Ultra Facial Oil-Free Lotion

A lightweight, non-greasy moisturizing face lotion
  • Retains essential moisture in skin for a healthier, rebalanced skin barrier
  • Formulated with Imperata Cylindrica Root Extract, Antarcticine and Vitamin E to help keep skin fresh and healthier looking all day
  • Oil–free, paraben–free, fragrance–free, colorant–free
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"This lotion perfectly hydrates my skin without making it shiny or leaving a greasy residue."

Diana, Kiehl’s Insider

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How to Apply:
-Apply to cleansed and toned facial skin day and night as needed avoiding the immediate eye area

Ultra Facial Oil-Free Lotion
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Kiehl's Since 1851 Store asked: Why did you choose this?
Myoung k: light and gentle for daytime use Sep 14, 2014
Julia A: The best facial lotion out there. I've tried so many high end brands, including La Mer, and this trumps all of them. Sep 14, 2014
Ying L: recommended Sep 1, 2014
Martha B: I have oily & dry skin with sensitivity to many products; the reviews helped me to think this product would work for me. Aug 31, 2014
Judi P: I love this oil free lotion. I have an oily complexion and this is the only oil-free lotion I have found that doesn't make my face feel and look oily! My kids all use it now too! Aug 31, 2014
yusupha j: first time buyer Aug 28, 2014
Yueming T: perfect product makes my skin clean and without shining... Aug 27, 2014
Queen P: I saw it on The Steve Harvey Show and wanted to try it for my husband because his skin always looks so nice! Aug 22, 2014
Bobbie H: DON'T WANT TO DO SURVEY Aug 21, 2014
Carl T: I was watching the Steve Harvey Show and swears by these items and the company. So I decided to try it for myself to see if he's right. Aug 19, 2014
Antonnique D: I purchased this for my husband after Steve Harvey recommended this product on his talk show. Aug 19, 2014
Don A: This product was recommended to me. Aug 19, 2014
Maurice M: saw on Steve harvey show" Aug 19, 2014
Arline M: The product was recommended by a friend. Aug 19, 2014
Brenda J: Steve Harvey show Aug 18, 2014
Nathaniel B: Recommendation Aug 18, 2014
derrick s: needed Aug 18, 2014
Calvin M: I saw it on the Steve Harvey Show Aug 18, 2014
Jane Z: want to try to see if it works in summer time. Aug 10, 2014
Yalin L: Lots of friends recommend this to me. Aug 9, 2014
Matt W: Love the ultra oil-free line - great skin benefits without any risk of breakouts Aug 4, 2014
Allison S: I am looking for paraben-free alternatives to Cerave products. I need a lotion that is non-comedogenic. Jul 30, 2014
Ray H: I tried it last time and love it! Jul 24, 2014
CHRISTINA C: sodium pca unavailable Jul 16, 2014
TEAYOUN K: for my skin's nutrition Jul 14, 2014
Stephanie P: recommended by kiehl's employee a few months ago, love it and need more Jul 9, 2014
Lisa H: it was referred to me Jul 9, 2014
jorge m: I wanted a larger size of oil free moisturizer. I like the gel moisturizer but you get more for your money with the lotion so I thought I'd try this. Normally I use the gel oil free moisturizer or the sodium PCA but the sodium PCA oil free moisturizer is out of stock online. This order is for my wife. Jul 6, 2014
michelle L: try it Jun 27, 2014
Joseph B: i've used it for a long time. love it. Jun 26, 2014
Anthony A: It is a great everyday lotion that does not make your skin oily. It is just pure moisturizing making my skin feel healthy. Jun 25, 2014
Kathryn I: Looking for a high quality oil free lotion Jun 23, 2014
BONNIE L: oily skin Jun 17, 2014
Candy M: Use in conjunction with oil free ultra cleanser, keeps blemishes and oil at bay. This is light, non greasy, smooths in immediately. Jun 17, 2014
BETTY C: as a gift based on recommendation Jun 9, 2014
Justina K: Need something that's less oily May 26, 2014
Tammy B: I needed an oil-free lotion for my husband since men have oiler skin. May 26, 2014
Devon A: It is a hydrating, non-greasy moisturizer, perfect for acne-prone skin. It's a grown up skin product. May 24, 2014
Yang-Eun K: Wanted to find out if it would be better for summer time. May 23, 2014
Anni S: My go to Sodium PCA moisturizer is out of stock. Thought I'd give this one a chance. May 20, 2014
Zhen l: before i used uktra facial cream, now summer .I want to change May 19, 2014
Clara K: I used this one before May 19, 2014
Angela S: Steve Harvey recommend it. May 19, 2014
Amber R: As the weather gets warmer this is the perfect moisturizer that balances between keeping skin hydrated and never getting greasy. May 18, 2014
Prasong O: For people with oily skin May 18, 2014
Nicole T: Recommended by Steve Harvey May 18, 2014
