Super Multi-Corrective Cream

Multi-targeted advanced anti-aging moisturizer
  • Multi-targeted anti-aging moisturizer that corrects the most visible signs of aging
  • Lifts, firms, sculpts contours and smoothes skin
  • Clinically proven to significantly improve skin
  • Paraben Free, Fragrance Free, Safe for sensitive skin
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"This multi-corrective cream does it all; it lifts, firms, sculpts, and smoothes. My skin has never looked better!"

Megan, Kiehl’s Insider

We’re confident you will see healthier, revitalized skin in 28 days. Guaranteed or your money back.

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Day: After treating skin with the serum of your choice, moisturize to lock in treatment benefits and provide all-day hydration. Recommended Day Routine 1) Treat lines & wrinkles with Powerful Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate or diminish dark spots with Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution. 2) Apply Super Multi-Corrective Cream to face and neck. 3) Protect skin with Super Fluid UV Defense SPF 50+ to prevent sun burn and skin damage.

Night: After treating skin with the serum of your choice, moisturize to lock in treatment benefits and provide all-day hydration. Recommended Night Routine 1) Treat lines & wrinkles with Powerful Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate or diminish dark spots with Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution. 2)  Replenish for younger looking skin by morning with Midnight Recovery Concentrate.  3) Apply Super Multi-Corrective Cream to face and neck.

Jasmonic Acid

Inspired by “signal molecules” secreted by plants that begins a self-repair process - Corrects wrinkles and fine lines, loss of suppleness and elasticity.

Beech Tree Extract

Sugar extracted from Beech Tree which helps improve skins overall firmness.

Fragmented Hyaluronic Acid

A form of Hyaluronic acid with a lower molecular weight and size is able to penetrate deeply and fill water reserves in skin.

Super Multi-Corrective Cream
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Kiehl's Since 1851 Store asked: Why did you choose this?
DEBORAH E: to use to firm facial skin Sep 30, 2014
Tony W: My friend asks me to buy this item for her and she tells me it is really good Sep 30, 2014
sheila b: great product Sep 29, 2014
jennifer b: kiehl's was recommend by WebMD. Sep 29, 2014
Kim D: Good reviews Sep 28, 2014
beth s: ingredients with hyaluronic acid and love the abyssine cream.... best products ever and I've used many Sep 28, 2014
Polat T: This is first trial Sep 28, 2014
JULIE B: I have never used this product before but I believe in the quality of Kiehl's products and I believe thisis just the thing I need for my 55+ skin Sep 26, 2014
Rakel S: Together with the midnight recovery concentrate it does wonders to your skin. Everyone is asking me what are the products I used to have the skin looking so young and vibrant. All lines are almost gone, minimized and disappearing Sep 26, 2014
Jill Y: I want to use the best protective product for my face, and this looks like it. Sep 26, 2014
Eszter C: I used the "Midnight Repair" product and it is fantastic. I need a day-time product too Sep 25, 2014
Denise F: Love it Sep 24, 2014
Brenda T: Hoping for great skin from using this product. Sep 24, 2014
Selina W: this product improves my dry skin. Sep 24, 2014
Debbie R: I really like this moisturizer & I use it in the morning and at night. Sep 24, 2014
Janet L: wants to try it Sep 24, 2014
Mary C: Love the feel of this product. My skin feel hydrated, firmer and looks brighter. Sep 23, 2014
Carrie M: I've purchased this before and have had great results. I love the texture and the way it feels on my skin, and do think my skin has shown an improvement since using it. Sep 22, 2014
Janet S: Helps my neckline. Sep 22, 2014
Heidi G: Want to try Sep 22, 2014
Diane S: Want to try this product. Sep 22, 2014
Annette M: It's the best moisturizer hands down! Sep 22, 2014
Sara W: no reason, just want to try it Sep 22, 2014
Renee M: its amazing! Sep 21, 2014
Suzanne P: Seemed to be worth a try as a night cream. Who doesn't have elements they'd like to correct? Figured that I've had great experiences w Kiehls products, plus the guarantee, made it worth the try. Sep 21, 2014
Michael X: first try Sep 20, 2014
Tamara K: My go-to night cream! Sep 19, 2014
Norma M: After reading all the positive reviews I wanted to try it myself Sep 19, 2014
SUSAN S: This cream really works! Sep 18, 2014
Cathy N: good reviews Sep 18, 2014
eva h: best for my colored hair Sep 17, 2014
karen c: TRYING SOMETHING NEW Sep 17, 2014
Judy G: Love the smooth texture of this facial cream. Leaves skin feeling ultra fresh and clean. Not too heavy... not too light. Nice, light, natural fragrance. No heavy scent. Sep 16, 2014
Pamela C: Just wanted to try it and see it it works! Sep 15, 2014
lynn s: Great reviews. I need a good day cream. Sep 15, 2014
Carole M: Best moisturizer!! Sep 15, 2014
Kimberly S: due to red spots I get sometimes Sep 15, 2014
Mimi C: try some thing new, the work multi corrective cream sounds good. Sep 15, 2014
Antoinette K: Great moisturizer! Sep 15, 2014
Abigail A: I previously purchased the Rosa A cream and love it. I am 26 with normal skin but am wanting to prevent fine lines and wrinkles.

This appears to be a new product and I am willing to try it out.
Sep 15, 2014
Tanya K: Need the tightening and wrinkle cream for my face Sep 15, 2014
Barbara P: wanted to try new product got an email Sep 15, 2014
Sharon B: want to try Sep 14, 2014
Edith C: wanted to try Sep 14, 2014
Joan N: Something new that I would like to try .. Sep 14, 2014
Karen S: Ever since I started using this product, people have commented on how great, young, healthy, and well I look.

