Facial Fuel Energizing Face Wash

An efficient and energizing face wash
  • Formulated with Caffeine, vitamins, and invigorating citrus extracts to refresh and waken skin
  • Prepares skin for a less irritating, more comfortable shave
  • Helps skin resist the effects of environmental stress and gives even dull, tired-looking skin a fresher, healthier appearance
  • A customer favorite

"It makes my face feel so refreshed and clean. It's the perfect way to wake up in the morning."

Ramon, Kiehl’s Insider

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How to Apply:
-Wet face and work product into a lather
-Massage onto skin in an upward and outward motion, avoiding the immediate eye area
-Rinse well and follow with a moisturizer, if desired
-May use both AM and PM

Kiehl’s Insider Tip:
For a close, comfortable shave, use along with Facial Fuel Energizing Scrub to help break down tough facial hair and minimize ingrown hairs and other skin irritations related to shaving.

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Facial Fuel Energizing Face Wash
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Kiehl's Since 1851 Store asked: Why did you choose this?
Wenzong J: I've been using this. Sep 23, 2014
David S: it's good stuff Sep 22, 2014
Charles H: Steve Harvey Show Sep 22, 2014
Jonathan H: The most invigorating face wash on the market. Sep 22, 2014
ari S: Interested in trying a new product. Sep 21, 2014
Tyrone L: There is no better clean Sep 20, 2014
Shane P: Just an essential way to start your day and prep your face for a close shave. Cleans well without drying and rinses nicely. Smells invigorating and wakes me up. Sep 19, 2014
Sumra B: Good for oily skin Sep 18, 2014
Lisa N: adf Sep 18, 2014
Kara S: my dad likes it Sep 17, 2014
Matt J: Great product Sep 16, 2014
Katherine D: My husband loves this! Sep 15, 2014
Graham M: Been using this for years. Good solid face wash - doesn't dry out your skin. Sep 15, 2014
STEPHEN S: This is just a very clean, not overly drying face wash that leaves my face feeling refreshed and most importantly, clean. I am a middle aged male with ongoing facial flare ups and this wash has done a terrific job at minimizing them while many other washes that I have tried have not done nearly as good a job. I would recommend and continue to buy. Sep 15, 2014
Xing W: I bought it for my bf. Sep 14, 2014
Sean D: I have been using this facial wash for years and I love it! Sep 14, 2014
Fidel A: For travel kit. Sep 14, 2014
Roland Q: It works! Sep 13, 2014
russell d: my favorite cleanser for men Sep 13, 2014
Klark S: It works Sep 13, 2014
kanwar s: try myself first Sep 12, 2014
Ralph A: Try new product Sep 12, 2014
Hong X: for me Sep 11, 2014
Lara P: My husband appreciates a good face wash Sep 10, 2014
Milton C: good product Sep 10, 2014
Chris S: My best friend uses this and says it's the best Sep 9, 2014
Gregory W: I have been using Facial Fuel for years now. I do not feel like my face is clean without it now. Fantastic product. Sep 8, 2014
Cherisse L: home use Sep 8, 2014
Michael T: Review Sep 8, 2014
Sean Q: I use this face wash every day to help my skin wake up and feel refreshed. Sep 8, 2014
David P B: This is my favorite face wash, ever! It doesn't dry out my skin, and leaves it feeling refreshed and smooth, and because of that, it makes for a much better shave. Can't live without it! Sep 8, 2014
C P P: Everything from this line has been great! Sep 7, 2014
Sasha B: travel size Sep 7, 2014
Sebastien D: Great everyday cleanser for both men and women. Sep 7, 2014
Wenling C: Wanted to give it a try. Sep 5, 2014
Ying C: ... Sep 5, 2014
Shuai R: for my boyfriend use Sep 4, 2014
Zhe C: face Sep 3, 2014
Natalie d: For my boyfriend Sep 3, 2014
SIYUAN C: its awesome Sep 2, 2014
Stephen M: Wanted to try a new face wash and am going to try this because of your hand salve being in Mens Journal Sep 2, 2014
Anderson F: I would Like Sep 1, 2014
Jeffrey H: Used this product in conjunction with the Facial Fuel and it cleared up my rosacea. Sep 1, 2014
ZHENGXIAO L: just have a tryï¼?but i believe it. Sep 1, 2014
Yoonah S: just trying new basic Sep 1, 2014
Jonathan N: ? Sep 1, 2014
Shawn S: Great cleanser that doesn't feel like it strips my skin. Aug 31, 2014
Steven S: I can't find a better cleanser than this and have been using it for years! Aug 29, 2014
Janet C: Husband loves it--cleans but does not dry out his skin Aug 29, 2014
Andrew P: Use this everyday Aug 29, 2014
Phil D: I had this gifted to me last Christmas and absolutely love it. Aug 28, 2014
Sebastian P: used it before, good product Aug 28, 2014
ralph h: interest Aug 28, 2014
gary a: just want to try it Aug 27, 2014
Lori A: We have been using this cleanser for several years. Love it! Aug 27, 2014
David M: My skin has responded very positively to the Facial Fuel Energizing Face Wash. It has just enough menthol to feel refreshing without being overpowering. I've been using this face wash for several years now and my skin looks much younger than my age. People are constantly surprised that I'm in my late 30's. Aug 27, 2014
BENJAMIN T: Best base face wash Aug 27, 2014
Jake S: Fantastic face wash that i've used for years Aug 26, 2014
Derrell C: I like the feel of it and compared to other higher end facial cleaners I have tried, I always come back to Facial Fuel. Aug 26, 2014
Marc L: Good facial cleaner Aug 26, 2014
John L: great product. Have been using it for years Aug 25, 2014
Matt F: Have used for years. Good product Aug 24, 2014
Michael P: great product, a must have! Aug 24, 2014
Eric D: This is an amazing product if you have oily skin. I tend to sweat a lot at my job, and when I shower, this product makes my face feel fresh and clean. Aug 24, 2014
Alexander M: I've use this cleanser for years. It cleanses really well without drying out my skin, and it imparts an invigorating feeling in the morning -- which is a huge plus, since I start my day very early! Aug 22, 2014
Warren M: I saw it on the Steve Harvey show and this is what he uses, this goes for all of my choices. Aug 19, 2014
SANGMIN P: just like it. Aug 19, 2014
Tamera J: The Steve Harvey Show Aug 19, 2014
John J: trial. improve skin, get a skin care regimen Aug 18, 2014
William A: Works well! Aug 18, 2014
Steven W: recommended. Aug 18, 2014
Viridiana R: Curious Aug 18, 2014
Matthew C: Tried it recently. Amazing! Aug 18, 2014
Kim C: dont know Aug 17, 2014
Gerardo H: Gift last xmas and liked the product Aug 17, 2014
JJ J: Good daily face wash. Aug 16, 2014
Teryosha A: works for me Aug 15, 2014
Paul V: This is the only brand of facial cleanser I ever use. Aug 15, 2014
Todd F: After a long day at work, Facial Fuel cleans and recharges my face. It's so refreshing! Aug 14, 2014
Gabriel F: its a revitalizing facial cleaner. Aug 14, 2014
RONNIE S: use it daily Aug 12, 2014
Douglas W: I've been using it for many years and it just works! Aug 11, 2014
Vincent M: A great, refreshing cleanser that doesn't leave skin dry. Aug 11, 2014
Kevin S: Cleanser needed and this is a proven product Aug 11, 2014
Ricgo L: that s what i need Aug 11, 2014
catherine x: My BF like it Aug 10, 2014
Edward P: I have been using for years and really like it. Great cleanser leaving a cooling sensation. Just a good product Aug 10, 2014
Steven P: Love this cleanser! Aug 10, 2014
Darrell K: I ran out! Love the facial wash! Aug 10, 2014
Carlos R: LOVE IT! Aug 10, 2014
Jia D: good Aug 10, 2014
Wang T: great product, continue using it Aug 10, 2014
Charles L: used it before Aug 10, 2014
Brian S: Cleanses. No dryness Aug 10, 2014
CHEN L: for myself Aug 10, 2014
FENFEN Y: 22 Aug 10, 2014
Kan Y: My friend told me Aug 9, 2014
Kenneth K: looking for good face wash Aug 9, 2014
Kai C: Love it. The best cleanser for me Aug 9, 2014
Sandy N: Curious Aug 9, 2014
Ronghui Z: Used before. Mild and soothing, perfect as shaving cream as well. Aug 9, 2014
YINCHUAN B: GOOD Aug 8, 2014
DEBRA B: My husband is on his second bottle and my son who is 19 wanted his own. Said he likes the way it makes his skin feel. Aug 8, 2014
Daniel S: I love it! Aug 8, 2014
Mark R: Washes face well and leaves it very clean. Aug 7, 2014
Jill P: My boyfriend loves it! Aug 7, 2014
Stanley K: Excellent Product. Use every morning before shave. Aug 7, 2014
Scott S: Great product use it daily Aug 6, 2014
Nelson F: I have used this product in the past and wanted my friend to experience the cooling sensation on his skin. Aug 6, 2014
Jeffrey B: Like the facial fuel moisturizer, this is my daily face wash. I've been using it for years. It doesn't dry out my skin and I feel very refreshed. It's like a cup of coffee for your face. Aug 5, 2014
Loren M: used this product before and it worked very well Aug 5, 2014
Bahar A: gift Aug 5, 2014
Patrick G: Been using for years. Great daily face wash. Aug 4, 2014
Ian H: After much research, reading many reviews, and talking to specialists at the Kiehl's store in Chicago, I decided this is exactly what I was looking for. I was even offered some samples, and after trying them I knew this product was for me. Aug 4, 2014
John L: leaves me feeling fresh and renewed Aug 4, 2014
William H: I have used this product many times over the years, and it is the best facial cleaner I've found. No chemical smell or feel whatsoever Aug 4, 2014
Dona G: My husband can't live without this! Aug 4, 2014
Reed H: For my husband. Aug 3, 2014
Jialan S: My boyfriend uses it. I bought it as a gift for him. Aug 3, 2014
Thomas L: Cleans well without drying. Aug 3, 2014
Seth C: Best cleanser around for the money! Aug 3, 2014
Brandon Y: Used it for years, wouldn't use anything else! Aug 3, 2014
SANDY F: My husband has been using this for months and won't use anything else to wash his face, no more bar soap! He loves it! Aug 3, 2014
Jason S: Why did you make this Aug 3, 2014
Nathan B: It sounded good and I've been looking for a decent cleanser to take on the road. Aug 1, 2014
Ceimone H: My father loves it! Jul 30, 2014
michael s: I was given a bottle as a gift and have become addicted to it. Jul 30, 2014
Michael K: I saw this product mentioned in an article in Vogue and decided to give it a try, Jul 29, 2014
Michael W: Wanted to try product Jul 29, 2014
Lawrence G: I've been buying this product for years and love it Jul 29, 2014
Peter T: Wanted to try a new face wash Jul 28, 2014
Joe H: best facial cleanser i've ever used Jul 28, 2014
courtney c: Refreshing daily wash. Little goes a long way. Washes off without residue. Jul 27, 2014
Diego K: My Barber introduce me to this great product! Jul 27, 2014
Shane L: for my off days when im not exfoliating Jul 26, 2014
Gene M: wanted to try Jul 26, 2014
Kathleen L: encouraging husband to wash face beyond daily showering Jul 24, 2014
Joel N: This product wakes me up in the morning and gives me a healthier appearance. Jul 24, 2014
lauri f: he loves the way it makes his skin feel...it's a longtime favorite Jul 23, 2014
Sam P: i have used this face wash since college. No need to try others since this is the best. Jul 23, 2014
Rob M: Great to toss in the bag for after the gym. Jul 22, 2014
Thomas R: Recommended by several men's magazines. Jul 21, 2014
Shawn C: A friend recommended it. Jul 20, 2014
Christian N: I have used this exclusively as a face wash for 6 years now and I continue to look great every day. Jul 20, 2014
Tyler T: I like tried it once and it worked well Jul 20, 2014
ZHOU D: I had this before, it helps clean my face without feeling dry Jul 19, 2014
John G, B: Another of your products that works very well, and that I've been using a long time. Cleans my face without drying my skin. Jul 18, 2014
Chris J: great product, been using this product for a couple years now Jul 17, 2014
Jonathan L: I've been using this product for years and it's outstanding. Jul 17, 2014
maria m: I have combination skin and thought your product would help correct some of the imperfections..... Jul 16, 2014
Sung M: Want to try Jul 16, 2014
Steven C: I started using this facial wash 6 months ago. My face has never looked better! Jul 15, 2014
Ed S: I have used it for six months and find it refreshing. Jul 14, 2014
Kit S: My grandson, who is 24, has used this product for years. Jul 14, 2014
Eric C: has caffeine Jul 12, 2014
Shawn S: Best cleaner I have ever used on my face! Jul 11, 2014
Douglas D: This is one of my favorite Kiehl's products. I use this daily on my face, and I love the way it feels. I also use the Facial Fuel scrub when I need to exfoliate, and that works great too, but I don't need that daily. This is great for daily use. Leaves my face feeling clean, refreshed and not dry! Jul 10, 2014
Lilla R: it is a great way to start the day. it is so energizing, minty, waking up your skin in seconds! Jul 9, 2014
don k: Previous use in a gift set. Jul 8, 2014
Anthony G: I've been using this for months....I love it Jul 8, 2014
zheying w: randomly selected Jul 8, 2014
Sharla S: My husband loves this face wash & won't use anything else Jul 7, 2014
Kathy S: Gift for son-in-law Jul 7, 2014
Dillon B: Recommended from a friend Jul 7, 2014
Karen C: trying for the first time Jul 7, 2014
Eric P: This was a mellow cleanser that smelled fresh and prepared stubble for a clean shave. Jul 6, 2014
Kartik V: Trial first time user dermatology researcher Jul 5, 2014
Mark M: It works very well is made for a man. Jul 4, 2014
Hannah J: Got this as a gift for my brother. men LOVE kiehl's products! Jul 3, 2014
peter b: its world class ... the best 2nd shave there is Jul 2, 2014
Kathy S: My husband stopped in the store by Lincoln Center and it was recommended to him by the salesperson. He is very pleased this product and how his skin feels in combination with the other products. Jul 2, 2014
Bobby B: Great product. A true "pick me up" first thing in the morning! Jul 1, 2014
brian f: Best product I have found Jul 1, 2014
Sam Y: I use this all the time Jul 1, 2014
