thickening hair Dec 2, 2013
Michael H: Hair thickening Dec 1, 2013
Yuchuan S: want to try Dec 1, 2013
victor r: first time trying it, Dec 1, 2013
Elaine L: It's was a good product to use and my husband like it so much Dec 1, 2013
YIN J: I want try them. my friend told it ia good for my hair. Nov 30, 2013
Lyletta G: Bought it before love it Nov 30, 2013
mark a: It really works - I noticed my hair was slowly thinning, but this product, along with the rice and wheat volumizing conditioner has reversed the process, and I'm back at 100%! Nov 30, 2013
Amy C: My husband uses this shampoo. stocking stuffer Nov 29, 2013
Victor S: I have thinning hair Nov 29, 2013
fe m: it stop too much hair falling Nov 29, 2013
jane w: this has been the most amazing shampoo for my hair...it thickens it, but there is no stickiness or damage, just beautiful hair Nov 25, 2013
William E: Want to try Nov 25, 2013
Sandra K: Need a shampoo for thickening my hair due to low thyroid function,my hair needs a boost Nov 25, 2013
Mengci S: Wanna give it a try since there are so many good reviews! Nov 24, 2013
Gary G: Daily athletic shampoo not available Nov 21, 2013
Lois C: continue to look for hair thickening product that works Nov 19, 2013
Jessica M: read good reviews Nov 17, 2013
MEI H: the description seems good Nov 16, 2013
Patty C: I like the way it makes my hair feel and look Nov 16, 2013
Jamie T: want to try Nov 15, 2013
George H: k Nov 15, 2013
Barbara Ann H: Nourishes my hair...it feels strong yet soft...love it. Nov 15, 2013
Jun H: would like to try it for my thinning hair. Nov 15, 2013
KAIWEI T: hope this could prevent or stop hair lost Nov 13, 2013
Jessica P: I know someone who has thin hair who would appreciate it Nov 13, 2013
Donald J: It really works, especially when combined with the conditioner. Nov 13, 2013
XIAOWANG B: also Nov 11, 2013
Rowena T: I have thin hair. Nov 10, 2013
Kathleen M: I have thin & fine hair..it works well. Nov 8, 2013
Chad F: I need a new thickening product. If this works as advertised, I'll use it every day. Nov 3, 2013
Carol G: Hair is thinning Nov 3, 2013
muyu l: Try something new Nov 3, 2013
Lacie D: FOR HAIR HEALTH Nov 1, 2013
David H: thinning hair Oct 28, 2013
Cathleen R: My husband and I both like it because it works so well on both of our hair types. Oct 20, 2013
Kelvin V: I have tried many differents , and this one has no comparison, leave my hair soft, shiny and strong.
It's recommend to all
Oct 20, 2013
John M: Trying something new Oct 19, 2013
Sara D: Hope to find a solution to shampoo that doesn't make me itch Oct 19, 2013
brume e: because it natural product and i have tried all kinds of things and nothing has worked. this seems like it will. Oct 9, 2013
Sarah M: thin fine hair Oct 9, 2013
Juan G: Love the way this shampoo works. Oct 6, 2013
Kathleen N: My hair is fine. Oct 4, 2013
John H: I have been using it for years Oct 1, 2013
Catharine K: Have been using it. Like it. Sep 30, 2013
Jessica J: Same as above Sep 24, 2013
Lee K: wanted to give it a try Sep 21, 2013
jungeun A: My hair is so dry and thin. Sep 20, 2013
Britton K: Because it works Sep 19, 2013
PAUL G: I have previously used this product and found it to be very good. Sep 18, 2013
Mary C: It works! Sep 13, 2013
Alana I: Fine hair Sep 10, 2013
Shiyun Z: Nice experience in the past Sep 7, 2013
peter f: it works Sep 7, 2013
Carol S: My hair is thinning as I age. Love this shampoo - thickens hair without greasiness and keeps natural curls in. Aug 26, 2013
SUSAN S: have been using this product for many years and I think it helps Aug 20, 2013
Sue B: I have been using this product and find it
superior to other shampoos
Aug 19, 2013
Anne W C: I find it thickens my thinning hair. Aug 14, 2013
Jose G: Because as I age my hair is thinning and hairline receding and have received complements about hair Aug 10, 2013
Doreen D: My hair is long but thin so I hope this helps in thickening my hair Aug 3, 2013