Customer, age 62
Sep 14, 2014
Ann P: Wanted go try it Sep 14, 2014
Lavonne C D: Need more, jar almost empty. Sep 14, 2014
Paula G: i use this and really like this. Sep 14, 2014
Erin W: To try it Sep 14, 2014
Tracy X: see the ads Sep 13, 2014
Barbara W: try new product Sep 13, 2014
kathy p: I'm 66 Sep 13, 2014
Anne K: I would like to try this product Sep 13, 2014
Joan D: I love this cream makes my skin velvety soft and smooth ... I don't need to put anything else on my face... 5 hearts... Sep 13, 2014
gladys m: wants to give it a try Sep 12, 2014
Anita H: I like the product, though it is a bit heavy. Perhaps a lighter version the same as in the case of the Rosa A. product might be in order? Sep 12, 2014
Ruby K: Want to give this a try and see how it works from all the buzz Sep 12, 2014
Terumi U: Needed a new moisturizer, but wanted to start using something more for someone my age - 40's Sep 11, 2014
Valda D: I have just this before and I am almost out. I actually thought I could go back to my over the counter expensive moisturizer but I was wrong. Once you use this you can never go back. Sep 11, 2014
Hong X: for my friend Sep 11, 2014
MICHELLE S: I love the feel of this moisturizer. I wear it everyday. Sep 10, 2014
Carol G: really like this cream - feels great and addresses all my "aging" issues. Sep 9, 2014
Beth A: addresses the multiple skin issues I have Sep 9, 2014
Lorie M: Used it liked it. Sep 9, 2014
Liping Q: from friends Sep 8, 2014
Cherisse L: not sure Sep 8, 2014
wasana c: want to try a new one Sep 8, 2014
Carolina G: To try it Sep 8, 2014
Rebecca S: Love this cream! Use it as a night cream to moisterize and recondition my skin - not getting any younger Sep 8, 2014
Harriet N: very good product, price too high,however for now i can afford it. Sep 7, 2014
Marsha M: I would like to try it based on comments from other people. Sep 7, 2014
Mary W: Because it really works. Sep 6, 2014
Jocelyn A: I wanted to try if it works. Sep 6, 2014
Cathy D: sounded good Sep 5, 2014
Anne A: I have read good things about it! and I need many "corrections". Sep 4, 2014
Dottye E: Wanted to try the product Sep 4, 2014
Natalie d: To prevent signs of aging Sep 3, 2014
Elizabeth W: To try it out Sep 3, 2014
Sarah S: A lovely woman in the Las Vegas store helped me chose it and I love it. Sep 3, 2014
Angela B: This is my second order of Multi Corrective Cream. It has been working wonders on my skin. I will keep buying this as long as you make it! Sep 2, 2014
Timporn K: wanna try new product Sep 2, 2014
Laura Z: if it works like other Kiehl's products, this will do what it says..I am excited to try it! Sep 1, 2014
Teri H: recommended, thought I would try it Sep 1, 2014
jean j: First try Sep 1, 2014
Alice L: I have used this product before and find it very effective in managing aging skin. Aug 31, 2014
aleida f: WRINKLES Aug 31, 2014
Annie H: I have pretty good skin, but I want to see what taking it to the next level will be like. Aug 31, 2014
Susan C: Been using this product for awhile now and love it. Aug 31, 2014
Renata S: Trying something new Aug 31, 2014
Christine M: . Aug 29, 2014
jamie f: good reviews Aug 29, 2014
Deborah R: wrinkles Aug 29, 2014
Heather K: Curious to see if this works Aug 29, 2014
Carolyn L: Ratings of others + needed something new and better than what I am currently using. Hoping this will be the answer. Aug 29, 2014
Dora O: I want to try Aug 28, 2014
Barry B: good reviews Aug 27, 2014
Jeffrey Scott K: Use it now. Like it. Aug 27, 2014
Jennifer M: currently using and very happy Aug 27, 2014
Angela L: the right product for my skin Aug 27, 2014
Cole H: I love the facial fuel moisturizer! Just wanted to see what else they had to offer to replace other products I currently buy elsewhere! Aug 26, 2014
Marlene K: Recommended by Bart on Live Chat Aug 26, 2014
Donna J: New product and wanted to try it Aug 24, 2014
zhou z: like it Aug 24, 2014
Cynthia S: sounded as if it would replenish aging skin Aug 21, 2014
diane c: this product is the best moisturizer I've ever feels awesome within a week. Aug 21, 2014
regina j s: need lots of help for my aging face Aug 21, 2014
Christine R: Broad range of focus areas. Aug 20, 2014
JANE M: Watching "Steve Harvey on TV. He was bragging how wonderful your products are. Aug 20, 2014
rita j: JUST TO TRY Aug 20, 2014
Beth F: Ad on website persuaded me. Aug 19, 2014
Lisa G: I wanted to try it! I read all the reviews and everyone loved it!! Aug 18, 2014
William A: New item? Aug 18, 2014
Lindsey D: Free Aug 18, 2014
Ronda N: I love this cream! Aug 18, 2014
Sharon C: great reviews Aug 18, 2014
liu y: good Aug 17, 2014
SARAH N: Customer reviews. Anti aging plus moisture. Aug 17, 2014
Janey H: New product - wanted to check out the difference. Aug 14, 2014
Ping Z: I like cream samples, especially SMCC. Aug 13, 2014
Akiko B: I've been using this cream for a while and really like it. Aug 13, 2014
marie-claude g: Really Good stuff Aug 13, 2014
cheryl g: have used this before and decided to go back to it Aug 13, 2014
Linda H: I liked what it said about the product Aug 13, 2014
Jocelyn C: Read rave reviews in Skirt! magazine Aug 12, 2014
Janet L: To help keep me youthful! Aug 11, 2014
Zoe W: Amazing results! Aug 11, 2014
Martha L: Fantastic moisturizer... great for keeping older skin firm! Aug 10, 2014
vicki a: i use rosa arnica, and wanted to try something else Aug 10, 2014
Phyllis L: This has become my all around face moisturizer Aug 10, 2014
Myeong C: very good moisture cream. my skin feel smooth and soft. Aug 10, 2014
Leslie S: loves this product Aug 10, 2014
jean c: Highly recommend Aug 10, 2014
Susan V: Need a face cream and based on reviews, decided to try. Plus I got a 15% promo on it. Aug 10, 2014
Linda M: Was advised to use this in place of Crystal Marine Blue Ultra Rich Cream that I used to purchase. Aug 10, 2014
Jane Y: I want to try different kind of eye product. Aug 10, 2014
Susannah K: I've used this cream for a while and like the results. Aug 10, 2014
Maneewan S: My friend suggested this product to me. Aug 10, 2014
Carol N: It works really good Aug 10, 2014
sally m: it works Aug 10, 2014
anne b: Want to try this product Aug 10, 2014
Roberta H: T Aug 9, 2014
Nora B: Best moisturizer I've found since my skin changed post menopause! Aug 9, 2014
Sue B: its my favorite moisturizer Aug 9, 2014
David P: ingredients Aug 9, 2014
Maria S: Have been using for over a year & getting good results Aug 9, 2014
Cathy W: I use this every night on my face and throat areas. It has given me a more tight, smooth jawline and chin, a very smooth cheek and forehead and almost no laugh lines. And i'm 56! Aug 8, 2014
Gloria J: I read about your products online. This seemed the best for me. I looked at Kiehl's in the first place because it has a reputation for being the best, even in high-end fashion magazines. Aug 8, 2014
Aleksandra B: I love it Aug 7, 2014
ANGELA L: Good product. Moisturizers Aug 6, 2014
Nikki C: Need deep moisturizing lotion for late 60's skin! Aug 5, 2014
Linda O: Recommendation Aug 3, 2014
CONNIE R: makes my face fell wonderful and works very well. Aug 3, 2014
debra b: have used it for a year Love it Aug 2, 2014
Nancy B: Recommended by a friend. Aug 2, 2014
Patrice M: Incredible product - makes my skin glow. Jul 31, 2014
tyeresa f: because it works! its ingredients too Jul 30, 2014
Theresa H: Wrinkles and sagging for all things ordered Jul 29, 2014
Taunya N: My husband loves how this makes his face tingle & his skin looks smoother & hydrated. Jul 28, 2014
Ellen C: I have been using this cream for a couple years and really like it and think it helps my skin. Jul 27, 2014
Patricia P: I am hoping it works, looking for good wrinkle cream Jul 26, 2014
Agnes R: Use it all the time, but usually get it at Nordstroms Jul 25, 2014
Kristi C N: something new to try Jul 24, 2014
Sandra S: love this Jul 21, 2014
Tuyet T: Needed a good night cream Jul 20, 2014
Dawn P: Assists with moisture retention at my age Jul 19, 2014
Charlene G: Looking for a good product that performs like it is advertised to do. Jul 18, 2014
Elisabeth T: like the weight of the cream Jul 17, 2014
Michele E: lightweight yet still rich and moisturizing, nice smell Jul 17, 2014
Stacie M: I like this product because it's not to heavy! Jul 15, 2014
Evangeline G: Review's look great, I am needing a new and better face cream. Jul 15, 2014
Monica M: trying new wrinkle help and fine lines Jul 15, 2014
Aileen P: This the best moisturizer among Kiehl's products after trying 5-6 samples. I wish you would send me 3 packs of the same which I can using during short trips. Jul 14, 2014
Stephanie M: TO TRY ON UNEVEN SKIN Jul 11, 2014
joan l: the ingredients in the product sounded excellent. Jul 11, 2014
Char G: I always use it. Jul 9, 2014
Sharla S: Love that skin looks & feels great, and ever since I started incorporating this into my regime I've gotten so many compliments on how great my skin looks. Jul 7, 2014
Kathy F: I like the way it makes my skin feel and look. Jul 6, 2014
Adrienne D: just enjoy how it feels and I do not have a negative reaction to it. Jul 5, 2014
Hsin Jung L: friend told Jul 1, 2014
Rosemarie V: Saw it highlighted on your home page and it looked like it would be a good product. Jun 30, 2014
Faye B: this is a good one! Jun 30, 2014
myung K: To see if it really worth the cost. Jun 29, 2014
Barbara P: pp Jun 27, 2014
Patricia B: for its hydration Jun 26, 2014
Sylvia L: I love my skin and I use it! Jun 26, 2014
Carla C: to try it out. Jun 25, 2014
Beate v: have used it for 6 months and love the results - visibly firmer skin Jun 24, 2014
Catherine G: Reviews indicated excellent moisturizer Jun 24, 2014
Suzanne H: curious Jun 23, 2014
Ann s: trial Jun 23, 2014
shelley b: because it had good reviews Jun 22, 2014
TK W: I like the cream and work very good for me Jun 21, 2014
Edith P: It makes my face feel really soft. Jun 18, 2014
Evonda N: I recently transitioned to St Thomas Vi from Atlanta Georgia. My skin has severely changed. Looking to restore my youthful skin Jun 18, 2014
Heather G: love it Jun 16, 2014
Barbara H: Absolutely wonderful! Jun 16, 2014
norma reid D: I love the moisturizers in this cream. I see a difference with my skin since using it. Jun 14, 2014
Audrey K: i love the product and somehow in the 4th street berkeley store they are charging $82 for it Jun 14, 2014
Larissa B: I use this cream at night and really like it. Jun 11, 2014
Julie A: Love it for nightime. Jun 10, 2014
Karen H: Love the impact on my skin-age 53 Jun 10, 2014
Chiling W: ad Jun 10, 2014
Marcia V: Love it! Incredibly moisturizing and you'll see benefits almost immediately. Jun 7, 2014
Leslie B: Works great as a moisturizer, even under makeup Jun 5, 2014
Veronica J: referred by a friend Jun 4, 2014
Angela M B: I use it now and LOVE it. Jun 3, 2014
Julie A: I trust Kiehls Jun 2, 2014
hyong c: my mother loves it Jun 2, 2014
Pat M: xx Jun 2, 2014
Leslie W: I love this.. and so does my skin. Jun 1, 2014
Carolyn K: Very good night cream for aging skin May 31, 2014
SUE C: The reviews were very good and I will gladly accept any help I can get to look a little younger. May 30, 2014
Jennifer G: Not greasy and great hydration! May 29, 2014
Susan E: Love it. May 29, 2014
A L: I have used this product for a couple of years and found it helpful. May 28, 2014
Christine G: Sounds like a wonderful product for older skin like mine! May 28, 2014
nancy j: dry skin May 27, 2014
Georgia C: Suggested by your consultant. May 23, 2014
Connie P: Read the ads, hope it works for me too. May 23, 2014
Josephine C: wanted to give it a try May 23, 2014
mengya c: useful May 22, 2014
Christine W: Given to me as a gift and have loved it! May 20, 2014
Amy G: natural ingredients - and smells great! May 20, 2014
Melinda L: I have seen much improvement in my skin's texture since purchasing. May 19, 2014
Kathy S: Wonderful moisturizer, never feel heavy and my skin has greatly improved over time. Looks smoother and more hydrated May 19, 2014
Pathamawadee K: Oh my gosh ! I absolutely love this cream. It is my relaxing weapon and truly make my skin look young!!! May 19, 2014
Debra T: Love it May 19, 2014
Susan C: This is a fabulous night cream. I have dry skin, and this not only leaves my skin hydrated but smoothes lines, as well. May 19, 2014
yuna j: it has really good reputation online. So i got it for my mother's present May 19, 2014
Dong-Lin W: I would like to try more moisture cream May 19, 2014
Michele B: I think it helps my skin a lot. May 19, 2014
LIYA L: it's a new stuff and want to try it May 19, 2014
Claudia F: Keeps My Skin Moist May 19, 2014
Anne G: getting older - want to help my skin as much as I can May 19, 2014
Geraldine M: Reputation May 18, 2014
barbara k: i use this on a regular basis May 18, 2014
Lisa R: This is great cream! Has made a difference in my complexion. May 18, 2014
Erin W: Made in the USA, light, yet powerful and keeps skin youthful. May 18, 2014
Lavone T: To give to a friend to try. May 18, 2014
Christine A: Super Multi-Corrective Cream is the best moisturizer I have ever used. It hydrates my skin without making it feel heavy or oily. I have areas of my face that are oily and areas that are dry. The Super Multi-Corrective Cream has been worked beautifully on both areas. May 18, 2014
Mary C: I have been using this at night and love how it makes my face feel. May 18, 2014
Eunjae C: Friend recommend this May 17, 2014
marc r: Use this day and night May 17, 2014
Tariq A: works great saw results in about a week my mother told me May 17, 2014
Julie T: This is one of my favorite facial creams. It feels heavenly when you put it on, and I do think it makes my skin glow! May 17, 2014
Nancy L: i'm older and I thought it might help smooth my skin. May 17, 2014
Joann M: Both my daughter and I have been using feels wonderful, takes very little I like the way I look. I don't know if I would look worse if I wasn't using it. May 17, 2014
Sheila B: This is a great product! I've used it every morning and every night since last September and I can see a difference in my skin- wrinkles seem smoothed out and less noticeable! May 17, 2014
KAY S: use midnight recovery. wanted to try this. May 17, 2014
Phanwira T: I bought for my mom May 17, 2014
anna p: liked the reviews. May 16, 2014
Michelle H: Tried this and LOVE it! Made a very big difference in my neck area. May 16, 2014
Mary S: Fantastic, after using for a few months, I suddenly noticed how smooth and youthful my skin is. May 16, 2014
Penelope S B: same reason May 15, 2014
sasiphand b: My regular moisturize is used up, so I'd like to try a new thing for change. May 15, 2014
Jean B: just trying for first time May 15, 2014
Karen G: FIRMING May 15, 2014
Irina L: I love it. Best creme ever. May 15, 2014
Chiayu S: For mom May 15, 2014
Tiffani R: Using it now May 15, 2014
Jean R: As above. May 15, 2014
Jan T: to try May 15, 2014
Sheryl F: This moisturizing cream works AMAZING. Apply it once, at night, and notice an instant improvement the next day in the texture and softness of your skin! It's my staple moisturizer and I can't be without it. It works on every part of your body, also, not just your face. May 15, 2014
Lisa W: Love this cream! May 15, 2014
Barbara V: Love it! May 15, 2014
Liliya D: best moisturizer if you live in dry climate or anywhere where there are harsh winters May 15, 2014
Richard R: My wife loves this product. May 15, 2014
Xiaorong S: want to try. May 14, 2014
Lori N: Just finished current supply and feel it's a very good product. May 14, 2014
Jennie F: I've used before May 14, 2014
Brian S: This product is the crack of facial moisturizers and serums. Worth every penny. May 13, 2014
Carol C: This lone product produces immediate compliments on my skin! May 13, 2014
Pamela M: I heard from numerous sources that this product works to minimize the aging process so I will try it to find out. May 12, 2014
Tami P: I've got Artic Rose and didn't like it so much, so I decided to try this one. May 11, 2014
Linda H: I use it every day May 11, 2014
ChunLien W: recommond from a friend, like to try to see how is works May 10, 2014
Amy P: I absolutely love the feeling of this cream. May 9, 2014
valerie s: i love it. use samples when traveling May 7, 2014
Susie C: Works good on my neck May 7, 2014
Rita F: I love this cream, my dry skin get smooth and revitalized. May 5, 2014
Sungmin L: Wanted to try new night cream for dry skin. May 5, 2014
Libia G: trying it May 4, 2014
Jeanne L: I have used this product for about a year and I really like the results. May 4, 2014
Amy W: It is my usual moisturizer. May 2, 2014
Lori D: I love Kiehl's! I have used Kiehl's for 15 years and its the only product I will use. I love this cream. My skin looks wonderful. Apr 30, 2014
Gwen W: I just used up my first jar and I really like the way it makes my face feel! Also, helps wrinkles! Apr 30, 2014
Kimberly A: I was looking for a moisturizer to address my aging skin needs (Im 41) but without all the harsh chemicals. I like that it seems to be all inclusive, addressing all the different aging issues, but without parabens. Apr 30, 2014
kr h: awesome awesome awesome product Apr 29, 2014
Vicki R: Saw recommendation in Glamour mag Apr 29, 2014
Lucille M: My skin is very dry and this cream his wonderful Apr 26, 2014
Nikki S: Love the product and what it does for my skin. Apr 25, 2014
Darlene S: I wanted to try this product Apr 23, 2014
Hyekyoung S: for firming and moisturizing Apr 22, 2014
Dee F: On my second jar & luv how my skin looks and feels Apr 21, 2014
april l: this is my second jar of this cream. It is amazing! Apr 20, 2014
Leslie K: Amazing ! Apr 11, 2014
Christina K: My partner tried and likes Apr 9, 2014
julie p: LOVE IT Apr 8, 2014
Parnlaka S: Because it is new product. Apr 7, 2014
DENISE C: Love this product! Once I used the Overnight Biological Peel and use the Super Multi Corrective Cream I am getting more compliments on my skin. I see a real texture improvement. Love it! Apr 5, 2014
Susan T: I have tried several and this one gives me better visible results. Apr 4, 2014
Virginia M: help with lines Apr 4, 2014
heidi k: The multipurpose feature is attractive-covers lots of needs. Apr 3, 2014
Carol R: Have used this before and liked it. Apr 3, 2014
Jan S: Great absorbing and hydrating! Love it! Apr 3, 2014
Linda A: Curiosity. Apr 2, 2014
Ce S: used a sample, like it Mar 31, 2014
Gail W: Love it Mar 26, 2014
Susan D: saw it on the today show - thought id try it. Mar 26, 2014
Marge P: read good things about it. Mar 26, 2014
marcella m: Made my skin look and feel better within a week. Mar 24, 2014
Cindy M: I already use it so it's a little extra. Mar 24, 2014
Jane W: This is a favorite of mine. Mar 23, 2014
Elizabeth G: Because the cream I love isn't available any more. Mar 23, 2014
Mandy F: I am looking for something to reduce the sun spots on my face Mar 23, 2014
Victoria S: This is the best face cream I have ever used !! Love it Mar 23, 2014
Andrea J: Travel. already use product Mar 23, 2014
Judith P: I use this night cream during the day in the winter as well. rich, creamy, keeps my very very dry skin supple. Mar 22, 2014
Diem-Chi D: I got this as a present for my mom. From the description, I think it will be a wonderful product for her to use since her skin tends to be dry and wrinkled. Mar 21, 2014
marcie z: This is nice to travel with. Mar 21, 2014
irena s: have one and want it again Mar 19, 2014
Esther S: Gift to my 70 year old pastor Mar 19, 2014
Mary R: Descriptions sounds great! Mar 19, 2014
Rachel P: Dark spots across my cheekbones seem to be getting darker with age, I am hoping this helps Mar 19, 2014
Carolyn S: To try it Mar 17, 2014
eloise v: from others reviews Mar 17, 2014
Kris G: already use - pleased with Mar 16, 2014
Caryl S: This is a current favorite of mine. It is perfect over multi corrective cream and used with the Avocado eye cream before make up application or anytime. Does all it says and more. Lightweight joy! Mar 15, 2014
Shanghsieng C: For a firm and lifted skin , especially for my neck. Mar 15, 2014
Dina C: reorder in larger size this time, like product very much Mar 13, 2014
Blythe L: Best moisturizer on the planet!! Mar 13, 2014
Phi D: currently using Vichy product but I had some successful results with your creme de corps for my dry hands so I decided to give you guys a try! I hope it will work for my face as well! Mar 11, 2014
Jennifer C: After I started using this cream, the redness and bumps on my face cleared right up. At first I thought it was too greasy, but I was wrong. It's perfect!! Mar 11, 2014
Lisa K: Wanted to they it Mar 10, 2014
Carol W: Hopefully to look younger. Mar 10, 2014
Heather S: use it daily Mar 10, 2014
Kirsten R: Really love this product, Mar 10, 2014
Tara L: See answer above. Mar 10, 2014
Sandy S: I love Kielh's products and think they are good value for the money and have up-to-date innovative products. Mar 9, 2014
Kirsten P: I prefer to come correct, where possible. Mar 8, 2014
Patti W: I've used other products and have been pleased. Mar 7, 2014
Janice H: Best cream! Love it. Mar 7, 2014
Susan G: Travel size Mar 6, 2014
Melanie R: Kiehl's says that it is the 'replacement' for the Cryste Marine "Ultra Riche Cream" Going to give it a try because the reviews look good. Mar 6, 2014
Carolyn S: Visible results Mar 5, 2014
Lu Ann Z: Wanted to try it Mar 4, 2014
Diane B: It does a great job of smoothing out my skin and hopefully keeps it a little firmer Mar 4, 2014
Patricia V: Previous reviews. Mar 4, 2014
Cheryl D: Anti aging Mar 3, 2014
Mary B: Love, love, love this SUPER-LIGHT FACE CREAM, wonderful for my skin! My favorite face cream, EVER Mar 3, 2014
Melvin L: I want to try this for a whole year to decide the real effects, so far so good! Mar 2, 2014
Laura H: I used a trial of this and loved it! I cannot wait to get this so I can use it every day! Thank you! Mar 1, 2014
JIE L: friends recommended Feb 28, 2014
Michel W: The same as above Feb 28, 2014
Judith S: Used several samples of this cream, really like it Feb 27, 2014
Patty L: saw it advertised at Kiehl's kiosk, at the airport in Tampa Feb 27, 2014
Donna R: Have used one jar to date and am very satisfied with moisturizing qualities. Feb 27, 2014
Gail S: need spot correction Feb 27, 2014
Connie M: The reviews I have read. And the quality of Kiehls products Feb 26, 2014
Grace C: This is the bomb Feb 25, 2014
Melissa B: I'm 60 now! Feb 25, 2014
Angela H: you no longer carry the cryste marine cream, and an online consultant told me this would be the best replacement Feb 25, 2014
Hilja A: I have used The Ultra Facial Cream and like it very much, so I want to try this one and hope it is even better. Feb 24, 2014
Laurie S: Was given a couple samples at dept store. Love this cream. Beautiful silky texture. Feb 24, 2014
Matthew B: Im not getting any younger...29 and am starting to take good care of my skin. Look at my order history, practically tried almost all the products, except this. I know they last in terms of volume, so this should last 6months + Feb 22, 2014
Kaylene G: it works for me. Feb 20, 2014
Gemma H: I've had other Kiehl's products before and they've worked well, so I thought that I'd try this one. Feb 20, 2014
Sharon O: Love the way my skin feels after I use this! Feb 18, 2014
Marjorie P: Sounds like it will help my aging dry skin. Feb 18, 2014
maria m: Great reviews Feb 17, 2014
Pam L: Started using this in December of 2013. Love this cream. Very light and smooth. Feb 17, 2014
Patricia B: This is also a good all around cream for daily use. Feb 15, 2014
Fumiko C: 2nd time purchase. I like the smoothness. Feb 14, 2014
Tara D: Have some now - love it, want to buy more before it runs out Feb 14, 2014
xiaoling l: "just want to try it" Feb 14, 2014
Shirley W: Wrinkle control Feb 14, 2014
Kristen M: excited to try it for the first time Feb 13, 2014
