Aromatic Blends: Vanilla & Cedarwood - Liquid Body Cleanser Sample

Introducing an enticing range of fragrances highlighting exotic ingredients from around the globe. Our Aromatic Blends Skin-Softening Body Cleanser transforms into a rich, lathering foam to gently cleanse and condition skin. Formulated without sulfates and proven to provide 24 hours of skin softness.  

Vanilla & Cedarwood: A seductive fusion of Ugandan Vanilla and Cedarwood, heightened with a hint of iris, which gives way to rich amber. The creamy vanilla in our blend owes its unique aromatic character to the exotic vanilla orchid grown on small, sustainable farms in Uganda. This warm and sensual aroma was fused with smoky Cedarwood to add a complex, balsamic character - reminiscent of tobacco farms in the southern United States.


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Aromatic Blends: Vanilla & Cedarwood - Liquid Body Cleanser Sample
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Kiehl's Since 1851 Store asked: Why did you choose this?
Dirk V: just curious about smell Sep 16, 2014
Pragathi K: Curious about the cleanser and the scent. Sep 15, 2014
Allyfon D: I love, love, love sandlewood!!! Aug 31, 2014
Melinda K: Love the warm and comforting smells of vanilla and cedarwood. Aug 24, 2014
Jamie G: just to try it Aug 21, 2014
Myria M: I wanted to try it and wasn't crazy about the smell. Aug 18, 2014
Jennifer O: I wanted to see if I like it. Aug 15, 2014
Michelle H: Try something new Aug 10, 2014
SHANNON P: I enjoy using Kiehl's products, like the body cleansers and wanted to try a new fragrance combination. Can't go wrong with vanilla mixed with anything. Aug 10, 2014
QINGYI W: THE SMELL Aug 10, 2014
Sharon P: for gym Aug 9, 2014
Karen S: Since I purchased the Aromatic Blend in the scent, I wanted to try layering the fragrance with the cleanser. Aug 4, 2014
Kathleen S: Vanilla and Cedarwood should smell similiar to musk, my favorite. Jul 30, 2014
Arlene S: Great fragrance. Jul 24, 2014
Lavonne C D: LOVE this fragrance, have the cologne. Jul 19, 2014
Roger M: have used before and like the results Jul 18, 2014
Dianne G: Like the smell. Thought I was ordering the lotion. Oh well. Jul 12, 2014
Amanda A: Nice delicate smell Jul 9, 2014
Hannah J: love the smell of vanilla on skin Jul 3, 2014
Joseph R: Have never used it. Jun 27, 2014
Catherine G: Intrigued by the possibility of a wonderful scent and gentle cleansing. Jun 24, 2014
Kathy T: To see how it works Jun 23, 2014
martha l: love the smell of vanilla and cedar Jun 17, 2014
theo g: Looking for a new conditioner, and the aromatic qualities of this sounded intriguing. Jun 15, 2014
Amy S: Nice sent to have when traveling Jun 8, 2014
Susan M: Haven't tried this one either. Jun 2, 2014
January H: curious about scent Jun 1, 2014
Julie H: Customer reviews. May 29, 2014
Lori m: like both scents so thought I'd try. May 20, 2014
Lance M: I love each of the scents. May 20, 2014
Anthea K: I really love the smell of vanilla so I figured this product would have a good scent May 19, 2014
Gloria B: Wanted to try it. May 18, 2014
Boyd T: This looks like it will smell nice, and I hope it cleans well while being gentle on my sensitive skin. Apr 30, 2014
linda a: I have used Kiehl's musk for 40 years. and, wanted to try some of these other scents! Apr 16, 2014
Yvette D: Vanilla & cedarwood - can't get better than that Apr 9, 2014
Brian M: I love the musk and want to see if I like this. Apr 4, 2014
Sherry M: curious Mar 29, 2014
WALTER H: Wanted to try it Mar 28, 2014
Patricia A S: already use product line Mar 23, 2014
MICHELLE S: I like a little aromatherapy in the shower from time to time. Mar 19, 2014
