Nurturing Baby Cream for Face and Body

Soothes and moisturizes for baby-soft skin
  • Nurtures skin, leaving it smooth and soft and is gentle enough for use on baby's face to help moisturize and even out dry patches
  • Formulated with Shea Butter, Apricot Kernel Oil and Purified Honey
  • Infused with a carefully selected blend of vanilla, apples, pears, and sweet berries for a pleasant scent, leaving baby's (and mom's) skin smelling fresh
  • Tested to help minimize allergy risk; pH-balanced; and sensitivity-tested for daily use
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"The best baby cream! Definitely recommend to all moms for fresh and baby soft skin."

Shu, Kiehl’s Insider

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How to Apply:
-Gently massage on baby's body skin until formula is absorbed
-Use after bath or as often as needed
-As a facial moisturizer, apply to face as needed

A-prih-kaht KUR-nuhl OY-il

Apricot Kernel Oil is extracted from apricot kernels and has a very high Vitamin E content (aiding fast absorption) and is a trygliceride composed of 75% oleic acid and 20% linoleic acid, and unsaturated fatty acids esterified with glycerin - similar to avocado oil and sesame oil. Found to be highly compatible with the skin. Apricot Kernel Oil moisturizes and softens skin while helping retain clarity and suppleness.


15% Plant-based Glycerin: A renowned skincare ingredient that works as a moisture magnet and pulls essential moisture into skin. It is highly compatible with skin and also creates a “reservoir effect”, enhancing the water-holding capacity of the skin and ultimately helping to provide skin elasticity and plumpness and facilitates epidermal barrier function. The glycerin used in this formula is plant-based and can be derived from sources including palm fruit, rapeseed and coconut. .


Honey is the nectar produced in flowers and then collected and stored by bees. It is composed of a variety of sugars, wax, and other substances, including citric, malic, formic, and lactic acids; beta carotene; enzymes; amino acids and vitamins. It is used as an emollient in skin care and creates a watertight film, allowing skin to rehydrate itself. Moisturizing, softening, sweet and fragrant.

Nurturing Baby Cream for Face and Body
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Kiehl's Since 1851 Store asked: Why did you choose this?
A. J: awesome for baby with sensitive skin. Sep 22, 2014
YUEYI Z: TRYING May 19, 2014
Pui On W: My baby is using this cream for a year May 16, 2014
Christy P: Friend recommendation May 16, 2014
Claire F: Gift for a new mother May 11, 2014
Lan R: my relative told me it is a very good product Apr 21, 2014
Catherine S: I borrowed some at a friend's house for my hands after washing dishes and loved it. Am purchasing it for hand lotion for me. Apr 8, 2014
Jason B: Best body lotion for babies. Works on the Northern Climate skin and the sensitive skin of my daughter. Stock up now. Mar 31, 2014
Madeline G. H: This is the best lotion for children that I have ever used. Mar 26, 2014
Brian D: Friend recommended it for baby skin care Mar 22, 2014
konrad w: works best for my baby Mar 22, 2014
EILEEN R: This is the only moisturizer I put on my grandson. Mar 20, 2014
Judith D: I trust in your products for the new baby Mar 19, 2014
kathryn m: Best smelling and feeling baby lotion on the market....LOVE this product as well as the baby bath foam Mar 10, 2014
Julie S: new grandbaby Mar 4, 2014
Robin M: Received as a gift for my first baby and loved how moisturizing it was. Need more!!! Feb 22, 2014
CARRIE D: Been using it since daughter was born 5 yrs ago. Feb 17, 2014
Jennifer G: for my granddaughter Feb 12, 2014
Claire S: Having a baby in the next few weeks - I use all Kiehl's products - shampoo, facial cream, body lotion, under eye lotion, etc... Feb 7, 2014
Ying Y: my friend highly recommended this product that it was the best baby cream that she've ever used. Feb 3, 2014
Judy W: Grandson itches from having neurofibromotosis. This relieves his symptoms! Wonderful product Feb 2, 2014
