Men's Oil Eliminator 24 Hour Anti-Shine Moisturizer

Super absorbent, ultra-light moisturizer
  • Provides an out-of-this world clean-skin feel by absorbing sweat and surface oil.
  • Visibly reduces the appearance of pores and shine for 24-hours.
  • Leaves soft, hydrated and comfortable.
  • With continued use, skin looks less shiny and pores appear smaller.
  • Oil-Free, Paraben-Free, Sulfate-Free and Dermatologist tested.
  • Allergy tested, Non-acnegenic.
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How to Apply:
Apply a small amount evenly to clean skin in the morning and night. Use a sun protection product during the day.

Kiehl's Insider Tips:
For maximum oil control benefits, use in conjuction with Oil Eliminator Deep Cleansing Exfoliating Face Wash and Oil Eliminator Refreshing Shine Control Spray Toner.


15% Plant-based Glycerin: A renowned skincare ingredient that works as a moisture magnet and pulls essential moisture into skin. It is highly compatible with skin and also creates a “reservoir effect”, enhancing the water-holding capacity of the skin and ultimately helping to provide skin elasticity and plumpness and facilitates epidermal barrier function. The glycerin used in this formula is plant-based and can be derived from sources including palm fruit, rapeseed and coconut. .

Men's Oil Eliminator 24 Hour Anti-Shine Moisturizer
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Kiehl's Since 1851 Store asked: Why did you choose this?
Betsy S: For my husband Sep 19, 2014
ashley v: trying to find a moisturizer that doesn't make my husband sweat Sep 17, 2014
Mel W: First time trying. Been looking for a product that will leave my face more matte. Will let you know if this is it! Sep 15, 2014
KEVIN G: Found it on Men's Health Magazine Sep 15, 2014
Robert C: Want to try it Sep 15, 2014
Leonard M: Great for oily skin reduction on hot days. Sep 13, 2014
Francois V: for my shiny forehead Sep 13, 2014
Nathaniel M: Trying it out Sep 12, 2014
Rick L: Wanted to try something new Sep 11, 2014
Gerald P: I read positive reviews and wanted to try the product. I have somewhat oily skin and need to tame the shine 2-3 x per day Sep 10, 2014
Dante R: Wanted to try a new facial lotion once my old one runs out. Sep 8, 2014
andrew c: thought my boys would like it Sep 7, 2014
Brian S: what to see if it really works Sep 7, 2014
BO P: IT SEEMS GOOD Sep 2, 2014
Denise E: My Fiancé has sensitive skin Aug 31, 2014
Raul J: looks like a good product Aug 29, 2014
Nick L: to try Aug 26, 2014
Rich K: Recommended in Mens Health magazine Aug 23, 2014
monroe a: it all new to me Aug 19, 2014
Maria Theresa L: WANT TO TRY SOMETHING NEW Aug 17, 2014
Machelle R: i want my husband to use this Aug 14, 2014
Dave P: My husband has oily skin. Aug 11, 2014
Daniel S: I'm trying for the first time we shall see if it really works. Aug 8, 2014
Elaine L: For my younger brother who has oily skin. Aug 8, 2014
Josh D: Read it in Mens Health Aug 7, 2014
Jerome T: I really needed a product that controls the oil in my skin because of occasional breakouts and this product really has great ingredients that won't clog my pours. This product, I feel should help my skin. Aug 6, 2014
enrique r: oily forehead and nose area Aug 2, 2014
Sebastien C: Oily t-zone. Aug 2, 2014
Joseph O: Recommendation through Men's Health Aug 1, 2014
Bradley C: Because I love this product!!! Jul 31, 2014
Daniel F: Saw it in Men's Health magazine Jul 31, 2014
LINDA L: My husband read about it in Men's Health magazine. He felt like it could help his skin. Jul 30, 2014
Michael W: Article in Men's Health magazine Jul 29, 2014
daniel m: Men's Health article in July/August 2014 Jul 28, 2014
felicia t: My fiance has oily skin and loves your products. Hopefully this works! Jul 28, 2014
Greg G: This moisturizer really controls oil, shine and just works great! Can't wait for the travel and economy sizes. Jul 25, 2014
christian a: i have oily skin Jul 24, 2014
Bryan B: Oily forehead Jul 23, 2014
Jonathan M: Trying out a new moisturizer as suggested by gq. Hoping that the anti shine lives up to its name. Jul 22, 2014
Richard N: Advertisement Jul 20, 2014
Steve D: Men's Health magazine Jul 18, 2014
Chad G: To reduce forehead shine Jul 17, 2014
Jon G: See above... Jul 16, 2014
Joseph O: I have oily skin and this works great! Jul 16, 2014
Micah S: Hope to remove oil and shine. Jul 15, 2014
Tiffany S: My husband needed a lotion to prevent shine on his face- it was recommended in Men's Health Magazine. Jul 14, 2014
Lennon B: My skin produces excessive oil due to dryness. This seems like the logical choice as it's supposed to reduce pore size. Jul 13, 2014
Rachel C: Just wanted to try it. Jul 11, 2014
Danny M: recommended in mens health for oil/shine control Jul 9, 2014
