Aromatic Blends: Fig Leaf & Sage - Liquid Body Cleanser Sample

Introducing an enticing range of fragrances highlighting exotic ingredients from around the globe. Our Aromatic Blends Skin-Softening Body Cleanser transforms into a rich, lathering foam to gently cleanse and condition skin. Formulated without sulfates and proven to provide 24 hours of skin softness.  

Fig Leaf & Sage: A stimulating fusion of Fig Leaf and Sage with underlying hints of bergamot, citron and thyme. The notes of fig conjure up images of the south of France with its lush countryside, where an unusually distinctive fig essence renowned for its uniquely fresh green, crisp aroma is found. This fig aroma was blended with the essence of herbaceous sage - an evergreen herb with a sweet, nutty scent, evocative of the northern Mediterranean coast.


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Aromatic Blends: Fig Leaf & Sage - Liquid Body Cleanser Sample
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Kiehl's Since 1851 Store asked: Why did you choose this?
Dirk V: just curious about smell Sep 16, 2014
Stephen B: scent Sep 14, 2014
Leslie C: Want to try to see if I want the whole bottle. Sep 14, 2014
Michelle M: I tried the lotion and would like to try this product. Sep 13, 2014
James D: Wanted to try the scent Sep 13, 2014
Ye D: recommended by friends Sep 12, 2014
Cynthia C: Just wanted to try it. Sep 7, 2014
Donna B: Winter is coming and I want a cleanser that cleans and moisturizes Sep 6, 2014
jimmy m: Try iy Aug 30, 2014
Briana Q: wanted to try Aug 28, 2014
John C: sampling Aug 10, 2014
Debbie K: going to try it. Aug 9, 2014
jae s: I'd like to feel the cleanser and if it feels good, use this. Aug 9, 2014
Jennifer G: Fig and sage? What's not to want to try about this??! Aug 6, 2014
Jenny J: Wanted to see what it smelled like. Jul 20, 2014
samiya n: Just chose randomly! But everything sounds good on here....I truly hope the products work Jul 19, 2014
Jacqueline G: I love trying new Kiehl's fragrances. Jul 18, 2014
thomas M: Wanted to try it out Jul 8, 2014
Jeoffrey C: elder use good Jul 4, 2014
zelie P: I wanted to know what it smelled like as I like both of these scents by themselves. Jul 1, 2014
Lisa K: to check out Jun 28, 2014
Kimberly M: I like another product from Aromatic Blends and thought I'd give another scent a try Jun 27, 2014
Madelyn C: I like the scent of sage, excited to try to product. Jun 27, 2014
donna m: bought the fragrance Jun 26, 2014
Catherine G: Intrigued by the possibility of a wonderful scent and gentle cleansing. Jun 24, 2014
Michael F: want to try the body cleanser Jun 24, 2014
Kathleen S: Curious about scent Jun 20, 2014
theo g: Looking for a new conditioner, and the aromatic qualities of this sounded intriguing. Jun 15, 2014
Gail H: have used the grapefruit one and wanted to the grapefruit cleanser Jun 8, 2014
Jessica O: sounds like it smells good Jun 4, 2014
Mary M: I'm intrigued by the scent, and want to give it a try with a sample, first! Jun 3, 2014
AARON R H: My wife wanted to try it Jun 3, 2014
Susan M: Love your cleansers but haven't tried this one. Jun 2, 2014
jasmine s: love fig and i'm running out of body cleanser Jun 2, 2014
Bryan S: To try it May 29, 2014
Frank L: Experimenting May 29, 2014
Jacque R: Love trying new body washes May 27, 2014
Stefanie C: i love the smell of fig and sage. this seems like a very cleansing combination. May 19, 2014
Kathryn A: try something new May 19, 2014