Ivin F R: wanted to try Feb 13, 2014
Maureen K: Great product. Used something else and had to come back. Feb 12, 2014
beverly l: Love it and want the LARGE size Feb 11, 2014
Debra T: Love this product
This will be my second jar
Feb 11, 2014
Candace C A: I actually talked with a customer service rep about whether to choose this or the Rosa Artica, given my particular skin and its problems. She suggested the Super Multi-Corrective Cream with the Powerful Line-Reducing Concentrate. So I followed her advice. I do really like the cream. It feels so good, and yet it is light and not greasy. I've only been using it for a few days, so it's too soon to tell any major effects, but I like the way it feels, smells, and glides on. Feb 10, 2014
Lori C: This stuff is magic! Feb 10, 2014
linda T: Recommended by Clerk in Kiehls store Feb 10, 2014
Carolyn S: aging skin with lines around mouth and chin Feb 10, 2014
Larissa F: sampled it, fell in love, it made my skin look feel and smell great, resilient, young and beautiful Feb 10, 2014
Amy S D: This is my second time to purchase this, and I was thrilled with the transformation I saw in my skin's overall texture and appearance. Feb 9, 2014
Tina R: Aging skin, good cream not too greasy Feb 9, 2014
Linda M: Heard great things about it..... want it now... Feb 9, 2014
Marlene L: I love this product. It doesn't feel greasy. Feb 9, 2014
Michael O: just trying it for the first time Feb 7, 2014
Adell C: Love this product. Glides on smooth and absorbs quickly. Feb 7, 2014
Patricia L: I am a long time La Mer user. But I am about to finish my 1st jar of this product and my skin seems smoother with fewer breakouts. Feb 4, 2014
Betty S: It also sounded good. I don't use it often, prefer others. Feb 3, 2014
Deborah S: First time trying it! Will let you know what I think! Feb 3, 2014
CHIU MEI C: It gives the skin what it needed. Feel extra smooth after use. LOVE IT. I even buy it to give to my family as a gift ~ Feb 3, 2014
Joan Z: I find this very effective as an overnight cream especially with Midnight recovery oil under on age lines Feb 2, 2014
Frankie O: Have been using the Super multi-corrective cream since it came out. LOVE everything about it! Super creamy, not greasy at all. Light yet substantial moisturizing properties. Leaves my skin feeling fresh and soft without feeling like I have a lot of product on my skin. Makeup apples easily and flawlessly afterwards! Feb 2, 2014
Kimberly G: I chose this because I am looking for a night moisturizing cream for my 45 yr old skin. I have fine lines and dark spots. I'm hoping this will help Feb 2, 2014
Suzanne K: great reviews and I need a good hydrating moisturizer for winter. Jan 31, 2014
Iris M: so many benefits promised Jan 30, 2014
Brian S: product description fit my need and good reviews Jan 29, 2014
Emi O: I've been using it for 3 weeks and it is showing a steady decrease in my deepest wrinkle, and has almost erased my finer lines. Love this product! Jan 27, 2014
Sue Ann W: have product now and like it Jan 25, 2014
Suzan C: Very happy with this product, I use it morning and evening. I can both feel and see the difference in my skin Jan 24, 2014
Donna D: Need skin improvements in all of the areas this products states that it can improve. Jan 22, 2014
Pam B: one of the products i use Jan 22, 2014
Patricia S: Love it! Jan 22, 2014
Marilyn A: I definitely have noticed a difference in my skin--smoother texture and less wrinkles. I am sold on this product. I feel happier when I look in the mirror! Jan 22, 2014
Delores F: I am currently using this and am pleased Jan 22, 2014
Threse M: LOVE LOVE LOVE this!! Make my skin so fresh looking and smooth. Love the way it feels on my face. Can't get enough of it. Jan 21, 2014
Michele S: First time use Jan 21, 2014
Betsey B: I always can use more moisturizer. Jan 19, 2014
Feihsiang Y: very good . Jan 19, 2014
Gin R: Trying this based on review, need age defying solution. Jan 19, 2014
KATHY C: to try out Jan 19, 2014
Nancy V: Anxious to try this new to me product Jan 19, 2014
Kyle K: I am trying to build a morning routine comparable to Patrick Batemans. Jan 18, 2014
Venessa S: Loved it after I tried it Jan 17, 2014
Amy B: I've been using this product for a few months and my face feels terrific. I just reordered in the larger size. I can't live without this product. Jan 16, 2014
Merna A: to reduce signs of aging and size of pores Jan 14, 2014
Linda v: A friend recommended it to me. Jan 14, 2014
Nadine W: love it Jan 13, 2014
Rosalinda B: I use it every day and I love it. Jan 13, 2014
Katherine F: I've enjoyed this creamy night cream. Not too think, goes one smooth and I feel refreshed looking in the morning. Jan 13, 2014
Emily B: I love this cream. It works really well for me. Jan 12, 2014
Karen H: Need everyday skin cream for sensitive, wrinkle reducing, over 65 skin. Jan 12, 2014
Xinyi Y: really good for dry skin, I started to try it as a sample, and I loved it so much and I just brought a larger one, so exciting Jan 11, 2014
Suzette H: stopped using it for 1 day and I could see the difference in my skin Jan 8, 2014
Nadia N: Keeps my skin soft and supple Jan 8, 2014
Michael P: It's new Jan 8, 2014
cathy a w: lets see if it works Jan 8, 2014
Judith B: Best cream I have ever used , bar none. Kiehls has done it by making a product that moisturizers all day and is so perfect under makeup . Jan 7, 2014
POLLY W: My face needs more moisture. I'm hoping this will help Jan 6, 2014
Diana K: I have used one smaller jar and I love it. Jan 6, 2014
Denise C: Provides terrific hydration my skin tone has improved dramatically from the use of this product. Jan 5, 2014
Laurie S: I have been using it and I like the lightness of the cream. Jan 5, 2014
Lisa S: reviews, needed new face cream Jan 2, 2014
Nancy M: This is my first purchase of the Multi-Corrective Cream. If it does everything it claims it will do, I'm sure I'll be back for more. Jan 1, 2014
Kourtney L: It makes my skin glow and my completion looks better than it ever has before. Jan 1, 2014
Shelley S: I have very dry skin Jan 1, 2014
Carey A: This is my first time ordering these products. I will let you know what I think. Jan 1, 2014
Trish G: I have used this before and love the product. Dec 31, 2013
Wan Ling T: Love your other products, will give this a try! Dec 31, 2013
Andrea W: multi Dec 31, 2013
Denise C: I wanted to try something different for firming and toning my facial skin. Dec 31, 2013
Sonja B: To firm and smooth face and neck skin Dec 31, 2013
Kimberly R: I trust Kiehls that this will be a great product, Dec 31, 2013
Leesing P: looking for a great moisturizer for the winter months
Dec 31, 2013
SHERI G: LOve this, it works and feels f=great under makeup Dec 31, 2013
Johanna B: Received one of your samples with a Christmas present from my husband and LOVED IT! Dec 31, 2013
Roxanne P: Previous experience with Kiehls. Great reviews. Reviews in magazines. Dec 31, 2013
Danielle F: I wanted to try something new for the New Year! Dec 31, 2013
Prudence L: I use this and I love it... Dec 31, 2013
kyung wuk k: will try Dec 31, 2013
chia mei c: new product with good review Dec 31, 2013
Trace N: use it and love it Dec 31, 2013
S Jean A: I like the way skin feels after using it Dec 31, 2013
Lori K: I use it with the midnight oil at night... to moisturize my very dry skin... Dec 31, 2013
Nataliia P: Fresh, easy, light. Dec 31, 2013
Deb W: Nice lighter weight cream, works great when mixed with the BB cream Dec 31, 2013
David B: just wanted to try it Dec 31, 2013
Camille A: just started using and and love the texture of my skin Dec 30, 2013
Marilyn W: Purchased this about 3 months ago. My skin is soft and moist.This larger jar is to replace the almost used up first one. Dec 30, 2013
Kim D: Feels good for overnight Dec 30, 2013
Tony S: suggested by a friend Dec 29, 2013
Jean J. A: this is good Dec 29, 2013
Vivian P: I used before,I like it! Dec 29, 2013
Janice V: I need a rich night cream Dec 29, 2013
Lisa F: I have used this before and had amazing results. My skin is so smooth and has a youthful shine. Dec 29, 2013
Bernadette G: Great product can really see a difference Dec 29, 2013
Jennifer H: a gift for mom Dec 29, 2013
JULIE P: Just try. Dec 28, 2013
Susan M: sounds good, and cheaper than La Prairie Dec 28, 2013
arlene s: effective natural product Dec 28, 2013
Richard H: I have used ultra moisturizing cream before, wanted to try this new product. Very happy with previous products from Kiehl's. Dec 28, 2013
Annie V: Wanted to give it a try Dec 28, 2013
Rodger M: My wife loves this cream. Dec 28, 2013
Martha F: USED IT AND LIKED IT Dec 28, 2013
claudia c: Tried it for the first time and love it Dec 27, 2013
Alexandra S: New product so I will try it. Dec 27, 2013
Patty M: I have not try it. But the review from the website seems to be good. Dec 27, 2013
Ruth C: I love this cream ! It's moisturizing and makes my skin look great. Dec 27, 2013
Robin M: This will be my first time trying this because what I previously used you no longer carry. Dec 27, 2013
Pamela B: Excellent product. Love it. Light weight on skin but a powerhouse. Dec 27, 2013
Maureen C: Incredible moisturizer. Truly helps to minimize wrinkles. Dec 27, 2013
Polly L: Great night cream. Surprisingly, it suit my skin really well. Dec 27, 2013
Jennifer S: Use already and love Dec 27, 2013
Debra H: I have sensitive skin and this has improved my skin's condition without any irritation. Dec 27, 2013
Christine D: aging Dec 26, 2013
Julie C: To help with the overall appearance of my skin. Dec 26, 2013
Alyssa S: rock solid dry skin repair cream. had wind burn from hiking & this had my skin back in shape within 2 daysâ?¦.awesome stuff! Dec 26, 2013
Cathleen Z: interested in multi-functional product Dec 26, 2013
Hollie F: Because I purchased at neimans ....I over heard someone talking about it in the store. My skin has never looked better. I get compliments all the time 47 years old and people think my 22 year old and I are sisters. Can't wait to se how I look after I finish this jar. I am a life time customer of my good friends kept looking at me and finally said what are you doing different your skin looks tighter, this made me feel good as I have just lost 15 pounds and sagging skin was a concern. Dec 26, 2013
Conni W: Easy to use and it works well with my skin! Dec 26, 2013
ling d: it's amazing! Dec 25, 2013
Steven L: want to try before buying. Dec 25, 2013
Eden S: Moisturizes beautifully, not too heavy, perfect day or night. Dec 25, 2013
Thuy P: For mother, as this seemed to troubleshoot some of her skin concerns. Dec 25, 2013
Keri L: New product with good reviews. Wanted to try. Dec 25, 2013
Diane S: Because my son-in-law uses this product Dec 24, 2013
Nancy W: To try Dec 24, 2013
Attiya Z: Am using it Dec 23, 2013
Kathleen S: I have been using this cream and like it very much. It softens my facial lines Dec 23, 2013
Li ting H: It feels great on my dry winter skin. Dec 23, 2013
Elizabeth B: I read the reveiws and it sounded like something i wanted to try. Dec 23, 2013
Stephanie G: Recommended by a representative. Dec 23, 2013
DIANE H: i have used this product for at least 6months and can see a differnt in my skin lloking younger and brigher Dec 22, 2013
Amy D: Deemed to be a great product Dec 22, 2013
Lesley T: Saw a write up on it in the newspaper Dec 22, 2013
carole s: makes my skin feel hydrated Dec 22, 2013
Rachel S: works well on entire face Dec 22, 2013
Irene S: To try it Dec 22, 2013
Linsu C: I want to try a new product . Dec 21, 2013
SARAH G: I want to see if it works . Dec 20, 2013
Amy S: It is absolutely the best moisturizer ever. My mom has never had much of a skincare routine and I wanted to get her something easy but effective. Dec 20, 2013
Martha B: very moisturizing! Dec 20, 2013
you k: it sounds very good product.I like to try and see the result.. Dec 20, 2013
CINDY H: I tried it before, I like it. Dec 20, 2013
Joy A: Based on reviews of other customers. Dec 20, 2013
Deborah B: Love this! As I been getting older I feel I have been losing moisture-this has helped my face feel smooth and hydrated! Dec 19, 2013
Ronald S: Wife wanted it Dec 19, 2013
Carol S: "multi-corrective" was provocative! Works great, now I love this product too. Dec 19, 2013
Cynthia R: This product is unbelievable with the midnight recovery cream. Dec 19, 2013
Julia K: I heard very good reviews from family Dec 18, 2013
Caroline N: This was recommended by a good friend. I have never tried it before. Dec 18, 2013
Elizabeth B: Trying a new product Dec 18, 2013
Theresa B: Haven't tried this yet, but am excited to get it! Reviews are promising. Dec 17, 2013
Jacqueline C: It seems to have good results on my face. Dec 17, 2013
Mary T: you no longer make the Cryste Marine Ultra Rich so I am trying this as an alternate Dec 17, 2013
Chening K: Wanted to try the new product. Dec 16, 2013
f. g: New Dec 16, 2013
Kellie S: Travel Dec 15, 2013
Kevin P: My wife asked for this item Dec 15, 2013
Brandon S: you just can't loose with this .. face status is a 10 Dec 14, 2013
Maureen D: Seems like latest moisturizer product. Dec 14, 2013
lynn e: great stuff Dec 14, 2013
donna v: It sounds like this is good for dry skin and will help with wrinkles. Dec 14, 2013
Amy D: Smells so good! Always enjoy using this. Makes me want to wash my face. Dec 14, 2013
Amy T: I've used this before and loved it. Dec 13, 2013
Karen L: Soft and suitable to my skin. Dec 13, 2013
BEVERLY S: I like the way it makes my skin feel Dec 13, 2013
Mary Ellen P: Trying a new cream - reminds me of Estee Lauder Skin Perfecting Creme Dec 13, 2013
Claire B: new for me Dec 11, 2013
Linda G: Liked it Dec 11, 2013
Ross W: The significant other asked for it. Dec 11, 2013
Kelly O: Try it out Dec 11, 2013
Jake K: no Dec 11, 2013
Ning-Shiuan L: Want to try out new product Dec 10, 2013
Judith R: Trying something new Dec 10, 2013
ANNE L: Liked what I read in the reviews. Dec 10, 2013
Kathy F: Daughter's request Dec 10, 2013
Julie B: Recommended by a friend Dec 9, 2013
Emily J: Smells wonderful and feels great. I've noticed a big difference. My skin is dewy and hydrated. Dec 9, 2013
Phyllis J: I like the idea of one product targeting several skin conditions Dec 9, 2013
Marilynn K: miracle cream Dec 9, 2013
Becca H: I love this product. It is silky and absorbs into my skin perfectly. I can stop look for the right cream, I have found IT!!! Dec 9, 2013
mary v: best face cream i have ever used. only been using it for about 4 weeks and have gotten many compliments on how my skin is "glowing" and "bright". i used to use the ultra facial cream (which is also great), but this one knocks that one out of the park. Dec 9, 2013
Xu Z: friend's recommendation Dec 9, 2013
KAREN J: liked reviews...wanted to try Dec 9, 2013
Jihye Y: this is really good. i heard for Korea. my mother lives in Korea, she said it was very famous and good. I want to try it Dec 9, 2013
CHUCK B: My wife feels this is by far the best anti aging product she has ever used. Dec 8, 2013
Ian F: Received great reviews. Dec 8, 2013
Patricia C: Just starting using this product and I love how its not a heavy moisturizer and it doesn't feel greasy Dec 8, 2013
Niela M: Want to compare it with a less expensive cream I use Dec 8, 2013
kelly b: like it Dec 8, 2013
Kelly B: Used before and like it Dec 8, 2013
Denise L: Reviews were very positive. Dec 8, 2013
Louisa cabot M: Have heard good things. Needed to buy moisturizer so am trying. Usually use Rose Artica Dec 8, 2013
pat m: I think this is what i need. Navigating the choices was not clear on this ordering site. I have spent an estimated 3-4 hours determining which products to chose.
i'm 63 yo, dry skin, have wrinkles, skin becoming more sensitive to chemicals... A straight forward approach to a 'collection' or combination of products suited for me is NOT clear on your site. So i analyzed your products and came up with my own plan.
Dec 8, 2013
Georgette B: Use this product and love it Dec 8, 2013
Lauren S: - Dec 7, 2013
Crist M: excellent product Dec 7, 2013
Linda S: need help I used your dark spot serum and that didn't work at all on my sun spots but daughter swears by the moisture cream and I have extreme dry skin Dec 7, 2013
Lisa C: Heard really great things about this! Dec 6, 2013
Jiang T: for self use Dec 6, 2013
Amanda S: My mom was flipping through a magazine, saw & read about it and said she wanted it, so I decided to get it for her for Christmas! Dec 6, 2013
BARBARA S: Have aging skin works fantastic Dec 6, 2013
Michael C: Looked fun Dec 6, 2013
Elizabeth E: I wanted to try it. Dec 5, 2013
Mindy K: Because of the broad issues that is supposed to treat. Dec 5, 2013
Lisa F: Received as gift Dec 5, 2013
Cynthia R: Wanted to try something new. Dec 5, 2013
Sui J: Good Reviews Dec 5, 2013
Ryan L: Makes my skin super soft! Dec 5, 2013
Suzie B: skin is doing great since i started using this and midnight recovery Dec 5, 2013
Hisako A: I want to use it for me Dec 4, 2013
Kristina A: sounded like the best all-around cream Dec 4, 2013
Barbara L: I'm using it now - non-greasy, very light; good moisturizer. Dec 4, 2013
Rosetta H: Since I have been using this product I have have been getting so many compliments... My friends are asking me what am I using on my face. Some are now purchasing your products because of my results Dec 4, 2013
Maria Lourdes Q: read good reviews Dec 4, 2013
Judith M: I have not tried this product, but based on customer reviews would like to try it. Dec 4, 2013
Mindy M: So far I have not been disappointed with my past purchases and anxious to try something so highly recommended. Dec 4, 2013
kathy p: the reviews sounded great and I'm looking for a corrective cream Dec 4, 2013
Chia C: I hope this moisture cream can rich my skin during the Winter season Dec 4, 2013
Nuo S: good review. looks like a nice winter cream. Dec 4, 2013
Patricia C: Makes your face feel and look great. Dec 4, 2013
Claudia T: to try Dec 4, 2013
Linda D: what I read about it sounded right for me! Dec 4, 2013
Elizabeth H: Also want to see if this will moisturize and help with some sun damage. Dec 4, 2013
Michelle R: Outrageously moisturizing and smoothing Dec 4, 2013
estee w: heard good things, crossing my fingers it's the right amount of moisture for me! Dec 4, 2013
Sallie S: Use it and love it Dec 4, 2013
Beverly F: liked the reviews Dec 4, 2013
Paula z: would like to try it Dec 4, 2013
Mikiko A: I am concerned to reduce my wrinkle. Dec 4, 2013
Sunny M: I'm trying this product based on other customers' reviews. Dec 4, 2013
Lynette D: amazing new product. Dec 4, 2013
Annette T: I believe that this is a high quality product for my aging (60 year-old) skin. Dec 4, 2013
Christianna K: I use this cream and it's wonderful! Best I've found; and I've tried everything! Dec 4, 2013
kristin r: friend's recommendation Dec 3, 2013
Jennifer R: My daughter says you only get one skin and you should use Kiehl's on it! Dec 3, 2013
Holly W: I love the all over corrective feel of this moisturizer Dec 3, 2013
Belle D: very dry skin Dec 3, 2013
Shellie B: Never tried it... Dec 3, 2013
mina k: It is very good. Dec 3, 2013
Eileen A: Love it Dec 3, 2013
Chun H: Good review Dec 3, 2013
Nanda E: trying something new--don't love the wrinkle cream Dec 3, 2013
Irene C: for aging hands Dec 3, 2013
Alicia B: no Dec 2, 2013
Jingmei L: good review Dec 2, 2013
lorie d: Because you don't have what I normally order the cryste marine lifting and firming cream. It is very annoying that you get rid of a lotion that people really like. This is the second time you have done this and every time the price is higher on the new lotion. NOT HAPPY!!!! Dec 2, 2013
Eva N: BEST. CREME. EVER! Dec 2, 2013
Pauline W: wow! this product feels wonderful on my skin Dec 2, 2013
Reta C: Used Kiehl's for years, Wrinkle Reducing Face Cream used fro past 3 years. Decided to give this a try. Dec 2, 2013
Deb A: Love it Dec 2, 2013
Robert S: Great product Dec 2, 2013
Princess S: I loved the consistency and the moisture is great! Dec 2, 2013
Michelle S: First time trying this but the reviews provided by other customers made me want to give this a try! I'm looking for an overall anti-aging moisturizer that packs a punch and make my skin look better overall. Dec 2, 2013
Sara D: Want to try it. Dec 2, 2013
Dorothy V: Great new corrective product. Dec 2, 2013
Yun H: After search the reviews i want to try this cream. Dec 2, 2013
Sharon L: based on reviews Dec 1, 2013
Yvonne P: this is the best moisturizer I have ever found. at 56, it is just what my skin needs. Dec 1, 2013
maria g: Have fine line and would like skin tobe more firm Dec 1, 2013
terese l: heard that this product works wanted to try it Dec 1, 2013
Veronica T: one of my daily moisturizers/anti aging Dec 1, 2013
nisha g: The cream is Absorbed very quickly by my skin. Dec 1, 2013
Maryjean D: I need a strong moisturizer and corrective action. Hope it works. Dec 1, 2013
Debbie S: I love your Ultra facial cream; wanted to give this one a try. Dec 1, 2013
dandan w: new try Dec 1, 2013
Hsueh-Hui K: just to try something new Dec 1, 2013
Ying L: seems great Nov 30, 2013
Douglas S: because it works Nov 30, 2013
Barbara F: Ad in magazine Nov 30, 2013
yejoo j: because it is NEW!! Nov 30, 2013
Christina G: Moisturizes completely while stil feeling lightweight. Leaves skin super soft! Nov 30, 2013
Jessalyn S: To see if it improves my skin. Nov 30, 2013
Yinghua C: good Nov 30, 2013
NAYEOUN K: My skin's super dry , and looks old. Nov 29, 2013
Stephanie H: I'm dealing with dry skin for the first time in my life...always willing to give the latest Kiehl's a whirl! It absorbs nicely and is light, though the smell is not my favorite. Nov 29, 2013
Stephanie P: Just to try. Am not crazy about how long it takes this product to absorb into my skin. Feels greasy for a little too long. Nov 29, 2013
Jeanne K: I have used this product and find it to be excelleny Nov 29, 2013
Phyllis S: Skin hydration Nov 29, 2013
Francine G: Based on reviews of people 55 and over. Nov 28, 2013
Betty J: try it Nov 28, 2013
michelle z: famous Nov 28, 2013
Deborah K: Reviews Nov 27, 2013
Claudia C: gift for someone who loves the product Nov 27, 2013
Anna S: Use it already and love it Nov 27, 2013
Jackie L: GOOD REVIEW Nov 26, 2013
LISA P: my daughter requested this item Nov 26, 2013
marilyn f: Love another product that I purchased from keilh's so I decided to try another since I ran out on my moisturizer Nov 26, 2013
Lan Z: I use now Nov 25, 2013
carla g: Getting more pronounced wrinkles Nov 25, 2013
Linda M: Recommended by New Beauty magazine Nov 25, 2013
Janet E C: tried samples and liked the product.... Nov 25, 2013
Kim K: Good reviews Nov 25, 2013
Art M: Hope Nov 25, 2013
Joanne D: I really like the results - good combination cream so I don't have to apply multi layers. Nov 25, 2013
Donna C: l Nov 24, 2013
okee g: i see a good rating Nov 24, 2013
Deborah L: Looks like it will heal multiple skin needs Nov 24, 2013
Susan B: Wonderful product Nov 24, 2013
Dora C: I used Cryste Marine "Ultra Riche" and I like try this new product. Nov 23, 2013
HeeSoo L: I love this product!! I needed something that was simple and easy, instead of applying different products for different issues. This is an All-in-one! The minute i applied this on my face it felt amazing!! I use this everyday and I'm in love with it! Nov 23, 2013
Amy P: Tried it and loved it Nov 23, 2013
wendy c: I was given a few samples at nordstrom and loved it. Moving up from the copper wrinkle cream Nov 23, 2013
Francine F: I've been dying to try it Nov 23, 2013
neringa v: i am trying it out Nov 23, 2013
Beth M: I have never tried this product before. Looking forward to seeing how it compares. Nov 23, 2013
Wenyu D: My mom asked me to buy this. Nov 23, 2013
Nancy D: Amazing! Nov 22, 2013