michael T: I have oily skin and want to try Jul 8, 2014
Jerson M: to try Jul 6, 2014
Jorge S: I have used this product in the past and it works perfectly. Definitely recommend! Jul 6, 2014
Walter S: I have excessively oily skin Jul 6, 2014
Paul Rigby P: wish to eliminate oily face Jul 4, 2014
David V: Read an article in mens health magazine and they recommended this item. My face has excess oil on it. Jul 2, 2014
Bernie C: Suggested in Men's Health magazine Jul 2, 2014
Vinodh B: g Jun 28, 2014
Joseph R: Have never used it. Jun 27, 2014
TROY S: Seems like a nice product for summer use, especially after showering in preparation for an evening social event. Jun 27, 2014
Anselm C: Mens Health recommendation Jun 26, 2014
Chris B: I saw it recommeneded in Mens health and wanted to give it a try. I have very oily skin so hopefully this will help. Jun 24, 2014
Jeffrey K: I have oily/shiny skin. Jun 23, 2014
Nevada S: I have extremely oily skin and I am trying to control it. Nothing seems to work so I'm giving Kiehls a shot. Jun 23, 2014
Thomas M: I sweat a lot every day due to having hyperhysrosis (sweating syndrome) . So I'm hoping this product works as well as the description states. Jun 22, 2014
Len B: Men's Health article Jun 21, 2014
wedzell e: good reviews Jun 20, 2014
Steven D: I have oily skin. Read about it in Men's Health. Jun 20, 2014
warren b: Shine on face. Jun 19, 2014
Richard Z: trying Jun 18, 2014
Jeffrey A: Oily skin. Jun 17, 2014
Min Z: For my husband. I saw the comments and try it. Jun 17, 2014
Antonio F: Oily Skin Jun 16, 2014
John S: Given the credibility of the Facial Fuel I decided to give this a try and see how well it lives up to both the Kiehl's name and to what it claims. Jun 6, 2014
Victoria R: Details magazine Jun 3, 2014
AARON R H: wanted to try it Jun 3, 2014
Michael R: Details Magazine Jun 1, 2014
leland J: i have oily skin May 28, 2014
li d: That's my second one.. i love it~ May 28, 2014
Nick G: Works wonders on my oily skin for a night out in the summer. May 27, 2014
Sophia C: Hubby uses facial fuel, but saw this in Nordstrom. Got a sample, and he loves it. Perfect for the summer months, only wish it had sunscreen. May 19, 2014
Donald W: Pours look small May 19, 2014
Mark A: I've always needed a moisturizer that worked with oily skin, so I wanted to see if Kiehl's could solve that problem! May 18, 2014
James D: Want to make sure I have some moisturizer on my face before I sleep. My face tends to dry up a bit at night for some reason. May 17, 2014
Ying L: Would like to try it. May 17, 2014
Hayden M: This is new and I trust Kihels period. I want to try it! May 16, 2014
Jeffrey C: Wanted to try the new line. May 16, 2014
Amar W: Live in FL and summer humidity makes me a little oily May 15, 2014
Randy S: Works really well and I needed more, May 15, 2014
Glen R: I shine bright like diamond and it aint pretty. May 15, 2014
ethan k: facial fuel could be a little less shiny, happy to try this. May 14, 2014
Michael H: Wanted to try May 14, 2014
Micah Z: cause my skin get oily as the day progressess May 14, 2014
Peter T: Based on my previous experience with Kiehl products, I bet I will love this, because if anything, this firm undersells its success. May 13, 2014
Michael C: Wanted Anti Oil - Anti Shine Matte look May 13, 2014
Davide M: Needed a good high-quality daily May 12, 2014
Gerald D: Have shaved head anti shine May 5, 2014
Cesar A G: Looks helpful for my complexion. Apr 30, 2014
Marvin D: My skin type Apr 27, 2014
William W: oily skin problem Apr 24, 2014
Kyle E: new product. mens. seeking anti-shine moisturizer. Apr 22, 2014
Michael P: oily skin Apr 19, 2014
Cory S asked: How does this differ from your Rare Earth line? Is it any better at controlling oily skin? I have been using the Rare Earth line for a long time, and I really like it. It doesn't provide 24 hours of "anti-shine," but it works for most of the day. Apr 22, 2014
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Erwin E: I have used both Rare Earth moisturizer and the new Oil Eliminator moisturizer, and I must say that the Oil Eliminator is HANDS DOWN better at controlling oily skin. May 17, 2014
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A shopper asked: I have combination skin and have been using the rare earth pore minimizing lotion. How does this product compare to it? Apr 22, 2014
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Tanner asked: How does this compare to the Facial Fuel No-Shine Hydrator? May 7, 2014
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joseph z: I feel it is a much better moisturizer and keeps my face oil-free longer. When I put it on my face it makes it feel cool (in temperature) and refreshed. Then it immediately dr shines and still feels hydrated and refreshed