Mary O: Delicious woodsy smell May 18, 2014
YANG X: it's great May 18, 2014
Mark G: Sounds like a winner. I love all of their other washes. Looking forward to smelling this one! May 17, 2014
Alison S: I've got some upcoming travel, and samples are good to carry with me May 15, 2014
Philippe L: looking the "HOMME" scent in the body scrub May 15, 2014
Emily P: for the scent May 12, 2014
Hope S: love new neutral scents May 9, 2014
paula g: I really like the orange cleanser, havn't tried this one yet May 8, 2014
Nate B: want to try it Apr 17, 2014
Theresa C: Love fig products Apr 14, 2014
Rebecca W: Love sage scented stuff Apr 10, 2014
Nancy M: Never tried Apr 7, 2014
Karen S: I want to see what it smells like! Apr 6, 2014
Brian M: I love the musk and want to see if I like this. Apr 4, 2014
candace g: Want to try it out! Apr 1, 2014
Nancy W: I'm trying new brands of body cleanser and thought I might like this scent Apr 1, 2014
Chesley T: to try Apr 1, 2014
Pamela R: Gave as gift. Mar 27, 2014
Tariq A: Smelled great at store Mar 24, 2014
Veronica G: i haven't tried any of their body washes Mar 23, 2014
Patricia A S: already use Mar 23, 2014
Debi M: Try it Mar 23, 2014
constance b: i like the smell Mar 17, 2014
Jeanne R: When traveling, this is a handy packet to take along & treat myself to its cleansing fragrance after a day of diving. Mar 16, 2014
Amber W: travel Mar 10, 2014
Kristina K: Looking for new body wash Mar 9, 2014
Heather M: I didn't but sounds yummy Mar 8, 2014
Arica W: nice fragrance profile Mar 5, 2014
Jane N: can't have enough body washes. want to try it. Feb 26, 2014
Angela H: the combo sounds nice Feb 25, 2014
Jennifer A: I love my other Kiehls body wash flavors and like to try them all - see if I can find a new fave! Feb 17, 2014
Karen K: Sounded like a nice scent. Feb 17, 2014
Ayhan W: TRY SOMETHING NEW. Feb 15, 2014
Sandy P: For the fragrance Feb 14, 2014
David P: sounds like it smells nice Feb 10, 2014
Kathleen W: It sounded interesting. Feb 4, 2014
Dean H: I have never tried your body cleanser before. I thought it may be worth a try. Feb 3, 2014
Julia Q: Just want to try Feb 2, 2014
Judy M: I love your body cleansers but never tried this particular one - thought the ingredients sounded interesting - not musky or flowery Feb 1, 2014
Tamara H: I like the ingredients Jan 31, 2014
Suzanne K: I like those scents. Jan 31, 2014
Kelly G: Want to try something the orange flower so much... Jan 30, 2014
Geoff B: wanted to try a new scent Jan 28, 2014
Barbara S: wanted to try Jan 22, 2014
Beth R: Sounds fabulous. Jan 16, 2014
Lourens W: ingredients are some of my favorite scents Jan 16, 2014
Lloyd E: Loved the trial sizes. Fig leaf and sage is a great combination. Jan 5, 2014
rebecca A: wanted to try this fragrance Dec 31, 2013
Tomica A: Just wanted to try it looking for some facial and body products. Dec 28, 2013
Amy W: just wanted to try it Dec 5, 2013
sallie c: never tried it Dec 5, 2013
JENICE P: Curious about the aromas. Dec 5, 2013
Audrey J: limited other options Dec 4, 2013
Brian K: wife Dec 4, 2013
Maria Lourdes Q: it sounds like it smells good Dec 4, 2013
SONDRA N: Have not tried it Dec 4, 2013
yining g: try Dec 4, 2013
Stephanie J. M: Love fig scent. Hard to find. Wanted to try. Dec 4, 2013
Whitney W: Sounded like it smelled good Dec 4, 2013
Daiva V: Something new to try Dec 4, 2013
Claudia T: to try Dec 4, 2013
Hannah S: Sample- might smell good. Dec 4, 2013
Fiona D: It sounded like it might smell good Dec 4, 2013
