Cucumber Herbal Alcohol-Free Toner

An elegant, non-drying, alcohol-free, Cucumber-based toner
  • Our iconic facial toner for dry and sensitive skin
  • The mildest of all our toners, ideal for dry and sensitive skin types
  • Made with the finest gentle herbal extracts for a gentle, soothing, balancing and mildly astringent effect
  • Leaves skin soft, clean, soothed and toned

"This facial toner is so mild and gentle, yet it works wonders. It leaves my skin clean, soft, and soothed."

Barbara, Kiehl’s Insider

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How to Apply:
-For use after washing to remove any residual cleanser or make-up or anytime as a freshener
-Saturate a cotton pad with the facial toner and apply as needed.

Cool Kiehl’s Fact:
Our Cucumber Herbal Alcohol-Free Toner was formulated in the late 1960s and remains today one of our most enduring and beloved formulas among Kiehl’s customers.


Allantoin is a compound that is found in Comfrey Root. The comfrey plant is a hairy perennial Eurasian herb long used in herbal medicine. Known to be a bacteria inhibitor, Allantoin can soothe and reduce inflammation in various product formulations.

KYOO-cuhm-bur FROOT EK-strakt

Cucumber Fruit Extract has long been known for its beneficial uses to the skin. (Cleopatra used cucumber juice to maintain her skin.) It is known to cool and refresh the skin, and has been shown to be moisture-binding, moisture-regulating and softening properties. It is used as a treatment for oily skin and for tired and stressed skin, and as skin refresher in sun preparations.

Cucumber Herbal Alcohol-Free Toner
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Kiehl's Since 1851 Store asked: Why did you choose this?
Yingjie Z: by choice Sep 18, 2014
phyllis s: I feel it is natural and I have been using it a long time and have been happy. Sep 18, 2014
Huan S: Great ! Sep 16, 2014
HANYU Z: I like it Sep 16, 2014
Na T: For my prone-skin Sep 15, 2014
Luce C: best toner for the makeup trailer Sep 15, 2014
Archil W: LIKE Sep 15, 2014
Yanhua W: Friend recommendation. Sep 15, 2014
Dan H: My sister asked me to do so. Sep 15, 2014
Jie Y: This is good toner, it does not dry my sensitive skin like others. Sep 15, 2014
Xing W: I use it in winter. Sep 14, 2014
Leslie C: sounds refreshing- first try. Sep 14, 2014
Paul W: best reviews Sep 13, 2014
MIHEE H: recommended from friend Sep 13, 2014
Deborah T: Recommended for sensitive skin. Sep 12, 2014
mudi c: love this for 3 years Sep 12, 2014
Huanhuan S: friends recommendation Sep 11, 2014
ying z: I don't use before I want to try. Sep 11, 2014
Yibing L: have a try Sep 10, 2014
LIJIAO C: For my brother. Sep 10, 2014
YATI T: W Sep 10, 2014
yushi z: my face is dry Sep 9, 2014
Koti M: Not harsh & doesn't dry out skin. Sep 9, 2014
Qian L: Keep skin silk Sep 9, 2014
zeng qiu xiang z: A friend usedï¼?She introduced me Sep 9, 2014
YINGYI X: LIKE Sep 9, 2014
Yingying C: recommend by my friend Sep 7, 2014
Judy K: Have used along side ultra moisturizer. Gentle non drying Sep 7, 2014
Yimeng L: like Sep 6, 2014
Yu M: I love it. Sep 6, 2014
Peilu L: recommended by others Sep 5, 2014
da d: my skin is dry Sep 4, 2014
Paige N: I have liked it in the past Sep 4, 2014
Rita S: Feels good on your face. Sep 4, 2014
Margreth B: I have used it for over 30 years and I think, it is the best Toner on the market - by far. Sep 4, 2014
SIYUAN C: its awesome Sep 2, 2014
Hui Z: it is great Sep 2, 2014
Mengying X: for dry skin Sep 1, 2014
Xiaoyuan L: My friends recommend it to me Sep 1, 2014
Jinxi Y: like Sep 1, 2014
Aysha H: good product and love it Sep 1, 2014
Jullie H: I like it Sep 1, 2014
Rebeca B: I have used this toner for several years with very good results. Sep 1, 2014
mo c: i like it Aug 31, 2014
Sherry S: For non oily days Aug 31, 2014
Qun M: Like it Aug 31, 2014
ruina d: i have use this still Aug 30, 2014
YU Z: It enjoys a decent public praise. Aug 30, 2014
Jingyi Y: heard from friends Aug 30, 2014
Yunping Z: it's good for dry and sensitive skins. Aug 29, 2014
Jin H: looks good Aug 29, 2014
ELENA W: I LIKE IT COMFORTable Aug 26, 2014
ETHAN C: GOOD Aug 25, 2014
Erica Yingchun S: It was recommended by many skin care bloggers. Aug 25, 2014
Debra B: works well on my type of skin Aug 24, 2014
YOUWEN W: alcohol free Aug 22, 2014
Courtney L: I use Epiduo and need a good alcohol-free toner. Aug 21, 2014
Bobbi C: EXCELLENT PRODUCT Aug 21, 2014
Yawei S: I had a sensitive skin. When I searched the internet, I found some good assessment about this product. That's why I picked this product. Aug 20, 2014
susie S: recommended Aug 20, 2014
Yan Z: I need and want to try it Aug 20, 2014
Jiangyi L: for my fried Aug 20, 2014
Chenge L: Very good product. I love it as a normal/dry skin type customer. Aug 19, 2014
Yan L: a lot of my friends said it is good for their skin.Its moisturizing effect is very good Aug 19, 2014
Lifang Z: i like it Aug 18, 2014
Denise V: love it Aug 18, 2014
Li C: Looks like would work for my skin type Aug 17, 2014
Yuki Y: A friend recommended Aug 17, 2014
JIAQI L: good Aug 17, 2014
Yi N: Friends recommended. Aug 16, 2014
Ying W: It is bought for my friends Aug 11, 2014
Fengying L: FRIENDS TOLD ME IT IS VERY GOOD Aug 11, 2014
xiao z: fit for my skin Aug 10, 2014
Cherry L: star product Aug 10, 2014
Linda L: friend's recommendation. Aug 10, 2014
Jiang B: I use it for my daily life. Aug 10, 2014
Ya W: Best hydration esp. in Arizona Aug 10, 2014
yanping l: I love it! Aug 10, 2014
Liyun Z: I use it everyday! Aug 10, 2014
Molly Y: Hope this one can increase hydration Aug 10, 2014
YARU R: friends suggest me use it Aug 10, 2014
Fei J: my skin is very very dry, so I want to try something that can keep a longer moisture and I hope this one could work. Thanks Aug 10, 2014
Virginia A: because ACAI Damage Protection Mist is not available.....SO SAD Aug 10, 2014
Jason S: Works great and doesn't dry out your skin Aug 10, 2014
Yuan Z: good price for quality Aug 10, 2014
Wentao L: For friends Aug 10, 2014
sylvia o: Non-irritating, non-drying, gentle on the complexion, hydrating Aug 10, 2014
Donna W: It's the only toner I buy! I've used it for many years. I love the softness and smoothness it imparts after applying. Aug 10, 2014
Kam Yuen F: always use it , so its good Aug 10, 2014
lu l: good Aug 10, 2014
Jane Z: try Aug 10, 2014
Rong L: like the smell Aug 10, 2014
qi b: i want try it Aug 9, 2014
Zhi L: Despite its big name, I don't think it has the effect everybody says. Will not purchase again. Aug 9, 2014
Zijun J: good Aug 9, 2014
Huiyu W: My last bottle is running low. Aug 9, 2014
SHUZHEN H: GET A TRY Aug 9, 2014
Jiashen T: wanna try it for the redness Aug 9, 2014
Yu W: Famous Aug 9, 2014
ye y: My friend Recommended Aug 9, 2014
Jihui S: third bottle love it Aug 9, 2014
Chu Z: For my friend Aug 9, 2014
Qingzhong L: I LIKE IT Aug 9, 2014
zhuoya z: my face is dry Aug 9, 2014
Du S: My friend has it.I tried. Wonderful product. Aug 9, 2014
TING W: Used it before. It feels good. Aug 9, 2014
chunye c: with very well Aug 9, 2014
Chunlai C: I want to try. Aug 9, 2014
Shiyue L: My sister recommended Aug 8, 2014
Siqi Z: Heard it from others Aug 8, 2014
Hanyu Y: no Aug 7, 2014
Jodi C: store employee recommendation (the 47th St and 9th Ave location in NYC) Aug 6, 2014
Aleksandra S: It had good reviews and I decided to give it a try. My skin is oily and dry / sensitive on the surface. Aug 6, 2014
Nan L: Good Aug 5, 2014
xuewei q: I LIKE IT Aug 4, 2014
Hongmei L: RECOMMENDED BY A FRIEND Aug 3, 2014
Meng L: it is good Aug 2, 2014
JUAN C: help friend buy Jul 31, 2014
Sijie W: it is a very good productor Jul 31, 2014
Amelia P: The Calendula toner made my face feel chemical and dried out. I thought this one seemed gentler. I was right. Jul 31, 2014
Yiwei L: Have been using it for a few years now Jul 30, 2014
Judy H: My daughter got me started on this a few months ago. Awesome refreshed feeling after cleansing my face in the morning. Feel totally awake after using it and it leaves your skin feeling very soft. Jul 29, 2014
Lin H: IT'S GREAT Jul 29, 2014
Qin Z: good quality Jul 28, 2014
Yansong L: Just to try Jul 27, 2014
Changyu L: my girlfriend loves it Jul 27, 2014
Vanessa M: I have used the product before Jul 27, 2014
Hui Y: good Jul 26, 2014
Ye W: tried many times. like it very much Jul 26, 2014
Chenchen W: Using up my toner now, so I'd like to try out this product. Jul 26, 2014
Jeanette G: Needed a toner, and highly recommend Jul 26, 2014
BAOHUA S: good Jul 24, 2014
Xuechang L: Felt great when first applied. Jul 23, 2014
Shangfeng Z: I LIKE IT Jul 21, 2014
Sheryl R: Great toner, no alcohol and very refreshing! Jul 20, 2014
Weijun G: I always use this toner Jul 19, 2014
Yuanfei X: good Jul 18, 2014
Haiqing W: i do not know about kiehl's. it is my first time to purchase kiehl's. i just choose it as redom. Jul 18, 2014
wenling z: good Jul 18, 2014
Siyu C: My friends reconmmand to me Jul 16, 2014
wanqing x: want try Jul 16, 2014
Terra B: been using it for years and need more Jul 16, 2014
Angela A: looks gently for pregnant skin, first time using a toner Jul 16, 2014
Yoonjung L: I always use this one.! Jul 14, 2014
Meiyan L: oil free feel Jul 14, 2014
Marva W: l am exploring the different toners to decide on the one I like best. Jul 11, 2014
MICHELLE L: Want to try new one Jul 10, 2014
Xiao L: Used before Jul 10, 2014
Tara B: gentle but refreshing toner Jul 9, 2014
Yan J: want to have a try Jul 9, 2014
Chun G: used it and think it prefect Jul 9, 2014
Anthony L: gift Jul 9, 2014
Sikai L: 2ed time purchase good experience Jul 8, 2014
vivian z: i like it Jul 7, 2014
kongpeng l: dry skin. Jul 7, 2014
Minzhen F: I use it for a long time already. Jul 7, 2014
JIA X: LIKE IT Jul 6, 2014
hua l: good work Jul 4, 2014
Xiaoyu W: friend's recommendation Jul 1, 2014
zhiyun c: My friend want it. Jun 30, 2014
Maner W: good one Jun 27, 2014
Feng W: try Jun 27, 2014
wei qiang l: Good Jun 27, 2014
Yicheng W: I heard that this is a great product. Jun 26, 2014
Denise O: used before Jun 22, 2014
Jiahui L: alcohol free, it is good Jun 17, 2014
Min Z: It's comments are positive. Jun 17, 2014
Mary A R: This is the BEST toner I have ever used!!! It is cooling and calming without being harsh. I have super sensitive skin and this does not bother my helps! I buy the biggest bottle and use it daily. Can't live without it!! Jun 17, 2014
jun c: like Jun 16, 2014
Rui Z: alcohol free, soft feel Jun 16, 2014
Yan L: It is recommend by my friend. Jun 16, 2014
Jin L: friend recommendation Jun 15, 2014
lin y: it is popular in my country Jun 14, 2014
Ian C: Subtle. Good. Jun 14, 2014
norma reid D: I love the gentleness of this toner and it works well on my dry skin. Jun 14, 2014
Lizabeth R: love it- use it everyday Jun 13, 2014
Yihan L: it's good Jun 12, 2014
Rachel W: Great product!! Jun 10, 2014
Eukayla U: I choose this because it was alcohol free. Jun 7, 2014
MIN S: i LIKE IT Jun 5, 2014
Jixuan C: friend requests Jun 5, 2014
Lei D: Friend's suggestion. Jun 3, 2014
XIAOSHU L: Because its good Jun 3, 2014
ZIDAN L: I used to have acne problem and sensitive dry skin. But after I used the cucumber toner, my skin feels soooooo smooth and gentle. Jun 3, 2014
yigao q: nice Jun 3, 2014
Zhijing Z: It's good. Jun 1, 2014
tamara t: always use this it is great May 30, 2014
Patti P: never tried Kiehl's products May 29, 2014
Wei W: tonie May 29, 2014
Judy G: I like the way my skin feels so clean. May 28, 2014
Lydia R: gentle May 27, 2014
Siyuan L: good for me May 26, 2014
Zhuoxuan L: My skin is too dry May 25, 2014
Priscilla F: Tried it once and loved the results. May 25, 2014
Connie P: doesn't smell like cucumbers & skin feels good May 23, 2014
Valerie L: have always been using this. it's awesome May 21, 2014
wang b: is good for us May 21, 2014
Rebecca T: Sounds refreshing, was a good deal May 19, 2014
Chenwei Z: My friend suggested it to me. I would like to have a try. May 19, 2014
Janine C: Because I have sensitive skin. The ultra toner has been a favorite but wanted to give this one a try. May 19, 2014
Patricia B: gift for my daughter May 19, 2014
XIZHAO S: good May 19, 2014
RONG J: My sister want this May 19, 2014
haijun q: very comfortable May 19, 2014
RONG J: My daughter want to try May 19, 2014
Youli R: It's very good to use May 19, 2014
Donna C: I always forget to use a toner. I was told to get one. So here I am trying this one on for size. Fingers crossed. May 19, 2014
Yang Y: I've been using it daily and it helps May 19, 2014
RONG J: my little sister like this May 19, 2014
Lori N: I choose this toner because it sounds refreshing and as we head into the summer months I know my skin needs to be refreshed May 19, 2014
Robbie J: Wonderful product; used for several years now. May 19, 2014
XIN N: Used it before,like it May 19, 2014
Yuqun A: Used it before and love it so much! May 19, 2014
Yukun Z: Very good for my sink! I like it so machï¼? May 19, 2014
Elizabeth J: I have sensitive skin, and would like to use a toner that will not harm it. May 19, 2014
Lori L: It is good for dry or sensitive skin and I have both! May 19, 2014
Changjuan Z: It seems natural, so try it May 19, 2014
Lily S: Na May 19, 2014
hui l: very effective for my dry skin May 19, 2014
Emi C: Looking for an alcohol-free toner and heard good things about this toner May 19, 2014
