Cuddly-Coat Grooming Shampoo

A mild, soap-free shampoo for dogs
  • Gentle enough for dog’s coat, face, and skin
  • Blends Chamomile Flower Extract with efficacious and gentle cleansing ingredients
  • pH-balanced formula will leave coat and skin clean with a light and refreshing lavender scent
  • Ideal for big and small, long- or short-haired dogs
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"Cleans my dog's fur extremely well! Gentle but effective."

Travis K., Kiehl’s Insider

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How to Apply:
-Wet coat thoroughly with water to remove surface dirt and debris
-Apply grooming shampoo, working through coat while gently massaging your pet's skin
-Keep out of dog's eyes and immediate eye area
-Rinse well with lukewarm water

Kiehl’s Insider Tip:

Follow with Cuddly-Coat Conditioning Rinse, created by Kiehl’s to especially to treat and condition dogs’ coat and skin.


Chamomile is a white and yellow daisy-like flower. Chamomile comes in various forms, including Roman, German and Hungarian flowers. The extract distilled from Chamomile has soothing and comforting properties. Certain flower extracts are used to help bring out highlights in light colored hair.


15% Plant-based Glycerin: A renowned skincare ingredient that works as a moisture magnet and pulls essential moisture into skin. It is highly compatible with skin and also creates a “reservoir effect”, enhancing the water-holding capacity of the skin and ultimately helping to provide skin elasticity and plumpness and facilitates epidermal barrier function. The glycerin used in this formula is plant-based and can be derived from sources including palm fruit, rapeseed and coconut. .

