Musk Shower Gel

A richly-foaming bath and shower gel
  • Leaves skin superbly soft, clean, and sensuously fragranced with the distinctly modern scent that is Kiehl's Original Musk
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"The aroma is absolutely incredible and I love how soft and clean my skin feels."

Rokiah, Kiehl’s Insider

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How to Apply:
-In the shower, massage foaming bath and shower gel onto skin with a wash cloth and rinse off
-For a luxurious and sensuous bubble bath, pour several palmfuls (or more if desired) into running water
-Follow after bathing with our Original Musk Body Lotion

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera

Derived from the aloe vera plant this ingredient has been known to soften, soothe and comfort skin.
See all products with Aloe Vera


15% Plant-based Glycerin: A renowned skincare ingredient that works as a moisture magnet and pulls essential moisture into skin. It is highly compatible with skin and also creates a “reservoir effect”, enhancing the water-holding capacity of the skin and ultimately helping to provide skin elasticity and plumpness and facilitates epidermal barrier function. The glycerin used in this formula is plant-based and can be derived from sources including palm fruit, rapeseed and coconut. .

SOH-dee'-uhm PEA SEE AY

Sodium PCA is a naturally occurring humectant in the skin, partly responsible for the skin’s moisture-binding capacity. It is derived from amino acids and is highly water absorbing. Due to its moisture-binding ability, it is a high performance humectant which increases the skin’s softness when added to products.

Musk Shower Gel
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Kiehl's Since 1851 Store asked: Why did you choose this?
Andrew S: great smelling clean, nice foam Sep 19, 2014
June T: First time trying. Sep 19, 2014
Lori m: Like musk oil. Sep 17, 2014
Antoinette C: I love to layer this with the matching toilette spray, Sep 16, 2014
Sheena S: I love heady, sexy scents. I can't wait to try this out. Sep 15, 2014
Debi C: Good reviews. Wanted to try something different. Sep 15, 2014
Elizabeth D: My husband loves this shower gel and our local store has been out of stock for several weeks. Sep 13, 2014
Daniel Y: Love and have worn the Original Musk Eau De Toilette spray for years, so when I saw this cleanser I couldn't wait to try it! Sep 13, 2014
Montgomery F: to smell good Sep 12, 2014
Mary Alice P: same Sep 11, 2014
Tabitha T: Gift for my mom Sep 10, 2014
Susan C: Husband has used this for a couple of years. He has sensitive skin and loves it. Smells great too! Sep 9, 2014
Janet F: Thought I would give it a try. Sep 9, 2014
C P P: The shower gels do not dry out your skin. This one is nice because the fragrance is the same as the musk cologne. Sep 7, 2014
Wendy B: Love the smell of Patchouli :) Sep 2, 2014
Michael B: It's a FAVORITE Sep 2, 2014
adam s: smells great. Sep 1, 2014
ellen j: love the fragrance Aug 31, 2014
David C: This is a perfect shower wash that layers the Musk Lotion and Musk fragrance.. Lots of compliments Aug 25, 2014
Toni G: Repeat purchase. Love the product Aug 20, 2014
Gae X: My everyday shower gel to go with my Musk #1 spray cologne. Can't do without it. Compliments everyday on how good I smell. Aug 17, 2014
Marybeth C: I have used it and liked it Aug 15, 2014
Dena S: thought I'd try it Aug 14, 2014
PEI-FANG L: my husband really like it!!!!!!!! Aug 9, 2014
Madeline V: I wanted to try this scent Aug 8, 2014
Barak Z: smells good, you should make a larger pump version Aug 7, 2014
Mariana O: The user reviews are fantastic Aug 6, 2014
Roberta L: I have dry skin and this sounds like it might help Aug 6, 2014
Sally H: I chose this product to compliment the cologne of the same that I also purchased on the recommendation of Julianna Moore, a woman in her 50's as am i, in OK magazine this month. I love Musk and she states it is the only one she buys and lo and behold affordable to me too!! Aug 2, 2014
