Line-Reducing Eye-Brightening Concentrate

An effective line reducing eye treatment for brighter, younger-looking eyes
  • Contains a potent concentration of Pure Vitamin C 10.5%, known for its affinity with skin and powerful ability to improve the appearance of aging skin
  • Contains Haloxyl, which strengthens, soothes and brightens the eye area, helping to eliminate dark circles
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"I've tried countless eye treatments before, but nothing compares to this concentrate!"

Christine, Kiehl’s Insider

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How to Apply:
-Apply a small amount of eye treatment with fingertip along the orbital bone and under eye area
-Pat gently without pulling the skin

Bitter orange possesses a complex chemical makeup. Of particular value is the oil that is extracted from the petal of the bitter orange tree and is particularly effective at stimulating cutaneous tone. Bitter Orange is also known as Bigarade Orange or Neroli.

This new, patented ingredient improves skin around the eye area by stimulating natural enzymes that help strengthen under-eye area capillaries. Studies demonstrate the effectiveness of Haloxyl™ and its ability to increase skin density to better support the microvascular network in eye area skin and alleviate inflammation.

Line-Reducing Eye-Brightening Concentrate
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Kiehl's Since 1851 Store asked: Why did you choose this?
DARCY H: good results Sep 28, 2014
WZY Q: It is good for eye bags Sep 24, 2014
Rebecca P: I noticed the difference under my eyes when used with the avocado eye cream Sep 23, 2014
Claudia G: Eye bags are dark too! Sep 19, 2014
Ruthie H: Have been using this for a little over a year, and it keeps me looking at least 15 years younger. No one believes I'm in my late 40's, People assume I'm in my 30s. Love it! Sep 12, 2014
lisa d: wanted to give this a try Sep 11, 2014
Tehseen S: recommendation Sep 11, 2014
Qingyuan W: My friend recommend Sep 9, 2014
Irene H: eye treatment Sep 1, 2014
jingjing z: Star products, I like it!!! Aug 31, 2014
Kathryn B: Reduce appearance of under-eye circles. Aug 25, 2014
Yan X: recommended by relatives. Aug 20, 2014
Debbie W: Between dark circles and wrinkles, I am looking for something that will actually make a difference. Aug 20, 2014
Ronda N: I have used this product in the past and really like it. Aug 18, 2014
GLA H: Made decision based on product reviews. I have been seeking an appropriate under eye cream for quite sometime and based on the positive reviews, I'm hoping that this is the one. Aug 12, 2014
Karen H: Can't find a product that works on dark circles. I'm hoping this one does. Aug 12, 2014
Jackie K: I see good results with this one, but I also use the one in the blue tube. Aug 10, 2014
Tasleem R: recently started using this. I noticed a lightness with my dark circles. I have tried multiple dark circles eye cream and this is the best by far. Aug 10, 2014
Jane Y: I already use it and wanted to refer my sister from Canada. Aug 10, 2014
Desha M: Ive never tried it but read the reviews so I just placed an order. Aug 10, 2014
Stella Z: used this product before. love it. Aug 9, 2014
Wan chun L: want to try out Aug 7, 2014
Lissa P: Never tried it.. Aug 4, 2014
Michael S: amazing Jul 25, 2014
Scott G: eyes are looking older with loose lids Jul 25, 2014
Anne M: It was recommended by a doctor Jul 24, 2014
Fernando A: this is a gift for my mother, I think this one is better for old women because of its Vitamin C. Jul 23, 2014
Estrella P: Need something to minimize lines and dark circles. Jul 21, 2014
Kourtney H: I love this eye cream! Jul 19, 2014
Jiaxin H: just want to try. this is my first time to use kiehls' products. Jul 19, 2014
Sandra Y: I use it and love it Jul 13, 2014
Lisa L: Fantastic Product ! Jul 12, 2014
Aisling B: Fantastic product, smooths and refreshes my eyes perfectly. Jul 7, 2014
Ashley V: product reviews Jun 30, 2014
Neda H: I've used it before and liked it. Jun 29, 2014
Misty P: Awesome Jun 25, 2014
Anna S: eye-brightening concentrate. perfect reviews. Jun 24, 2014
norma reid D: love it and it works great on my 70 year old skin. Jun 14, 2014
Lucas S: Got advice Jun 9, 2014
christine k: because a friend of mine said it actually works so I want to try it out for myself. Jun 2, 2014
Nanci d: because has a lot vitamin C Jun 2, 2014
Kristie B: I am getting fine lines around my eyes now that I am in my mid 30's and wanted to see if this helped May 29, 2014
Kimberly K: Dark under-eye circles May 24, 2014
Georgia C: Who could not need line reducing and brightening at 74? May 23, 2014
Dory S: My eye allergies have left me with prematurely dark and crepey eyelids. I hope this is gentle and effective at the same time. May 19, 2014
Curtis S: I love this product May 19, 2014
Lily S: Na May 19, 2014
Giselle L: i need an eye cream that brightens and prevents aging May 18, 2014
Charlene E: I hope this will reduce and prevent additional fine lines/laugh lines around my eyes - finger crossed!! May 18, 2014
Kathleen V: Good reviews and my eyes need help so I'm trying it. May 18, 2014
Lani L: used before May 18, 2014
jiang c: good review May 17, 2014
Tiffany W: I have been using this for about 6 months. I have dark circles and I am trying to be proactive about lines. I am in my mid thirties. I have noticed a difference and my skin feels tighter and smoother around my eyes. May 17, 2014
KAY S: wanted to try to reduce lines May 17, 2014
LU H: heavy dark circle... May 17, 2014
Ting C: for its line reducing effect May 17, 2014
Noelle P: it's in the name... May 17, 2014
Penelope C: Based on the reviews, I wanted to try it May 16, 2014
Kelly D: Fine lines around eyes and sometimes puffiness. Also, I've had trouble with eye creams in the past making my eyes water. May 16, 2014
Jennifer G: Used before and love May 15, 2014