wenrui w: I love this one! May 18, 2014
Lu H: just to try how hydrate it can. May 16, 2014
Kait Z: Recommendation May 15, 2014
Gao J: Gift for my girl friend. May 15, 2014
Vivian W: I wanted to try it. May 15, 2014
Sarah K: First time trying keihls product. Needed something oil free since during the summer i have more oily skin May 15, 2014
Deione N: It was recommended by Steve Harvey; so I bought it for my husband. May 15, 2014
Anna Y: I have been using this & I am in love! May 8, 2014
Jonathan H: This is a good, clean, quality mosturizer that doesn't leave my skin too oily or shiny. My skin feels just right when I wear this. May 2, 2014
Hannah P: I have very sensitive, oily skin, also prone to break out. This product is the best I have found for both. Apr 16, 2014
Beth H: used in past and it's a good all around facial lotion that's not too oily or clog up my skin and can be good year around Apr 9, 2014
kenneth r: i want to try it out, my face is always oily Apr 8, 2014
Kaitlyn K: Herpes Apr 7, 2014
Pamela D: Saw it on Steve Harvey Apr 6, 2014
Mr. Walter W: "Saw it on Steve Harvey show as his regimen" Apr 5, 2014
Jamie H: I was part of an acne study and this was the lotion we were given along with the acne products. I loved it! Didn't make me breakout and provided the perfect amount of moisture. Loved the way it felt on my skin. Apr 2, 2014
Jingzhou F: I have finished this little bottle of lotion and I'm buying another one. Totally a soothing product! Apr 2, 2014
Toni H: Steve Harvey recommended it so I bought it for my son Apr 1, 2014
Andrea J: replacement Mar 31, 2014
Ingrid R: Reviews, seemed like a good choice for my oily skin Mar 31, 2014
Bruce C: Recommended on Steve Harvey Show Mar 31, 2014
WALTER H: Saw it on Steve Harvey Mar 28, 2014
H Diane W: Steve Harvey said he use this product on one of his shows. Mar 28, 2014
Kimberly K: Love this moisturizer. Not heavy but moisturizes dry skin, without leaving it oily or greasy Mar 27, 2014
lashelle w: great moisture without oily shine. great for those with sensitive skin like mine. Mar 26, 2014
j h: recommended Mar 25, 2014
loretta g: because stave Harvey recommend it Mar 22, 2014
Valerie M: Wanted to see if this oil free lotion is good for people who have breakouts or pimples on skin. Mar 21, 2014
Richard G: Because I saw it on the Steve Harvey Show Mar 20, 2014
LARRY B: I heard from a friend the product was good. Mar 19, 2014
Thomas W: Saw it on Steve Harvey Show Mar 18, 2014
R E: In addition to the Facial Fuel and Ultra Facial Oil-Free Cleanser, Steve uses Ultra Facial Oil-Free Lotion to put moisture back in his skin. Mar 18, 2014
Timothy H: Steve Harvey Mar 18, 2014
Cammy D: Steve Harvey recommended Mar 17, 2014
Ruby B: Steve Harvey Show. He shared that his skin is so beautiful because of your products. Mar 17, 2014
veronica g: same has comments above Mar 17, 2014
Linda G: This item was recommend by Steve Harvey on his show and I am buying because my son is having problems with shaving bumps. So I want him to try this product out. You need to give credit to Mr. Harvey!! Mar 17, 2014
Angella C: Saw it on the Steve Harvey show! Mar 17, 2014
Lakel S: Steve Harvey show Mar 17, 2014
April R: Saw it on the Steve Harvey show Mar 17, 2014
Tokunbo T: oil free Mar 13, 2014
Leah H: love this lotion, just the right balance for my skin which is a mix of oily and dry. Mar 8, 2014
Nadeen B: I've used this before and it's the only thing that keeps my skin tone even and balanced. Mar 8, 2014
Audrey K: I wanted to try it and the price was manageable. I have combination skin Mar 5, 2014
Aryadne M: I've used it before and it made my skin better and healthier-looking. Mar 4, 2014
Elizabeth H: For husband Mar 3, 2014
Xiuwen L: because its oil free and i love it Mar 3, 2014
Shannon N: I like how my skin feels and the oil is controlled. Mar 2, 2014
Hee Sun O: Because I live in humid place and my skin is oily. Feb 28, 2014
Steve M: moisturizes without causing breakouts Feb 27, 2014
Marissa P: It accompanies the facial cleanser and toner that I already use. Feb 21, 2014
Joanne L: control acne Feb 20, 2014
Yuehua F: Because I am seeking an cream that is suitable for oily face. Feb 18, 2014
Tony L: I have sensitive dry oily skin and heard this works well. Feb 8, 2014
Tayler B: I've used this facial moisturizer in the past and nothing has topped it since! Jan 27, 2014
donte f: I love this facial lotion. It's hydrating and not oily. It's also Perfect for naturally oily skin. It locks in the shine and exposes a healthy look. I highly recommend. Jan 26, 2014
Whitney R: It is a great moisturizer! Jan 19, 2014
Matthias Z: looked for an oil-free lotion to prevent sweating after applying a lotion Jan 10, 2014
