Ultimate Man Body Scrub Soap

A highly efficient male body scrub soap made with Bran and Oatmeal
  • Thoroughly cleanses skin and facilitates the exfoliation of dead surface cells
  • Made with natural oat bran, oat kernel and pumice to help alleviate roughness on tougher areas such as elbows and heels
  • Refreshing scent to invigorate the senses
  • A customer favorite
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"I love this soap, because I can actually feel it working. Plus it leaves my skin feeling incredibly smooth."

Brenton, Kiehl’s Insider

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How to Apply:
-Gently massage body with bar to cleanse and help relax fatigued muscles
-Not formulated for use on face

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Oat bran

Oat Bran is a species of cereal grain whose seeds are extracted from the outer casing of the oat. It is believed to be an excellent skin-soother and conditioner, while aiding in the exfoliation of dead skin, thus encouraging growth of new skin cells.

Ot ker-nl mE-l

The outer layer of the oat kernel is a solid source of dietary fiber, an excellent natural exfoliant, and absorbent of surface oil. Oat Kernel Meal is known for its anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory properties.


Pumice is a rock of volcanic origin formulated with silicates of aluminum and alkali metals and used as an abrasive and a bulking agent. This natural exfoliant helps remove dead and rough skin, for a smoother, fresher surface feel.

Ultimate Man Body Scrub Soap
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Kiehl's Since 1851 Store asked: Why did you choose this?
John A: l have used for 3 years and I like it. Sep 29, 2014
ANTHONY P: Just perfect. Sep 29, 2014
Rebecca M: My husband loves and it lasts forever Sep 26, 2014
Cynthia B: the best soap in the whole wide world. best shaving soap for women too! Sep 25, 2014
Brian S: Great use of exfoliating features Sep 24, 2014
Bruce F: It is a little rough at first, but it really does the job. Sep 23, 2014
Donna P: My husband really likes this product Sep 23, 2014
huck h: because i like it Sep 22, 2014
Patty M: This is the most amazing soap my husband and I have ever used! It makes your skin feel so fresh and tinkly! Sep 22, 2014
Lin Z: I think using soap is the best way to clean body, like to clean scrub Sep 20, 2014
ronney p: i like it Sep 20, 2014
S Matthews H: like Sep 18, 2014
Michael P: Just to try Sep 16, 2014
Anthony S: To help remove Acne scars on my back and body Sep 16, 2014
Robert C: Have used it before Sep 15, 2014
Vernon O: Great exfoliant...leaves my skin smooth without drying Sep 14, 2014
Michael F: It feels so good. Sep 14, 2014
Terrence B: I was given this soap as a gift. It works great and lasts a long time. It feels strange a first, but it is a very good product. My skin feels really clean after using it. Sep 13, 2014
Phil S: It works Sep 13, 2014
Klark S: I like the exfoliating particles Sep 13, 2014
Megan K: My stepfather is obsessed with this soap and it is all that he will use so it is a recurrent gift. Sep 11, 2014
Music M: gift Sep 11, 2014
Alexandra M: My husband absolutely loves this soap. He has very sensitive skin and since trying this soap, absolutely refuses to use anything else. Two thumbs up! Sep 10, 2014
Jacqueline B: My husband loves it! Sep 9, 2014
Gregory W: A fantastic soap leaving my skin feel refreshed and revitalized. Sep 8, 2014
ruben t: Love it Sep 7, 2014
Sasha B: I won't use this every day, but it's a nice treat when I make a Kiehl's order. Sep 7, 2014
Joel C: love the man bar Sep 7, 2014
philip g: I have tried numerous other men's scrub soap bars but the Kiehl's is far the best and for the money. Great scrubbing power. The bar lasts much longer than other fancy brands. THE BEST Sep 4, 2014
Nash B: The soap is one of the few that doesn't cause me to break out. I love this product. Aug 31, 2014
Doug R: This is the only body soap I use. I love it, it smells great, and exfoliates at the same time. Aug 30, 2014
jimmy m: Standard for years Aug 30, 2014
Karen H: my husband loves it Aug 30, 2014
Dorothy R: Love, love, love this bar. Use it multiple times per week to get off dead skin. Great to use right before shaving. Aug 29, 2014
Amy F: Even though it is the ultimate "man's" soap, I love this soap because it exfoliates very well, and surprisingly lathers nicely and I like the scent. Aug 28, 2014
Jason B: Best product on market. If Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee got together to make a bar soap, this would be it. Aug 28, 2014
Sebastian P: used it before, good product Aug 28, 2014
Jeffrey Scott K: Used it before. Love it. Aug 27, 2014
Nathan B: Strong recommendation from friends. Aug 27, 2014
christian a: stuff works great Aug 26, 2014
Marisa C: This is the only soap my husband will use. I got the soap on a rope for him at Christmas as a stocking stuffer, and now he is spoiled. It exfoliates and smells amazing. I wish they would bring back the soap on a rope, but until then, he is still using the ropeless soap! Aug 25, 2014
Toni G: Repeat purchase. Wouldn't do without the product Aug 20, 2014
lanee a: Love how this feels...the exfoliating is wonderful. Aug 18, 2014
Nathaniel B: Want to try something different Aug 18, 2014
Steven W: Love this product. Aug 18, 2014
syed a: softer skin Aug 18, 2014
Jose Nelson R: This soap seems somewhat expensive until you try it out. It is simply the best soap I've used. Aug 16, 2014
Rick W: Smells good . Makes my skin feel good too.
Also I like the texture.
Aug 15, 2014
Reggie H: The soap ever! Aug 11, 2014
wendy l: so my husband will not use my cleanser Aug 11, 2014
Catherine J: This is an excellent product that I use on a regular basis Aug 10, 2014
Rutu E: My husband's favorite soap. He likes the exfoliation from the bar. Aug 10, 2014
Christopher B: its my favorite soap Aug 10, 2014
Michael S: Great soap. Helps me scrub my skin. Does not make my skin itchy or dry. Aug 10, 2014
David L: I like this product. Aug 9, 2014
alonzo b: used before Aug 7, 2014
Laura S: Read the great reviews so I had to try for myself! Aug 7, 2014
william a: Great Exfoliate Aug 4, 2014
Omar H: It feels nice to use gentle scrub, I like the fragrance and I find it lasts a good while. Easily rinsed off doesnt leave any feeling on the skin. Aug 3, 2014
Anthony C: This soap is awesome. It makes me feel completely renewed, clean and refreshed. Jul 31, 2014
Cheryl K: My husband prefers bar soap to body wash and this one has a great texture with the oatmeal as a pumice-like factor. We like that it's on a rope and hangs conveniently in the shower. Jul 31, 2014
Paul J: This soap is perfect for women too. It has the oatmeal which scrubs away dead skin cells (don't need loofah), smells great and mild on skin! Jul 20, 2014
Steven R: Great product. Jul 19, 2014
JULIA P: for husband Jul 19, 2014
Bruce B: used for years, an awesome product Jul 18, 2014
Jeffrey K: i have been using this soap for over a year now and it works wonders. keeps my skin feeling clean and refreshed. in conjunction with the blue astringent, my complexion is always clear Jul 17, 2014
andrew c: love it Jul 16, 2014
Hannah W: I originally bought this for my husband but now I buy my own bars- its a great all over exfoliator and leaves my skin feeling so soft. Jul 13, 2014
William G: Magazine Ad Jul 7, 2014
Karen C: loves the product Jul 7, 2014
Justin T: Because I need this like I need air. Its my rock for over 6 years now Jul 6, 2014
Kelly M: Great soap. Jul 5, 2014
Mark M: I love it and it is a great product Jul 4, 2014
Benjamin T: Have never used it before and wanted to try. I prefer soaps over body washes and have been looking for a quality product. I have used the Musk Shower Gel in the past and enjoyed it so I figured this would be a good alternative. Jul 3, 2014
MICHAEL F: Received soap as gift and has really improved acne. Jul 3, 2014
Megan B: My husband loves it. He bought the Men's skin sampler in NYC a couple weeks ago, and he loves all the products. Jul 3, 2014
Karen Z: WE tried it once & loved it. There is no local store to purchase it at, so I love that we can order it to be shipped regularly so I don't have to think about it. Jul 3, 2014
Michael E: I was introduced by a female friend It was absolutely fabulous. Like no experience I had before. Definately worth every penny. Jul 1, 2014
John P: I've used this product in the past. Other than Ivory, it's the only other soap I can use. Jul 1, 2014
Zachary E: I saw this product on uncrate and the reviews were great so I thought I would try it out for camp Jul 1, 2014
Richard P: Used in the past as part of a gift set - refreshing and invigorating. Jun 29, 2014
Margaret A: My husband loves this soap Jun 28, 2014
donna m: only bar soap on site Jun 26, 2014
Kathleen H: love the smell and texture Jun 26, 2014
James M: After reading the great reviews on this product, I thought I'd like to try it, since it 's been difficult obtaining the body bar I normally use. Jun 25, 2014
Steven M: This is the best soap ever. Has a natural fresh scent and exfoliates like no other soap that I have ever used. Jun 25, 2014