Giovanni F: Looks that is refreshing! Jun 30, 2014
Robby S: Love this face wash! The scent and menthol/caffeine combo wakes up my tired face without irritating my sensitive skin. Works great before shaving too! Jun 30, 2014
Ricky S: used before Jun 30, 2014
Andrew B: Used this product in the past Jun 29, 2014
Xiaoming W: just want to try Jun 29, 2014
Han G: Clean wash and oil-free Jun 29, 2014
Jud S: Already use it and love it! Jun 28, 2014
Melanie A: I think my husband might like this Jun 28, 2014
Mark F: My friend left it at my house when he visited. I then used it and really liked it. I typically use it as secondary cleanser or a light cleanse and it works great with my skin. It's gentle enough it doesn't strip away my good oils. Jun 27, 2014
Chris H: Excellent non-drying cleanser Jun 26, 2014
Antoine P: just trying out my first time can not really explain . Jun 25, 2014
yesenia g: Very good product Jun 25, 2014
Nicholas F: Great cleanser for men Jun 25, 2014
Richard G: I like it. Works well and feels good Jun 25, 2014
Brian M: Wakes you up and cleans your face at the same time. Like a cup of coffee for your face. Jun 25, 2014
Brenda V: My husband loves this product Jun 24, 2014
YING X: For my husband to use Jun 24, 2014
Cary S: Love this face wash, leaves face fealing clean, with no residue Jun 24, 2014
Collin Z: I am looking to try out other facial cleansers Jun 23, 2014
Zach H: Heard about it on a fashion blog, scoutsixteen, and wanted to try it. Jun 23, 2014
Peter H: The gentle foaming facial cleanser has been on backorder for several weeks, and I need a new facial cleanser. Jun 23, 2014
Andrew D: Saw it in GQ magazine Jun 22, 2014
Robert W: Saw it in GQ Jun 21, 2014
ying d: try Jun 21, 2014
Daniel G: Purchased this for my toiletry kit for traveling Jun 20, 2014
Nestor U: To see how good it really is. Jun 19, 2014
Karla T: Husband loves this Jun 17, 2014
Colette N: Husband's favorite face wash. Tried plenty, and this one's the best! Jun 16, 2014
Henry D: Refreshing Jun 16, 2014
Dennis M: Great Product Jun 16, 2014
Paul Y: Works well, very refreshing in the morning shower. Jun 15, 2014
Anish P: Needed a new face wash so hope this will be awesome... cant wait to receive it! Jun 14, 2014
Jennifer A: My dad likes it Jun 12, 2014
Michael C: refreshing Jun 12, 2014
Jay R: Leaves faces feeling fresh and clean Jun 11, 2014
David P: Used some when staying with a friend and loved how refreshing and clean my face felt after. Jun 10, 2014
Lara L: Fathers Day gift for husband! Jun 10, 2014
RJ M: Cleanses my oily skin thou roughly leaving a nice clean and tingly feel. Jun 10, 2014
Salvador C: magazine article recommendation Jun 10, 2014
lucas l: I need that Jun 10, 2014
Sarah P: popular Jun 9, 2014
Jeffrey S: reduce dry red skin Jun 9, 2014
Norma Z: My son likes it. Jun 9, 2014
Pamela P: These items were highly suggested by Steve Harvey Jun 9, 2014
Mario M: the facial fuel line is just great for daily, on the run from gym, morning errands, or just getting up to lounge around the house kind of start to my day! Jun 9, 2014
James C: The best face wash available in my view. Great scent, works well and does not dry my skin out Jun 9, 2014
John R: This is in the top 3 best Kiehls products. Jun 8, 2014
Kaitlynn C: Hopefully because it's wonderful and will make my man all that much happier and energized. Jun 6, 2014
Luke G: I saw an article in GQ magazine Jun 6, 2014
Deborah H: It was purchased as a gift. Thought a great idea when I saw the ingredients to give for first time. Jun 5, 2014
George L: Need a cleanser Jun 5, 2014
roger n: because of what was in Captain America Jun 5, 2014
charon q: for my son in law to try, my son really likes this product Jun 5, 2014
Carl B: I've tried it before, and liked it. Jun 4, 2014
Khapildeo B: I've been using this for the last few months and I absolutely love it. My skin is clearer and smoother with much less acne and less oil. Jun 3, 2014
Sandra W: I saw on the Steve Harvey show and he uses it. He is always very well groomed. Jun 2, 2014
Dana R: feels super clean Jun 1, 2014
Stephanie A: For my boyfriend to wake up easier May 30, 2014
Frank L: Not happy with Clinique liquid soap - want to try this instead May 29, 2014
Matthew F: GQ Mag May 28, 2014
John C: best there is May 28, 2014
Aleks S: Cleans well, doesn't dry out skin. May 28, 2014
shane m: Cleans and invigorates my skin. Always a refreshing feel after using this product. May 27, 2014
Sonia V: great reviews!! May 26, 2014
alonzo b: suggested by a friend May 26, 2014
Julie S: Son with acne loves thus product! May 26, 2014
Matthew M: to complement the facial fuel energizing scrub May 25, 2014
Hui C: good May 25, 2014
Nicholas C: Already using it May 25, 2014
thomas m: fresh, invigorating and nice lather May 24, 2014
Julie D: want to try for the men in our house May 19, 2014
Jason B: Need to clean my face May 19, 2014
justine k: my son likes it May 19, 2014
ken j: I've been using this product for years. May 19, 2014
Diane B: son asked for this May 19, 2014
Jayson J: Want to try this out May 18, 2014
kevin k: curious May 17, 2014
Taca C: Wanted to try this product May 17, 2014
Joshua W: This is my favorite face wash and I've tried many May 16, 2014
Hayden M: Great refreshing feeling after every use. May 16, 2014
Lesa S: My 49yo husband has faint pink splotches on his face. The Facial Fuel has been the only "manly" product I have been able to get him to use ;) it really does help to keep the redness and inflammation down. May 16, 2014
Lauren F: My husband is committed to it. May 16, 2014
Donna G: favorite for our three boys May 16, 2014
Hsiao M C: my skin becomes smooth, shinning, etc. May 16, 2014
Armando S: It's the best, leaves your face feeling refreshed May 16, 2014
Bill C: Best by far of the myriad facial cleansers that I have tried over the past 20 years; I always feel clean, refreshed and confident that my face will look and feel great throughout the day. May 16, 2014
Mirek N: Used it before May 15, 2014
Will G: This really gives me a fresh , clean feeling to start the day. May 15, 2014
Hunter S: Cleanest most refreshing wash I have found for my skin! May 15, 2014
randy f: this wash is great to clean on my face, neck, chest and back with my clarisonic before I shave myself. May 15, 2014
Siyue C: try May 15, 2014
Andrew Y: I need this product and coffee to feel completely awake.... I alternate every other day with the facial fuel scrub. Doesn't over dry and little goes a long way. May 14, 2014
Sarah C: wanted try a new facial wash May 14, 2014
Glynda C: My 17 yr old grandson has had problems with his face breaking out quite a bit. I am getting this for him to try. May 12, 2014
Lawrence H: I absolutely love how this product helps energize me waking early in the morning, not to mention it serves to increase the closeness of my shaves. May 10, 2014
Joe S: use it everyday May 8, 2014
Thomas C: I've been using this product for several years
And it the best facial wash I've tried. I love the energizing effect.
May 8, 2014
Ramon R: This is my go-to face wash May 7, 2014
Matthew C: Use already - need more May 5, 2014
Grant L: Best face wash ever May 3, 2014
Scott S: Love to use this to shave with. Best shave ever. May 2, 2014
calvin c: I have been using facial fuel for years. I love the way it leaves my skin feeling clean and oil free.
I'm so happy Kiehls finally offers facial fuel in a larger pump container.
May 2, 2014
Kelly W: Steve Harvey Show May 1, 2014
Jana R: My boyfriend likes the facial fuel mosturizer, so I wanted to try the face wash. May 1, 2014
Lincoln B: Quite simply the best wash I've ever found. Apr 27, 2014
Hans S: Menthol tingly feeling that i can really use in the morning Apr 26, 2014
Edmund S: tried it recently, like it. Apr 25, 2014
Alex McLane S: This is getting ridiculous Apr 25, 2014
Vishal M: This product does not over dry my face Apr 22, 2014
Tony S: To wash my face. Apr 20, 2014
Jacob H: It is amazing. Apr 20, 2014
Dominique R: Saw the recommendations on Steve Harvey TV show the ones Mr. Harvey used and wanted to try out the different products. Apr 14, 2014
DAVIS T: Feels great in the morning. Apr 13, 2014
Drew B: To wake me up in the morning. Like the caffeine and other energizing ingredients Apr 13, 2014
Abran B: Tried it before and loved it. I am running out so I submitted a new order! Apr 12, 2014
Joe H: Promo Demo caught my attention; willing to try product to improve facial appearance. Apr 10, 2014
Joseph L: really like it. refreshing Apr 9, 2014
Yi D: For boyfriend. Apr 7, 2014
Travis H: "This is an excellent product that leaves my face feeling so clean and hydrated Apr 4, 2014
Isabelle D: My boyfriend needed a new cleanser but I wanted to look for one that's different from the rest Apr 3, 2014
vivian c: husband has been using this for 7 years. He loves the product! And won't use anything else Apr 3, 2014
Kathleen B: My son loves these products, I was buying it for him! Apr 2, 2014
Joshua H: I read in a mens periodical that this is the best facial cleanser on the market. Apr 2, 2014
Allen M: works well on my face Apr 2, 2014
Samuel L: Works and feels great Apr 1, 2014
Chesley T: Love this energizing face wash. Apr 1, 2014
Joseph B: Use this all the time. Can't live without it!!! Mar 24, 2014
Ysidro S: Only cleanser I've tried that really does the "energizing" part really well. Mar 23, 2014
Aron A: Because it is a great product I use every morning to get me started! Mar 23, 2014
Lauren S: Even though this is listed as a men's face wash, I use it everyday. It is such an effective, deep cleansing wash. Much better than some of the regular cleansers. Can't get enough. Mar 21, 2014
Valerie M: Recommended by Steve Harvey for men. Mar 21, 2014
Matthew K: large pores no more with this for men Mar 20, 2014
Robert L. E: I need a good cleanser for my face, I think this one will be perfect. Mar 19, 2014
Denise J: Because Steve Harvey use it Mar 19, 2014
Eric M: Like the ratings Mar 18, 2014
alvin f: recommended on steve harvey show Mar 17, 2014
William R: Same Mar 17, 2014
Genevieve C: Heard about it and decide to try it. Mar 17, 2014
stephanie k: another item that Steve Harvey mention on his show Mar 17, 2014
Rebecca C: Trusting Steve Harvey' recommendation for my African American husband's skin Mar 17, 2014
Richard L: Love this! Used it for years. Gives me a clean feeling without over drying. Mar 16, 2014
kok-wah c: To try it. Mar 16, 2014
Michael S: My Daughter Mar 16, 2014
Grace X: It was recommended by a friend. Mar 16, 2014
Rose M: The caffeine and citrus are great ingredients. I hope they work really well. Mar 15, 2014
Michelle L: Husband loves this. Mar 13, 2014
James B: Great product... Mar 12, 2014
YINGHUI H: i like it very much Mar 11, 2014
sara g: a squeeky clean facial wash for the gym bag Mar 10, 2014
Ben W: I love this stuff! I have been using it for over 2 years now, and will ALWAYS use it! Mar 10, 2014
Nicholas M: I needed a different face wash to give me a better waken up feeling like this product and make my skin brighter. Mar 10, 2014
Steven C: have purchased before Mar 9, 2014
krister a: Awesome stuff! Makes me look and feel alive - even at 6AM! Mar 7, 2014
James S: i like it Mar 7, 2014
jeffrey p: Received some as a gift and it's truly the best product I have ever used. I have sensitive skin and it has kept my skin clear, no ingrown hair, no pimples and it has a really even tone to it now. I love Facial Fuel! Mar 6, 2014
Stacey L: Replacement for a good product! Mar 3, 2014
Woongki L: For good review Mar 3, 2014
Zach M: I used the earth daily scrubber. Liked it but looking to try some other items. Read some recommendations on the website Mar 3, 2014
Christopher B: Want to try Mar 3, 2014
Victor S: easy to clean my face well everyday while in the shower Mar 3, 2014
Brian D: Love the product!! Use it all the time! Mar 1, 2014
jerry t: use it and love it. Gentle and refreshing. Feb 27, 2014
Dawn P: have used to great success, local nordstrom's closed" Feb 25, 2014
doug p: great face cleaner Feb 24, 2014
William M: Help with shaving Feb 18, 2014
Paul A: Received as a gift and found that it refreshed my face. Feb 18, 2014
Raymond B: have used this for some time and I like it Feb 17, 2014
Anthony C: I've been using this now for a few years and I love it for keeping my face acne free and clean. I love it Feb 16, 2014
Dan C: Practical and effective Feb 16, 2014
Shiraz J: I've been using this face wash for 6yrs. Apart from the Facial Fuel face lotion, this is the best product Kiehl's produces. Feb 16, 2014
Steven L: It wakes me up in the morning. I look forward to the refreshing smell and invigorating Feb 14, 2014
AUDREY M: my husband uses this and let me know he was running low! Feb 14, 2014
Jacob R: Borrowed some from a friend, I had to have it once I used it Feb 13, 2014
Laura S: My husband loves this! Feb 12, 2014
Nakia M: My husband tried a smaller size from Nordstrom and loved it. Feb 12, 2014
Shaun J: Amazing product! Feb 12, 2014
Kenza K: My husband likes this product. Feb 11, 2014
Adam M: I use this in the shower to wash my face and neck. Cleans without stripping, smells good and I think it may even help me to wake up. Feb 11, 2014
Javier G: good cleanser for my face, it feels refreshed and cleaned every morning. Feb 10, 2014
Alan B: gift Feb 10, 2014
Evelyn N: For my husband for valentine's Day Feb 8, 2014
Stephen D: Good for pre shave, especially after having grease and dirt on your face. Feb 8, 2014
MATTHEW L: Best Facial Cleanser on Earth! Use it after I shave and it calms and tones! Feb 7, 2014
Erin B: My boyfriend is OBSESSED with Kiehl's! He was using some old proactiv that he found in my bathroom and it was bleaching my expensive new towels so I threw it away and told him was expired...needless to say, I was busted and now owe him the face wash he wanted all along... Feb 5, 2014
Steven B: Good cleanser.
Easy to use.