Cliff S: my hair was born thin, always been looking for something that might work Jul 25, 2013
JULIE Y: want my hair to have more volume Jul 22, 2013
Marcia F: Husband loves this shampoo. Jul 22, 2013
Nina I: This is the only shampoo targeted toward thickening hair that has actually performed! No other brand tried has shown results, but this one has! Been using for 3 years now :) Jul 22, 2013
Luella A: I've used this shampoo several times and it does help give my hair needed body. Jul 22, 2013
Anand P: I've used it for a year and believe me it works! Jul 18, 2013
Alison S: we always use this shampoo Jul 15, 2013
Marie B: I was trying to hit $50. Jul 10, 2013
Laurine C: I have very thin fine hair..Most shampoos that are volumizing do not work for me. I have tried many over the years. I am looking for something that might work and hope this is the one that will make me happy. I willl let yopu know if it does !!!!! Jul 2, 2013
Linnea G: Have used it before Jun 18, 2013
Frederick D: Used previously Jun 17, 2013
joann l: currently using and am pleased with results Jun 17, 2013
roylane r: for my fine and thin hair Jun 17, 2013
Karen M: the essential oils listed are favorites - a spa like shampoo. Jun 16, 2013
Leslie G: Wanted to try it for my husband Jun 16, 2013
Jason B: because I have thinning hair Jun 15, 2013
Mary K: trying Jun 14, 2013
THOMAS J: Also used in the past. Does a great job of "enlarging appearance" of the hair. Jun 14, 2013
Judy C: A no non-sense thickening shampoo. Does the job well! Jun 14, 2013
Jacquelene H: I love it. My hair no long fall a lot in shower. Jun 14, 2013
Maureen S: Some suggested it and i liked the result. Jun 13, 2013
Rebecca T: Have used it for years. Love it. Wish it came in a bigger bottle. Jun 7, 2013
Megawati I: My hair is getting thinner. I'd like to try out this shampoo. Hopefully it works. Jun 7, 2013
Stephanie G: a gift for someone that wants thicker hair Jun 1, 2013
Joy B: reading from review and want to try it on Jun 1, 2013
Paul M: Was suggested to me at he shop so I tried it and really it. This is my second bottle May 30, 2013
Dara P: I've been using this for awhile now,...I have thin, fine hair, and this seems to help make my hair feel fuller without weighing it down. May 21, 2013
Clint D: My hair is thinning... May 21, 2013
SM G: Great shampoo even for people with thick hair, it gives your hair more body May 15, 2013
Jessica H: This is the only shampoo that doesn't give me allergies. I love it!! May 11, 2013
Jane H: Want to try.... May 1, 2013
Angelina C: It really works and smells great. Most thickening and volumizing products dry out your hair. This product does what it says it will. Increases the thickness of your hair, makes it more manageable and it does not dry out your hair. Great Product! Apr 17, 2013
LINAT W: use it Apr 14, 2013
Betsy L: I have fine limp hair,want to see if this help lift it up Apr 4, 2013
Megan F: Never leaves a residue, leaves my hair shiny and hear, but I'm not really sure how much thickening it really does Apr 2, 2013
Donna B: My hair has always been fine but now I'm losing it from a medication I take. I'm hoping this will help. Mar 31, 2013
Tatiana V: Want to try it out for my struggle with thinning hair! Mar 27, 2013
Richard R: I like this as well Mar 24, 2013
William S: I am 22 years young and I have very fine hair Mar 20, 2013
Stefanie W: Wonderful. Mar 18, 2013
Joe J: Need some help here with thickening. Mar 18, 2013
Erdong C: friends recommended Mar 18, 2013
Suzanne S: I have fine thin hair and am looking for something to help my hair :( Mar 17, 2013
Yibo M: for my friend Mar 16, 2013
Alicia P: need thicker hair! Mar 16, 2013
robert m: it works! Mar 14, 2013
Vivian H: to try Feb 15, 2013
Rebecca B: comments Feb 9, 2013
meili z: want to control my hair loss Feb 6, 2013
John C: thin hair Feb 4, 2013
Saunda W: Always looking for the ultimate shampoo for fine limp hair, anxious to try Jan 30, 2013