YAO Y: USE IT. May 19, 2014
WEI T: A friend of mine asked me to order it for her. May 19, 2014
Zhe W: My friends recommend this to me. May 18, 2014
michelle s: Gentle & helps keep my skin clean/clear, May 18, 2014
RONG J: I like it May 18, 2014
ting n: I have used 9 years, this toner hooked me to the Keihls. May 18, 2014
Miao Y: like the clean effect! May 18, 2014
xiaowen l: good May 18, 2014
Weifu J: good May 18, 2014
Meng M: Refreshing summer toner May 18, 2014
guocheng w: it's good, and feel cool and smooth after use. May 17, 2014
RONG J: It's good May 17, 2014
Sara W: My friend like it May 17, 2014
ping w: For my dry skin May 17, 2014
Michele S: Does not irritate skin May 17, 2014
ruyi z: just try it May 17, 2014
Christine K: Does not irritate my skin, keeps skin soft. May 17, 2014
Joann M: feels good and it completes the process May 17, 2014
Yan X: friends recommend May 17, 2014
Xin D: famous May 17, 2014
Yujiao F: everyone says it's good so just want to give it a shot cuz summer is comming May 17, 2014
RONG J: My mother like this May 17, 2014
Jean M: Still use it occasionally. It's mild and makes my skin feel good! May 17, 2014
hongwen z: Really pay it, no eyes around before it dries, will continue to run after starting this bottle ~ May 17, 2014
Kai C: GOOD AND WORTHY May 17, 2014
LINZI S: my friend recommends it May 17, 2014
sophia v: some of my friends all said this is so go,so i want to try May 17, 2014
RONG J: I want to try May 16, 2014
PEI-WEN L: wanna try May 16, 2014
Xinyi H: I have used this toner before. It is really comforting, natural feeling. Love it! May 16, 2014
RONG J: I want to try May 16, 2014
yun p: one of my friends recommended this to me May 16, 2014
Samantha L: I like the alcohol free aspect and my face does really well with cucumber May 16, 2014
SIYI F: GOOD May 16, 2014
lihua z: used this before May 16, 2014
JIN D: it's suitable for my skin May 16, 2014
lei s: very good May 16, 2014
Yixian C: It is good! May 16, 2014
xiujuan y: nice to use May 15, 2014
Jun L: good reputation , friend recommend May 15, 2014
Hui L: my favorite product of KIEHL'S. May 15, 2014
Xuhong C: It is good May 15, 2014
Luz-Maria V: I prefer to use alcohol-free toners and I've heard good things about cucumber so I'm hoping this will be my new favorite. May 15, 2014
Jeannean G: The toner is non drying perfect for my normal to dry skin. May 15, 2014
QIN Z: Good price May 15, 2014
Feng Z: Friends recommendations. May 15, 2014
Barbara W: I want to try so bad! May 15, 2014
ZHOU D: Learnt from friends, this item is good May 15, 2014
SHIRONG Z: want to try May 15, 2014
Wendy G: I always use toner after I cleanse. May 15, 2014
yaqi p: famous stuff. May 15, 2014
Tiffani R: Using it now May 15, 2014
Kobe Z: Good May 15, 2014
claire h: first time May 15, 2014
Shu Y: I have not used it just want to tray May 15, 2014
XIAOYAN Z: BEST May 15, 2014
Yingyu T: good May 15, 2014
Niki W: I've used this product for years. Love it. And, I am out of it. May 15, 2014
Kristal P: My husband loves it May 15, 2014
Connie G: suggestion by friend May 15, 2014
Xia Z: "I want to try since I saw the ads on your website." May 15, 2014
Tzu Hsia H: like it May 14, 2014
ZHAOQI Z: my friends love it May 14, 2014
Xiaoyuan C: My friends love it May 14, 2014
chongxiao c: Very fresh May 14, 2014
Kuan Jung C: reliable product May 14, 2014
Yiling Z: i need some, in fact my skin is so dry even in the summer time even I use the Clinique lotion May 14, 2014
jin c: Cucumber May 14, 2014
Seelui N: Recommend by other users, they said it is a worth buying May 14, 2014
Qi R: It's great. May 14, 2014
feng x: know it before May 14, 2014
Damon W: Sensitive skin May 13, 2014
Lindsey A: I liked that this product was natural and it worked well. May 13, 2014
Yan X: I used the toner for the past 3 years. I love it! May 12, 2014
Sitong C: GREAT PRODUCT May 12, 2014
Dong P: recommended May 11, 2014
Mengye W: My friend recommends it to me. May 10, 2014
Minghui L: gift for my friend May 9, 2014
Yangzi H: My skin is too dry recently May 8, 2014
Porter L: very good May 6, 2014
Lele B: I bought a bottle of rose water before,but it makes my skin feel dry,i hope this one can help my dry skin and pore. May 4, 2014
Judith O: I've used it for years and continue to like it better than alternative products for same purpose. May 2, 2014
Annie Mae S: Alcohol free - first time to buy it. Apr 29, 2014
Jun Y: I want to try it. Apr 29, 2014
Candice C: It' just really the best for sensitive skin! Apr 26, 2014
Kun Y: I have heard a lot about this products and after having used it for the first time, I started to love it. It is very effective to cool my skin and improve my skin texture. I could see my skin less oily after a period of time. Apr 25, 2014
Amir A: I got it because natural cucumbers always work and because it was alcohol-free Apr 25, 2014
KR B: The last thing my skin needs is a drying toner, but one thing it really needs is a toner that will remove all my makeup. Thankfully, the Cucumber Toner cleanses my skin well and doesn't dry it at all. This is just what I was looking for! Plus, at this price point, it is especially attractive :) Apr 25, 2014
Shaomei Z: Good product Apr 24, 2014
yanqing g: My skin is so sensitive, just want to try it Apr 23, 2014
Haiyan J: heard of it before, so want to have a try Apr 20, 2014
JIN Z: I want to use this because many people recoomendention it Apr 20, 2014
Yuqiao Y: It's cheaper than Calendula toner and maybe has the same effect Apr 20, 2014
DIer W: This one is good Apr 19, 2014
panli w: free alcohol is important to me . Apr 19, 2014
zijun z: friend introduce Apr 13, 2014
McCoy L: Use regularly Apr 12, 2014
Romina F: I wanted to try it out. Apr 12, 2014
Wei W: USED BEFORE Apr 8, 2014
Shaoxiong H: for friends Apr 7, 2014
Peggy W: I wanted a toner for sensitive skin Apr 4, 2014
Abigail L: Great for the summer, especially with a sun kissed face. Apr 1, 2014
christine s: love that it has no alcohol Apr 1, 2014
yan s: my friend's recommendation Mar 31, 2014
Emily L: I have extremely dry and sensitive skin. This seemed like a perfect combo for my dry skin Mar 31, 2014
Corretta c: I use this toner and i like it Mar 31, 2014
Alison M: a refreshing cooling perfect toner for my dry skin type Mar 29, 2014
baoyu x: i want to try Mar 24, 2014
Sucen C: it's best Mar 23, 2014
YONG L: this is my favorite Mar 21, 2014
Christina G: Sensitive skin. Mar 21, 2014
Zhu J: have a try Mar 21, 2014
Janis K: It cleans my skin so quickly in the evening and in the morning, it sets up my skin for my moisturizer. Mar 21, 2014
Lingqian L: Suitable for my sensitive and dry skin Mar 21, 2014
Sylvia S: try Mar 20, 2014
Yusha Z: nice Mar 20, 2014
ZONGWEI Y: i bought it for my friends Mar 19, 2014
Stafanie C: I do not use before and want to try it . Mar 18, 2014
Kristine M: Have been using this and love this gentle toner! Mar 18, 2014
Yuyang Z: good fame Mar 18, 2014
qiming l: my friend want me to bring this back to her from US for cost saving purpose Mar 18, 2014
yurong w: I hear it good, so I want to try Mar 16, 2014
Roxan R: love, love this product Mar 16, 2014
Bernadette L: I have sensitive skin and this toner is mild yet effective Mar 15, 2014
TOM C: Because it works................... Mar 12, 2014
YI S: I use it for a long time.I love it Mar 11, 2014
chunmei l: Good Mar 11, 2014
xiaoqian x: good Mar 10, 2014
Cynthia P: recommendation Mar 10, 2014
Li S: my sister likes it much. Mar 10, 2014
xinying c: introduced Mar 6, 2014
Li Z: good toner. Mar 6, 2014
Jingchen Y: i like the smell of this toner Mar 6, 2014
Betty R: Have used this continuously for several years. Best toner available. Skin feels refreshed, never dry nor oily after use. Mar 5, 2014
DING W: my skin is dry and friends recommended Mar 5, 2014
Na L: due to it may be good for the sensitive skin Mar 4, 2014
Jingzhi w: great for sensitive skin Mar 3, 2014
Ting C: The smell of it is very good and it is very easy to be absorbed. I like it! Mar 2, 2014
Brandi D: sensitive skin that has dry patches Mar 1, 2014
ying z: good Mar 1, 2014
Ganchong Z: good toner for dry skin Feb 28, 2014
Svetlana L: I'm using it today, and it does the work. Feb 27, 2014
Barbara K: Not drying to my skin, very refreshing. Feb 25, 2014
Yuyao C: It is alcohol-free and not oily at all, makes my skin feel refresh. Feb 25, 2014
Kelly N: I have dry skin and wanted to try it Feb 24, 2014
Jiyan L: love it very much! Feb 24, 2014
Yangfan D: I have used this toner since last year.It is so mild and gentle.I like it. Feb 24, 2014
CHANG L: i like the smell of this Feb 21, 2014
Ruiwen S: Moisture Feb 20, 2014
jian y: like it Feb 19, 2014
Lei W: famous Feb 18, 2014
Michiko L: trying a new toner Feb 18, 2014
zihao s: GOOG Feb 18, 2014
Xiaomeng W: Value price; returning user. Feb 18, 2014
null n: I love this Feb 17, 2014
Yongfang L: Looks wonderful Feb 17, 2014
Yuxi C: Good reputation Feb 17, 2014
Guokai F: Alcohol free. Feb 17, 2014
Qiongqiong W: fit my skin Feb 16, 2014
Katelyn O: Alcohol free! Feb 13, 2014
HANBING H: good product Feb 12, 2014
Nairui Z: I want to smooth my pores. Feb 11, 2014
Rebecca S: Gentle and energizing. I love this toner because it wakes my skin up, making it feel clean and firm, and look bright and clear without stinging or drying. Feb 10, 2014
Denghui X: recommend Feb 10, 2014
Cheryl C: Been using this toner for years, love it Feb 10, 2014
Hayeon P: This is my favorite toner in my life! Feb 10, 2014
JIANHUA W: my wife always use this item Feb 9, 2014
Dongmei Z: Best toner I ever had Feb 6, 2014
Lauren L: I have sensitive skin and am in need of a mild toner. Feb 5, 2014
melanie l: was highly rated in internet search for best toners Feb 5, 2014
Nancy P: Refill Feb 5, 2014
SHENGNAN Y: recommended by friends Feb 3, 2014
tong l: GOOD Feb 2, 2014
Henry M: wife uses it all the time Feb 2, 2014
Celina T: I've always loved the feel of this toner on my skin, very refreshing. Feb 1, 2014
Jiao L: moisture Feb 1, 2014
Fangzhu L: My friend bought it and tld me it was a good product. Feb 1, 2014
Chiao-Yu T: Hurt my face Feb 1, 2014
Cherry M: because my friend recommend this product to me. Jan 30, 2014
Zhenxing G: not sure this or the herbal one but this is cheaper.... Jan 29, 2014
Ma L: I like it Jan 29, 2014
john b: Cleans without drying skin. Jan 28, 2014
lin p: nice Jan 27, 2014
june w: recommended by friend Jan 23, 2014
Maggie W: i just want to try it Jan 21, 2014
Jingwen Z: heard about it Jan 19, 2014
Kim S: alcohol free Jan 19, 2014
Yiwen S: Recommended by friend. Jan 19, 2014
Qiutong S: to have a try Jan 15, 2014
zijia x: I like it. Jan 14, 2014
Xian C: use good Jan 12, 2014
xiaoyang w: good Jan 2, 2014
Danielle L: Sensitive skin Jan 2, 2014
Tianhui F: nice Jan 1, 2014
Trish G: I have used this product for years. Dec 31, 2013
ZIMENG W: nice Dec 31, 2013
Lizabeth K: Like that it is soothing and alcohol free. Dec 31, 2013
Minglei X: Famous and good value. Dec 31, 2013
MIN SOO P: friend recommended Dec 31, 2013
junni c: like it Dec 30, 2013
Lita A: To use when/if the Rare Earth Pore Refining Tonic ends up being too drying for my skin. Dec 30, 2013
jenny g: To try but are not overly happy with this therefore will try the calendula Dec 30, 2013
Mary L: it is a good product for toning sensitive skin. Dec 29, 2013
Tina P: try Dec 29, 2013
Grace W: I've been using calendula toner and I love it. I want to try some different product and this cucumber toner seems great fit for my sensitive skin. Hopefully it will great just like other. Dec 29, 2013
Yu-Chun S: I want to try this toner for long time. Dec 28, 2013
Lin L: I like the favor Dec 28, 2013
YI L: GOOD USE Dec 28, 2013
Julie C: good reputation Dec 28, 2013
Ina B: ... tone the face tone the face tone the face in 2014!!! Dec 27, 2013
Cancan C: A friend's recommendation Dec 27, 2013
John F: This is the best toner for myself, and in my opinion, for men with sensitive skin. Try it and I promise you, you WILL NOT be disappointed!!! Dec 27, 2013
Shengyue C: my favorite toner Dec 27, 2013
Chenjia G: famous Dec 26, 2013
Bocong Z: Good product Dec 26, 2013
Dec 24, 2013
Die H: Recommended by friend Dec 24, 2013
DEBRA Q: Love cucumber Dec 23, 2013
Caleb C: I wanted to get a toner but I have sensitive skin so this sounded perfect. Plus I love the smell of cucumber. Dec 23, 2013
Lei L: friend's recommendation Dec 23, 2013
Xin L: friends love it Dec 23, 2013
XUEFEI L: good Dec 22, 2013
Chui T: used it before Dec 21, 2013
Tianfang Z: introduced by friends. Dec 21, 2013
Yangyang L: clear Dec 19, 2013
Xueqing S: good comments online Dec 19, 2013
Ruiping S: It's very helpful with my skin. Dec 19, 2013
Scott K: My EX used it and I fell in love...WITH KIEHLS!!!!! Dec 19, 2013
SHAN H: From Internet Dec 19, 2013
Ted G: Want firm and tone skin without a heavy feeling. Dec 18, 2013
Jane W: friend recommend Dec 18, 2013
chuchu H: it's amazing! Dec 18, 2013
Thena G: hoping to even skin tone Dec 18, 2013
Kristin K: Non-alcohol based toner is great for sensitive skin! Dec 17, 2013
Risa M: i like this one. Dec 16, 2013
Jina L: I heard my friend. Dec 16, 2013
Mandy Z: Ok Dec 16, 2013
Jasmine J: good experience before Dec 15, 2013
brian m: cause my wife said to order it or i will have to sleep on the sofa Dec 15, 2013
