Bath and Shower Liquid Body Cleanser

A refreshing scented body cleanser for shower or bath
  • Formulated with humectants to help skin maintain its moisture
  • Used in the shower or bath, our formula leaves skin clean with a lovely texture
  • Available in multiple refreshing aromas and limited edition scents
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"I love the grapefruit scent! It's so luxurious."

Danielle, Kiehl’s Insider

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How to Apply:
-For use in the shower, apply cleanser directly to a wet body sponge or washcloth;
-Or, foam up several palmsful over the body and rinse off
-For use in the bath, allow two or three capsful (or more, if desired) to disperse under running bath water for a sheerly delightful foaming bath experience
-Follow with use of the Kiehl's body moisturizer appropriate for your skin type

Kiehl’s Insider Tip:
Pair with the complimentary body lotion for the complete experience.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera

Derived from the aloe vera plant this ingredient has been known to soften, soothe and comfort skin.
See all products with Aloe Vera

HI-druh-lie'zd HWEET PRO-teen

Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, also known as by the collective name Phyto Peptides, is an effective substitute for hydrolyzed animal protein derived by acid, enzyme, or other method of hydrolysis. It offers conditioning, moisturizing and film forming properties and is widely in skin care products to help skin retain its moisture and improve its overall appearance.

SOH-dee'-uhm PEA SEE AY

Sodium PCA is a naturally occurring humectant in the skin, partly responsible for the skin’s moisture-binding capacity. It is derived from amino acids and is highly water absorbing. Due to its moisture-binding ability, it is a high performance humectant which increases the skin’s softness when added to products.

Bath and Shower Liquid Body Cleanser
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Kiehl's Since 1851 Store asked: Why did you choose this?
david g: AN old standby. Wish they offered the selection of fragrances that they used to have like gardenia which was wonderful. Sep 22, 2014
Mary Alice W: Used previously and like Sep 22, 2014
Vanessa B: Been using this for the smell Sep 21, 2014
Tracy B: I love this stuff! Can't live without it! Sep 21, 2014
Mary F: This cleanser smells pleasant but not overpowering, makes your skin feel smooth and has the right amount of lather. Sep 17, 2014
ann s: love it got it as a gift Sep 16, 2014
Matt J: Wanted to try it Sep 16, 2014
Kris P: The size seems more like a deal and I wanted to try something that could also dbl for a bath. Sep 15, 2014
Pragathi K: Tried it at a friend's place and liked it. Sep 15, 2014
Barbara K: The smell is divine...completely addictive!!! Sep 14, 2014
C P P: the shower gels don't dry out your skin. the coriander fragrance is especially appealing and unique. great fragrance for men Sep 7, 2014
James Y: My wife loves it Sep 7, 2014
Joel C: my go to shower soap Sep 7, 2014
Michael B: It's a FAVORITE Sep 2, 2014
Joan L: It was chosen to be used with the body cleanser. It's a great product. Sep 2, 2014
Justyna G: have used it at Equinox and love it!!! Sep 1, 2014
Timothy H: Used it for 10 years. It is the best and the only one I have ever used since Sep 1, 2014
Bert F: past experience with the product Sep 1, 2014
Patricia S: I used to religiously use you mango shower gel. this is my second choice. PLEASE bring back the mango. I like the smell and how is lathers Aug 31, 2014
Sherry-Anne C: Love the smell of this Body cleanser. Aug 29, 2014
Roxanne H: I love this body wash and am a repeat user of it. Also I am fully addicted to the two scents I purchased. It is near impossible to find ones that are not sweet, but actually smell clean and fresh like the lavender and grapefruit scents from Kiehl's.