Bobbi Jo B: I have a new baby w sensitive skin Jan 27, 2014
Minjong J: I have bought it before for my baby and I was quite satisfied with the result! Jan 18, 2014
Cynthia J: This was a baby shower gift -- was loved by the mom-to-be! Jan 13, 2014
Christine D: I have been using this product since my, now 9 year old boy, was a baby. I still use it on both of my kids (and for myself too). Gets rid of dry skin quickly and has a very gentle scent. One of the best lotions I have used! Jan 12, 2014
Andy W: Use it as an adult - only thing that works on my dry skin and does not harm Jan 11, 2014
Lauren S: only cream that truly works for my toddler and infant. We would be lost without it Jan 8, 2014
Connie L: good product Dec 31, 2013
kristin k: This is by far my favorite baby lotion ever. I have tried many. Dec 30, 2013
Wen Yen H: good Dec 30, 2013
Grace W: My son has been used this product since he was born but somehow department store doesn't carry this product anymore. Only way I can get is via online. Love this product for my little one. Dec 29, 2013
Bernadette S: I got one as a gift for my son with eczema and it worked like magic. Now, with the winter weather his eczema is back and I'm out of this cream. I also want to use it. Dec 28, 2013
Brenda V: I call it "crack baby lotion" because it makes babies smell even more delicious than they already do! Dec 27, 2013
Frank W: It's the best baby lotion on planet Earth- corrects eczema in two days and makes my boys' skin incredibly smooth! Dec 26, 2013
Emily A: seemed good for my daugher who is two Dec 23, 2013
jennifer h: It does wonders for mine and my toddlers skin. Dec 21, 2013
youngsook l: I care my baby Dec 19, 2013
melody w: for children Dec 18, 2013
Weiwei H: My friends say that these items are good for babies. Dec 16, 2013
Lynda D: Best Baby Lotion Dec 15, 2013
Lola J: Expecting my first baby and this had very good reviews. Dec 14, 2013
Lorraine I: nice baby gift for new baby Dec 14, 2013
Caitlin M: Best cream I've ever used for baby (and grown-up!) skin. If your kids suffer from dry patches, eczema or sensitive skin please try this product. You'll be amazed! Also buy two bottles because you will end up using it yourself! Great scent too - very subtle and un-perfumy. Dec 9, 2013
Jasmine K: Great product! Dec 8, 2013
Kathleen R: I have a new grand daughter and her mother uses the products so why not start her early :) Dec 8, 2013
Lynda F: Kiehls baby are the only products I can use on my son's sensitive skin Dec 4, 2013
Janet B: My daughters use it for their babies. Dec 4, 2013
Celina O: This product works great on very dry skin Dec 4, 2013
ZHENGHUA L: By the way Dec 4, 2013
kateri s: I am a repeat customer. My kids have sensitive skin. This cream locks in the moisture & it is not greasy. It makes huge improvements after one use on dry skin. Worth the investment! Dec 3, 2013
Lisa M: Like Dec 3, 2013
Kathryn L: For my grandson who has dry facial skin. Nov 30, 2013
Ying L: love it Nov 30, 2013
Michele J: gentle on my baby's skin and great scent Nov 15, 2013
kyung yun l: My baby use this product, very satisfied. Nov 15, 2013
Maryann Q: works well Nov 11, 2013
Brian Z: " " Nov 5, 2013
Linda P: For my 4 month old grandson! Nov 3, 2013
KATHLEEN M: my daughter has severe chapping on her hands and face Oct 24, 2013
BOSEDE A: i was told about it that its good on the skin. Sep 30, 2013
Sirvart K: Keeps my babies skin soft with a delicous subtle fragrance. Love this cream, I would look to the ends of the earth for this cream. They stopped carrying at Nordstorm's and Saks, so I began purchasing it online. Sep 30, 2013
Lindsey B: Due with my 2nd little one in a few weeks. My daughter and I both have sensitive skin so I'm preparing for him to have it too. Hopefully this proves to be as gentle as the reviews say. Sep 29, 2013
Karen S: Always looking for new gently products for grand babies Sep 23, 2013
Yoon K: It's perfect for my daughter Sep 16, 2013
carrie h: Best cream I have ever used. Sep 15, 2013
The Abner T: New babies Sep 6, 2013