Grace H: friends suggest Nov 21, 2013
Liz E: really good stuff Nov 21, 2013
Stephrene P: To try out new product. Nov 21, 2013
Diane F: looking for something that won't irritate my skin but will provide antiaging benefits as a night cream Nov 21, 2013
MAUREEN L: see results immediately - reminds me of my "pregnancy face" when i was having a boy...there is a glow and a youthful appearance after just one use. LOVE. must buy. Nov 21, 2013
Susan W B: I never used it before and wanted to try it. Nov 20, 2013
Margaret W: Love it! Improves fine lines, evens skin tone, skin looks healthy and younger Nov 20, 2013
Deborah P: I have used your samples and love it. Now that I have a full-sized jar, I use it morning and evening and love the way it glides on after warming up on my skin. It feels wonderful. Nov 20, 2013
Jo Ann M: It's winter, and my skin needs all the help it can get! Nov 20, 2013
Iris V: Trying it for the first time. Nov 20, 2013
Sonja O: Want to try it! Nov 19, 2013
betsy l: I love the texture and fragrance of this cream. My skin feel soft with its use. Nov 19, 2013
Kim B: a friend told me this was good Nov 18, 2013
Linda T: need some good face cream Nov 18, 2013
Laura C: Great reviews. Nov 18, 2013
Hilliary D: My local Kiehl's rep gave me samples and it truly is as good as she promised!! I use this with the Midnight Recovery Concentrate and it definitely makes a differenceâ?¦.and I need all the help I can get with a new baby keeping me up all night! Nov 18, 2013
Namita B: Friend recommended. Nov 18, 2013
Catherine B: Liked when some applied to skin in Kiehl's airport store Nov 17, 2013
Barbara C: Interested in effect Nov 17, 2013
Carrie S: great reviews! Nov 17, 2013
Catherine G: Very moisturizing. Feels great Nov 17, 2013
Patricia B: description looked interesting, want my mom to try it Nov 17, 2013
Jennifer G: This cream is amazing - very light, don't need much of it to cover your face and neck. My skin has been glowing and acne-free! Nov 17, 2013
Yanwen H: good Nov 17, 2013
Kathleen V: Reviews so far look good and Kiehl's makes high quality products so I decided to see if this is as good. Nov 16, 2013
allison h: SUPER MULTI - WHAT MORE COULD YOU ASK FOR? Nov 16, 2013
kathie n: because I am 47 year old female!! need I say more?? Nov 16, 2013
Jennifer D: heard great things about this Nov 16, 2013
dawn ellen t: love it Nov 15, 2013
Raquel H: The ratings that accompany the products. Nov 15, 2013
Elizabeth W: Started using a month ago. Love it! Nov 15, 2013
Yang Z: tried on a sample, and like it Nov 15, 2013
Pepi R: great product Nov 15, 2013
Julie K: daily moisturizer Nov 15, 2013
JANINE W: Seems to address my core concerns Nov 15, 2013
Linda P: I have tried and love it. Nov 15, 2013
Melanie V: try Nov 15, 2013
Sharon C: Best moisturizer I've ever used! I will buy this for life! Nov 15, 2013
ALICIA S: Lifts, firms, sculpts contours and smoothes skin. Nov 14, 2013
Feifei X: I like the feel when I apply it on my face. My face absorbs it very quickly. It is totally not oily although it is 'cream'. It is hard to find a best cream and I think it is my best cream. Nov 13, 2013
Erica B: A bunch of ladies from Texas endorsed it on the website. Nov 13, 2013
Teena Z: multi purpose use Nov 13, 2013
xinyi y: my favorite! Nov 13, 2013
Lisa B: great texture smells nice and make my skin feel good Nov 11, 2013
Janet S: Wanted to try it before buying Nov 11, 2013
INGRID R: New to me, hope it will work. Nov 11, 2013
kelly w: Very moisturizing and hydrating yet lightweight. I like the fresh woodsy scent. Nov 11, 2013
Corey C: my first order and I can't wait to try it Nov 10, 2013
Mary H: This product delivers big results. It is
one of the best products I have used.
This is my third order.
Nov 10, 2013
Judy M: Saw it on tv Nov 10, 2013
Justin B: Wanna try it Nov 10, 2013
Alissa K: i liked the reviews. Nov 9, 2013
Karen O: Heard this product was the best Nov 8, 2013
Kathleen M: I like this product Nov 8, 2013
erika e: Want to try Nov 8, 2013
Anne D: Looks like it might be a very good moisterizer Nov 8, 2013
Marlo E: One of my friends ranted & raved about how great it is. Nov 7, 2013
robin m: Thought I'd try it out was curious Nov 6, 2013
Leslie J: try something new Nov 5, 2013
Rudi J: recommended by esthetician Nov 5, 2013
Daniel W: the previous cryste marine product worked well so I wanted to try this new one Nov 5, 2013
stephen l: looking for a new moisturizer for my wife Nov 5, 2013
andrea n: need something firming and I guess the blue marine is no longer available or I couldn't find it. Nov 4, 2013
Carolyn D: I have not tried this before, but all products I have used have lived up to expectations. Nov 4, 2013
Amanda O: great reviews Nov 4, 2013
Gina L: I need it!! Nov 4, 2013
Marjorie T: Love this! Nov 3, 2013
Caron S: To try Nov 3, 2013
Cagla P: I know AHA's work Nov 3, 2013
Danika G: I didn't see the Cryste Marine face cream, so thought I would try this one... Nov 2, 2013
Debra M: Received this as a sample, loved it and am using as a winter moisturizer Nov 1, 2013
Michelle F: The write-ups sounds positive, so thought I woudl give it a try. I run outside all year, as well as kayak, so need something rich to protect and repair my skin.
This may be an alternative to the Roas Artica, which I recommend in either form, heavy or lightweight
Oct 31, 2013
Dora M: I swim a lot and need extra protection. Never used it before. Oct 30, 2013
Mary A: Need a stronger wrinkle cream. Oct 28, 2013
Floyd S: Am using now and like it. Oct 28, 2013
Den T: L Oct 27, 2013
Rebekah T: Seemed like it is an "all in one" package. Oct 26, 2013
april b: To look a little younger Oct 26, 2013
SHU MING C: I brought for my sister. Oct 25, 2013
Alex D: Recommended Oct 25, 2013
Ellen V: At almost 60, I'm looking for a product that has many anti-aging features, and the Multi-corrective Cream should fit the bill. Oct 24, 2013
Jaqueline W: sounded good Oct 23, 2013
kevin y: hope to make my skin better Oct 21, 2013
Lenore G: cryste marine ultra riche was not available Oct 21, 2013
Tanya L: it works Oct 21, 2013
Mildred W: Shin has wrinkles Oct 21, 2013
Surinder M: in a magaizine voted as a great product Oct 20, 2013
Stacia B: Saw it in a retail store Oct 20, 2013
Lacey S: I am interested in this product because it takes care of so many issues without me having to use several different products/ Oct 19, 2013
Reyes V: I like this. When i used this product I received a lot of compliments. My face is glowing. Oct 19, 2013
Deann T: I read great reviews on this. I just moved to a drier, cooler climate and need something that will hydrate and nourish my skin in the cold winter months. I hope I love it as much as I love the other Kiehl's products. Oct 19, 2013
Laura C: Fabulous Stuff! Oct 19, 2013
Linda W: This is a new product, if it is as good as the other Kiehls face products it will be wonderful. Oct 19, 2013
Anna C: need a nighttime moisturizer that is rich and anti aging. i'm 42 with acne and sun damage and wrinkles, so it's tricky to balance all my needs. Oct 19, 2013
Carrie E: Very hydrating Oct 19, 2013
Kathryn M G: See above Oct 17, 2013
Kate H: a friend recommended Oct 17, 2013
hong z: WANNA HAVE A TRY Oct 15, 2013
Rebecca S: looks interesting, thought I would try Oct 15, 2013
richard k: wife Oct 15, 2013
Susan G: I am over 70 but remain hopeful that my skin can be improved. Oct 15, 2013
Jane S: I live in Arizona - I need a good facial cream. Kiehl's products seem to be the best. Oct 14, 2013
Barbara C: Wanted to try Oct 14, 2013
Ya-Hui C: looks good Oct 14, 2013
Mary K: Dr. O suggested the product Oct 10, 2013
Lauren G: I wanted Abyssine cream, and read reviews that it had been changed and wasn't as good anymore. So I decided to try something different. FIngers crossed! Oct 10, 2013
Jill D: Because of the reviews. Oct 10, 2013
Sarinee T: Just try Oct 10, 2013
Genny H: this cream seems to be multi purpose Oct 9, 2013
Jennifer B: I've heard good things about it. Oct 9, 2013
Diana K: interested in new product Oct 8, 2013
Lydia D: Just trying a new product , hoping it works Oct 8, 2013
Stefani B: Wanted to try it out Oct 8, 2013
Caroline G: I received a few small samples and liked it. Oct 7, 2013
janie m: have noticed an improvement in the texture and tone of skin Oct 7, 2013
Brian S: Have been looking for something new and then marketing material/ promotional pages on the site helped. The before and after pictures, while not all that impressive necessarily, were nice to see as well. I trust Kiehl's, am a loyal consumer (PLEASE BRING BACK THE SOAP)... so if you all keep building and delivering awesome products, then my loyalty won't change. Oct 6, 2013
Andrea F: Wrinkles Oct 5, 2013
Carole R: want to see how this works on my older skin Oct 4, 2013
Mary B: A friend recommended it.. and I want to try it for myself Oct 4, 2013
Nancy H: Saw store in San Francisco Airport, had a q-tip amount put on my neck, and knew I wanted to try. Oct 3, 2013
Janet R: I like the idea of a multi-purpose product and the reviews were very good. Oct 3, 2013
Adrianne L: It seems to be an incredible product! Have just placed my order ! Can't wait for this product to arrive! Oct 3, 2013
Diana S: I'm always looking for something that will really make a difference. I hope this is it. The reviews were very encouraging. Oct 3, 2013
Beth T: My friends face is glowing and this is what she's using... Oct 3, 2013
Kim K: I am looking for a new moisturizer! Oct 2, 2013
Sandy C: wanted to give it a try, its been 2 weeks or so and I am seeing small difference in my skin Oct 2, 2013
vicki m: chose because new item..did not like at all..greasy non-absorbent. plan to go back to ultra riche when i figure out what to do with this. only thing I have odered that i am disappointed in. Oct 2, 2013
susan H: Saw it advertised by Lilliana Vasquez on New York Live. NBC 12:30pm Oct 1, 2013
Kay V: I wished to try this new Kiehl product because all the others i have used have been very effective. Sep 30, 2013
Soojin K: I want to try new one!, Sep 30, 2013
Debby R: Sounds like a great product to try. Sep 30, 2013
Kimmy C: Want to try this new product Sep 30, 2013
Nicole S: need new night cream - great reviews Sep 30, 2013
CHER C: I like Kiehls, I like to try new things from them Sep 30, 2013
Kevin M: Seen on today show Sep 30, 2013
Shelly F: Love Love Love this! Sep 30, 2013
Lynn T: I love the results after few used. Sep 30, 2013
YANHONG L: LIKE IT Sep 29, 2013
Patricia C: It has made a difference in three weeks! Sep 29, 2013
Amy W: to try an anti wrinkle, anti aging product Sep 29, 2013
Jennifer E: Currently use Rosa Artica. Wanted to try something new with some line prevention. Sep 29, 2013
Jin W: Try new product. Sep 29, 2013
ELIZABETH T: Wanted something to even out my skin, so far this is really great cream. I love it. Sep 29, 2013
Stephanie T: The reviews and description look promising Sep 29, 2013
Kathy Jo N: love it! I saw results immediately, especially paired with line reducing concentrate and midnight recovery. Sep 28, 2013
Pam W: wanted to try Sep 28, 2013
Len B: Hyaluronic Sep 28, 2013
Kelly H: Curious Sep 28, 2013
Hee I: I have been thinking of buying something moisturizing my skin. The reviews are all good about this product, so I would like to try this. Sep 27, 2013
Aya G: It's raving at department stores. Reviews are good, wanted to try Sep 27, 2013
Maggie T: Gift for mother Sep 27, 2013
Kelley D: Looking for a good moisturizer for middle age. Sep 27, 2013
Debbie B: Gift for my daughter Sep 27, 2013
Rena R: sounds like a good product Sep 27, 2013
Hope S: Had been using Abyssine cream+ and now looking for a replacement. Sep 26, 2013
Valerie C: I am looking for a powerful cream that battles aging/fine lines. Sep 26, 2013
lisa c: There were significant improvements after using this product! Sep 26, 2013
Carmita N: I am trying to firm up my face for my daughter's wedding on Nov 2,2013. I love your products I will let you know the results within a month, hopefully by then I will see a difference. Sep 26, 2013
michelle g: anti aging Sep 25, 2013
Alicia z: good Sep 25, 2013
Cheri S: I am trying this product for the first time. Sep 25, 2013
Virginia D: I thought I would try it instead of Abyssine Cream Sep 25, 2013
Katya D: want to try something new Sep 25, 2013
andrea s: Want to try. Looks like it has everything I want. Sep 25, 2013
Lili W: Advertisement Sep 25, 2013
Yasuko C: I like to try something new and better Sep 24, 2013
Cheryl H: wanted to try something new Sep 24, 2013
MERCEDES F: i like it Sep 24, 2013
Judith L: overall correcting cream Sep 24, 2013
Renee S: I'd like to try a corrective cream; I like your other products. Sep 24, 2013
William K: Looked like something that would work for me Sep 24, 2013
LEE D: new product looking forward to trying Sep 24, 2013
Rebecca D: If it lives up to its name, who wouldnt try it? Sep 24, 2013
Marilyn P: This product is one of my favorites. I apply it to my face and can feel it working immediately. Tightens skin, yet remains soft to the touch. Awesome product Sep 24, 2013
Satomi K: protection for dry winter Sep 24, 2013
Lisa F: like the ingredients Sep 24, 2013
Michiko S: starting to worry aging Sep 23, 2013
Dawn D: Can't get abyssine cream any more! Had good reviews. Sep 23, 2013
Maria V: The description sounded like it would be great for fine lines and dry skin. I have never bought this product before but I have been using cheap, drug store products all summer and my skin is very dry and I have fine lines all over my eyes. I need something to reverse these problems. Sep 23, 2013
gwen t: good reviews Sep 23, 2013
BONNIE L: heard is good Sep 23, 2013
Beth B: Love the way it makes my skin feel Sep 23, 2013
Shannon R: I liked the ingredients, fragrance free, and wished to try a new product with keihls as I am continually amazed at the effects i have always received from this company. Sep 23, 2013
Bernie S: I loved the smell the consistency, I was curious on long results. Sep 23, 2013
mindy r: never tried...looks great Sep 23, 2013
Robin M: want to try it Sep 23, 2013
Sylvia F: As an experiment. I'm still looking for a moisturizer that works for me as well as the original Cryste Marine. Sep 23, 2013
Leonela B: friend recommended Sep 22, 2013
CAROLYN P: New product that looks like what I need. Sep 22, 2013
Barbara R: wanted to try it Sep 22, 2013
jennifer b: sampled it and found it to be the perfect
moisturizer for my skin type
Sep 22, 2013
Chanlan C: My sister recommended for night cream Sep 22, 2013
Ellen C: Looking for paraben free products. Also, it had excellent reviews. Sep 22, 2013
Doris W: Sounds good. Never used it. Sep 22, 2013
claire g: I have not tried this product yet, but I like what I read about how well it works. I am past the age of 50, so I am always looking for an effective moisturizer. This might be it! Sep 22, 2013
Kate M: Overall aging concerns, skin is just changing Sep 22, 2013
Ye Cheng Y: expensive but good texture Sep 21, 2013
MAIKO K: The review is good. Sep 21, 2013
Rhonda R: I've used a lot of the age-related products and this new one has been promoted as kind of an "all-in-one" product. I love that idea and hope I see results ??? Sep 21, 2013
Lynn F: Read the reviews, sounds like a great product. I love your Powerful Wrinkle Reducing cream so I got this for daytime use. Sep 21, 2013
Annie W: I love the texture of this cream. I don't know if it's reduced any wrinkles, but if feels like satin and is very moisturizing! Sep 21, 2013
Sherry C: Very happy with the results from this product and I am reordering and will continue to use! Sep 20, 2013
Julie P: I'll let ya kno after I try it Sep 20, 2013
Jordan B: Item was featured in a magazine on skin care for the fall. I've always used the Line Reducing Concentrate, but I need something to help with skin tone and brightening as well. Sep 20, 2013
Jia T: Because of the good reviews Sep 20, 2013
Barbara S: Great reviews Sep 20, 2013
Nicole B: I have been looking for a good anti-aging cream! All the reviews were positive so I thought I would give it a shot! Sep 20, 2013
Mickie D: A new product I wanted to try Sep 20, 2013
Lu C: Travel size Sep 19, 2013
Linda B: Because of the reviews Sep 18, 2013
Janet W: Need a good moisturizer for night time. Sep 18, 2013
Carl B: New purchase, trying it out; getting older! Sep 18, 2013
Marybeth Z: Received as gift.....great face cream Sep 18, 2013
Julie B: i like the other wrinkle-reducing cream and this sounds even better. :) Sep 17, 2013
Niamh C: Because it was the primary advert as I went onto the site ( hope it works) Sep 16, 2013
Jennifer S: I like that it is meant to work in many ways! I am trying it for the first time... Sep 16, 2013
Aurora H: I have a friend that uses these products and she likes them, I want to try them will let you know at a future date if I saw any difference in my skin after applying these products for a few weeks???? Sep 15, 2013
magaly m: This is going to be my first time using this moisturizer. Sep 15, 2013
Tami G: Excellent reviews by other shoppers Sep 15, 2013
Carol J M: Seems like a good product, reviewers loved it Sep 14, 2013
Veronica M: yahoo story Sep 14, 2013
Nahla K: like to try it Sep 13, 2013
Susan S: I read the reviews and thought I would try it. Sep 12, 2013
charlene b: this item really works on the lines in your face. Sep 12, 2013
Candace M: Looking for a good facial cream to reduce fine lines Sep 12, 2013
Deborah S: If it does what it says, it is worth the money Sep 11, 2013
Tania A: used it before love it Sep 11, 2013
Audrey I: Concerned about wrinkles - using Dermalogica now Sep 11, 2013
janet p: 66 years old fairly good skin but some wrinkles appearing now and hope this will help Sep 11, 2013
devin l: gift for granny II Sep 9, 2013
Emi T: I like try new cream. hope works for me. Sep 9, 2013
Patricia G: after using for 6 days from samples I saw the difference in my skin really nice. Sep 8, 2013
Holly B: Great Reviews Sep 8, 2013
Heidi H: Saw article on line and then read reviews on your website. looking to address the crepey lines on my neck. Sep 7, 2013
Pamela F: I am enjoying some samples I got with an in-store purchase. Sep 7, 2013
Maris C: Just wanted to give it a try. Sep 5, 2013
Kellie H: Wanted to try this since you promote it so heavily Sep 3, 2013
Sharnee N: Looking for a new neck treatment, something that actually works Sep 3, 2013
ann k: heard great things about it first time trying Sep 2, 2013
Jeanine G: I need a good moisturizer with anti-aging components. Sep 2, 2013
michelle w: friend said it was awesome-she is in her 60s and said she definitely saw a difference in her skin. Sep 2, 2013
R Mason L: Just to try it Sep 1, 2013
Jean G: Reviews of other customers Sep 1, 2013
Jeinette S: I was using rosa arctics...but i would like to try this based on reviews Aug 31, 2013
Katherine H: I heard that it was a helpful product. Aug 31, 2013
mary s: can no longer get imperial body balm Aug 29, 2013
Marguerite G: Love to try it! Aug 29, 2013
Lesley P: ingredients Aug 28, 2013
Sharon S: I received an email about this. You say I will see a difference in 28 days or my money back, so I thought it was worth a try. Aug 28, 2013
Emily F: Hoping to get rid of fine lines and wrinkles Aug 28, 2013
Ernest G: here such great things I need to try I hope they all are right :) Aug 28, 2013
Yujin C: Is very good . Aug 28, 2013
Karen A: face could use help Aug 26, 2013
Dr. Nancy S: Looking for a top -notch hydrating night cream Aug 22, 2013
Michele C: Heard good things about it. Running out of Rosa Arctica. Wanted to give it a try. Aug 18, 2013
Maria R: Looking for a good day cream, reviews sound great! Aug 18, 2013
Kathie D: Happy with other products from Kiehls, want to see if the skincare is as good. Aug 18, 2013
Kimberly L: I saw the information on my Facebook page. Aug 16, 2013
Nancy D: Trying it out for first time. Aug 16, 2013
Stephanie K: wanted to try Aug 15, 2013
jenny j: Goes on smooth, smells good, my face is super soft now Aug 15, 2013
robin s: I always try ne products from Kiehls, I think it might be the perfect one for me, lets see! Aug 15, 2013
Xiaolu C: anti aging Aug 15, 2013
Pamela B: Redefining texture, lifting, firming, sculpting. Aug 14, 2013
Janice J: RATINGS Aug 14, 2013
Kurt S: I. Wanted to try a new product Aug 14, 2013
Craig Z: Wanted to try it out Aug 14, 2013
carol r: to smooth out the lines on my face and help my neck look firmer and smoother Aug 13, 2013
Elizabeth T: Received an email of having complimentary shipping offer and came to check out the website. Then saw this on the front page Aug 13, 2013
Denise S: Recommended by my chat friend Jul 30, 2013
Carol M: I liked the list of ingredients and love to try new products. Jul 27, 2013
Cynthia J: New product...interested in trying it. Jul 26, 2013
CHRISTINE M: New, must try. Will write review after use!!
I do love this cream, but I used too much and my pores clogged. Use sparingly. It is a silky lovely cream.
Jul 23, 2013
Kathryn W: Wanted to try this new cream. Jul 23, 2013
A shopper asked: What age group is this new cream best suited for? Jul 23, 2013
Answer this · Send to friends Good question? Yes (21) No (3)
Michelle R: I am 37 and have just started using this cream. I really love it. Hope that helps. Aug 2, 2013
Reply to Michelle Good answer? Yes (4) No (0)
Toni S: It is gentle enough for someone in their 20s to use but is meant for those who are at least 40 and are looking to retexture and scupt their skin back to the bone Jul 28, 2013
Reply to Toni Good answer? Yes (4) No (2)
CLAUDIA S: I think anyone that has dry skin and a few wrinkles would benefit from this product. It's a great cream to use am and pm. Aug 23, 2013
Reply to CLAUDIA Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
chaitanya s: Rf Aug 31, 2013
Reply to chaitanya Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Kathryn W: I don't know what age it's intended for but I am 50. I've been using it a week and really like how it feels on my skin. Aug 4, 2013
Reply to Kathryn Good answer? Yes (0) No (1)
A shopper asked: How does super multi-corrective cream work compared with rosa artica? Dec 20, 2013
Answer this · Send to friends Good question? Yes (18) No (0)
A shopper asked: how does product compair with your Wrinkle-Reducing Cream in study done by PREVENTION magazine August 2013? Aug 14, 2013
Answer this · Send to friends Good question? Yes (5) No (0)
Pamela B: This is my first time to use this product and I have been immediately impressed by the results. I am very picky about products. After using this, I noticed an that my skin was more supple and clearly hydrated which has an overall fresh look. Pores are smaller, it is easily absorbed lending to the hydrating qualities. It is soothing, smoothing and feels like it is perfect for the skin. While it appears thick, it absorbs quickly. I am a loyal Kiehl's customer and in addition to other cleansers and products, I plan to keep using this, in addition to the Midnight Recovery Concentrate, which is liquid gold. The Midnight Recovery completely restores your skin overnight, and now using the Super Multi-Corrective cream during the day, I feel like my skin is radiant, replenished and hydrated day and night. Others, such as the ones in the article are too heavy, oily, or do not deliver. For an overall product that plumps, hydrates, and restores the skin, I highly recommend the Super Multi-Corrective Cream. Sep 14, 2013
Reply to Pamela Good answer? Yes (3) No (1)
CLAUDIA S: It's a great product. Working well for me and my skin is very dry and have many lines so helps a great deal. Aug 23, 2013
Reply to CLAUDIA Good answer? Yes (1) No (0)
robin s: I Just started using Super Multi Corrective cream...Love the way it is making my skin feel, although I use the Powerful Strengh Line Reducing Concentrate before the SUper Multi feel great..