XINNI L: TRY Dec 14, 2013
Changhong Y: men and women both can use Dec 14, 2013
Marianne R: first purchase; can't wait to use it Dec 13, 2013
Shuyan S: my wife needs it. Dec 13, 2013
LIN Z: have a try Dec 12, 2013
Catherine P: liked the cucumber idea, never tried it before Dec 11, 2013
Robert F: My fiance loves cucumber based products Dec 11, 2013
chan c: I wanna try Dec 11, 2013
Jueyi Z: As a Xmas gift for friend. Dec 11, 2013
kairong y: Good for me Dec 10, 2013
Shellie A: Never used before, but I do have sensitive skin. I love Kiehl's products, thought I'd give it a try, Dec 10, 2013
Joy C: good product Dec 8, 2013
Junko S: Great toner for summer. Great price to use all over your face & body. Dec 8, 2013
STEPHANIE C: Great product, used it or years. Dec 8, 2013
Shuang J: FOR MY FRIEND Dec 8, 2013
Ying W: because i have dry and sensitive sky Dec 7, 2013
Janel F: i don't know Dec 7, 2013
Joan C: As a toner It is hydrating and refreshing on my skin. I have also used this for over 25 years. Dec 7, 2013
Zhaohong H: I have used it for years. My face likes it. Dec 7, 2013
Yu C: try it Dec 7, 2013
kwang l: perfect for my skin type Dec 7, 2013
Xue C: It's soft water than other brand Dec 7, 2013
saien l: my friends wants this Dec 7, 2013
xiaoying j: good! Dec 7, 2013
Xingchen Y: want it for a long time Dec 6, 2013
Zhiyun L: it is the Star Products of 724,love u too much Dec 6, 2013
JIAQUN L: New product for me and I want to try it. Dec 6, 2013
Xin P: daily use Dec 5, 2013
Jan W: Really nice toner for my sensitive, dry skin. Dec 5, 2013
LU B: my friends recommend this to me. Dec 4, 2013
Jingzhen H: like it Dec 4, 2013
Chiko N: I am out of toner at home. Dec 4, 2013
Jean M: Used for years--good for dry skin Dec 4, 2013
Yuan L: ... Dec 4, 2013
Chelsea C: I want to try Dec 4, 2013
siwei l: heard a lot compliments Dec 4, 2013
Enlan Y: Like Cucumber Dec 4, 2013
Qiaoran L: recommendation from friends Dec 4, 2013
candy t: like it Dec 4, 2013
Suli L: friend recommended Dec 4, 2013
Hsiang L: Clean feeling Dec 4, 2013
JASON A: It does not dry out my skin. Dec 4, 2013
CHAO W: I LIKE IT Dec 4, 2013
jiajun p: good Dec 4, 2013
Yun X: good for all types of skin Dec 4, 2013
lian z: just try, it seems good for me Dec 3, 2013
Lise L: no more rose toner Dec 3, 2013
Kathleen L: This toner makes my skin to feel refreshed and I like the fresh herbal smell to it! Dec 3, 2013
Caiping L: Suggestion from friend Dec 3, 2013
ZHENG S: Good product Dec 3, 2013
jae o: i used to using this product Dec 3, 2013
Sherry O: Gift for sister Dec 3, 2013
Tara A: The BEST! Dec 3, 2013
Wei L: Everyone says it's great. Dec 3, 2013
SHUCHEN L: I love it. Dec 3, 2013
Yexin Q: To try new things out. Dec 2, 2013
Bing H: price is good Dec 2, 2013
zhoudeng z: i use this product Dec 2, 2013
Zijing Z: Many people recommend it to me Dec 2, 2013
Huan S: Friend recommends Dec 2, 2013
Tingting W: have a try Dec 2, 2013
MINGXUN W: Good! Dec 2, 2013
Yanling H: my friend said its good product Dec 2, 2013
xu y: like it Dec 2, 2013
Hui L: friend Dec 2, 2013
maggie l: I have always been looking for a toner that's alcohol free and I would like to try Kiehls because I am admired about their lip palm Dec 2, 2013
Danling C: Very good Dec 2, 2013
Anqi D: for dry weather Dec 2, 2013
HYE-RI K: wanna try Dec 2, 2013
Xiaoyuan L: not as great as calendula Dec 2, 2013
Yuanming L: I used this before Dec 2, 2013
Jia W: love Dec 2, 2013
David B: 1 Dec 2, 2013
Jessica B: I'm almost out of the Clearly Corrective toner but wanted to try something gentle since it's winter and my combination skin is so ridiculously dried out right now. Dec 2, 2013
Zhenyi L: use all the time Dec 2, 2013
peipei l: my friends recommended it for sensitive skin Dec 2, 2013
Cheryl M: I am a long time user, this is a gentle toner for sensitive skin. Dec 2, 2013
Lin X: I have got recommendation for this from friends. Dec 2, 2013
Yuri X: the toner I used for years Dec 2, 2013
Yulin P: good moisturizing toner Dec 2, 2013
XIAO L: This product is wonderful! I really like it and want to buy more! Dec 2, 2013
Xiuxin Q: More cheap, Dec 2, 2013
XIN Z: Just try for the winter Dec 2, 2013
Zi T: alcohol free Dec 2, 2013
wei z: Tones of good compliment on this item. I would love to try the biggest bottle. Dec 2, 2013
Sandy M: It's gentle, non greasy and makes my skin feel fresh each time I use it. Dec 2, 2013
Su Y: Best toner ! Dec 2, 2013
Bernadine J: This is the BEST toner I have ever used, it is gentle on my skin and I love it. Dec 2, 2013
linyan r: it is very good ,and the smell is very fresh,good for you skin,i recommed it Dec 2, 2013
Ailing L: My friend said is good Dec 2, 2013
Lisa B: Something for granddaughter to try Dec 2, 2013
yuchen l: friend suggestion Dec 2, 2013
Xinying H: It's moisturizing and alcohol free Dec 2, 2013
WAN X: star product Dec 2, 2013
FANG S: GOOD THING FOR all type skin! Dec 2, 2013
Yajing Z: want to try Dec 2, 2013
Carol F: regular use Dec 2, 2013
chuying z: I like it Dec 2, 2013
Chong L: a gift to my wife Dec 2, 2013
rui z: good Dec 1, 2013
Yuqia L: dry skin Dec 1, 2013
Jing C: i like it.. Dec 1, 2013
Daniel K: good value,good hydration effect Dec 1, 2013
melissa n: very gentle and my skin still looks and feels great Dec 1, 2013
Joon L: My mom is using this, its gift for her Dec 1, 2013
Guanyu D: actually I am not sure, my friend wants this...... Dec 1, 2013
xiulan w: it is good for dry skin like me Dec 1, 2013
Lauren S: dry skin Dec 1, 2013
Yee Ping L: Love this toner since used in HK 7 years ago. And the price is good deal with lovely smell. Dec 1, 2013
chuying z: try it Dec 1, 2013
chuying z: try Dec 1, 2013
chuying z: I want to try it Dec 1, 2013
Yike W: good Dec 1, 2013
Yaer W: My favorite Dec 1, 2013
Junyu L: It is good Dec 1, 2013
James G: just wanted to try it Dec 1, 2013
Xinh S: First time to try the new product Dec 1, 2013
WENQI N: like it Dec 1, 2013
Yan C: good Dec 1, 2013
Mengxi D: good Dec 1, 2013
Mengxi D: I like this very much! Dec 1, 2013
Amy F: effective Dec 1, 2013
JINFANG W: I am using this is amazing. Dec 1, 2013
zheng c: I want to try it Dec 1, 2013
chuying z: I want to try it Dec 1, 2013
chuying z: I like it Dec 1, 2013
vivian x: LISTED AS ONE OF BEST. HAVE A TRY. Dec 1, 2013
chuying z: I like it Dec 1, 2013
Sumeng B: For friend Nov 30, 2013
Ai D: Good Nov 30, 2013
David B: Been using it for a long time. Good, solid toner without alcohol...who needs to burn your face after you've just finished scraping it with a razor. Nov 30, 2013
jun c: good Nov 30, 2013
Sishi L: dry skin Nov 30, 2013
Qing Z: good Nov 30, 2013
Robert P: love it Nov 30, 2013
Mengxuan L: very good Nov 30, 2013
Ying L: like it Nov 30, 2013
Shuang F: i want to try this product Nov 30, 2013
Alice C: I think it good. Nov 30, 2013
Ingrid B: read reviews Nov 30, 2013
chaohua h: nice to my skin Nov 30, 2013
Karen H: Great everyday toner Nov 30, 2013
zhuoyun z: good Nov 29, 2013
Hao W: I heard this is really good from my friends. Nov 29, 2013
katherine m: Gentle and effective cleanse to my face instead of soap or chemical cleansers. Nov 29, 2013
Chen S: Try Nov 29, 2013
Carol D: LOVE Nov 29, 2013
yuhua g: TRY NEW PRODUCT. Nov 29, 2013
Jing P: friend recommend Nov 29, 2013
Michele S: This is my first use of this product, so I cannot say anything about it. Nov 29, 2013
yixian d: no oil Nov 29, 2013
Yaping G: My friend likes it. Nov 29, 2013
shiyue z: good to use Nov 29, 2013
Hao W: It is very good. I like it very much. Nov 29, 2013
Lanlan W: Suitable for me Nov 29, 2013
Jing Z: very good toner Nov 29, 2013
Jingyi L: friend recommend it to me Nov 28, 2013
Qunfen L: I like it Nov 28, 2013
Ying M: Mom likes it Nov 28, 2013
Yulin Z: always use it Nov 28, 2013
Jingliang B: people recommend this Nov 28, 2013
Qi S: good to use Nov 28, 2013
Tianchu Y: My sister loves it Nov 28, 2013
Xuan G: I heard so many people say this product is great, wanna give a try Nov 28, 2013
Suzannah F: Wanted to try it Nov 28, 2013
Lili Z: It,s very useful for my skin. Nov 28, 2013
Sijia L: heard great things about this product Nov 28, 2013
YURUI W: Have been used for 2 years, great product! Nov 28, 2013
Xuemei Z: I used before. Nov 28, 2013
Heli J: I like it Nov 28, 2013
ZHIFU W: my friends told me that it's great! Nov 28, 2013
Yang W: I heard a lot of good feedback about this product Nov 28, 2013
Shiquan Y: for its natural,no alcohol Nov 28, 2013
Zheying J: HIGH RATED Nov 28, 2013
Bingxiao Z: like Nov 28, 2013
Joanne D: I have sensitive skin and this is the best toner I have ever used. It is neither drying nor does it make my skin feel too moisturized. Nov 28, 2013
michelle z: famous and useful Nov 28, 2013
shasha H: Heard about this product many times. Nov 28, 2013
jiayang l: very good Nov 28, 2013
Jie J: top seller product Nov 28, 2013
Xingshuo L: want to try for its good reiew Nov 28, 2013
PHOEBE S: never try this before Nov 28, 2013
Fijian Y: Good Nov 28, 2013
Yao W: I love this toner .this is very good for skin! Nov 28, 2013
Ixia W: Good Nov 28, 2013
chuying z: I like it Nov 27, 2013
chuying z: I want to try it. Nov 27, 2013
Jessica c: I want to try it. Nov 27, 2013
jingwen z: Friends recommended. Nov 27, 2013
Merin C: Good Nov 27, 2013
Gao X: I LIKE IT Nov 27, 2013
Jinlian S: my friend suggest me this product, i think it is a good price and hope it fits me well. Nov 27, 2013
Bo D: good Nov 27, 2013
Mengdie Z: useful Nov 27, 2013
Jing L: friends recommended Nov 27, 2013
Lin F: top rated Nov 27, 2013
CHEN-HAN L: beautiful Nov 27, 2013
AILI W: I am using it, and I love it. Nov 27, 2013
Wenjie Z: friend's recommendation Nov 27, 2013
JianJun H: used it before. very good Nov 26, 2013
Tzu Miao L: Good for me Nov 26, 2013
Lyvonne K: This is the best toner in the world. I love it, my boyfriend kept using mine, so I bought him his very own! Nov 26, 2013
Cincinnati T: Good Nov 26, 2013
Xiaohong C: I used it before and felt it was pretty good Nov 26, 2013
Nina L: Good Nov 26, 2013
liqiao l: Great! Nov 25, 2013
Ashley Z: It is a great toner, my friend commend it to me. Nov 25, 2013
Yi Q: sounds good Nov 25, 2013
Yan C: Always like this product. Nov 25, 2013
Ruixue L: All natural and really moisture. Nov 25, 2013
Yaqiong Y: Perfect to do a facial mask. Hydrate and white the skin. Nov 25, 2013
Tao C: as a gift to my friend Nov 25, 2013
Peng G: just love it Nov 25, 2013
Mindee L: it's skin type Nov 25, 2013
Yuan Y: very good Nov 24, 2013
Jing L: Good for dry shin. Nov 24, 2013
xin l: love it Nov 24, 2013
FIFO L: Excellent Nov 24, 2013
Leslie H: I have used this toner for more than 4 years. Love it! It is refreshing and does not dry my skin. Nov 24, 2013
Jiangchen Y: Recommended by lots of people Nov 23, 2013
tan y: I want to try Nov 23, 2013
R Y: Perfect toner for oily sensitive skin Nov 23, 2013
qian y: I like the smell. Nov 23, 2013
Heidi G: wanted to try it Nov 23, 2013
Peixin G: Heard of it Nov 23, 2013
jia s: great! Nov 22, 2013
Emily W: I like this one Nov 22, 2013
Meiling C: I had use this for a year, this is my third bottle, this toner could give skin a refresh and clear look. I will keep using it . Nov 22, 2013
zhihao w: NICE Nov 21, 2013
Ruochen W: a gift for my friends Nov 21, 2013
Jinmao J: Try Nov 21, 2013
Ran Z: Recommended by friends Nov 21, 2013
jia s: good! Nov 21, 2013
liqiao l: good Nov 21, 2013
jia s: Great! Nov 21, 2013
xiu c: good Nov 21, 2013
Fran F: Famous product Iâ??d like to have a try Nov 21, 2013
JIEQING D: I've used bottles and bottles of this toner, and it's just great, won't feel too much burden on the skin as other toners, it's just light and fresh, and it's not costy, love it ! Nov 21, 2013
Gary Y: good Nov 21, 2013
Linda L: I like it. Nov 21, 2013
JUAN J: it's good Nov 21, 2013
xiangyu w: i like it Nov 21, 2013
Zhen L: Good for my skin Nov 20, 2013
Mengwen H: It is good for my skin. Nov 20, 2013
LILI L: Give it a try Nov 20, 2013
Bijing C: Recommended by friend Nov 20, 2013
QIANKUN Z: G Nov 20, 2013
qianqian c: good Nov 19, 2013
HUAN X: friend's recommendation Nov 19, 2013
Yanbin L: i used it before, it was good Nov 19, 2013
Qiuxia H: it is said valuable Nov 19, 2013
erbao c: good Nov 19, 2013
wenwen z: good Nov 19, 2013
SHAN H: LOVE IT Nov 19, 2013
MENGJUAN Q: friend introduce Nov 19, 2013
ru c: good Nov 19, 2013
Yibo L: great Nov 18, 2013
liqin c: good Nov 18, 2013
Xujun L: heard about it Nov 18, 2013
amy l: great toner , i have been using it for years. it is a good toner to pick. Nov 18, 2013
chenyi D: S Nov 18, 2013
Feng D: Hydrates Nov 18, 2013
Chao N: Stocking... Nov 18, 2013
Amber X: I heard it is good for dry skin, so I bought it for my cousin. Nov 18, 2013
Feng D: Hydrates Nov 18, 2013
Xinxin W: Great product Nov 18, 2013
Yubin X: try Nov 18, 2013
Minting X: Since I keep hearing about recommendations to Calendula Toner, I would like to give the Cucumber Toner a try, as both of them are herbal toners. Nov 18, 2013
lily s: wonderful. i like it Nov 17, 2013
xiujuan l: I Nov 17, 2013
linda l: this is great toner, i love the smell and it works so well for my sensitive skin. Nov 17, 2013
Sijing C: To fight with the dry weather in winter time. Nov 17, 2013
Luxi L: I have very sensitive skin and usually it becomes very dry in winter. This toner really helps my skin make a recovery from the dry condition and I feel that it has become whiter since I used this. Nov 17, 2013
