Aromatic Blends: Fig Leaf & Sage Scent Stamp Sample

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Aromatic Blends: Fig Leaf & Sage Scent Stamp Sample
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Kiehl's Since 1851 Store asked: Why did you choose this?
john g: none Aug 25, 2014
Youli R: want a try May 19, 2014
Meng-Shan T: The scent. Dec 17, 2013
QI L: GOOD Nov 26, 2013
Mariann K: It was a gift. I do not ever use any scents. EVER. Nov 26, 2013
Maria H: To try scent - did not like it. Oct 30, 2013
Dina M: did not like Oct 27, 2013
nhut t: good Oct 11, 2013
Roy S: Just to try. May 11, 2013
Kimberly H: Would like to try the scent Feb 19, 2013
YAN JIUN L: "Never try it." Jan 22, 2013
jin z: good Dec 30, 2012
Kristina L E: Didn't choose was included with my purchase. Nov 19, 2012
Patricia S: Need a new hand cream, thought I'd try this. Oct 19, 2012
William P: I didn't Oct 1, 2012
Michele V: I did not like it. Sep 27, 2012
Samson V: I would have preferred a different scent, but this was added to my bag without my choosing it. Sep 23, 2012
Marilyn R: I'm game to try something new Aug 17, 2012
Marie E: showed up in my bag Aug 17, 2012
Lisa O: New, sounds like a great combo. Aug 17, 2012
Sara E F: tryout Aug 17, 2012
DIANA B: GIFT Aug 17, 2012
jetta p: i didn' did Aug 17, 2012
Tamica C: It was a forced purchased. Aug 16, 2012
Lynn W: sounds interesting Aug 16, 2012
Alison Lee B: Wanted to try the fragrance out. Aug 16, 2012
Brittany H: n/a Aug 16, 2012
Beverly R: sounds good Aug 16, 2012
Dajung L: I am interested in Scent Aug 16, 2012
Zachary H: It was just free. Aug 16, 2012
Ann B: Sounds fun Aug 16, 2012
Mary Lou R: It was a gift with order Aug 16, 2012
julie w: This will be a new experience when it arrives. Can't wait ... Aug 16, 2012
Kelly Riser L: automatic Aug 16, 2012
Robyn B: Complimentary. Aug 15, 2012
Aida F: First time Aug 15, 2012
Jim P: New Aug 15, 2012
Zhiwei G: This is just for trying Aug 15, 2012
Tony L: wanted to try Aug 15, 2012
crystal h: this was a given Aug 15, 2012
Tracy Q: Want to try it. Aug 15, 2012
Kathryn O: It was a bonus! Aug 15, 2012
karen w: it is a free sample Aug 14, 2012
Becki W: Bonus item Aug 14, 2012
Tess P: it was chosen for me as a bonus. Aug 14, 2012
seth e: I did not chose this Aug 14, 2012
Alexandra C: looking for a new scent Aug 14, 2012
Hi Man Y: i got it for free sample Aug 14, 2012
Alice K: This was a bonus - excited to try Aug 14, 2012
Maureen H: I didn't choose it - it was automatically added to my order. Aug 14, 2012
jean f: I didn't Aug 14, 2012
Pamela P: free gift Aug 14, 2012
Kristen I: unique Aug 13, 2012
Robin V: your gift Aug 13, 2012
lisha m: nice Aug 13, 2012
qianfeng q: looks good Aug 13, 2012
Jackie M: It's a bonus Aug 13, 2012
xi l: just try Aug 13, 2012
Morton M: It was a free bonus to my order. Aug 13, 2012
Merry B: Bonus item Aug 13, 2012
Gathan R: it came with my 0rder Aug 13, 2012
Bonnie C: bonus item Aug 13, 2012
Vipanee P: This was a bonus. Aug 12, 2012
Rebeca B: I did not choose it! It was simply enclosed! Aug 12, 2012
Laurie S: I didn;t chose this They gave me this which I will take this ! I will let you know ! Aug 12, 2012
Beth G: This is a bonus. recieved once before and do not care for the scent. Aug 12, 2012
Nancy M: It was a bonus item. Aug 12, 2012
Troy E: Bonus Aug 12, 2012
Carol N: I didn't, it was selected for me. Aug 12, 2012
Yueen F: it is a good choice Aug 12, 2012
Linda D: Bonus, your choice. Aug 11, 2012
TOMOKO T: DON'T KNOW Aug 11, 2012
Francia B: I did not choose this Aug 11, 2012