sonia m: feels good and i like the smell Mar 19, 2014
Donna A: love to try new products Mar 15, 2014
Thomas H: Aroma combination sounded interesting....worth a try Mar 11, 2014
Cynthia P: always looking for a good body cleanser Mar 10, 2014
Donna R: Used before - love fragrance Mar 9, 2014
Nancy C: Another wonderful wake-up scent. Mar 5, 2014
Tanya I: Love the scent on others, want to try for myself Mar 5, 2014
barbara r: wanted her to smell another scent Feb 23, 2014
Susan M: I like the scent and I like a liquid cleanser. Feb 18, 2014
Libby L G: Never used this product before and wanted to try. Feb 17, 2014
Dr. Nancy S: Looking for a new body wash Feb 17, 2014
Mary G: I love vanilla and cedarwood together! Feb 14, 2014
Betty S: To try it, I was not impressed. Feb 3, 2014
jennifer p: I want to try some of the fragrant body products. I have never ventured in this area with Kiehls. Feb 2, 2014
Mario J: I'm interested in the fragrance and cleansing effect. Jan 28, 2014
winston e: have an idea i'll like the way it smells Jan 26, 2014
Beverly T: Excited to try this scent! Always looking for a good body wash and vanilla seems to stay with me best and never tried a scent with Cedarwood... :) Jan 24, 2014
Krystale L: Smell sounded wonderful. Jan 19, 2014
Samantha G: To go before the hand and body lotion. Trying a new scent. Jan 12, 2014
Lloyd E: Tried the samples several times. Really liked the lingering cedar wood scent. Lead me to the full size purchase. Samples are great for travel! Jan 5, 2014
Renee Y: My husband loves cedarwood Dec 6, 2013
Audrey J: limited options Dec 4, 2013
Martin M: "trying it out to see how I like it" Dec 4, 2013
Marlene B: New wanted to try Dec 4, 2013
amanda s: Wanted to try it Dec 4, 2013
Shane P: ... Dec 4, 2013
Daiva V: Something new to try Dec 4, 2013
Hannah S: Sample- might smell good. Dec 4, 2013
Dakota H: I just wanted to try it. Dec 4, 2013
Karen T: sounds like it would smell good Dec 4, 2013
Tina W: I want to try Dec 4, 2013
Neena C: looking forward to trying it Dec 3, 2013
Laurice K: . Dec 3, 2013
David J: For the wife Dec 2, 2013
Ching-Ya C: want to try Dec 2, 2013
Lindsey N: love Dec 2, 2013
Nicole W: Haven't tried Kiehl's line of lotions or body cleansers and this fragrance sounds nice! Dec 2, 2013
Rachel W: curious Dec 2, 2013
Grace L: To try Dec 2, 2013
Gail D: trying something new Dec 2, 2013
penelope j g: never tried this before Dec 2, 2013
Xiao M: want to try Dec 1, 2013
Jiawei L: want to try Dec 1, 2013
Roslyn S: I thought my daughter would like it. Dec 1, 2013
Jo P: want to try Dec 1, 2013
Ruoyu C: NO REASON Dec 1, 2013
Yuru Z: try Nov 30, 2013
Kathy R: to try Nov 30, 2013
Maritza C: Love this smell!! Nov 29, 2013
Anqi T: Want to try Nov 28, 2013
Kathleen R: I'd like to have something that smells wonderful when I travel and don't have fragrance with me Nov 27, 2013
Rosa L: Good Nov 24, 2013
Patricia A: I love the way things smell. This sounded interesting. Nov 22, 2013
Poki P: GOOD SMELL OF VANILLA!! Nov 22, 2013
Weichun C: wanna try Nov 21, 2013
Sandy F: Aroma! Nov 17, 2013
Phuong V: to see how it smells Nov 15, 2013
CHERYL M: wanted to try Nov 3, 2013
M L J: I like this scent Nov 1, 2013
Donna P: Sounded like it would have a nice scent. Oct 20, 2013
Tyler H: wanted to try Oct 20, 2013
Leah K: for my daughter Oct 4, 2013
Yin-Tzu L: I like the small Sep 30, 2013
Elle P: I wanted to see if l'd like this as a winter scent Sep 29, 2013
Krystal K: i love vanilla Sep 28, 2013
Nuria K: Never tried before Sep 22, 2013
Janet S: To try Sep 15, 2013
Caleb W: trying for daily showering Aug 26, 2013
Maggie M: I like the flavor Aug 23, 2013
Margaret G: looking for non floral scent in cleanser Aug 18, 2013
