Calendula Herbal Extract Alcohol-Free Toner

An effective, alcohol-free facial toner
  • Gently cleanses and soothes normal to oily skin types
  • Contains no alcohol or harsh synthetic drying agents
  • May be used to soothe and improve problem areas
  • A customer favorite

"Cleanses and soothes my skin without drying it out."

Cammie, Kiehl’s Insider

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How to Apply:
-Moisten a sterile cotton pad with facial toner, and apply to skin in areas where needed, avoiding the eye area

Cool Kiehl’s Fact:
The calendula petals in our unique formula are still inserted by hand in the Kiehl’s apothecary tradition to assure the most efficacious formula

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Allantoin is a compound that is found in Comfrey Root. The comfrey plant is a hairy perennial Eurasian herb long used in herbal medicine. Known to be a bacteria inhibitor, Allantoin can soothe and reduce inflammation in various product formulations.


Calendula is extracted as an oil from the common marigold flower. Its mild properties make it ideal for use on all oily skin types including sensitive skin. Soothes skin and is especially beneficial for delicate skin.


Great Burdock is a gentle, natural ingredient known for centuries to help improve dry skin.

Calendula Herbal Extract Alcohol-Free Toner
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Kiehl's Since 1851 Store asked: Why did you choose this?
jadine l: to try Sep 16, 2014
Shanna E: This is a great toner. I have sensitive skin and this product isn't harsh and doesn't irritate it. It's effective without being harsh. Sep 16, 2014
Tim X: no Sep 15, 2014
C P P: i've used this and it is great very soothing after a shave Sep 15, 2014
jinhong l: moisture suit for acne skin Sep 15, 2014
Jingrong X: Good for my skin Sep 15, 2014
Michelle K: I began using this toner a couple months ago and it is nothing short of miraculous. Buying the largest bottle I can now. Sep 15, 2014
Yufei Z: I love this productï¼?I am com-oil skin and this toner is very helpful for keeping the balance of water and oil in my skin. Sep 15, 2014
Yanhua W: Friend recommendation. Sep 15, 2014
lirong z: want to try diff toner Sep 15, 2014
XU W: GOOD Sep 15, 2014
Xing W: I use it in summer. Sep 14, 2014
Kathryn H: Looking for a toner Sep 14, 2014
Julie C: customer review Sep 14, 2014
Brenda F: I love this toner! I have combination skin and it works great! Sep 14, 2014
Hui Y: want Sep 13, 2014
Michelle M: Due to great reviews Sep 13, 2014
Shuang W: nice thing Sep 13, 2014
Weili Z: it works Sep 13, 2014
shouju l: love Sep 13, 2014
Chen Z: dd Sep 13, 2014
Tracy B: This is my second order- works wonders on my skin! Sep 13, 2014
Tongyan W: feel good Sep 12, 2014
Thao N: Good Sep 12, 2014
Maida G: Kiehl's is my favorite skin care company so when I was looking for a face toner I had no doubt about who I would be buying from. Sep 12, 2014
Li L: never mind Sep 11, 2014
GUI ZHONG L: xx Sep 11, 2014
Mengqi Y: good for oily skin Sep 11, 2014
WEIQI C: feel good, help me a lot. Sep 11, 2014
Ayako O: Because my friend recommended me it. Sep 11, 2014
Lapchi W: From the system Sep 11, 2014
Lin Z: GIFT Sep 10, 2014
Yu Z: This is 100% pure natural, Free Alcohol. I always use Kiehl's cucumber. My friend has tried the calendula toner, she said this one is even better. So I'd like to try. Sep 9, 2014
Xiaoxuan Y: perfect Sep 9, 2014
junjun T: I used that. It was great. Sep 9, 2014
YINGYI X: LIKE Sep 9, 2014
Yuanmeng W: best toner ever Sep 8, 2014
Tianyu W: its good Sep 8, 2014
Jianlei C: Have been using this product for years. Sep 8, 2014
Lihui S: gift for family Sep 8, 2014
Rui L: good products Sep 8, 2014
de c: my friend need it Sep 7, 2014
Melanie C: It is one of the products I have used for many years in a cleansing/moisturizing routine. I get so many compliments about my skin and I attribute it to genetics, Calendula Toner and a good sunscreen moisturizer. (Age: 54) Sep 7, 2014
PATRICIA M: hoping this will help the ingrown hair issue that i have along my jaw line Sep 7, 2014
MIAO C: try it Sep 5, 2014
Helen C: Good Sep 4, 2014
Shuai R: for my boyfriend use Sep 4, 2014
June C: It is really good Sep 3, 2014
Zheng Y: Hear about it ,want try it Sep 3, 2014
Pengxi C: moisturize skin Sep 3, 2014
Xiwen Z: Many friends recommend it Sep 2, 2014
zhuowen N: good Sep 2, 2014
juanjuan x: oil control Sep 2, 2014
Shuqi Z: I like it Sep 1, 2014
Ying L: recommended Sep 1, 2014
Yi R: ITS GOOD Sep 1, 2014
Aysha H: Good product and love it Sep 1, 2014
Tahesin A: I read about it online! Sep 1, 2014
Rui Y: well known fame Aug 31, 2014
jinyu s: ok Aug 31, 2014
Lynn H: I watched the video on this product and I'm excited to try it. I have never been disappointed with anything I've tried in the past. Aug 31, 2014
yanbing x: USED IT BEFORE. IT'S REALLY A GOOD ONE. Aug 31, 2014
Yue Y: very useful!! Aug 31, 2014
nan j: I need toner and most people likeit, so I buy it. Aug 31, 2014
Yuxuan L: I want to try if it is good for my skin Aug 30, 2014
Xuechen M: good to use Aug 30, 2014
Jane C: good review. Aug 30, 2014
CHRIS F: Calendula is a natural youth regenerator, which makes skin clean and puffy, perfect for a youthful appearance. I buy Kiehl's products anyway, and I was delighted to see a Calendula-based product on the market, a rarity, and plussed that is was from Kiehl's; whose products I trust. Aug 29, 2014
danxia s: someones has recommended Aug 29, 2014
qiaoyun Z: GOOD Aug 28, 2014
Hilda W: running low! Aug 28, 2014
Wanda A: I have never tried your toner so I want
to see if I like it.
Aug 28, 2014
Pao-Chi C: good product Aug 28, 2014
HUIXIA T: I LIKE IT Aug 28, 2014
jun lin n: I have been using the Calendula Herbal Extract Alcohol-Free Toner for more than 1 year. It works well on my oily-acne prone skin. Aug 27, 2014
Chenmu W: I need Aug 26, 2014
Jill B: love putting toner before putting on make up Aug 26, 2014
qingqing z: have a try Aug 26, 2014
Stephanie Z: Curious to try based on great reviews Aug 25, 2014
JUAN Z: I bought it for my friend. She said that it was good and she likes it. Aug 25, 2014
yi z: try Aug 25, 2014
Mengsi D: It is a very good toner Aug 25, 2014
Qingqing L: Wonderful toner! it really did a great job in balance the water and oil level on my face. My face is no long oily in the middle of the day and is much more smoother Aug 25, 2014
Zhishan L: GOOD for me. Aug 25, 2014
Wenlu Z: a lot of friends recommend it to me Aug 25, 2014
Keting P: My friend recommend to meï¼? Aug 25, 2014
YAN X: I have an oil skin Aug 25, 2014
Dianne G: This really helps my acne Aug 24, 2014
Boming W: I've uesd before and the effects is good. Aug 24, 2014
Zhou Y: Cause it's a great tool to anti whelk Aug 24, 2014
yifan n: friend's recommendation Aug 24, 2014
Yun L: good Aug 23, 2014
Dayna H: I have oily skin Aug 23, 2014
WEI H: 111 Aug 23, 2014
Yujun L: My friends say it is good Aug 22, 2014
YOUWEN W: It is popular in China . it works. Aug 22, 2014
Chuxuan S: like it Aug 21, 2014
Zheng W: I used this before. Very confortable! Aug 21, 2014
Vincent L: it is so famous that I hear lots of people talking about, i hope it works. Aug 21, 2014
Tracey G: i was told that it helps clean where cleanser cannot reach Aug 21, 2014
Xueying Y: I got the information from web, that it is the very effective toner for acne. I want to try it. Aug 21, 2014
Amy Z: the reviews sold skin has become crazy since I started working out a lot so ive been looking for something to help Aug 21, 2014
Sandra M: I Have not tried this before Aug 20, 2014
Yushan H: Hope it can solve the pores problems Aug 20, 2014
Yan Z: I need and want to try it Aug 20, 2014
Daphne P: This toner works extremely well and is very gentle on the face. Aug 19, 2014
Denise d: VERY GOOD PRODUCT, I LOVE IT! Aug 19, 2014
Lee Y: i wanted to try this to see if it will help with my oily face and help with some dry spots. Aug 17, 2014
Qian L: It is my favorite Aug 17, 2014
liu y: good Aug 17, 2014
Yan L: Just want to have a try Aug 17, 2014
JIAQI L: good Aug 17, 2014
Myungsun K: I've been used this for 2 years. And this toner is great to me. Aug 16, 2014
Annie W: I bought one before, and then my mother tired, she felt very well, so i bought one more for her. Aug 16, 2014
pat e: oily skin Aug 16, 2014
June L: Based on the users comments, I thought I would try it. Aug 15, 2014
Yu S: good Aug 15, 2014
Edwina W: Use twice a day and see the results Aug 15, 2014
cathy l: someone recommend to me Aug 13, 2014
Xiang D: I used this before, and it does work on my acnes :). Aug 12, 2014
Huei C: for my sister Aug 12, 2014
fengyi l: i love it Aug 12, 2014
Jiayun L: i like it very much Aug 11, 2014
cindi g: first time user - hope it works Aug 11, 2014
Nita W: good Aug 11, 2014
Hao S: s Aug 11, 2014
Lewis L: been using this product and love it Aug 10, 2014
Hong L: FOR Aug 10, 2014
YIWEN Z: My favourite. Helps promote my skin quality. Aug 10, 2014
JessieAnne D: Was suggested this product by an associate in's great! Like my Kryptonite. Aug 10, 2014
Rong H: na Aug 10, 2014
Rain S: Friend recommended Aug 10, 2014
JING C: heard it's very good toner Aug 10, 2014
Jingsi L: I used it before, it's good Aug 10, 2014
Jiang B: I use it for my daily life. Aug 10, 2014
Ying Z: I want to try it. Aug 10, 2014
Di S: heard it's good Aug 10, 2014
Zhiya Y: currently using this product Aug 10, 2014
ying z: good Aug 10, 2014
Susanne T: never used before I'm trying for the first time. Aug 10, 2014
Guanrui L: good Aug 10, 2014
Molly Y: I have uneven tone on cheeks and some acne scars, very annoying. Aug 10, 2014
xianni y: like Aug 10, 2014
ZIQIAN W: GOOD Aug 10, 2014
qianji l: good Aug 10, 2014
Jiyoung P: oily skin Aug 10, 2014
Jing L: Same as before Aug 10, 2014
yao y: i just love this toner Aug 10, 2014
Guoxuan H: need toner semple Aug 10, 2014
Yuling Z: Many people said that is useful to problem skin Aug 10, 2014
Yi-Ju C: want to try Aug 10, 2014
lu l: good Aug 10, 2014
Bo Z: third one. apply to oil skin Aug 10, 2014
Yutian C: i love this product Aug 10, 2014
Sojeong L: big size and good reviews Aug 10, 2014
chengcong s: LIKE IT Aug 10, 2014
jiaxue y: People recommended Aug 9, 2014
Mengpin G: like the product Aug 9, 2014
shenglan z: like it Aug 9, 2014
xiaoqian q: I want to try it Aug 9, 2014
Yalin L: Lots of friends recommend this to me. Aug 9, 2014
XIAOMEI L: Try to use it. Aug 9, 2014
Yu W: Famous Aug 9, 2014
Pingqing L: This is my daily routine must have toner, the main reason i used this because of redness and non irritating my skin. Aug 9, 2014
Jihui S: HIGHLY REVIEWED wanna try Aug 9, 2014
Jun P: It's recommended by my friends. Aug 9, 2014
Qingzhong L: I LIKE IT Aug 9, 2014
Shaofeng W: these goods is very good Aug 9, 2014
yuanjie m: Its good for my enlarged poles. Aug 9, 2014
Kathy T: Older acne prone skin. Wanted to try. Aug 9, 2014
Shuqi L: good to me Aug 9, 2014
Guoliang z: It is very useful for the acne skin Aug 9, 2014
Yu H: Friends said it's good Aug 8, 2014
Liyuan Z: Good reputation Aug 8, 2014
Min Z: it's a star productï¼?i want to have a try Aug 8, 2014
YUANLI L: good product! Aug 8, 2014
Shiyue L: My sister recommended Aug 8, 2014
Zeyu Y: by heart Aug 8, 2014
Fan Y: try Aug 8, 2014
Nazila A: My friends like it Aug 7, 2014
Susan F: I'm interested in this product because my face is aging and this may be helpful Aug 7, 2014
Stephen T: At friend's request Aug 6, 2014
Jennifer Z: reviews, cuts out redness Aug 6, 2014
li w: for friend Aug 6, 2014
Shigang R: try Aug 4, 2014
Wuqing W: Recommended Aug 3, 2014
Jeakwan S: works great Aug 2, 2014
Jay J: people says it good and seem like a good toner for oil control. Aug 2, 2014
Huiling N: same as above Jul 30, 2014
Younghee S: I have been using this item for over a year now. I'm very satisfied with the product and plan to continue to use it. Jul 30, 2014
FEI Z: FOR MY FRIENDS Jul 30, 2014
Susan D: I read the reviews Jul 27, 2014
Yansong L: To try Jul 27, 2014
Changyu L: my girlfriend loves it Jul 27, 2014
Minnah A: reading reviews Jul 26, 2014
Lloyd E: Tried it for a while. Use an electric razor, and this counters the oily skin the shaver sometimes produces. Jul 25, 2014
SHUMEI C: NA Jul 24, 2014
Wei C: It's alcohol free toner Jul 24, 2014
