Cuddly-Coat Conditioning Rinse

A detangling, conditioning rinse for dog's coat and skin
  • Lightly-scented, nurtures and moisturizes while providing an enduring shine between treatments
  • Formulated with Chamomile Flower Extract – nature’s own superb hair and skin conditioner
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"A perfect conditioner for my dog's unmanageable fur! Plus it makes her smell great."

Alyssa, Kiehl’s Insider

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How to Apply:
-Shampoo with Kiehl's For Your Dog Cuddly-Coat Grooming Shampoo and thoroughly rinse
-Then, apply conditioning rinse to wet hair and coat, massaging in a liberal amount (For a little extra conditioning you may leave on for three minutes)
-Rinse well with lukewarm water
-Reapply as condition of hair necessitates
-Keep out of the eyes and immediate eye area


Chamomile is a white and yellow daisy-like flower. Chamomile comes in various forms, including Roman, German and Hungarian flowers. The extract distilled from Chamomile has soothing and comforting properties. Certain flower extracts are used to help bring out highlights in light colored hair.

'pälm 'ker-nl 'oil)

Palm Kernel Oil is a tropical oil derived from the seeds of palm tree fruit. The oil has a high percentage of lauric acid which forms a solid soap that lathers well and lends a harder, smoother texture to balms and stick formulations. It is also used in hair products and other thick lathering formulations.