Cuddly-Coat Grooming Shampoo
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Kiehl's Since 1851 Store asked: Why did you choose this?
Holly H: used it on my dogs for years and they always look shiny and smell good. Wouldn't use anything else! Sep 14, 2014
Elizabeth M: Love the way it makes my dogs coat feel Sep 9, 2014
kirk b: Best Dog Shampoo, keeps pets smelling fresh for weeks Sep 8, 2014
kasey s: No other shampoo has mad my dog smell so good. Lasts for a couple weeks Sep 8, 2014
Susan H: works great Sep 2, 2014
Donna R: This is the best dog shampoo ever. It smells heavenly, is moisturizing and good for sensitive skins. I have used the shampoo and conditioner together for years and have even given them as hostess gifts. Everyone who uses these products loves them. I was very disappointed when the department stores stopped stocking them but happy they can still be found on-line. Sep 1, 2014
Nancy R: Best shampoo for dogs! Makes coat soft and shiny, smells clean not like perfume Aug 23, 2014
Kathy S: My dog has skin allergies & this shampoo does not make him itch. Aug 23, 2014
janet o: we love this product for our schnoodle Aug 15, 2014
Jacquelyn C: used before Aug 11, 2014
David T: I only use this product on my bulldog. ð??? Aug 10, 2014
George M: Love it! Smells great and my dogs coat has never been so soft, smooth, and silky!!!! Jul 29, 2014
Jeffrey K: Used it before and I think it really cleans my dogs fur.. in an easy no-nonsense way.... (no strong odors etc,). He fur was whiter than ever! Jul 23, 2014
Nana F: Big fan of the shampoo and conditioner for the past 9 years Jul 21, 2014
Koralee B: This is the best shampoo for my dog who suffers from allergies. Jul 17, 2014
agatha r: This is the best dog shampoo on the market. It leaves my dogs coats soft and clean, rinses clean. Penetrates the second coat for a complete wash. Jul 10, 2014
JANICE B: Love item for my dogs Jun 29, 2014
Carla C: I have been using this product on my dog for 4 years now. He looks amazing! His coat is soft and smells wonderful! I us love it! Jun 25, 2014
Joseph B: Leaves my dog's coat soft and smelling great! Jun 18, 2014
Lesley C: Love this product Jun 14, 2014
Joyce H: great, clean odor Jun 8, 2014
judy l: first time using cuddly coat a friend told me it is great May 31, 2014
Inez S: My friend let me try her dogs shampoo & conditioner and I loved how it worked on my dogs coat. May 21, 2014
Sophia C: My boxer and beagle both get itchy when we use pet store brands. This shampoo gently cleans without stripping their skin. May 19, 2014
Kerry M: my dog loves it and it makes him smell soooo good May 19, 2014
Peter B: Becoz i love my dogs! May 19, 2014
Ronald B: It is gentle on Mitzi's coat. Makes her coat shiny. Smells lovely. May 17, 2014
Karen P: works great..smells great and leaves my dogs fur so soft... May 12, 2014
Judy D: It smells amazing and has kept my dog's coat in perfect condition for 4 years.... May 8, 2014
karla S: Because I love my dogs! May 1, 2014
Constance H: My sheltie loves this shampoos and i love the way he smells after his baths. The conditioner is also wonderful. May 1, 2014
Juan J C: Daughter told me you were now offering products for pets. So I'm trying this out for the first time. Apr 17, 2014
Debra R: Only product my Yorkie has used for 5 years. Nordstrom and Saks does not carry anymore Apr 14, 2014
Judith D: Had to have something for the good dogs in the family. Sorry you did not have anything for the cat! Mar 19, 2014
constance b: love it--bought it at neiman marcus Mar 13, 2014
rosemary f: the very best dog shampoo i have ever used. i have multiple dogs some of which are show dogs. this shampoo leaves their coats silky and very clean with no residue! Mar 12, 2014
Jason L: Neiman Marcus Stores stopped stocking this item. =( Mar 11, 2014
Herbert L: very pleased with how our dogs look after gooming Mar 9, 2014
Barbara C: It is the only shampoo I use for my golden. Normally run to Saks but this seems better. It is the best shampoo, gentle , cleans and smells great. Mar 9, 2014
Maria T: Best dog shampoo in my opinion. Mar 7, 2014
Johnny D: I love my dog. She deserves the same quality I use. Mar 7, 2014
Doug L: Used for years , awesome product Mar 6, 2014
Janell C: I've used this item in the past and was very pleased with the results. Mar 2, 2014
Mary Ann G: I saw a dog that has used this and he has a magnificent coat and wanted to try it on my show dogs too. Feb 17, 2014
Sarah B: Best dog shampoo ever! Jan 18, 2014
Jennifer C: Don't (won't!) use any other product on my Wheaten Terrier Mix! Makes his coat soft, silky and fluffy and keeps him smelling fresh for much longer than other shampoos. Love it! Jan 13, 2014
MADAN: MMRRR Gift nice one Gift nice one Gift nice one Gift nice one Gift nice one Gift nice one Gift nice one Gift nice one Gift nice one Gift nice one Gift nice one Gift nice one Gift nice one Gift nice one Gift nice onenice one Gift nice one Gift nice one Gift nice one Gift nice one Gift nice one Gift nice one Gift nice one Gift nice one Gift nice one Gift nice one Gift nice one Gift nice one Gift nice one Gift nice one Gift nice one Gift nice one Gift nice one Gift nice one Gift nice one GiftMMMRRR Jan 11, 2014
Annette T: I have a new little Havanese puppy. She deserves the same fine products I use. Dec 31, 2013
Brad M: The best and most reasonably priced high-end dog shampoo. We use this on our dog, who has sensitive skin and have not had a single problem. Dec 30, 2013
Nikol W: Looking for a gentle shampoo for both of my dogs Dec 30, 2013
Dennis K: Is an excellent product especially for our allergy-prone dog. Dec 18, 2013
Susan G: Friend recommendation Dec 14, 2013
Swee Leng R: Smells great! and softens hair Dec 4, 2013
Alice S: It is perfect for dogs with sensitive skin. I only use kiehl's cuddly- coat shampoo on my dog. It is even better when you use it with cuddly-coat conditioner. Dec 4, 2013
Liz M: Needed more dog shampoo - never tried this. Wanted a light scent because heavy perfumes bother the dog. Dec 3, 2013
PAULINE C: GIFT Dec 2, 2013
Elizabeth G. M: Always use this because my Dog has such skin problems..... This is very good along with the rinse .... She has stopped Itching when we use the shampoo and conditioner Together Dec 2, 2013
chiao hung t: Use for my dog all the time. Nov 30, 2013
Jane L: Smells good and cleans very well. Nov 17, 2013
Florian S: Fantastic product and the dogs love it! Nov 3, 2013
Jing S: I got a puppy Oct 26, 2013
Sherri H: I love Kiehl's Cuddly-Coat products for my Yorkie. Oct 24, 2013
Robert E: Great for long hair since cleans well and easy to rinse. Sep 23, 2013
Beth D: Have used it for awhile now and love it. My Yorkie's coat is gorgeous as a result! Sep 15, 2013
H james P: It's the only shampoo we eve use for our pugs. Sep 7, 2013
peter f: it's great the dogs love it Sep 7, 2013
Melissa T: My dog needed a bath. Aug 20, 2013
lucia r: is a wonderful shampoo for my dog Aug 3, 2013
Sandra W: I have had excellent results with this dog shampoo and think it is a great product. Jul 25, 2013
Young sun K: Elle magazine Jul 19, 2013
Kristen C: New puppy! Jul 14, 2013
Susan S: I've used this shampoo on my dog for years Jul 12, 2013
Genevieve G: My dog doesn't sneeze from the scent Jun 16, 2013
Linda S: My Yorkie has sensitive skin and he doesn't break out from this shampoo. My groomer also loves it and the cream rinse. Jun 16, 2013
