Ultra Facial Toner 40ml Sample

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Ultra Facial Toner 40ml Sample
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Kiehl's Since 1851 Store asked: Why did you choose this?
Tianyu W: its good Sep 8, 2014
miwako s: wanted to try Aug 29, 2014
laura c: Just to try Aug 24, 2014
Sue M: to compare with what I'm already usi ng. Aug 24, 2014
Thao P: want to try, never use it before Aug 23, 2014
Deborah D: i don't know Aug 22, 2014
Michael W: need a new toner Aug 20, 2014
Sandy M: Looking for a new toner. One of my free gifts. Aug 19, 2014
SARAH N: My go to always. Great for travel. Aug 17, 2014
Ya W: For traveling Aug 10, 2014
Yu W: Try Aug 9, 2014
Jason P: Something new Aug 9, 2014
sheryl f: good product Aug 8, 2014
Yan S: referred by a friend. Aug 8, 2014
Yunji C: no Aug 8, 2014
Catherine D: I need a new toner. Aug 8, 2014
li w: ok Aug 6, 2014
Xiaoxia L: My friend has recommended it. Aug 5, 2014
ILKYUNG N: good for travel Aug 5, 2014
xuewei q: TRY Aug 4, 2014
Lisa B: Like Aug 4, 2014
Shigang R: try Aug 4, 2014
Zhengyin Q: travel size Aug 1, 2014
Jennifer K: want to try it out Jul 19, 2014
Alexis B: great product Jul 17, 2014
Xun W: gift Jul 17, 2014
Sarah L: handy size for travel Jul 16, 2014
XIAOYE L: hope it better than what I use now. Jul 15, 2014
Jingxian H: I want to try a different toner other than the herbal one. Jul 14, 2014
Douglas D: Wasn't sure what facial toner was; this product is clearly not for me. I think maybe it's more suited to people who wear makeup. Jul 10, 2014
debra b: I wanted a mini for traveling. Jul 1, 2014
GMJL X: GOOD Jun 26, 2014
Che T: wanted to try it Jun 19, 2014
Elizabeth K: Looking for a new toner. Jun 17, 2014
Xisen W: first want to try Jun 17, 2014
Jeffrey A: Cleanser. Jun 17, 2014
Dreama S: heard that it was great, want to try it for myself. Jun 17, 2014
Doris C: try it out see if i like it Jun 17, 2014
destiny f: try something different Jun 17, 2014
Holly H: I thought I would try this since I don't have a toner in my skin care routine. Jun 17, 2014
ZEHAO Q: Ultra Facial Cream is good for winter, so I want to try this in summer Jun 17, 2014
Ivana R: try Jun 17, 2014
Xiaodanpan P: Try Jun 17, 2014
Phoebe J: I never try this toner before Jun 17, 2014
LE C: want to try Jun 17, 2014
Wenhong C: Just try. Jun 16, 2014
Michelle L: Good for travel bag. Jun 16, 2014
Rui Z: Recommended Jun 16, 2014
Tony V: 1st time user May 13, 2014
YARAN Z: first time to try May 11, 2014
XueFei Z: Good May 11, 2014
Minghui L: gift for my friend May 9, 2014
wan-hsuan w: want to try May 8, 2014
Rachel C: i need moisture May 7, 2014
shanna k: to try will update May 7, 2014
kelli c: TRIAL May 7, 2014
jungsuk B: I want to use to trave and I like mini size.. May 5, 2014
Yalian S: good for travel May 5, 2014
Kay M: Just want to try. Have never used this product before. May 2, 2014
zhe c: I like it May 1, 2014
Ting W: Like Apr 20, 2014
JIN Z: I like it and it is perfect to me Apr 20, 2014
Rui Z: want to try it Apr 18, 2014
Betty J: I wanted to try it Apr 18, 2014
Tariq A: Try it out Apr 12, 2014
Susan P: Curious about the quality, and effectiveness of using a toner. Apr 11, 2014
marcie z: This is nice to travel with. Mar 21, 2014
chunmei l: Good Mar 11, 2014
Debra J: Reviews Mar 9, 2014
Michel W: for my daughter Feb 28, 2014
Molly D: Ultra is the series that I want to try. Feb 26, 2014
DANA K: I would like to try an alternative toner and the size seemed good for travel. Feb 23, 2014
Eileen H: for helping clean, sweat pores in summer Feb 22, 2014
FREDDIE K: like it Feb 21, 2014
Carol G: Wanted to try Feb 20, 2014
laura k: this will give me a chance to try it over a period of time Feb 19, 2014
Yaohua Z: I just want to try it. Feb 3, 2014
tong l: GOOD Feb 2, 2014
Laura H: should have ordered more of this too. I use it almost like the first layer of light weight moisture. Jan 20, 2014
Ina B: ... toning the face is what it's all about ... ja?! Dec 27, 2013
MARIA T: cause I'm in need of a good toner and Kiehls has amazing products. Dec 16, 2013
Elaine B: Wanted to try on my sensitive skin.