Kelly L: Friend had a baby Sep 4, 2013
Yan L: I think it is always the gentlest and safest for baby's use, so if it absorbs well on me, it will be a treasure that I find. Sep 1, 2013
X I: for baby Aug 31, 2013
Lauren K: Good reviews for gentle baby skincare Aug 30, 2013
Melissa B: I LOVE this for my baby! His skin is so sensitive and this is the only lotion that I could find that didn't make him brake out or give him a rash. It also helped to get rid of the eczema that he had on his feet and it makes his skin super soft and I love the smell. Aug 23, 2013
Jeddah C: for my daughters eczema, it has been amazing. Aug 11, 2013
Christine H: gift Aug 6, 2013
Ginger H: We have been using this on our 2 y/o grandson due to his reaction to almost everything else we tried. This doesn't burn and keeps him comfortable and keeps his skin soft Jul 17, 2013
Monica W: I love the very light scent and it makes my baby's skin silky soft. Jul 14, 2013
Crystal H: I used this on the children I took care of when I was their nanny. I have since purchased it for anyone I know who has a baby. It is so light, smells fantastic, and is great on their skin. We called this "soft baby" and they knew it was what was put on after a bath. If Kiehl's wants to go ahead and use that as a new name, I think it would be perfect. It indeed does work and make "soft babies." :) Jun 25, 2013
Meghan L: This is the best baby lotion in the world! Perfect for sensitive skin, this is the only lotion I have used consistently for my babies. Jun 18, 2013
cheryl w: My sister-in-law has 6 grandchildren and they all use Kiehl's so I am buying for my new grandbaby! Jun 13, 2013
Jennifer L: have used before on my two girls, we all love it Jun 12, 2013
Paul L: Hypoallergenic which is perfect for our newborn! :) Jun 2, 2013
LIQIN Z: MY SON LOVES IT. May 31, 2013
Deanna F: It is great for sensitive skin, for kids and moms alike! Dry skin burns if you put ordinary lotions on it when it's really chapped but your formula doesn't! Thank you! Apr 30, 2013
Kim C: My son'sfamily will barriving in a few weeks for a visit and introduction to our grandchild. My daughter-in-law has sensitive skin, as may well their recent first born. When Kiehl's HAD diaper rash ointment, I found it to be the best product for the purpose on the market, as are these likely to be. Apr 14, 2013
BONNIE L: want to try it for baby, since the adult version is so good.. Apr 3, 2013
AMY S: it is, by far, the absolute best moisturizer for my kids. i have used it since they were just weeks old and they all have skin like butter. seriously. Mar 26, 2013
Samantha M: Heavenly for newborns! Mar 22, 2013
Sarah W: Love the smell, it is actually for me not my baby ; ) Mar 19, 2013
Ashley G: Best baby lotion I have found Mar 17, 2013
Candyse R: this lotion took away the severe dry skin my son had developed Mar 14, 2013
Caridad L: gift Feb 14, 2013
Robyn L: My baby has sensitive skin and this works really well! Feb 12, 2013
Courtney I: Got this as a gift from my mom for my 9 month old daughter at Christmas. It worked like a charm on her eczema. Her skin looks beautiful now! Feb 7, 2013
Mindy g: this is the only lotion that cures my babies super dry skin. It's worth every penny! Jan 31, 2013
Allison T: It is the highest rated baby cream on the market (grandma did the research!) Jan 28, 2013
Susan Y: My Nordstrom does not carry it anymore. We have been using it for 7 years on our sons. We love it. Jan 27, 2013
Sarah M: Smells wonderful on my baby's skin. Makes their skin feel so soft. Jan 25, 2013
Kathryn K: Best smelling lotion out there for babies and makes their skin super soft and hydrated. Jan 25, 2013
Aimee L: Was told it was good for baby with dry skin patches Jan 24, 2013
Belle T: My children love this and can use it for body or face. Jan 15, 2013
Elizabeth W: it is amazing for baby skin! clears up bumps and acne and leaves skin so soft and smells so good. Jan 8, 2013
Yuli L: I used it before, and my son's skin is smooth when apply this product even when the room is very dry Jan 2, 2013
