Ultimate Brushless Shave Cream - White Eagle

A brushless shave cream that provides a refreshingly close shave
  • Our most popular Ultimate Men’s Shave Cream
  • Spiked with Menthol and Camphor
  • A customer favorite

"It gets the job done. It's a no-nonsense shave cream that has become a staple for me."

Ramon, Kiehl’s Insider

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How to Apply:
-We recommend shaving after a warm bath or shower and/or after using the Kiehl's facial scrub appropriate for your skin type
-You may also apply a damp, warm towel to the face prior to shaving
-Smooth on a small amount of shave cream (just enough to cover shaven area)
-No water is needed, just glide your razor for a smooth shave
-Follow with a Kiehl's toner and moisturizer suitable for your skin type

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Camphor is naturally derived from an eastern evergreen tree. It can give a cooling effect to the skin and is an effective treatment for oily skin.


Menthol is a natural cooling agent, containing 50% peppermint or other mint oils, or made synthetically by hydrogenation of thymol. It is used in skin care to give a cooling effect to skin.

SEH-sah'-mee OY-il

Sesame Oil, which is a refined moisturizing oil derived from Sesame Seeds, has the same emollient properties as other nut and vegetable oils and is commonly used as a carrier oil for skin care products. Absorbs easily and softens the skin.

A signature Kiehl’s ingredient, Squalane is a botanical lipid that is similar in molecular structure to natural skin lipids. It has an exceptional affinity to skin, and because it’s easily absorbed, Squalane helps restore skin’s natural moisture balance to keep it extra soft and supple.

Ultimate Brushless Shave Cream - White Eagle
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Kiehl's Since 1851 Store asked: Why did you choose this?
Matthew H: I've used it before and like it. Sep 17, 2014
Mary F: My husband says this is the best shave cream and only wants to use the blue eagle or white eagle. Sep 17, 2014
Amanda S: My husband loves it. Sep 16, 2014
Peter T: Nothing else was available, wanted foam gel. Sep 16, 2014
karen t: for my husband Sep 16, 2014
Graham M: I've been using this for years. Great shave cream - not too thin - not too think - just right. Sep 15, 2014
Kris P: Cuase my man loves it! Sep 15, 2014
Randy R: I like this product when traveling - works well and leaves face clean and smooth Sep 15, 2014
Amy B: It's for my husband, who loves it. Sep 14, 2014
John K: I use it. Sep 14, 2014
Jacopo T: Best shaving gel/cream ever. Period. Sep 14, 2014
Daniel Y: By far the best shave cream I've ever used. I have sensitive skin and tend to get razor burn - but not with White Eagle, and especially when I combine it with Facial Fuel and the Kiehl's Post-Shave treatment. Sep 13, 2014
James D: Used before & found it wonderful Sep 13, 2014
Robert S: Try new shaving cream Sep 13, 2014
Yu Y: a present for my boyfriend. Sep 11, 2014
James H: Best shaving experience ever! Very cost effective too. Sep 11, 2014
Harvey G: best shave cream ...ever! Sep 10, 2014
grace g: NEED TO TRY Sep 10, 2014
Milton C: good product Sep 10, 2014
Theresa V: Husband loves this product! Sep 10, 2014
Gerald P: makes for a great shave and smooth skin post shave Sep 10, 2014
Marc K: It's the only shaving cream I use! Sep 9, 2014
peter m: used for years Sep 9, 2014
RYAN B: It works. Sep 8, 2014
Bethany M: My Husband says, "It's the best shave cream on the market for men". Sep 8, 2014
Quinton W: Got this product as a gift. Use it and liked it. Sep 7, 2014
Brian S: After trying it for the first time - I have never tried anything else. Sep 7, 2014
Nick D: Great shave cream Sep 7, 2014
Xinxin R: give my husband to try Sep 3, 2014
Anderson F: I need Sep 1, 2014
Jeffrey H: Nice, close shave. Sep 1, 2014
Jonathan N: Like this product Sep 1, 2014
Shawn S: I like this better than shave gels because it lets my razor glide without being based on soaps. Aug 31, 2014
jimmy m: Great product Aug 30, 2014
Andrew P: I use gel noe but want to try the cream Aug 29, 2014
tony p: ran out. Aug 28, 2014
joseph b: to try Aug 28, 2014
Nathan B: I have used this before, and it's far superior to any shaving cream I've gotten at a drugstore. Aug 27, 2014
Mark W: Gives smooth shave without irritation. Aug 27, 2014
Marc L: Great shave cream. Aug 26, 2014
Sheila M: friend Aug 26, 2014
christian a: this stuff works great and i have less razor bumps Aug 26, 2014
Christen S: Husband already uses product. Tried larger size this time since it is a better price. Aug 25, 2014
John L: have used it before and works great Aug 25, 2014
Glenn H: Best shave cream I have tried Aug 24, 2014
Wendy C: It works Aug 22, 2014
glenn s: Ran out, really like it Aug 21, 2014
Tony R: I love this product, really does wonders on my face when I shave and it gives a good clean, smooth shave. Aug 20, 2014
Howard S: I want a convenient travel size Aug 19, 2014
Devron Y: Saw it on the Steve Harvey Show Aug 19, 2014
Andy G: Been using this for years - great product. Just realized I can avoid going to the department store by auto-replenishing at your online store. Awesome. Aug 17, 2014
Paul F: Repeat order. Aug 15, 2014
Jeffrey B: Trying it out Aug 15, 2014
Brian M: Recommended by friend Aug 15, 2014
Dena S: thought husband would like Aug 14, 2014
Kim C: it's the best shave cream I've ever used. Aug 13, 2014
RONNIE S: use it daily Aug 12, 2014
James R: I've used it for years. Aug 12, 2014
catherine x: My BF like it Aug 10, 2014
Sean C: I have used it in the past. Aug 10, 2014
Michael P: Quickest and best shaving experience I've ever experienced. Hooked after the first use. Aug 10, 2014
Thomas J: Simply the best shaving cream I have ever used, and I have used many. Aug 10, 2014
Steven P: This shaving cream is amazing. The razor glides over my face using this stuff! Aug 10, 2014
Patricia G: gift Aug 10, 2014
Cynthia D: EXCELLENT moisturizing shave cream! Aug 10, 2014
Beth P: My husband uses this! Aug 9, 2014
David R: My favorite shaving cream. I used to use Clinique Aloe Shave Gel. The slight numbing factor gives White Eagle a clear edge. It's also cheaper per shave, which is nice. Aug 7, 2014
Johnny H: It's the best shave cream I've been using. Aug 7, 2014
jean c: size for travel Aug 4, 2014
James W: He knows he likes it. Aug 4, 2014
Merritt T: To try it. Jul 30, 2014
David K: Great travel cream. Jul 27, 2014
Gene M: used before Jul 26, 2014
Brynn B: Fantastic for a close shave. This product eliminated my red bumps and irritation. Went back to other products and bumps/irritation returned. I'll never use anything else. Jul 25, 2014
JC D: Best shaving cream around. I've been using it for over 20 years. Jul 24, 2014
Robert Michael D: Works well Jul 23, 2014
Joshua S: been using for long time Jul 23, 2014
richard b: Tried the sample, loved the results and fragrance Jul 23, 2014
Matthew G: My go-to shave cream for years and years ... will be loyal to this forever! Jul 22, 2014
Andrew T: Looking for something that will help eliminate the razor burn and bumps on my neck due to shaving. Jul 22, 2014
Richard R: I like it as an alternative to the Blue Eagle. They are both great products Jul 22, 2014
Joseph C: Want to try something new. Jul 21, 2014
Debra E: Husband loves this Jul 21, 2014
Shawn C: A friend recommended it. Jul 20, 2014
Jason A: I chose this due to the quality of the product and the results achieved from the use of the product...I will never use anything else again. This has really changed my entire shaving experience. Jul 20, 2014
Michael C: I've tried them all, this is the best shave cream on earth! Jul 18, 2014
Paul C S: Best shave ever Jul 18, 2014
Ed S: I have used this for over ten years, creates a great shave with a refreshing effect Jul 14, 2014
Drexel R: It really did give me the best shave I've gotten, with less mess than with traditional foamy shaving creams. Jul 14, 2014
Susan M: Have been using it for about 2 years. Best Shave ever. Jul 13, 2014
Richard H: Tried a friend's, liked it. Still think it's overpriced but the stuff I've used up until now hasn't been very good so I'll give it a shot. Jul 12, 2014
Andrew M: travel needs Jul 12, 2014
Eduardo O: Want to try it out. Jul 10, 2014
John B: I have been using this for years! Its the ONLY shaving cream I will ever use! Jul 9, 2014
Diana W: I shave my head, why not...gave me free shipping. Jul 9, 2014
Susan H: My husband has used this product exclusively for 30 years ! Jul 7, 2014
Eric P: I have never used a gel or foam shave that did such a smooth job and felt so natural on my skin. Jul 6, 2014
Kenneth F: close shave Jul 6, 2014
Megan B: See above. He LOVES this stuff. Best shave of his life, he says. And it smells great. Jul 3, 2014
Samer H: have used this for 15 yrs. It's great. Jul 3, 2014
Lisa V: Good travel size Jul 2, 2014
Wayne P: Using a different cream wanted to try something else Jul 1, 2014
Robert D: na Jul 1, 2014
Robby S: This is the best shave cream I've ever used in my life. Smells great, and wakes up my skin! Jun 30, 2014
Jud S: Seemed to have good reviews...looking for a better shaving cream Jun 28, 2014
Albert S: best shave I have had in my 68 years. Jun 28, 2014
TROY S: Have used this for a couple years now, it's a great product. Jun 27, 2014
Craig G: smooth shave Jun 26, 2014
Daniel E: looked interesting. Use GIllette Gel, but shave infrequently so I want to use somehting more substantial & soothing Jun 26, 2014
John S: I have been using white Eagle shaving cream for years, and will continue to. A smoother shave you can't get anywhere! Jun 26, 2014
Chris H: Preferred shaving medium. Feels great with electric wet/dry shaver/ Jun 26, 2014
Carl T: I love this stuff Jun 26, 2014
Antoine P: just trying out my first time can not really explain . Jun 25, 2014
Anthony M: Gives one of the most comfortable, soothing shaves I've ever experienced. Great for day-to-dat use. Jun 25, 2014
Michael F: travel size Jun 24, 2014
Peter C: The best shave cream I have ever used. Received it as a gift! Jun 22, 2014
william b: I have use this for two years now and will never go back to foam.Gives a great close shave. Jun 21, 2014
Joseph B: Close clean shave! Jun 18, 2014
Yvonne W: I figure that since Facial Fuel is great, this may also be a great product Jun 18, 2014
George N: It makes my face smooth & refreshing. Jun 17, 2014