Highly recommend!
Dec 2, 2013
Barbara C: Wanted to try a toner Nov 28, 2013
Yesenia L: It's ok, but give me the Blue stuff for my Tough Days!@@ Nov 15, 2013
SHUJIN C: Good Nov 14, 2013
Chen D: good Nov 13, 2013
Pok Man C: I have used ultra facial cream before. Nov 8, 2013
Maggie L: first time try. Nov 3, 2013
pamela d: I like it I try ed before Nov 3, 2013
Laura J: i just want to see what it does Nov 3, 2013
Jin W: it is good Nov 3, 2013
Jennifer V: I am looking for a new toner Nov 3, 2013
Tenzin W: By looking at customer's reviews Nov 3, 2013
Ke W: nothing Nov 3, 2013
muyu l: Try something new Nov 3, 2013
Brenda H: Having problems with my skin with my Mary Kay products, decided to try this and see if it helps. Am having a lot of skin problems due to allergies. Nov 3, 2013
YUCHEN G: want to try Nov 3, 2013
Cagla P: I like to try toners Nov 3, 2013
Debbie B: Wanted to try this product and compare to what I am currently using. Nov 3, 2013
darcy t: to try on your product line and compare to other products for mature skin. Nov 3, 2013
XIAOYAN S: Daily use Nov 3, 2013
Xiaoxi W: Want to try different toner Nov 3, 2013
Tingchen L: Kiehl's is the best! Nov 2, 2013
Steven F: I've never tried it before Nov 2, 2013
Mandy S: Looking for a new toner. Nov 2, 2013
Sarah H: Wanted to give it a try Nov 2, 2013
ran l: want to try Nov 2, 2013
Deborah G: Never use Toner ---thought I should try Nov 1, 2013
Xuan Q: To give it a try Nov 1, 2013
Karin L: Use this all the time. Will save bottle for travel Nov 1, 2013
shanshan c: Friends recommended Nov 1, 2013
JINGLING H: best Oct 31, 2013
Michelle F: I like to have an alcohol free solution - and this could be perfect size for travel Oct 31, 2013
zhan n: I liked the list of the ingredients and would like to give it a try" Oct 31, 2013
Wen L: i want to give my friend. Oct 31, 2013
Patricia C: Because I bought the lotion and hope it will work together well Oct 31, 2013
Aaron Z: try to use Oct 30, 2013
Tracy C: Want to try. Currently use a different toner. Oct 30, 2013
Prasong O: Packaging Oct 30, 2013
Jacob Z: Try Oct 30, 2013
Marilyn u: want to try it Oct 29, 2013
Stewart E: Wife's favorite Oct 29, 2013
Leah W: I need some toner, hoping this one will be worthy of a full size purchase. Oct 29, 2013
Jackie B: To compare to the Acai toner Oct 29, 2013
Allison N: Wanted to try it Oct 29, 2013
Susan D: want to try Oct 29, 2013
Thomas M: Try a toner. Will it work? Oct 29, 2013
Kathleen D: wrinkles that need a workout Oct 29, 2013
Pete M: Looking for a little toning around eyes Oct 29, 2013
beiqiu q: i like it Oct 29, 2013
Ke J: good Oct 29, 2013
Alice F: to try myself Oct 29, 2013
Xiuchuan L: just want to try it out Oct 29, 2013
Hao-wei T: because i need Oct 29, 2013
Louise H: I use toner Oct 28, 2013
Yichuan Y: Mostly fits in my wife's need. Oct 28, 2013
Hui M: try to use Oct 28, 2013
Jolene W: WOULD LIKE TO TRY Oct 28, 2013
JING W: want try Oct 28, 2013
Vanessa L: I use before Oct 28, 2013
Nadine W: wanted to try Oct 28, 2013
Ann L: Always need toner- hopefully this one will be gentle enough Oct 28, 2013
