Superbly Efficient Anti-Perspirant and Deodorant

An unscented, gentle yet efficient anti–perspirant and deodorant cream
  • Leaves skin feeling soft, soothed and conditioned with 24–hour protection against sweat and odor
  • Reduces underarm perspiration utilizing advanced micro–sized drying molecules for sheer absorption with no residue
  • With our unique blend of ingredients, including orange, lemon, and linseed extracts, underarm hair will feel softer, resulting in a smoother shave experience
  • A customer favorite

"The only deoderant that works for me and it won't stain your clothes!"

Kristin Ann, Kiehl’s Insider

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How to Apply:
-Utilizing our unique, ergonomic applicator, apply a small amount of the cream directly onto cleansed underarm area only, covering evenly

UH-loo-mih-nuhm klor-HI-drate

Aluminum Chlorohydrate is a gentle, yet effective aluminum salt that is frequently used to formulate antiperspirants.

PRO-puh'-leen GLY-kaul

Propylene Glycol is a common moisture carrying ingredient in skin care. It acts as a humectant by absorbing water from the air. It penetrates the upper layers of the skin well and leaves a nice feel.


Witch Hazel is a solution containing an extract from the leaves and bark of the Hamamelis Virginiana plant. Traditionally used for the topical treatment of insect bites, minor cuts and scrapes, it is widely used in skin care products for its purifying, softening and anti-free radical properties.

Superbly Efficient Anti-Perspirant and Deodorant
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Kiehl's Since 1851 Store asked: Why did you choose this?
Ryan J: We have been using it for years and it works well. Why change. Sep 15, 2014
Randy R: I began using this on stage and during public speaking engagements - best anti-perspirant i have tried Sep 15, 2014
kari y: awesome product! Sep 14, 2014
Stacey K: I've used this antiperspirant in the past and it works very well and does not leave yellow sweat stains on your shirts. Sep 14, 2014
Nancy K: I have sensitive under arm skin and when I used other deodorants they all did not work for me but this product really works for my sensitive under arm. Sep 14, 2014
Jennifer S: amazingly effective and gentle. Won't use anything else. Sep 14, 2014
Stephanie P: I heard this was a great product! Sep 14, 2014
Gerald P: good reviews, we'll see. Sep 10, 2014
Margarita B: I've been using this product for over 10 years. Even though I tried other brands there is no other antiperspirant is as effective as this one. The only thing they should redesign is the package. Sep 9, 2014
Johanna M: It's the ONLY deodorant I use and the Only one I buy for my girls Sep 9, 2014
Christina H: Used this before - highly effective yet better consistency and ingredient list than regular stick antiperspirants Sep 8, 2014
Amy C: Love it! Works great! Sep 7, 2014
ian b: Love it! Sep 5, 2014
Robert A: Have been using this for years. Sep 3, 2014
Tiffany G: Seems neat! Sep 3, 2014
Michael K: Need something that doesn't smell but stops sweat. Heard good things. Sep 2, 2014
John Lord B: fine product Sep 2, 2014
Joan L: My husband & I use this product & have for several years. We wouldn't use anything but this product. Sep 2, 2014
Doris B: Finally found a product that works for me.
Sep 1, 2014
Tom R: gentle yet extremely effective. non-staining on your clothes. Sep 1, 2014
marla c: Best deodorant ever! Sep 1, 2014
stacy k: This is the most amazing stuff. And it has no scent at all! Works better than anything I've ever tried. Aug 31, 2014
Doug R: I had allergies to other brands, and I thought I would give this a try since I love all the other Kiehl's items I use. Within days my allergy cleared up and things have been great since. Aug 30, 2014
Giselle Y: No more smelly pits! Lol Aug 29, 2014
Scott R: The only product on the market that does not break out my skin and is an anti perspirant Aug 29, 2014
Melanie C: I work outdoors in sometimes 100 degree heat. This stuff is awesome. It keeps me dry and fresh and I have not yet had an allergic reaction in 4+ years of using it daily. Aug 28, 2014
Lisa F: Love the product Aug 28, 2014
Timothy D: prevents rashes Aug 27, 2014
Carmella R: a post on the internet Aug 27, 2014
mary f: works great with no irritation. Aug 27, 2014
Thomas K: Works good against sweating without the perfumy smell. (Guy) Aug 26, 2014
Martina F: My husband uses it and loves it. Aug 25, 2014
Valerie M: Great deodorant and antiperspirant. Does not irritate my underarms and leaves them feeling moisturizer but dry. Aug 24, 2014
Matthew B: For partner to try out, per request Aug 22, 2014
Michael Y: I've used it and it is AMAZING! Aug 22, 2014
Julie F: It's very strong product and itsnorganic Aug 22, 2014
Thea A: its the best! Aug 21, 2014
Nazarah W: Super sweaty, fingers crossed this works and reviewers weren't pulling my leg Aug 19, 2014
Brian M: I am allergic to aluminum, so someone recommended this product. Aug 19, 2014
Jennifer D: I have trouble with other deodorants, but yours is gentle, works, and gives me no allergy problems. Aug 18, 2014
Amanda F: i chose this because it is the only product that actually works and doesnt make me break out in the process i love it Aug 16, 2014
Efren P: looking for a deodorant alternativw Aug 16, 2014
Joseph D: Love it makes me feel dry and clean Aug 15, 2014
Sarah B: I purchased one small tube of this just to try it - I had tried many other antiperspirants/deodorants (including expensive "designer" brands) but none of them have worked for me like this one - I came back to purchase 5 of the larger tubes so I don't run out any time soon!! Aug 14, 2014
Phil L: It's the best deodorant on the market. I have used it for years. HIGHLY recommend it. Aug 14, 2014
ingrid h: smooth,clean,and fresh Aug 13, 2014
Philip T: Curious to try product Aug 12, 2014
Lilla R: this is the most amazing deodorant i've ever used. my skin is very sensitive but this product is the most gentile but some magical way the most effective. non drying, very hydrating. Aug 11, 2014
Sue J: as the years go by, I found my deodorant was lacking by the end of the day. A friend suggested Kiehl's and it WORKS!!! Under arm body odor is no longer - yeah! Aug 11, 2014
Lindsey S: Love Love Love! I have used prescription deoderant in the past.. none as worked as wonderfully as this! Aug 10, 2014
Patricia O: have used for years Aug 10, 2014
Beatriz A: My favorite Aug 10, 2014
Claudia D: I have used this deodorant in the past and really like its effectiveness. Aug 10, 2014
Mary C: I have been using it for the past month and it is the only aluminum free deodorant that works! My clothing is no longer stained with that weird chalky stuff, nor smelly - do you know how hard it is to clean a garment of stinky BO?!? I am a confirmed, lifelong user of this product. Thanks Kiehl's! Aug 10, 2014
Theresa Z: I was having trouble with deodorants - breaking out and ineffective. Kiehl's deodorant is the only one that keeps me smelling fresh and doesn't make me break out with a rash. Aug 10, 2014
Charlene D: online review Aug 10, 2014
carol g: Absolutely the best Aug 9, 2014
Diane W: it works like no other. It seems so many products have changed over the years and do not "hold true to their claim". This does! Aug 9, 2014
LORRAINE M: Effective and has no scent Aug 9, 2014
Renee L: Heard it was good Aug 9, 2014
Schuyler M: best Aug 7, 2014
Mara L: I love this product. It is the only deodorant on the market that I find effective Aug 6, 2014
Tara H: I love this antiperspirant!!! It keeps me dry especially in Texas heat during the summers! It is the best antiperspirant I have ever used!!! It may be more expensive than what can be purchased elsewhere, but it is worth EVER penny!!! Aug 3, 2014
Susan D: Not great- ended up switching to a clinical strength antiperspirant from grocery store which worked much better for me Aug 3, 2014
Jane T: This deodorant is very gentle, works well and does not leave any marks on my clothes Aug 2, 2014
Alex K: It is great Aug 2, 2014
Kimberly S: Recommended to me by a friend and I love it! Aug 1, 2014
Christine A: It really works. Jul 31, 2014
Miguel D: GQ recommended Jul 30, 2014
Daniel P: It works awesome. I've used it for years! Jul 27, 2014
Elizabeth B: The best anti-perspirant and deodorant that I have EVER used. Very effective and tube is great for packing. Jul 27, 2014
Diego K: I trust this brand in order to give this product a chance. Jul 27, 2014
Shoshana C: I love that it leaves my underarms flawless. Previous deodorants (and shaving) would leave them red and irritated but I've found this specific deodorant helps protect the skin. I also love that it doesn't have that classic cologne or perfumey smell that drugstore deodorants have. I could go on so that tells you it's good, and we are literally just talking about deodorant. Jul 25, 2014
Shelby H: Best Anti-Perspirant I've ever used. I have sensitive skin and this product is genital and effective. I highly recommend this product. Jul 24, 2014
karen s: this is the best and only anti-perspirant I have used for years. you never get wet where you appy it. Jul 22, 2014
Tracy S: it works great. It doesn't have a smell and it works 24 hours if necessary Jul 22, 2014
Carla R: I have been using this product for over a year and it is amazing, I live in the middle east and temperatures reach over 100 for 4 months consistently. I never worry when I am using Kiel's anti-perspirant. Jul 22, 2014
Yun Z: based on reviews online Jul 21, 2014
Aimee P: Because my pits deserve it! Jul 18, 2014
David V: This is the only deodorant I can use Jul 17, 2014
George C: It works better than any other antipersirant that I have tried. Jul 15, 2014
Marina A: Best cream deodorant I have tried. Well worth it. :) Jul 15, 2014
William B: Only deodorant that works for me (this is Bill's wife Tricia!)! Jul 14, 2014
Jenafer H: Have used this product for years... love it! Jul 14, 2014
Eduardo O: Leaves no rash. Feels comfortable. Jul 10, 2014
Jayme B: Excellent product! Jul 9, 2014
Mandy H: try it Jul 9, 2014
Irene D: It is good for sensitive skin and it works Jul 7, 2014
Nancy D: Best antiperspirant ever. Jul 7, 2014
Monica J: Best anti-perspirant out there. Jul 7, 2014
rasha b: a friend had it and i like it Jul 6, 2014
Joshua K: It's the only deodorant that doesn't irritate my skin Jul 6, 2014
Justin T: i can't go through the day without this. 7 years and counting. Jul 6, 2014
Kelly M: Haven't used it before and want to try it. Jul 5, 2014
Amy J: Like the product Jul 4, 2014
E Fielding A: I've used it for years and loveit. Jul 3, 2014
Vilray R: Recommend in GQ Mag. Jul 3, 2014
liz b: best deodorant out there. Jul 2, 2014
Anjari A: Best thing eve
Love love love its sooo light
Jul 1, 2014
John P: This is the best Anti-Presperant that I have found, does not make me break out in a rash. Jul 1, 2014
Ronald M: non-allergic. Jun 28, 2014
lisa a: I love this product! I won't use any other deodorant. It goes on like lotion, doesn't leave any stains on your clothes and has never disappointed me! Jun 27, 2014
Ramona H: I have tried this before and I liked it. Jun 26, 2014
Pamela K: Just want to try it Jun 26, 2014
Nathaniel D: I have sensitive skin Jun 25, 2014
susan p: the best deodorant I have ever used. never leaves a stain, always works. Jun 24, 2014
Lillian L: I have been using this for years. I like the protection it offers. Excellent product. Jun 24, 2014
Collin Z: I have yet to find a deodorant that prevents sweat and doesn't irritate - I have high hopes for this Jun 23, 2014
Jessica C: Best deodorant I've ever used! I don't stink anymore. It works better than clinical strength deodorants but is gentle and gives me smooth, soft underarms. Will never use anything else! Jun 23, 2014
Cynthia T: I haven't used anything but this product for over 8 years..... Jun 22, 2014
Jane L: It is the only deodorant that works for me Jun 19, 2014
Lisa E: This is the best deodorant on the market! i have been using it for years and my whole family uses it. I highly recommend it! Jun 18, 2014
Edythe S: My daughter has very sensitive skin and this is working well for her. Jun 16, 2014
Paul Y: Works well for me. Jun 15, 2014
Aaron L: Current user and love it Jun 13, 2014
Jimmy D: Brother recommended and it works great. Jun 10, 2014
Annie H: It works very well, without being perfume-y. Jun 10, 2014
Crystal S: Wanted to try it, all the reviews have raved about it. After applying deodorant I am fine for a few hours and then feel as the day goes on and I sweat I begin to smell. Jun 9, 2014
Dorothea C: I've used this for years and I like it. Jun 8, 2014
John R: Crazy good stuff. Jun 8, 2014
Kevin L: Saw it in GQ Jun 7, 2014
Chris J: No Jun 6, 2014
Edward M: works well Jun 4, 2014
OCTAVIA B: Works well Jun 4, 2014
ANGEL C: Heard good things about this product. Jun 4, 2014
Kim S: Goes on creamy. Keeps my body odor to a minimum even after spending a day at the lake! Jun 3, 2014
Marsha M: great product Jun 3, 2014
Gary B: article in GQ magazine Jun 2, 2014
January H: currently use this product Jun 1, 2014
Linda H: Great deodorant, gentle & strong May 31, 2014
Danilo S: To try it May 31, 2014
W. A. H: Best anti-perspirant ever. May 30, 2014
Kara L: I have tried every deodorant on the market. This is the only one that keeps me dry and odorless. May 29, 2014
Teresa H: Heard wonderful things about this product and decided to try it out. May 29, 2014
Nicole S: To try it and I was not a fan. May 28, 2014
Lars N: Use it every morning, but if I am somewhere, and I am not able to apply it. It doesn't matter, it works 2 days for me. May 27, 2014
Justin G: Excellent deodorant that does not damage undershirts while keeping you cool and smelling great! May 27, 2014
kuiding h: great product, work very well for me. will recommend to anyone. May 26, 2014
Robin G: Heard from a friend who is a nurse that it is great for all day May 25, 2014
thelma poore D: best deodorant on the market May 24, 2014
Lori H: recommended by a friend for those hot summer days. Giving it a try ! May 24, 2014
Lisa N: Very good deodorant, non-staining, not stinky. May 24, 2014
Emily S: I have been looking for deodorant that would help with oder and be gentle on my skin. This works beautifully! May 22, 2014
SHANNON P: the best ever! this is the only deodorant that works for me. going through crazy hormonal changes and this works and is safe May 20, 2014
R S: it is the most natural deodorant/antip that we can find- as far as we know- more info about it would be awesome! May 20, 2014
Jason P: Best deodorant I've ever used !! And it lasts forever, so the price makes it more than worth it !! May 19, 2014
Nicholas T: Very effective deodorant, have been using it for years May 19, 2014
Kyla E: it's the best May 19, 2014
Richard A: it's great May 19, 2014
Maria P: Have been using it forever and love it! May 19, 2014
Kaci P: I LOVE this anti-perspirant cream. It is absolutely the best product that I have ever tried for this purpose. I'm trying to stock up while there is a deal. May 19, 2014
Deanna B: This product is AMAZING!! May 19, 2014
Jenna M: best anti antiperspirant that doesn't leave marks or contain heavy fragrance. May 19, 2014
Beth N: This is the only anti-perspirant and deodorant that does not irritate my skin. I couldn't live without it. May 19, 2014
Linda D: used for years its a daily use for me May 19, 2014
michael t: One of the best products out there...just wish design of it allowed to not leave some left over when it's low. But still well worth it... May 18, 2014