Dakota H: I just wanted to try it. Dec 4, 2013
linda j: handy size Dec 4, 2013
MARION C: Just to try it out. Dec 4, 2013
Kaherine H: scent Dec 4, 2013
Neena C: looking forward to trying it Dec 3, 2013
Caiping L: Try Dec 3, 2013
Diane J: Wanted to check out scent. Dec 3, 2013
ellen w: to try it out Dec 3, 2013
mina k: I would like to use it Dec 3, 2013
Laurice K: . Dec 3, 2013
Reta C: want to try Dec 2, 2013
Heather C: interested to experience the aroma Dec 2, 2013
Jessica B: The fragrance blend is intriguing! Dec 2, 2013
stacey c: like it Dec 2, 2013
Gail D: trying something new Dec 2, 2013
Linda J: To go with my aromatic blends fragrance. Dec 2, 2013
Meredith F: I love the smell! Dec 2, 2013
D. S. C: Curious how this would be after being in the pool Dec 2, 2013
Lori D: Use for travel Dec 1, 2013
Bryan S: Product I have not tried before. Wanted to give it a try. Dec 1, 2013
Kathy R: to try Nov 30, 2013
Syreeta A: To try it Nov 29, 2013
Suzanne S: wanted to try it Nov 28, 2013
Ixia W: Good Nov 28, 2013
Cincinnati T: Good Nov 26, 2013
Rosa L: Out of the word Nov 24, 2013
FIFO L: Wonder Nov 24, 2013
Stephanie M: I enjoy this light, herbal scent. It's complex and sensual, and reminds me of Thailand. Nov 22, 2013
XINGYI Z: ZZ Nov 10, 2013
suely c: aromatic Nov 2, 2013
Kim M: Want to try it Oct 11, 2013
Adam L: To see what it smells like Oct 7, 2013
Merry H: Love it Oct 4, 2013
Jennie C: The scent appealed to me, and I was right, I loved the smell. Sep 27, 2013
Eric S: always look for new body cleansers Sep 27, 2013
don b: daughter like it Sep 23, 2013
Jennifer H: I like to take these cleansers when I travel. They're light, won't spill and are a nice alternative to the hotel soap. Sep 23, 2013
Kathryn L: I wanted to try Sep 22, 2013
Maris C: Wanted to give it at try. Sep 5, 2013
Sarah W: love the scent Aug 12, 2013
Loretta C: Tried it. Didn't like it. Jul 8, 2013
Laura R: want to try it Jul 4, 2013
yimeng W: fig leaf smell sounds interesting. Jun 18, 2013
Laura J: I can't wait to try this after a long day and follow it with the body lotion. Then into bed I will go!
Thanks Kiehl's !!!
Jun 17, 2013
Robert C: I really like the smell of figs Jun 17, 2013
Robin C: like body washes and intrigued by scent Jun 17, 2013
Lori G: WANTED TO TRY Jun 17, 2013
Sakina M: I like the scent fig. Jun 17, 2013
Laurie T: Love the smell & moisture Jun 5, 2013
michael H: seemed interesting May 29, 2013
Patricia C: want to try scent May 27, 2013
Angela P: I love this! May 27, 2013
Anna B: Smells beautiful and fragrance lasts for a while! LOVE! :) May 24, 2013
Dan R: want to tyr something new May 22, 2013
laura m: all about the aroma therapy! May 22, 2013
Lindsay Z: "I'm curious to try different body wash scents to see if I want to try one regularly." May 20, 2013
Marilyn P: I;m looking for a new favorite scent in a body wash. May 15, 2013
Brooke R: I wanted to try a new scent, I'm a huge fan of the body cleansers! May 9, 2013
Emilee W: Love body washes in natural scents! May 8, 2013
Deb P: new product to try May 6, 2013
Jennifer S: I am intrigued by the fig leaf and sage scent. May 1, 2013
barbara C: wanted to try this, combination sounds interesting Apr 30, 2013
Sandra B: just wanted to try to scent Apr 29, 2013
Kathy J: great for travel. Quality ingredients, Nothing harsh, Beautiful scent. Apr 23, 2013
HP S: Looking for a new body cleanser since you no longer have the no-scent and tea tree Apr 22, 2013
Michelle H: The scent sounded enticing. Apr 17, 2013