Cuddly-Coat Conditioning Rinse
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Kiehl's Since 1851 Store asked: Why did you choose this?
Laura E: My dogs coat is so soft and shiny. And he smells delicious! Sep 24, 2014
kirk b: Keeps pets coat shinny and fresh Sep 8, 2014
Nancy R: Is perfect with Cuddly-Coat shampoo. Makes coat silky with a great clean smell Aug 23, 2014
Kathy S: Makes my dog coat soft. Aug 23, 2014
Herbert L: most pleased with how our HAVANESE looks after bathing with Cuddly-Coat conditioner Aug 17, 2014
janet o: very happy with the results and our schnozzle, Daisy is happy too! Aug 15, 2014
Jacquelyn C: used before Aug 11, 2014
David T: Nothing but the best for my dog! He has sensitive skin and this product is gentle enough and has a great fragrance. Aug 10, 2014
George M: Love it! Smells great and my dogs coat has never been so soft, smooth, and silky!!!! Jul 29, 2014
Jeffrey K: Part of a set with the dog shampoo. Jul 23, 2014
Nana F: Hug fan of the Dog's products Jul 21, 2014
agatha r: This rinse truly leaves my dogs coats soft and easy to brush. Jul 10, 2014
JANICE B: Love item for my gods Jun 29, 2014
JING Z: want to try Jun 26, 2014
Carla C: I have been using this product on my dog for 4 years now. He looks amazing! His coat is soft and smells wonderful! Jun 25, 2014
Edward S: Used product before Jun 23, 2014
Lesley C: Trying for first time Jun 14, 2014
Joyce H: great, fresh odor that lingers PLUS a great conditioner for undoing tangles. Jun 8, 2014
Aleusha G: love this dogs coat is so soft and she smells wonderful. everyone asks me what I use on her.Love It! Jun 2, 2014
Bridget H: I have used this product before and my golden retriever has never felt so soft and silky!! Jun 1, 2014
luis l: great in combination with shampoo May 22, 2014
Inez S: My friend let me try her dogs shampoo & conditioner and I loved how it worked on my dogs coat. May 21, 2014
Sophia C: Makes my beagle and boxer's coats shine and help to reduce shedding. May 19, 2014
Charles U: same comment as above May 17, 2014
R N: I hair a long haired dog that easily tangles when wet. Wanted to see if this product would make combing out her hair when wet. May 14, 2014
Karen P: works great..smells great and leaves my dogs fur so soft... May 12, 2014
Melissa P: The ONLY conditioner that makes my dogs smell great and lasts. May 1, 2014
karla S: Because I love my dogs! May 1, 2014
Juan J C: Same as previous. Apr 17, 2014
Debra R: 5 years for my Yorkie and Nordstrom and Saks does not carry anymore Apr 14, 2014
constance b: love it Mar 13, 2014
rosemary f: helps with moisture for coats. this along with the shampoo are the very best shampoos that i have ever used on my dogs! Mar 12, 2014
Jason L: Neiman Marcus Stores stopped stocking this item. =( Mar 11, 2014
Johnny D: I love my dog. She deserves the same quality I use. Mar 7, 2014
Doug L: Awesome product, conditions well and last for a week (bath day q Tuesday ) can't use any thing else Mar 6, 2014
Janell C: I've used this item in the past and was very pleased with the results. Mar 2, 2014
Sarah B: Best dog conditioner ever! Jan 18, 2014
Terri S: The best product ever for my little Yorkie Daisy bell Jan 17, 2014
Jennifer C: The perfect accompaniment to the Cuddly-Coat Shampoo. Smells great and rinses clean to leave my dog's coat soft and silky. Jan 13, 2014
Annette T: My dog's very fine long hair is a real challenge to keep tangle free. Thought this might help. Dec 31, 2013
Brad M: The best and most reasonably priced high-end dog conditioner. We use this on our dog, who has sensitive skin and have not had a single problem. Dec 30, 2013
Nikol W: Just looking for a gentle product for my senior sheltie that smells good and conditions her challenging coat. Dec 30, 2013
Cosette C: gift Dec 14, 2013
Elizabeth G. M: Use with the shampoo.. Dec 2, 2013
Debbie C: this is a great product. my dog's hair becomes extremely smooth and puffy after using this it Dec 1, 2013
Jing S: i love my puppy Oct 26, 2013
Sherri H: I love the way Kiehls Pet products work on my Yorkie's long hair. Oct 24, 2013
Kathryn F: It is a great product. One bottle lasts me at least six months so it is definitely worth the money! My cavalier king charles spaniel's coat feels incredibly soft after using this! Aug 27, 2013
lucia r: leave my dog's hair smooth and smelling wonderful Aug 3, 2013
Pamela E: This rinse leaves my black lab incredibly shiney, smooth and smelling great. It also controls the massive shedding that usually happens right after a bath. I bought one for myself and 2 as gifts to get others hooked on it. Jul 27, 2013
Sandra W: Great product I have used in the past on my dogs. Jul 25, 2013
Young sun K: Elle magazine Jul 19, 2013
Kristen C: We have a new puppy and have read great reviews Jul 14, 2013
Genevieve G: It really makes my little mutt extra cuddly. Jun 16, 2013
german h: try May 21, 2013
Kelli K: The dogs coat is so soft after using the conditioning rinse. It rinses clean and leaves her smelling wonderful. Highly recommend using it. May 3, 2013
Mary H: This product along with the Cuddly-Coat Grooming Shampoo makes the dog's coat very soft, and it smells great for a very long time. Apr 22, 2013
Victoria G: Very nice finish after the Cuddly-Coat Grooming Shampoo. Jan 25, 2013
Wilson L: My dog smells so good with this after the bath. Dec 31, 2012
Vi An V: This conditioner keeps my puppy's hair soft and smelling good. Dec 31, 2012
Althea B: The Cuddly-Coat products are the best! Dec 29, 2012
Virginia W: This makes my Shih Tzu's coat tanglefree and so soft. Dec 28, 2012
Barb B: I have a pure white long haired Husky and this works incredible on her. Smells pretty too. Dec 28, 2012
gregg t: Best Dog Shampoo Hands Down! Smells great and re-activates when wet. Dec 27, 2012
Sallie C: This conditioner is perfect to use with the Cuddly-coat shampoo. Excellent conditioner. Dec 19, 2012
Nancy D: For my puppies Dec 4, 2012
Chiaki P: My dogs always use your shampoo and conditioner. All time favorite! It smells so good and their coat always look good. Nov 22, 2012
Doreen M: Pets hair is soft & silky Nov 4, 2012
REBECCA R: I have tried other products on my dachshunds and have found this product to be the ultimate. The scent is fabulous and makes their coats very soft. Sep 23, 2012
john G: Excellent Product, have used it for several years. Sep 22, 2012
Kathy G: Love the dog conditioner, it smells nice and fresh, it makes my 3 doggies hair cuddly soft every week when I gave them a bath. Highly recommend to all dog's owner. Sep 19, 2012
Barb B: Love the way this conditioner makes my dog' coat feel. Sep 5, 2012
ALENE E: I have been using this on my Cockerpoo for over 6 years. It smells so fresh and clean and he is one happy dog after his bath! Aug 9, 2012
Amy C: Smell is great, it leaves my dog's coat very soft and silky. Jul 23, 2012
Wendy L: Charlie the mini Labradoodle borrowed this from his doggy niece and LOVED it, as did we! Jul 16, 2012
Herbert L: great product, leaves our Havanese with a silky, clean coat. Jun 25, 2012
Lynn M: Makes his coat silky soft Jun 10, 2012
Geraldine W: Reviewer's comments May 22, 2012
Karen M: Litter mate of my pup uses this and his fur is so shiny and soft. My pup's coat looks dull and dry. Got to try it. May 9, 2012
Barbara W: Recommended to me by Golden Retriever breeder. Apr 15, 2012
Timur A: Wanted to give it a try as I loved the shampoo so much. Apr 12, 2012
Elizabeth G: Used before and loved it Apr 7, 2012
David G: ditto Mar 23, 2012
A shopper asked: Does this one will be sealed? Apr 5, 2014
Answer this · Send to friends Good question? Yes (0) No (0)
Geraldine W: I do not understand the above question. However, I can give you my comments. Both this, the Cuddly-Coat Conditioning Rinse, as well as the Shampoo I also purchased, are excellent products. It cleaned extremely well with only one shampoo, and rinsed out easily, without leaving any residual, Coat was squeaky clean and shiny. The conditioner made my Shih-Tzu's coat very fluffy and soft, and he smelled great. I still have some left, however, I keep my dog in full coat, which is quite tedious to keep on my own, so I now have him professionally groomed every 3 weeks. Apr 8, 2014
Reply to Geraldine Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Chiaki P: I use Cuddly-Coat Shampoo and Conditioner for my two pugs for last several years. They always come sealed. I suppose sometimes mishaps happens though. Apr 7, 2014
Reply to Chiaki Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
LISA F: Yes, it's sealed. This is the most amazing doggie conditioner. I won't use anything else on my baby - a cocker spaniel. Enjoy! Apr 5, 2014
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Thomas R: I don't understand the question. Apr 5, 2014
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