Supremely Gentle Eye Make-up Remover

Melt away makeup

A lightweight and non-greasy lotion, specifically designed to gently remove eye makeup without stripping or stinging the delicate eye area.

  • Contains cooling Cucumber Gel, Antioxidants, and Apricot Kernel Oil
  • Ophthalmologist-Tested
  • Safe for contact lens wearers
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"I love how gentle and creamy this product is. It works wonders at removing eye makeup without causing irritation!"

Laila, Kiehl’s Insider

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How to Apply:
-Apply a small amount of eye makeup remover to pad or tissue
-Lightly remove make-up from eyelids and eyelashes
-Rinse if desired

A-prih-kaht KUR-nuhl OY-il

Apricot Kernel Oil is extracted from apricot kernels and has a very high Vitamin E content (aiding fast absorption) and is a trygliceride composed of 75% oleic acid and 20% linoleic acid, and unsaturated fatty acids esterified with glycerin - similar to avocado oil and sesame oil. Found to be highly compatible with the skin. Apricot Kernel Oil moisturizes and softens skin while helping retain clarity and suppleness.

BAY-tuh KA-ruh’-teen

Beta-Carotene is a naturally derived antioxidant predominantly found in many orange/red vegetables such as carrots. It is used in Vitamin A production and gives an orange tint when used in skin care products.

KYOO-cuhm-bur FROOT EK-strakt

Cucumber Fruit Extract has long been known for its beneficial uses to the skin. (Cleopatra used cucumber juice to maintain her skin.) It is known to cool and refresh the skin, and has been shown to be moisture-binding, moisture-regulating and softening properties. It is used as a treatment for oily skin and for tired and stressed skin, and as skin refresher in sun preparations.

Supremely Gentle Eye Make-up Remover
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Kiehl's Since 1851 Store asked: Why did you choose this?
Rujie L: Through the description of this product, i think this one is good Sep 29, 2014
Paula F: It's the best make-up remover I've tried! It's gentle, yet removes all makeup, even waterproof. It won't harm your lashes either. Sep 28, 2014
Rebecca C: I've been using this product for years and have found it superior to anything else. It doesn't sting and it does the job to clean stubborn mascara. Sep 28, 2014
Rebecca P: I love it Sep 23, 2014
Valerie G: This is, hands-down, the greatest make-up remover ever created. Sep 18, 2014
Jenna K: eye allergies, high internet review Sep 17, 2014
ELIZABETH S: love Sep 17, 2014
Vennesa Y: I have been using this remover for ages and I keep coming back even if I try out another product. I have tried make up remover pads, cleansing oils, and other cleansers, but nothing beats this. It's gentle and effective on my sensitive skin! Sep 17, 2014
Michelle G: Read it was a vitamin enriched eye makeup remover! Sep 17, 2014
nancy m: simply the best Sep 15, 2014
Margret N: clears out all the eye makeup but never irritates or stings the eyes Sep 7, 2014
Samantha W: gentle on lashes and does not dry out skin Sep 6, 2014
Risa M: This feels like a lotion and not an oil, all other eye makeup removers I've tried leave oil around my eye. This is a very gentle, effective, non-greasy remover. Sep 3, 2014
Laura S: Best eye make-up remover EVER! Aug 28, 2014
Karen N: Trying to find a remover that works and does not contain harmful ingrediants. Aug 25, 2014
Barbara S: Needed to try a new eye make up remover Aug 24, 2014
ling c: try Aug 23, 2014
Amanda W: i like gentle removers that don't require cotton balls and a lot of rubbing, can't wait to try this out! Aug 21, 2014
Debbie C: It is so gentle to the eye and removes mascara with less stress on the eye area Aug 21, 2014
Nanette D: Doesn't sting my eyes or make them blurry! Aug 20, 2014
allison n: Gentle and refreshing. Aug 13, 2014
Menglu G: I need an eye make up remover. Aug 10, 2014
vicki a: needed Aug 10, 2014
Elizabeth M G: This is non-greasy and very gentle. Aug 9, 2014
Mengpin G: try new product, needed a gentle make up remover Aug 9, 2014
Clarissa W: I have very sensitive eyes, and every time I use a garnier makeup remover wipe, I get an allergic reaction of sorts, so I'd like to try this and see how compatible it will be with my eyes. Aug 1, 2014
Juri H: Looking for something effective and gentle Jul 29, 2014
Portia S: Removes eye makeup effectively yet gentle to the eyes. Jul 27, 2014
Robert M: Currently using successfully. Jul 27, 2014
Laura N: I need a gentle eye makeup remover that won't sting my eyes. I want to try this and see if it works. Jul 26, 2014
Sharon P: The best eye make-up remover I have ever used. Absolutely no eye irritation!! Jul 22, 2014
Nicole I: Trying out Jul 19, 2014
Mariann T: Recommendation Jul 7, 2014
carolynn k: Recommended by beauty guru on youtube Jun 25, 2014
Tanya W: I have ongoing eye issues and this is the only remover that doesn't irritate them. Jun 25, 2014
Isabell V: I need an eye makeup remover - and it has to be something that will not hurt or irritate my eyes! Jun 19, 2014
Holly H: I want to try something that is gentle so that I don't have to scrub hard on my eyes to get eyeliner and mascara off. Jun 17, 2014
April Jo C: I have used other eye makeup removers; this is by far the best - gentle for the delicate eye-area, yet bold enough to remove the most "stubborn eye makeup Jun 9, 2014
julie s: Wanted to try.. Good reviews Jun 9, 2014
Donna K: I have used this for a long time and it totally cleans off eye makeup without irritating my eyes. Most other products irritate my eyes. Jun 7, 2014
Jessica A: not sure im a fan of this - makes my eyes cloggy after i use Jun 1, 2014
Jun X: Ever use it. Comfortable May 30, 2014
Patricia A: Trying it for the first time. May 28, 2014