stephanie m: love fig and sage smell, make cheaper options in perfume sizes Apr 5, 2013
Angela B: Curious Apr 4, 2013
NANCY H: Intrigued by scent combination. Apr 4, 2013
Anne K: This looks like a great smelling product to try and I am looking forward to doing so. Apr 2, 2013
Meredith U: Want to smell it! Apr 2, 2013
Tina F: samples are great for the gym Apr 1, 2013
Chelsea R: Combination of scents seemed like a good way to mix up my shower routine. Apr 1, 2013
Julie B: Love fig scent Mar 26, 2013
Davin G: For my Wife Mar 20, 2013
Heidi L: I wanted to see if I was allergic to it. Mar 19, 2013
Wistar H: the scent sounds interesting and I need a new body wash Feb 17, 2013
Janet M: sounds yummy Feb 16, 2013
Caridad L: for trial Feb 14, 2013
Lynn H: wanted to try it. Jan 27, 2013
M B: I wanted to pair this with the lotion I have. Jan 24, 2013
Martha T: I like to try good smelling body washes Jan 11, 2013
JIA QI L: would like to try on new scent Dec 31, 2012
Joseph O: Hopefully, this is a fresh, not heavy, scent. Dec 31, 2012
Janet M F: The scent sounds nice. Dec 30, 2012
Holly S: For fun! I generally use Cetaphil. Dec 30, 2012
HYEJIN J: interesting Dec 30, 2012
Hyejin J: I wanted to choice serums but there were no serums. So I choose this. Dec 30, 2012
KATHLEEN P: Oh my. You ask sooo many questions. Smile smile. Why? Maybe because I thiught the sage might smell earthy does it? Dec 30, 2012
KATHLEEN P: Sounds earthy? Somehow in my mind it does. Dec 30, 2012
Janet S: Wanted to try. Dec 30, 2012
William D: Seems like a good product that I, or my wife, might like Dec 30, 2012
Marie B: I'm looking for a new body cleanser. Dec 30, 2012
Andrea S: i liked the lotion in this fragrance. Curious to try the cleanser. Dec 30, 2012
Rose Mary M: love the liquid body wash & like these scents so would like to try the product Dec 30, 2012
debbie a: love fig anything! Dec 30, 2012
Alexis D: Not too much choice Dec 30, 2012
Valerie R: I have a feeling this ones going to smell great- cant wait to use it Dec 30, 2012
Maureen N: wanted to try it Dec 30, 2012
Phyllis D: to try Dec 30, 2012
Li-Wei C: as above Dec 29, 2012
ludia k: just Dec 29, 2012
Judy R: Interested in trying this to replace the body washes which are currently used in my home. Dec 29, 2012
katherine b: curious about scent Dec 29, 2012
Sophie F: Love the fig scent generally (grew up with this fragrance), so anything which reminds me of this is always welcome. Will try and report later! Dec 29, 2012
Marta O: I like shower gels! Dec 29, 2012
Marie B: To try the scent Dec 29, 2012
zhaofen y: first time use , hope the result Dec 29, 2012
joy h: love the fig/sage combo Dec 29, 2012
TALLIE A: I love the smell of fig Dec 29, 2012
Joan S: I want to try this product Dec 28, 2012
Theresa L: Sounds wonderful! Dec 28, 2012
Nicole S: Because I like these two components as ingredients in cooking, which must make them good in the shower. Dec 28, 2012
Chulwoo H: body skin much more younger. Dec 28, 2012
Rebecca C: it might be good Dec 28, 2012
Linda H: great for travel Dec 28, 2012
DORA C: try Dec 28, 2012
huiyu y: I don't like other samples. Dec 28, 2012
Mary S: try something new Dec 27, 2012
Stacy H: n/a Dec 27, 2012
Eloise L: Interested in changing body cleansers Dec 27, 2012
Margie R: sounded interesting enough to try Dec 27, 2012
Xiaoli H: very good Dec 27, 2012
Lu Z: no other one I want to choose Dec 26, 2012
Kip S: Wanted to try something different. Dec 26, 2012
Lang X: big fan of fig scent... cannot wait to try it out Dec 26, 2012