Ying Z: my sister asks me to buy it for her Jul 23, 2014
Teresa T: I have used it before Jul 21, 2014
Huining Z: Random Jul 20, 2014
CHRISTINA J: Needed a toner, this was alcohol free and came recommended Jul 20, 2014
wenling z: I like it Jul 18, 2014
Daniela A: Works great without drying out my skin. Jul 17, 2014
MEIFANG W: My friend told me that it is good Jul 15, 2014
Huiting B: good! Jul 14, 2014
Xia T: Love this. Have used it before, and it's perfect for my sensitive combination summer skin. Jul 14, 2014
Jia G: good to sensitive skin. my love and must-to-have! Jul 14, 2014
lam h: Like this product Jul 14, 2014
Jingxian H: I've just finished my old one. Jul 14, 2014
Yue W: I used this a lot, used for acne oily face Jul 13, 2014
JOON HAE L: GOOD Jul 13, 2014
lin y: just want to have a try Jul 13, 2014
Quanda P: Searching for a new toner Jul 12, 2014
Cadie P: I want to pair it with the matching cleanser for an even deeper clean. Jul 11, 2014
MEI W: This is really good Jul 10, 2014
Lauren R: I have normal - oily skin Jul 8, 2014
Tara H: Tried my friend's toner and it seems gentle enough for me to use, and I have sensitive skin! Jul 8, 2014
Nga Ling K: for friend Jul 8, 2014
ina T: NICE Jul 8, 2014
Summer A: Wanted to give it a try after good results with the ultra toner. Jul 7, 2014
Mercedes K: to give to a friend Jul 7, 2014
vivian z: i like it Jul 7, 2014
Xinlin L: good Jul 6, 2014
Dongyun C: love Jul 6, 2014
Yuxuan W: My friend asked me to bring this for her. Jul 5, 2014
Alice C: very nature and effect for sensitive skin Jul 4, 2014
Jeoffrey C: For elder person very good Jul 4, 2014
Yihsin Y: heard it's good, want to try it out Jul 3, 2014
GABRIELA G: It is the first time that I will try your products Jul 3, 2014
Ke W: Wanna try Jul 2, 2014
Mingyue Y: friend's advice Jul 1, 2014
Huimin L: good Jun 30, 2014
Shijia Q: I have oily, acne prone skin, I heard it works for my skin type. Jun 30, 2014
zhao w: good Jun 29, 2014
hanxing x: friend's advice Jun 29, 2014
GMJL X: GOOD Jun 26, 2014
yumin c: i've been using it for long time Jun 26, 2014
zhang c: good for oily skin Jun 25, 2014
yali l: good Jun 25, 2014
Helen L: a Jun 25, 2014
cheng C: soft and gentle for oil type skin Jun 24, 2014
kaiyu l: system choose it Jun 24, 2014
Wenjuan T: I also have skin problem. Oil, pores... I hope my skin could be ameliorate by using this item. Jun 23, 2014
Yigu L: m Jun 22, 2014
Yunfei Z: I used one bottle of this. It really improved my skin. The pores are smaller than before. The change is very obvious. Jun 21, 2014
Alice K: LOVE IT Jun 21, 2014
Xiaomeng L: Friend recommend Jun 18, 2014
Yu Z: Great Product. Like it! Jun 17, 2014
Min Z: I used one bottle and like it. Jun 17, 2014
XIAO T: very good ,i like it Jun 17, 2014
Hua J: like Jun 17, 2014
yu l: my friends suggested for me Jun 16, 2014
Naren G: good Jun 16, 2014
Han J: it's good for my family Jun 16, 2014
jun c: like Jun 16, 2014
Laura J: it's amazing! I love this products Jun 16, 2014
huaqing b: Great toner. Love it. Jun 15, 2014
ruoping p: my friend required Jun 12, 2014
xue w: I heard of it from a friend,she said that is really good,so i just wanna try it. Jun 11, 2014
Yan Wing L: Good Jun 11, 2014
Lara L: LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this product! Doesnt dry out my skin, gets off all the extra makeup soap misses, love it!!!! Jun 10, 2014
Nancy S: I am using it for now and it is good Jun 10, 2014
chunhao l: GOOD Jun 10, 2014
Yanghonghong F: GOOD Jun 9, 2014
yanjie G: good Jun 9, 2014
chang x: I used it and it's helpful Jun 9, 2014
Chunjun Z: hear of it's good for my skin from my friend Jun 8, 2014
Kristina F: tried the sample, liked the product. Jun 8, 2014
jiaying l: I want to moisturize my skin. Jun 6, 2014
Ling W: used before. It's good. Jun 6, 2014
Jixuan C: friend requests Jun 5, 2014
xinggang z: other people's recommendation Jun 4, 2014
Lei D: It is said it is good. Jun 3, 2014
Zhijing Z: Friend recommend it. Jun 1, 2014
XIANGKUN D: TRY IT before and it is very good Jun 1, 2014
Tanja M: simply great product for irritated skin May 31, 2014
Janett A: I've grown to like this and can appreciate how effective it is at reducing inflammation and calming my skin. (I waffled on the idea of a toner but I'm convinced!) Love the way it leaves my skin clean and ready for the other treatments. May 30, 2014
qian H: i like it May 30, 2014
sandy w: good items May 30, 2014
Chengbo Z: My friend recommended it May 28, 2014
Mengye W: It seems good May 28, 2014
Glenda M: my favorite toner May 27, 2014
zhaoxia l: Good package for high service. May 27, 2014
SI W: the only one toner i ve been used more than 3 years, feel smooth and moisture, the most important is alcohol free, no longer irritability!! May 26, 2014
Dennis Y: Friend recommends it. May 26, 2014
Suzanne S: I have this and really love it. It does not dry out my face nor leave it oily feeling. Great counter balance to my eye makeup remover which is oil based. May 24, 2014
Xiaoyun R: My friends want this May 23, 2014
Zhang Y: for my sister May 22, 2014
shuang w: have a trying May 20, 2014
Anni S: Blue herbal astringent can be too drying and wanted to try this one out May 20, 2014
jia jing w: i have high hope on this bestseller product and hope it will work for my acne prone skin! May 20, 2014
Ting Hui Y: none May 19, 2014
Hazel Z: adult acne May 19, 2014
Wanqi T: it was a recommendation from friends. I have used it for more than half year now. I have to say that i really love it! May 19, 2014
Min Z: Used this before and is a fantastic product May 19, 2014
li c: my friend recommend it to me. May 19, 2014
Ziming J: Heard from friends May 19, 2014
marcia g: My favorite Toner to use. It leaves me skin feeling great and I love the smell May 19, 2014
Maria P: Usually use the cucumber toner but want to do a comparison May 19, 2014
cory b: no alcohol May 19, 2014
Lori N: I choose this item for my daughter who has been using it for approx 3 yrs. she says it works well for her skin May 19, 2014
Albert R: GOOD PREP TONER May 19, 2014
Ida C: Toner usually used up faster and would like to try different ones. May 19, 2014
Chi-Wen S: A long term user May 19, 2014
Sarah P: Best toner I have ever used. Does not make your skin feel tight or dry even though it effectively eradicates blemishes. May 19, 2014
kadee m: to try something new May 19, 2014
Carmelita M: Same as above. May 19, 2014
Dong-Lin W: very fresh and help to clean skin again May 19, 2014
yanning c: See if it will help with my acne. Have heard many raving reviews about it. May 19, 2014
Branden B: I spoke with some associates at the Singapore Orchard Road location! May 19, 2014
Jia K: non alcohol May 19, 2014
Lily S: Na May 19, 2014
yuling l: like May 19, 2014
yi z: love it May 19, 2014
Jackie M: Used it for about a month and it has totally cleared up my skin. It's amazing. May 18, 2014
Yang H: It is a really good toner. May 18, 2014
Xiaoming L: I felt it pretty good, that's why I recommend my friend to try it. May 18, 2014
Justine M: Currently using and needed to restock May 18, 2014
wenrui w: my favorite May 18, 2014
MICHELLE J: tried a smaller product before and love it so went for the largest one they had :-) May 18, 2014
YANG X: good May 18, 2014
Yu Y: always use it May 18, 2014
xiaowen l: good May 18, 2014
siqi l: good May 18, 2014
min qing c: petty good May 18, 2014
Peilin Z: VERY GOOD May 17, 2014
Ranning L: free of alcohol, gentle and feels nice on the face May 17, 2014
Fei T: try sth new May 17, 2014
Joanna N: Have been using this for many feels soothed, clean and prepped after use! LOVE!!!! May 17, 2014
Michele S: Never have used this. Sounded good May 17, 2014
Sissy Z: Good for acne, good for me and my daughter, the oily and combination skin. May 17, 2014
Guanzhong W: good May 17, 2014
Wen jie N: I love this product. May 17, 2014
Jennifer F: My skin likes it. May 17, 2014
Jinwen C: Acne control May 17, 2014
Fei Fei W: WORD OF MOUTH May 17, 2014
Jordan L: good May 17, 2014
Danny C: My favorite Kiehl's toner May 16, 2014
CATHERINE W: Recently I am using this toner which helps to maintain my skin condition. Good stuff! May 16, 2014
Sophia L: Extra moisturizing!! I like it! May 16, 2014
Yiting R: TRY May 16, 2014
Xin L: Use after rare earth mask to minimize pores. May 16, 2014
Hsiao M C: my skin becomes smooth, shinning, etc. May 16, 2014
Huong N: I hope this help my acne prone skin, sensitive skin May 16, 2014
Cui C: same 1st one. May 16, 2014
Tianxin L: from friends and deal moon May 15, 2014
Kai C: Good May 15, 2014
Yu D: good May 15, 2014
Xuejing T: Like that it is alcohol-free so it won't dry out face. Looks and smells natural. Great for my sensitive and combination skin. May 15, 2014
Hui T: Used before, good May 15, 2014
xinxiu C: It makes my skin very comfortably,I like this toner. May 15, 2014
Zhe F: I used it before May 15, 2014
April H: Looks like a great product based on the reviews. May 15, 2014
meiqin l: my skin is very sensitive ,and it doesn't make it like that. May 15, 2014
Barbara W: I just wanted to try May 15, 2014
Qi H: JUST WANT TO TRY May 15, 2014
William B: It's my all time favorite toner. May 15, 2014
HAO C: i like May 15, 2014
FanJun R: it is gentel and good to oil skin May 15, 2014
Meredith C: This is the best toner and healing product for blemishes and rashes. I've been using this for over 20 years as well and have never found a better, more natural product.
My 17 year old daughter loves it too.
May 15, 2014
Anne L: It helps with comforting skin after you deal with your pimples ~~ May 15, 2014
Ying Z: I have been using this product and it feels really nice on my skin. I will continue to support this product! May 15, 2014
XIAOYAN Z: GOOD May 15, 2014
Lei P: second time to buy this one, really well May 15, 2014
ZhaoYe L: My girl friend wants me to bring some for them. That is the only reason, i haven't try yet. Maybe one day i will try but not yet May 15, 2014
I Nong L: My sister, nephews, and myself have been using this product for over 5 years. It doesn't irritate skin and it's amazing. May 15, 2014
yang t: just try May 15, 2014
Zhiyuan J: want to try May 15, 2014
Dian L: my friend highly recommends it May 14, 2014
XIAOBING C: I used this product for long time. May 14, 2014
Xiaoyuan C: it smells good and calms the skin May 14, 2014
zhengzhen z: It's the best toner I've ever used. Does not irritate my skin. Leaves a nice feeling. Smells good too. Only one drawback. the pedals sometime clog the flow, maybe this can be solved by having a bigger opening? May 14, 2014
Shuhui W: heard from a friend May 14, 2014
Chengfan W: Best toner I ever have. May 14, 2014
YAN S: pore minimizing May 14, 2014
YARAN Z: used before, I have acne May 11, 2014
Hoi W: Friend recommendation May 11, 2014
Shipei S: my friend told me that is good i want to try May 10, 2014
Minghui L: gift for my friend May 9, 2014
Miryam A: reviews May 9, 2014
Stephen B: i want to try this May 9, 2014
Anna Y: I have been using this & I am in love! May 8, 2014
ANITA C: I want to try May 8, 2014
Yunxia Z: good May 7, 2014
Xiaohui Z: I have used this for years. It really works for me! May 6, 2014
Martha P: Reviews said it helped with acne. May 5, 2014
Chenwei G: Favorite toner, alcohol free May 4, 2014
Yihan Z: I have serious acne problems and my skin is very sensitive. I used the little bottle of this before, felt so great May 3, 2014
Xiaoqin X: Good review from other customers May 3, 2014
peng z: hear from my friends May 2, 2014
Yuping Q: I used to use this. It is good May 1, 2014
Qinjiao T: buy for friend May 1, 2014
shaochuan z: friend's recommend Apr 30, 2014
Brigitte P: I don't like to use water on my face again in the morning, but I do use night cream, so this particular toner seems a great option. Apr 30, 2014
Shanna G: My daughter loves it and recommended it. Apr 30, 2014
Francine S: My sister said it helped her skin when she broke out due to an allergic reaction to a food substance, and I thought it might help my skin as I tend to break out slightly from stress. Apr 29, 2014
Juan Li H: THIS WORKS FOR ME Apr 29, 2014
Wendy N: friend Apr 27, 2014
xinyue z: wanna try Apr 26, 2014
YILIN L: i want to try it Apr 26, 2014
Tianxiao S: good Apr 24, 2014