Daniel F: In the summer I will often shower twice a day and this soap does not dry my skin out, and yet I feel very clean. Great product. Jun 24, 2014
james k: using for about one year. very good product. Jun 23, 2014
Linwood W: rought skin Jun 18, 2014
Mike L: I like it. I like the exfoliating aspect. Jun 16, 2014
Margot C: great product! Jun 9, 2014
Francine D: My brother-in-law adores this soap, so it makes a great gift. Jun 9, 2014
Jeffrey S: trying it Jun 9, 2014
Jason A: I'm making my own versions of this type of product, and I think this could be a great example to follow. Jun 9, 2014
Daniel R: liked in the past Jun 8, 2014
jean m: my son loves this soap. it should be a box set. Jun 8, 2014
MICHAEL D S: The description to me was very appealing, especially the scent and that it contains oatmeal. Jun 5, 2014
Tarun P: Read the reviews and wanted to try it out Jun 5, 2014
Zachary K: It is my favorite soap. Jun 5, 2014
William M: want to try it Jun 5, 2014
charon q: gift for my son in law Jun 5, 2014
Todd B: Out Jun 3, 2014
Victoria R: Details magazine Jun 3, 2014
Nate P: Best bar of soap ever invented Jun 3, 2014
hannah R: My husband and I love this soap! The smell and the exfoliating bits are amazing. Can't go back to regular soap! Jun 2, 2014
Kristin H: My favorite soap ever! It says it's for men, but it's a great exfoliator, and it smells good. The only issue is it's size. It's huge. I cut it in half so it lasts longer and I can hold it better in the shower. Jun 1, 2014
Joel D: Heard good things about it May 30, 2014
Mike H: I love this soap,leaves me feeling clean May 29, 2014
Janell E: Gift May 27, 2014
Zhang Y: for my hus May 22, 2014
DAVID N: Simply because it works great to exfoliate the whole body and smells kinda manly. Yes its crazy to spend $15 on a bar of soap, but calling it a bar of soap seems unfair. Plus it seems to last forever. May 19, 2014
David R: The best soap I have ever used. Feels like it is working right away to clean my skin and has a great smell. I try to never run out. May 19, 2014
michael c: I wanted to try it. May 19, 2014
Michael D: Amazing soap! Exfoliate and smell great at the same time. May 19, 2014
brenda a: my son swears by this soap May 19, 2014
Rebecca A: My husband loves this soap! May 19, 2014
Kelly M: husbands choice May 19, 2014
Randall S: This soap is life-changing! I highly recommend it! May 19, 2014
david b: recommended from a friend May 19, 2014
Justin G: LOVE this soap! We Buy it all the time. Stocking up May 19, 2014
Carl A: Clears up problem skin & gets you summer ready May 18, 2014
Yolanda R: My husband loves this product. His skin feels very moisturized after using it. May 18, 2014
Tom L: Best mans soap ever made! May 18, 2014
Susan T: Terrific soap - both me and by chap love this...nice hearty size bar that lasts a while and I like the exfoliating bits... May 18, 2014
Matthew O: Love this stuff. Not too harsh and very effective. Also a good smell. May 18, 2014
Kevork K: This soap is amazing, it cleans really well and it doesn't leave me feeling dry and devoid of all the natural nutrients. Auto delivery once a month is the way to go. May 18, 2014
peter d: the best soap! May 18, 2014
Peter V: LIKE THE SMELL May 18, 2014
Thomas H: texture! smell May 17, 2014
daniel c: IT'S THE BEST! May 17, 2014
Roseann S: my husband loves this soap May 17, 2014
Cole P: I received a bar as a gift and after using it, I decided that this is my regular soap now. May 17, 2014
leslie b: its the best! May 16, 2014
Masumi M: My boyfriend loves this soap May 15, 2014
Michael S: love it May 15, 2014
dayna l: I use this when I REALLY need a cleaning - after camping and summer festivals May 15, 2014
Jay H: A friend said this is really good soap. May 15, 2014
Stephen S: It's the best body scrub I've ever used. May 15, 2014
Curt C: It's the only soap that actual makes you feel clean May 15, 2014
Mark H: It's just barely less than scrubbing with a belt sander... and that's just how I like it! May 15, 2014
Qi R: want to have a try. May 14, 2014
Ryan O: Refill product May 13, 2014
Gregg S: To wash with, for a luxury May 10, 2014
Michael M: I like the soap May 8, 2014
Robert W: Great for my skin. May 7, 2014
Chunglie L: Love the scrub feel on my body May 3, 2014
Tyler M: Found my life long soap partner. Won't use anything else. Enough "tooth" for a good scrub without over-drying your skin. May 2, 2014
Angelo M: Awesome. The best ever. May 2, 2014
Robert D: Great soap love the size Apr 27, 2014
Christopher D: Saw this at Kiehl's store in Seattle. My boyfriend wanted to buy it, but didn't, so I'm buying it for him. Our anniversary is next month. Apr 26, 2014
Rennie V: love the product. washcloth holds the lather. skin feels great after using. Apr 23, 2014
Imran B: Friend was raving about this product Apr 21, 2014
Anacleto D: I've used it before Apr 19, 2014
Laura B: This is the best exfoliating soap I have ever used! Apr 19, 2014
diane s: Bought this for my son for Christmas and he loved it. First time he ever said anything about soap, but he said this was awesome. Apr 18, 2014
tim s: have used it before Apr 16, 2014
Kelly R: Husband loves it Apr 15, 2014
Gene M: I enjoy the cleaning power and scent of the soap. Apr 8, 2014
Jan c: My husband liked when I gave as a gift Apr 5, 2014
Richard B: Great for summer on the beach Apr 2, 2014
Josh G: The exfoliation factor is high. The scent is relaxing, yet energizing and it last a long time Apr 1, 2014
Tom Y: Because I am the Ultimate Man. This product was made for me personally, right? Mar 31, 2014
Bill P: bought some in a kiehl's store. It's good stuff Mar 31, 2014
Kimberly R: My husband really likes this Mar 30, 2014
Trent W: I like it. Mar 28, 2014
Joel W: A very nice soap. Mar 28, 2014
Karina D: My beau liked it when I got him the starter kit. Mar 25, 2014
Jacques P: It is a good scrub soap that washes dead skin away allowing skin to look better. Mar 25, 2014
denise s: the only one ill use love the gritty bar! Mar 24, 2014
Robert W: Best men's body soap out there. Mar 24, 2014
Tariq A: Best bar ever, if only it could last longer i use it after working out heavy lifting want to keep my skin exfoliated, but since i lift weights and run 5days a week it runs out fairly quickly Mar 24, 2014
ivy m: good for acne prone back and chest on teen boy Mar 23, 2014
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Mar 23, 2014
BRIAN O: This is the bar of soap that every man needs in the locker room and everyday. You look forward to showering with this and you leave the shower feeling refreshed and energized. Mar 17, 2014
Bryan P: Very good soap! Well worth the money. Mar 17, 2014
Sean C: Because I feel very clean when I use this product. Mar 16, 2014
Doug E: Manly soap. Mar 15, 2014
Aaron M: I really like this soap Mar 14, 2014
Michael F: It's the best Mar 14, 2014
Michelle L: Husband loves this product. Mar 13, 2014
Gerald I: amazing! the only soap I feel that makes me feel clean! Mar 10, 2014
Mary L: wonderfully refreshing and grainy. My husband loves this soap. Mar 10, 2014
Robert R: I thought I would give it a try instead Santa Mariia Novella Mar 9, 2014
Eugene L: Because you led me to believe that I would get the travel bag and samples if I spent $65.00 but when I entered the code HEALTHYSKIN YOU INFORMED ME I COULD NOT GET WHAT YOUR MAILER SAID I COULD GET! I will rethink future purchase. Mar 9, 2014
Scott H: long-lasting, great scent Mar 8, 2014
Mei Lin H: I buy this for my husband. Hope he like it. Mar 7, 2014
Jocelyne T: Greatest, use only this soap Mar 5, 2014
George G: Enjoyed the soap at the Lenox Hotel in Boston Mar 1, 2014
LARRY L: Used it for years and only this Mar 1, 2014
Patricia L: My husband loves loves loves this soap. He hounds me to get him more when his current supply runs low! Mar 1, 2014
Eunjoo B: Best soap I have used Feb 28, 2014
aaron g: Bought some at the store for the first time and it was awesome. Wanted to purchase so I have enough at home without having to go to the mall every other week. Feb 25, 2014
Nicole R: My husband loves it! Feb 25, 2014
doug p: Love this body bar. Feb 24, 2014
Robby S: This is the best bar soap I have ever used in my life. It has just enough grit to gently exfoliate but not too much and it's big enough that it doesn't erode after a week like other bars. Feb 19, 2014
William M: Works best Feb 18, 2014
Kanishka S: Heard its very good, so want to try it out. Feb 17, 2014
Laura S: BEST. SOAP. EVER. Feb 14, 2014
Stuart F: Got some for Christmas, liked it, and want to continue to use it. Feb 14, 2014
Barbara S: Try out for dry skin Feb 12, 2014
Lela J: My husband has sensitive skin yet because he is outdoors a lot he likes a great clean Feb 11, 2014
Gregory G: best soap on the market Feb 11, 2014
Alan B: use it all the time Feb 10, 2014
Kurt J: Good experience with past use Feb 8, 2014
Dan F: Wonderful product. Previously gifted. Feb 6, 2014
Jaemin K: My boss asked me to buy 4 of these for him because he keeps forgetting to buy them. Apparently this is the bees knees of soaps. Feb 6, 2014
Stacie M: My husband LOVES this soap! Feb 5, 2014
James G: want to try Feb 4, 2014
Robert B: Love this product. Feb 4, 2014
