Silk Groom Serum

A unique, ultra-light, and non-greasy hair serum
  • Smooths frizz, conditions dry ends, and controls hair without weighing it down
  • Protects hair from humidity and boosts shine, leaving hair clean, soft, and silky
  • Infused with a blend of natural oils derived from Sunflower Seeds, Sesame Seeds, and Soy Beans, and enriched with Vitamin E
  • For styles ranging from smooth and straight to curly and wavy
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"This anti-frizz serum is so lightweight and non-greasy, but it works like magic. It gives me silky, shiny hair in seconds!"

Lauren H., Kiehl’s Insider

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SEH-sah'-mee OY-il

Sesame Oil, which is a refined moisturizing oil derived from Sesame Seeds, has the same emollient properties as other nut and vegetable oils and is commonly used as a carrier oil for skin care products. Absorbs easily and softens the skin.

SUN-flah'-wur OY-il

Sunflower Oil contains beneficial amounts of Phospholipids as well as high concentrations of Ceramides. Its strengthening and protective agents help to further nurture and condition dry or damaged skin. The resilient Sunflower extract is also known to care for sun-exposed and aging skin as a result of environmental aggression.

Silk Groom Serum
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Kiehl's Since 1851 Store asked: Why did you choose this?
Colleen M C: Read an article about it in More magazine. Sep 29, 2014
David K: Works well Sep 27, 2014
nancy h: The product got a rave review by one of this year's MORE Magazine beauty contest winners. Sep 26, 2014
Amy L: good Sep 23, 2014
Serena K: this is the most amazing product...Shiny and silky hair with my thick coarse hair it is truly miraculous... Sep 23, 2014
Alessandra T: can't live with out this! Sep 23, 2014
Beth B: Provides great shine to my hair Sep 18, 2014
Caitlin C: Been using this for years. Adds just the right amount of frizz control to my fine wavy hair without leaving any residue. Love! Sep 7, 2014
Janis K: I used silk groom crème years ago and loved it. My hair is much finer now - and I need something that will give it a healthy shine without weighting it down. I'm hoping it will work! Kiels has a fantastic reputation! Sep 5, 2014
qingqing z: good Aug 26, 2014
Gloria C: Great product . Aug 25, 2014
Suzanne H: would like to try - read it's good for humid weather conditions Aug 20, 2014
Jie Z: Works great on my hair! Aug 15, 2014
Maria N: It's great for my hair. Aug 13, 2014
Barbara R: hair looks great and shiny Aug 11, 2014
Margaret B: Frizzy hair with humidity Aug 9, 2014
Emiko I: I have used this products for years. It is very good styling product. I love this. It helps my hair settle in the morning. No sticky. Aug 9, 2014
Kim R: It works! Very lightweight Aug 9, 2014
Abby R: Smooths my hair. Aug 5, 2014
Sara L: It rocks. Jul 21, 2014
Anna W: staple hair product for me Jul 15, 2014
William M: For maximum shine Jul 7, 2014
XINGRU S: It's really good product. Jul 7, 2014
CHANTAL P: use other serum base on review try this for me & my daughter Jun 19, 2014
martha l: to help with frizzy hair,seen an adv for it in a magazine..suppsed to be good Jun 17, 2014
Ian C: She stole it . . Jun 14, 2014
Nora M: need a new serum Jun 9, 2014
Tammy C: to see how it works on my hair with my straightner and curling iron Jun 4, 2014
James C: Hands down, best product for smoothing fly-away hair! May 31, 2014
Vicki H: I love manageable shiny hair and this looked nice for flyaways. May 28, 2014
Jorge Q: Been using it for 3 years now and the texture of my hair has improved significantly and help style hair in the mornings easier. May 26, 2014
Kristin S: I love this product!! It is the only shine serum/oil/finishing product that defines, adds shine, and tames flyaways without weighing my fine hair down, or making it look greasy! It's truly amazing. May 19, 2014
Elizabeth W: Actually, I don't like this product and would not buy it again. May 19, 2014
Sophia T: For my mom, she always use serum for her hair. May 19, 2014
Kathleen V: Good reviews and I have coarse, highlighted, starting to gray hair that needs help not looking frizzy. May 18, 2014
MICHELLE J: read reviews and thought I would try May 18, 2014
Miao Y: wanna give a try May 18, 2014
