Mens Alcohol-Free Herbal Toner

"An alcohol-free herbal toner formulated for men "
  • Contains herbal extracts such as Great Burdock, Lavender, Ivy, and Allantoin to comfort the facial skin after the impact of shaving, as well as Gentian Extract
  • Contains a high quantity of nourishing Panthenol (Pro-Vitamin B-5) in addition to pure Corn Mint Oil, which provides a cooling, mentholated effect to just-shaved skin
  • Recommended for normal to oily skin types
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How to Apply:
-Apply to just-shaved skin as needed
-Skin will experience an initial cooling, tingling effect
-Thereafter, skin should feel smooth and soothed

KOHR-n mint OY-il

Corn Mint Oil is an ingredient known to have with cooling properties.

JENN-shee'-uhn EK-strakt

Gentian is an annual which grows in dry, chalky soil in Great Britain. Taken largely from the root, the extract is known to be used in herbal medicine for its general digestive benefits. It also has cooling and soothing properties.


Great Burdock is a gentle, natural ingredient known for centuries to help improve dry skin.

Mens Alcohol-Free Herbal Toner
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Kiehl's Since 1851 Store asked: Why did you choose this?
Deborah M: This is the only toner my husband will use faithfully every single day. Thank you Kiehls! Sep 29, 2014
Tyrone L: I love the way it cleans my skin after shaving Sep 20, 2014
C P P: i have a lot of irritation from shaving this sounds like a really good toner to calm and soothe Sep 15, 2014
Michael T: Review Sep 8, 2014
Jamog K: trying Sep 7, 2014
Jonathan N: H Sep 1, 2014
Carleton S: Great way to finish a nice shave. Aug 26, 2014
WEI H: 111 Aug 23, 2014
Clifton G: Love the smell of this toner. A bit of an "old school" scent. Evens out my skin before I apply daily moisturizer. Aug 12, 2014
Haobin W: Just trying something new. Aug 6, 2014
Tyler T: no alcohol Jul 20, 2014
Paul C S: cooling when used as after shave Jul 18, 2014
Thomas D: This stuff is wonderful as after-shave Jul 13, 2014
Pat D: best used after shaving - keeps skin toned and looking good. Jul 5, 2014
Jonathan F: Need a toner and it had good reviews. Jul 4, 2014
TROY S: Should be using a toner, but I don't. Might as well be alcohol free. Jun 27, 2014
David H: Good reputation Jun 25, 2014
Ian C: Love this product. Nice and lite, doesn't feel like you have anything on. Excellent. Jun 14, 2014
Alexis L P: Cause it is an excellent product like all the others Khiels that I have been used for many years. Jun 9, 2014
Edward P: O May 31, 2014
Lawrence G: To replace essential oils after washing my face. May 29, 2014
Nitin R: Excellent! May 29, 2014
John E: Trying a different toner for my after shave regiment. the Blue astringent is very good but is strong and I wanted to try a more herbal approach with a few calming agents for my sometimes sensitive skin/areas. May 19, 2014
yong p: it better to me May 19, 2014
Jeffrey B: Refill. May 18, 2014
Jonathan I: Gentle yet energizing for after-shave. May 16, 2014
John G: This is great as an after shave tonic, it is non greasy or oily. May 16, 2014
Alexander M: I have been using this with the Energizing Scrub - they work great together. May 15, 2014
Joseph R: NEVER TRIED IT BEFORE May 14, 2014
Jeffrey P: Try something new May 9, 2014
Tony L: This is the single best aftershave I have ever used. I tried nearly every drug store aftershave before finding this many years ago this toner makes my sensitive skin the happiest. May 7, 2014
Roger S: Love to put this in a little spray bottle and spritz my face with it after shaving, feels great! May 3, 2014
Hugo M: I was looking for something to help out after i shave. Apr 9, 2014
Isabelle D: I was looking for an all natural toner for my boyfriend Apr 3, 2014
Pernell W: Have been dealing with some acne issues, so wanted to try something new Apr 2, 2014
jung hwa k: Just I tried. Mar 26, 2014
Yuba S: Husband uses it all the time Mar 13, 2014
gregory l: good reviews from previous users and would like to see if this would be a good addition to my skin care regime. Mar 11, 2014
Dean M: Its simply the best feeling. Mar 5, 2014