judith g m: I read many positive reviews about this product. Since I do have dark circles, I decided to try it. I have tried other Kiehl's products and have been very satisfied. May 15, 2014
Rachel H: Wanted to try Apr 29, 2014
Patricia W: works great, saw reduction in eye lines. Apr 28, 2014
Tiffany J: I am waiting for this product to arrive. I am excited to try it. Apr 24, 2014
Evelyn C: I have used the rosaritca and marine eye creams and not too thrilled with them.I have used the entire line of clearly corrective. So I decided to try the eye cream. Apr 20, 2014
Dan H: help my aunt to buy it Apr 20, 2014
katia d: needed an eye lotion, this one had good reviews. thought i would try it. Apr 6, 2014
Angela P: First time trying this product; trying it because I have been highly satisfied with other Kiehl's products! Apr 3, 2014
Joan H: Sounds good Apr 2, 2014
Ce S: friend recommendation Mar 31, 2014
timothy b: REDUCES CROWS FEET Mar 26, 2014
Maria Jose M: I have very sensitive eyes and had tried all types of corrective eye care. Kiel's Line reducing Eye Brightening concentrate is the first that has worked for me. Have softened my lines and brighten my dark circles Mar 26, 2014
vassana h: To hopefully brighten up my eye area Mar 24, 2014
Veronica G: haven't tried it yet Mar 23, 2014
Francine R: I have fine lines under my eyes that I would like to treat Mar 22, 2014
Kathleen B: This is a great product to brighten my look everyday. Mar 22, 2014
Cathlin H: dark under eye circles - genetic Mar 20, 2014
Melissa M: Read the great reviews and have loved everything of Kiehls I've tried! Mar 17, 2014
Alice M: recommended by sales person Mar 17, 2014
Katherine M: The reviews seem positive, and I'm a night shift nurse lacking sleep daily. I hope it helps to keep me looking young in the eye area. Mar 16, 2014
Carol W: Not yet tried this eye cream... will let you know what I think. Mar 16, 2014
Wanda L: Really great eye cream. Use it. Mar 14, 2014
guangjun y: I want to try it. Mar 13, 2014
cathy b: friends Mar 9, 2014
Amanda H: I would not wear make up if I didn't have dark circles so, based on the reviews it seems like it's worth a try Mar 5, 2014
Darlene D: It works great and feels really good on my eyes. Mar 5, 2014
Yang Z: I noticed the dark cricles under my eyes are less visible. Mar 4, 2014
tresia m: it works great for me Feb 28, 2014
Dana J: I see lines under my eyes. 80 Feb 26, 2014
DANA K: I think my sister uses it and like it. Feb 23, 2014
Elisabeth Y: need to brighten my dark circles. hoping for it to work in tandem with the wrinkle reducing eye cream. Feb 22, 2014
Lori M: Good reviews, really like this Feb 21, 2014
Xiaoye L: my mom wants it. Feb 19, 2014
Jennifer G: I like the other products in this line so thought I would try this eye cream. Feb 18, 2014
Brenda P: Already use this product and find it very effective. Feb 17, 2014
Taylor W: I want my eyes to appear youthful and bright Feb 16, 2014
Margaret H: Hoping to improve skin area around eyes. Feb 15, 2014
Blase M: This is a new product for me. I read the reviews and wanted to try it. Feb 15, 2014
Mary G: I have very dark circles and I heard this helps. Feb 14, 2014
Darcie M: I had great results with this in the past. Feb 14, 2014
Veronica F: I've been using it for the past year, and it helps minimize the dark circles under my eyes. Feb 12, 2014
Yaqian S: My friend told me it very good. Feb 7, 2014
Princess S: I wanted to try it on my under eye lines Feb 5, 2014
Betty S: It sounded like a good product for me. Feb 3, 2014
shari s: curious Feb 1, 2014
Stephanie B: It works better than anything I have ever used. Noticeable difference! Feb 1, 2014
Anna B: The reviews were great! Jan 28, 2014
SUSAN R: saw the great reviews and thought I'd try it too. Jan 26, 2014
Shilin W: comments are good Jan 24, 2014
Joy c: want to reduce lines Jan 18, 2014
Merna A: hope to lessenj rings and puffiness Jan 14, 2014
Sue F: Have dark circles around my eyes. Jan 13, 2014
Pam R: Trying it for the first time Jan 9, 2014
Lisa H: Dark circles Jan 6, 2014
Tracy C: I love the serum in this line Jan 6, 2014
Patty S: I've not tried this yet. I need something to lift my eyes in the morning. I'm hoping that it will work. Jan 2, 2014
Judy C: I think this will help my eyes. Jan 1, 2014
Julie M: At 42yrs old, I need something that works well with my (light) makeup. The reviews are compelling... Dec 31, 2013
Denise C: Wrinkles around my eyes are getting worse. Dec 31, 2013
Linda W: To reduce dark circles under the eyes Dec 31, 2013
Kristy W: This will be the first time I am using this product. I chose this product based on the reviews from women in my age group and because I have had such good results with the Ultra Facial Cream. Dec 31, 2013
Rachel W: Need help for dark circles Dec 31, 2013
Susan H: Helps to reduce puffiness and brightens the area around my eyes Dec 30, 2013
Emma P: I've been using this product for more than a year, and I've seen a remarkable improvement around my eyes. They look brighter and definitely reduces the wrinkles. Dec 30, 2013
Brad M: I have a 10-month-old son, and this cream really does minimize the look of fine lines and brightens the dark circles under my eyes. Dec 30, 2013
Dorothy W: read reviews and it sounded worth trying Dec 29, 2013
Hui Leang O: Trying for the first time. Dec 28, 2013
Sharon S: to hopefully reduce lines and brighten my eyes. Dec 27, 2013
Jennifer G: rave reviews from a friend Dec 26, 2013
Binjia J: worked greatly with avocado eye cream. my eyes literally got bigger, it means significant lifting in the eye area! Love them! Dec 25, 2013
Marian T: I am beginning to develop dark circles under my eyes so want to nip that in the bud! this cream looks like it will address multiple issues - fingers crossed! Dec 23, 2013
Genery G: Repeat purchase Dec 23, 2013
Gyseon B: Customer ratings Dec 22, 2013
Cheng L: I like it Dec 21, 2013
Mary W: looking for a new eye cream Dec 20, 2013