Pam G: My daughter uses this and swears by it so I decided to try it! May 18, 2014
Linda O: I live in 100 degree plus climate. This is superbly effective. May 18, 2014
Suzy G: This product is awesome: have been using May 17, 2014
Michael Z: I recently tried this product and it works very well. Love it! May 17, 2014
Juli D: It is the only antiperspirant/deodorant that does not irritate my skin. PLEASE don't ever stop selling it! May 17, 2014
Emily K: This deodorant really works! May 17, 2014
dana c: Yes, is very expensive deodorant, but when you find one that really works you just have to stick with it. May 17, 2014
Annie D: IT IS GOOD FOR TRY SKIN. May 17, 2014
Sindhu C: This is the best deodorant I have ever used. May 16, 2014
Jeff I: Have been using for several years now and want to introduce loved ones to this product too. May 16, 2014
Jeanette B: It works for me and my husband in hot humid weather May 16, 2014
Kristine R: it's the only anti-perspirant that works for me! May 16, 2014
MIDTOWN T: works very well May 16, 2014
niurka y C: great reviews; want to try it; tried it; did not work for me May 16, 2014
Anthony C: Effective , odor free, no stain, no irritation May 15, 2014
Pat J: Love it! May 15, 2014
Wendy M: It was recommended on a website I visited. May 15, 2014
Ashleigh K: No scent, doesn't irritate my skin and I definitely notice if I forget to apply it. May 15, 2014
Beth S: I have been using this for four or five years now and it is by far the most effective antiperspirant-deodorant I have ever used. And it lasts more than a day! It also is very soothing to underarm skin. I have converted my sister and several friend to this product. It may seem expensive but the large tube lasts at least two months. Yay KIEHL'S May 15, 2014
Anne H: My husband thinks it's great May 15, 2014
Sharon B: Best I've ever used. Works, and doesn't irritate the skin, as all other deodorants do for me. May 15, 2014
Allyson B: good for travel May 15, 2014
Rachel K: This is the only deodorant I have ever found that is unscented and actually works. Please keep making it! May 15, 2014
marcia c: Great when traveling. Only need one product May 15, 2014
Regan R: Unscented and Light Weight May 14, 2014
Judson I: It just works May 14, 2014
Laura M: I need an effective deodorant that will help with odor and wetness. Hopefully this works! May 14, 2014
Barbara K: I am already using this deodorant. I really wanted to get away from putting dangerous chemicals under my arms. I love love this deodorant. It works great, got some for my daughter too. I know this is more than you would spend on drug store deo but our health is worth the price. May 14, 2014
Moraima G: Effective May 13, 2014
Vanessa N: It keeps me dry and smells light and fresh. Definitely recommend this to anyone who sweats a lot and wants to stay dry all day, May 13, 2014
Carrie C: I read some really promising reviews and thought it was worth a try. May 12, 2014
Erin G: The BEST! May 12, 2014
Danielle G: It was recommended to me May 10, 2014
Sheila M: I will never use any other underarm deodorant again! This stuff really works. Yes, I wish the applicator was better but I make it work. May 10, 2014
Pam R: i used to use this, but stopped b/c so expensive compared to drugstore. i really missed it and decided to splurge! May 7, 2014
Chris B: I read an online review. May 6, 2014
Mattie E: I've been using for several years! May 5, 2014
Almut S: works great, unscented which is a big plus!, and I don't get an allergic reaction like with others May 5, 2014
Shan J: This product is awesome! I work out a lot and it works wonders. May 4, 2014
Michael Y: Thought that I would try something new May 3, 2014
Susan I: works and has some natural ingredients May 2, 2014
mary w: The best deodorant ever. May 2, 2014
Regina G: Works great. May 1, 2014
Elizabeth M: After being unhappy with other popular deodorants for 15 years, finally something that works!! Doesn't leave marks or stains on clothes, and doesn't exacerbate odor!! Apr 30, 2014
Lincoln B: Best product I've used for sensitive skin. Apr 27, 2014
MARTA W: I already use this product, I received it as a gift and I love it so much.
This is a GREAT product.
Apr 25, 2014
Corinne M: This is the best anti-perspirant and deodorant that I have found in decades. There's no perfume smell and no staining of clothes. I do intense cardio kick-boxing workouts and it's the most effective product I've found. Apr 25, 2014
Jean M: Most effective antiperspirant I've ever used!! Apr 25, 2014
Mary Jo B: LOVE this product and now have my husband using it! Apr 24, 2014
Julianna G: it works great Apr 24, 2014
Amanda A: No deodorant works on me, but this one is best at minimizing the odor. Apr 23, 2014
Shelby M: Recommended by a friend for odor control without an allergic reaction Apr 22, 2014
Rebecca N: Works great. Matter of fact it is the only antiperspirant that works for me. Tried a lot of other products and this is the one that works for me!! Apr 22, 2014
Mahin S: Is the best anti-perspirant. Apr 16, 2014
DANA F: This is the most effective deodorant I have ever used. I have used clinical strength deodorants that do not work. I love Kiehl's products. Apr 14, 2014
lily z: its good to use Apr 14, 2014
Kasey M: The only deodorant that works for me all day! Plus I do not sweat so that is a major plus! Apr 14, 2014
Theresa V: Very effective product! Doesn't leave residue on clothing. Apr 11, 2014
Phoebe F: favorite Apr 9, 2014
Michael B: Because it's nice. Apr 8, 2014
Donna H: awesome deodorant w/o chemicals Apr 8, 2014
Charletta S: Best product review. Apr 7, 2014
Shannon J: Superb anti-perspirant. Drug store anti perspirant doesn't work for me and this does. Only deodorant I use! Apr 6, 2014
Clara S: saw good reviews and advertisements Apr 4, 2014
jeffrey f: Again, I am trying this for the 1st time. I chose it as it is scent free and goes on like a cream as opposed to a solid or spray. I like that it is non scented and it goes on as a cream. I am confident that it will be a success. Apr 4, 2014
Stephanie K: I have been using this product for many years and it is the best! Doesn't leave any marks on clothing - smooth application, I live most of the year in the tropics of Central America and I never sweat when using this product. Amazing! Apr 4, 2014
Laura W: Best deodorant ever!! Apr 4, 2014
Pernell W: My current deodorant is no longer effective so wanted to see how this would is. I am concerned about staining when a product's ingredients include aluminum so yet to be determined once I begin using it. Apr 2, 2014
Cheryl D: This was recommended to me by a friend - I was skeptical because I've used standard deodorants for so long but this product is VERY efficient as well as more pleasant to use. Mar 31, 2014
Anna G: My husband says this is the best anti-perspirant he's ever used. Mar 30, 2014
Lynn S: Best anti-perspirant I have ever used! Love it!! Mar 30, 2014
Bryan D: Great deodorant. Not overpowering and keeps me dry and fresh. Mar 30, 2014
Daphne T: Love this product Mar 30, 2014
Sigrid T: Very effective, you wont sweat, and will last all day Mar 29, 2014
Jialing P: I use it now and really like this product Mar 28, 2014
Ingrid H: The best anti-perspirant ever! Mar 25, 2014
Maura B: I have severe underarm perspiration and I was hoping this product would finally relieve me of that nuisance. Mar 25, 2014
Chalaine S: best deodorant I've ever used! I am hooked and cannot use any other kind! Mar 25, 2014
Roberta G: I'm tired of white marks on my clothes. Mar 23, 2014
Sofia D: This is the only deodorant that works for me! I've tried so many. So happy to finally found the one Mar 23, 2014
Miguel Angel M: I want to try one that I can control application more. Mar 23, 2014
Matthew K: amazing product for men, long lasting Mar 20, 2014
Waleska A: I Love it Mar 16, 2014
Bethany Z: My friends told me about this anti-perspirant and how good it was so I wanted to try it. Mar 16, 2014
Gregory P: This is the best antiperspirant I have ever used. All other antiperspirants I have used in the past gave me a rash. This one doesn't. It's light, rolls on easy, doesn't cake, dries quick, has a neutral scent and keeps me smelling good. Mar 16, 2014
Wanda L: Use it. Love it. Mar 14, 2014
pablo p: i perspire in excess Mar 13, 2014
JENNY C: Cannot live without it ! The Best! Mar 11, 2014
David M: It's the best deodorant product available on the market. Mar 11, 2014
Charlene L: This is the ONLY deodorant that that has EVER worked for me. Worth every penny. Lasts a long time and its just an amazing product. Mar 11, 2014
Mary L: the best deodorant I've ever found, and I've tried alot! Mar 10, 2014
Zoja B: It is amazing--I never sweat/smell when I use it. Best anti-perspirant/deodorant ever. And it's unscented. Mar 9, 2014
Enrico G: I was looking for a cream with these features Mar 8, 2014
Rachel P: Best deodorant ever! Mar 7, 2014
John A: Previous experience with this item Mar 5, 2014
Karina G: Can't be without this deodorant! I have not found anything that even compares! Mar 3, 2014
Janet C: Have used this for years. Love it. Mar 1, 2014
KATHERINE T: It works better than anything else I have tried. Feb 27, 2014
Kevin S: Just wanted to try a different kind of deodorant to see how it works. I don't typically use antiperspirant, but always open to trying a new one. Feb 27, 2014
Sarah C: Does not leave weird white patches on clothes, is non sticky and has a gentle non overpowering scent. I won't use anything else! Feb 25, 2014
Randy S: This antiperspirant works much better than the usual store bought brands for men. It leaves my skin and hair soft. Feb 25, 2014
Suzanne S: It's good for strong body odor. Feb 24, 2014
Laura K: Best deodorant I've ever used! NO Fragrance! Love that! Feb 22, 2014
Lori T: only deodorant I EVER use - love this stuff! Keeps me dry and odor free and is so gentle on my skin. Feb 21, 2014
Evelyn N: to see how well it works and how long the bottle lasts Feb 21, 2014
ARLENE P: used it before Feb 20, 2014
Tiffoni C: I bought this deodorant for my boyfriend and he loves it. Feb 19, 2014
Allison L: I have heard from reviews online this really stops wetness Feb 19, 2014
Anna C: This is the best deodorant I have ever used! Feb 17, 2014
Ted L: I have been using this deodorant since it came out many years ago and its the best. Keeps you dry and smelling nice and a little dab will do the trick all day long... Feb 17, 2014
Dayni A: Go to product for years! Feb 17, 2014
MIchelle H: This is the only antipersperant that doesn't give me hives Feb 16, 2014
Boni M: I love it! Feb 12, 2014
Therese D: Works great. It takes a little while of daily use to get the full effects, it definitely is worth the price. Feb 10, 2014
Laura L: reviews Feb 10, 2014
David P: I use it and like the way it works Feb 10, 2014
Rosemary C: best deodorant in the world! Feb 9, 2014
David C: I have trouble finding a good deodorant and hope this works better than the rest Feb 6, 2014
Cheryl C: It works well on keeping me dry & staying fresh;) worth the $$$ Feb 6, 2014
Tronda R: Love this product Feb 6, 2014
Suzanne K: THE BEST EVER! Feb 4, 2014
John H: Recommended by family member Feb 2, 2014
Celina T: I love the lightness and coolness feel of this product on my skin. Feb 1, 2014
Michael F: Best deodorant I have ever tried!!! Would recommend it to anyone; male or female. Jan 30, 2014
Deborah S: i have used it for years and i love it keeps me dry and no smell Jan 29, 2014
Melissa G: Excellent protection even on the most hot and humid days. Jan 27, 2014
Elizabeth T: This came highly recommended from a friend. She described it as life changing. Jan 27, 2014
Patricia M: I've tried other deodorant products, but none of them does the job quite like this one. Jan 26, 2014
jesusa g: very good Jan 23, 2014
Gwyneth D: This deodorant keeps me dry all long in Hawaii. Kiehl's made a great product!!! Jan 19, 2014
Barbara G: every deodorant I've tried, including clinical strength, has not worked without reapplying. I read the reviews for this deodorant and decided to try it. Jan 19, 2014
Denise F: I have been using this for years & I cannot live without it. I live in fear of running out. Jan 19, 2014
Dyann D: I've use this product and find it is amazing! Jan 19, 2014
Michael M: this stuff works just like it will. Jan 18, 2014
Sean O: Great price on a great product. Jan 15, 2014
Kathryn P: I always use this product. I usually buy in-store at a Nordstrom, but I don't live in a large city now and no longer travel Jan 13, 2014
Naomi H: I'm allergic to deordorant with aluminum carbohydrate Jan 13, 2014
Bradford R: Continued use Jan 12, 2014
lisa w: on line ratings Jan 11, 2014
Elizabeth B: I bought this based on the reviews I've seen here and elsewhere. My current deodorant/antiperspirant is no longer working very well and I love the Kiehl's brand, so I thought it was worth a shot! Jan 11, 2014
Sharon R: The only deodorant that my husband can tolerate. Jan 10, 2014
Kathleen K: This is my deodorant of choice. I use it daily. Jan 9, 2014
Margaret P: best deodorant i have ever used Jan 5, 2014
Rachel L: I have been using this deodorant for years, and have never found anything as great. No sweat, and no body odor period, with no fake scents added. If you were going to love a deodorant, this would be the one! Jan 4, 2014
JERRY S: I have sensitive armpits and gives odor protection without clogging pores Jan 3, 2014
Bryan C: Reviews indicated this was a good product. Decided to give it a try. Dec 31, 2013
Janel C: Always looking for a good, natural deodorant that works!! I currently use Welleda and have for some time now... Dec 31, 2013
Charles V: Was skeptical about this product's effectiveness. Works great, and doesn't leave stains on your undershirt. Dec 31, 2013
DAVID S: Only takes a dab, but it works! Dec 31, 2013
Gina E: The best deodorant around! Dec 31, 2013
Patricia K: it works! Dec 31, 2013
CM T: This product works and has no unpleasant odor. Dec 31, 2013
Jing L: Running low on deodorant and wanted to try something new. Dec 31, 2013
Leona K: This is the absolute best antiperspirant ever. I've tried multiple kinds and this leaves my skin soft, while reducing moisture and odor better than any other I've tried. Dec 30, 2013
Jodie G: It's unscented, works great, and doesn't dry out my skin like some others do. Dec 30, 2013
Carl K: Have used this for years. It's the best deodorant on the market. Dec 29, 2013
Chesley T: Tried after reading the reviews. I have to say the only thing I disagree with is the value. I have had since the first of November and am no where near 1/2 tube mark. This may cost more up front but will be the same if not cheaper in the end and it totally works! I usually sweat like a wide open faucet and since using this my underarms have not sweat or smelled at all!! Dec 29, 2013
Linda S: Best deodorant EVER Dec 29, 2013
Russell N: great product , no side effects Dec 28, 2013
Tanya F: Have used it for years and it works amazingly. Sometimes for two days in a row. Dec 28, 2013
K.J. R: Always clean smell - never "over top" Dec 27, 2013
Raj P: Based upon the reviews I am giving this product a try since I have been extremely impressed with the Other Kiehls products I am using. Dec 26, 2013
Patricia R: Love this product. Dec 24, 2013
Cindy T: Really works! Dec 23, 2013
Dena W: It works Dec 22, 2013
Keith A: Use it everyday; non irritating; does the job Dec 22, 2013
Luana B: wonderful product keeps you dry and very gentle. Dec 21, 2013