Yvonne R: My favorite eye make up remover. May 28, 2014
Nicholas T: Best eye makeup remover ever May 19, 2014
ESTHER H: since it said gentle May 19, 2014
Monica H: Needed makeup remover and needed to hit the $50 limit to qualify for free shipping May 19, 2014
Linda H: good to have tiny size for travel - one of my favorite products May 19, 2014
Stephanie T: Love this product, not irritating to eyes yet effective at removing make-up May 19, 2014
Audrey B: When they say supremely gentle ,it really is. Easy on the eyes and does a wonderful job of taking off the eye make-up. May 18, 2014
Maria L: This is a great product. I have highly sensitive, allergic skin and this is an eye make-up remover that I can tolerate, and which, doesn't make the skin around my eyes too dry. May 18, 2014
Nanine M: Nothing works better to gently remove all eye makeup and not irritate my skin. I love this product. May 18, 2014
Kristine V: Ran out of make up remover and thought I would give it a try. May 17, 2014
Mercedes J: I've used it before and I love it!! May 17, 2014
Delphine K: Love it May 17, 2014
james f: I have used it exclusively for many years. It works gently, no burning or eye irritation. May 16, 2014
Terez C: It is the only eye makeup remover that does not irritate my eyes and my skin. I like the creamy consistency and how it aptly removes all my eye makeup. May 16, 2014
Feifei T: want to try May 16, 2014
Lynette D: Wanted to try. May 15, 2014
Dale Z: removes all eye makeup in a quick smooth wipe May 15, 2014
PATRICIA B: It is excellent at removing stubborn mascara, but it is also gentle. May 15, 2014
Tess S: Reports of most effective, gentle product to use w/ contacts May 13, 2014
Janet C: interested May 7, 2014
Wendy B: It's the best eye makeup remover there is. It's gentle and completely removes all traces of eye makeup May 4, 2014
Lisa C: Past experience with the product. Apr 27, 2014
Kathaleene W: Wanted a eye makeup remover that did not burn sensitive under eye skin. Apr 24, 2014
Sukhmani R: No words for this product its so amazing. My the most sensitive area which are eye. this product is the best choice. Apr 3, 2014
shondra w: absolutely. It is gentle and nice on the eyes Apr 2, 2014
Andrea J: need a good eye makeup remover Mar 31, 2014
Tory Q: haven't found one i love, keep going back to bar soap Mar 31, 2014
melanie h: want to try Mar 30, 2014
Amy G: good reviews Mar 23, 2014
jill g: used my daughters Mar 22, 2014
Diana P: My eyes are dry and this is a lotion and makeup remover in one - can't live without it! Mar 22, 2014
Lauren S: This is the best eye makeup remover I have come across. So gentle, so creamy and so effective. I should probably put this item on auto reorderâ?¦ Love it! Mar 21, 2014
irena s: need one, want to try Mar 19, 2014
Emily M: I tolerate this well and have very sensitive eyes. Mar 17, 2014
Lisa Z: I use Lacome and wanted to try something new. Mar 13, 2014
Patricia W: I have very sensitive skin and my eyes react to most eye make-up removers. But not Kiehl's! It's the best! Mar 13, 2014
Fanglin W: I use BB cream everyday and I need a makeup remover to clean my face. Mar 12, 2014
Jennifer W: Never tried it Mar 10, 2014
AnnMarie W: I love this product. Its gentle yet removes every trace of eye makeup. Mar 9, 2014
Paula M: The best eye makeup remover ever!!! Mar 2, 2014
Kay L: Absolutely the BEST Eye Make-up Remover and Cleanser available! Mar 1, 2014
Danya Li C: most gentle eye make-up remover Mar 1, 2014
Christina M: I wanted to try it out. Feb 27, 2014
Valerie B: This is the best eye makeup remover I've ever used; it takes off stubborn makeup, leaves no oily residue, and does not sting at all. It feels like a luxurious eye cream. Feb 21, 2014
Jen w: This is the best eye makeup remover. I won't use anything else, and now my teen daughter is hooked. Feb 17, 2014
Karen K: I need a gentle way to remove eye makeup. Feb 17, 2014
Shelle Y: I love Kiehls products and wanted an eye make up remover. Feb 14, 2014
Kim D J: To try it. Feb 13, 2014
judith z: I'm not happy with my current remover so the good reviews prompted me to try this one. I like that it's safe for sensitive eyes and doesn't sting or blur. Feb 13, 2014
Laura S: Best eye make up remover!! Feb 12, 2014
kristina w: Love this product. Best eye make-up remover I've ever used. Feb 8, 2014
Kyung C: I have sensitive eyes. This product is gentle enough for me to use. Feb 6, 2014
Ida O: I have not been able to find a makeup remover that removes all of my mascara without causing my eyes to look dark and sting. The reviews were very good. Feb 4, 2014
Sharon B: It is the best I have ever used Feb 4, 2014
Danese M: Wear contacts Jan 28, 2014
Teresa P: I have been looking for a good eye makeup remover especially to remove mascara and haven't read any good reviews. The reviews is what attracted me to this product being that I have extremely sensitive eyes. I really hope I made a good choice. Jan 26, 2014
Deborah B: Very gentle on the eyes yet completely removes make up Jan 21, 2014
Molly B: I already have some products from Kiehls, but I really wanted something makeup specific. My eyes always feel so sensitive after wearing eye shadow, and this promises to be extremely gentle like my other products. Jan 19, 2014
Theresa L: I wanted something very gentle on my delicate eye area. It is so great, no blurry eyes and feels so soft and gentle. You have to try this! I use it on a cotton pad and it feels marvelous! Jan 14, 2014
Judith P: have used other brand - wish to try Jan 12, 2014
marianne k: comes highly recommended by friends Jan 12, 2014
Jacqueline J: i have used it in the past and ran out. Jan 4, 2014
Denise W: Most of your other products are fantastic I hope this will be my new eye make up remove
Can't wait to try it.