Becky K: this is the best eye cream i have used - brightens eyes and reduces wrinkles. I love it. Dec 20, 2013
LaVerne C: I'm hoping that this product will help to reduce the (not to fine) lines and dark circles under my eyes, as some reviewers said it helped with their eyes. Dec 20, 2013
Fang X: Like Dec 20, 2013
Debbi E: The reviews are promising. I'll let you know if delivers! Dec 19, 2013
Susan B: I read the other reviews. It will be my first time trying this. I am hoping it removes/reduces the dark areas around my eyes. Have had them since childhood Dec 18, 2013
xiu l: good for use Dec 16, 2013
Lana G: I have the Midnight Recovery Eye cream and want to see how this compares. Dec 16, 2013
cynthia w: it works Dec 15, 2013
Catherine C: This really works! Dec 13, 2013
SHARON G: use it all the time - this is for my daughter Dec 11, 2013
Kristie M: Wife said so Dec 10, 2013
jacqueline r: Gift for my son Dec 8, 2013
susan H: was given as a sample, noticed change around my whole eye area immediately Dec 7, 2013
Ruth B: Under my eyes are hallow and because of this I feel like they are more prone to wrinkles. Dec 7, 2013
Todd M: Favorite product ever!!!! Brightens and moisturizes your under eye areas Dec 5, 2013
Christine G: Good reviews Dec 4, 2013
James R: One of my favorite Kiehls products Dec 4, 2013
Maria S: I was curious to see how it worked on my lid area, which I have noticed to look thin and weathered. Dec 4, 2013
Zihao L: My friend told me it's good. Dec 4, 2013
Sharon D: Reviews Dec 4, 2013
Dani C: Good reviews. Dec 4, 2013
Julie M: It is always in my line-up! Dec 4, 2013
Constance P: I will try anything to reduce the appearance of dark circles. Dec 3, 2013
Marthena R: reviews.... Dec 2, 2013
Randall G: Work for my skin Dec 2, 2013
Karen M U S: Excellent results! Nov 29, 2013
Michele P: Good results after 2 months. Nov 27, 2013
yan y: want to try Nov 27, 2013
JIEXIN Y: my wife always use this one Nov 24, 2013
P A: based on reviews. I have a dark circles and I am hoping for a miracle. Let"s see if it will do the work Nov 23, 2013
Erica F: I've had dark circles under my eyes since I was 6, thanks to allergies. This makes them disappear. Nov 22, 2013
Tianpei Z: It is effective Nov 22, 2013
Barbara C: Read reviews and decided to try Nov 21, 2013
zhen z: Like it Nov 21, 2013
Quanda W: for dark circle Nov 20, 2013
Yian S: 1 Nov 20, 2013
Micaela R: Dark circles plaguing my life! Nov 19, 2013
Carol N: I find it really does brighten my eyes. Nov 18, 2013
anne w: Have not tried this yet but I liked what I read. Nov 18, 2013
Mary C: Out of current brand and was already placing an order for rare earth. Nov 18, 2013
Lindsey L: to attack lines Nov 17, 2013
Stephanie H: I am 49 years old but most people guess my age as much younger. I attribute this to a generally healthy lifestyle and using great skincare products like Kiehl's. This is the best--and by that I mean most effective--eyecream that I have ever used! It makes my eyes look brighter, more refreshed. Nov 16, 2013
Kathleen A: good reviews Nov 15, 2013
Julie K: gift for male with very dark under eye circles Nov 15, 2013
Claudia T: Tried it before and liked it Nov 15, 2013
Chuxi J: line reducing Nov 15, 2013
Jody S: I love this product. I have been using it for years and I wouldn't think about putting on eye make up without using this first. Nov 4, 2013
kimberly s: I have been using avocado eye cream and line Reducing cream. I want to try something new; trying to find something for dark circles. Nov 2, 2013
Marilyn M: Never used it and wanted to give it a try. I use the creamy avocado eye treatment and really like it Oct 24, 2013
ROBYN C: Looking for a new eye cream, and I'm so impressed with my other Kiehls products. Oct 20, 2013
carolina z: I want it try Oct 19, 2013
Anna C: i really liked the reviews and description of the avocado cream, but was bummed that it was specifically not wrinkle reducing which is becoming my agenda. so after reading all reviews, this concentrate seems like a great daytime under eye, leaving the avocado for night. Oct 19, 2013
BIenvenido G: This was recommended by the Kiehl's representative, Bart who advised me on live chat.
He was very helpful after I gave him the type of skin I have
Oct 17, 2013
Tracie O: I'm looking for a fine line reducer and customer reviews were great on this product. I can't wait to try it. Oct 16, 2013
Darlene C: Try it Oct 16, 2013
Danielle D: Tried Vitanin C line reducing creme and loved it! Oct 11, 2013
Jennifer M: Dark circles under my eyes Oct 10, 2013
Jennifer N O: Best of the best! Can't live without it. Sep 30, 2013
Diane F: Newly using the Line-Reducing Lotion for my face - already improving texture, clarity. Sep 29, 2013
ELIZABETH T: I have been having darker areas under my eyes and wanted to try this. Sep 29, 2013
Melissa J: fine lines under eyes Sep 27, 2013
danhong s: I WANNA TRY Sep 26, 2013
Ken D: Best eye cream I've tried. It absorbs easily, brightens, and has no shine. Sep 26, 2013
Danielle B: It's been highly recommended by a friend that has dark circles under her eyes as well. She said I MUST try it=) Sep 25, 2013
Catherine S: I thought I would try this product to help the darkness around my eyes. Sep 25, 2013
Ye Cheng Y: want to try Sep 21, 2013
Jie G: buy for someone else Sep 20, 2013
Barbara S: Great reviews Sep 20, 2013
Patricia B: good review Sep 19, 2013
Elizabeth L: Essential for the eyes! Sep 18, 2013
Byron C T: Wow! This product, when used consistently and for a time REALLY DOES WORK to diminish dark circles, etc. It does sting a bit if you accidentally get a bit in your eye, Sep 17, 2013
Stacey L: Good reviews, need something for my dark undereye circles and puffyness. Sep 15, 2013
Kimberly J: Read Great Reviews Sep 14, 2013
Jose Antonio H: with limited information, I'm going to try it. This is my last bet in favor of Kiehl's. No samples in your Plaza de las Americas store... so, I have to gamble or quit. I choose for the first...
let's see what happens.