No residue
Feb 4, 2014
Ronald D: This is a wonderful product, its very refreshing and great for waking up! Feb 2, 2014
Josh S: Great everyday facial wash. Won't over dry, face feels great! Feb 2, 2014
Michael C: Tried it out before thanks to a friend and loved it. Jan 31, 2014
Charles F: Love this product! Jan 30, 2014
Lumeng S: want to try Jan 29, 2014
Deanne M: Husband will only use these wash Jan 29, 2014
Geoff B: reorder Jan 28, 2014
TORANCE L: Purchased before Jan 26, 2014
Li S: Tried a smaller size and felt like having a larger size. Jan 26, 2014
Karl M: Gives my skin a great feel without over drying. Jan 25, 2014
Kelly W: This is my go-to facial wash. Works great feels great. Refreshing. Jan 25, 2014
Victor G: saw it on details magazine awards Jan 25, 2014
Melissa F: Already use Jan 24, 2014
Nancy K: My husband has just started using this more often, says he likes it. Also got a small size for my brother-in-law who is now trying to take care of his skin. Jan 24, 2014
Chad B: I use it all the time. Love it! Jan 23, 2014
Frances K: Good face wash Jan 23, 2014
JacOB R: This product seems to "wake" my face up after using. My skin looks noticeably more vibrant after washing with this. I also like that my face feels clean after each use but does not seem to get dried out. Jan 20, 2014
Mikhail B: I use it regularly Jan 18, 2014
Roger G: I like the scent and the way it cleans my skin Jan 17, 2014
Mengke Z: want to try Jan 16, 2014
Alene B: Gave as a gift and it was loved Jan 16, 2014
Joonho P: Wanna try Jan 15, 2014
Theodore L: I've bought this product before and I absolutely love it (and your brand)! Jan 15, 2014
Scott F: A brand and line reccomended by nearly all my men's magazines. Jan 15, 2014
Sean O: I currently use this and this is a great price. It will save me money and last a long time. Jan 15, 2014
Christopher S: great product. refreshing and invigorating! Jan 14, 2014
Teresa D: works great! Jan 14, 2014
David S: Wanted to try it out and compare to the Facial fuel scrub. Jan 13, 2014
Silvey H: Really good reviews Jan 13, 2014
William M: great smell, wakes up my face in the morning Jan 11, 2014
Michael A: I've used this product for two years now. It prepares my skin for an amazing clean shave. Make sure to moisturize afterwards - if you're like me, it will dry your skin out a bit. Jan 9, 2014
Donna C: son has problems with blackheads. Jan 9, 2014
roger b: gift last xmas and love it Jan 6, 2014
Eve C: My son loves it. Feels good and controls breakouts Jan 6, 2014
Larry M: Super cleaning power Jan 6, 2014
Scott H: Its a good face wash Jan 5, 2014
Paul S: Purchased this in Miami Beach and loved it. Jan 4, 2014
Daniel B: i love the facial fuel product line Jan 2, 2014
Troid E: Love this stuff. I've been using this product for almost 3 years and it is awesome. Jan 1, 2014
Claire O: I am just trying this out as I like the facial fuel very much. Dec 31, 2013
Steven P: Best facial wash I have ever tried. Dec 31, 2013
Tom J: Been using it for years ... love it ... best face wash I've ever used!!! Dec 31, 2013
David E: Great value, smells great, cleans deep without drying out my face. This stuff rocks! Dec 31, 2013
Matthew O: Great face cleanser Dec 31, 2013
Donald S: Cant live with out it, My go to everyday for clean and refreshing skin/face Dec 31, 2013
Gerry T: refreshing, doesn't dry out my skin, and does a great job of preparing my face for a moisturizer. Dec 31, 2013
Timothy M: I like Kiehls face wash and toner. It's a refreshing feel on the face. Dec 31, 2013
Ed K: I use it every day. Dec 30, 2013
Joshua H: Great Reviews and Results! Dec 30, 2013
Christopher S: This is my go-to facial cleaner for my pre-shave. I've tried them all and this is the best! Dec 30, 2013
Frank H: very invigorating. have tried previously Dec 30, 2013
Robert G: wakes me up in the morning and great fresh scent Dec 30, 2013
William G: i love it Dec 30, 2013
don b: Use it regularly and love it Dec 29, 2013
SHANWEI W: Just want to try it Dec 29, 2013
Katarzyna C: my boyfriend has sensitive skin and needs facial wash at the moment so i want to see how it works on his skin. Dec 29, 2013
George F: Great refreshing face wash for all skin types Dec 29, 2013
James H: I love this cleanser! It;s refreshing and really energizes my skin each day. Dec 29, 2013
Mark J: Have used and really like Dec 29, 2013
siddharth p: loved it the last time i used it Dec 28, 2013
Christopher G: Finally a Man's facial wash worth using Dec 28, 2013
Elias K: great face wash, very refreshing Dec 27, 2013
Joshua H: A friend introduced me to this product, and it's the best facial wash I've ever used. It's invigorating yet gentle enough for my sensitive skin. Dec 27, 2013
Jon D: Used it for years and works great. Dec 27, 2013
Ken S: love it Dec 27, 2013
Kevin J E: Use this after a day out and particularly during the summer months. Feels good and my skin reacts well to it. Dec 27, 2013
John A: Just to try it. Dec 27, 2013
Nicholas G: This stuff is miraculous. It cleans well but gently and leaves my skin feeling and looking better. Dec 27, 2013
Keith B: positive reviews and to meet $65 minimum Dec 26, 2013
Richard L: Best wash I have ever used Dec 26, 2013
David S: Excellent all purpose wash, doesn't dry out my skin, a little goes a long way Dec 25, 2013
Chung Yin S: My husband likes this. Dec 25, 2013
Eddie L: . Dec 25, 2013
Michael K: have enjoyed this product for over 2 years Dec 25, 2013
Patricia R: Like that it refreshes and invigorats. Dec 24, 2013
Alan W: Works well for me Dec 22, 2013
Jane C: My husband loves this! Dec 22, 2013
J. Keith B: gift Dec 21, 2013
Patricia P: My son requested it Dec 21, 2013
Richard F: I like the product Dec 21, 2013
Brian A: I've been using it consistently and I love it. Dec 20, 2013
Lindsey S: because he asked for it Dec 20, 2013
Marie C: My husband loves this. Cheaper here than on Amazon. Dec 19, 2013
Scott K: My EX used it and I fell in love...WITH KIEHLS!!!!! Dec 19, 2013
Kim N: It is a gift. I know he uses this product. Dec 18, 2013
Nancy B: For my 22 year old son - he needs to start taking care of his skin. Dec 18, 2013
Deborah C: my son recommended it Dec 18, 2013
Linda F: reviews found on line Dec 17, 2013
Renci C: want to try Dec 17, 2013
Lorry A: It's on a family members Christmas list Dec 17, 2013
Donna P: My son loves this product. Dec 17, 2013
Kathleen C: you were out of stock on this item that I was going to order. Dec 17, 2013
Chris D: love it Dec 17, 2013
Jordan L: A perfect pair for the moisturizer. Great clean smell, the Mrs. Loves it. Leaves skin clean and not too dry. Dec 17, 2013
Mary T: my husband will like this Dec 17, 2013
Zach T: Hopefully I enjoy the facial fuel line Dec 16, 2013
Michele R: My son and husband love this cleaner Dec 16, 2013
Andrew I: Love it Dec 16, 2013
rona s: my men love it Dec 16, 2013
Joe J: My son uses it and says good things about it. Dec 16, 2013
tricia l: sons asked for it Dec 16, 2013
Casey F: boyfriend xmas gift! Dec 16, 2013
Gene T: Currently use Dec 16, 2013
Sevag S: Great facial cleaner to keep in the shower for a fresh feeling facial cleanse! Dec 16, 2013
Vicki M: Really wakes me up in the morning! Dec 16, 2013
brian m: cause my wife told me to Dec 15, 2013
Julie B: son Dec 15, 2013
reggie p: give it a try Dec 15, 2013
Karen M: Part of a great gift set Dec 15, 2013
Elena F: Interested in trying different products to see which he likes the best Dec 15, 2013
Paul C: I use this product and like very much. Dec 15, 2013
Michael M: Have used it before Dec 14, 2013
Melissa B: My husband is super picky and my mom bought him this for Christmas back when it first came out ... The Facial Fuel line is now the only products he uses. He is a frugal person, so for him to spend the extra money proves how great this stuff is. Dec 14, 2013
XINNI L: GIFT Dec 14, 2013
jocelyn c: My husband has been using this product for some time, this is his 3rd bottle! Dec 13, 2013
J. Neal G: Favorite cleanser Dec 13, 2013
Aysha C: Seemed good for a man! and the gift bags for men didn't have the right products in them. Dec 12, 2013
Sharen T: My 24 year old son received this last year and he has had great improvements with breakouts. Dec 12, 2013
Nereida D: Great cleanser Dec 12, 2013
frank w: It is part of a package that my nephew will appreciate as a grooming regimen. Dec 12, 2013
Patrick H: been using it, love it Dec 12, 2013
Gregory T: I've used this product for a month and really like it. It smells great, rinses completely and does not dry the skin. Dec 11, 2013
gina z: son uses Dec 11, 2013
Rachel G: My fiance loves the facial fuel product line. Boom, one Christmas present out of the way. What could be easier?? Dec 11, 2013
Linda A: For my son Dec 11, 2013
Meg D: My husband uses it. It's a gift. Dec 10, 2013
Galen B: i like this product. use on travel and at home Dec 10, 2013
Dolores C: Great product Dec 10, 2013
Agustin Y: Friend recommendation. Dec 9, 2013
Liz P: My husband read reviews online and was one of the top rec. face washes Dec 9, 2013
James W: Christmas gift Dec 9, 2013
Laura H: My husband uses this on a daily basis and loves it. Dec 9, 2013
Laura H: My nephew loves this product and it is what he wanted for Christmas! Dec 9, 2013
Phillip H: Seemed like what the gift recipient might like Dec 9, 2013
Linda G: My husband actually used up his first bottle of this - I've been ordering it for him every since! Dec 9, 2013
Michael r: like Dec 8, 2013
Michael A C: gift recipient really likes this product Dec 8, 2013

Dec 8, 2013
Janette P: son-in-law xmas gift Dec 8, 2013
DANA S: For my brother Dec 7, 2013
Umiah F: I have used this facial cleanser before and I like it. Dec 7, 2013
Nancy B: My sons use this Dec 7, 2013
Catherine W: this is my husband and brother in laws favorite! Dec 7, 2013
Hernando E: i used this product in the past and loved it. Dec 6, 2013
Tracy S: feels good Dec 6, 2013
Darius F: love it Dec 6, 2013
Kathleen R: trying something new! Dec 6, 2013
JOONHO I: i'm always using this product Dec 6, 2013
Joyce K: Free Dec 5, 2013
John K: good product Dec 5, 2013
JOSEPH F: try it. Dec 5, 2013
jamshaid y: i like it Dec 5, 2013
Hyein L: good Dec 5, 2013
Mahcon D: want my boo to try something other than Zest ! Dec 5, 2013
Law H: I chose the facial fuel because its awesome, I have been using it for years. Dec 5, 2013
Nico H: Great Morning "waker upper". My favorite face cleanser to use in morning. Dec 4, 2013
Albert C: want to try it Dec 4, 2013
Ryan H: This is the best face wash I've used for my sensitive skin. It never drys my face out. Dec 4, 2013
Derrick M: Works great Dec 4, 2013
John S: A wake-up call in the shower every morning. Face feels clean and free of residue. Dec 4, 2013
MaiTam B: I recently introduced Kiehl's products to my boyfriend and he fell in love with this face wash. Dec 4, 2013
Patricia K: my son wanted it Dec 4, 2013
Aaron A: it's the best! Dec 4, 2013
Helen M: My son uses this product daily. He appreciates using good quality products for his skin. Dec 4, 2013
Hsiang L: Used it for years Dec 4, 2013
Deborah W: This is a Christmas gift for someone who loves the product. Dec 4, 2013
Sally R: Son's favorite! Dec 4, 2013
Gregg G: This is my favorite face wash. Dec 4, 2013
Mary L: Try it Dec 4, 2013
Kashif A: Been using this one for years now..would not choose another wash ever again...face feels great after using this... Dec 4, 2013
Jeffrey C: Girlfriend Dec 4, 2013
curtis b: Best cleanser I've found Dec 4, 2013
Kathryn E: to see if i like it Dec 4, 2013
Joshua M: I need a good morning cleanser. Dec 4, 2013
Patrick B: Purchasing it after deciding its my favorite Kiehl's cleanser after using one of their deluxe samples. Dec 4, 2013
Alex K: great morning wash Dec 4, 2013
Jessie H: Thought my husband would like it. Dec 3, 2013
Jeffrey H: One of the best facial cleansers I've found for my drier skin. Dec 3, 2013
judi Z: my son asked for this for christmas Dec 3, 2013
Charles K: cleans the skin without a residue or drying it out Dec 3, 2013
Kevin G: always use and love it Dec 3, 2013
Curtis Y: It is a great face wash that cleanses and energizes my skin Dec 3, 2013
Linda R: Christmas list Dec 3, 2013
Lili Y: It is a customer favor. So I want to try it for my husband. Dec 3, 2013
CYnthia H: Like product Dec 3, 2013
Ashley S: my husband loves this product as well. Wakes him up in the morning! Dec 3, 2013
Cindy P: son-in-law loves it Dec 3, 2013
Lu c: good for use Dec 3, 2013
Suzan H: I thought my son would like to add this masculine cleanser to his daily routine. Dec 2, 2013
Na N: used before, very good Dec 2, 2013
Anna B: Good travel size. Dec 2, 2013
Arthur E: The best facial cleaner I've uses. It feels clean and rinses clean. Dec 2, 2013
Nicholas U: Great product that I have used in the past Dec 2, 2013
Craig Z: always use it. Love it Dec 2, 2013
Katherine H: I steal my husbands face wash, great make-up remover! Dec 2, 2013
Brad O: Addicted to it. Dec 2, 2013
michael a: the best on market Dec 2, 2013
Wendy W: Husband LOVES it Dec 2, 2013
John R: Had this once in a started kit my wife bought me . I enjoyed it. Very refreshing and clean without the dryness. Dec 2, 2013
Cynthia M: gift asked for Dec 2, 2013
Nick W: needed additional item for free shipping Dec 2, 2013
Kent B: We LOVE this product! Dec 2, 2013
Nicholas C: This is the only face wash I've tried that leaves my skin clear and hydrated. Dec 2, 2013
Jerry P: Received this as a gift and it worked very well. Dec 2, 2013
ERIC B: read through numerous sites claiming the Facial Fuel SPF 15 to be one of the best in the market, so decided to order the wash along with it. Dec 2, 2013
Brooks J: I like the taste Dec 2, 2013
Kelley W: Stocking stuffer for my boyfriend Dec 2, 2013
Dawn H: I was looking for a unique stocking stuffer for my husband and energizing face wash seems like a great way to start the day. Dec 2, 2013
Suh P: for my bf. Dec 2, 2013
Edgar M: Curious Dec 2, 2013
Jerry B: To try it Dec 2, 2013
Howard F: purchased previously Dec 1, 2013
Evangelos P: Really does wake your skin up. Gives my face a mild tingly sensation. Dec 1, 2013
Patricia V: My son and son-in-law love this Dec 1, 2013
BIYUN C: GOOD Dec 1, 2013
Lori H: This is a great product! Dec 1, 2013