Christopher A: Long time user Jun 16, 2014
wiliam p: quality of product and size Jun 16, 2014
Rob D: I've used White Eagle for over 20 years. It's the only shave cream that can tackle my tough beard and be gentle to my sensitive skin. Jun 16, 2014
Benjamin L: Great product. Close, smooth shave. Highly recommend. Jun 14, 2014
Cheramy W: works wonderfully! Jun 14, 2014
craig d: travel Jun 12, 2014
Craig D: Best shaving cream on the market. Leave it on for a couple of minutes first and it stimulates the skin and beard. Smooth shave every time. Jun 11, 2014
Rebecca D: Gift for my Hubby for Father's Day Jun 10, 2014
Robert R: use product Jun 10, 2014
Don C: close, comfortable shave Jun 9, 2014
Sarah P: popular Jun 9, 2014
maureen g: Ultimate dad's need Ultimate Shave Cream Jun 9, 2014
VerNeil M: Great travel size (under 3 oz) for carry-on. Jun 9, 2014
Jeffrey S: for close shave Jun 9, 2014
Beverly S: na Jun 9, 2014
Pamela P: Suggested by someone I trust Jun 9, 2014
Karna G: Gives a smooth shaves and helps prevent razor burn. Jun 9, 2014
Leslie H: gift Jun 8, 2014
eugene t: it looks like it is of the highest quality Jun 8, 2014
roger n: because of what was in Captain America Jun 5, 2014
Michael M: Use just a small amount and enjoy the best shave you will ever get. Terrific stuff. Jun 4, 2014
Caroline S: Husband loves. Jun 3, 2014
Sarah R: Husband loves it Jun 3, 2014
AARON R H: wanted to try something new Jun 3, 2014
Dennis V: I've been using Kiehl's from Nordstrom for years. I thought I'd try to buy direct and use the tube instead of the tub. Jun 2, 2014
michael J: Great product Jun 1, 2014
JAMES R: I Saw it on Steve Harvet TV show recently Jun 1, 2014
Kurt S: This product is fantastic. I've been using it for years and it is the best shave cream on the market. May 27, 2014
lisa l: love it May 27, 2014
Lauren Marie B: My husband wanted me to order it. May 26, 2014
Zachary S: best shaving cream around May 26, 2014
Irving M A: I have been using this for the past several years and it is a very good product. May 26, 2014
Melvin B: Used it before May 24, 2014
Troy M: This is a great shaving cream. It helps my beard stand up better, and feel better after shaving. May 23, 2014
scott s: I've used this product, and it's great for sensitive skin. May 21, 2014
Philip W: Travel kit. May 20, 2014
Craig H: I currently use the product. May 19, 2014
Norman B: very happy with product May 19, 2014
Lyndon T: The best shave easily without being overly expensive. May 19, 2014
Jefrey E: Best shave! May 19, 2014
Robert F: Gives me a great close shave May 19, 2014
Patrice C: My husband says this makes his shave the softest ever, reduces cuts, he loves it. May 19, 2014
Diane B: son asked for this May 19, 2014
Llewellyn Y: I like it for shaving. Doesn't dry out my fce May 19, 2014
Lorraine D: husband loves this shave cream May 19, 2014
Justin G: Wanted to try it May 19, 2014
Adam R: The only shave cream that does as advertised and leaves my skin "normal" after a shave. May 19, 2014
adam f: Kiehls brushless shaving cream is the best product for shaving my clients and I have ever used. I highly recommend it!!! May 18, 2014
Donald L: Love it! May 18, 2014
David B: Best shaving cream around. A hint of menthol to cool, goes on easy and works great! May 18, 2014
BARRY I S: convenient and lightweight for travel May 18, 2014
Ray C: I've been using this shave cream for 10+ years and I love it. I especially love that you don't have to use very much of it to get a great shave. May 17, 2014
Maria R: great product May 17, 2014
TONY M: been using it for yrs May 17, 2014
Gregory S: best shaving cream ever...always feels great May 17, 2014
peter w: I have used this for a long time. May 17, 2014
RALPH M: This is the best shave cream I have ever used . May 17, 2014
Jeanette B: Husband loves it May 16, 2014
Sanjeev M: my beard needed some eagling. May 16, 2014
Donna I: clean close shave May 16, 2014
Michael F: I use this shave cream and need travel sized ones for my travels. May 16, 2014
Jonathan I: Great shave cream, the only stuff I'll use! May 16, 2014
Tom C: Use as a close shave option May 16, 2014
richard h: This works great on a shaved head. May 15, 2014
Stephanie A: My husband loves this to shave with!! May 15, 2014
Anthony C: minimizes post shave irritation, keeps skin moist, sun protection May 15, 2014
Mirek N: Used it before May 15, 2014
Raymond B: I use it at home and this size gets me through TSA at the airports. May 15, 2014
Jason G: It is without question, the single greatest shaving cream there has ever been. I have not looked back for nearly 20 years. Anyone who borrows my cream becomes a life longer as well. May 15, 2014
Chandler B: It's really good for consecutive day shaves. I try not to shave every day but have to for work sometimes and this product creates a protective layer that minimizes razor burn when I do. May 15, 2014
Joel H: Gives closest, most comfortable shave. Plastic tube is thin enough to warm the up shave cream when you leave it under hot water for a couple of minutes. May 15, 2014
Harry M: Yes I admit it I'm a close shave fanatic. I use the Ultimate Brushless White Eagle when I travel it saves me carrying a shave brush. It doesn't dry my skin and the shave is marvelous. Another great Kiehls Product May 15, 2014
Jeane F: Wonderful product. My husband says it is the best shaving cream on the market. May 15, 2014
V H: my regular creme, gives an excellent shave May 14, 2014
Judson I: Trying for first tim May 14, 2014
vincent t: This is the best product on the market any where that truly eliminates razor bumps. May 13, 2014
Barbara R: Husband's staple May 13, 2014
Geoffrey A: I was given in a gift basket and it is the best shaving cream i have ever used May 12, 2014
Randall R: An old standby, excellent stuff. May 12, 2014
Chad C: Have been using it for years, works great and leaves my skin soft. May 10, 2014
Tim C: Best shaving cream I have ever used. Makes my skin very smooth before and after shaving....a very comfortable shaving experience! May 8, 2014
Martin P: I've been using Kiehl's shave cream since 1994 and wouldn't use anything else. May 6, 2014
Matthew C: Use already - need more May 5, 2014
T O: Best shave ever May 5, 2014
zach c: i enjoy this product May 1, 2014
Lawrence L: Have used this product for years with great results! Apr 28, 2014
MICHAEL S: I got it as a birthday gift and its amazing! Apr 26, 2014
Robert H: Got as a gift and really like it. Apr 26, 2014
Clinton N: This is the best shave cream. Leaves my skin non-irratated and smooth. Apr 24, 2014
Vishal M: Gives me a great shave with no razor burn Apr 22, 2014
quincy l: i will write my review later Apr 21, 2014
MIkhail T: I used it before Apr 21, 2014
Donald M: try something new Apr 21, 2014
William D: smooth shave with pre-shave oil. Apr 20, 2014
Daniel M: husband requested it Apr 18, 2014
Christina L: My Man loves this gentle shave cream. Light clean smell, moisturizing & smooth. Apr 13, 2014
Jeanine S: My husband can not live with out this. He ran out of it and used a drugstore brand today, his jaw and neck has red bumps all over. I just signed up for auto replenishment. Apr 13, 2014
Kenneth G: If you use shaving cream in a can, 80% of the contents of the can is propellant gas and of that remaining 20%, roughly half of it goes down the drain. Meaning that you are only getting about 10% shaving cream per can. Pressure cans are hard to take on business trips and hard to dispose of in an environmentally responsible manner. Thus the need for tubed shaving cream. There are several of these type products on the market, but only Kiehl's works effectively and lacks a screwy smell. It's great! Apr 13, 2014
Joe H: Received an earlier sample; product appears to work! Apr 10, 2014
John K: Chose because I've used cream shaving products from other suppliers. This product was disappointing. I cannot get a close enough shave with this product and it severely clogs between the blades of my razor. Apr 10, 2014
Val G: My husband liked this Apr 5, 2014
Eric B: hands down the best, most luxurious, exhilarating shave. Perfect for travel as well. Apr 4, 2014
Richard L: Best shaving cream I have used. Apr 2, 2014
Pernell W: Have been dealing with some acne issues. Wasn't using a cream so wanted to see if any improvements. Apr 2, 2014
Bianca E: Recommended by a friend Apr 2, 2014
Jennifer S: My husband. Apr 2, 2014
Jonathan V: I've had it before and it works really well Apr 1, 2014
Jan M: liked product Mar 31, 2014
Bryan D: The best shaving cream I've used. Always leaves my face refreshed and smooth. Mar 30, 2014
P Gerard S: Want to try it as I travel. Mar 30, 2014
Louis P: works great Mar 29, 2014
Catherine C: something for my boyfriend...love men that are scruffy but, LOVE them more when they are very close shaven. Mar 28, 2014
Ysidro S: I've been using blue eagle for several years now and love it, thought I'd try white eagle which seems to be Kiehls premiere save cream. Mar 23, 2014
Gregory P: to try Mar 23, 2014
Meagan G: Thought my husband would like this. Mar 23, 2014
Stuart S: Perfect for a shave and leaves your face feeling awakened and fresh. Mar 23, 2014
David M: Really like the product Mar 22, 2014
Thomas K: I have been using this shave cream for 30+ years, simply the best!! Mar 18, 2014
Gregory G: Awsome. current client first time Mar 18, 2014
Deborah G: Recommended by Steve Harvey. Mar 17, 2014
William R: Same Mar 17, 2014
Reuben D: I am trying this product it was recommended on Steve Harvey show Mar 17, 2014
Michael S: My Daughter Mar 16, 2014
Davina L: good Mar 15, 2014
Benjamin G: best shaving cream ever! Mar 14, 2014
Scott P: This is the best shaving cream for guys like me: tough beard, sensitive skin. Better price than some competitors, too. Mar 13, 2014
Judie T: a friend recommended it Mar 12, 2014
Roland P: This product is easy to use and leaves your skin smooth & mosturized. Don't use an "over the counter" product when you can use a shaving cream designed to moisturize and performs. This is a truely fnatastic product!! Mar 10, 2014
Steven S: None of your beeswax Mar 9, 2014
Maureen H: My son loves it. Mar 9, 2014
John D L: I want to try it. Mar 8, 2014
jim f: this is a great product Mar 5, 2014
Daniel M: Bought it before and it works amazing. Repurchasing it today.
I haven't found anything that allows me to shave every day except this product.