Atossa S: Because you no longer make the equine shampoo and conditioner and I want to try this on my horses mane and tail. May 29, 2013
Deborah S: love the spray May 27, 2013
Alex L: This is the only shampoo I will use on my Labradoodle. It smells AMAZING! Do yourself a favor and buy this shampoo. You will want to snuggle with your pup for hours. May 13, 2013
Wenbo S: I use this before May 5, 2013
Kelli K: This is the best smelling shampoo on the market. My dogs coat is shiny and vibrant after just one application. May 3, 2013
Mary H: This product along with the Cuddly-Coat Conditioning Rinse makes the dog's coat very soft, silky and it smells clean and fresh for a long time. No itching or scratching after a bath! Apr 22, 2013
Reya W: LOVE THE SMELL Apr 1, 2013
veronica a: My friend has a shih tzu and recommended this shampoo to me her shih tzus hair is so fluffy I also have a shih tzu only difference between mine and hers is the hair of course so i gotta have it cause i want mine to be as fluffy as her dogs! lol Mar 20, 2013
Herbert L: makes our Havanese look wonderful; soft & silky Feb 10, 2013
Rosa R: Ive used it before on my dog smells wonderful! Jan 25, 2013
Victoria G: This product is the best. Use on our schnauzers everyday. Very soft and fluffy. Jan 25, 2013
Daniel M: Just on a whim I bought this when I was buying my own shampoo and conditioner as I have a briard with longish hair and needing regular bathing but just recently out of products. It washes out very easily which in the past, with other brands, has been a bit of a problem. The conditioner is quite good too. Jan 23, 2013
Vi An V: This shampoo makes my puppy smell so good and makes her hair so white. Dec 31, 2012
Joseph O: This is a wonderful product. This is probably the 12th bottle I have purchased over the years. Dec 31, 2012
Althea B: My dogs coat feels so soft and smells so clean after a bath with Cuddly-Coat Grooming Shampoo. Dec 29, 2012
Virginia W: It makes my dogs smell great for days. It cleans their coats so well. Dec 28, 2012
Barb B: This is the best shampoo there is for dogs. My pure white long haired Husky stays cleaner longer than with other shampoos, makes her hair so silky soft and smells beautiful longer. Best products around. Dec 28, 2012
xiao x: friend recommand Dec 21, 2012
Monica G: my friend have three dogs Dec 20, 2012
AMY R: I notice my dogs coat is cleaned well, smells good and has a has a nice shine. Dec 20, 2012
Sallie C: Started using this shampoo for my four Shih Tzu's about 6 weeks ago....Makes their coats soft silky and easy to groom. Dec 19, 2012
Rajko K: gift for my dog Dec 17, 2012
Andrija B: Because I have a dog and he has super sensitive skin, Dec 7, 2012
Michele M: I got this as a gift for my mother last year and she raves about how beautiful it make her poodles' coats. Plus it has a great smell! Dec 7, 2012
Nancy D: For my puppies Dec 4, 2012
Ay-Lih W: LOVE THE SMELL ON MY DOGS!!!! Dec 2, 2012
KIm C: From all the good reviews from pet owners Nov 25, 2012
Chiaki P: My dogs always favorite! Smells so good! Nov 22, 2012
XINGTAO Z: it is natural so good for my pets Nov 20, 2012
Kevin H: Mydog gets a bath at least twice a week. She has never had a problem with skin irritation from this gentle shampoo. It has a nice light fragrance. Nov 17, 2012
wendy k: my dog loves it she smells so good and her coat is so clean and shiny Oct 9, 2012
john G: Excellent product, we have used it for several years. Sep 22, 2012
richard w: gentle on my allergic dog Sep 20, 2012
Kathy G: Love the dog shampoo, it smells nice and fresh, it makes my 3 doggies hair cuddly soft every week when I gave them a bath. Highly recommend to all dog's owner. Sep 19, 2012
Arica V: I pamper my fury baby so I was drawn to this since it offers natural ingredients. Sep 12, 2012
YONGJIE H: my friends said its good Sep 7, 2012
Barb B: Love the smell of this shampoo, and it lasts a long time. Makes my dogs white coat shine. Sep 5, 2012
Tracey P: I have and english bulldog and a french bulldog and this is the ONLY shampoo that works for them! LOVE it!! Aug 22, 2012
ALENE E: Best Dog Shampoo on the market - smells great and I love it. Aug 9, 2012
Wendy L: Loe the conditioning rinse, so thought we'd give the shampoo a try! Jul 16, 2012
Victoria G: Recommended by your representive at Neiman Marcus Fort Worth. Very good grooming shampoo and conditioner. Would not be without it! Jul 14, 2012
Andre S: The best dog shampoo I've ever found. Light, easy to use and rinse off but gives a fantastic result. Just like an expensive salon treatment for your dog. Jul 1, 2012
Sofia P: I am a student at the Seeing Eye guide dog school for the blind, they used this shampoo before we got the dogs, and my german shepherd still smells and feels great 3 weeks later! Jun 18, 2012
Silvia E: 3 shih tzus who smell great after use, and who scratch less. Jun 18, 2012
Michelle G: makes my so cute dog smell good Jun 13, 2012
Lynn M: Gives my dog a wonderful shiny coat. Jun 10, 2012
Elizabeth W: It's the best doggie shampoo ever. We've been using it for years. First discovered it at a L'Oreal "Your Dog Is Worth It Too" event. May 29, 2012
Geraldine W: Positive comments from reviewers May 22, 2012
Ida Jean K: My old English Bull Dog was allergic to other shampoos. I trusted your "name" and used it on him. It stopped his itching. May 21, 2012
James N: Tried it before, couldn't log in to my normal account May 8, 2012
Douglas L: dogs smell good for a full weak untill there next shampoo May 8, 2012
Carl A: It is awesome and makes the dogs smell great May 7, 2012
David R: reputation. Apr 15, 2012
Barbara W: Recommended to me by Golden retriever breeder. Apr 15, 2012
FE R: my dogs smell good & last longer.their skin are smooth to touch. Apr 14, 2012
Timur A: My black Labrador loves this as it doesn't irritate her skin as other more chemical-based shampoos do. Plus it smells great. Apr 12, 2012
Herbert L: does a great job on our Havanese, hair like silk after Mar 26, 2012
David G: my dogs love this Mar 23, 2012
Adrea S asked: Hello is the product good for puppies as well? May 15, 2012
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arnold p: We have an Australian "Silky" terrier, Molly, approx 11/2 years old. we find her coat cleaner, softer with a glow that no other sampoo and condition has given us. It does not dry her skin, she does not scratch herselve like other products. She sleeps with us in bed so my wife insist on a bath before bed time, which she enjoys. We use the shampo and conditioner. Strongly reccommend May 15, 2012
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Tram W: Yes! I use it on my dog when he was a puppy until now. I've tried Juicy dog shampoo, Bed Head, John Paul (which is a Paul Mitchell brand) and I really like this one. It smells awesome and makes him so clean and soft. It is not a tearless shampoo, so I am careful not to get it into his eyes, but other than that it's great! May 15, 2012
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Andrea T: Yes. I purchased it for my Morkie puppy. I have used it many times since we received it without any sort of skin irritation or negative reaction. Obviously you want to avoid the eyes, but that goes without saying. It leaves him smelling great and his coat is so soft , shiny, and healthy. I hope this helps. May 15, 2012
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Nancy R: Hi Andrea,