Nancy L: To try it. Aug 18, 2013
Benjamin B: Scent Aug 1, 2013
Catherine P: don't currently have a body wash i like Jul 22, 2013
Loretta C: No. Jul 8, 2013
Kelsy K: The scents sounded great together for any man! Jun 28, 2013
Lauren O: I think my boyfirend will like this combination Jun 24, 2013
Megan M: wanted to try all three scents Jun 19, 2013
Xi C: have a try Jun 18, 2013
Celia M: The combination of scents is intriguing. Jun 17, 2013
SARAH B: The description made it sound like it smells very good. Jun 9, 2013
Bryan R: seems like it would smell good May 31, 2013
michael H: Im not sure seemed interesting May 29, 2013
Patricia C: scent May 27, 2013
Kanika D: I'm hoping it's moisturizing and nicely scented. May 27, 2013
Jialu Q: your products in Vanilla always smell good May 27, 2013
Maria S: have not tried before May 23, 2013
Xuan C: just try some cleanser products May 22, 2013
christine m: Smells wonderful and leaves my skin so soft. May 20, 2013
Lindsay Z: I'm curious to try different body wash scents to see if I want to try one regularly. May 20, 2013
YIJIAO S: want to try the new product May 20, 2013
Lauren J: i love vanilla anything! May 5, 2013
Kenneth N: I have used this scent before..LOVE IT!! Apr 30, 2013
Chris K: I love the fragrances of Vanillia and Cedarwood and am curious as to what this will smell like. Apr 30, 2013
Leslie S: sounds like a nice fragrance Apr 26, 2013
Karen M: Want to try this scent Apr 21, 2013
Frances M: Tired of current brand. Apr 13, 2013
NANCY H: loved the combination of scents. Apr 4, 2013
Kim I: A friend recommended the product and I want to see if I like the scent. Apr 3, 2013
Anne K: This looks like a 'delicious'- great smelling product and I am eager to try it. Apr 2, 2013
Anne R: I love anything that is citrus scented. Apr 2, 2013
Marianne D: like it Mar 18, 2013
Lois H: thought I might like scent Feb 21, 2013
Suzanne K: like to have for traveling Feb 17, 2013
Summer W: I like vanilla and it was free. Feb 14, 2013
Kirk M: fragrance sounds amazing Feb 7, 2013
Michael Z: Want to try a body wash with a different scent. I usually buy the grapefruit or coriander wash because they are the only ones available in large size. Feb 7, 2013
evangeline c: curious Feb 3, 2013
YingWen W: want to try Feb 2, 2013
Cara F: I wanted to see if I liked the smell and if I do, I will buy it Feb 1, 2013
Carolyn M: Vanilla and Cedarwood...those two scents sound like a fresh and interesting combination. I love good smells, so I'm curious to see what kind of aroma lies inside of this little package. Jan 30, 2013
Colleen W: The combo of Vanilla & Cedarwood sounds yummy Jan 30, 2013
TINA G: searching for a good body wash, I have been impressed with Rosa Artica products, so I want to try some of the other products Jan 28, 2013
Micki L M: curious about the scent Jan 26, 2013
Roxana C: Love this scent! Jan 24, 2013
Susan M: want to try scent Jan 19, 2013
Cherie W: curious of scent & product Jan 15, 2013
Ella B: intrigued Jan 10, 2013
Sunxiao G: travel package Jan 8, 2013
Karen T: I chose this as I was interested in trying a body wash. It lathered nicely and didn't leave a residue. Alas, it was very heavy on the cedarwood scent vs the vanilla. Not quite for me, but it was good to try it! Jan 8, 2013
Elvira G: sounds amazing Jan 8, 2013
JEANNE A. B: Same as above Jan 8, 2013
Clara K: no option Dec 31, 2012
Po-Han W: body cleaner is useful to everyone. Dec 31, 2012
KARI R: This was the only 3 samples I could choose this time...not sure why?? Dec 31, 2012
Carolina L: Only other option available. You guys ran out of samples. Dec 31, 2012