Bryan S: Great product that I used on a daily basis Dec 1, 2013
William M: great product have been using for a year now and is better than any product I have ever used! Dec 1, 2013
Emilio M: my face feel very clean and refreshed when i use this. Dec 1, 2013
Mari R: gift for my son Dec 1, 2013
Josh M: Amazing! Dec 1, 2013
Dane Steven M: Great preparation before shaving! I use it as part of my shower routine, only on my face and neck. Gives a very nice feeling in preparation for subsequent shaving routine. Highly recommend. I use it at home and on the road. Can't live without it! Nov 30, 2013
kevin g: love Nov 30, 2013
Gloria W: My son in law loves this product. Nov 30, 2013
suxiang l: for my boy friend Nov 30, 2013
Jeffrey C: Used in past. Nov 29, 2013
Wang Suk S: have been used it for a long time. Nov 29, 2013
Douglas C: Great cleanser and shave prep! I don't need to use a shave cream, just the Face Wash - shave and apply Facial Fuel SPF afterwards. Nov 29, 2013
Don S: I have really liked the facial fuel line so far Nov 29, 2013
Geoffrey C: Use it. Love it. Nov 28, 2013
MARISA N: The BEST face wash I have every used!!!! I absolutely love it!!!! Nov 28, 2013
Andre B: Clean and refreshing wash! Nov 28, 2013
Walther V: Because my face feels refreshed and allows me to shave with ease. This also helps give me a smoother shave. Nov 27, 2013
Todd W: It smells like I want to smell. Nov 27, 2013
Veronica D: Both my husband and I love using this cleanser! It is thick, refreshing and lasts forever! Nov 27, 2013
Oscar G: I use it Nov 27, 2013
Mansur B: Cleans well without drying out my skin. A little goes a long way Nov 27, 2013
jesus v: it cleans my face and I just love how my face looks after I apply it. Nov 26, 2013
Cory S: This face wash will wake you up in the morning without the strong perfumes or intense tingling of other face washes. I use this every day. Nov 26, 2013
Frank P: Use before Nov 26, 2013
Cailing D: GIFT FOR BF Nov 26, 2013
joso g: x Nov 25, 2013
Emily F: Husband loves the way this makes his skin feel! Nov 25, 2013
Bill B: This is truly the most refreshing and revitalizing face wash I use. I look forward to it each morning. Nov 25, 2013
Chuck V: It works and love my wife loves the smell Nov 24, 2013
David H: magazine review Nov 24, 2013
Bill M: It's the best! Nov 24, 2013
Robert M: This works great! Nov 23, 2013
Ashley M: works well Nov 23, 2013
Michael K: Watched mens skincare routine video and was intrigued. Nov 23, 2013
BEN F: because it's amazing Nov 23, 2013
Mike F: It's the best! Nov 23, 2013
Kathleen C: Husband needed a cleanser. He loves the moisutirzer, so tried this one, Nov 23, 2013
Leonard C: I like the way it cleanses without drying. Nov 22, 2013
Xuzhang S: smell good Nov 22, 2013
Patricia M: I prefer using this facial wash to regular soap. Leaves a nice clean feeling without drying my skin. Nov 21, 2013
Amy H: love it Nov 20, 2013
Brittany M: For my boyfriend, it's his favorite face wash, clean and energizing Nov 20, 2013
isaac S: My go to everyday face wash! Nov 20, 2013
Victoria E K: My dad loves this product and I get it for him every year for his birthday, Christmas, and Fathers Day. Nov 20, 2013
Kelly C: I've used this 3-4 times a day for years. It's the best--never dries out my skin, even in cold, windy winter. Nov 19, 2013
JEROME L: I ran out, so time to buy more. Nov 19, 2013
Sean K: friend uses it Nov 19, 2013
Wesley S: Amazing cleanser! I've tried many products and I always come back to this staple time and time again Nov 19, 2013
Peter S: Got a bar of this soap in a men's product package and loved it. Nov 18, 2013
Gabriel L: Have used before Nov 18, 2013
Brian M: I just like it, makes my skin smoother Nov 18, 2013
Richard J: Awesome product I've been using for years. Feels great to clean my face with this in the morning! Nov 18, 2013
joanne c: uses this when travels Nov 17, 2013
jing c: my husband like Nov 17, 2013
Kelsey S: USED A FRIENDS AND LIKED IT Nov 17, 2013
Judith L: Used it for 10 years Nov 17, 2013
Taylor M: Use in shower every day then facial scrub. Best way to preshave. Nov 17, 2013
Brannon B: The best product for a man's face. Nov 17, 2013
Bruce T: Like Nov 17, 2013
francesco a: curious? Nov 17, 2013
SHAN CI N: My brother says this is good. Nov 17, 2013
Andrew G: great results Nov 17, 2013
Daniel C: i need face wash, never really used face wash, trying it out Nov 17, 2013
Matt R: Product reviews sounded great and tired of using bar soap on my face Nov 17, 2013
TERRY C: I used this before and really liked it. Nov 17, 2013
Hui Hui A: my husband likes this product. It is mild and work well on him Nov 17, 2013
GREGORY J: I have been using it for a while now and it works for me. Nov 16, 2013
curtis g: new customer and product seems to be good. Nov 16, 2013
Jason L: great product Nov 16, 2013
Jordan R: Great daily facial wash Nov 16, 2013
Eric M: This facial wash is so refreshing and invigorating , it's a wonderful way to start your day or jump start it when heading out at night! Nov 15, 2013
Mark H: Returns my face to tight and acceptable for business every morning! Nov 15, 2013
Wade B: Because I've used it forever and it doesn't seem to cause any issues. Nov 15, 2013
Elliot M: GreAT FACE WASH Nov 15, 2013
Marina S: Absolutely Nov 15, 2013
Alex C: Nothing really comes close to how well this works on my skin. Refreshed, and clean. Doesn't over dry at all. Nov 15, 2013
SHERRY T: my husband loves this stuff Nov 15, 2013
Andrea C: Mh hubby loves it Nov 15, 2013
Kengmin L: It is Great! Nov 15, 2013
Chengcheng S: used it before and like it Nov 14, 2013
Weerasak B: Try. Nov 14, 2013
crystal c: My fiancees favorite Nov 14, 2013
Ailing S: my husband loves this Nov 14, 2013
Max Z: My boyfriend has the most oily face in the world! Nov 14, 2013
Yantong C: GOOD Nov 13, 2013
Joe M: Feels refreshing and my skin has become clearer. Nov 13, 2013
Michael H: Men's Health magazine recommendation Nov 13, 2013
Jessica P: Requested for christmas gift Nov 13, 2013
Steve B: "I have been getting very dry skin under eyes and face. After research and reading reviews on the internet I am trying yours first to solve the problem." Nov 13, 2013
Boyuan H: bought it for my roommate, guy Nov 12, 2013
Kim B: i use this as a body wash and a hand wash - it is not drying on my hands, better in fact than the ones designed for hands! Nov 11, 2013
Frances M: My son has sensitive skin and he is able to use these products without trouble. Nov 11, 2013
Vita T: to try it Nov 11, 2013
Chris R: I wanted a face wash for the morning that would wake me and my skin up. Nov 10, 2013
Renee B: Purchased this as a gift for my son who swears by Kiehl's products. Nov 10, 2013
Rio T: With winter approaching, I need a face wash that won't dry out my skin. Using Dr. Bronner's 18-in-1 works during the Summer, but is too dry for a face wash when dealing with winter winds. Nov 10, 2013
Jan R: trying something different Nov 7, 2013
Ann R: Great every day cleanse for women too :-). Just a couple drops even removes my foundation at the end of the day. Nov 7, 2013
Michael R: Works Nov 6, 2013
Kenneth I: Love it! Nov 5, 2013
Joseph F: excellent face wash and pre shave. firms up your whiskers for a closer and smoother shave Nov 5, 2013
Britton M: Wake me up at 4:30am Nov 3, 2013
Joshua K: Trying a new face wash Nov 3, 2013
Karen F: My son-in-law is a faithful & pleased customer of Kiehl's. A Christmas gift. Nov 2, 2013
Simon G: soothing on my skin Nov 2, 2013
PAUL A: I have used this product for several years and have found it to be excellent. It works well as a pre shave cleaner. Nov 2, 2013
Lucas M: I saw a great review on youtube about it. Nov 2, 2013
kristi p: for my husband Nov 1, 2013
Jerome M: Clean no oily after mess Oct 30, 2013
Joshua W: Face is very clean but it's gentle enough to not cause breakouts. Was especially wonderful at getting all the oil off my face after a shift at the restaurant. Oct 30, 2013
Stewart E: My favorite-use every day Oct 29, 2013
Carl B: Best thing you'll ever wash your face with hands down! Oct 29, 2013
John G: Long time favorite! Excellent facial cleanser. Oct 29, 2013
Lynn C: christmas gift Oct 28, 2013
John K T: Try it Oct 27, 2013
Jennifer K: Love how clean and fresh my face feels after using this Oct 24, 2013
Giovanta P: It's an amazing products Oct 24, 2013
Alloy H: I enjoy the energized feeling. Oct 23, 2013
Richard E: good product Oct 22, 2013
sufang y: make me look good Oct 21, 2013
W Jeffrey L: Product is gentle, non-irritating and doesn't dry my skin. It does a very good job of cleansing as well. Oct 21, 2013
Brian G: I want a clean face Oct 21, 2013
Justin M: Great customer comments. Oct 20, 2013
Tyler H: love love loveee this stuff! Oct 20, 2013
Sam M: This product is my morning shower facial routine Oct 20, 2013
Joshua L: Post-workout pep done right. Oct 20, 2013
Jeff M: My wife and I I use it every day ! Oct 20, 2013
Ryan S: It also rules Oct 19, 2013
Sujie W: I like it! Oct 19, 2013
Fnu S: i used that . Oct 19, 2013
Amanda N: My husband uses it Oct 18, 2013
Todd L: It is light and thoroughly cleans my skin without over drying. Oct 17, 2013
Nathan R: I always use this reliable cleanser and love it Oct 17, 2013
Brian R: already use and like Oct 17, 2013
Dennis M: Great face wash. I have been using it for a few years. Oct 16, 2013
Jonathan L: Wanted to try it. Oct 16, 2013
Diane B: I am trying to find a facial wash for my husband that he might like-besides just plain hand soap, which is what he uses now. Oct 16, 2013
Darlene C: Try it Oct 16, 2013
Marc L: Needed a boost in the morning and wanted to have an energized looking face in the morning. Oct 15, 2013
steven s: works wonders Oct 15, 2013
Benjamin G: I use this product daily and have just run out. this is a reorder. Oct 14, 2013
Zachary K: I wanted to explore more of Kiehl's facial products for men. I currently use the ultra facial oil-free cleanser and wanted to try something new even though I am happy with what I currently use. Oct 13, 2013
Karl G: I use this cleanser everyday and I always have healthy looking skin. I would say this is my favorite Kiehl's product. Oct 13, 2013
Gary S: Nice feel Oct 11, 2013
Michael W: I use this wash every day, and it leaves my skin feeling clean and refreshed. Oct 11, 2013
mark s: Used before. Love it Oct 10, 2013
tone c: Ive used this line of products for years I love it! Oct 9, 2013
William J: I need a good toner. Oct 7, 2013
Juan G: Great "wake up" face wash! Oct 6, 2013
david s: Great smell. Really cuts down oil and I use it to shave too. Oct 6, 2013
Joe D: love it! Oct 6, 2013
Brian S: Accidentally ordered this once, but like it. Oct 6, 2013
Hannah H: My boyfriend isn't big on skin care - he's just really lazy I think but I bought him this wash from Nordstrom when they had a holiday promotional size bottle and he really likes it. It's easy and quick to use in the shower and he likes the fresh feeling it leaves on his skin. Oct 5, 2013
Ernest L: This is a great product! The moment you use this on your face. You immediately feel it working. Whatever dirt and oils are on your face, this product will remove them completely! When you wash it off your skin feels clean and smooth. Oct 4, 2013
Anthony M: This is the best stuff EVER!! Oct 4, 2013
Amie O: My husband loves this face wash. He has very sensitive skin and this wash never irritates, and preps his face for a clean shave. It's the only face wash he uses Sep 30, 2013
Sul Hee K: for my boyfriend. he wants:) Sep 30, 2013
Robert G: This is a great wash and gives me that extra kick in the shower. Sep 30, 2013
Glenn R: feels great in the morning. wakes me up and leaves my skin feeling clean and energized Sep 30, 2013
Phillip H: I've been using this for years. I feel it's good for my combination skin type. Sep 30, 2013
Erich H: have used the product in the past and like the way it cleanses. leaves my face feeling fresh. Sep 29, 2013
Grant P: I like the scrub, but dont always like the grit, so trying this as a daily cleanser Sep 29, 2013
Burinrutt T: used it before Sep 29, 2013
James C: It is a great product! I have used it for years. Sep 29, 2013
Mark B: That "essentials" video guy said he uses it, and your Facial Fuel Energizing Scrub says to only used up to 3 times a week so I have been looking for an inbetween wash. Sep 29, 2013
Alexander B: I've been using this for years and it makes my face feel great. Sep 29, 2013
Edgardo L: even my wife uses it now Sep 28, 2013
Len B: Travel Sep 28, 2013
Veronica G: my husband uses this Sep 28, 2013
Eric S: because it is a wonderful product Sep 27, 2013
Darren R: my favorite Sep 27, 2013
Robert G: It works great! Sep 26, 2013
Daniel R: Currently use this and running low Sep 26, 2013
zach c: Try it. It works. Sep 26, 2013
Peter B: I have used it before and like the fact that it cleans well and rinses off thoroughly, leaving no film. Sep 26, 2013
Charles K: Been using it for a little while now, and this has been one of the best products for my skin type. Love it Sep 26, 2013
Andrew L: love it Sep 26, 2013
junying z: for man use is good Sep 25, 2013
Jeff F: Good product Sep 24, 2013
Torey P: Amazon reviews Sep 24, 2013
Stephen S: already like and use Sep 24, 2013
Abdulla A: I saw someone use it Sep 24, 2013
Rachel E: My Dad loves this face wash; it's a gift for him. Sep 23, 2013
Robert T: Makes my face feel fresh and clean. And wakes me up a little in the mornings. Sep 23, 2013
Elena R: My boyfriend LOVES this Sep 22, 2013
Shanti K: Husbands go to face wash. Sep 22, 2013
Elizabeth T: Boyfriend's holy grail. Love using it in the morning to wake myself up with that menthol smell and tingling sensations. Leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean :D Sep 22, 2013
Allison B: I used it before and felt that the volume of the container for the price is cost effective. It is also does a great job as a cleanser. Sep 22, 2013
Rohan S: Works perfectly fine Sep 21, 2013
Ryan P: This is a great product that not only cleanses, but tightens and invigorates your pores. Sep 21, 2013
Lee K: works as a great pre-shave. smells good. foams up nice. refreshing Sep 21, 2013
Steven L: Keep my face clean Sep 21, 2013