PLUS while they clean beautifully, they don't dry out my skin. Win-win!
Aug 29, 2014
Gaynelle M: I've used this as bubble bath for years with no irritation. It leaves my skin soft and the fragrance relaxes me. Use it every day. Aug 27, 2014
Robert C: fantastic fresh scent Aug 26, 2014
Barbara F: I have used it in the past and like it. Aug 25, 2014
dianne d: used it in the past and loved it Aug 25, 2014
Rick H: Didn't have the large bottle. Aug 25, 2014
Kathleen C: very pleased Aug 24, 2014
Allison H: Trying it Aug 23, 2014
Denise V: to try Aug 18, 2014
Phil V: Introduced to this at Equinox. Like the fragrance. Aug 16, 2014
Michelle L: I love the fragrance Aug 12, 2014
wendy l: love Aug 11, 2014
Christine T: Love these products Aug 10, 2014
Cheryl N: Love this body wash. Aug 10, 2014
anne b: Want to try this product Aug 10, 2014
tymel y: SMELLS AMAZING Aug 1, 2014
Doug M: Nothing makes you feel and smell better than this mild body cleanser. I have super sensitive skin and this product respects that. Jul 30, 2014
Maureen M: I love the grapefruit smell of Kiehls products. Jul 30, 2014
Susan F: My husband loves it. Jul 28, 2014
Dario S: Use it all the time Jul 27, 2014
Lloyd E: Have used this for years. Lighter scent than the coriander, great for the summer. Jul 25, 2014
david d: I love the scent of this body wash. Jul 25, 2014
jacqueline o: smells great Jul 21, 2014
Lyle F A: Have purchased before and like it very much. Time to reorder.-larger size Jul 18, 2014
Harriet C: Gentle with clean fragrance Jul 16, 2014
Albert S: written in a book Jul 16, 2014
Arthur L: Have been using for many years and still like it. Not as well as peppermint which is no longer available. Jul 15, 2014
Michele M: Love the scent and the texture of this product. Jul 15, 2014
Jenafer H: I have used this product off and on for years and love the scent Jul 14, 2014
elise m: love the body cleansers, they last a long time when used with a body sponge or washcloth in the shower. Beautiful light scent Jul 14, 2014
Abigail B: Invigorating in the morning Jul 9, 2014
Katherine A: I had a fungal rash for years. I got this body soap as a gift and shortly after I started using it, the rash disappeared. I had used different medication over the years and nothing worked, but this body soap worked great. I ran out and the rash came back so I'm ordering it again. Jul 7, 2014
Rayna E: because it is nice and basic without being boring....... Jul 5, 2014
jessica b: i want to try Jul 4, 2014
Alana L: Love the smell. Really balanced. Jul 4, 2014
Rita D: I use it at my gym at Equinox and loved it! Jul 3, 2014
Pamela F: Used it at my gym and loved it. Jul 3, 2014
Tere P: Equinox provides it for it's members and we love it so we decided to add it to our office Jul 1, 2014
deborah r: love the scent Jul 1, 2014
Angela P: Refill Jul 1, 2014
Maresa D: smell, I wanted pour homme cream but you are out. Jun 29, 2014
Kari B: Favorite product Jun 29, 2014
Lisa K: only soap i use Jun 28, 2014
Lana W: Used this a few u\years ago and want to get back to using it. Jun 26, 2014
Marc L: Trying something new Jun 22, 2014
Caitlin H: Great scent and an old favorite. Jun 18, 2014
terri s: Yummy! Jun 17, 2014
Michelle S: Husband likes it Jun 15, 2014
Paul Y: Want to try a non-soap bar body cleanser. Jun 15, 2014
Ian C: Loved it, got more. Jun 14, 2014
stephen b: enjoyed the product Jun 10, 2014
Kent M: No heavy fragrance, with refreshing aroma of grapefruit. No harsh chemicals. This size bottle lasts a long time. Jun 8, 2014
Daniel R: scent Jun 8, 2014
Amy E: Previous purchase Jun 8, 2014
robert f c: gift- my dad's favorite! Jun 4, 2014
Pam S: Like the light moisture effect and really makes my skin soft. New fragrance for me. Jun 2, 2014
Tabitha K: This fragrance lasts throughout the day, and smells absolutely fantastic. Jun 2, 2014
Susan Z: long lasting scent Jun 2, 2014
Ann Marie N: Never tried but goes with scrub May 28, 2014
Chris P: Cleans well and smells good. May 27, 2014
Karina n: birthday gift May 23, 2014
m m: used before May 21, 2014
Dianne C: the best bath and shower cleanser May 19, 2014
Robert E: is it a great product. softens skin May 19, 2014
Steve W: trying something new May 19, 2014
Leah S: I have been using it. It soothes my skin and has a great fragrance. May 19, 2014
Kathryn S: I like the scent and the feel. Cleans well and is hypo-allergenic. May 19, 2014
Kathy P: for a client May 19, 2014
Claudia M: Because if you have extra sensitive skin it doesn't dry it out and the smell is wonderful May 18, 2014
elizabeth b: am curious ..I have not tried it before. May 18, 2014
Mary S: Clean and fresh. Leaves no residue May 18, 2014
patrick c: LOve the smell May 17, 2014
Linda C: I love the way it makes my skin feel...clean & fresh. The coriander scent is my favorite. May 17, 2014
Gretchen B: Just trying it out. Wanted the lavender to relax before bed and the por homme out of curiosity. May 17, 2014
sharon d: love the product May 16, 2014
Lesley H: Wanted to try it May 16, 2014
Kelly D: Because I liked the scent so much after purchasing the hand wash. May 16, 2014
Karen C: guest love it and it impresses May 16, 2014
Beth D: My favorite! May 16, 2014
Kathleen K: fantastic clean scent, leaves no residue May 15, 2014
Gladys M: Recommended by dermatologist. May 15, 2014
Melissa V: Love all the body washes u have May 15, 2014
Elizabeth F: My husband and I both love this product! Gets you fresh and clean, no residue on you or the shower. Great scent while you use it, does not linger or interfere with other products after your shower. May 15, 2014
Renee B: Description matched skin type May 15, 2014
Deborah S: My favorite body wash May 15, 2014
Marissa B: Smells delicious and feels extremely fresh! May 15, 2014
Philippe L: Love the "HOMME" scent May 15, 2014
Sarah O: It smells fantastic and it's the ONLY body wash that doesn't dry out my skin. (I've tried them all) May 15, 2014
Anna R: To try May 15, 2014
Lori O: my cousin had this and i tried it and loved it. great smell and refreshing May 8, 2014
Alexandria T: use this as my gym. smells so great and makes me feel so fresh and clean May 7, 2014
Amy N: mother in law's favorite May 5, 2014
Julianne H: This is the only product I use to shower. Doesn't dry out your skin and smells fresh and clean May 5, 2014
lauren H: love the product May 1, 2014
Teresa B: Love the scent + not soap rinses very clean. Apr 27, 2014
Edmund S: a favorite Apr 25, 2014
Alex I: Doesn't dry my skin. Fragrance is refreshing. Apr 24, 2014
PATTY R: replenish body wash Apr 20, 2014
Linda B: Actually, I bought a bottle of this at a Goodwill store and loved it on my hair. That is why I found your product on line to be able to continue using it. It is more expensive than I usually purchase. Apr 17, 2014
Donna L: Good reviews Apr 14, 2014
Chris D: They have this at my gym and I love it! Apr 13, 2014
Frances H: It's light with a fragrance that I love on my husband Apr 13, 2014
Mary C: addicted to this product! Apr 12, 2014
Doug B: because it rocks Apr 8, 2014
Michael O: Recommended by Dr. Harold Lancer, MD as a moderately priced alternative to the premium products his company sells. Apr 8, 2014
Ula M: It's fine using daily Apr 6, 2014
janet e: wanted to try Apr 6, 2014
Zheli Z: my friend ask me to buy this Apr 3, 2014
Richard B: Loved the scent Apr 2, 2014
Diana F: Love the smell and lathering, this is such a great relaxing product, a must have after a long day at work. Mar 31, 2014
Loretta K. Z: I tried it at friend's house & liked it Mar 31, 2014
Steven A: Good reviews. Mar 27, 2014
Suzanne Y: This wash smells so good and leaves your skin feeling soft and clean. Mar 27, 2014
Diane H: Cos It cooooooool. Literally and figuratively. Mar 27, 2014
jamie d: Needed a new wash for my husband thought I would give it a try. Mar 24, 2014
Regina M: Classic, perfect cleanser. Mar 24, 2014
Mark B: I love this stuff. Great scent and with the arid environment of the desert heat in AZ and the hard water this helps keep my skin soft and clean. Mar 24, 2014
Chip L: its all I use :) Mar 23, 2014
Julietta C: The best! Mar 21, 2014
Fernando S: love Mar 20, 2014
Heather N: Smells so clean and fresh and leave skin feeling awesome. Mar 20, 2014
Alexandra M: Best smelling body wash around. Leaves my skin hydrated. Mar 20, 2014
William B: I love the scent and have been using it for the past year. Mar 19, 2014
Alesia S: I've used the other scented body washes.....decided to try this one:) Mar 15, 2014
Samantha D: Fresh and invigorating. Mar 14, 2014
Mimi T: This is the shower gel used by my husband. I am very sensitive to many of the scents and smells from other products, but this Pour Homme is just perfect - it's light and very refreshing. Mar 13, 2014
Fred Y: used it at Equinox and liked it Mar 12, 2014
ANQI S: AMAZING Mar 11, 2014
Sally A: i love the grapefruit scent. Mar 11, 2014
Nicole C: love the smell of this Mar 11, 2014
Tom G: This works so well, even in hard water. Lots of suds, and it smells wonderful. Very masculine, and distinctive. Mar 10, 2014