Gabriela B: i only had 4 choices and since i could pick three it meant i had to leave one off. this seemed better than the one i left off Dec 31, 2012
Mihee P: No choice Dec 31, 2012
Michelle C: i was not given many choices so i just chose randomly Dec 31, 2012
Michael M: Scent sounds great... Dec 31, 2012
Laurylyn S: To try the new scents before purchasing the product. Dec 31, 2012
Peter G: Curious about the scent. Dec 31, 2012
Haixiao Q: no more options. Dec 31, 2012
Jacques G: Best opiton - - I don't use share cream and I have the creme de corps lotion Dec 31, 2012
Jiashen T: for gym use Dec 31, 2012
Elaine T: to try this scent Dec 31, 2012
Hedia G: Wanted to try it Dec 31, 2012
Yubing B: just want to try Dec 31, 2012
Joseph O: Scent sounds fresh, not heavy. Dec 31, 2012
HONGMEI Q: GOOD Dec 31, 2012
Janet M F: The scent sounds nice and I want to try it. Dec 30, 2012
Michelle P: The aromatic blend sounds interesting and if it is a nice as I suspect, it will become a favorite product to order ! Dec 30, 2012
Linnea M: Just guessing - would like to try it Dec 30, 2012
wenge w: just try it Dec 30, 2012
Hyejin J: I wanted to choice serums but there were no serums. So I choose this. Dec 30, 2012
Nancy C: to try!! Dec 30, 2012
Janet S: Wanted to try. Dec 30, 2012
William D: Seems like a good product that I, or my wife, might like Dec 30, 2012
charlotte c: haven't tried it so wanted to try something new Dec 30, 2012
Atemoc C: nice aroma Dec 30, 2012
Kathy B: Thought I'd try the fragrance cleanser Dec 30, 2012
d. m: u know why Dec 30, 2012
Andrea S: curious Dec 30, 2012
debbie a: love the scent Dec 30, 2012
Alexis D: Not too much choice. Would have oreferred facial cleanser or toner. Dec 30, 2012
Helen H: travel Dec 30, 2012
Nancy Z: there are not many choices Dec 29, 2012
Sean B: I like cedarwood scents. Dec 29, 2012
Jane M F: Also curiosity Dec 29, 2012
Donna M: I really liked this scent when I tried it but I am very sensitive and can only seem to wear Kiehl's Musk. I thought the wash would be a good alternative. Dec 29, 2012
Inna P: Trying something new Dec 29, 2012
Mary H: I like the body cleansers and thought I would try this scent Dec 29, 2012
KATHLEEN M W: like aroma of vanilla Dec 28, 2012
Teri L: Wanted to try something new. Dec 28, 2012
Theresa L: Just wanted to try it. Dec 28, 2012
Nicole S: Scent! Dec 28, 2012
Chulwoo H: body skin younger. Dec 28, 2012
Cathy B: A friend of mine had it-and I smelled it one time and fell in love! Dec 28, 2012
Linda H: great for travel Dec 28, 2012
Renee Z: Because I have never tried it. Dec 28, 2012
QIANG W: random Dec 28, 2012
Sharon C: I like to try different body cleansers. Dec 28, 2012
huiyu y: I don't like other samples. Dec 28, 2012
Mary S: try something new Dec 27, 2012
Charles R: New for us Dec 27, 2012
Renee L: I like to try new fragrances. Dec 27, 2012
Marianne H: sensitive to most soaps Dec 27, 2012
DeAnya M: I like Vanilla scented products and I would like the opportunity to try your product Dec 27, 2012
Eloise L: Interested in changing body cleansers Dec 27, 2012
Margie R: sounded interesting enough to try Dec 27, 2012
Mary C: Curiosity! Dec 26, 2012
Kip S: Wanted to try something different. Dec 26, 2012
Patricia L: sounds interesting Dec 25, 2012
Stephanie P L: want to get an idea of the fragrance, etc before purchasing Dec 25, 2012
P U: first try Dec 24, 2012
Julia Z: Curious about the smell. Dec 23, 2012
Kathleen L: I wanted to try this item. Dec 23, 2012
Stephanie S: Wanted to try it Dec 23, 2012
Albert C: my mother likes the smell of fresh vanilla Dec 23, 2012
Julie S: I love good smells Dec 22, 2012
SONGTAO L: looks good Dec 21, 2012
Catherine F: Love those smells Dec 20, 2012
