High-Potency Skin-Firming Concentrate

Improves firmness, resilience and facial contours
  • Clinically-demonstrated to improve skin's resilience and tonicity
  • Helps to noticeably improve the definition of facial contours
  • With continued use over time, treatment has a significant and progressive effect on skin firmness, while smoothing surface roughness and further ameliorating the look of crepeyness (thinning of skin) in the décolleté area
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"Very effective! I was so impressed with the visible firmness and improvement in my skin's resilence."

Christina, Kiehl’s Insider

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How to Apply:
-Apply firming treatment to clean skin in the morning and before bedtime
-For firming benefits, use on skin of the face, neck, and decollete, as desired.
-May be used alone or layered under a moisturizer


Honey is the nectar produced in flowers and then collected and stored by bees. It is composed of a variety of sugars, wax, and other substances, including citric, malic, formic, and lactic acids; beta carotene; enzymes; amino acids and vitamins. It is used as an emollient in skin care and creates a watertight film, allowing skin to rehydrate itself. Moisturizing, softening, sweet and fragrant.

Peptides that are composed between two and twelve amino acids that can help to regenerate damaged skin, when used in cosmetics. Oligo Peptides help to increase firmness and elasticity of the skin.

SO-di-em HI-ah-loor'uh'nayt

Sodium Hyaluronate is the sodium salt of Hyaluronic Acid. It is used as a moisturizing agent, viscosifier and emulsifier. It forms a transparent film on the skin which has a soothing and lubricating action. It is a powerful humectant as it is capable of binding 1,800 times its own weight in water. See also: Hyaluronic Acid.

High-Potency Skin-Firming Concentrate
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Kiehl's Since 1851 Store asked: Why did you choose this?
Marilyn B: To try Sep 6, 2014
Qiong Z: my mom likes it Aug 10, 2014
anne b: Wonderful product. Aug 10, 2014
David P: ingredients Aug 9, 2014
Lissette A: Prevent Aging and reduce wrinkles Aug 8, 2014
Abby R: Makes my skin look happy. Aug 5, 2014
Stephanie R: I have excellent bone structure and I want to maintain it as I get older. Jul 30, 2014
Hai-Fen W: That's what my siblings want. Jul 30, 2014
Nancy H: need a reliable firming serum Jul 21, 2014
Stephanie H: I want to try it. I hope it works. Jul 20, 2014
Alice H: Love this serum. It works like magic Jul 18, 2014
Barbara S: love the way it makes your skin look Jul 9, 2014
Diane B: Need help for sagging skin and other Kiehl's products I have tried have been great. Jul 8, 2014
Sandy G: Many great reviews on this product Jul 7, 2014
sandra b: Sagging chin Jul 6, 2014
Diane R: Based on customer reviews. I am over 65 with very few lines and wrinkles but i do have some sagging at the jawline. Hope this works! Jul 1, 2014
Cheryl M: My favorite Jun 29, 2014
ELAM L: Try Jun 23, 2014
James B: This is a highly effective moisturizer. Jun 20, 2014
Ellen K: My friend uses this and her skin looks incredible! My esthetician also told me the ingredients in this product can help with anti aging. Jun 19, 2014
Dreama S: received a sample, great! Jun 17, 2014
Margaret D: I have used it in the past and like the lightness of the product. Jun 16, 2014
Steven L: I am reordering again. I am now buying the largest bottle. It's the best deal Jun 16, 2014
OLynne N: Uusually use your vitamin c cream. Want to try this & see if it makes a difference Jun 10, 2014
linda m: My husband and I both use this product and it has improved our skin and tone. Jun 9, 2014
Sheila S: I have used this product for several years and and very pleased with the results. My skin is sensitive and this product works well for me. Jun 9, 2014
maggie f: maybe good for me Jun 7, 2014
Jessica A: good stuff, not sure the benefits though Jun 1, 2014
Randy H: firm up my skin and smooth it Jun 1, 2014
Patricia A: I tried it before and it is great! May 28, 2014