Linda B: I have given this soap as a gift to several people and they all tell me they really like it. My husband loves it too, and it is long lasting. Feb 4, 2014
lynn V: does the job and smells good too Feb 2, 2014
Michael B: i love this soap Feb 1, 2014
Michael C: Need a good exfoliating scrub bar of soap Jan 31, 2014
Marc M: Great product that I already use. Jan 30, 2014
Tia M: MY BROTHER IN LAW LOVES THIS!!!! Jan 26, 2014
KRISTA C: dry winter skin itching went away when using this bar! Jan 25, 2014
michael r: Washing with this soap gets me up and energized and feeling squeaky clean...even on a monday. Jan 24, 2014
Frances K: Bath bar soap Jan 23, 2014
Sea M: Tried it once and LOVED it. Jan 22, 2014
Denise C: My husband received this soap as part of a gift and absolutely loves it! Jan 22, 2014
Stanley K: Excellent soap. Leaves skin feling refreshed Jan 20, 2014
Thomas K: Exfoliates skin very well. Has a great scent. Jan 19, 2014
Kenneth R: Used before Jan 19, 2014
Paula M: I would like to give this as a gift but I want to try it first. This is my first order from Kiehls. Jan 18, 2014
Roger G: I like the way this soap feels Jan 17, 2014
Stephen K: This is the best soap I have ever used and worth every penny. It leaves a clean refreshed feel without drying out my skin. Jan 12, 2014
Rich R: Love this soap. Jan 11, 2014
Johnny C: Got the gift set for Christmas and loved the soap. Jan 9, 2014
al c: I like exfoliating bar soaps and thought I'd try yours. Jan 9, 2014
Tyler A: Great Product! Jan 6, 2014
Jacqueline K: My husband has been using an Aveda bath bar and is interested in trying another product. Jan 5, 2014
Scott H: Its a good hand soap Jan 5, 2014
Brian E: I get dry skin in the winter and this is great for that. Jan 4, 2014
ALLEN D: My son swears by it! Jan 1, 2014
linda m: MY SON LOVES THE SOAP Dec 31, 2013
Becky H: Best soap on the market! Hands down! Dec 31, 2013
Ramya P: Great exfoliating soap Dec 30, 2013
Rebecca M: My husband loves this soap Dec 30, 2013
Chesley T: Wanted to try a new soap and I am in love with this product!! Dec 29, 2013
Mark J: Needed body wash and sounded like good product for me. Has lasted all year and is very good. Dec 29, 2013
Donna G: My husband likes this soap. Dec 29, 2013
Elaine M: I think my husband might like it Dec 29, 2013
paul k: used for years Dec 27, 2013
Michael K: Just a little shower reward for myself Dec 25, 2013
Alfonso G: i use it daily Dec 24, 2013
Sharon B: Great product. Use it all the time! Dec 24, 2013
Camilo B: good scrub Dec 23, 2013
Stephen B: Smells great, and helps me wake up in the morning. Pricey, perhaps, but worth it. Dec 23, 2013
Christian C: Nice feeling on your skin. Cleans well. Dec 21, 2013
Kendra M: This soap is amazing! I love it and I love to give it as a gift. Dec 21, 2013
Leigh K: Everyone in y family, women included, love this soap. Dec 20, 2013
Nathan M: Best bar soap out there. Dec 20, 2013
Sakol S: It really cleans my body. Dec 19, 2013
sharon j: love it Dec 19, 2013
Mary C: Husband Loves this. Dec 19, 2013
Esther K: love the mildly abrasive trait and the light "fragrance" Dec 18, 2013
Linda T: 1st time try looking for lasting soap Dec 18, 2013
Deborah C: husband loves it Dec 18, 2013
Mandy C: My husband LOVES this soap! It always goes in his Christmas stocking! Dec 17, 2013
min seok s: i used always. Dec 17, 2013
Kathleen R: Stocking stuffer for guy Dec 17, 2013
Steven W: Want to try this Dec 17, 2013
Dec 17, 2013
Kathleen V: Looked like a great stocking stuffer for my husband :) Dec 17, 2013
Andrew I: Love it Dec 16, 2013
Al J: This soap is superb...It is better than all other soaps.

This soap is beyond comparison. Other soap wither and die in anticipation of being in the same room as this soap.
Dec 16, 2013
Michael C: Heard good things about this product. Dec 15, 2013
Michael M: Been using for a long time Dec 14, 2013
Jill G: My husband loves bar soap with oatmeal. Dec 14, 2013
Juan S: Love this soap! Dec 14, 2013
Sandra S: We like this product Dec 13, 2013
J. Neal G: Great soap Dec 13, 2013
Anthony D: Best soap ever Dec 13, 2013
Laura C: For son who loves. Dec 12, 2013
janet f: requested Dec 12, 2013
Erin S: This is the best soap!!! I'm a female and I love to use it. A wonderful gift for the boys as well! Dec 12, 2013
christine a: referred by relative Dec 12, 2013
Nancy C: My son loves this soap. I bought it for a stocking stuffer Dec 11, 2013
Nicholas C: great exfoliating soap Dec 11, 2013
Sandra W: "My husband uses this product and he loves it. It's the only soap he uses. Dec 11, 2013
marlen l: my husband loves it Dec 10, 2013
Tonya B: for my husband Dec 10, 2013
Linda T: good gift for son Dec 10, 2013
Gregory M: Love the smell and cleanliness. Can't keep anyone else in the family away from my bar of soap. Buy everyone a bar! Dec 10, 2013
Erin D: I've bought this for my husband before and he loved it! Dec 10, 2013
Judith H: My son requested for Christmas Dec 9, 2013
Jerry P: ... my favorite soap. Dec 9, 2013
Donna O: Great exfoliating - and not just for MEN Dec 9, 2013
Valerie H: like them have used in the past Dec 9, 2013
Gary R: I love it Dec 8, 2013
Janice S: my son uses this product Dec 7, 2013
Jason S: I've used it in the past and loved it. Dec 7, 2013
Inna P: I love the exfoliating properties of this soap. And the scent is great too! Dec 7, 2013
James M: Best. Soap. Ever. Dec 7, 2013
Leah C: This is the only soap my husband will use!!! Its the best stocking stuffer! Dec 7, 2013
r m: gift Dec 6, 2013
debra p: Its the BEST! Husband loves this soap. He gets nervous when he only has 1 bar left. Dec 6, 2013
Monika S: My husband loves this soap and uses it daily Dec 5, 2013
Russell N: This is the best soap I've ever used in the shower!
Excellent bar for men!
Dec 5, 2013
Xavier P: used it and it's good Dec 4, 2013
Tammy B: son loves it Dec 4, 2013
Robert W: Use it daily. Dec 4, 2013
Helen M: My son loves this product Dec 4, 2013
Mark M: Looking for a body cleanser that doesn't dry out skin. Dec 4, 2013
richard w: A real shower soap for guys! Dec 4, 2013
Rita R: my husband loves this soap, it will be a great stocking stuffer Dec 4, 2013
Timothy B: Great product Dec 4, 2013
Jordan L: Best soap in the business... addicted and can't use anything else. One bar lasts between two to three weeks... Dec 4, 2013
Carlos F: Because it hurts so good Dec 4, 2013
Greg S: Reviews on the site looked good. Dec 3, 2013
Nelly P: My husband love it Dec 3, 2013
Diane S: My husband loves this soap!!!! Dec 3, 2013
Kevin G: always use and love it Dec 3, 2013
Emily P: Smells great and feels great! Dec 3, 2013
Sandra N: Wanted to try a mild soap Dec 2, 2013
Alexa V: it was recommended by a friend Dec 2, 2013
Wendy W: Husband really loved this when I bought it last year so.... Dec 2, 2013
Karen C: Gifts for husband and college son. Dec 2, 2013
John G: Have been wanting to try this soap for awhile, but it did seem a bit pricy. After reading the reviews,and seeing that most people thought it was pricy too, and then proceeded to give it rave reviews, I decided that I was worth it! Dec 2, 2013
Mackenzie P: Best soap I have ever used. Exfoliates and cleans perfectly. The wife even steals it now! Dec 2, 2013
Jayne L: son's request Dec 2, 2013
JAMES D: awesome for my rough skin! Dec 2, 2013
Tammie J: My husband loves this soap! Dec 2, 2013
Scott T: Ran out. Dec 1, 2013
Gianna S: Great product and lasts a long time. Dec 1, 2013
James A: I liked the exfoliating ingredients which my skin needs. Dec 1, 2013
Brian C: Best soap I've ever used! Dec 1, 2013
YUBIN L: my husband likes it! Dec 1, 2013
Bo Z: good for my husband. Nov 30, 2013
Diana U: I think this will make a good gift for my husband this Christmas. Nov 30, 2013
Rebecca K: WANT A TRAVEL SIZE Nov 30, 2013
Bruce G: best men's body soap ever, have used for years!! Nov 29, 2013
matthew g: It's awesome Nov 29, 2013
Julia D: My boyfriend loves this product! Nov 29, 2013
Sarah S: I want to try another product that we have not used before. Nov 29, 2013
Robert B: Awesome Product, my skin responded great to this product! Nov 29, 2013
Ivan L: I have been using this and love it. Nov 29, 2013
Kimberley N: Husband is obsessed with this soap! Nov 28, 2013
Marion M: I love the way it e foliates my feet and elbows. First tried it at the Lennox Hotel in Boston. It was their standard guest soap. Nov 28, 2013
Neena S: brother has dry skin & want him to try Nov 28, 2013
Lindsey P: Gift for boyfriend as he uses bar soap Nov 27, 2013
Byron W: love it, use it every other bath/shower... Nov 26, 2013
Robert P: Originally received a bar as a gift. Want more. Nov 25, 2013
Judith A: son-in-law uses this product Nov 25, 2013
William R: This soap had many good reviews so I'll give it a try. Nov 25, 2013
Jill B: My husband loves this soap! Nov 25, 2013
William E: Want to try it. Nov 25, 2013
Ronald K: leaves skin feeling clean and "scrubbed" but not dried-out. Nov 25, 2013
George C: I enjoy the rich lather and the extra squeaky clean feeling of my skin after using this bar soap. Hope Kiehl's will consider offering a multi-pack at a special price. Nov 25, 2013
sunny l: last year my husband received a gift set from Kiehls and fell in love with the Man Body Scrub Soap. I now order 3 bars at a time. Nov 24, 2013