Suzette V: I fell in love with this body cleanser several years ago and can't live without it now. Mar 9, 2014
Judy W: Very refreshing and smells yummy! Mar 6, 2014
Ryan C: Never tried and thought I would trial it.. Mar 6, 2014
Nancy C: Liked the idea of grapefruit scent waking me up in the shower! Mar 5, 2014
Carolyn L: This is a product our son uses and we are purchasing it for him. Mar 4, 2014
Landis F: The scent -- it is one of the best out there. Mar 1, 2014
dave d: SMELL GOOD Mar 1, 2014
Beth S: Know that friend uses this product for daily use. Feb 27, 2014
Eileen S: Pleasant moisturizing cleanser with light scent leaves skin feeling clean and moisturized. Feb 23, 2014
Minda G: love this makes skin soft Feb 23, 2014
Kathleen G: An invigorating wake-up in the morning that makes you feel fresh and ready to go. Feb 19, 2014
Brian G: simple, clean masculine scent. Wish it was offered in the larger size! Feb 18, 2014
Amadea N: Love the scent Feb 17, 2014
john l: Its the best Feb 15, 2014
russell d: for my wife she likes liquid body cleansers Feb 14, 2014
betty b: does not dry out my skin. But would love to have a pump included. would pay extra! Feb 14, 2014
michelle b: I actually love this for bubble baths! It smells delicious and just sitting relaxing in the tub with this is my idea of heaven! Jan 31, 2014
Geoff B: reorder Jan 28, 2014
regina h: recommended by jeweler to clean jewelery coriander one Jan 24, 2014
Gayle R: This is one the most refreshing body washes I have ever used!!! Especially perfect in the morning..... Jan 21, 2014
Michael L: They have it in the shower at Equinox. Jan 20, 2014
NICHOLAS S: great smell, really nice Jan 18, 2014
John S: had at equinox Jan 11, 2014
Theresa T: Dtr uses it and I liked it Jan 11, 2014
linda s: we like it Jan 9, 2014
edna s: my skin is too dry, hopefully this will help! Jan 3, 2014
Sheila R: Love the smell, and skin feels so soft Dec 31, 2013
Gina E: Love this product! Dec 31, 2013
Shannon H: I think it's pricey, but with my rewards coupon it's a good deal. Dec 31, 2013
Alice M: Have used for many years Dec 31, 2013
anne S: fresh scent; unisex Dec 31, 2013
Jennifer M: smells good Dec 31, 2013
Marjorie M: I love the coriander scent and have been looking for a bath product. Dec 30, 2013
Mari Jo S: My son loves this scent - pour homme Dec 30, 2013
Kerri S: already have it and am running out - really like it Dec 30, 2013
Barbara C: Best body wash on the market! A scent my husband and I can share too! Dec 29, 2013
Shelley P: I have been using the Body Wash for years. My favorite scent is Grapefruit because it is not overpowering. Dec 29, 2013
Grace S: Tried at Equinox and loved it Dec 27, 2013
Carmen S: I just love the freshness' of it. Dec 26, 2013
Steven S: Recent house guests were so in love with the product they asked for the product names a week after they left. Dec 26, 2013
Melissa W: Love the smell and feels clean Dec 24, 2013
Barbara K: husband became a Kiehl's convert- uses this exclusively Dec 24, 2013
michelle t: try it Dec 23, 2013
Dena W: I like the smell Dec 22, 2013
Rachel S: have loved the scent for years Dec 20, 2013
Martha B: Love the scent and feels very clean and natural. Dec 20, 2013
Melinda W: Gift request Dec 19, 2013
Jared T: Bought it in a previous purchase and really like it. Dec 19, 2013
Pari S: Would like to try it. Dec 18, 2013
Andrew W: Smells amazing. Dec 18, 2013
Ryan B: REquested. Dec 17, 2013
susan g: Gift for a friend who likes lavender Dec 17, 2013
James E: Ditto Dec 17, 2013
nicole g: I love this product. It smells so good and is a nice treat. Dec 17, 2013
Michael M: wish i never did. its like water. Dec 16, 2013
Brian R: It's a really high quality body wash, and it smells wonderful. The grapefruit scent is inspired and inspiring. Dec 16, 2013
Sharon J: Did you know there was a study that indicated women who smelled like grapefruit were perceived as up to 10 years younger than when they didn't wear it? Can you think of a better reason to stick with grapefruit? Dec 16, 2013
Jeffrey S: I really like the scent. Dec 16, 2013
carol s: Hotel sample, liked it Dec 16, 2013
Debra P: Love this product. I have been using it for years. I am allergic to regular soap. This does not break me out. Dec 15, 2013
Yvonne W: love this stuff and haven't been able to find this for a while Disappointed you don't do the tea tree one anymore Dec 15, 2013
Mary L: Daughter's favorite Dec 15, 2013
David V: don't like the corps but love this grapefruit!!!! Dec 14, 2013
marilyn l: requested gift Dec 12, 2013
Kathleen D: My husband loves the scent. Dec 11, 2013
Faye H: I love the smell of coriander. Dec 11, 2013
Channing B: Love the scent and the fresh clean feeling. Dec 11, 2013
Timothy S: use often Dec 11, 2013
Newell M: My second favorite., cleans nicely and rinses thoroughly. But I miss mango! Dec 10, 2013
james d: great product!! Dec 10, 2013
Amy K: Glorious scent and hydrating for my skin Dec 9, 2013
Joseph D: Best shower cleanser ever. Dec 9, 2013
loes d: i love it Dec 9, 2013
Linda G: One of my most favorite Kiehl's products! :). Gives me the feeling of pampering myself and the soft feel of my skin is so smooth. The scent is so relaxing. I pour some in the palm of my hands and lather together - put my hands towards my face so I can take a deep breath and relax. grapefruit is my favorite scent - I love it! Dec 9, 2013
sharlotte g: it perfectly fit the taste of the person for whom i purchased it Dec 9, 2013
Tracey S: Love the Pour Homme scent on my husband....wish you would bring it back in oil roll on form! Dec 8, 2013
Kevin S: excellent smell, very light and keeps skin clean without drying. Dec 8, 2013
Johanna F: x Dec 8, 2013
Carole W: like coriander scent. Dec 7, 2013
Nelson W: I have used this product for years. Dec 7, 2013
Kristie D: like the aromatic series, but pricy. Wanted to try this product as a replacement Dec 7, 2013
Renee Y: I think my husband will like this Dec 6, 2013
Tod S: I have been using this product and really like it. Dec 6, 2013
Deborah M: Great scent!! Dec 6, 2013
Michelle S: My sister likes it. Dec 5, 2013
Michael R: This body cleanser is an excellent product- though I still wish Kiehl's made the Tea Tree oil body cleanser. Dec 5, 2013
susan f: The grapefruit scent is always refreshing. This is a nice product -- a bit costly, but nice. The larger bottle, which I purchased, is a better value. Wish Kiehl's would make some more fruit-scented items! Dec 5, 2013
Mary M: Wonderful scent leaves your body feeling clean with no soap film Dec 5, 2013
brita l: Husband loves this. xmas gift is to replenish Dec 4, 2013
Louis P: Scent Dec 4, 2013
Bill C: Buying for out of state relative Dec 4, 2013
Aileen M: best smell of all the liquid soaps Dec 4, 2013
Marc Y: X-mas gift for Girlfriend Dec 3, 2013
Melissa R: Tried it at Equinox Gym and loved it! Dec 3, 2013
Miranda C: I love how it smells! Dec 3, 2013
Don G: Fresh smell, not heavy fragrance. Can use daily without getting tired fragrance. Dec 3, 2013
Diane K: I have used it before and left my skin feeling moist and never dried out. Dec 3, 2013
John L: Have used before and liked Dec 3, 2013
Rhonda G: Love it, use it every bath Dec 3, 2013
Melissa N: I absolutely love this wash. I am very sensitive with smells and this body wash is beautiful without being overwhelming. Plus my skin feels amazing! Haven't found anything I like more. Dec 2, 2013
Barbara B: as a gift Dec 2, 2013
Holli D: Love this, especially in winter! Dec 2, 2013
Xiongnan W: Interested in trying... Dec 2, 2013
kathie a: love your cleansers Dec 2, 2013
Erica T: plain grapefruit was our favorite body wash Dec 2, 2013
Ramesh l: Rejunuvevates the skin great smell Dec 2, 2013
Nancy H: Gift for my daughter. She loves this product. Me too. Dec 2, 2013
Natasha A: Awesome! Dec 1, 2013
Mark G: I've heard this smells really great! Dec 1, 2013
Rob R: Smells great Dec 1, 2013
Bill Q: used it all of the time Dec 1, 2013
sandy w: I used it at health club. Loved the smell, cleaned without drying Nov 30, 2013
sarah v: I would not wash my body with anything else! Nov 29, 2013
Sarah S: It is my husbands favorite. He won't splurge and buy it for himself so someone in the family always buys it for him on special occasions. Nov 29, 2013
Kristin H: I wanted to try it. Nov 27, 2013
GEOFFREY D: Wife loves it. Nov 26, 2013
cristina b: Great for showers, gentle perfume Nov 26, 2013
Gitika A: smells good Nov 23, 2013
Rory H: Refill Nov 23, 2013
SKIP B: It's my second favorite body cleanser, my first was Kiehl's Liquid "Orange Spice", but it's no longer around.... Nov 22, 2013
Glenn W: My whole family uses this, its great for men and women Nov 20, 2013
Robert I: Used at Equinox. Liked it there. Nov 18, 2013
Holly K: Because it goes with the lotion Nov 18, 2013
David S: received a bottle as a gift Nov 18, 2013
Donna C: I have used this wonderful cleanser for many, many years. The fragrance is very light which is what I like about it. Nov 17, 2013
Kalynn W: It's our standard bath and shower gel. Nov 16, 2013
Linda R: Good clean smell. Nov 16, 2013