Mar 4, 2014
james f: The best shaving cream I have ever used! Mar 4, 2014
Greg C: I want to compare this to the Blue Eagle Shave Cream. Mar 3, 2014
Christian R: Simply the best Mar 3, 2014
Christopher B: I use this every shave Mar 3, 2014
Robert S: Not a nick with this stuff! Mar 3, 2014
Aaron S: Simply the best! Mar 2, 2014
jerry t: Used it for several years now and works great. Easy to apply, keeps ingrown hairs at bay and rinses off cleanly. Smells good too. Feb 27, 2014
Anna F: great product! my dad and brother love it. Feb 27, 2014
cary f: to try i am new coustomer Feb 26, 2014
Dawn P: have used to great success, local nordstrom's has closed Feb 25, 2014
Victor P: used it before Feb 24, 2014
Jennifer K: My husband loves it! He's tried other shave creams since he ran out and has begged me to get him another tube! Feb 17, 2014
scott s: it is what I have used for years Feb 17, 2014
Sarah A: GREAT shaving cream. Feb 16, 2014
AJ U: Been using this product for almost 10 years. Feb 14, 2014
Brett M: Smooth shaving Feb 13, 2014
Sarah P: husband likes Feb 12, 2014
kyle m: Great product. Second favorite Kiehls product. Feb 11, 2014
David F: It's the best shaving cream I've used Feb 11, 2014
Jonathan K: This is the best shave cream I have ever used. Feb 10, 2014
Bryan U: Great product, smooth shave Feb 9, 2014
Maurice J: offers a great shave. Feb 9, 2014
Cristy D: captain america Feb 8, 2014
Janine D: He runs out of shaving cream the fastest. Feb 4, 2014
Robert B: Love this product. Feb 4, 2014
Michael G: good product, like karger size. Feb 2, 2014
SCOTT S: I picked this item because I've used it for over 20 years and it's the best shaving cream around, even when your blade is dull this makes it work. It's a shame all the other item I used to buy and love aren't being made any more I hope that doesn't happen to this item. Jan 31, 2014
Michael C: Have tried it out thanks to a friend and loved it Jan 31, 2014
Marc M: Great product that I already use. Almost out. Jan 30, 2014
Martha T: Love your products.. Jan 28, 2014
Thomas M: Been using this for over a year. I live in Minnesota so it's helps keep my face from drying. Jan 27, 2014
Julius I: I use this presently and have enjoyed it. Jan 26, 2014
Emina H: My husband loves this product. Jan 26, 2014
Frostalyn B: Husband loves this stuff Jan 22, 2014
Douglas R: Best I've ever used. Once you try this product you'll never use anything else. Jan 22, 2014
Francis C: I've used it for years. It gives me a smooth, close shave. Jan 21, 2014
James M: Works ok not easily cleaned from razor blade spend more time rinsing blade then actual shaving Jan 19, 2014
julio g: best shaving cream on the market Jan 18, 2014
JEFFREY S: Recommended on west coast shaving Jan 17, 2014
YSIDRO G: It feels great and leaves your face feeling smooth. Jan 16, 2014
Dean J: Gives me a close shave every time Jan 12, 2014
William M: used before - like how long it lasts and feel Jan 11, 2014
E V: My husband really likes the shave he gets with this cream. Jan 6, 2014
Larry M: Best shave product for the ultimate close,clean shave Jan 6, 2014
Elaine O: will try as a shave cream Jan 4, 2014
Robin M: Christmas gift for my husband and he loves it! Jan 4, 2014
Paul S: Purchased this in Miami Beach and love it. Jan 4, 2014
Tony N: This stuff is legit Jan 3, 2014
Kenneth S: Used previously. Great Product Jan 3, 2014
Casey D: recommendation of customer service Jan 2, 2014
Jason R: Great item, really helps with reducing razor burn. Jan 1, 2014
Scott K: just to try Jan 1, 2014
John W: Absolutely love shaving with this product! It is really fantastic Jan 1, 2014
SANDY D: My husband starts to panic if he gets low! Dec 31, 2013
Brandon M: Best shave creme on the market, close and comfortable shave, no perfume, easy to apply. Dec 31, 2013
Lawrence S: Great shave cream. Dec 31, 2013
David E: A close clean shave with no irritation. This stuff smells awesome. Dec 31, 2013
Danny D: Love the classic feel of a shave cream instead of foam. A little goes a long way & gives a very smooth shave. Dec 31, 2013
Michael F: travel size Dec 30, 2013
Robert G: Gives me a barber shop close shave. The best! Kiehls needs to make it in a small travel (under the 3.4 oz for airport security) so I don't have to transfer it to a small travel size tube on my own. Dec 30, 2013
Efrain V: I want to try it, cause I have sensitive skini Dec 29, 2013
Lee G: Best brushless shave cream. Evah! Dec 29, 2013
Robert P: Its the best and most overpriced shaving cream I have. Love it. Dec 28, 2013
THOMAS C: I use it all the time. It's the best Dec 28, 2013
Ken S: the best Dec 27, 2013
Brian V: Restocking Dec 27, 2013
Zlata M: my friend likes the product Dec 23, 2013
Katherine G: Husband loved it when I bought it for him before. Dec 22, 2013
Vickey D: Husband loves it. Dec 21, 2013
Jon M: Most comfortable shave ever. Dec 21, 2013
Christine C: Son's request Dec 21, 2013
Nathan M: Great stuff. Dec 20, 2013
Kate M: Best shave cream I've tried. Both my husband and use this for super smooth skin post shave...and my skin is incredibly sensitive. Dec 20, 2013
JOHN S: Great results! Little bit of cream goes a long way. Only shave cream on this face for the past 9 years! Dec 19, 2013
Mary C: Husband loves this. Dec 19, 2013
Gail C: Son requested for Christmas. This is the only shaving cream he uses. Dec 19, 2013
Garry S: Best I have found for a close shave without tearing up my skin. Dec 19, 2013
Elizabeth S: Great shaving cream Dec 18, 2013
sujin h: gift for my husband Dec 18, 2013
Lenore W: Both my husband and son absolutely love it! Dec 18, 2013
Linda H: liked it when I bought it in Virginia Dec 18, 2013
Terry E: The only shaving cream my husband uses. Dec 17, 2013
Mary Anne M: son in law uses this Dec 17, 2013
Kathleen C: my son wanted it Dec 17, 2013
Ann B: My husband loves this. Dec 17, 2013
Jackie H: Husband loves it. Dec 17, 2013
Matthew J: Use it everyday Dec 16, 2013
Meredith O: my husband loves it Dec 16, 2013
Samuel T: It's simply a great product Dec 16, 2013
Teresa B: wanted to give a new product as a Christmas surprise Dec 16, 2013
Rose J: I LOVE this. When I shave my legs I swear they are smooth for 2 days longer than anything else I have ever used! Dec 15, 2013
mariann c: my son-in-law loves it Dec 15, 2013
brian m: cause my wife told me to Dec 15, 2013
Karen M: Part of a great gift set Dec 15, 2013
Carrie S: reviews Dec 14, 2013
William T: Also used before and loved Dec 14, 2013
Lorraine I: Nice baby gift for new dad Dec 14, 2013
Michael K: Because it's AWESOME. Dec 14, 2013
Thomas S: travel size Dec 14, 2013
ida f: My son in law loves it. Dec 14, 2013
Amy D: Husband loves this! Dec 14, 2013
Ashley L: As a gift for my dad. Once on vacation, he found this shave cream and loved it. Dec 13, 2013
ronald r: Excellent product Dec 13, 2013
Douglas M: I use it now and love it. Dec 13, 2013
Debra L: Since my son raved about Kiehl's products, I thought I would buy this as a Christmas gift. Dec 13, 2013
Lauren H: my daughters boyfriend loves it Dec 12, 2013
Albert P: love it Dec 12, 2013
Nicholas C: smooth shaves Dec 11, 2013
karen c: no reason just trying it Dec 11, 2013
Edna W: It is my son's favorite!! Dec 11, 2013
Tracy d: My husband loves it! Dec 11, 2013
Nancy K: sounded wonderful and a good stocking stuffer Dec 11, 2013
Stacey H: this is the only shave cream my husband uses-and I love the way his skin feels after, smooth and soft. Dec 11, 2013
Joan V: very rich creamy feeling on face Dec 11, 2013
Stephanie R: REQUEST PERSONALLY BY SON Dec 11, 2013
Michael O: been using this product for 5 years Dec 10, 2013
William B: My son says it's the best shaving cream ever Dec 10, 2013
Rogelio H: Great on the skin. Been using it for years Dec 10, 2013
Jessica K: husband wanted to try it Dec 10, 2013
Eduard V: I am using this for a long time. I like it Dec 9, 2013
Sally R: It is my dear son-in-laws absolute favorite Dec 9, 2013
JoAnn M: recommended by friend Dec 9, 2013
Cherie M: Son-in-law requested this for stocking stuffer Dec 9, 2013
Daniel H: Does not irritate my skin Dec 9, 2013
lenny t: Have used this for years the best ever Dec 8, 2013
ralph g: this product give the best shaves on the planet Dec 8, 2013
Deirdre M: Husband's favorite Dec 8, 2013
Michael r: like Dec 8, 2013
Betsy D: I purchased this as a gift for a Kiehl's fan. Dec 8, 2013
Donna L. C: son has a thick beard Dec 8, 2013
Louis T: Need a smooth shave Dec 8, 2013
moira c: gift Dec 8, 2013
Suzanne F: my son in law loves this produce he is 30 Dec 7, 2013
Mary S: Son in law Love it Dec 7, 2013
John D: This is the only shaving cream I will ever use. Dec 6, 2013
victoria b: My husband loves this! Dec 6, 2013
Deborah M: Husband loves this! Dec 6, 2013
carole w: just picked something Dec 5, 2013
John K: good product Dec 5, 2013
Andrew K: its the shaving cream i have used for 30 years! wont change Dec 5, 2013
michelle l: my brother likes this Dec 5, 2013
Chris M: This is an amazing product. I have never experienced such a close and comfortable shave that this product provides. No need for after shave, no need to worry about razor burn or skin irritation. Dec 5, 2013
Mary M: My husband only uses this now he really likes it Dec 5, 2013
Barbara M: Gift Dec 4, 2013
Dennis A: Very smooth shaves. I use the tub-and-brush version, too, but, when I travel, this is almost as good. A great shave in a tube. Dec 4, 2013
Christal M: I want my husband to try this -- it sounds like a wonderful product. Dec 4, 2013
kathy p: My husband loves this; it's the only thing he'll shave with Dec 4, 2013
Duane S: Using this for 13 years. Could not live without it. Dec 4, 2013
Heidi B: its the only shaving cream my husband will use and he needs it for travel Dec 4, 2013
Dianne K: After using many different shaving creams, this one is the favorite for my husband. Dec 4, 2013
Robert N: Fantastic product Dec 4, 2013
Mayumi G: I wanted to see if my husband likes it more than what he uses right now Dec 4, 2013
Delia O: Husband is a fan. Dec 4, 2013
Shannon D: Teenaged boy approved! Dec 4, 2013
Nancy B: Christmas gift for a man who loves Kiehl's but has never tried this. Dec 4, 2013
Michael T: I love the camphor and menthol! Dec 4, 2013
Deborah W: This is a Christmas gift for someone who loves the product. Dec 4, 2013
Sally R: Good product. Dec 4, 2013
Harold B: use this regularly Dec 4, 2013
Al S: My husband likes this Dec 4, 2013
Brenda M: Christmas stocking stuffer for my sons. They love this product. Dec 4, 2013
Rory D: gift for my brother Dec 4, 2013
Beatrice M: Have not used yet. This is my first time purchasing this item. Dec 4, 2013
Geraldine W: My son loves this product. Dec 3, 2013
Dominic A O: I want to be uniformed with my facial products, from face wash to shaving cream to after shave. Dec 3, 2013
Carol G: because my husband shaves his neck frequently to maintain beard and it always has ingrown hairs and itchiness. Dec 3, 2013
Donna C: for husband and oldest son Dec 3, 2013
Jo Ann C: Boyfriend loves this, I get him one every year for his stocking Dec 3, 2013
Travis L: My Dad loves! Dec 3, 2013
Jesus R: This is awesome for sensitive skin. I experience razor burn with any other shaving cream, foam, gel or cream. Not with White Eagle! Dec 3, 2013
Gahl B: Looking for something to help soothe shaving-time. Dec 3, 2013
Cindy P: son-in-law loves it Dec 3, 2013
Liz M: Christmas gift for husband Dec 3, 2013
Nanda E: husband loves it! Dec 3, 2013
William B: Have been using this shave product for 17 years. Haven't gotten tired of it yet. Great shave every time. Dec 2, 2013
TODD F: used in the past; love the product Dec 2, 2013
Anna S: My husband likes and uses this shaving cream Dec 2, 2013
Olivier C: Fantastic on my skin when I shave. Have been having a smooth gentle shave. Note that you do not need to use a lot either. Dec 2, 2013
Frances L: The best Dec 2, 2013
alison d: had good reviews Dec 2, 2013
rob w: can't imagine shaving with anything else! Dec 2, 2013