Erica B: I received samples in a store recently. May 22, 2014
Donna C: Lots of good reviews. Had to try it. May 19, 2014
Kathleen H: have used it regularly May 19, 2014
Kelly P: To firm skin and reduce wrinkles May 18, 2014
Sheri G: been using this for years May 17, 2014
Suzanne G: high in peptides May 17, 2014
Vicky B: Because it works ! May 16, 2014
brigitte p: to try it May 16, 2014
Jan T: to try May 15, 2014
Catherine K: the reviews for this product were a major selling point. May 14, 2014
Shirley C: Tried once, feel good about the texture and it works quite ok on me. May 1, 2014
dawn ellen t: trying it for the first time May 1, 2014
Melinda B: have ben using for at least a year! Apr 27, 2014
Timothy L: my wife uses it Apr 22, 2014
Kristin F: My face needs firming up. Apr 19, 2014
Linda G: Been using this for about 2 months really does the job. Apr 18, 2014
Sandi D: My current brand is not working Apr 15, 2014
Jill T: would like to try to firm the skin on my neck from previous sun damage Apr 12, 2014
sonja g: firm up my face Apr 7, 2014
Luz L: was recommended as a good cream for elasticity Mar 26, 2014
HaeRa S: I love feeling smooth. Mar 24, 2014
Wendy T: Really firms and tightens in just under 1 week. Mar 23, 2014
Mary Babe H: Looking for peptides Mar 23, 2014
Cindy M: Have used for years, every time I see something new, I think I have to try it, but I always come back to Kiehls!! You may not think its making a difference until you stop using it. Mar 18, 2014
Marianne K: Want to see if this will help my drooping skin. Mar 10, 2014
David M: Looking for a product to help firm my skin, particularly around my jaw Mar 10, 2014
susan v: Really like the biological peel as well as a few other products from this line, so I thought I'd give this a try. Mar 10, 2014
Alison L: It actually works! Mar 4, 2014
Judith P: Read info in mailing from Kiehl's sounds worth trying. Mar 2, 2014
Ruth C: have been using for a yr. seems to help appearance of skin Feb 25, 2014
Sarah M: It works! The deep lines around my mouth and nose have softened. Feb 22, 2014
Kim S: For saggy skin Feb 20, 2014
Mary H: I am 56...hope it works. Feb 17, 2014
Dale K: had good reviews, wanted to try it Feb 17, 2014
Jennifer Y: for face and neck Feb 17, 2014
Julie B: Outstanding product. It delivers as promised! Feb 11, 2014
Antonette S: needs firming item Feb 10, 2014
Allen M: it works well on my face Feb 8, 2014
Michael O: need skin firming since having baby and have not quite lost the weight and skin with extra weight looks saggy Im 38:) Feb 7, 2014
Angela L: Skin is dull, not smooth, starting to feel the aging process happening, only 32 Feb 7, 2014
barbara r: I really think I'm seeing a difference. And, priced better than Eminence which I had been using before. Feb 6, 2014
Katherine M: This serum has kept my face looking younger than my age. It noticeably reduces fine lines. Feb 2, 2014
margaret p: this is the greatest for firming skin Feb 2, 2014
Mihye K: Firming and after reading reviews, i am confident! Feb 1, 2014
Nancy M: I am 53 and am starting to have less firmness and some down turn on the corners of my mouth. Hoping this product will help. Jan 31, 2014
Tracie L: Non greasy feel and it works Jan 28, 2014
natalie n: Have been using this for years. It works well. Would not use other brands. Jan 26, 2014
Drusilla W: Hoping this will improve my skin. Have not used previously Jan 26, 2014
Thomas T: Tried it. Jan 19, 2014
Pam R: I have used this and like it Jan 9, 2014
POLLY W: I'm 39 and hoping this will help firm up my skin. Jan 6, 2014
Peng G: Recommended by a friend Jan 2, 2014
Joyce L: I he a lot of faith in Kiehl's products. Jan 1, 2014
Jo Wei P: Read some good review by other customers. Would like to try. Dec 30, 2013
Erica N: Evens out skin tone before putting on Rosa Arctica cream. Dec 30, 2013
Ellen G: Need this. Dec 28, 2013
Catherine S: video Dec 27, 2013