Jessica L: So it won't clog pores Jan 8, 2014
Yafeng J: sounds good Dec 30, 2013
Yu-Fu C: good Dec 22, 2013
Heidi T: Very light does not feel heavy on your face Dec 19, 2013
Elaine D: This is for my daughter who has oily skin. Dec 19, 2013
Hyo L: It goes well with Kiehle's oil-free sunscreen and makes my face less shiny. It works better for me even compared with Kiehl's other oil-free moisturizer. Dec 19, 2013
Evangelina W: husband Dec 18, 2013
anthony a: i actually prefer the Facial Fuel moisturizer but it has an oil-base and I have oily skin. this product works for me Dec 17, 2013
SL B: gift for my stepdaughter Dec 17, 2013
Marci K: Have been using it and it works well Dec 17, 2013
Cameron S: Used before and like it Dec 15, 2013
Patricia R: My daughter requested Dec 12, 2013
Timothy S: good product Dec 11, 2013
CAROLYN R: Oil free, nice to try it out Dec 8, 2013
Wanda E: Daughter doesn't like oil in facial products Dec 6, 2013
Sunni L: I use this lotion and love it. I feel hydrated, but it's not heavy. Dec 5, 2013
Allison S: Recommended by a close friend!!! Dec 5, 2013
Jocelyn C: I used it before and like it Dec 4, 2013
Vivian K: used this before, love it Dec 4, 2013
Hannah S: Moisturizes oily skin well. Dec 4, 2013
Gena C: great for my acne prone and sensitive skin - provides hydration without looking greasy Dec 4, 2013
Paula z: bought as gift for my daughter. Dec 4, 2013
Ashlie D: mom's yearly pick Dec 3, 2013
Katherine S: Husband uses this after shaving and it reduces bumps and adds menthol! Dec 3, 2013
Peter G: To try for first time. Dec 3, 2013
April T: Wanted tinted moisturizer but don't offer it any more Dec 2, 2013
Janis L: This lotion is my fav! Light, non greasy and I have ache prone skin... this is an amazing moisturizer but lightweight. It is perfect for those with oily skin and acne prone skin! It doesn't clog your pores! Dec 2, 2013
Richard M: travel size Dec 2, 2013
Yan Xing G: I did not use it before, want to try them, if it benefit my skin, I will support Kiehl`s produce Dec 2, 2013
Brooks J: I like the color Dec 2, 2013
Claudia B: Best lotion ever! have purchased before and have not changed since I first tried it. Dec 1, 2013
Margaret W: I like it. Dec 1, 2013
Jason R: This exceptional moisturizer goes on cleanly without feeling greasy. It is easily absorbed and has a matte finish. Dec 1, 2013
David C F: oil free Dec 1, 2013
Kris R: my daughter's favorite Nov 30, 2013
Thaweejit W: great Nov 30, 2013
Jingfei Z: no oil Nov 29, 2013
Peter P: Because i have very delicate skin and wanted to see if this would work as well as the oil-free cleanser Nov 29, 2013
Jieun P: Always had trouble with oily skin, but with this lotion my face feels so clean and hydrated. However, because of its light texture I feel a little dry during the winter, so I use Ultra Facial Cream interchangeably. Still it's a great product! Definitely recommend to those who have oily skins, it will control your oil-level! Nov 29, 2013
Fang R: my skin is oil, it match me Nov 29, 2013
Regina J: I tried a friends lotion and loved how it felt on my face Nov 27, 2013
Travis K: Perfect for oily skin! Nov 26, 2013
zoeyingyi z: i love this smells fresh Nov 25, 2013
SHUQI Y: wonderful Nov 25, 2013
Emily F: Awesome for my skin type! Nov 25, 2013
Kolby D: Want to try something new. Love this facial fuel but it makes my face shiny. Nov 25, 2013
Yufeng L: my friend suggest me to use it Nov 24, 2013
Margherita H: it's a very nice, lighweight, non-oily moisturizer for my face. i even use it at night Nov 22, 2013
shixiao x: oil free Nov 21, 2013
Arrita M: Favorite moisturizer Nov 21, 2013
chenyi D: A Nov 18, 2013
CHRISTINA L: the other one i brought is almost finish Nov 18, 2013
Jessica D: The Ultra Facial Lotion may be breaking me out? So I wanted to try the oil-free. Nov 17, 2013
Estelle P: no Nov 17, 2013
YING J: friend Nov 16, 2013
Yameng Z: oil free Nov 16, 2013
Patricia B: want to try Nov 15, 2013
Yiran C: perfect for skin! Nov 14, 2013
yi l: i think it is o.k for my oilly skin Nov 13, 2013
Ying Y: refer to the review Nov 13, 2013
Elsie Z: looked for oi-free moisturizer that was truly lightweight - this worked very well Nov 10, 2013
Lauren R: The product is oil free, paraben free, fragrance free. Nov 7, 2013
Liliana U: I have oily skin and want to try a moisturizer that will keep my skin hydrated but not oily Nov 6, 2013
Brittany S: The oil-free lotion is great for all-day moisturizing but doesn't add a heavy layer to my skin. Nov 6, 2013
Guangyu Y: recommended Oct 27, 2013
Dianne G: acne prone skin Oct 26, 2013
Samantha G: Recommendation Oct 21, 2013
Ivy T: this is really amazing. Oct 19, 2013