Elayne H: For my son to try to help with black heads on back. Nov 24, 2013
Leonard J: Ultimate man body soap is better than any over the counter soap for men. It lathers like no other soap, it doesn't' melt away like other soaps and it provides the maximum cleansing power. Nov 24, 2013
Stephen B F: It's probably the best soap on the market bar none. It does last a long time, which I like as well. Nov 24, 2013
David A: Great soap Nov 23, 2013
Alex C: Great product!! Nov 23, 2013
Larry W: Great product. Like fragrance and cleansing. Nov 23, 2013
Dale R: I've used bar soaps from Aveda, Origins, Anthony Logics and others and I always come back to this bar. It smells wonderful and gently exfoliates. I just wish it wasn't quite so pricey! Other than that one drawback, it's great. Nov 22, 2013
Lisa A: I got my husband hooked on this soap! He will not use any other kind! He loves it! Nov 20, 2013
Megan T: My boyfriend's favorite. Nov 20, 2013
Huiyu W: My husband loves it Nov 19, 2013
Anita B: My husband and I love it! Nov 19, 2013
Peter S: Got a bar of this soap in a men's product package and loved it. Nov 18, 2013
Candace M: My husband loves it. Will use no other! Nov 18, 2013
Cathy N: Husband LOVES it Nov 18, 2013
Peter G: like the sensation of scrubbing your skin off Nov 18, 2013
Jared C: Love it! Nov 17, 2013
Jennifer S: My husband loves it Nov 17, 2013
Wayne P: Great bar soap. Scrubbing action, rinses clean, mild scent. Nov 17, 2013
Kimo G: this soap is wonderful and addictive! Not just for men either ;) Nov 17, 2013
Brannon B: Great for my gym bag. Nov 17, 2013
GREGORY J: I have been using it for a while now and it works for me. Nov 16, 2013
Francisca G: I love natural soap, love this from kiehl's Nov 16, 2013
Amy M: Every man in my life (husband, dad, brother) loves this soap! Nov 16, 2013
Mykel M: This soap is amazing!! It smells great and you can feel it exfoliating your skin when you use it. Nov 16, 2013
Brian D: I've heard great reviews I have trouble finding soaps as they tend to dry out my skin Nov 15, 2013
Ernest M: I use the product daily Nov 15, 2013
Kenneth W: repeat order. i like it Nov 15, 2013
Marjorie M: Gift for Christmas Nov 15, 2013
Roger N: Regular user - I love this soap! Nov 14, 2013
Michael M: a great soap for men Nov 12, 2013
Marissa H: My husband loves this soap. He says it is really moisturizing and the smell is great. It also lasts a long time. Nov 11, 2013
Ridie G: Best soap ever. Smells so good and makes my skin feel great. Nov 11, 2013
Summer G: Amazing product. I stole my boyfriends and he was not happy! Nov 10, 2013
Neil N: Past experience Nov 8, 2013
Michael M: best shower product ever. new level of clean. Nov 8, 2013
Mallory M: Great soap bar that exfoliates my skin and leaves it feeling clean. I struggle with bacne and using this bar on my shoulders and upper/lower back area has made all the difference! Nov 8, 2013
Andrew C: This soap is great! I feel well cleansed and exfoliated after using it Nov 5, 2013
Dayton K: I loved all of your samples and I needed a body scrub. Nov 3, 2013
samantha b: love it!!!!! it exfoliates so well and i love the scent Nov 3, 2013
Karen F: A gift for my son-in-law! He loves this product. Nov 2, 2013
Nicole K: gives a good scrub Nov 2, 2013
Taria D: My husband loves this soap. I tried for years to get him to use a soap that wouldn't dry out his skin. At last he tried this one and now he is hooked on it. Nov 1, 2013
Michael T: I enjoy the smell and the feel of the product. Nov 1, 2013
Michael P: I've been using this LONG LASTING soap for years! I use NOTHING else. Best I've EVER used. Oct 28, 2013
tony m: I AM REGULAR WITH THIS ITEM. Oct 26, 2013
Margie S: It's awesome. Oct 21, 2013
Sam M: Again, I have used this before & really like it Oct 20, 2013
Alfred D: Have been Using this body bar for nearly a decade and it is great for a few day a week use to keep skin clean and fresh. I use the grapefruit body cleanser as my daily shower gel and they work great together Oct 20, 2013
reggie p: like it Oct 19, 2013
Kathryn L: Reviews Oct 16, 2013
James W: Saw it reviewed on the website Uncrate! Oct 16, 2013
Julie W: My husbands skin is very dry and I'm hoping he will use this. Oct 14, 2013
Sue C: My brother uses it as well as my sister. I LOVED it! Oct 14, 2013
Jennifer H: Sampled at The Lenox Hotel and loved it Oct 13, 2013
mark s: I used this before Oct 10, 2013
Brandon D: Good stuff here. Oct 10, 2013
Gaby D: Because it is the best soap in the whole wide world!!!!! Oct 8, 2013
Terry H: I love it. Oct 6, 2013
luke w: I've heard this is hands-down the best soap out there. We'll see. Oct 5, 2013
steven t: My favorite soap Oct 3, 2013
John S: It make me feel clean. The only soap that makes feel like it actually gets yesterdays deodorant out my pits! Oct 2, 2013
Patrick H: used it for years, like smell and scrub in a bar Oct 2, 2013
Patrick B: Have used it, clean and refreshing Oct 1, 2013
Stephen P: Love it. Sep 30, 2013
David L: I've been using this for a few years since I got it as a Christmas gift one year. I just REALLY like it. Sep 30, 2013
Beverly H: Good product Sep 30, 2013
Andre B: I've used it before and it's a great product, but a bit pricey for soap. Sep 29, 2013
Burinrutt T: loves it! Sep 29, 2013
RICHARD P: i used the soap before and i liked it. Sep 29, 2013
Jenn P: This is the best soap ever. And it's not just for men! Sep 29, 2013
Jill S: good for end of summer skin scrub Sep 29, 2013
Vanessa H: delicious smell for the guys in our house Sep 29, 2013
Edgardo L: cleans without drying Sep 28, 2013
Edward L: favorite body soap Sep 27, 2013
zach c: its works awesome! Sep 26, 2013
Ivan H: It's long lasting. Works well Sep 26, 2013
lindsay C: B/cMy husband and I both love this soap. Not too strong scent and the scrub in the soap is the perfect size. Sep 26, 2013
Jim H: trying a new soap Sep 25, 2013
Jonathan F: Amazing soap! Sep 25, 2013
Richard F: Great product Sep 23, 2013
Robert T: The best bar soap there is. Great scrubbing, great scent. Sep 23, 2013
Chris K: New figured I would try it along with my cross terrain body wash. Sep 22, 2013
Emily C: Great soap for getting clean and lightly exfoliating. Sep 22, 2013
Ross R: Works well, especially on dry skin. Sep 21, 2013
Greg D: Excellent daily wash Sep 21, 2013
Pedro C: Excellent soap and scrub at the same time. And BIG! Sep 16, 2013
Kasey G: I love this product! Sep 13, 2013
Hugo D: skin feels new and enersize Sep 12, 2013
Will P: Used it before. Loved it. No good options on Amazon Sep 11, 2013
Richard S: You can't go wrong with a bar of soap. Sep 10, 2013
Phillip C: it's worth the money. Sep 10, 2013
Michael C: Great soap and really lasts Sep 9, 2013
Craig R: Invigorating and helpful. Sep 9, 2013
Richard V: Great soap, great scrub. Fun to use and makes the skin feel really smooth. Sep 8, 2013
John Q: This is the BEST soap I've ever used. No strong scent, no soft creme, just soap with scrubbing qualities. Sep 8, 2013
DIANA M: My husband loves this soap. He says it gives him a fresh clean feel and his skins feels better using it better than other soaps. Sep 8, 2013
Emilio M: it exfoliates while it cleanses. Sep 5, 2013
Howard K: love this soap; been using it for years Sep 5, 2013
William N: While not the toughest scrub soap I've ever used, it feels like it's removing dead skin and it's gentle enough for my wife to use, too. Sep 5, 2013
Beth S: thought my husband would like to try it, as he loves all the other products. An easy $15 to add to my order. Sep 3, 2013
Doron C: used before Sep 3, 2013
John D: Use all the time Aug 29, 2013
Allan C: Purely delightful Aug 29, 2013
Antonio R: amazing bar gets the job done leaves you super clean Aug 27, 2013
Greg D: Favorite soap of a friend who I am giving it to. Aug 22, 2013
josephine g: good choice for daily care Aug 22, 2013
william p: the best cant live without Aug 22, 2013
Daniel C: Absolutely the most refreshing, best feeling and most satisfying soap I've ever enjoyed. Aug 21, 2013
Linda D: I tried this at a friends house. Marvelous product that I want for my future use. Aug 19, 2013
Vilayur A: Great Reviews Aug 19, 2013
Greg G: I use and like this product Aug 18, 2013
steven t: I received this as a gift and liked it. So I ordered more. Aug 16, 2013
Benjamin F: I have bought this soap from department stores for a year now and I love it. I lost the three I just ordered in a fire so I needed to replace them Aug 15, 2013
tahsin k: askmen dot com brought me here Aug 14, 2013
Adam B: Works, keeps my bacne under control and doesn't cost a fortune. It's $15 a bar, but it lasts about 2 months of daily+ use. Aug 12, 2013
Brent W: Wanted to try. Aug 10, 2013
Matthew J: Best soap in the world Aug 8, 2013
William B: Im always looking for a good body scrub. Aug 8, 2013
Joshua B: Ready to try something other than normal bar of soap. Aug 6, 2013
James D: Best soap I've ever used. Aug 5, 2013
Emily A: It rocks! Aug 2, 2013
Tandra H: Needed some extra attention to my legs. My plan is to use the Creme de Corps Body Polish after I scrub with this soap, then follow up with the Whipped Body Butter! Aug 1, 2013