Wayne M: A few of my friends recommended the product, they claimed that products with Calendula can help lessen the oil on my face. Surely after two weeks, my face is less oily at the end of the day. Apr 23, 2014
Hon Man Gloria C: Just wanna see how it works. Apr 20, 2014
Nghia O: great product Apr 20, 2014
Kaity L: the texture is gentle and it's not excitability Apr 19, 2014
Huiying Z: recommendations from others and customer reviews Apr 19, 2014
Shizhen H: My friend asked me to buy it for her Apr 18, 2014
Bronwyn K: I need an alcohol free toner Apr 18, 2014
Bill W: good Apr 18, 2014
Meicen J: My friend recommended me. Apr 17, 2014
Yu G: continue using it Apr 16, 2014
Yan H: Restore Apr 15, 2014
Linjun Z: The best toner ever, especially for my acne-prone skin. Apr 13, 2014
Yi Y: REally good Apr 12, 2014
Annie May Ling L: It helps to heal the redness and acnes itself. I tried a few times from my friend and of course, used twice a day. It feels fresh on the skin and softens the skin. It also does not dry up the skin and neither does it sting the face. I recommend it especially for people with acne and even oily skin too. Apr 12, 2014
Nan Z: Like it! Apr 11, 2014
Mengqi H: My last bottle is almost used up. It does not contain alcohol and I love the gentle scent of this product. Apr 11, 2014
Natalia A: i tried it before and i love it! Apr 10, 2014
Yilong L: Friend's request Apr 10, 2014
James S: like it Apr 10, 2014
xuean l: like Apr 10, 2014
bowen z: i need one item like this Apr 9, 2014
chin L: i like this toner very much, you must try . it is very good, small is good, feel spring around everywhere. Apr 7, 2014
Wing Fai Y: recommended by friend, also shop assistant Apr 6, 2014
Michael Amir B: its fantastic! Apr 6, 2014
PAM S: Wanted to try Apr 6, 2014
Xu L: good for oily skin Apr 5, 2014
Charnele R: health consultation & reviews Apr 1, 2014
Jana W: My daughter says it seems to be working well on her acne prone skin. Apr 1, 2014
Phiroza K: I love this toner - it works great for my skin which can be oliy in the summer and dry in the winter. It smells good - I only use it at night (or if I have sunburn or a very sensitive skin day) becasue it is expensive but I have never had a breakout since I've been using it in over 20 years! Mar 31, 2014
woohee l: wanted to try Mar 31, 2014
Bethany R: Recommended Mar 31, 2014
Amanda M: My friend told me this one is great. And we also have the same skin type. Mar 30, 2014
Meng C: recommend Mar 29, 2014
Bingbing A: It is famous in China. I bought it for my friend. Mar 27, 2014
yanran z: friend suggestion Mar 26, 2014
baoyu x: i want to try Mar 24, 2014
WENJING L: I have been use it for 2 years. very great! Mar 24, 2014
Jill M: I've used this product before and I like the results. It freshens the skin with drying it out. Mar 24, 2014
shuangyi m: good Mar 22, 2014
Zuyi L: I have blackheads and after I removed them, my holes are too obvious. My friends said this product can help me. Mar 22, 2014
Tiehai L: just have a try! Mar 22, 2014
Diana U: Love this toner so much! Mar 22, 2014
Xuechun Z: My friend said it is very good. Mar 21, 2014
Lynette M: Love this stuff! Mar 20, 2014
Coco G: ALWAYS USE IT Mar 19, 2014
tia j: I like that it doesn't have alcohol in it, and it can be harsh on the face. A friend of mine uses it and doesn't wear makeup at all, her face is always smooth and smells amazing. Can't wait to get it on my routine :) Mar 19, 2014
sunny o: wanna try rather than my staple cucumber one. Mar 18, 2014
Liki S: Wonderful for my daughter's skin. She ran out. Mar 17, 2014
Alex T: My friends told me is good, i just want try it Mar 17, 2014
Qi Z: famous item Mar 16, 2014
Amanda V: my favorite toner Mar 16, 2014
Guan W: acne skin Mar 16, 2014
Fengdan C: friends recommended Mar 15, 2014
Onuma B: I were use with some products of kiehl's. And I like it! Then I need to try all of kiehl's. Mar 15, 2014
Shiia H: perfect for sensitive skin Mar 14, 2014
guangjun y: I want to try it. Mar 13, 2014
yawei w: FRIEND Mar 13, 2014
FuXing Y: I used this one ,feeling Great! Mar 13, 2014
lei l: good Mar 12, 2014
Qianqian Z: It's famous. I wanna try it. Mar 11, 2014
Junlong M: feels good and fresh. Mar 11, 2014
jw h: It was good for oily skin. Mar 11, 2014
Bingyang F: recommended by friend Mar 11, 2014
YINGHUI H: i like it very much Mar 11, 2014
Jing H: Haven't used it before. Want to try it Mar 10, 2014
heather j: my friend loves this Mar 10, 2014
Derek D: I have found this toner not to burn my freshly shaved skin, it removes all traces of dirt and oil as i have oily skin. Love it!!! Mar 9, 2014
Kim L: My wife like it Mar 9, 2014
yukun d: good Mar 7, 2014
Eun Sun Y: It looked good from the commercial Mar 6, 2014
Sha L: This can soft my skin. Use this before using ultra facial cream. It feels so good! Mar 6, 2014
Yen Chun C: no Mar 5, 2014
Emily C: A friend recommended it Mar 5, 2014
songping x: It's good for acne skin. Mar 4, 2014
Natalia Z: For my teenager Mar 4, 2014
su w: recommend by others :) Mar 4, 2014
Carly V: recommended Mar 4, 2014
Leonid I: try Mar 4, 2014
mandy c: try! Mar 3, 2014
Liza R: Currently use and LOVE. Helps with breakouts and restoring the balance of my skin. Helps with dryness as well. Miracle toner! Mar 3, 2014
Lisa T: struggle with occassional break outs, looking for a more natural approach to keep things at bay! Mar 1, 2014
Rieko M: I want to try it. Mar 1, 2014
L A: I have problem skin, dry, oily, acne, eczema and I hope this helps. Feb 27, 2014
Jing W: nice product. this is my third time buying it. Feb 26, 2014
chienyie s: for my wife Feb 24, 2014
Yameng Y: My friend's advice. Feb 23, 2014
SHIXIAN L: Buy for my friends Feb 23, 2014
Kerry Y: top seller, free alcohol! Feb 22, 2014
xin Z: Always want to try! Feb 22, 2014
Joanne L: acne control Feb 20, 2014
Jia L: I heard this product is great Feb 19, 2014
Chenlin L: recommended by friends Feb 19, 2014
xuan p: good Feb 19, 2014
CARRIE D: Smells great. Feb 17, 2014
Jin Saem O: This feel really natural. This calendula herbal toner really suits to my sensitive skin even acne. Feb 16, 2014
RUI C: somebody recommend it to me Feb 15, 2014
TIANYAO C: I have been using it for a long time and it makes my skin feel relax and comfortable Feb 14, 2014
Xi C: Good for me Feb 13, 2014
yvonne Y: FAVORITE Feb 12, 2014
Wenjun X: I love this toner because it moisturizes my skin very well and does not cause any sticky feelings! Love it! Feb 11, 2014
Yanjun X: very helpful with my sensitive skin Feb 11, 2014
xue a: I've tried the small size before and it really worked perfectly! Not dry at all and moderate, good product for winter time! Feb 10, 2014
Margaret M: Currently use and love. Feb 10, 2014
CHIEH H: My ALL TIME FAVORITE toner for 10 years! Feb 8, 2014
Leanne J: sensitive skin Feb 5, 2014
S S: best Feb 5, 2014
Shanshan H: good to use! Feb 4, 2014
Vanessa Y: Good recommendation Feb 4, 2014
lanting c: best for oily skin, very fresh Feb 3, 2014
Xiaowei L: have been using it for a while. works perfect for me. Feb 2, 2014
Rui Z: ha ,it is star goods, Feb 2, 2014
Jia H: It is well-known for its effect and its fitness for oily skin. I just want to try. Feb 1, 2014
Larissa S: I am in love with this product. Very gentle, but it makes my skin fell soft and fresh. Jan 31, 2014
Chan X: It is a super star product. Jan 30, 2014
Cherry M: because my friend recommend this product to me. Jan 30, 2014
Sara J: Good to use before Jan 30, 2014
Martyn P: My son uses this product for acne areas. Works great! Jan 27, 2014
JIALIE Y: To recover my acne skin, besides, it is among ten most popular products and it is alcohol free. Jan 26, 2014
Xinyi G: friends's recommendation Jan 26, 2014
Mengqiu W: a lot of my friends recommend this Jan 25, 2014
Xin Z: friend's recommendation Jan 25, 2014
danyun c: alcohol-free and very like taste Jan 23, 2014
Melissa M: From the reviews and the video explaining it Jan 22, 2014
Karen P: My face has been breaking out on my lower cheek area. Need something to keep it at bay. Not sure why this is happening Jan 21, 2014
Maggie W: they said this one is good Jan 21, 2014
jelynn j: because friends said it is good, id like try it Jan 21, 2014
Carrie Z: Friends recommended this Jan 20, 2014
Lu Y: i've used this. it's good Jan 20, 2014
Jing R: just try Jan 19, 2014
RENJIE J: good Jan 19, 2014
Jingwen L: i want to try it

i want to try it
Jan 15, 2014
Beverly Y: try Jan 15, 2014
Chunyan M: my skin is too sensitive, and get serious problem now. Jan 15, 2014
Dan C: VERY NICE Jan 14, 2014
Luodie P: i purchased this toner 6 months ago, i feel it prety good! Jan 14, 2014
Emily T: Makes my skin feel really clean and takes off all sorts of hidden dirt! It's very soothing too. Jan 14, 2014
Lihua Z: I just like it. Jan 13, 2014
Xiaoxiao M: Contains no harsh chemicals and no alcohol to irritate sensitive skin Jan 13, 2014
Tong M: This product is really good. It will help us hold our moisture Jan 12, 2014
Mei Qin G: Best Jan 11, 2014
Eri G: for my acne Jan 11, 2014
yunfei x: friend in china she us it .she said is good .so i buy for her ,maybe i will try to .
thank you
Jan 10, 2014
Shiya D: alcohol-free Jan 9, 2014
YingYing Y: it helps my skin to calm Jan 9, 2014
Darlene L: Advised from online chat as a good product to try. Jan 7, 2014
Hongqing Y: Try Jan 7, 2014
Qingqing L: This is really marvelous! If you have an oily skin, it is definitely your option. Jan 6, 2014
Ziyang L: friends like this Jan 6, 2014
Meng Ying R: One of my friend suggest me this and I want to try out. Jan 5, 2014
LeeAnna P: I love this product Jan 5, 2014
JeeSoo C: I used to use it. Jan 5, 2014
Xiaoxuan C: lot of people recommend this for me Jan 5, 2014
Michelle M: Dry red skin Jan 4, 2014
Limeng L: friend's recommendation Jan 4, 2014
susan s: I use to this one. it's very good. Jan 3, 2014
WEIXIAN W: have used it for months. really good Jan 3, 2014
Xiao-Yi B: fit for my face! like it Jan 3, 2014
tiffany D: it works. Jan 2, 2014
Alexandra R: Sometimes my gentle foaming face wash isn't enough and a toner helps keeps my skin clear and even toned. Jan 2, 2014
Angelica NK K: good for my acne Jan 2, 2014
Tianhui F: nice Jan 1, 2014
I-Hsuan C: It is a great toner which matches its reputation!! Jan 1, 2014
Wei D: Return customer Dec 31, 2013
Xing Z: like it Dec 31, 2013
barbara m: I was inspired to try this toner because it's a customer favorite. Dec 31, 2013
XIAOQING Y: good for sensitive oily skin Dec 31, 2013
Shiyue Z: I use this for a long time, I like it Dec 31, 2013
lan c: I used Dec 31, 2013
Laura H: Was looking for a toner that was good for dry winter weather Dec 31, 2013
Darayl T: Use daily Dec 31, 2013
Yi-Chun L: I heard this product is good for sensitive skin so I want to try it. Dec 31, 2013
Sae-Rom C: In the winter months especially, I feel like a toner helps with moisturizer absorption and a friend of mine RAVES about this one! Dec 31, 2013
Natalie K: i've been using this one and it suits my skin. Dec 31, 2013
Siu Na C: i always use this toner Dec 31, 2013
Lizzy B: Friend's recommendation Dec 31, 2013
Jodi O: my favorite toner and i've used it for years Dec 30, 2013
Show L: TRIED BEFORE Dec 30, 2013
CHUMIN T: GOOD Dec 30, 2013
Mary R: Best stuff out there Dec 30, 2013
shuangling c: want to have a try, other recommend it to me, hope it is great! Dec 30, 2013
Lilian S: I know about the soothing/healing qualities of Calendula. It's nice to have a toner based on the extract of this plant. Dec 30, 2013
jieyu j: this is amazing.....product!!!!and i love it!!!it can help my skin looks more perfact!!!!! Dec 30, 2013
Nikol W: Love this product! Very gentle. So far, the best toner I've ever tried Dec 30, 2013
Chanxia c: My friend wants this Dec 30, 2013
Hui Ming W: want to try this for my sensitive skin Dec 30, 2013
Sunnie C: just started using this toner and wanted to stock it up while $20 off promo is still on Dec 29, 2013
Victoria A: It is a fabulous toner for my aging oily/dry skin. I love it! It does not dry me out but keeps oil and occasional breakouts at bay. Dec 29, 2013
Jack C: It is good. I ordered one ago. Dec 29, 2013
Xin T: Return Customer Dec 28, 2013
penghua s: good Dec 28, 2013
Xiyao C: My friend likes it and suggest me to use this. Dec 28, 2013
Junjie Z: i love it so much Dec 28, 2013
Xiaoyan S: Good to get rid of the spots of the skin. Dec 27, 2013