karen l: husband wants to try something without the chilly feeling of facial fuel Oct 19, 2013
Weijia G: My face has too much oil. I hope it will help. Oct 16, 2013
Patrick P: Oil free sounds nice. if I like it I could probably use and SPF version for summer time. Oct 13, 2013
Eunice M: I've used the regular Ultra Facial Moisturizer for 15 years, but I needed something ultra light for those humid, summer days (I live in DC where the humidity can be brutal). This works just as well as the original product, but doesn't melt off when I start sweating in the morning. Oct 12, 2013
Erica V: i have an oily T-Zone and have been looking for an OIL FREE lotion. Although I have never tried this I appreciated the reviews written by others. It helped me make my decision in purchasing it. Oct 11, 2013
Claudia F: love it Oct 11, 2013
TODD W: Moisturizes with no shine. I prefer this over Kiehl's other oil free moisturizers Oct 7, 2013
Seungyeon C: I used it before. Sep 30, 2013
Lori K: Normally use the Ultra Facial Lotion, but decided to try the oil-free lotion and love it. I have some monthly break outs of acne, and the Ultra Facial Oil-Free Lotion works great for me. I love it. Sep 30, 2013
Tracy G: The Ultra Facial products are leaving my skin super oily! Sep 30, 2013
Christopher J: Been using it forever and love it!! Sep 29, 2013
HUI D: good for oil skin Sep 29, 2013
Joseph N: Oil-Free Sep 28, 2013
Rachel M: I've used this product before and I love it. Sep 27, 2013
Robin E: I love this product. It is the only moisturizer that I can use. Sep 27, 2013
Rachel E: This is a great lotion for folks with oily skin, and those who don't like touching "dense" cremes, which is the case for many men, including my father, and, incidentally, of my sister. So, it works. Sep 23, 2013
Rong W: I was hesitate to choose Ultra Facial Lotion or this one. But I really want some oil-free moisture. Sep 23, 2013
ethan k: best face lotion ever Sep 20, 2013
Michael J: Because you Rock Sep 20, 2013
Heidi S: Need a light non-greasy oil free moisturizer. Read a review that the Kiehls employee advised this instead of a day/night cream to try this. Sep 18, 2013
Sloan R: Refreshing & light, perfect for warmer weather! Sep 16, 2013
Pei-Yi C: I want to try this. Sep 16, 2013
sue c: to try it Sep 13, 2013
Gretchen M: Used it before and liked it as a moisturizer that isn't heavy or greasy Sep 13, 2013
Emily P: I have been using it. Very good for oily skin Sep 9, 2013
Harriet N: want to try a product I never used Sep 4, 2013
Yiyuan Z: need it, try it on Aug 23, 2013
Jennifer F: Looking for alternative to Arbonne products Aug 22, 2013
Kenneth B: This is best moisturizer after a shave. I grab it before the men's balm (which is a bit heavy - makes my face sweat). Aug 21, 2013
SHIRLEY L: price is reasonable and its not oily at all. I have oily skin and this product does not cause my skin any breakouts. This is my 2nd bottle. I have tried so many other brands and this is the best. Aug 16, 2013
Michelle T: STILL BREAKING OUT, YUP. Aug 3, 2013
Michael F: Lighter for my oily combo skin. Great for nighttime when SPF not needed Jul 30, 2013
Tiffany W: It is the only thing I am comfortable with putting on my oily skin. Jul 28, 2013
Qiuhan W: Never used before. Just have a try Jul 21, 2013
Rod F: it works! Jul 17, 2013
Jingwei G: Great and I've been using this before. Jul 14, 2013
Meredith T: Great for a humid climate! Nourishing without feeling heavy or oily. Jul 3, 2013
Mignon N. B: This is my favorite face lotion. It keeps my skin nice and moisturized while not feeling too greasy. Jul 3, 2013
Benjamin D: Want to compare this to the Oil-free moisturizer (PCA) Jun 24, 2013
Monica J: good reviews Jun 22, 2013
Jeanne C: My go-to night moisturizer. Light enough it doesn't make me break out but moisturizing enough that it doesn't dry out my skin! Jun 18, 2013
Corliss H: Great product Jun 18, 2013
Jiwoo L: for summer regular lotion can be oily and oily skin just does not work when the weather is hot Jun 18, 2013
Phoebe K: for my teen age duaghter Jun 17, 2013
natasha t: because it doesnt feel heavy on my face. Its the perfect amount of moisture. doesnt leave my face oily Jun 17, 2013
Jacqueline K: Sounds like it will work for my oily, large pore skin. Jun 17, 2013
kyung sook k: I heard it's good Jun 17, 2013
Patrick R: This is a GREAT moisturizer for oily skin types. Jun 16, 2013
Erik L: oil free Jun 16, 2013
Yingchao W: good Jun 15, 2013
Lauren B: Not oily and refreshing Jun 14, 2013
Quentin M: It leaves my skin even and not oily lik the other moisturizers Jun 14, 2013
Sicong Z: Just give it a try Jun 14, 2013
Paula Marie R: Because it is light and with the summer coming I need something light. Jun 14, 2013
