Close-Shavers Shaving Formula 31-O

A dual-purpose formula ideal for pre-shave and creative shaving
  • Formulated for men with sensitive skin, ingrown hairs, razor burn, or a tough beard
  • Efficacious natural oils help protect, comfort, and moisturize skin for a smooth, comfortable shave with superb rinsability
  • Used on its own, the translucent formula helps you avoid spots, blemishes, or problem areas while shaving
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"The best pre-shave oil out there. It helps to prep my sensitive skin for the smoothest, closest shave possible."

Ramon, Kiehl’s Insider

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How to Apply:
-As a pre-shave, this formula softens facial hair to help prevent razor burn. Wet face with warm water; massage a few drops into beard; top with shave cream; shave and rinse off.
-Use alone for a fast, eas,y and smooth shave.Wet face with warm water; massage a few drops onto facial hair; shave and rinse off.

Kiehl’s Grooming Tip:
To allow for the ultimate smooth shaving experience, rub Close-Shavers Shaving Formula #31-O lightly on your face. This product is also great to prep the skin for electric shavers.

yoo-kuh-LIP-tuhs EK-strakt / OY-il

Eucalyptus Extract is an aromatic oil native to Australia. It has been regarded by both Aborigines and European settlers as a general cure-all in herbal remedies. The pale, volatile liquid is taken from fresh eucalyptus leaves, and the most important component of the liquid is Eucalyptol. Used to refresh skin. Produces an aromatic odor.

ROWZ-mare-ee OY-IL

Rosemary Oil, extracted from the leaf of the Rosemary plant, contains a variety of Amino Acids, Caffaic Acid, Rosemary Acid and Apigenen. It has been shown to contain strong antioxidant activity. It is also utilized for its fragrance in a wide variety of skin care products.

Used by the ancients to scent their bath water and as a restorative, spearmint has made its way up through the centuries as a useful culinary and medicinal herb. Its therapeutic properties resemble that of peppermint, it is a stimulant, however, spearmint’s effects are gentler and its taste is sweeter. Aromatherapists use spearmint to energize the mind and body. A few drops in bath water has a refreshing effect.