Larissa K: Yummy lightweight fragrance, both my husband and I love it. Non-drying, rinses easily, and doesn't leave residue in the shower. Nov 16, 2013
susan r: I like this product. Nov 15, 2013
fran b: love it Nov 15, 2013
Terri N: gift Nov 15, 2013
Mary W: Given to me as a gift. I liked the fact that the cleanser did not dry my skin, and I liked the grapefruit fragrance. Nov 15, 2013
jun c: d Nov 15, 2013
John M: We've been using this product for years and love it. Nov 14, 2013
Cheng P: wanna try to use Nov 14, 2013
KAIWEI T: like the smell Nov 13, 2013
Pat P: Requested by a friend as a gift. Nov 11, 2013
kelly w: Gentle and smells amazing Nov 11, 2013
Diane W: Previously used this product & it has a very clean fresh smell Nov 10, 2013
Margaret M: Used for many years. Like this & other scents Nov 10, 2013
Ivy Y: Favorite scent Nov 5, 2013
gali s: want to try Nov 5, 2013
Billy C S: Used Previously. Happy with product Nov 5, 2013
Gretchen P: Love this! Nov 4, 2013
Jody S: My favorite shower gel. I love the smell. It is not overwhelming and it lathers beautifully. Nov 4, 2013
Raymund A: This is thé best body cleanser! Smells nice, too. Nov 3, 2013
Scott B: Looking for a new body wash and this has good reviews. Oct 31, 2013
Alice F: husband's favorite Oct 29, 2013
Christine S: Love the consistency, smell and it doesn't dry my skin. Oct 28, 2013
Joe B: Invigorating Oct 27, 2013
Jim R: love the smell....easy to use daily. Oct 24, 2013
Matthew S: I like the fragrance. It is a very nice smell. Oct 23, 2013
Bonnie G: Mom LOVES this! Oct 21, 2013
Panakorn O: Lovely smell Oct 19, 2013
Jeremy B: Coriander is the second best smelling thing on earth.. second only to the smell of the soy milk and honey body polish Oct 17, 2013
Ronan H: I use it at Equinox and love it!! Oct 16, 2013
Lisa M: Love this product. Oct 14, 2013
Ryan C: must have Oct 11, 2013
Sarah M: really, really like this product Oct 9, 2013
Philip B: I like the scent and the way it cleanses. Oct 8, 2013
mira g: the best shower gel ever. Never dries the skin. Leaves skin soft and smooth. Oct 6, 2013
Anne W: This is my all time favorite body wash! I love the grapefruit smell. A little goes a long way! Oct 3, 2013
sonya s: My favorite scented bath gel Sep 30, 2013
Kevin A: Great smell and great product! Sep 30, 2013
David L: I've been using this since I got it as a gift one year. I haven't found anything on the market that compares with the scent in a body wash or soap for men. This is IT! Sep 30, 2013
Vicky B: My daughter in law used this and I liked it when I visited. Sep 30, 2013
Bonnie S: scent Sep 29, 2013
Andre B: this is the very first Kiehl product I used and I was impressed. I been loyal to this for over 14 years now. Sep 29, 2013
RICHARD P: want to see if i like it Sep 29, 2013
Tanya P: Smells like the baby products and not an over powering smell either Sep 29, 2013
Darcel G: I tried it on a retreat and I fell in love with it! Sep 28, 2013
hannah y: been using this for a few years, nice light fragrance. Sep 26, 2013
linda m: Been buying for years since receiving as gift Sep 25, 2013
kate s: Smells great! Sep 25, 2013
Sarah T: Feels like silk! Favorite Bathwash! Sep 25, 2013
Lauren M: I love the smell of this and how it leaves my skin feeling fresh and moisturized. Sep 22, 2013
Kathryn L: Recommended by friend Sep 22, 2013
Ye Cheng Y: smells good Sep 21, 2013
Allison B: a product my husband and I both use! smells great and is gentle on skin. Sep 21, 2013
Michael D: Don't use it every day but it's been a favorite of mine for over a decade Sep 21, 2013
Donna C: Great cleaner, doesn't irritate. Love the clean fresh smell Sep 20, 2013
Neal J: I know the product and I like it. Sep 20, 2013
Rosemary W: Smells so delicious! Sep 17, 2013
Mary D: Love the scent Sep 16, 2013
PUN B: woodsy and masculine. my bf and I love this scent! Sep 13, 2013
Linda K: Love the smell, love the cleansing. Sep 11, 2013
Barbara A: I love this shower gel. The scent is great (grapefruit) - really light and refreshing. And, the scrub makes my skin feel great. Sep 7, 2013
Jean B: i haven't tried this yet, hoping it is good. Sep 7, 2013
Emilio M: i love the scent. Sep 5, 2013
P B J: I have used this for many years - love it!!! Sep 2, 2013
kelly m: Love this product Aug 31, 2013
Patricia C: Long time user Aug 28, 2013
Joanne S: best body wash ever! wouldn't use anything else. Aug 25, 2013
Nancy B: One of my favorite products. I love the coriander scent!!!! Aug 16, 2013
Marjorie R: I've used it at my aunt's house Aug 14, 2013
Dolores S: Have been using your products since 1972 Aug 9, 2013
Danette H: my son uses this producy Aug 5, 2013
Claus K: it is the best for my sensitive skin and in the same time it gives me the feel fresh factor what I enjoy the entire day. Aug 5, 2013
John B: Great product and I really like the scent. Aug 2, 2013
Patrick B: Smells really good Aug 1, 2013
Georgina D: Love the scent Jul 23, 2013
David H: Clean my body Jul 22, 2013
Jennifer B: been using this for years; love the way it leaves my skin soft enough to not need lotion. in winter it's a must. Jul 21, 2013
Lisa S: This will be a new product for me. I will post a review once I've used it. Jul 17, 2013
Amy T: Doesn't bother my sensitive skin; doesn't dry out my skin; smells great. Jul 8, 2013
James M: Love this stuff. Jun 27, 2013
Zoe L: I use this body wash at Equinox and I love the scent. Jun 25, 2013
Timothy B: lovely unisex scent Jun 20, 2013
Eva H: Favorite body wash ever! Jun 18, 2013
Karen V: I love the grapefruit sent! Jun 17, 2013
Kathleen H: love it Jun 17, 2013
Christine K: Smells so good! Like I've been working in the garden, except cleaner. Jun 17, 2013
RAUL D: like the scent & cleansing ability of Pour Homme. Jun 17, 2013
Ryan B: Wanted to try Jun 17, 2013
Chia-Yung L: Never tried this product before and would like to give it a shot! Jun 16, 2013
Leslie G: yummy smelling Jun 16, 2013
Amelia C: Smells great -- my boyfriend loves it. Jun 16, 2013
Joseph N: love the smell Jun 16, 2013
Michael T: Love this product feels great! Wish they would bring back the eucalyptus! Jun 16, 2013
jennifer b: i love the coriander scent - have never found anything else comparable. Jun 15, 2013
elizabeth t: excellent cleanser and wonderful fresh scent Jun 15, 2013
Michael H: I rely on this product when I shower. Jun 15, 2013
Vanessa P: I love the fragrance. The smell is fresh, crisp and natural. Jun 15, 2013
Grace N: I love the fragrance. Jun 14, 2013
Lauren H: Tried it for the first time at a hotel in Switzerland and fell in love with the scent and the way it made my skin soft. Still love it. Jun 13, 2013
Victoria W: It cleanses without drying out your skin. Jun 13, 2013
Shelley S: My husband has been using this for years. Great product!! Jun 13, 2013
Kimberly S: Have used this product for many years. I use it primarily for shaving as it prevents those little red bumps. Jun 13, 2013
Laura D: Just wanted to give it a try -- hope I like it, since it's a pretty large bottl! Jun 13, 2013
linda g: love the smell! Jun 13, 2013
Lucie M: This has been my favorite body wash for years. It is gentle on my sensitive skin and smells amazing. Jun 12, 2013
Jennifer S: Love the smell. Jun 9, 2013
Dandan L: moisturizing Jun 6, 2013
Julie G: Fantastic for bubble bath! Bubbles last! It has been my go-to body cleanser for years. It feels smooth as you rub it into your skin as a shower cleanser, rinses easily and completely and smells so refreshing. Jun 5, 2013
Bryan R: good reviews online May 31, 2013
Christopher B: Used at Equinox. Would love to have this in a large pump bottle. May 24, 2013
Phillip D: Because I can't get a large bottle of the vanilla cedarwood one. May 22, 2013
Stefan R: Doesn't leave my skin all dried out, and it has a great scent. May 21, 2013
Jonathan S: Used it first at The James Hotel in Chicago, loved it ever since May 18, 2013
Daniel D: Invigorating and smells great May 16, 2013
Laura R: Love the smell and my skin has never felt better. May 15, 2013
Theodore C: thank you for partnering with Lenox in Boston! Boston Strong! May 5, 2013
Wes R: Started using this and its the best soap around, doesnt dry me out. Apr 29, 2013
Sandra B: tired of squishy soap bars in the shower, like the scent in the lotion so I thought I'd try the liquid soap also Apr 29, 2013
Renae P: I love the scent of coriander! My skin feels soft and smells amazing. It has become my favorite body wash. Apr 28, 2013
Lindsay D: The smell is wonderful! Apr 27, 2013
Jane O: I recently tried my first Kiehls products, shampoo and conditioner, and from the first use my hair was better than it has been post-wash in years. Thought I'd try body wash next. Apr 27, 2013
Shen-Hsin H: One of my favorites Apr 27, 2013
Kevin S: My mother loves it. Apr 27, 2013
geana r: love the smell for summer Apr 25, 2013
Henry S: Because it is awesome Apr 21, 2013
Shihpi K: I have used this product since years. It cleans the skin well and leaves a sooth feeling afterwards. Not dry out my skin. It smells also mild and nice. Apr 20, 2013
Harold S: just perfect for men Apr 17, 2013
