Tea Tree Oil Shampoo

A unique herbal-based shampoo for a deep, invigorating clean
  • Provides an astringent and invigorating effect while soothing the scalp
  • Uses mild surfactants that will not strip the scalp nor the hair
  • Contains herbal extracts including Cinchona, Ivy, as well as Lavender and Yarrow, and pro-vitamin B5 to moisturize, nurture and condition the hair
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"I love how clean and healthy my hair feels with this nourishing shampoo."

Kristin, Kiehl’s Insider

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How to Apply:
-Wet hair
-Gently massage a small amount throughout the scalp area
-Rinse with warm water
-Repeat if desired and follow with the Kiehl's Conditioner or Styling Aid of your choice
-If contact with eyes occurs, rinse eyes thoroughly with water


Cinchona is derived from the bark of trees in the Linnaean genus, found in South America, Java and India. It is known for its refreshing and cooling benefits, especially for problem skin. In tropical areas Cinchona is commonly used to treat malaria and fever.


Great Burdock is a gentle, natural ingredient known for centuries to help improve dry skin.


Tea Tree Oil is derived by distilling the leaves of the Southern Australian Melaleuca tree. This aromatic, almost colorless oil penetrates quickly and is beneficial for problematic skin. Australian Aborigines have been known to use it to treat skin, while European explorers once used it as an herbal tea.

Tea Tree Oil Shampoo
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Kiehl's Since 1851 Store asked: Why did you choose this?
Liwen Z: for friends Sep 7, 2014
Ashley C: Great shampoo that cleans my hair and gives volume! Aug 30, 2014
Heather J: this is a great tea tree shampoo Aug 30, 2014
Xinyue S: used so many times(>8)
this is help for oil hair
Aug 30, 2014
Ambar C: It tingles and makes my hair feel clean and smooth. Aug 28, 2014
Cynthia W: I use a lot of hair products and hope that this will work in getting out all of the products so that I can start fresh. Aug 21, 2014
Michael G: To alleviate a problem with psoriasis Aug 21, 2014
Kelly M: I typically use tea tree shampoo sold by Sports Clips and I like the shampoo but since I am buying your great soap I will buy the shampoo also. Aug 16, 2014
Richard S: works for me Aug 13, 2014
John A: just wanted to try it Aug 12, 2014
olesya s: I USED IT BEFORE AND I LIKE IT Aug 9, 2014
XIN G: GOOD FOR ME Aug 4, 2014
Valisha G: need shampoo to handle dandruff Aug 4, 2014
Allison H: Itchy scalp but want to try a neutral shampoo Aug 2, 2014
Anat C: its cleam Jul 29, 2014
Elizabeth C: rave reviews so even though pricey want to see if helps my scalp health Jul 27, 2014
Matija M: My husband loves this shampoo. It makes his thin hair look thicker Jul 26, 2014
Denise K: my scalp has been breaking out since moving to florida. the water is hard. my head never feels really clean. Jul 24, 2014
Meijia J: It suitable my hair Jul 22, 2014
Sheldon S: I have used this product for 5 years. Jul 21, 2014
natalie g: This shampoo feels so good on the scalp. Can't beat the tingly feeling it gives. Jul 20, 2014
susan l: My hair tends to build up a lot of oil during the day. Most shampoos out there seems to clean only the outer layer and within an hour or two my hair is oily again. My scalp started to develop red bumps but after using this shampoo the bumps are gone. I can now go all day before my scalp becomes oily. This has been a life saver! Jul 8, 2014
zheying w: u tell me Jul 8, 2014
Zheng W: I choose it because of good reviews of this product. I would like to give it a try Jun 29, 2014
Paul L: Cuts the grease Jun 25, 2014
Michael F: deep cleanser? Jun 24, 2014
Eric F: best shampoo around Jun 16, 2014
Ian C: Like tea tree, giving it a try. Jun 14, 2014
Danielle B: It's good for my oily hair/scalp. It's my favorite shampoo. Jun 13, 2014
Craig D: Stimulates the scalp and leaves hair light and clean. Ideal if you use a conditioner. Jun 11, 2014