Wasn't thrilled with wrinkle reducing cream, or I should say my skin didn't like it, but thats me.
Aug 27, 2013
Reply to robin Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
maureen b: I can't answer that question but I have been using this product for about 10 days . My skin look moist and smooth. I will wait for about a month to decide if I think it is worth it !! Aug 28, 2013
Reply to maureen Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Michele C: I saw results within two days! Skinooks brighter and clearer, smoother and tighter!!! I'll be buying this one again and again!! Aug 29, 2013
Reply to Michele Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Helen L: I love this cream. I am a happy La Mer customer. This gives me the results without the La Mer cost. Very pleased. Oct 18, 2013
Reply to Helen Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Anita S asked: Does this product work on ages over 75 years? Aug 15, 2013
Answer this · Send to friends Good question? Yes (4) No (0)
cindy c: I just purchased the product. I am 63 and have tons of wrinkles, will know more in a month or two! Sep 2, 2013
Reply to cindy Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Janie S: I am 63 but I like it Sep 2, 2013
Reply to Janie Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
CLAUDIA S: Yes it does Aug 23, 2013
Reply to CLAUDIA Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Jane B: I'm 52 and I have just started using this product. My skin is not terribly dry so this cream may be a little 'too good' for me. I have been using it at night only and my skin feels oily in the morning. I do like the way it applies and only very little is needed. I think this is probably a great product for seriously dry skin. Sep 5, 2013
Reply to Jane Good answer? Yes (0) No (1)
A shopper asked: Does it can use at night ? Is it a full day cream ?? Aug 28, 2013
Answer this · Send to friends Good question? Yes (3) No (1)
Lynette D: I use Super Multi-Corrective Cream both day & night. I don't find it heavy or greasy. Goes on smoothly and absorbs well. I don't wear foundation so have no opinion on how well they work together. So far, I'm happy with the results. Sep 12, 2013
Reply to Lynette Good answer? Yes (1) No (0)
Karen G: I just bought this and I already love it. I use it during the day after putting on the dark spot corrective solution (sample) and at night over the Midnight Recovery concentrate. I can tell a differece already! It is light and smells really good. Sep 11, 2013
Reply to Karen Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Fern L: I use it day and night and so far so good! I have only been using a few days bui I really like it! Kheils products are great and this is another great product from kheils!!! Sep 10, 2013
Reply to Fern Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Jane B: After using this product at night for only a week, there is no way I could wear it during the day under makeup; My skin would feel too oily. Sep 5, 2013
Reply to Jane Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
CARRIE P: I use it at night and in the morning! It works Sep 9, 2013
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A shopper asked: Is this used for both eye and face? Aug 28, 2013
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Marilyn O: I apply this cream in morning and in evening on my entire face; sensitive eye area included. It quickly absorbs into my skin and leaves my face soft and smooth. I highly recommend this product as I do all Kiehl's products. Sep 13, 2013
Reply to Marilyn Good answer? Yes (1) No (0)
Rose Z: No only for the face. They do have eye cream for the eyes. I love both of them very much. I love the texture of the cream. Sep 16, 2013
Reply to Rose Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Debra L: I use it for both Sep 14, 2013
Reply to Debra Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Dr. Nancy S: Most product lines, Kiehl's included, carry separate products for face and eye. The skin around the eye is more delicate, and needs a finer, more specialized cream. Sep 1, 2013
Reply to Dr. Nancy Good answer? Yes (0) No (1)
Karen V asked: Is this used for both eyes and face? Aug 28, 2013
Answer this · Send to friends Good question? Yes (2) No (1)
Colleen K: I concentrate the use for daytime purposes in the eye area. (Sparingly elsewhere because it's fairly rich) For night--I use it all over. Sep 7, 2013
Reply to Colleen Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Karen V: Thank you for your help Collen! Sep 7, 2013
Colleen K: You're welcome Karen. It's a great product, in my opinion. Sep 7, 2013
Elizabeth M: Hi. No, I wouldn't. It has something tingly and nice in it (for your face) but wouldn't use it near my eyes. Sep 19, 2013
Reply to Elizabeth Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Lisa R: I only use it on my face and neck. It is absolutely wonderful. I love it! Sep 16, 2013
Reply to Lisa Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Rose Z: I only use for the face. Use super multi corrective eye cream. Sep 16, 2013
Reply to Rose Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Weisha Y: I use it for neck Sep 16, 2013
Reply to Weisha Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
JOAN K: yes Sep 15, 2013
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A shopper asked: Do u use this in the morning n does it have sunscreen? Aug 18, 2013
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Stephanie P L: I always use a zinc oxide sunscreen on my face and I did not purchase this item for that reason. I purchased this based on other reviews and the fact that I like the ingredients used in this product.