GARY Y: I BEEN USING IT Sep 20, 2013
Lu C: For husband, sons. They love it! Sep 19, 2013
Donna D: My husband is a fan o this product. Sep 18, 2013
Nadine C: husband loves product Sep 18, 2013
Christopher M: I like the shape of the bottle Sep 17, 2013
Cody W: Cleans skin well without over drying Sep 16, 2013
Arem D: Facial fuel not only leaves me feeling fresh, it actually wakes me up in the morning. The scent makes me energetic! Sep 16, 2013
Lee T: Gift for a friend Sep 16, 2013
Jonty F: Brilliant face wash that prepares well for shaving or just as a wash that also does not dry out your skin Sep 15, 2013
Matthew M: I've used it before. It's great. Sep 15, 2013
Radley C: fantastic product. began with the small size, now I am a regular user. skin feels clean, refreshed with no leave-behind film, just really clean and brighter looking Sep 14, 2013
Robert L: A very refreshing face wash. Sep 12, 2013
Richard S: I have been using this for years. Sep 10, 2013
Karla T: The reviews. It's a gift for my brother who wants to have clearer and refreshed skin. Sep 8, 2013
Efren A: Been using this keeps the wrinkles out and keeps my face smooth. Sep 7, 2013
peter f: the best make my face feel good Sep 7, 2013
Peter W: Great clean feeling and it only takes a couple of drops of it. Sep 7, 2013
Michael R: Such a great product. After two weeks of using this, my skin looked/felt smoother and brighter. Sep 6, 2013
Andy R: I use this regularly - great product. Sep 6, 2013
Doron C: used before Sep 3, 2013
joey b: great stuff Sep 2, 2013
Yachao L: ads Aug 30, 2013
Veronica C: This product leaves your face with a minty tingling feeling love it! Aug 30, 2013
Selina W: My husband loves this stuff and has used it for years. I love it too but I need a much milder cleanser for my sensitive skin. Aug 29, 2013
Lisa M: it was recommended by a friend Aug 28, 2013
Chi Kyeong I: it helps me reduce acne ever since i started using it Aug 28, 2013
John Z: I get up early most days this product make me feels fresh and wakes me up Aug 27, 2013
Wade I: Helped make the $50 limit Aug 27, 2013
Melisa W: AD Aug 27, 2013
Ryan S: Instead of a name brand, wanted a powerful, invigorating face wash to use a couple times a week. Aug 26, 2013
dean g: keeps my face clean Aug 26, 2013
Donald M: Can't be beat -- my wife is now using it, so I will have to double next order. Aug 24, 2013
Lin P: girl friend insist Aug 23, 2013
Ying L: The review is so good. So give it a try. Aug 19, 2013
Walter T: first time user, I do not have any comments. I will see it if works for me or not! Aug 18, 2013
Flavio B: Great cleanser Aug 18, 2013
James S: It works great. Aug 16, 2013
Benjamin B: Tried it in the sampler pack Aug 15, 2013
Mark N: Been using it for 2 years and very happy. Light, refreshing smell and feel yet cleans very well, even with a face full of sunscreen on Aug 15, 2013
Vincenzo L: Used it before Aug 14, 2013
Richard T: I've used this product. Aug 14, 2013
Bill G: This is the only face wash I use. It cleans thoroughly, but never dries my skin. Aug 13, 2013
David L: I tried my buddy's and it actually works GREAT in keeping my rosacea in check. I noticed a big difference with 60 minutes of using it once! Aug 13, 2013
Mark B: favorite face wash Aug 12, 2013
Jaclyn P: My husband has very large pores and often has skin issues because of this. He purchased this face wash for the first time in July 2013. I noticed almost right away such a big difference in his skin. The cost does not matter to us because it is worth it for him to have clearer skin. He loves it because it's for men and works. Aug 12, 2013
Sarah W: My husband wont wash his face with anything else Aug 12, 2013
Chad M W: I want to try a new facial wash Aug 11, 2013
Aaron T: Used it before and loved it. Makes my skin feel great! Aug 11, 2013
John L: refreshing clean Aug 9, 2013
Jason K: it works! Aug 8, 2013
Demetrius D: I have used this before. I helps wake me up in the shower and energizes my face. Aug 5, 2013
John B: Great soap. Aug 2, 2013
Jennifer W: Hubby loves it! Aug 2, 2013
M E: It is a gift for my husband, he loves Kiehl products and claims that this is gentle on his skin yet effective and doesn't make him all shiny. Jul 30, 2013
Ron H: use everyday Jul 29, 2013
Adam L: I have always used this product because it is simply the best face wash I have ever used. Jul 29, 2013
Tyler A: Found it in NYC Macy's Dept. Store, Great salesperson convinced me to try it and it works wonders! Thanks Jul 27, 2013
Edith Stanley V: Son in law loves this! Jul 24, 2013
Nathan K: unhappy with zirh clean for clearing continued breakouts and uneven texture of skin. Jul 23, 2013
Dorothy P: Hubby has used for several years. Loves the product. Jul 22, 2013
Arturo A: Love this product, use it every day... Jul 22, 2013
Kris O: Sets my skin up perfectly for shaving and cleans my whole face very well. Jul 20, 2013
Josh F: Never actually really washed my face with any specific product designed specifically for that area. Use soap but leaves the skin feeling depleted of moisture. I am betting this in conjunction with the facial fuel moisturizer will revitalize that area. Jul 19, 2013
M Douglas K: i like it Jul 17, 2013
osvaldo R: this is the best cleanser I have used, I used by recommendation Jul 17, 2013
Anupam G: used it before and it is a refreshing cleanser that works well with face brushes Jul 17, 2013
Brian L: I already use it and started to run low Jul 16, 2013
Sandra E: My husband tried it and really liked it. It says a lot for a person that doesn't take care of his skin. Jul 16, 2013
Kyle S: looking for a good, revitalizing cleanser Jul 16, 2013
Michael T: Previously received as a gift and LOVED it! Jul 14, 2013
Jay L: love the menthol feel on my face. one 8.4oz bottle can last a long time - you only need a small amount to provide deep cleaning. Jul 13, 2013
william b: Like the smell and how refresh my face feels Jul 9, 2013
Bertha M: try it Jul 7, 2013
raymond w: I use face wash want to try it out because of my success with other Kiehl products Jul 2, 2013
James M: Love this stuff! Use it right before bed. Jun 27, 2013
David L: I LIKE Jun 23, 2013
Joshua W: I love this and use it all the time Jun 18, 2013
Jia z: trial Jun 18, 2013
Larry R: Bought the small bottle for my overnight kit, used it on vacation and noticed clearer skin and smaller pores!!! Jun 17, 2013
Noah A: I have been using this for seven years. It is the best stuff. Jun 17, 2013
Holly Faith D: Husband loves it! Jun 17, 2013
Artak H: I've read all the reviews and decided to give it a try Jun 17, 2013
RAUL D: invigorates my face after a facial wash Jun 17, 2013
Melissa S: Travel size for my husband Jun 17, 2013
Shawn F: Good face wash, clears pores and effective. Jun 16, 2013
Evelyn L: My husband has used this for a good while. It is non drying and pleasant to use. Jun 16, 2013
Joseph N: have used in the past and it is great Jun 16, 2013
EDGARDO D: I use this product while enjoying a refreshing minty feeling after shave, and before moisturizer. Jun 16, 2013
SIRUN C: always use it, good for men Jun 16, 2013
Erik L: was bored of my current cleanser and love the energizing effects of this Jun 16, 2013
Eugene M: I use this every day. It's a great face wash... feels good, smells good, does nice things for my face. Simple! Jun 15, 2013
Ryan A: Use it daily. Jun 14, 2013
Jay D: have it now - like it Jun 14, 2013
Jun 14, 2013
Harry H: I like this product Jun 14, 2013
Dan S: Have used this for years with success and like the product. Jun 13, 2013
Maria T: husband likes Jun 13, 2013
Christopher J: My roomate suggested this since he uses this Jun 13, 2013
Eric S: It is a great product. It wakes up my face in the morning and has a great scent. I would definitely recommend this product to my friend and family. Jun 13, 2013
Kelly W: Heard great things, and think my husband will love it. Jun 13, 2013
Jonathan R: I I have used it before and it's awesome! Jun 13, 2013
Karen S: This is the only face wash my husband will use! Jun 12, 2013
Jiwon D: I always use this Jun 10, 2013
Stephanie H: My husband loves it, and her NEVER gets excited about toiletries. Jun 9, 2013
James A: wanted to tyr Jun 8, 2013
Heinrich S: I'm shopping around for a new facial wash and will give this a try. Jun 7, 2013
SARAH B: love this product Jun 6, 2013
Denise S: My husband swears by this stuff! Jun 5, 2013
Joaquin M: works great with my skin type Jun 5, 2013
Valerie C: bought this for my husband. he loves it and it was time to reorder. Jun 4, 2013
Javier C: This is the best face wash I've come across. Cooling menthol leaves my face feeling refreshed and cool! Jun 4, 2013
Peng S: Cool, feel great! Jun 3, 2013
Ben T: My Go to facial wash, with sensitive skin this is the one thing that i have been able to use consistently that doesn't drive my skin crazy Jun 3, 2013
Rob S: use every day, love it Jun 3, 2013
Brian W: My old reliable. Been using if for years and love it. Jun 3, 2013
Kevin P: Love this product for travel, so bought it for home use as well. May 30, 2013
DJ D: Because it's the best I've ever used and a little goes a long way, so it lasts for a long time May 28, 2013
Stephen Y: heard great reviews, trust the brand based on reputation and friends' referrals. May 27, 2013
KATHRYN J M: This is product a favorite product of my 2 grown sons. May 27, 2013
Bryan I: Wanted a good facial wash to help clean skin and my complexion. May 25, 2013
matthew m: change from other companies product May 23, 2013
laura m: hoping my hubby will enjoy this May 22, 2013
Brad H: This is the best face wash I have ever used. May 21, 2013
John P: use it daily May 21, 2013
Steven H: I love this product and it has made a huge difference to my complexion. My skin feels healthier and I do not get the occasional pimples that I used to nor is my skin feel and look dried out when i washed with soap. If you want to try one product from Kiehls to see if it really works, start with this one. May 20, 2013
Guang Xian C: regular uses May 17, 2013
David S: Love the clean feeling of this wash. May 15, 2013
maurice h: just a very good product. May 13, 2013
Lauren E: I really liked the way it cleansed my skin. May 12, 2013
Jorge B: Really preps the skin for a close shave. Does not over dry nor irritate your skin when using. May 12, 2013
Patrick P: it's awesome May 10, 2013
Nathan S: Wanted to try something different from Lab Series' Power Wash. I like it! Especially the scent. May 9, 2013
dawn o: Husband has been using for years May 5, 2013
Matthew W: I have used it and like the product May 5, 2013
Charles B: luv it May 2, 2013
Kayla W: wanting to try it out May 2, 2013
Ricky B: This keeps me looking great and my face looks more energizied. May 1, 2013
Thomas J: Feels great - makes for a great shave May 1, 2013
Beau D: This is the best face wash I can find and does not cause me to break out. Apr 30, 2013
Krystyn P: I always purchase this face wash for my husband. He thinks its refreshing. Apr 29, 2013
Jake M: To clean my face. Apr 28, 2013
Jordan B: good face wash - liked the large size option Apr 26, 2013
Stephanie W: Prior user. Clean and simple product. Not drying at all. Apr 25, 2013
Eduardo T: It's a great cleanser. Not to harsh and it really wakes me up in the mornings. Apr 23, 2013
Josh D: I've used this product before-does not dry out my skin and feels refreshing. Apr 23, 2013
Doug T: user reviews. Apr 22, 2013
Darrel C: Have used this for some time and like the way it cleans and feels. Apr 22, 2013
Mark S: Wanted to try something different from what I was using (Body Shop Maca Root) and I liked the all natural ingredients and description Apr 21, 2013
Ed S: For everyday facial wash and see if it's going to improve my face. Apr 21, 2013
Pukar R: Very refreshing face wash that does not over dry my skin. Definitely wakes me up in the morning! Apr 20, 2013
Greg S: Love the refreshing scent and the tingly feeling! Does a good job cleaning my face without feeling harsh. Apr 19, 2013
JONGHYUN H: just try Apr 16, 2013
Randal M: Something to cleanse and prep for shave Apr 15, 2013
Stephanie R: A friend of mine had great success and I am hoping for the same! Apr 15, 2013
Tuvia T: Liked that its sold in a big bottle which when you think about it it isn't that expensive. Apr 15, 2013
Alisann S: My husband LOVES this product. He cannot shower in the morning without it! Apr 12, 2013
George B: Best facial cleanser I have ever used, cleans with no residue afterwards, makes shaving easier and closer. Apr 10, 2013
Dave N: I find this product very easy on my face while doing a great job cleaning. Apr 10, 2013
Lindsay Q: Love the tingling sensation it gives and leaves my skin feeling smooth and fresh. Apr 10, 2013
Carlton H: Love the way it feels! Apr 8, 2013
Kevin F: Need a cost-effective program for daily shaving, especially on my sensitive neck. Apr 7, 2013
Ken C: Went with the anti aging cream so I thought I would try the wash. Apr 7, 2013
George C: This keeps my face free of breakouts with only a dab a day; and doesn't dry out my skin! Apr 6, 2013
Christopher H: Use it, like it, almost out, need more. :) Apr 6, 2013
Rick W: This product is excellent, and well worth the money. Apr 5, 2013
Collin M: This is the greatest face wash ever conceived by mankind. Apr 1, 2013
Delores S: Used it before, really like it. Mar 30, 2013
Mark R: Great to use in the shower. I use this on my face before I shave. Mar 26, 2013
GREGORY A M: First time using this product--hey! What happen to the Foaming Non-Detergent Washable Cleanser?? Mar 25, 2013
kevin d: wanted to try something that would help with my dry skin Mar 25, 2013
Sonja J: My teenage son has been dealing with facial acne. Many products we've tried have been too drying. I'm hoping this will help. Mar 25, 2013
john m: love this product. Mar 24, 2013
Gerrard L: Great facial wash Mar 23, 2013
Karen C: Helps my husband's oily skin Mar 21, 2013
matt d: best facial cleanser that i've used that doesn't dry out my skin Mar 19, 2013
Tara B: My husband loves it! Mar 15, 2013
pamela a: love it Mar 15, 2013
Jessica T: My husband uses this. Mar 14, 2013
Deborah N: for my son Feb 21, 2013