Amy J: Hope it will help to thicken my fine hair Jan 26, 2013
Karen T: it was recommended by someone Jan 25, 2013
Cynthia R: I have very thin hair and am trying different products; I hope it helps. Jan 23, 2013
Bret L: Have used it for a while Jan 22, 2013
Mona G: when i have a party I like to use this product, my hair comes back to life but I wish they make a conditioner for thickening the hair. Jan 8, 2013
Pete M: had some favorable reviews Jan 7, 2013
Frederick S: I have fine hair and would ike to try it. I have always liked Kiehls products! Jan 4, 2013
Chris B: Works amazing Jan 1, 2013
Patsy B: I have thin fine hair, and this shampoo makes it less obvious. Dec 31, 2012
WEILE Y: just trying out Dec 30, 2012
Garvin L: This is what I have been using for the past 1.5 years. Dec 29, 2012
Justin D: Ingredients that will help thicken my hair. Dec 27, 2012
Mary V: I change shampoos alternating several kiehl's product. I don't even need a conditioner Dec 27, 2012
Jacquelene H: I like it because it derease my hair loss during washing Dec 26, 2012
Adrian G: my hair is thin Dec 26, 2012
Stephanie S: Use it all the time Dec 23, 2012
Jean H: I am a "Leo" and keeping my "mane" as healthy as possible is VERY important to me. Dec 20, 2012
Toni R: I need a new shampoo. I've tried Ojon, Wen and other products for my fine, thin hair. This product interested me. Dec 20, 2012
kathy m: hair is thin Dec 20, 2012
Therese S: Helps my limp thin hair look full and healthy. Dec 16, 2012
Margaret K: I like it Dec 16, 2012
Theresa K: I have fine hair and I wanted to give it a try Dec 14, 2012
Genevieve L: I noticed hair thickening and baby hairs growing back. Dec 13, 2012
Helena M: I have not tried it but I like Kiel products because of their quality Dec 10, 2012
Karen M: I need to check this out. Dec 9, 2012
lance c: i like the body building it gives my finer hair Dec 8, 2012
Gina M: I'm quite pleased with this shampoo Dec 7, 2012
jim k: thin hair Dec 6, 2012
Pat I: to try on my thin hair Dec 6, 2012
Merrie B: good Dec 6, 2012
Merrie B: good Dec 6, 2012
Xinlu L: My hair is so thin, and I found that this product has really good consumer reviews. Dec 5, 2012
Marina G: makes my hair super soft Dec 3, 2012
Rondy B: It's great for thicker hair. This is my third bottle and i refuse to use any other shampoo Dec 2, 2012
Rachel E: Thought this item would compliment the other two items that were requested as a gift and would round out a lovely holiday gift to a loyal Kiehl's user. Dec 2, 2012
Gwenn W: I have used this product and it has been amazing! My hair has body and sheen that I have not had in years. Nov 30, 2012
Ronald B: You see results with this shampoo immediately. The first day I used this, I got a lot of "did you get a haircut" comments. I have thinning hair and this really makes a difference. I switch it out every other day with Head & Shoulders for dandruff. Only thing to make this better would be an Anti-Dandruff version! Nov 25, 2012
Franchon M: haven't tried it. Nov 24, 2012
Richard J: LOve it Nov 23, 2012
jiaxing r: for my husband Nov 23, 2012
Donna I: Tried it because my hair is thin and it has made a huge difference. I think it really works. Nov 19, 2012
joseph r: because it works on thin hair Nov 19, 2012
michael m: interested Nov 19, 2012
Carol B: This product is the only one I have tried that truly thickens and gives my hair more body Nov 18, 2012
Suzanne S: want to see if it works Nov 15, 2012
DIYL z: excellent Nov 15, 2012
LOIS M: My husband loves this shampoo Nov 2, 2012
Mengyao S: because of the high rating of customer review Nov 1, 2012
Valerie B: Looking for something to help de-emphasize thinning hair. I'll let you know if this works. Nov 1, 2012
Ines L: My hair is thin & this shampoo gives it fullness immediately. And it makes it healthy. Oct 27, 2012
Staci J: hair loss Oct 17, 2012
Paula D: Love this product Oct 14, 2012
Brandon D: Losing it. Oct 14, 2012