Hyejeong C: I have a skin trouble. I expect that calendula will helpful. Dec 27, 2013
Ina B: ... 2014 is all about toning the face!!! haha! Dec 27, 2013
Kexin C: friends recommend Dec 27, 2013
Jia W: always heard good things about it Dec 27, 2013
breezy h: always use Dec 27, 2013
yu s: good for oily skin Dec 27, 2013
Ting C: I like it! Dec 27, 2013
Xiaoyang L: IT IS GOOD Dec 26, 2013
Hexin X: good reputation so i want to try Dec 26, 2013
Yayun X: useful, great product! Dec 26, 2013
Bocong Z: Good product Dec 26, 2013
Yinglin W: I LOVE IT Dec 25, 2013
Wen L: heard good things about it and want to try Dec 25, 2013
Michael T: Try something new Dec 25, 2013
Dan X: this is a good toner Dec 25, 2013
JIELAN Y: HAVE A TRY Dec 25, 2013
Jing Z: GOOD Dec 24, 2013
Xiaobo X: good for oily skin Dec 24, 2013
Elysia B: gift for daughter Dec 23, 2013
Yangjie F: so good Dec 23, 2013
Ann Marie T: feel soothing on skin Dec 23, 2013
Jieting H: It is just good reputation and effective Dec 23, 2013
chunmei l: try it Dec 22, 2013
JIA LIN L: it is useful and very nice Dec 22, 2013
joyce l: IT'S GOOD Dec 22, 2013
xianjie z: i like Dec 22, 2013
lin d: WE NEED IT Dec 21, 2013
Chui T: to try out Dec 21, 2013
Maria C: The most effective product i have tried for problem skin. Very soothing and works fast too, without damaging skin Dec 21, 2013
Shi Ya C: I have heard good reviews about this product. Dec 21, 2013
Tamara S: gentle toner Dec 21, 2013
Shaocong W: Friend's recommendation. Dec 21, 2013
Zhixuan Z: Keep using this toner. Dec 20, 2013
Xian D: try Dec 20, 2013
Fang X: Like Dec 20, 2013
Annabel A: again, for my niece Dec 20, 2013
Kristina S: gift, purchased due to high ratings Dec 19, 2013
jun y: Many people said is good Dec 19, 2013
Bing W: GOOD Dec 19, 2013
Jia Q: f b b Dec 18, 2013
Li M: friend's suggestion Dec 18, 2013
Yi G: Good Dec 18, 2013
Bo W: fresh feel Dec 17, 2013
Tony M: I used this product in the place the of the Tea Tree Toner and it is just as great. Great product! Dec 17, 2013
Adele V: Repeat purchase. Like product. Dec 17, 2013
Catherine S: For gift Dec 17, 2013
chenfang x: good Dec 17, 2013
Marci K: Online reviews were good and it'll replace the toner in the blue bottle I've been using Dec 17, 2013
Min T: great product Dec 17, 2013
Stephanie R: I want to try it. Dec 16, 2013
Wenrong L: try it Dec 16, 2013
Susan L A: My girlfriend loves it Dec 16, 2013
Rose J: Wanted to try it. And for my son to try it also. Dec 15, 2013
Siying B: The smell is good and I use it after the Biore nose strip. Dec 14, 2013
Yanjun Y: Friends required Dec 14, 2013
XINNI L: GIFT Dec 14, 2013
Huangxing C: very neat Dec 14, 2013
YATING L: No matter in what season, it's no irritating for my sensitive skin, and the small size is great for my gym packing, I love it! Dec 14, 2013
Victoria Y: A product my husband enjoys Dec 14, 2013
Qiu l: great Dec 13, 2013
YuHsin C: I've used it several times and love it. Dec 12, 2013
Qing Q C: good Dec 12, 2013
Thomas V: Girlfriend read great reviews, and heard it was a must have. Dec 12, 2013
Jueyi Z: I've heard it's great for oil type of skin. Dec 11, 2013
bo z: I used it before. Dec 10, 2013
Laura T: Need a new toner, this one looks promising Dec 10, 2013
Hechen C: my friends ask me to... Dec 10, 2013
SHANGSU L: my friend love it! Dec 10, 2013
Leting S: use well Dec 9, 2013
Yue H: Friends highly recommend. Dec 9, 2013
Guangyu C: Works very well. Dec 9, 2013
Carin G: I have sensitive skin Dec 9, 2013
lin w: My friend tell mr try it Dec 9, 2013
lu W: my friends recommended it. Dec 9, 2013
Yue Z: Good Dec 9, 2013
Xinyue W: friend recommend Dec 9, 2013
Amanda T: friend needs Dec 8, 2013
Justine H: I have it and love it Dec 8, 2013
Xinyue L: My mom want to try it. Dec 8, 2013
Janel F: i don't know Dec 7, 2013
zhelin w: for it has great ranking Dec 7, 2013
Deborah S: m Dec 7, 2013
Zhuoying W: recommendation by friends Dec 7, 2013
Xin W: Good,oil free Dec 7, 2013
XIN L: GOOD Dec 7, 2013
saien l: my friends wants this Dec 7, 2013
Duangporn J: i like it Dec 6, 2013
stephanie l: Based on the review comments Dec 6, 2013
Debra S: need toner & looks like a good product for sensitive skin like mine Dec 6, 2013
Bo L: my ex roomate who has similar skin with me recommended Dec 6, 2013
Joanne S: Looking for gentle toner for older skin. Dec 6, 2013
Xingchen Y: want it for a long time Dec 6, 2013
Haibei H: Famous product Dec 5, 2013
dongdong c: My friend told me it nice Dec 5, 2013
Xin P: gift to my friends Dec 5, 2013
Jiwon S: recommended by my friend Dec 5, 2013
Linda B: Looking for a toner. Dec 5, 2013
Jia G: I heard it is good Dec 5, 2013
Qin L: Very Good! Dec 5, 2013
Wing M: im oily skin,looks like it can save me Dec 5, 2013
Nico H: The reviews and I was reccomended as well, I tried the product and thought it was as effective as it says, just a bit pricey though. Dec 4, 2013
Carol M: running out Dec 4, 2013
HUEITING L: LIKE Dec 4, 2013
Dong Yi Z: good to my skin Dec 4, 2013
Qianru Z: used it before, love it! Dec 4, 2013
Natalie W: sounded soothing Dec 4, 2013
Jingxuan Y: Good Dec 4, 2013
ronald s: I like it Dec 4, 2013
yingping h: So good Dec 4, 2013
Dongqing W: Try Dec 4, 2013
Zongzhe X: When I used the first bottle, it was an amazing product for oil control. But the second and third bottles were not that amazing. I bought this one for my cousin as a gift and let her experience the magic of the first bottle. Dec 4, 2013
Chia C: It is new to me Dec 4, 2013
michelle x: friend highly recommended Dec 4, 2013
Rosalyn W: works wonders on my skin Dec 4, 2013
Jenny L: My sister in law say this is good toner, so just want to try it out! Dec 4, 2013
Wenwei X: I have already used this one before Dec 4, 2013
HUAHUA Z: oily skin. Dec 4, 2013
Yu W: just try Dec 4, 2013
Kelly K: i've been using this for about 3yrs and I LOVE IT!!! Dec 4, 2013
Yanmei W: Good to my combined skin. Dec 4, 2013
mayuko k: love! Dec 4, 2013
Areefa K: I have been using this for a couple of years. It's gentle and does the job. Dec 4, 2013
Hiu Lee T: my friend introduce me to use that Dec 4, 2013
Catherine M B: I like Kiehl's products and want to try it. Dec 4, 2013
Keri C: sensitive skin. Dec 4, 2013
ZHENGHUA L: Famous Dec 4, 2013
Tina W: I like it because it is alcohol-free. when i use it i never be oversensitive Dec 4, 2013
danji j: looks good Dec 4, 2013
Mei yun Z: I want to try this tone hope is right one Dec 3, 2013
Jing Z: many friends recommend this one to me! Dec 3, 2013
JINGYI H: A friend recommended Dec 3, 2013
Urva H: My skin loves the rare earth toner, but I don't need mattifying at night, so I'm going to add this to my evening routine. Dec 3, 2013
Jingbo H: I have used three bottles and it's the best and most functional toner I have ever used! Every time after cleaned face, I put some of this on my face and it makes my skin feel comfortable and relaxed. A fabulous product to calm your skin! Dec 3, 2013
Kori Y: Extraordinary product with extraordinary results! Dec 3, 2013
mina k: People said "It is good". Dec 3, 2013
Qiwen Z: Good to use Dec 3, 2013
Sherry O: Have been using this for over a year and really like it. Doesn't dry face. Dec 3, 2013
LI W: LIKE Dec 3, 2013
yanjun c: Good Dec 3, 2013
Roger L: Good Dec 3, 2013
ningqi l: friends have it Dec 3, 2013
Xiaoxiao Z: 1 Dec 3, 2013
Catherine S: love calendula and it's alcohol free which is better for our skin. Dec 3, 2013
Yang L: hope it works magic as other products from Kielhs on my combination skin Dec 3, 2013
Bei X: VERY GOOD Dec 2, 2013
zhoudeng z: i need to try this product Dec 2, 2013
JINFANG W: My friends recommended me to buy this product. According from my friends, this product is excellent. Dec 2, 2013
Linlin Z: nice to use for my skin Dec 2, 2013
ting y: it's great Dec 2, 2013
Hui L: famous Dec 2, 2013
Sarah B: really good for refining pore and acne treatment. Dec 2, 2013
Hui X: Good Dec 2, 2013
Shiyu G: Really comfortable Dec 2, 2013
hao w: nice Dec 2, 2013
Hui Z: It's popular, I have used it and like it very much. It will not cause allergy Dec 2, 2013
Lin Z: have been used it for several years. love it Dec 2, 2013
ling w: good Dec 2, 2013
Xiang G: Great! Dec 2, 2013
David B: 0 Dec 2, 2013
Qi C: very useful Dec 2, 2013
Yueqi W: my friends told me this is great Dec 2, 2013
Zhenyi L: try new Dec 2, 2013
Meng-Jou C: It is gently for sensitive skin. Dec 2, 2013
Cherlynn L: Curious to see how good ti is Dec 2, 2013
David B: My friend likes this. Dec 2, 2013
Yun M: Perfect feeling. Best use together with the midnight recovery concentrate. Dec 2, 2013
weihong w: it is good Dec 2, 2013
Siyuan L: Good reputation Dec 2, 2013
Christina Z: I love this Dec 2, 2013
Feng W: fov Dec 2, 2013
JIAJIA C: Very good Dec 2, 2013
YIQI Z: want to try Dec 2, 2013
Jerry P: Reviews are convincing enough. Giving it a try. Dec 2, 2013
Katy C: I am sensitive skin and this product help my skin to become stable. Dec 2, 2013
xu W: Very good Dec 2, 2013
YIYUAN C: like Dec 2, 2013
Sandy M: Need a new toner, after reading glowing reviews this seems to be the one for me. Dec 2, 2013
Yuanyuan H: I LOVE THIS Dec 2, 2013
Mengying Z: I like this Dec 2, 2013
Oscar C: Good Dec 2, 2013
Therese W: This is an awesome product! No alcohol to dry out the skin, yet the calendula goes after the bacteria in oily skin. The expense is well worth it. Dec 2, 2013
Chunquan Y: Fit for me Dec 2, 2013
Yu L: same Dec 2, 2013
Juan L: try it Dec 2, 2013
Zhaorong G: i like it ! Dec 2, 2013
Xialu W: prefect Dec 2, 2013
jin z: Friend asked me to try. Dec 2, 2013
Ruixue S: used it before Dec 2, 2013
Natnicha S: feel good when i used it. Dec 2, 2013
Xiaoming L: IT'S GREAT! Dec 2, 2013
Yu S: i love it Dec 2, 2013
Fang F: it is a super good product Dec 1, 2013
JUN O: good Dec 1, 2013
Wenting Q: Bought for others. Dec 1, 2013
Lori D: Ran out/ one for myself one for daughter Dec 1, 2013
Miaokun L: good comment from both online reviews and my friends. but a little bit too dry for a 25-year-old girl in winter. Dec 1, 2013
Ermin T: good Dec 1, 2013
weiya x: top 10 products Dec 1, 2013
quan c: Very helpful to my skin. Dec 1, 2013
NAN Z: my friend tell me it is good Dec 1, 2013
Ling L: It is good and effective for my skin. Dec 1, 2013
Jiyu Z: Gentle for sensitive skin Dec 1, 2013
Lily C: need refill Dec 1, 2013
Heather S: It works great! Prevents breakouts and non irritating. Dec 1, 2013
XIN M: friends recommend Dec 1, 2013
YIQI Z: girls love it. Dec 1, 2013
YUHAN X: I really like this one Dec 1, 2013
Yu-Tang H: It is really good for my acne skin. The acne marks look lighter after several uses. Dec 1, 2013
Shuying L: a Dec 1, 2013
Guanqun M: friend recommend. Dec 1, 2013
Janice F: Both my daughters have sensitive skin and they like the way it works and makes their skin feel Dec 1, 2013
Yue Y: Use once good Dec 1, 2013
xiuhua H: i used it before Dec 1, 2013
Junyu L: It is good Dec 1, 2013
Maoye R: Love this tonerï¼?keeps me buying it again and again Dec 1, 2013
Lanxin Z: best seller Dec 1, 2013
Christine K: Great product! Dec 1, 2013
meihui c: i like it Dec 1, 2013
Bowen D: My friend likes it. Dec 1, 2013
Lin T: I use this, it is great. I buy it again for my friend Dec 1, 2013
jiehe x: it good Dec 1, 2013
amy w: good toner Dec 1, 2013
Phuong N: Just to see if it works Nov 30, 2013
Eunice J: Needed a toner Nov 30, 2013
bing n: love it, no smell!! Nov 30, 2013
liping y: goog Nov 30, 2013
Qi G: good Nov 30, 2013
Bo Z: great! my friends love it!! Nov 30, 2013
Serena D: good reviews, needed a toner Nov 30, 2013
Kayoko O: this is the perfect toner for me so far. Nov 30, 2013
Mandolin B: I use this everyday and love it. Nov 30, 2013
Jialu M: REALLY LOVE IT Nov 30, 2013
Yang Yan X: Want to try Nov 30, 2013
Yinbo C: I want to have a try and in winter I need these. Nov 30, 2013
xin z: good Nov 30, 2013
Siyan P: I WANT TO TRY THIS. Nov 30, 2013
Xue X: Good for combination sink Nov 30, 2013
Di Y: love it Nov 30, 2013
yihuan j: I have severe acne problem. This toner is really friend to break-out prone skin. I love this one since the first day I started using this. This Toner is my favorite toner! Nov 29, 2013
Ya Chen C: love it! Nov 29, 2013
min j: nice Nov 29, 2013
TIAN R: decreasing polar Nov 29, 2013
Jueyin L: I tired before and it does no hae
Rm to our skin.