Tony G: Makes my face feel super clean. Other face washes just dry out my skin and do nothing for me. Use this prior to a shave, it's the best shave ever!! Feb 20, 2013
Kell F: prior use Feb 20, 2013
Scott A: this is my go to everyday face wash. Gets me clean without any stripping down my skin. Feb 20, 2013
ANTHONY P: I like my face fresh and clean. Feb 18, 2013
Brad S: Best face wash ever. Been using it for years. Love the smell and the way my face feels refreshed both in the morning and at night. Try it and you will be hooked Feb 18, 2013
richard b: Used this product before. Works great Feb 18, 2013
Gerald W: Good facial cleanser for men. I like the product a lot. I have been using for over 7 years. Feb 17, 2013
Clint D: I wanted to try it out. Feb 15, 2013
Yong L: I use and like this product Feb 15, 2013
Scott A: This is a staple for my everyday face and shoulder wash. Feb 13, 2013
Justine K: my son wants to try it Feb 11, 2013
Marilyn W: My son put this on his Christmas wish list as the best face wash he had ever used. Feb 11, 2013
Thomas M: got it as a gift and It works realy well on my skin Feb 10, 2013
Deborah C: sounded great Feb 10, 2013
Jack Y: friend loved it Feb 9, 2013
Nicholaus F: This is and will continue to be my face wash of choice!!! Feb 9, 2013
Michael Z: One of my favorite facial cleansers. I wash my face with it in the shower when my pores are more open. It is gentle, but effective. Feb 7, 2013
Adam H: helps with sensitive skin breakouts. doesn't dry skin out as much as generic face wash. Feb 5, 2013
leigh W: My husband loves this stuff! Feb 5, 2013
Robert M: know it well - stocking up Feb 5, 2013
Bo K: This looked like a great product. Feb 4, 2013
Gerald K: it is the best face wash i have ever used Feb 4, 2013
Elizabeth S: Husband loves it Feb 3, 2013
Jose C P: I use this face cleanser in the shower everyday. I have noticed that my skin is not as oily and I rarely have pimples or black heads since I have been using it. Feb 2, 2013
Jordan M: I have been using for about 8 years now. Feb 2, 2013
Joo Yeon L: Great quality, great price. Jan 31, 2013
Keun H: It's really well wash out. Jan 30, 2013
Katie S: For my boyfriend. He has never really cared about the products he uses- so I gave him an option I feel would be best for him. He loves it! Jan 30, 2013
Nicholas R: love it been using it for years Jan 30, 2013
Jeffrey H: Looking for something different to use when washing my face and have been pleased with the Kiehl's soap, so decided to try it. Jan 30, 2013
Marc G: because i'm an impulse online shopoper. figured i'd give it a try Jan 30, 2013
Richard V G: I love this product, I use it every morning. It really wakes my face up. Jan 30, 2013
alaina k: My husband likes this face wash. He has used it for a couple of years now. It has a nice cooling effect. Jan 28, 2013
Steven P: Leaves skin feeling refreshed and clean! Jan 28, 2013
Barry W: Great Face Wash. Excellent for Pre Shave Jan 27, 2013
Sarah K: husband uses it Jan 27, 2013
Craig D: use daily Jan 27, 2013
Micah R: I have used this face wash for four years now, and it's the best stuff out there. Jan 25, 2013
Harry W: Geat way to clean and refresh face. Helps in softening beard to shave in the shower. Jan 24, 2013
Steven S: I read a review in magazine saying it was a great product Jan 24, 2013
Jack C: Keep this in the shower for washing my face in the AM. Cleanses very well and tightens the skin at the same time. Jan 24, 2013
Jason H: Because it's amazing. I've been using different washes for years and this is the best. My face is no longer oily and my skin looks it's best. I was told by a co-worker the other day that I looked like I was sparkling and they asked if I started new vitamins or something.

Also, my face smells fantastic for awhile afterwards which is always nice when you are leaning in for a kiss.
Jan 23, 2013
Caroline W: Initially chose b/c the SLC airport kiosk was out of anything without oil. I forgot my product and bought this. LOVED it. Now I have 2 morning addictions - this and coffee. Jan 23, 2013
deborah j: My husband likes it. So do I. Jan 23, 2013
liaron k: it works really well Jan 20, 2013
Brindha M: I always use this Jan 16, 2013
John Y: Because I LOVE how my face feels and how this stuff smells. Jan 9, 2013
Daniel F: Want to try it Jan 8, 2013
Pete M: Tried it at a family member's place and liked it. Jan 7, 2013
Nicholas C: works very well. Jan 7, 2013
JR J: skin feels refreshed after use Jan 6, 2013
CHENYU M: GOOD Jan 4, 2013
kyon k: It is for men Jan 4, 2013
Tammi M: My husband needs a good face wash as hes breaking out a lot at 47. Jan 3, 2013
Chris B: love this product. will never use any other face wash. Jan 1, 2013
Jeff P: Great product. Wakes my face up and cools it down simultaneously. Lathers up great. A little dab'll do you. Dec 31, 2012
Byungsuk C: recommended for an oily face Dec 31, 2012
Uvaldo M: Best face wash out there for Men! Dec 31, 2012
Michael M: I haven't used this product before, but I trust this line and look forward to trying it! Dec 31, 2012
Yue S: good review Dec 31, 2012
Angela S: My husband loves this. He says it makes his face feel clean. Dec 31, 2012
emily z: Great product for men. Dec 31, 2012
Jeudy M: Great facewash! does not dry out my skin. Dec 31, 2012
Janet M F: For my husband to try. He likes it. Dec 30, 2012
Mark S: I've used it for several years Dec 30, 2012
nicholas w: used before Dec 30, 2012
Scott L: gift Dec 30, 2012
Chulakorn A: I like it. Dec 30, 2012
marcia p: purchased travel kit. husband loved product. Dec 29, 2012
Brandon R: I am new to Kiehl's and just trying out some products. Dec 29, 2012
Aaron M: It gently wakes up my skin. I use it before the epidermal re-texturizing scrub. Dec 29, 2012
Ronald B: Recommended by others Dec 29, 2012
sandy f: For my husbands face. =) Dec 26, 2012
Richard V G: Have loved this product for years! Dec 24, 2012
Peter L: It makes my face feel very clean after use. Dec 24, 2012
Michael W: Clean face, no drying. Need I say more? Dec 23, 2012
Bruce R: This is equivalent to a cup of coffee. For your face. This face wash wakes me up from my deepest slumbers. Dec 22, 2012
Ricky S: The best face wash ever! Invigorating and gets you going in the morning while keeping you clean and without blemishes. Dec 21, 2012
LIA S: gift for guy who wanted anti-aging stuff, but probably wouldn't buy it himself Dec 19, 2012
Rebecca S: My husband loves the light texture and refreshing scent of the Facial Fuel Energzing Face Wash. Dec 18, 2012
mary q: Recommended by friend when looking for gift for my 17 year old son. Dec 16, 2012
Evelyn M: my brother is looking for a facewash and since he already uses Kiehls I figured might as well add the facewash Dec 16, 2012
Nicole T: Gift Dec 16, 2012
Serafima H: My husband loves this face wash. It is very refreshing and make his face very clean. Dec 16, 2012
DANIEL H: I've been using for a coule of years and love it! Dec 15, 2012
JEAN O: Good cleanser, non-drying. Dec 14, 2012
Kathleen B: per request of my son Dec 14, 2012
John D: Best men's facial wash I have ever used. Dec 14, 2012
brandi p: good reviews Dec 14, 2012
Kristina V: gift Dec 13, 2012
Jin P: recommended by friend Dec 12, 2012
Irene C: I chose these products to make a customized men's Xmas gift for college student cousin of mine. Dec 12, 2012
Thomas K: Just wanted to try if this is better than lab series face wash Dec 12, 2012
Juliet K: used previously Dec 11, 2012
Ilana G: Good product Dec 10, 2012
Colleen M: was on wish list for my son Dec 9, 2012
Ren Y: Great Product Dec 9, 2012
James H: I love it, have used it in the past Dec 9, 2012
WANYOU F: gift for my father Dec 9, 2012
James P: Facial fuel face was is the first wash I've used that actually makes my skin feel energized after using it. One of my favorite products. Dec 8, 2012
Jay C: Using it for several years. Dec 8, 2012
Nancy G: Christmas request from son-in-law Dec 7, 2012
Eun O: wanted to try this product Dec 7, 2012
Paul C: I have used this for awhile now and use it first thing in the morning. I feel like it wakes up my face so I am ready to start the day. Dec 7, 2012
Louis H: Gift; know the recipient likes it. Dec 6, 2012
Sally U: husband christmas present Dec 6, 2012
Alan M: I like the way my skin feels after using it Dec 6, 2012
Joni D: nephew asks for it every year Dec 6, 2012
Carol M: See above Dec 5, 2012
Tonya A: My boyfriend uses this product and really likes it. Dec 2, 2012
John W: I heard about it from Aziz Ansari in a GQ interview Dec 2, 2012
Rachel M: For husband Dec 2, 2012
Kathleen F: Teenage nephews LOVE Kiehl's products! Dec 2, 2012
Jeanette F: My brother uses this and needed a refill Dec 2, 2012
Betty W: My son was introduced to this product when deployed in Afgahnistan. Another veteran told him it is a great product. He has been using the product ever since and asked for these products for Christmas. Dec 1, 2012
Tanvir A: Because my girlfriend said so. Dec 1, 2012
Xue Z: My friend said that it was really good , so I want to have a try~! Nov 30, 2012
Stephane G: Fantastic face wash that doesn't dry your face. Nov 30, 2012
Christopher G: love this line Nov 25, 2012
Christopher G: great product Nov 25, 2012
Todd B: Use it daily. Nov 25, 2012
Ronald B: I love this cleanser. Best out there for men. Slight tingle leaves your face feeling cool and clean - not overly dry. Nov 25, 2012
Rocco G: have it used it like it!! Nov 24, 2012
Michelle H: son needs something to clear complexion Nov 24, 2012
Jennifer H: Dad requested it Nov 24, 2012
Michael R: A gift for someone who uses it Nov 24, 2012
Stephany T: My husband loves this!! Nov 23, 2012
Samantha S: Same brand as a requested gift item Nov 23, 2012
Sheldon D: Wanted to try it Nov 23, 2012
Jan L: My husband loves this product Nov 23, 2012
zhaohu f: TREATS Nov 23, 2012
Cong H: The description of this item seems to be something I'm looking for in a cleanser. Nov 23, 2012
William D: Use it daily Nov 21, 2012
Jindan Y: Buy it for my boyfriend. Nov 21, 2012
Denise W: i thought boyfriend would like Nov 20, 2012
CHENYU M: I bought it for my brother. this produce is work. Nov 19, 2012
Rick G: It works ! Nov 19, 2012
Janet H: used before Nov 19, 2012
luis f: reviews look promising. Now let's see if I agree with them :) Nov 18, 2012
Landon N: Got a bottle of this in a gift set a couple of years ago from my brother. Have been using it ever since. Great start to the day. Nov 16, 2012
Ethan T: i have a wet face Nov 15, 2012
Carolyn L: on gift list Nov 15, 2012
Christopher F: Friends recommendation. Nov 15, 2012
John W: I would'nt shave without first using it. Nov 15, 2012
Min Young L: as a gift for my father Nov 14, 2012
Limin H: My husband like its cream and try this! Nov 14, 2012
Hei Lam K: want to try Nov 13, 2012
Christopher S: Love this. Haven't used in a year or so. Nov 4, 2012
April S: Husband has used this for over 6 years and his face looks great! Nov 4, 2012
Lee L: Amazing face wash! Nov 2, 2012
Aaron L: I love the way my face feels after using this! And my skin has been looking better, also! Nov 2, 2012
Francisco D: Great cleanser for summer time, it helps to remove excess of facial oils. Oct 30, 2012
clifford m: I like it Oct 29, 2012
ALFRED F: first time using. Wanted to try it. Oct 28, 2012
John A: Refreshing aft er shower Oct 28, 2012
Ryan M: like the concept of a cleaning face wash that also invigorates and wakes your skin, face, and mind up Oct 24, 2012
Gang W: bought this for my husband. Oct 24, 2012
Tim S: Best facial wash I have ever used. I have many allergies and this is the best for my skin!!! Oct 23, 2012
eric m: I used it before and really liked it. Oct 22, 2012
wayne j: same as above Oct 21, 2012
pierre c: Everything that I order is great 5 stars. This stuff really cleans my face and wakes me up early in the day. I can't say enough get the product. I'm a man and I really don't shop like this. Oct 21, 2012
David M: Internet research. Oct 20, 2012
Michael L: As far as I'm concerned there is no better face wash on the planet. Oct 20, 2012
Cyrus M: Good Cleanser Oct 16, 2012
Peter Z: cleans my skin and pores well,smells good,good value Oct 16, 2012
Alexander K: Used it before and it worked well. Wanted to give it another shot. Oct 14, 2012
Ryan H: Currently use it and enjoy it. Oct 14, 2012
Catherine E: Good product. Oct 14, 2012
George M: loyal Kiehl's customer, wanting to try something new and anti-aging Oct 12, 2012
James R: I like it Oct 11, 2012
Jason F: I am house sitting for a friend and luckily they left this magic bottle in the shower for me so I've been using it. Early mornings are hard on me but this face wash snaps me out of dream land as soon as I put it on my face. It doesn't dry my combo skin out nor does it leave my skin feeling oily. Simply a perfect product. Oct 11, 2012
Mark G: past experience Oct 10, 2012
Lin M: recommend by friend Oct 9, 2012
Loveen M: clean feeling Oct 9, 2012
Christian H: Great product, re-ordering. Oct 9, 2012
Jeff J: past use Oct 7, 2012
Brian D: Giving it a try Oct 7, 2012
ryan s: Non-greasy. Love the eucalyptus scent. Skin feels refreshed. Oct 6, 2012
Jamie M: gift Oct 6, 2012
Yiming T: the same Oct 6, 2012
Robert S: This is my favorite facial wash! Oct 4, 2012
Gwendolyn K: Husband likes this facial cleanser. He has sensitive skin and it works well for him. Oct 3, 2012
John B: I use it everyday prior to shaving. Oct 3, 2012
Theodore B: bought a small bottle and like it Oct 2, 2012
Andy H: For daily facial cleanser Sep 30, 2012
James P K: Previous experience Sep 27, 2012
Adam D: Great facial cleanser, perfect for after the gym. Sep 27, 2012
Chengcheng Z: for my BF Sep 27, 2012
mark h: used before, best cleaner on the market Sep 26, 2012
Martin M: Read reviews, wanted to give it a try. Sep 26, 2012
Philip U: Good reviews. Sep 26, 2012
MARJORIE D: Wanted to try this because the Facial Fuel SPF 15 is such a great product. Sep 25, 2012
Amol J: Loved the samples Sep 24, 2012
Estan E: My friend turned me on to this a few years back and I never looked back. It's a great face wash! Sep 24, 2012
Phillip H: Really refreshes my face. Sep 24, 2012
Joseph G: because I am super dirty Sep 24, 2012