Alexander Z: so fetch! best lotion ever. Jun 14, 2013
Melissa K: I wanted to try it Jun 14, 2013
Christopher J: Works great when I remember to use the moisturizer. Jun 13, 2013
Lindsey K: Looking for a light-weight oil free moisturizer that pairs well with my makeup Jun 11, 2013
Kim V: This lotion is fantastic. It's light, makes your skin feel and look good, and it doesnt give you a shine throughout the day. Only thing that would make this product better is an SPF. Jun 11, 2013
Marguerite S: I have normal to oily skin and I live in Barcelona so with the warm weather this lotion is perfect because it nourishes the skin without a greasy feeling. Jun 10, 2013
judith z: I have combo skin and need moisture without the shiny, oily look. Jun 6, 2013
Holli D: I wanted to try the oil free version Jun 5, 2013
louise l: friends said it's good Jun 3, 2013
Joy B: reading from review and want to try it on Jun 1, 2013
Dan A: Recommended by a store employee for my type of skin in the spring. Most effective product I have ever purchased. May 27, 2013
Frank C: I have oily skin May 20, 2013
Bok-lan L: I think It,s good for my daughter May 18, 2013
Dereus S: Friend allowed me to use his. I thought it was awesome. May 13, 2013
Su Hyun L: I have oily skin May 5, 2013
Ingrid O: I have oily acne prone skin & this product leaves my face soft without an oily feel Apr 12, 2013
Lynne G: Have used this product for a couple of years Apr 7, 2013
Adela R: I tend to get very oily throughout the day and this product does wonders without drying my skin! Everyone says I look flawless. Apr 2, 2013
Matthew B: It's dat dank Apr 2, 2013
Chun-Shan Y: have been using it for over a year, really like it! Mar 28, 2013
Quenta G: I like the other Kiehl's products that I have tried so I am expanding and trying some other Kiehl's products before settling on one. Mar 25, 2013
Robert S: I have had this product in the past. It is an excellent facial moisturizer. Mar 21, 2013
Catherine S: Gift for Sister Feb 19, 2013
Howard R: I love this mosturizer.No greasy feel and great for traveling. Feb 15, 2013
Francisco P: currently using Feb 11, 2013
Jillian R: this would be better if it was SPF too Feb 11, 2013
Hana K: Moisturizing but not oily. Perfect! Feb 9, 2013
Kirk M: Good Experience. I use it for my neck and ears. Feb 7, 2013
Chelsea D: This is my favorite moisturizer ever. I have had a lot of problems with "oil free" moisturizers causing my skin to be greasy but this one makes my skin feel clean and hydrated. Jan 28, 2013
sharon l: I bought this for daughter who has skin problems. The products she uses dry her skin out terribly so I'm going to try to convince her to use this moisterizer. I used it for years when I was younger and didn't need extra oil. Jan 27, 2013
Freida B: This lotion is not greasy and it feels so luxurious when I put it on! Jan 14, 2013
Dale F: This is the only moisture that I can use that will not flare up my rosacia. Jan 11, 2013
Yuli L: I want to try a light weight, but still effective, moisturizer. My face grow small wight bumps when applying the oil-contained one. Jan 2, 2013
Kourtney M: Great everday lotion, goes on light. This lotion stays light for the day! Dec 31, 2012
Jacques G: Love the product...planning to use daily Dec 31, 2012
Inna P: I have combination skin and this lotion moisturizes without making my face feel greasy Dec 29, 2012
Nan J: Friend's recommendation. Dec 27, 2012
yijing m: because oil-free Dec 26, 2012
Stacey H: I needed a moisturizer for combination skin that is also sensitive. Dec 24, 2012
Darnell C B: I've used the Ultra Facial Cream during the winter months when I needed a little bit heavier moisturizer then the Sodium PCA. Since this says its Oil-Free, I thought I would give it a try. Dec 22, 2012
Zhe Fei l: good for my skin Dec 20, 2012
Linda M: Love this! Lightweight but hydrating. Dec 19, 2012
Anne T: I use it and love it Dec 18, 2012
Suzanne B: my daughter uses this product line Dec 8, 2012
Rebecca R: I use this lotion daily, morning and night. It leaves my skin feeling fresh and not oily while at the same time not dried out. Great daily face moisturizer. Dec 4, 2012
Barbara N: I have used the ultra facial cream in the past, but needed something oil free. Dec 2, 2012
Valerie G: The most amazing moisturizer. SO light but my skin always feels amazing. Dec 1, 2012
Danielle F: I have very oily skin and live in a humid climate. I'd love to find a moisurizer that helps to control the oil while not drying out my skin. Nov 16, 2012
Liang S: for summer use Nov 13, 2012
Rochelle P: This lotion offers great moisture without the oily feel. I have combination skin and this is lotion works best with my skin type. Nov 4, 2012