Linda R: My husband's favorite - great stocking stuffer for traveler... Dec 2, 2013
carrye n: husband requested Dec 2, 2013
Lupe H: A great gift every year for my son Dec 2, 2013
Esther L: My husband's favorite shave cream. Mine too, actually. Dec 1, 2013
Roseann S: not for me Dec 1, 2013
Jennifer C: Christmas present for my husband Dec 1, 2013
Lynn Ann O: Hubby says it's the bomb! Dec 1, 2013
Bary K: It feels great on the face and does a wonderful job. Dec 1, 2013
Xinh S: New product to try Dec 1, 2013
Mark M: This is the best shaving cream I have ever used. Able to achieve a close shave with no dryness. Dec 1, 2013
Daniel H: Best shave cream I know!! Nov 30, 2013
Wenjue D: for my boyfriend! always nice to get him stuff that smells good Nov 30, 2013
Abdollah K: I think if it be good, I may try it again Nov 30, 2013
Geri W: My husband's absolute favorite for the past 4 years. Nov 29, 2013
Ray H: Use all the time Nov 29, 2013
Emily S: I've read the review online and they say this works really good so i'd like to buy this for my boyfriend Nov 28, 2013
DAVID A: I use this daily. Best shaving cream out there! Nov 28, 2013
Gretchen G: Looked like a great product for my husband Nov 28, 2013
Amy D: Mu husband loves this shaving cream Nov 28, 2013
Jennifer B: My husband LOVES this stuff!!! Nov 28, 2013
Thad H: I like the way it feels as I put it on and after I'm done shaving. Nov 27, 2013
Todd W: I've run out and need more. Nov 27, 2013
Veronica D: Husband's favorite! Nov 27, 2013
Oscar G: I use it Nov 27, 2013
Jonathan H: use the Facial fuel wanted to give this a try Nov 26, 2013
David D: love it ... it's my standard. Nov 26, 2013
Judith A: Son in law uses this product Nov 25, 2013
William R: Better than any "foam" shaving cream I ever used. Lasts a long time. My blade glides over skin for close shave. Nov 25, 2013
James B: Works everytime, easy, smooth and no irritation. Nov 25, 2013
guy d: f Nov 25, 2013
Paula W: Husband loves it Nov 24, 2013
yik muk l: i bought this for my boyfriend, he said this is very good, after he used this, he feels his skin is smoothly, it is difference that others shave products which he used before. it is a good choice of gift for boyfriend :) Nov 24, 2013
Leonard C: Excellent for shaving close Nov 22, 2013
Joey S: I love the product! Nov 22, 2013
Xuzhang S: helpful to me Nov 22, 2013
Melissa W: Husbands favorite Nov 22, 2013
Kevin M: Best shaving cream ever Nov 21, 2013
kim c n: great product Nov 21, 2013
Belisario G: dd Nov 21, 2013
Kathleen C: as a gift Nov 21, 2013
MaryAnn D: thought my husband would like Nov 21, 2013
Kara R: Men love it! Nov 20, 2013
Christopher L: Very skeptical about this product at first. Seemed too heavy - like putting on Noxzema. But I used it for awhile and found that I had fewer nicks and cuts and less acne. Nov 20, 2013
Greg F: Have used for 5 yrs or so.....Best Shaving Cream Ever. A little goes a long way Nov 20, 2013
Paul Z: long time user Nov 18, 2013
ANDREA S: My boyfriend loves it. Nov 18, 2013
Sharon T: My son-in-law's favorite! Nov 18, 2013
Rubin C: re-order highly satisfied Nov 18, 2013
Jared C: May purchase it in the future. Nov 17, 2013
Alyssa C: refill for my significant other Nov 17, 2013
Jennifer S: My husband loves it Nov 17, 2013
Jon Oddvar K: Have been using shaving gel previously, want to switch over to a shaving cream, and this seems like a good place to start, Nov 17, 2013
Stephen C: Just to experiment - curious about the ingredients and feel Nov 17, 2013
Andrew G: excellent Nov 17, 2013
Karen J: This is my husband's favorite shaving cream. He likes the rich texture as well as the scent. Nov 16, 2013
Michael P: Just wanted to try it. Nov 16, 2013
David W: Best shave you can get...a little pricey but well worth it! Nov 16, 2013
Kyul Y: for travel. Nov 15, 2013
Lynda L: gift for a guy I know Nov 15, 2013
Julianna Y: Gift for my brother-inlaw. Nov 15, 2013
Diane S: It's my boyfriend's favorite shave cream, I get it for him every year for Christmas. Nov 15, 2013
David L: used it for years Nov 15, 2013
Alex C: This is just great stuff, My shaves are so close and my skin feels great after using this product. Nov 15, 2013
SHERRY T: I used to buy the tub of shaving creme, which I guess is no longer offered. So now I buy this for my husband. He loves it! Nov 15, 2013
Don A: Excellent product. No nicks or cuts. Nov 15, 2013
Marjorie M: Gift for Christmas Nov 15, 2013
Eduardo G: I liked very much the BLUE EAGLE and want to try this one Nov 14, 2013
Tyre D: Best product! Nov 14, 2013
Teena Z: gift for son Nov 13, 2013
Kinga Z: My husband asked for it. Nov 12, 2013
cindy m: Only shave cream that doesn't make me break out Nov 12, 2013
Raymond V: This is the best shave cream I have ever used. Nov 11, 2013
serena s: regular user Nov 8, 2013
Andrew M: It's the only shave cream that I use. If you have light facial hair growth, the 2.5 ounce tube should last you about a year! Nov 7, 2013
Dina W: He loves it! Nov 6, 2013
Joseph F: excellent smooth shave with no chafing Nov 5, 2013
Sharmaine P: husband loves it Nov 5, 2013
David S: Best shaving cream in the market. Nov 4, 2013
michael m: best shave Nov 3, 2013
Britton M: Smooth shaving Nov 3, 2013
Karen F: Gives a great shave! Gentle on the face!
A Christmas gift for my son-in-law.
Nov 2, 2013
Brendan R: I've been using close shavers since I was 20 years old. I couldn't imagine shaving with anything else. Oct 30, 2013
John G: Best shave cream ever! Oct 29, 2013
RENE M: Works well and smells great- smells like a good greek yogurt. Oct 28, 2013
edward B: experimenting with shaving creams. This was excellent Oct 28, 2013
Patricia C: Performance Oct 27, 2013
Kenneth L: using 40 years since med school in manhattan great product!!!! Oct 26, 2013
Robert Gary W: Like very much, have been using for years, smooth gently shaving. Oct 26, 2013
J Rodney S: good stuff Oct 25, 2013
Daniel C: Does a great job. Oct 24, 2013
Stephen F: I have to shave so I might as well do it right. Oct 23, 2013
Richard E: great stuff...really like it Oct 22, 2013
David E: It's the only shaving cream I use! Oct 21, 2013
Richard V: currently using Oct 20, 2013
David Z: I have sensitive skin and a coarse beard. I have used this for years and swear by it. Oct 20, 2013
jazz s: works great Oct 17, 2013
Alicia G: Birthday gift for my husband Oct 16, 2013
Howard B: Love the product. Oct 14, 2013
Charles S: This is the best shaving cream I've ever used. Small amount=super smooth shave. Oct 7, 2013
David M: Been using this since I was 14. Only shaving cream I will use. Oct 3, 2013
John S: The best shaving cream ever! I have tried them all. Oct 2, 2013
John D: Used in the past. Makes for an excellent shave. Sep 30, 2013
Jose P: Best shaving cream I know. Sep 30, 2013
Phillip H: this is the best shave cream. Sep 30, 2013
Robert D: I have used this and liked it Sep 30, 2013
Burinrutt T: try Sep 29, 2013
Kip S: This works great for shaving my face & my head which I do every other day. I like the fact that it's not greasy or oily and doesn't evaporate quickly. Sep 29, 2013
Thomas M: I use it regularly Sep 29, 2013
Len B: Just need to try it. Sep 28, 2013
Max H: The best shaving cream around Sep 27, 2013
Aimee D: my husband loves it Sep 27, 2013
Robert K: Great shave cream in travel size Sep 26, 2013
Jim M: I've used it before . It is great Sep 26, 2013
Peter B: I like the way it makes my face feel, and it allows for a very close shave. Sep 26, 2013
Robert M: Excellent shave cream -- the only one I use. Sep 26, 2013
Andrew L: love it Sep 26, 2013
Frederick Z: Used previously Sep 25, 2013
Alexandra S: Husband loves this for shaving. Doesn't irritate skin and light fresh smell that doesn't stick around Sep 25, 2013
Wendy H: My husband loves this product. We have one for the house and one for travel at all times. Sep 24, 2013
Roberta R: Only shaving cream my husband will use Sep 24, 2013
Robert T: A great, smooth shave. Sep 23, 2013
Daniel B: needed a travel size Sep 23, 2013
girish d: best shave cream Sep 22, 2013
Rohan S: Best shaving cream I have ever used Sep 21, 2013
Michael D: Been using it for over a decade. Swear by it Sep 21, 2013
Mark B: Travel size for the TSA Sep 20, 2013
Michael M: Kiehl's White Eagle shave cream is the best. Sep 20, 2013
Jason K: Awesome - close, clean, invigorating! Sep 20, 2013
Robert B: For a more comfortable, soothing shave. Sep 19, 2013
Michael G: love it Sep 19, 2013
David C. S: product and size Sep 17, 2013
Jonty F: Best shave ever with this cream Sep 15, 2013
Joanna S: My husband shaves his head and it's the ONLY product he'll use. Nicks and ingrown hairs are almost nonexistent with this creme. Sep 12, 2013
Prashant S: Best shave cream on the planet Sep 11, 2013
Pete H: works great and makes for a good shave every time Sep 10, 2013
Justin S: Provides a surface with a perfect shave with a menthol feel Sep 7, 2013
Vahan A: i like it Sep 6, 2013
Emilio M: this is the best shave cream i have ever used. Sep 5, 2013
JUNE C: husband likes it Sep 2, 2013
JOHN W: Amazing product, close shave and really cleared my skin Sep 1, 2013
Robert E: I've used it for years and I like it Aug 27, 2013
Ryan S: Just wanted to try a fun shaving cream. See if it really makes a diff. Aug 26, 2013
Peter V: My staple. Only wish you still made Green Eagle, which I preferred and used for decades. Aug 20, 2013
Brian T: It's awesome Aug 20, 2013
John C: for travel Aug 19, 2013
Walter T: first time user, I do not have any comments. I will see it if works for me or not! Aug 18, 2013
Greg G: I use and like this product Aug 18, 2013
Michael S: FEELS GOOD ON THE FACE!!!!!!! Aug 18, 2013
Kelly B: This is the best shave product i have found. Using a very light application it does not clog ones razor and it leaves the skin refreshed and clean. Aug 17, 2013
Benjamin B: Tried it in the sampler pack Aug 15, 2013
Ross C: LOVE your shaving cream. Aug 15, 2013
Elizabeth W: Husband uses this size for travel. Swears by it. Aug 15, 2013
Johnny P: Smooth shave, makes skin feel soft and has moisture Aug 12, 2013
Maxwell R: I like shaving with it Aug 12, 2013
Debbi S: I have used this product on my legs for about 6-7 years or more - won't use anything else! Smoothest shave EVER! Aug 10, 2013
John D: Best shave cream ever. Gives me the closest shave i have ever had and NO razor bumps! Also love the menthol cooling finish. Aug 10, 2013
John P: Best shaving cream ever! Aug 7, 2013
Randall W: I have used Kiehl's shaving products for years. The shaving cream helps provide a very close shave. I highly recommend. Aug 7, 2013
Scott L: Best shaving product I have ever used. Aug 6, 2013
Mikael S: Best shave ever! Aug 6, 2013
Matthew P: Greatest Shaving Cream Aug 5, 2013
John B: Wanted to compare it to what I was using. Aug 2, 2013
Kevin D: Best shave that I've ever had. Aug 1, 2013
Thom S: I have used this for years and would not use anything else Aug 1, 2013
Greg L: The Best shave ever Aug 1, 2013
Daniel F: Good product. Second attempt to get a replenishment subscription. Aug 1, 2013
Tamar S: this is the only shaving cream my husband will use Aug 1, 2013
Michelle P: Makes hubs wiskers stand up for a closer shave! Aug 1, 2013
Robert B: Been using it since 1982 when the "old man" sold it to me in the third ave store!!! Jul 31, 2013
Cheikh Mounir D: Best shaving cream on the market for sensitive skin Jul 30, 2013
Ajay A: gifts for groomsmen Jul 30, 2013
Callie B: Birthday gift for my boyfriend Jul 29, 2013
kirk o: I don't know how, but it works. I am trying to re-think my shaving process and this product works very well. Jul 28, 2013
Matthew B: To see how close of a shave I can get. Also, to see if it is better than my current shaving gel Jul 27, 2013
Brad H: Outstanding shaving cream, and have finally found the product I will always use when I travel for business! Jul 27, 2013
pam s: The best saving cream i have ever used. The menthol and camphor is soothng.