Anat C: very clean and fresh Jul 29, 2014
Marie M: Thought it would be nice with the spray Jul 29, 2014
Juri H: my husband loves this Jul 29, 2014
Sheryl R: incredible smell, invigorating and clean! Jul 20, 2014
angela f: to try Jul 19, 2014
Linda M: It smells amazing and works wonderfully. Jul 19, 2014
lisa s: LOVE IT. Jul 18, 2014
Kemi S: I purchase this product before and my husband liked it. Jul 12, 2014
James C: I've used this product before and loved the way my skin responded to it. Jul 10, 2014
Judith S R: I Like It! Jul 9, 2014
Rayna E: love MUSK, always have. Jul 5, 2014
jeannie f: smelled it on someone Jun 30, 2014
Ricky S: good reviews Jun 30, 2014
Sandra D: Husband loves it and gentle arona Jun 29, 2014
Cheryl N: can't get enough of this scent ! Jun 28, 2014
Sharon L S: NO ANSWER Jun 28, 2014
Anthony A: It is hands down the best shower gel that I have ever used. I receive compliments on a daily basis due to this product. And a little goes a long way. Jun 25, 2014
Debbie B: It is my staple scent and blends well with the Musk Lotion and the Musk spray. Jun 23, 2014
Patricia M: long time user, I love it !! Jun 22, 2014
Barbara W: LOVE the fragrance Jun 20, 2014
Raj P: Kiehl's Musk has a great scent. I use the Eau Du Toilette and will now compliment it with the highly rated Body Wash. Jun 16, 2014
Ian C: Returning, didn't like the scent. Jun 14, 2014
Roger W: I like its fragrance. May 30, 2014
Daniel G: because i was told to May 29, 2014
Nick M: wanted to get free shipping May 28, 2014
Mary W: Awesome scent May 23, 2014
Brice T: I've really liked this body wash in the past because it has lasted a long time. It seems like a little goes a long ways. However, this was not the case with my last bottle. I'm not sure if Kiehl's is diluting the solution to increase profit margins, but a little no longer went a long ways. It took more to do the same job, with the same scrubby thing. I'm getting another bottle just to be sure. May 19, 2014
Sandra V: love musk scent. May 19, 2014
Jo S: I have been using this shower gel since my son gave me a gift of it several years ago. There is a spray fragrance that matches and I use that also. I love the smell. May 19, 2014
linda c: FABULOUS FEEL AND AROMA May 19, 2014
Edward D: Never tried before. May 18, 2014
Janet H: This is my favorite shower gel May 18, 2014
k w: love the smell and the way it makes my skin feel May 18, 2014
nina k: nice body wash May 18, 2014
Joyce A: I used to shop at Kiehl's Pharmacy in NYC, early 1970s. Since you no longer seem to have "RAIN", my favorite, "MUSK" is the next best choice fragrance. May 17, 2014
Gregory S: smells amazing May 17, 2014
Brandon R: Product has good reviews and I love Kiehls products so just giving it a try. May 17, 2014
Mercedes J: Hoping to fall in love with it , like I did with the fragrance. May 17, 2014
Karen C: fragrance May 16, 2014
Janet L: Because it is AWESOME! May 16, 2014
nick L: Best ever! Reliable. Tried and true May 16, 2014
Wendy C: I am traveling, this is a great scent and volume for me to feel good in other country. I love to smell good and fresh. May 15, 2014
Kathy B: I only ever had the musk oil, a friend got me the shower gel & the body lotion as a gift. at first I thought it would be overkill, but it was such a nice layering effect. May 15, 2014
ajay j: The gel was given to me for Christmas last year and I loved it. Will definitely recommend to friends! May 13, 2014
Sheila M: My husband loves the scent of this shower gel. I have to make sure we stock our bathroom with it now. May 10, 2014
James S: Gorgeous, man smelling luxury cleanser May 9, 2014
susanne d: smells great May 2, 2014
Scott J: I have used the Musk Shower Gel for years and find it refreshing! May 1, 2014
Cindy T: awesome product! Apr 24, 2014
frank L: awesome Apr 24, 2014
Vicki W: I have been using your Muck oil Fragrance since the 70's. I tried the oil a few weeks ago and it's GREAT. I am afraid of running out so I ordered some more. Apr 20, 2014
anne marie s.: love the scent and feel on my skin. Apr 20, 2014