CARA F: Favorite item, can't order from Kiehl's without it. Apr 11, 2013
craig p: I just like the scent Apr 7, 2013
Royal K: I like the scent.
And it works well as a shampoo for me.
Apr 7, 2013
Lynne G: Tried it at a friends and liked it, She highly recommended it also. Apr 7, 2013
Banning R: Love the fragrance + it doesn't dry my skin out. Apr 6, 2013
Robert V: It is used in my gym - Equinox Apr 5, 2013
Mayra S S: Lovely fragance, nice and soft on your skin. Apr 5, 2013
glenda d: I found this item in my hotel by accident, a guest dropped this bottle one day and then I came along and saw the bottle on the floor, no one was around so I took home and tried it myself and feel in love with it, It washes away all dirt on your skin and smell good, light scent Apr 3, 2013
KerryAnn A: just want to try and I love any citrus scent. Apr 2, 2013
kuulei h: because I love it! Mar 31, 2013
William L: Used in Equinox Gym...Loved it Mar 28, 2013
Connie B: I always use this because it's very refreshing and softens my arms and legs, back,etc. Mar 26, 2013
Shirley K: I love this product, have been using since 2009 instead of soap, it reallt cleans you. just love it....... Mar 22, 2013
George M: Because it is unbelievable. not kidding. Mar 20, 2013
alvaro r: tried it before liked it Mar 19, 2013
Lorna H: Love the fragrance and the way it makes my skin feel, nice and clean! Mar 17, 2013
Louis C: Still like it waiting for the essence oil to come back pour homme Mar 16, 2013
Ian N: Great scent Feb 18, 2013
Loraine V: My husband and I have enjoyed this product for several years. He loves having some in his gym bag to use after a workout, and I love having it in my own clean and refreshing, but yet not to overly fragrant. Feb 17, 2013
Rebecca G: I love the scent and wish you still had grapefruit soaps. I also miss the range of fragrances you used to have, including Exquisite Rain and other amazing historic scents. I don't care about foot scrubs and wrinkle cream. Feb 17, 2013
Kreg A: Use it at the gym, Equinox. Feb 13, 2013
Kent M: I have used this product and really like it. It makes me feel so refreshed after a shower I have decided to use more of it. Feb 10, 2013
Michael Z: Mild scent; leaves skin fresh and without a residue. Feb 7, 2013
Lee L: I've heard from several Kiehls customers that this body wash is decadent; I'm excited to try it. Feb 3, 2013
Venkat K: refreshing Feb 2, 2013
Richard F: tried before and liked it Jan 30, 2013
Mary M: adore the scent Jan 28, 2013
Alvin M: my wife loves this product Jan 23, 2013
Alvin M: my wife loves this product Jan 23, 2013
DOLORES W: as above Jan 22, 2013
DOLORES W: I have used Kiehl's body wash for many years. No other body wash cleanses so well and leaves the body smooth and moisturized. Jan 22, 2013
Dawn D: I got this body cleanser as a gift for christmas I loved it ! It makes my skin feel so soft and it smells great ! Jan 18, 2013
Griselda S: this is the first time I use this Jan 17, 2013
Daphne M: Love the smell! Jan 16, 2013
Aaron S: Smells great Jan 14, 2013
Vicki S: love the fragrance & feel after shower Jan 11, 2013
Sandra K: I saw it in House Beautiful magazine and I do love the scent of grapefruit, so I thought I would give this a try! Jan 5, 2013
Martha H: Someone had given it to me as a git years ago and I now give it to others. Jan 2, 2013
Alice P: Want to try a new shower gel. Dec 31, 2012
melissa hope a: husband loves it! Dec 31, 2012
Jacqueline S: Love the product. Have been using it for 10 years. Dec 31, 2012
Barbara R: Love the smell. Dec 31, 2012
Gordon P: It is the "house" body wash at my gym (Equinox!) and I love it! Dec 30, 2012
Anthony C: I use it at my gym, Equinox, and love it. Dec 30, 2012
Sophie F: This light weight liquid soap has been great for our entire family for years. Its fragrance is subtle which makes it easy to use everyday. A must have! Dec 29, 2012
Mimi M: I love the subtle scent and the body wachs doesn't make my skin dry. Dec 29, 2012
Leslie H: My friend who uses the Hand and Body Lotion recommended this product Dec 28, 2012
Thomas L: they had this when i belonged to equinox and I couldn't get enough. Dec 28, 2012
Marilyn K: Have used this product for several years and it leaves you feeling clean and soft without a lotion feel on the skin, a small drop will give great suds, highly recommend Dec 27, 2012
Lorene J: I was so impressed by your customer's comments on the Coriander fragrance that I thought I needed to try this for my self. I hope I will like it as much as your other customers. Dec 27, 2012
Christine S: use it all the time, love the fragrance Dec 24, 2012
Julia Z: Stayed at Fauchere Hotel in Milford, PA on my honeymoon and fell in love with the smell. Dec 23, 2012
Mary B: I love it! Dec 23, 2012
John R: This is great for men with sensitive skin. Use this in conjunction with the exfoliating scrub and you'll ditch whatever brand you were using previously. Dec 23, 2012
Sally M: This is hands down the best body cleanser. Always the perfect gift. Dec 19, 2012
Ryan W: wife's favorite Dec 18, 2012
Tamara T: It is a good cleanser and the scent is not too strong like other washes for men. Dec 18, 2012
james m: have used it for a while - love it Dec 17, 2012
Karen W: This is my favorite fragrance of all the body cleansers. It's lightly earthy and sweet. I have dry skin and these cleansers keep my skin soft and moist without leaving a residual layer. Customer for life! Dec 17, 2012
Therese S: I love this Coriander sent, so I am sharing it as a gift with a friend. Dec 16, 2012
Julie S: My MIL loves this and uses it all the time. Dec 15, 2012
Eileen W: Looking for a good body wash. Reviews seemed good and I like grapefruit scent. Dec 15, 2012
Anne K: Repeat purchase -- I like the scent and the fresh feeling that my skin feels. Dec 14, 2012
Tom S: I use it at the gym in Chicago Dec 14, 2012
Ollie G: Love the scent! Dec 12, 2012
Albert K: Smells great and cleans well Dec 12, 2012
Aileen N: Try something new Dec 12, 2012
Amy H: This is a past favorite of my husband and a great splurge for Christmas Dec 10, 2012
Peter L: For my wife, she loves this Dec 9, 2012
Chris P: Grapefruit scent is a good, reliable cleanser for everyday. Dec 8, 2012
jacqueline b: love the scent Dec 8, 2012
KUMIKO S: I used in gym and like it Dec 7, 2012
Mary Hanna F: this suds well and has an incredible scent that lasts for the life of the product. if you are super busy mom and the bath is one of the only times you get to truly "enjoy" your "free" time this product will make you feel like a queen!!! Dec 6, 2012
Merrie B: very good Dec 6, 2012
Martha H: to try Dec 5, 2012
Shaun C: My favorite Kiehl's scent Dec 5, 2012
Kurt L: Gift idea from my brother, so it has his stamp of approval! Dec 3, 2012
Victoria V: Love the scent! Dec 1, 2012
Carol H: Something new for me to try! Dec 1, 2012
Pamela A: I love the fragrance! Dec 1, 2012
Joyce N: love Dec 1, 2012
Joseph W H: Cause Pour Homme rocks Nov 30, 2012
Patricia C: recommended by daughter Nov 25, 2012
Brenda W: Great for men or women Nov 25, 2012
Avery G: moms favorite Nov 25, 2012
Michael R: A gift for someone who uses it Nov 24, 2012
Jamie H: smell Nov 23, 2012
Thomas M: Used at a hotel and liked it enough to buy it in Vegas store. Now want to make it the regular. Nov 22, 2012
Paulette P: Can't live without this product. It is safe for my body and recommended by my gynecologist. Perfect for women. Nov 22, 2012
ting c: try Nov 21, 2012
Patricia L: love the scent and how it makes my skin feel Nov 21, 2012
Denise W: i love it Nov 20, 2012
elaine b: a gift for my daughter in law who loves it Nov 19, 2012
Carmen S: The scent is so soothing. Nov 18, 2012
Jo Ann A: This makes me feel really clean - no lingering films or itching. Nov 15, 2012
Susan G: I love the Corriander body cleanser, I never feel sticky like I would if I had used a regular bar of soap. Nov 5, 2012
Susan G: My husband love the Pour Homme, he just wish's it came in a larger size. Nov 5, 2012
gay d: want to try it. Nov 2, 2012
Anita Willsie K: recommended by friend Nov 1, 2012
clifford m: something new Oct 29, 2012
Stephanie W: Love the smell. Very fresh. Oct 22, 2012
Carolyn W W: Love the fragrance and a small amount goes a long way. Oct 22, 2012
Rachel B: I use it and I love it. It ia a gift Oct 17, 2012
Jill H: This is my favorite!! I love the fresh smell on my skin after a shower. Therefore, I chose this as a shower gift..a gift for her new shower!!! Oct 15, 2012
Jane Grey H: Terrific cleanser. Not greasy and leaves skin soft. Been using it for years. Oct 15, 2012
Chris G: Either you brought this back based on my last comment (unlikely) or I finally learned how to use your web site and was able to find it again by selecting the fragrance I wanted. Very happy to see Pour Homme in the drop down list. Oct 11, 2012
Karen W: Excellent in preventing dry skin. Very favorite scent in liquid cleansers. Oct 6, 2012
John E: used it before Oct 6, 2012
John E: used it before Oct 6, 2012
Jonathan Z: I've been using this product for more than 20 years.