Rachel C: This is fantastic for my baby's sensitive skin and quickly heals any red blemishes. Dec 30, 2012
Robyn L: I love this lotion for both my year old and my two older kids. It really hydrates and is great for their sensitive skin. Dec 30, 2012
Wen H: friend's recommendation Dec 30, 2012
Barbra H: Best cream for my babies skin! I have 3 little ones (4 YO & 2 YO twins) and their skin is as soft as the day I gave birth to them! Dec 29, 2012
Ahyoung L: gift for sister Dec 26, 2012
In J: Good for dry skin, Dec 23, 2012
Michael B: Thought I would have my friend try Kiehls for their son since I love it so much. Dec 20, 2012
Karen M: My Mother-in-law loves it -uses it from her Grandson's supply- Dec 17, 2012
Ella C: Gift for new baby Dec 12, 2012
Mary Jane B: It is a gift. Dec 11, 2012
Mario C: Love shea butter smelling baby Dec 11, 2012
Anne C: Best lotion for adults and babies alike. Dec 7, 2012
Anne C: It is the best lotion for adults and babies alike Dec 7, 2012
Anna T: my friend is expecting a baby. Dec 4, 2012
Maryjo L: super nice for my babies skin. Dec 2, 2012
KERI H: My 21 month old son has very sensative skin. After reading the product reviews, I knew this product was what he needs. Nov 29, 2012
Elena R: Gifts for a good neighbor's daughter Nov 29, 2012
Anise W: i like your baby product. please make more... Nov 23, 2012
Lisa C: good baby gift Nov 19, 2012
Margaret P: My baby's skin is so sensitive and the customer reviews are terrific - must try this winter to keep baby's skin hydrated in the dry heated air Nov 18, 2012
Shirley C: It was requested by my daughter in law for my grandson.They have been using it. Nov 15, 2012
Lynn D: This is an adorable gift for my friend who is about to give birth! Oct 21, 2012
Benita P: Perfect for babies Oct 21, 2012
Barbara C: My grandaughter uses this and has no problems of anykind with her skin Oct 18, 2012
Marie B: my son has ecazema and this works wonderful for his breakouts Oct 15, 2012
Peter R. W: make more baby products please.... Oct 13, 2012
Tatiana D: my friend recommended this cream Oct 4, 2012
Ruby E: my son always develops rash on his face and I wanted to try this in case it would heal. Sep 26, 2012
Mei-Yun W: best ever for my baby Sep 24, 2012
Clarissa B: I trust Kiehl's for myself, why not my younger loved ones? Sep 24, 2012
Hung Hsuan C: ... Sep 20, 2012
Hyun Joo B: Great lotion overall...silky, smooth...provides great moisture...and goes a long way. Sep 20, 2012
Elizabeth N: it's a great baby gift Sep 20, 2012
Jeffrey E: This is the closest that I could get to Kiehl's Diaper Rash Ointment. I wish Kiehl's would still make the diaper rash ointment. Sep 19, 2012
JESSIE T: My kid's skin is so soft! Sep 19, 2012
danielle V: great for baby Sep 16, 2012
Laura T: I loved it for my son when he was a baby. I'm giving as a shower gift to my sister-in-law. Sep 11, 2012
Xiaolei M: It's good for my baby to use this item as daily care. Sep 10, 2012
Martha B: Love this lotion on baby! Sep 3, 2012
Xiaoyun W: Really soft on baby skin, only one I found in the market that works well on baby's face. Aug 21, 2012
Anita P: daughter has eczema Aug 7, 2012
Jessica C: My baby has extremely dry skin - we are looking to help her skin! Jul 25, 2012
Erica P: I am looking for a quality moisturizer for my infant that smells good. I want her to smell like a little girl, but do not want to compromise by using a potentially harmful product. I read a review that said your product smelled really good. Jul 16, 2012
Crystal J. M: This baby cream provides excellent, soothing moisture for my skin. And, it doesn't irritate my sensitive skin. Jul 11, 2012
Mary G: My daughter is very choosy about the skin care products she uses on HER daughter. This is just right for her. Jun 25, 2012
Kathleen L: My daughter uses Kiehl's products. She is newly pregnant so I am starting a colletion of baby items. Also helped me get to $50 for samples and free shipping! Jun 21, 2012
Judy W: Newest granddaughter. My daughter loves your products so I knew she would be happy with this gift. Jun 9, 2012