I am a believer that what feels good on my skin is a Winner and so far this products feels good!
Sep 6, 2013
Reply to Stephanie P Good answer? Yes (1) No (0)
Denise H: I do use it in the morning, and at night also, but don't think it has sunscreen.
I use my Super Fluid over it during the day.
Sep 5, 2013
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Betsy J: I only use it at night and no it doesn't have sunscreen. But it is wonderful! You might not want to use it in the morning because it is very hydrating. Sep 8, 2013
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Yumi S: It doesn't have sunscreen. I use it in the morning, but will probably use it during the cold months. Winter in high plains is drying. Sep 7, 2013
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Alysa H: I use this in the morning but then use a sunscreen over it (this product doesnt have sunscreen in it) Sep 7, 2013
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CLAUDIA S: I use it am and pm over a serum. I use sunscreen over the cream. Working very well for me. Aug 23, 2013
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A shopper asked: Hi,

Can anybody use this cream? I am 27 years old and I have very dry skin and I also noticed that I am breaking out a lot from my forehead and around my nose.

Or let me know what do you suggest is best for me. I don't know much about these products I just heard of it from a coworker of mine who wears it all the time.
Apr 3, 2014
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Stephrene P: I have dry skin as well and normal moisturizer does not work for me. This one works perfectly. It makes my skin very dewy. It smells very good too. For the breaking out part, I would consult the Kiehl's team at their store to get professional recommendations as I don't have that problem. May 21, 2014
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Zanthe T: I am older than you but recently started using this cream and really like it--it smells great, is definitely moisturizing without being clog-y, and best of all seems to leave my skin with a matte rather than shiny finish. But I would avoid using it around breakout areas, myself. Apr 7, 2014
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Christopher C: I have pretty touchy skin and not everything works well for me, but I haven't had any trouble with the Super Multi-Corrective Cream--it moisturises nicely and doesn't cause me to break out. I use it morning and night and no problems yet. Good luck. Apr 3, 2014
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Beverly J L asked: What is the difference between Super multi-corrective cream and rose artica cream? I've been using the latter and love it. Nov 24, 2013
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devin l: I'm not a scientist or chemist. I know what works for me and what doesnt. At the end of the day, Super MultiCorrective Cream is the winner for my skin all winter long. Nov 24, 2013
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Diana K: The Super multi-corrective cream i believe is thicker and is great for daily and night time use. Nov 25, 2013
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Beverly J L: Thank you Diana. But is the multi-corrective more effective in any aspect? Nov 25, 2013
Diana K: not sure, you'll have to try it to see for yourself. Nov 26, 2013
A shopper asked: Is this a AM/PM cream? Oct 7, 2013
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Emilia B: I use this as both ampm , however you will have to use an SPF as there is none in this cream that I'm aware of. I have very sensitive skin and rosacea and this is the best cream I have found to not only keep my skin calm but to also combat irritation. It is actually starting to even out my skin tone. It also is very hydrating without being oily. I have been using it for less than a month so I will keep you posted as to future benefits. I was an esthetician for 14 years and have used many creams. I am very pleased with this cream so far. Oct 7, 2013
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Joanne M: I have been using this cream for about a week and a half, both day and night, and I love it. Best cream I've ever used and I've used a lot. It really does seem to change the texture of my skin while providing the moisture I need, without being greasy! Who could ask for more? Highly recommend for am and pm. Oct 8, 2013
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fran n: i use it for both am/pm. it's great under makeup or on it's own at night. very happy with this cream. it might feel a little greasy at first but it's really not. i use it on my neck too. def noticed a nice difference in my skin. will be buying this again and again. Oct 7, 2013
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Agatha P: The result seems better when I apply the cream before I go to bed. If I feel dry in the morning, I will use it as well. Bottom line- the cream is quite rich, you don't want to use it on warm days. Oct 8, 2013
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Alice L: I must admit the color of the jar made me wonder at first. I bought it for day
use, so I use it in the daytime. Seems to work and not greasy at all. I really like it.
Oct 7, 2013
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Minyue D: You can use it for both AM & PM.
But I use it for AM only since it's not rich enough for me as a night cream.
depends on your skin type.
Oct 7, 2013
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Sarah E: I only use it for the PM, and just started as the weather is getting cooler. Oct 7, 2013
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Marjorie T: Hi- I use it both morning and bedtime .
Love it'
Marge :)
Oct 7, 2013
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C Lynne A: I prefer to use it at night, but sometimes use during the day. Oct 7, 2013
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Marnie B: I am using this cream both evening and morning. Oct 7, 2013
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Jackie R: Yes, directions say apply morning and night Oct 7, 2013
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Monica K: Yes, it can be used for both AM and PM. Oct 7, 2013
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Mary Deann N: AM & PM Oct 7, 2013
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A shopper asked: Did it can use at night ? Is it a full day cream ? Aug 28, 2013
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Colleen K: I have been using it at night for a week or so and very sparingly during the day under makeup. Biggest difference so far is in the skin on my neck and chin area. Much improved already! Sep 7, 2013
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Cheryl S: I use it both day and night. I started out using it just at night because it takes a little while for it to absorb into my skin, but I like it too much to only use it once a day. :) Sep 8, 2013
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Ernest G: I use it both day and night! It's rich and goes a long way! After my morning shower and shave and again before I go to bed! Excellent for whenever you choose to use it!! Sep 8, 2013
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Eileen P: You can use the cream at night and daytime. I like the feel of the cream. It makes my skin feel good. I have only had the cream for 1 week but so far it is working well. Sep 8, 2013
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Deborah S: Yes, you can use it at night and all day. It is a little oily at first, but it does soak in. Aug 28, 2013
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shand w: i use it both day and night - probably a little heavy for daytime. but still a great cream Sep 9, 2013
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Emily F: I have used it both day and evening. It makes my soon feel moisturized--and look rested. Sep 8, 2013
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Eileen I: I use this during the day and use the Midnight Recovery at night. They're both great! Sep 18, 2013
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danny s: I have only used it as a daytime cream. I use another product at night. Sep 9, 2013
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Yujin C: I love this cream , because in Korea number one . Sep 7, 2013
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Yujin C: I Sep 9, 2013
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A shopper asked: can you use it as a moisturizer under makeup? Mar 23, 2014
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Frankie O: Absolutely wear it under makeup. Just make sure you give it a couple of minutes to absorb before you apply foundation. I use bare minerals foundation over my beloved Kiehls Super Multi-Corrective Cream. Stays fresh all day long into evening. Enjoy! Mar 23, 2014
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Pat W: I have very dry skin, so I use the Super Multi-Corrective Cream everyday before I apply my makeup. Love the feel and the results. 5 Stars! Mar 24, 2014
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rosaly s: I gave not tried that since i use a different moisturizer with spf during the day but i don't see a reason why it would not work. Mar 23, 2014
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rosalyn g: I use it as a moisturizer but I don't really put make-up over it,,,,perhaps just a touch of powder. Mar 23, 2014
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Julie H: yes. it is very rich & thick though,so I would recommend using it sparingly. Mar 23, 2014
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SUSAN g: I use it under my makeup everyday. It's a great product. Mar 23, 2014
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Stephrene P: Yes, I always do. You use it like a normal moisturizer. Mar 23, 2014
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Joi C: Yes, I use it as a moisturizer under my makeup daily. Mar 23, 2014
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Melissa B: I only use it at night. Mar 25, 2014
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andrea j: absolutely Mar 23, 2014
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A shopper asked: Is this product packaged in glass or plastic? Nov 11, 2013
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Diane M: I believe it's plastic. Looks like you could answer the question. Nov 12, 2013
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Barbara C: Glass. It is completely filled with product. Nov 11, 2013
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Sarah M: Not glass, I think some type of plastic Nov 26, 2013
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Olivia A: It is packaged in plastic. Nov 12, 2013
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Aimee C: It's packaged in plastic. Nov 11, 2013
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Michael M: Hard plastic Nov 11, 2013
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Stephrene P: plastic. Nov 11, 2013
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Patricia S: Plastic Nov 12, 2013
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Elizabeth J C: Glass Nov 12, 2013
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Tara C: Glass Nov 11, 2013
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A shopper asked: What age group is this for? Sep 28, 2013
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Linda T: I have been using this product daily for approx. 6 weeks following "Kiehl's Tips". I am 63 years old, and I love this skin care routine. My face feels/looks soft, non-greasy, and moisturized. I have had allergic reactions to various product lines, but not Kiehl's. I breathed a sigh of relief after using the Super Multi Corrective Cream and their other products. I Oct 1, 2013
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rosaly s: Im 45 years old. I started using this cream shortly after it came out. I beleive it doesn't have an age group. Women in tjeir twenties shoyld use it. Depending on your skin type you need to use more or less product on your face. Sep 28, 2013
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magaly m: The Super Multi-Corrective Cream is an anti aging. It can prevent and also correct. If you're between 30 and 90, it's for you. Sep 29, 2013
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Kate H: I'm in my late fifties. I love this product. My skin feels great and my pores ate not noticable.