William D: Looking for a deep cleaning product to replace Aveda product I have been using. Jun 9, 2014
Kristina F: I have tried it before and it did wonders with my oily hair and dandruff scalp Jun 3, 2014
Yue J: good for summer May 19, 2014
yanhang C: this is for oily hair. I have oily hair. May 19, 2014
Lynn R: I love tea tree oil and I hope I will love this shampoo too! I am hoping for a clean and tingling scalp! May 19, 2014
Dawn C: I use this regularly. May 19, 2014
Judy Y: Cleans very well. May 19, 2014
Claudia M: Best shampoo ever for oily hair. May 18, 2014
Dianne P: Scalp acne. May 18, 2014
Evelyn A: Best shampoo on the planet for normal hair but oily scalp. My husband has used this product for years and will use nothing else. May 17, 2014
Jodi M: I buy this for a friend of mine who takes care of my dog. He swears this shampoo is great for oily hair. May 16, 2014
Lexi R: Was told that out of all Kiehl's shampoos, this will not leave a residue on my hair. May 15, 2014
Margaret E: Love this shampoo - it's a great basic everyday shampoo, and I find it especially useful when I get any scalp itchiness. May 14, 2014
Lynn N: I have used the Tea Tree Oil Shampoo for the past 10 years and I love it. Works perfectly for my slightly oily scalp. May 14, 2014
James H: Recommended by my physician May 12, 2014
Lawrence H: I love it and it works! May 10, 2014
ralph b: Favorite Product May 7, 2014
craig c: sounds like it would clean Apr 28, 2014
Ginnie M: for the ingredients Apr 24, 2014
elise g: this is my favorite shampoo. prevents oily hair! Apr 23, 2014
Deborah A: scalp problems; Kiehl's quality Apr 21, 2014
Allen H: Excellent product Apr 21, 2014
Robert G: Good for oily hair Apr 6, 2014
Nancy W: My daughter has super oily hair and I want to try this shampoo to help with her oiliness Apr 1, 2014
Amy P: Reviews said this shampoo smells great. I love the Argan shampoo but the scent isn't great, so I figured I'd try this. Mar 17, 2014
kok-wah c: Trying first time. Mar 16, 2014
Alice R: I need a shampoo which addresses dry scalp. This is the only one I've found which gives great lift and bounce to my short hair. Mar 12, 2014
Robert R: Because I have used it for 10 years and I like it. Mar 9, 2014
W Robert R: have used for several years Mar 5, 2014
Rika K: I heard that tea tree oil is good for the scalp and was looking for a good quality product. Mar 3, 2014
FAMAH H: Need good cleansing Shampoo Feb 18, 2014
yu z: friend recommendation Feb 17, 2014
James L: I need shampoo Feb 13, 2014
Ashley B: Its the only shampoo I've ever used that doesn't leave my hair greasy - and allows it to still be manageable the next day! Feb 10, 2014
Julie W: I'm looking for a shampoo that will wash the daily grit and leave my hair feeling clean. Feb 9, 2014
Dean H: I'm getting this for my sister. She loves this shampoo. Feb 3, 2014
Angelica C: love it Feb 1, 2014
Mimi S: My daughter loves it! Jan 28, 2014
Lacie D: try Jan 21, 2014
Thomas K: Leaves my hair feeling clean and not weighted down. Jan 19, 2014
Ralph S: Great everyday shampoo for men with normal, thick hair. Not too much lather, washes through easily, pleasant scent, requires me to condition less often. Jan 16, 2014
Karen S: using it for years and like the gentleness Jan 12, 2014
Paula M: very good Jan 4, 2014
joyce c: i love it Dec 31, 2013
Elaine R: Trying to replace my All Sports shampoo Dec 31, 2013
Onnik K: quality product Dec 31, 2013
Katherine H: It has great reviews for oily hair. Dec 22, 2013
Pari S: have been using this shampoo for many years and I am very happy with the product Dec 18, 2013
Elizabeth B: It is an excellent product we have used for years Dec 18, 2013
Cheng W: Healthy Dec 16, 2013
Cara M: holiday gift for sister who has oily hair Dec 13, 2013
Julia M: Gift for my sister. She steals mine. Now she can enjoy her very own! Dec 9, 2013
Barbara G: Works well on heavy hair. Dec 9, 2013
dale w: This helps my psoriasis cuts the problem
by 40% min.