barri p: It is amazing!!!! My baby feels soo soft and it lasts...not waxy or oily...just baby soft! May 22, 2012
elaine w: discontinued! i love this product!! May 17, 2012
Rebecca K: It feels substantial and that it really moisturizes. I also like the smell. It's my favorite baby moisturizer. May 16, 2012
Jingyun S: Friend's recommendation May 10, 2012
victor l: for my wife Apr 29, 2012
Kathryn K: its the best smelling lotion i have found. its not too fragrant. i have tried all the other store brands and this is the best Apr 26, 2012
Sandra N: good for a two year old (and me too) Apr 23, 2012
JOY A: I want to try this product for my 2 year old son. Apr 10, 2012
Qingqing C: The gentle formula just right for baby. Apr 10, 2012
Alison M: It makes my son's skin so smooth and soft. I have been using it since he was born and he has never had patches or dry skin and he will be 2 in July. He gets compliments all the time! Apr 10, 2012
NEHA S: My baby loves the feel of this cream! It smells clean and glad this product was brought back! Apr 9, 2012
Willow S: I've gotten this for friends with babies before and they have loved it. Apr 9, 2012
Sung Joon M: for my kids sensitive skins Apr 6, 2012
Bernadette T: We use his on our baby, we like the non greasy feel, and that the formula is not too watery. Mar 28, 2012
So H asked: When this will be restocked? Jun 3, 2014
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Sheng Y asked: Hello,my boy is 4 momths now,is it ok for him?? thanks! Aug 6, 2012
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Anita P: It sure is!! This has been the only product that healed my daughters eczema!! It leaves her skin feeling like silk.. You will love it also..
It is very safe for your son...
I also use other products from Kiels...
Good luck and enjoy that luxurious feel !! It truly is wonderful!!!
He will love it!!!:)
Aug 7, 2012
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Armida F: I have 3 children and I've used this product for all of them. My youngest one is 9 months old now and I've used this with her since she was 1 week old( after the 1st time I bathed her). I'm a nurse so im very choosy with the products I use for my children. This one is actually the best I've used so far :) Aug 7, 2012
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Bernadette T: Yes! We actually started using this lotion on my son when he was 3 months old. It's really gentle, and the smell is not overwhelming. He had eczema and we found that this worked well for him. He is now 2 yrs old and we still use it to moisturize him after bath time. Aug 7, 2012
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Annabella J: I think the Nurturing Baby Cream is gentle enough for young infants but I would consult your pediatrician to be on the safe side. I use it on my toddler boys. Aug 7, 2012
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Lei G: it's ok. Aug 7, 2012
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A shopper asked: I am a older woman who wants a gentle moisturizer for my face at night. I have oily skin, so I do not want something greasy. I also have sensitive skin and cannot use a lot of products. I basically need something alcohol and fragrance-free. Even though this product is advertised for babies, will it also work for my delicate, sensitive skin? Apr 23, 2014
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Lynda F: This is a wonderful product. My son is 9 now and has eczema since he was a baby. This is the only product that does not irritate his very sensitive skin. I highly recommend it. Apr 25, 2014
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Jennifer D: Hi - it's not fragrance free, but the lotion is gentle. I have used it on both of my daughters as newborns. Apr 23, 2014
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ROBERT M: I bought it for my nephew who is only 10 months old. Should work Apr 24, 2014
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Lucy c: This is such a great product you will love it. Apr 23, 2014
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