Jan 1, 2014
Jeannie C: First time trying it. Dec 31, 2013
Annette E: The best eye makeup remover on the market. Dec 31, 2013
Vinona B: gentle on my eyes Dec 31, 2013
Sharon B: Haven't use this product, but will report back Dec 31, 2013
Diane S: I've never tried this but expect it to have the same high quality, gentle formula that I can trust to get the job done! Dec 31, 2013
Sofia R: previous purchase Dec 30, 2013
Rita D: very gentle and moisturizing eye make up remover Dec 30, 2013
Robin R: An extremely gentle, non-drying solution for removing eye make-up--the best! Dec 29, 2013
Tara B: It is the best and most gentle remover. Love it Dec 29, 2013
fabianne o: I wanted to see if it is good for removing eyeliner. I dont use much make-up but want something that will be gentle. Dec 27, 2013
heather c: love it Dec 27, 2013
Monica M: Love the product last forever Dec 23, 2013
Melinda F: Try it and see if I like it. Dec 22, 2013
Judy B: never tried it Dec 21, 2013
Susan F: I have used this product for years. It takes off my eye makeup without any stinging. Dec 20, 2013
Richard M: Gift for my wife Dec 18, 2013
Sandra S: Gentle but effective Dec 12, 2013
Karen P: wanted to try it Dec 11, 2013
Brenda G: Non-irritating to sensitive eye area. Light lotion. Dec 10, 2013
Patricia C: effective, gentle; only need a little. Dec 9, 2013
Jennifer H: I've been using this for years. NO stinging in the eye, no oily residue, no runny eye makeup afterwards. Cleans off the old eye makeup and that's all. Dec 9, 2013
Jennifer O: Prefer a creamy, non-oily makeup remover and this works the best. Dec 9, 2013
Susan G: need it Dec 7, 2013
LeAnn T: Favorite eye make remover. Gentle yet works well !!!!! Dec 7, 2013
Diann J: Best makeup remover I've ever used! Gentle yet effective , leaves eye area soft and moistureized. Dec 7, 2013
Georgette B: Need sensitive eye treatments Dec 5, 2013
Angela L: Best eye makeup remover ever! Dec 4, 2013
Randi B: Best eye makeup remover on the market Dec 4, 2013
Jayne D: Wanted to try a new product Dec 4, 2013
Diane K: Based on reviews by others Dec 4, 2013
Dakota H: I really like this product because it easily takes off my eye makeup without scrubbing, and it doesn't burn my eyes. I have used this for years. Dec 4, 2013
Rosalina L: It's mild and gentle to my eyes, and it works! Dec 4, 2013
Nicholas P: Want to give it a try Dec 4, 2013
Karen S: I cannot do without this product. I have tried many, many less expensive make up removers, but I always come back to Kiehl's. Love it. Dec 4, 2013
Paula L: This product is gentle and effective. Dec 3, 2013
Laurie H: Preferred by gift recipient Dec 3, 2013
deborah p: best eye makeup remover ever Dec 3, 2013
Sarah K: This is the only eye makeup remover that I will use. The name says it all - it really is Supremely Gentle! Dec 3, 2013
Liz M: I use wipes to remove makeup, but they don't work very well on eye makeup. I have sensitive skin, so giving this a try. Dec 3, 2013
Ching-Ya C: want to try Dec 2, 2013
Brittainy K: I love it. It's gentle and non irritating and my teenager loves it too to remove her heavy mascara and eyeliner before bed. Dec 2, 2013
Susan C: I love this product. It easily removes my waterproof mascara without heavy rubbing. Dec 1, 2013
Rebecca H: Sensitive skin Dec 1, 2013
marcel m: Gift Dec 1, 2013
laura P: love love love!!! been using it for years and wont use anything else!! Dec 1, 2013
Nandini K: Trying Nov 30, 2013
Karen I: Works great. Very gentle on the eyes. Nov 30, 2013
Lori D: I have used this for years. It is gentle on the eyes, no perfumes, and it really takes off eye makeup Nov 29, 2013
Rebecca P: favorite eye make up remover - creamy and gentle Nov 29, 2013
carolyn s: first tim Nov 27, 2013
Xueyin Z: I need a good make-up remover Nov 26, 2013
Katy D: Looking for an alternative to the drug store solutions Nov 26, 2013
Bridget Q: I love this product! Easy to remove eye makeup -- I don't have to use tissues or cotton balls. Just rub on eyes and rinse off. Super gentle too on my sensitive skin. I've been using it for years and will continue to! Nov 25, 2013
Patti P: This is a wonderful eye makeup remover. It only takes a little to do the job and it is extremely gentle. I love it. Nov 21, 2013
SUSAN C: I just love this make up remover, the best ever, really gentle on the eyes. Nov 21, 2013
Ellen S: Best product on the market Nov 20, 2013
Micaela R: I wear mascara everyday and have yet to find something that takes it off without issues. Nov 19, 2013
Catherine C: THE best and most gentle eye make-up remover! Nov 19, 2013
Cindy M: Used this for years. It's better than anything else I've tried! Nov 18, 2013
Anita B: Want to use a Kiehl's product because they are simply the best I have ever found Nov 18, 2013
Julie P: I needed a new makeup remover Nov 18, 2013