Robert M: Wanted to try an alcohol free toner Nov 17, 2013
Alice W: Great gentle toner for all skin types! Nov 17, 2013
Cindy T: friend's recommendation Nov 17, 2013
Tingting L: A good product Nov 17, 2013
Yu S: Nice Nov 17, 2013
Hualin H: no reason Nov 17, 2013
Hualin H: no reason Nov 17, 2013
Hualin H: no reason Nov 17, 2013
Jieqi Y: everyday use Nov 17, 2013
na n: i have been using for 3 years, it just works so good for my skin . love it Nov 17, 2013
Alicia M: Works great on my skin. Leaves a tingly, refreshed feeling on my skin. Nov 17, 2013
Ning W: toner for oil type skin Nov 17, 2013
Noriko T: Wanted to try Kiehls toner Nov 16, 2013
Amaraluck S: I experienced putting the fresh cucumber on my face before, then this product maybe good. Nov 16, 2013
Chi-Nuo L: my friends recommend Nov 16, 2013
zhu l: VERY GOOD Nov 16, 2013
Jin C: Good comments online! Nov 16, 2013
Hualin H: NO REASON Nov 16, 2013
Chanjuan H: Heard from friend Nov 16, 2013
Yunxi Z: Used 3 bottles, the most mild and effective one for me. Nov 16, 2013
Hualin H: no reason Nov 16, 2013
michelle h: very soft Nov 16, 2013
li m: i want to try Nov 16, 2013
CHENYE H: T ALWAYS USE IT ...I LIKE IT~~~ Nov 16, 2013
Yulong C: famous and cheap, best gift for friends Nov 16, 2013
Yuzhi L: Y Nov 16, 2013
Yuting L: my favorite Nov 16, 2013
jia s: good! Nov 16, 2013
Bing Y: Very good product! This is the second time for me to order this. After using this, my face feels comfortable and moisture. Nov 15, 2013
Leilin Z: TRY Nov 15, 2013
JING F: Best Toner I ever used. Nov 15, 2013
carol c: I need an alcohol free toner and I love cucumber. Nov 15, 2013
Ying C: Good Nov 15, 2013
Ao S: Replenish Nov 15, 2013
Yang Z: My skin feels fresh and toned. Nov 15, 2013
Mengyin S: It works good for me. Nov 15, 2013
yazhu l: i have been using this for a few years. it is just perfect Nov 15, 2013
Guangfang L: recommended by my friends Nov 15, 2013
Zhiyong A: Great quality product! Like it in all seasons! Nov 15, 2013
Jiangtian Z: This is the best toner I ever used. Nov 15, 2013
Qing F: Works very well. Nov 15, 2013
Wenting S: use this product for over 2 years. always my favorite! Nov 15, 2013
Jae Hee K: product that I'm currently using and love how gentle it is Nov 15, 2013
Eileen N: i am buying one for all my friends Nov 15, 2013
Mengjiao Z: recommended online Nov 15, 2013
Min Gi K: for dry skin Nov 15, 2013
Yuru L: mild Nov 15, 2013
Xingling H: good Nov 15, 2013
Yan L: HAVE BEEN USING IT Nov 15, 2013
Shaoling X: I heard that this toner is good. Nov 14, 2013
Bo L: I love this toner especially for DIY facial mask. Nov 14, 2013
YUAN Z: Good Nov 14, 2013
Yin C: Because I use very well. Nov 14, 2013
Yong li D: I lovely. Nov 14, 2013
Xiaoshan L: Moisturizing.but this is my first time to buy I don't know good or not? Nov 14, 2013
Shengling Q: Friends recommended it. Nov 14, 2013
yuying n: i have sensitive skin. i have tried many toners this one works best for me. i can't live without it. Nov 14, 2013
huishu l: recommended by a friend Nov 14, 2013
Xiaoyan L: It's nice to my skin. I love it. Nov 14, 2013
ying c: Hear my friend said so good. I purchase more for my aunt . Nov 14, 2013
SISI Z: my friends like this product Nov 14, 2013
Qingying L: Very comfortable to skin Nov 14, 2013
Cong Z: I'm a fan of it Nov 14, 2013
jia s: Great! Nov 14, 2013
dan x: i want to try it. Nov 14, 2013
Baojian S: very well for me and my friends Nov 14, 2013
Jingwen G: try once Nov 14, 2013
Bo y: for me Nov 14, 2013
YULING Y: Good Nov 14, 2013
jacqueline c: good Nov 14, 2013
Wen Z: love it, i use it everyday Nov 14, 2013
rui b: I like this! Nov 14, 2013
Max Z: The classic. Nov 14, 2013
CHEN C: Because the smallest size is sold out. Nov 14, 2013
Cong S: I keep using it. Nov 14, 2013
Feifei S: reputation Nov 14, 2013
Dandan M: good to use Nov 14, 2013
xiaoyi Z: good Nov 14, 2013
LIHUA Y: Good Nov 14, 2013
Pei W: I do like this toner very much for more than 5 years! And I usually use them a lot when I finish cleaning. It's very moisture, and when I use toner, I feel so relax! Nov 13, 2013
JIAYU L: The best toner ever. It's not expensive, but I feel really comfortable with it! Strong recommendation! Nov 13, 2013
yufeng l: I very love this one. Nov 13, 2013
dong x: ok Nov 13, 2013
Ting Ting C: Like it Nov 13, 2013
Chunyi H: Friend's recommendation Nov 13, 2013
Olivia Y: To be better Nov 13, 2013
Yujing Z: good Nov 13, 2013
jia s: good! Nov 13, 2013
Xiaona W: recommended by friends Nov 13, 2013
chenyue c: GOOD Nov 13, 2013
hu l: good Nov 13, 2013
muyun t: I already finish one, I like it. Nov 13, 2013
Hualin H: no reason Nov 13, 2013
Aoran Z: Friend recommend Nov 13, 2013
Donna B: I use it as a moisturizing mask, but not as good as calendula herbal toner.. Nov 13, 2013
Hualin H: no reason Nov 13, 2013
Yiqing C: friends recommend this Nov 13, 2013
Hualin H: no reason Nov 13, 2013
Hualin H: no reason Nov 13, 2013
Hualin H: NO REASON Nov 13, 2013
DALU X: Like it Nov 13, 2013
Hualin H: I heared from my friends. Nov 13, 2013
rong h: like Nov 13, 2013
Sisi D: This is a very hydrating toner. I love it a lot! Nov 13, 2013
Suhong W: it smells well Nov 13, 2013
xinda k: try Nov 13, 2013
Qian L: Smell good. Nov 13, 2013
weina l: need tones for winter Nov 13, 2013
Huihui S: I've been using this toner for many years. Love it Nov 13, 2013
Qiang L: A friend's recommendation Nov 13, 2013
Xiao L: S Nov 13, 2013
Ying Y: refer to the review Nov 13, 2013
XIANG G: forever love it Nov 13, 2013
Yanzi C: Purchases several time and like it. It makes my skin comfort Nov 13, 2013
SONYA S: Have been using for years Nov 13, 2013
maggie h: i wanna try it ! Nov 13, 2013
Sylvia S: I like alcohol free products Nov 12, 2013
Yuanyuan Z: it keeps my skin hydrated. Nov 11, 2013
Barbara S: cucumber and aloe vera was suggested as a solution to help reduce puffiness caused by allergies. Add together with ice water and ice. Dip washcloth in solution and apply to face 5-10 seconds 2-3 times in am. Nov 11, 2013
feilong p: good for skin Nov 10, 2013
li h: good price Nov 10, 2013
Antonia Z: gift Nov 10, 2013
Lu X: Really easy to use and perfectly for sensitive skin and all the other skin types. I've used up on 18oz bottle and I'm getting another two larger bottles. I used it several times a day whenever I feel a dry or oily skin. It's not like a magic toner with a targeted treatment, but you feel 100% safe and comfortable using it with other skin care products. Nov 9, 2013
June T: Love it Nov 8, 2013
DANNI H: friend's suggestion Nov 8, 2013
Chuyi Z: This is work good on my skin Nov 8, 2013
Nissarawan L: It feel good and clean on my face. Nov 7, 2013
JIAMIN W: good Nov 7, 2013
Haijuan W: Y Nov 5, 2013
Carol I: This is a gift for my daughter. She loves it. Nov 4, 2013
Mia S: good stuff and good price Nov 4, 2013
Luke M: wanted my wife to try it. Nov 4, 2013
Paula L: Have used this for years and love the refreshed feeling I get after using it Nov 4, 2013
yanqin X: smell is not very good, like alcohol. Nov 4, 2013
Nanette L: Daughters request Nov 4, 2013
Maggie L: fresh. Nov 3, 2013
Jane S: Previous purchase Nov 3, 2013
Kunting D: many friends recommend this to me Nov 2, 2013
ran l: want to try Nov 2, 2013
Xiaohui W: It is very dry in US. This is one of the star product of Kiehl's. Oct 31, 2013
BENJAMIN P: Great toner, does not dry skin out like other toners Oct 31, 2013
Wei W: Good Oct 30, 2013
Xia T: Due to my sensitive skin I can't use toners with alcohol, this one is perfect for my drier skin in the winter months. Oct 30, 2013
Lynne S: Been using it for 20 years Oct 29, 2013
beiqiu q: "i like it " Oct 29, 2013
liu j: good Oct 29, 2013
Vanessa L: I use before loved it Oct 28, 2013
keying w: friends recommend Oct 28, 2013
Yachu P: Recommended by a friend at first, have been using this for 3 years, it is great. Oct 28, 2013
Lina H: extra moisture for this dry season. Oct 28, 2013
Junping W: no.1 review toner for dry/sensitive skin Oct 27, 2013
Jing H: My friend recomended thisto me so I just want to try. Oct 27, 2013
terry t: Always been using it Oct 27, 2013
Jingyan T: THIS IS REALLY GOOD Oct 27, 2013
Yanqing D: It is mild and great for dry skin! Oct 25, 2013
Wenyu L: Used this before, wanna start using it again. Oct 24, 2013
Jingrong T: Others recommend Oct 24, 2013
jinglu h: friend's recommendation Oct 23, 2013
QI S: HEARD ABOUT IT Oct 21, 2013
Chao T: Used before . Very good. Oct 21, 2013
Ruilu M: GOOD Oct 21, 2013
Na H: Try Oct 21, 2013
Tina V: This toner smooths skin & it is noticeable after first use! It is not drying or oily. I use it when I have a good balance of skin after using the Blue acne cleaner. Oct 20, 2013
Junjie Y: like Oct 20, 2013
Xiaohong G: Because I used it before, I think it's very nice for me. Oct 19, 2013
Jing Q: I used it before, like it a lot. Oct 18, 2013
Tang X: Because I very like this one Oct 17, 2013
Fengping X: recommended by my roommate, said it is fit for winter Oct 17, 2013
Gaye B: It's gentle, feels good, and gets any remaining makeup and dirt. Oct 17, 2013
Xiaoke X: Everyone says it's amazing Oct 16, 2013
Bofan X: Loved it for 4 years Oct 16, 2013
Nicole B: I had issues with the calendula toner, thought I would try this one since it is the mildest. Oct 16, 2013
Qilin H: hope it's natural for my sensitive skin Oct 15, 2013
Anne L: This is a very soothing toner and leave my skin refreshed but not dry. I will continue to use it. Oct 14, 2013
okee g: wanted to try it Oct 14, 2013
Heather H: Love cucumber. Oct 13, 2013
Lei P: for sisters Oct 12, 2013
Mia L: Need Toner Oct 12, 2013
Donghui W: friends recommendation Oct 11, 2013
Weiling X: Recommended by friend. Oct 10, 2013
Nancy L: PERFECT TONE Oct 10, 2013
judy w: good Oct 9, 2013
Xue L: I used it one, feel great. Oct 7, 2013
Xiao H: for my skin Oct 6, 2013
Yu Q: IT IS FAMOUS Oct 4, 2013
FAN Z: for dry skin Oct 3, 2013
Beverly C: It is so gently for my sensitive skin. Oct 2, 2013
Run Z: Dry weather Oct 1, 2013
Yunan J: used it before. like it. Sep 30, 2013
Qimin H: good Sep 30, 2013
Sookhyun L: IT's cool for my dry skin!! Thank you very much!! Sep 30, 2013
Molly M: Love this fresh clean feeling each day. Sep 30, 2013
Xiaoning D: always use this Sep 30, 2013
Nicola H: I love it! I have been using it for over 10 years Sep 30, 2013
Haitao Z: It is strongly recommended by my friends. Sep 30, 2013
Ruth P: This is the toner I have been using for several years. Sep 30, 2013
Shuo Y: It is good to skin. Sep 30, 2013
Qiong H: HEARD ABOUT IT Sep 29, 2013
pengxiang c: yes Sep 29, 2013
Jie M: good Sep 29, 2013
Yan Z: Want to give it a try Sep 29, 2013
Yifei X: small gifts for my employees Sep 29, 2013
Christopher J: Haven't tried before and looks worth taking a try!! Sep 29, 2013
Debbie C: Feels wonderful Sep 29, 2013
NANDANNI L: low price but good product Sep 29, 2013
JUAN D: good for sensitive skin Sep 29, 2013
Ke T: friends recommend Sep 29, 2013
Yamei C: FOR FRIENDS Sep 28, 2013
JIE P: it is very good.I like it. Sep 28, 2013
Anni L: because I have a very dry and sensitive skin Sep 28, 2013
Sangsang Z: Heard it's good Sep 28, 2013
PENGLONG Z: have a try Sep 27, 2013
Candy L: Friend recommend Sep 27, 2013
Arviana W: my favourite Sep 27, 2013
Hui L: I used it before Sep 27, 2013
xiao y: like it Sep 26, 2013
Mu W: Useful Sep 26, 2013
Judy A: want to try it Sep 26, 2013
xiaobo c: good looking Sep 26, 2013
Liyan H: want to try Sep 26, 2013
kyung wuk k: with cucumber + herbal &alcohol free
want to try
Sep 26, 2013
Yanhong K: i want to try Sep 26, 2013
Diana W: Others recommended that Sep 26, 2013
Xiaoyan S: Just finished using one bottle of this. It feels very gentle on my skin Sep 25, 2013
Yihan G: I used this toner for 1years ,it's really help me a lot for my skin:) it have to try u will like it soo much Sep 25, 2013
Chang P: good review on this one too. Sep 25, 2013
Yafeng Z: Use this toner for a period of time and like it a lot. Sep 25, 2013
Jia L: Famous. Star Product Sep 25, 2013
Alicia z: good,I like it Sep 25, 2013
Jhos S: whim. Sep 24, 2013
Qiao R: need a mild toner Sep 24, 2013
Nga C: it is good for my acene Sep 24, 2013
Hsinying l: it is my second bottle Sep 24, 2013
Chunhua T: good product to make my skin clean but not too dry. Sep 24, 2013
Areepun W: Refreshing my skin . Make my skin clean Sep 23, 2013
Yangling C: Used it before. It was great. Sep 23, 2013
Mengnan H: online many people said it was good Sep 23, 2013
Shilin W: the price is not too expensive Sep 23, 2013
zhiyi c: good ! Sep 23, 2013
Shuang L: my friends told me it's helpful for my skin now Sep 23, 2013
xiuming z: want to try recommend by magazine Sep 23, 2013
Yi L: GOOD TO USE Sep 22, 2013
zhuo t: Recommendations by friends Sep 22, 2013
Chenzhuo L: seems so nice Sep 22, 2013
Ruizhi M: It is great Sep 22, 2013
CAROLYN P: To have a Herbal Toner & alternate with my
other Kiehl toner
Sep 22, 2013
Rebecca D: It doesn't burn and it doesn't dry out my skin, but it does remove any soap residue before I start my moisturizing routine. Sep 22, 2013
Ou M: friend recommand Sep 22, 2013
Maryellen K: Have never tried this before but the description intrigued me and I love all products with cucumber. Sep 21, 2013
Qin L: i like cucumber Sep 21, 2013
SHI C: This stuff is very good for Asian women Sep 21, 2013
Junyi H: REFRESH! Sep 21, 2013