Danny H: This stuff works great! Gives me that extra spring in the morning. It smells great, it feels great, and most of all it makes me feel new! Sep 24, 2012
Stefanie P: my boyfriend only washes his face with this stuff Sep 24, 2012
Chris K: Better than bar soap. Extra clean and it doesn't dry you out. Sep 24, 2012
Reid S: this is the best face wash i have ever used. Sep 24, 2012
JANICE H: Purchased the Facial Fuel Energizing Scrub for husband in the past, which he loves, so I thought he may enjoy this product as well. Sep 23, 2012
Matthew P: It is a high quality facial cleanser for pre-shaving. Sep 23, 2012
Samson V: it has caffeine in it! Sep 23, 2012
YIFEI X: my boyfriend love it. he said this product wake his skin up everyday. Sep 23, 2012
Abbey W: Because I got a full size FF scrub and only a travel size cleanser for my man - he loves it and could use some more. Sep 23, 2012
Paul E: I've used this products for many years. I think it is a great product. Sep 23, 2012
David E: have used for past 5 years Sep 23, 2012
Ashley G: Love this product even though I'm a woman Sep 22, 2012
Lisa P: My husband loves the entire Facial Fuel line! Its great stuff! Sep 22, 2012
Kathy S: Husband uses this product. Sep 22, 2012
William F: Use this product after a long day at work to wash the city off my face and refresh me for the evening ahead. Sep 22, 2012
Tony F: Have used it for years Sep 22, 2012
Kefu X: good Sep 22, 2012
Huiyun T: This is my husband's favorite face wash! Clean but not too dry! Sep 21, 2012
minting h: I have never try it b4, but looked at the reviews, looks good! Sep 20, 2012
WEI W: had this before. I like this product. Sep 20, 2012
Shawn H: This face wash is my favorite for daily cleaning. My skin fluctuates quite a bit between oily and dry and this stuff keeps me from breaking out and drying out! Sep 20, 2012
Jason H: Used at a friend's house. Very good product. First intro to the Kiehl product line. Sep 20, 2012
James M: my go-to. great way to start the day Sep 20, 2012
Benjamin Z: used it as a part of a gift set given to me for xmas, liked it. Sep 20, 2012
David A: For the price this cleanser can't be beat. Sep 19, 2012
claudio g: because it feels good Sep 19, 2012
Ron O: very good cleaner for a tough male face. Leaves it soft Sep 19, 2012
Lisa W: My husband says this is the best face wash he has ever used! Sep 19, 2012
Marcella G: Husband loves it. Sep 19, 2012
Peter C: Purchased before, and loved it. Sep 18, 2012
Harry T: I've been using it for years. Sep 18, 2012
Christopher M: I love the facial fuel scrub so I wanted to try out the face wash. Sep 18, 2012
donna l: For both of my sons.. Sep 18, 2012
matheis j: already use it Sep 18, 2012
Thomas S: Best face wash on the planet!!! Sep 18, 2012
yiming s: good Sep 18, 2012
Nicholas F: good cleanser! Sep 17, 2012
Nathan J: excellent quick deep cooling cleanse Sep 16, 2012
Boogun C: no reason Sep 16, 2012
Ravi A: Tried samples from store and love it! Sep 14, 2012
Jared M: Good stuff Sep 14, 2012
Brian S: Evenly cleanses my face without drying out my skin. Sep 13, 2012
John G: Face feels so clean when you use Sep 12, 2012
Summer A. H: This is the best cleansers I have ever used. I work in the fashion business and see tons of cleansers! It doesn't get better than this. I use it every night and it takes the day away leaving me feeling fresh! My money is on this product! Sep 11, 2012
Michael C: Wanted to try a new face wash Sep 11, 2012
Benjamin C: Love this product. Sep 10, 2012
Tanner B: It gets rave reviews and I need an everyday cleanser that I can count on. Sep 10, 2012
Carlos G: First time I try this. I want to try daily face washers. I like face fuel in general so I'm giving this one a try Sep 10, 2012
Yiqun W: For my boyfriend Sep 10, 2012
Thomas O: Experience Sep 10, 2012
Eric M: used a friend's and liked it Sep 9, 2012
Charles C: Great clean, fresh face wash. Eliminates oil immediately. No residue, film or flowery scent. Not overly drying. Love this product - nothing like it! Sep 8, 2012
Kathy K: Used before, husband loves its Sep 7, 2012
Brian E: Have been using another product, want to try yours.
Update: I like yours better!
Sep 6, 2012
Peter F: have it and like it Sep 1, 2012
Colby W: This is a great product Aug 30, 2012
William P: I am trying some new face washes and have had success with a Kiehl's brand in the past, I wanted to see how this one worked. I like the Facial Fuel line and think this will be exactly what I'm looking for. Aug 30, 2012
Mariana O: The reviews sound great and I think it'll be perfect for my combination skin! Aug 30, 2012
Adam R: I chose this item to clean my face. Aug 30, 2012
Adam K: details magazine Aug 28, 2012
Web S: LOVE THIS PRODUCT. USE IT ALL THE TIME. Best Mens' face wash I've ever used. Aug 26, 2012
John K: I use this product. it is the best face wash. Aug 26, 2012
Brandon B: Have had good experience with other Facial Fuel products Aug 24, 2012
Nick F: Bought it before and it is great. Aug 23, 2012
Jack S: Heard great things about this facial cleanser Aug 22, 2012
Patrick W: I've been using this product for years and love it. Aug 21, 2012
Joshua E: Works great, doesn't overdry, feels fresh, have used for a few years now Aug 21, 2012
Joel B: My favorite Aug 20, 2012
James B: Like the product, happy with results...it's a reorder Aug 20, 2012
Patrick B: Solid face wash for everyday use. Lasts a long time and this has become a standard in my rotation of Kiehl's products. Aug 20, 2012
Derrell C: Use it every day, like the feel I get from applying it. Makes face feel refreshed Aug 19, 2012
Gary G: This is the only cleanser I use on my face. I've been using it for several years now and I feel my face it always clean and refreshed. Aug 18, 2012
Jonathan J S: Best face wash out there!! Refreshes the face at use -- makes my face feel very clean. Aug 18, 2012
Dennis G: It's sensational. Aug 16, 2012
Vincent P: Gentle enough for the face and makes it smooth as a babies bottom! Aug 15, 2012
Jon S: Has been great for my teenage son that suffers from acne Aug 14, 2012
Karen D: son loves it! Aug 13, 2012
Salvador A: Core product. Its a great daily wash especially if you wash multiple times per day. Aug 13, 2012
Merry B: gift for my boss Aug 13, 2012
Tay E: 1st time Aug 12, 2012
Alton W: This is one excellent face cleaner. Sometimes I leave it on my face and use it as a shaving product. Excellent results!! Aug 10, 2012
Chibueze O: I needed a face wash and the Facial Fuel moisturizer is excellent. Aug 9, 2012
Seara K: Husband loves the way it tingles on his face making it feel refreshing. Aug 9, 2012
John R: Have used recently and find an excellent product Aug 8, 2012
donte w: it does wonders for your face Aug 8, 2012
cristina n: good no oily cleanser Aug 6, 2012
Jennifer A: My husband loves this product. Aug 6, 2012
Robert B: Sounds like a good oily skin cleanser. Want to try it. Aug 5, 2012
Jessica K: Have tried it before and love it Aug 4, 2012
Ed L: gotta face Aug 2, 2012
JORGE P: And a cleanser to go with my scrub. Aug 2, 2012
Julie S: This looks like a good face wash for my boyfriend - I'm encouraging him to take better care of his skin! Aug 1, 2012
Lois H: Wanted to get a facial wash for my mate. He is always using my face wash! Jul 31, 2012
Mark B: Highly Praised, going to try for myself. Jul 29, 2012
Ruben L: It leaves my face feeling fresh and does not have the oily feeling. Jul 29, 2012
Curtis H: Seems like a good product. Willing to try it Jul 28, 2012
MALACHI K: Details Magazine Review Jul 27, 2012
Michael K: Used before. Satisfied with product. Jul 26, 2012
Gabriel R: Love the clean feeling, never dries out my face. great product. Jul 26, 2012
Joseph C: always use this Jul 26, 2012
Joseph C: I always use this product when I shower or wake up in the morning. Jul 26, 2012
James D: It's good stuff Jul 25, 2012
carlos c: The energizing wash was recommended on a yahoo article on male grooming products. Jul 22, 2012
Risean C: provides a clean wash
and leaves my face fresh
Jul 22, 2012
Lucio E: I liked the recommendation I read in your website. Jul 21, 2012
Susan F: My husband loves this product, it has made such difference! Jul 20, 2012
David O: Wanted to try something new Jul 17, 2012
William F: Great base for shaving Jul 17, 2012
Joe O: been using with facial fuel creme..... best all around face wash i've ever used. Will never change. Jul 16, 2012
Nolina B: So my boyfriend and I can use this together Jul 16, 2012
William W: i like this product line and use the moisturizer and eye creams as well. Jul 16, 2012
Finlay G: use regularly and like it" also like this as travel size Jul 16, 2012
Finlay G: use regularly and like it Jul 16, 2012
May T: Second bottle. Jul 16, 2012
Emily L: I love the larger version of this face wash so much, that I'm happy to find a smaller travel size to take with me on trips. Again, great stuff. Jul 16, 2012
Glenn S: Best men's facial cleanser out there Jul 16, 2012
Nakhyun C: I have been using this product for many years and I feel really great when I use this cleanser Jul 16, 2012
Huabo Q: have used it before Jul 15, 2012
Austin S: Good reviews in Details magazine Jul 15, 2012
Guiwei Z: For my boyfriend. Jul 15, 2012
HAKJOON K: used it before. works well. Jul 13, 2012
Dan H: previous experience and satisfaction with results. Jul 13, 2012
Michael W: Love the moisturizing Jul 11, 2012
JR F: needed more Jul 11, 2012
nicholas b: magazine Jul 10, 2012
Brian E. B: Works very well with my oily skin. Doesn't dry or irritate. Great to use mid-day at the office! Jul 9, 2012
Steven K: Have used before. Like it. Jul 9, 2012
ROBERT R: I have used it in the past and think its a great product. Jul 8, 2012
Mack M: I've been using Kiehl's Facial Fuel Energizing Face wash. I have very oil skin so I don't use this every day. I prefer the Ultra Facial Oil-Free Cleanser. However, a few days a week I will use this as it has a refreshing feel and doesn't overdry the skin. Jul 7, 2012
Donald M: I currently use the energizing scrub daily. I wanted to use something other then the skin buffer for daily use. Jul 7, 2012
Donna W: wanted to get for my hubby. Hoping to give the old m,an a fresher look ! hah! Jul 5, 2012
Alton W: I have been using this face wash for at least two years. I has provided me with a clean and fresh feeling with no drying. I highly recommend this product Jul 3, 2012
Rich L: For when you want to feel clean and refreshed. Use it with a clarisonic for amazing results. Jul 2, 2012
Gayle V: This is a regular order for my husband. He loves. Jul 2, 2012
David B: used for two years. perfect and lasts a long long time Jul 2, 2012
Laura R: works great Jun 30, 2012
Theodore J Y: Great eye-opener in the morning, really wakes up the whole face. Jun 30, 2012
Christopher M M: What to try something tohelp with break outs after shaving. Tried all types but will try due to the reviews. Jun 30, 2012
Robert F: It's great. I've been using it for years. Jun 29, 2012
erik s: Great face wash, gentle yet thorough. Jun 29, 2012
Timothy H: Good reviews, so I wanted to give it a try. Jun 29, 2012
DELORES S: Was introduced to it at the Kiehls in London Heathrow Airport, my husband loved it! Jun 28, 2012
Elex S: Saw this on Yahoo's top grooming products Jun 26, 2012
Michael E: Daily product. Invigorating. Doesn't dry skin out. Jun 25, 2012
Steve G: Cleans without over drying. Fresh scent. Does not cause a sensitive reaction on my skin, which is key for me. Jun 25, 2012
andrea l: My husband LOVES this stuff! Best out there! Jun 25, 2012
peter s: I used before Jun 24, 2012
Susan D: Husband's favorite. Jun 24, 2012
Nicholas A: Details magazine review Jun 24, 2012
Timothy R: Saw it on a yahoo article. Jun 22, 2012
George G: because i heard it cleans your face and will make my face clean of pimple so my mom can look at me without shame. Jun 21, 2012
Jorge M: Saw on article online, top rated product Jun 21, 2012
Alfred Z: This was voted as Number One product on the news. Jun 21, 2012
April D: It was mentioned by a Male tv host on a talk show Jun 21, 2012
John O: Absolutely LOVE this face wash! My wife even likes to use it! Jun 21, 2012
Jakob M: Yahoo had it as their best face wash for men. Jun 20, 2012
Suzanne C: Husband loves it! Jun 19, 2012
Tim T: A shower staple of mine for years. Refreshing, light, and cleansing! Jun 19, 2012
Chris B: I have never gotten excited about Soap. I'm excited about this soap! Makes your skin feel ALIVE. Amazing for pre-shave as it makes your hair stand up. Jun 19, 2012
William R: used the product in the past and loved it Jun 19, 2012
Bradley S: a staple in my shower Jun 19, 2012
Arun R: I like it. Jun 19, 2012
Thomas M: What I always use to clean my face. Jun 18, 2012
Rebecca F: It's the only facial wash my husband will use. Smells great too! Jun 18, 2012
David S: worlds greatest product Jun 17, 2012
sangwan p: I want to use this one Jun 16, 2012
Jeffrey D: Just an all around good face wash. Cleanses my face and washes away clean. The best face wash I have ever used. Jun 16, 2012
Shayne H: I read about it in a magazine. Justin Timberlake said Kiehl's was the best facial cleanser on the marked, so I thought I'd give it a try. I've tried every facial soap imaginable, and this one exceeds them all. Jun 16, 2012
Michelle G: boyfriend loves it Jun 13, 2012
Sylvia G: My husband loves the fresh feeling of this facial wash. Jun 13, 2012
ronnie o: hands down best face wash ever Jun 12, 2012
Mike L: Best facial cleanser on the market Jun 10, 2012
Martin O: Like the way it makes my skin feel. Seem to have less breakouts when using this cleanser. Jun 10, 2012
Paul M: Cleanses really well Jun 9, 2012
richard c: saw it in details magazine Jun 9, 2012
HEWEN L: I always use this one, and I like it Jun 8, 2012
Byung-il L: One of Detail Magazine's Reader's Choice Award for personal hygiene products. Jun 8, 2012
Andrew T: This is a refill. I love this stuff! It is part of my morning wake up... Jun 7, 2012
richard s: I wanted to try your product since I have never have. Jun 7, 2012
Orelia K: Naturally, a good moisturizer to follow is always important. I use Kiehl's also! Jun 6, 2012