Linda L: I've used this product for a long time and I am very sensitive. Works beautifully! Nov 17, 2013
William K: Wife uses Nov 17, 2013
Chanunya C: I need eye remover. Nov 16, 2013
JINXING W: try it Nov 16, 2013
Emily M: I have been frustrated by other cleansers that don't work & are harsh. Read the reviews on this and was impressed. Nov 16, 2013
Chen D: gentle Nov 13, 2013
Carolyn R: I've been using this for a long time. It's the best! Nov 13, 2013
Susan M: Easily the best eye makeup remover on the market. Nov 11, 2013
Naomi V: I wished to try this Nov 10, 2013
Valerie S: It's very effective with waterproof mascara. Nov 6, 2013
sonya h: Looks nice Nov 3, 2013
Gail S: Per the reviews on your website, this appears to be a product that I can tolerate. Nov 2, 2013
Lisa B: Love this product really takes off eye makeup. Oct 31, 2013
Susan J: I bought this for my daughter, who frequently wears false eyelashes. I was hoping it would be more gentle when removing them. It's good - not great Oct 29, 2013
Deborah L: This is awesome, been using for awhile.. totally gentle Oct 29, 2013
Maria S: Heard about it on makeupalley Oct 28, 2013
Farah C: Hands down the best eye make-up remover around! Oct 26, 2013
Peggy P: This is an awesome remover! Cleans thoroughly without ANY tugging on delicate eye area. Oct 16, 2013
Howard B: My wife likes it. Oct 14, 2013
Jessica P: have been using for some time now and while it doesn't always remove all the makeup i like how gentle it is on my eyes - all others i've tried burn or cause irritation Sep 30, 2013
Cherilynn W: Wanted to try it Sep 29, 2013
Ivy G: Current make up remover ineffective Sep 29, 2013
DIANE H: I think this is the best eye makeup remover! I have tried others and they always cause irritation to my eyes.It is very gentle on your eyes. Sep 28, 2013
Gretchen H: Love this stuff-- works wonderfully and is very gentle Sep 27, 2013
Leslie K: This is a gentle and effective eye makeup remover that doesn't sting your eyes. Love it!!! Sep 27, 2013
linda m: Have been using for years,have tried others but cannot compare to this product Sep 25, 2013
LAUREN B: This is the only remover that does not irrittate my sensitive eyes. I've been using it for years - holy grail status! Sep 24, 2013
Lynne S: Works wonderfully. Easy remove, gentle. Sep 24, 2013
Yvonne K: The ONLY eye makeup remover out there that does not irritate my eyes while also effectively removing any traces of makeup! Sep 23, 2013
Beth B: Works! Sep 23, 2013
Carol S: I've used it before, LOVE this product! Shared a bottle with my sister, now she loves it too! Sep 23, 2013
Yiwen W: I need a remover Sep 22, 2013
Geneva L: the only eye makeup remover I will use...does the job and never burns or stings...almost feels like a treatment! Sep 21, 2013
Melisa R: I like it because you only need a little bit to remove all of your makeup. It is gentle and doesn't burn. Sep 20, 2013
Janelle H: Because it is gentle and works Sep 19, 2013
carrie h: First time Sep 15, 2013
Ye Cheng Y: to removed my bb cream smoothly Sep 13, 2013
Kristen B: Have not tried it but based on reviews sounded like I needed to. Looking for something to too greasy. Have not been able to find it! Sep 12, 2013
Rebecca K: This is the best eye make up remover I've ever used. It's not available near where I live so I have to order it online, which takes some extra time, but I can't use anything else. Really good if you have extra sensitive eyes Sep 9, 2013
DORIS A. S: Tbhis make-up remover is so gentle on my eyes and is really non-oily or greasy and becasue I am a contact wearer is great! Not to mention how fast it removes the stuff I put on my eyes! Sep 4, 2013
Angela F: It's great for contact lens wearers. Not oily like some other eye makeup removers. Sep 2, 2013
Ana G: This product really gets rid of mascara without irritating my eyes, it feels gentle and light. Sep 2, 2013
jacqueline S: Needed a new eye remover that didn't sting my eyes Aug 28, 2013
Noami D: eye makeup is the hardest thing to get off. I feel like I have to wash my whole face & re-wash the eye area just to get the eye makeup off. Aug 26, 2013
kelly r: Very gentle on your eyes. Loved using it with the Kiehls bummed it is no longer available. Quickly and easily removes makeup without irritating my eyes. Aug 24, 2013
Zeina H: I have been using this product for years because it is gentle and does not make my eye sting. Aug 18, 2013
J G L: Looking for effective yet soothing eye makeup remover. Aug 12, 2013
Kim B: The best eye make up remover ever.
I have been using it for years!!
Aug 11, 2013
April jo C: This is the best eye-make-up remover I have used. I have been using your product for many years.
Other eye make-up removers are too oily, don't completely remove the make-up, and/or irritate my eyes.