Xiaoming L: choose as daily use, make skin looks more healthy Oct 26, 2012
Rujuan X: My friend recommended the item to me. Oct 20, 2012
Nikki R: I have extremely oily skin. Sep 24, 2012
Sarah Z: This is a nice, non greasy formula that seems to do the trick! Sep 24, 2012
Natalie F: Trying out a new product! I have been looking for an oil-free daily moisturizer Sep 24, 2012
Chee Seng G: because it oil-free! Sep 24, 2012
MEE J: I have been using this lotion for a year now and I just love how it moisture for all day. Sep 23, 2012
Rui Z: just try Sep 22, 2012
Ruth Ann B: I have new lash extensions and needed oil free face products that don't cost a fortune. This fits the bill! Sep 22, 2012
Deb F: The perfect amount of moisturizing, light but effective Sep 22, 2012
Norman T: I love this product. I does not cause any breaks outs Sep 22, 2012
Erin M: LOVE this lotion - keeps me moisturized but oil-free all day. Sep 19, 2012
Eva S: good for oily skin Sep 18, 2012
Angela E: Both my husband and I have oily skin and I think this will be perfect for us. Sep 18, 2012
brian c: This really works to reduce oily shine - lasts all day long. Sep 18, 2012
HUI L: my face is oily-face. Sep 17, 2012
aurea W: I've been using this product and it works well Sep 16, 2012
warakorn t: really good Sep 16, 2012
Sheila M: My husband loves this! Moisturizers, non-greasy, no breakouts. GREAT product and value! Aug 24, 2012
mary m: thought that it would be nice for a light lotion in the mornings Aug 24, 2012
Jennifer K: I hope this keeps the oil at bay. Aug 20, 2012
Tracy K: I love this lotion. It hydrates without being too heavy for my slightly oily skin. It's the best! Aug 20, 2012
BRENDA G: it is awesome and the smell good Aug 19, 2012
ashlea s: my sister is loving it Aug 16, 2012
Michael S: the product that made me switch to kiehl's products Aug 14, 2012
Jessica L: heard good reviews! Aug 7, 2012
Shuzuan L: nice Aug 3, 2012
Kelly W: Tried sample from Kiehl's store and loved how it made my skin less oily and balanced, yet hydrated and smooth. Keeps my face from breaking out, Jul 31, 2012
Rebekah L: to compare with cliniques gel lotion Jul 30, 2012
Kristine L: got a sample and loved it - very obvious, very quick improvement in my large pores and fairly oily skin Jul 28, 2012
Scott C: need moisturizing lotion and i have oily skin Jul 22, 2012
Rachel M: I received a sample and LOVED it Jul 21, 2012
SHU-LIN S: oil skin during summer time, wanna try if this works Jul 16, 2012
Carmen B: I got a sample in store and used for a week. Love it and decided to go for the full size. Jul 15, 2012
Felicia H: As a person with oily skin, I have to be careful with a moisturizer. This one really works for me. It gives me the moisture I need but I don't have a serious oil slick within a few hours. Jul 12, 2012
Evelyn W: This is a great moisterizer which I use daily. It's great for oily skin. Jul 11, 2012
Jared R: I got it as a sample and really liked it Jul 11, 2012
Huijun Z: have a try Jul 7, 2012
JASON A: Got this as a trial and liked it. Jul 1, 2012
Kristyn P: I want to try this lotion to see if it helps moisterize my skin without giving it an oily appearance Jun 23, 2012
Karen M: This is the best oil-free moisturizing product on the market! Great cooling sensation and a little bit goes along way. Jun 7, 2012
Lindsey H: Diet requires me to have an oil free moisturizer and recommended this brand Jun 6, 2012
Amelia S: I like the oil-free feature May 28, 2012
Brianne J: This is my boyfriend's favorite face lotion. I've used it and it's very light; doesn't feel oily (obviously, it's oil free) or thick on my skin. May 26, 2012
Melanie A: tried it and loved it! May 16, 2012
Susanne H: I like an oil free moisturizer. May 10, 2012
Marjurie R: oily skin May 9, 2012
Xiaoming L: just have a try and c how it works for me Apr 29, 2012
Jennifer H: great for my combo, sensitive skin! Apr 28, 2012
Leon G: I want to try the oil-free moisturizer. Apr 15, 2012
Amit A: Trying this out for my face which is very oily. Hopefully this will be good for my skin during the summer months. Apr 9, 2012
Anne A: LOVE this product! Apr 2, 2012
Alexandra T: I wanted a moisturizer for oily skin Apr 1, 2012
Brian F: I have purchased it in the store and liked that it is light, fragrant free, non toxic, and it has a nice refreshing feeling when applied. Mar 25, 2012
Peiying S: i have used it before and it fits me well Mar 24, 2012
Hilda C asked: Hi! What are the differences between this product, Sodium PCA Oil-Free Moisturizer, Blue Herbal Moisturizer and Ultra Facial Oil-Free Gel-Cream? Since I am looking for a moisturizer for summer. My skin type is combination (t-zone is quite oily, and the two sides of my face are normal).