Malissa A: I love the feel and smell. Apr 18, 2014
Nate B: Smell wonderful! Apr 17, 2014
Rebecca B: I love Musk scents for myself. Apr 16, 2014
suzanne t: smells good Apr 5, 2014
Linda M: I love the fragrance. Apr 5, 2014
Sherry M: such good reviews by customers Mar 29, 2014
Pamela R: Makes my husband smell fantastic. Mar 27, 2014
jamie d: signature fragrance for a very long time. Mar 24, 2014
Erica S: For my fiance Mar 18, 2014
Wanda L: WAnted to try. Like body washes. Mar 14, 2014
Katherine S: This is the nicest Musk Oil! Mar 12, 2014
Debbie M: Smells clean and delicious. Mar 10, 2014
Suzanne K: the smell Mar 5, 2014
Amy Y: Love musk based products Mar 4, 2014
Jo Lynn B: I received this as a gift and love it. I also was given the musk lotion Mar 1, 2014
Donovan W: I want a manly shower gel. Wosh pricing was better though. Feb 24, 2014
Christopher B: Was given it as a gift and love the way it smells and lathers. Been purchasing for myself ever since. Feb 17, 2014
Shiraz J: This is my winter soap, it smells great, and goes perfectly with my musk oil. Feb 16, 2014
Jennifer A: This is my favorite product and scent! Feb 15, 2014
Diane A: I'm a musk oil woman--just ordered 2 bottles yesterday. This seems like the perfect compliment to it. Feb 11, 2014
teresa f: smells so clean Feb 11, 2014
Wayne I: I like this Product Feb 6, 2014
Dwight S: A manly shower and skin cleaner for minimal fragrance but strong cleaning force. Feb 3, 2014
Dana H: Smells good. A treat. Jan 31, 2014
Mario J: I purchased the musk spray from Nordstrom's and I'm interested to see how the shower gel smells and cleans. I want to purchase the Musk oil next and use all three products in a layering effect. Jan 28, 2014
Mary Ann S: Classic and clean scent. It is like aromatherapy with each shower. Just the perfect strength- fresh but not overpowering. I get compliments often on my scent.
Please offer a larger size!!
Jan 27, 2014
Kevin B: want to try Jan 27, 2014
Kyle K: I enjoy the Kiehls bar soap, but I also wanted a gel to occasionally use. Jan 18, 2014
Alene B: Gave it to my son as a gift, he loves it Jan 16, 2014
AnnMarie M: smells & feels clean Jan 10, 2014
Jerry M H: A step back in time, but nicely modern soap. Jan 7, 2014
Scott H: Its a great shower gel for men with a subtle scent Jan 5, 2014
Joy H: Wanted to try it...I like the musk oil...thought it might be a good compliment. Dec 31, 2013
Vivica Y: The smell Dec 31, 2013
Alexis L: best smelling shower gel i've ever used. Dec 31, 2013
Medha K: I love the clean fresh smell and the non-drying effect on my skin. Dec 30, 2013
VERNICE G: loves the lather Dec 30, 2013
Mary L: Smells so clean & fresh & makes your skin feel so soft. Dec 24, 2013
Theodora Y: gift for daughter-in-law Dec 21, 2013
JUANITA H: love the smell Dec 19, 2013
Pari S: Have been using it for many years and love the scent. Dec 18, 2013
Ryan O: The smell... Dec 15, 2013
Edwin W: It came recommended to me by those who made me aware of the Musk essence oil Dec 15, 2013
Louise H: It's a scent both my husband and I like. Not too manly and not to flowery. Dec 14, 2013
Patricia L: I just love the scent of the Keihls Musk. It smells delicious! Dec 13, 2013
Claire B: New Dec 11, 2013
Linda A: For my son Dec 11, 2013
Galen B: one of our favorites. did not find it on website or would have bought it Dec 10, 2013
Valeta P: I love the musk scent and this is perfect to layer under the oil. This gel never leaves your skin feeling taught and dry or itchy! Dec 10, 2013
Sandy A: This is a "sneak it in the shower" product for a man in my life who eschews colognes/aftershaves; however, he'll use whatever is near to hand in the shower. My wish is that the smell lingers for some time after being used. I also hope it's evocative of some of the older musk scents popular back in my stomping days. Dec 10, 2013
Kimberly G: Makes my man smell like a man Dec 9, 2013
Frances C: This combined with the body lotion & Musk Essence Oil lasts all day. And very little of the oil required. One word to describeâ?¦.intoxicating! Dec 9, 2013