Elizabeth K: Even in Texas heat, this works perfectly and doesnt conmpete with my scented products. Dec 20, 2013
kate k: Best Deodorant Ever! Dec 17, 2013
Stephen G: This is the best antiperspirant and deodorant in the world, bar none. Dec 17, 2013
Alexandra H: read about it Dec 16, 2013
jill m: LOVE IT ALREADY - HIS AND HERS! Dec 16, 2013
Tom R: Told to. Dec 16, 2013
Merri Lynne G: The best deodorant ever. Dec 16, 2013
Leslie K: Love this product. Dec 16, 2013
Denise G: This is the best deodorant I've ever used. Works well, no "deodorant" odor. Clean. Dec 15, 2013
Serena-Lynn B: The best anti-perspirant I have ever found Dec 15, 2013
Lindsey S: My boyfriend swears by this product(and quite a few others) and I'm now officially hooked. It doesn't transfer on to clothing and love that it has no scent. Dec 15, 2013
reggie p: give it a try Dec 15, 2013
Juan S: Feels nice an dry. Dec 14, 2013
Tamar K: A wonderful product Dec 14, 2013
Carey H: It works. keeps me dry. no odor. no irritation. Dec 13, 2013
Cynthia N: It is the only deodorant that works for me. Dec 11, 2013
Judith A: Best I have ever used. Never smell sweaty!!! Dec 11, 2013
AFIYA W: desperately need working anti-perspirant nothing works. Dec 10, 2013
kirt p: I've used this product for years and have found it to be the mildest and most effective deodorant available. Dec 10, 2013
Marilyn M M: It works! Dec 9, 2013
Sherry G: Have used this for years and like it very much. Dec 9, 2013
Kara M: Looking for a good alternative natural deodorant that actually works and the reviews were so good, I decided to give it a try! Dec 9, 2013
loes d: perfect product Dec 9, 2013
Rachel W: This is the most amazing product ever! Dec 8, 2013
Lauren S: R Dec 7, 2013
Danielle M: This is the only anti-perspirant that works for me, plus it does not leave yellowed stains. Dec 5, 2013
Michelle S: requested holiday gift Dec 5, 2013
Jeffrey Craig L: Originally, I was just looking for a more "natural" option. I found the product really is as "superbly efficient" as its branding suggests. Dec 5, 2013
sallie c: love, love, love this product!!!! Dec 5, 2013
Yelena V: I love it! Dec 5, 2013
Carol M: This really works, and is very gentle. Dec 4, 2013
Beth M: With my skin, nothing is simple. This is the ONLY deodorant/anti-perspirant that, number one, actually works, and, number two, doesn't cause painful angry irritated skin in my poor armpits. Dec 4, 2013
Stacey D: Wonderful scent. Great product. Dec 4, 2013
marcie t: um, i like to be not stinky and not aluminated either (yes, i know that's not really a word....) Dec 4, 2013
Andrea J: I had used this in the past and wanted to try it again. Dec 4, 2013
WALTER B: Effective, non-irritating and travels well. Dec 4, 2013
Jennifer B: Unbelievably gentle, smoothing, and effective! Dec 4, 2013
erzen k: It works and I love it! Dec 4, 2013
Michele G: Reader's reviews and my husband is unhappy with his deodorant at this time Dec 4, 2013
Lise L: have used it for several years, am giving it as gift to niece and daughters Dec 3, 2013
myriam m: it's the best antiperspirant ever!!! Dries quickly, and keeps you fresh the entire day. Plus it makes your under arm skin very soft! Dec 3, 2013
Angie W: I was turned on to this item by a friend years ago, and I would not use another deodorant. I love it's effectiveness! Dec 3, 2013
Rachel F: My favorite deodorant for years! Keeps me dry and odor free til the end of the day! Dec 3, 2013
Ryan D: It WORKS!! It doesn't smell weird! That's all that counts but it's so rare to find a deodorant like this. I love it. Dec 3, 2013
Melisa H: LOVE IT! Dec 2, 2013
Paige C: I've read online that it is the best natural deodorant around Dec 2, 2013
Nicholas U: Wanted to try Dec 2, 2013
Roberta J: ONly deodorant I can use on my sensitive skin. Works great Dec 2, 2013
Laura H: was researching online the best deodorants for women who sweat excessively and this popped up. I trust Kiehls and I love the hand salve so I had to give it a go! Dec 2, 2013
Timothy D: Have struggled to find an Anti-Perspirant that works and does not cause a rash. Ever since I tried this product I have been hooked. It works great, last long and great on my skin. Dec 2, 2013
Catherine S: Works well, it does not burn shaved underarms. Dec 2, 2013
Todd G: There is none better. Dec 2, 2013
Sugi B: It works! This is the only deodorant my husband will use. Dec 2, 2013
Nancy B: great product...have used for years Dec 2, 2013
Kellee B: I have used this product for many years, it is the only one I will purchase. Dec 2, 2013
JoAnna N: Love it! Dec 2, 2013
Meredith M: It does not leave marks on clothing and does its job all day. Dec 2, 2013
Jerry B: This has turned out to be my favorite Dec 2, 2013
Tami G: It is absolutely the best deodorant I have ever used. I have been using it for 8 years now and I would never switch. Dec 1, 2013
Xiao M: I read good reviews about this product Dec 1, 2013
Cheryl N: my daughter has a major problem with sweating and thought I'd give this one a try. Dec 1, 2013
Sophia C: Promising reviews. Looking forward to trying it. Dec 1, 2013
Bill Q: don't like anymore Dec 1, 2013
Jenise S: I've used it before and love it. Buying it for my mom to try, who's a breast cancer survivor. I think the natural ingredients will be perfect for her. Nov 30, 2013
Constance F: Excellent product. Great for sensitive skin. Nov 30, 2013
Robert P: works well Nov 30, 2013
Eve K: LOVE this product. took years to find a deodorant that works, does not irritate, and does not leave white marks on black clothing Nov 30, 2013
Linda P: Only one out in the market that really works for me. Nov 30, 2013
Lynn W: This is a very effective product, yet it leaves your underarms smooth with no residue. Love It!! Nov 30, 2013
Melissa J: super product Nov 30, 2013
Monzeta P: LOVE THIS STUFF Nov 29, 2013
Charisse R: I purchased this deodorant in the store for the first time last mont. It lived up to its online reputation. Excellent protection for super sensitive skin, Nov 29, 2013
Ron C: Recommended by a friend. Nov 29, 2013
Nicole E: works so well Nov 29, 2013
lilly s: its the BEST on the market Nov 29, 2013
feng x: Just try new product ! Nov 28, 2013
Anna R: recommended by dermatologist Nov 28, 2013
Maritess L: It really works! Nov 28, 2013
Dolores V: I have used this for many years! It is the only deodorant which provides fantastic results. I highly recommend this to everyone, regardless of age or activity level. Nov 27, 2013
carl p: We have been using this deodorant for a few years because it really works and it's the only deodorant we use. Nov 27, 2013
M A: This is the only product I'll use because, simply stated, it works. Nov 27, 2013
Katy D: Don't want all the chemicals typical deodorants contain Nov 26, 2013
LaShan L: Great deodorant that I have been using! Nov 24, 2013
Jennifer T: AMAZING Nov 23, 2013
Francine F: my husband loves it Nov 23, 2013
Jeremy P: It comes highly recommended. Thought I'd try it. Nov 22, 2013
Joan S: I ordered this before and really liked it...I have a problem with deodorants making me itch...this was perfect! Nov 21, 2013
MaryAnn D: it's very effective. Nov 21, 2013
Kenneth B: I need a deo/anti and I was impressed with your products I just bought at nordstroms just this past weekend Nov 21, 2013
Peter S: Came in starter kit. Probably will not buy again. Nov 18, 2013
Sandra M: Works perfectly - Nov 18, 2013
Jodee D: Best deodorant ever Nov 18, 2013
Sharon T: My daughter is a fitness nut and she loves Kiehl's anti-perspirant Nov 18, 2013
Michael L: Want to try it Nov 17, 2013
Nancy H: I love this. No white streaks on clothing and it is the only product anywhere that works for my husband. He used to ruin shirts with odor and stains before we tried Kiehl's. No more ruined clothing, even when on vacation in hot climates. Nov 17, 2013
A E: This is the only antiperspirant that works and doesn't make my underarms itch! Nov 17, 2013
Richard B: Reviews say the product doesn't smear onto clothes which would let me to ditch the undershirt. Nov 17, 2013
shirley c: This is the best deodorant that I have found. Nov 17, 2013
GREGORY J: Decided to try it. Nov 16, 2013
Laura B: Lasts all day! Nov 16, 2013
Michelle K: This is the best deodorant ever!!! I have tried all kinds of deodorant and no matter what by the end of the day, I still feel like I have an odor! Not with this deodorant! This stuff is awesome. It may seems expensive, however it last close to three months for one tube for me plus it works so I have no complaints since it works. I highly recommend this product! Nov 16, 2013
Doug L: no Nov 14, 2013
Carole C: It's the only thing that works!!! Nov 14, 2013
Joyce S: We have used this product for years It's the only deodorant that works for my husband Nov 14, 2013
Paula S: Heard Great Comments Regarding This Product. Nov 14, 2013
Joseph D: Powerful without any scent or residue. Nov 13, 2013
Nathan H: curious Nov 11, 2013
Luis F: It's amazing been using it for the past 5 years. Not harsh on the skin. odorless but then does the job. Nov 10, 2013
David B: Love this Nov 7, 2013
Joan W: In search of a deodorant that does what is promises - this one surely does! Nov 7, 2013
Ari H: Already an user of it for many years. Nov 5, 2013
Mary J: This is my first time trying it. Nov 5, 2013
Herschel D: Only deodorant i can use. Nov 4, 2013
elizabeth f: This is the best anti-perspirant I have ever used. It is extremely effective yet safe for delicate skin. All other anti-perspirants either irritate my skin or make it itch. My sister-in-law introduced me to this product three years ago and neither of us will ever buy anything else. Nov 4, 2013
Michael G: Great anti-perspirant for sensitive skin! Nov 3, 2013
Kelly R: This is the best anti-perspirant deodorant out there. Works GREAT! Oct 31, 2013
Scott B: Hands down, this is the best deodorant I have ever used. Oct 31, 2013
Eugene F: Because it works and it is healthy Oct 30, 2013
Karla R: It works and safe Oct 30, 2013
leslie d: My under arms are sensitive to other deoderants, and this is the only one I can use. It really works, sometimes for multiple days. Nothing really compares. Oct 28, 2013
Harry R: The best anti-perspiration I've ever used Oct 28, 2013
Brooke B: I just finished my first tube of this deodorant. I was skeptical at first because I was devoted to a deodorant that is currently 'being reformulated'. This is, however, a 'superbly efficient' deodorant that I do not consider second best. I will continue using. Oct 23, 2013
ARLEN R: Worked the first time! Oct 20, 2013
Jennifer C: I do not sweat using this deodorant plus it does not leave the white marks on your clothes like some of other deodorants do. Oct 17, 2013
Gretchen S: it's the best deodorant I've ever used! Oct 17, 2013
David S: It's the best anti-perspirant/deodorant I have ever used. Oct 15, 2013
Eunice M: trying something new Oct 15, 2013
SIMEON D: effective and in small doses
Oct 14, 2013
Peter P: because it works and it doesn't irritate my skin Oct 14, 2013
Sarah L: i love it! Oct 14, 2013
David J: it works very well. used for over 6 now. goes on smooth Oct 13, 2013
Natalya S: just absolutely the best deodorant! Oct 13, 2013
Serge N: Cause it works! Oct 12, 2013
Elaine R: it is an excellent deodorant and its effective unlike the failed promises of other clinical deodorants Oct 8, 2013
Russell R: Have used it before love it, best in class by far. Oct 8, 2013
Ann C: Allergic to aluminum Oct 8, 2013
Irene D: I've been using this product for years & I think it's great. I order several to make sure I never run out. Oct 7, 2013
diane p: only deodorant I've found to work Oct 6, 2013
Shirley S: I have been using this product for years, it is excellent! Oct 6, 2013
Shari D: Wanted to try an alternative to stick anti-per spirants/deodorants Oct 6, 2013
Annita T: Love this deodorant. It's the only one that seems to work for me! Oct 4, 2013
Tetsuya I: for travel Sep 29, 2013
Stephanie B: It has great reviews, and who doesn't love a fantastic deodorant? Excited to try it! Sep 29, 2013
Michelle F: It is the only deodorant that doesn't irritate my husband's skin and works! Sep 29, 2013
Cherilynn W: Only one that works Sep 29, 2013
Carla K: very effective, no irritation Sep 29, 2013
Jill S: great protection, clean minimal smell Sep 29, 2013
Julie B: This is the only deoderant I will use. It holds up under very stressful 12 hour shifts. It's a godsend! Sep 27, 2013
Susan F: I've been using this deodorant for years and love it. Sep 27, 2013
Arielle L: I am new to Kiehl's so I stumbled upon this product by looking through the website. I am going to give it a try! Sep 26, 2013
Robert K: I've been using this for years. A true anti-persirant in a mild cream with no scent so it doesn't compete with my fragrance. Sep 26, 2013
Ron T: I sweat perfusely and after reading the reviews from people with the same problem I am hopeful this will be the product for me. I am tired of buying panty liners to put under my shirts so that you don't see me sweat... Sep 26, 2013
ronna S: This is the only deodorant that keeps me dry;doesn't cause a rash; and doesn't rub off onto clothing. My entire family uses this product! Sep 26, 2013
Dawn S: heard it was a great product Sep 25, 2013
Suzanne J: This is the best deodorant I have ever used. I do wish it was a drier formulation, but I will deal with the wet formula as it works incredibly well. Sep 24, 2013
Eric N: Great product. Sep 24, 2013
Chris K: Best Deodorant on the market Sep 22, 2013
Renee F: This is the only deodorant that I am not allergic to on the planet. Thank you! Sep 21, 2013
lois p: Use it every day. It's great! Sep 21, 2013
Greg D: Best deodorant I have found. Been using this for almost 10 years Sep 21, 2013
Donna C: Like that it has no aluminum Sep 20, 2013
Neal J: good reviews Sep 20, 2013
Nancy S: I have used tis product for many years and also have my husband hooked on it. It is the only deodorant we have used that gives us complete covereage in the hottest of conditions from Dar es Salam, Tanzania to New Delhi, India. Sep 16, 2013
Robert F: Very effective, no scent, does not irritate skin. Sep 15, 2013
Ray J: This is my favorite deodorant and it not only works well as an anti-perspirant but it has a very minimal fragrance. Only issue is that it can be difficult to get out when nearing end of tube. Sep 12, 2013
Drahomira K: based on great reviews Sep 12, 2013
Marieke M: I sweat like crazy! Sep 10, 2013
anthnoy k: Reduce arm pit sweat and save my white t shirts Sep 7, 2013
Rachel N: Because it's the best deodorant in the world. Sep 6, 2013
David C: Best Deodorant Ever Sep 6, 2013
Evangeline T: have been using for months now Sep 5, 2013
William N: Does not leave residue in my undershirts and works exceptionally well. Sep 5, 2013
Siobhan G: I have allergic reactions to most deodorants that I use, and if I don't have an allergic reaction they usually don't work. This one works, and I am not allergic to it! Sep 5, 2013
Patience M: Internet search for best deodorant. This had the best reviews for dryness. Sep 4, 2013
Victoria F: My 15 year old daugher has tried almost everything on the market, Google came up with an artical about the "the 10 Best and Worst Deodorants" Your product was #1 so I thought we would give it a try. Aug 30, 2013
Wendy R: It's effective. I wish it had more deodorizer though. Aug 28, 2013
Tulip M C: I have tried so many anti-perspirants/deo over the years but nothing really worked for me. I tried this Kiehl's for the 1st time in May'13, my sister-in-law uses and recommended it.