Christopher H: minimal odor, feels clean/lightweight and does not dry out skin. This is the best toner I have used. Mar 2, 2014
W. Jeffrey G: My new, amazing dermatologist mentioned this product in particular. Excited to try it out. Feb 20, 2014
Brian E: Use all the time and I am out. Feb 18, 2014
Kaleb S: This product always makes me feel refreshed and clean. Feb 17, 2014
Weaver J: Featured on Gear Patrol on Face Book Feb 17, 2014
Mario F: I need a new toner Feb 12, 2014
Helene K: bought this before, and it works sooo good, need to re-stock up! Feb 10, 2014
Nathan W: Very refreshing and energizing. Calms my skin and leaves it feeling nice and cool. Never dries me out or breaks me out. Great stuff once again from Kiehls! Feb 5, 2014
Andrew B: Wanted to try something new Feb 1, 2014
Emina H: My husband really enjoys this product; has for the last 3 years Jan 26, 2014
Thomas T: I have tried it before and like it. Jan 19, 2014
YSIDRO G: This tonic is okay. Jan 16, 2014
William M: i've used this after shaving for two years, always cools skin, without causing tightness Jan 11, 2014
yong k: so nice Jan 11, 2014
luke j: New purchase Dec 30, 2013
Roger G: Because it's alcohol-free and doesn't irritate my skin. Dec 27, 2013
Jon D: No Alcohol Dec 27, 2013
Derek L: used it before Dec 27, 2013
Helen C: Works well. Dec 21, 2013
susan g: gift for family member who might like this product Dec 17, 2013
Alecia M: My husbands favorite toner Dec 16, 2013
Phil K: Skin irritation Dec 14, 2013
Gregory J: Great for after shaving my head and face. Love it! Dec 14, 2013
Joseph G: 1st time going to give it a try Dec 11, 2013
James W: Christmas gift Dec 9, 2013
WEILIN Y: TRY Dec 8, 2013
erik s: I have huge pours on my nose from years of being outdoors with no sun screen. As a result they fill up with black heads if left to themselves. The toner not only tones, but closes the pors on the nose completely, and thus reducing the ability for materials to collect and creat black heads. Dec 5, 2013
Stella L: For my brother, he has sensitive skin. Dec 5, 2013
Kurt J: I like the way it feels. Dec 4, 2013
Terry P: All products I wanted were out of stock Dec 4, 2013
Elizabeth A: Great for men with sensitive skin. Dec 4, 2013
mina k: My husband always uses this. Dec 3, 2013
Michael S: I've been looking for an effective non alcoholic toner for years, and his ranks among the top. Dec 2, 2013
Anna S: Something new for my husband to try Dec 2, 2013
Qi C: it's good Dec 2, 2013
Andrea B: husband loves it! Dec 1, 2013
stella k: always use this .love it Nov 29, 2013
Dwayne S: Great toner and especially wonderful after a shave. Nov 28, 2013
Wenjie Z: friend's recommendation Nov 27, 2013
Lawrence B: I use this, I thought my son might like it too... Nov 26, 2013
William H: Great cleaner/toner used for many years, too Nov 21, 2013
Lihe G: Give it a try. Nov 20, 2013
Peter S: Needed a toner and watched youtube reviews online of this product. Worth giving it an initial try. Nov 18, 2013
Dominic P: curious abut this product but I also needed to get to $65 to use $20 credit. Nov 18, 2013
Kelsey S: USED A FRIENDS AND LOVED IT Nov 17, 2013
Patrick B: Wanted a nice big bottle of toner without alcohol. Sounded like a good first choice from Kiehl's. Nov 17, 2013
xiao wan z: i like it Nov 17, 2013
Jin K: I've read good reviews about the product and decided to buy them for my friends as Christmas present. Nov 16, 2013
Jeff A: Best stuff for post-shave coolness and freshness. Makes your skin feel amazing! Nov 15, 2013
Kengmin L: I like this Nov 15, 2013
jonathan f: never tried it Oct 31, 2013
Jennifer R: Very good pore cleaner Oct 28, 2013
Sujie W: It made my skin better. Oct 19, 2013
Robert B: Leaves my skin feeling fresh and tight Sep 30, 2013
Robert T: Keeps my face fresh and clear without drying it out. Sep 23, 2013
Zi Yao L: Need a toner, and saw it's good apply after shave Sep 23, 2013
Robert B: To help with red spots and small razor bumps after shaving. Sep 19, 2013
Patricia Y: Recommended by my brother. Sep 7, 2013
Aaron D: It is great for your skin. It makes your face look smooth. Aug 29, 2013
William C: For posts shaves Aug 27, 2013
Kevin F: Hoping to improve skin tone after shower, before moisturizing. Aug 11, 2013
Jason K: It works! Aug 8, 2013