Thanks :')
Apr 21, 2012
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damian b: HI Hilda,
I have not tried the other products you're asking about, however I've been using the Ultra Facial Oil Free Lotion in combination with the cleanser for about 8/9 months now and I'm hooked.
In combination with the cleanser I've had no oil problems in my t-zone and I find the moisturizer absorbs quickly and lasts all day. Additionally, a small amount goes a really long way with both these products.
I have the same combination skin you described. I switched from the rare earth products to the ultra oil free products after reviewing my skin with a kiehls expert at the Bloomingdales on 5th in NYC.
I would say, purchase with confidence.
Hope this helps...
Apr 22, 2012
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Leigh M: I just recently bought the Ultra Facial Oil-Free Lotion for summer day time use. I like the thinner lotion texture for day time. It seems that my forhead that is usually oily with/wothout mouisturizing is not as oily with this lotion. I have not used the other products that you mentioned. Apr 21, 2012
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Rosanna L: I only have the ultra facial oil-free, which leaves my skin a little drier. My cheeks tend to get dry in the winter, but normal in the summer when it's more humid. This lotion generally works well for me during then, as well as the oilier t-zone ara, but not in winter. Apr 21, 2012
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Anne A: The first two products you ask about I have not used, but Ultra Facial Oil Free Lotion is fantastic... soft, creamy, enters your skin fast and doesn't sit on top waiting to be absorbed. My dermo took a sample from the bottle when I told him I was using it and if it was ok with him. He also loved the silky feet and the ingredients were apporvd by him.. I have purchased twice and will again, Apr 22, 2012
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John B asked: I really like this but I was told to put it on at night. I use the sunscreen in the morning. Is that correct? Aug 11, 2012
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Lance F: I used this product for a couple months morning and night - it started to make my face oily. I switched over to the Facial Fuel Energizing Moisture Treatment - I like this product a lot better and it also comes in a SPF version. Hope that helps. Aug 11, 2012
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Sara D: Of course you can use this at night. Morning and night actually. Since you're using the moisturizer with sunscreen during the day this is a good option for the evening. The only downside would be that you may want more moisture at night, which is when your skin is regenerating. Aug 11, 2012
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John B: What would you recommend at night and while I have you I use Cryste Marine firming eye treatment in the morning and Midnight recovery eye at night. Niether has done much for my bags and in fact I've been told only nasty surgery would work. But I keep hoping. Meanwhile I also haveCreamy Eye Treatment but I don't know when I should use it. Thanks.
John Aug 11, 2012
Ming W: Use this daily. Morning and night Aug 12, 2012
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John B: Both the sunscreen and this in the morning? Aug 12, 2012
John B: Thanks Aug 11, 2012
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Beatrice C asked: Do you think this would work for someone with a slightly oily forehead and normal skin everywhere else? Or do you think the Ultra Facial Cream would be better for me? My skin is mildly acne-prone. I'm really stuck. Thanks! Jun 15, 2012
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Rosanna L: This may be a nice product for your skin. I have a fairly oily forehead and nose (T-zone), yet very dry cheeks. The Ultra Facial Oil-Free Lotion is a nice moisturizer for my skin for use in the humid, warm summertime. The Ultra Facial Cream may be more appropriate for times when your skin is exposed to drier conditions. Since your skin may be acne-prone, consider obtaining samples of each to see which works best for you before purchasing. Good luck! Jun 15, 2012
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Leigh M: I have been using the Ultra Facial Cream as a night cream and the Ultra Facial Oil Free Lotion for day time under makeup. The cream is too creamy to wear in the day under makeup but I love how it works overnight. I like the oil free lotion for daytime because it's so light weight BUT my forehead still stays oily. Jun 15, 2012
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Jaclyn H: I have only used the Ultra Facial Oil-Free Lotion and I really like it. I have pretty oily skin, but sometimes it gets dry in some places. I feel that this works well on both areas of my skin. Overall I would say that you should try this and if it's too light then switch to the Ultra Facial Cream. Jun 15, 2012
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A shopper asked: How does this product compare to men's Facial Fuel? Aug 16, 2014
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Mack M: This is an entirely different formula. It is unscented and will not give your skin a greasy appearance either after applying or later in the day. It is really good for men with very oily skin who still need some moisturizer to soothe that burning feeling after shaving. Aug 16, 2014
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A shopper asked: I am allergic to polyquaternium ( form of formaldehyde). Is this product free of polyquaternium? May 20, 2014
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Robert N: That ingredient is not listed on the bottle. I think the lotion is excellent. May 20, 2014
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Vinh M asked: I got oil skin, havent clean them awhile so i can see blackhead on my nose. i ask kiehl they recommend use ultra facial oil free. there are four product, which one do i buy, and if i have to buy all or three. Tell me direction how to use it or the order that i should follow? Dec 30, 2012
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Vinh M: fairly oily forehead and nose (T-zone) other area is not oily i think Dec 30, 2012
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A shopper asked: I read this comment in the review section and I am experiencing the exact problem.