One 5oz tube lasts me about 3 months which means its not only the best save cream but most affordable also.

You owe it to your face to just give it a try.
Jul 21, 2013
Larry K: I sampled it Jul 21, 2013
erika r: never tried it - it's for my husband. he's always looking for good quality cream-style shaving products that don't clog his razor or leave him feeling raw. Jul 19, 2013
Mike M: The best product for the best shave. Jul 18, 2013
Carrie G: husband uses this product and likes it better than any other shave cream he has tried Jul 17, 2013
Paul A: Received as a gift and found that it provided a better shave than the shaving cream that I using. Jul 15, 2013
Lynn H: My husband raves about this product!
It is the closest shave he has ever had.
Jul 15, 2013
Becky T: My husband loves it! Jul 15, 2013
Lee K: best product I have ever used for shaving. Jul 8, 2013
Karen S: gift for my husband and to get to $50 Jul 4, 2013
raymond w: long time user Jul 2, 2013
Armand G: Husband loves it...do not know why! Jun 30, 2013
Joe V: Have used the product for several years and I'am very satisfied with the product. Jun 27, 2013
Brian M: This is my absolute favorite shave lotion. I gave up on standard gel/foam shaving cream years ago when I was introduced to this cream. Jun 27, 2013
Pamela L: Husband always uses this Jun 26, 2013
Yayoi R: my husband says this is the best shaving cream when he uses a razor. Jun 22, 2013
Milton J: Used it before and it works great. Jun 18, 2013
Alicia G: Husband loves it! Jun 18, 2013
Robert C: the best shaving cream Jun 17, 2013
Darren P: going to try it Jun 17, 2013
James B: I have been using this product for five years and am very satisfied with it. Jun 17, 2013
Melissa B: It soothes my face Jun 17, 2013
Marc P: An essential while traveling. Jun 17, 2013
Gaspar V: I was talking to my coworker regard about shaving. I have to shave five times a week I had use all type of shaving cream They just don't work my face is very sensitive. He told me this shave cream will work It will numb your face. I'm trying it for the first time. Jun 17, 2013
Andre J: The best shaving cream ever! I've been using it for 20 years! Jun 17, 2013
steven w: I have tried dozens of shaving products, this is the best on the market. Period. Jun 17, 2013
Kevin M: Good value Jun 17, 2013
David D: needed an extra for my travel kit. Jun 16, 2013
Yoori K: For my husband Jun 16, 2013
Steven T: This best shave cream I've ever used Jun 16, 2013
Ilan A: The best shaving cream! Jun 14, 2013
Mark M: Have used it for several years. Jun 14, 2013
THOMAS J: Need for periodic razor shave. Normally use
electric razor.
Jun 14, 2013
Harry H: I like this product Jun 14, 2013
richard r: been using it for years Jun 13, 2013
John G: Really impressed Jun 13, 2013
Brian F: I've used Kiehl's shave cream for 15 years, would never use anything else, seriously can't live without it! Jun 13, 2013
Holland B: I think I gave this to someone before and they liked it Jun 11, 2013
A Kirk G: Excellent product! Best shaving cream I have ever used. Jun 10, 2013
Richard P: I've had great results with this product. Going back to regular shaving creme is just not an option. Jun 7, 2013
Kirk B: Word on the street it is hands down the best, especially for sensitive skin. Jun 5, 2013
Joseph D: Best there is period Jun 5, 2013
Carl G: I tried this as an alternative to another product. Works really well. May 31, 2013
JOSHUA M: Cut free shave! May 30, 2013
Tinos D: Best shaving cream. May 29, 2013
Christopher B: Best shaving cream I have ever used. I get a close shave every time with no iritation. May 29, 2013
Newton C: The best shaving cream I have ever used May 28, 2013
brendan b: have used for years and is excellent May 27, 2013
adel E: the best I've ever used. May 25, 2013
Michael C: Have been using this for the last 5 years.
It is simply the BEST
May 23, 2013
Jared M: I LOVED the sample! May 19, 2013
yvonne w: buy it as a gift May 14, 2013
Sam K: best shaving cream EVER May 12, 2013
Kyle G: I like using more natural shave products because they feel better and keep my skin looking better too. May 10, 2013
Jack E: I use it every day - smooth shave for sensitive skin May 8, 2013
Kevin R: Best Shave Cream I've ever used!! May 6, 2013
Charles B: the best shave cream outside a barber shop May 2, 2013
Daniel L: My Favorite Shaving Cream. It's a gift for a friend May 1, 2013
Aaron B: I chose this product because it is the most effective thing on the market that makes a drastic reduction of razor bumps. I also use the face wash, face moisturizer and scrub. Apr 30, 2013
Michael F: It is the silkiest and smoothest shave ever! Apr 29, 2013
Salman M: amazing! Clean and perfect! Apr 28, 2013
William T: I've used this product for a month and I really love it! Apr 22, 2013
Harvey F: Best, easiest shave ever. Never nick myself with this product. Apr 20, 2013
NANCY L: Wanted to have my husband try and also like the tube for ease in traveling. Apr 17, 2013
Randal M: I want to try this over my art of shaving unscented cream Apr 15, 2013
Kyle S: Tried it and helped stop my razor burn. Apr 10, 2013
Joe B: Best brushless shave cream I've ever used. It works with cold water, warm water, in the shower or on the trail. I shave seven days a week... and this does the trick each time. Apr 10, 2013
Rich Y: Been using it for years. Love the product. Apr 8, 2013
Benjamin B: Great daily shave cream, really helps with irritation. Apr 7, 2013
Alexandre M: best shaving cream ever! Apr 6, 2013
Stephen S: I have been using this product for over 15 years and it provides the best shave ever. Apr 4, 2013
Curt S: I get the closest shaves ever with this product. Takes a little getting used to, but you'll like it. Apr 4, 2013
Evan H: try something new Apr 1, 2013
David R: Love the smoothness of my skin after shaving with White Eagle. Mar 29, 2013
Scott P: Someone gave me some of this and it is a little more difficult to use but it's the best shave I have found yet! Mar 21, 2013
Stephen J: I have never had a more satisfying shave Mar 21, 2013
Henry M: i like the product Mar 21, 2013
Brian V: will try this based upon recommendations Mar 19, 2013
Scott W: reviews; plus I really like the Facial Fuel Scrub Mar 19, 2013
Clarence D H: Received as a gift for Christmas. I'm hooked Mar 19, 2013
William S: used it forever...love it Mar 16, 2013
Airess C: My husband loves this shaving cream!! Mar 16, 2013
Andrew G: Provides a better shield and more consistent protection against a razor. All the gels and creams in the stores end up a foam that doesn't do much of anything. Mar 16, 2013
Louis P: use it for travel....works great Mar 15, 2013
Noelle B: Customer positive review Mar 15, 2013
pamela a: wanted to try it Mar 15, 2013
lisa l: great for travel and a great product Feb 19, 2013
lisa l: convenient to use and great product. love the smell Feb 19, 2013
lisa l: great for in the shower shaving - great smell Feb 19, 2013
Chuck V: I like the other Facial Fuel items I've used. I have used the moisturizer Feb 19, 2013
Richard S: Best shave cream I have used Feb 17, 2013
san m: Good for my skin and good for travel. Feb 17, 2013
Manuel R: Amazing product. It does everything a shaving cream should do. Feb 17, 2013
Janet M: husband loves it Feb 16, 2013
Jacob V: This is really the only shave lotion i have used for about 10 yrs. You don't need much. It feels tingly and great and rinses with minimal fragrance. Feb 14, 2013
James M: Only shaving product I use Feb 14, 2013
John B: Great stuff. Feb 14, 2013
Deborah C: sounded great Feb 10, 2013
Jack Y: good reviews Feb 9, 2013
Clayton M: Tried others and have always come back to this! Feb 7, 2013
Mary V: Everything else makes the hubby's face break out. Feb 6, 2013
david b: great item would buy agin Feb 4, 2013
Eileen S: partner LOVED sample! Feb 4, 2013
Philip B: I am 59 years old and still looking for the best shave lotion. I currently use an oil that I buy from the health store that I have used for years and for now it is the best I can find that will not dry out my face. Jan 30, 2013
Marc G: use this as my regular shave creme.... Jan 30, 2013
Cindy G: Husband says its the best shave cream Jan 29, 2013
Theresa M: Great product for his skin type Jan 28, 2013
Marilyn G: Deciding which cream is best for husband's face. Jan 28, 2013
Mark Z: Trying new shave cream to prevent ingrown hairs. Jan 26, 2013
Natalie C: My son uses it. Jan 25, 2013
Ferdinand S: A friend gave me a gift and I enjoy using it Jan 21, 2013
Shelley U: My husband loves this ... he doesn't like aersole shaving creams. And this cream leaves his skin very soft. Jan 20, 2013
Nathan G: Prior Experience, Love it! Jan 20, 2013
Tom C: been using it for awhile Jan 18, 2013
Juan J C: Have used it for years and would have no other. Jan 14, 2013
Dean C: Use it every day Jan 13, 2013
Jon L: I use this daily I love it. It also lasts forever. Jan 13, 2013
PATRICK O: my favorite shave cream Jan 12, 2013
Ella B: my husband loves it Jan 10, 2013
Daniel F: Want to try it Jan 8, 2013
David L: friend recommended Jan 7, 2013
marsha k: close shave on heavy beard worth the extra money. plus makes razor blaDES LAst longer Jan 6, 2013
Leslie K: hoping it provides a smooth painfree shave for my husband Jan 3, 2013
Peter N: Best shaving cream I've ever used. Jan 1, 2013
Susan S: My husband says this gives a good close shave and no irritation! Dec 31, 2012
Gary G: I have been using this product for 15 years - nuff said. Dec 31, 2012
Jeri B: My husband has used it for years and likes it very much. Dec 31, 2012
Brian D: I've used in the past and like it Dec 31, 2012
Brandi P: For my Dad to try. Dec 31, 2012
Lisa C: My husband loves this shave creme, no cuts ever!!! leaves his skin very soft.