tiancong s: top seller Sep 21, 2013
Hui X: well use Sep 20, 2013
Nicole B: I already use this product and I just ran out! It great! Sep 20, 2013
Aijun L: Like it a lot. Sep 19, 2013
Heya H: I jsut want to try Sep 19, 2013
Joanne M: I love it. Leaves my skin so fresh and smooth. Sep 19, 2013
Rhonda H: Sounded like a good product, and I do enjoy it. Thing with ordering bottles of liquid with lids....the lids most always arrive broken. I call and they tell me they don't have lids but will send another bottle and refund the first. Doesn't make sense if the lids are going to keep breaking. Sep 18, 2013
zhenhuan f: sound god Sep 15, 2013
Simeng H: I know it's weird, but I just like its smell! Sep 14, 2013
Hee-Seung L: I'm back! I had used this for several years and have been away. Now I'm back to this one! Sep 13, 2013
Didi L: Want to try, it is famous for moisture. Sep 12, 2013
Elina I: love this toner Sep 12, 2013
Yuanyuan Y: always use this toner - comfortable and with very good price Sep 12, 2013
Meilan P: GOOD Sep 12, 2013
Laura H: It was my daily toner. Sep 9, 2013
Feng Z: Recommended by my friends! Sep 7, 2013
Shiyun Z: Famous Sep 7, 2013
Jing S: my friend told me about it Sep 6, 2013
Joo L: I used this and it is one of the best facial skin toner. No acohol, clean, refreshing, great product and a great price. Sep 6, 2013
WENYU Z: simple and valuable Sep 6, 2013
chelsey m: Very good reviews and I like that it has a smell (as opposed to the milky toners). Sep 4, 2013
Tiantian W: my friend said it was pretty good one Sep 4, 2013
Xiaoli L: I alway use this toner for several years Sep 1, 2013
ling y: it is fit me Aug 31, 2013
Anna S: needed a toner, needed alcohol free Aug 29, 2013
wangyang y: Not really useful. And my skin turns into yellow:( Aug 28, 2013
Susan T: Already use this product - recommended by store associate - My skin is very sensitive, but I LOVE this product Aug 28, 2013
Elizabeth H: does not dry my skin Aug 27, 2013
Melisa W: AD Aug 27, 2013
FAY T: my friend suggests me to buy because she said it's good. Aug 26, 2013
shujie s: I NEED IT Aug 26, 2013
Yih Wen G: I've tried the calendula toner, but haven't try this yet. Aug 26, 2013
Maggie M: Recommend Aug 19, 2013
Catherine Z: it's natural, very fresh like. Aug 18, 2013
Guiling C: since my friend in China she used it for a while, and ask me buy for her. Aug 18, 2013
feixia l: need it Aug 18, 2013
xiaoyan m: friend says that is awesome! Aug 15, 2013
Yun H: ITS FAMOUS! I WANT TO TRY Aug 14, 2013
Ying D: other's adviser Aug 13, 2013
Jesse H: For a friend in China Aug 9, 2013
siming c: my friend recommended me Aug 8, 2013
SUQIN K: heard this one is good Aug 5, 2013
Geng L: I've been using this product for more than two years, it is the best toner I've ever used. Jul 29, 2013
Jayme S: I was looking for a gentle toner since I have rosacea. Jul 25, 2013
richeng Z: Yes Jul 24, 2013
Jing L: I use this after bath every day. Jul 21, 2013
Vernice T: No alcohol Jul 17, 2013
Yang S: Because my friend uses it, and she likes it and recommends to me. Jul 14, 2013
Jie H: follow the crowd Jul 13, 2013
Irma R: it´s the best toner for extremely sensitive skin that i have tried Jul 10, 2013
Daria D: It had more red star rating Jul 9, 2013
Runnong O: I choose cucumber herbal toner because its better to use alcohol free proudct in summer,and its best for moisturizing. Jul 2, 2013
elizabeth s: Such a nice compliment to the Ultra Facial Cleanser. Very refreshing and light on the skin. Jul 2, 2013
Weiyang B: it's so famous Jul 1, 2013
Haibo C: For my niece Jun 27, 2013
Asa I: Ive heard its great Jun 27, 2013
EVA L: IT IS HOT IN MY COUNTRY.... Jun 26, 2013
james a: good for summer Jun 25, 2013
Stacie J: I love toner and the fact that this is alcohol free is intriguing Jun 24, 2013
Qiyun L: Good for my skin Jun 23, 2013
Christina R: I am looking for a good gentle toner and it sounds like it Jun 22, 2013
Cai zhu L: friend say is good product. Jun 18, 2013
Robert C: I'm still using it. this is great. Jun 17, 2013
Sandra P: Excellent for sensitive skin--been using it for about 5 years and I love its calming effects and it does not dry out my skin Jun 17, 2013
Qian L: I like it. Jun 17, 2013
Lynne S: wanted to try out the product Jun 17, 2013
Tao S: very good product! used for over a year, have recommented to friends and family members. Jun 17, 2013
Feiying S: suitable for oil to mix skin Jun 17, 2013
Li Li C: It is very good for skin Jun 17, 2013
Ruby R: This is the only product I use to clean my face! Strong enough to clean and gentle enough to keep my skin hydrated. I love it! Jun 17, 2013
Xiayao S: used to Jun 17, 2013
Hong T: I've been using this product for 3 yrs, it is great, Jun 17, 2013
bing l: like it Jun 16, 2013
pamela f: i like toner in the summer Jun 16, 2013
Nan M: I have used this. It is very good! Jun 16, 2013
stacey m: reduce pores, acne and soothing effects. Jun 16, 2013
Yuhua C: used before, good for us Jun 16, 2013
ruonan f: be careful sensitive skin! Jun 16, 2013
Qianru Y: My girls love this. Jun 16, 2013
Rebecca V: the reviews Jun 16, 2013
Li C: friend asked for it Jun 16, 2013
juan c: good for me Jun 16, 2013
Holly B: Cucumber Jun 16, 2013
Lu L: i like it Jun 15, 2013
Hongxia W: it is the best toner I have ever used. I tried many different toners, including some very expensive one. But this is the best toner Jun 15, 2013
Joan M: Been looking for this type product. Jun 15, 2013
Andrea L: been using it for years Jun 15, 2013
Janice G: Very gentle and refreshing on your face. Jun 15, 2013
yiran m: famous and cheaper Jun 15, 2013
chuying l: i want to try it, Many people say it is very good! Jun 15, 2013
XINNAN Z: it feels fresh when on the face Jun 14, 2013
yuanyuan z: i like it Jun 14, 2013
An C: I've used this product for years. Great value! Jun 14, 2013
Mo L: heard about it from a movie star Jun 14, 2013
Lingxia S: I used 2 bottles. It does not contain alcohol. Jun 14, 2013
Jamie S: recommended to try Jun 14, 2013
xiangmin j: have used and it is really good especially with the low price Jun 14, 2013
jia s: great products! Jun 14, 2013
Judy C: Love this toner! Refreshing and gentle! Jun 14, 2013
YUE Z: recommendation from friends Jun 14, 2013
Yue D: curious Jun 14, 2013
Lu Z: people say good Jun 13, 2013
Xi S: clarify skin after washing my face Jun 13, 2013
JIEQIONG D: always use this toner Jun 13, 2013
yaling w: love it. Jun 13, 2013
Mengmeng Z: famous product Jun 13, 2013
wenzhu L: friend recommend Jun 13, 2013
peng w: Love it! Jun 13, 2013
YU L: moister Jun 13, 2013
Weichao G: like it Jun 13, 2013
Michelle F: Need a gentle toner to try. I normally try another natural brand, so decided to give this a go. Alcohol free is also key for me, so not drying / aging Jun 13, 2013
Liqiao L: great! Jun 13, 2013
Soramon U: Wanted to give it a try -- reviews make it out to be awesome! Jun 13, 2013
Yao P: my friend recommended this to me Jun 13, 2013
jia s: good products! Jun 13, 2013
Yuechang M: great gift for my family and friends. Jun 13, 2013
Guanling F: advertisement Jun 13, 2013
Qiming C: It's summer time Jun 13, 2013
XIGE X: GENTLE Jun 13, 2013
junhong w: very good Jun 13, 2013
jun l: good product Jun 13, 2013
Inhwa K: For my daughter who has some trouble on her face. Jun 13, 2013
yaqiong z: This is my favorite Jun 13, 2013
Carissa M: Just wanted to try something different. I know cucumber has healing properties and this product is alcohol free, which will help my oily skin from over producing oil because of stripping. So I'm hoping this product is a good buy from here on out. Jun 11, 2013
LaSheena W: I love this toner. It lasts for a very long time, and it does a really great job of picking up any makeup left over from my face wash. Jun 9, 2013
Junghoon P: Good Rating Jun 8, 2013
Catherine O: Try ing something new as currrent item I use (cucumber toner) from another vender is no longer available in US. Jun 7, 2013
Ryan L: wanted to try Jun 5, 2013
Chloe W: my skin is sensitive, better to use alcohol free toner Jun 5, 2013
Jon-Michael A: Cucumber smells nice, I like the color and looks unique. Jun 4, 2013
Xiang Y: someone recommended. Jun 3, 2013
Michel P: online was less expensive -- couldn't justify at the store and it was cheaper than amazon Jun 2, 2013
Juewen S: My friend told me this one is an popular product of Kiehls May 29, 2013
ZHENGHUA L: FAMOUS! May 29, 2013
Fang L: it's health for face. May 27, 2013
karen d: try something different. May 27, 2013
Catherine S: It sounds good for hot summer days. May 27, 2013
Dongli W: they say it is a really good product May 26, 2013
YIJUN H: WANT TO TRY IT. May 26, 2013
WEN YING O: Because it is recommended by others for summer use May 25, 2013
Yeling W: my friend suggests me May 25, 2013
May 24, 2013
Chunlan S: highly rated May 24, 2013
Xuelei Z: I saw it from some website May 24, 2013
Xi D: Be recommended May 23, 2013
Jixia H: I have dry skin, easily dehydrated. May 22, 2013
Lu J: my friend recommended to me May 22, 2013
Meera P: Need a new alcohol-free toner and would like to try this one out, since the fresh rosewater toner is out of stock. May 20, 2013
Faith W: I want to try it. May 20, 2013
Kristina L E: Upcoming trip...wanted a smaller size. You should offer smaller sizes on more of your products. May 20, 2013
Yun G: recommended by others May 19, 2013
Stphanie C: Wife has used this toner for many years, only one marketed that does not break her out in a rash. May 17, 2013
Julie P: review from another site. May 16, 2013
Katherine W: best toner to buy and to make up the free shipping May 15, 2013
Brandy P: dry skin May 15, 2013
Shannon E: Have used before May 14, 2013
Kathleen H: Great! May 14, 2013
WAN L: not the first time buy it.. May 13, 2013
shaobo h: to hydrate. May 13, 2013
Amy F: I would like to try an alcohol-free toner. May 10, 2013
Danae T: I need a new Toner May 9, 2013
hyunjin p: This order is 2nd. It's good. May 8, 2013
XIN F: Friends recommended me. May 8, 2013
Hilda W: great toner. no fuss and will be great for the summer May 7, 2013
Aihua L: good May 7, 2013
Matthew N: Like the product May 5, 2013
Kathryn H: use it all the time. May 4, 2013
NI F: this definitely help with dry skin and it cleans the skin also. recommend to everybody and will continue buy it. May 4, 2013
Adeola A: I've been using this since the beginning of the year and it feels amazing and leaves my skin soft and refreshed. May 3, 2013
LEEANN W: Previous use, and it is gentle on mature skin. May 3, 2013
leonie l: keep my face healthy ,fix my trouble face .by the way ,i like cucumber. May 1, 2013
Janet D: Adds the final touches to me cleansing. May 1, 2013
Susan S: My 91 year old Mom has been using for years and looks amazing...replenishing her supply Apr 30, 2013
Weiying G: This has been the only toner I use since I tried it back in 2004! Apr 28, 2013
patty w: I have very sensitive skin and would like to try this product. Apr 28, 2013
Laura D: sensitive skin Apr 27, 2013
Yiyun W: friend's suggestion Apr 27, 2013
HAN L: good Apr 24, 2013
Le Z: try Apr 23, 2013
Qiu Hui C: My friend told me it was a very good product. She wanted me to try it. Apr 22, 2013
puishan w: friend introduce Apr 21, 2013
Yue C: good Apr 20, 2013
Grace W: First time to try it. I have sensitive skin and have not been using a toner because most are too drying for my skin. Apr 19, 2013
Lisa Marie S: Thought I needed a toner to help reduce pore size. This really irritated my skin but I know other users swear by it. Apr 18, 2013
Feng L: gift Apr 17, 2013
Chao L: great toner for all seasons Apr 16, 2013
HOLLY L: One of the best toners on the market. I tend to only use toners in the summer and this one works great with my sensitive skin! Apr 16, 2013
hua c: i love it Apr 15, 2013
Chatnaree U: I chose to purchase this product from the good reviews and the price Apr 14, 2013
Misha P: My skin is super dry. Apr 14, 2013
Linda C: Never tried before, looking for a little extra cleaning Apr 14, 2013
Ningbo W: no alcohol Apr 14, 2013
Xiaowei Y: Want to try different toner, then I remember some friend recommend it to me. I will give a shot Apr 13, 2013
huizi l: it's good for my skin Apr 13, 2013
wei C: recommended by friend Apr 12, 2013
PATRICIA J: I have sensitive skin and have used in the past. Ran out a long time ago and decided to order more.....leaves my skin feeling cool & smooth. Apr 12, 2013
Ingrid O: i have red acne prone skin & this product takes the reddness out & is soothing Apr 12, 2013
Rong H: I have used it and it works. Apr 8, 2013
yanxuan l: Like it, good smell and price. Apr 8, 2013
Tiannan Z: Recommended online. Apr 7, 2013
Bingyang T: reasonable price Apr 7, 2013
SHAOYU H: I've been using for 2 years and it was goog Apr 7, 2013
Irina L: I use it, and I love it. Apr 7, 2013
Bingqi L: It's good for my acne. And it's totally alcohol free Apr 6, 2013
cui y: customer review is very good. Apr 6, 2013
xinyu l: my friend recommend this Apr 6, 2013
Yiyi L: I heard from friends that this is very good for dry skin. And my cheeks are suffering from the spring dryness recently. Apr 4, 2013
Lihua W: Friend helped me Apr 4, 2013
Kingyi L: I used two bottles before. very nice, there is no awkward smelling. Apr 4, 2013
Megan F: it had a top rating/never used yet Apr 2, 2013