Dec 8, 2013
Mona T: Best shampoo for oily hair! A family favorite. Dec 7, 2013
Alice W: I use this shampoo exclusively. Thanks to Kiehl's I found a shampoo that works. Dec 4, 2013
Rosemary L: gift Dec 4, 2013
Reta C: son loves this shampoo Dec 2, 2013
Jason G: Love this shampoo - clean and perfect. Dec 1, 2013
sha J: i used this before, and I like it. Nov 29, 2013
Joseph C: I used it before. great product Nov 28, 2013
Mary P: Best oily hair shampoo! Nov 25, 2013
Kerri B: Works well for oily hair Nov 22, 2013
Emily C: I absolutely love this shampoo! It smells wonderful- light and not overpowering. I use it every day and my hair always feels so clean and soft. Nov 22, 2013
Libin Z: Good for my family Nov 20, 2013
Genevieve M: Love the Olive Oil and Amino Acid shampoos, but wanted to try something a little different and more botanical Nov 19, 2013
Zoe L: like it Nov 18, 2013
Wen T: p Nov 18, 2013
I. Jeanne R: Anxious to try it. Tea tree oil has so many benefits. Nov 15, 2013
Barbara L: Used it for last 8 or so years. works well Nov 12, 2013
Cyndi N: Great for a sensitive scalp and no additives. Hair looks great and stays clean longer. Nov 10, 2013
Xiaotong N: My hair is not good, I hope it can helps me. Nov 3, 2013
pamela d: I love it my hair is always shine and healthy Nov 3, 2013
Karen F: Christmas gift for my son-in-law. He loves Kiehl's & wanted to try a different Kiehl's shampoo. Nov 2, 2013
Leora K: My son loves Kiehl's products so I always try to send things for Cristmas Thanks Oct 20, 2013
Ryan C: roommate uses it Oct 11, 2013
Lisa B: Daughter loves it Oct 5, 2013
adrian r: I've been using this product for near 7 years and I love it! Sep 30, 2013
Ao Z: suitable for my hair Sep 29, 2013
Amanda K: Looking for a gentle shampoo with tea tree oil that is good for the scalp. Sep 26, 2013
Jamie K: Really cleans my hair and keeps it from getting greasy Sep 24, 2013
don b: I have used this product a long time and like it Sep 23, 2013
Tien-Hao C: I like tea tree shampoo Sep 21, 2013
Janelle H: I like tea tree shampoo Sep 19, 2013
Mariana T: It's great balance for my sometimes-oily hair Sep 13, 2013
Laura H: It's my daily shampoo. I love it. Sep 9, 2013
Daniel C: Dry, itchy scalp; my coarse hair gets tangly; hoping this relieves the scalp, followed by conditioner (Loccitane shea butter) Sep 7, 2013
peter f: it's good Sep 7, 2013
Elyse D: I have used it in the past and liked it. Sep 2, 2013
Taryn B: Must have favorite shampoo - rinses out all the harsh products. Aug 21, 2013
lina l: TEA TREE BENEFITS Aug 19, 2013
Fredrick W: Trying it out for the first time Aug 17, 2013
john b: I like all kiels product and usually stock when I vist the usa Jul 28, 2013
Thomas O: Finally it's back Jul 28, 2013
PAT S: great for oily sculp. Jul 17, 2013
Becky T: One of my favorite shampoos! Jul 15, 2013
Ron C: Works very well! Jun 13, 2013
SUSAN L: Love it! Been using it for years! Jun 13, 2013
Ellen T: Not the best. Jun 13, 2013
Lisa S: Tea tree oil is a natural anti-itch remedy. Jun 5, 2013
Will L: I like it. May 25, 2013
william e: used before May 24, 2013
Amelia B: I have oily hair May 3, 2013
Elizabeth Helgeson H: It works extremely well on my oily scalp...I have used many scalp products, and this is the best one for me Apr 25, 2013