Close-Shavers Shaving Formula 31-O
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Kiehl's Since 1851 Store asked: Why did you choose this?
Megan K: My boyfriend has really wanted to try a shaving oil and has heard good things about this one. Sep 11, 2014
Christopher K: Razor bumps are a thing of the past. Pair this product with a quality blade and you'l never go back to your old ways... Sep 11, 2014
peter m: used for years Sep 9, 2014
John Lord B: fine product Sep 2, 2014
Joel N: good product Aug 30, 2014
Dorothy R: Fiance loves this product. Aug 29, 2014
Colleen F: Recommended by friend Aug 25, 2014
Glenn H: Helps provide a great shave Aug 24, 2014
Howard S: I use it daily; sets up a very smooth shave Aug 19, 2014
Keith H: I like it. Aug 14, 2014
Philip T: I've been using this product for years. Aug 12, 2014
Thomas J: I had hoped that this would improve my shave, but after using up the bottle -- I'm not sure it made much of a difference Aug 10, 2014
David L: I currently use Art of Shaving oil and with your 15%off promotion I decided to try something new. Aug 9, 2014
roger c: closer shave Aug 9, 2014
Royce G: This is the best shaving oil on the market. If you shape your beard or facial hair, this product is a must!! You can see exactly where you are shaving, and this won't irritate your skin like shaving creams. Aug 7, 2014
Nelson F: I use it on my beard. It is AMAZING! I knew that I had to get my bearded friend a bottle so that he too could know how awesome it is! The product hydrates my beard and leaves it looking healthy and soft to the touch. Aug 6, 2014
Helena G: Works great! Well worth the extra money Aug 1, 2014
Dominic M: heavy beard Jul 31, 2014
Rosemary V: my husband loves it Jul 29, 2014
Anthony O: used before works great Jul 27, 2014
tyler H: Interested from the start. Also thinking of using a straight razor Jul 27, 2014
Daniel N: looking to try my first pre-shave oil. its affordable and seems like it will deliver what i need. Jul 17, 2014
Eric C: great shave oil Jul 12, 2014
Carl J: As good as the Lite Flite Shave Cream does alone, I'm interested to see if this can improve my shave and help with sensitivity on my neck Jul 12, 2014
Hugo M: Because i shave my head and was looking for something to help make the process smoother. This product has great reviews Jul 2, 2014
Michael H: It's perfect for prepping for a straight razor shave. Jun 27, 2014
Joseph R: Have never used it. Jun 27, 2014
Thomas K: Curious to try this product Jun 26, 2014
Richard G: Great shaving tool Jun 25, 2014
james k: worked well in the past Jun 23, 2014
Carisa G: Heard rave reviews about this product and bought it for my husband to try. Jun 22, 2014
Thomas M: This stuff is awesome I haven't gotten razor bumps once when I used this . As soon as I ran out and the first time I shaved with out it I got razor bumps. Jun 22, 2014
Robert M: Great pre-shave Jun 16, 2014
Tracy S: My husband uses it. I thought my dad would like it. Jun 15, 2014
JAMES R: I Saw it on Steve Harvet TV show recently Jun 1, 2014
Jon K: wanted to try it May 19, 2014
David L: Ive started using this product pre shave and it's awesome! It coats my skin and minimizes nicks and cuts. May 19, 2014
Kathy V: Just trying it out May 18, 2014
Alan L: have used it for years May 16, 2014
Marc N: This is one of the better product's I have used from Kiehl's. I don't have to shave every day for work, but if I don't shave my facial hair becomes difficult to shave because it is so thick. Thanks to the Close-Shavers Formula, a quick pre-shave treatment and some of the White Eagle Shave Cream, I can have a super-close shave any number of days after my last shave. May 15, 2014
Christen S: Husband already uses the Facial Fuel Shave Cream. Thought we would try this as a pre shave application. May 7, 2014
douglas b: Gives me a great shave! May 5, 2014
William P: I like this product. It prepares my beard for a close shave. May 1, 2014
Joseph A: Best pre-shave oil. I shave my head every 10 days and it's the best product out there for a close + comfy shave every time. Apr 28, 2014
Michael P: like shaving products Apr 19, 2014
Jennifer S: My husband. Apr 2, 2014
Spencer V: having been in the military i always shave as close as i can. (force of habit) this is also probably why i get horibble bumps burns and ingrowns. i am hoping this helps. Apr 1, 2014
Gerald M: I've used this for years. I can't shave without it. Apr 1, 2014
Dan A: Best pre-shave product I've ever used. Mar 30, 2014
Audrey H: Husband wanted a new product that would help keep face smooth after electric razor. Heard Kiehl's was a good product Mar 28, 2014
David K: Because I always have a few ingrown hairs and have to take a straight pin and dig them out before they become infected. Hopefully this will prevent them. Mar 17, 2014