Mary G. D: Tried the smaple last gift, and was awesome. Apr 2, 2013
Huating L: I used it before and it worked well on my skin Apr 2, 2013
teri m: I like alcohol free products Apr 1, 2013
Chelsea R: I received this as a gift last year and I am almost out! Needed a refill immediately! I love this stuff! Apr 1, 2013
Yun L: I have dry skin. Mar 31, 2013
Donna B: I've bought this in the past and loved it. Mar 31, 2013
Simon Z: My friends recommended. Mar 30, 2013
Sisi L: I have used this item. Very good Mar 30, 2013
Jin D: need this Mar 28, 2013
Michael M: Trying to find a good toner for my girlfriend. Mar 26, 2013
Katherine P: The best toner ever. Cleans deep. My teenagers use it too. Mar 26, 2013
Mandy W: used it before!! it was great Mar 25, 2013
Jackie J: A fabulous toner that I use after washing and before moisturizing. It tightens pores and feels refreshing. Like all K's products, it has no adverse effects for sensitive skin. I've been using it for many years. Mar 25, 2013
Xuan W: I use it now. It is good for dry skin. Mar 25, 2013
Anqi L: best toner ever, can live without it! dry skin must buy Mar 24, 2013
Susan B: Cucumbers are cooling so I thought I would try this toner. I have some sensitive spots on my cheeks. Mar 24, 2013
Njideka O: I really like the ultra hydrating oil free toner, but I want to try something new. Mar 23, 2013
FANG L: always my choice Mar 23, 2013
Pamela S H: Very, very refreshing for my overly sensitive skin! Mar 21, 2013
Teng L: It's a good product for dry skins. Mar 20, 2013
Chuan L: nice using experience! my skin is sensitive but this product works well on my skin Mar 19, 2013
Heather M: Other reviewers said it helps with redness... that is a concern of mine! Mar 18, 2013
Anne K: because its the best toner I've tried. It leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean. Mar 18, 2013
Erin N: Purchased this last time and though I have dry skin, it feels nice and would like to continue using it. Mar 16, 2013
Jie C: like Mar 15, 2013
Jeanette B: I read the reviews and it seemed to fit in with my skin type. This is, by far, the best toner I have ever had in my entire life. Mar 14, 2013
Merrily N: this works really well, and when i don't use it, my skin will break out in a couple of days. and i have really sensitive skin so this is wonderful. Feb 21, 2013
Robert G: Have used for years. Very refreshing after shaving. Feb 21, 2013
Kendall C: Love this toner! It is so refreshing and doesn't leave skin dry like so many other toners out there. 5 stars! Feb 19, 2013
Chang B: friend recommended it Feb 18, 2013
Jinlin Y: i think it's suit me. Feb 15, 2013
Cynthia Faye H: Looking for a toner for DRY skin, hope this is going to be my GO TO moving forward, I will let you know Feb 12, 2013
Rachel S: I like it never changed it because it is only one I have used to be mind to the sensitive skin Feb 12, 2013
tzu wen c: need a non alchoho cool pore closing solution after facewash. this seems nice. going to try it out Feb 12, 2013
Pai-Ling L: it is mild and soothing Feb 11, 2013
Connie L: scent Feb 11, 2013
Carol W: It's such a gentle yet effective astringent. Feb 10, 2013
MIAOMIAO Z: my friend said it's good. Feb 10, 2013
Yeri S: Needed a gentle toner for sensitive skin... wanted to give it a try Feb 10, 2013
zhong c: Works well for dry and oily skin, Feb 9, 2013
Lu Y: did not work for me Feb 9, 2013
Young L: I used it, and it works great for my skin. Feb 8, 2013
ning W: hydration effect Feb 8, 2013
wen z: I KNOW IT'S GOOD. Feb 8, 2013
Chen S: heard about it Feb 7, 2013
Mi C: good! Feb 6, 2013
yanting z: Gentle for the skin Feb 6, 2013
scarlett w: I heard it is good Feb 5, 2013
suejeong l: for dry skin Feb 3, 2013
Juanwen L: good Feb 3, 2013
Mia C: This toner for me is used to pick up what was left. I don't have to use a lot, just a little goes a long way. It's refreshing. And for my sensitive skin, it leaves my skin feeling clean and refreshed and calm (if that makes sense).. Jan 26, 2013
LIN L: STAR PRODUCT Jan 25, 2013
Xuyin L: someone introduces it for me Jan 25, 2013
Will K: for dryer skin Jan 23, 2013
Xiaowei H: good reputation Jan 23, 2013
Yuchao m: it's comfortable to use. Jan 21, 2013
Wei S: this item has been critisized as a super hydrating toner for dry skin. Jan 21, 2013
Yajing X: It has great reputation. Jan 21, 2013
Beihui L: good for sensitive skin Jan 20, 2013
Sujin H: Recommended by friend Jan 17, 2013
Danwei L: Get recomeadation from other people. Jan 15, 2013
Sarah H: I have used it for a long time and really like the way my skin feels, it is generally dry and sensitive and this stuff is amazing. Jan 14, 2013
Liuqiang L: This is my third bottle, and it is perfect for me. Jan 13, 2013
Yi W: for a friend Jan 13, 2013
Carol C: I needed an alcohol-free toner. Jan 12, 2013
Won Yeong L: i have dry skin Jan 9, 2013
Sunxiao G: recommendation from friends Jan 8, 2013
Wei W: This is the only tonner I use Jan 6, 2013
Sarah L: needed a new toner for dry skin Jan 2, 2013
Mengying C: JUST WANT TO HAVE A TRY Jan 1, 2013
Jie L: Recommended by sales person Dec 31, 2012
lingyu Z: pop star Dec 31, 2012
stacy l: sound refreshing Dec 31, 2012
Lu H: I'v heard a lot about kiehl's products. I bought a lip balm during Thanksgiving when the deal is free shipping with 6 samples. After i use them, I really love kielh's. That's why I buy these three proucts which are also the most popular ones this time. I want to try them and looking for the ones work best for me. :) Dec 31, 2012
CHING YEE T: Wanna try other toner for sensitive skin Dec 31, 2012
Brook G: I love cucumbers and would like to try this toner on my sensitive skin. Dec 31, 2012
Vivian C: saw it on magazine Dec 31, 2012
Carol C: I have used it for many years and find it quite effective Dec 31, 2012
Ning L: 1 Dec 31, 2012
Lili W: It is awesome! Dec 31, 2012
Guangman Z: My another girl friends like it. Dec 31, 2012
DE XING Y: someone say is good.. Dec 31, 2012
Jianing Z: Love it Dec 31, 2012
Nicole W: I've been using this for many years now. Light and refreshing, I can feel it working. Dec 30, 2012
kathleen B: Reviews on line Dec 30, 2012
Ying Z: I used it, I liked this item. Dec 30, 2012
Fan X: This is a star product recommended by many of my friends Dec 30, 2012
leora y: my friend suggest me Dec 30, 2012
Jian R: I love it, I have been using this item for many years, just love it!! Dec 30, 2012
Sherry W: I first used this toner more than ten years ago and I always come back for this after I switched to other item. Dec 30, 2012
Hao L: don't like it, just buy it for my friends. Dec 30, 2012
Hoi-San S: Used before and I like it Dec 30, 2012
joey F: good for dry skin Dec 30, 2012
Yuyuan L: my mom likes it! Dec 30, 2012
jiqiong j: want to try it Dec 29, 2012
Qichao Z: purchase for my wife...don't know the reason. Dec 29, 2012
Hao L: herbal makes me feel cool and happy Dec 29, 2012
Hao L: for my mom! Dec 29, 2012
Hanying G: This is pretty good, I have tried one bottle. It makes my skin smooth and clean. So I bought another one. Dec 29, 2012
Sharp W: Because of alcohol-free. Dec 29, 2012
BOMING F: I bought it for my friend who loves this toner Dec 29, 2012
Hao L: seems working perfectly as expected! Dec 29, 2012
Qiang L: i have sensitive skin and like to use alcohol-free skin care. Dec 29, 2012
Hao L: looks cute in the little bottle Dec 29, 2012
Hao L: good product, well done! Dec 29, 2012
Haw L: looks green and health! Dec 29, 2012
Hao L: cucumber is my favorite fruit, give it a try@! Dec 29, 2012
Hao L: My sister saw this deal and ask me to buy it for her. Dec 29, 2012
Ha L: cucumber is alway good for your health, you know it! Dec 29, 2012
Hou L: natural feeling after using it. Dec 29, 2012
Ha L: always cucumber, the best skin saver! Dec 29, 2012
Hao L: happy with it for over two years Dec 29, 2012
Hao L: many thanks to it! Dec 29, 2012
Hao L: use twice a day, then in a week you will see the result~ Dec 29, 2012
Hao L: very impressive product! recommend it to those who want to reduce black dot on their faces Dec 29, 2012
Bryan K: love it Dec 29, 2012
Liming Z: I used it before. It's good for me. Dec 28, 2012
Karen W: because I like cucumber, and I know it is good for skin. Dec 28, 2012
Jenny W: Used it before, like it a lot. Dec 28, 2012
Yan W: I have been using this toner for many years, and it does a good hydrating job. Dec 28, 2012
huiyu y: my skin is dry. I hope it is useful Dec 28, 2012
Zhendong Z: cucumber is always good for skin! Dec 28, 2012
lu o: it is good Dec 27, 2012
Dong Z: it's perfect. Dec 27, 2012
Cheng W: My friend recommended it. Dec 27, 2012
Su Z: See the good review Dec 27, 2012
Lianming Z: It's good for my wife and she also commends it to her friends." Dec 27, 2012
Lianming Z: It's good for my wife and she also commends it to her friends." Dec 27, 2012
Jinze D: friends advice Dec 27, 2012
Chiahui F: moist and balance Dec 27, 2012
Jinyan L: from recommendation Dec 27, 2012
MUXI X: i like it Dec 27, 2012
Xiaoli H: perfect! but the bottle lid is broken in the shipping process, very good customer service. Dec 27, 2012
Boguang D: promotion Dec 26, 2012
Chunhui Z: It's well-known. Dec 26, 2012
yinghua l: good for my skin Dec 26, 2012
Hao Z: like this feeling on my face Dec 21, 2012
junzi y: it does work on me Dec 20, 2012
Zining Y: I love this toner, I keep using this toner for a long time. Dec 20, 2012
Libin Y: I think it is a natural product. Dec 19, 2012
Fang Y: heard from my friend Dec 19, 2012
Virginia B: Wonderful cooling toner. Dec 18, 2012
Michael T: My wife loves this toner! Dec 17, 2012
Judith J: YES! An alcohol-free toner that has worked for me in the past. Anxious to try it again and see if it is still successful on my (ahem!) slightly older skin. Dec 16, 2012
Tiffany L: Love this! Dec 16, 2012
susan s: A favoriite product for a long time - use every day. Dec 15, 2012
oliviay y: I use it every night Dec 14, 2012
Meredith F: It is supposed to be extremely gentle but cleaning, and that is exactly what I need for my skin. Dec 14, 2012
Paula Y: gift Dec 14, 2012
Wanyi Y: it has a high valued. Dec 13, 2012
liz w: i have used it before, and it is great Dec 13, 2012
Sicong Z: Friends told me it is good Dec 13, 2012
HONGJING W: Feel fresh! Dec 12, 2012
qingling z: GOOD Dec 12, 2012
Mengling H: friend's recommendation Dec 12, 2012
Angelina W: needed a new toner Dec 10, 2012
Wen Yu L: friend recommend Dec 10, 2012
Qun Hui C: This is the mild toner and hope it blends well with my face. Dec 10, 2012
YONG C: NA Dec 10, 2012
Stan Z: My friends like it and advice me to choose it Dec 10, 2012
Geng L: others advise Dec 9, 2012
WANYOU F: I have purchased this one before. My skin is sensitive, this toner does a good job at keeping my skin moisturized and relieving skin imitation. Dec 9, 2012
pamela w: since its your most popular want to try it Dec 8, 2012
Yingying F: too famous in China Dec 8, 2012
na z: my friends told me that is great! Dec 8, 2012
Michelle C: REQUESTED GIFT ITEM Dec 8, 2012
xiong x: I am trying it. Dec 7, 2012
Lisa T: a lot of my friend recommend this one, says it really hold the water on face. Dec 6, 2012
YUN C: It is good for me. Dec 5, 2012
Heejin H: I used this product few yearts ago so want to go back again. Dec 5, 2012
Karla M: It came highly recommended by Taiwanese star Barbie Hsu. Dec 5, 2012
Xiaoye X: I use this every day Dec 5, 2012
Corinne C: great reviews online, hoping this will help my large pores Dec 4, 2012
Xingya J: Someone told me that is so good and my face is dry, so I have chosen it Dec 4, 2012
pauline p: alcohol free cant go wrong Dec 4, 2012
YAN Z: It's absolutely good for my dry skin Dec 3, 2012
Chan Z: I need a toner Dec 3, 2012
Anna J: It feels good. One of the few toners I've tried that doesn't burn my skin. Dec 2, 2012
JIAYING h: just wanna try Dec 2, 2012
Mengge P: my friends highly recommend this to me. But I am hesitating between this one and the Ultra facial toner Dec 1, 2012
Fan Y: used to it, excellent for use in winter. Dec 1, 2012
Desiree D: I have been using this for a few years, and I like that it is lightly scented and does not dry out my skin. Nov 30, 2012
Shiliang J: It's a good toner. Nov 25, 2012
yuan d: Its good Nov 25, 2012
yuan d: Its good Nov 25, 2012
Yuting L: for a friend Nov 25, 2012
Yuting L: for a friend Nov 25, 2012
Li C: star product Nov 25, 2012
XUE L: favourite toner Nov 25, 2012
Xiangming Z: Good for skin Nov 25, 2012
Zhi L: never tried it before Nov 25, 2012
BAI Z: Friends advices Nov 25, 2012
XIN Y: have a try Nov 25, 2012
Jing X: try Nov 25, 2012
Fontane L: Great, gentle product. Been using it for years! Nov 25, 2012
FEI C: highly recommended!!! so mild and good for hydration Nov 25, 2012
Ying Jung C: used before, like it Nov 25, 2012
XIN W: love it; Nov 24, 2012
Yingying C: some other people told me about it Nov 24, 2012
YUWEN D: Perfect toner I have ever used before! Nov 24, 2012
Yanjin Y: MY FRIEND LOVE IT Nov 24, 2012
Zhao L: always use Nov 24, 2012
Tengyi Z: HAVE A TRY. Nov 24, 2012
jie g: my favorite Nov 23, 2012
wenman l: GOOD Nov 23, 2012
binyao w: My mother and I both love this product Nov 23, 2012
ping j: the weather is very dry here Nov 23, 2012
Xiaofeng C: This is a very gentle toner, suitable for combination/oily skin as well. I love it. Nov 23, 2012