Megon M: Holding off the hands of time (and thinning skin) as long as possible. I just turned 60, and people have always complimented my skin. I am in the performing arts and people always want to know "what do you use"? I am eager to try this cream and if it works, I will absolutely recommend it! Dec 27, 2013
Michel W: This works. People have been telling me how great my skin looks. And so I tell them what I use Dec 25, 2013
Sara C: I've used it for the past several months and really love it -- can actually see results. Dec 25, 2013
jessica a: needed it Dec 20, 2013
shirley h: personal use Dec 17, 2013
Mary L: Wrinkles Dec 16, 2013
Carolyn W: Used several times before, very satisfied Dec 16, 2013
panayota c: keeps old skin nice Dec 11, 2013
Jie Y: This made my skin so soft, most of time I even do not put any cream after this one. It works perfectly as cream. Can not believe it. Dec 10, 2013
Chen Y: try Dec 9, 2013
Holly S: wanted to try a serum Dec 8, 2013
Kevin M: It really works to firm skin Dec 5, 2013
Hisako A: I want to use it for me Dec 4, 2013
Brittany L: Never tried it before. Dec 4, 2013
Bettyann R: love this product... its non-greasy and yet works well in all weather changes. Dec 4, 2013
Claudia H: Still waiting to see results. Dec 4, 2013
ellen w: Helps ease away creases in skin caused by aging. Dec 3, 2013
Yuli W: read great reviews, tried it, liked it, so I bought it. Dec 2, 2013
Jordan S: I've lost weight recently and I'm curious if this will tone my face Nov 30, 2013
karen p: re-order. love this Nov 30, 2013
Mary T: This product works! Nov 29, 2013
Michele S: Excellent product. I have used it daily for several years Nov 29, 2013
Phyllis S: Skin Treatment Nov 29, 2013
Julie F: Wonderful product , makes your face so silky Nov 28, 2013
Lisa K: Love how it makes my skin feel. Nov 27, 2013
Loretta C: First Time Trying Nov 27, 2013
KAREN S: It also works! Nov 26, 2013
Donna B: Used it before and I like how it works. The only issue I don't care for is the packaging. Hard to get out the last of the product because the pump thing won't do that. Nov 25, 2013
Denise F: New for me and wanted to try it Nov 23, 2013
helen s: wonderful product Nov 22, 2013
Xuan G: to firm my skin. Nov 21, 2013
Donna D: want to try Nov 21, 2013
Qi R: I always use this product. It's great,perfect to my face. Nov 18, 2013
Daphne Y: Trying out Nov 16, 2013
annette a: Love this product!!used it for a few years.....never disappoints! Nov 15, 2013
shurui g: like it Nov 15, 2013
Tyan C: I like to try this for the flaw. Nov 15, 2013
Deborah Z: Love this product. Appears to tighten my drooping jowls and neck Nov 15, 2013
Yan L: HAVE BEEN USING IT Nov 15, 2013
summer l: It really lifted and firmed my skin. I love it. Nov 14, 2013
LI Y: Just give this a try. Nov 14, 2013
YANG S: friends recommended Nov 14, 2013
ANNE MARGARET C: I run a lot. One day, I ran indoors on a treadmill. The gym's treadmills were in front of a huge mirror - saw my face bouncing up and down with my motion. Guess I'm not in my 20s anymore...but I hope this helps. Nov 13, 2013
cindy m: I love this product, have used for years! I actually love all the Kiehls products that I have tryed. Nov 12, 2013
Barbara B: Works really well. Nov 10, 2013
Jerrilyn K: After using this product on my neck, I did notice a difference. My neck still reflects my age but I think I don't look older. Nov 5, 2013
fran n: it's unbelievably awesome!!! i see a difference within a few days! my skin can't live without it! Nov 3, 2013
Nola G: Hopefully to firm up my aging skin Oct 29, 2013
Arlene G: i love this product! i use it everyday all year round! Oct 25, 2013
Yaneth R: Need a day serum to use under my make up Oct 21, 2013
Anatalia K: I have been using this product and I like it. It is almost gone, so I need to re-order which I did. Oct 20, 2013
Debra F: I have been using this for almost a year and I love it. Use it twice a day and I can really tell a difference in my skin Oct 16, 2013
Francisca W: i love the way it makes my skin feel; light and smooth; makes my skin look youthful. Oct 8, 2013
Helen L: I'm on the market for a neck product and I'm excited to try it Sep 30, 2013
Regina W: Read about how good this serum is. Sep 30, 2013
