Ultra Facial Moisturizer SPF 15 Deluxe Sample

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Ultra Facial Moisturizer SPF 15 Deluxe Sample
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Kiehl's Since 1851 Store asked: Why did you choose this?
haiping x: i like this May 29, 2014
Amy A: I wanted to try out a new moisturizer with SPF but would not leave a sticky or heavy feeling on my face May 15, 2014
Ae H: love the body cream rich keep my skin moist and smooth Mar 15, 2014
Wanda L: Need moisturizer. Wanted to try Mar 14, 2014
Warner P: Trying for the first time. Mar 14, 2014
xiangyu p: many people recommend Mar 13, 2014
Dina C: the spf is not in the moisturizer full size that I am ordering. My foundation has spf and usually have on if I am going to be in sun. So this is just once in a while Mar 13, 2014
Sandra T: similar to what I already use and it's a travel size Mar 12, 2014
Robert G: beach.. Mar 11, 2014
Marilyn M: Wanted to try for the SPF Mar 11, 2014
chunmei l: Good Mar 11, 2014
Mengqi W: I've been using the ultra facial cream. It's very good. Want to try the moisturizer. Feb 23, 2014
Sue O: Wanted to try it. Feb 23, 2014
Leesa L: Lightweight and lovely. Feb 23, 2014
Ilhye Y: My friends have told me this is a wonderful product so I wanted to try out. Feb 23, 2014
FREDDIE K: needed it for trial Feb 21, 2014
rixi c: I really like the regular ultra facial cream and I just wanted to try out if this was a better formula for my skin or not. Feb 21, 2014
Julia L: My husband always has his kiehls moisturizer confiscated at the airport.... So perfect travel size!! Feb 21, 2014
Gina M: To try Jan 13, 2014
Tracy H: Travel favorite Dec 30, 2013
Die H: Just for trying Dec 24, 2013
Xueqing S: randomly, haven't tried yet Dec 19, 2013
Abayomi F: need face cream Dec 18, 2013
Catherine M: It is one of my favorite products Dec 17, 2013
Arlene G: Will try it Dec 16, 2013
David H: I think she will like it Dec 16, 2013
Sheilah R: I have used this for years Dec 9, 2013
Pamela E: looking for a SPF moisturizer, I have sensitive skin Dec 9, 2013
sharlotte g: can't get enough moisture right now Dec 9, 2013
Deirdre M: to try it Dec 8, 2013
Yongqing T: try Dec 8, 2013
Yingzi Y: Try it. Dec 8, 2013
Cynthia M: Sunscreen Dec 8, 2013
Helen C: Received Kiehl's sampler box last year as a gift...loved the products. Wanted to try the moisturizer with sunscreen Dec 8, 2013
Jiaxin L: Just try Dec 7, 2013
Debra S: personal gift Dec 6, 2013
katy b: An oldie but goodie! Dec 2, 2013
Tingting W: have a try Dec 2, 2013
Chloe M: for myself Dec 2, 2013
Elaine B: Saving for Summer. Dec 2, 2013
Qingqing H: THIS IS A GOOD PRODUCT Dec 2, 2013
Catherine H: Love other Kiehl's moisturizers Dec 2, 2013
Seung Woon J: NEEDED A MOISTURIZER Dec 2, 2013
alison d: wanted to try something difft Dec 2, 2013
Roberta A O: good for travel bag Dec 2, 2013
Jialu Y: wanna choose a big one Dec 2, 2013
Laura C: trying to find a new face cream Dec 2, 2013
Marsha W: My son likes this. Dec 2, 2013
Shelia J: Makes my face feel wonderful! Dec 2, 2013
Zhen R: heard about it on weibo. Dec 2, 2013
rieko s: not too bad, but my eyes smarted. Dec 2, 2013
Tang X: I want try Dec 2, 2013
Meredith F: I want to try this and see if it bothers my sensitive skin at all. Dec 2, 2013
Daren S: Wanted to try it Dec 2, 2013
Ning X: I used it before and like it. Dec 2, 2013
V A: Excellent. Soaks right in. Nov 29, 2013
Peng G: just wanna have a try Nov 25, 2013
Lisa B: has sunscreen and is not greasy Nov 11, 2013
Lynn H: Anxious to see what it's like on my entire face. Nov 9, 2013
lucy b: I need sunscreen. Nov 4, 2013
Caroline K: for travel Nov 3, 2013
Nikhil R: I am interested in a moisturizer with SPF. Nov 3, 2013
Anne h: haven't tried it before Nov 3, 2013
Joshua K: No other samples I liked Nov 3, 2013
Lori K: like it Nov 2, 2013
Joanne L: I think moisture is very important Nov 1, 2013
Wei W: Want to try Oct 30, 2013
Sherrie Z: I like the Ultra products. don't have SPF 15. Oct 30, 2013
Jacob Z: Try Oct 30, 2013
Dora M: To carry with me Oct 30, 2013
Stewart E: trial use Oct 29, 2013
QUOC H: Protect against the sun Oct 29, 2013
Ryan S: My face sun- and wind-burns during blustery weather. Oct 28, 2013
Julie Z: Going on vacation and need sunscreen. Thought I'd try. Oct 28, 2013
JING W: want try Oct 28, 2013
Michelle T: Lightweight facial moisturizer - good for summer Oct 28, 2013
Robin H: Looking for a good under-makeup moisturizer that isn't too heavy. Oct 20, 2013
Wanmeng L: dry skin Oct 20, 2013
Yangping D: nothing else to choose Oct 19, 2013
Peter I: ditto,... Oct 19, 2013
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