Tom S: Best I've found for my scalp. Apr 22, 2013
Jessica M: repeat user Apr 13, 2013
Harold U: Have been using for many years Apr 5, 2013
Susan M: for dandruff, i heard it is good and want to try it. Apr 3, 2013
Kuniko F: I use it Apr 2, 2013
CHRISTOPHER M: Feels great on my hair. Mar 29, 2013
JOHN P: This really works. Anti dandruff but no sulfer smell. Mar 28, 2013
Chi Kwan I: It helps to reduce hair oil . Mar 25, 2013
Karen W: Best shampoo. I have oily hair and when I use this I only have to wash it every other day. With other shampoos I have do wash every day. Mar 22, 2013
Lin L: I already finished one, this gonna be second one, and its absolutely awesomeï¼? Feb 20, 2013
Michelle A: I have oily hair. This shampoo does the best job controlling the oil. I am able to go a two days without shampooing my hair. I have never been able to do this with any other shampoo. Feb 17, 2013
Linda K: I have used this product for a year now and I believe it has helped with hair growth. I have VERY thin hair and I notice that I do have more hair. Feb 17, 2013
Michael Z: Great for very short hair. It is healthy for my scalp. Feb 7, 2013
Atsuko S: Best shampoo I have ever used to thoroughly clean my scalp. Jan 20, 2013
Janet P: My husband has fine, oily hair. Why not try this? Jan 14, 2013
Erin B: I like to use this weekly to help remove build up from other products Dec 31, 2012
Alice J: Tea tree oil is the best scent ever. Dec 31, 2012
Jingyi Y: WANT TO TRY IT OUT Dec 29, 2012
Cui W: I PREFER Dec 29, 2012
karyle b: This seems to work well with my hair Dec 27, 2012
Janie N: This is the best shampoo I've ever used for fine hair that needs to be washed daily. Keeps it looking clean, not oily. Dec 26, 2012
Stephanie P L: Can use everyday and my husband likes this Dec 25, 2012
Kathleen H: Oily hair/scalp Dec 20, 2012
karen r: Great product! Dec 19, 2012
Robert S: I have oily hair. This shampoo works very well without being overly harsh. Dec 15, 2012
Joe O: heard its great Dec 14, 2012
JANET S: dry scalp in winter, Dec 12, 2012
Andrea G: my husband and I both use this product and really like it Dec 12, 2012
Bryce P: wanted to try new shampoo. looks interesting! Dec 10, 2012
Christine C: My boyfriend is using it everyday Dec 10, 2012
Jennifer H: I have an extremely dry scalp and have yet to find a shampoo that will help cure my itch. After reading the reviews, I decided to give this product a whirl. Dec 7, 2012
steven m: Ive never used this before but read the reviews and thought Id give it a try Dec 6, 2012
Susan C: works great Dec 5, 2012
Dawei Z: Tea Tree Oil would help me to control my oily hair. Dec 4, 2012
Karen J: son has dandruff. it was recommended Dec 3, 2012
Lingji Z: this really works for oily hair Nov 29, 2012
Lu B: someone advised me. Nov 29, 2012
Bernadette S: my staple shampoo for the past 6 plus years!
I never leave home without it!
Nov 25, 2012
Kathleen K: the gift receiver enjoys it Nov 23, 2012
Ying B: I used to buy herbal shampoo & scalp treatment for dandruff control. Now I can not find it online anymore Nov 23, 2012
Jie F: feel very fresh after apply, it does good job in the oil control too. Nov 21, 2012
Ainslie R: Husband uses this item daily Nov 19, 2012
Yanli C: because i am only hair
someone suggest me to try this.