Nov 29, 2013
Carol D: LOVE Nov 29, 2013
yuhua g: RE-ORDER. USE THIS PRODUCT A LOT. Nov 29, 2013
Hongyan G: Heard about it from Internet! So I want to have a try. Nov 29, 2013
Yi-Cheng L: friend recommendation Nov 29, 2013
YILIN L: my friend told me Nov 29, 2013
QIAN Y: friend recommended Nov 29, 2013
ping g: famous, and I tried a lot of times Nov 29, 2013
Xiyuan W: Good toner Nov 29, 2013
YOUYOU C: I am the oil skin and this kind of product makes my face fell very comfortable. Nov 29, 2013
Teng Q: Star product Nov 29, 2013
TIFFANY Y: good for combination skin Nov 29, 2013
Liying R: I love it. Nov 29, 2013
Yuling N: Try to reduce my acne spot" Nov 29, 2013
Fang R: friend tell me it is good Nov 29, 2013
Jing Z: try because it is very famouse Nov 29, 2013
Rui Y: good Nov 28, 2013
Jingying C: Good! Nov 28, 2013
Ying M: Mom likes it Nov 28, 2013
Weiyi C: Well ,some one tells me it is useful for my skin=v = Nov 28, 2013
JIAYI L: GOOD Nov 28, 2013
KANYAPHAK L: this products 's very good Nov 28, 2013
qingxiang g: very famous Nov 28, 2013
Qing C: I used this product once and it was good Nov 28, 2013
biying l: good Nov 28, 2013
Guangjing L: ALCOHOL FREE. Nov 28, 2013
Carrie H: My friend recommended it to me and I think it's really good to use during summer. Nov 28, 2013
Yun C: that is the best toner i have ever used! Nov 28, 2013
Tong M: I have been using it for years. It's my favorite toner. Nov 28, 2013
Ruohui Z: I heard a lot good things about this and I want to try it!! Nov 28, 2013
QIUYI J: heard form friends Nov 28, 2013
Kathleen S: Excellent toner, love it. Nov 28, 2013
Wenbing X: good reputation Nov 28, 2013
xuyang r: need toner Nov 28, 2013
LIN Z: Hope it can treat acne Nov 28, 2013
fanxing s: i like it Nov 28, 2013
Li Z: amazing Nov 28, 2013
Bingxiao Z: like Nov 28, 2013
WEI Z: GOOD Nov 28, 2013
PHOEBE S: on my 4th bottle now, love it. Nov 28, 2013
Xu W: like it Nov 28, 2013
yanai z: BEST SELLER Nov 28, 2013
Tianchen G: I love the smell, it feels nature Nov 28, 2013
xiaofei q: OIL FREE,VERY SOFT! Nov 28, 2013
lianfan s: works great on my skin. Nov 28, 2013
Lanhua Z: good Nov 28, 2013
lizhen l: TRY Nov 27, 2013
Liping L: try Nov 27, 2013
sophia h: new products for me, just try it. Nov 27, 2013
xin z: cool Nov 27, 2013
Ying L: I feel it's good and I like it Nov 27, 2013
Fang-Hua C: for my friend Nov 27, 2013
Zirui L: it s good Nov 27, 2013
Xiaolong H: it works for me:) Nov 27, 2013
Cuicui G: very comfortable the best toner I used Nov 27, 2013
Jing L: "friends recommended" Nov 27, 2013
Lina Z: provide one day's good feeling Nov 27, 2013
xiaofei w: very helpful Nov 27, 2013
An z: I like it Nov 27, 2013
TIANYI C: Love this toner so much that I've never use other one for a long time! Nov 27, 2013
CHEN-HAN L: awesome Nov 27, 2013
Ning L: Natural moisturizer Nov 27, 2013
MENGXIN G: cuz' I heard it's gonna help with troule skin Nov 27, 2013
Wenjie Z: friend's recommendation Nov 27, 2013
zhao h: it is very nice for us Nov 26, 2013
cristina b: love love love!! and it works Nov 26, 2013
helong l: only like it Nov 26, 2013
Jing L: like it Nov 26, 2013
lin z: good Nov 26, 2013
YUNMING L: comfortable Nov 26, 2013
NANCY L: I prefer an alcohol- free toner! Nov 26, 2013
Xueyin Z: I used it myself and it is wonderful! So I bought it for my mom Nov 26, 2013
HANG Z: GREATEST TONER FOR EVERY SKIN TYPE. My boyfriend and I both enjoy it. Nov 26, 2013
Meng L: My sister said it is good. Nov 26, 2013
Hsing-Chuan T: I like the favor and it is the best toner I have. Nov 26, 2013
Na D: recommendation Nov 26, 2013
jingwangqi l: this is the second time to use it Nov 26, 2013
ruiwen w: it's good for my skin Nov 26, 2013
Nan L: GOT THIS BEFORE... Nov 26, 2013
BILU Z: NICE Nov 26, 2013
Min L: used it before, very good for calming sensitive skin. Nov 26, 2013
shanshan l: because it is good Nov 26, 2013
di l: love it Nov 26, 2013
di l: I love it! Nov 26, 2013
Nina L: Good Nov 26, 2013
Jing Y: My friend told me it's good Nov 25, 2013
Chenchen W: good stuff Nov 25, 2013
Jiawang Z: This item is excellent! Nov 25, 2013
Houyu Z: it is good Nov 25, 2013
Chenlu S: I love this product. Nov 25, 2013
Siqi L: LIKE Nov 25, 2013
BIng Z: Good Nov 25, 2013
Lan L: Good reviews Nov 25, 2013
patricia m: aging skin Nov 25, 2013
QI X: Like it, right for my skin. Nov 25, 2013
Yan C: Always like this product. Nov 25, 2013
jian y: good Nov 25, 2013
Anni C: works well Nov 25, 2013
catherine x: very nice toner Nov 24, 2013
Barbara M: Needed a toner that did not dry out my skin in winter months. Nov 24, 2013
FENG C: always use it Nov 24, 2013
Amritha S: very calming and a great toner Nov 24, 2013
yudan d: useful Nov 24, 2013
peiyao M: I know this product by friends Nov 24, 2013
yinya z: Good production for my skin problem Nov 24, 2013
Yunwei Z: GREAT Nov 24, 2013
Douglas T: Like it Nov 24, 2013
Xinqi X: I have been using this for a long time.It is the best I have ever tried Nov 24, 2013
XUEHAN L: beautiful Nov 24, 2013
Kaitlyn V: so gentle on the skin!! Nov 24, 2013
Binzhen L: It is good Nov 24, 2013
yu z: good Nov 23, 2013
Aimee B: I love this toner. It's gentle and has evened out my skin tone noticeably since I started using it 6 months ago. Nov 23, 2013
Alison L: Have been using for years and love it Nov 23, 2013
Wenyu D: My mom asked me to buy this. Nov 23, 2013
catherine z: have been using this product for year. It's very mild and can clear up my skin Nov 23, 2013
Jiaojiao C: good Nov 23, 2013
SungHee K: My skin is so sensitive now. So, i heard this toner is best one for sensitive skin. Nov 23, 2013
ashlee w: It's. Fit for my skin! Nov 23, 2013
Emmelise C: irritated, red, oily skin Nov 23, 2013
ruoyu z: Gentle Nov 23, 2013
SHIYU Z: Good evaluation Nov 22, 2013
yan z: the best toner Nov 22, 2013
Jian Y: very good effect Nov 22, 2013
LEI W: it is good and safe for sensitive skin, i have some acne on my cheek, hopefully it gonna be work on me. Nov 22, 2013
Suhan L: nice reviews Nov 22, 2013
Alice R: I use this toner morning and night. It is wonderful for hydrating and cleaning my skin. Nov 22, 2013
Emily W: Someone recommend Nov 22, 2013
xin z: like Nov 22, 2013
Lu Y: I like it Nov 22, 2013
Tianpei Z: It is effective Nov 22, 2013
Paul J: Best aftershave ever Nov 22, 2013
Chao Y: good for dry weather Nov 22, 2013
Shiya Z: good Nov 22, 2013
xue w: before i buy this ï¼?
i find is very good
Nov 22, 2013
Lida J: It is recommended by many magazines and website, so I want to try it. I like the products with natural ingredients and with no alcohol, this one really fits my preference. Nov 22, 2013
QIANQIAN G: love it Nov 22, 2013
Yaquan L: Help to relieve acne. Nov 21, 2013
Jing Z: I've used it before, and I think it's good. Nov 21, 2013
Jingyan W: . Nov 21, 2013
Ran Z: Recommended by friends Nov 21, 2013
Jingxian Y: acne scar Nov 21, 2013
YIYUN Z: GOOD Nov 21, 2013
Joyce L: Use this product before. Love it. Nov 21, 2013
Yuan G: Use it for a while Nov 21, 2013
Mandy S: I wanted something to treat my acne-prone and oily skin, in addition to my enlarged pores. Nov 21, 2013
wendy z: classic and effective Nov 21, 2013
Shuhui Y: Good! Nov 21, 2013
Ninna X: To cool down the oil skin Nov 21, 2013
Gary Y: good Nov 21, 2013
boqiong J: friends recommend Nov 21, 2013
SUSAN C: I just love this toner, I have been using it for a long time and it makes my face really smooth, healthy and younger looking Nov 21, 2013
Heyue Z: 1 Nov 21, 2013
LILI L: Love it Nov 20, 2013
Mengjun T: so nice Nov 20, 2013
STEPHY H: moisturize the skin smoothly w/o any dryness. feels even better if you keep it in the fridge and use when cool. Nov 20, 2013
yiwei j: A recommendation form friends Nov 20, 2013
TIANYUN Z: many people use it Nov 20, 2013
yan Z: Yes Nov 20, 2013
Yujia J: I have used it before, this product helps maintain hydration on the skin very well Nov 20, 2013
Ping L: friend recommand Nov 20, 2013
lili c: I'm loving it Nov 20, 2013
Anita H: Good Nov 20, 2013
lisa l: helpful the skin Nov 20, 2013
shaojing w: I've bought a 125ml one,it's very useful for my skin,to control oil. Nov 20, 2013
li c: For my skin softer Nov 19, 2013
QIN Z: OK Nov 19, 2013
Xiaoqian M: I LIKE IT. Nov 19, 2013
Jay P: I used it before once and It was quite fit on my skin. I have complex skin type that T zone is little bit oily and U zone is dry, and it was let my skin doesn't dry and control oils on my face. It is quite expensive, but good for daily toner I think. Nov 19, 2013
chao h: good Nov 19, 2013
wenwen z: good Nov 19, 2013
Shuyan Q: One of my favorite toner, like it and used for years. Nov 19, 2013
Yaowen X: good Nov 19, 2013
yanhua s: It is good at moisturizing. Nov 19, 2013
Sai G: My friend suggest Nov 19, 2013
Ting Z: IT IS VERY GOOD Nov 19, 2013
Yuanyuan Z: I bought this every year, since my skin feel so soft after putting on the toner. Nov 19, 2013
Yishan L: My friend recommended it, said it will help with my acne skin. Nov 19, 2013
Yibo L: good Nov 18, 2013
liqin c: good Nov 18, 2013
Xiaoying T: That's the best toner I ever used. I used to have acne problems and this is soothing and doesn't irritate at all. I'm so used to it now. Great product. Nov 18, 2013
Colleen S: A gift Nov 18, 2013
Rui K: My wife needs Nov 18, 2013
jennifer k: really like that it's quick drying and doesn't irritate my skin. Nov 18, 2013
Wenxuan S: like the smell Nov 18, 2013
Liu Z: good Nov 18, 2013
lili z: not oily Nov 18, 2013
wonkyo J: I've been using this for years now and this is the only toner that doesn't irritate my skin Nov 18, 2013
zhaopeng z: use it for years Nov 18, 2013
Arielle K: Gentle and made from natural ingredients. Nov 18, 2013
ruihan c: heard from my friend Nov 18, 2013
Minting X: I have been using it for a while, really like that herbal sense of smell and it is really non-stimulating to my skin, meanwhile it works well to clean my skin without making it dry. Nov 18, 2013
huifa j: feel good Nov 18, 2013
Lin Lin Y: oil-control Nov 18, 2013
Jennifer S: Good Reviews Nov 18, 2013
Zheng Y: Interested to its' natural reputation Nov 17, 2013
qi C: i like it Nov 17, 2013
Jo Y: Oily skin Nov 17, 2013
Xiaoqing L: LOVE IT Nov 17, 2013
Mandi L: it's great Nov 17, 2013
HUAJUN C: remove acne spot. Nov 17, 2013
haiyan w: Second time to choose this. it is really good product Nov 17, 2013
Chao Z: I bought it and it very helpful to my skin. Nov 17, 2013
Yuan Z: friends suggested Nov 17, 2013
Karen C: I have acne and excema on my face so I thought this would be mild enough for me. Nov 17, 2013
Jessica F: Friends suggest Nov 17, 2013
Yuk Lin C: Because alcohol free. Nov 17, 2013
xiao wan z: i like it Nov 17, 2013
JIAHUI S: my friends told me this one is very good. Nov 17, 2013
Irene H: like Nov 17, 2013
Fengyi L: best toner, really comfortable and nice Nov 17, 2013
kehan l: i want to try it Nov 17, 2013
Kun Z: good reviews from other clients Nov 16, 2013
yang z: i used it before Nov 16, 2013
Haity W: friend recommand Nov 16, 2013
Jingping S: Friend recommendation Nov 16, 2013
xuan Z: PERFECT Nov 16, 2013
YING J: friend Nov 16, 2013
Ze J: look great Nov 16, 2013
Yushen W: famous Nov 16, 2013
li m: i want to try Nov 16, 2013
Yingchao W: my friend strongly recommended it. Nov 16, 2013
ying l: PERFECT FOR MY SKINS Nov 16, 2013
PUYUAN Z: friend's recommendation Nov 16, 2013
Yi D: it's the best seller Nov 16, 2013
ping s: it is good Nov 16, 2013
Ya-Ling C: feels really good after using Nov 16, 2013
Fangli J: combination skin, dry on cheek and oil T zone Nov 16, 2013
shaoping h: want to try Nov 16, 2013
Jingwen Z: This one has a good reputation. I want to try. Nov 15, 2013
WANNA X: SOFT Nov 15, 2013
Mengyao C: Like Nov 15, 2013
janice p: sounds good for my acne Nov 15, 2013
Yongqing T: Friend recommend it Nov 15, 2013
shuli s: like Nov 15, 2013
heeran j: My friend recommands this one. Nov 15, 2013
Jun Y: I heard it could control acne, so I like to try it. Nov 15, 2013
Lu T: It can improve my dry skin Nov 15, 2013
CAN W: I like it very much! Nov 15, 2013
Chun L: I have used it for several years. It improves the skin. Nov 15, 2013
Yongai J: Friends recommend it to me Nov 15, 2013
Cece Z: my friend told me this is the very good use tonner Nov 15, 2013
Jiarui Y: friends recommended Nov 15, 2013
Zirui G: good for skin Nov 15, 2013
Diana T: xmas gift for my daughter Nov 15, 2013
Qian W: I purchased several times, and I love it! Nov 15, 2013
Tanya P: Needed a toner. Reviews sound great, so I am giving this product a try. Nov 15, 2013
Yuping H: Famous toner. Want to have a try. I have acne scars and hope it can help skin to recover. Nov 15, 2013
Boran K: good for my sensitive skin Nov 15, 2013
TOIKWAN I: HOT ITEM Nov 15, 2013
Yang X: Used this before Nov 15, 2013
Ann S: great for pore minimising and hydration~ i use it as mask quite often too which is like a feast for my skin. highly recommended! Nov 15, 2013
XINGRUI L: GOOD Nov 14, 2013
Shiliang W: Friends recommend!! Nov 14, 2013
Xu Q: Have used it many times. Like it! Nov 14, 2013
shuying c: no reason Nov 14, 2013
XuanYue Z: This produce really help me to balance the oily for my face. Also, i like the smell for it. Nov 14, 2013
Hongwen D: A friend recommended to me Nov 14, 2013
SHU YU C: I hear a lots of people like it Nov 14, 2013
Shasha X: good Nov 14, 2013
Shengling Q: Friends recommended it. Nov 14, 2013
Jie T: Really good toner helping sooth and moisturize my face!!! Nov 14, 2013
Lan I C: Long time user Nov 14, 2013
yuwei z: So good Nov 14, 2013
Xuemin Q: It was recommended so I want to try it. Nov 14, 2013
XIUMEI L: Good product, return shopping Nov 14, 2013
Yabing C: This is the best TOner! Nov 14, 2013
Cong Z: It's very good for calm down skin. I'm a fan of it. Nov 14, 2013
jia x: Really good. Nov 14, 2013
Yuanyuan X: great quality Nov 14, 2013
Bingzi H: my friends said it works. Nov 14, 2013
Zimo S: good Nov 14, 2013
Jiaojiao Y: IT'S GOOD Nov 14, 2013
Yiwei Z: friend's recommendation Nov 14, 2013