I have used this shampoo on my Cavalier King Charles since he was about 8 weeks old. I bathe him weekly so needed something that would not dry in skin. This seems to do the trick. I also use the conditioner which helps keep his coat silky. Hope this helps!
May 15, 2012
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Dickson c: I've been using the shampoo on my 10 year king charles spaniel. just got a second puppy & used the shampoo on him. He's a west highland terrier. The shampoo is nice & helps to whiten his coat. I just used it once on my puppy and will continue to use it as i think it is good :-) May 15, 2012
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Courtney S: Yes! We use the shampoo and conditioner on our 4 month old Havanese and it leaves his coat so soft and fragrant. I'm not sure it's tearless, though, so we've stuck to using Top Paw's Gentle and Tearless Puppy Shampoo on his face. May 15, 2012
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Melanie G: We have a puppy who is just under one year and we rescued him at four months old. We have always used Kiehl's on him and have never had a concern about safety. His coat is beautiful! May 15, 2012
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Perri Z: Yes, I love this shampoo and conditioner, I use it weekly on my 4 pomeranians, they look and smell great! I startied using it on my dogs when they were puppies . May 16, 2012
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FE R: Depends how old. Ask your vet. But I do find my doggies smells good and their fur are smooth and soft. I have two pugle and a beagle. Hope this helps. May 15, 2012
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Jeffrey H: Yes--we have used it on our Cavalier King Charles spaniel since he was 12 weeks old. It makes him very soft, and his fur smells great. May 16, 2012
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David R: I think it would be fine for puppies. It is a nice, gentle shampoo, and I think you would like it very much. May 15, 2012
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Angela B: I used it on our puppy. May 15, 2012
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Joytika J asked: Has anyone tried this on a cat? Does it work? Oct 6, 2013
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Ida Jean K: Our English Bulldog suffered from allergies including skin allergies. This product not only cleaned him well, but it didn't irritate his skin. And he even smelled good without smelling like he'd been perfumed. Oct 6, 2013
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Joan A: No, I have not tried this on a cat! However it is a great product for my short haired mini-dachshund. The lather is nice and the fragrance is pleasant. I like the accompanying conditioner for extra shine. Oct 6, 2013
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jia c: I use in my dog. It is very easy to use, smells good, delicate bubbles, let my dog has better hair, very soft. If used with the conditioner much better, I would have been used in the wash my dog. Oct 6, 2013
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Chiaki P: I only tried on my dogs (pugs). But I would think it would work for cat too. It seem mild for my dogs and not perfumey. It smells like gentle lavender. Oct 6, 2013
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Jung S: I only have a dog and it works very well with my dog. Gentle and clean well too. Oct 7, 2013
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Elizabeth W: No. I don't have cats,only 2 labs dogs. Oct 6, 2013
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Elizabeth W: No. I don't have cats,only 2 labs dogs. Oct 6, 2013
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Charles D asked: Web shows clear shampoo - product I just received says shampoo - but it's cloudy like cream rinse? What gives?