Luckily found a shop at an airport while transiting and bought one, expensive though but One of the best finds ever.
Aug 27, 2013
Antonio R: heard great things about it so wanted to give it a try Aug 27, 2013
joanna w: it is the only thing that works! Aug 23, 2013
Amy E: can't do without it, it's my favorite and I've introduced it to many friends Aug 22, 2013
Greg D: Because it works! Aug 22, 2013
Norma L V: I found out about this product on one of my favorite magazine's about ten years ago. I was struggling with severe underarm wetness, I tried everything. even washing with vinegar , lemon, baking soda. I tried so many deodorant's, nothing WORKED! I used Superbly Efficient Anti-Perspirant Deodorant and with in 2 weeks I noticed the difference. it worked! I have recommended this product to my friends ,and family. Aug 21, 2013
Nancy C: After I had my children, my regular deodorant stopped working for me. I have now used this deodorant for four years and swear by it. It has no scent really but is extremely effective. Highly recommend it! Aug 21, 2013
Mercedes B: I use this deodorant religiously. And I always keep a 'back-up' tube. But I gave it away to share this product with someone else! Aug 21, 2013
David W: This deodorant really works! All day in all conditions. I will never use anything else. Aug 18, 2013
Linda O: Ive never tried this product before, and from reading all of the positive reviews, I was really curious to try it since I have tried many different antiperspirants and deodorants, soaps, powders, creams , etc, that were ineffective towards my sweating/odor issue I have despite taking two showers a day. So Im praying that this will work for me as well, since Im going to go bankrupt soon with all of the spending Ive done. Aug 14, 2013
William C: MY SON USES IT AND SWEARS BY IT. Aug 13, 2013
Debbie: love it; best unscented deodorant on the market! Aug 13, 2013
Lawrence Y: great for travel. small package great performance Aug 13, 2013
Brian S: trying for the first time - we'll see! Aug 12, 2013
Linda D: I have problems finding effective deodorant so I though I would give this a try, since it has such great reviews Aug 12, 2013
Kenneth M: Love this product! Finally an anti-perspirant and deodorant that works for guys who sweat at the drop of a hat AND no yellowing damage to clothes. It does take the body about two-three weeks to adjust from whatever you might already be using. Aug 11, 2013
Ginger M: Works great! Aug 11, 2013
JACKEY B: I use this and LOVE it! Fantastic deoderant. Aug 6, 2013
Joshua B: OTC deodorant not working. Willing to try something new. Aug 6, 2013
Courtnay C: At first I thought it was weird to put deodorant on with my fingers but I quickly got used to it. I love the feeling of clean underarms. Regular deodorant always leaves behind a residue and you don't get that with this product. I wish that the scent was slightly stronger but other than that I love it! Aug 5, 2013
Emily A: It rocks! Aug 2, 2013
Kevin D: Always happy with Kiehl's. Always looking for a new deodorant. Aug 1, 2013
Susan H: Only deodorant that works for me Aug 1, 2013
Jennifer A: Using it for years and nothing else has worked as well. I can use a very minimal amount. Jul 31, 2013
Donna O: I've used this product for about 14 months and will never go without it! I've seen a lot of products made for "perspiration" which is not a problem I have. This keeps me fresh without being super-fragrant. I HEART THIS! Jul 30, 2013
Aleesha Y: Nothing else has worked Jul 30, 2013
annette s: have been using it for years - love it and won't buy anything else Jul 29, 2013
Darin G: My wife loves this Jul 29, 2013
Igor M: It was rated as the best deodorant on the market. Jul 28, 2013
Alexander r: Have been looking for a better deodorant. Jul 27, 2013
Phyllis P: Use it and its great! Jul 26, 2013
Edith Stanley V: This is the best & safest Deodorant....I love it and it does the job!! Jul 24, 2013
Thomas F: Excellent antiperspirant/deodorant! Very effective, even in our sweltering southern summers. Jul 23, 2013
Georgina D: Nothing I have ever used works as well as this Jul 23, 2013
Nicole M: Works great!! Jul 22, 2013
diane c: I have heard such positive reviews about this product. Can't wait to try for myself. Jul 22, 2013
Juliana D: because it is creamy and smooth, dries fast and IT WORKS! Jul 21, 2013
Cathryn Z: I have never had an antiperspirant or deodorant work so well. I stayed dry and odor free all day and even the next day. Jul 21, 2013
Cyndy H: Drug store deodorants don't seem to work well and based on the reviews for your product, it seems like this product might just work for me. Jul 21, 2013
Nichole C: Best deodorant ever! Jul 20, 2013
kenny t: it works as advertised and isnt messy Jul 20, 2013
Elga H: Best antiperspirant/deoderant EVER. Sweating is definitely a probelm; I have ruined so many clothes. This is the best product. Jul 19, 2013
Tara A: Doesn't clash with my body odour. Jul 16, 2013
Alysha H: great reviews! Jul 12, 2013
Eric S: Worked great for me the first time I purchased it so I decided that I would continue using it. Fantastic! Jul 12, 2013
Keiana H: Heard good reviews Jul 12, 2013
Claudia E: This the best deodorant I've ever used. Effective, gentle and long lasting. Jul 8, 2013
Pamela M: The best deodorant hands-down! Jul 7, 2013
Ester A: My Daughter brought me some,because I have a staying fresh issue with deodorants .And Kiehl's has been GREAT ! I Love it ! I stay Fresh all Day.Thanks Jul 6, 2013
Judy S: Use this dailey Jul 5, 2013
Olivia T: I'm about to start breastfeeding and I want a more natural deodorant. Jul 4, 2013
Charlene V: This is the only Deoderant that works. I have tried many deoderants and none o fthem have worked. I read a review one day of this product and I thought why not I might as well give it a try since I tried everything else and sure enough I will never use anything else again!! Jul 3, 2013
Micha M: I am looking for a deodorant that will help with my summer odor! I'm not a sweaty person, but all the deodorants I've tried leave me smelly. I hope this works! Jul 3, 2013
shari b: I chose this item because it is the best deoderant I have ever tried, and I will never use another one. Seriously. Jul 2, 2013
pasquale s: It is the best deodorant i have ever used. Jul 2, 2013
Andrea N: I heard that it was a really good product for underarm sweating. Was in the top 10 of deodorants that work. Jun 30, 2013
Stephanie R: Best anti-perspirant/deodorant I have ever used. No itching, even after shaving. Keeps you dry all day and is great for sensitive skin. Jun 29, 2013
Shane L: I am trying to find a anti perspirant and deodorant combo that really works for me. Jun 29, 2013
Maribel B: Want to try it to see if it helps me with my perspiration. Jun 27, 2013
Lawrence E: used before Jun 25, 2013
Sylvia C: best deodorant I ever used! Jun 24, 2013
Mary L: I have used before & like it Jun 17, 2013
Josefina P: Great deodorant without any strong fragrance. Just does its job without smelling perfumy. Jun 17, 2013
Matteo V: i like the way it works...wish there was a mans version of it Jun 17, 2013
Sara J: The best deodorant in the world! Jun 17, 2013
Candice S: This is the best deodorant ever! Non-irritating and doesn't leave a white residue on your clothing. Love it! Jun 17, 2013
Shaelene I: It's the best anti-perspirant that I've ever used. It's strong and it doesn't have any smell at all. Jun 17, 2013
Katie B: It's the only deodorant that keeps me dry. Jun 17, 2013
Lauryn S: cant live without it Jun 16, 2013
Kathleen S: I've used it for 3 years and love it's effectiveness Jun 16, 2013
Lily K: LOVE THIS PRODUCT! It keeps me feeling fresh all day even when the weather becomes hot and humid. No other deodorant has been as effective. Worth its weight in gold! Jun 15, 2013
Rhodes S: Works great Jun 15, 2013
Michael H: I like this product. Jun 15, 2013
mary C: my favorite ! Jun 14, 2013
Sarah S: I love this. It is absolutely the only deodorant that works for me and I can't live without it. Jun 14, 2013
Tera G: It works! This is the best product on the market. Jun 14, 2013
DEBORAH C: Extremely effective, kind to my sensitive skin especially after shaving, and doesn't have a strong scent that conflicts with other fragrance I may be wearing. I can actually skip a day or two with no ill effects! Jun 14, 2013
NICOLE M: It is less irritating to my skin. Jun 13, 2013
Victoria W: This ani-perspirant is odorless yet efficient and a little goes a long way. Jun 13, 2013
Erica A: The only Anti-perspirant & Deodorant I have found that has no odor and works perfectly! Jun 13, 2013
szuwen s: Only thing i use Jun 13, 2013
Andrew B: have used for almost 10 years....effective without high chemical content. Jun 13, 2013
Judy T: Love it- use it all the time but needs to come in a better dispenser. Jun 13, 2013
Wendy L: Trying for the first time Jun 13, 2013
Teresa B: I've used this product for almost a decade: nothing else out there on the market - does not mark my clothing and superb protection for sleeveless events! Jun 13, 2013
Lisa W: It absolutely, always works. Jun 3, 2013
Alicia J: I love this deodorant! It doesn't stain, does the job, is odorless, is smooth and not noticeable! All around wonderful product! Jun 3, 2013
Rob S: live in singapore and really struggle with perspiration, willing to try anything Jun 3, 2013
Jayn H: It is absolutely the best deodorant product I have ever purchased. May 30, 2013
Deborah D: This is an expensive product, but it's a worthwhile indulgence for me. I started using it after one of the "clinical" products caused welts and sores. This may not be quite as effective, but since I couldn't use the other product, it didn't turn out to be effective at all! May 29, 2013
Mayra M: Love it! Only deodorant I have tried that works so well. You stay fresh all day. May 29, 2013
gerdur s: have used for years... love it May 27, 2013
CAROL M: gentle, no smell May 26, 2013
Megan F: Best deodorant ever! May 24, 2013
Lisa C: only deodorant I am not allergic to. May 21, 2013
Stefan R: Coverage/effectiveness is supreme; it lasts a long time. Also, a little goes a long way so the bottle lasts a good couple of months. May 21, 2013
Stephanie H: n/a May 20, 2013
Desiree C: As someone who suffers from hyperhydrosis, this is one of the only non-prescription anti-perspirants that has ever worked for me. It also makes the underarm skin smooth. May 20, 2013
Rose K: both me and my daughter prespire alot, and my hair is very course, very intersted in trying it May 17, 2013
Laura M: love it May 16, 2013
Howard S: Great product! I have sensitive skin and some products can give me a rash; this one gives me no problems. Works great. Highly recommend. May 14, 2013
Jennifer U: tried it from birchbox and LOVE it! going to share with a friend. May 13, 2013
Jasmine H: Best deodorant I've ever used. Been using it for years! May 13, 2013
Amy G: Great product. Keeps me odor free all day and conditions my skin! May 9, 2013
Deb P: This product works wonders! Prevents stains, wetness, and odor! May 6, 2013
Lauren D: The only deodorant that works without a heavy, unpleasant fragrance. Feels great, works great, doesn't mess up my clothes! May 6, 2013
LaQuinta S: We just love this product. May 5, 2013
Melanie M: This is the only deodorant that works for me! I've tried all of the high-powered drugstore brands,but none of them come close to Kiehl's. May 2, 2013
Kristi L: Love this product! Works very well. May 1, 2013
Ricky B: The Wife loves it. May 1, 2013
Sandy V: My Husband loves this deodorant Apr 30, 2013
Becky B: I read great reviews on this product Apr 27, 2013
Katherine D: Best deodorant I've ever used! Super efficient - glides on like lotion, keeps me dry even in the hottest temps! Apr 26, 2013
Phoebe U: This product works really well. I've tried many different deodorants, and this is the only one I've found that is effective, relatively scent-free, and comfortable to wear. Apr 21, 2013
Andrea J: I love this deodorant! It was a gift in my stocking and I might never use another deodorant again. Apr 16, 2013
Shelby D: It is the best and only deodorant that works and does not cause a rash! Great stuff!! Apr 15, 2013
Min L: My underarm sweat a lot and make white shirt yellow Apr 15, 2013
Michelle T: I have eczema. After my divorce, between the stress and dryness I actually got it under my arms, had to put lotion on before my deodorant. This deodorant is much more gentle and does not dry out my skin. Traditional deodorant also stuck to my clothes and would not wash out, again, solved. Apr 11, 2013
Mindy J: Been using for a few years and there is nothing that compares to it! Apr 10, 2013
Rebecca T: I am allergic to so many deoderants and this one works with no problem. I've been using it for years. Apr 9, 2013
Alette S: Just the best deodorant ever! Apr 9, 2013
Sandi D: It's the only deodorant I can use that works! Love it! Apr 5, 2013
Mary Y: Awesome Product Apr 3, 2013
Sarah H: I have strugged to find a deoderant that doesn't end up smelling funky on me several hours after applying. I was interested in trying based on the reviews and because I still have hope that there is a product out there that will work for me. Apr 3, 2013
Evette R: Best anti-perspirant I've ever used. I have absolutely no body odor when using this product. Apr 2, 2013
Gregori H: amazing product that did not leave stains on my shirt and left me dry Apr 2, 2013
Corina M: I have used this item for years and wouldn't use anything else....Love it Apr 1, 2013
Tracie B: I have used this before, It is the most effective deodorant on the market. After I had my daughter my body chemistry changed and I could not find a deodorant that worked for me. This was a life saver! Mar 27, 2013
Qin Y: For Summer, first time use. Mar 25, 2013
Jennifer M: Great product! Works well. No scent so it doesn't clash with my perfume. Mar 25, 2013
Eric S: Wanted to give more Kiehl's products a try. Mar 25, 2013