Samantha D: James used this at KX in London and loved it. Mar 14, 2014
Phil H: This product is fantastic for men who have sensitive skin. Putting this on before shaving eases the experience of shaving and the after effects Mar 10, 2014
Scott H: makes shaving less Sweeney-Todd like. Mar 8, 2014
Johnny D: Trying this out to determine whether I prefer my current pre-Shave oil from The Art of Shaving Mar 7, 2014
W Robert R: used product for several years Mar 5, 2014
William W: stated reviews Mar 2, 2014
Demetrius D: I have super sensitive skin and always seem to get bumps after shaving. Wanted to see if this helps. Mar 1, 2014
Ira M: I want to avoid razor burn. Feb 15, 2014
Michelle B: My husband has a thick, course beard and this helps with shaving close but avoiding the irritation afterwards which usually happens. Feb 4, 2014
Gary S: This product is especially good for men with beards, where getting a clean line with a razor is important--far better than shaving creams. And its clean fragrance and moisturizers make the daily chore a pleasure. Feb 3, 2014
michael r: I use a straight razor and need something that protects my skin while letting me get an amazingly close shave. This does the trick. Jan 24, 2014
Mikhail B: I use it regularly Jan 18, 2014
David S: Used in the past along Blue eagle ultimate brushless shave cream and i an running low. Jan 13, 2014
elie t: it really helps close,smooth shaving Jan 10, 2014
Justin C: Really helps with stubble and razor bumps/burn Jan 2, 2014
luke j: New purchase Dec 30, 2013
Robert G: Used it before and helps with my sentitive skin before a shave when on the road with dry skin from long flights Dec 30, 2013
Evelyn S: My boyfriend is a barber with 20 years experience. He only shaves with this product! Dec 26, 2013
Amanda R: My husband does not believe in products, period, but even he can't live without this. It's the best for a thick, stubborn, manly beard, period. Dec 22, 2013
John S: I have been using this product for several years. It worked well as a beard prep and softener when I used a regular razor and works just as well as a pre-shave for my electric razor. Dec 20, 2013
Sakol S: I want a handy size shaving aids. Dec 19, 2013
lisa c: sons request Dec 17, 2013
Clyde D: This stuff is an excellent pre-shave oil. I apply directly to face, two drips, and usually put a drip into my shaving mug before lathering it up. Dec 16, 2013
virginia n: skin problems Dec 16, 2013
Christina B: Someone Asked for a gift Dec 14, 2013
Debra L: My son uses this and loves it. Order for him and my husband. Dec 13, 2013
Elizabeth H: for guy Dec 12, 2013
Donald M: GOOD REVIEWS Dec 11, 2013
Gary Y: Wanted to try it Dec 7, 2013
Jeff S: Amazing product. Causes no irritation. Face feels fresh and smooth after shave Dec 7, 2013
Julie S: gift for husband- recommended to him by his brother. Dec 7, 2013
erik s: Great primer for a pre-shave smoothness, allowing a very close shave. Nice. Dec 5, 2013
James R: Need a pre-shave oil so giving it a try Dec 4, 2013
Josh K: My skin needs it Dec 4, 2013
Robert N: Trying it for the first time Dec 4, 2013
C R: Trying this one for my 20 y.o. Dec 4, 2013
Pamela R: Interesting as a gift for spouse Dec 4, 2013
Marilyn J: Son's favorite Dec 3, 2013
Owen W B: I got a code that gave me $20 off but I needed one more item so I wanted to try this one. Dec 3, 2013
Lacey B: My husband has razor bumps and irritation concerns. Hoping this helps. I've heard great things about these products! Dec 3, 2013
Ramesh l: Perfect Shave Dec 2, 2013
Bill Q: my favorite Dec 1, 2013
Carey B: My husband loves it ! Nov 29, 2013
Scott T: I've been using it and it works for me. Nov 29, 2013
Francesca C: For boyfriend harsh hair Nov 28, 2013
Dana E: Shaving gift Nov 24, 2013
Linda P: My son uses this product also and loves it. Nov 22, 2013
GREGORY J: I have been using it for a while now and it works for me. Nov 16, 2013
Jenna D: already use Nov 12, 2013
Summer G: Trying it out! Hope its amazing as all of the other Kiehl's products! Nov 10, 2013
Larry S: Great for sensitive areas Nov 2, 2013
reggie p: replace art of shaving oil Oct 19, 2013
Alicia G: Birthday gift for my husband Oct 16, 2013
David F: trying out Sep 19, 2013
Angelo C: Love the product Sep 18, 2013
Daniel C: In case the move to brushless is too fast Sep 7, 2013
Christopher G: I was given 31-O & Ultimate Razor Bump Relief as a gift. I will continue buying both of them. They work great! Sep 5, 2013
William N: It is a non-oily pre-shave so I don't have to wash my hands with anything but water between pre-shave and shaving cream application. Sep 5, 2013
Marcia D: Great product. Aug 30, 2013