chen l: ITS POPULAR Nov 14, 2013
minting m: NS Nov 14, 2013
Mengyuan L: Love this! Good for calming down, make my skin texture great for taking in moisturizer! Definitely buying back! Nov 14, 2013
WEI X: It's very good. Nov 14, 2013
Qiuxia L: It is good. Nov 14, 2013
Yixian L: THIS SELLS BEST Nov 14, 2013
Jingjing W: this is the fourth time to buy this toner. It is great. Nov 14, 2013
Jitao Z: it is good for me Nov 14, 2013
xiaoyi Z: good Nov 14, 2013
Wen Z: Been using it multiple bottles. Nov 13, 2013
Amy C: my wife like it Nov 13, 2013
Junli Z: i've used this, and like it very much Nov 13, 2013
chenyue c: GOOD Nov 13, 2013
Yun Z: friends recommend Nov 13, 2013
Hongjin P: good Nov 13, 2013
Ninglan L: I have experience of using this. Nov 13, 2013
Liangcai S: Friends recommended Nov 13, 2013
Yiqing C: friends recommend this Nov 13, 2013
Xin Z: Because I like it. Nov 13, 2013
Zhi C: The best toner i have used! Nov 13, 2013
xuanqi z: friends recommand Nov 13, 2013
DALU X: Like it Nov 13, 2013
XINYU C: I always use this Nov 13, 2013
chengrui j: like it very much! Nov 13, 2013
Xiaochen Z: Friends recommended it Nov 13, 2013
Desmond Y: my friend recommends this Nov 13, 2013
Xiaoqian Z: one of the best toners I have ever used. Nov 13, 2013
Qian L: Smell good. Nov 13, 2013
Mengqing Q: I think its good Nov 13, 2013
wendy G: nice Nov 13, 2013
Xiao L: A Nov 13, 2013
Zhongai L: Smells good. Nov 13, 2013
feixue z: The best toner I have ever used Nov 13, 2013
Jingjing Y: friends recommendation sice my acne issue Nov 12, 2013
Mengyue X: everyone is using it Nov 12, 2013
Linlu C: sound cool Nov 12, 2013
Yuhan W: everyone like this one Nov 12, 2013
Wei Z: It's popular and I want to give it a try. Nov 11, 2013
Yuanyuan Z: I bought it for my friends. Nov 11, 2013
shiyun z: used before. really good. Nov 11, 2013
Karen M: i love this product Nov 10, 2013
Song M: great product Nov 10, 2013
Mengran W: best seller Nov 10, 2013
Xiaoxiao Z: used before. Great great stuff. Nov 9, 2013
Chen J: GOOD Nov 9, 2013
Rong C: I heard this product may calm the skin and also may help to refine pores. Nov 8, 2013
Lauren C: Great for sensitive skin. Nov 7, 2013
Huijie C: favorite Nov 7, 2013
Yujie L: Good for my skin Nov 7, 2013
Tianxin M: good Nov 6, 2013
Lin L: It looks beautiful Nov 5, 2013
Xiaomin Z: It's good. Nov 5, 2013
Qianru S: I've been use this product for more than 2 years, and I will continue use it. Nov 5, 2013
Herschel D: best toner on the market Nov 4, 2013
Peiqi C: I wanted to try to control my acne with this toner. Nov 4, 2013
Teri D: Refreshing keep pores small and tight Nov 4, 2013
Zhaoyi X: famous Nov 3, 2013
Bingzhu C: I have never tried this but i have heard excellent reviews from the internet and from my friends. Nov 3, 2013
Qi M: This is a very good toner! Nov 3, 2013
XIAOYUN C: LOVE IT Nov 3, 2013
Hanyang W: JUST TRY Nov 3, 2013
Ruby N: Have been hearing great reviews. Nov 3, 2013
Xiaoxi W: Like it Nov 3, 2013
Mengmei T: I heard it is really good. Nov 2, 2013
Tiffany S: My skin has been stunning since I started using this Toner. It came to me as a recommendation from a lovely employee at the store in the Valley Fair Mall (San Jose). I told her what I was looking for in a toner and she told me how popular this one was and how much she loved it. Nov 1, 2013
MINGMING Z: It is good one for my face. Oct 31, 2013
Zick C: Heard it before, wanna try it. Oct 30, 2013
Jinying L: This product is famous!! I want to get this try, and expect a lot of improvement on my skin conditions. Hope I will love it and use it forever Oct 30, 2013
Vivian Z: want to try it Oct 30, 2013
Shaonan W: most popular Oct 29, 2013
xiaofan y: TRY FOR THE FIRST TIME Oct 29, 2013
beiqiu q: "i like it " Oct 29, 2013
Ke J: good Oct 29, 2013
young k: try new Oct 29, 2013
liu j: nice Oct 29, 2013
Janet C: tones my skin well without stripping it of its natural oils Oct 28, 2013
Jue W: I've used it before and I know it is good for me Oct 28, 2013
Jing H: It works very well by narrowing my pores. Oct 27, 2013
Lu Z: one of my friend tried it and said it is quite good, i buy one for her. Oct 27, 2013
Yongshan D: Recommended by friend. Oct 26, 2013
Zhongyun Y: TOO SMALLER MY POLE Oct 26, 2013
Haoyuan P: That is very good for skin~ Oct 26, 2013
Huaping H: xx Oct 25, 2013
Pei-Shan H: My old one ran out Oct 25, 2013
Angela G: Favorite! Oct 23, 2013
Helen H: Long-time favourite! Oct 21, 2013
Xinyun C: Love it. Clean my skin efficiently and mildly. Oct 19, 2013
Angie Y: Every time I find redness or potential acne, I soak a cotton wipe with this toner then apply to the place for a while. Oct 19, 2013
Xiaoying Y: refill Oct 18, 2013
Zemu Z: I feel pretty comfortable after using it Oct 16, 2013
Jiahui Y: I am a acne skin, so I want to try this product Oct 16, 2013
Jing F: Used this before, gentle and calming toner for sensitive skin Oct 15, 2013
hong z: WORK FOR ME Oct 15, 2013
Barbara C: My daughter loves it! Oct 14, 2013
Hanyang P: Gifts Oct 13, 2013
Ying C: I like it! Oct 13, 2013
Yu H: USED TO USE IT Oct 11, 2013
nhut t: good Oct 11, 2013
Donghui W: friends recommendation Oct 11, 2013
Nancy L: Good Oct 10, 2013
Xiaotong L: It is good for oil skin Oct 9, 2013
cheng z: for my face Oct 7, 2013
Abigail S: The reviews on this product were great and very helpful. I needed a toner that wouldn't dry out my skin, but would still remove my makeup and control blemishes, and this looks like it will do just that! Oct 6, 2013
Xiao H: for my skin Oct 6, 2013
Lauren W: Friend promoted to me. Oct 5, 2013
Bohan L: Many people say this one is good. Oct 5, 2013
Zhouming K: I love it. Oct 4, 2013
Julia Y: For my acne! Oct 3, 2013
Lin W: good reviews Oct 1, 2013
junda z: good Sep 30, 2013
jieying c: I have used it and it is perfect Sep 30, 2013
Yucong W: I used it once before, but not amazed as much as I was with the cucumber to toner. Now I want to give it another try because I have combination oily skin and have acne problems. Sometimes if I use very strong formula for my acne, my skin would be a little sensitive and the cucumber toner would make me feel a little burn. Thus I want to try to see if this one would be able to calm it down during those times. Sep 30, 2013
Meiqing H: like Sep 30, 2013
RUN Z: nice to use Sep 30, 2013
Wing Hin L: people recommend this to me Sep 30, 2013
Danmai X: heard from friends that this is great Sep 30, 2013
Haitao Z: It is strongly recommended by my friend. Sep 30, 2013
Zhenghua T: I used this before, it's very good. Sep 30, 2013
Feng D: Buy for friends, she like it very much. Sep 30, 2013
Chengxi Z: rescue pimples Sep 30, 2013
Younggun L: I love this toner. It is my 3rd bottle. It is effective to fatty skin. Sep 30, 2013
Yunye W: good Sep 30, 2013
Bin B: i am a big fan of Kiehl's Sep 29, 2013
pengxiang c: yes, it's really nice Sep 29, 2013
xue z: used it before Sep 29, 2013
Florence L: I've used this product before, and it is so good!!! Sep 29, 2013
Yaying X: GOOD Sep 29, 2013
NAN W: NEED IT... Sep 29, 2013
Jie F: Good for acne Sep 29, 2013
Hanmeng Q: i use it Sep 29, 2013
Qianming C: no alcohol Sep 29, 2013
haoyuan f: used it for years, very light but powerful. Sep 29, 2013
Cecilia W: based on high reviews. I have breakouts from time to time. I hope this can help with my breakouts. Sep 29, 2013
Yanyan Y: friends introduce Sep 29, 2013
Muyuan L: My friend highly recommend this one for me. She said this one is the most gentle and mildest toner she has ever tried. It's really good for treatment of acne and improved her combination to oil skin. Sep 29, 2013
wenxu z: Works fine for my oily skin Sep 29, 2013
Li Z: good toner Sep 29, 2013
Jin W: It's good Sep 29, 2013
Yining X: is using it right now. Sep 28, 2013
liyin z: its good for my skin Sep 28, 2013
ruiying h: i hope it helps my pores Sep 28, 2013
Daniel X: best toner i ever tried Sep 28, 2013
JIE P: it is good. Sep 28, 2013
xiaojun c: suitable for their skin Sep 28, 2013
Angi W: I needed something for when my skin was acting up. Sep 28, 2013
Duoduo Z: great toner Sep 28, 2013
ROBIN V: By far the best toner I ever used. Well worth the cost. Sep 28, 2013
Jennie X: A customer favorite Sep 28, 2013
Sangsang Z: Like it Sep 28, 2013
Yi-Ju L: "This is my first time to purchase this Brand and this friends recommend me this product." Sep 28, 2013
PENGLONG Z: good thing Sep 27, 2013
Luis A: I have heard good things and wan to try this product. Sep 27, 2013
wei l: i used it before .its good Sep 27, 2013
JIANHUA S: very fit to me Sep 27, 2013
xiao y: like it Sep 26, 2013
Mu W: Very good to skin. Sep 26, 2013
LILIAN T: like it so much, feel fresh on the skin Sep 26, 2013
Mingyu C: It is not oil. Sep 26, 2013
ziyu w: it is helpful to my whelk Sep 26, 2013
LU Z: good Sep 26, 2013
danhong s: EVERYONE SAID GOOD Sep 26, 2013
Jia L: Fit my skin. Sep 26, 2013
April C: Soothing. One of my favorite toner. Sep 26, 2013
HAOWEI W: Herbal Sep 26, 2013
Zhenxiao W: I used it before and felt well. Sep 26, 2013
Rose L: others told me it is great Sep 25, 2013
Yifan W: recommended by friends Sep 25, 2013
Maren F: i have a toner with alcohol but would prefer one without Sep 25, 2013
Alicia z: good,I like it Sep 25, 2013
Wanying Z: first time try, this is famous product. hope it works for me Sep 25, 2013
anita c: I want ti try it. Sep 25, 2013
xiejieqiong A: Not oil. Sep 25, 2013
Emily W: I had good experience using it. It helps to calm my skin. Sep 25, 2013
Kexin T: HELPFUL FOR FACE Sep 24, 2013
Jamie K: It's gentle and soothing Sep 24, 2013
Lucy X: always use it Sep 24, 2013
Haein C: I needed a toner and I heard this toner is very effective Sep 24, 2013
Yuzhu S: friend like Sep 24, 2013
Richard M: Long time favorite! Sep 24, 2013
Yuxi C: Adjust oil skin Sep 23, 2013
Hayeon P: In order to balance my skin tone. Sep 23, 2013
jing w: I used it 2 two years before, it smells good and calm my skin. Now I wanted to try it again Sep 23, 2013
Meng M: My all time toner Sep 23, 2013
Jinming C: I have used this toner for a long time, and I'm pretty satisfied of the effect that this toner brought to me. Sep 23, 2013
xiaojing c: recommendation by others Sep 23, 2013
Olga F: Something new to try Sep 23, 2013
Hong Gang C: I always use it Sep 23, 2013
Yu Q: friends recommended it. Sep 23, 2013
Yiya W: Best toner Sep 23, 2013
judy z: like it! Sep 23, 2013
Chen-yu L: best toner ever Sep 22, 2013
Yiwen W: Its comfortable Sep 22, 2013
Christina L: Must have in my routine - delicate on skin & keeps it balanced ... Reason why it's an all time customer fav Sep 22, 2013
HSUAN-YIN MELODY W: I like it a lot!!! Sep 22, 2013
Shan C: Word of mouth. Sep 22, 2013
Lin Z: It suit the type of my skin Sep 22, 2013
Li W: it is good Sep 22, 2013
ruochun z: just want to try Sep 22, 2013
jiacheng j: good choose Sep 22, 2013
Ruizhi M: This is great Sep 22, 2013
Lu C: It's good for my oil skin Sep 22, 2013
Yuxiao C: "Many people recommend it, so I want to have a try." Sep 22, 2013
JIAQIN C: helps to control oil for combination oily skin Sep 22, 2013
Xi C: fit for me Sep 21, 2013
Shuai Y: i used before Sep 21, 2013
Miana D: I love this toner - very mild and a very very light fragrance that I enjoy. Sep 21, 2013
Hao Y: My gril friend love it. Sep 21, 2013
Xiangyi C: My skin is roman to oily, and I use this product after daily cleansing. Just pat some onto your face, the herbal scent refreshes you all day. It also does good job minimize pore on my nose. Not many facial toners that really you to see they actually have the ingredients in them. I bought twice and will keep buying. Sep 21, 2013
jennifer c: that is good ,it reduce my acne ,and my friend recommend it Sep 21, 2013
Yu H: I bought one before, I love it! Sep 21, 2013
Yiwen S: Recommended by friend. Sep 21, 2013
YE W: best product that i've ever used Sep 21, 2013
Yujie L: I just want to try it for my next purchases Sep 21, 2013
Shuwen L: This is suitable for my skin. Even though itâ??s expensive, it fits my face quite well in such harsh weather area. My face is acne prone. Calendula could help me cool down. Sep 20, 2013
Diana U: My favorite toner! Alcohol-free and smells delightful. Sep 20, 2013
XUEQING Z: I am using this toner now, it's great Sep 20, 2013
jiaYing Y: good for oily skin ,clean ,no alcohol Sep 20, 2013
wenjing p: people said it makes ur skin more lighter Sep 20, 2013
jiayin m: so good Sep 20, 2013
Dominic O: My absolute favorite product, helped clear up my acne. Sep 20, 2013
jenny r: i like Sep 20, 2013
lingxuan l: I like it Sep 20, 2013
Zhe W: Friend recommends. Sep 19, 2013
Jiyun S: I like this very much. Sep 19, 2013
Kelly Z: friend recommended Sep 17, 2013
Yuchen S: been using, just stocking up Sep 17, 2013
Xiaojun J: great Sep 17, 2013
yingmei l: maybe help for reduce oil and black head on the face Sep 17, 2013
Yani C: wanna remove the acne and blemish from my face. my friend told me that this product can help remove acne and the traces of previous Sep 16, 2013
Amy W: My skin is normal to oily Sep 16, 2013
Erika H: This toner really helps your skin feel alive again. My husband and I BOTH suffer from mild roseaca and putting this on daily before bed really helps our skin look great in the morning. On days where my skin is being more of a problem I'll put it on twice - morning and night - and in a few days I'll really see the redness getting handled. (After a few months of the RX face washes, my husband stopped needing them entirely when he started using this+Facial Fuel scrub & the face wash). Sep 15, 2013
zhenhuan f: like this Sep 15, 2013
Jie Z: herbal and alcohol-free Sep 15, 2013
Jing L: I have acne problems. Sep 14, 2013
yuxin w: Friend told me this is good, I just have a try first. Sep 14, 2013
Julie M: Great for my acne-prone skin Sep 14, 2013
Yuanyuan Y: heard good reviews about it. Wanna give it a try. Sep 12, 2013
Chang J: My wife always use this product. Sep 12, 2013