Xiaoxi S: To make my hair looks n better and natural May 17, 2014
Jiali Q: I love this product! Excellent! My hair is dry and I always use it when the hair is in half-wet state. May 16, 2014
wanshan y: Love this product soooo much! May 15, 2014
Nan Z: It worked very well. May 14, 2014
Sean M: never used, trying for 1st time. May 5, 2014
Julia M: Controls frizz Apr 19, 2014
Wen Z: It's very good to put on my hair Apr 19, 2014
Dorothy P: This product came highly recommened Apr 14, 2014
Hyerim J: recommended by friends Apr 11, 2014
Anna F: willing to try for first time Apr 9, 2014
Susan D: First time trying this product. Apr 1, 2014
Sharon Y: good reputation Mar 22, 2014
Anna H: This serum smooths and nourishes my fluffy curly hair wonderfully. My husband also uses it to smooth down the small hair around his face and for a lovely overall healthy shine. Mar 14, 2014
Anjli M: Featherlight, silky soft and my go-to for every hairstyle from beach waves to sleek & straight. Mar 10, 2014
Susan C: Granddaughter recommended Mar 10, 2014
Hyma K: I love this serum. It helps with dryness of my hair. Feb 24, 2014
SUSAN R: fantastic product for my hair Feb 19, 2014
KAZUMI S: i love this products Feb 18, 2014
james H: used Graham Webb but can't purchase it. Looking for substitute Feb 16, 2014
Kim D: Ive been using this for years, and it is the best product on the market for dry ends. Feb 14, 2014
BURCH A: I've used the Creme Silk Groom for Y E A R S - and think I could use less product with this... going to see what I think. Feb 4, 2014
Elizabeth D: Because it is the best styling treatment on the market.. Not heavy and does not buildup a residue. Feb 2, 2014
Cecilia R: I love it, my hair feels soft, shiny and is leight Jan 30, 2014
leah k: need a hair serum and love your products Jan 30, 2014
Terissa E: Really need very little of this product. Works well if you put it on before you use flat iron. Jan 25, 2014
adrienne b: trying this one due to the size for travel Jan 2, 2014
Connie L: good product Dec 31, 2013
Andrea W: great on hair non greedy non sticky Dec 31, 2013
Susan M. D: not as heavy as Creme with Silk Groom, leaves hair soft, smooth and shiny Dec 31, 2013
Cynthia W: I love this stuff!! It got me through a hot, humid, summer in London. Dec 31, 2013
Katherine F: Love it Dec 30, 2013
Maria M: I'm trying out this product as my hair tends to get out of control and dry at the ends. Dec 30, 2013
Anting C: Really great serum. Dec 29, 2013
Melissa D: This is the BEST hair serum I've tried and I've tried most! Dec 18, 2013
Colleen D: OOh another must have.. This goes so great with the Hair Gel. A perfect combo.. Dec 17, 2013
Eden H: This super lightweight serum adds just the right amount of shine and extra softness to my hair, which is fine and straight. It helps smooth down any flyaway ends, too. Love it! Dec 17, 2013
Suzanne G: I like how it makes my hair feel and look. Dec 9, 2013
Qi G: Recommendation Dec 8, 2013
Deidre M: love this product. adds just the right amount of sheen and control without the weight. Dec 5, 2013
Amelia A: good for my long straight hair--not too heavy or greasy and makes it shine Dec 4, 2013
Zongzhe X: Really efficient straightener for my dry curly hair. Dec 4, 2013
CECELIA C: Love how this gives my hair shine, but doesn't look oily. Dec 3, 2013
Zoe F: Tried before, liked it Dec 2, 2013
Linda S: I've been using this on my fine, curly hair for a couple of years. Applied to damp hair, it removes tangles and adds body. Does not weigh the hair down. Dec 2, 2013
Yamei W: My hair are quite dry, and this is a great product, love it a LOT! Dec 2, 2013
YUMEI H: HAVE A TRY Dec 1, 2013
Jessica M: Have used this in the past and loved it, but I am almost out of my first bottle. My brother used it on a recent visit and he fell in love with it, too, so I'm getting one for him for Christmas. Shhh, don't tell! Dec 1, 2013
Jana H: Best hair serum ever. Good for fine hair, doesn't weigh it down and makes it silky smooth. Nov 30, 2013
LIN L: second bottle Nov 29, 2013
Rebecca T: my daughter loves this for her long hair Nov 29, 2013
Wei L: super good products Nov 29, 2013
qiannan w: I like it! Nov 28, 2013
E L: Good Serum, little pricey. Nov 28, 2013
Tianyao M: It's very useful! Nov 26, 2013
Karissa J: I love all of the Kiehls styling products and wanted to give this a try! Nov 26, 2013