Heidi L: I have allergies to more mainstream deodorants. I was so relieved to find this product b/c it actually prevents smell vs. just trying to cover it up with a scent like many of the other more natural alternatives. Mar 19, 2013
Michael M: been using for yrs Feb 20, 2013
Melanie C: Love this deodorant! Works better than the "Clinical Strength" other brands. No scent. I would like a standard dispenser, though. Feb 20, 2013
Lee S: Best deodorant I have ever used. No irritation, no staining, no scent. Feb 19, 2013
Clint D: I wanted to try it out. Feb 15, 2013
James F: With other brands I've had issues with skin irritation or with the level of efectiveness. This product has is absoluting amazing in both areas. Feb 14, 2013
Eric F: This product is fantastic. It is light but really controls sweat and odor even in a sticky southern summer. Feb 14, 2013
Scott A: this goes on nice and dries clear. No odor no mess. works every time for me. Feb 13, 2013
Lisa S: Best deodorant ever...been using it for years!!! Feb 8, 2013
Lisa S: Best deodorant ever...been using it for years!!! Feb 8, 2013
Tina B: This stuff is amazing. Feb 6, 2013
Elizabeth U: This is the best deodorant I have ever used in my entire life. Cannot recommend it enough. Feb 5, 2013
Derick S: Best product we have ever found. Use it daily and for week long through hikes. Feb 5, 2013
Cordelia N: All my internet research said this was the best deodorant ever, and it isn't easy to please the internet. Jan 30, 2013
Jillian K: I have an over sweating problem and clinical over the counter products have not worked in the past. Jan 29, 2013
SUSAN R: It's the best! Works well to control sweat & odor & best all: it doesn't give me any negative reactions which has happened with every other antiperspirant / deodorant I've tried & I've tried them ALL even the so-called natural ones. Jan 29, 2013
Jennifer A: This is the only deodorant that does not cause an underarm odor. I have been using it for years and other deodorants actually cause body odor. This one is the best by far! Jan 28, 2013
Chris F: i use this all the time Jan 27, 2013
Cristina I: looking for a good deodorant Jan 27, 2013
karen s: best deoderant i have ever used. you never get wetness or odor Jan 23, 2013
Alvin M: my wife loves this product Jan 23, 2013
Alicia B: Have trouble finding a consistently reliable deodorant, had good reviews thought I would try it. Jan 21, 2013
sally s: great antiperspirant. Travel size Jan 20, 2013
Erin S: This is by far the best deodorant on the market. No smell, no sweat, just light and sweet. LOVE LOVE LOVE this deodorant! Jan 18, 2013
MELANIE B: I have been using this product for years. It is the best deodorant on the market! Jan 14, 2013
Richard G: try something new Jan 13, 2013
Susan G: this is the only deodorant I can use that does not give me a rash - plus, it keeps me smelling good! Jan 13, 2013
Cheryl B: tried it. Love it. Jan 12, 2013
Natalya G: I've used it before and really liked it. Jan 11, 2013
Teri A: want to try something without additives and scent free. like the delivery Jan 10, 2013
Cheryl C: Love IT Jan 9, 2013
Erin T: It's the best deodorant on the market. I can't use anything else. It's the number one health and beauty product that i recommend to friends Jan 8, 2013
Daniel F: Want to try it Jan 8, 2013
Karen M: i use the eye cream at night and enjoy that product. when a friend recommended this product with great reviews, I decided to try it too. Jan 8, 2013
Kellie H: Best thing since sliced bread Jan 7, 2013
Sue L: Best and longest lasting deodorant I have ever used. Only use a dot. This is the only one I now use. Jan 7, 2013
marie m: excellent product! Jan 5, 2013
marie m: excellent product! Jan 5, 2013
Valaria V: Used it before and I love it. I have very sensitive skin and this product works extrenely well without irritating my skin. Jan 5, 2013
jennifer j: needed a new deodorant - plus all the reviews say this one does not leave stains on clothing Jan 3, 2013
shannon j: been using this deoderant for years. LOVE it!
no more yellow stains on white shirts... ever.
Jan 2, 2013
Connie D: Natural, effective, no scent. I LOVE this product. There is absolutely NO scent....from me or the product :) Jan 2, 2013
Vickie S: Haven't tried it yet and want to try a new deodorant. Jan 2, 2013
Anna B: good reviews Jan 1, 2013
Jennifer N: I am a hair stylist and I love this product.. I never have to worry about my underarms while working so close to my clients. I have been using this for years and have never found any other product that even comes close to this. Dec 31, 2012
Alice J: Reviews highly recommended it. Dec 31, 2012
Jeremy U: This stuff really works and doesn't have an scent, so whatever cologne you wear does not have to compete with the deodorant. Dec 31, 2012
James G: I'm unhappy with my current deodorant, so I look forward to trying this and seeing how it holds up. Dec 31, 2012
Janelle B: The only anti-perspirant that works and doesn't give me a rash. Dec 31, 2012
Joseph O: My daughter uses this product to control wetness and fading of clothing under her arms. Because it is expensive, she only uses this product for special occasions when wearing expensive clothing. I wish it was more affordable for her to use daily. Dec 31, 2012
William D: Been looking for a good deodorant that doesn't leave yellow stains on my white shirts Dec 30, 2012
Phyllis D: absolutely love this product,,it works Dec 30, 2012
Jody S: I've been using this product for many years. It has a lovely texture and it is wonderfully effective. Dec 29, 2012
Gary G: first try Dec 29, 2012
Carola E: This is the best product out there for feet that get sweaty/stinky. Have used this daily for years now and no longer have a foot odor problem. Dec 29, 2012
Victoria G: I have used this product exclusively since 2005 and there is nothing on the market even remotely as effective. Excellent product!! Dec 29, 2012
Deena P: I am not happy with my current deodorant (not effective at stopping odor throughout the day and creates white clumps/leaves marks on clothing), and I have not had any good experiences with other available "natural" alternatives. Dec 28, 2012
Sylvie H: I love this deodorant. So does my husband. It really works great and is not irritating at all to the skin. Dec 28, 2012
Tali T: I have been using this deodorant for almost 10 years and will use nothing else. It is fragrance free and very effective at minimizing perspiration and eliminating odor. Worth every penny. Dec 28, 2012
Monica M: This is the best deodorant EVER!! I've been using it for years. Dec 27, 2012
Martha H: A small amount goes a long way! Cost may seem high, but it will last 4x any deodorant purchased. Dec 27, 2012
Patti S: This item does not have any scent and works like a charm. Under any type of stress or heat, this product works! You pay a little more but it is worth it. Dec 27, 2012
Brad M: Amazing product! Superbly Efficient as it is so named. Dec 26, 2012
Nyla F: I've tried them all and this is the best in doing what it says it will do. Dec 23, 2012
Gerri D: best deodorant i've ever used especially for menopausal women and hormonal teenagers been using it for years, love it, only one that really works Dec 23, 2012
Ryan H: only deodorant my sister in law is not allergic to and while very pricey, it is the only kind she can wear so a great gift Dec 22, 2012
Patricia F: A superb product. Dec 21, 2012
Judith P: I used this deodorant for years and have never been disappointed. This is all I use and have never wanted to use anything else. I always have a few tubes on hand. Dec 20, 2012
arlyn d: There's nothing else in the world I would use other than this!!!! I got my mom and brother hooked!! Dec 20, 2012
Nancy H: Love it! No underarm itching and works wonderfully!! Dec 19, 2012
Paula P: Because it works great! Dec 16, 2012
KRISTIN P: sensitive skin Dec 15, 2012
Jewel N: Always works! Dec 15, 2012
Gabriela F: It is a great deodorant!! Dec 13, 2012
Stephanie R: The BEST deodorant I've ever used. Only one that keeps me fresh 24/7 Dec 13, 2012
Fay M: my friend introduced me to this antiperspirant years ago and i'm now hooked Dec 13, 2012
Gayle M: This is the ONLY deoderant my husband will use Dec 12, 2012
DJ H: Wanted to try a new deodorant. Dec 12, 2012
Ryan C: Trial Dec 11, 2012
Tamara S: I have been using this product for years. Can't bring myself to switch. Other Deodorants lay on top of the skin like a wax.This product absorbs leaving you dry. Dec 10, 2012
Perla G: I'm looking for an actual working deodorant and anti-perspirant. I've bought many but with no luck. Dec 10, 2012
Amy H: My husband loves this deodorant. It doesn't irritate his under arms like many deodorants do. Dec 10, 2012
Caryn P: The only deodorant that is effective for sensitive skin - thanks Kiehl's! Dec 8, 2012
Hailey T: Heard great things about this product from a friend. Dec 7, 2012
Joanne S: It works well Dec 7, 2012
Kathleen M: 3 words - IT'S THE BEST! Dec 7, 2012
Nikita J: I've been using for year! Great protection. Dec 6, 2012
zoe w: The best deodorant I have used that is also a an anti-perspirant and does not leave a yellow mark on my white tops. Dec 6, 2012
Jennifer U: Love it! Though I wish there was a more feminine smelling option Dec 6, 2012
william h: great product-use it daily Dec 5, 2012
Michelle C: use it all the time Dec 4, 2012
Donna W: I've used it for years and love it. Dec 4, 2012
Dave J: I get pit zits and other deodorants burn. This seems to alleviate both of those problems. Dec 4, 2012
Eileen F: using it for years! Dec 3, 2012
Anna M: Love love love this deodorant! I use it everyday. When nothing else worked this was a miracle to me. Dec 3, 2012
Barbara M: gift chosen by my son Dec 3, 2012
lydia m: I have heard really great things about this product so I figured I would jump on and try it for myself. Dec 3, 2012
Marina G: I was trying to buy the cross terrain deo but this is the only one available on line :((( cross terrain is FANTASTIC Dec 3, 2012
Wendy R: This is the only deodorant that works for me for odor protection. Alot of other brands irritate my skin and give me ingrown hairs, this doesn't. It's great for intense workouts too. Nov 25, 2012
linda g: i have very sensitive under arm skin. this is the only deodorant i can use with out causing irritation! Nov 25, 2012
Jean R: best deodorant ever! Works well with sensitive skin. Nov 25, 2012
Jason R: Light fragrance and good anti-perspirant properties. Nov 25, 2012
Meredith C: Came highly recommended by my sister-in-law. Other reviewers had said was non yellowing on white shirts. Nov 25, 2012
Donna O: Works better than any other anti-perspirant and deodorant that I have ever used. Have been using it for years and swear by it. Nov 24, 2012
Kathy S: Works well without an overpowering odor Nov 23, 2012
H Dawn R: It works amazingly well with no harsh scents to overpower my perfume. I recommend it to all my friends. Nov 23, 2012
Michelle S: I read a great review on a website and decided to give it a try! Nov 21, 2012
Janis B: I have been using it for years Nov 20, 2012
austin s: used in past works well no skin rash after Nov 20, 2012
Nelson A: I have been using it and it works GREAT! Nov 19, 2012
Michelle S: It works! Nov 19, 2012
Nancy R: Only anti-perspirant that I have found that does not harm clothes. Nov 19, 2012
Barbara C: this is the best deodorant ever! Nov 18, 2012
kathleen m: Because this is the best anti-perspirant in the world. Nov 18, 2012
Jessica W: I've been searching for a better deodorant, and this has great reviews everywhere online! Nov 18, 2012
Frank S: I'm a huge fan already and while expensive it continues to be the best product for active men who choose a lotion based product with very low scent or skin irritation.. and it works!!! I can skip a day from time to time and it has the power to keep it up Nov 18, 2012
Violet K: As described "superbly efficient" in every way!!! Love it! Nov 18, 2012
Rachel H: I love this deoderant; it feels fresh without a scent, and it really works! Nov 17, 2012
Robert B: It works much better than products available at stores and pharmacies. Nov 16, 2012
TONI C: excellent Nov 15, 2012
SUSAN R: This is my favorite Kiehls product. I've spent $100's of dollars in the past 2 years trying to find a product that works and does not make me break out in welts! This does the trick & actually works at keeping me dry! Just ordered more. I cannot be without this. Nov 5, 2012
Vivian M: This is the best deodorant on the market, hands down. Keeps skin soft, dry and most of all, fresh all day - no matter what! Can't say enough great things about Superbly Deodorant! Nov 1, 2012
Danielle P: I ordered this because all of the other deodorants that I have purchased don't work and I amover the embarrassment. Nov 1, 2012
Carrie R: My wife loves it Oct 30, 2012
John A: Works weel, no perfume smell Oct 28, 2012
Kenneth S: Not satisfied with drugstore mens deoderants. Oct 27, 2012
Jon J: Used it before and it seems to work well Oct 21, 2012
Odalys M: Tried it and liked it. Oct 21, 2012
William W: It gives me the best protection that a man needs! Oct 21, 2012
Victoria K: it is an excellant product Oct 21, 2012
Donna B: I have been using this product for years. It works wonderfully. Oct 21, 2012
Rachel W: This is the best deodorant EVER. Just buy it. Seriously. Oct 21, 2012
Kelley S: Great product! I have allergic reactions to most antiperspirant /deodorant brands & this doesn't cause any reaction. Oct 20, 2012
BEN M: see above Oct 18, 2012
BEN M: see above Oct 18, 2012
BEN M: see above Oct 18, 2012
BEN M: Unscented. Works exceptionally well. Oct 18, 2012
Lisa F: best stuff on the market! Oct 16, 2012
Yanna Y: Best deodorant for extremely sensitive skin. Oct 14, 2012
Sara B: Have been using this for years! Its amazing!! Oct 13, 2012
Todd F: This is the best Antiperspirant I've ever used AND it does not leave residue on my shirts. GREAT STUFF. Oct 13, 2012
Theresa H: I am very impressed with this product.
