Mens Alcohol-Free Herbal Toner

"An alcohol-free herbal toner formulated for men "
  • Contains herbal extracts such as Great Burdock, Lavender, Ivy, and Allantoin to comfort the facial skin after the impact of shaving, as well as Gentian Extract
  • Contains a high quantity of nourishing Panthenol (Pro-Vitamin B-5) in addition to pure Corn Mint Oil, which provides a cooling, mentholated effect to just-shaved skin
  • Recommended for normal to oily skin types
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How to Apply:
-Apply to just-shaved skin as needed
-Skin will experience an initial cooling, tingling effect
-Thereafter, skin should feel smooth and soothed

KOHR-n mint OY-il

Corn Mint Oil is an ingredient known to have with cooling properties.

JENN-shee'-uhn EK-strakt

Gentian is an annual which grows in dry, chalky soil in Great Britain. Taken largely from the root, the extract is known to be used in herbal medicine for its general digestive benefits. It also has cooling and soothing properties.


Great Burdock is a gentle, natural ingredient known for centuries to help improve dry skin.

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