Wubitu W: Just to try it for the first time Nov 17, 2013
Chuxi J: silk and shining Nov 15, 2013
Dyane S: BEst product to smooth and shine my hair. Nov 14, 2013
Jessica J: read about it in Magazine Nov 12, 2013
Michael G: IT MAKES MY HAIR LOOK GOOD Nov 8, 2013
Douglas H: I need a new hair conditioner. Nov 8, 2013
Holly J: I have been using this hair serum for years. Have never found anything that replaces how well this works. Doesn't weigh down my fine hair...the best serum around! Nov 4, 2013
Cheryl R: anti frizz Nov 4, 2013
Ruyu Y: my friend sait it is good Nov 3, 2013
Linda K: my mom has been using it for years and loves it. Nov 2, 2013
Mary C: Love the hair creme and want to try this for a change. Oct 29, 2013
Lang L: Good Oct 25, 2013
WUYUE B: My hair is dry end and looks unhealthy Oct 16, 2013
Shiyao L: my friend recommend this product for me. she said it is a very good one. Oct 11, 2013
Chen Z: friend recommends Oct 4, 2013
Amrita C: Because of the great reviews. Sep 30, 2013
YIngbo S: friend recommendation Sep 29, 2013
XINYUAN Y: People recommend Sep 28, 2013
Aya G: I have dry ends and wanted to try this if helps Sep 27, 2013
Yafeng Z: Hair is getting dry, this product works good on my hair Sep 25, 2013
Xiangyi C: Kinda disappointed, because I don't see much differences after applying this product for half a month. Sep 21, 2013
Liman Y: A friend recommended it. I'd like to try it. Sep 20, 2013
Robert F: Love this. Very light but yet delivers just enough hold. Moistens hair, adds a very light sheen. Sep 15, 2013
Deana B: I have been using this for a while and Iove it! Sep 14, 2013
DORIS A. S: It keeps my hair in place, very light and has a lightly fresh scent. Makes the hair shine too! Sep 4, 2013
Mary M: Great product. Have been using it for years. Adds a nice shine and helps keep the frizz manageable in the humidity. Sep 3, 2013
Karen F: manages "frizz" and split ends without hair being oily Sep 1, 2013
Francis T: I bought this product in Vancouver airport on a whim (I loved the look of Kiehl products and of the store in this airport) and I love it. I have been using it all summer and was surprised how much better it is to other products I have tried. Aug 27, 2013
Ping L: good! Aug 20, 2013
Linda M: like the way it applies, looks and feel Aug 17, 2013
Katya K: It has been doing great to my hair. Jul 28, 2013
jen k: read good things. i have the creme.. and thought this would be a good addition to my hair regimen Jul 24, 2013
Mary F: I like how it keeps my hair smooth without weighing it down like some other oil treatments do. I'm a returning customer for this product. My current bottle is almost empty. Jul 23, 2013
Golnaz D: to control frizz especially now in humid weather Jul 2, 2013
Mo L: friend's recommendation Jun 14, 2013
Larry D: Good for full beards Jun 13, 2013
Jennifer S: I am curious, and look forward to trying it! Jun 13, 2013
Miryam S: helps my white hair shine Jun 5, 2013
Barry S: I have used this for years. May 29, 2013
Sandy D: I have been a Kiehl's customer forever and have used this product along with the creme silk groom. I cannot say enough about this product as well as the other Kiehl's products I've used. I have tried many other brands from higher end to lower end and have always returned back to Kiehl's. May 24, 2013
nan f: Am going to try this product to see if it is as believable as the Kiehl's dark spot remover...I am looking forward to trying it... May 20, 2013
Sandy S: have used before -great product May 15, 2013
Diana A: Have used this for years. Excellent results to make hair fall into place & give dull hair some shine. Can't live without it. May 13, 2013
Crystal Ruikun Y: My friend who used this product highly recommended it! May 1, 2013
sarah p: I need this product for my curly hair Apr 27, 2013
Brooke M: I use it everytime I wash my hair and it is a wonderful product! Apr 17, 2013
Jo S: same reason as the hair cream Mar 31, 2013
Josefina L: same as above Mar 28, 2013
Anthony K: Wife thrives on it. Mar 26, 2013
Debra S: I like the silk groom cream. I would like to try this to see if I like this even better. Mar 25, 2013
Juancarlos C: Want to try it. Great reviews. Hope it works. Mar 24, 2013
vevita l: its great, keeps hair shine, looking clean and it doesnt weight down hair Mar 19, 2013