Works wonderful and lasts all day.
Oct 13, 2012
Theresa H: excellent product! Oct 13, 2012
Dana S: this product works like no other Oct 12, 2012
Marla U: I would not use anything else, easy glide application, not greasy and does the job to keep me dry and smelling clean..I panic when I start to run low, Thank you for offering auto ship with free ship !! Oct 11, 2012
Barbara S: aluminum free deoderant as studies have shown it linked to breast cancer in women Oct 10, 2012
Laurie E: Works great! Oct 9, 2012
Lynda H: I have used this in the past and really liked it, it is light and very effective. Oct 9, 2012
Nicole G: It's the only antipersperant that actually works, without making me smell worse! Oct 8, 2012
Alma S: I am looking for anti-antiperspirant that does not use Aluminum. Oct 8, 2012
Kerri C: This really works! Oct 7, 2012
john j: i GOT IT BY A GIFT BEFORE Oct 4, 2012
Stephanie C: This is the best deodorant I've ever used. I'm extremely active - I run miles weekly as well as cycle - and would not use anything else! Oct 4, 2012
Kevin W: I have sensitive skin and this is the only anti-persperant that works well and doesn't cause a rash. Oct 4, 2012
Gabrielle P: works great Oct 3, 2012
Joseph F: To try and see if it works while leaving less irritation than arm & hammer. Also would like to see if it's long lasting while sparing my shirts. Oct 3, 2012
James M: Best I have ever used. Oct 1, 2012
Roxane T: Curiosity. I've only known antiperspirants to be roll-on, not as a cream. Sep 29, 2012
Nicole A: I've tried so many different deodorants. All of them fail, and quickly. Kiehl's is the only deodorant that keeps me dry and smelling clean all day long. I'll splurge for that! Sep 26, 2012
Christal P: I have used this before. I've had adverse reactions to other deodorants but never to this. And it's effective! Sep 24, 2012
Dorothy A: It rocks! Sep 24, 2012
Nicole D: tried it and liked it Sep 24, 2012
Jennifer B: I use it every day and sometimes I can even skip a day! Sep 24, 2012
Justin P: Always looking for a better deodorant. I figured I would give this a shot after reading the positive reviews. I have extremely sweaty pits and hope this helps! Sep 24, 2012
Sarah E: This is the only deodorant that I have found works for's the best! Sep 24, 2012
alison H: This stuff works!!! It's the first deoderant that actually works for me. I love it.... Sep 24, 2012
Lanier B: looking for product that might be better than current product Sep 24, 2012
paula g: it works for odor issues Sep 24, 2012
Lauren M: My skin is extremely sensitive and this product works superbly and efficiently! The name of the product perfectly describes it's effectiveness... Sep 24, 2012
Melissa P: Use this now - Stocking up with the discount. Sep 24, 2012
Jason W: My girlfriend turned me on to this. It is the most UNBELIEVABLE product. We both use it. It is extremely effective and has no scent. It doesn't need to be scented because it doesn't need to "cover-up" body odor. It actually prevents it from happening. We have been through many many tubes of this product and will continue to buy it. Also- it does not leave any residue on clothing. Sep 24, 2012
Jodi C: This is my second purchase of this product. I will never buy drugstore antiperspirant. It lasts a long time and has never failed me! Sep 24, 2012
Lisa S: This is THE best deodorant I have EVER used. EVER. Sep 23, 2012
Abbey W: Because it's the best deodorant on the planet. Sep 23, 2012
Linda M: I have been using this for years. It's the best deodorant for me. Sep 23, 2012
Paul H: Because my wife and I I have used it for years. Sep 22, 2012
susan c: it works Sep 22, 2012
Scot S: This stuff works. Sep 22, 2012
Jack B: best deodorant/anti-perspirant ev Sep 22, 2012
ana c w: use it & love it!!! only one i can use! Sep 21, 2012
Terri R: Can't live without it... Sep 21, 2012
Joshua T: great size to carry when in need. Sep 21, 2012
Margaret W: the best deodorant for heavy perspirers. none better! Sep 20, 2012
Jo Ann M: I've been using this deodorant for so long, I can't remember when I began. Particularly fond of the ingredients, which is why I keep coming back and purchasing more! Sep 20, 2012
Erika S: i've been using this product for 4 years now and im so happy with it. Sep 19, 2012
Robin M: It's THE BEST deodorant ever! Sep 19, 2012
alba m: I used this product for 8 years is the best Sep 19, 2012
Deanna B: This is the best! My husband swears it lasts for 2-3 days. Sep 19, 2012
Teresa M: the best deodorant i have ever used. My only complaint is the packaging - after a certain point, i am unable to squeeze out the remaining product and must cut the tube in half with a scissors and scoop it out into a separate container, which i then apply with my fingertips. But, it's worth it. Sep 18, 2012
Randy R: Excellent product, I can't live without it. Sep 18, 2012
Susan D: My favorite item from your store. Best I have ever tried. Took me forever to figure out I can apply it without using my fingers! Now I just apply directly from the tube. Easy. Sep 18, 2012
Kathy J: This is my favorite deodorant and I'll go without before I'll use anything else. It also lasts forever. It only takes a drop and it works so well and I never know its there. Sep 18, 2012
Renee G: Best anti-perspirant I've ever used. Really does keep me dry without ever irritating my skin Sep 18, 2012
Merillyn C: It's the only deoderant that has kept me dry and free of odor since menopause. It's gentle and does the trick! This is my deoderant of choice. Sep 18, 2012
Lindsey B: Running out of my first tube so I'm getting the bigger one. Love it! Sep 16, 2012
Lindsey B: Love this and want to give some to my sister to see what she thinks! Sep 16, 2012
Joshua R: Great item. Does the job and doesn't leave any stains or residues on clothing. Sep 15, 2012
DAUN P: I have used this dedorant before, and it worked really great. Thought I'd try it again. Sep 15, 2012
Robyn M: Same thing as shampoo...allergic. I have very senstive skin. Sep 14, 2012
debbie d: husband is exreamly sensitive to a lot of
deodrants and this product is great.
Sep 14, 2012
JOHN P: This is the best anti-perspirant on the market for men - period. It is highly effective but non sensitizing and leaves no residue on clothing. Sep 13, 2012
LaShan L: I'm looking for a better antiprespirant and deodorant to fight odor and wetness. Sep 12, 2012
Pamela B: Best I have ever tried and I am over 60. Love it. Sep 11, 2012
Kathleen M: This is the VERYBEST Anti-Perspirant I have ever USED! There is no scent and I can even skip a day!!! I can not say enough Good things about it :) I have used it for 4-5 years now and willnot use anything else. I turned my sister onto it also and she will not use anything else now!! Sep 10, 2012
Ruth V: I've never found anything else that works better than this. Sep 10, 2012
Stacey W: It works GREAT Sep 9, 2012
James H: Used this product for 6 years - stopped yellowing underarms on white shirts! Sep 8, 2012
Diane T: I've been using this ant-perspirant for many years. It is the only one that really works. I've even got my boyfriend hooked on it. I wouldn't use anything else Sep 7, 2012
Caroline J: Used it for years. Sep 4, 2012
Paul H: Trying a new product. Sep 4, 2012
Michelle R: i LOVE this product. totally replaces all other deodorants/antiperspirants i've used in the past. Sep 2, 2012
BRANDI W: My entire body sweats. And being overweight promotes additional perspiration. I've tried "clinical" deodorants, scented lotions, powders, etc; nothing works. In fact, many scented deodorants are too smelly. I experience odors under my arms, around my breasts, and near the groin area. Its embarrassing; especially, as a woman to experience body odor. All of the A+ reviews aided in my decision to purchase this product. I need a product that works and I can use on my entire body. Sep 2, 2012
Tina M: My husband and I both LOVE this deoderant. We pack this size when we travel. Aug 31, 2012
Tina M: Love the deoderant and we keep this size at home. Aug 31, 2012
Denise W: I have been using this very effective non irritating deodorant I have ever used.I have been using this deodorant exclusively for years.And I will continue to do so.The best from the several others I have tried this is the absolute best around.I would highly recommend this to friends and others. Aug 31, 2012
John P: The age old search for the best Deodorant. Aug 30, 2012
Barbara L: Read the great reviews! Aug 29, 2012
Adriana T: It works ... plain and simple ... no fragrance ... no hype it just works well. Aug 29, 2012
Eleanor S: I already use this product, and its the best deodorant i've ever used! i'm hooked. Aug 28, 2012
George B: It works, doesn't irritate. I've used it for years. Aug 28, 2012
Rebecca C: gentle but effective. natural no cancer worries here. Aug 27, 2012
Vanessa G: It's great, and feels more natural on the skin than many other deoderant/antiperspirants. Aug 27, 2012
Melissa P: Needed to try a product for sweating in the groin area. I hope this works out for me. Aug 26, 2012
Barbara J: I have been using this product for years - it is very effective and does not cause a rash on sensitive skin. Aug 26, 2012
Janet D: Love it, and have used it forever! Has no aluminum in it whereas most other deodorants do. Aug 26, 2012
tamara h: The reviews I read online were superb...I had to give it a try Aug 26, 2012
Jennifer A: This is the only deodorant that does not result in any underarm odor. It consistently keeps me odor free! Aug 25, 2012
Angela F: This is the only deodorant that doesn't irritate my underarm area. I've tried so many during the past year and I'm happy to have found it. Aug 24, 2012
Susan G: scent-free; doesn't clump; excellent for travel Aug 24, 2012
celeste m: Keeps me drier longer than any other anti-perspirant without the annoying fragrance. Aug 22, 2012
Sara L: used it before and needed more Aug 21, 2012
Amy C: I was a little skeptical at first but this deodorant works better than any you'll find at the grocery or drug store! Love it. Aug 21, 2012
Bruce R. K: It is the BEST Aug 20, 2012
Bruce R. K: Best anti-perspirant and deodorant I have used. Aug 20, 2012
joelle c: because i have used this for years and i love it Aug 19, 2012
jacki g: my grandson dan, age 17 says this is the only deoderant that really works. Aug 18, 2012
meg m: This really works and does not irritate my skin. Aug 17, 2012
Nicole R: Friends suggestion! Aug 16, 2012
Leanne D: it's effective Aug 16, 2012
Leanne D: it's effective Aug 16, 2012
Amalie G: My dad likes it Aug 14, 2012
Maria S: This Anti-Perspirant is smooth and nice and doesn't stain my cloths Aug 14, 2012
Paul T: Been using this for years and love it! Aug 14, 2012
Lee P: This is my favorite deodorant! The only deodorant I've found that works great through hot summers. LOVE. I rebuy every ~6 months - totally worth the price. Aug 12, 2012
Howard M: This is my "go to" deodorant. It is excellent! Aug 10, 2012
Kathleen B: Amazing product. I have used this for years. Aug 9, 2012
AGNES P: I'd like to try since I've been looking for anti-perspirant and deodorant although expensive than the rest I hope it works. Aug 9, 2012
sherry d: I want a more natural antiperspirant and haven't found one that i like yet, so I am trying this. Aug 6, 2012
Chadwick M: Have used this product in the past. It is an excellent product! Aug 5, 2012
Cindy C: I have been using this stuff for years. It is very hot in the south. It works very well and is very much worth the price! Aug 5, 2012
Stephanie B: Best deodorant I've ever used hands down. Aug 2, 2012
Arman V: Keeps me dry without irratation Best Jul 31, 2012
Kathlene D: I love this product and have bought it several times. Perfect for hot, humid Louisiana summers Jul 31, 2012
Sam C: It works, meets travel size requirements and it doesn't take much to be effective. Jul 30, 2012
Vickey K: My Doctors recommendation Jul 30, 2012
Mary Clare T: It is a long time favorite Jul 28, 2012
Andrea G: tried a sample some years ago and keep buying it Jul 27, 2012
Faith B: I have been trying to find a deodorant that shows up clear and lasts throughout the day. I heard nothing but great things about this product. Jul 25, 2012
chrissy L: I have shopped various anti-perpirants and wanted to try this cream to see if it works better than the one I'm currently using bc I use lotions daily & thought this might just be better than a stick/roll-on Jul 25, 2012
mayra g: good deodorant Jul 23, 2012
Jacob N: giving it to my buddy to try Jul 21, 2012
Robert A: wife loves it , found it to be very effective Jul 20, 2012
EMILY R: Found it to be extremely effective! Jul 16, 2012
Cindy R: Great product - it does not stain clothing or leave a residue. It's the only deodorant that does not cause irritation. Jul 15, 2012
DAVIS T: Works great, especially in the hot Texas heat. Jul 15, 2012
Jonathan R: The best Anti-Perspirant I have ever used. ONly drawn back is the size is too small. Need to make a larger one Jul 15, 2012
Kristin H: This is by far, the best deodorant I've ever used. I have been using it for 8 years now. Just last week I ran out and purchased a new Clinical deodorant at Target. I was so disappointed! I will never try another deodorant again!!! Kiehl's protects me from moisture and odor always!! Jul 15, 2012
Martin W: effective and good size to travel with Jul 15, 2012
Matthew V: Because it's awesome Jul 14, 2012
Pamela D: I am out of it Jul 14, 2012
Peter G: This product really works. Jul 14, 2012
Siusan O: I first learned about this product from the Daily Connoisseur on YouTube. I've been looking a good anti-perspirant and deoderant for a long time and this one sounds amazing. As a bonus, the reviews on-line indicate that it won't leave yellow marks on my clothes. It that is true then that is reason enough to try it -- I can't tell you how many great shirts I've had to toss because of yellow marks. I can't wait to try it! Jul 11, 2012
dawn l: friend had me try it for a week and it works so much better than other deoderants Jul 11, 2012
J Terence D: bought before Jul 5, 2012
Katherine S: This product was also recommended to me by a friend. A little bit goes a long way. My husband now uses it too. He uses it more generously than I do. But he is pleased with it b/c it works well as deodorant and anti-perspirant. Jul 2, 2012
CAREY B: This is the best product I have ever used! Jul 2, 2012
Geoffrey P: I sweat heavily and the odor is often very unpleasant. This is one of the only products I have found which control both of those issue. Jul 1, 2012
Melanie C: It is the best deoderant I have ever used! Jun 30, 2012
ana c w: only deodorant that works for me Jun 29, 2012
ana c w: only deodorant that works for me Jun 29, 2012
Stefanie F: This is the only natural deodorant that keeps me smelling fresh. Jun 28, 2012
Michelle P: For husband Jun 28, 2012
steve h: Works great Jun 26, 2012
Bonnie P: It works! Not sticky, not smelly. Jun 26, 2012
Dina F: I have sensitive skin and want to try this. Jun 26, 2012
Lindsey L: I have used this since Dec and it is wonderful! Jun 26, 2012
Becky B: it works the best out of any anti-perspirant/deodorant i've tried Jun 25, 2012
Natalie T: Simply the best! Jun 25, 2012
Yvette A: really great for summer Jun 22, 2012
Danielle B: Best Deodorant Ever!!! Yes it's more expensive then the stuff at the drugstore, but you save money when you no longer have to replace white t-shirts. I highly recommend this product. Jun 20, 2012