Nov 17, 2012
ELLEN T: This is a great shampoo and leaves my scalp and hair clean and without residue Nov 15, 2012
boshu w: I HAVE HEARD ABOUT THIS. Nov 15, 2012
Rita S: its good Nov 1, 2012
Rita S: still in the process of finding a good shampoo for my itchy scalp Oct 30, 2012
Tracy W: I've not tried it before, but because I believe that hair gets bored with sameness, and because I have skin allergies and have to rotate shampoo every day, I decided to add a new Kiehl shampoo. We'll see, but I expect to like it. Oct 14, 2012
Kathy B: helps control my oily hair. Oct 11, 2012
Cassandra I: My scalp has been a little dry and itchy. Oct 9, 2012
Cheryl T: Curious to know if it will help my scalp (acne-prone.) Oct 9, 2012
REGINA F: love the scent and how it feels on my scalp!! Oct 7, 2012
Liz B: age related thinning hair. hope this helps keep scalp free of damaging sebum. Sep 30, 2012
Sharon C: I love Tea Tree Oil Shampoos and wanted to try your product Sep 29, 2012
Deidre G: I have fine, oily hair that needs to be washed everyday. This shampoo leaves it feeling light and clean, never weighed down or dried out. The large bottle has lasted nine months! Sep 24, 2012
Ben H: smell refreshing Sep 23, 2012
Scot S: I used to use the Tea Tree Oil. I use the Argan shampoo, but there are times when something a little different is needed to address seasonal changes in skin. Sep 22, 2012
joanna l: i love this shampoo - i have long, fine hair that frizzes & dries easily - this shampoo has been great for the variations of indoor & outdoor conditions Sep 22, 2012
pansiri s: i want to try Sep 21, 2012
JESSIE T: Great product! Sep 19, 2012
Amei H: Best shampoo for me! Sep 18, 2012
Susan E: I have oily hair and need to wash it every day. This shampoo leaves my hair shining and healthy. I have been using it for years. Whenever I try another shampoo, I regret it and come back to Kiehl's tea tree. Sep 18, 2012
Ting Y: Love this shampoo -- have been using it for over 6 years. Leaves hair extremely clean but doesn't strip away oils. I tend to have greasy hair, but this shampoo makes my hair feel light and wonderful. The smell is also very refreshing (think lavender and tea tree oil). The best part is you don't have to use very much at all to get a good lather. The largest bottle lasts me months (and I have really long hair)! Sep 16, 2012
ARAVINDA REDDY N: controls hair fall Sep 16, 2012
Jared M: We like it. Sep 14, 2012
Tatiana M: great shampoo for oily hair. i like washing my hair only 2 to 3 days and this works perfectly. Sep 12, 2012
Joan M: I love this shampoo. I have used it for years. It gets my hair squeaky clean and comfortable for twice as long as other shampoos (I don't have to shampoo daily when I use it). Sep 8, 2012
Maetinee L: This is great shapoo. Aug 28, 2012
Grace L: Effective in combating oily scalp. Aug 26, 2012
Michael L: see april comment. Aug 24, 2012
Samantha H: Tea Tree Oil is my secret skin and hair weapon! It keeps oiliness at bay without overdrying and smells fresh and clean. Aug 15, 2012
Corie Z: oily hair Aug 7, 2012
paula r: i like it! Jul 26, 2012
Annie P: have been using this for 5 plus years...I like the way my hair feels Jul 24, 2012
James H: ordered previously and love it Jul 23, 2012
Katie B: My husband has an oily scalp and it is sometimes irritated-thought we would try this to see if it helps Jul 21, 2012
Glen H: Cleans hair thoroughly without stripping. Jul 2, 2012
Linda K: I've been using this shampoo for about 3 month now and it makes my fine, thinning hair feel thicker with lots of body Jun 29, 2012
Sherry D: I've been using Kiehl's Tea Tree Oil Shampoo for over 20 years. At age 66 my hair is thick and shiny. Jun 26, 2012
Sandy K: great shampoo for slightly dandruff hair. I love it and have been using it for more than 10 years now. Jun 25, 2012
AMY R: I am trying this particular Tea Tree Oil Shampoo for the first time. My prior order was with Amino Acid Shampoo which I enjoyed very much but wanted to try another. Jun 21, 2012
Vanessa nan S: MAKE MY SCALP FEELS GOOD Jun 21, 2012
Aimee B: Great shampoo! Very clarifying and keeps my neck from breaking out. Smells good too! Jun 17, 2012
Janice B: I couldn't find the Herbal Shampoo & scalp treatment for oily hair so I'm hoping this one will be good for an oily scalp and hair Jun 14, 2012
Maureen H: Have been using this for the last year. Very gentle on the hair...and I like the scent. Jun 10, 2012
Murry C: Great shampoo for my thin (and thinning) hair. Jun 8, 2012
Hannah B: It was recommended to me by a German friend. Jun 1, 2012
James H: trying something new that contains essential oils Jun 1, 2012
Kay W: Wanted to try something new. May 31, 2012
JIN L: I want to try! May 29, 2012
Amanda S: My husband wanted it. May 28, 2012
Ida Jean K: I always used your dandruff shampoo. A Rep at Neiman-Marcus suggested this item would act in its stead. May 21, 2012
Yun Hwa l: because they no longer sold my other shampoo and this was the next best thing May 9, 2012
sunny b: nomal shapoos make me cause acene, so I try out tea tree shampoo May 8, 2012
william c o: Great Product! May 8, 2012
Gregg P: I have used Tea Tree Shampoo before (I have oily hair). I thought I would try yours. May 4, 2012
JESSIE T: Feel so relax every time after wash my hair. May 2, 2012