Helena O: Reviews were good. First time trying it. Mar 18, 2013
desiree b: heard good reviews about this product Feb 14, 2013
Meredith W: Cause I love this stuff! Feb 13, 2013
Danielle W: this is just okay Feb 7, 2013
Penny W: Miracle in a bottle! Makes my hair shiny and frizz free and soft! Feb 7, 2013
Zachary B: I was told by a friend that this was the best stuff he has ever used. Figure I would give it a shot as well. Jan 29, 2013
Prashanth P: FOR THAT EXTRA SHINE Jan 26, 2013
Anne L: It's the best product I have ever found to control frizz on fine, bleached hair. Jan 24, 2013
Crystal C: It works for me. Perfect for my straight hair! Jan 3, 2013
Marlene H: I have never tried it before, but I love the Creme with Silk Groom. Thought I would give it a go. Jan 1, 2013
Mary O: for curly-sometimes frizzy hair-this is your friend Dec 31, 2012
Maria D: I want to see if this helps control my frizzy hair. Dec 31, 2012
hongbo s: Highly required by Deal moon Dec 31, 2012
jessica v: I have been a loyal fan for years. It is light, has a nice scent and makes my hair really, really soft and smooth. Dec 31, 2012
Ying S: it is recommended by some of my friends. So why not give it a try. Dec 30, 2012
Joanne S: Looking for this type of product Dec 30, 2012
Sharp W: Looks good. Dec 29, 2012
Yu T: recommendation Dec 29, 2012
xixi Z: to protect hair Dec 29, 2012
Hillari A: Nice texture to my hair post-flat ironing. Dec 28, 2012
xinxin s: recommendation from friends Dec 27, 2012
jing c: my hair is dry in winter Dec 26, 2012
MANNA Y: JUST TRY! Dec 26, 2012
Hui J: It's the best product that I ever have. It reduce the frizz very well. It's the serum that make your hair non-greasy. I love this product and I also recommended to my friend. Dec 25, 2012
YINGYI L: friend like this Dec 24, 2012
Zhao Z: my friend ask me to buy it for her Dec 12, 2012
Steve T: LOVE IT Dec 10, 2012
cheryl s: for me. like smooth hair Dec 7, 2012
Maria K: I am 72 my hair gets dry and frizzy
this product seems to work better than anything else
Nov 29, 2012
Terrie T: love it Nov 24, 2012
LISA P: LOVE THIS !!!! MAKES MY HAIR REALLY SOFT!!! p.s. bring back curl enhancing spray!! Nov 23, 2012
satomi k: I've been using this product for last several years and I love it. Nov 22, 2012
kathy e: Hoping it works Nov 18, 2012
Ying M: my hair is dry Nov 17, 2012
QIANQIAN C: It is a perfect product. Nov 16, 2012
Muzi Q: tried it before, it was good Nov 15, 2012
Susan B: smells great and does the job for shiny hair Nov 15, 2012
Tina O: I have used this product for years. And it helps to keep my fly away thin hair looking great! Nov 4, 2012
Kathryn D: I have used the cream in the past and thought I would try something new. Oct 31, 2012
Shuhui Z: I want to try Kiehl's hair product. Oct 28, 2012
Gina C: I have used it for years Oct 14, 2012
SHARON M: I had read an online review that said it was similar to another cosmetic's product that had been discountinued Oct 14, 2012
Terry S: WIFE LOVES IT Oct 6, 2012
donna r: this is the ONLY product out of probably 30 or so that works great on my hair! does just what it says Sep 24, 2012
Hui J: It's really good serum for keeping the air both smoothy and light. I love this product. Sep 24, 2012
CHENJIA M: My friend recommend this product to me. Sep 18, 2012
Yili M: Nice Sep 18, 2012
Deborah A: In Houston's humidity, Kiehl's serum controls the frizz without adding weight to my hair. Sep 17, 2012
Doryan W: Hope that performs similarly to Creme with Silk Groom, but is a size, under 3.5 ounces, that will allow me to get through TSA security. Sep 16, 2012
Julia R: It's necessary! Aug 27, 2012
GLADYS C: I love it for my hair - without it after every shampoo it would frizz up and drive me to distraction - it's a wonderful hair grooming product that I've been using for years. Aug 26, 2012
Atsuko S: Keeps my hair shiny and extremely silky! Aug 20, 2012
Francesca B: My hair has color and permanent. This product seems to hair enter the follicles of my hair and heal some of the dryness. Aug 18, 2012
s-r g: absolutely adore this hair serum!! I really does tame frizzies and fly ways without weighing hair down and making it greasy. The very best hair serum I have ever used, and the only one I will ever use again! I have long, straight, fine to med hair. Aug 4, 2012