J. Joseph W: My skin looks the way it does because I take care of my skin and with Kiehl's products. BUT...it's this face wash that I give serious props to. For someone who has middle of the road skin, this product energizes my skin, gives it a good cleaning and doesn't leave my skin feeling dry. Best product ever! Jun 6, 2012
Jacob B: It got voted best Face Wash in Details. Jun 6, 2012
Jeremy C: great daily face wash Jun 5, 2012
Rita M: My husband will use nothing else--thoroughly cleans his skin without dehydrating. Jun 5, 2012
Paul Z: use regularly Jun 5, 2012
Wayne S: Readers' Choice in Details 2012 Grooming Awards Jun 4, 2012
Anthony P: as far as im concerned, best product that I have bought... unfortunately some of the other products you offer havent lived up to the price Jun 4, 2012
Eric H: Read about it in details magazine Jun 4, 2012
andrew s: been using this for years. great pre-shave face wash. Jun 4, 2012
Benjamin W: The scent of this product is largely why I buy this over and over, while the caffeine and citrus also leave your skin feeling awakened as well. Follow this cleanser with the Facial Fuel Moisturizer and you'll instantly feel fresh and ready to go any morning with a clean scent and cool feeling. Jun 4, 2012
John V: I like the way it makes my face feel . Jun 1, 2012
Chad D: Love the smell and clean feel May 31, 2012
Kevin J: been using this since it first came out, best face wash for my skin May 31, 2012
Keith M: I have been using this product for the past two years. When I run out - I buy more. May 29, 2012
James H: wanted to try something new May 28, 2012
Carlos M: I use this product daily and love the results. May 28, 2012
Steven D: great product and have used in past and received as gift. repurchasing May 27, 2012
T.Jay L: I received a free bottle of this for completing a Loreal survey and I love the stuff! May 26, 2012
Warren O: Tried it and liked it. May 25, 2012
Brandon C: Need it like coffee. May 23, 2012
Roger M: Cleanses but does not dry out my skin. One container goes a long way as you only need about a quarter-sized amount to wash your face. May 21, 2012
Brent C: Received in Xmas gift basket and I liked that it didn't dry out my face May 20, 2012
Jenifer L: love this May 20, 2012
Amber K: My husband swears by this face wash, he absolutely loves it! May 20, 2012
Laurette K: fathers day--hubby loves May 19, 2012
Seema A: My husband is a big fan of the Facial Fuel. I must confess that I am as well! You need only a pea-sized amount, the formula is never drying, yet is great for problematic spots. Refreshing on the skin, aromatic and rejuvinating. May 18, 2012
Ben S: its a good soap to use to wash my face with each morning in the shower May 17, 2012
JASON H: This face wash really helps energize you in the morning. Great start to the day. May 17, 2012
Jeremy N: best face was for men! May 17, 2012
Lawrence R: I already own it and enjoy the product. May 16, 2012
Joseph G: Details Magazine May 2012 issue. May 16, 2012
Todd B: Love this stuff for cleansing my face and head daily. I shave my head with a razor so this helps keep my skin clean and clear.. May 15, 2012
Corey S: I've been using this product for the past 5 years and I LOVE IT!!!!!! May 15, 2012
Ricardo C: Recommended by a friend who uses the product May 15, 2012
Jeff J: Clean and cool feel May 14, 2012
Casey A: I finished my other bottle and I like the way it leaves my skin feeling May 14, 2012
Warren O: My face is often irritated by shaving. Wanted to try this one for pre-shave. May 13, 2012
Dongwoo K: Recommendations on the internet made me choose it. May 11, 2012
The C: I have used (and loved) other products in the line and I need a new cleanser, so I thought I'd give it a go! May 9, 2012
Linda D: This is the only facial cleanser my husband will use for about the past 5 years. He loves it! May 8, 2012
saya L: i heard that it is good for oily T-zone. May 8, 2012
Michael M: It's awake up call! May 6, 2012
James P: Invigorating facial wash. I have moderately oily skin and this wash controls the oil very well. Smells good too. May 6, 2012
Jennifer S: My husband uses this product and it is about run out. May 6, 2012
Joseph L: very good face wash. May 5, 2012
Daniel F: It really leaves your face refreshed and feeling clean. May 4, 2012
Aaron S: I've been using this for a couple of years and it leaves my face feeling cool and clean... a feeling that lasts most of the day. May 3, 2012
Jason R: Needed a good wash for my face. Something to combat the occasional pimple. May 3, 2012
Betty B: Son has friend who uses it and loves it! May 3, 2012
Greg P: It works May 3, 2012
Paul M: Because I would like to expand to other Kiehls products May 2, 2012
Kristy P: My son uses this fash wash. May 1, 2012
Scott S: My go-to everyday face wash. Apr 30, 2012
Suzanne S: My husband likes how his face feels when using Kiehl's products. This one sounds great. Apr 30, 2012
Dalee S: reviews Apr 28, 2012
Michael H: Read article in WSJ. Apr 28, 2012
Yi W: reviews look good and wanna buy it as a gift for my father Apr 28, 2012
Susan D: Husband also likes this product Apr 28, 2012
alex s: love this face wash would not use anything else its a must have Apr 26, 2012
Edward L: Cleanses extremely well without drying my skin. Love the subtle fragrance. Apr 26, 2012
Martha A: trying somthing new for husband Apr 25, 2012
peter s: i saw it in a mens magazine and i have use your products before but amazon had it but was charging to much for shipping it was almost three times the face value of product. Apr 23, 2012
Tracy O: Great for guys that love a fresh minty feeling. Apr 20, 2012
Eric J: To energixe me in the morning Apr 20, 2012
Michael S: Wakes up my face and leaves a clean feeling Apr 19, 2012
Brooke S: I got this for my boyfriend for Christmas and he loved it! Apr 18, 2012
Christine v: My husband received this as a gift and loves it. Apr 17, 2012
Keith M: Great cleanser for oily skin. Apr 16, 2012
joshua R: It is my favorite face wash. Apr 15, 2012
Mihir M: smells like poison Apr 15, 2012
Jennifer M: Fiancee tried a sample and liked it. Weaning him off Nivea products! Apr 15, 2012
John R: My skin has scaring from teenage acne.
This product has made the scaring less prominent
Apr 13, 2012
Eleazar A: website ad Apr 13, 2012
George J: love this product.....i apply then wait 5 minutes before shaving...results in a very very smooth shave Apr 13, 2012
xiang z: TRY IT Apr 13, 2012
weiyi f: well use Apr 12, 2012
David Y: This is my daily wash. Awesome. Apr 12, 2012
Amy J: My husband has been using this for years. HE LOVES IT!!! Apr 12, 2012
brett f: have used this product for the last 6 years and enjoy the clean fresh feeling Apr 12, 2012
Timur A: Makes my face feel fresh and alive in the mornings and helps me have a clean shave. Apr 12, 2012
Lino Marko R: b/c I love it Apr 11, 2012
ALVIN L H: I need a new face wash Apr 11, 2012
Nash B: Already use this product Apr 10, 2012
Douglas L: I have been using it for the last 5+ years and use nothing else. Love this stuff. Apr 10, 2012
Jonathan G: The description of this product seemed to be something I need. Apr 9, 2012
Justin L: love this item, feels good right out of the shower or right after a shave Apr 9, 2012
Robert W: love the moisturizer Apr 9, 2012
Justine L: Wanted to get this for my husband to try. Apr 6, 2012
julia s: friend's advice Apr 6, 2012
Perry O: Liked it from store purchase Apr 3, 2012
Michael D: it was a gift first....now I'm addicted Apr 2, 2012
luke j: this is as important as my morning coffee...try and understand why Apr 2, 2012
dana c: love to product Apr 1, 2012
April S: It is the only product my husband will use to wash his face. He has sensitive skin and it doesn't break out his face Apr 1, 2012
Chi N: I did research and learned that Kiehl was in the top of the best products for men. So, I want to try once. Mar 31, 2012
Alex R: Facial Fuel is the best. It has caffeine in it, and it makes your face tingle when you use it. Really good stuff. I don't foresee myself going back to any other facewash in the future. Mar 30, 2012
Brian A: Have used in the past and like results. Mar 29, 2012
Audrey A: My husband uses this and asked for more. Mar 28, 2012
Jason V: THis is a great face wash in the morning. It does not leave the skin dry like soaps do. It is invigorating without being irritating. Mar 26, 2012
Rose L: My Husband has been using this for a little over a year and has loved it. Mar 25, 2012
Jonathon S: was purchasing aftershave and thought this might be good also Mar 24, 2012
Peter H: Perfect for Travel Mar 23, 2012
ak a asked: does this help with acne? Jun 20, 2012
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Anony Y: Yes, although this product was not formulated to help with acne, it does help as it removes excess facial oil, or sebum. However, you MUST MUST MUST use the Facial Fuel moisturizer with it, too. Otherwise, you will get unnecessary redness and irritation, your skin will try to counteract that by producing more sebum, and you're back at square one. Aug 20, 2014
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A shopper asked: What would be the best product for minimizing pores and control too much oilyness? Dec 31, 2013
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Anh N asked: I am 18. Should I use this product? Sep 20, 2013
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steven c: 18? No!!!!
If you read the fine print on the bottle it says it's made for 1-17 & 19- 90. Good thing you asked!
Sep 20, 2013
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John A: It's great beore or after shaving. Sep 20, 2013
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michael b: yes Oct 12, 2013
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A shopper asked: Does the 16.9 oz. version come with a pump? Oct 17, 2013
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John B: Yes, and is great for the shower. Oct 17, 2013
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Ariana B: No, it does not
Oct 17, 2013
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Michael C: Yes it does! Oct 17, 2013
Reply to Michael Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
David H: Nope Oct 17, 2013
Reply to David Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Ben S: no Oct 17, 2013
Reply to Ben Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Jing J: I don't know, i bought the small size one. Oct 17, 2013
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A shopper asked: Deciding between this and the Kiehl's Blue cleanser. Any thoughts? I don't have too oily skin and don't break out but I do like the way the Blue cleanser wipes away all the daily grime and sweat. Jul 7, 2013
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Michael R: The blue cleaners is great for removing grime and sweat, but if you something to wash your face before you shave Energizing Facw Wash preps your perfectly to get a nice close shave. Jul 7, 2013
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Jing J: I bought it for my husband, he like it, I also used it sometimes, wash my face clean, left the face skin soft. Jul 8, 2013
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A shopper asked: Good for medium to oily skin? Oct 16, 2012
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John H: My skin is slightly oily and the energizer leaves my face clean and oil free. It also massages the skin with invigorating feeling. I like this stuff. Oct 16, 2012
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Les N: GREAT Product.....GREAT Results for "Oily" skin Oct 16, 2012
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A shopper asked: Does the large 16.9 oz Facial Fuel Cleaner come in a pump bottle? Oct 21, 2013
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Zac T: Yes and worth the investment. I purchased the 16.9 oz face wash back in January and probably have a couple months left before running out. One pump provides enough soap to wash your face and neck as it lathers up pretty good. Oct 22, 2013
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A shopper asked: is it good for asia skin? May 14, 2012
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J. Joseph W: I have pretty straight forward skin. Not a lot of acne, but I'm active so I need to wash my skin daily. I find this to be a superior daily face wash. May 14, 2012
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A shopper asked: Kiehl’s Insider Tip: For a close, comfortable shave, use along with Facial Fuel Energizing Scrub to help break down tough facial hair and minimize ingrown hairs and other skin irritations related to shaving.

Should I use the Energizing Scrub before the Face Wash?
Apr 24, 2012
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Austin M: i only use the energizing scrub before i shower.

i would not recommend both at the same time..
Apr 24, 2012
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Product Babbles asked: How often should this product be used? Is it safe for use on children's as well? Pls help. Sep 22, 2014
Facial Fuel Energizing Face Wash
Facial Fuel Energizing Face Wash
Bath and Shower Liquid Body Cleanser
Bath and Shower Liquid Body Cleanser
Facial Fuel
Facial Fuel
Eye Alert
Eye Alert
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A shopper asked: Is this for someone with sensitive skin? Aug 18, 2014
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Jennifer T asked: I got a sample of this facial fuel cleanser and I fell in love with it. Not until I got done using it did I notice it was for men. Does it matter? Because I was going to purchase some for myself. I'm a 40 year old woman and I have noticed dryer skin, so I would also like to know if this cleanser would help? I'm tired of spending money on stuff that doesn't work. Not until I bit the bullet and spent more than what I'm used to spending and started using Kiehl's. It is AMAZING!!! Mar 14, 2013
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A shopper asked: Is it good for dry skin? Mar 12, 2013
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William H asked: does facial fuel cleanser come in larger than 8.4 oz size ? Aug 23, 2012
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