Sandra L: I bought a small tube of this at the duty free shop in the Copenhagen airport. LOVE IT! This antiperspirant works better than any I've ever tried and it doesn't rub off on my clothes! Jun 20, 2012
Paula F: Love the product. Works better than any other anti-perspirant I've tried. Jun 19, 2012
Kathleen H: recommendation from a friend - the absolute best deodorant I have ever used! Jun 19, 2012
Rita H: It is the best deodorant that I have ever used. Jun 17, 2012
maya v: Really works Jun 17, 2012
Thomas P: excessive perspiration Jun 16, 2012
Marisa D: Seriously: the ONLY deodorant I'll use, in spite of the price tag. It doesn't irritate my skin and it does do the job, which makes it unique among my 29 years of experience. Jun 16, 2012
kristy h: see if it works Jun 13, 2012
Lisa S: Came highly reccomended by stylist to keep my husbands shirts from being ruined by sweat stains. Jun 13, 2012
Shelby C: The only deodorant I can use. This works great. Jun 12, 2012
Trinity F: Its a great product. Finally something that doesn't leave a musty deodarant smell. Jun 12, 2012
Michael C: love it! Jun 11, 2012
Mike L: works better than anything available over the counter Jun 10, 2012
Lynne B: It's the most effective anti-perspirant/deoderant I have ever used. It works consistently, no matter the situation. Excellent product. Couldn't do without it!!! Jun 10, 2012
Jacqueline R: This is the best anti-perspirant/deodorant on the market! You can run a marathon and still be fresh! Amazing! Jun 10, 2012
Bonnie B: Works well for me. Jun 8, 2012
Alec S: This is the best (and the only effective) anti-perspirant both Alec & Katya ever tried. Jun 8, 2012
thelma k: great deodorant & handy to carry anywhere Jun 7, 2012
Valaria V: Have used it for a few years now. I love it. it works very well and does not irritate my skin. Jun 7, 2012
Kerrie M: This is a great product for sensitive skin. The only one I've ever used that doesn't irritate my skin. Jun 6, 2012
Caitlin M: This is amazing! Jun 5, 2012
andrea l: it works great... Jun 4, 2012
Brenda H: Used it the past. Tried others, but they were not good. I like the way feels on my skin, the way it works and that is doesn't stain my clothes like so many do. Jun 3, 2012
Pamela D: Love it. Doesn't mark clothes. Jun 1, 2012
Andrea F: it's my everyday deodorant and i love it May 31, 2012
Leolin L: I was looking for a good vegan all natural deoderant and Read good reviews on this products May 25, 2012
RICARDO C: I have used it in the past and have come to trust this product 100%. I have not found another product that works as well. May 23, 2012
Kraig E: product does what it says it will do May 22, 2012
Cecilia P: A co-worker introduced me to Kiehl's anti prespirant and it works. I have had problems with heavy underarm sweating since I was 13 years old, I have tried everything. I got a rash up and down my arms from product ingredients that were too strong. Now I am 55 and going through menopause so I am sweating again. Since using this product, the rash went away after a few weeks and I am dry 99% of the time. I would definitely recommend it! May 22, 2012
Ethel B: I am using it for two years and it works.The product doesn't have a fragrance or stains clothing. Great for sensitive skin. Even use it after shaving. May 22, 2012
Dave J: Other deodorants irritate my armpit skin and cause me to develop zits in my arm pits. This works well and doesn't irritate my skin. May 21, 2012
Judith P: it works. May 21, 2012
Richard E: Travel size, no fragrance, effective with minimal application. May 20, 2012
Dina U: heard good reviews about this deodorant! May 20, 2012
Natasha D: It works really well and does not have a scent! May 18, 2012
Gemma P: I love it! May 18, 2012
Tamara S: A friend of mine told me about this product. I started using it, and loved it. It absorbs into the skin. I ran out and bought a store brand that I used before while waiting for my Kiehl's deodorant. I could hardly wait, it was horrible. I couldn't stand the waxy feeling it left on my skin. I make sure I don't run out of this product anymore. May 18, 2012
Dolma G: great product May 17, 2012
Carrie R: It is a great product. May 17, 2012
chris s: Best deodorant out there. Easy to apply and light feeling all day. May 16, 2012
Robert W: great product, not irritation, works as promised May 16, 2012
Kim B: The only antiperspirant I use. May 15, 2012
Tamara M: Works better than any deodorant I have ever used. May 15, 2012
Jane F: great product May 14, 2012
Michele S: I currently use it and love it. May 14, 2012
Danielle G: works great and lasts so much longer than you would expect. May 14, 2012
sarah b: My husband is allergic to all other deodorant. May 12, 2012
BethAnn H: I absolutely love this stuff! it is the best deoderant/antiperspirant that I have ever used! May 8, 2012
wuchao c: friend's recomment May 8, 2012
Lynn M: I've used this before and wanted the larger size. It's the best I've found May 6, 2012
Diana D: This is THE best deodorant that I have ever used. Mild on skin. Tough on perspiration. Lasts long enough to not be as expensive as a couple of containers of Secret. May 4, 2012
Diane C: I live in Central America, it's hot and humid and this product really works well!!! May 4, 2012
Larisa M: I had run out of options at local drugstores. None of the regular deoderants were working for me. I did not want to do a clinical strength product because they are so harsh and I don't like the idea of that on my skin. I love this product...I order 4 at a time so I never run out!! THANKS Kiehls May 3, 2012
Louisa C: good for sweaty feet May 3, 2012
Martha B: my son wanted to try this May 2, 2012
Chloe W: Other deoderants irritate my skin May 2, 2012
Amy J: I have to admit I was a bit skeptical about trying this but SO SO SO glad I did! Works great. Isn't sticky. Absorbs quickly so I don't have to worry about it getting on my clothes. My sound funny but am buying one for a friend as a gift:)...I think the price tag deters many...almost did me...but worth the price. Apr 30, 2012
DAVIS T: based on other users reviews. Apr 30, 2012
Anna B: I have been using this deodorant since it was released because it is the best deodorant I have ever used HOWEVER I am not at all happy with the price increase and will now be looking elsewhere. With shipping I am paying $23 a tube and that is ridiculous! Apr 28, 2012
Chris C: I have sensitive skin and this deodorant does not dry or chap my skin. Great Stuff!!! Apr 28, 2012
Ann Y: I love the clean scent and how it dries instantly. Apr 28, 2012
Christine S: Used this product for years Apr 27, 2012
Peter W: best available bar none Apr 26, 2012
Teresa M: this has become my favorite deodorant, smooth, odor-free, and clean. Only drawbacks, expensive, and i have to cut the tube in half and scoop out the remaining product because the hard-sided tube does not "squeeze". Apr 26, 2012
Danielle E: It's absolutely the best deodorant I've ever tried. Got my boyfriend hooked on it too. Apr 25, 2012
Nikita J: Great anti-perspirant that does not break out my sensitive skin! Apr 22, 2012
Jessica B: This product is effective, doesn't smell, and goes a long way for the money. Apr 22, 2012
Arman V: Best Anti-Perspriant have every used, keeps me completely dry all day without irritation. The only project (I have tried dozens) to do this Apr 22, 2012
Darlene B: Great for sensitive skin. Keeps skin dry and soft without any irritation. Great product! Apr 22, 2012
Scott L: Never tried this. If its as good as the shaving cream. I'll be a happy camper Apr 21, 2012
Samuel G: works great, no tacky smell or leftover junk on my shirts. one tube lasts me over 8weeks Apr 18, 2012
Jacqueline R: After i had my second child i notice no over the counter anti-perspirant was working for me. I was at a wedding mentioned my problem to a friend she recommended this product and i have never looked back. It works great and is worth the money!!!! Apr 16, 2012
Mayank M: does not irritate my skin, gentle yet effective Apr 16, 2012
Rachel U: Had read positive reviews on the product. Apr 15, 2012
Yalei H: recommendation from friend. Apr 15, 2012
Tiffany B: I read a review online raving about it, interested to try it Apr 15, 2012
Laura O: This deodorant is amazing! It keeps me feeling fresh all day. It doesn't help me so much on perspiration, but definitely on smell. Apr 14, 2012
Kelly D: reviews were great, have been looking for a similar product for a long time, hopefully this works for me Apr 13, 2012
Amy J: My husband wants to always try new deodorants. We love our other Kiehl's products so he thought we would try it! Apr 12, 2012
Mauren K: This is the best! Apr 11, 2012
Johanna V: Because it's awesome! I read about it years ago in a magazine, tried it out, and I've been using it ever since. It's a great product. Apr 11, 2012
Stephen S: Because I have been using it for four years, and it works great. Apr 11, 2012
Amy S: love this product Apr 11, 2012
Andrea C: My favorite deodorant. I have sensitive skin, and this product keeps me dry without any irritation. Also it has an subtle neutral fragrance. Apr 10, 2012
Fernando F: I got allergies, but not with this one. Apr 10, 2012
Sarah O: I use prescription strength deodorant and this product was recomended as an excellent, fragrance free alternative by TheFrisky. Apr 10, 2012
Jennifer G: One of the only deoderants out there that works very effectively on odor (as opposed to moisture). You only need to use a very small amount for complete coverage - it goes a long way. Apr 9, 2012
Elizabeth W: I have used this before - recommended highly to me and now I recommend this product! Apr 9, 2012
Jeanie S: After ordering, I noticed the product contained Less Aluminum Chlorhydrate than the spray on product I have been using, so I was very doubtful it would work., but after using for several days, it does keep my underarms dry & odor free !! I am pleased. Apr 9, 2012
Elizabeth M: need to try new deoderants Apr 7, 2012
Donna C: Recommended by my daughter. Apr 6, 2012
Hannah C: It's the best, hands down. It is more effective than any other deodorant/antiperspirant at any grocery or drug store. I have issues with excessive perspiration and used to need to use a prescription antiperspirant, but this is so effective that I don't need to use it the prescription anymore. It also washes right off in the shower, doesn't leave a film or residue and doesn't get on my clothes. It's kinda perfect!! Apr 6, 2012
Julia G: It's the one product I can't live without, my holy grail. I LOVE it. Apr 5, 2012
Annie P: I love the idea of this product and really hope it works! Apr 5, 2012
Whitney S: I have been wanting to try products from Kiehl's as I've heard it's a reliable brand. I am also tired of spending my heard earned money on $3 deodorants that are ineffective and that leave me feeling uncomfortable. Hopefully this does the job! Thanks so much. Apr 4, 2012
Erin H: I read a product endorsement on the website TheFrisky and it got rave reviews. I read the the consumer reviews on the site and decided to give it a try. The only thing I am concerned with is the price. It seems a bit steep. Apr 3, 2012
Pina K: I've used this for years. It is very effective and yet very gentle. Apr 3, 2012
Nicole F: my husband and i both use it. Apr 3, 2012
Katherine M: use it Apr 2, 2012
taiwo o: Works well with people who sweat excessively. Apr 1, 2012
Alexandra T: I read a great review on The Frisky Apr 1, 2012
Angela H: This is a great product. I have sensitive skin and allergies. I cannot use products with fragrance, but sometimes anti-perspirants that are fragrance free do not work. This one works AND is fragrance free. Apr 1, 2012
NANCY G: my husband is allergic to most hypo-allergenic deodorants but this really works well for him. Mar 31, 2012
Mary M: I read an excellent review about this product, and I'm always dissatisfied with drugstore deodorant and anti-perspirant. I want something with no fragrance that will keep my skin soft and work better than perscription products. Mar 31, 2012
Alecia Hei Yan N: Big fan of Kiehl's, and need deodorant. So want to try it! Mar 30, 2012
Kathleen R: Customer reviews. Looking sor a healthy substitute for drugstore deoderant. Mar 29, 2012
Deborah B: I have been getting big lumps under my arms
and I hope this will help
Mar 26, 2012
Acacia W: I love this anti-perspirant and have been using it for years. Mar 26, 2012
Pamela D: Absolutely the best deodorant ever. Mar 25, 2012
Doris J: last longer than other Anti-Perspirant Mar 24, 2012
Doris J: works great Mar 24, 2012
A shopper asked: Is this effective for someone who considers themselves an "excessive sweater"? I've tried Certain-Dri, but hasn't really worked any better than a regular deodorant. Also could you use this on your hands as well? Thanks. Aug 16, 2012
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Elizabeth C: I consider myself a moderate sweater and it worked alright for me. Good at first, but then I felt that the effectiveness diminished the more I used it. I guess my body got used to it or whatever. I still haven't found anything that works as well as regular deodorant for me. Aug 16, 2012
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Angela W: Aloha, this is the best deodorant that I have ever used. I have been using this product for about 15 years now and I will use no other. I believe this may be the answer for your needs. I do a lot of shows and live in Las Vegas where sweating is a normal thing. I am always dry and rarely need to reapply. As for using it on your hands, I cannot say, but buy and try it. I believe you will love it. The other plus is that the ingredients are natural and I have no adverse side effects. I have incredibly sensitive skin and this is a wonderful product for me. I hope this helps you. Aug 17, 2012
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A shopper asked: is this deodorant unisex? Oct 25, 2013
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Anthony P: Absolutely. Our entire family (wife, adult son, and me) has been using this deodorant for several years now, and are very pleased with its efficacy. Oct 25, 2013
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Ethel B: I think so since it doesn't have any sent. I like as a woman like it because it isn't messy on me or my clothing and it lasts all day Oct 25, 2013
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Nicole A: Yes it is unisex. The smell is very mild. Can't quite describe it just clean, simple smell. Oct 25, 2013
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Erica A: As a woman I would never use anything else! Can't speak for men! Oct 27, 2013
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Ruth V: I would say yes, since it really doesn't have any scent to it. Oct 25, 2013
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Frances C: Yes, it is unisex! Love the product ! Oct 25, 2013
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Nicole T: Yes. There is no scent. Oct 25, 2013
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Cynthia L: Yes! Oct 25, 2013
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CAREY B: Absolutely! My husband and have been using this deodorant for at least 3 years and we will never use anything else! It doesn't leave pit stains and doesn't have a strong smell, but really tackles sweat and smell.
