Facial Fuel Energizing Face Wash Deluxe Sample

Re-energize and invigorate complexion with this “Refueling Facial Cleanser”!

•Efficient and energizing facial cleanser thoroughly removes dirt, surface oil, and impurities without an over-drying effect. 
•Formulated with Caffeine, vitamins, and invigorating citrus extracts to refresh and waken skin.
•Prepares skin for a less irritating, more comfortable shave. 
•Helps skin resist the effects of environmental stress and gives even dull, tired-looking skin a fresher, healthier appearance.
Kiehl’s Insider Tip: For a close, comfortable shave, use along with Facial Fuel Energizing Scrub to help break down tough facial hair and minimize ingrown hairs and other skin irritations related to shaving.

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Facial Fuel Energizing Face Wash Deluxe Sample
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Kiehl's Since 1851 Store asked: Why did you choose this?
Yunyun M: My husband can use it during traveling. Sep 3, 2014
Claudia R: FIRST TIME Aug 24, 2014
Christine R: Curiosity. Aug 20, 2014
Howard S: I look like an old shar pei dog Aug 19, 2014
Teryosha A: wanted to try Aug 15, 2014
cheryl g: good size for travel Aug 13, 2014
Alina G: The name and the color look too enticing to pass up. Aug 10, 2014
Mengpin G: for my boyfriend Aug 9, 2014
Kian J: I like energy Aug 8, 2014
Yan S: referred by a friend. Aug 8, 2014
Angie B: Sensitve skin can only use Dove Soap and water , looking for a better product with aging skin. Aug 7, 2014
Schuyler M: try it Aug 7, 2014
li w: ok Aug 6, 2014
Carolyn E: To try Aug 5, 2014
Ellen D: Want to try it. Aug 5, 2014
James D: to try Aug 4, 2014
John L: this cleanser is amazing and this is a perfect travel size Aug 4, 2014
SANDY F: My husband has the pump bottle and wants a travel size, this is perfect! Aug 3, 2014
Maryann and Dave T: try it Jul 30, 2014
Li T: good Jul 21, 2014
Sari H: travel needs Jul 10, 2014
Jacky W: ok Jul 9, 2014
Audrey W: to see if I like it Jul 9, 2014
Lynda P: Wanted to try the face wash Jul 9, 2014
Karen K: I work in a bakery and the ovens just make my skin feel sticky, after I use this my skin feels good again. Jul 3, 2014
zhao w: good Jun 29, 2014
Libby L G: wanted to try Jun 29, 2014
Robin M: Already use and would like a travel size Jun 26, 2014
Brian M: Love this face wash, and now I have a travel size bottle. Jun 25, 2014
eugene t: it looks like it is of the highest quality Jun 8, 2014
Catalina B: i"m curious about energizing wash Jun 8, 2014
charles B: The Best face wash in the business Jun 6, 2014
Kathleen D: Really like it in the summer. May 17, 2014
Jill B: My boyfriend just ran out of his face cleanser from a stock pile I had. So I'm going to have him try this invigorating face wash. (and I may try it too!) May 2, 2014
Alex McLane S: yes Apr 25, 2014
Jacob H: It is amazing. Apr 20, 2014
Charlie H: want my husband to try products Apr 19, 2014
Paula G: trying to find a good facewash Apr 19, 2014
Chris D: Trying to treat very oily skin with large pores Apr 13, 2014
Travis H: "This is an excellent product that leaves my face feeling so clean and hydrated. Apr 4, 2014
Carsandra K: Living in the Midwest - winters are harsh this will help energize my skin.. Mar 27, 2014
Tammy S: Wanted my brother to try it. Mar 24, 2014
Joseph B: Received offer in the mail. Mar 24, 2014
Arthur S: I currently use this. Mar 23, 2014
Sucen C: i will give my boy friends. Mar 23, 2014
Diana P: Mu husband uses it EVERY DAY, and that is a miracle in and of itself! Mar 22, 2014
Brenda R: Excited to try new products. Thanks for providing samples because I never try anything in the store due to unpredictable allergies. Mar 22, 2014
Kate P: I wanted to try it. Mar 20, 2014
Jackie M: This is my husband's favorite face wash. Mar 20, 2014
Coco G: LET MY BF TRY IT Mar 19, 2014
M L B: Size Mar 19, 2014
Ruby B: Steve Harvey Show. He shared that his skin is so beautiful because of your products. Mar 17, 2014
Richard L: Saw on steve havey show Mar 17, 2014
kok-wah c: Can't live without this. Great travel size as well. Mar 16, 2014