Katherine L: My husband has some thinning hair issues and I thought this was worth a try. We shall see. Oct 12, 2012
Denise L: gives thin hair body Oct 11, 2012
James R: I like it Oct 11, 2012
Joann T: My hair is so thin and limp, and I'd like to try this shampoo. Oct 10, 2012
Kristi C: it works great on my hair. I have thin hair and when i use this product, it makes my hair look full and flow. Oct 9, 2012
Sabrina P: My hair is extremely thin, frail, damaged, and limp. I read many reviews claiming that this product works extremely well. I am VERY excited to try this. Oct 8, 2012
Gwenn W: I have thin limp hair and am always looking for something to give me more body Oct 8, 2012
Linda P: My hair is thinning and I would like to see if it changes things. Oct 4, 2012
Gabrielle P: Works great on my hair Oct 3, 2012
Myra E. A: Only shampoo I use I have very fine thin hair. Oct 2, 2012
Katy W: it thickens my hair like no other shampoo Oct 1, 2012
James P K: Sampling Sep 27, 2012
Brenton S: I've been using this for a decade. Great stuff that you can use every day. Sep 25, 2012
Weiwei W: I just began to use this. It is amazing after my first several times' using. I decided to continue taking this and see if it can make my hair thicker and better. Sep 24, 2012
Carrie R: I have really thin hair and friends have suggested this product. I've used it for a while and it seems to be helpful. Sep 24, 2012
Diana J: I just ordered this product about a month ago. I have very fine hair and upon reading the reviews, I thought I would try it. I feel that my hair looks thicker after using this product. I just ordered more since it was on sale. Sep 24, 2012
paloma p: because it works, i love it, i been using it for more than 2 years now. Sep 23, 2012
Wenting P: It has good reviews. I want to give a try. Sep 23, 2012
David E: Like texture. Sep 23, 2012
Dalena D: Im a hair stylist and one of my customers told me she uses this shampoo for her thin hair and i really see a differance in her hair it looks thicker so i thought i would give it a try Sep 23, 2012
Michael A: been using it and I love it Sep 22, 2012
patricia g: I am losing my hairso I felt that I would try this shampoo. Sep 20, 2012
Joanne M: It really makes my hair feel thicker. Sep 19, 2012
elaine m: Very good shampoo. makes my thin hair seem full. Sep 19, 2012
Julia H: I have thinning hair Sep 18, 2012
Feiyan Z: im losing my hair. Sep 18, 2012
Prggy W: No other shampoo works as well on my hair as this product. Sep 16, 2012
Shu C: my hair is fine and thin, wanna have a try Sep 16, 2012
Doryan W: Kiehl's had a wonderful shampoo that was discontinued about 5 years ago. Perhaps this one will prove a suitable replacement. Excellent reviews from your users. Sep 16, 2012
Barbara J: This is the very best shampoo I have ever used. I have tried several based on salon suggestions but the Keihl's product, in every case, proved superior. Sep 15, 2012
Jonathan H: I have thinning Hair Sep 12, 2012
Anne S: friend recommended. my hair is thinning Sep 11, 2012
Sean S: My wife love's it. Sep 10, 2012
patricia f: have used and liked Sep 9, 2012
Ruby W: The shampoo really work on my thin
Sep 6, 2012
Paul T: because i heard it from a friend and have read some comments of people have been used it. And then I decide to buy it since my hair is too thin..Hope it can work out. Sep 5, 2012
Kenneth W: Up to now, it's the best shampoo I've used and I've had less damage/loss to my hair since using it. It leaves no film on my hair as it rinses out well. Overall, a great product. Sep 5, 2012
Dana M: Since having my baby, my hair has been shedding like crazy! I needed a little help! Sep 2, 2012
Eva G: Crown is thinning - heard this was worth a try Sep 1, 2012
Rebecca W: excellent reviews and looking for a good hair thickening product! Aug 31, 2012
xiangjun g: my friend told me it is good, so I will buy one. Aug 31, 2012
L B G: It helps my hair look thicker. Aug 26, 2012