Gregory B: Its smells great in the shower and it works well Jul 31, 2013
Michael F: Love the exfoliating properties. Great fragrance Jul 30, 2013
Phillip R: My wife and I have been using this product for more then 10 years and we love it. We take it with us when we travel. Jul 30, 2013
Thomas O: Use this every day Jul 28, 2013
Richard H: Awesome soap with a great smell. Jul 21, 2013
Mark H: The smell and exfoliant are superb and the bar lasts at least 100 years (give or take). Jul 21, 2013
jeffrey c: I also ran out of soap...I used this once, i remembered how awesome it was. I love bar soap. Jul 19, 2013
Michael C: Ive used it before, honestly the best soap I've ever used. Makes skin soft and smells great. Jul 19, 2013
Alan L: I love it, just way too expensive. If they lowered the price I'd subscribe! Jul 17, 2013
Steve A: Favorite soap... Love it. Jul 17, 2013
Carlisle T: It really helps me get clean after I work out. Jul 15, 2013
Martin L: I started using this a month ago and love it Jul 13, 2013
Mary Ann E: Works on women without drying Jul 11, 2013
Michael K: Got one bar as a gift and I want to continue using Jul 10, 2013
Angela E: this is amazing soap! Jul 10, 2013
Jim U: Repeat purchase based on satisfaction with product. Jul 8, 2013
Daniel S: Makes you feel sturdy, studly and clean, Jul 5, 2013
Christine O: Recommended in Playboy magazine Jun 23, 2013
Aaron B: Best soap in the world.. expensive, but worth it.. Jun 23, 2013
Marley B: This is the best soap I have ever used. I love the exfoliating quality as well as the scent. Jun 19, 2013
Sophie B: LOVE this bar! Great in the shower to remove dead skin, feel fresh and overall cleanliness - smells fantastic and works great on dry skin. Jun 18, 2013
David R: best bar soap ever! Jun 18, 2013
Shannon L: I purchased it for my husband a year ago to try and thought it was a little bit expensive. However, my husband enjoys the soap (he admits to it too) and my little boys too. The product feels cleans well, washes away dirt and leaves skin feels soft. A bar of soap will last approx. 3 months of daily use. This is a definite buy and will continue to use this soap. He loves it! Jun 18, 2013
Keith B: Tried and true soap, I use it every day and really love it! Jun 18, 2013
Kirkwood L: The best soap ever! Jun 17, 2013
Kenneth B: Best soap I've ever used! Jun 17, 2013
Travis O: This is the best soap Jun 17, 2013
Shawn F: Always makes my skin feel refreshed and clean. Jun 16, 2013
James D: Love this stuff... and I'm not a bar soap type person either! Jun 16, 2013
Erik L: Use it, love it Jun 16, 2013
Barbara C: wonderful; its unlike any other. Jun 15, 2013
Jan T: Both my husband & myself LOVE this product and bath daily with it! Jun 15, 2013
Ben B: tried before, enjoyed Jun 15, 2013
Michal L: try Jun 15, 2013
James N: Cleans Skin Jun 15, 2013
Tom S: You feel clean Jun 15, 2013
Quentin M: Makes me feel clean after a good workout Jun 14, 2013
Ryan A: Great product. I use it daily Jun 14, 2013
Harry H: Wanted to try this product Jun 14, 2013
Justin S: I chose this because I just recently used my last bar. Jun 13, 2013
JICHEN A: REFILL Jun 13, 2013
Suzanne W: We use it and love it! My skin (woman) is so soft and smooth. My husband loves it too! Jun 13, 2013
Eric S: Great product, it get all the debris and dead skin off and makes my skin feel great. I used it daily. Jun 13, 2013
Heather H: My husband loves this soap! It is a bit of a splurge but he always comments on how much he likes it so I figure it is worth it. Jun 13, 2013
joseph p: Does a good job.
Long lasting.
Jun 13, 2013
Rajen S: I always feel as if regular soap or body wash leaves a light layer of residue on my skin as this bar takes all that away. It leaves me with a scrubbed feel. Jun 13, 2013
SARAH B: Bought this for my husband since he comes home very dirty. Jun 9, 2013
Crystal J: it smells awesome! and i (a woman) like to use it too Jun 9, 2013
Carol H: This soap feels great and is a wonderful exfoliator. Jun 7, 2013
David G: I have used this soap before and just love it!
Makes me feel really clean!
Jun 5, 2013
Joseph D: Great soap for a man Jun 5, 2013
Calvin M: I love my Kiehl's Facial Fuel, so I thought I would give this a try! I have only heard excellent things about it. Jun 1, 2013
Paul M: My favorite Kiehl's item May 30, 2013
James G: Love this soap. Mild but effective, last a long time, too. May 28, 2013
Michael L: Wanted to try this and liked reviews May 28, 2013
DJ D: Lasts forever! May 28, 2013
christine k: This is the best exfoliating non drying soap ever May 27, 2013
Michael U: This soap is great,cleans well, lots of lather and smells good May 26, 2013
Dan S: Awesome every day soap! Smells great! May 26, 2013
Jeff B: give it a try May 25, 2013
Francis M: Best bar soap ever May 25, 2013
Stefan R: It has just the right amount of abrasiveness and it smells good. May 21, 2013
Michaela A: My husband's favorite soap, hands down. He says it feels like he's cleaning himself with rocks and no other brand of scrub soap compairs. May 20, 2013
Chryssanthi V: Used it and love it. May 19, 2013
John W: I liked the texture on the skin. Minimal dry skin this winter May 13, 2013
Dawn R: My husband loves it. May 13, 2013
marlen l: my husband loves it! May 12, 2013
Lawrence E: previous customer
purchased at NM in Northbrook Court
May 11, 2013
Alan M: Saw it on AskMen as a good product for cleansing the face without drying skin harshly. May 9, 2013
Theodore C: same as above, Lenox Hotel provided this product during my stay, great product! May 5, 2013
LaDawna S: Enjoyed the smell and the gentle texture. May 3, 2013
TERESA S: It has good reviews, and my family likes Kiehl's products. May 2, 2013
Lucas C: Exfoliates, smells awesome, manly sized chunk. Only heard of this brand because of this product. Apr 29, 2013
Laura B: My man loves this scrub soap Apr 26, 2013
Nancy P: Love this soap. My husband and I both use it. I've given it to friends as gifts and they all love it too. Most of my lady friends hide it from their husbands! Apr 26, 2013
Gabriel J: feels great as it exfoliates and the scent is not overpowering at all - its now the only bar of soap i use! Apr 25, 2013
JIXIANG Z: just trying, it is first time. Apr 21, 2013
Stephanie P: This may be expensive but it lasts for a very long time. It really cleans and it rinses well. Apr 21, 2013
Sam T: Terrific--started using last year. Apr 21, 2013
Lanette M: For my son he's 16 Apr 19, 2013
Mark D: My father gave me a bar, its awsome I love it! Apr 15, 2013
Moises S: I am looking for a better soap for my skin, I usually use the cheapest brand... but the use has taken a toll on my skin. This product was highly recommended by both female and male friends! Apr 12, 2013
Marilyn C: my sons love this soap Apr 11, 2013
Patrick K: One of the best soaps I've used. Unsure why your price is $10 more on amazon. Apr 8, 2013
Ranjith Z: Luxuriating clean. Apr 7, 2013
Victoria L: My boyfriend says it's the best soap ever! Apr 7, 2013
David W: awesome soap great for my skin Apr 7, 2013
Jeff K: Excellent , all around ! Apr 6, 2013
Curt S: Awesome man-soap, especially winter dries you out. Apr 4, 2013
Evette R: I use this soap (which I originally purchased for my husband). It keeps my skin soft and smooth and it smells clean. Apr 2, 2013
Jim R: Made my skin feel clean when I shower Apr 2, 2013
Margie S: IT is the best soap for male or females Mar 27, 2013
Christine C: addicted Mar 26, 2013
Mark R: Love the Soap, the texture, the scent. Mar 26, 2013
sunny l: My husband received a gift set at Christmas and Loved this soap! Worth every penny. Mar 24, 2013
matt d: great for after workouts Mar 19, 2013
Paul A: I LOVE THIS SO MUCH THAT IS WHY!!! Mar 19, 2013
Whitney H: Husband cannot live without this! Mar 19, 2013
Airess C: Listed as top 10 for men Mar 16, 2013
Donald J: I love the smell. Feb 16, 2013
Tyrone M: Great for daily exfoliation. Feb 12, 2013
Carl B: Very good exfoliator. Easy to use, and pleasant smell. A good value. Feb 10, 2013
gwyn s: my husband loves the soap Feb 9, 2013
charles r: positive reviews from current users. Feb 7, 2013
charles r: I am already a user of this product and love it. Feb 7, 2013
JILL J: my son thinks this is a great soap Feb 6, 2013
Lauren L: My husband uses this every day and now I do too. Feb 5, 2013
Heather C: For my husband Feb 4, 2013
david b: great item would buy agin Feb 4, 2013
Jeffrey H: Received this as a gift and love the soap. Jan 30, 2013
Venkateswari M: heard its good Jan 29, 2013
Mark Z: To help with dry and red skin Jan 26, 2013
Andrew L: Best kiehl's soap in my opinion Jan 26, 2013
Micah R: I have used this bar soap for a long time and it's great. Jan 25, 2013
Gregory P: Best soap I have ever used. Doesn't give me rashes that most soaps do. Jan 21, 2013
Melissa B: THE exfoliating soap! Jan 21, 2013
Julene M: Tried and true again. Our men are very fond of this Jan 21, 2013
Cemil B: I have tried it and like it. Jan 21, 2013
Shelley U: Both my husband and I love this body soap. we use it all the time! Jan 20, 2013
Jerri G: Thought it would be interesting for my husband Jan 18, 2013
joe c: I purchased the products to hopefully get chicks. If you have any other proven products, please share the details :) Jan 16, 2013