Aug 2, 2013
Lonnie F: This is the only make-up remover I use. It's effective in getting everything - mascara, liner, concealer - off, but it's gentle enough that you don't feel like it will take a toll on your skin if you use it daily. Great product! Jul 22, 2013
hui q: i use one before,very good, very gentle Jul 20, 2013
Kristen L: Reviews were good and I need a new eye makeup remover Jul 17, 2013
Edna S: My daughter uses it and loves it. Jul 15, 2013
Lori C: Used it for years. Love that it's not greasy feeling and does a great job removing eye make up Jul 5, 2013
Linda D: It works and is gentle on eyes and easy to use. Jul 5, 2013
Jenny M: Because I want to try it. Jun 22, 2013
sandra B: Needed new eye makeup remover Jun 18, 2013
Angela D: need more eye make up remover and this had gotten some good reviews....hopeful. Jun 18, 2013
Allison K: the best makeup remover out there. gentle and works like a charm, even with waterproof eye make up. also doesnt irritate my sensitive eyes and skin around my eyes. will never use anything different! Jun 18, 2013
Kimberly B: Look no further. This is hands down the best eye make up remover product on the market. I have tried all others, nothing compares. Jun 17, 2013
Julie O: Needed some eye makeup remover. I actually wish you made a clear, water based on instead. But since I was ordering anyway I choose this one. Jun 17, 2013
Noriko W: Works well Jun 17, 2013
Linda S: Very gentle, effective, and it doesn't burn my eyes Jun 16, 2013
Janice J: Nothing compares to this makeup remover! Jun 16, 2013
Jennifer L: I've tried MANY different eye make up removers from drugstore brands to equivalent priced luxury brands . . Kiehl's Eye Makeup Remover is the most gentle AND strongest in removing my waterproof eyeliner and mascara. THIS IS THE BEST! Jun 13, 2013
Karia Y: Non irritating and lasts forever! Jun 13, 2013
Beverly A: Long time user--Best eye make-up remover ever--very gentle. Jun 13, 2013
Virginia H: This is the most gentle eye cleanser. Does not burn my eyes or turn them red. Just the best for me! Hope you always have it. Jun 1, 2013
Brandi R: Love it! It cleans very well, no burning of the eyes and no film when I wake up in the morning. May 31, 2013
Anne J: only eye makeup remover i use - 5 plus years May 30, 2013
melinda l: this is the best eye make-up remover in the entire world. Never be without it!!! May 27, 2013
CAROL M: not irritating May 26, 2013
Nicole M: Love it! May 24, 2013
Vivien T: try out May 19, 2013
anna c: wanted a eye makeup remover that didn't sting. May 12, 2013
Rachel P: Read great reviews and will be trying this for the first time. May 9, 2013
Jacqueline D: I've been using this product for 5 years. Best product to remove eye make-up, especially water proof mascara. May 2, 2013
Linda K: Love this product -- have used it for years. Doesn't irritate my eyes Apr 29, 2013
Laura D: very sensitive skin Apr 27, 2013
carole g: great eye makeup remover. works quickly and doesn't sting your eyes Apr 20, 2013
HOLLY L: Used it for years. Best product on the market. Doesn't leave eye area greasy or oily and it does a thorough job. Apr 16, 2013
Seiyoung C: I want to try this one. Apr 14, 2013
Kim I: I want a very gentle make-up remover and the reviews on this are product are excellent. Apr 3, 2013
Catherine D: I use MAC makeup remover - wanted to compare Mar 30, 2013
Michelle P: Reviews were positive; reviewer stated this is better than Lancome, which I currently use, so I will try yours and see ! Mar 26, 2013
Cynthia Faye H: I just started wearing contacts. I wanted to try a new eye makeup remover to see if it helps CALM the eye area. The eye area is getting HIT hard now with the new contact if you know what I mean.... Mar 25, 2013
MARCIA I: want to try Mar 24, 2013
Sheila l: never used it before, but i need a remover, and reviews were good, Feb 21, 2013
Aubrey Z: looks like it will be good for sensitive eyes. Sometimes I struggle with eczema. Feb 20, 2013
Kelli E: I have been unable to find an eye make-up remover that works well without scrubbing and that doesn't significantly irrate my eyes, AND that's suitable for contact lens wearers. A Google search pointed me your way. I look forward to trying your product especially based on the reviews. Feb 18, 2013
Jennifer R: This is the best eye make-up remover. It's non greasy and very gentle, it quickly removes eye make-up. Feb 17, 2013
Cynthia H: reviews Feb 17, 2013
susan b: love it Feb 16, 2013
cecile b: first time trying Feb 16, 2013
joan R: I have VERY sensitive eyes and this does the job without burning my eyes. Feb 15, 2013
Carol M: This is my third bottle. I find that this product removes my eye make up without drying the deliciate skin around the eyes. Feb 12, 2013
Anna P: see if I like it Feb 10, 2013
Megan C: Decided to try it. Have not found an eye make up remover I like. Jan 29, 2013
Sara M: I am looking for a great eye makeup remover... Jan 2, 2013
Bonnielin S: love it! Dec 30, 2012
Brenda W: I've used this gentle eye cleanser for years - love it. This cleanser does not irritate my eyes in any way. Dec 30, 2012
Wendy N: Amazing product. Removes eye makeup gently, safe for contact lens wearers. Love it! Dec 30, 2012
Kristina B: Gentleness, post lasik eye surgery Dec 30, 2012
Mary Margaret L: A little goes a long way with this remover. I've tried many removers that leave my skin oily, but this is very light and gentle. It has a light scent as well. Will definitely purchase! Dec 29, 2012
Pei L: saw good review, like to try Dec 29, 2012
Fumie S: Needed an eye remover and just trying it out. Price is right. Dec 29, 2012
Mary Ann M: Very sensitive eye area. Dec 29, 2012
Jackie A: This product is GREAT for sensitive eyes and people who wear contacts. My teenage daughter uses it as it is the only one that removes make-up without irritating her eyes. Dec 28, 2012
Susan G: I have been using this for years. It is a great product. I am giving one of them as a gift. Dec 26, 2012
Valencia W: Best eye makeup remover I've ever used hands down! Dec 24, 2012
Deepti S: Need a good eye makeup remover that doesn't burn my eyes. Would like to try Kiehl's Dec 18, 2012
Rose J: Great product gentle yet effective Dec 17, 2012