Ken T: it works well Aug 26, 2012
Luis P: It really works! Aug 26, 2012
Diana J: I have thin hair, and reading the reviews convinced me to try this product. Aug 20, 2012
Charlotte V: It really does thicken hair Aug 20, 2012
John R: Because I like it. Aug 16, 2012
kristi c: works very well to thicken hair naturally Aug 11, 2012
Nancy B: Because you are out of the volumizing shampoo Aug 9, 2012
Artem M: always using this Aug 7, 2012
Patricia C: I'm just trying it out to see if it gives my hair body. Aug 7, 2012
Jessica K: Sounded interesting and had good reviews Aug 4, 2012
Marylissa R: although my hair has a lot of volume, i heard this product will repair breakage, repair split ends and make hair grow faster! Jul 27, 2012
Ruta S: recommended strongly by a friend with thinning hair. said it works. Jul 26, 2012
Jane C: Husband loves it for his thinning hair. Jul 19, 2012
Cecelia D: I want to try this as a supplement to the Rice and Wheat Volumizing Shampoo. Jul 19, 2012
William F: Need all the help I can get Jul 17, 2012
Veronica S: It keeps my long hair big n thick. Jul 16, 2012
Sherry B: I love this shampoo. It makes shampooing a sensual experience and really makes my hair thicker! Jul 16, 2012
nancy s: love it Jul 14, 2012
Dr Peter E S: Haven't tried it before.We'll see! Jul 13, 2012
Ruby W: I have thinning hair, thought this might help. Jul 11, 2012
Nancy V: I have very fine hair and it really helps to give it body and control. Absolutely love it. Jul 10, 2012
Kazue I: using Jul 9, 2012
Ellen L: I like the way it thickens my hair. Jul 8, 2012
Ines L: I have very fine hair Jul 1, 2012
alma p: thinnnig hai. 1st time an i will try it. Jul 1, 2012
Ashley C: This shampoo is great - it smells lovely and doesn't leave a heavy residue on your hair Jun 29, 2012
Mary T: Excellent product. Have been using it for 2 years and will continue. Jun 26, 2012
Louise Y: Because it works. Jun 22, 2012
Kristina V: My hair is thin, oily, and limp. I need to try anything and the reviews say nothing but good things. Praying it works/helps! Jun 20, 2012
dianne y: try out Jun 19, 2012
vijay j: i'm losing my hair Jun 18, 2012
Lauren D: Thin hair! Jun 18, 2012
Melissa L: First Time Jun 14, 2012
Daniel M: Hair is thininning; make the most of what I have! Jun 12, 2012
jannet f: purchased before and I like it becuase it doesn't leave my hair looking greasy. Jun 12, 2012
Louise C: I have been using this (purchased elsewhere) and I love how it makes my hair feel. Jun 7, 2012
Peter G: I was looking for a good shampoo that would last a long time and work well with my hair. Jun 6, 2012
Alice P: I have always used Kiehl's shampoo. Now I have thinner hair so I noted this in your advertising. Jun 4, 2012
Megan F: My hair always feels so shiny and healthy w/this shampoo and Volumizing conditioner. I also feel like I don't need to use very much per wash. May 21, 2012
Cheryl C: My hair is fine and thin. I have ordered this previously and like it. May 20, 2012
Bella B: to thicken hair May 19, 2012
Varun M: I'm going bald May 16, 2012
MARK T: I'm bald May 14, 2012
Maxine M: I have used this before and when compared with other so-called thickening shampoos the Kiehl's is the best. May 14, 2012
Pat E: I have been using it for years May 14, 2012
Catheryn G: I have thin and fine hair and you products are great May 13, 2012
Barbara J M: I have been using this shampoo for years and I love it.. May 11, 2012
Jeannie D: husband needs for thinning hair May 11, 2012
Angie T: Love it!! It really works! May 5, 2012
Judita E: really works! love my hair when I use this. May 5, 2012
Barry G: Looking for a product I like May 3, 2012
Sandra G: The shampoo really works on thin, fine hair, but what happened to the spray volumizer styling product? That is great too May 1, 2012
Kimberly Q: Want to compare to rice and wheat Apr 20, 2012
Paciencia D: I would like to try this shampoo as it was recom-
mended by a stylist.