Toni R: looking for a new body wash and I like the combination of vanilla & cedarwood Dec 20, 2012
Norene V: Like the aroma of vanilla and cedarwood so decided to try the product. Dec 20, 2012
jeanette v: something new Dec 19, 2012
Zusi W: popular Dec 18, 2012
Tammy C: see if I could use with out being allergic Dec 17, 2012
Julie S: I'd like to try it. Dec 15, 2012
Constance S: Love vanilla Dec 15, 2012
Savannah H: Haven't tried it before. Sounds like it will smell wonderful Dec 14, 2012
Jelena G: Wish to trial Dec 13, 2012
Nancy H: smell Dec 12, 2012
Susan R: curious Dec 11, 2012
Minh L: It sounds like a very nice blend. I want to try it. Dec 11, 2012
Amber H: I have heard the smell is WONDERFUL, & I love vanilla... Dec 10, 2012
Hailun Z: sounds like it will clean the mountain man smell off my body Dec 7, 2012
Suzanne N: This sounds like it would smell wonderful, earthy and sweet. Dec 6, 2012
CHRIS A: to try for first time Dec 6, 2012
Barbara K: want to try it Dec 5, 2012
QianLing L: i like Dec 4, 2012
Dave J: Thought it would smell good. Dec 4, 2012
Janice M: Liked the sound of the aromatic blends Dec 3, 2012
Teresa W: I love vanilla scented products. Dec 3, 2012
Jessica W: sounds like it smells nice! Dec 2, 2012
Kathleen Y: Who doesn't like vanilla? And cedarwood? Dec 2, 2012
Brenda W: wanted to try something different Nov 25, 2012
Helene P: aroma Nov 25, 2012
Yingying C: just want to try Nov 24, 2012
Terrie T: love the scent of vanilla Nov 24, 2012
Matthew R: Appealing description. Nov 23, 2012
maria r: like vanilla Nov 19, 2012
Sharon L: sounds good Nov 19, 2012
Linda G: i love it in my bath Nov 16, 2012
Kelly W: I like cedar scent Nov 14, 2012
Susan C: Intrigued by the scents advertised. Nov 13, 2012
Todd J: need to see how it smells for future order Oct 30, 2012
Vicki D: My husband like bath gel and thought he might like this scent. Oct 29, 2012
Diana P: I can't wait to smell the vanilla and cedarwood together Oct 25, 2012
Michael L: It sounds like it smells good and I'm always looking out for good cleaning products. Oct 20, 2012
Pamela S: Because it sounds like a pleasant scent. Oct 15, 2012
Nicole S: To go with my fragrance. Oct 15, 2012
Marc K: Wanted to try Oct 5, 2012
Pam B: Wanted to try it Oct 3, 2012
Jessica C: I am curious about these two scents and if they would mix with my natural body oils. I have a difficult time finding scents/fragrances that would mix well with my body. Most fragrances come out to sweet and then after 3 hours then the intended scent arises. I want something that smells nice when applied to actually stay the same when applied on my skin. Sep 23, 2012
Kim K: want to smell Sep 23, 2012
Stephanie C: Interested in the vanilla and cedarwood combination. Sep 23, 2012
Christine H: Its new - I like to try out new stuff Sep 20, 2012
Susanne F: love Pour Homme shower gel but wanted to try new product Sep 19, 2012
Maria L: The fragrance sounds great! Sep 18, 2012
dianne h: love to shower with a nice smelling cleanser and I love vanilla so i thought i would try it Sep 18, 2012
Gabrielle D: the scent combination intrigues me Sep 18, 2012
Robert A: Cedarwood is the best scent for me. Sep 16, 2012
Mary Ann S: great fragrance Sep 5, 2012
Renee K: the scent sounds interesting Sep 2, 2012
Beth N: Scent sounds warm and intriguing; always appreciate the quality of Kiehl's products. Sep 2, 2012
Tina M: I am looking for a nice fragrance in a skin cleanser. Aug 31, 2012
Sheila S: Vanilla and Cedarwood... love it Aug 28, 2012
Barbara C: i wanted to try Aug 26, 2012
Merry B: wanted to try it Aug 13, 2012
Carmen B: I love anything with vanilla! Aug 12, 2012
Ed L: sounds yummy Aug 2, 2012
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