Julie Y: it was a free sample! Aug 11, 2012
Tammy R: have never tried Aug 11, 2012
Junyi Z: i have no other choices. Aug 11, 2012
Chris C: sample Aug 10, 2012
Amy M: This was a bonus in my cart and am looking forward to trying it. Aug 10, 2012
Chang L: system add it Aug 10, 2012
Patricia C: I didn't choose Aug 10, 2012
Karolina S: bonus sample Aug 10, 2012
Junping W: i want to try! Aug 9, 2012
AGNES P: I'm intrigued about this. what is it for. Aug 9, 2012
Yaru W: free Aug 9, 2012
jacqueline D: was chosen for me Aug 9, 2012
Jiexiong L: auto choosing Aug 9, 2012
Qiong H: just want to try Aug 9, 2012
Nelson V: Would like to try it out. Aug 9, 2012
Catherine W: free sample Aug 9, 2012
diane f: I didn't choose this, it was automatic. I would have rather chosen another sample! Aug 9, 2012
John H: I did not choose these samples Aug 9, 2012
kate w: i did not. it was a free sample. Aug 9, 2012
Chibueze O: It was free. Aug 9, 2012
qing y: I LIKE IT Aug 9, 2012
Vorranan G: I want to try sample Aug 8, 2012
Linda K: looking for a new fragrance Aug 8, 2012
Judith S: free sample Aug 8, 2012
donte w: free sample Aug 8, 2012
Kristina L E: It was free. Aug 8, 2012
Grace R: I love earthy and unusual scents! Aug 8, 2012
Ningning W: Thank you send me this Aug 7, 2012
Michele R: free gift Aug 7, 2012
Michael T: I didn't. It was added on as a bonus by the website. Aug 7, 2012
Robert S: I have no idea Aug 7, 2012
Artem M: bonus Aug 7, 2012
SONYA B: FREE Aug 7, 2012
Lonnie H: Wish to try the product Aug 7, 2012
Corie Z: free sample Aug 7, 2012
manji g: never tried this but am hoping it will work well for me Aug 7, 2012
Carolyn K: It came with the order. Aug 7, 2012
Stephanie N: It popped up automatically. Aug 6, 2012
Laury F: It was a free sample Aug 6, 2012
Mara B: Free bonus with my purchase Aug 6, 2012
Margaret L: free sample Aug 6, 2012
Rosana B: I didn't Aug 6, 2012
Sheila N: I did not choose this, it was included as a bonus item. Aug 6, 2012
Diana A: sample Aug 6, 2012
Erika H: free Aug 6, 2012
Neil P: I didn't choose it...couldn't figure out how to choose samples, alas. Aug 6, 2012
Diane B: It was offered to try Aug 6, 2012
Renee S: This was a free gift. Aug 6, 2012
Julia P: like to try it Aug 6, 2012
Xiaoyu W: try Aug 5, 2012
Dr. James H. C: Don't know it yet. Aug 5, 2012
Patty B: Dont know other that being offered and sounds interesting. Aug 5, 2012
Kayla M: I didn't. It was a bonus item. Aug 5, 2012
Chadwick M: I did not choose this. It was the default sample provided with purchase. Aug 5, 2012
Merry M: I couldn't replace this with one that I wanted. I really have no desire to receive this sample Aug 5, 2012
alecia g: bonus product Aug 5, 2012
HUI P: ITS FREE Aug 5, 2012
Elaine B: Did not choose. I don't really want it. I only wear Vanilla Lace by VS. Aug 5, 2012
Colleen W: Free with order. Aug 4, 2012
Peili C: automatic Aug 4, 2012
Wenting K: This one is automatically. Aug 4, 2012
Ysidro S: Didn't know I could choose a free sample. Aug 3, 2012
Howard S: Did NOT choose this or want it - came up as a default Aug 3, 2012
WANG W: automatic Aug 3, 2012
Jianglan D: it's a bonus Aug 3, 2012
Shuzuan L: nice Aug 3, 2012
ELINOR F: you chose it Aug 3, 2012
wei h: 11 Aug 3, 2012
SHUHUA L: it is new for me, and i want to try it. Aug 3, 2012
Darlene B: I didn' was added automatically...looking forward to trying it. I noticed I was not offered to pick my own samples, why is this? Aug 3, 2012
Mirna M: to try it Aug 2, 2012