Daniel S: I use this every day! Dec 8, 2013
Leonard D: Perfect combo, wonderful (personal signature type) scent, Dec 8, 2013
Candace B: I choose to purchase based on the reviews. LOVE it! The smell is wonderful. Will definitely be purchasing again! Dec 6, 2013
carol m: absolutely love the smell.. Dec 4, 2013
Areefa K: I haven't used this before but I do have the musk oil roll on and I just love the scent. Dec 4, 2013
anne s: I love this classic, sexy scent. Dec 2, 2013
kathy b: just want to try Dec 2, 2013
John B: something new Dec 2, 2013
Shelia J: My favorite! Dec 2, 2013
Lory H: I enjoy the fragrance, unfortunately it made my skin a little itichy. Dec 2, 2013
Ben F: couldn't afford the eau de toilette Dec 1, 2013
erika b: smells AMAZING Dec 1, 2013
Janice B: A gift to go with my daughters favorite fragrance Nov 29, 2013
Sherry R: Requested gift item. Nov 28, 2013
susan z: Best smelling Kiehl's product. Great for your skin. Nov 28, 2013
Thad H: I LOVE the smell of this. The musk cologne is my scent!!!! Nov 27, 2013
carl p: For it's awesome subtle fragrance. Nov 27, 2013
David D: i love it! Nov 26, 2013
matthew s: love the smell Nov 24, 2013
Sean O: Christmas Gift Nov 24, 2013
Cynthia S: Gift Nov 20, 2013
Jill L: wonderful light musk scent. Nov 19, 2013
Raquel M: Sounds like a nice gift! Nov 18, 2013
Linda T: love the scent of musk Nov 18, 2013
Julie B: love the scent Nov 18, 2013
John L: smells good Nov 15, 2013
Stacey K O: Love the scent. Nov 15, 2013
Rachel N: My favorite scent in a great shower gel that imparts long-lasting fragrance on my skin. Nov 14, 2013
Shellie A: the fragrance is intoxicating. People stop me and ask me what I'm wearing, especially men! Nov 13, 2013
Pat P: Requested by a gift recipient Nov 11, 2013
Erin C: love the musk perfume so wanted to try this Nov 11, 2013
Charlotte s: Love the smell so natural Nov 11, 2013
Alvin S: Been using pour homme for years, just want to try your musk. Nov 10, 2013
Andrew D: The scent is by far the best I have come by, wouldn't pick anything else. Nov 8, 2013
Christina B: I love the scent. Nov 4, 2013
Mrs Vanessa M: Have been a fan of this fragrance for years. My husband always compliments this one. Now he gets his own bottle. Nov 2, 2013
M L J: favorite scent Nov 1, 2013
Flavia D: smells good Oct 19, 2013
EMILY J: I love musk and the reviews made it sound wonderful Oct 16, 2013
Judy T: great start to great smell Oct 16, 2013
Phyllis C: Fragrance Oct 14, 2013
David T: To combine the same essence. I hope some day make deodorant to match them. Sep 30, 2013
paula S: It has a smell so pleasant and make your skin feel good Sep 22, 2013
Patricia G: Love the clean fresh scent! Sep 20, 2013
ramon g: used before Sep 16, 2013
Susan B: Never used before. Very excited! Sep 11, 2013
Dr Peter E S: It smells good Sep 4, 2013
Margaret R: I've been buying this for years for my husband, he smells good and is so clean, I love him and this!! Aug 31, 2013
Dominique M: I love the fragrance Aug 29, 2013
Nicole R: smells amazing just use a little and the faint smell all day is pleasant Aug 25, 2013
Li ting H: My sister used it and loved it. This will be a gift for her and her son. He loves it too. Aug 24, 2013
Nancy L: To try it. Aug 18, 2013
Ross C: I really like the stuff I was using from Molton Brown but it was expensive and I really like your shampoo and conditioner. I wish you all had a better selection of Men's Shower gels. Aug 15, 2013
Mary M: Love the fragrance Jul 31, 2013
CG W: I love the shower gel and the musk oil scent. The gel is easy on my dry skin and the scent makes me happy!! Jul 16, 2013
David T: my usual soap Jul 15, 2013
Jingwei G: To have a try Jul 14, 2013
Michael T: Already use it; love its smell Jul 7, 2013
evan D: My friend wears this and my mother thinks he smells glorious. Jul 5, 2013
Tammy S: Yummy fragrance that holds its own throughout the day. A good way to start your bathing experience. Jun 28, 2013
Dustin C: Online reviews. Jun 18, 2013
Jane B: I LOVE the smell of Kiehl's Musk-in whatever form it comes in Jun 17, 2013