andrew f: extra sensitive skin condition; hoping this will help. Aug 28, 2013
Michael Z: reputation of products and size or product appears to be great for travel. Aug 23, 2013
Jeremiah K: Soothes the beard and and softens the hair. Aug 18, 2013
Edward A: Works great as a preshave, and keeps my skin moisturized as well. Aug 16, 2013
Garrett S: Always use pre-shave oil. Jul 30, 2013
Gregory T: Excellent pre-shave oil. I've used many pre-shave oils and this one is much better than any of the others. Jul 8, 2013
David D: to help with a comfortable shave, great product! Jun 16, 2013
Howard G: love this product. makes shaving even easier Jun 16, 2013
Pavel O: Makes the shave closer Jun 13, 2013
Andrew B: Fundamentally improves my daily shave...closer and smoother. Jun 13, 2013
William I. C: To make order reach $50 and qualify for free shipping. Kiehl's a bit sneaky. Most mail order houses give you the free shipping upon reaching the stated threshold before applying a coupon. Kiehls doesn't do that. Some may argue that it makes no sense to spend $18 (Less 20%), to save $7 but I wanted to try this stuff anyway. Jun 13, 2013
Laura D: For my husband -- he has really gotten into shaving with an "old fashioned" razor these days, and I thought he might like this. Jun 13, 2013
jay z: extremely effective. Helps protect skin and prepare for shave Jun 11, 2013
Ade A: I want my beard to sit down and appear more coherent. Jun 8, 2013
William P: Recommended By one of your customers May 29, 2013
anthony e: used it for years love it May 29, 2013
Lane C: I've used the pre-shave oil before and it has always made for a better, closer shave with better feeling skin afterwards. May 21, 2013
Michael Y: Have been using for years. Works great May 20, 2013
Frank R: always use it, am out May 13, 2013
Anthony G: Best stuff I have ever found for not nicking myself while shaving. My beard is like barbed wire and this really softens the hair to make shaving much closer and my face less irritated. May 9, 2013
Jonathan H: It works May 8, 2013
Melissa P: My husband shaves his head and face and cannot live without this product!!! May 8, 2013
Craig C: Helps soften my beard for shaving, and also is a great "second shave" product for going over the face again to be sure tough stubble is gone. Helps reduce ingrown hairs on my very dry, sensitive skin. May 7, 2013
Andrew S: Allows for incredibly close shave with no irritation May 6, 2013
Shayna D: My husband loves this! Mar 27, 2013
Anthony K: Excellent pre-shave for smooth shave. Mar 26, 2013
Robert S: Great shave oil! Just works really well! Mar 21, 2013
Eric P: A great product to use prior to shaving... makes shaving 5x a week more manageable. Feb 11, 2013
Marc G: i was given a gift from the grooming lounge. they had a preshave oil. i like kiehl's better so i'm hoping this does the same thing because the oil seems like the golden ticket Jan 30, 2013
Suzanne M: Because my husband has a very think and tough beard. Jan 22, 2013
elizabeth e: Liked what the reviews said Jan 16, 2013
Juan J C: Complements the White Eagle Shave Cream perfectly for a pleasant shave every time. Jan 14, 2013
Leslie K: hoping it helps husbands razor burn Jan 3, 2013
Craig K: Gift to a friend to use with a new electric shaver. He didn't like it. Jan 2, 2013
Uvaldo M: I love this preshave oil! Dec 31, 2012
David P: Great addition to shaving ritual - helps minimize irritation to skin and ingrown hairs Dec 30, 2012
Bill B: This is the best pre-shave oil ever! I can't imagine starting my day without it. Dec 26, 2012
Robert F: Helps with the close shave, makes razor slide over my skin without snagging on whiskers. Dec 24, 2012
Adam D: See if it works or helps with shaving irritation. Dec 23, 2012
Michele S: This is the first time I have ordered it, but since I love the shave cream, I'm sure this will live up to my high standards! Dec 21, 2012
Johnna P: My husband has ingrown hairs and sensitive skin-this is a splurge for him but HE LOVES IT and he's worth it!!! Dec 19, 2012
Jerri T: i have bought another shaving oil for someone and wanted to try a different brand Dec 18, 2012
Caryl T: My son and son-in-law love these products. I thought that my brother would too Dec 15, 2012
Neil R: Its a great product and goes perfectly with the brushless shaving cream. Dec 15, 2012
Jin P: as a gift Dec 12, 2012
jeanne h: my son and son in law have tough beards and tender skin Dec 12, 2012
Jaime K: my husband likes the size for travel and he uses it instead of shave cream sometimes Dec 11, 2012
Caitlin M: My fiance has sensitive skin Dec 9, 2012
Nicole N: My husband has made this product apart of his daily shaving routine. It works great! Dec 7, 2012