Mark S: Like the ingredients Jan 16, 2013
Mark S: Like the ingredients Jan 16, 2013
Stuart T: Love the stuff! Replenishment Jan 12, 2013
John M: Used it before. Like it very much. Jan 11, 2013
Dean G: I want to try a new soap and askmen reviewed this one as a good one. Jan 9, 2013
Daniel F: Got a bar for Christmas. I loved it. Jan 8, 2013
K.J. R: Really great clean feeling Jan 3, 2013
SCOTT C: I've used it before and really like it. Dec 31, 2012
Seo P: for boyfriend Dec 31, 2012
WEILUN L: Best Body Cleanser Soap Ever! Dec 31, 2012
margaret h: my husband will use no other soap Dec 31, 2012
Jeremy U: Love this soap! The aroma and texture are just perfect and unlike any other I've found. Dec 31, 2012
David M: best soap i've ever used; and 1 bar will last for 2-3 months so it is not really expensive as it may seem for initial price Dec 30, 2012
Phyllis D: great to keep hubby clean Dec 30, 2012
Jie L: I used it before and I liked it Dec 30, 2012
Jon T: Like it Dec 29, 2012
Garvin L: Based on user recommendations and comments Dec 29, 2012
Ronald B: Good Review Dec 29, 2012
Allison L: We ran out of this soap Dec 29, 2012
Wayne W: Used this soap before. Like it a lot. Dec 28, 2012
sharyn c: My husband likes the way this feels. He has used many other soaps and returns to this one every time. Dec 27, 2012
Lawrence S: Greatest Soap Ever. Dec 26, 2012
Robert F: Easy on the skin and cleanses well Dec 24, 2012
Michelle W: My husband loves this. He says it has enough grit to fell good, but not so much it hurts. Smells good too! Dec 20, 2012
Vicki M: Both my husband and my son love this soap! Keeps their skin clear of any oil buildup or blemishes! Dec 20, 2012
INGRID S: It has great texture and just the right amount of aroma and suds. Dec 20, 2012
yokina i: the whole family loves this Dec 19, 2012
Anne D: Believe it or not, my daughter loves this soap! Dec 19, 2012
Romi M: My husband loves this soap. It smells fantastic. Dec 17, 2012
Shannon L: This is one of the best soaps we've tried and lasts forever. Dec 17, 2012
Nalinee U: i decided to buy a ultimate man refueling set but the soap bar came in a small size. so, i added this one extra for my bf. Dec 17, 2012
Emily H: My dad wants it for Christmas Dec 16, 2012
Ryan C: It's amazing! A clean, fresh scent that really wakes me up in the morning. The exfoliators are great and leave my skin feeling smooth and smelling great!

The only thing that makes me feel clean, truly.
Dec 15, 2012
steven b: Used it for years. Like it. Dec 15, 2012
todd c: I like the roughness of the soap Dec 15, 2012
Tammy T: My husband loves this soap. He loves the scrub in it, and we both love the fresh, clean scent it leaves behind. Dec 14, 2012
Joe O: good quality soap. expensive though. Dec 14, 2012
Susan E: My sons use this soap and swear by it. So I am picking some more up for them Dec 13, 2012
Mayra G: requested by my daughter Dec 13, 2012
Cathy M: sensitive skin works great Dec 12, 2012
Rosemarie S: A favorite of the men in my family. Dec 12, 2012
Andrea G: my husband loves it Dec 12, 2012
Betty C: gift request Dec 12, 2012
Ana V: My husbands favorite soap! Dec 11, 2012
Elena Z: my husband love it Dec 11, 2012
William G: need a quality soap for general use Dec 11, 2012
Cindy L: These are items my husband regularly uses plus a few samples I thought it would be good for him to try. Dec 10, 2012
Melissa S: My husband loves this soap! He buys several bars at a time so he doesn't run out. Dec 10, 2012
Jamie C: Has a clean smell Dec 10, 2012
Marla L: husband loves it!! Dec 9, 2012
Caitlin H: for my boyfriend, who needs to exfoliate Dec 7, 2012
Louis H: Fantastic soap, feels great on the skin & cleans well. Dec 6, 2012
Jane D: my husband uses this soap exclusively Dec 6, 2012
Sally G: As part of a man's Christmas gift Dec 6, 2012
steven m: I tried this because it came in a gift set and I really liked it. I'm not sure it's worth the price but I thought Id give it another chance since I like some of the other products so much. Dec 6, 2012
Alan M: I like the way my skin feels after using it. Dec 6, 2012
william h: trying it Dec 5, 2012
Alan G: the best - used for years Dec 5, 2012
Matthew F: Without a doubt the best men's bath soap I have ever used! Dec 5, 2012
Ashley M: was in your top ten products so i knew it had to be worth the $. Dec 5, 2012
Jaime T: stocking stuffer gift for son's boyfriend- only thing they use Dec 4, 2012
Laurie Z: My son had it on his Christmas list Dec 3, 2012
Bobbie S: My husband and sons love it. (Me too) Dec 3, 2012
Jeanine S: "Man Body Scrub" made me laugh -- nice addition to a Christmas dopp kit :) Dec 3, 2012
Kathleen F: Teenage nephews LOVE Kiehl's products! Dec 2, 2012
Deborah A W: the best Dec 1, 2012
Timothy K: It's the best Dec 1, 2012
Sarah G: We love the scent and the exfoliating properties. I use it even though it's really for my husband! Nov 30, 2012
David J: been using it for a while. I use it in the morning after working out. I feel it really cleans the skin Nov 30, 2012
Donna D: I love this soap it's in the men's but I use it non drying smells nice I just love it Nov 25, 2012
Rocco G: tried it used it like it Nov 24, 2012
Rocco G: have it used it like it!! Nov 24, 2012
Jerry M: Best soap on earth Nov 24, 2012
Lori D: my son likes Nov 24, 2012
Ronelda F: gift Nov 24, 2012
Sheldon D: Wanted to try it Nov 23, 2012
Jan L: Have used it before and LOVE it! Nov 23, 2012
DEBORAH P: Absolutely love this soap; winter or summer it is the best for your skin Nov 22, 2012
Paulette P: My husband and I both use this product. It exfoliates my skin where needed and it cleans his skin well. It's a perfect combination for the two of us. Love it. I use this product for our bath soap and I add the grapefruit wash for the rest of my body. Nov 22, 2012
Jay L: Because I love it. Nov 21, 2012
JOHN C: I like the feel of soap that also exfoliates and this soap is by the best one I have come across in I feel fully scrubbed but also clean as well. Thanks Kiehls for the product. Nov 20, 2012
Glen H: Best soap available. The scrubbing feeling is just right. Not too weak and not too scratchy. Plus it rinses clean and leaves my skin feeling clean but not stripped. Nov 19, 2012
Risa R: My man LOVES this soap! Nov 19, 2012
Beverly W: I love the scent of this bar of soap! It's made for men but I use it everyday. It has natural exfoliants which can be a little rough for sensitive skin but it lathers well and doesn't leave any residue. Nov 18, 2012
Alphonso C: Best soap I've ever used. Gentle and exfoliating! Nov 18, 2012
Sally K: My husband LOVES this soap! Won't use anything else. Nov 16, 2012
Yury S: the best soap ever, wish it was a little cheaper Nov 15, 2012
Elaine D: New product to me and wanted to give my son a stocking stuffer that he might like. Nov 15, 2012
Ferd J: Its the best soap to cleanse and exfoliate your skin. It leaves you feeling soft and clean. I like it som much, I have been using it for over two years! Nov 5, 2012
Megan C: Used it before, and loved it! Best soap ever! Nov 2, 2012
Janelle O: I like exfoliating soaps. Oct 28, 2012
ALFRED F: good after a lond day of work and excercise. Oct 28, 2012
Yunju C: Buy to try. Does not know how it works on the body. Oct 24, 2012
alfred p: just tried a sample today and WOW i haven't felt this clean in a long time. Oct 23, 2012
jef m: my wife likes the way it smells Oct 19, 2012
CLAYTON W: I have been using for the soap Oct 17, 2012
James S B: It's a product I've used and like. Oct 17, 2012
Spencer W: Because its the best soap I have ever used! Oct 16, 2012
Sally K: My husband LOVES this soap. We even take it with us on vacation! Oct 16, 2012
Margarita D: It's a great exfoliant; not too rough, but does its work well. Really helpful since I have skin asthma. (Just because it says "man" doesn't mean it isn't good for women too!) Oct 14, 2012
TK G: already use and enjoy it Oct 14, 2012
Wendy F: husband uses this soap and he loves it! Oct 9, 2012
Sean F: Works extremely well Oct 8, 2012
Donald D: I like the size and texture of this soap Oct 6, 2012
ryan s: Best soap for men out there. Helps out with shaving as well. Oct 6, 2012
Richard S: I have already used this product many times. Oct 4, 2012
Mark R: use it all the time Oct 2, 2012
kevin a: love it for traveling and the gym Sep 24, 2012
Carla M: amazing! Leaves your skin so exfoliated and clean. Sep 24, 2012
Sean A: Killer exfoliation from a bar of soap Sep 24, 2012
M B: long time user. like the scrubbing action Sep 24, 2012
Alexis L M: My husband loves this soap! Sep 24, 2012
Josh C: After workouts and grubby weekends, this soap has enough rough to clean me up. Sep 24, 2012
David E: have used for past 5 years. Love exfoliation and fragrance and texture on my skin. Sep 23, 2012
Lara R: Because it's the only soap you sell. Sep 23, 2012
Tracey M: My husband loves it - uses every day! Sep 22, 2012
Ashley G: Looked like a good idea for my boyfriend Sep 22, 2012
Linda J: my husband loves it Sep 22, 2012
Scott M: It's the BEST soap, it's all I've used for years. Sep 21, 2012
Jennifer B: Best soap I have found. Great scrub and lather and fantastic scent. Sep 21, 2012
Christine G: trying it Sep 21, 2012