And I teach dance in a public school 6 hours a day!
Once you buy this, you'll never go back - even if it's a bit pricey.
Oct 25, 2013
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A shopper asked: how do you apply the deodorant? Jun 9, 2014
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Ben W: It's an amazingly simple idea in packaging. There's no rollerball like deodorant bottles of old. Instead, after removing the top, you'll see that the applicator tip is part of the tube. The tip is gently rounded and polished for easier application. In the center of the tip is an aperture where the cream-thick deodorant is dispensed. Squeezing the tube gently forces more of the deodorant through the aperture. Replace the top and store the tube upside down so the deodorant always hovers above the aperture. And no, the deodorant is creamy-thick enough that it won't leak through the aperture -- even while traveling. Again, it's such a simple way of dispensing deodorant. So simple that it's one of those ideas where one asks the rhetorical, "Why didn't somebody think of this before?" Jun 11, 2014
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P M: the container dispenser has a small hole you squirt a little bit up and then on to the armpit and then roll it around with the top of the tube you don't need very much it does turn white and if you put on clothes right afterwards it will turn your clothes white and staIned my silk dresses but if you let it dry for 15 20 minutes it does a better job and it really works in terms of order and perspiration Jun 9, 2014
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Jill Z: One of two ways-
Squeeze some out and just rub it right in from the top of the tube.
Or you can squeeze some out and rub straight on armpit with your hand.
Jun 9, 2014
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Gina I: Squeeze the bottle until a small amount appears on top then apply to underarm, Best deodorant ever! Jun 10, 2014
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Lynne B: Just use fingertips. I think those are the directions on the tube Jun 9, 2014
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John A: It's a cream, so you apply it with your fingers. Jun 10, 2014
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Dana B asked: Is Kiehl's deodorant aluminum free? Thank you! Apr 19, 2014
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Robert B: No. Though I highly recommend this product for "purity" and performance, it is not aluminum free The active ingredient is Aluminum Chlorohydrate. Apr 19, 2014
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BEN M: No it's not. If we want a deodorant that works I'm afraid we're stuck with aluminum. Having said that, Kiehl's is by far the best i've found. Apr 19, 2014
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Eliot F: Unfortunately, no. Apr 19, 2014
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Rakesh P: Yes! Apr 20, 2014
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A shopper asked: use on face? Mar 20, 2014
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RALPH S: I have only used as a deodorant , not on my face. Mar 21, 2014
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Mary H: No, one uses deodorent on your underarms. Mar 21, 2014
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Tina M: I only use this under my arms. Apr 24, 2014
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Kimberly C: yes. Mar 20, 2014
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A shopper asked: how long does the average tube last? Jul 26, 2013
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Amor L: This product is a sort of "dense cream" texture. It really depends on how much you apply. For me, and I'm a runner, it last about 2 months. It is VERY effective for me, even when I'm sweating from interval running, my fiancé says I never smell. I bought a few of these to have a supply on hand. The BEST part about this deodorant is, that it has absolutely NO scent. I am sensitive to perfumes, this is a "treasured" part of my hygiene. Highly recommend it! Aug 6, 2013
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Pina K: I buy the 2.5 oz. container; applied 1-2 times daily, it lasts about 3 months. Jul 28, 2013
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alice h: I buy the 2.5 oz + apply once a day; lasts me 5-6 months! Aug 27, 2013
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Kerrie M: I buy the larger tube and it lasts about 4 months. Jul 27, 2013
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A shopper asked: Do this product contain Aluminum? Is it all natural? Jun 14, 2013
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Blanca M: Unfortunately it does contain aluminum as well as parabens, so it is not all-natural. I have stopped using this deodorant for this reason even though it is an effective deodorant. (I recently chose to avoid all products that contain parabens and other ingredients that are suspected of having links to higher cancer risks). Jun 24, 2013
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Araceli C: Ingredients are listed on each product's page, under the obscure tab "ingredients." Jul 17, 2013
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Robert B: I have been using Kiehl's Superbly Efficient Anti-Perspirant and Deodorant for over five years and have been very satisfied with its performance. The product does NOT contain any aluminum; this was a very important consideration for me. Though the product does contain natural ingredients, it is not all natural. I have not experienced any negative issues with this product. It is highy recommended! Jun 14, 2013
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Nancie E: Yes, it's aluminum free :). All natural? I'm not exactly sure. It's by far the best deodorant I have ever used. It has zero fragrance and lasts the entire day and night...even into the next morning. Jun 14, 2013
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Claudia L asked: Does this deodorant contain aluminum salts or dyes? If it does, do you have deodorant-only products such as those containing extracts of green tea, which is antibacterial? Apr 19, 2013
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Diana L: Yodora is a great product. It's just a deodorant in a cream form (like this one), but zero aluminum. So it is not an antiperspirant. Its so gentle you can apply it right after shaving and use it anywhere on your body that would sweat... safely. The products only downfall... it cannot be purchased in a store. Online only. Nov 17, 2013
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Blanca M: Unfortunately this does contain aluminum (as well as parabens). I've stopped using this product recently because although I did find it to be an effective deodorant, I have decided to shift to 'clean living' and have stopped using products that contain toxic chemicals. Apr 19, 2013
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Claudia L: Blanca, thanks for the quick response. May I ask what you do use? I also prefer to avoid toxins and chemicals. Apr 19, 2013
Blanca M: You're welcome. A lot of people like Toms of Maine but it gave my husband a skin rash. We use The Body Shop deo dry deodorant stick. Apr 19, 2013
Katherine S: My husband and I both use this deordorant and have for some time now. It was recommended to me as an effective "more natural" deodorant. We are very pleased, but do not know what ingredients are used. Apr 19, 2013
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Pina K: The superbly Efficient Anti-Perspirant and Deodorant doesn't contain any dyes. So far as i know, this is the only deodorant product produced by Kiehls. Apr 19, 2013
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l g asked: I play sports out in the sun will this control my odor? Apr 3, 2013
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Nicole T: Yes. This is a great product. I too am very active and never have a problem. Apr 3, 2013
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BEN M: This a very effective deodorant. It works for me under all conditions. Apr 4, 2013
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Arman V: Yes it is the best I used for order control Apr 3, 2013
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Stefanie B: I use Kiehl's Superbly Efficient Anti-Persipant solely for more than ten years now. I am an active runner all year round and live in a quite hot and humid region in summer. It never failed. Apr 4, 2013
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A shopper asked: I didn't see any comments regarding leaving white marks on black clothing. Does it? Mar 15, 2013
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Ronald G: I am a male and have been utilizing this product for over 5 years. Once I got by having to apply it by hand (instead od the roll on or solid stick style) I got hooked. It is a smooth texture and easy to apply. It has no fragrance, and does a great job of keeping you dry and odor free. It has left no residue nor has it stained any fabrics light or dark. Mar 15, 2013
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Pina K: Superbly Efficient Anti-Perspirant and Deodorant can leave white marks on the inside of clothing if not allowed to dry completely before dressing. For best results, apply and wait 4-5 minutes before putting on your top. Small price to pay for such an effective and high quality product. Mar 15, 2013
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Ruth V: I haven't worn much black, but I haven't had any problems with it leaving stains on anything else I've worn. It sounds gross, but once you apply it, rub it in with your fingers, and that way there won't be much residue to come off. I love this stuff! Mar 17, 2013
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Arman V: None at all dries quick and clear Apr 3, 2013
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A shopper asked: Does it really show on clear? Jul 25, 2012
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Robert B: Kiehl's Superb Anti+Perspirant is dispensed as a cream and applies very smoothly. Shortly after application it cannot be seen. Jul 25, 2012
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Spencer H: Yes, completely clear. This is my favorite deodorant. I've been using it for 8 years. It's the best. Jul 25, 2012
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William S: Out of the tube it is white but instantly turns clear once rubbed into the skin. Jul 25, 2012
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Darryle P: Yes it blends into skin. I love it. Jul 25, 2012
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Bettie Stafford asked: Does this deodorant contain oil? Apr 24, 2014
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Tina M: I am not sure if the deodorant contains oil. I just know that no other deodorant keeps my husband and I as dry or odor free. I am also subject to growths under my arm from other deodorants. I do not have this problem with this Kiehl's product. Apr 24, 2014
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John A: I've never noticed any staining of clothes , so probably no oils. Apr 24, 2014
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Ben W: If it does it is not noticeable. Jun 11, 2014
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Mike B asked: Is there aluminum in this product? Feb 17, 2014
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David M: Unless it has some long name to cover it up, the answer is no. I was introduced to this when I was complaining about the ill effects of the dozens of antiperspirants I tried. This product is wonderful-just a little does the job with no side effects. I never write comments but did this time-obviously. Feb 17, 2014
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BEN M: Yes, there is. There is aluminum in all deodorants that work. However, as far as I'm concerned Kiehl's is the best on the market. Try it you'll love it. Feb 17, 2014
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Arman V: No Feb 17, 2014
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A shopper asked: have extremely sweaty feet and hands-would this work for that too? Jun 27, 2013
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Pina K: I think it would be fine for either, provided you apply 5 minutes before use so it would have time to dry before putting on shoes or touching things with your hands. Jul 28, 2013
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Ray J: I really like this product but have only used it for arm pit. Jun 28, 2013
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Suzanne S: Good for feet.....not so sure about hands. Jun 30, 2013
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E. P asked: Does this deodorant have aluminum in it?


E. B. P.
May 17, 2013
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Araceli C: Aluminum Chlorohydrate is listed in the ingredients. It is the only substance approved by the FDA to prevent underarm wetness. Jul 17, 2013
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Nicole T: No, aluminum is not listed on the ingredients.
It's the best deotorant ever!
May 18, 2013
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Robert B: No aluminum....just a high quality blend of ingredients that work! Jul 16, 2013
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Kelsey J asked: does this antiperspirant deodorant contain aluminum or paragons? Jan 22, 2014
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sally b: no - so far it's the best "holistic" deodorant I've used. Feb 8, 2014
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Kelsey J: Thanks Sally!! Feb 8, 2014
Araceli C: Yes, it contains aluminum. Feb 18, 2014
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A shopper asked: What percentage aluminum chloride do you use? Nothing under 20% has ever worked for me. May 21, 2012
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Ethel B: I have used this product for two years. I live in a hot and humid area. This product works great! I think the lower the aluminum chloride you use is healthier. You only need a drop under each arm and it holds for the day and my clothes are not spotted.
Hope this answers your question.
May 22, 2012
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Stephanie I: I've searched other brands with the same amount as Kiehl's and they irritate my skin. I love the Kiehl's for my sensitive skin and it truly works in keeping me dry. Nothing else compares. Jun 3, 2012
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maya v asked: I had heard that aluminum was possibly linked to increased alzheimers and so that one should not use deodorants that include it. Is your aluminum a different something that doesn't' raise that concern? thank you. Mar 26, 2012
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Pamela D: My research has shown there is very little proof that the amount of aluminum in deodorant causes Alzheimers.The Alzheimers association has also said there is very little proof linking this to the disease. I have had no reaction to the product and have used it for a while. and continue to love it. Mar 26, 2012
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Robert B: Aluminum chlorohydrate is an astringent that is used as a topical antiperspirant or body deodorant. Although it's the least irritating of the aluminum salts, it can still result in allergic reactions. But here's where it gets stickier: Aluminum also happens to be a neurotoxin that alters the function of the blood-brain barrier, linking it to Alzheimer's disease and cancer. We don't have any conclusive proof, however, that antiperspirants actually increase your risk of getting Alzheimer's.

I've not been able to find a more effective anti-perspirant and deodorant than Kiehl's Superbly Efficient AP & D. Those without any aluminum salts are perfumes, at best and, I have found, do not work well to control odor. Mass market Anti-perspirants contain Aluminum zirconium tetrachlorohydrex-Gly, and, interestingly, I have found that this compound does not work well at all controlling odor. Additionally, use of products with Aluminum zirconium tetrachlorohydrex-Gly leave noticeable, yellow stains on fabric.

Kiehl's Superbly Efficient Anti-Perspirant and Deodorant performs as advertised, is easy to apply. Applied sparingly, it works....
Mar 26, 2012
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A shopper asked: I have used Kiehl's Deodorant for at least 5 years now. Unfortunately it seems to be losing its effectiveness. Any suggestions? Jun 16, 2014
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Ashleigh K: It sounds like your body has built up a tolerance, which is a shame since this is one of my favorite products. I suggest switching to something else for a bit and then you can begin again. Jul 31, 2014
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Kelsey J asked: does this Anti-Perspirant Deodorant contain aluminum or paragons? Jan 22, 2014
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CAREY B: No - neither.
I don't know how they do it, but this is the best deodorant you will ever use and after you try it, you'll never buy anything else!
No stains, no irritation - it's really the best!
Jan 22, 2014
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Kelsey J: Thanks Carey,
I meant to say no Parabens
thanks again
Kelsey Jan 22, 2014
A shopper asked: Does this deodorant contain aluminum products? Dec 4, 2013
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Andrea C: Yes. It lists aluminum chlorohydrate 16% as an active ingredient. Dec 31, 2013
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A shopper asked: Does this deodorant have aluminum in it? Nov 17, 2013
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BEN M: Yes. Nov 17, 2013
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judine k asked: I want the larger tube---but it seems only to accept the smaller tube. Why? Jun 5, 2012
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Kerrie M: I think they are out of the other size. Jun 6, 2012
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?? ? asked: can you set this to china? Apr 8, 2014
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Linda B. J asked: Is there a code on the tube that will tell me expiration date of the effectiveness of the deodorant creme? Jun 29, 2013
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carmen m asked: Do you have any samples before I buy? Jun 13, 2013
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Eloisa B asked: is this product will not give you a darker underarm like other gel deodorant from the market? Apr 1, 2013
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Sharon H: It's not gel, it's lotion. I've never had any problems with coloration or stains. Apr 2, 2013
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Pina K: Nothing of the sort. This product won't change the color of your underarm at all. Apr 19, 2013
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sally b: It has never made anything darker. Apr 3, 2013
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Arman V: It will not Apr 3, 2013
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