I purchased this to use at nights with my Blue skincare line. Oddly, when I use this after my astringent, it balls and rolls up leaving little pieces of rolled up moisturizer on my face. If I use this product, then I cannot use the astringent before it.

I recently purchased the Ultra Facial Oil Free Lotion and Blue Astringent Herbal Lotion. The lotion seems to react and leaves clumps all over. Should I exchange the toner/astringent or lotion?

Thank you,
Dec 25, 2012
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Melissa L: I would exchange the lotion. I personally have never had much luck or liked the Ultra Facial line. There are several other moisturizers that I find are better and have used others in combination with several different astringents with no issues. I personally find the Rosa Artica to be one of the best I have used and does not make my skin oily. I do have oily tendencies and have found this to be great for mornings and night. Dec 25, 2012
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A shopper asked: Where can I buy this cream other that online? Jul 26, 2012
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Kirsten S: At a kiehls store, or a department store such as Nordstrom. Jul 26, 2012
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A shopper asked: Does this product work for the summer? because i don't like oil on my t zone. i haven't found a product that gives me a matte finish all day. I used to use this bath and body product by pure and simplicity called burdock root, literally it was the best product but they discontinued it. I have been searching for an oil control lotion or anything, and i am hoping this is it. Is it okay to use another face lotion as well on top of this? because this doesn't have spf at all. i usually use neutrogena face lotion spf 45 May 15, 2012
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Rebecca K: I would say it helps, but have not yet used it through the summer. I have oily skin and this adds enough that my face stays a lot less oily and I can still stave off the wrinkles. I got it mainly because it is fragrance-free and doesn't burn on my face. I am allergic to many fragrances, and it's one of the few creams on the market I can use.

You may also want to try the Calendula toner if they still make it... especially if you are also going to use another lotion to get the spf protection.
May 18, 2012
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A shopper asked: Is the Ultra facial oilfree lotion free of silicons? Thanks Aug 20, 2014
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A shopper asked: Does this contain alcohol? Mar 4, 2014
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Sharice B asked: Does this product include glycerin? Jun 30, 2013
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Maria K asked: I woner if this lotion is mattifying? I tend to not like mattifying lotions because they usually makes my skin look dry even if I have oily skin. Looking for a not too heavy mousturising lotion that just does the job and is absorbed and doesn´t stay on my skin. Aug 9, 2012
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Shi-Ja T: Hi Maria,

I also have oily skin. I purchased a bottle of Ultra Facial Oil-Free Lotion a couple of months ago and I just bought the 2nd one recently!

It does do the job - keep my face moisture while not too much. My facial lady said that for oily-skin-type people, it could be dry inside and thus keep moisture is the key to prevent breakout.
Aug 9, 2012
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AMY D: Not at all mattifying and a little goes a long way so when you find the right amount that you need you will be very pleased.

That said you may find that this is a little thick if you want full absorption. Go to the store if you can or get a sample pack and apply just the smallest amount.
Aug 9, 2012
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Felicia H: No, I would not say this lotion is mattifying but my skin could also be oiler than yours. I definitely do not look nearly as oily as I have while using other lotions, which is a huge benefit. I use this every day and use the Ultra Facial Cream at night. Aug 9, 2012
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Leigh M: I find the Ultra Facial Oil Free Lotion to be a very thin lotion (not heavy or creamy at all) that absorbs well. It does not cause a matted look on me. The only thing I don't like about it is that it does not have any spf protection. Aug 9, 2012
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Jaclyn H: I have fairly oily skin and I feel that this moisturizing lotion does not my skin. I have been using this product for a few months and I can say that I really like it. It does moisturize while being light-weight on my skin. Aug 14, 2012
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