Sep 13, 2013
Susan M: I read the reviews and liked what I read. I could use an eye cream Sep 4, 2013
Sharmaine P: want to try Aug 30, 2013
Stephanie S: I love this. I have noticed a difference in eye brightness. It hasn't helped my puffiness, but helps with the look of my skin under my eyes. Aug 29, 2013
Wendy D: love this product Aug 16, 2013
Linda R: I am looking for an effective eye cream for wrinkles and under-eye shadows. The reviews look promising, so I am giving it a try. Aug 15, 2013
margaret h: circles around eyes make me look tired. Aug 13, 2013
Irmawati J: I been used it but i need for travel Aug 12, 2013
Rachael S: I've used this before and it works miracles for dark circles under your eyes Aug 11, 2013
Chen-Hui Jenny W: recommendation from a friend Jul 17, 2013
JOHNNA KAY S: Need help with dark circles and wrinkles. Jul 16, 2013
Maria R: Sounds like everything I need Jul 15, 2013
Jeff K: Sounds promising. Jun 30, 2013
Tiffany K: Love it! Jun 28, 2013
Angela D: hoping it reduced my dark circles under my eyes. Jun 18, 2013
Noriko H: It's OK. Not that impressed. Jun 17, 2013
Andrea S: I am starting to see the fine lines and have some darkness under my eyes from lack of sleep/stress/hydration at times - hoping this can do the trick because the concealer isn't working well Jun 17, 2013
Andrea K: good eye cream Jun 17, 2013
Teresa D: Need to start using eye creams. Fine lines and sagging on the lids. Jun 17, 2013
Alison B: friend recommended this Jun 17, 2013
Jin W: want to try Jun 17, 2013
Elizabeth K: i'm hopeful it will work as indicated. Jun 17, 2013
hilary d: have used before Jun 17, 2013
Jeeny J: I've used it and loved it for fine wrinkles and spots one the eye area. Jun 17, 2013
ELIZABETH P: want to correct the circles under my eyes Jun 17, 2013
Rosa maria R: work very well, I saw changes in my eyes after 1 week Jun 17, 2013
Xiao C: I need a eye cream to reduce dryness under the eyes. Jun 16, 2013
valorie b: good reviews. Jun 16, 2013
Yan L: I read the review and it seems like a great product, so I wanted to try. Jun 16, 2013
Tracy S: A favourite of mine! My eyes have had a total turn around since using this magic serum! I say serum, because it's more of a concentrate loaded with vitamin C. The fine lines around my eyes have completely diminished, and I have stopped using under eye concealer as LREBC works against dark eyes. In the winter months, I use LREBC and add the Rose Arctica Eye or the Creamy Eye Avocado after. Pure Bliss! A must have! Jun 16, 2013
TRANG H: Trust Kiehl's product (Midnight Recovery Eye) and would like to try this produc for day time to further improve fine lines reduction. Jun 16, 2013
Ada s: I like it Jun 15, 2013
YI-HSUAN L: Thinking to give it a try Jun 15, 2013
Mandy T: Good reviews Jun 14, 2013
Lori S: I tried this out about a year ago, and I love it. I no longer feel the need to wear foundation around my eyes. No more dark circles! Jun 13, 2013
Beth W: Hope to reduce bags Jun 13, 2013
Wing Hang C K: Good review Jun 13, 2013
Simone S: Because it's made specifically for eyes. Jun 2, 2013
Wei L: as a gift to relatives Jun 1, 2013
Konstantinos P: Good reviews. Also the only eye cream with vitamin C. Used the line reducing compound with vitamin C and noticed results. Glad there is an eye cream now. Hope it works! May 29, 2013
Clint S: I use this under the midnight eye recovery at night and the creamy advocado during the day. It adds extra nourishment and helps reduce lines. May 18, 2013
Jennifer H: Need for product. May 17, 2013
Jennifer S: I love that white looking brightness around eyes that I see on women and I try to duplicate it with makeup, but I am hoping this will be a more definitive fixture and will be there even when I have no makeup on at all. And I go without makeup a LOT. Love Kiehl's May 12, 2013
Carrie H: reviews, but this product actually DOES NOT work on me! It makes all my craw feet much deeper! I had to switch over to La Prairie right away to make them less permanent! Oh goodness! I almost lost faith in Kiehl because of this product! It simply dries out my skin under the eyes!!! May 8, 2013
Lee Ann S: need a really strong eye cream. Had great reviews. May 7, 2013
Namrata T: Wanted to try it based on online reviews May 5, 2013
Jared M: Noticeable difference since I first started using it. May 5, 2013
RACHEL B: Say goodbye to dark eyes....This eye cream works for sure... May 3, 2013
Kristin L: I love this eye cream and ran out. Needed a refill. May 3, 2013
Christine K: I need help with dark circles and more visible lines around my eyes. Apr 30, 2013
Michelle V: Want to help with dark circles. Apr 30, 2013
Alyssa D: looks promising! Apr 30, 2013
Lana S: At 30 I have some thin lines forming that I want to get rid of Apr 27, 2013
bonnie M: It is a gift to my daughter Apr 19, 2013
Zarya R: Great eye cream - reduces fine lines and dark circles Apr 12, 2013
Pamela S: Have always had dark circles under my eyes. Starting to see crepiness at 43. Apr 2, 2013
Ruth G: Was giving it a try, but I find it too heavy. Mar 31, 2013
Donna B: I have dark circles and haven't found anything to help. The reviews on this product were great so I'm hoping it works for me. Mar 31, 2013
Bok-lan L: It's very good to me Mar 29, 2013
Paul S: Gift Mar 28, 2013
Bonnie M: I have been using this product since November 2012 with good results. Mar 27, 2013
Elaine A: Rich, not oily texture that can be used during the day which does not pull down your eye makeup Mar 26, 2013
Tonya R: I choose this item to see if it would help reduce my dark circles and decrease puffiness and lines. Mar 26, 2013
Jennifer H: To try to get rid of dark circles under my eyes. Mar 25, 2013
Donna B: I use and love this product and therefore bought it for a friend so he could love it as much as I do! Mar 20, 2013
joanne l: i have use this product for many years- it had made a difference Mar 16, 2013
Jing Z: try Feb 20, 2013
Catherine S: Wanted to try this in comparison to the Men's eye alert Feb 19, 2013
Michelle A: I have delicate skin under my eyes and dark circles. I am hoping this product will help minimize and improve the appearance of my skin under my eyes. Feb 17, 2013
IVY B: Happy with Rosa Artica and wanted to try something for eyes. Feb 16, 2013
Lauri B: Lines around my eyes,etc. Feb 16, 2013
Carol M: Hoping to combat the increasing lines and dryness in the skin beneath my eyes Feb 12, 2013
Sukyung P: my sister who have used this product strongly recommended this product. She said it's quite thick-textured pure vitamin C which makes your eyes area bright and vibrant. Feb 11, 2013
Elizabeth Y: I'm 37 and I need some help! Feb 10, 2013
Nola S: It actually works! Feb 7, 2013
JOANNE Y: recommended by a friend for wrinkles under the eye Feb 3, 2013
Kiyomi I: excellent Jan 30, 2013
Minh M: High ratings from consumers. Jan 30, 2013
Debra D: wanted to try it Jan 28, 2013
betty c: Reviews were great - easy to use - I think it will do the ob. Jan 28, 2013
Pamela S: my mom raves about this product Jan 27, 2013
Karen H: interested Jan 22, 2013
Erin D: I loved the powerful strength line reducing concentrate and wished to try another product in the line! Jan 19, 2013
Marie D: read the good comments Jan 19, 2013
Negin S: I have dark circles. I hope this helps. Jan 13, 2013
Phoebe S: Lovely eye cream that smooths out fine lines. Jan 11, 2013
Valentina Y: Works well, easy to use. Jan 10, 2013