Melanie O: I like the Calendula Toner, but dont have the $62 for it, so I thought I would try this one, it was cheaper as well as had good reviews. Nov 23, 2012
Kui C: My wife like this! Nov 23, 2012
Li Z: My friends like it. Nov 23, 2012
qiaoling l: my friends told me this product is good Nov 23, 2012
shiping o: very good! Nov 23, 2012
Grace C: Refreshes without drying, fresh scent Nov 23, 2012
Rui L: famous Nov 22, 2012
Tao Q: like it Nov 22, 2012
Xiangnan X: My friend recommends it. Nov 22, 2012
Zhuyun L: Good quality. Nov 22, 2012
Angelina Z: my friend said the cucumber toner is very moisturizing from kiehl's. Nov 22, 2012
Fei Z: A famous toner? Just try Nov 22, 2012
Yaxian H: I heard it's great. Nov 22, 2012
Zhuojun H: Friends recommend it Nov 22, 2012
Linglin Y: I would like to have an Alcohol-Free Toner, and Kiehl's is always my first choice. Nov 22, 2012
Haiyan L: I used this toner in my friend's home, really love it. Nov 22, 2012
Olivia H: I have dry skin Nov 22, 2012
XI X: LIKE IT Nov 22, 2012
Fanglei Z: GOOD TO KEEP MOISTER Nov 22, 2012
Chenlu S: FRIENDS RECOMMEND Nov 21, 2012
Xiaoli W: Whiteness skin tone Nov 21, 2012
Lei Y: Others recommend to me! Nov 21, 2012
Weng U C: all love this toner, bottle after bottle, feels good to apply it, I have sensitive skin and this is just perfect Nov 20, 2012
Bingyue L: After i tried many other kinds of toner, I decided to use this one because this is perfect for dry and sensitive skin and you will always feel fresh and clean after using it. Nov 20, 2012
Leah B: try it Nov 20, 2012
XINGTAO Z: recommendation from my friend Nov 20, 2012
Panpan X: RECOMMEND Nov 20, 2012
Nan L: recommendation of my friends Nov 19, 2012
Ann S: Love it Nov 19, 2012
ping s: I have used Nov 19, 2012
Sue V: Used it for years, like it. Nov 19, 2012
Weisi C: good Nov 19, 2012
Shangxian X: This is good for me Nov 19, 2012
RUNQING D: Others recommended Nov 18, 2012
jinhua w: good to use Nov 18, 2012
HANZHI Z: I have used it. I love the smell and the effect. It gives my skin full water. Nov 18, 2012
Ting L: See Ads Nov 18, 2012
Corey C: great gentle cleansing toner Nov 18, 2012
Yan M: love it Nov 18, 2012
Guangping Z: used many bottles. great toner for combination skin. Nov 17, 2012
Chao J: buy for friend Nov 17, 2012
Huiming Z: requested by a friend Nov 17, 2012
Dina D: My current toner is great, but I am running a low and it costs too much. Hopefully this change will be a good one. Nov 17, 2012
Jiaxing H: I have some tiny acne problem some times. Since I used this for more than a month, no acne issues during the time. So I'd like to continue use it. Besides, my face is sensitive (very allergy) and this is the ideal product without alcohol. Nov 17, 2012
Ying M: heard from friends Nov 17, 2012
Nan L: it is helpful Nov 16, 2012
Yujuan Q: fresh Nov 16, 2012
Xiaoqing M: make me feel fresh when i use this toner everyday Nov 16, 2012
Ying W: I used one bottle before. It's good. I buy it as a gift for my mother Nov 16, 2012
Yong L: I like it Nov 16, 2012
Annie L: heard good things about it. Nov 16, 2012
Chiahsun L: dry and sensitive skin Nov 15, 2012
Xuechao L: famous one Nov 15, 2012
Xiaowei Z: Good quality! Brings moisture to your skin. Nov 15, 2012
Jing A: I like it very much. Nov 15, 2012
Xiaodan Y: Be high recommended online. Nov 15, 2012
yongyan L: I heard this one is very good toner Nov 15, 2012
Shan L: used for 2years love it Nov 15, 2012
Cuilian Z: I have always been using this. I love it Nov 15, 2012
Yingjun Z: Sounds good from reviews. Nov 15, 2012
Shuang Y: Star product Nov 15, 2012
Bei W: i know it is good Nov 14, 2012
Beatrice S: I have used it for years and love the fact that it is non-drying and very refreshing. Nov 14, 2012
Yi L: love Nov 14, 2012
Ricky L: I heard it from my friends. They said it was REALLY GOOD. Nov 13, 2012
Ruizhi Z: my friend told me it is great! Nov 13, 2012
Wenqin L: Hydrated Nov 13, 2012
Limin H: It is helpful to my skin in dry weather. Nov 4, 2012
Jose S: I wanted a gentle non-drying toner. I have dry skin and that is why I want to try this. Nov 3, 2012
Amy Y: I need new toner and my previous toners were all salicylic acid contained product which made my skin dry. Acne became worse because of those. Nov 2, 2012
Daphne d: a first purchase was satisfying. Nov 2, 2012
wipawee w: trial before ordering Nov 1, 2012
wulin f: It sounds very good Oct 29, 2012
yunming c: fresh, clean Oct 25, 2012
amy h: heard on magazine..they highly recommend this Oct 21, 2012
Jiabei S: GOOD TO USE Oct 20, 2012
YUQING P: It has very good moisturizing effect. i have been using this, i love it, and i will continue to use it. Oct 20, 2012
Zhe Z: suitable for my skin. Oct 20, 2012
Donna G: Need it for my sensitive skin. Other toner products are too harsh. Oct 18, 2012
Hang L: i like it very much Oct 18, 2012
Kim L: Recommended from other people Oct 17, 2012
Roberta B: I have never tried it but have very sensitive skin and am searching for a product that is non-irritating. Oct 17, 2012
Ka Dai C: because it is highly recommended for sensitive skin. Oct 16, 2012
FEIFEI X: high reputation Oct 15, 2012
Xi C: I just heard about the hydrate product, and I wanna give it a try. Oct 15, 2012
Aliya W: I love cucumber. I need something for senstive skin so I thought it would be a good try. Oct 15, 2012
heng t: friends suggest Oct 14, 2012
Rui W: First time buyer Oct 14, 2012
Wenhsin C: online feedback seems nice Oct 13, 2012
Aimee F: Honestly, the green color of the solution and that it's "herbal" had me at hello. Thankfully I have dry skin so I could buy it!! Oct 12, 2012
Christine L: This received great reviews on several sites. Oct 11, 2012
danhong z: friends recommend Oct 9, 2012
Kelly M: I have sensitive skin but I feel that a toner is an essential to any good skin care regime, so I choose this one. Oct 8, 2012
Susan D: I am looking for a new toner and wanted to give this one a go. Oct 7, 2012
elle l: to try it Oct 7, 2012
Linda D: Great toner that removes residue without drying. Oct 7, 2012
rongpei Z: i used it all the time Oct 7, 2012
Linda G: I saw online that it was the #1 Toner. I have very dry and sensitive skin and looking for a good toner for my skin type. Oct 6, 2012
Jeannean G: It is gentle for my face. Oct 5, 2012
Linda P: wanted to try Oct 5, 2012
Theresa L: I use this as a cleanser and a toner. It leaves my skin tight but not dry. Really love all the herbs in it too! Oct 5, 2012
Chen C: Seems like good Oct 3, 2012
qili l: I LIKE cucumber product. Oct 2, 2012
Haoting F: seems good. i wanna try it Oct 1, 2012
Eunyoung C: I have used it and I like it. Sep 30, 2012
Huili L: recommended online Sep 28, 2012
Linh L: acne Sep 26, 2012
Megan K: Reviews seemed to be positive for an alcohol-free toner that was good for all skin types. Might as well give it a try if people love it Sep 25, 2012
Ann L: this is my favorite toner. works for me Sep 24, 2012
Wan Lai C: always use Sep 24, 2012
Rebeca B: The best! Sep 24, 2012
Linda L: i hear its good for dry skin Sep 24, 2012
Adrienne G: I like this toner most of all because it doesn't dry out my skin. Sep 24, 2012
David C: My wife's favorite product Sep 24, 2012
Hyeryung H: It's light and can be used any time, any season! Sep 24, 2012
Zheru X: I used it to calm my skin, in fact this product is not useful as Calendula Herbal exreact toner, but if you can use it to reduce the size of the pore. Sep 24, 2012
Benedict K: ultra facial toner out of stock Sep 24, 2012
Janet M: This toner works for my dry cheeks and gets any remaining makeup off. It's a great way to freshen my face too. Sep 24, 2012
Xiaoqin Z: It is soft and helps to hydrate my skin effectively. Sep 24, 2012
jing l: Most popular toner, and alcohol free Sep 24, 2012
Tyng K: First time trying - will see! Sep 24, 2012
Jing H: love it Sep 24, 2012
lan j: That is the only toner my sensitive skin likes. Sep 24, 2012
Xuan Z: tone my face Sep 24, 2012
Cindy H: I've been using this product for many years. must have item Sep 24, 2012
Melissa P: been using this toner for a long time and love how it works for me Sep 24, 2012
ding j: like Sep 24, 2012
ding j: like Sep 24, 2012
Namsil A: I just wanted to try a toner for my sensitive skin. Sep 24, 2012
Mengfei G: I have tried this before and it really works! Thus I reorder it. Sep 24, 2012
Judith K: dry skin. i purchased in a kit at the duty free shop in Thailand and loved it Sep 24, 2012
Jin X: My friends introduced this item to me. I want to try it and share with my other friends. Sep 23, 2012
Yao W: buy for my friends Sep 23, 2012
Li L: always use this one Sep 23, 2012
W Jeffrey L: Very good product. It does not dry my skin and leaves my skin feeling better after shaving. Sep 23, 2012
Haoyue W: friend recommend Sep 23, 2012
Fangliang S: It tightens my pores. Sep 23, 2012
YUE ZHEN C: good to try Sep 22, 2012
xiyuan l: famous and great Sep 22, 2012
Xuan T: It is a popular product among our friends Sep 22, 2012
Feiran J: I really like it Sep 22, 2012
JIAJIA G: friend's recommendation Sep 22, 2012
hong s: "because this have five stars" Sep 22, 2012
Kefu X: good Sep 22, 2012
Chenxi Z: Friends told me. Sep 21, 2012
lixia l: recommended by friends who used this product Sep 21, 2012
Xiangying M: i heard from one of my friends that this toner is awesome Sep 21, 2012
Susa B: always use toner and wanted to try this Sep 21, 2012
yuchen s: good one! Sep 21, 2012
Ruofei Z: recommendation Sep 21, 2012
Han Y: The BEST toner I have tried! Sep 21, 2012
Jenny W: Heard good things about it from so many people, want to give it a try. Sep 21, 2012
Rui C: reputation Sep 20, 2012
DINGYUAN T: someone recommend it. Sep 20, 2012
YINSHAN L: Popular & friend's recommendation Sep 20, 2012
Xiaoling G: famous in the internet, introduced by our friends Sep 19, 2012
Xianjun L: only toner I use for a long time, use it for paper mask every night, work good. but it's not a magic thing that really changes skin a lot, just comfort skin after stress Sep 19, 2012
Ye S: I like to use Toner below the cream layer Sep 19, 2012
Lifu D: this on is also great Sep 19, 2012
siya l: my friend told me it was very good Sep 19, 2012
JIE H: Very good toner Sep 19, 2012
Guohua s: I just want to try it Sep 19, 2012
Valery R: Buy it for my friends, she likes it, Sep 19, 2012
Valery R: I have been using this for like two years, really good. Sep 19, 2012
xuesha z: try it Sep 19, 2012
Yunong X: I used it and I like it. Sep 19, 2012
chenyang g: Others recommended it to me, so i want to try it. Sep 19, 2012
patricia s: alcohol free natural Sep 19, 2012
LIJUN J: have used it for years Sep 19, 2012
David C: I've been using this product for years. It really tones my skin. Very refreshing. Sep 19, 2012
han t: love it Sep 19, 2012
Jing X: My friend like the smell of it Sep 19, 2012
Can W: wonderful Sep 19, 2012
Anqi Z: used once Sep 18, 2012
Shuo Y: really good for oil skin Sep 18, 2012
Jingyi G: star product Sep 18, 2012
Cheng L: I have used it Sep 18, 2012
Anitra K: This is the best toner I've ever used. Soooo good for sensitive skin. Sep 18, 2012
qiong z: suitable for all type of skin Sep 18, 2012
YI Z: I am using it for a long time,like it very much. Sep 18, 2012
RUTH B M: love this product Sep 18, 2012
Hyunah L: My skin is thirsty! Sep 18, 2012
Lei Y: very good Sep 18, 2012
Eva S: my second favor Sep 18, 2012
Ling L: My friend suggested it to me. I have very dry, and sensitive skin. I hope it's helpful. Sep 18, 2012
SHUYU K: good performance Sep 18, 2012
Lin Z: Because on sale Sep 18, 2012
Weiwei W: friend recommended Sep 18, 2012
yan z: A dramatic change Sep 18, 2012
Qian L: I always love this product Sep 18, 2012
LEI W: I used this for long time, it's really good to my skin. Sep 18, 2012
XIAO Z: Can't live without it! One of my favorite toner~ Sep 18, 2012
Lin Z: It is alcohol free, and feel comfortable. Sep 18, 2012
leeanna g: Very gentle for sensitive skin Sep 18, 2012
huiqin q: good Sep 18, 2012
XUEQI L: good for sensitive skins Sep 18, 2012
yiming s: good Sep 18, 2012
WEI L: i used it before Sep 18, 2012
Lin D: My cousin recommends this for me . Sep 17, 2012
binbin l: My girlfriend love it Sep 17, 2012
melissa b: wanted to try a different toner for sensitive skin Sep 17, 2012
Allison Z: Very gentle and refreshing Sep 16, 2012
Juan R: It leaves my skin soo clean and refreshing!!! Sep 16, 2012
Karyn S: I have been using it for 15 years Sep 16, 2012
Lisa R: Wanted to see how is this compared to calendula herbal extract, since this is much cheaper! Sep 12, 2012
Vivian Z: It is famous, heard it from friends Sep 11, 2012
jiajing z: i like it Sep 11, 2012
Weiwei S: need Sep 11, 2012
mingfei y: i always use this, it is great Sep 11, 2012
J K: moisturize Sep 11, 2012
hui d: heard from others Sep 10, 2012
jianqin l: friend recommends it to me Sep 10, 2012
yuting h: i would like to try this as the winter is coming and i have dry skin. Love all non-alcohol products! Sep 10, 2012
Xiaolin S: by recommendation Sep 10, 2012
Yin K: read many good reviews about this product! At first I was struggling between the ultra facial toner and this one, but picked this one as my final bet! Sep 9, 2012
Jia S: this product is great Sep 8, 2012
Xueyan W: It is alcohol free. Sep 5, 2012
NA L: I don't know how about it ? Just try it. Sep 5, 2012
Linjie L: Try new Toner Sep 4, 2012
Andrea W: This is perfect for sensitive skin.