Meilan P: GOOD Sep 12, 2013
Jie Y: past experience Sep 11, 2013
WEI J: Because i am a combination skin, and i want to have a try. Sep 10, 2013
Mei H: My skin type is oily Sep 9, 2013
JIAJUN H: This is one of the customers' favorite. I have tried it before and I want to continue using. Sep 9, 2013
qian h: I used three bottles of it and i love it. Sep 9, 2013
qian g: my favorite product Sep 8, 2013
jiayou z: good for me Sep 8, 2013
Meina H: I heard about many good review and positive feedback about this toner. I'm have combination/oily plus serious ance skin. I saw the reviews on internet talks about how great this toner is to help reduce the ance problems. I would like to try to see if it can help to fix my ance problem. Having high expectation on this. Sep 8, 2013
Huijiao X: I have extremely sensitive skin. Sep 7, 2013
Yaxuan D: Famous. wanna give a try. Sep 7, 2013
SHIRAN L: It's a customers' favourite, just to have a try. Sep 6, 2013
Yingjie L: For my acne. Sep 6, 2013
Yaqing C: Yes Sep 6, 2013
Marion J: This helps keep my skin clear and bump, pimple, and rash free. The second I run out, my face becomes a war zone! It smells wonderful too. Sep 6, 2013
Siran D: so famous and i want to try. Sep 5, 2013
weinan z: for daily use as my skin is very sensitive. Sep 2, 2013
yulan z: very good Sep 2, 2013
YU-CHING C: i used before. good! Aug 31, 2013
Tiffany F: Needed a toner, I love Kiehl's, and I wanted to try something new. Aug 29, 2013
Marlo W: Read the reviews. Want to try. Aug 28, 2013
Ziyan Z: I use it and I love it. Aug 28, 2013
barbara k: Helps prep my skin for moisturizer. Hasn't helped with the redness but it makes my skin feel nice. Aug 28, 2013
Qin Z: I like it Aug 28, 2013
Minjie W: Best seller Aug 26, 2013
ZHE W: Try Aug 26, 2013
jing l: Good feeling and keep my skin from drying out Aug 23, 2013
Sherleen D: Good. Aug 23, 2013
janos k: Smells and feels super refreshing on my skin. Love it. Aug 21, 2013
Jiwen H: I am acne skin. People said this product is good for acne skin. Aug 20, 2013
Patrycja G: love this Aug 20, 2013
hyun l: People I know love it!! Aug 19, 2013
YANSHU L: OIL FREE Aug 19, 2013
Elizabeth T: The review seems positive Aug 19, 2013
Jianqi Z: It DOES work in reducing acne issues. Aug 18, 2013
Flavio B: Refreshing Aug 18, 2013
Qiuli C: rebuy Aug 16, 2013
ying y: just try it Aug 16, 2013
xiaoxi j: my wife want Aug 14, 2013
Bingyu Z: recommended by others Aug 14, 2013
Shan S: Tried this in store before and like it. Aug 13, 2013
Mengli R: to better skin condition Aug 12, 2013
lina j: recommended by friends. Aug 9, 2013
chenxi l: I have used this for almost a year. I feel it is very good. Aug 8, 2013
Nancy L: I have been using it for a long time. I find it is a wonderful toner and it helps avoid blemishes. Aug 7, 2013
Buffy M: I used it at my friends house and really liked it. Aug 6, 2013
Ashley A: Friend ordered Aug 5, 2013
beth t: have used it for years- everyone guesses I am fifteen years younger- must be this! Jul 29, 2013
Li ping C: The friend to recommend Jul 26, 2013
Fleur C: My friend said to me this is good one try it,
I have no idea , this is my first order, I'll
let you know after used it thanks
Jul 24, 2013
YUE Z: I did not really see the difference after I use this product. But since I have not found another toner I will continue using it. Jul 22, 2013
Christine R: Needed a good toner, trying tis to see how I like it Jul 22, 2013
Qiuhan W: Works well Jul 21, 2013
Yin Chi C: USED IT BEFORE AND LIKE IT Jul 20, 2013
Gina M: recommended by the consultation Jul 17, 2013
Jianing T: My friends asked me to buy it for them. Jul 17, 2013
Jiaqi H: Very gentle, no alcohol and smells good! Jul 15, 2013
christine v: My friend recommended this product to me and her skin is awesome! Jul 15, 2013
Yang S: That is efective for me, and I like it Jul 14, 2013
Qian Z: One of my friends recommended this to me and I'd like to have a try. Jul 14, 2013
YUCHEN W: It may help eliminate the blemishes on my shin. I have oily skin with huge pores on both the cheeks and forehead with many black/white head. Hopefully this toner may clam my skin down and refresh it. Jul 8, 2013
teresa v: for infecction in my hair Jul 7, 2013
denise c: Lovely to the skin. Absolutely NO burn or tingle. Skin feels clean but not tight. Jul 4, 2013
Wenjuan L: It's very good for my sister's skin, so I buy them for her. Jul 4, 2013
elizabeth s: Helps keep my skin under control as my daily regimen. When I stop using it I break out a bit. Jul 2, 2013
Siman W: it is said that it's great Jul 1, 2013
Noelani K: This toner made me face feel fresh and clean without harsh chemicals to remove impurities. Jul 1, 2013
Qi Na W: have been using this in the past few months and found it works well on me Jun 26, 2013
james a: good for my skin Jun 25, 2013
YICHUN C: gentle, good-smell toner, I've bought it for 5 times. Jun 24, 2013
Qiyun L: Good for my skin Jun 23, 2013
Canan G: I've tried it once before in the past & it worked wonderfully for me. I just loved it. Hopefully it still works just as well; it's been a while. Jun 19, 2013
Esther Kyung Ah C: Heard it has good effects Jun 18, 2013
So Young L: I am a big fan of calendula herbal extract toner! Jun 18, 2013
Siqi M: I've used this toner before, it's really good product for summer. I like the smell. Jun 18, 2013
Zhaopeng G: Pros:I like the smile of the flowers, and feel confortable and dry quickly but no Alcohol~
cons: It is not hydrated enough, and it's little to light to me.
Jun 18, 2013
JIALING L: always gentle always good for comfort sensitive skin Jun 18, 2013
Annie C: I love that it contains no harsh chemicals or alcohol. Jun 18, 2013
Jessica H: used it before. Jun 17, 2013
TZU-YEN Y: This is my fifth bottle! Jun 17, 2013
Robert C: it looks interesting Jun 17, 2013
Teresa C: acne and this looked like a good product? Jun 17, 2013
chunnuan h: just want to try Jun 17, 2013
Yijin L: it works perfect Jun 17, 2013
yating l: LOVE IT! GREAT FOR ALL SKIN Jun 17, 2013
Julia Z: be good to use, comfortable Jun 17, 2013
Jing Y: friend recommended Jun 17, 2013
Weng Ian N: Used this before and I like it! Jun 17, 2013
Yingzi Y: someone advised me Jun 17, 2013
Kevin J E: Good stuff! Refreshing - I use it after a shave usually. I avoid alcohol based products because they sting the skin....and I like the ingredients and how my skin looks. Jun 17, 2013
TING Z: good reputation Jun 17, 2013
Mary F: Use Alcohol free toner and wanted to try this one. Jun 17, 2013
Mette C: Replenishing order - love the mildness of this toner Jun 17, 2013
QUEENIE C: This is a personal favorite. It calms my sensitive skin and prevents break out. Jun 17, 2013
hong s: GOOD Jun 17, 2013
tao r: good Jun 16, 2013
Song W: My friend recommend to me for my acne issue. I will try. Jun 16, 2013
jennifer f: This product makes my face feel calm, clean and smooth. It's one of the Kiehl's product I love because it suits my sensitive combination skin. Jun 16, 2013
Qianru Y: Make your skin refresh. Jun 16, 2013
Li C: friend asked for it Jun 16, 2013
Fan J: Very good. absorbed very quickly Jun 16, 2013
XIAOXIAO C: works well for combination skin Jun 16, 2013
SIRUN C: good for skin Jun 16, 2013
TRANG H: It's really good to my combination (dry/oil/sensitive) skin type. Jun 16, 2013
Yewande O: My first alcohol free toner. Lets see how this works Jun 15, 2013
XIAO X: My friends told me is very good ! So, I want to try it ! Jun 15, 2013
Ruochen H: look good Jun 15, 2013
Ben B: heard it was good for pores Jun 15, 2013
YUNFEI W: to use with earth pore cleansing Jun 15, 2013
yiran m: for my friend, she is oily face Jun 15, 2013
Meng C: have acne problem, some reviews say it's a great product Jun 15, 2013
Amanda D: good Jun 14, 2013
JING X: A basic good one must have. Jun 14, 2013
Mo L: my friend is using it and recommended it. Jun 14, 2013
Xiaohang J: I like this Toner because it works for me to reduce my acne's dark spot Jun 14, 2013
luping z: dry shin, need hydration Jun 14, 2013
xiangmin j: have used and it is really good Jun 14, 2013
Xiaomeng X: Many friends recommended this. Jun 14, 2013
Yinqiu M: like it. it is the third time I purchase it Jun 14, 2013
Melissa K: I have been using it since January and love it Jun 14, 2013
Xi Y: I heard this is good, so I want to try Jun 14, 2013
RUI W: it's very useful to my acne skin Jun 13, 2013
Xi Feng X: great smell Jun 13, 2013
wen z: the best toner in my life Jun 13, 2013
Xuemei Z: It has a very good effect on the spot of face. Jun 13, 2013
Mary S: this sounds like exactly what I want in a toner Jun 13, 2013
Zhe G: I like it Jun 13, 2013
Zichun X: My long-time favorite toner to minimize pores. Jun 13, 2013
Jing N: Using this for the past 2 years Jun 13, 2013
Weichao G: like it Jun 13, 2013
XIN Y: Good for acne skin. Must have! Jun 13, 2013
Yuyi L: This is the best toner I have ever used. It's not at all irritating to my skin even when I have breakouts. Jun 13, 2013
Yuechang M: great gift for my family and friends. Jun 13, 2013
Jessica C: My friend told me this is a great toner for sensitive and combination skin. Jun 13, 2013
YINGXUE M: I LIKE IT Jun 13, 2013
Difan C: Amazing! Use every evening! Jun 13, 2013
Hang W: My friend recommends this item to me Jun 13, 2013
Jessica R: To help with oiliness/breakouts Jun 13, 2013
QI W: i see the ad ,it is famouse,i just want to try Jun 10, 2013
Marguerite S: My favorite! Jun 10, 2013
Junghoon P: Good Rating Jun 8, 2013
Xinye C: Introduced by others. Jun 7, 2013
Catherine C: I have found that this product helps keeps layers of dried skin from building up. The result is less gritty, and smoother skin. I love it! Jun 6, 2013
louise l: friends said it's good Jun 3, 2013
Xiaoyu Z: My relatives in China loved this product. Jun 2, 2013
Kayleigh M: This is the second time I've purchased this product and it's amazing! My pores look smaller and it has a very refreshing, natural scent. Will continue to buy, definitely worth the money!!!!! May 30, 2013
Han X: I really love this toner. I have been using this one for three years. And I think I will keep using it. May 28, 2013
Yue P: I'v heard it is good for the skin that has acne. May 28, 2013
Jialu Q: my favorite toner, used it for over 2 years May 27, 2013
Wenjing h: have acne sometimes, and love to use this one to clam my skin. May 27, 2013
An Z: i used it before May 27, 2013
Li Z: I just want to try May 26, 2013
JINGYI L: love May 26, 2013
Jiaqi Z: to make my skin more moisture May 25, 2013
Wei T: it is very useful for sensitive skin May 25, 2013
xin y: I used this for 3 Bottles. it takes my skin very will. I bought this one for my friends , let her try.. May 23, 2013
JIANI W: Lots of people told me that is very useful. So I want to try it. May 22, 2013
Qiao Z: It is good for combination to oily skin. May 22, 2013
samantha v: top rated by customers May 22, 2013
Shihan Z: Recommended by friends. May 21, 2013
Bowei H: I have combination skin type. Hard to deal with! I actually never used it before, just try it out to see if it is a good solution of my skin. May 21, 2013
Chenrui C: My sister ask me to May 21, 2013
Lifan C: Friend's recommendation May 20, 2013
jia l: recommand from friend May 20, 2013
JIng Z: good May 20, 2013
Yundi L: Friends tell me it's great. May 20, 2013
Yihan X: Gentle May 19, 2013
Gretel T: My friend recommended this toner. May 18, 2013
Elaine S: To purify and hopefully treat rosacia May 18, 2013
Samantha B: Calendula is great for skin. May 18, 2013
Yu K: Gift for my friend! May 17, 2013
Hang Z: Great product. May 13, 2013
Lu J: i heard it is a nice purchase, so i wanna try it May 13, 2013
QIAN D: Great for my skin!! I have used it for almost a year. This one never brought me breakout and helped me calm my skin. Great product and I will keep ordering for sure. May 12, 2013
Yan Z: because my friends recommend me May 12, 2013
Carrie H: friend's referral May 8, 2013
Jiaqi Z: My skin is oily.I have used this for half years and it's good for my skin. May 8, 2013
liurui c: i used this before, very good product! May 8, 2013
Wei Z: It is my skin rescuer. This is my third bottle, and it completely changed how my skin looks. I had really large pore and suffer from acnes before. But now no headache about my skin anymore, even my boyfriend notice the difference. Great product! May 7, 2013
Aihua L: good May 7, 2013
xueping L: good to prevent allergy May 6, 2013
xiaoxing c: try May 5, 2013
Feifei X: It is well judged by oil skin. May 3, 2013
YUANXING L: alway good May 3, 2013
Zheyu Z: Works well on my acne-prone skin! May 2, 2013
Blanca B: I heard is very good to prevent breakouts May 2, 2013
Shaina S: Great reviews, problem skin, love Kiehl's products :) Apr 29, 2013
Huijun G: Once you put this toner after you washed your face,your skin will be so smooth Apr 28, 2013
Ziyuan P: i love it! Apr 28, 2013
Ying S: whiten skin Apr 28, 2013
Feifei L: re-buy. its good. Apr 27, 2013
cynthia b: i read that it was a great product. needed toner, thought I'd give it a try Apr 27, 2013
Xiaoyu M: have use it before. Apr 27, 2013
Ruifan D: for acne skin Apr 26, 2013
Paul D: feels great. refreshing Apr 26, 2013
Beth M: To sooth my skin Apr 26, 2013
Maggie D: Friends give high recommendation Apr 24, 2013
MaryAnna K: I love the scent of calendula. Apr 22, 2013
xiao l: The 9th one! Apr 22, 2013
JIXIANG Z: hoping it can do good to my oil skin and acnes. Apr 21, 2013
Masayo M: i love this lotion Apr 21, 2013
Nicole D: I have sensitive, splotchy skin. Apr 20, 2013
Yingliu C: Star product Apr 20, 2013
Yiying D: according to my friend, this is good Apr 19, 2013
Yanxi X: that is really good Apr 18, 2013
Susan B: I have Rosacea. I need something to cool my cheeks. There was a wonderful review about this product. I hope it works. Apr 18, 2013
Qian Z: other recommends Apr 17, 2013
Yiyu C: good value Apr 16, 2013
Enhwan C: love the texture Apr 15, 2013