Keith B: Kills the burn and tightens the skin Jul 29, 2013
Aaron M: needed an astringent and this was recommended Jul 23, 2013
Michael T: Tightens skin without drying; wakes me up in the morning Jul 7, 2013
Tre T: i picked this product from the good things i heard about them Jul 6, 2013
David L: I LIKE Jun 23, 2013
Nina T: My boyfriend has sensitive and blemish prone skin. Hopefully this will even out his skin tone and not irritate his skin. Jun 17, 2013
Annie K: My husband really likes this toner and he thinks this is the best toner he ever used Jun 17, 2013
RAUL D: like the non-oily feel to the skin Jun 17, 2013
Timothy O: Highly Rated Jun 16, 2013
Eugene M: A good splash of this leaves my face feeling extra refreshed after a shower. Jun 15, 2013
Maki T: I wanted to buy some gifts for my husband. He has sensitive/ oily skin. Let's see if he likes it or not. Jun 14, 2013
Deborah H: My husband has used the alcohol-free herbal toner for many years to keep his skin healthy post shaving. Jun 13, 2013
Pavel O: Refreshing after washing face and shaving Jun 13, 2013
Inhwa K: For my husband. Jun 13, 2013
Tim M: Need a new aftershave that is not to thick Jun 5, 2013
Cesar B: Love it May 26, 2013
Kevin S: Makes cheeks feel cool after shaving. May 11, 2013
Nathan W: This product leaves my freshly-shaved morning face feeling alive and refreshed May 10, 2013
Andrew S: Soothing and relaxing May 6, 2013
David M: best toner I have ever used. perfect for mens' skin. Apr 29, 2013
CARA F: Great, reliable product! Need to replenish old bottle. Apr 11, 2013
Joe B: Love it! I have tried toners in the past that did more to rough up my face than anything. This product produces a smooth, even, and cool post-shave feel. Apr 10, 2013
Seth M: To get rid of red/uneven spots on my face Mar 30, 2013
Roger H: Love the product. Have been purchasining it for 5 or more years. Mar 20, 2013
Grantley S: I like the way the product makes my face feel. Mar 18, 2013
Michael M: been using for yrs Feb 20, 2013
Eckart N: Wanted to try an alternative to the Facial Fuel toner (which I also like) Feb 13, 2013
Kris C: Love this toner like to switch it up with the Calendula. Works for my skin. Feb 10, 2013
Michael E: Previously used Feb 10, 2013
Bo K: I wet shave with a safety razor and this seems like a great product to use after shaving. Feb 4, 2013
Michael G: One of my favorite products from Kiehl's. Doesn't dry out my skin. "Calms" my skin after shaving. Feb 4, 2013
Christopher S: Love this product. It soothes and smooths skin after shaving without burning. Great product. Use in combination with Facial Fuel and works its magic. Jan 25, 2013
Tammi M: He wanted a toner as he uses mine all the time. Jan 3, 2013
Brett M: online reviews Dec 31, 2012
Martha H: Husband loves this product! Dec 27, 2012
Allison S: My boyfriend swears by this toner, so to encourage him to shave on a regular basis I keep him supplied! Dec 18, 2012
JING B: MY BF LIKE IT ! Dec 16, 2012
brandi p: husband wanted to try Dec 14, 2012
xiaolei s: I like it very much Dec 9, 2012
Kishan K: Great Reviews! Dec 6, 2012
Louis S: Have used for years--not greasy--and doesnt dry my face---does away with razor burn Dec 6, 2012
KAREN M: Husband loves it. Dec 1, 2012
Robert H: I have been using it for months and it is low in cost. Nov 30, 2012
Hui L: I like this one Nov 25, 2012
Gyseon B: For my husband... Nov 24, 2012
Rocco G: going to try it Nov 24, 2012
Sandy S: Best for my sensitive skin Nov 24, 2012
Stephen E: I heard good things and wanted to try it out Nov 24, 2012
Fred P: Removes dirt, grime and oils without leaving your face feeling dry or blotched. Nov 19, 2012
Jae B: Amazing. It's clean smelling, does the job, and it doesn't dry me out. Nov 19, 2012
Richard K: This is a standard in my daily routine. The best recommendation ever. Nov 18, 2012
Ivy E: Any man I use this on says they've got to have more of it! Nov 5, 2012
Jeff P: I've been using this product for at least 12 years. Always calms my skin down after a shave. Nov 5, 2012
Alexander K: Never used this, but read the reviews and wanted to try an alcohol free after shave product. Oct 14, 2012
Kavitha P: For my partner to try Oct 7, 2012
Yiming T: the same as before. Oct 6, 2012
Chris K: For that extra clean Sep 24, 2012