Elissa M: Wanted to layer with Original Musk scent. Jun 17, 2013
Jay R: I like the musk oil scent and have been using the body wash for about 10 years. It too is a clean, male wash and smell. Jun 16, 2013
elizabeth t: divine scent and good cleaning & moisturizing properties Jun 15, 2013
Robin D: I love the smell of this. It's exotic yet still light. It's part of my bedtime ritual. Jun 15, 2013
Vanessa P: I wanted to try it. I read the reviews and I decided I wanted to experience it for myself. Jun 15, 2013
Karen K: I loved the body lotion smell and feel. So now I want to try the shower gel! Jun 14, 2013
DEBORAH C: Wonderful scent, softens and moisturizes skin, suds easily...a little goes a long way. My favorite body wash, by far! Jun 14, 2013
Frances B: It is great! Jun 14, 2013
shannon m: I'm trying this for the first time based on one of the reviews that I identified with - she's a simple woman that needs a simple cleanser, just like me. Oh and it's Kiehl's... Jun 13, 2013
Julia L: Love the classic frangrance, both my boyfriend and I can use this. Jun 13, 2013
Leigh S: I have used this for years - it is my signature fragrance. My mother used it also, and my girls tell me I "smell like Nana" a distinct compliment. Jun 13, 2013
Patricia M: thought i would try the shower gel to go along with the oil May 27, 2013
Michael S: Kiehl's Musk has been "my scent" for years. My wife absolutely demands it - LOL May 22, 2013
Nancy B: I love this product when you layer the gel lotion and oil the scent lasts all day. I get alot of compliments. I don't like heavy perfumes. May 20, 2013
Marilyn S: I love Musk oil so I wanted to try this May 16, 2013
Lawrence E: previous customer,
purchased at NM in Northbrook Court
May 11, 2013
Kathleen F: want to try it because I love the original musk body lotion. May 11, 2013
Marlon A: Try something new. Apr 29, 2013
Barbara O: Love the smell Apr 28, 2013
Qiao Y: Everyone who bought it love the smell. I would like to try it. Apr 26, 2013
bonnie a: because it is musk, this is my first Kiehl musk Apr 24, 2013
Kari C: the most yummy musk on the market Apr 22, 2013
Andrew B: Purchased before at Nordstrum but currently out of stock Apr 16, 2013
Isabella G: Needed a little more for free shipping, and love the musk scent! Apr 11, 2013
Angela B: I love to have a scented bath. Apr 4, 2013
Meredith U: I am interested to smell it, so I blew 18.00! LOL. No my husband likes "non-girly" body wash and I am hoping this does the trick. Apr 2, 2013
Susan L: aroma Mar 22, 2013
Patricia G: scent and cleansing Mar 15, 2013
lisa g: musk is so classic of a smell and this is it and get the perfume to match! Feb 19, 2013
ShelbyJune D: Musk is usually a safe fragrance, especially for summer. Thought I'd give Kiehl's musk a try. --- It's wonderful, a beautifully light but lingering scent. Feb 17, 2013
Evangelina C C: want to smell great, reviewers like it Feb 14, 2013
LESLEY D: gift for someone who likes it Feb 13, 2013
Tyrone M: Love the lotion; hope the Shower Gel is as good. Feb 12, 2013
Lisa B: Love the scent Feb 5, 2013
Stephanie L: I love Kiehl's musk. Jan 23, 2013
Saunda W: Love the smell, great cleansing Jan 22, 2013
Chris O: smells like sweet, sweet love. Jan 21, 2013
Patti H: saa Jan 21, 2013
Shanteek T: feels good on the body Jan 21, 2013
David G: I have used the Musk toilette for years and always receive numerous compliments on the fragrance so decided to treat myself and branch out to other Musk products to get a rounded experience. I've never had as many compliments as when using this product. I don't even notice it until the compliments so something must be working as I'm always surprised when people take notice of potion may be right AND who couldn't use a little more love'n ?? Jan 19, 2013
Susan M: I like musk Jan 19, 2013
Brandon C: Girlfriend Jan 16, 2013
gail c: curious Jan 15, 2013
Julie F: Wanted to try this product for the first time. Jan 15, 2013
Peter G: I like the musk fragrance. Dec 31, 2012