kristin h: i needed a new serum and i am terrified of getting a waddle as i get older. so i thought i would give this a try. Sep 30, 2013
Amelia S: I use this every day under my moisturizer and I think it works. I feel my skin stays firm. Sep 29, 2013
Mary M: use every day Sep 26, 2013
Lavone T: For "over 60" skin, we need all the "firming" we can get! Sep 24, 2013
Andrew S: Works well, and have used in the past. Sep 22, 2013
America A: Read multiple reviews online Sep 15, 2013
charlene b: I love this product, it really makes your face feel smooth and less wrinkles. Sep 12, 2013
Michele H: Great product. Sep 5, 2013
Wenbing X: want to light up and even my skin tone Sep 4, 2013
Tara L: I have been using for years to keep my neck and chin line firm. Sep 2, 2013
Suzanne K: I was excited to try this product. Unfortunately after using it for several weeks, I saw zero results. Aug 22, 2013
Judith B: loved the Powerful-Strength Line Reducing Concentration so wanted to give this a try as well Aug 18, 2013
Shelly R: tried it when in your store in the Seattle area Aug 14, 2013
Sonja B: This product has really helped get rid of brown spots. I had two and since I started using this product a few months ago they are gone. Aug 13, 2013
Jaymi H: I just want to try and check this product Aug 9, 2013
Ita g: Reviews Aug 1, 2013
maxine l: recommended by chat person Jul 22, 2013
Amy T: It works great on my neck and chest area; keeps my skin looking younger than it really is. Jul 8, 2013
Judy E: Hoping it will firm up my lines. Jul 3, 2013
suzanne b: excellent reviews Jun 26, 2013
Tonna A: Friends recommendation and that great reviews from customers Jun 24, 2013
edward m: Like Jun 24, 2013
Teresa D: I want to see if it really firms as sagging is becoming an issue. I find it hard to believe but I will keep an open mind Jun 17, 2013
Margaret K: have used before Jun 17, 2013
Yi-Fen K: recommended by mom Jun 16, 2013
Yu L P: My friend recommended to me. Jun 15, 2013
mary C: aging skin and liked the reviews Jun 14, 2013
Barbara G: I'm 77, and people are amazed. This product really works Jun 13, 2013
Anna L: It works great! I see a big difference Jun 13, 2013
shari h: Fabulous product Jun 13, 2013
paula w: In hope it will be effective. Jun 13, 2013
Yvonne T: I need something for my neck area Jun 10, 2013
Rhonda J: All the reviews read the way I wanted them to and the ingredients are the bomb! I love hyaluronic acid. It's the best for tired old, dry skin. Did u guys know this began as use for burn patients? Jun 7, 2013
Amy W: I have loosening skin and wrinkles on my neck. Hoping this will help. Jun 6, 2013
Robert M: I notice a big difference when I use this as part of my morning regimen. Jun 5, 2013
Brandi C: works great May 30, 2013
Cecilia C: A favorite product. Love the way it gives your skin a lift. May 27, 2013
Catherine F: I LOVE this product. I feel it's helped my skin tremedously. May 24, 2013
Gladys M: Recommended to me May 24, 2013
Kari J: Always looking for skin strengthening body creams/lotions for aging, postmenopausal skin. Want to compare to Aveeno product currently used that I like. May 23, 2013
Lois H: need firming under chin May 17, 2013
Molly F: to firm my skin. May 12, 2013
Kaye R: I depend on this. May 2, 2013
Patricia M: Have used several Kiehl products; wanted to see if this serum would work better than other manufacturers' products I have tried. May 2, 2013
Yiming T: friend's recommendation. May 2, 2013
chris m: I do feel that this works, been using it over time, part of my regular routine. Apr 28, 2013
MaryAnna K: I was convinced by the Q&A section this was a worthwhile product to purchase. Apr 22, 2013
Catherine R: My skin needs this product!! Apr 17, 2013
Holly R: I have chubby cheeks and have been hoping to define them a bit more. I'm also getting to the point where I need to start worrying about anti-aging. Apr 10, 2013
julie C: Turkey neck Apr 8, 2013
Gloria r: i need to get firmer my skin Mar 28, 2013
Anne R: Just crazy good stuff! So good to have a travel size like this. Mar 26, 2013