E B: Wanted to try this Jul 22, 2012
Zhao Z: it is good Jul 15, 2012
Julia B: This is GGRREATT to control frizz!! Just two squirts in the hand a quick pass over the head and you're presentable! Even in damp weather!! Jul 6, 2012
michel t: It is what I always use and I am out and currently in a rural area where I can not find it. Jul 3, 2012
Bonnie K: Product works great for removing frizz and making hair easier to straighten. Jun 30, 2012
chun c: I heared this product can help hair. Jun 22, 2012
mark g: try product Jun 14, 2012
Matthew B: Best hair product I've ever used. Wanted to get another as I ran out (and be able to use it as my hair is disappering fast). Jun 7, 2012
mary d: daughter loves it Jun 4, 2012
Lynette D: The white hair I am acquiring needs taming Jun 2, 2012
KUMIKO S: I wanna make my hair shiny May 29, 2012
Ronald O: It is a really great product. I usually purchase it at salons. I have tried many items, most are overpriced, that do not work nearly as well as this item. I give it an A+ May 18, 2012
WILMA M: Is the only product, so far , that work perfectly with the humidity and keep my hair shine and not greasy; IT'S AMAZING May 16, 2012
Susan s: to alternate with creme May 16, 2012
Jean W: I love the Creme with Silk Groom, and thought this would be nice addition. May 14, 2012
Jane F: works so well for my hair May 14, 2012
Michael M: It's for a relative. May 6, 2012
kristine s: trying to deal with life in humidity May 4, 2012
Carole V: not greasy & gives great sheen to hair. Apr 18, 2012
Timur A: Fantastic hair gel without the gel feeling. Smells good too. Apr 12, 2012
Tara V: Stylist recommended it. Apr 10, 2012
Subira D: Because it works. Apr 9, 2012
Nancy H: This serum is amazing. It really keeps my hair looking smooth when the heat and humidity try to make my hair frizzy. Apr 9, 2012
Bria P: it's a great product , great quality , GREAT EVERYTHING ! you won't be disappointed Apr 5, 2012
craig p: love it Apr 5, 2012
K F: Got it for a it! Apr 4, 2012
nga N: Because I check on your side and I want to buy and try to my hair. Apr 1, 2012
Pamela D: Love it to tame my curly hair. The best. Mar 25, 2012
leslie s: same type as the creme..thought it would be a good combo Mar 24, 2012
A shopper asked: Is this silicone free? Sep 6, 2012
Answer this · Send to friends Good question? Yes (3) No (0) I can't pull up the ingredient list. Is it alcohol and silicone free? Mar 13, 2014
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Audrey J: No. Check the ingredient list (next to "customer reviews") Sep 6, 2012
Reply to Audrey Good answer? Yes (0) No (7)
A shopper asked: I know Biosilk is similar to the serum which made my hair look awesome, but I stopped using it because the alcohol in Biosilk wasn't good for my hair. So my question is, can this product be used on African American hair? Jan 3, 2013
Answer this · Send to friends Good question? Yes (3) No (0)
cecile l asked: Is this product as un-greasy as it claims? Sep 27, 2013
Answer this · Send to friends Good question? Yes (0) No (0)
Cassandra F: Yes, it is un-greasy. I am always trying new hair products and usually don't rebuy because I was to try something new but this is one product I can't do without. I have rebought it many times. I love it! Sep 27, 2013
Reply to Cassandra Good answer? Yes (1) No (0)
Carole M: I use Silk Groom almost every day and don't find it greasy at all. My hair is fine but gets a little frizzy, and the SG helps tame it. HTH! :-) Sep 27, 2013
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Marlene H: Yes.. I have been using it for over 15 years and I love it. It feels good in the hair, and is easy to wash out.. I think it is the best.. Sep 27, 2013
Reply to Marlene Good answer? Yes (1) No (0)
cecile l: Thank you Marlene! Sep 27, 2013
jessica v: I do not find this product to be greasy at all. It is very lightweight and leaves my hair soft and smooth. Sep 27, 2013
Reply to jessica Good answer? Yes (1) No (0)
Stacey-Lee D: Yes it gives a high sheen but is not greasy at all Sep 27, 2013
Reply to Stacey-Lee Good answer? Yes (1) No (0)
Karen F: Yes Sep 27, 2013
Reply to Karen Good answer? Yes (1) No (0)