Irma S: I like the smell of Musk and this looked like something that I would like. Only use Shower Gel so that my skin doesn't dry out in the WI winters. Dec 28, 2012
Sara H: The musk line is my favorite Dec 28, 2012
Bayyinah J: I wanted to try this cleanser based on the positive reviews. Dec 27, 2012
Anthony I: Great fragrance. Dec 22, 2012
AMY R: It makes me feel so fresh and clean and I receive so many compliments from the men at work..... Dec 20, 2012
Dustin L: smells great Dec 20, 2012
LIA S: thought it would be better or more subtle than spray. For my brother. Dec 19, 2012
Ella C: Thought I might like this as a gift to myself Dec 12, 2012
Polly W: Good stocking stuffers for nephews, in-laws, etc. Dec 12, 2012
TERESA S: Gift. Dec 12, 2012
Blake B: Have been using this for the past couple of years. Love the fragrance - love the way it feels. Amazing product! Dec 11, 2012
Linda J: extra Dec 11, 2012
Marisha G: Now my mother's fave scent and soap. I'm getting this along with the lotion so she can layer the musk to last longer. Dec 10, 2012
Sally Ann B: Gift for my stepdaughter and one for me. Dec 10, 2012
Linda M: I thought my son would like this product also. Dec 8, 2012
Ana Maria U: Gift Dec 8, 2012
Dec 6, 2012
Mary D: fragrance Dec 1, 2012
Lee R: I love the fragrance Nov 29, 2012
Tammy T: This gel and fragrance are an absolute favorite. People stop me on the street when I use it. Nov 25, 2012
maria r: love this product Nov 19, 2012
Starletta D: love the product been using it for years Nov 19, 2012
margaret h: love the way it smells Nov 16, 2012
Pamela W: Love the toilette spray, just trying the shower gel. Oct 30, 2012
dr kevin s: great shower gel with mild musk scent Oct 22, 2012
Elizabeth G: I love the scent of musk...mild, clean, fresh Oct 21, 2012
MELINDA M Z: looking for a musk scented shower gel Oct 19, 2012
Rich D: It smells heavenly Oct 18, 2012
Robert W: the great smell Oct 16, 2012
NICOLE M: i love this sent! can't get enough of it Oct 15, 2012
John E: havent seen before. looked good. Oct 6, 2012
DIANA C: Wanted to layer my musk oil....also saw that this appears to be a customer fave. Sep 28, 2012
mindy w: used when she was younger Sep 28, 2012
Claire B: Wanted to try the body wash! Sep 24, 2012
Amy M: love the smell Sep 23, 2012
Gladys P: he loves it Sep 23, 2012
Eileen B: Mmmm! Love the way this feels and smells! Sep 22, 2012
Tony F: Love the scent Sep 22, 2012
Gabrielle V: Favorite scent. Use it regularly. Sep 20, 2012
richard w: smells yummy Sep 20, 2012
ANGELA D: I love taking Jacuzzi bubble baths with musk. It's relaxing. Sep 18, 2012
Mark S: Love the musk oil! Sep 14, 2012
Taihei K: SCENT Sep 12, 2012
Chris G: 2nd best to Pour Homme, which you regrettably discontinued. Sep 8, 2012
carol m: This shower gel is the start of a great day for me. I purchased the musk oil and the scented lotion also. This musk collection is #1 as far as musk oil fragrances go. The scent is clean,subtle and very refreshing. You must treat yourself to all three of Kiehls Musk products, as I have you'll be happy you did!!!! Sep 3, 2012
soraya s: it is my first time trying this gel, but i am confident it would be as glorious as the perfume. Sep 2, 2012
Yvonne L: I love the original musk eau de toilette and thought that the shower gel would allow the scent to last longer..... and I was impressed with the reviews I read about a little goes a long way Sep 1, 2012
L B G: It helps complement the Musk cologne. Aug 26, 2012
diane s: love the smell and the feel Aug 18, 2012
Carmen B: I've been using this for a few weeks. I get sooo many compliments! This is the only thing I will use from now on. Aug 12, 2012
Lonnie H: Use before and like the product. Aug 7, 2012
Patricia C: I like the clean smell. Aug 7, 2012
Renee S: I love the smell of Musk and needed a new shower gel. Aug 6, 2012
Tiffany B: i love this scent! Aug 5, 2012
Ysidro S: Wife loves the scent, good enough for me! Aug 3, 2012
Sam C: Love this smell Jul 30, 2012
mark s: Like the Toilette Spray, great scent and nice compliments Jul 29, 2012