Christine W: Will let you know later, after trying it. Feb 19, 2013
Jessie T: it works. Feb 16, 2013
Conni W: Hoped it would decrease wrinkles! But havenâ??t tried it yet! Feb 11, 2013
yu w: I want my fact look smaller Feb 9, 2013
Susan M: Read reviews and wanted to try it on my aging skin! Feb 8, 2013
Eloisa H: I have been using it for about 2 years and i have seen a big difference in the tightens on my face. Feb 5, 2013
Susann T: wanted to try this and it does work Feb 3, 2013
Beth F: this product makes people ask if I did botox! Love it! Jan 22, 2013
Sharon H: Great reviews. Jan 21, 2013
Ginger K: Recommended by a friend Jan 20, 2013
kris d: after looking at the reviews I thought I would best benefit from the use of the serum. Jan 20, 2013
Darla L: My skin is getting loose ( I am 48) and by the reviews this product had gotten, I am willing to give it a try. Jan 14, 2013
Wendy R: After reading the reviews I thought that I'd give it a try. Jan 7, 2013
Mary O: 50+ and loving life-this makes me look on the outside how I feel on the inside Dec 31, 2012
EUNSUN L: a little bit doubt but decided to try it because it is Kiels Dec 31, 2012
Barbara R: Helps my 60 year old neck look like a 40 year old neck Dec 31, 2012
Sandra P: I need more collagen in my skin Dec 31, 2012
Vivian C: For firmer skin Dec 31, 2012
Deb M: I have been using this product for over a year. I'm 47 but people regularly guess I am in my 30's. I use this with the Powerful Strength Line Reducing Concentrate and the Rosa Arctica. Dec 31, 2012
Susan K: Because I need firming and lifting and I read the reviews. Dec 31, 2012
yan x: This is very good product. I already use it for three month and I feel good. I hope have a large bottle. Dec 31, 2012
Eunsook G: I am using it and I love it. Dec 31, 2012
Kathleen B: I wanted to try it since it got great reviews Dec 30, 2012
Lisa C: New customer to this produst Dec 30, 2012
charlotte c: have been using it and love it Dec 30, 2012
Keley R: I am excited to try this, I read the comments online and can't wait to get it! Dec 30, 2012
Alexis D: Really like it Dec 30, 2012
Teresa G: I need something to make my skin more firm thus less sagging. Dec 29, 2012
Jean S: I am looking for a product to help with firming and feel that serums deliver more bang for the buck. Dec 28, 2012
Mary Ann S: Reviews were good Dec 27, 2012
mina k: good reviews and my sister tried and she likes it. Dec 27, 2012
Liang C: good comments from other users Dec 27, 2012
Yingsheng R: Because of the good rating. Dec 26, 2012
ann S: works great on my neck! Dec 26, 2012
li b: just want to try this one. I am still looking for a serum that can be used in addition to my day cream. Dec 26, 2012
Stephanie S: Because the reviews were good Dec 23, 2012
xiao l: review is good Dec 22, 2012
lois l: It really works. Dec 22, 2012
Carolyn D: I'm 65 years old and need any firming help available. Dec 22, 2012
lisa d: to try it Dec 20, 2012
Mary W: This does a great job of firming under my chin and my neck. The effects of aging can be unpleasant but this helps to minimize the effects. Dec 18, 2012
Deann T: I was looking for something to firm up my fine lines and this is the product for me! I love it! It gives you a healthy glow and my skin looks much healthier and younger. Dec 15, 2012
Emi Y: I love it Dec 15, 2012
Denise B: I have used the Midnight Recovery Oil and love it, but this sounds even better so I am going to try it and see which one I like better. I like that this firming concentrate is made for not just face but neck as well. Dec 12, 2012
Elizabeth L: I read that this was a good product and I would like to firm my skin. Dec 8, 2012
Diane C: To see if it does what you say it does. Dec 7, 2012
Merrie B: very good Dec 6, 2012
Deborah M: age sagging neck/jowls Dec 5, 2012
Elizabeth E: requested by daughter as present Dec 4, 2012
marguerite g: have been using perricone products and want to try this because it's cheaper Dec 3, 2012
Cheryl R: great reviews. need something for my neck area Dec 2, 2012
Linda P: need to firm up my skin hope it works Nov 30, 2012