Tara D: Looking for a good not too oily eye make up remover. Dec 17, 2012
susan s: The best! Dec 15, 2012
Kimberly D: works great, takes off make-up smoothly, even waterproof make-up Dec 14, 2012
Jessica C: Makeup remover is gentle and works fabulously. Dec 13, 2012
Jennifer S: Have not used for awhile but my eyes are very dry and I want to come back to this to see if it helps. Dec 13, 2012
Joanne T: I have an extremely delicate and overly stressed eye area. I need a "supremely gentle" and relaxing eye make-up remover. It is what it is! Dec 12, 2012
Elizabeth L: Find it to be the kindest eye make-up remover I have tried! It is the only one I will use now. It removes eye shadow easily without stinging or stretching the eyes feel rested after use. Dec 10, 2012
Sheila W: excellent product that does not irritate eyes Dec 10, 2012
Jane C: So gentle on eyes, and removes makeup perfectly! I've used this for years and years, and I'll never use anything else! Dec 9, 2012
wendy s: Loyal fan, only remover I have ever tried that doesn't burn my eyes. Dec 8, 2012
Ann O: This is the BEST eye makeup remover I've ever used- especially because the skin around my eyes is super sensitive - this is wonderfully priced and well worth a try! Dec 8, 2012
Eileen F: it's very gentle and effective Dec 2, 2012
Wendy R: It's very gentle and doesn't irritate my eyes. It works great to remove all of my eye makeup. Nov 25, 2012
Rachel H: I am allergic to every make-up remover on the market except this one! Nov 25, 2012
karen a: Non greasy, which is hard to find in an eyemakeup remover. I have sensitive eyes and this works well and does not irritate my eyes! Nov 25, 2012
Denise D: This is a great eye makeup remover. Eye makeup comes off in seconds and it is really very grentle. Nov 25, 2012
Deanna B: Looking for an eye make up remover that will actually remove eye makeup but won't irritate my skin. Nov 23, 2012
QINYU Y: Just need a remover. Nov 21, 2012
Weng U C: not oily at all and this only one i found after using more than 6-7 different brands Nov 20, 2012
Lisa I: I use this nightly and it is the best eye make up remover I have ever used. I wear contacts and have very sensitive eyes. It removes even waterproof mascara gently and without rubbing Nov 20, 2012
Miriam M: Stocking stuffer for my daughters. Best eye makeup remover ever! Nov 20, 2012
Nancy R: Fully removes eye make-up. Nov 19, 2012
Patricia A: I am searching for an eye makeup remover that does not irritate my eyes or eyelids. Nov 18, 2012
Gayle R: Love this product. Best I have ever used! Nov 17, 2012
Roxanne D: So gentle, yet effective. Nov 16, 2012
Kate M: Best product ever. I can't live without it. Nov 15, 2012
veronique l: I wear contacts and have really sensitive eyes. I wear long-lasting, waterproof eye make-up - this is the only kind of remover that gets all my makeup off without irritating my eyes, or damaging my contacts. I've been using it for years. Nov 14, 2012
Christal D: get free shipping Nov 14, 2012
Ricky L: Well... I need a gentle eyes makeup remover... Nov 13, 2012
Linda C: Can't do without it. Nov 13, 2012
Debbie K: Love this item! Oct 21, 2012
Mary Ellen D: This is the best eye makeup remover I've ever used (Nivea used to make a good one, but I can't find it any longer). It is gentle and effective. Difficult to find in one product for eye makeup removal! Oct 21, 2012
MarthaLee W: needed some eye makeup remover so thought I would try it Oct 20, 2012
Laurie K: Does not burn my eyes and easily removes make-up. Oct 18, 2012
Dasha C: I'm running out of eye make-up remover and this one looks nice and gentle. Oct 17, 2012
Judy H: I have very sensitive eyes and after using other brands which seem to be irritating my eyes, I am back to using YOUR product. Oct 15, 2012
Alexia T: I've tried several eye make-up remover and after a while, they all irritate my eyes. Let's see if this one does the trick Oct 15, 2012
Erin S: I have been using this for years. It takes off eye makeup so easily without the slightest hint of oil, and I like that it's good for contact lens wearers. Oct 14, 2012
Carol H: This works very well. I've used it for a couple years. I have tried other products, but this is my favorite. Oct 14, 2012
Qing M: I am concerned about the current eye makeup remover I have is too harsh for my eyes and I wanted to try something gentle so the skin around my eyes wouldnt get hurt. Oct 13, 2012
Jiaxin W: good value Oct 10, 2012
Lisa I: Love this - it removes waterproof mascara and shadow without trauma and tugging! Had to refill! Oct 9, 2012
MaryAnn T: This is something I can' be with out. It's the only makeup remover that really works for me. Oct 8, 2012
Holly T: love other Kiehl's products, wanted to try this Oct 3, 2012
Sheldon C: going to try it our. Sep 24, 2012
Cara W: I used this when I was a teen, and I loved it. I figured I would go back to it Sep 24, 2012
Linda L: i want to try it Sep 24, 2012
Adrienne G: This is THE best eye makeup remover on the market if I say so myself! It moisturizes while removing the makeup and is very gentle on your eye area. Sep 24, 2012
David C: The best eye make-up remover ever! Sep 24, 2012
kanjanaporn k: try it Sep 24, 2012
Janet M: Wearing contacts made me be careful about eye makeup and removers. I no longer wear contacts, but this makeup remover takes away everything. I smooth it over the rest of my face after cleaning my eyes and wipe my whole face clean with a damp towel. It's non-drying. Sep 24, 2012
Dawn S: This eye make up remover is so gemtle and yet affective. I have sensitive skin around the eye area and yet I have never had a reaction from the cream, It will leave your skin soft and supple. Sep 24, 2012
Roseann S: works great for removing eye makeup Sep 24, 2012
Melissa P: Been using it for years. Best remover I've ever used. I've converted my sister and two best friends into big fans as well... Sep 24, 2012
Arlene M: my favorite eye makeup remover Sep 24, 2012
Lori S: I have used this product for years and it is the only one I have ever used that removes all the eye makeup and you don't wakeup with raccoon eyes! Sep 24, 2012
Cindy H: the only eye make up remove that doesn't make me cry! Sep 24, 2012