John S: I've used this for years after [electric]shave; feels good & works great Sep 23, 2012
Melvin S: I have had a very good experience using this product over several years. Sep 22, 2012
Cory C: I currently use this product after I shave and it has improved the health of my skin so much. I used to struggle with breakouts after shaving and I also struggle finding a moisturizer that doesn't cause me to breakout. Since using the toner my skin has been healthy and I rarely have any blemishes on my face. Sep 20, 2012
Ivan R: Try it first time Sep 19, 2012
Robert G: Alcohol free for when I have rosacea outbreaks. I always use an astringent at night Sep 19, 2012
Robert R: ease of use for military Aug 30, 2012
Tony M: Old reliable - I've been using this product for at least 10 years Aug 29, 2012
Rebecca C: My husband loves this! He said it really helps when he shaves, with electric or regular razor. Aug 24, 2012
Nick F: Bought it before and it is great. Aug 23, 2012
donte w: awesome product Aug 8, 2012
Trang P: read reviews Aug 2, 2012
Joseph C: I wanted to try it out compared to the alcohol based toner I use. Jul 26, 2012
Erik P: I needed a toner that works best for oily skin. Jul 25, 2012
ROBERTO O: Love it Jul 24, 2012
KAREN M: Husband loves it after shaving. Won't shave without it. Jul 15, 2012
Donald M: I am looking for a product that will help with razor bumps and the reviews for this product made me want to give it a shot. Jul 7, 2012
Timothy H: Good reviews, so I wanted to give it a try. Jun 29, 2012
Ryan S: I have oily skin and need to keep it dry after shaving to avoid breakouts. Jun 24, 2012
Valerie T: Toner cleanses without drying. Jun 13, 2012
Chi Kyeong I: best toner out there for sensitivie skin.
I've been using this for 6 years.
Jun 7, 2012
Steve G: This provides excellent after-shave comfort without causing redness or burning. I suspect that the herbals in the formula also kill germs, because my mild skin issues such as acne or that "itchy feeling" has gone away! I highly recommend this one! The fragrance is also very light and pleasant. Jun 6, 2012
Richard J: Have used product previously. Jun 3, 2012
Hong Jai C: currently using, nice product May 30, 2012
James H: wanted something alcohol free, also good reviews May 28, 2012
Steven W: I've been using this on my face after shaving for a couple of years now and I love it. Very refreshing and not the least bit oily or greasy. May 16, 2012
charles s: know it, love it May 15, 2012
Ricardo C: Looking for a new toner. May 15, 2012
Robert G: use a toner to degrease my skin...needed an alcohol free one as I was recently diagnosed with mild rosacea. Previously I used your blue astringent. Apr 30, 2012
Jenny C: Like the smell Apr 25, 2012
Hui L: I've ever used it, it's good Apr 15, 2012
Kevin J E: I've used this for awhile now and much enjoy the 'bounce' it gives my skin and it feels good. Apr 11, 2012
Adolphus S: I am a longer time user of Alcohol Free Herbal Toner. This product provides the results I have learned to depend upon over the years Apr 10, 2012
Qi wen W: I think it is useful for my slightly oiled skin! Apr 6, 2012
Jonathan M: I need a toner, trying it out. Apr 5, 2012
Nick F: Looked interesting. Apr 5, 2012
Matt B: I use this as an after-shave lotion. It soothes but does not burn, and it smells great. Mar 27, 2012
A shopper asked: Can i use for everyday ?? May 11, 2013
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Bob H: Sure. I use it as my immediate aftershave on a daily basis. It's refreshing and soothing. Pleasant scent that is not the least bit cloying. I then follow with Ultimate Men's After Shave Balm. Great combo. May 11, 2013
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Eric T: Yes, I used the toner every day after i shaved; I love it. I would rinse with cool water and then apply a little, tightens your skin and leaves you refreshed. May 16, 2013
Reply to Eric Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Anthony D: It can be used for everyday. I use it after shaving and nothing else. Each person is different but this does the trick for me. Give it a try. May 11, 2013
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Daniel F: absolutely!