Now my wife does too.
Oct 6, 2012
Erin U: amazing scent; perfect for both bubble baths and shower gel. Makes me happy every time I use it. Oct 2, 2012
Gabriel N: Long time user. It's great! Oct 1, 2012
Sharon W: I like it! Oct 1, 2012
Adam D: Nice light scent. Sep 27, 2012
Francisco P: it is refreshing Sep 24, 2012
Nedra B: I received this as a gift and it is my favoriate scent. Sep 24, 2012
Tina K: Have loved this cleanser and scent for years. Sep 24, 2012
paula g: it smells really good Sep 24, 2012
Justin N: Smells great in the morning Sep 24, 2012
Joseph G: because I am super dirty Sep 24, 2012
Joseph G: because I am super dirty Sep 24, 2012
edith s: always used Sep 24, 2012
Judith K: i love the grapefruit - it is my favorit. i am looking forward to trying the lavender. Sep 24, 2012
Kim K: My favorite. Can't get enough Sep 23, 2012
Gail T: Love this stuff-great fragarance in cool weather Sep 23, 2012
David D: a fresh clean wash, although really want por homme back! Sep 23, 2012
Patrick C: Used it at Club Equinox and loved it for its scent and simple ingredients Sep 22, 2012
Louise M: I have tried other scents of the liquid body cleansers and I have really liked them. I have not tried this scent yet; I thought I would give it a try. Sep 22, 2012
Deborah F: I love the way it smells Sep 22, 2012
Robin F: This stuff is just the best shower liquid there is! And the coriander is my favorite scent ever. Sep 22, 2012
Amanda N: love the smell Sep 21, 2012
Ursetti G: want to try it Sep 20, 2012
Gary B: Love the fresh smell Sep 19, 2012
Michael P: because the choices are limited for the liquid body cleansers (no more tea tree ) Sep 19, 2012
william h: Great product! Sep 19, 2012
timothy g: purchased the grapefruit before, trying this one... Sep 19, 2012
jane a: wanted to try Sep 18, 2012
Kuniko F: same here Sep 18, 2012
anne w: Was interested in having my husband try this product. Sep 18, 2012
Susan E: I love this product. It always makes me feel clean and fresh, never dries my skin and the clean, light fragance stays with me all day. Sep 18, 2012
Zhengyi L: This is one of my favorite shower gels. Actually I love the scent of gardenia the most, however now it only has grapefruit, as I don't like coriandor Sep 16, 2012
Christine S: love coriander Sep 13, 2012
Janet K: A favorite in my master bath for all users Sep 12, 2012
Josephine C: I use it all the time. Sep 11, 2012
Josephine C: I use it almost daily, I just like it. Sep 11, 2012
Linda E: my son likes this product Sep 11, 2012
Don H: Nice clean, light scent; not over-sudsy Sep 9, 2012
Sam C: smells good, cleans well Sep 3, 2012
Kathleen D: I have used this product before and the grapefruit scent is wonderful. Mild, yet very refreshing and invigorating. I must have it in my shower. Sep 1, 2012
Stephanie D: I am on my third bottle! A light cleanser that really does the job! I hope they never discontinue Coriander!!!! Sep 1, 2012
Melissa P: Love the fragrance Aug 31, 2012
MarieBeth A: Love this product. Use it regular. Aug 31, 2012
Dr Peter E S: I like the scent Aug 29, 2012
Joy A: Love, Love, Love, this cleanser, can't use anything else. Aug 27, 2012
marc d: I have used it for a while. Great aroma, amply cleansing. Aug 26, 2012
ALLYSON Y: tried and true Aug 26, 2012
Pamela M: I like the simple scent of this body wash. Aug 24, 2012
Patricia F: My boyfriend really likes this product. He has oil skin and it works to help his skin with break outs. Aug 24, 2012
Matt W: Scent was intriguing. Used Kiehl's body wash a long time ago, since I'm reordering the lip balm figured I'd give this a go. Aug 22, 2012
Renee G: Smells so refreshing, product goes a long way. Can't beat it! Aug 22, 2012
Amy M: My skin feels soft and clean after this body wash, and it smells wonderful. Quality can't be beat. Aug 18, 2012
Kelly M: Love the smell Aug 13, 2012
karen c: Used this for years, love the fragrance! Aug 12, 2012
Linda D: My daughters favorite. Aug 11, 2012
joan b: i love the subtle odor and the gentleness of this body cleanser. Aug 11, 2012
Jean B: Great for shower and bath - nice smell Aug 9, 2012
Jeanne C: love the fresh, light scent and foaming lather. Aug 8, 2012
vicki m: i read the reviews of this item and I am using it for the first time. I am looking forward to it. Aug 6, 2012
Pam S: we have used this cleanser for years and love it Aug 4, 2012
Susan P: This is a birthday gift for my sister-in-law, who found these products at a B&B in Santa Barbara and fell in love with them. Aug 3, 2012
Melanie S: Used before and liked the smell Aug 2, 2012
Carmen I: Like it very much. Using it regularly. Aug 2, 2012
Connie M: I have used the body cleanser for years....I use nothing else because it never leaves me dry & itchy.....only clean & soft! Aug 2, 2012
Mark S: I Like it! Aug 1, 2012
Pete Z: Larger size. Enjoy most scents, but the cost/value ratio of the smaller sizes is not worth it. The new scents fig/sage etc - way too spendy Jul 31, 2012
Pete Z: Larger size. Enjoy most scents, but the cost/value ratio of the smaller sizes is not worth it. The new scents fig/sage etc - way too spendy Jul 31, 2012
Michael Z: The scent is clean and fresh just as your skin feels. Jul 30, 2012
Michael Z: It is a refreshing body wash that doesn't leave a residue. Jul 30, 2012
Sasha B: love the way it feels and smells Jul 26, 2012
Sasha B: it's the best Jul 26, 2012
M Joan P: Because I love it. It does not dry my skin. I've been using it for years. Thanks! Jul 24, 2012
Nancy W: I love this product - the grapefruit is a delicate aroma, not overpowering at all, and very easy to use Jul 24, 2012
Shanna L R: my 20 yr old son likes it Jul 23, 2012
Robin D: I love the smell, especially in summer Jul 20, 2012
peter r: great daily body wash in grapefruit. Jul 18, 2012
Debra B: I aways use a body cleanser when showering,and since I am trying the body lotion, I thought I would try the body wash as well.
Bath & Body washes make your skin feel so soft, and smell wonderful. You come out of the shower feeling so feminine.
Jul 13, 2012
Dottie S: Gift for a special friend. I love it. Jul 12, 2012
Dottie S: Have some and love it. Gift to a special friend. Jul 12, 2012
Susan B: Thought I would try the grapefruit scent - maybe it would perk me up in the morning. Jul 12, 2012
marc d: Terrific scent. Jul 9, 2012
NANCY D: i use it everyday & love it ! Jul 9, 2012
Gail T: always use Kiehl's liquid body cleanser, just change scent with the season! Jul 6, 2012
ALVIN S: Been using for many years. Love it, and have no desire to even try something else. Jul 4, 2012
Katherine S: A friend recommended this product to me several years ago. I've been using ever since. If I'm on a trip and don't have it, I miss it.The different fragrances are all refreshing. However I miss "mango" scent and wish it would return in the larger bottle. Jul 2, 2012
Susan G: My husband uses the men's pour homme.
He feels he feels clean, not sticky as if you used a bar of soap
Jul 2, 2012
Susan G: coriander for myself, smells fresh, and the body cleanser makes me feel cle Jul 2, 2012
lisa s: best there is. no filmy resident, smells great, feels fresh and cleans! Jul 1, 2012
Molly F: Wish you still did cucumber scent, but this is second favorite Jun 29, 2012
Lawrence W: Have used these liquid body cleansers for nearly 20 years. They do not leave any residue on my skin (or on the tile in my shower). One feels smooth and smells subtly fragrant after use. Jun 28, 2012
Michelle M: LOVE IT! Jun 28, 2012
Nancy Y: neighbor swears by it Jun 27, 2012
Bonnie P: Used it for years. Smell is not flowery or fruity. Great smell for man and women. Quality of soap is also great. Jun 26, 2012
Loretta M: for the scent Jun 25, 2012
Jimmy B: i like the way it makes my skin feel and i like the fragrance. Jun 25, 2012
Thomas N: My wife uses it. She likes it. Jun 24, 2012
Gary C: same as above Jun 22, 2012
Alice F: fresh citric fragrance, yet gentle on sensitive skin Jun 22, 2012
William E: Always looking for new soaps. Trusting that the scent will be great! Jun 20, 2012
Kasha W: Favorite! Jun 20, 2012
Daniel S: The smell is invigorating in the shower and really light afterwards. You feel so clean and renewed. Jun 17, 2012