Sep 29, 2013
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MERCEDES F: I think anyone after 50 could most surely benefit from it. I love it! Sep 29, 2013
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Ruth J: I'm 58 years old and I really love this stuff!! Sep 28, 2013
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Teresa R: I'm 32 and I use this product. Sep 29, 2013
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Katherine L: 50 for my mother Sep 29, 2013
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A shopper asked: for what ages is this cream for? Aug 26, 2014
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Pamela B: I think it is good for any age. I'm in my thirties and it has drastically improved the elasticity of my skin and decreased any wrinkles. It's not heavy. It feels heavy, do not be deceived. Your skin soaks it up. It's not greasy and your skin feels rejuvenated. I suppose it's preventative in some ways and corrective in others. I highly recommend this product. Aug 26, 2014
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Elizabeth S: have been using the Kiehl's products for several years,
they are very much appreciated by this older skin!
use the super multi corrective cream in the am, it's comfortable,
the skin is clear, bright, and ready to face the day!
would recommend

(age 65!) think it would be beneficial for young adult on
Aug 26, 2014
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MERCEDES F: I use it for around the eyes and chin. I started using it a year ago when I turned 70. It has really helped to maintain that area without new wrinkles.
I highly recommend it. The area where it is used should be dampened lightly so that cream will hold moisture in longer.
Aug 26, 2014
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DAVID W: Stuff is unreal. I am 48 and have spent my entire life living & surfing on the ocean. Kiehls has helped keep my skin in top shape and I am certain they a major component in keeping my skin looking great. Aug 27, 2014
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Milton J: It's hard to answer. I'm 67 and I've been using it for several years. All I can say is no one believes I'm as old as I am. Aug 26, 2014
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cathleen h: I am a healthy 44 year old. Love this ! Sep 3, 2014
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mila t: I am 45 years old. Aug 26, 2014
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A shopper asked: do you recommend the bb cream for age 65,and can you use this product in addition to a moisturizer? Nov 4, 2013
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Teresa R: I am not sure that there is an age cut off with this product in terms of use. I am 32 and I use this product after I have applied my sunscreen. Its is a bit lighter than I am used to as I have dry skin. I believe this cream does have firming properties as I can see the difference in my skins elasticity when I use it. I like this cream is it provides my skin with a certain glow. I'm still of the fence about using it long-term by itself as a moisturizer and might consider going back to rosa arctica because it was a much thicker moisturizer which seems to suit me better in the winter months.