Been a user for many years
Dec 30, 2012
Anthony C: My friend recommended it. Dec 30, 2012
stacey k: just try Dec 30, 2012
Ryan I: The best there is Dec 29, 2012
Kristen R: love a hubby Dec 29, 2012
marcia p: bought the travel kit as a gift. husband loved product. Dec 29, 2012
Gary G: different product from Blue Eagle -eant to try Dec 29, 2012
Laurie D: gift son loves it Dec 29, 2012
Mary G: My son enjoys this product. Dec 28, 2012
Charles E: Great Product Dec 28, 2012
Chuck S: been using for 30 years Dec 28, 2012
Peter C: same. Dec 28, 2012
Larry R: great for a comfortable shave Dec 27, 2012
Allyn H: bought it in the airport when forgot shaving cream. LOVED IT. will BUY IT FOREVER. Dec 26, 2012
Luis A: My friend uses it and Ive heard great things about it. Dec 26, 2012
Peter L: A little goes a long way. Lasts forever, and gives you a really close shave. Dec 26, 2012
Andre M: 15 years of using this, the best and smoothest shaves Dec 25, 2012
Charles M: Used for 3 years. The best ever, superior to gels. Doesn't take much for a great shave. Dec 25, 2012
Robert F: Close, close shave Dec 24, 2012
Adam D: Looking for perfect shave cream. Dec 23, 2012
Michael M: I have been using Kiehl's shaving cream for 2.5 years now. It is by far the best shaving cream on the market for 2 very simple reasons: 8oz's lasts close to a year and it provides a skin awakening zest!!! Highly recommended!!! Dec 22, 2012
Richard J: Satisfied customer Dec 21, 2012
Kelvin C: I would not shave with any othe cream. Dec 21, 2012
Lee H: used this before and love it Dec 20, 2012
amanda a: husbands favorite Dec 19, 2012
Johnna P: Smells Great!!! My husband has ingrown hairs and sensitive skin-this is a splurge for him but HE LOVES IT and he's worth it!!! Dec 19, 2012
karen r: Never tried this but needed a great shave cream. Dec 19, 2012
Ken P: best shaving cream around Dec 18, 2012
Matthew T: my regular stuff Dec 18, 2012
Ryan W: like to splurge once in a while Dec 18, 2012
Chester W: Started using years ago and have no reason to switch.....great product Dec 17, 2012
john d: Never a problems and it is travel sized! Dec 17, 2012
melissa p: the guy i'm dating said that this stuff is so good but that he never buys for himself. So i thought would be great gift Dec 17, 2012
rich r: My former supplier CO Bigelow is no more and you have a good reputation. Dec 17, 2012
Jennifer L: xmas present for husband Dec 17, 2012
Beth P: My husband loves this! Dec 17, 2012
Steve T: Best product on the market Dec 16, 2012
sandy r: This is what he loves Dec 15, 2012
sandy r: Chose for travel Dec 15, 2012
DANIEL H: I really makes shaving smooth and comfortable Dec 15, 2012
todd c: first try Dec 15, 2012
Robert W: Best on Market Dec 15, 2012
James W: My son always uses there Dec 14, 2012
Elizabeth I: My brother loves it. Dec 14, 2012
Sarah R: expert picks Dec 13, 2012
Christopher D: The best shave ever.. Dec 13, 2012
Beth B: awesome Dec 13, 2012
Matthew W: Best shaving cream in the world! Dec 13, 2012
Rosemarie S: My husband's favorite. Dec 12, 2012
Tamara R: Husband likes Dec 12, 2012
Todd B: I use this all the time. Best shaving cream ever!!! Dec 12, 2012
Todd B: I use this all the time. Best shaving cream ever!!! Dec 12, 2012
Jaime K: small bottle for travel, large for home Dec 11, 2012
Jason H: Great product. Provides the closest thing to a barbershop shave. Dec 11, 2012
Juliet K: bought for son based on good reviews Dec 11, 2012
Rosemary D: My twin sons have a tough beard and happen to shave their heads. A Christmas gift for them to try out. Dec 11, 2012
Lacey C: As a gift for a guy. Dec 10, 2012
Claudia F: My son uses and loves these products. Makes for a great Christmas gift. Dec 10, 2012
Ilana G: Good Product Dec 10, 2012
Lawrence W: great shaving cream, best I have used Dec 9, 2012
Peter G: It is the best shaving cream I have ever used! Dec 9, 2012
Charles P: This is the only shaving cream I use (for years and years now) -- I love everything about it: it gives a great, close shave, there's no irritation at all (leaves skin better off), and it smells great. Dec 9, 2012
Mary L: Gift requested by son-in-law Dec 9, 2012
Glen H: a favorite and staple! Dec 8, 2012
Chris C: currently using product. I am running out. Dec 8, 2012
Amy R: This is my husbands "go-to" shave cream. Perfect stocking stuffer. Dec 7, 2012
Paul C: This is one of the best shaving creams I have ever used. I have used it for years and recently I ran out of it and tried something else, but it pailed in comparison to this cream. Dec 7, 2012
Louis H: Used to use it, liked it but didn't love it well enough to keep using it. Moved to cheaper alternative.
But giving to friend to see if he likes it.
Dec 6, 2012
Sally U: husband christmas present Dec 6, 2012
John A: Previous positive experience with this product Dec 5, 2012
Richard C: Best shave cream I have ever used. Dec 5, 2012
alice h: Good travel size Dec 5, 2012
laura b: husband loves it Dec 5, 2012
Alan G: the best - used for years Dec 5, 2012
Joanne D: gift Dec 5, 2012
Ashley M: sounded like a fun gift to throw in dad's stocking. Dec 5, 2012
Daryl D: I've used a lot of different shaving creams over the years including Art of Shaving, Trumpers, etc... This is by far the best! Dec 4, 2012
Raegan M: great reviews Dec 4, 2012
Trevor C: Been using it for years and it's the best solution for women making us shave. Dec 3, 2012
Laurie Z: My son had it on his Christmas list. Dec 3, 2012
Margaret S: christmas presents Dec 2, 2012
Maryjo L: My husband swears it takes the bumps away and smoothes his face. Dec 2, 2012
Susan C: This was asked for Dec 2, 2012
Elizabeth C: My husband loves this product and will not use any other shaving creme. Dec 2, 2012
Bobbi R: Brother-in-law loves it. Christmas gift. Dec 2, 2012
Jacqueline G: Sounded great and wonderful reviews by your customers great stocking stuffer Dec 2, 2012
Margaret S: son uses it and thought I would have husband try it Nov 30, 2012
Charles P: This product is the best shaving cream on the market. Nov 30, 2012
Lisa O: I am a girl who uses men's saving cream on her legs... will never go back to shower gel!! Nov 29, 2012
Jim B: best shaving cream I've ever used Nov 29, 2012
JONATHAN W: Favorite shaving cream Nov 25, 2012
William D: Excellent travel cream Nov 25, 2012
Tricia C: Gift for my brother..he loves it! Nov 24, 2012
Chantell D: Purchased as a gift for my husband's friend since my husband loved it so much! Nov 24, 2012
Chantell D: Husband received as Christmas Gift from brother last year and he loved it - it lasted him all year!! :) Nov 24, 2012
Diane S: My boyfriend loves it! Nov 24, 2012
Bernadette G: husband uses all the time Nov 24, 2012
Krista P: Boyfriend has irritation after shaving. Nov 23, 2012
TUCKER S: i just wanted to try it. Nov 21, 2012
Ansley J: i have heard great reviews Nov 20, 2012
John C: best shaving product I have ever used Nov 19, 2012
Thomas M: Love the product. Buy it often but can only find tubes locally and not the jar. Nov 19, 2012
Ainslie R: Husband's favorite product, stocking stuffer Nov 19, 2012
Paul B: menthol Nov 19, 2012
Karen R: I gave it to my husband for Christmas two years ago and he loves it. I finally decided this year to sign up for auto-delivery so he never runs out of it again. Nov 19, 2012
Eric M: This has become my favorite shaving cream since the demise of Aramis Lab Series shaving cream. The company that bought Lab Series out makes an inferior product now although the price remains high. Nov 19, 2012
Helen N: to put in the stocking of a traveler..thanks, SANTA Nov 19, 2012
Richard R: Best shave ever no obnoxious smell. Nov 18, 2012
thomas c: gives a great close shave Nov 16, 2012
John H: makes my face feel soft as a baby's bottom Nov 15, 2012
John W: I'm a highly satisfied repeat customer Nov 15, 2012
John A: Better shave than other products Oct 28, 2012
Larry D: I have used White Eagle for years. It works great. Makes my razor glide right through my beard. Also, the jar proves its value since a little goes a long way. Oct 24, 2012
Jayne K: This is good for traveling! Oct 22, 2012
Ross K: i use it and Its really good Oct 18, 2012
Shannon H: favorite product Oct 17, 2012
Bernice H: One son uses it and another one in another state wants to try it... Oct 16, 2012
Brian R: I like a close shave. My wife likes my close shave too. Oct 14, 2012
Joe A: My first order, I think this is what I want. Oct 14, 2012
Fred W: Always use Oct 14, 2012
Fred W: Always use. Oct 14, 2012
Lynn W: My sons gave this product to my husband several years ago to try. He has used it ever since and loves it. Oct 14, 2012
Scott V: Amazing shave cream that causes little or no irritation Oct 13, 2012
George M: loyal Kiehl's customer, wanting to try something new and anti-aging Oct 12, 2012
Juan J C: Been using it for years & completely satisfied with this product. Oct 10, 2012
Bruce S: Works well and is easy to pack and acceptable for carry on when flying Oct 8, 2012
Steven C: only shaving cream I use. I've been using it for years. Oct 3, 2012
Janet M: My husband loves it. I buy jar for home and tube for travel Oct 2, 2012
Sandra H: my husband's favorite Sep 30, 2012
Matthew S: I've used this shave cream for a couple of years now and it is easily the best, smoothest shave I have ever had. I have a thick, tough beard that used to leave a "Homer Simpson" type five o'clock shadow all day, but not anymore! Sep 28, 2012
Patricia A V: Christmas stocking gifts. Has great reviews, so thought I'd give it a try for my husband, brother, and son-in-law. Sep 26, 2012
Brenton S: it is the best there is. Sep 25, 2012
Ana H: User reviews Sep 24, 2012
MICHAEL R: Only shaving lotion I'll use. . . yes I'm picky and I'm worth it. Sep 24, 2012
tony f: i like the close shave Sep 24, 2012
Daniel B: One of the best shave creams I've ever used. Sep 24, 2012
Randy V: Good stuff! Sep 24, 2012
Justin P: My skin is very sensitive and can easily get razor bumps and burns after shaving. Sep 24, 2012