i use everyday after shaving; have used it for almost 10 years and would never think of changing
May 18, 2013
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Matthew S: Yes, great product and I highly recommend it. You don't even need to use a lot, just maybe a pea size on your palm. May 14, 2013
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Nathan W: i use it every day after i shave - it never irritates my skin, just leaves it feeling refreshed and happy! May 11, 2013
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Matt B: Yes, there is no alcohol in it, so it does not dry your skin out. I use it after shaving. May 11, 2013
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Kevin J E: Yes - I usually apply toner after a shave....and before bedtime.

Good stuff!!
May 27, 2013
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William E: Yes - I do after shaving every day - It's great!!! May 12, 2013
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Stan H: Yes, absolutely. May 11, 2013
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Stan H: Yes, absolutely. May 11, 2013
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ERIC J: Yes May 11, 2013
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A shopper asked: Is it ok to put the toner on your full face? Aug 5, 2013
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Bob H: Sure. It feels good wherever you put it. But you'll want to follow with some sort of moisturizer. Aug 5, 2013
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John T: Yes Aug 5, 2013
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A shopper asked: i use many keihls products. my in-the-shower routine includes facewash with Facial Fuel scrub or wash... followed by close shave 31-0 and then foaming shave cream. after i shave i splash on mens herbal toner followed by after shave balm moisterizer. finally, when i'm out of the shower i use facial fuel mosterizer on my face.

i have two questions...
1) am i using too much stuff? and... 2) i'm almost out of the toner... but i was given a bottle of Ultra Facial Toner... is it the same stuff? can i use this instead?

Jan 10, 2013
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Cynthia L. F: absolutely! only thing i use after shaving is the herbal toner - i and always by the large bottle! sometimes i will put on the after shave moisterizerr but it is not necessary. been using it for years and caught my wife stealing some the other day! Jan 11, 2013
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Tod B asked: If you use a moisturizer and sunscreen product by this company, do you really need a third product, a toner? Seems like a lot to put on daily. Sep 13, 2012
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Matt B: Everybody's skin and needs are different, and they change. May 11, 2013
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