Still a great product though. But I believe it can be used in conjunction with others.
Nov 13, 2013
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Nancy D: I bought it for the first time last week and am already loving it! Am 55+ and notice the difference as soon as I smooth this on! I use it at night in conjunction with Powerful Wrinkle Reducing Cream. I feel like I can see the difference immediately!
Am planning on buying it for friends for gifts!
Nov 4, 2013
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Kathleen S: I'm close to that age and I think it works very well. I give my face a booster every night with midnight recovery, multi- corrective cream and powerful wrinkle reducing cream. Does wonders! Nov 5, 2013
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robin s: You need to try it to see if it works for you! I can't complain about any of the products... I am 58 and I try everything with everything! I recommend that you try it! Nov 4, 2013
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rosaly s: I'm using it as my my moisterizer. Adding a moisterizer on top will make it too greasy. I think any age will benefit of this cream Nov 4, 2013
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Lydia D: I have not seen any significant improvement as of yet.
I don't use moisturizer in addition to this cream.
Nov 6, 2013
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Maureen V: No, I do not recommend it. Nov 4, 2013
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guang y asked: Hi, I am 28 years old , sensitive and dry skin, can i use this product? is it too early for me? please advise Oct 25, 2013
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Richard E: I'm 42 with fairly good and moist skin. I have been using this product for only 3 weeks now but I like it very much. A very small amount goes a long way on the face and after application, I find my skin feeling very hydrated and smooth. I'd recommend this product and given that only a small amount is needed once a day (I do it in the morning), I think the slightly high price is warranted. Enjoy. Oct 25, 2013
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Charlene C: Hi, I don't think it's ever too early to take care of your skin. I have combination skin that tends to get dry patches. I really like this moisturizer. It works great on the skin and you will notice a big difference. I also have sensitive skin and this does not irritate my skin at all. Oct 25, 2013
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Marilyn O: You can never go wrong in being proactive when it comes to taking care of your skin. I wish this product was available when I was 28 years old. This product will be wonderful for your dry skin. If it is too much, just use at night. I use both in morning and at bedtime. Oct 25, 2013
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Marilyn O: You can never go wrong in being proactive when it comes to taking care of your skin. I wish this product was available when I was 28 years old. This product will be wonderful for your dry skin. If it is too much, just use at night. I use both in morning and at bedtime. Oct 25, 2013
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Maureen L: I too have sensitive, dry skin but this product really helps. Oct 25, 2013
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Kristina L E: I would think that it is overkill for you and your skin. I would think that a heavy moisturizer for sensitive skin would be more than enough for you. Oct 25, 2013
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MARGARET C: It's never too soon to begin using this product.

Try it!
Oct 25, 2013
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A shopper asked: is there any smell to it ? Nov 26, 2013
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Megan R: It has a slight herbaceous smell (a touch on the medicinal side) but it is not strong. I am extremely sensitive to fragrance and this does not bother more nor do I notice it once it is applied. Nov 30, 2013
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Margaret W: It kind of smells medicated when you first put it on. But, it works great. I use it at night and on a clean face in the a.m. before heading to the gym. Love it! Nov 27, 2013
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Arlene H: It was gift for jenniherrick@yahoo. com Nov 26, 2013
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lauren s: It smells a little bit like patchouli. Nov 27, 2013
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Floyd S: very very faint smell. Nov 27, 2013
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Nancy W: No there is no smell Nov 26, 2013
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A shopper asked: Is this for oily acne prone skin? Aug 13, 2013
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MaryAnn G: I don't know how to answer that question. I'm 61 so I'm past that life stage. I usually use Rosa Arctica but am trying the new corrective cream to compare the results. Aug 24, 2013
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Milton J: I hope not. I started using it and I found that it keeps my face moist all day. I'm at an age where I worry more about wrinkles borne out of dry skin. Aug 24, 2013
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Christine G: I have acne prone, combination skin and love how this treats my skin. Does not cause more acne and feels wonderful- hope that helps. Aug 21, 2013
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Edward M: sorry I do not have oily skin Aug 24, 2013
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Kathy H: I think that's a question for Kiehl's to answer. I love it, but I am not an expert on what to suggest for certain skin types. It works for me, but I don't have oily acne prone skin...Although, who's to say it won't work for that particular skin type. I now have added it to my regular regimen. It smells wonderful and is not greasy. I use the corrective dark spot solution, the super multi corrective cream, and then the powerful strength line reducing concentrate for day. Then add the midnight recovery concentrate to my night time regimen. Now that is oily, so I just use that before bed. My hair dresser saw such a difference in my skin, that she now uses the trilogy. I haven't had a chance to tell her I have now added the super multi corrective cream though. Aug 25, 2013
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CLAUDIA S: I have used this for about 5 days and the results are great. I have very dry skin and wrinkles and seems the cream is just perfect for me..... so far.
I love it!!!!
Not sure if you have oily skin if this would be the one for you but my skin is so dry and do have lines so it's working for me.
Aug 23, 2013
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A shopper asked: Is it lightweight? Can it be used under makeup? Aug 13, 2013
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Mirra G: Yes this cream is truly wonderful . I was a long time user of the crystal marine and was conserned that this cream would be heavy or oily but it is not. Makeup glides on evenly and th AMCC is obserbed into your skin quickly.
Wonderful now if this product performs as describe over time It is a wonder cream.
My first orded arrived less than a week ago
Aug 13, 2013
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Judith M: It is lightweight. I wear eye makeup & lipstick so can't answer the question about under makeup.
I have tried to keep my skin looking good with care products and use a concealer under my eyes.
Aug 13, 2013
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Julia H: Yes it is very lightweight - I use daily at night and in the morning
also like the smell of the cream :)
Big fan of the Abyssine cream and switched to this
Aug 14, 2013
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Carol M: This cream is lightweight but I've only been using it at night. It does absorb into the skin quickly, though, so would probably be OK under makeup. Aug 13, 2013
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Kimberly M: It is lightweight and could be used under makeup. Aug 14, 2013
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Patricia F: yes and yes Aug 14, 2013
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Li X asked: Hi,
I just want to know if it is night cream? Thank you very much.
Feb 1, 2014
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mary l: I do use it as a night cream but there is no reason it couldn't be used as a day cream. It isn't heavy or greasy in anyway. It is light and has a whipped texture, yet makes my face feel soft and amazing! Feb 2, 2014
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Steven S: It can certainly be used as a night cream, though I use it as a day cream because it's lighter than many other Kiehl's face creams. That said, it is an excellent product and my new favorite. Feb 2, 2014
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Julie H: Hi--
Not specifically, but it could be used that way. It is a rich, thick cream--very effective.
Feb 1, 2014
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Kyle G: Day cream. I put this on after moisturizer and it smoothes out and corrects your skin. Feb 1, 2014
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Christopher C: I use it as a night cream because it doesn't have SPF--works great! Feb 1, 2014
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A shopper asked: is it oil free? is it safe for acne prone sensitive skin? Dec 31, 2013
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jeanne n: I have only been using this product for a couple of months. It feels like it is oil free, but I am not sensitive to oily products, so I am not certain. Also, I am afraid I cannot offer assistance about how sensitive skin might react to this product. I do rather like it and use it layered with my regular Kiehl's day and night moisturizers. The texture is light and the slight fragrance I find rather appealing. Dec 31, 2013
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Mary S: My sensitive skin loves this cream! Because of the cold winter weather & the dry heat in the house I needed a cream. This smells so good & is super hydrating. I saw happier, brighter skin immediately. Dec 31, 2013
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Carol M: I have sensitive skin, but not acne prone. This cream seems to absorb quickly into skin and leaves it soft and moisturized. It doesn't seem oily to me at all. Jan 2, 2014
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Ming Chen L: I have to return this product. After I appied it on my face for few days, my face starts having reddish. It made my sensitive skin worse. Dec 31, 2013
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Bret B asked: Does this work on crowes feet as well ???? Nov 26, 2013
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Nancy M: I am using this cream in conjunction with the line reducing eye brightener so hard to say which is having more of an impact around my eye area but I have noticed a vast improvement since using this cream with the overall firmness of my skin. I find the hydration of the cream "plumps" the skin (in a good way) and works to lessen the appearance of the lines around both my eyes and mouth. My husband has started 'borrowing' this cream as well and has commented he has seen improvement in his lines as well as overall tone of his skin. We have both been using about 2 weeks now so I expect this to improve even further with continued use. Hope that helps! Nov 26, 2013
Reply to Nancy Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Sandra M: I've been using this cream now for about 2 months and have seen a difference in my skin. My skin looks smoother and I don't notice the "crow's feet" or wrinkles around my eyes like I used to. I also feel that it has slightly corrected the few dark spots that I had on my face, due to blemishes. Overall, I would recommend this product. Nov 28, 2013
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Charlene C: I really don't know. I have sensitive eyes so I din't put this moisturizer there. Nov 26, 2013
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CLAUDIA S: Yes it does. Very happy with this product and my skin is very very dry. Nov 26, 2013
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A shopper asked: Does it have shea butter in it because I can not put that on my face? Sep 22, 2013
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dawn ellen t: No it does not have shea butter I am satisfied with this product. Sep 24, 2013
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Richard M: I don't see any shea butter listed in the ingredients. Sep 23, 2013
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Milton J: I do not see shea butter listed as an ingredient. Sep 23, 2013
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Ellen C: I do really like this product and will continue to use it. I have no idea if it has shea butter but this is not listed in the ingredients. Sep 22, 2013
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A shopper asked: which is the cream that fills in lines and wrinkles? Sep 17, 2013
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Alice L: This does not necessarily fill, but used regularly will improve wrinkles and contours. Oct 7, 2013
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Laura W: Double-Strength-Visible-Wrinkle Sep 22, 2013
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Christine G: Sorry I don't know but I can tell you the multi- corrective cream is very light, a little goes a long way and the effects are noticeable on first usage. Evens out skin tone and at least makes small wrinkles less noticeable. Hope that helps. Sep 21, 2013
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A shopper asked: I am 27 and the Kiehl's representative recommended this. Is this cream ok for someone of my age? Sep 16, 2013
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Rosalea M: Have only been using this for a couple of weeks. I like that it is light and can be used sparingly. I purchased it because I'm 60 and my face seems dry and reddened after being oily most of my life. Also, I'm noticing enlarged pores along my nose. Neck area needed a bit of help, but I do not have a lot of wrinkles. It is a good choice for me because it is not oily, but soothing & moisturizing. Hoping to minimize pores and generally brighten my complexion. Sep 20, 2013
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Ada Jane F: It is smart to begin to care for your skin as early as your 20s. Sooner you do you will avoid lines and wrinkles. Yes, absolutely this will be a god cream for you! Sep 21, 2013
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Alice L: Kiehl's has many products. The various advantages of each are listed on the container. Oct 7, 2013
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Kathleen S: I have been using the cream less than two weeks, I am very happy with it at this point. I have found Kiehl's to have an excellent product line,. Sep 16, 2013
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Gina S asked: Good morning, my name is Gina and I am 31 years old. I haven't use any cream in my face yet (just sunscreen), and I want to start to use one that really prevent the future damages. I don't have wrinkles yet and I want to start to prevent them. does this product really give me what I need?, on the other hand my skin is mix (oil and dry). Thank you for any advice. Oct 10, 2013
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Luisa M: I do not know if this will help you. I am quite a bit older and did not come from the "sunscreen generation" so now I have to work hard to repair the damage done. I use this at night because it is quite heavy and oily (unless you apply a tiny bit). I actually have not even decided whether I am going to keep it because it is so heavy. I do like the ingredients and my skin has not broken out - it is mixed as well. Hope this helps. Oct 10, 2013
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Corina S: Hello, I have been using this product for only a month. I use it iver the midnight recovery serum at night and the c wrinkle prevention serum during the day. The results are the same and as good as the rosa arctica. I am 46, Asian Hispanic w olive skin. So far, no wrinkles here. Use a good sunblock (along with kiehls), preferably with titanium dioxide. Hope this helps. Oct 10, 2013
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Jie C: I am 31 years old as well. I choose this cream for prevention purpose as well. i use it with midnight recovery and I like it. Hope it helps. Oct 10, 2013
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AliAhmed asked: this cream super multi-corrective should use by which age ? Sep 25, 2014
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LeLaurin A: I don't think it matters what age you are. The nutrients in the cream can benefit any one. I love the product Sep 25, 2014
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Terri W: I would say the earlier the better, starting in your 30's and older. Sep 26, 2014
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Martine G asked: Is is for dry skin? Aug 12, 2014
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Carol H: I have mixed, sensitive skin and rosacea. I use the Super Multi-Corrective Cream at night with no problem. Aug 13, 2014
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MERCEDES F: Use on face and eyelids after lightly moistening skin with clear water to help hold the moisture in. Aug 26, 2014
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Martine G: great.........Thank You!! I love Kiehls products, I have used
some in the past and its lovely for the face......... Aug 27, 2014
MERCEDES F: this cream is to prevent dry skin. By moistening your face with some clear water,and then applying cream, the cream will sustain the moisture longer. (This tip was given to me by a Dermatologist many, many years ago. I can vouch for him that it does work! Aug 27, 2014
Emerald L asked: Should this be applied before or after the day cream? May 21, 2014
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Stephrene P: This replaces the day cream. It is a moisturizer by itself, a better moisturizer than the normal day cream. May 21, 2014
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MARGARET C: I do not actually know the answer but I use it both in the morning and in the evening with good results May 21, 2014
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