Donald B: I've been using the White Eagle Shave Creme for years. I won't use anything else because there is nothing better. It's a smooth, moisturizing shave creme that protects my skin and gives me a close shave. Sep 24, 2012
John H: I bought my first tube of this item while on vacation in NYC (lower east side store) and loved it from day one. I used to be a $1.89 Barbasol man but really enjoy this little bit of pampering. My daughters bought me the 8 oz jar for Xmas and its almost time for another. Sep 24, 2012
Ourian S: Highly recommended Sep 24, 2012
john j t: i like it Sep 24, 2012
Joseph G: because I am super dirty Sep 24, 2012
John B: It is the best cream I've ever used Sep 24, 2012
Jessica C: My husband always uses this shaving cream. He has sensitive skin and this helps to minimize breakouts. Sep 24, 2012
Khoury A: Soothes skin while shaving! Sep 23, 2012
Bruce F: Wanted to try this one. I usually get the regular one. Sep 23, 2012
Susan S: My husband has been using this for years. He likes the close shave it gives. His face is really smooth! Sep 23, 2012
Paul E: best shave cream I'e found Sep 23, 2012
Claudia L: My husband likes using the product. He needs to take care of his face. And shaving is likely the only time he will do it. Sep 23, 2012
Jeanne S: My husband told me this cream gives him the best shave he has ever had. And, that's almost 60 years of shaving so Kiehl's must be doing something right. Sep 22, 2012
Susan M: Only need a small amount and gives a smooth shave Sep 22, 2012
Aaron P: Have used it and liked it. Sep 22, 2012
Gus O: The best shave cream and the only one I will use of any brand. Doesn't dry your face like some soap type creams or foams. The tube is best for use in the shower so it won't fill with water like a jar. Sep 22, 2012
Kevin P: Provides a smooth shave everytime. Sep 22, 2012
Peter L: Works great. Close shave, smooth skin. Sep 22, 2012
ana c w: husband Sep 21, 2012
David A: Best shave cream I've tried yet. Better than Zirh gel. Haven't compared to Zirh cream. Sep 19, 2012
Gary B: Best shave cream I have ever used Sep 19, 2012
Michael P: its my favorite Sep 19, 2012
Jason R: This is the best shaving cream I have ever used!!! Sep 19, 2012
Merrill J: Excellent shaving cream. Sep 19, 2012
alba m: I like the reviews , and I want to try for my love Sep 19, 2012
beth l: For my husband who has a hard time finding a good shaving product. Sep 19, 2012
timothy g: like the blue trying the white... not sure what the difference is. Sep 19, 2012
patricia s: my husbands favorite Sep 19, 2012
christopher h: because I shave Sep 19, 2012
Robert G: Best. closest, most invigorating shave ever Sep 19, 2012
Terry L: I like your after shave balm and the customer reviews on this product were great so I thought to try it Sep 18, 2012
brian c: Smells nice, and extremely refreshing to the skin. It also comes off cleanly with the shave (doesn't clog up the razor). I love it. Sep 18, 2012
Charlotte C: My husband loves how soothing this is after I purchased for him as a gift. So I am coming back for this product over and over for my husband. Sep 18, 2012
lisa b: just the best! Sep 18, 2012
Lee O: Use this daily to shave Sep 16, 2012
Eufemio C: have been using Sep 16, 2012
christine y: my son likes this Sep 15, 2012
Robert F: Gives me a great close shave with little cream. Sep 14, 2012
Ted K: I received this as a gift 7 or 8 years ago and I haven't looked back. My favorite shaving cream. Sep 10, 2012
Thomas O: Travel convenience Sep 10, 2012
Deborah L: My two sons use nothing but Kiehl's shaving products. Sep 9, 2012
Ann I: my son and husband both love this. Sep 7, 2012
David B: Used Clinique Creme Shave for many years. A friend turned me on to this--far better! Sep 6, 2012
Becky L: My husband has tried many products and has found this to be the one he absolutely loves! He is a TV sportscaster and finds that this product not only gives him a great shave but prepares his skin for TV makeup and lights! I know not many men have that kind of need, but you can only imagine how nice this product is! Sep 5, 2012
Gary G: Been using this product for years. the best shave cream ever Sep 4, 2012
Kyle S: A friend of mine let me try it. I will never go back Sep 3, 2012
HOJAE J: I have bread so... i wanted to try Sep 3, 2012
David R: smooth shaving & smooth skin! Sep 3, 2012
Heather S: my man loves this stuff Sep 2, 2012
Peter F: because it works Sep 1, 2012
Jane R: My husband only shaves with this cream. Aug 31, 2012
Samir T: have used it before Aug 30, 2012
Donald G: I have sort of sensitive skin. This is the most comfortable shave cream I have ever used. I try other brands from time to time, but nobody can beat the White Eagle. Aug 30, 2012
DEL D: I use Jack Black and had heard this might be as good ..so I am trying. Aug 28, 2012
Phyllis W: My husband loves this shave cream and won't use anything else. It gives a smooth, close shave and his razor blades last longer when using this shave cream. A jar lasts a long time because it takes a very small amount for each use. Aug 27, 2012
Jeff K: Great product, provides a wonderful shave Aug 26, 2012
Stephanie F: I love my husband and am always looking for better shave cream for him. ;-) Aug 26, 2012
Todd G: Absolutely, the best shaving cream ever made... The anesthetic effect of the camphor definitely makes for a comfortable shave, esp. on sensitive skin, and although no shaving cream prevents nicks, this one makes them more tolerable. Aug 26, 2012
maribel a: husband loves it Aug 25, 2012
Lucia H: have used it before: the best option for thick beard, no doubt! Aug 24, 2012
Alberto M: Best shave cream I have ever used. Recommended to anyone and everyone. Aug 23, 2012
Edimilson M: Excellent quality that protects the skin Aug 22, 2012
David G: A friend let me use some a few years ago and I love the smooth shave it provides. I've been using it ever since. Aug 21, 2012
Edward S: shaves very smooth, never cuts Aug 21, 2012
Janice S: My boyfriend loves this! Aug 20, 2012
Plez B: A great shave with White Eagle...... Aug 20, 2012
Jonathan J S: I cannot live without this stuff!! Best on the market & I have tried everything!! Less irritation on the face, smooth shave, softens skin, great sent. Aug 18, 2012
SAM M: I like the close shave it gives me. Aug 16, 2012
Tony L: wanted to try, never used before Aug 15, 2012
William M: This is without a doubt, the best shaving cream there is Aug 15, 2012
brennan e: WORKS GREAT Aug 13, 2012
Ana-Lissette L: Fantastic product. Aug 8, 2012
Robert J: Love the product Aug 7, 2012
Reagan R: This is the very best shave cream. I've tried all the substitutes, Kiehl's has it perfect! Aug 7, 2012
Don B: smooth comfortable shave Aug 1, 2012
John Paul K: Stellar product. Doesn't irritate my skin. Jul 31, 2012
lance g: BEST SHAVING CREAM EVER MADE Jul 30, 2012
Norma M: My husband has used it and loves it. Jul 29, 2012
Peter D: Very sensitive skin. This allows for clean smooth shave while being able to get at hard to shave areas. Jul 29, 2012
Mark C: have used this and love it. great shave Jul 26, 2012
David J: I'm a long standing member of the Close Shaver's Squadron! Easy to pack, helps the blade slide seamlessly, and gives me a close shave! Jul 26, 2012
ROBERT M: The White Eagle Ultimate Brushless Shave Cream is undoubtedly the most effective shave cream I have ever used. I seldom ever get in-grown hairs and my skin is almost never irritated after shaving with this cream. As long as Kiehl's makes it, I will continue using it. Jul 26, 2012
Maria N: my husband's favorite shave cream Jul 25, 2012
ANDREA S: My husband loves this stuff...It makes shaving a much less painful experience for him! Jul 25, 2012
George P: I have been using this for years! excellent product Jul 23, 2012
Juan J C: Been using it for years; swear by it! Jul 17, 2012
Jim D: Used before Jul 16, 2012
William W: I need to find a new shave gel and enjoy Kiehl's products so i am trying this one out to see how i like it. Jul 16, 2012
Ben W: I heard it is the best shave cream ever. As a gentleman, I appreciate a close shave that wont rape my face. Jul 16, 2012
Sandra W: love it! not available in the UK ))-: Hope the product returns soon to the UK Jul 15, 2012
Connie C: Creamy and gives you a smooth shave! Jul 15, 2012
HAKJOON K: need a travel sized shave cream. Jul 13, 2012
anthony a g: Really amazing product! Impossible to cut yourself shaving with this. Jul 11, 2012
Morgan N: Easy on. Smooth and easy skin contact. Cool the blades in cold water pre-stroke (closer shave). Rinse shaver with hot water afterwards (easier rinse). Great shaving cream! Jul 11, 2012
Stan G: Using it for years. Great shave and a great value. Thin to win. Jul 10, 2012
T.Jay L: I've tried every shave cream, gel, and oil out there and this not only provides a great, close shave, it makes your skin feel great. I think I'm done searching for the best shave cream. Jul 8, 2012
Mack M: This is the best shaving cream on the market, period. Jul 7, 2012
Mike C: used the sample Jul 1, 2012
Frank L: This stuff is amazing, last forever also! Jun 30, 2012
Worth G: always use this cream. standard in my shaving Jun 30, 2012
Paul M: have used in past - great results Jun 29, 2012
ana c w: husband & children like it Jun 29, 2012
ana c w: husband & children like it Jun 29, 2012
Sean M: Sounds like a good product for my type of beard. Jun 27, 2012
david r: the best shave cream ever,enough said Jun 27, 2012
J F H: Best Shaving Cream Ever! Loyal user for 15 years. Jun 26, 2012
Reg D: I was in the Navy and tried countless shave creams to find the right one for my face. I was in the military...but that doesn't mean I didn't have sensitive skin. This product (and many others sold by Kiehl's), were being sold at the local navy Exchange. I thought I'd give it a try and have been hooked ever since. I get a close shave every time and it doesn't hurt afterwords. Hey, I may be able to kill a man with my little finger, but I'm going to do it with smooth skin!!