Yachu P: Looking for new cleaner...as this belongs to the same series with the facial cream I buy in this order. Oct 28, 2013
YING X: i would like to give it to my mum to try Oct 28, 2013
Fang L: good Oct 28, 2013
Heya H: for try Sep 19, 2013
xiaolu h: good May 25, 2013
Lizelle K: My year round moisturizer! Not too oily, not too water-y. Apr 12, 2013
Rong H: I have used the cream on the same line, so I guess this works too. Apr 8, 2013
Seth M: Get rid of uneven spots Mar 30, 2013
Bok-lan L: It's very good to me Mar 29, 2013
xiaoling z: it is really moisture. Mar 26, 2013
Yiwen Z: give it a try Mar 26, 2013
JOUNG K: WANT TO TRY Mar 26, 2013
Louis C: Recommended by a friend Mar 26, 2013
Denise S: This is the only moisturizer that I use on my face, day and night -- doesn't cause any break-outs Mar 26, 2013
Diana L: need a good toner Mar 26, 2013
Jingying L: wanna try a new thing Mar 25, 2013
wingnam l: coz this product is really good Mar 25, 2013
Yetao W: just try Mar 25, 2013
Qin Y: Famous Product Mar 25, 2013
Quenta G: I like the other Kiehl's products that I have tried so I am expanding and trying some other Kiehl's products before settling on one. Mar 25, 2013
mo z: I am using the same series moisture. Mar 25, 2013
Qiuning X: like it Mar 25, 2013
Cate K: Am almost out of my toner and I like to try new and different products. I usually really like all your products very much. Mar 25, 2013
Laura Y: looking for a new toner Mar 25, 2013
Marcia B: to try Mar 25, 2013
Stephanie K: wanted to try it Mar 25, 2013
JoAnn G: Want to try. Mar 18, 2013
pamela a: wanted to try this Mar 15, 2013
Yixuan X: Want to try a new toner. Feb 11, 2013
Jiantao Z: friend suggest Feb 6, 2013
Jiantao Z: Friends suggest Feb 6, 2013
david a: travel size Feb 5, 2013
Talia M: Looked at reviews on the MakeupAlley website. Saw this item had good reviews and wanted to try. Jan 19, 2013
Teri B: I use this before applying other skin products. It works very well and the price is reasonable. Dec 5, 2012
Lu R: want to give it a try Dec 3, 2012
Xiangming Z: Good for skin Nov 25, 2012
HUIMIN L: very good Nov 25, 2012
Yuanyuan H: I just want to try this one. I have never used before. Nov 25, 2012
Ye Y: good Nov 25, 2012
Jing X: try Nov 25, 2012
Mengya Z: friends recommend Nov 25, 2012
Hui L: Check if it is good Nov 25, 2012
Wangping Y: It's recommed by my friends. Nov 25, 2012
Ellen C: Would like to try it. Nov 25, 2012
XU Z: recommended by friends Nov 25, 2012
MInfu C: want to try it Nov 25, 2012
Yi Y: My skin is a little dry in winter Nov 24, 2012
Nikki B: I'm concerned about the aging effects of cliniques harsh toner Nov 24, 2012
Huanming X: new product I would like to try!!! Nov 24, 2012
Yan C: I have been looking for a good toner, will see if this one fits me. Nov 23, 2012
Thomas F: needed and like aftershave balms Nov 23, 2012
Carolina A: want to try it. Nov 23, 2012
Kui C: try Nov 23, 2012
Robbie M: I use toners and am always looking for gentle ones. Nov 23, 2012
Yuanwei L: for travelling Nov 23, 2012