Andrea S: I did not choose is being sent as a free sample. Doesn't really appeal to me at all. Aug 2, 2012
Trang P: free Aug 2, 2012
Christine G: Didn't it was a free bonus .. THANKS! Aug 2, 2012
Ed L: you did Aug 2, 2012
Carmen I: Sounds interesting. Haven't tried it in past. Aug 2, 2012
Gina S: Chosen for me by Kiehl's and I can't wait to try it. Aug 2, 2012
JORGE P: I wanted to try the grapefruit one. Aug 2, 2012
andres g: first time, i just wan it to try Aug 2, 2012
JULIE C: it was a git Aug 2, 2012
Claudia H: you offered a sample Aug 1, 2012
Ruthye R: I didn't it was gift with purchase Aug 1, 2012
Don B: to try it Aug 1, 2012
Cynthia F: Did not choose, but am anxious to try Aug 1, 2012
Linda G: Wanted to try it. Aug 1, 2012
suzy d: it was given to me but i can't wait to see what it smells like Aug 1, 2012
Margaret R: Chosen for me. Aug 1, 2012
Donna G: Wanted to try it. Aug 1, 2012
Lois H: It was a bonus added to my bag, but I love trying new scents. Jul 31, 2012
Rozita K: Was provided as bonus. Jul 31, 2012
Ina S: was selected for me as a sample. Jul 31, 2012
Jeanette S: It was a free sample. Jul 30, 2012
john g: bonus Jul 30, 2012
Shengai J: I wanna try. Jul 30, 2012
Jane M: sample Jul 30, 2012
Sam C: i didn't. this was chosen as a bonus offer, Jul 30, 2012
Weili H: just want to give it a try Jul 30, 2012
William F: no idea - it was free Jul 30, 2012
Heather M: Was chosen for me randomly. Jul 30, 2012
sandra h: Never tried this. Jul 30, 2012
AManda S: it was added by you guys Jul 30, 2012
Sandra R: Was chosen for me automatically as bonus. Jul 30, 2012
BARBARA H: free sample Jul 29, 2012
Kim O: Bonus gift. Jul 29, 2012
Carmen D: Did not choose ... chosen for me as Bonus item and added to my order by Kiehl's Jul 29, 2012
Deborah G: I didn't, but I am anxious to give it a try Jul 28, 2012
donamarie M: sounds good to me Jul 28, 2012
Mary Clare T: free sample auto added to my cart Jul 28, 2012
Robert W: did not choose Jul 28, 2012
Anne S: Did not choose Jul 28, 2012
nancy b: it was a bonus Jul 28, 2012
Lisa A: yes Jul 28, 2012
Natasha M: didn't know I had a choice Jul 27, 2012
Judith D: Got Free - haven't tried before Jul 27, 2012
Kay W: I did not choose this. Was automatically seleccted for me. Jul 27, 2012
Andrea G: free offer Jul 27, 2012
ZHENG L: this is a bonus. Jul 26, 2012
Gloria S: I did not choose this--it just appeared in my shopping bag Jul 26, 2012
Sasha B: free sample Jul 26, 2012
YIFAN Z: My relatives preferred it but me. Jul 26, 2012
Ruth D. N: bonus sample I didn't choose but was happy to see in the bag Jul 26, 2012
Yasmin F: free sample Jul 26, 2012
Guin F: I didn't. It was a gift? Although I'm sure everyone will enjoy it. Jul 26, 2012
Holly M: bonus! Jul 26, 2012
Staci B: Free sample Jul 26, 2012
Faith B: It was a bonus product. Jul 25, 2012
Maria N: it was a bonus Jul 25, 2012
Joanne R: didn't choose - this was a bonus Jul 25, 2012
Goldie G: Because it was a bonus and I wanted to try it out. Jul 25, 2012
Yolaunda M: I didn't pick they were bonuses I will have to see what use it serves Jul 25, 2012
Buffy T: They picked for free item so will try Jul 25, 2012
Dawn B: I am looking for a more natural scented body wash and lotion. Tired of fabricated fake smells Jul 25, 2012
Pamela S: didn't choose this. Wouldn't have chosen this scent. Would have picked the orange blossom. Jul 25, 2012
Liz M: I did not choose this. It was added as a bonus. Love a bonus! I look forward to giving it a try. Jul 25, 2012
Te-Ching T: come as sample Jul 25, 2012
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