Pamela N: All the men in my family love these bars of soap!! Sep 20, 2012
butler d: make me clean Sep 19, 2012
Rebecca J: Greatest Soap Ever! Sep 18, 2012
Diana L: Bought for husband Sep 18, 2012
Rebecca C: Bought it for my brother who absolutely loves the stuff since we tried the travel kit Sep 18, 2012
John K: My absolute favorite soap. Love how it feels, smells, everything . . . and it lasts a long long time. Sep 18, 2012
Michael M: love them, forgot to add my friends and family discount to my order :( Sep 18, 2012
RAFAEL V: The roughness and grittiness of this soap feels great on my skin. My skin felt clean and smooth. Sep 18, 2012
Janet K: My husband and I both use it...great exfoliator! Sep 12, 2012
James K: skin feels great after and during Sep 12, 2012
Kathy S: Love this product. Wish you had a similar product available for women as well as men. Sep 9, 2012
sandra d: for my son. I think he will like this. Sep 7, 2012
D B: Friend finds it to be an excellent product keeping his aging face clean and tight. Sep 3, 2012
Christopher W: Wanted my first kiehls experience to be with one of the basic elements and this is a good one, Sep 2, 2012
Omer Z: Got it in a Birchbox and it was good Aug 30, 2012
Amanda E: Best body bar around. Washes and exfoliates without drying skin. Aug 27, 2012
Kayron H: This was one of the many items in a Christmas gift box to my husband from our daughter. He loves it! Ordered 2 and will be back for more. It is hard to find a body soap that he likes and sticks with it. This one works! Clean, refreshing and smells good. Aug 25, 2012
Jonathan T: I need a travel alternative for my loofah and liquid soap. Aug 23, 2012
John R: It is an awesome soap that lathers well and lasts a long time. Aug 20, 2012
MIKE S: GOOD STUFF Aug 20, 2012
Zohaeb J: For cleaning. Aug 20, 2012
randy o: nothing better for cleaning after a sweaty day of yardwork, digging, or building Aug 20, 2012
Kathleen M: My husband and I both use it and love it. Aug 14, 2012
PEDRO L: I want to try it Aug 10, 2012
Michele R: My husband was given this as a gift and wants more he loves how his skin feel and does not itch like he does from other soap Aug 7, 2012
Robert J: Love the product Aug 7, 2012
Chadwick M: Have used this product in the past. It is an excellent product and hygenic alternative to body wash and a loofah. Aug 5, 2012
Mary S: Soft feet and elbows - what more is there to say! Aug 5, 2012
Natalie L: like it Aug 4, 2012
Connie M: My husband loves it & can't do without! Aug 2, 2012
David H: Refreshing feeling. Been many years since I had a soap that has helped reduce skin oils, so I wanted more. Aug 1, 2012
Amy W: husband loves it! Jul 30, 2012
Ruben L: My body feels smooth and moisturized, not dry. Jul 29, 2012
Bianca N: Love the scent and the way I feel after I use it. Jul 28, 2012
Erik P: Exfoliation and soap in one! Jul 25, 2012
matt r: Best soap made Jul 24, 2012
Mark L: like it Jul 22, 2012
nancy s: Rcvd sample and Husband likes how it feels Jul 18, 2012
Donna D: I love this product it's listed for men. My husband had purchased this in the past and I've been stealing it ever since. Smells wonderful lathers nice and doesn't irritate my skin. love love love it! Jul 18, 2012
JANET T: I know it says Men's soap, but I confess to trying it. Then USING it! Already buying some for my son's apartment, also. Doesn't leave skin dry. Jul 18, 2012
Ryanne C: addicted to soaps Jul 17, 2012
Dana M: My husband has psoriasis and this helps it. Jul 17, 2012
FEI D: good Jul 16, 2012
Michael L: I have used it before and like it very much. Jul 16, 2012
Ben W: Best. Soap. Ever Jul 16, 2012
DEBORAH P: absolutely love this soap! Jul 16, 2012
Yoko N: Really good for men.I have used this product for long time . Jul 16, 2012
Lowell M: Used it before. Jul 14, 2012
Jenica B: My husband got this soap from Birchbox and he loved it. Jul 13, 2012
Eugene M: A friend gave me a sample and I loved it. Jul 8, 2012
Kathy S: We love this soap. I wish there was a scented version not just geared to men. Jul 4, 2012
Adam S: use it all the time at home Jul 3, 2012
Lori T: This is my son-in-laws favorite soap - he gets it in his stocking every year. :) Jul 2, 2012
Glen H: Absolutely the best soap for men. It has some real scrubbing action to it. It rinses very clean. Your skin is left squeaky clean but not dried out at all. Jul 2, 2012
Ann M. H: My husband loves it. Jul 1, 2012
Geoffrey P: Amazingly clean feeling skin after use. I have never used another bath product that has left me feeling as clean. Jul 1, 2012
Timothy H: Good reviews, so I wanted to give it a try. Jun 29, 2012
Connie M: My husband loved this soap & asked me to get him more once he tried the sample. He loved the scrub....left him feeling clean. Jun 28, 2012
steve h: Cleans great Jun 26, 2012
John S: I can't live without this soap!!! It's the best soap product I've ever used. Thanks to a frat brother who sent a bar & told me to enjoy. I have used it every day since. Jun 25, 2012
David E: big version of my favorite shower soap Jun 24, 2012
Alan S: Because this is the only soap that I will use. It is amazing and although lasts so long that it really is comparable to other soaps in price/wash! Jun 24, 2012
David J: Heard great things about it. Jun 23, 2012
Lea C: Tried it once, liked it. But still miss the grapefruit bar soap! Jun 23, 2012
Amy W: My husband is hooked on this bath bar; he has somewhat oily skin and says that this gives a nice clean feeling while not stripping his skin of all moisture Jun 23, 2012
JANET T: Key words....exfoliating and Oatmeal. While face requires gentle care, I know that skin daily sloughs and this should move things along, with oatmeal as soother. Jun 22, 2012
Luke H: tried it, liked it. clean feeling Jun 20, 2012
Jean G: Husband loves this soap! Jun 18, 2012
Heather G: Gift for my brother in law Jun 16, 2012
Ferd J: My husband has been using this soap for a couple of years. It has a wonderful light clean scent, and works great for exfoliation. It's the only soap he will use and he is usually not very picky on personal items. Jun 13, 2012
Thomas B: cause I want to smell MANLY Jun 12, 2012
Joy N: Husband loves this product. Purchased for him. Jun 11, 2012
Cathleen R: He loves it. Very effective, and long lasting! Jun 10, 2012
Jodi T: husband already loves it Jun 8, 2012
Suzette V: love this soap for shaving and giving to men and women as a gift. Jun 7, 2012
Shireen B: it's my favorite soap. Jun 6, 2012
Thomas G: This is the best bar of soap on the planet. I use it on my body and face. It works wonders to remove any dead or damaged beard hair follicles and this prevents scruff irritation, just donâ??t overuse! A few times a week is all that is needed. Jun 5, 2012
Nicole C: My husband received this as a gift before and loves it! Jun 5, 2012
Paul Z: use regularly Jun 5, 2012
kevin k: we like it
my wife especially
Jun 5, 2012
Nancy V: My father has been using this soap for years. He is 82 and it's one of his must have indulgences. It's refreshing and he likes the way his skin feels after using it. Jun 4, 2012
John V: It makes me feel clean . Jun 1, 2012
Franco Borsani B: Because it works wonders on me. Good product May 31, 2012
rui j: I choose it for my husband May 30, 2012
Jeffrey D: Best bath soap on the planet. May 26, 2012
Warren O: Tried it and really liked this one. May 25, 2012
Jennifer S: Gift for Uncle for Father's Day May 25, 2012
katie c: Fantastic soap, especially after a work out. May 23, 2012
michele p: my husband loves it May 23, 2012
Sam S: Great soap that leaves you feeling really clean without damaging skin. May 23, 2012
Pat W: my husband likes it May 21, 2012
Ezra G: Liked customer review on your website. May 20, 2012
Nikolai A: I have a very active and sometimes dirty lifestyle, so i need to take serious showers. this soap not only opens up your skin and leaves a refreshing feeling, but it scrubs thoroughly, eliminating dead skin cells leaving your skin soft but very dry, which is to be expected with such a serious cleanse. works so well it cuts my shower time tremendously while still making me cleaner than ever everytime. creme de corps is a good team mate. May 20, 2012
Brian K: Use it daily, feels great, easy to hold and to maneuver in shower, lasts looong time. May 18, 2012
Erica D: My husband loves this soap - it smells great and helps exfoliate sking. May 16, 2012
Anthony D: cleans good, smells good, rinses good. May 14, 2012
Jennifer M: I know my brother will like it for his birthday. May 14, 2012
Louis R: I like the way is rinses from your body in the shower. It has a very mild fragrance to it that isn't over powering. May 10, 2012
The C: I have used it for years, and I love it! May 9, 2012
Paul H: Husband tried in past and liked. May 7, 2012
Scott F: Great scrubbing and exfoliating soap, but bar is too big for even a large hand. Have to cut in half before using. May 6, 2012
Keith S: great product May 6, 2012
Sarah I: I LOVE this soap...well actually, my boyfriend loves this soap, and by defoult I have been using it. Men's body scrub be damned...I love it too! It does a great job at exfoliating, and has a nice, gender neutral scent.