Ann B: Looking for a good face wash that cleanses & moisturizes. Mar 15, 2014
Sam M: Previously purchased & Like it Mar 15, 2014
Warner P: I like the moisturizer, so i wanted to try the wash. Mar 14, 2014
Laura J: bf liked it. very invigorating Mar 13, 2014
constance b: no clue Mar 13, 2014
Maureen H: My son loves this & he has very sensitive skin Mar 12, 2014
LAURA V R: my husband uses it Mar 10, 2014
Alexander H: Cool name. Mar 8, 2014
Julia M: gift Mar 5, 2014
Warren T: I am close to running out of my facial wash, and this has good reviews. Want to try it out first before buying. Feb 23, 2014
DANA K: The name caught my attention. Feb 23, 2014
Lois F: i like face washes Feb 22, 2014
Lina M: I use a fresh cleanser currently and want to try something new. Feb 20, 2014
Yi L: best thing for travel Feb 20, 2014
Balwinder K: Just want to try Feb 19, 2014
zihao s: GOOD Feb 18, 2014
Dale K: wanted to try it Feb 17, 2014
James G: want to try Feb 4, 2014
Kelly W: Use it every day. Perfect size for flying and carry-on luggage. Jan 25, 2014
Amanda A: My husband uses the Facial Fuel lotion and he wanted to try the face wash. Jan 24, 2014
kay b: Use this I am very satisfied Jan 24, 2014
danyun c: my honey like Jan 23, 2014
Bradford R: Trying out a different wash Jan 12, 2014
edna s: too help smooth out my skin and look radiant Jan 3, 2014
Jennifer G: Curious Dec 22, 2013
Cathy R: wanted to try it Dec 22, 2013
Judith H: Son requested. Dec 11, 2013
Liz P: husband wanted this one Dec 9, 2013
Amy K: Wanted to try Dec 9, 2013
karrie l: want to try it Dec 9, 2013
Qing Y: want to try it out Dec 9, 2013
aifeng w: Want to try. Dec 9, 2013
Mei D: try Dec 9, 2013
Phillip H: To try Dec 9, 2013
GAVIN Y: want to try Dec 9, 2013
sharlotte g: wanted to try it for the first time Dec 9, 2013
julia d: wanted to try Dec 8, 2013
Patricia C: Never used it so would like to try it Dec 8, 2013
ying w: want to try it Dec 8, 2013
Steven S: Curiosity Dec 8, 2013
Nancy C: this is for my son Dec 8, 2013
Georgette B: Looking for a product to brighten skin Dec 8, 2013
Stephanie S: My Husband loves it! Dec 8, 2013
chen l: just wanna try Dec 8, 2013
Angene E: Don't know have not used it sending to a friend Dec 7, 2013
zhelin w: I like this bottle Dec 7, 2013
Joana M: needed a new face wash Dec 6, 2013
Genny P: Want my husband to try it. Dec 6, 2013
Debra S: same Dec 6, 2013
Lisa C: To try before I buy Dec 6, 2013
Michael C: Looked fun Dec 6, 2013
Kathleen S: gift Dec 6, 2013
Scott N: dirty face Dec 5, 2013
Laurent B: great for travel Dec 4, 2013
diane e: Feels great Dec 3, 2013
karen d: tingles Dec 3, 2013
alexa s: my husband uses this Dec 1, 2013
Mary C: For husband to try Nov 26, 2013
Lauren K: This cleanser leaves my skin feeling clean and refreshed without drying it out Nov 17, 2013
Julia L: For my husband who never has facial wash!!!!! Nov 17, 2013
Bruce T: Travel size Nov 17, 2013
Cindy B: My husband and son loves this wash. It tingles when you apply it to your skin. Leaves your skin squeaky clean. Nov 17, 2013
Yingchao W: for traveling Nov 16, 2013
Francisca G: I want to try. Nov 16, 2013
Michele S: I love this cleanser. Nov 15, 2013
Dao C: I want to try new product. Nov 13, 2013
maggie h: i wanna try it ! Nov 13, 2013
Sarah L: great size for travel! Nov 12, 2013
CHAPMAN Y: Great travel size for weekend trips! Nov 12, 2013
Elaine P: compare to present product I am using Nov 12, 2013
Yuhan W: cut bottle Nov 12, 2013
Tawai G: Heard it was amazing Nov 11, 2013
Barbara G: Need new cleanser. Why not? Nov 11, 2013
Brian B: curious Nov 11, 2013
debbie w: Looking for a new cleanser. Nov 11, 2013
Jim R: soap is so drying...this seems better for me. Oct 24, 2013
Anatalia K: Just to try if I like it. I am already using another product. Oct 20, 2013
Sean M: Currently use this product - will use this package for traveling Oct 20, 2013
Amy P: REally have no idea what it is any want to check it out. Oct 20, 2013
Victoria C: Interested in trying this product! Oct 20, 2013
JIANG Q: i need it Oct 19, 2013
Sujie W: I like it. Oct 19, 2013