Stephen W: want to reduce dark circles/lines under eyes Jan 8, 2013
Leslie K: wanting to reduce the dark circles around my eyes Jan 3, 2013
Kathlyn G: I read a recommendation for use with puffy, dark circled eyes. Jan 2, 2013
Sandy M: just try,hope can help my dark eyes. Jan 2, 2013
Alycia C: because I have really dark eye circles and haven't been able to find anything that works for that. Dec 31, 2012
Pamela K: In hopes of reducing circles and brightening my eyes. It will also be great if it helps with puffiness and fine lines. I have extremely sensitive skin though, so I'm not sure I will be able to use it. Dec 30, 2012
Yanting W: have dark circle under my eye Dec 30, 2012
marikay o: I have tried other Kiehl's eye creams and was not too impressed. I would like to try this one. Dec 30, 2012
Rebecca A: I chose this to use in the morning as I use the Midnight Concentrate Eye Cream at night. I thought this would be a great additional to sustain me during the day and give my skin an even appearance...especially under the eyes! Dec 30, 2012
Kristina B: to minimize wrinkles around my eyes Dec 30, 2012
Sarah K: great results by reviewers. looking for new product to reduce fine lines and eye bags Dec 30, 2012
Nancy H: I've been using it for years and love it. Dec 30, 2012
Li-Wei C: friend recommends Dec 29, 2012
YI S: I want to reduce the fine lines around my eyes Dec 28, 2012
yookyung b: good reviews Dec 28, 2012
Su Z: See the good review Dec 27, 2012
Mary Ann M: like the product. Dec 27, 2012
eileen c: I chose this product because I like the line-reducing concentrate and hope it works just as well for the eyes. Dec 26, 2012
Michelle R: Need something for my fine lines. Dec 26, 2012
Kelvin C: This is the best eye corrector and enhancer on the market. I am a guy with puffy, dark circles no more! Better they eye alert. Try it! Dec 21, 2012
Uzoma K: To help with dark circles and wrinkles. Dec 20, 2012
Jhasmina H: I really like how its absorbed. I am currently using this product. Dec 19, 2012
Toby F: cheaper than the new Rosa product and thought it would be better for daytime Dec 16, 2012
Nancy C: To get it and love it like your other products! Dec 15, 2012
Jane S: I liked what the reviews had to say about eye lightning. Dec 14, 2012
Andrew B: my girlfriend likes it Dec 13, 2012
Julianna B: I'll see how this battles my severe dark circles. Dec 13, 2012
Gayle M: customer reviews Dec 12, 2012
Catherine S: I am always looking for a good effective eye cream for lines, puffiness and dark circles. Dec 12, 2012
Claudia S: Want to compare results to product from another company that I'm currently using. Dec 12, 2012
Cara S: good gift for my mom Dec 11, 2012
J.R. G: Love it Dec 10, 2012
Lana A: The description and the reviews of the product sparked my interest. Dec 6, 2012
Alex G: very simply, that's what the wife wanted Dec 6, 2012
Joan N: Review comments Dec 5, 2012
Corinne C: i have crows feet and dark circles, hoping this helps both Dec 4, 2012
Jillian P: I chose this product because Kiehls is known for having good eye creams and there stuff is more natural than certain than other brands that come off greasy or oily. Dec 3, 2012
Eileen F: need good eye cream for day to reduce signs of aging Dec 2, 2012
David J: Wanted to try it for the first time Nov 30, 2012
Xiao J: really helpful making eyes look young Nov 25, 2012
Jache W: This has worked to reduce my dark under eye circles. I use it as part of my daily routine. Nov 25, 2012
Mu Y: This is recommended by the sales person. I normally use Estee Lauder eye cream and just want to try some new things. Nov 23, 2012
May L: This is a wonderful product. I have being using it for couple years and it really reduces the black circle under my eyes. I tried so many other products on the market and this is the only one works for me. Nov 23, 2012
chienyi l: want to see how it work Nov 23, 2012
Katherine K: Eye care- especially hereditary dark circles, is my number one skin concern. Nov 23, 2012
Cong H: Just giving this product a try for it's anti-aging effect. Nov 23, 2012
Nicole E: Have used it for 6 months and love the resultsl Nov 21, 2012
Daniela V: I've noticed wrinkles around my eyes. Nov 20, 2012
Linda B: I have used this before, and liked it. Nov 18, 2012
Beth B: Sounds promising ... will be my first time trying this ... I hope it does all that the reviews say. Nov 18, 2012
Xiaoli C: for a friend Nov 17, 2012
Janice S: The first product ever that actually helps the circles under my eyes. It doesn't rid me of the circles. However, this product above all others that I have tried, reduces the darkness of the circles. So, I guess you would say that it is indeed a brightener. Nov 16, 2012
Yupeng w: good for skin Nov 16, 2012
Fan Z: heard it's good Nov 16, 2012
Kelly J: I wanted to try another eye cream for daytime because I LOVE the Midnight Recovery Eye. Nov 14, 2012
Barbara L G: eye circles and wrinkles Nov 13, 2012
Haiyang Q: My mother said it worked well Nov 13, 2012
Faleshia L: Reviews about how it lightens Nov 13, 2012
Nivia D: It was recommended to me by the customer representative Nov 5, 2012
Jose S: I have dark circles I want to treat and the vitamin C is a good antioxidant. Also, I am trying to prevent any wrinkles and lines around the eye area Nov 3, 2012
Jodi L: also liked this product as well. i use it at night and i think it manages the lines Oct 24, 2012
jian g l: friend say this is good Oct 23, 2012
jian g l: friend say this is good Oct 23, 2012
Rachael W: I have impossible dark circles under eyes. Oct 17, 2012
Rachel B: I want my mom to try it, She needs help with reversing damage and smoothing wrinkles on the area around her eyes Oct 14, 2012
raina l: see the good result Oct 12, 2012
Evgene Z: I have puffy and dark circles under my eyes. I'd like to try this product and i'll wright my review about this product very soon. hope it works good Oct 4, 2012
Melissa V: I have been looking for an eye cream and the reviews convinced me to give this a try. Oct 3, 2012
Zoe Ann L: Needed something to aid small wrinkles under makeup and fill in the crow's feet around eyes Oct 1, 2012
Lynn F: Haven't tried this--but if it's like the other Kiehl's products, I'll love it. Sep 29, 2012
rui z: da Sep 24, 2012
Allison R: Amazing product - rejuvinates the eye area. Sep 24, 2012
Melissa P: Trying something new. The high customer reviews are a motivation. Sep 24, 2012
Theresa M: The consumer reviews encouraged me to try it. Sep 24, 2012
Xuan Z: lines around eye Sep 24, 2012
Paula W: It really does reduce lines and makes my eyes look brighter. It's also very light. Sep 24, 2012
Karen Z: good reviews, hope it lives up to them. Sep 24, 2012
Samson V: My capillaries show through my thin skin and I was hoping this would reduce their appearance. I'm disappointed to say I did not notice a difference and I will not buy this product again. Sep 23, 2012
Jessie C: I dont feel any obvious effect as others said. But I can not find any other products better than this one. So keep continue using the second tube. Sep 23, 2012
Scot S: It works well. I like it better than the cream products and you don't need much to go a long way. Sep 22, 2012
Elyse A: I used this product in the beginning of the year and it seemed to help with puffiness under my eyes. I ran out of it and did notice a slight increase in puffiness. Sep 22, 2012
JIAJIA G: i hope this could eliminate my dark circle Sep 22, 2012