Marcia M: I've want to try this based on the description and reviews. Apr 30, 2012
Christine G: gift - we like tea tree Apr 30, 2012
Ruth E: Have used it in the past and ran out. Apr 28, 2012
Miwa S: Because I like the smell of it and it leaves my hair silky texture. Apr 28, 2012
Shera R: Perfect occasional shampoo for when oyu need extra deep cleaning Apr 26, 2012
Kai C: I wanted to try it. Apr 26, 2012
paula r: it makes my hair look nice. Apr 19, 2012
Courtney C: I have fine, generally oily hair. I would like to try shampooing my hair less often as a way to keep my hair from producing so much oil. I haven't found a successful solution. Apr 19, 2012
Jeff L: Because it was the closest thing I could find the the Herbal Dandruff shampoo that I have been using for YEARS, that I LOVED. I am upset you discontinued it. I will try the Tea Tree Shampoo. If it doesnt' work, you have lost a customer. Apr 17, 2012
Keith M: Have a very greasy scalp and this controls especially during summer Apr 16, 2012
Michael L: Because I have hair and require shampoo. Apr 14, 2012
Jennifer B: I've been using this for a few months and love it. Works great for thin, dry hair. Apr 13, 2012
AXEL S: It feels like it's cleaning under the scalp. Almost a shame to follow up with conditioner. Apr 12, 2012
xiaofang s: i haven't lost hair if use it. Apr 10, 2012
Heng Tiong N: Great for oily hair Apr 1, 2012
JOHN D: my hair is oily Mar 30, 2012
Trisha S: Desperate for something Mar 30, 2012
Francine H: I love this shampoo. I use it when regular shampoo makes my scalp dry and itchy. It clears up the problem. Mar 29, 2012
Andrea B: scalp breaks out after color treatment Mar 25, 2012
Patricia H asked: Do you have massage oil for the scalp? Also, is the Tea Tree Shampoo all natural without sulfates, parabans etc. Jun 13, 2012
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A shopper asked: kill
fleas on dogs ?....
Jun 29, 2013
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michael b: do not know, sorry, works well on humans Jul 14, 2013
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Iris B: not sure Aug 2, 2013
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Connie D asked: I love your tea tree oil shampoo. It helps keep my scalp from itching. I used your conditioner, also, but you don't seem to carry it now. I seem to be allergic to any type of fragrance and wheat products. What happened to the conditioner?
I also need a styling gel. A tea tree oil one would be great! Please help! Your products have been the best I can find, until you stopped offering them.
I have nothing on my scalp. It's healthy, just itches all the time!
Aug 30, 2012
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Janet M asked: What percentage tea tree oil is in this shampoo? I'm looking for one with at least 5% tea tree oil. Thanks! Jan 6, 2013
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DAVID T: I looked on the bottle and it does not provide the percentage. It is a nice, invigorating shampoo that I recommend as part of a suite of ones to use. Jan 6, 2013
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Mary H: Doesn't say on the bottle. Its hard to find a good tea tree shampoo. You might just get some tea tree oil and add it on yourself. Feb 23, 2013
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A shopper asked: Is this ok for daily use or is more of a weekly deep cleaning shampoo? Oct 13, 2013
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David R: Daily use is fine, though we tend to use it every other day. Great shampoo. Oct 13, 2013
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Rebecca K: It depends on your hair type... I have fine oily strong hair, but if you have very dry or brittle hair, I'd skip a day or or use it less frequently in between other products. Oct 14, 2013
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Joseph F: I use it daily after swimming at gym Oct 14, 2013
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Paula I: My husband uses daily Oct 15, 2013
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A shopper asked: Is this good at getting rid of a dry scalp and flakes that aren't from dandruff? Jun 27, 2013
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YeeGee C: Yes, this is good to get rid of dry scalp, after using a few times my scalp is a lot better. Oct 14, 2013
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Francine H: I've found that is has been good for that. Jun 27, 2013
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Iris B: not sure Aug 2, 2013
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Michael O: Yes! Jun 27, 2013
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A shopper asked: Is it fragrance free? Jun 26, 2013
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jeff s: yes, it is fragrance free....what little aroma it does have is a clean smell...very pleasant Jun 26, 2013
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Nicole S: No it seems like tra tree oil Jun 26, 2013
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Iris B: not sure Aug 2, 2013
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ROSE C: Sorry no Jun 26, 2013