Fnu S: i can use when i do traveling Oct 19, 2013
Panakorn O: Try Oct 19, 2013
Teresa R: Want to try it Oct 19, 2013
Christopher H: I need the travel size for travel Oct 4, 2013
Peilian L: Want to try Oct 4, 2013
ethan k: to refill with oil free when empty Sep 20, 2013
Scott H: to try it Sep 19, 2013
Fuju H: for my brother to try Aug 30, 2013
Selina W: So my husband can put this in his travel bag.... or he can put it in his gym bag to use when he showers. I figure he can refill this when it's out from his bigger bottle. Aug 29, 2013
Di B: trial Aug 27, 2013
Ying L: To use on travel. Aug 19, 2013
Laura R: Wanted to try it Jul 4, 2013
Trudi T: For my husband when he travels. Jun 30, 2013
C O: Wanted to try it & great size for traveling. Jun 26, 2013
Tan P: Wanted to try something new. Jun 24, 2013
Kayla D: I've never purchased from Kiehls and I'd like to try multiple products from multiple lines. Jun 24, 2013
Junghoon P: Good Rating Jun 8, 2013
Erik S: It was chosen for me, but I do like a good tingly face wash. Jun 8, 2013
Alice F: to see how well the product works Jun 8, 2013
SARAH B: have this and we love it Jun 6, 2013
Robert M: Excellent product- I will use this for travel Jun 5, 2013
Christine S: trying out Jun 5, 2013
Tim B: All started with Creme de corps, got addicted to it. They tried Facial Fuel moisturizer and Ultra Cleanser, wanted to branch out and try more products. Jun 5, 2013
Ernest Z: Cool refreshing May 28, 2013
Natasha D: looking for a good cleanser May 28, 2013
brendan b: my face is dirty May 27, 2013
Susan Y: would like to try something different May 27, 2013
Laura B: Travel size for my guy on the go Apr 26, 2013
Barbara B B: Energizing sounds great for am wake-up! Dec 20, 2012
Constance S: Curious Dec 15, 2012
Marilyn P: I didn't know what else to choose. Dec 14, 2012
Nicole W: my hubby loves this Dec 14, 2012
Zhao Z: my friend ask me to buy it for her Dec 12, 2012
Marisha G: I'm curious to know how it would work with my skin. I still haven't found a face wash that I love and I hope this is the one. Dec 10, 2012
Joyce E: I've never tried and so it's a great way to check it out. Dec 10, 2012
Patricia S: Everyone could use energizing Dec 10, 2012
mishel c: looked interesting.... Dec 10, 2012
Jesus B: had product before and i liked it. Dec 10, 2012
Staci M: great face wash! Dec 9, 2012
kristin l d: requested gift Dec 9, 2012
ALlie C: my brother likes this line Dec 9, 2012
Drew B: To see if it's as good as the scrub. Dec 9, 2012
Jem G: Hubby and I are still looking for the perfect facial wash for ourselves Dec 9, 2012
christine s: Thought husband might like to try Dec 7, 2012
MERYL N: love it, I use this when I travel Dec 7, 2012
Christie G: Tried this at a friends and loved it. Just feels good in the morning. Nov 25, 2012
JONATHAN W: Want to try before buying... Nov 25, 2012
Xiao W: want to try Nov 25, 2012
Xiao W: want to try Nov 25, 2012
Ye Y: good Nov 25, 2012
jin d: good Nov 25, 2012
KIm C: Sounded worth trying Nov 25, 2012
Susan G: To use and compare to my current wash. Nov 25, 2012
Mary N: Want to try Nov 25, 2012
Michael R: Used before and am very satisfied Nov 24, 2012
Samantha S: Same brand as a requested gift item Nov 23, 2012
Teresa W: I wanted to try something fresh for my face, and this will be my first Kiehl's cleansing product. I can't wait! Nov 23, 2012
LAJEANNE M: I purchased this for my husband who really isn't into skin care but his face looked refreshed after using this product with the facial fuel UV guard. Nov 23, 2012
charlisa m: wanted to try a new facial cleanser Nov 23, 2012
Linda D: Just trying another product from what I use daily. This was a good oportunity. Sep 2, 2012
Michelle R: the product sounds interesting Sep 2, 2012
Rafael D: love the facial fuel product line Aug 31, 2012
Crystal T: I wanted to try it. See if it helps wake me up in the morning. Aug 29, 2012
Lijiao Y: GOOD Aug 27, 2012
Joshua B: This is great stuff! I've used it before and loved it. Plus, I had a promo code which gave me this for free with another purchase. Jul 13, 2012
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