Patricia S: Like the product Sep 21, 2012
Faun B: Love Keihls, thought I would try it. Sep 21, 2012
Herminia J: for my dark undereye treatment. Sep 20, 2012
Michelle P: This really works! I noticed a subtle change over a very brief period of time. Sep 20, 2012
Ann S: To soften fine lines and circles under the eyes Sep 19, 2012
Yuwei Z: Friends recommended. Sep 19, 2012
Aiqin L: I used this product for a while and it works for me. Sep 19, 2012
Shuang H: Just want to try! Sep 18, 2012
Sarah R: It works! Sep 15, 2012
Pam W: I have used this product for a number of years and love it! Sep 13, 2012
Ahra O: I got wrinkles around my eyes since I became almost thirty. I hope to release it with this product. Sep 10, 2012
margaret m: Wonderful for puffy eyes. Eliminates creases and lines instantly. A must every time b/4 I apply makeup. Sep 8, 2012
Michelle P: for wrinkle, dark circle and dry patches under my eyes Sep 3, 2012
Jean M: regular user Sep 1, 2012
Colleen C: I have heard so many wonderful things about this product. I can't wait to try it! Aug 31, 2012
Isabel D: Because I have dark circles and am hoping this will work Aug 30, 2012
IVETTE S: great recommendations online from other customers. dark eye cirlces are a big problem for me...hoping this helps. Aug 28, 2012
Michelle A: I have dark circles Aug 28, 2012
Sandra P: crows feet Aug 22, 2012
Dale Edmund V: to reduce the darkness of the circles under my eyes Aug 19, 2012
Kerri G: I've used it for years because it works! Aug 15, 2012
jean f: The reviews sound like this is a great product. Aug 14, 2012
Leesa T: love this product as well. Aug 5, 2012
James H: My Daughter Aug 2, 2012
Aimee R: I want to try this for my dark circles Aug 1, 2012
Jun D: my wife's using it for years Jul 31, 2012
Andrea M: It actually works very well reducing dark circles. Jul 29, 2012
Deb H: I have always had super dark undereye circles. Now in my late twenties, I've also been noticing a few crepe-y lines creeping in under my eyes. This product got good reviews, and I hope it lives up to my expectations! Jul 29, 2012
gail p: this is the ONLY product that I have found that actually decreases darkness under my eyes-I have tried alot of different ones. Jul 27, 2012
jana n: read reviews hoping it works as stated Jul 21, 2012
Adele G: After reading the reviews, I thought I might try this product. I have tried many other eye products in the past and after reading the reviews on this one, I think it might just do the trick. I will definately do a write up once I've tried it. Jul 19, 2012
Claire O: First time user, but I typically am satisfied with all of Kiehl's products. Jul 16, 2012
Casey M: refill Jul 16, 2012
Charles M: Love this product! Jul 15, 2012
Melissa W: Looking for a new eye cream - Kiehls was recommended as the best and this one had reviews that fit my needs. Jul 13, 2012
Angela W: Want to try it a bit longer because I am not yet sure this is as good as what I used to use. Jul 11, 2012
Jing Z: effective Jul 11, 2012
Kenneth W: used it before Jul 10, 2012
David C: To help with dark circles and fine lines. Jul 9, 2012
angelica s: dark circles and wrinkles around the eyes Jul 7, 2012
Gail T: Hoping to improve my eye look. Reviews look promising. Jul 6, 2012
Trang P: positive reviews Jul 4, 2012
Tammy H: Hoping to reduce fine lines and wrinkles around eye area...first time user. Jul 2, 2012
Chantelle B: I have fine lines starting under my eyes and and being in my late twenties I didn't want to leave it until it got to the point where a more expensive, and possibly invasive, treatment was necessary. I am hopeful that this will help stop the progression of the fine lines. Jun 24, 2012
Michael S: Good reviews, need solution for dark circles Jun 23, 2012
John O: This stuff works great! My wife's been bugging me for a week to get more! Jun 21, 2012
Xiaodao Y: I have dark circle under my eyes and also based on the costumer reviews Jun 16, 2012
Valentina Y: I read good reviews and would like to use something to brighten up and firm under eye bags. Jun 15, 2012
Mary Ann M: Love the feel and texture of this cream. Seems to reduce the look of undereye wrinkles. Jun 12, 2012
Jessica N: I wanted to try this because I have dark circles under my eyes. Jun 11, 2012
Angela H: This really helps with the dark circles and lines under my eyes. I ran out and within a few days, I could tell a difference (not in a good way). Jun 9, 2012
carolyn h: i need this product Jun 7, 2012
MARTHA S V: This product can't say it anymore simply than that! Jun 7, 2012
Peter G: I read many good reviews from people that used this product and wanted to try it. Jun 6, 2012
Dennis J: I hope it addresses my needs Jun 6, 2012
Sarah Beth L: This product works wonders! It has really brightened my under-eye circles - I look like I sleep at night instead of being on overnight flights for work. Jun 3, 2012
Matthew D: Have dark rings under my eyes Jun 2, 2012
Eleanor N: I tried a sample a few months ago and it is marvelous. Jun 2, 2012
Nicole E: I like the Line -Reducing product for my face, so wanted to try the eye product May 25, 2012
Paula J: would like to minimize fine lines May 25, 2012
Nicole O: Looking for an eye cream that goes a bit beyond basic moisturization. May 21, 2012
ELIZABETH L: I bought this product because of dark circles and puffiness under my eyes and liked what I read in the reviews, so I am trying it. May 21, 2012
Candace W: I want to see if it can help the dark circles I have under my eyes May 20, 2012
usharani m: It helps with the fine lines around my eyes. I also use it on my forehead for wrinkles as well... May 17, 2012
Linda H: the reviews May 14, 2012
archana p: Reducing fine lines May 10, 2012
Honghui P: Not really reduce lines, but won't cause Fat granule under eye becuase it looks not to have much oil, so It is good to use it with Shiseido eye cream. May 9, 2012
Paula S: heard that it is good May 6, 2012
Carol N: This is my first time using this cream, so thought I'd give a sample a try. May 6, 2012
Stephanie G: based on customer review May 3, 2012
Eun Chung H: I have dark circle under my eye. May 2, 2012
Teresa C: Hoping it will help with dark circles and fine lines around my eyes May 1, 2012
kathleen h: dark circle sunder eyes Apr 30, 2012
Tracey J: Need something for my eye wrinkles! Apr 30, 2012
Julie S: ever hopeful about my dark circle. Sigh. Apr 30, 2012
Jan L: I have a problem with puffiness and dark circles. The reviews indicated this product would be effective treatment for that problem Apr 29, 2012
Erin S: This product is a lifesaver. I work full-time and have a toddler. This product keeps me looking like I have it all together Apr 28, 2012
Rachel W: I have a lot of stress at my new job, and I'm approaching 30. I want to look refreshed at work, not like I stayed up all night preparing (even if I did). So many great reviews convinced me to give it a whirl. Apr 27, 2012
Janet M: Wanted to try this as I always am looking for eye creams. I like to have a few of the same kind of cream on hand so I can alternate every few days for a better effect. Can't wait to try it and the reviews were good. Apr 26, 2012
Janice F: Love the Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate for face so thought I woud try the eye product. Apr 26, 2012
halston y: had good reviews im young (20) and purchasing eye cream. It claimed to reduce dark eye and that is my main concern Apr 24, 2012