John C. D: Excellent Product my sister first introduced me to this body wash, Thank you ! Jun 16, 2012
Louise A: Pleased with the lather and the fragrance, Jun 13, 2012
Sumie Y: Because My skin have been itching since last winter. Jun 13, 2012
Cynthia M: Wonderful scent Jun 11, 2012
CYNTHIA S: Ilove this cleanser. Although my favorite scent, mango, has been discontinued. The grapefruit is light, and a very faint scent, not overpowering. Jun 9, 2012
Frank B: been using this for years Jun 8, 2012
Madge R: Never tried this before, but I love Kiehls products so I know I'll love it! Jun 8, 2012
Claire N: The fabulous scent, non-drying, cleansing formula. I love this stuff! Jun 7, 2012
Mary Bruce R: I love the scent of grapefruit. I thought I'd give this a try... Jun 7, 2012
Tracy T: Great for the skin. Researched grapefruit extract and it removes dirt from skin and adds extracts to condition. Great product. Jun 7, 2012
Corrin E: Smells good (not flowery or musky), feels nice on my face. Jun 7, 2012
Connie M: Your body cleansers is the only product I have bathed with for years. It never dries my skin or makes me itchy. I love it. Jun 7, 2012
Gary C: same Jun 6, 2012
robin l: long time user Jun 4, 2012
Ardith H: Wanted daughter to try your product. Jun 1, 2012
Loraine V: My husband loves this product and uses it all the time at the gym. May 31, 2012
carissa f: my sister used to work at a hotel that carried this line of soaps and she would send me little samples of it. it has a very sweet nastalgic smell. i love it! May 30, 2012
Amanda S: We love this scent. May 28, 2012
Rebecca A: I love this Corriander bath wash, so refreshing May 24, 2012
May 24, 2012
Margaret R: used before May 22, 2012
amy k: Its in Pour Homme, my favorite fragrance! May 22, 2012
Dave J: Just thought I would try it out. May 21, 2012
Carolyn E: I have very sensitive skin and I used this product before and I liked
the results.
May 20, 2012
Carol C: I like trying new body cleansers May 19, 2012
Anne K: I have had good experiences with other Kiehl's products -- currently need body wash for shower that does not irritate or dry skin May 19, 2012
Joseph S: Great subtle scent, gentle on the skin...I've been using this for over 15 years. May 18, 2012
Jeremy N: My usual Shower gel! May 17, 2012
Leslie K: I highly recommend this as a solution to acne on shoulders and back for teenage skin. May 17, 2012
Nerissa N: I've been using this for over 20 years and I still love the Coriander scent. It is my favorite shower gel of all time. May 16, 2012
SUSAN S: Love this cleanser and it lasts forever. May 16, 2012
Neil N: Use every day! May 15, 2012
Lynn G: Love the scent and clean feel. Have used this for over 20 years. May 14, 2012
Ursula L: Have loved this product since I tried my first sample many, many years ago. May 14, 2012
eileen m: I'm looking for a bath product that has a nice fragrance. I'm tired of the products I've been using. Kiehl's has a good reputation. May 14, 2012
Nadja P: I love the invigorating smell of the coriander fragrance! May 14, 2012
Sandor T: I tried it and liked it. Smells great. Only con is that I have to use too much of it to make a lather even if using a sponge or shower towelette. May 14, 2012
Louis R: I include this with my body scrub soap. It leaves a very subtle fragrance after your shower. May 10, 2012
Donald R: used it before May 8, 2012
Dianne G: Sounded too good to miss. May 7, 2012
SUZANNE M: Sounded nice, love it May 5, 2012
Heather C: Ditto. May 1, 2012
Jerome F: I purchased it for myself in NY and thought my mother would like it. May 1, 2012
Christine G: love all the bath and shower body cleansers Apr 30, 2012
Melissa L: Smells great and softens skin. Love this stuff. Wish they made more scents available in larger sizes. Apr 27, 2012
NANCY F: Love this, my daughter gave me some for Christmas and I love it! Used it all. Apr 26, 2012
Casey R: I currently use / LOVE the grapefruit shower very fresh! Apr 26, 2012
Sam U: i have been using it and like it. Apr 25, 2012
Lesa G: Love the Body Cleanser. It leaves me feeling fresh and clean. Apr 25, 2012
Suzanne N: grapefruit fragrance Apr 24, 2012
Theresa B: Love the fragrance Apr 23, 2012
Renee G: The grapefruit scent is so clean smelling, and the liquid cleanser goes a long way. Love it! Apr 22, 2012
Declan C: A great fresh scent. Apr 22, 2012
Rachel A: great scent, feels very clean and soft to skin Apr 19, 2012
Kenneth A. R: love the foaming, fragrance and cleansing. Apr 16, 2012
Joe D: Smells nice, leaves skin smooth. Apr 16, 2012
Gil M: great, clean smell Apr 15, 2012
Shaunda G: Out of current body cleanser would like to try this brand Apr 15, 2012
Keith S: The scent is delightful. Apr 15, 2012
Jean K: frequent house guest likes it Apr 15, 2012
FE R: I love your liquid body cleanser. makes my skin soft & smooth. No dry . Love the rose & rain fragnace w/c not in productions . Apr 14, 2012
Kate H: gentle and relaxing Apr 13, 2012
Susan N: Love this a a morning shower wake me up...then Lavender at night. Apr 12, 2012
A.G. L: light and wonderful fragrance -- all the Kiehl's cleaners are greatâ?¦.. Apr 11, 2012
Gerrilyn A: The fragrance and texture is wonderful. I love taking a bath using this product. Apr 10, 2012
virginia c: used coriandar wanted to try this one too Apr 9, 2012
virginia c: have used before and loved it Apr 9, 2012
virginia c: like this leaves body mosturized and smooth Apr 9, 2012
Daniel P: the scent is incredible. Apr 8, 2012
Jane Grey H: Great product. Feel clean , not greasy or drying. Apr 6, 2012
Carmen I: Use this Body Cleanser before but in different
aroma. Trying this to see if I like it as much.
Apr 3, 2012
MARY L: sounded like something I would like for summer Apr 2, 2012
Anthony P: Because I love my gf.... Apr 2, 2012
Katherine S: I originally purchased this body wash because of the mango fragrance. But, over time have tried different fragrances. I like the consistence of the liquid -- not too thin and not too thick. It lathers nicely. Haven't found a wash that I like better than this one. Apr 1, 2012
Susan G: My husband is hooked on the shower cleanser, he does not feel irritated as he would with regular bar soap Mar 31, 2012
James G: for jacuzzi Mar 31, 2012
Francine H: I've been using it for years and like how it makes my skin feel. Mar 29, 2012
Jerry M H: Reminds me of barber shops of my youth. Mar 28, 2012
Jerry M H: A "grown-up" scent. You know its there, but its not cloying. Mar 28, 2012
June G: This is a fresh scent in which my family feels clean after shower with this product. Mar 27, 2012
Elizabeth H: I have been using the Liquid Body Cleanser for five-plus years and I like its feel - silky and and gentle, not greasy or filmy; doesn't sting or feel harsh; the scent is very subtle, so you don't reek afterward; it leaves the skin feeling clean and fresh. It's an excellent product. There used to be more fragrances - I liked eucalyptus, rose, and gardenia - but they are no longer available. Mar 26, 2012
Yi-Chen W: I like this fragrant. Mar 26, 2012
Brent C: I chose this because I have not gone wrong with any of my Khiel's purchases. this will be my first try. I am sure it will satisfy! Mar 25, 2012
Claudia O: absolutely love it! Esp the scent Mar 24, 2012
carla k: have been using it. wish you continued the other scents Mar 23, 2012
Sharon A asked: What happened to the scent free body washes that Kiehl's used to sell? It's was a wonderful product for those of us allergic to scents. Apr 23, 2013
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A shopper asked: Do you have any plans to offer the pour homme in the larger size? It's a great scent - the best body wash for men - but the smaller size is just not good value for money. Jun 27, 2014
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A shopper asked: I used Kiehl's products at least 25 years ago when I lived in Italy and have to stock up whenever I come to New York because it's the only one have a good quality products (isn't the concept and the packaging said it all the focus of quality than all the rest liked almost all the rest of the brands?) with "CLEAN" scent.