Apr 19, 2012
Pamela F: I want to see if this will thicken my fine hair. Apr 16, 2012
Carole W: have thin hair Apr 15, 2012
Judith W: Same as for shampoo. Apr 11, 2012
Nelson V: I heard about your product. Apr 10, 2012
Genevieve L: I have mild allopecia and this is a gentle thickening shampoo Apr 9, 2012
Sara E F: for husband - he likes shampoos with thickeners Apr 8, 2012
Dorothy C: My hair is thinning Apr 5, 2012
Fan Y: there are not a lot shampoo treat thin hair, so this is what I want Apr 3, 2012
Kandas B: Used at daughter's home. Really outstanding. Apr 2, 2012
Mickey B: Based on the reviews, I thought I'd give this shampoo a try as I have a lot of fine hair that needs body and fullness. Mar 29, 2012
Jerry M H: Gives the volume I am seeking Mar 28, 2012
Sarakorn G: I wanted to try this as I have fine hair, but I didn't like it too much. Mar 27, 2012
chunhua c: i lose hair now,want try it Mar 27, 2012
Mentalist Z asked: Is this shampoo free of Sulphates such Lauryl Sulphate etc that most shampoos have? I have been using this shampoo for a number of years by now and came across information that Sulphate shampoos are damaging to hair follicles and thus may be detrimental for even normal hair growth. Thanks Jun 1, 2012
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A shopper asked: what conditioner is best with this shampoo? Jul 14, 2012
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A shopper asked: Is your Ultimate Thickening Shampoo safe for colored hair? I have used Nioxin, Bosley and another shampoo and none really have been 100% effective for thinning hair. Thank you. Apr 20, 2012
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Peggy H: I have colored hair and saw no evidence of fading or problem of any kind. However I saw no regrowth of hair. I wasn't fond of the scent, or lack thereof so didn't order another bottle. Perhaps I should have to give it more of a chance to work. Apr 24, 2012
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A shopper asked: I have an oily scalp. Is this shampoo suitable for my hair type? If not, what would you recommend? Feb 12, 2013
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Richard C: Yea my scalp is pretty oily too and I use it often. I wouldn't worry about it. It works fine. As far as making your hair actually thicker...the verdict is out on that. I've been using it for 2 years and I think it's one of the better shampoos you can buy today. You only need a very small dab of it on your fingers and rub. I used to think I needed to pour it on like with regular shampoo. This thing lathers up really well. You can't go wrong with it. Apr 12, 2013
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David M: I have oily hair and scalp, too. This is the only shampoo I like to use - it is perfect for oily hair. Mar 9, 2013
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Emelie B: No idea as I tend to have dry scalp. Feb 13, 2013
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A shopper asked: what chemicals are in the Ultimate Thickening Shampoo? Feb 17, 2014
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Jerry P asked: does your product contain any type of toxin such as Phenoxyethanol? Nov 28, 2013
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A shopper asked: Do you need to use conditioner with this shampoo? If so which one Dec 3, 2013
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Robert T: I do not use a conditioner with this shampoo. If you are used to using one I am sure that it will work fine with it but I find that this shampoo is gentle enough for both everyday use and not requiring a conditioner to leave hair feeling soft or without tangles. But I must say I probably have less hair than you. Dec 3, 2013
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Michael S: Yes. If I don't use a conditioner with this shampoo, my hair is difficult to comb/style. I use the rice and wheat conditioner/grooming aid. It's light weight and the combination of these two products leaves my hair feeling clean and soft. Dec 3, 2013
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SM G: I never use a conditioner. I think they all weigh your hair down and make it look dirty faster. Dec 3, 2013
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Kevin S: Yes. I use Kiehls olive oil based conditioner with it. Great stuff. Dec 3, 2013
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Nelson V: I didn't use conditioner at all. This is great shampoo.. Dec 4, 2013
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Daniel L: No, I don't. Dec 3, 2013
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CHEN G: yes Dec 3, 2013
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A shopper asked: I have very fine, color treated hair, and I'm not sure whether to use the thickening or the volumizing shampoo.Also, do either of these shampoos leave a residue after continuous use? Jul 22, 2014
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Christine B: I also have VERY fine thinning color treated hair--the thickening shampoo really works BUT it is also drying. I usually alternate between moisturizing & thickening shampoo/conditioners. If there is a residue/build-up, the condition is resolved when I use other shampoo/conditioners. Hope this answer was helpful. Jul 22, 2014
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Stephen Z: I have been using the thickening shampoo for a few years and no residue. Can't tell that much of a "thickness" difference but hair is clean and manageable. Jul 22, 2014
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E Gerard S: I have fine hair also. The thickening shampoo gives me volume and it does not leave any residue after continous use. I will purchase this product again. Jul 22, 2014
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Charles M: The ultimate thickening shampoo is great product. I just started using it and am very pleased. There is no residue after approx one month's use. Jul 23, 2014
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michael m: I like the thickening shampoo but I actually blend it with another shampoo no residue that way Jul 22, 2014
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Emelie B: no residue Jul 22, 2014
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A shopper asked: does this dry your hair out if your hair is naturally curly/frizzy? Oct 22, 2013
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Barbara J M: I have been using this shampoo for several years. I love it !!!!