Marie H: wanted to try Dec 26, 2012
Royce H: sounds like it will smell great! Dec 26, 2012
Chia-Yung L: Never used this before and wanna give it a try! Dec 26, 2012
Pamela K: Wanted to try new product Dec 26, 2012
Jinlan D: I want to try a new product. Dec 26, 2012
William N: JUST TO TRY Dec 26, 2012
mi l: i want try this iteam Dec 26, 2012
chris h: Like the way figs smell. Dec 26, 2012
Olivia s: see if i like the scent. Dec 26, 2012
Patricia L: sounds interesting Dec 25, 2012
Julia Z: Always like trying different smells. Dec 23, 2012
Kathleen L: Wanted to try this item. Dec 23, 2012
Mary B: Would like to try a new scent Dec 23, 2012
KAREN M: For travel Dec 21, 2012
Phyllis C: Like your body cleansers. Wanted to try this new fragrance. Dec 20, 2012
Michelle G: I have not tried this scent yet. Dec 20, 2012
jeanette v: something new Dec 19, 2012
Eric S: Aromatic feature; trial use Dec 18, 2012
Andrew B: scent sounded intriguing Dec 18, 2012
Courtney E: Anxious to try! Dec 18, 2012
sonia b: I love the smell of sage. Dec 17, 2012
spring c: new never tried Dec 17, 2012
Tammy C: to see if I could use with out being allergic Dec 17, 2012
Lisa S: Hubby has really dry skin in winter Dec 16, 2012
Judith J: Love the aroma of fig and wanted to try this. Always looking for the perfect match of aroma and formula. Dec 16, 2012
Davida R: I love the natural fruity fresh scent. Dec 15, 2012
Marianne S: scent sounds wonderful Dec 15, 2012
Mary P. D: I am anxious to smell the fig leaf/sage combination....sounds very soothing Dec 14, 2012
Wilma Jean C: Looked interesting Dec 14, 2012
Savannah H: Haven't tried it before. Sounds like it will smell wonderful Dec 14, 2012
Nicole W: wanted to smell this one Dec 14, 2012
Tom S: sounds yummy! Dec 14, 2012
Sandy M: Thought my daughter might like this. Dec 13, 2012
ELAINE F: Something new to try! Dec 13, 2012
Susan E: to try and see Dec 13, 2012
Jennifer S: Have never tried Dec 13, 2012
Petrina D: Wanted to see what it smells like Dec 13, 2012
Mio N: I never tried fig leaf body product. I like to try. Dec 13, 2012
Lina B: like the scent. Dec 13, 2012
Letty B: wanted to try Dec 13, 2012
Nancy H: smell Dec 12, 2012
Terry S: Trying it out for the first time Dec 12, 2012
Betsy S: this is a gift Dec 12, 2012
Theresa T: Fig and Sage combo sounds yummy. Dec 12, 2012
Jonathan L: Something new Dec 12, 2012
Daniel P: Cause fig leaves cover dirty parts Dec 12, 2012
Raven C: Interested in trying Dec 12, 2012
Karen N: SOMETHING NEW TO TRY Dec 12, 2012
Tonjes B: Looking for a body cleanser Dec 12, 2012
mary c: it sounds like it would feel good on my skin. Dec 12, 2012
Remedios M: I will try this. Dec 11, 2012
Elizabeth S: Curious about scent. Dec 11, 2012
Janey H: Something new to try out. Dec 11, 2012
Jaime K: I didn't use the other free samples, and body soap seemed useful Dec 11, 2012
Shaun S: Sounds like it smells good. Dec 11, 2012
Linda B: fig and sage sounded like they smelled good Dec 11, 2012
Minh L: It sounds like a very nice blend. I want to try it. Dec 11, 2012
Mstthew B: Try it. Dec 11, 2012
Erin C: something new to try Dec 11, 2012
Laurie G: Curious Dec 10, 2012
Jamie C: Looked interesting Dec 10, 2012
susan a: good to try Dec 10, 2012
Karen E C: Wanted to try this product Dec 10, 2012
Colleen M: went with the lotion that I want to try Dec 9, 2012
Michael E: Cute name. Dec 9, 2012
Christine M: to try it out Dec 9, 2012
Melinda P: to try Dec 8, 2012
Peggy M: Wanted to see whether my sons liked it Dec 8, 2012