C Devor
Jan 23, 2013
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Cristina L: I would call the customer service number if there is not a store near you and see if you could exchange the product. What you describe does not sound right. The shampoo should look like the picture, clear with a slight tint of yellow, definitely not cloudy. Jan 23, 2013
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Thomas R: Should be clear with a yellow tint. The only "cloudy" product I've used from Kiehl's is the conditioning rinse. Perhaps your bottle was mislabeled?? Jan 23, 2013
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Dickson c: the ones I bought are clear, not cloudy. The cream rinse is white in color and thick. you may want to get a replacement. Jan 23, 2013
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victoria k: Something must be wrong unless they changed the formulation since summer. The shampoo I have is a clear golden yellow. Jan 23, 2013
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Sara S asked: What is the PH level of the Cuddly-Coat Grooming Shampoo for dogs? Dec 26, 2012
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Trisha B: The product claims to have a "balanced ph". I typically use this product with the conditioner, but also enjoy the spray and play. I have a black lab & this is the only shampoo that runs through both layers of his fur. It also always leaves his coat soft and shiny for weeks. Dec 26, 2012
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Nancy R: Not sure what the PH level is. What I can tell you is we have a Cavalier King Charles. These dogs have longer hair rather than fur. The shampoo keeps him silky and does not dry his skin as he is bathed weekly. Hope this helps! Dec 27, 2012
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Sara S: I saw that it's labelled "PH Balanced", but, a dogs skin is (dependent upon the breed) between 6.8 and 7.4. Humans hair and skin is between 4.5 and 6.0. Baby shampoo is 7.3, to avoid stinging their eyes. The more organic shampoos for dogs are too acidic and can make them itchy. I have an english bulldog, and he has super sensitive skin. So I was really hoping Kiehl's could answer the question.
But, I so appreciate the feedback! Dec 27, 2012
Kiehl's AStaff: Hello and thanks for your question. We are happy to provide the pH of this product. Please send your inquiry to: Jan 22, 2013
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