My only complaint is that they don't carry it in a travel size. :-\
May 2, 2012
Joseph C: Great "lathering power" and a great scent. Apr 30, 2012
Helen R: First time I got this for my husband was last Nov. But now, this is the only soap he uses for shower! Apr 28, 2012
Greg G: I had received a bar of Ultimate Man Body Scrub Soap as a gift and really like it... Apr 28, 2012
Rachel W: i love good soap (it lasts so much longer than grocery store brands), and felt that the LUSH soap i was using wasn't exfoliating enough. thought i'd try it out and i think i'll like it. hopefully my husband won't steal it from me! Apr 27, 2012
Michael R: I loved the feel of my skin after using this bar for a little over a week, my skin felt softer and the scrub is gentle and invigorating. Apr 27, 2012
Jeff Z: Best soap I've ever used. Leaves my body clean with a great, light fragrance. Apr 26, 2012
Edward L: Love how clean this "soap" rinses off. Zero residue. Extremely clean feeling. Also love the scent. Though the exfoliating bits are larger than I'd like and become very abrasive as the bar gets smaller. Apr 26, 2012
Gary V: Previous experience. Feels great on skin. Still expensive for a bar of soap. Apr 26, 2012
Christopher Z: Exfoliate while you bathe. Apr 26, 2012
Jeffrey D: Best shower soap on the market Apr 25, 2012
David D: Best Soap I've ever used Apr 23, 2012
George M: I've been using it for several years. I like how it cleans Apr 23, 2012
JEFF R: This is a wonderful product. I always feel so renewed after using. Apr 22, 2012
Susan M: My husband has used this product before and really likes it. Apr 19, 2012
Brooke S: My boyfriend has bad skin acne so I'm hoping this will help. Apr 18, 2012
Billy B: Its just an all around great soap. Apr 16, 2012
Billy B: Its just an all around great soap. Apr 16, 2012
Lei S: My husband and me are very fond of this soap. Fantastic smell, comfortable scrub and very nutritious element to body. This is our second time using it. Apr 12, 2012
NICK K: I have acne on upper back and hope this will help out in exfoliating ! :) Apr 12, 2012
Nancy V: My 80 year old father loves this soap and has been using it for years with great results. Apr 12, 2012
Gerhard H: Best soap I have ever had!! I feel great. Use it every day!! Apr 10, 2012
MarieEileen K: my husband loves this soap Apr 9, 2012
Earl N: Because my husband loves it. Apr 9, 2012
Amit A: This soap w/ scrub works well on my oily skin. This bar also last for a long time. Apr 9, 2012
Spencer W: This is the best saop you can buy, it is very effective at exfoliating, feels great on your skin and smells good. Apr 5, 2012
Anthony P: Because I'm a dude... Apr 2, 2012
William P: Been using for year's cant live without it. Apr 2, 2012
SE MYEONG B: wash my face Apr 1, 2012
Tracey M: My husband can't live without it! Apr 1, 2012
Francis V: Love the husky feel and rough texture for a active feel while scubbing. Apr 1, 2012
Jeffrey D: This is the best soap product on the planet Mar 31, 2012
Chad R: I like it . Mar 30, 2012
marshall g: Liked it better than normal bath soaps Mar 30, 2012
Gene M: The soap works great for my needs and it cleans in a complete and satisfying way. Mar 29, 2012
ALAN R: Excellent product. Mar 28, 2012
John S: This soap is a man's dream. Best I've ever had!!!! Mar 28, 2012
jeffrey c: have used before - I love it Mar 27, 2012
Erica B: This came with the gift package I purchased last order. My husband liked it so much, we have to buy it again. Mar 26, 2012
Hugh H: Again the reviews were helpful to me...I was looking for a exfoliating scrub and it appears this product is I figured I would give it a try. Mar 25, 2012
Robert V: It is awesome! I use it everyday. Mar 25, 2012
Cindy J: my husband LOVES this soap Mar 24, 2012
A shopper asked: How long does this product typically last? Normal bar soaps for me lasts for about 3 weeks with 1-2 showers a day. Aug 19, 2013
Answer this · Send to friends Good question? Yes (1) No (0)
Bruce G: Depends on how you store your soap too...if it 'sits' in its own slime (for lack of a better word) after you shower, that little bit of slurry will delude some of the soap each time and decrease the overall life by about 2-3 days or so. So i recommend keeping in in a dish with holes or slots to allow the water to drain off the soap between uses.
Having said that, these are large, man-bars of soap. Smell great, exfoliate a little bit too, and each one usually lasts me about 3-4 weeks. Sometimes I shower twice in a day depending on workouts.
Aug 19, 2013
Reply to Bruce Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Matthew V: I've had this soap last as much as four weeks with one shower per day. During the summer months with additional showers in the afternoons or evenings three weeks sounds right. I have used this soap for the past 4 or 5 years and consider it a very good value due to it's longevity. Smells great, my wife loves it. Aug 19, 2013
Reply to Matthew Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
James F: These soap bar are huge. I usually shower once a day & I'm pretty sure mine have lasted about to a month. I don't keep it under a running shower any more than necessary and store it on its end high and dry. Aug 19, 2013
Reply to James Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
KIMBERLY C: It lasts 4-5 weeks with a daily shower. Aug 19, 2013
Reply to KIMBERLY Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
sc c asked: Is this product good for people with dry skin and eczema? Nov 21, 2012
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RALPH S: Yes, outstanding location, which will be easy on your skin. Nov 22, 2012
Reply to RALPH Good answer? Yes (0) No (1)
A shopper asked: can this soap be used on face? Dec 30, 2013
Answer this · Send to friends Good question? Yes (0) No (0)
Matthew F: I asked the same question myself... the answer was, "it's not formulated for use on face." But, I'm not the type of person to switch to multiple soaps in the shower, so I use it on my face. I love this soap! Dec 30, 2013
Reply to Matthew Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Bruce G: Probably...but is a little rough with the seeds/orange peel in there that might make it less face friendly.
I don't use it on my face - they have other products for that.
Dec 30, 2013
Reply to Bruce Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Hugh J. M: I never put the cake of soap on my face but always lather up my hands and then wash face.with hands great soap Dec 30, 2013
Reply to Hugh J. Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Yuri C: Hi.. not sure if you can or not.. I use it all the time and get a nice scrub. Best!! Dec 30, 2013
Reply to Yuri Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
William S: Wouldn't recommend it Jan 3, 2014
Reply to William Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
DARYL S: Definitely Dec 31, 2013
Reply to DARYL Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
A shopper asked: Can I use this everyday? May 28, 2014
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Michael O: I'm not a doctor, but I play one on TV, and not only can you use it every day, I think you should use this product at least 5 times a day! Your skin may get a bit raw at first but after time you'll build up a tolerance like with bee stings or alligator bites. May 28, 2014
Reply to Michael Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Hugh J. M: I use it every time I shower or take a bath ....almost every day. Feel it is getting rid of dead skin and debris. Great product. May 28, 2014
Reply to Hugh J. Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
dave j: I have used it everyday for seven years and love it! May 28, 2014
Reply to dave Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Howard V: I use it every day there is nothing better May 29, 2014
Reply to Howard Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
A shopper asked: Will this soap help with clearing acne and acne scars on the back? Feb 2, 2014
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Bruce G: This soap is not medicated, and while it does help with some exfoliation, if you are having more significant issues with back acne you should see your physician or a dermatologist for further advice and treatment as appropriate. Feb 3, 2014
Reply to Bruce Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Yury S: Abolutely, It actually exfoliates your skin and takes layers of, but you have to make sure that you moisturise after use. Feb 4, 2014
Reply to Yury Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Hugh J. M: I like this soap but really don't know about how it handles acne. I suspect it would be good for really cleaning site Feb 2, 2014
Reply to Hugh J. Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Michael K: I doubt it. It's a light exfolliant, that's about it. Feb 3, 2014
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A shopper asked: do you have soap on a rope?\ Jun 24, 2014
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Samuel C: No Jun 24, 2014
Reply to Samuel Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
josh c asked: How would you recommend storing this soap if I did not want to leave it in the shower at all times? Oct 28, 2012
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Ron C: I've traveled all over the world with this soap. Best not to store it air tight as it will soften if it is still wet. A plain soap dish works or a container that is not air tight.
Air tight containers work if the soap is completely dried on the surface.
Nov 5, 2012
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A shopper asked: where in san antonio may I find this product ? Sep 10, 2012
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James F: Saks, Neiman Marcus, & Nordstroms Sep 10, 2012
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rich hea asked: I am looking for the mini travel size bars. I know you have them around the holidays. Is there any chance I could get a few? My better half is on the road for the next 3 months and we can't find a travel soap box to fit the big bars.
thank you
Apr 22, 2013
Answer this · Send to friends Good question? Yes (0) No (1)
Edward D: Maybe cut the big bars into smaller pieces? I've seen the travel size bars as part of a travel set but not sold separately Apr 22, 2013
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Chris M: I generally just cut the big bars in half. It makes them easier to take traveling. Apr 24, 2013
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