kathleen f: I have been using since September on my throat. So far, so good. Nov 25, 2012
Gerard M: I want to see if this can boost the work my moisturizer does. Nov 24, 2012
Linda G: I need an anti-wrinkle serum and wanted to try something new. Nov 22, 2012
Barbara H: Returning customer on this--find it lives up to its name Nov 20, 2012
Barbara H: Very good product Nov 20, 2012
E Oranna M: Been using this and I absolutely see great results. Nov 20, 2012
Sonia M: read the ingredients and wanted to try this product. Nov 19, 2012
boshu w: GIFT Nov 15, 2012
Gang C: My wife did not use it before ,try Nov 14, 2012
Shuna W: tightening Nov 14, 2012
SEUNGYOUN N: for lifting Nov 4, 2012
Katherine T: Have used it before Nov 1, 2012
Bonniebelle R: Stopped using it for the passed two months and really noticed a difference without it so thought it was time to purchase again. Nov 1, 2012
Marian R: The reviews were good. Oct 12, 2012
Marylynn A: I need firming, and to reduce wrinkles. Oct 6, 2012
amanda B: I've never tryed this before. I'm taking advantage of the sale. Sep 24, 2012
Mona R B: Nice reviews on line Sep 24, 2012
Bernadette D: A new addition to my routine, tried it because everything else Kiehls I've tried I love...hope this is no different Sep 24, 2012
Heather W: To see if it will tighten my face, as I am experiencing some slight sagging in the jowls. Sep 24, 2012
Samson V: the reviews I read on this site. I'd like to tighten my jowl area. Sep 23, 2012
Emilia A: have never tried this Sep 23, 2012
Barbara V: I have also been using this product since it was introduced and it makes a big difference in the firmness of my skin. Sep 19, 2012
sunny h: 2nd bottle, not greasy, feels nourishing Sep 18, 2012
Christine M: I like almost every kiehl's product I've tried. I figure at this point I may as well check out the full line. Sep 18, 2012
Anne h: I use this every day and like how my face feels and looks Sep 18, 2012
Pamela B: Skin needs firming Sep 18, 2012
Anna N: I wanted to try it. I have never used it before. Sep 16, 2012
Denise L: Visibly tightens skin & texture is wonderful! Light enough to wear under moituruzer. Sep 13, 2012
Jacqueline R: I assume this is the product to replace the abyssine serum which I have used religiously for the last 5 years or so. Sep 13, 2012
MINGZHOU X: A friend requested Aug 29, 2012
Helen O: I have lost considerable weight and while my face looks slender, advancing age is starting to show. Would like to see if this helps stave off 'crepey' skin. Aug 26, 2012
Deborah P: I like the effects. Aug 25, 2012
Mercedes D: Love this serum! I've used it for about 6 months and I've seen a difference on my skin Aug 20, 2012
elizabeth d: i can't get the marine firming cream, I love, so am trying this Aug 18, 2012
Beth G: Reviews were good. Aug 12, 2012
Vorranan G: My Friend recommended Aug 8, 2012
Rong L: Although I have never used it before, I have heard about it a lot of times, so I am curious about how it works and what surprise it could bring to me, it is the first time, I am looking forward to using it... Aug 5, 2012
andres g: this is one of the products i love the most, i have been using it for a long time now i can not believe my face looks so soft and firm. Aug 2, 2012
JUDITH HYDE K: I have been using this product for a very long time and love what it does for my skin at the age of 72. Jul 31, 2012
arleen l: after 40, we all need a little help. i have great genes, but genes alone cannot keep gravity 100% away. looking forward to using this product! Jul 26, 2012
Lei Z: super good! everyday woke up skin gets smooth,soft and bright Jul 16, 2012
soonyoung m: for my skin Jul 15, 2012
ANN C: read reviews so thought would try Jul 13, 2012
miriam h: I haven't used it before and liked the reviews I read. Hope I like it as much as others have. Jul 8, 2012
Donna Gail S: to firm skin Jul 1, 2012
Sarah W: This was recommended by a friend. I am going to try it! Jun 20, 2012
Jamie G: reviews Jun 17, 2012
Irene K: Running out of current bottle. Jun 11, 2012