Jun 24, 2012
Ryan S: I purchased this because the Green Eagle shaving cream has been discontinued. Please bring back Green Eagle. Jun 24, 2012
Thomas M: Wanted something new for shaving and enjoy Kiehl's products. Jun 18, 2012
Silvia E: My husband likes it, and feels that it had decreased the bumps he got when shaving. Jun 18, 2012
tony f: good shaving and close shave Jun 17, 2012
Bernard W: Tried it before Jun 15, 2012
Stephanie G: Great men's shaving cream! Jun 14, 2012
Eric M: I have been using it for 20 years and will not ever use anything else! Jun 13, 2012
Angela G: My husband says this is by far the best shaving cream ever. It leaves his face smooth and soft and is thick and gives a close shave. Jun 13, 2012
Susan T: My husband loves this product. Jun 13, 2012
Ken Y: To try a different shave cream. Jun 12, 2012
Thomas B: It tingles. Jun 12, 2012
virginia c: going on vacation so purchased the tube to travel with, Jun 12, 2012
virginia c: Husband loves this shaving cream it gives him a closer shave, he noticed it the first time he used it Jun 12, 2012
Jason G: This product is truly the "ultimate" shave cream. I have used White Eagle for over 10 years and when I tried other shave creams I always come back to Kiehls. Only a small amount of product is required for superior results. Follow with Ultimate After Shave Balm and you will never use anything else again! Jun 12, 2012
Christopher B: Best shave cream I've ever used Jun 11, 2012
michael s: the best shave cream on the market Jun 10, 2012
Mike L: This is my favorite shave cream Jun 10, 2012
JAMES M: Value. This shave cream is as good as more expensive brands. Jun 10, 2012
Dr. E. D. M: Have used it for at least 20 years. Jun 10, 2012
Joshua H: Seemed like the manliest product for Father's Day! Jun 10, 2012
John Lord B: Do leave home without it ! Jun 9, 2012
J. Joseph W: I've got a sturdy beard. I like a close shave and this does the job. Plus the ingredients leave my face feeling energized. It makes me sing in the shower for real. Jun 6, 2012
David G: Have used it for a year now and it is wonderful. Jun 6, 2012
Sarah G: Father's day gift! Jun 5, 2012
TOBY H: mailer you sent me talked about it, so I thought I would try it. Jun 5, 2012
don c: Ive tried several other shave creams and there are none that compare to the dense creaminess of Kiehls... I shave in shower and white eagle is by far the best. Great smell and camphor/menthol feels awesome Jun 5, 2012
Robert B: To try an effective shave cream that will reduce the irritation and razor burn that I usually get from shaving. Jun 2, 2012
steven b: because i love it so Jun 2, 2012
Chad D: I shave my bald head with this and it is great May 31, 2012
Jeffrey D: best shave cream i've found May 31, 2012
gale a: Father's day gift-husband has heavy beard May 30, 2012
Hugh P: friend recommendation May 29, 2012
Darlene Z: want my husband to try May 26, 2012
Manuel R: This is by far the best shaving cream that I havr ever used! May 26, 2012
Kristina B: It works and I love the convenience of the jar. May 25, 2012
Lydia T: close shave recommendation May 23, 2012
John W: Gives you nice clean shave. Wish it was available in sample size for travel. May 22, 2012
Roger M: Super close shaves, and one of these jars lasts forever. May 21, 2012
Mark C: Used this for the past decade... best shave cream there is... May 21, 2012
Richard E: Travel size fits my airline travel bag. Works well as a product. May 20, 2012
Ezra G: Like other Kiehl products. Want to try shaving stuff. May 20, 2012
Denise M: My son has recently started shaving and it is tearing up his skin. I thought this was worth a shot and went with one for my husband too (Father's Day is fast approaching). May 17, 2012
Stacy S: My husband swears by White Eagle as he has an incredibly coarse beard. Using this, he rarely, if ever, cuts himself and it keeps his skin soft and supple. May 16, 2012
James V A: i like it May 16, 2012
Brian S: Read reviews and wanted to give it a try. Looking for a change May 16, 2012
Alexander S: A long journey in pursuit of a smooth close shave that wont give ingrown hairs. May 16, 2012
DANIEL C: Great product that works... May 15, 2012
Robert R: It's the best May 14, 2012
Wallace M: Best Shave I have ever had. May 14, 2012
Robin R: This is my favorite shaving lotion. May 14, 2012
Warren O: Face is often irritated by shaving. Wanted to try this. May 13, 2012
Justin S: It's fabulous May 11, 2012
Drew G: as above May 9, 2012
paul f: works well May 7, 2012
bojun c: review May 6, 2012
Sheila M: My fiancé is trying this, as he just shaved his beard after 12 years and needs something gentle to his skin. He saw this listed as the most popular, so he's giving it a try! May 6, 2012
James P: Good stuff for speed shaving. May 6, 2012
Jennifer L: The Facial Fuel line really does work. It reduced redness and ingrown hairs. This is one of the best shaving lines for men on the market now. May 4, 2012
donna s: I have used it before. May 4, 2012
David H: love this product May 2, 2012
Dale B: Use this product exclusively for shaving. Excellent results. May 1, 2012
Juan J C: I've been using this product for years because I'm thoroughly pleased with it. May 1, 2012
Dave M: First time trying Kiehl's sahving product. May 1, 2012
Katherine R: Boyfriend loves it Apr 29, 2012
Michael B: have been using this product for years and love it, wouldn't think of using anything else. Apr 29, 2012
Rico D: Tried a friends while on vacation and liked it. Apr 29, 2012
Matthew R: only shaving cream that works Apr 26, 2012
melissa u: for my son Apr 26, 2012
Terry M: use, best ever Apr 26, 2012
John M: Have used for years Apr 26, 2012
Edward L: Very smooth shaving glide. Washes off clean. Very rich without a later. Can't do the old Gillette gels anymore. Apr 26, 2012
Greg S: Best shave cream available anywhere. Apr 26, 2012
nichole b: because boyfriend liked other products Apr 26, 2012
Seh-hyeon J: for shaving Apr 25, 2012
Pedro T: best shaving cream i have ever used Apr 22, 2012
Scott L: I like the awesome feel of the cream Apr 21, 2012
Tracy O: My husband loves this. We have since given it as gifts to two other men in our family, and they also love it. Apr 20, 2012
Chris G: This is by far the best shave cream I have ever used. I shave my head a few times a week and this never causes irriatation etc. It is perfect for me. Apr 19, 2012
Christine v: My husband received this as a gift and loves it. Apr 17, 2012
Christine v: My husband received this as a gift and loves it. Apr 17, 2012
Marc M: Been using this product for years and I can't see myself shaving without it. Apr 15, 2012
Timothy A: best shaving lotion there is, period. Apr 15, 2012
Russ H: This is what I have been using for years Apr 15, 2012
Russ H: This is what I have been using for years Apr 15, 2012
Michael M: Best Shave cream I have ever used Apr 14, 2012
Anne S: It's for my husband. He really loves this shaving cream. Apr 14, 2012
Brian H: Great shaving cream for men. Bracing, but not too much. Helps to get great shave and leaves face smooth afterwards. Apr 13, 2012
Fernando F: Has not been bested as a product. Apr 10, 2012
Jeannette A: It's for my boyfriend to see if it will help with his razor burn. Apr 10, 2012
Jeffrey H: Best shave ever...I've been a satisfied customer for almost 10 years. Apr 10, 2012
EDWARD S: Currently use and enjoy. Apr 10, 2012
virginia c: husband loves the shave he gets with this Apr 9, 2012
Renee S: Husband uses after I got him for xmas. Will not use anything else anymore! Apr 9, 2012
Robert W: Love blue eagle, close & smooth. Apr 9, 2012
Alexander S: Because I've been using it for quite a long time,
and I'm very content with its quality.
Apr 9, 2012
Roger F: Have been using for about 15 years - great product - just enough moisturizing to not dry me out but does not make me break out because it is not oily. Apr 9, 2012
Douglas R: It works the best on my face for shaving. Plus I bought the big container and I have not had to buy another for a whole year. Thanks Kiehl's. Oh I should let you know I shave every three days so if you are a guy that shaves everyday or twice a day it won't last you a year. Apr 9, 2012
Brendan C: I have used the product before and like it Apr 4, 2012
Richard P: Convenient to add to travel bag, gym bag. Apr 2, 2012
stuart w: Want to try it. Apr 2, 2012
damian b: This shave cream is amazing, I have extremely sensitive skin and i experience little to no irritation when using this product. I have NEVER used a better shaving cream. Apr 1, 2012
Susan G: My husband likes using this shave cream as compared to other store brands, gets a smoother closer shave, Mar 31, 2012
Bryan E: I'm fair skinned and have a very sensitive skin. this is the only shave cream I can use. I would buy the tub, but I shave in the shower and the tube is easier. Mar 31, 2012
Gerrilyn A: husband looking for a high quality shaving creme Mar 30, 2012
Ron C: Experiment. Mar 30, 2012
Marianne M: Because I love my son's beautiful face! The reviews convinced me to order. Mar 29, 2012
Nicholas V: Used it before. Great stuff. Mar 28, 2012
Julie E: My husband says it is his favorite shave cream! Mar 27, 2012
Jason V: This is the best shave cream I have ever used. I have sensitive skin and this product really makes a difference to my skin. Mar 26, 2012
Richard L: Best shaving experience Ive ever had! Mar 26, 2012
Elizabeth S: husband says: "best ever" Mar 24, 2012
b w asked: What is the difference between the "Blue Eagle" and "White Eagle" shave creams? Aug 5, 2013
Ultimate Brushless Shave Cream - White Eagle
Ultimate Brushless Shave Cream - White Eagle
Ultimate Brushless Shave Cream - Blue Eagle
Ultimate Brushless Shave Cream - Blue Eagle
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daniel b: I'm my opinion, White Eagle's ingredients are targeted more for fare completions & sensitive skin. Also, completely unscented.
Blue Eagle's ingredients moisturize and condition the skin well.
Plus, it's scented. I like the "lite" sting and the scent from the camphor and menthol.
Sep 24, 2013
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Rick I: Blue Eagle is for sensitive skin. I have always used White eagle, and it works great. Very satisfied. Aug 5, 2013
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daniel b: Also, if u have a heavy tough beard and have to shave often, use Blue Eagle, in my opinion. Sep 24, 2013
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Neal G: I love White Eagle...using it for years...never tried Blue Eagle Aug 6, 2013
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madaski m asked: What's the difference between White Eagle and Blue Eagle? Apr 21, 2012
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James M: I was told White Eagle is more for the average person with everyday skin, While Blue Eagle was for those that have sensitive skin or are prone to razor rash, especially on the neck. i.e. me in a nut shell. I decided to go with Blue Eagle and have used it now for 2 years. never switching to another shaving cream.... it's great stuff. Apr 23, 2012
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Neal G: I have used White Eagle exclusively for many years and love it.
I have never tried Blue Eagle.
Apr 22, 2012
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amizrahi asked: Can you use this for traditional/safety shaving? Sep 8, 2014
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Fraser J: I have mixed views on this product. I like it because of the texture and teh closeness you can get when shaving. However, the cream gets stuck in your blade, and its really annoying to get out.
If you are using a tradional razor, it would probably work quite well.
Sep 8, 2014
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john g: Absolutely. This is the best shaving cream yet. I've tried a lot of them but this one is the best. A little goes a long way. I use it often and my shave is close without nicks and cuts. It's very good stuff. I love it. I wouldn't use anything else. Sep 8, 2014
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amizrahi: I want to shave with a safety razor? Thats what you've used? Sep 8, 2014
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James G: Yes--that's precisely the kind of shaving I use it for. Sep 8, 2014
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Smith asked: I don't get a good shave with this product. I must be doing something wrong. Are you supposed to use it on a wet face? Are you supposed to add water to the cream to make it lather up? Aug 17, 2014
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James G: I get the best results when I wait approximately 3-4 minutes after I apply it before I start shaving. The added time allows the shaving cream to soften your beard and moisturize your skin properly. Also be sure that you are using a sharp razor and rinsing it thoroughly in hot water between strokes. Sep 8, 2014
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john g: I don't use water. I use it as soon as I get out of the shower, it works better that way. My face is a little moist but not wet. Rub a little in your hands until it lathers up, then apply. I get a great shave. Sep 8, 2014
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Stephen K: Add to wet face I would say. Sep 6, 2014
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A shopper asked: is this "oil-free"? prone to cause break-out? Sep 19, 2012
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virginia c: I purchased this for my husband, he tells me that it makes his shaving easier, he also has sensitive skin and is loving this product. Nov 17, 2012
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Michael M D: I have not experienced any break-out, so I believe it is oil free.

Sep 19, 2012
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JOHN K: No, it's a great product; does not cause you to break out at all. Sep 22, 2012
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Luke B asked: what is the best for oil skin/acne to shave? the Ultimate Brushless Shave Cream - White Eagle, Ultimate Brushless Shave Cream - Blue Eagle or the Facial Fuel Sky Flyin’ Foaming Multi-Gel? Nov 25, 2012
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Justin M: Luke, I have that skin type and white eagle has worked for me like a charm. I also like the facial fuel as an after shave. Nov 26, 2012
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Bobbi R: not sure Jan 17, 2013
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Luke B asked: is it can be used by people who have acne/oil skin? It will not clog my pores, eh? Nov 25, 2012
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James D: No it will not. I have sensitive combination skin and this is the only brand I use. Nov 25, 2012
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Bobbi R: no Jan 17, 2013
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Lee E asked: What is the difference between the shave cream in the blue tube vs. the white tub? Jan 31, 2013
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Blair P: Obviously there is more in the white tub (oz shown in description). Blue tube allows you to squeeze onto fingers and is better for traveling. White tub is better for at home, has large lid, you can swipe out cream onto fingers or onto brush, and you can return unused cream if you take too much. Jan 31, 2013
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Mark C. asked: How much white eagle (or blue) should one apply? The directions seem to lead you to think a small amount, but is more needed for a longer beard? Mar 18, 2013
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Sam K: I have used White Eagle for over 15 years. Even for a tough or longer beard, you don't need a lot. Once you have softened the whiskers with a warm water face wash, usually just enough to provide a moderate coating of the shaving areas will do the job. Mar 18, 2013
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DAVID T: I do not have a beard and I use about a large quarter-sized amount. It is important to apply to a wet face so it lathers up a bit and extends the shaving area. If you have a beard, I am sure you would need more than what I use. Mar 19, 2013
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Circe M: I generally use half a teaspoon, and yes you will need more if your beard is longer. Apr 19, 2013
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A shopper asked: My son uses a wet/dry electric shaver. An oil based product cannot be used with an electric shaver due to clogging. Can he use this product with his shaver? Dec 22, 2012
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Rick I: I only shave with a blade, so I can't say that a shaver will work. Dec 23, 2012
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Bobbi R: no Jan 17, 2013
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