It does not seem to dry my hair out, but sometime I just shampoo and let my hair air dry. That is, not blow dry it if I am not going anyplace. When I do that I notice that I do see a few small strands of hair that seems curly. And believe me, I do not have naturally curly hair !!! But, if you blow dry your hair every time you wash it, I don't think you will have a problem!


I hope this answers your question.

Barbara J. Miller
Oct 23, 2013
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paulette e: Hi, I have naturally curly hair and I've been using this shampoo for several months and have not had any problems with it drying out my hair or scalp. My hair has never felt and looked thicker ( well at least not since I was in my 20's :-) Oct 22, 2013
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Katherine K: My husband has used this shampoo for years and loves it. This shampoo makes his hair look fuller. Does not dry out hair. Oct 27, 2013
Reply to Katherine Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Justin K: Don't have that type of hair so difficult for me to answer. Did not dry my hair though Oct 22, 2013
Reply to Justin Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Emelie B: My hair is straight so I would not know. However, it does not dry my hair out. Oct 22, 2013
Reply to Emelie Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Myrna M: Absolutely not. It gives it sheen and makes your hair easy to manage. Oct 22, 2013
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Kelly asked: Is this shampoo good for color treated and highlighted (bleach) hair? (Will the color fade quickly when using- any sulfates?) Jan 20, 2014
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Ellen J: I don't know as my hair is not color treated. I do like this shampoo because it seems to be nourishing without being heavy. Jan 20, 2014
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Emelie B: Yes, my hair is color treated and I use the shampoo with no negative results. Jan 20, 2014
Reply to Emelie Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
E Gerard S: Sorry I do not know. I do not have color treated and highlighted hair. Jan 20, 2014
Reply to E Gerard Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Jane S: not sure but I love it for texture Jan 20, 2014
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A shopper asked: Does this shampoo contain fragrance? Aug 22, 2013
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Thomas S: No it does not contain fragrance, but works very well. Aug 22, 2013
Reply to Thomas Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Ann R: Yes, a little, but is not noticeable after rinsing. Sep 12, 2013
Reply to Ann Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Justin K: distinct smell but I would not call a fragrance Aug 22, 2013
Reply to Justin Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Emelie B: No Aug 23, 2013
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A shopper asked: My hair is fine and fragile and color treated. Most thickening shampoos dry out my hair. Does this shampoo leave your hair soft and moisture? Jul 30, 2014
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Kristin K: Yes! This shampoo is fantastic. I have long, thin, color-treated (and regularly heat damaged) hair, so I'm wary of any shampoos that might dry out my hair further, or leave that overly squeaky-clean feeling. This shampoo is extremely gentle and moisturizing. I use it with the formula 133 conditioner/grooming aid, and my hair feels soft, totally detangled and not at all greasy. I hope this helps! Jul 30, 2014
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Debbie P: No softness or moisture. similar to just wetting your hair down and letting it dry naturatally. Jul 30, 2014
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A shopper asked: is it colored hair safe? Jun 10, 2014
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Emelie B: Yes, my hair is colored. Jun 10, 2014
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A shopper asked: Is this shampoo for color treated hair? Nov 25, 2013
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Emelie B: Yes, i have color treated hair. Nov 25, 2013
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ellen h asked: Does this thickening shampoo contain wheat products? My scalp breaks out from shampoos that contain wheat. Jun 28, 2014
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A shopper asked: do you still have rice and wheat shampoo? May 3, 2013
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A shopper asked: Both my daughter and myself have thin hair on the crown have used other products how long would it take to see some results from this shampoo? the brown bear May 12, 2013
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roberta a: I think this is a very nice shampoo. I have tried other brands and they were too drying. I use the rice and wheat conditioner before shampooing. I think there is a nice body that this shampoo provides without leaving any residue. May 13, 2013
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Isidore L: You'll see results from the first time you use it. It makes the most of what you have. Unless you have oily hair I would also use a conditioner since the shampoo is very drying. May 12, 2013
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