Susan R: I received a free sample from Niemann Marcus and loved it Jun 9, 2012
shanghua c: IT MAKES MY SKIN SOFT+FRESH Jun 9, 2012
Alfredo K: i need firm skin Jun 8, 2012
wilma l: I'm going to give it a try to see if it could be firming my face and neck. Jun 7, 2012
Lilies D: highly recommended from friends Jun 7, 2012
Katherine T: I've used this for about a year and like it. May 27, 2012
Andrea W: reviews regarding effects on neck May 25, 2012
Christina p: again need for got decent reviews May 24, 2012
ELIZABETH L: Read the reviews and decided I'd see if it helped with lifting the area around my mouth and neck. Have only used one week, will let you know. May 21, 2012
kim u: Thought I would try it along with the line-reducing concentrate. May 16, 2012
susan t: need firmer skin on neck May 13, 2012
Kelley O: first time trying. Reviews sounded good. Trying to help out my old sagging skin :) May 11, 2012
Alli C: Didn't seem as intense as the line-reducing concentrate. May 6, 2012
Andy M: No other choice. Apr 28, 2012
Sandra B: My age is sneaking up on me and I've notice a crepey neck and am really bothered by it. I also am starting to see jowl-like sagging and hope that this can help both issues, or at least slow the progression. Apr 27, 2012
Kai C: It's my favorite moisturizer! Apr 26, 2012
Janet T: I have used it before and loved the results. Apr 25, 2012
Seh-hyeon J: for my mom Apr 25, 2012
Anna Karina A: Great for the neck Apr 15, 2012
Lisa M: It is experimental on my part to improve the appearance of my skin Apr 2, 2012
Loretta B: I purchased this because I really need this type of treatment and the reviews were good. Mar 28, 2012
A shopper asked: What is the difference between this product and the powerful-strength line-reducing concentrate? Jul 13, 2013
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Martha B: My experience with the skin firming concentrate is that it has more visible results immediately. In firming the skin, the wrinkles are much less noticeable, and the effect is after each application rather than waiting for results on a much longer-term basis. Jul 13, 2013
Reply to Martha Good answer? Yes (1) No (1)
Christopher C: One firms, one reduces lines--completely different benefits and they're both great. Aug 16, 2013
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A shopper asked: Would you use this om conjunction with the line-reducing concentrate and the midnight recovery lotion or would that be over-kill? Thank you Aug 14, 2012
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ginny j: It would not be overkill. I did just that. Aug 14, 2012
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(unknown) (: I was so impressed with this product [and I've used Sisley and Erno Laszlo in the past], that I've ordered the line reducing concentrate, Midnight Recovery, and the Bio-Peel. What is the best way to incorporate these? Bio-Peel then Line reducing then this serum and then Midnight Recovery - PM? Thanks! Sep 12, 2013
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A shopper asked: How do you use this - under a moisturizer? Daily? Just at night? Dec 30, 2012
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sandra c asked: is this product good for sagging jowls and chin? Apr 18, 2012
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Elanore L: It does make the skin feel and look tighter, smoother, and more hydrated, but unfortunately I don't think it would reduce skin that's already noticeably sagging. Apr 19, 2012
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Hsiaolei L: I don't have sagging jowls, but it makes my face firm. It is worth giving a try. Apr 26, 2012
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Vicki B: Not that I've noticed.................yet..........I am still hoping. Apr 18, 2012
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Michel W: Sandra,

That is a great question. I have noticed a difference in my sagging jowls and chin. I really love the product. I had used the serum and liked that as well but I wanted to try something with more firming solution.