Vicki J: This product is very gentle on your eyes and does an outstanding job of removing all traces of eye makeup. Sep 23, 2012
Shu Min L: super gentle but effective. good use to clean makeup Sep 21, 2012
M S: I can't say enough about this make-up remover!!! I love it!!! My eyes have stayed young using this, as I don't have to use harsh cleansers to fight mascara off of my eyelashes, etc. Just wipe and go! It is great! No stinging, burning, etc. I love it! Sep 21, 2012
Matthew D: My mother loves this product Sep 19, 2012
roberta c: really gentle and not oily Sep 19, 2012
Julie P: Best eye make up remover I have found. Gentle and effective. I won't use anything else. Sep 19, 2012
Young L: It doesn't irritate your eyes or skin whatsoever Sep 18, 2012
Christina H: I've used this eye make-up remover for years, and it really does take off everything! I gently rub it on with my fingers, and then use a damp cotton pad to wipe it all off. The bottle lasts a really long time. Sep 18, 2012
Janice R: I have sensitive eyes and my eyelashes are quite dry and fall out easily. I wanted to try Kiehl's. Sep 17, 2012
margo b: very gentle on the eyes which I need because I wear contact lenses Sep 14, 2012
Pamela L: Used it in the past and love it. Gentle, doesn't irritate eyes, removes eye makeup completely Sep 14, 2012
natasha d: regular use Sep 12, 2012
Kathryn A. W: Wasn't happy with my current Neutrogena eye make-up remover & this one sounded gentle. Hope it works! Sep 11, 2012
Donna G: My sister's favorite. It's for her. Sep 6, 2012
jeanette l: it works Sep 4, 2012
Suzanne R: I've used it for many years love it. Aug 28, 2012
yasumi r: i use this item and i like it - easy for eye area to remove make up w/o rubbing. i wish you have smaller travel size.... Aug 28, 2012
E.M. F: This is the best eye make remover EVER! It is so gentle and so thorough -- it even works on waterproof. I love it! Aug 26, 2012
Marissa K: It not only cleans the makeup off my eyes, but it also acts as a moisturizer. I also like that I don't have to wash it off. Aug 26, 2012
Melissa T: This is the best eye makeup remover I have ever used. I've been using it for over 10 years and would never use anything else. Aug 13, 2012
Mary K: very gentle on the eye area and removes makeup well. Aug 9, 2012
Neva M: This is the ONLY eye makeup remover that I will ever ever ever use. I am in the modeling industry and wear mascara and eye makeup often. I have tried numerous eye makeup cleansers before and nothing compares. It cleans gently, removes the toughest of mascaras, isn't heavy or oily, leaves no residue and is non-irritrating. I simply cannot live without this product and have been using it for over 10 years. Aug 5, 2012
Jocelyn E: I love this eye make-up remover!! So gentle on my eyes and great for sensitive skin:) Aug 4, 2012
Debby P: the only product that is truly non allergic. Very gentle. Aug 2, 2012
Aimee R: I am looking for a better eye makeup remover Aug 1, 2012
Patricia B: Need a gentle eye remover and this comes highly recommended... I trust Kiehl's product integrity. Aug 1, 2012
Chihwei L: i'm looking for one Jul 26, 2012
Kelly H: leaves nothing on the eye - no raccoon eyes in the morningi Jul 19, 2012
Lingjia D: a small make-up remover just for eyes..nice... Jul 16, 2012
Juliet D: wanted to try it out Jul 16, 2012
Carmen B: I was looking for a gentle eye makeup remover and hope this is the thing that will do the trick. Jul 15, 2012
Pamela D: I am out of it Jul 14, 2012
Charlyn C: This really works! Not irritating to me eyes, creamy and removes all traces of eye make-up. It's the best! Jul 13, 2012
Susan B: Love it! Jul 12, 2012
laura k: excellent product that effectively takes eye make-up off without harsh chemicals Jul 8, 2012
Deirdre L: I wear waterproof mascara and liquid eyeliner..nothing is better than this eye makeup remover. Everyone talks about other brands..but this one is the best. I first found this when I was on Broadway and needed a good remover..I'll never use another brand. Jul 6, 2012
Helaine B: It's the best eye make-up remover I've ever used. Gets everything off quickly and easily. I have sensitive skin, and it never irritates the area surrounding my eye. Jul 2, 2012
Olga P: Best eye makeup remover I've ever used. Gentle and effective. Jun 26, 2012
Jackie L: This is the best, most gentle, make up remover I have found. It doesn't burn or irritate my eyes. I LOVE it! Jun 26, 2012
SoYoung G: It's the best eye make-up remover I have used. It helps take my eye make-up off without greasy oil residue and gentle on my eyes. I love it. I would recommend it to all my friends. Jun 21, 2012
Cynthia K: This eye make-up remover is magic! It is moisturizing but never irritating and removes all traces of eye make up. I love this product! Jun 20, 2012
Shelley S: The best eye-make-up remover I've used. Jun 20, 2012
Natalie C: I have tried so many eye make up removers over the years and have never found one as good and gentle as this! Not greasy at all and is great since I have super sensitive eyes Jun 19, 2012
kathleen k: New Beauty magazine Jun 18, 2012
Jisoo J: It's known as one of the best eye make-up remover so I wanted to try it out. Jun 18, 2012
Susan K: Every stinking product I try stings my eyes or makes them red...lasting until the morning. I'm tired of looking 'high' or hungover from my eye makeup remover. I end up sort of rubbing the makeup with warm water, but would like to completely remove it at least every other day. Jun 16, 2012
Miriam G: I have never found anything more gentle and easy on the eyes than this one! I recommend 100%. Jun 12, 2012
Sondra F: no burning, removes eye make up completely, no blurred vision afterwards Jun 8, 2012
Kimberly G: This has been my go to eye makeup remover for years. I wear waterproof mascara practically daily and this remover has no problem gently removing it at the end of the day. I have tried numerous other pricey alternatives, they don't have anything on this product by Keihl's. Jun 6, 2012
Janet M: I actually use this for my whole face for removing makeup. It works great and leaves my skin soft. Jun 5, 2012
Juanita C: This product is gentle on my eyes, which is important because I'm a contact lens wearer. It doesn't sting my eyes and thoroughly removes my masara. Jun 5, 2012