Carrie B: Based on others' positive reviews Dec 6, 2012
John A: Gift for person that has razor burn Dec 5, 2012
Tiffany M: Recipient has ingrown beard issues Nov 25, 2012
Kalpesh P: The only shaving oil that I use Nov 24, 2012
Rocco G: going to try it Nov 24, 2012
Jerry S: read reviews Nov 24, 2012
Stephen E: I needed a good pre-shave balm and this had good reviews Nov 24, 2012
Eric M: This is an item that I have changed my mind about. I originally didn't like it but now after shaving with a regular razor and White Eagle, I find that this is very good to apply before using my electric shaver to remove the last stubborn remnants of my beard. It leaves my face in better condition than the Boots oil I had been using Nov 22, 2012
Eric M: I was looking for a good shaving oil to complement the Keihl's White
Eagle Shaving Cream but this isn't it.
Nov 19, 2012
Stuart S: Best pre-shave I've ever used. Nov 17, 2012
Kristine R: my son has very thick beard so will help get a close shave Oct 24, 2012
Vincent G: I have very sensitive skin and ingrown hairs and burn and become irritated whenever I shave. I heard this was a great solution. Oct 24, 2012
Bernard H: I like it Oct 21, 2012
ryann l: a go to! use it everyday. the only oil that is not greasy. Oct 21, 2012
Thomas L: I spoke with a live customer service representative and asked for a recommendation. Oct 19, 2012
Paul F: The shave oil I prefer no longer seems to be available so I'm going back to this one. I like this, my only complaint is that it seems to be too thick going on and doesn't clear out of the raser as well as the other oil that I used to be able to get a whole foods. Oct 18, 2012
Brian R: It really helps to shave smooth when the razor glides easily over my face. Oct 14, 2012
Juan J C: Been using it for years & completely satisfied with this product. Oct 10, 2012
David B: This product will give you a closer shave than you ever thought possible. I have a very tough beard and never had a great shave until I foung Close-Shavers. Excellent product Oct 8, 2012
Betsy D: works well on my husbands sensitive face Oct 1, 2012
Theresa T: This product also helps my husband with a better skin tone after shaving and keeps his skin clear of blemishes. This product keeps my husband looking young. No one believes he's 50! Sep 25, 2012
alan u: the best. Sep 22, 2012
Tony F: Long time user Sep 22, 2012
Robert F: Helps the razor glide over my face when used with Ultimate Brushless shave cream Sep 14, 2012
Jeffrey L: You will get no better shave when you prep with a good facial scrub and Formula 31-0. I normally a brush and mug shave at home, but when I travel I use a travel size kiehls of shaving creme and 31-0 and all is well. Sep 10, 2012
Kevin W: It is a good product, good value and it has no animal products Aug 20, 2012
Jason R: This is very good as a pre shave application that helps prior to shaving cream application. Aug 20, 2012
donte w: it makes shaving easy, on your skin Aug 8, 2012
ROBERT M: The Close-Shavers shaving formula does an excellent job of preparing my beard for shaving. I seldom have in-grown hairs and my skin is not irritated nearly compared to not using the shaving formula. Jul 26, 2012
Lisa B: My boyfriend LOVES this product and won't shave without it ! Jul 25, 2012
Juan J C: Have been using it for years. Swear by it. Jul 17, 2012
Rodney K: Great product for shaving. Helps avoid razor burn and gives you a great close shave. Jul 15, 2012
Brian L: I have very sensitive skin and razor burn is a constant battle. This is the best pre-shave I have found to eliminate razor burn and providing a close, smooth shave. Jul 8, 2012
Donadrian R: Helps make the shaven experience smoother Jul 5, 2012
brian c: The product minimizes razor burn and in-grown hairs. I have been using the product for over a year and now would not consider shaving without it. Jun 25, 2012
John H: Great for pre-shave. Really gets the hairs standing up and skin prepared. Jun 25, 2012
David J: I have trouble with in-grown hairs and razor burn. Jun 23, 2012
George S: tough beard Jun 22, 2012
Kasha W: My husband has trouble getting a close shave on his neck Jun 20, 2012
Jeffrey D: Have been using this for a while now. Helps me get a closer, smoother shave without irritating my sensitive skin. Plus it is not oily like the other pre-shave oils I have used so my face doesn't feel like it needs to be washed again. Jun 16, 2012
Jeffrey F: Free shipping with $50 purchase, and I needed shaving oil Jun 12, 2012
kevin k: its warm Jun 5, 2012
John H: Best pre shave product I have used Jun 4, 2012
Richard R: I have a tough beard. This product really helps make my shaving easier and more comfortable May 22, 2012
Nancy E F: My husband loves this! May 20, 2012