Sharmin R: Helps with under eye dark lines Apr 21, 2012
TIANHAO Z: Just have a try. Apr 20, 2012
Donna T: I have had dark circles under my eyes my whole life and the reviews suggest this product might help diminish them. I figured I would give it a try since I had a gift certificate. Apr 20, 2012
Paul S: To reduce the darkness under my eyes Apr 16, 2012
Kenneth A. R: Not heavy or sticky around the eyes and it works. Apr 16, 2012
Jess C: Eye issues Apr 16, 2012
Judy M: I have used this for years. I am sensitive to many eye creams and this one is great for me. Apr 15, 2012
Raquel A: At my 33 years I feel I have to many lines around my eyes. It makes me look older. Apr 13, 2012
Saurabh M: Because of Haloxyl. Apr 13, 2012
Rosario D: Heard is great, want to test it. Apr 11, 2012
leslie p: looking for product to reduce fine lines around my eyes Apr 11, 2012
Debbie T: good reviews Apr 6, 2012
Euzenir C: I read a very good review in totalbeauty Apr 4, 2012
Casey J: for my husband Apr 4, 2012
margaret s: Had excellent reviews. Apr 3, 2012
Joanne S: Brighten eye area Apr 2, 2012
Cherry O: Friend recommended Mar 30, 2012
Nataliya K: I'd like to try it and see a good result. Mar 28, 2012
Colleen D: Just ordered look foward to trying it out. Mar 27, 2012
STEPHANIE H: I received a sample the Line-Reducing Eye-Brightening Concentrate and immediately fell in love...had to order the full size. A little goes a long way! Mar 25, 2012
cynthia u asked: I am allergic to most eye treatments, even hypoallergenic ones. Mostly I am looking for an anti-aging eye moisturizer that, in the process of plumping up skin, does not make my under-eye area puffy. Which of Kiehl's eye products works most effectively fort firming eye tissue without adding puffiness? Dec 5, 2013
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A shopper asked: Does this have caffeine in it? Feb 19, 2014
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Liz S asked: I bought an all over moisturizer and this eye cream. Should I use the eye cream first, under the moisturizer? What is the best way to use this product in combination with other products? Apr 9, 2012
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susan s: Yes, use this first just under the eye- don't get it in your eye because it will sting a little bit- but under your eye and then put your moisturizer on your face but you don't need to put it over this cream. I use it only in the morning and use other eye cream at night. I think it is effective. Apr 9, 2012
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ERICA D: I have this, as well as a Kiehl's moisturizer and I only use the eye cream under my eye and the moisturizer on the rest of my face. I don't think that you need both under your eyes, unless you are wanting some type of sun protection. Hope this helps you out... Apr 9, 2012
Reply to ERICA Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
JESSICA O: The eye cream should be used first, then your moisturizer. This product is amazing when used with the Abyssine eye cream. It's truly the perfect combination for the eye area! Apr 9, 2012
Reply to JESSICA Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Christina S: I use the eye cream first, under moisturizer. I use the ultra facial cream moisturizer. I've tried several different products and this one works the best for me. Apr 9, 2012
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Carol H: I usually use the eye cream then the moisturizer. I don't put regular moisturizer under my eyes - just products made for the eyes. Apr 10, 2012
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CATHERINE F: I apply the eye cream first and then my face moisturizer up to where I have the eye cream applied. Apr 10, 2012
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Hilal Demir asked: How many times should i use it in a day? Feb 2, 2014
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Lindsay B: I have never noticed irritation from using it twice a day. I personally use it once a day in the am, and use an eyecream at bedtime for extra moisture instead of the concentrate. The concentrate is great for am use. Feb 2, 2014
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Leesa T: You can use up to twice a day. I use once daily (morning) & a specific night eye formula nightly. But I am older, I'm sure. Feb 2, 2014
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Emma P: I only use it once a day, before bed at night. It's enough. Feb 3, 2014
Reply to Emma Good answer? Yes (1) No (0)
Hilal Demir: and i dont use bedtime cream. this is my only eye cream Feb 2, 2014
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Hilal Demir: I'm 25 years old and i use it cuz of my dark circles Feb 2, 2014
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Ailen Y asked: is there any special location requirement for this product? such as shall I keep it in refrigerator if using it maybe for a littler longer time than three months. Aug 17, 2014
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Brittany D: I just keep mine on my bathroom vanity and haven't had any issues. Aug 17, 2014
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Leesa T: no special requirements I'm aware of. it holds up well. Aug 18, 2014
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Mabel M: no Aug 29, 2014
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A shopper asked: Should I be applying the cream at night as I have been doing or should I apply it morning and night? Jun 12, 2013
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Emma P: I only apply it at night and it seems to be working well that way. Jun 12, 2013
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Michelle H: I like the eye brightening concentrate, but I find it is best used in the morning. I use something at night more moisturizing, like the midnight eye recovery and see better overall results. Jun 12, 2013
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Marisa C: Depends on how your skin is reacting. My skin could only handle one application per day bc of its sensitivity. If I applied twice, I could see a bit of splotching. Jun 12, 2013
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A shopper asked: Is it o.k. to use this product so close to the eye when it has acid in it?? Feb 20, 2013
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susan s: I have been using this product for years. I use it every morning under my eye and have never had a problem or irrational . Feb 20, 2013
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Mary H: Yes, its designed for the eye and its also very thick so it will stay where you put it. Beware that it does burn because of the high vitamin C content, especially on the lid area, but you can fix that by using a little lotion on top of it. Feb 23, 2013
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CATHERINE F: I've never had any problems with applying it near my eyes. Apr 11, 2013
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A shopper asked: Is the line-reducing eye brightening concentrate meant to be used with an eye cream? Or is it a cream? Dec 30, 2012
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susan s: I use it only in the morning in conjunction with the line-reducing lotion. I also use a mosturizing tinted foundation creme in the morning.