Amelia S: I love this. It's really gentle. Been a fan for many years. May 28, 2012
Rebecca A: Because it is the best eye make up remover ever May 24, 2012
D. Bryant A: This is it. The most gentle, effective eye make-up remover I've found. Whenever I try another brands, they're never as good and I'm always back. May 20, 2012
Amy L: My long time favorite. Always gets the mascara off no matter what and very gentle on my eyes. May 14, 2012
Elizabeth L: Its my fav! Its gentle and lasts a long time. I cant go without it! May 14, 2012
Cathleen R: It is the BEST makeup remover ever invented. I have very sensitive skin and eyes, and it NEVER bothers my eyes. I put on lots of mascara, eyeliner etc., sometimes and it gets it all off without irritating my eyes at all. It is totally worth the very reasonable price. The amount in the bottle lasts forever too. May 14, 2012
MARGARET C: Like the product very much. May 14, 2012
JESSICA K: love this remover! May 7, 2012
Judita E: only remover that doesn't irritate my eyes May 5, 2012
Eve L: I need a good eye makeup remover and this one claims to be gentle. May 3, 2012
Phillesia P: Helps to remove stubborn make-up Apr 30, 2012
Gayle R: Best eye make up remover available. Clean, no oil, gentle for contact users.Love,love,love!! Apr 30, 2012
Scott G: Best product on market period Apr 30, 2012
Marilyn L: Works perfectly and thourghly. Apr 29, 2012
Erin S: This is the best eye make-up remover I have ever used. Apr 28, 2012
Kathleen M: i use it every day. Apr 24, 2012
Nancy K: this is simply the best makeup remover I have used Apr 20, 2012
Juliana W: I read about this product in a magazine (can't recall which one). I stopped by the Kiehl's counter at Neiman Marcus and was able to sample it. It's gentle and works! Apr 14, 2012
carey h: Best eyemakeup remover I have ever used Apr 12, 2012
christine W: I have used this for over a year and really like it. Apr 9, 2012
It's great for your eyes if you wear contacts no burning and removes makeup fast.
Apr 6, 2012
jennifer f: 1st time trying this. To preven irritation around eyes when removing makeup. Apr 3, 2012
Sara B: I don't have anything to remove eye makeup at the moment and wanted something gentle. Apr 1, 2012
Joyce W: It is the only remover that does not bother my eyes and it lasts a full year or more!t Mar 28, 2012
katie g: its the best eye make up remover I've used. the creamy consistancy is less irritating on my skin and sensitive, contact lens wearing eyes than an oil based rememover. I've used it for at least 10 years! Mar 27, 2012
Miriam Y asked: Is this makeup remover okay to use if you have lash extensions? Is is water based or oil based? Jul 28, 2012
Answer this · Send to friends Good question? Yes (3) No (0)
Sandy K: This has apricot oil in it, so I wouldn't use it with extensions. Unfortunately I didn't know that when I purchased it but read the ingredients after I got it. I used it anyway for my lower eyeliner and it seemed to make my extensions fall out more. I use waterproof eyeliner and it doesn't even remove it easy. Bummed... I took a chance I'm buying this even though no one answered this question which is over a year old! Jan 10, 2014
Reply to Sandy Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Kelly H asked: Does this remove waterproof mascara? Sep 4, 2013
Answer this · Send to friends Good question? Yes (2) No (0)
Patricia C: I do not use waterproof mascara but I do like the ease and silkiness of this makeup remover. Sep 5, 2013
Reply to Patricia Good answer? Yes (0) No (1)
Shama B: I don't use waterproof mascara but it does a great job of removing regular mascara. Sep 25, 2013
Reply to Shama Good answer? Yes (0) No (1)
A shopper asked: Can you use without rubbing lids? Dec 16, 2013
Answer this · Send to friends Good question? Yes (0) No (0)
Karen O: Depends on the makeup. I use it gently on my lids (with a cotton pad) to remove powder eyeshadow, no rubbing required. For mascara, it takes a few downward strokes (gentler if I let my lashes soak it up briefly) and then some clean up around the eyes. A little rubbing, but no scrubbing. Hope that's helpful. Overall this is very kind on the eyes, no irritation even when I've left my contacts in. Dec 17, 2013
Reply to Karen Good answer? Yes (1) No (0)
Anna Y: Maybe, if you use non-waterproof mascara. I do, and this was a purchase I regret. It takes forever for me to take my waterproof mascara off, I have to rub, it gets into my eyes, and it doesn't take everything off except my eyelashes. This product doesn't work for me. Dec 16, 2013
Reply to Anna Good answer? Yes (1) No (0)
Pat S: I am sorry but I do not know what "rubbing lids" are.
However, this product is amazing and I use it all the time. You hardly have to use very much and it works so well. I have used it for years now and have never had any kind of issues at all
Dec 16, 2013
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clare d: This product is fantastic because it doesn't pull or irritate my lids. I put it on a cotton ball and wipe off the make-up, then the make-up just glides ride off. Dec 17, 2013
Reply to clare Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
katie g: I'm not sure how you'd use it without doing so... But you don't have to rub them as much as if you used an oil based or another product. Dec 16, 2013
Reply to katie Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Sandy K: I use a q-tip directly on my lower lash line for my waterproof eyeliner and that doesn't even remove all of it! I regret this purchase. Jan 10, 2014
Reply to Sandy Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Barbara S: You have to rub a little bit to get the makeup off, but it's very creamy and gentle so you aren't scrubbing or anything. Dec 16, 2013
Reply to Barbara Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
jamie a: You probably can but I rub my lids with it and it doesn't hurt them at all! Dec 20, 2013
Reply to jamie Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Cheryl M: No, but if you leave it on for a minute you can rub very gently. Dec 16, 2013
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