Not everybody wants smell liked a flower or fruit or mud or.....! I was not the only one too.

Now that all those clean scent products are disappearing during these years and I lived in New York last 13 years. To be honest I do not remember exactly what I bought but I always managed to find the clean scent product but it gets more and more difficult.

The last one you guy took out was the "cucumber" (smells so clean and fresh) and I was told recently that you guy may take out the Sport Daily Shampoo? Please don't.

Please do not walk away from the DNA. It will be a pity.

I had been hesitating to write this email as you guys may not even care,


Jan 1, 2013
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Xenia B asked: where can i purchase the gardenia shower and body cleanser?? May 14, 2012
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Kiehl's AStaff: Hi Xenia, The Gardenia Cleanser has been discontinued. So sorry you’re disappointed, we understand how frustrating it is to no longer be able to get something that you have enjoyed using. As an alternative we recommend our Coriander Body Cleanser,default,pd.html?start=1&cgid=body-cleansers-scrubs or our new Aromatic Blends line which launches this summer! May 17, 2012
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Marion C: Kiehl's has recently discontinued some of their bath and shower products so the gardenia shower and body cleanser may no longer be available. I was very disappointed to learn that they are no longer selling the glycerin and rose water bath and shower cleanser. May 15, 2012
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Tucker B: I buy this at Nordstrom or I shop on line at the Keihls virtual store. Free shipping at some dollar level so stock up. May 14, 2012
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Anita E: I love the grapefruit scent but have never purchased or know where to purchase the gardenia scent. May 14, 2012
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Earl M: Gardenia is okay for females while Coriander is a better choice for males May 14, 2012
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A shopper asked: does this come in a pump bottle? May 10, 2013
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Kathryn H: No, it is not a pump bottle. It is a squeeze bottle. The coriander bath and shower liquid body cleanser is a favorite. May 10, 2013
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Paula S: No, but it is very easy to pour-just squeeze the bottle! May 10, 2013
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Ellen P B: No. Why not? May 11, 2013
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Earl M: no. May 12, 2013
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sally m asked: Can this be used by a male? Want to give as a gift. Dec 6, 2012
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Mary Hanna F: Absolutely. However I believe there is a "Forest Rain" scent that men really love too. These are the best liquid body cleansers ON THE MARKET. Hope this helps. : ) Dec 6, 2012
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sally m: i was referring to the lavender scent- thanks? Dec 6, 2012
Mary Hanna F: oh sorry. never tried that one. but there actually used to be one I believe it was called "pour homme"...haven't purchased in a while. The question popped up showing "Coriander"...hope this helps.
Let me just finish with, I have never been disappointed with ANY of the scents and my husband used to also use "my" soaps in the bath. Regards, Dec 6, 2012
Carmine N: Yes, I'm a male and use these cleansers all of the time. Dec 6, 2012
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sally m: I was referring to the lavender scent? Dec 6, 2012
sally m: hi carmine, I never heard back from you- I was thinking the lavender for a male? Thoughts? Just don't like the other scents. Dec 6, 2012
elizabeth b: depending on the fragrance, I don't see why not. Dec 6, 2012
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sally m: the fraagrance I am asking about is lavender...thoughts? Too feminine? Dec 6, 2012
elizabeth b: I would go with something like coriander instead. Dec 6, 2012
Katrina F: Yes, definitely. Great scent for anyone. Dec 6, 2012
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Lynn N asked: Is this 8oz the only size? I usually get larger size. Feb 24, 2014
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Ben W: Customer Service should've answered this question for you. Anywho, the larger bottle is available. Go to the item, click on the down arrow beside the 8.0 Oz size and the 16.0 Oz size is there as a choice. Feb 24, 2014
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Lynn N: Thanks, Ben. Missed it. Will order larger size next time. Feb 25, 2014
Renee G: We always get the larger size. If you take a lot of showers, you definitely need the larger size! Feb 24, 2014
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Lynn N: I could not find the larger size on line. I ordered the smaller size. Will look for it next time. Thanks, Renee. Feb 25, 2014
Ellen P B: 16.9 oz Feb 24, 2014
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A shopper asked: i have the same question. where can i purchase the gardenia shower and body cleanser?? and also the lotion?? thank you!! Apr 9, 2012
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Stephanie T: I purchased it at the Freehold Mall in Nordstroms. It seems that they used to have MANY more scents available Apr 23, 2012
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Mary M P asked: My daughter sent me some Gardenia shower and body cleanser , which she purchased in New Orleans at Saks. I used it all up and I would like to find more but I can't find it on your site. Where can I purchase Gardenia? Mar 26, 2012
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Sarah Beth L: I have found it at Saks (at least here in NY) and at the occassional Lord & Taylor location. Good Luck! Mar 26, 2012
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Product Babbles asked: How often should this product be used? Is it safe for use on children's as well? Pls help. Sep 22, 2014
Bath and Shower Liquid Body Cleanser
Bath and Shower Liquid Body Cleanser
Facial Fuel Energizing Face Wash
Facial Fuel Energizing Face Wash
Facial Fuel
Facial Fuel
Eye Alert
Eye Alert
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M Joan P asked: I just ordered the two (2) vanilla & cedar wood cleanser thinking it was the shower and bath soap. My order number is KLS_01988303. I would like to cancel one of those bottles and order the grapefruit shower and bath body soaps. Can you help me?

Thank you.
Jan 17, 2014
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A shopper asked: Can the "Pour Homme" scent be bought in the stores? Specifically in the Topanga Store or the Thousand Oaks store? Thanks! Sep 5, 2012
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A shopper asked: I was in the San Francisco Airport today and stopped by your airport shop. I want to buy a shower and body cleanser containing patchouli. Where is it on the site?
Jun 20, 2012
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A shopper asked: I am trying to get a couple of jars of Keils #1 lip balm. I cannot seem to order it. Do you have it? Jun 17, 2012
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Kun W asked: The lavender 16.9 fl. oz. bottle is always out of stock. Could you email me once it's available on line? Thanks. May 20, 2012
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