At night I use Keihl's eye cream (recovery in the blue tube).

I have been using the Line -Reducing Eye concentrate for years and love it and feel that it truly reduces the lines for the day.
Jan 16, 2013
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Marisa C: I would use the concentrate as a cream. It is pretty thick as is, and works very well alone! Jan 16, 2013
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Qiuying Z: It is more like a lotion instead of cream. Jan 16, 2013
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A shopper asked: Hi, can I use before sleeping , so the effect go by night our can I use before make up and them put the make up on ?

Apr 20, 2012
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Nikki M: I use it both times! At night and then before applying makeup. Seems to work nicely! Apr 20, 2012
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Barbara B: So far . YES Apr 22, 2012
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Kim B: I've been using it in the morning & at night. Apr 21, 2012
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Lizha j asked: I need to know when to pur the eye cream, do I put the eye cream before or after the face cream? Dec 17, 2013
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Megan R: Face cream first then the concentrate. The concentrate is not a moisturizer, so I usually use their Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado first, let it absorb for a few minutes and then come back and put the eye brightening concentrate on. Fabulous combination! Dec 17, 2013
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Lizha j: Thanks. I also what to know if I can put midnight recovery concentrate alone, without the ultra facial oil free gel cream. I find the recovery concentrate very rich is it important to put ir together with the gel cream. if yes the steps are: cleanse, toner, recovery concentrate , gel cream and final midnight eye concentrate. And about the toner my skin ir normal to combination with different skin tines, I got ultra facial oil free toner , do I have the correct products? Dec 18, 2013
kalee c: Put your eye cream on before your face cream so it absorbs better Jan 28, 2014
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A shopper asked: I have extremely dark circles under my eyes. I have always had them, but with age they are getting worse. When I try eye creams, it only enhances the circles.

I want to try something totally natural, that will really help, and not just cover up the problem.
Can anyone give me their opinions?
Feb 20, 2013
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Mary H: I have dark circles all my life and I started using this about last year never thinking anything will work. It has work somewhat, my husband mentioned that the dark circle gotten better and they are not as puffy anymore. There are no miracles in a tube but this does help. Now, I am generous with my cream usage and I pat it around under the eyes and use it day and night for more than 2 months before seeing results. Feb 23, 2013
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Leesa T: i've used this product for over a year. i don't think it helps dark circles, although i like the moisturizing properties & application. there are more effective products for the dark circles... Apr 6, 2013
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A shopper asked: I'm 21 years old and my complex is that I have fine lines under my eyes. Can this cream help me? Jan 12, 2013
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Meg M: i will say that this is an amazing cream! All my friend are using it, both male and female and we all notice a considerable difference. I think this is some sort of miracle cream! Try it. I have used others in the line that are just too heavy for my skin, but this one works great. Jan 12, 2013
Reply to Meg Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
susan s: Yes, I have been using it for years in the morning and Kiehl's other nighttime eye cream at night and the combination is very effective. Jan 16, 2013
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A shopper asked: I am 29 years old. Is this suitable to be used at my age ? Dec 28, 2012
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Marisa C: Absolutely! I am 28 and love it Jan 16, 2013
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Andrew L: I'm 28 and I use it. Dec 28, 2012
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Theresa G asked: Why is this product not availale anymore? Apr 4, 2012
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Kiehl's AStaff: Yes, the product is in stock and available for shipping on our website here:,default,pd.html?start=6&cgid=face-eye Apr 30, 2012
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Diane G: I just bought it on 3/23/2012. I purchased it through the website. Apr 4, 2012
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A shopper asked: Does this product contain retinol or alpha hydroxy? May 15, 2014
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Ying Z: Used this eye cream long long ago......not effective on my eye...... May 15, 2014
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chelsea j asked: I haven't used my bottle for over a month now and when I opened it up again the product had an orange color...Is this still safe to use? Is it "spoiled"?? Dec 8, 2012
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Kiehl's AStaff: In general, it is a good idea to refrigerate products to extend their lifespan. While some color change may be expected, you can feel free to call us if the product isn't perfect.

At Kiehl's, we stand behind our service, our products and our customers. That is why we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee behind every purchase. If, for any reason, you should you ever buy anything from us that is not pleasing to you or that you feel is not right, you may return any of our products, to the original point of purchase, for a full 100% money-back guarantee.
Dec 14, 2012
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A shopper asked: If you apply this daily, roughly how long will the bottle last? Oct 1, 2012
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Andrew L: I do my best to use it every day but forget some days so I would say it probably lasts 1-2 months. Oct 1, 2012
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t w asked: is this available as a sample? Aug 11, 2012
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Kiehl's AStaff: Hello! Unfortunately at this time, we do not have a sample of this product available online. Aug 15, 2012
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A shopper asked: how often should it be used? Apr 17, 2012
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Sandra C: I use it in the morning because that's when I want the "Eye Brightening" effect to work. I love the soft texture of the cream and it does go into the delicate eye skin. I only use products that sink into the face instead of lying on top. It could easily be used morning and night. Hope this helps. Apr 17, 2012
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A shopper asked: Is there an expiration date on this item?! I thought I had lost it but came across it recently. Got it last Summer. Is it still good?! Jul 16, 2014
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A shopper asked: Does these products contain retinol or alpha hydroxyl? May 13, 2014
Line-Reducing Eye-Brightening Concentrate
Line-Reducing Eye-Brightening Concentrate
Midnight Recovery Eye
Midnight Recovery Eye
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A shopper asked: is this suitable for 17 years old users? Nov 3, 2012
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A shopper asked: An unfortunate hereditary trait I received was extreme dark circles but I also have incredibly dry skin around the eye area. I'm very interested in trying the Eye-Brightening Concentrate, but I'm very concerned that this will not provide the moisture I need. I've been using Rosa Artica at night on my face and I love the moisture. Is it ok to use this under the Rosa Artica eye cream? Aug 28, 2012
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