Geneva J: Wanted nephew to try product Dec 8, 2012
KUMIKO S: i wanna try Dec 7, 2012
Beth O: Sounds like it smells nice, good for travel... Dec 7, 2012
Deborah A: I've used these products for a very long time, I feel like they work for me..The same order of bob cleanser is a gift.. Dec 6, 2012
Nancy C: Trying it!! Dec 6, 2012
CHRIS A: to try for first time Dec 6, 2012
Mary Hanna F: this sounds heavenly and if its anything like the other Kiehls products it will not disappoint. Dec 6, 2012
Diana T: the smell fragrance sound heavenly Dec 6, 2012
Barbara K: want to try it Dec 5, 2012
Joanne D: wanted to try Dec 5, 2012
Joanne D: will give this as part of a gift Dec 5, 2012
Jennica F: this is a sample- thought it would smell good, giving it a try Dec 3, 2012
Teresa W: I want to try and see if I like this product. Dec 3, 2012
Anna M: wanted to try a new fragrance. Dec 3, 2012
Karen M: Have not tried any of the cleansers Dec 3, 2012
Sheree G: I like nice smelling body cleanser Dec 2, 2012
Kathleen Y: Because I think my sister would like it. Dec 2, 2012
Carol L: fragrance Nov 30, 2012
Helene P: aroma Nov 25, 2012
laura L: wanna try the scent. Nov 20, 2012
Roberta C: would like to try it. Nov 19, 2012
Sharon L: sounds good Nov 19, 2012
shirley c: want to try it Nov 18, 2012
Gretchen S: I wanted to see how it smelled Nov 18, 2012
Darwin R: This is a new item and would like to see how it is. I have never used this before. Nov 18, 2012
Huiming Z: it's for vacation Nov 17, 2012
Patricia S: wanted to try it Nov 17, 2012
yuan l: smell so good Nov 14, 2012
Rebecca M: want to give it a try Nov 13, 2012
Sarah W: To try it Nov 4, 2012
Caroline F: just to try it. Nov 2, 2012
Anita Willsie K: Recommended by friend Nov 1, 2012
Elva S: Just want to try out Oct 30, 2012
ELAINE S: Want to try because of scent Oct 30, 2012
Todd J: need to see how it smells for future order Oct 30, 2012
Theresa M: Trial Oct 29, 2012
Erin K: Sounds refreshing Oct 26, 2012
Kay B: Want to try Oct 24, 2012
Odalys M: Love the scent of fig. Oct 21, 2012
Jill F: I love the scent of fresh figs, and I love the scent of sage, so I thought these two would work well together. Oct 17, 2012
Pamela S: Sounds very Mediterranean. Haven't tried it before. Oct 15, 2012
Cheryl T: Aromatic Blends have me curious. Oct 9, 2012
Marc K: Wanted to try Oct 5, 2012
Sue B: I am interested in the scent, curiosity I guess! Oct 4, 2012
Nedra B: Want to try this since I usually love anything that has fig and sage scents. Sep 24, 2012
Josh C: Trying it out for the first time. Sep 24, 2012
Angela L: Love the way the lotion smells so thought I would try the cleanser Sep 24, 2012
Kim K: want to smell Sep 23, 2012
Christine H: Its new - I like to try out new stuff Sep 20, 2012
Barb L: Reviews Sep 19, 2012
jane a: wanted to try Sep 18, 2012
Sharon W: I love having lots of choices to choose from at bath time. This is new to me and I look forward to trying it. Sep 10, 2012
Mary Ann S: great fragrance Sep 5, 2012
Susan R: To try it Sep 4, 2012
Andrea W: I love the smell of fig in candles
curious to see how it smells on the skin
Sep 3, 2012
Tina M: I am looking for a nice fragrance in a skin cleanser. Aug 31, 2012
ALLYSON Y: new, wanted to try Aug 26, 2012
Kate P: I like Lush's fig soap, and I like sage. Aug 22, 2012
Mandy A: I love the scen combination and love body wash. Aug 15, 2012
Mary S: Always try before you buy... Aug 5, 2012
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