Apr 26, 2012
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Sonia W: I honestly haven't used it long enough to answer. Will post a reply after some time has passed. Apr 18, 2012
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Cai J asked: Pls tell me if this product has changed its color from beige to white since 2013? Mar 13, 2014
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linda w: The color of the product has not changed since I purchased it 2+ months ago. It was and still is white. Mar 13, 2014
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Kaye R: Not that I've noticed. I've always considered it to be white. Mar 13, 2014
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Tara L: No. It has always been white. Mar 13, 2014
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Tara L: No. It has always been white. Mar 13, 2014
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A shopper asked: directions when to use? Apr 10, 2013
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CAROL P: I use it in the am and then put moisturizer (Kiehls with spf 15)on after it . Works greatm Apr 10, 2013
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Terri L: I use this after I cleanse my face and before I put my night time moisturer on. Apr 14, 2013
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Barbara H: I use this at night under my moisturizer. Apr 12, 2013
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A shopper asked: is this a serum, which is used before night cream? Mar 8, 2013
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Tara L: I use it in the morning as part of my morning routine. I have to say I love it. Both my grandmother and mother had flappy necks and I have been using for a couple of years and am still firm! Mar 27, 2013
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jill r: I only put on the serum and then some avacado eye cream. I have been using it for over five years! Apr 11, 2013
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Lisa M: I use this at night. Mar 12, 2013
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A shopper asked: Are there any 50+ year old people who have used this? Jun 24, 2012
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Cheryl L: I am a 58 year old female-Have finished the first bottle that I purchased-This
product really goes a long way-It doesn't take that much , so it lasts a long time. I will buy this product again. I think it helped, but let's face it-to completely get rid of lines or wrinkles will take more than something in a bottle! A good buy for the money.
Jun 28, 2012
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Yong K: Hi,

I have used this product about a year and it helped my almost 58 year, in a week, old skin look better. They say I look younger than my age. I want to use this product as long as I can.
Jun 25, 2012
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kim e: I'm sorry I have not tried it yet. I am still using up my other skin products. I have been really pleased with other products I've used by Kiehl's so I am hoping this one will be one I like as well. Jun 25, 2012
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A shopper asked: how do you use it with midnight repair? Aug 16, 2013
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(unknown) (: I was so impressed with this product [and I've used Sisley and Erno Laszlo in the past], that I've ordered the line reducing concentrate, Midnight Recovery, and the Bio-Peel. What is the best way to incorporate these? Bio-Peel then Line reducing then this serum and then Midnight Recovery - PM? Thanks! Sep 12, 2013
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Christopher C: I put the skin-firming on bare skin first, then the midnight repair, then a night cream over that. Works great! Aug 16, 2013
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A shopper asked: can it be used in combination with filler ? Mar 22, 2013
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Wendy B: I can think of no reason it wouldn't be perfectly fine with fillers such as Restylane or Juvederm. And if you're talking about Botox, it isn't actually a filler, but reversibly paralyzes muscles. Cosmetics/creams/potions of any kind would have no contraindications. Actually, I think it would work well in combo with fillers. Apr 19, 2013
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Elizabeth G: I'm not sure you need a filler with the High Potency Serum. But I see no reason why it couldn't be used with a filler. I apply it every morning below I put lotion or make up on and it's made a significant difference since I started using in December!!! Mar 22, 2013
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A shopper asked: is this product 100% oil-free? May 3, 2013
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Tara L: For an absolute definitive answer, call Keihls but I have very oily skin and I love this product. I have been using it for 3 or more years and I look good! May 4, 2013
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Stephanie S asked: For my turning-50-yrs-old mother, would this be better or the Line Erasing(Reducing?) Concentrate be better? Which would be more cost-effective? Jul 11, 2012
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A shopper asked: Can acne prone skin use this? Mar 29, 2012
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Marilyn W: Yes Mar 29, 2012
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