Sarah M: I purchased the cleanser and want to try the next step in the regimen Nov 23, 2012
DJ H: Wanted to try a new product! Nov 23, 2012
Youyou Y: need a travel-size toner, and try this out. Nov 23, 2012
JUNGMI H: I'd like to try on... Nov 23, 2012
Liping X: NICE Nov 23, 2012
Linda L: for oily skin Nov 23, 2012
tian y: i choose it to match the facial cleaser Nov 22, 2012
Tianran C: I love it! Nov 22, 2012
Tao Q: like it Nov 22, 2012
Li Z: want to try the new item Nov 22, 2012
Jane M: Needed Travel Size Nov 22, 2012
Yaxian H: I heard it's great. Nov 22, 2012
Zhuojun H: Want to have a try Nov 22, 2012
Linglin Y: Just want to have a try! Nov 22, 2012
Catherine S: enter WELCOME as coupon code, get this as a free 40ML gift, valuable~ and its good Nov 16, 2012
Mengyao S: for travel purpose Nov 1, 2012
JIEYING C: TRY Oct 23, 2012
Roberta P: Wanted to try the product. Oct 14, 2012
Aileen K: for travel. Oct 14, 2012
Liang S: for better skin Oct 13, 2012
Yaxi L: it's good Oct 13, 2012
Kirsten H: Looking for a good toner, and to compliment the series of products i did buy Oct 9, 2012
Jia L: try it with urltra facial moisturizer Oct 7, 2012
letao z: too thick for me Sep 20, 2012
Jue D: good to use Sep 19, 2012
Zheng C: MY SISTER LIKE IT. Sep 14, 2012
Lu W: It's famous Aug 28, 2012
qing y: I LIKE IT Aug 9, 2012
YIQIN W: TRY IT Aug 7, 2012
Seoungeun C: The one I used to use Aug 6, 2012
henan l: good Aug 6, 2012
yanqing y: I just want to try different blends of products Jul 17, 2012
YI C: One of Kiehl's best products Jul 13, 2012
manjian c: the ultra facial serie is good Jul 12, 2012
Ying L: used a sample before, want to try a deluxe before buying a full size Jul 7, 2012
Stacie S: Wanted to try it. Jun 25, 2012
Mary G: I like toner. This is a great travel size. Jun 25, 2012
michele s: Good for sensitive skin. Jun 25, 2012
Qing R: I want to try Jun 25, 2012
Tricia S: Trying out soothing skin-care products. Jun 24, 2012
Ryan S: My work requires me to shave almost daily and I get razor bumps. I would like to see if any additional treatments might reduce the duration and pain of those bumps. Jun 24, 2012
JANET T: New to using toners. Currently using Obagi, and wanted to compare. Jun 22, 2012
chun c: I like this bottle. Jun 22, 2012
HAIYAN Y: I feel good for this product. Jun 22, 2012
Xiangyu G: for future decision Jun 22, 2012
Jing M: Just want to try. I have never used Kiehl's product before. Jun 22, 2012
Xiao W: Never used any of Kiehls products and want to try it. Jun 21, 2012
Le T: good size for traveling Jun 21, 2012
Allison W: I am very curious about his product Jun 21, 2012
XINYUAN L: need it Jun 20, 2012
PEI CHEN B: Love this product. This size is great when I'm "on the road". Jun 20, 2012
Shelley S: Want to try it. Jun 20, 2012
Kasha W: We get more oily in summertime Jun 20, 2012
wenhua w: good toner, feel very fresh and moisturized! Jun 18, 2012
Allison O: Based on the reviews. May 21, 2012
Margaret N: To try it May 17, 2012
Lillian S: Hoping it is a good toner Apr 20, 2012
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