Michelle C: I love this product -- I apply it immediately after towel-drying my hair, while it's still a little damp, then again after blow-drying, and a third time after flat-ironing. I probably use a little more than the average person, given my very thick, dry, long, Asian hair. But to answer your question, my hair never comes out feeling greasy! Sep 29, 2013
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A shopper asked: Do you use this on wet or dry hair? Mar 18, 2013
Answer this · Send to friends Good question? Yes (0) No (0)
Carmenza A: Either way, depending on your hair type. I have thin hair and found it works best if I use it on dry hair and apply only to the tips, it makes my hair freeze free and shiny. My roommate on the other hand has thick hair and she prefers to use it when her hair is wet an she applies it all over. Hope this helps. Apr 13, 2013
Reply to Carmenza Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Ellen J: I use this on dry hair to tame it after washing or when it is too dry. I think it is meant to be a grooming aid and should be used sparingly. It gives hair extra shine, but can feel greasy it too much is used Mar 19, 2013
Reply to Ellen Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Joseph S: I towel dry my hair then apply the product and comb through. Apr 11, 2013
Reply to Joseph Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Victoria I: I use it in both wet & dry hair. Mar 20, 2013
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Jodie G. asked: Can this be used on dry hair to tame fly aways? May 21, 2014
Answer this · Send to friends Good question? Yes (0) No (0)
Julia B: Absolutely! My hair is very dry and frizzy and I use 4-5 skirts of this serum every morning to smooth the top and ends and/ or smooth a wrap with a barette. Try it you'll be pleased!! May 22, 2014
Reply to Julia Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
stefanie e: Absolutely!!! I place a drop or two on my hands rub together and run thru just the " problem areas". I have used this product for over 10 years. It's a miracle! May 28, 2014
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Anthony K: Yes! May 21, 2014
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A shopper asked: I am a young man with short but thick hair. I'm looking to tame frizzy strays but do not want anything heavy or greasy. Which is better: the silk groom serum or the Heat-Protective Silk-Straightening Cream? Dec 5, 2012
Answer this · Send to friends Good question? Yes (0) No (0)
Yu J: I haven't used the Hear-Protective Cream. But for the silk groom serum, it is not heavy, at least for me. I used it after the bath when my hair is a little wet, and blowed dry after it. The serum would blend into the water on my hair and make my hair smoothier and more shiny. Dec 5, 2012
Reply to Yu Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Joan S: I use both....but for you I think the serum will be plenty. Dec 7, 2012
Reply to Joan Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Anthony K: The straightening cream is a better choice for you. Dec 5, 2012
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kathyL asked: I have very fine hair. Will this weigh my hair down? Apr 11, 2014
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stefanie e: If you use just a drop and work it underneath and ends of hair it should be fine. I do not recommend pulling thru the roots May 28, 2014
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Richard H: No! You will love the sparkle in your hair and seeing others looking at your new look . Apr 11, 2014
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A shopper asked: Do this product have alcohol in it? Jan 3, 2013
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Robert F: No Jan 3, 2013
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Robert F: No Jan 3, 2013
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A shopper asked: Can I mix some drops - 2,3- with the heat protection????? Sep 27, 2014
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Shuhui Z: Never tried this way. I think it might br fine. Sep 28, 2014
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donna asked: does this product have silicon in it? Oct 9, 2013
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Rebecca F: Cyclopentasiloxane, which is the primary ingredient, is silicon-based. Oct 15, 2013
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