May 7, 2014
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JimM B: I like this product more than the hydrator. Excellent oil/shine control. I use in combination with the toner and the face wash. All in all, very pleased. May 8, 2014
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Michael L: It's much smoother and lasts all day. I would definitely recommend it. May 7, 2014
Reply to Michael Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
james I: seems to be a stronger oil absorber May 7, 2014
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m v asked: The sodium pca moisturizer is fantastic for oily skin as well. Between these one better than the other? Apr 22, 2014
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A shopper asked: Do I use the anti-shine moisturizer before or after the Oil eliminator spray toner? May 23, 2014
Men's Oil Eliminator 24 Hour Anti-Shine Moisturizer
Men's Oil Eliminator 24 Hour Anti-Shine Moisturizer
Men's Oil Eliminator Refreshing Shine Control Spray Toner
Men's Oil Eliminator Refreshing Shine Control Spray Toner
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Rachel P: My husband uses the moisturizer after washing in the morning, then uses the spray toner when he wants a quick refresher after work. He was concerned about washing too often because he skin is very sensitive. So far it has made a real difference. May 23, 2014
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Allen C: You can do either. Initially after washing your face, spritz the toner and use a cotton round or ball to remove any dirt or excess oil. Then apply the moiusterizer. During the day use the spritz as a touch up during the day to eliminate any excess oil or just to cool down! May 23, 2014
Reply to Allen Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Matthew C: For the first application of the day I use the toner first and then the moisturizer. However, later in the day I might just use the spray toner. It feels nice and cool. Its like a refreshing pick-me-up for your face. Jun 2, 2014
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Cesar M: I use the toner first let it dry and then put the moisturizer on top May 23, 2014
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Chiao Hung C: U use moisturizer after the toner. May 23, 2014
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JOSEPH C: I use it after! Great product!! May 23, 2014
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A shopper asked: can this be used as an aftershave instead of the facial fuel? Jul 18, 2014
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Anthony R: I don't think it would have the same cooling effect. Also, I think the facial fuel would probably be a better value as an after shave because this bottle is smaller. Jul 20, 2014
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Robert F: I don't use it after shaving so its hard for me to say. I use the blue astringent after shaving followed by the Close-Shavers Shaving Formula 31-O. Jul 18, 2014
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Cesar M: I do use it after shaving, even better if you add the spray toner. I spray that on after shaving and let it air dry and have great results. Jul 18, 2014
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Francis B: Absolutely. That's what I did. It has a little different feel than the Facial Fuel, but I have found it to work well. Jul 19, 2014
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Edward A: Don't think this is a great aftershave on its own Jul 18, 2014
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Tom K asked: Am I able to put this on top of my daily Facial Fuel SPF lotion? I don't see that the oil eliminator has an SPF rating.

Jul 28, 2014
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Collin B: You probably can...its not very oily or thick. Just depends on your skin type and the level of oil you are comfortable with on your skin. I dont find it necessary to use two lotions on my face, but maybe some people do. Jul 29, 2014
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David B: I've noticed that's the 'rub' with oil eliminating or 'matte' lotions: No SPF. However, I think adding another lotion would defeat and/or undermine the idea of an oil-inhibiting lotion. Jul 28, 2014
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Jason H: Use the anti-shine oil eliminator first, then apply the Facial Fuel SPF moisturizer. Jul 28, 2014
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A shopper asked: Which is a better cleaner ? Oil eliminator or oil free ultra facial? For oil controlling and big pores. Aug 27, 2014
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Marvin A: Oil eliminator tends to not last 24hrs as its said especially if you are in my type of environment which is humid and hot. I can imagine during the winter it works a bit bertter but when you first apply to the clean face it does put this coat of smoothness that takes the shine and oily away Aug 27, 2014
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Charles A asked: Can it be used around he eyes,
Or is there a special product for that area?
May 12, 2014
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Andre W: General face area, but stay clear to prevent getting in the eyes. May 25, 2014
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A shopper asked: can i use before SPF? May 7, 2014
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Kashif A: I put on the Kiehl's Facial Fuel SPF after applying just fine for me May 21, 2014
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A shopper asked: Is there an SPF recommended to help stay oil-free/anit-shine? May 7, 2014
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Kashif A: Yes, as stated in the Tips on the product real well though May 21, 2014
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