hua c: my friend like it Apr 15, 2013
Nadia S: I saw good reviews. Apr 14, 2013
pamela n: i love it. Apr 13, 2013
song c: because my wife like it and need it, u know i am a man so i do not have choice, wife's present Apr 12, 2013
Zhiyi W: smell good Apr 12, 2013
Jisun H: I was always curious to use this item. Apr 12, 2013
XIAOXIAO P: I used my friend's toner before and always want to get mine. Apr 10, 2013
Shiqi T: Chinese friend wants it. bring it back. Apr 9, 2013
jacqueline H: alcohol-free, tried before. Apr 9, 2013
Jiajing L: always heard about it Apr 8, 2013
chen z: I used this before, I love it very much. Apr 8, 2013
Lee W: been using for years. an old favorite. kind to my skin. Apr 7, 2013
SHAOYU H: My skin type start changing so I wanna try sth new Apr 7, 2013
Patricia C: wanted to try a new toner, and liked the reviews on it Apr 7, 2013
QINYI Q: I like it. Apr 7, 2013
Jiabo C: friends recommend Apr 6, 2013
ye l: friend's recommendation Apr 5, 2013
Christine W: My favourite toner of all time! It leaves my skin so smooth and radiant!!! Apr 3, 2013
Qian L: It was recommended by a Star Apr 3, 2013
chenge l: It really help to heal my sopts Apr 3, 2013
JIABIN L: heard from my friends Apr 3, 2013
CANCAN Y: I have used it, it's good. Apr 1, 2013
Yilin H: hope it will improve my oil skin and my dark spots.... Apr 1, 2013
Minda C: Because the searching results online showed that it is nice. Mar 31, 2013
Yuanqing L: I wanna buy this for a long time. hope it works. Mar 30, 2013
YARU R: It is very helpful for my face more light and soft! Mar 28, 2013
Steve J: Simply the best -- for guys too. Great for grease around eyes, nose, and ears. I use with a round cotton pad daily or when I'm feeling greasy! It's fantastic. Mar 27, 2013
Xin W: it is good Mar 27, 2013
JIAJIA G: It works! Mar 26, 2013
Xinman L: It is a star product. And it fits my skin! Mar 26, 2013
Yan Z: i've used this from a friend. it's good for oil face. Mar 26, 2013
Michael D: a friend in Shanghai requested I order this for her Mar 26, 2013
domini p: Tried and liked it Mar 25, 2013
Jikun Z: Good to use, can really lifting my skin Mar 25, 2013
Jingwen Z: good rating Mar 25, 2013
Qiuning X: like it Mar 25, 2013
DAN W: classic product and must try Mar 25, 2013
Jingmei H: good for my skin type Mar 23, 2013
Pam W: Only toner that moistens my face and does not break out my ultra sensitive dry it! Mar 22, 2013
Christina T: Great Reviews. Mar 21, 2013
Hyeyoung S: i lve this product, don't need any of talk. Mar 20, 2013
Angie L: I had used this product before. Mar 19, 2013
Yufan Z: heard from friends, wish to improve my skin condition and cure acne Mar 19, 2013
Mengying Y: A GIFT FOR MY SISTER Mar 17, 2013
zhoutong w: INTERESTED Mar 16, 2013
Yibo M: i used this for over 1 year Mar 16, 2013
Yanantali M: I like how this toner makes my skin feel refreshed after I wash it and before applying my other moisturizing products. Feb 17, 2013
Jingze Z: famous product Feb 16, 2013
Terry L: wanted to try it Feb 15, 2013
Buwei W: WANT TO TRY Feb 14, 2013
Paige S: Have used this forever and love it! Feb 13, 2013
Li-Chih W: it's great! I just finish my last one Feb 12, 2013
Yongmi C: My daughter has acne and I hope it helps. Feb 11, 2013
Yuchi J: I've used a small bottle and it works well. Feb 11, 2013
Jillian R: it works really well to keep my skin clearer Feb 11, 2013
Yuehwen H: give it a try Feb 10, 2013
hangli h: I have used it and it is good Feb 10, 2013
Xiaxian H: i have acne scars have been using it for reducing it Feb 10, 2013
Yang G: for travel Feb 10, 2013
luolin z: it's great for acne-prone skin Feb 10, 2013
Xuexin J: I always have the pore problem, I wish it could reduce this problem since I heard that this is a pore problem solver. Feb 8, 2013
nicole c: useful Feb 7, 2013
Chuyi L: seems like nothing special on my face Feb 7, 2013
jill m: I've been using this since November and really like how gentle it is. Feb 7, 2013
QILIN Z: This toner is the best one I ever tried before. No matter the moisturizing solution, the flavor, or the absorbing effect, I can say nothing to complain other than the a-little-bit high price. Feb 6, 2013
Chih C: Friend recommended it Feb 6, 2013
scarlett w: I used this in my friend's place, it is remarkable Feb 5, 2013
Krupali P: Trying it for the first time. Bought it cause it's alcohol free and is made with natural stuff. Jan 31, 2013
Wenting T: i used it before and it is great Jan 29, 2013
Yanda W: I heard it is good for acne and oil skin Jan 28, 2013
Dayeon K: I have a blemish due to the cosmetic reactions, I heard Calendula really helps to reduce redness ( I heard moms use Calendula to reduce redness for their babies.) That's how I try to give a shot for it. Jan 28, 2013
yuan z: amazing product to me! Jan 27, 2013
Alice H: Good product, not sensitive to my skin. Jan 24, 2013
Xiaoya Y: I used it before, and I think it is perfect. Jan 24, 2013
YAN JIUN L: It's amazing products.I love it . Jan 22, 2013
chengcheng t: Alcohol free product Jan 20, 2013
Qifen J: try Jan 17, 2013
xilin D: it can reduce the scars of my face and mke it smmothly Jan 16, 2013
Danwei L: Get recomeadation from other people. Jan 15, 2013
Sofia A: Want a natural toner. And other people said it was good, Jan 13, 2013
shiqi l: good product. I only use this as my toner Jan 13, 2013
Duncan S: Gift for daughter-in-law Jan 13, 2013
SHENGNAN H: I heard that this product is helpful for acne. I wanna try. and hope the problem area can be ok. Jan 13, 2013
ANGELA M: i used this before and i think that it is useful Jan 11, 2013
Yingjie H: Best Toner to treat Acne ! Fast Effects ! Jan 9, 2013
Yingjie H: Best Toner to treat Acne ! Fast Effects ! Jan 9, 2013
yuli k: becasue i have combination skin Jan 9, 2013
Hae Seul J: I bought a small bottle of this toner and I really liked using it. Jan 8, 2013
Kaiyue Z: it can be used in a short time Jan 7, 2013
Nicole V: Interested in introducing a toner to my skin care and this product seemed to be the best fit for my oily skin. Jan 7, 2013
Minglu L: well known Jan 7, 2013
Raymond W: Personal information Jan 6, 2013
Huan Z: my friends introduce it to me Dec 31, 2012
Yong L: many people recommend this one Dec 31, 2012
yawen l: CLEAR Dec 31, 2012
Hao L: keep using it, you will see the difference Dec 31, 2012
Hao L: seems good Dec 31, 2012
Hao L: can help but buy it! Dec 31, 2012
Hao L: great ,epic , thank you! Dec 31, 2012
Karen V: I love the way it makes my face feel, so clean and it is so, so natural! No alcohol, and not drying! Dec 31, 2012
Bo Z: great, like it! Dec 31, 2012
quennie m: This toner is the best I try ever.!! it comfort my skin and make my skin freshen up. Dec 31, 2012
Hao L: good product, professional! Dec 31, 2012
Jing M: I used it for at least 6 years because it can calm down my skin and do a little good treatment for small pox. Dec 31, 2012
Qingmei G: First time. Just wona try... Dec 31, 2012
anh thu v: It is non drying. I've used it for years. Dec 31, 2012
CHING YEE T: Recommended from my sister for I have sensitive skin. Dec 31, 2012
Michelle C: it works on my skin Dec 31, 2012
Haixiao Q: My sister likes it. Dec 31, 2012
Jiashen T: refill Dec 31, 2012
Jiashen T: refill Dec 31, 2012
Xiaoshan W: someone suggest Dec 31, 2012
Jingmeng G: Star product! Dec 31, 2012
liu h: Very useful. Like it. Dec 31, 2012
HONGMEI Q: GOOD Dec 31, 2012
FUXUE L: It is great Dec 31, 2012
Jie L: good Dec 30, 2012
Yihua Y: very good Dec 30, 2012
Jingfang T: nice Dec 30, 2012
Ying Z: I used it, I liked this item. Dec 30, 2012
Jessica Y: This is for my cousin, she asked me to buy it for her. Dec 30, 2012
Amin T: girlfriend Dec 30, 2012
Chu Jun L: I have been using this for two years. It's great Dec 30, 2012
Muzi L: I've used this several times, on and off, decide to give it a try again, wanted the rose toner but again, it was out of stock Dec 30, 2012
younghoon g: i like it! Dec 30, 2012
Hao L: like the color Dec 30, 2012
Jiao Ji L: recommended by a friend Dec 30, 2012
Su S: This is my favorite....I like it very much. really not oil and soft and moisture... Dec 29, 2012
Yao Yao Z: gift for my two sisters. Dec 29, 2012
Hao L: expensive but worth the money. Dec 29, 2012
BINBIN Z: my favorite toner ever! Dec 29, 2012
Hao L: my roommates' new years gift. Dec 29, 2012
Hao L: Give to my uncle, hope he will begin using it right now! Dec 29, 2012
Hao L: very expensive one, give it a try Dec 29, 2012
Haw L: alchohol free is my favorite! Dec 29, 2012
Hao L: best of the best, give it to my sister Dec 29, 2012
Hao L: never use it before, give it a try! Dec 29, 2012
Hao L: really good! Dec 29, 2012
Ha L: try it for a few month, cannot resist it now! Dec 29, 2012
Ha L: natural extract, a good thing! Dec 29, 2012
xuan z: It is famous so I want to have a try Dec 29, 2012
Liu H: good looking Dec 29, 2012
Hao L: Thanks to the calendular toner, I kept using it for a long time Dec 29, 2012
Hao L: want to try it someday, now it is! Dec 29, 2012
Hao L: for my sister, hope she will like it. Dec 29, 2012
Hao L: good to use before asleep~ Dec 29, 2012
Hao L: My friend recommend it to me, said it is good for dry skin. Dec 29, 2012
Jin L: a friend recommended it to me. Dec 29, 2012
Ann J: I have used this product before. It's very gentle and I feel my skin becomes healthier. Dec 29, 2012
Karen W: The famous toner ever. Dec 28, 2012
Danye W: good reviews, sensitive skin want to give it a try Dec 28, 2012
Min J: The toner calms my skin in summer. Dec 28, 2012
QIMIN Y: friends told me Dec 28, 2012
HAO F: GOOF Dec 28, 2012
Zhendong Z: heard of this for a long, want to try it this time Dec 28, 2012
vivian l: friends recommended it to me ,everyone told me this is a great masque! Dec 27, 2012
Yen-Cheng K: I LOVE IT Dec 27, 2012
JUNYU W: It's soft and good for sensitive skin. Dec 27, 2012
zi yang h: best toner I have ever use! improve my acne area by reducing the redness Dec 27, 2012
qinghua l: like it Dec 27, 2012
Fangliang S: gentle & anti-blemish Dec 27, 2012
ning j: my friend told me this is good Dec 27, 2012
meiqing c: it is good for me Dec 27, 2012
Qimin H: it is pretty good Dec 26, 2012
Jie H: It is said this can help minimize the pore. Dec 26, 2012
jian s: just try Dec 26, 2012
MinWoo K: first time using it but it is one of the top 10 sellers of the Kiehl's. No doubt about it. Dec 26, 2012
Emma H: It is the famous product of k, and my friends all like it. Dec 26, 2012
QIAN P: A great toner for my combination skin. It helps promote pore tightening while hydrating. Dec 26, 2012
Shu Hui C: Never try it, and just wanna give it a try because I like trying products from different brands. Dec 26, 2012
Lei C: Really like it. Dec 26, 2012
xiaoyuan x: This is good Dec 26, 2012
Wei Z: I heard it's good. Dec 26, 2012
Liang Y: My mum love it Dec 26, 2012
Ying L: Can't live without this toner! Dec 26, 2012
Jerome B: Same as my previous answer: I've been using it before. Dec 26, 2012
Li P: MY FRIEND TOLD ME Dec 25, 2012
Stephanie P L: I use a night cream, which has these ingredients this should a good toner since it has those ingredients for my skin type Dec 25, 2012
YINGYI L: good recommend from friend Dec 24, 2012
Jiujiu W: very popular and have used before, very helpful for my oily skin Dec 24, 2012
Ya Z: nice scent Dec 24, 2012
Meng W: friends recommend Dec 24, 2012
SONGTAO L: best seller Dec 21, 2012
Jane M: I have been using this product, and am pleased with its effectiveness Dec 21, 2012
winsome w: I've been using this product for over 10 years. It controls oil, softens the skin and is great for acne prone skin. I love this product. I use it EVERTIME I wash my face. It is my ultimate Keihl product. Dec 21, 2012
Zhe Fei l: good Dec 20, 2012
trinity t: love this Dec 20, 2012
erin c: a friend of mine let me try hers and it instantly soothed my face, i had to have it for myself. i hope it works! Dec 20, 2012
Fang Y: heard from my friend Dec 19, 2012
zhou z: good Dec 19, 2012
Tracy C: love it Dec 18, 2012
Jia Jia Q: PEOPLE INTRODUCE Dec 18, 2012
Nancy C S: My daughter wanted to try it. She has very sensitive skin and rosacea. Dec 18, 2012
Xiaojing C: perfect toner for oily skin Dec 18, 2012
cecilia Z: gift for friend Dec 18, 2012
Koma C: classic Dec 16, 2012
Koma C: classic Dec 16, 2012
bowei l: cute! Dec 16, 2012
Vanessa L: I am curious and it seems more gentle than toners with salicylic acid or alcohol or even witch hazel. Dec 15, 2012
Nyoka B: based on the reviews this products sounds good for oily, acne prone skin Dec 15, 2012
Craig S: I've read good things about this and I have problems with my skin at the moment as I live in a very humid climate that is making my skin break out Dec 15, 2012
Eileen t: because its famous, and really good. still contunie use it. Dec 15, 2012
NATALIE T: friend says this is good Dec 15, 2012
NUSALA A: iTS VERY GOOD 4 ME Dec 14, 2012
yan x: it is the best Dec 14, 2012
PUYU L: I got one before. Dec 13, 2012
Heidi Y: it soothes my blemishes.. Dec 13, 2012
Sicong Z: Friends told me it is good Dec 13, 2012
Shuyun L: Friend recommendation Dec 12, 2012
Anthony C: Great product for my sensitive skin. Really cleared up and prevented breakouts. Dec 12, 2012
gaofeng c: my friend ask for this Dec 12, 2012
qingling z: GOOD Dec 12, 2012
Xue X: Friend recommended to me. Dec 12, 2012
Iling H: Friends highly recommended! Dec 12, 2012
joseph m: great review and rating Dec 11, 2012
Shuai G: gentle Dec 10, 2012
Phyllis O: Like the way my face feels. Dec 9, 2012
Yuxuan C: confort skin Dec 9, 2012
Qianqian L: It's very nice Dec 9, 2012
EUNHYE K: I've used this for a year Dec 9, 2012
EUNHYE K: I LOVE it! Dec 9, 2012
Jem G: bec. its highly recommended and is a customer favorite Dec 9, 2012
Jingwen W: it's good Dec 8, 2012
Weiyun W: Originally recommended by friend. Dec 7, 2012
Alicia M: Great toner! Leaves my skin well hydrated. Dec 7, 2012