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Elizabeth M asked: I've got a oily scalp with dry hair that is sensitive as well; will this shampoo work or could I face the possibility of having a painful scalp again? Apr 10, 2012
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Yonjoo H: I have oily scalp and at times frizzy hair. I actually don't remember what this shampoo did for me, but it just so turns out that yesterday, I read this article about how only a few shampoo makers in the market today are free of hazardous chemicals such as paraben and sodium-something-or-other, and one of them was kiehls. (There were 3 other brands that I won't mention here.) I am about to reconsider opting into either kiehls or one of the other three makers, and I think you should too, if you've heard good things about this particular product. Although these chemicals aren't about to show visible damage right away, it will in the long run, becoming the cause for cancer, hair loss, etc. Kiehl's was fortunately one that did not use these chemicals! I just thought I'd let you know that. I do remember my scalp being less greasy with this shampoo. Apr 10, 2012
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Francine H: I have a very sensitive scalp and it frequently gets itchy. This shampoo has helped greatly and it doesn't bother my scalp at all. I say buy the smaller bottle and try it out. Or see if they have samples they could send you. Apr 11, 2012
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Matthew D: I have the same issues oily scalp, dry hair. I have used this shampoo for two years now and it's the best by far. Not sure about "painfull" scalp but the tee tree oil should help. Apr 10, 2012
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Maria G: it works for me, it may not work for you. i suppose the only way to find out is to try it yourself. i've used this shampoo for years, and i'll be lost without it. Apr 11, 2012
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david s asked: Just wondering is this product good for very oilly hair? Apr 5, 2012
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Jeannine D: I have used this for years, and I love it. I don't use it daily, but I do use it a few times a week, especially over the summer in the Atlanta heat and humidity, which always makes my scalp more oily! In the winter months when I am not as oily, I use it 1-2 times a week.

I hope this helps.
Apr 5, 2012
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Benjamin K: David,
I have not started using it, however, based on another similar product I am currently using, the tea tree gives a soft feel - and it smells great. I have normally oily hair as well, and I wash it every other day.
Apr 5, 2012
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jeff s: this product works great....since beginning its use(well over 10 years ago) I have never had problem with oily hair like I used to. I highly recommend this Apr 5, 2012
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Annie L asked: which shampoo good for oil and scap hair? Mar 17, 2014
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Mayank M: This shampoo works as advertised. I like it, a little bit does the job, cleans well, hair feels light and healthy. Have used it for over 10 years now, very satisfied. Mar 20, 2014
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michael b: Tea Tree shampoo will clean your scalp of excess oils and make your hair and scalp feel great. have been using for 12 years. great product. Mar 17, 2014
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A shopper asked: I have an itchy scalp but no other symptoms of any kind. I find myself literally scratching my head in my sleep at night.It seems to bothere me more at night than in the day. I have been to 3 Drs.and am on an anti-depressant--Doxiipin which has helped a lttle bit. I did Google the medicine and it said that it was used to treat itching problems in older people. I am 79 so that includes me. HA!!!
Any idea?????????

Mar 15, 2014
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Ellen J: This shampoo makes your hair and scalp feel very clean. Tea Tree oil is supposed to be a good cleanser, but it cleans so well that I find it can be too drying for the scalp and hair, so I don't know whether it will cure the itching or make it worse. Mar 15, 2014
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candace s asked: is this the closest Kiehl's product to the shampoo i love but which as been discontinued, apparently: Herbal? Apr 30, 2012
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AXEL S: To the best of my knowledge, Kiehl's Herbal Shampoo was specifically formulated to combat dandruff and other scalp "issues". Tea Tree Oil Shampoo is not in that category. It does, however, have a very appealing and clean scent - almost wants me to avoid following it with conditioner. The Tea Tree formulation also contains a compound designed to mitigate surface tension (surfactant) and therefore rinses out extremely well. Altogether, a very fine product. May 3, 2012
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A shopper asked: Can Courier to China and how much is the Courier fee? May 7, 2013
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