I've used it for years and even got my husband hooked on it!
Sep 3, 2012
xiaoying w: my friend recommend this, say this is great Sep 2, 2012
Ellen S: I try to avoid alcohol in toners and I like anything with cucumber Sep 2, 2012
Siyu L: My friends recommend it Sep 2, 2012
Yue W: recommended by friends Sep 1, 2012
Liang Y: love it Sep 1, 2012
Erbo L: mild toner Sep 1, 2012
Chong C: friend recommends Aug 31, 2012
Rui W: The best toner I have ever used! Aug 31, 2012
Carolann B. M: I have sensitive skin, especially in the hot summer months. I know that cucumber is cooling so I thought this would be a good choice. Aug 30, 2012
jingyi z: I've been use this product for half year, It works pretty well. I like it. Aug 30, 2012
Chaoran R: friend highly recommended Aug 29, 2012
Yiqian M: I heard it from other friends, they recommended it to me. Aug 28, 2012
Lu W: I've used it for masks, and it's great Aug 28, 2012
yue s: My sister introduce this skin toner to me. I put it on cotton pad and leave the pad on face as a mask. It makes me feel refreshed. Aug 28, 2012
Jiaqi W: friends recommended Aug 28, 2012
Karen . M: Marvelous toner! Gentle without alcohol. Have used it for years. Aug 27, 2012
Monika B: I have dry skin and some toners burn, I thought this sounded like a great option Aug 27, 2012
Pai-Ling L: it is quite soothing while I apply it on my face. I changed toners of other brands temporarily, but those toners made my face irratate Aug 26, 2012
Patricia F: I've used this toner for years and it is the best one I've found for gentle but effective cleaning. I have rosacea so it's especially important for me not to use products that irritate my skin. Aug 26, 2012
Caroline D: Love to swipe this across my face after being out & about to freshen up. Never heavy. Aug 26, 2012
Lin Z: recommend. very gently. Aug 26, 2012
qingsilan g: since its cucumber it has to smell nice. Love the smell of cucumber. Aug 23, 2012
PHUONG V: I have read the reviews and ingredent. Aug 23, 2012
sue L: friend suggest. Aug 23, 2012
ANG Z: used before Aug 22, 2012
Peggy L: first time using. like cause it was alcohol free Aug 21, 2012
Yujie Y: After using this, the oil on my face reduces visibly. I love this one! Imagically! Aug 21, 2012
Meng L: good review and would like to have a try Aug 20, 2012
haining l: I have heared form others, they said this toner is very good .So i want to try. Aug 19, 2012
Kyujin L: My sister uses this product, and she loves it!! Aug 17, 2012
JINGHUA X: use before Aug 17, 2012
Marcilene S: I was given this product as a gift and I love it, time for another bottle Aug 17, 2012
Jingjing Z: my friends adviced this product to me Aug 16, 2012
Zhiwei G: My friends all say this one is good. Aug 15, 2012
crystal h: one of my favorite toners, i alternate use different ones. Aug 15, 2012
Cami R: When starting and ending the day, I use this toner after washing my face and it feels amazing and leaves my face feeling refreshed and clean. Aug 12, 2012
xin w: can use as mask Aug 10, 2012
Phoebe F: More natural ingredients. Aug 9, 2012
Mary K: I have used this for years because it takes the last bits of any dirt or makeup off my skin and makes my skin feel clean. Aug 9, 2012
qing y: I LIKE IT Aug 9, 2012
Pamela L: This toner sounds soothing and non-drying. Aug 8, 2012
Caryn W: I have been looking for a good toner that doesn't have alcohol. All the ones in the store are mostly alchol. Aug 7, 2012
Yun F: My friends love it, after I tried this, so do I. Aug 7, 2012
dianne r: nice toner! ran out. Aug 6, 2012
Gina C: I am using it currently and am very satisfied with it. Aug 6, 2012
Peili C: star product Aug 4, 2012
Wenting K: Because it is star product, I want to try it and think about which one I want to buy next time. Aug 4, 2012
Sijie Y: Love this toner. Want to continue to use it. Good price, too! Aug 4, 2012
Rouyang Z: GREAT FOR DRY SKIN Aug 3, 2012
Shuzuan L: nice Aug 3, 2012
SHUHUA L: my friend loves this and i buy it for her. Aug 3, 2012
Deborah K: This product partners perfectly with the gentle foaming facial cleanser to keep my extremely sensitive dry skin from breaking out in an allergic response. Aug 3, 2012
Kwi Yeom L: like cucumber Jul 29, 2012
Ye Z: love it, cause' it makes my pores smaller, and it's also mosturizing Jul 28, 2012
Beifen W: i have dry skin Jul 23, 2012
E B: The price is more affordable than most things you offer Jul 22, 2012
Barbara S: Reviews were positive. Worth trying especially with the warm summer weather. Jul 22, 2012
Iris D: I did a "Best Toners" search, needing something for my dry, aging skin in the Arizona desert. This one had high ratings. Jul 22, 2012
Gang W: great toner Jul 21, 2012
JIANCHEN W: hear from my friends Jul 20, 2012
JIANCHEN W: hear from my friends Jul 20, 2012
yanlin l: my facial is very dry, i want to try it. Jul 19, 2012
Tomoko S: Cucumber is the XXXX. Summery toner! Jul 19, 2012
Amina R: Curious and heard rave reviews on it Jul 18, 2012
Jessica Z: my friend recommended this. Jul 18, 2012

Jul 16, 2012
wenzhi w: most famous Jul 16, 2012
Ruiyi G: I have been using this for three years. It saved my dry skin. Jul 16, 2012
monique m: this is the first toner i've tried and loved it so i will continue to repurchase it. Jul 16, 2012
Hsiu-Ling C: Keep my face humid Jul 16, 2012
xiaorong z: I ALREADY USED 3 OF THIS Jul 16, 2012
Xiaopei H: I used it for several times, and it does help me to refresh my skin Jul 16, 2012
LUNHAN L: high cost performance Jul 16, 2012
SHU-LIN S: already been a user for a long time Jul 16, 2012
Bo F: just have a try Jul 16, 2012
jeong eun s: want to try Jul 16, 2012
xiaomin w: works good Jul 15, 2012
TIANWEN C: Because my friend intraducate it to me. Jul 15, 2012
Ran F: I've heard that this toner works very well with dry skin, and I want to get it for my friend. Jul 15, 2012
Guiwei Z: Love this, use if for facial mask everyday Jul 15, 2012
Qi X: It works too Jul 15, 2012
jing l: this toner is really good for the dry skin. :) Jul 15, 2012
YI C: Good for summer Jul 13, 2012
Zhenyi L: my skin is very sensitive, but when I use the cucumber toner, I feel very comfortable. Jul 12, 2012
Jennifer L: Summer is tough on my skin - I work at a gym, with lots of weightlifting, no A/C, and lots of dirt/sweat :) I need something to help get the grime off w/out needing to wash and moisturize in the middle of the day. Jul 10, 2012
Chao Z: My friend recommended this to me. Jul 9, 2012
Jing L: great product. I've used 3 bottle of this. Jul 8, 2012
Jenny C: I have sensitive skin so I wanted try this cucumber herbal toner. Jul 8, 2012
jun y: It has a positive effect for me. Jul 7, 2012
Kim N: Read about it in a magazine, tried and loved it. Jul 6, 2012
Deirdre L: It does not get any better than this toner..soothing and calming. I have been using this forever. Jul 6, 2012
peiqing l: my friends said it is good for whitening Jul 4, 2012
Trang P: positive reviews Jul 4, 2012
huarui c: I like it!it's really good! Jul 3, 2012
Muting W: inexpensive, mild, hydrating, refreshing Jul 3, 2012
xiaoqiao x: used it for years. Great toner. Jul 3, 2012
Molly F: Used for 20 years, love it Jun 29, 2012
Judith P: I really like this toner, I like the samples for travel. Jun 28, 2012
xianglan z: it is from cucumber, safe and normal. the price is good. Jun 25, 2012
Qing R: My boyfriend loves it :) Jun 25, 2012
Tricia S: Trying out soothing skin-care products Jun 24, 2012
Shuhui L: used before Jun 23, 2012
Eleanor E G: I have used this several years and it works well with my sensitive skin. It is cooling and refreshing when using and doesn't dry my skin out. Jun 23, 2012
jin z: friend told me to try Jun 23, 2012
Nanjiang Z: recommendation from my friends Jun 22, 2012
Margaret R: Used in the past. Am not happy with current toner, so I'm returning to this product. Jun 22, 2012
JiaMin Z: great product so keep using it !!! Jun 21, 2012
Linjing C: good quality Jun 21, 2012
QIN Q: VERY GOOD Jun 20, 2012
Seren J: It was highly recommended by friends. Jun 20, 2012
Rachel B: I love how this product tightens my pores and makes my skin tingle. My wanna-be pimple bumps disappear. Jun 15, 2012
DAPHNE P: This toner is very fresh and suitable for summer. Jun 14, 2012
ting n: I have been use this toner about 10 years. I also tried some different toners, but end up to come back for it. Jun 13, 2012
yang w: Friends advise Jun 13, 2012
Qianfei Z: Know from my friend said it was effective and comfortable. Jun 12, 2012
MENG-TING C: i wanna try. Jun 12, 2012
Yunxi C: my friend told me this is good. Jun 12, 2012
bruce S: I'e been using this since its introduction. I like the texture of my skin after an application and its gentle. Jun 11, 2012
Ting W: Good reputation Jun 8, 2012
Jingmei L: I have used three bottles of this product. I feel very well. Jun 8, 2012
Annie C: My skin is very dry, especially eye area so i picked this after read all description. Jun 7, 2012
Claire R: I love this toner! For dry and sensitive skin this toner is cooling and feels great on the skiing, even on days that I am breaking out or have very irritated skin Jun 6, 2012
Laura R: I love that this is a mild's perfect for hot, humid summers. Does not dry out my sensitive skin. Jun 6, 2012
limin w: LOVE IT Jun 5, 2012
euney l: it's great in summer for cooling your skin. Jun 5, 2012
Janet M: large for during the week and small for the weekend. I've gotten tons of compliments on my skin since using this product. Jun 5, 2012
Janet M: large for during the week and small for the weekend. I've gotten tons of compliments on my skin since using this product. Jun 5, 2012
Landon N: Great cleansing and astringent without being harsh. Always use before moisturinzing. Jun 3, 2012
julie r: great reviews and my skin is fragile after retinol so I am hoping it soothes it May 30, 2012
xiaoyan f: try it May 29, 2012
YIYANG Y: It's refresh and clean my skin well. May 29, 2012
Zhi L: my friend recommended it to me May 28, 2012
Fonda P: Have use it before. I LOVE it! May 28, 2012
Yuting X: GOOD May 28, 2012
Junjun T: It's good for senstive skin! May 28, 2012
Qian W: good May 25, 2012
Ying C: This is amazing product! I love this! May 24, 2012
Qihui Y: Friends recommendation~ May 24, 2012
Kathryn H: LOVE Kiehl's alcohol-free toner. Makes my skin feel so refreshed and smooth! May 22, 2012
Lily Y: It is good product for dry and sensityve skin. May 20, 2012
yanqin c: one of my friend told me this toner pretty good ,so i want to try this one now May 20, 2012
DI Z: Being used for a long time, good product! May 20, 2012
Hui C: it is good May 19, 2012
xuehui c: for its famous name. first time ever tring this out May 18, 2012
Pengjie S: fit my skin May 18, 2012
fei g: my favorite toner May 18, 2012
meng w: friend wants May 18, 2012
Qing R: It can help tighten the pore. Thanks, Kiehl's. May 17, 2012
Chooi Ying S: Recommended by my friend and have been using this product for two years. very mild and alcohol free May 17, 2012
Angel S: I just finished one this week. My skin felt comfortable after using this toner. So i order it again. May 17, 2012
Yuanyuan Z: i heard it's great !so i wanna try May 16, 2012
Zhen H: My friend recommend it. She said that it is firm, not sticky to skin May 16, 2012
yi s: friend recommanded May 16, 2012
Li D: keep wet May 16, 2012
Yan Qun L: my friends recommend May 15, 2012
Ying Y: recommended by the friends. May 15, 2012
Hitomi M: it is first time to use this product. May 14, 2012
Xiaoye L: I had it for a year and I love it