Barissa C: Gift for boyfriend May 19, 2012
Drew G: heard good things and my facial hair sucks so I am switching to a safety razor and kiehls to hopefully get a good shave May 9, 2012
paul f: smells great, close shave May 7, 2012
Juan J C: I've been using this product for years and am thoroughly pleased with it. May 1, 2012
Suzanne S: My husband loves this product best. Apr 30, 2012
Michael C: For close shave Apr 29, 2012
Pamela M: My son-in-law likes it. Apr 29, 2012
Casey R: I currently use / LOVE this pre-shave oil. Apr 26, 2012
nichole b: my boyfriend raves about this stuff and he has a fast growing tough beard! Apr 26, 2012
Jonah B: Thought I would give this one a try Apr 25, 2012
George G: Wanted to try it out since I use other products. Apr 20, 2012
frank c: because i have sensitive skin Apr 19, 2012
Billy B: Really aids shaving. Apr 16, 2012
Dan F: I have been using it for a couple of years and have yet to cut myself shaving. Apr 9, 2012
Charles W: want to try Apr 8, 2012
stuart w: IT works. I have a curly beard and this prevents ingrown wiskers Apr 2, 2012
Rajesh T: must have for shaving. shaving experience will be 50% better with this. Mar 27, 2012
George F: trying it Mar 27, 2012
Roger C: Makes shaving easier Mar 27, 2012
Melissa P asked: When will this product be back in stock? May 5, 2013
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A shopper asked: does this product have a gender neutral smell in case a woman wants to use to shave her legs? Dec 20, 2012
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James S: I think it is mostly gender neutral as it does not add any extra fragrance to my face after shaving and rinsing off.. I cannot say enough about this product, after using it once, years ago, I see to it that I never run out (I always keep 2-3 extra around). It is that good. James, RVC, NY Dec 20, 2012
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Samer S: Yes. Formula 31-0 doesn't really have a residual scent. I don't notice a scent after shaving my face so really doubt you will be able to smell it when using it on your legs. Dec 30, 2012
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Dan B: I have not ever noticed a smell at all from this, like some others I have tried. It also works better than the others I have tried including more expensive ones. Dec 20, 2012
Reply to Dan Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Michael R: Yes it does. There just a slight peppermint smell, but does not last. Dec 20, 2012
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Dan K: the product has no fragrance or smell. Dec 20, 2012
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Charles L: Yes. Neutral. Dec 20, 2012
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A shopper asked: I am wondering how long a bottle last if used daily? Thanks Mar 7, 2013
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Ursula L: Well, he's still using it so it must last a long time. (Last purchaed in 2011) He also likes it and that's even more important. Most important is that it doesn't leave an aroma since I'm allergic to perfumes. Mar 8, 2013
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Nichole K: I don't use on a regular basis but do use when I have a long beard. I put on after a hot shower and let it sit and then apply Kiehls white eagle shave cream.

Nice shave and lasts a long time.
Mar 7, 2013
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Anthony K: The product has great coverage so you only need to use very little of it for each application. Being careful, it should easily last 3 if not 4 months. Mar 7, 2013
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Caleb L: I don't use it daily, but about 3 times a week. It lasts me a good 6 months. Mar 7, 2013
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Charles L: Probably about three weeks to a month. Mar 7, 2013
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A shopper asked: Does this work for electric shavers? Mar 27, 2013
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Eric I D: I am not sure. I use this with a power Gillette fusion razor, and most times I double up with the white eagle for a nice smooth shave. Mar 27, 2013
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Roger C: I do not use an electric, but I would think it would work for a wet one. Mar 27, 2013
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Matthew S: not sure May 14, 2013
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A shopper asked: Can you buy this product in the uk.? Thanks Ian D May 20, 2013
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ANTHONY M: Yes May 20, 2013
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