carmen b: I'm very sensitive to many scents and perfumes, so I can't usually wear them but would love to have a signature scent. I am partial to warm, oriental smells and this looks to be just right for me. Jul 22, 2012
Cynthia O: I always use this product in my bath water. What a glorius fragrance!!!Leaves my skin soft. Jul 22, 2012
Robert A: nice scent-nice daily luxury - great in the shower Jul 20, 2012
nancy s: Husband like s the Musk smell Jul 18, 2012
Deborah W. W: Love the lotion thought I would try the shower gel. I also have the scent roller Jul 11, 2012
Barbara M: To try it but its still not as nice as Forest Rain. You've left me bereft since you discontinued Forest Rain which I LOVED LOVED LOVED. PLEASE BRING IT BACK. Jun 25, 2012
Loretta M: My favorite scent of all time. Been using Kiehls Musk EVERY day for over 20 yrs :) Jun 25, 2012
Jennifer B: have musk lotion --think its fantastic. Jun 25, 2012
Branko B: i had received it as a gift from an event i worked on and fell in love with it. Jun 22, 2012
AMY R: The Best, please don't ever stop selling it. Jun 21, 2012
Christine M: want to try Jun 21, 2012
Monica S: Wanted to try it and hope it is not too scented as I wear the musk daily. Jun 21, 2012
kimberly j: refreshingly beautiful Jun 19, 2012
donald a: fantastic clean lasting scent Jun 13, 2012
James B: Wanted to try it Jun 9, 2012
Rosa V: Hoping this smells the same as the scent. Jun 8, 2012
Patricia A: My son Loves this body wash! It smells great. Jun 5, 2012
Donna M. K: Just ordered the Roller Ball Musk Oil, and, if what I am reading on your site is correct, the new product is diluted, so therefore, requires reinforcements. Jun 1, 2012
ELIZABETH L: Love the smell of Kiehl's original musk and sad you re-formulated it, but thought I'd try this if it were even close, but it's not the same, it's only ok. Please bring back your oils!!!!!!! May 21, 2012
nicole m: its a smooth body wash, i really like the smell and it lasts. May 19, 2012
Kitty L: i simply like the smell May 17, 2012
Deborah J: I get so many compliments when I use this product. Everyone want to know what I am wearing. I love this and so does my husband May 16, 2012
Karen R: My husband LOVES Kiehl's Musk scent! It smells amazing on him. The shower gel was a gift to make him happy in the morning. It helps the oil scent last longer, too! May 14, 2012
Jillian K: This too was part of the gift and it rinsed clean, but I loved the way I smelled through out the day. Not over powering like some 17 year old trying to impress was just soft and clean. May 13, 2012
Travis L: smells great May 7, 2012
Kathleen O: Patchouli and Musk are my favorite fragrances, and I buy lots and lots of Body Washes May 5, 2012
Nicholas M: Use it all the time. Best body wash, incredible scent. May 2, 2012
Connie K: I bought this to layer with the lotion and perfume. It is a wonderful shower gel and smells great! Apr 29, 2012
Suzana M: i looooove this body wash!! Apr 26, 2012
Peter L M: Pleasant body wash with an appealing, masculine scent. Apr 25, 2012
Declan C: I just love the scent. Apr 22, 2012
Tamera E: YUM! Apr 22, 2012
Vickie G: Old memories...That's it. I want to smell this heavenly sent and go back in time when I was young and had my whole life ahead of me. Apr 20, 2012
Keith S: The classic scent is breathtaking. Apr 15, 2012
Erik V: smells great, makes you smell like a man without being overpowering Apr 12, 2012
Chyme S: Saw it advertised in a magazine and really enjoy Musk scent. Apr 12, 2012
carol a. n: If it were possible, I'd buy it by the gallon. Nothing compares to a high quality shower gel...which this is. Apr 11, 2012
Chris D: It smelled great on me after i sampled it Apr 11, 2012
Sara E F: Experiment. Love this fragrance. Apr 8, 2012
Joan K: used it is the past and smelled good Apr 3, 2012
Gayle F: My boyfriend loves to snuggle and smell my neck when I use this product. Apr 3, 2012
Drew R: Keeps me smelling fresh and has a classic manly musk to it. Mar 27, 2012
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